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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Preview - Friday 9th May 2008
Live From The U.S. Cellular Arena
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

It looked as if the World Heavyweight Championship match at Judgment Day between Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker would be a match based on respect, but that might just have gone out of the window. Last Friday saw Michaels and the challenger to his thrown team up to face the number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team titles, The Masters of the Mat. Chris Masters & Charlie Haas put up a worthy challenge to the two legends, however that was all forgotten when Masters took the easy way out and struck The Undertaker with a steel chair. However, the controversy certainly didn’t end there. Masters hit the dead man from behind and tossed the chair to The Heartbreak Kid before Taker could turn round, and when he did, he seemed to think that the World Champion was trying to weaken him going in to Judgment Day. Michaels dropped the chair straight away and protested his innocence, but the phenom wasn’t having any of it as he sent HBK a stern reminder of what is in store for him in three weeks time in the form of a chokeslam.

You have to wonder how the champ will react, and we have it on good authority that Michaels does wish to address the matter this Friday night. Just what will he have to say?

For weeks now we have seen Matt Hardy and CM Punk at each others throats, and last week they went head to head in the ring when Matt joined forces with Elijah Burke to take on Punk and Mr. Money in the Bank, MVP. Burke & MVP will also face off at Judgment Day after MVP got himself disqualified the week before when he used his briefcase to hit Burke in the face. It was a pattern that nearly repeated itself exactly last week, however MVP managed to hit his own partner instead to allow Matt the opportunity to beat CM Punk, and he did just that. Matt will look to keep that run going in to Judgment Day, but he has the difficult task of taking on his former enemy and co holder of the tag team titles in MVP this week in a match made by Smackdown GM, Tazz after the show last week.

Can Matt pick up another huge win, and how will Punk react to MVP’s mistake and losing to Matt last week? It promises to be an eventful night in Milwaukee this Friday.

This Friday’s show will see the battle of two former friends when Matt Sydal receives the opportunity to get his hands on Johnny Jeter. Three weeks ago, Jeter stabbed Sydal in the back by costing him the chance to become the new Cruiserweight Champion, and he explained himself a week later. He did his best to cover up the belief that he is jealous of Sydal grabbing the limelight, and despite telling Tazz last week that he was unable to face Sydal last week, he was firmly put in his place as the GM told him the match would take place this coming Friday.

Who will have the bragging rights when these two rivals are done with each other?

Shelton Benjamin returned home last week for his big Signing In Ceremony as United States Champion, and despite boasting about his success for a while, he also found himself at the mercy of the Smackdown GM. Tazz responded to Benjamin’s plea to find him a challenge by announcing that Shelton will be defending the title in the first ever scramble match at Judgment Day. The rules state that there will be five men including Benjamin competing at the same time with every pinfall or submission leading to a new champion every time a fall occurs.

The man who gains the last fall will leave Judgment Day as the United States Champion. Is this challenge what The Gold Standard had in mind?

The Notorious K.I.D. has been on a role lately, picking up some impressive victories including a slightly fortuitous win over Matt Hardy two weeks ago. After another solid outing last week, he called out the Cruiserweight Champion, Michael Shane and challenged him to put his title on the line at Judgment Day. Shane had been put on notice earlier in the evening by Kash to watch his match, and he did just that before agreeing to put his title up for grabs.

Will it be a decision that Shane will come to regret? He has the chance to show what he can do this week, and you have to believe that Kash won’t be far away as Judgment Day draws closer.

Chavo Guerrero surprised a lot of people two weeks ago when he feigned acceptance of an apology to Ron Killings following an altercation the week before. As Killings was about to leave Chavo’s dressing room, The Mexican stood up and smashed his chair across Killings’ spine. He put over his side of the story last week until Killings attacked him to gain retribution.

It looks like we have a very personal situation brewing between these two competitive stars.

Orlando Jordan was waiting to find out who is opponent was last week, and boy was he in for a shock as Bobby Lashley walked down to the Smackdown ring once again. Jordan put up a decent fight, but it was to be a losing effort in the end as the dangerous Lashley made his return to Smackdown. It was confirmed after the show that he will indeed be a regular fixture on Friday nights once again, and how much impact will this have on the Smackdown locker room?

The Masters of the Mat certainly found themselves in controversy yet again during their tag team match with Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker last week, and with their shot at The UK Pack and the WWE Tag Team titles looming, you would have to assume that they will be out to do something similar this week. Paul Burchill & Harry Smith could only look on last Friday, but if what we hear is true, they will be looking to make a statement of their own when they step in to the ring this week.

Michelle McCool found out that wrestling isn’t always a sport for spectators last Friday when she was attacked while standing in Mickie James’ corner during her match with Beth Phoenix. A mystery woman with jet black hair jumped the barricade and attacked McCool, as well as gaining Mickie’s attention. That led to The Glamazon picking up a big win over Mickie, but she too was shocked at the arrival of this stranger. Will any light be shed on this matter on Friday night?


Matt Hardy vs Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)

The UK Pack & Michael Shane in action!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Results - Friday 9th May 2008
Live From The U.S. Cellular Arena
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

***Video Recap***
From Last Week

  • Shawn Michaels teaming up with The Undertaker to take on Chris Masters & Charlie Haas in the main event
  • The Undertaker being hit in the back by Masters with a steel chair and Masters tossing the chair to Michaels
  • The Undertaker turning round to see Michaels holding the chair, leading to a confrontation and a chokeslam on the World Champion from his Judgment Day opponent

***Opening Video***
“If You Rock Like Me”


“Sexy Boy” blasts out to a huge pop with the World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels walking down to the ring. Dressed in casual clothes and with the title over his shoulder, The Heartbreak Kid looks very subdued compared to usual. He looks like he has something on his mind as he wanders across the ring to collect a microphone without acknowledging the crowd. He walks back in to the centre of the ring and looks in to the crowd for a couple of seconds with no real emotion on his face before saying that last week, through no fault of his own, he was chokeslammed by The Undertaker. A mixed reception meets that, and Michaels says that he’s come out here to set the record straight. He then tells the crowd that he was talking things over with his cousin (Michael Shane) on the way to the arena today about what he wanted to say tonight, and he was told by his cousin that what he planned to say might give the impression that he is scared of The Undertaker. He quickly points out that is not the case, he just wants to come out here and tell it like it is, and since he’s setting the record straight, personally he can’t wait to go head to head with the dead man and put on a match for the ages like only he and the phenom can, regardless of whether people think he’s intimidated by him or not.

That gets some cheers from the crowd, and the World Champion continues to say that he wants The Undertaker to know that he did not hit him with the steel chair during their match last week, and that he assumes by now that the dead man is aware of that. He goes on to explain that he knows the significance of his match with The Undertaker at Judgment Day and what it would mean to walk out with his head held high with a clean victory, and that is why he wouldn’t jeopardise what could be one of the greatest matches in the history of this business. With the crowd cheering again, Michaels says that he can understand why some people might be questioning his motives right now, but he explains that he’s at a stage in his career when all that matters is making every moment count and creating an even greater legacy for himself, not doing whatever it takes by any means necessary because that Shawn Michaels died a long time ago. Michaels remains very serious as he then says that he can see why Taker thought he hit him last week after all they’ve been through in the past, but the fact is that he respects The Undertaker and all his accomplishments, which is why he would like for the dead man himself to make his way down to the ring so he can tell him that face to face.

Michaels lowers the microphone from his mouth, and after five seconds of waiting around, a gong hits, followed by “Deadman’s Symphony” plays to a massive pop as The Undertaker slowly walks down to the ring. Michaels looks the ever menacing dead man in the face and tells him that a lot of people have the right to doubt his sincerity, but if anyone knows The Heartbreak Kid, it’s The Undertaker. He tells the phenom that despite their battles, he has nothing but the greatest respect for everything he’s accomplished in his career, and for making him raise his own game at WrestleMania. He continues to say that everything he said before was hollow if he didn’t say it when looking in to the eyes of the man himself, and that’s why he asked him down here. He then tells The Undertaker that at Judgment Day, he wants the best man to win, and that’s why he would not hit him with a steel chair, because there is too much at stake even without the World Championship being on the line. HBK remains deadly serious as he says that if he wanted to go down the selfish route and win by all costs, he would have done that the moment The Undertaker earned the title shot, but he didn’t.

He says that everybody in the arena is looking at the two absolute best this company has and ever will produce, and that is why at Judgment Day, he wants to win for himself, for his family and for his legacy, to look back and remember the night he and The Undertaker went to head to head, and that it was the show stopper that came out on top. The Undertaker stares right through Michaels, who looks to be quite cool until the dead man grabs his microphone. Taker says that Judgment Day is appropriate, because The Heartbreak Kid will. . . “13” blasts out, interrupting Taker’s speech with Tazz walking out to the stage. The Smackdown GM says that he’s not having things get out of hand after last week and he’s not going to have his Judgment Day main event ruined. Michaels & Taker take their eyes off of each other, paying attention to Tazz who says that we all saw it was Chris Masters that was responsible for The Undertaker being hit last week, not Shawn Michaels. He then says that is why right here tonight in the main event, it is going to be Chris Masters going one on one with The Undertaker. A pop meets that announcement as “13” hits again with Tazz walking to the back with Michaels & Taker staring intently at each other.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

{Cut Backstage}

Mickie James, Michelle McCool & Maria are all stood together in the hallway, and Maria asks them both just who that woman was last week. McCool says she didn’t even see her, all she can remember is being jumped and that was it. Mickie tells Maria that’s what she saw, but she doesn’t know who she is. Mickie then turns her head and clearly spots someone, and the camera zooms out to show Beth Phoenix standing there, about ten feet away from them. Mickie looks her in direction, still taking to McCool & Maria and says that maybe she (Beth) had something to do with it. Beth sees that they’re talking about her and walks right up to them, then says if they’ve got something to say, maybe they should spit it out. McCool tells her that they’re just talking about that woman jumping her last week, and Mickie chips in to point out that it did lead to Beth beating her with McCool then saying she forgot about that, and then speculates that it sounds like a bit of a coincidence. Beth is angered by that and tells them emphatically that she had nothing to do with it, and that she doesn’t know her the woman was. They just stare back at her, not seeming to believe her, but The Glamazon says that it’s the truth and if they don’t believe her, that’s fine. McCool says that it’s not fine at all and says that if the same thing happens in their match tonight, there’s going to be trouble. Mickie jumps in and tells McCool that she’ll make sure it won’t happen again because she’ll be in her corner tonight, and Maria says so will she. Beth doesn’t seem to mind and tells them it’s fine with her, and that it works out for the best, because Michelle’s going to need all the help she can get. Beth stares at her for a second before walking off, leaving a focused McCool behind.

{Cut To Ringside}

***The Opening Match***

Non Title Match
Michael Shane vs Shannon Moore

A pretty quick paced match up with Shane looking very solid despite Moore getting some offence in throughout, only for Shane to come back at him. With Shane dodging a missile dropkick, he stands back up with Moore dragging himself up too.

Shane walks across to Moore and grabs him straight away before planting him with a northern lights suplex, holding on for a pin which only gets a two count with Moore lifting his shoulder up off the mat. The Cruiserweight Champion stands back up with Moore turning on to his side, and Shane doesn’t let him recover too much as he reaches down and drags him up to his feet. He drags Moore’s head under his arm and grabs hold of his leg before drilling him with a leg hook DDT. Moore doesn’t look too good as Shane turns over and goes for another cover, but Moore surprises a lot of people by getting his shoulder up again. Shane is one of those who is shocked by Moore’s resilience, but the champ makes his way back up and walks in to the corner, where he starts to tune up the band with the fans clapping and stomping their feet as Moore struggles up to his feet. Moore looks very groggy as he stands up, and as he turns round, Shane explodes out of the corner and looks to hit a Super Kick, but Moore ducks his head. As Shane turns back round, Moore grabs him by the arm and whips him in to the ropes, but as Shane comes back, he slides through Moore’s legs. Shane races up to his feet, and as Moore turns round, he meets some Sweet Chin Music. It’s all over bar the count as Moore drops to the mat with Shane following up to get the cover and the victory.

WINNER: Michael Shane by pinfall @ 6.10.

AFTERMATH: Just as Shane’s music hits, it cuts almost straight away as Kid Kash walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand. With Shane grabbing his belt and turning to the stage, Kash says that it’s good to see “the champ” taking him seriously by gettin’ in a workout before Judgment Day. He then tells Shane that it’s gonna be a whole lot different when they get it on, because it ain’t gonna be a workout, it’s gonna be a battle he can’t win, not like tonight. With Shane not looking too impressed, Kash says that even in that little warm up, he wasn’t impressed one bit, and the way he looks at it, both Shane and his cousin ain’t gonna be holdin’ any gold by the time Judgment Day is through, but The Notorious K.I.D. sure will be. Kash’s music hits to heat from the fans as he displays an evil grin, not going down too well with the Cruiserweight Champion staring right back at him with a look of utter contempt.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

Josh Matthews is standing by and introduces his guest at this time, Johnny Jeter. The smug youngster is revealed as the camera zooms out, and Matthews reminds us that later on tonight, Matt Sydal will have the chance to get revenge on the man standing next to him for turning on him a few weeks ago. Jeter takes offence to that and tells Josh that’s not how it happened it all, but says it’s funny that just like everyone else, he’s jumping on the Matt Sydal bandwagon. He says that everywhere he went with Sydal, travelling from show to show, city to city with him, the only one people cared about was Matt, asking for his autograph or a picture and telling him just how great he was, ignoring the real star out of the two of them, Johnny Jeter. He goes on to say that it should have been him and not Sydal that got a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship at Wrestlemania, or at the least the chance to prove he was capable off getting there, but he says that just like it went for about five months, the only person that mattered was Matt Sydal. Josh then asks Jeter if he’s looking forward to having his say on that tonight and that he can change all that in their match. Jeter says that looking forward isn’t strong enough to describe how he’s feeling about the prospect of getting to take out all his built up frustration on the golden boy. He takes a short pause before turning to the camera and saying that once he’s made his point tonight, this whole Sydal bandwagon will come to an end, and that the entire world will see that Johnny Jeter is the real deal. He grins in to the camera before walking out to the shot with boos coming from inside the arena.

***Video Promo***

We see Josh Hayger working out in a gym and a wrestling ring, cutting to a still image at the end.

VOICEOVER: There have been some who seem to be unstoppable. . . There are those who have claimed to be invincible. . . However, there is one who can call himself unbeatable. . . For this man is yet to suffer the bitter taste of defeat throughout his entire wrestling life, for this is a man who refuses to lose. . . This man is Josh Hayger, and he’s coming to Friday Night Smackdown.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #2***

Michelle McCool w/Mickie James & Maria vs Beth Phoenix

McCool surprised Beth in the beginning, but The Glamazon has fought back and gained control. McCool looks in bad shape as she tries to get back up to her feet with Beth waiting patiently, plotting her next move. As McCool makes it to her feet, The Glamazon walks over and kicks her in the gut before grabbing her arm and whipping her in to the corner. McCool’s back hits the pads, but not that harshly as Beth runs in at her, only for McCool to fight back by lifting her boot up in to Beth’s face. Phoenix holds her face and staggers out of the corner with McCool following her out and hitting a hair pull backbreaker. Maria & Mickie cheer Michelle on as she looks to cover The Glamazon, but the dangerous diva kicks out at 2. McCool gets right back up and urges Phoenix back up, and Beth looks a little sore as McCool nails her with series of european uppercuts, putting Beth on the back foot. She then tries for an irish whip but The Glamazon is too strong and reverses it. Beth makes the mistake of ducking her head as McCool comes back off the ropes and kicks her in the head. It wasn’t a very strong kick by McCool, but she grabs Beth by the head and arms to set her up for The Wings of Love. Phoenix fights it straight away though and frees her arms to grab McCool around the waist. She turns slightly to an angle so she can ram McCool back in to the corner pads, and this time McCool’s does feel it. Beth lets go of her opponent and steps back from the corner as McCool staggers out in to a kick to the gut with The Glamazon shifting behind her to lift her up for The Grand Slam. McCool looks in real trouble as Beth nails it, turns her over and gets the 3.

WINNER: Beth Phoenix by pinfall @ 5.49.

AFTERMATH: “Glamazon” hits to heat from the crowd as Maria slips in the ring to check on McCool. Mickie starts to climb the steps as Beth leaves the ring, but the same woman from last week with jet black hair jumps the barricade again. She grabs Mickie by the feet and pulls her down with Mickie’s head hitting the steel steps. Maria hears the bang and looks shocked as she sees this woman slip in to the ring and stare right at her with the confused Beth also looking on from the ramp. Maria has no choice but to defend herself and run at this woman, but she runs right in to a kick to the stomach. Beth watches on as this woman spins Maria round and pulls her head under her arm to plant her with a reverse DDT. Maria lies there helpless as this woman stands up and looks toward The Glamazon with a smile on her face, but Beth doesn’t know what to make of her at all, looking completely stunned at the damage done by this dangerous woman.

{Commercial Break}

“I’m Comin” hits to heat with the ring set up for The VIP Lounge, but the fans start cheering instead when they see Elijah Burke walking out to the stage with the ever beautiful Layla. Before he starts to walk down the ramp, Burke stops at the centre of the stage and taunts MVP with a ballin’ pose, making Layla laugh as well as some of the audience. The casually dressed Burke can’t stop smiling as he walks in to the ring with the smokin’ hot Layla. He grabs one of the microphones and says that he’s got a major announcement to make, and tells the fans that for one night only, they don’t have to hear about how amazingly full of crap MVP is. Burke says it’s kind of funny really because the only thing amazing about him is that his parents didn’t put him up for adoption or have his vocal chords taken out as a kid. The fans laugh along with that, and Burke carries on to say that as much as he’d love to tear in to MVP all night, he’s actually got some serious business to discuss. He reminds the fans that at Judgment Day, he’s been given the chance to give MVP the most valuable beat down of his life, and that he’s looking forward to it as much as MVP’s folks were when he was about to take a trip to the slammer.

Again the laughs come from the crowd as Burke tries to contain himself, and he then says that he’ll try and be serious, but a few more might come out before the night is through, but it won’t be his fault. He moves on to say that after all the crap MVP said about him, he was probably due a few in return, but he then says that Judgment Day is a few weeks away yet and that someone else has the chance to get their hands on MVP tonight, bringing him to his special guest for the night. He tells the fans to give a huge VIP welcome to MATT HARDY!!! “Live for the Moment” blasts out, and Matt Hardy walks out to a huge pop with the fans rising to their feet. He gets in to the ring and he shakes hands with Burke before picking up another microphone. Burke welcomes Matt and says that after all the problems he’s had with MVP in the past, he must be looking forward to getting the chance renew acquaintances again so to speak when they meet later on tonight. Matt nods his head and says that he can’t argue with that, but Burke interrupts and tells Matt that before they go any further, he has something else very special for everyone to enjoy tonight.

He tells the fans that he spoke with a few people in the production truck earlier today and that they were able to put together a special video package, something he thinks could be the play of the week. He tells the guys to roll it, and we see the ending to the Burke & Matt/Punk & MVP tag match from last week with MVP hitting Punk by accident with the Money in the Bank briefcase to give Matt & Burke the win. The camera returns to Matt & Burke smiling in the ring, and Burke says that really was a great example of “ballin’”. Matt chuckles again as Burke says that for someone holding so much responsibility with that briefcase, he really should be more careful with it. Matt says that he couldn’t agree more, but then turns to the crowd and says that maybe he’s just like everyone else and he wanted to smack Punk in the face. That gets a cheer too, but the boos arrive pretty quickly as MVP walks out with a microphone and his Money in the Bank briefcase. He walks and talks as he makes his way down the ramp, saying that what they’re doin’ is fraud and he could have them dealt with like that (clicking his fingers). As he climbs through the ropes, he says that they are no better than all the haters, and that they need to show some respect to the future world champion. He turns to Matt and tells him that he’s surprised he’s even out here considering he’s gonna get his ass handed to him tonight and by Punk at Judgment Day, just like his pot head brother Jeff did at WrestleMania.

Matt makes a move towards MVP but Burke holds him back. MVP barely smirks before telling Burke that he must think he’s real clever settin’ all this up, but he says that all he’s done is buy himself the same pass Matt has got for tonight, and that’s gettin’ his ass handed to him at Judgment Day. Burke lets go of Matt, who has calmed down and looks on as Burke tells MVP that they’re big words, and that at Judgment Day, he’s not gonna be able to back ‘em up. MVP sn-iggers and lifts his briefcase up in to the air while saying that he’s got all the back up he needs. Matt looks confused and says that it looks like the only back up he has is his briefcase, and in reality it’s two on one, three if you count Layla, and Matt says he thinks she can take him (MVP). The crowd like that but MVP doesn’t, and he makes a swing at Matt, but Burke jumps in as they pummel MVP across the back, sending him back in to the ropes as he drops his briefcase. They then take a step back before sending him over the top rope with a double clothesline to a big pop from the crowd. Burke kicks the briefcase under the bottom rope to MVP as he sits up looking very angry indeed with “Don’t Waste My Time” playing to a huge pop. Matt & Burke laugh at the sight of MVP on his ass with Layla walking up to put her arm round Burke, leaving MVP livid.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

Tazz is walking down the hall and finishes off a burrito as he comes to the door of his office. He walks in and is greeted by the sight of the angry duo of Chavo Guerrero & Orlando Jordan sitting down on a leather sofa. They stand up with Chavo flying off the handle and asking Tazz just what he’s going to do about Ron Killings attacking him from behind last week for no reason whatsoever, telling Tazz he can’t let people go round doing whatever the hell they like. Jordan doesn’t let Chavo finish or Tazz answer as he says that he could have been seriously injured last week by having to fight Bobby Lashley, calling him a risk to anyone who gets in the ring with him. Tazz chuckles and asks if they’re serious, and they both say they are. The Smackdown GM then turns to Chavo and says that he finds that kind of funny really since if he remembers it right, Chavo smashed Killings in the back with a steel chair a couple of weeks ago, but yet here Chavo is pissing and moaning about the same thing happening to him. Chavo gets a little hot and says that was completely different, saying Killings came in to his locker room and asked for it.

Tazz says that’s not how it went and reminds Chavo that Killings went there to apologise, and that he (Chavo) set him up by accepting his apology before jumping him. Chavo shakes his head in frustration, but Jordan butts in. He says he didn’t come here to talk about dumb ass Mexicans and guys who have spent time in the pen, angering Chavo who asks him to tell him what he just said. Tazz raises his voice and tells them both to shut up because they’re both talking crap. He tells Chavo that Killings did what anybody would do, but agrees it doesn’t make it right. He turns to Jordan and says that if Lashley is too much to deal with, then maybe he shouldn’t be wrestling in the first place. They both try to get a word in, but Tazz says that he’s going to cut a deal with them. He says that he came up with the idea of having Shelton Benjamin defend the United States Championship in the first ever scramble match at Judgment Day, and he thinks that along with Killings & Lashley, they can get all their differences resolved and get a title shot at the same time by joining Shelton in that match. Chavo & Jordan remain quiet and don’t seem to object to the idea when Tazz says that he’s also looking for two men to take on the tag team champions tonight, and that they look just like the two men he had in mind.

That doesn’t go down as well, but Tazz tells them that if they want a shot at the US title, they better go get ready. They take it on the chin and do as he says with Chavo saying to Tazz that he better make sure Killings doesn’t jump him again as he walks out of the door with Jordan staring angrily at Tazz too. Just as Tazz is about to sit down, the door swings open again with The Masters of the Mat, Chris Masters & Charlie Haas barging in. They don’t look happy either, and Masters tells Tazz he’s way out of line for putting him in a match with The Undertaker tonight. Tazz loses it having just dealt with Chavo & Jordan. He tells Masters that he’s out of line for barging in to his office and telling him what he can and can’t do. He reminds him that he is in the one in charge around here, and that if either he or his partner in crime can’t respect that, they should get the hell out of his office before he really gives them something to get mad about. Masters looks like he’s about to explode, but he does as he’s told and storms round in a huff with Haas following him out of the office and slamming the door as they leave. Tazz sits down and looks round for a couple of seconds before saying he knows what he needs, another burrito. He stands up and leaves the room too as the camera fades out.

{Cut Backstage}

Josh Matthews is standing by, and he asks us to welcome his guests, the WWE Tag Team Champions, The UK Pack (Paul Burchill & Harry Smith). They walk in to the shot looking fairly relaxed as a pop is heard from inside the arena. Josh says that we’ve seen their Judgment Day opponents of Chris Masters & Charlie Haas find their way in to trouble tonight, and asks the champs if they have any comments on that. Burchill says that the way he sees it, Masters in particular can’t control his own mouth and that the lack of a brain is leading to him making some very bad decisions. Smith gets in on the act and says that if Masters wants to get himself in trouble with The Undertaker, then that’s fine with them as it’s not going to help their chances of winning the tag titles at Judgment Day. Burchill chips in with a little comment, saying that whatever trouble Masters gets himself in to, his follower won’t be far behind either, so it works out well for them. Josh then says he wants to switch gears and ask them how they feel about their match with Chavo Guerrero & Orlando Jordan later on tonight. Smith says that it’s pretty straight forward really, they’re going to send The Masters of the Mat a stark reminder that things aren’t going to be easy like they seem to think at Judgment Day, and that they’re going to have something in common with Chavo & Jordan, they’re going to lose to the tag team champions.

{Cut To Ringside}

“Axeman” hits as Matt Sydal walks out to the stage looking more determined and focused than usual ahead of his match with his former friend, Johnny Jeter. He stops at the top of the stage and looks down to pump himself up a little bit more before walking down the ramp, but before he gets half way down, Johnny Jeter runs down in pursuit. The crowd try to warn Sydal but it’s too late as Jeter clubs him across the back, sending him down to his knees. Jeter continues the attack, stomping across Sydal’s back repeatedly before kicking him in the ribs and sending him rolling down the ramp. Jeter has a look of sick pleasure on his face as he follows him and pulls him up to his feet to whip him in to the barricade. Sydal collides side on and just slides down the barricade with Jeter then driving his boot in to the side of Sydal’s head. Jeter’s not done though as he drags him away from the barricade by the head and closer to the ring. He pulls Sydal up to his feet and whips him in to the steel steps with Sydal hitting side on again, and as he hits the deck, Sydal clutches his ribs. Jeter looks on with a real sick grin on his face as three referees run down the ramp to check on Sydal. They quickly call for help as Jeter backs up, still looking extremely satisfied as two medics run down and attend to Sydal, who looks to be in a lot of pain while Jeter backs up the ramp looking very pleased with himself.

{Commercial Break}

***Video Recap***
Moments Ago

Johnny Jeter attacking Matt Sydal as he made his entrance, preventing their match from starting, leading to medics rushing out to check on Sydal. It then shows a very smug looking Jeter being escorted out of the arena by security under Tazz’s instruction.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #3***

Non Title Match
The UK Pack vs Orlando Jordan & Chavo Guerrero

Burchill & Smith looked in control in the early going, but some dirty tactics from Chavo & Jordan have brought them back in to it. Jordan looks in to the crowd with a smug look on his face after raking Smith in the eye thanks to a Chavo distraction. With Smith on his knees, Jordan steps back in to the ropes, comes back and drives his boot in to Smith’s head before trying for a cover, but Smith kicks out quite comfortably at 2. OJ stands back up and back tracks to his corner, making the tag to Chavo. He climbs through the ropes quite calmly as he strolls across to Smith and kicks him in the ribs as he gets to his knees. It puts him back down to the mat with Chavo turning back in to the ropes and coming back with a baseball slide in to the ribcage of Harry Smith. That looks like it hurt, and Chavo looks to take advantage straight away by hooking the leg for a cover, but again Smith kicks out. He does look in pain though as Guerrero stands back up and taunts his opponent, telling him to get up. As Smith rolls on to his side, Chavo ducks down and slaps him gently in the side of the head. He turns and smiles in to the crowd, but as he turns back to face Smith and tries to pull him up, he is met with a hard right hand to the gut. Smith picks himself up and fires off a couple of hard right hands, knocking Chavo back in to the ropes.

He then whips him in to the opposite set of ropes and walks back in to the centre of the ring, grabbing Chavo as he comes back and tossing him behind with a belly to belly suplex. That gets a pop from the crowd, and Smith tries to crawl across on his knees towards Burchill while Chavo drags himself closer to his corner with both men making the tag. Burchill races in to the ring while Jordan looks hesitant. OJ can only look on as Burchill runs at him and knocks him down with a clothesline, and then another as Jordan gets back up. Jordan rolls on to his knee and Burchill reacts quickly to drag him back up, pulling him in to position for a pump handle slam. He lifts him up in to the air but switches gears to plant him with a modified sidewalk slam. It looks like it could be over as he rushes to cover Jordan, but at the count of 2, Chavo just about makes the save with a frantic dive across on top of Burchill. Chavo stands back up and runs at Smith, knocking him off the apron with a knee lift. Chavo urges Burchill back up as the referee tries to get him outside, but a pop breaks out from the crowd as Ron Killings races down the ramp and reaches inside to drag Chavo out of the ring by his feet with Burchill standing back up to get the ref’s attention. Chavo looks furious and shoves Killings, only for Killings to drill him with a right hand, sending him to the floor as Jordan struggles to his feet on the inside and walks right in to a C4 from Burchill who follows up to pick up the victory.

WINNERS: The UK Pack by pinfall @ 7.28.

AFTERMATH: “Britannia” hits to a pop from the fans as Smith crawls back in the ring. As he picks himself up, he and Burchill are presented with their belts by the referee. They pose with them in the ring with Chavo sitting up on the oustide, and he’s clearly not best pleased by Killings’ actions as Killings grins at him before heading back up the ramp while the tag champs decide to follow.

{Cut Backstage}

CM Punk is talking in the hallway with Kid Kash when MVP and his Money in the Bank briefcase stumble in to them, and he doesn’t look happy as he tells Kash he wants a word with Punk. Punk doesn’t seem all that thrilled to be in MVP’s presence, but he tells Kash he’ll catch up with him later. Kash says that’s cool and walks out of the shot, leaving an awkward silence between Punk & MVP. Punk shrugs his shoulders and asks MVP if he’s gonna say somethin’ but answers his own question, albeit sarcastically by saying he assumes he’s stopped by to apologise for smashing him in the face with the precious briefcase last week and allowing Matt Hardy to get a win over him. MVP tells Punk to shut up for a second and says that if anyone should be apologisin’, it should be him (Punk). He tells Punk that Matt helped Burke out earlier on and that later on, Burke’s gonna have Matt’s back for their match, telling Punk that he doesn’t want that. Punk looks like he couldn’t care less as he says that Matt can do whatever he wants as long as it has nothing to do with him, and he tells the frustrated MVP that he’s not gonna help him out tonight, and since he’s Mr. Money in the Bank all, he shouldn’t need any help anyway. MVP gets even angrier as he explains that he’s Mr. Money in the Bank because for a reason and that he doesn’t need help from anyone. He tells Punk that’s not what he came to talk about but he’s so sick of havin’ to listen to haters all night that he’s just gonna do things his way and screw the rest before storming off down the hall. Punk just sn-iggers and shakes his head as we go to commercial.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***
“Break The Walls Down”

{Cut Backstage}

Bobby Lashley
is shown walking out of Tazz’s office when the United States Champion, Shelton Benjamin walks down the hall and stumbles across him. Shelton smirks and says how funny it is to see him come out of the trustee GM’s office. He then asks him if it’s a coincidence that just a week after being brought to Smackdown by hid buddy that he’s been gifted a shot at his (Shelton’s) United States title at Judgment Day. Lashley purely tells him he’s paranoid, but Shelton says he’s clearly not. He says that everyone knows how excited Tazz was about him when he first debuted in the WWE, calling him a superstar in the making and how convenient it is that it was Tazz who saved from him being a joke on Raw by getting him to come to Smackdown. Lashley doesn’t seem to take the comments too seriously as Shelton continues to say that he might have friends in high places but come Judgment Day, it doesn’t matter how many people are challenging him, that not one of them, including Lashley will take the US title away from him. Lashley says that it doesn’t look that way to him as he sees that there are four men are going after one man and one shared target, and he doesn’t think Shelton has what it takes to survive. Shelton’s hot, and he says that he’s going to prove him wrong, Tazz wrong, and everyone else who doubts him wrong at Judgment Day, because no one is taking the title from him, no one and asks Lashley if he’s got that. Lashley just smiles back at him, not showing any sign of intimidation. Shelton’s pissed and he storms out of the shot before he gets himself in to any trouble.

{Cut To Ringside}

***Match #4***

Matt Hardy vs Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)

Matt & MVP have been right at each others throats, and as MVP looks to take control, he drags Matt up to his feet and whips him in to the ropes. Matt bounces off the ropes and knocks MVP down with a shoulder barge. MVP doesn’t waste any time in getting back up, but Matt sends him right back down with a right hand. Again MVP is back on his feet within seconds, and Matt turns back to run the ropes, running back and connecting with a clothesline that sends MVP back down to the mat. It takes him only a second or two longer to get back up, but up MVP gets with Matt kicking him in the gut and grabbing him around the upper chest for the Side Effect. MVP fights the hold and escapes Matt’s clutches by swinging his elbow in to the side of Matt’s head. Mr. Money in the Bank takes a step back and drives his boot in to Matt’s chest before grabbing him around the chest and tossing him overhead with an overhead belly to belly suplex. MVP thinks that could do it and he turns over frantically to scurry across and cover Hardy, but Matt kicks out at 2.

MVP doesn’t look happy as he sits up, but he doesn’t look too surprised either. He picks himself back up seeming a little deflated as Matt rolls on to his side, and MVP shouts at him to get up. As Matt gets to his knees, MVP walks up to him and drags him up before clubbing him across the back. He holds on to Matt by grabbing him around the waist, but this time Matt fights back by swinging his elbow back in to the side of MVP’s head, freeing himself. He turns around immediately and hammers away at MVP with a couple of hard right hands before whipping him in to the ropes, and as MVP comes back, Matt tosses him overhead with a back body drop. MVP looks to get up right away, but as he gets to his feet, Matt pounces and quickly whips him in to the corner, following in to nail him with a clothesline. He holds on to MVP’s head as he hits the corner and turns round to run out of the corner with MVP in his grasp to send him crashing head first in to the mat, courtesy of a bulldog.

MVP turns on to his back after his head hits the canvas while Matt turns back to walk in to the corner, where he climbs up to the second rope. With the fans cheering, he leaps off and connects with a diving leg drop to a big pop from the crowd before going for the cover, but MVP kicks out at 2. Matt sits up and sinks his head in to his hands, thinking he had it won there, but as MVP starts to shift around, Matt picks himself back up. With MVP getting to his knees, Matt stands by and stalks him for the Twist of Fate, and as MVP turns round to face him, Matt stomps him in the gut and pulls his head in to position. The fans are on their feet, but as Matt looks to nail it, MVP frees himself as Matt spins round and pushes him right in to the referee, knocking him down to the mat. The ref looks out of it as Matt turns back round in to MVP, who pulls him in to place for The Playmaker. The crowd boo like crazy, but Matt manages to pull his head free and plants the stunned MVP out of nowhere with the Twist of Fate to a huge cheer from the crowd. Matt drops to his knees and hooks the leg, forgetting about the referee for a second before he turns round to see him lying there.

Matt gets back up and walks over to the ref, kneeling down to check on him. Matt stands up and shakes his head with boos echoing around the arena, totally unaware that CM Punk has slid in to the ring and grabbed hold of MVP’s Money in the Bank briefcase. Matt slowly turns round to go back to work on MVP, but he’s greeted by Punk running right at him and nailing him in the face with the briefcase. The boos continue to ring round the arena as Punk drops the case and kicks it in to the corner, grinning as he looks down at Matt. He then walks over to the ref and tries to shake him out of it, but we then hear cheers as Elijah Burke races down to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope. Punk turns to see what’s going on and panics as he sees Burke. He quickly turns to the side and climbs through the ropes before jumping the barricade with Burke following in hot pursuit. With the ref slowly coming round, MVP is also coming back to life, and he crawls over to Matt and reaches his arm out across his chest for the cover. The ref still isn’t totally with it, but as the crowd show their disapproval, the ref drags himself across ever so slowly and makes the ever so slow 3 count to give MVP the win.

WINNER: MVP by pinfall @ 9.44.

AFTERMATH: “I’m Comin’” hits as MVP slowly sits up with a huge grin on his face as he realises what’s just happened. The ref remains down as MVP manages to pull himself back up, and once he’s up, he walks over to the corner and picks up his briefcase. He raises it up in to the air and points to it with his other hand, making it clear he means business before walking to the back as Matt comes round, looking very confused.

***Video Promo***

{Commercial Break}

***Video Promo***

Highlights of Hell in a Cell from Bad Blood 1997 are shown. We then see a secluded dark indoor location with candles with Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker.

VOICEOVER: They are two of the greatest superstars to have ever graced the squared circle. . . They have given us moments to cherish, both together and separately. But for the first time in over ten years, Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker will battle it out for the richest prize in the industry. . . the World Heavyweight Championship. . . Smackdown presents WWE Judgment Day, live exclusively on pay-per-view. . . Coming soon.

{Cut To Ringside}

***The Main Event***

The Undertaker vs Chris Masters w/Charlie Haas

The Undertaker took charge of the match until a Charlie Haas distraction allowed Masters to sneak his way back in to it. With Taker trying to roll on to his side, The Masterpiece does his best to keep him grounded by stomping him across the back. The phenom doesn’t make it easy for Masters as he continues to fight for his right to stand, but Masters kneels down and drives his forearm in to the back of The Undertaker, keeping him flat on his stomach. Masters stands back up and starts stomping across the back again before dropping an elbow right across Taker’s spine. The Masterpiece doesn’t stand back up and opts to turn Taker over and try for a cover, but the dead man kicks out right on 2. The frustrated Masterpiece stands back up and turns in to the ropes, runs back and goes for another elbow drop, but Taker rolls to the side with Masters hitting the deck. Both men make their way back up, and it’s Masters who is up first and he drags Taker up to whip him in to the corner.

He follows in and nails him with a hard clothesline before back tracking out of the corner as Taker walks out in to his grasp, and The Masterpiece grabs him around the upper chest, trying to lift him up for a bear hug. Taker fights it though and drives his arms in to both sides of Masters’ head, escaping the clutches of The Masterpiece. With Masters a little unsteady, the phenom takes advantage by hammering away with a succession of hard right hands, sending Masters back towards the corner. Taker grabs him by the arm and whips him in to the corner before following in and hitting him with a clothesline. Masters doesn’t get a second’s rest as Taker whips him in to the opposite corner and follows in with another clothesline. This time Taker steps out of the corner and turns back to run the ropes, running back as Taker staggers out in to a big boot that sends him down in a heap. Taker drops to his knees and covers his opponent, but Masters easily lifts his foot on to the bottom rope to stop the count.

The ref sees it and advises Taker who stands back up and lifts his right hand in to the air, stalking Masters for a chokeslam as he starts to sit up. Haas panics and jumps up on to the apron, catching the attention of the dead man who turns to the side and walks across towards him. Masters’ partner looks intimidated as Taker gets closer, but the referee rushes over and steps in front of Taker while telling Haas to get down. The dead man stares at Haas for a couple of seconds before turning back towards Masters, but with Haas still arguing with the referee, The Masterpiece remains on his knees as Taker walks right in to a low blow. A satisfied Haas drops to the floor as Taker falls to the mat with Masters protesting his innocence to the referee as he turns round. The Masterpiece picks himself back up and immediately bends down to drag Taker up to his knees, allowing him to make his own way as Masters then shifts behind the dead man, preparing to place him in The Masterlock. The fans boo as the intense Masters hovers behind the slow moving Undertaker, and as he stands up fully, Masters pounces and grabs him around the neck to try and lock in the deadly hold.

Taker realises he’s in trouble and fights it right away, not allowing Masters to lock it in properly, and the dead man manages to force Masters back by driving him in to the corner, getting himself clear of the hold. As Taker steps out of the corner and turns round, Masters staggers out in to the deadly hands of the phenom and is quickly on the receiving end of a Chokeslam. Taker signals for the end by dragging his arm across his throat, getting ready for the Tombstone Piledriver. Haas sees the danger and walks over to the timekeeper’s table to grab a steel chair. He walks back to the ring and places it on the apron before running round to the other side of the ring and hops up on to the apron, getting the attention of the referee once again. Taker turns his head and sees Haas getting involved again. He walks over to the ropes and grabs him by the throat as Masters crawls across the mat to grab the steel chair. It takes him several seconds to make his way back up as the referee tries to persuade Taker to let go and allow Haas to step back down. The fans try to warn Taker as Masters stands up and walks up behind him to smash him in the back with the chair, causing the referee to call for the bell and disqualify Masters.

WINNER: The Undertaker by DQ @ 8.31.

AFTERMATH: Masters grins as he looks down at Taker squirming on the mat. Haas slips in the ring and smiles as Taker starts to come round. Slowly the dead man is able to roll on to his knee with Masters shifting behind him, stalking him for The Masterlock. As Taker gets to his knees, a huge pop breaks out with the camera then showing Shawn Michaels racing down to the ring. He slides under the bottom rope with Masters shoving Taker face first down to the mat again before charging at Michaels who drops him with a right hand. Haas charges at The Heartbreak Kid, but the World Champion explodes with a super kick, sending Haas down in a heap. Masters is back up in a hurry though as he turns round in to a succession of jabs from HBK, who sends the big man down to the mat. He then sees the steel chair lying across the mat and decides to get some payback from last week by bending down to pick it up. Masters looks groggy as he attempts to stand back up, and so does The Undertaker as he makes his way back up, just behind him. Michaels gets ready to take Masters’ head off, and as The Masterpiece stands up fully, Michaels swings the chair at him, but Masters ducks with the chair being driven in to the skull of The Undertaker. Michaels looks stunned as Taker just collapses to the mat with Masters making a quick escape, slipping under the bottom rope and reaching inside to pull Haas out. As Haas comes round under his support, Masters looks back in and smiles at the sight of HBK staring down in shock at the challenger to his World Championship come Judgment Day, looking down at the chair too, thinking the response that may follow.

{End of Show}


Michael Shane df. Shannon Moore
Beth Phoenix
df. Michelle McCool
The UK Pack
df. Orlando Jordan & Chavo Guerrero
df. Matt Hardy
The Undertaker
df. Chris Masters


Theme Song
“Take It All” by Zididada

Shawn Michaels (c) vs The Undertaker

The First Ever Scramble Match

Bobby Lashley vs Ron Killings vs Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Chavo Guerrero vs Orlando Jordan

The UK Pack (c) vs The Masters of the Mat

Michael Shane (c) vs Kid Kash

Elijah Burke vs Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)

Matt Hardy vs CM Punk

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Review:

Shawn Michaels/The Undertaker segment:
Shawn opening the show is good, considering what happened last week, and he starts running his mouth, I'm not scared of the Undertaker, blah, blah, blah, but it has that face vs. face feud fell, which it is, with Shawn saying he respects the Undertaker and stuff like that, and he's calling out the Undertaker, and the Deadman comes out. And I'm not too sure about Tazz interrupting the Undertaker, as he would be pissed off, but it looks like the Undertaker doesn't care about it, and in the match, I think that Shawn will go back to his heelish ways and actually hit the Undertaker with a chair.

Diva Segment:
Well, we all know who the diva who attacked Mickie is, but the divas don't, or do they? I think I'm buying Beth saying that she didn't know the woman, but if that's correct, then what was the woman doing attacking Mickie? Maybe they have a backround together, I really don't know.

Michael Shane vs Shannon Moore
A nice little Cruiserweight match, but it's a fairly easy win for Michael and it's only to build him up to Judgment Day. And the arrogant son of a bitch, Kid Kash makes his way to the ring, to what? Just say that he's going to beat Michael for the title at Judgment Day, I would think that he would at least try to attack him, oh well.

Johnny Jeter interview:
I'm not really following this feud, but it's a classic, one partner turns on the other, and there you have it, an instant feud. But they're both cruiserweighs, and I'm looking forward to their match.

Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix:
I'm interested to see if we're going to see the mystery woman behind Mickie's attacking. And we did! And it's sort of the same as last week, attacking the divas, and tearing them apart, but I still don't know if she's saving Beth, or is she just attacking the divas just to prove herself.

The VIP lounge:
The guest is Elijah Burke, nothing surprising here, since they're both feuding at the moment. And bringing Matt in was a nice touch, as they both have history together. And looking forward to the match as I think that it'll be awesome.

Tazz's office:
First, Chavo and Orlando Jordan are in the office, bitching about last week, but as Tazz said they had it coming to them, as Chavo smashed Ron with a steel chair a few weeks back, and, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that Orlando had an open challenge to the entire locker room, which Lashley answered, and we have a match set, between the two of these guys, and the Tag Team Champions, cool. I'm surprised that Tazz didn't even punish these two guys even more, maybe by putting Charlie in a match with Shawn.

The UK Pack Interview:
I don't care what they say, they have to be happy about Chris getting himself in a match with the Undertaker, it makes their job easier, and about their match later tonight, I'm confident that they're going to win it, as they said.

Johnny Jeter beating on Matt Sydal:
You have Johnny playing the cowardly heel role very well, attacking Matt from behind before their match, and I think that Tazz is going to be very pissed off about it, he may even put him in a very difficult match next week.

The UK Pack vs Orlando Jordan and Chavo Guerrero:
So, you had the UK Pack win, which is the logical thing to do, as they are the Tag Team Champions, and they need to look strong going in to Judgment Day, and they really need to show that they're the Tag Team Champions, the best team in the World! But you also had to make Orlando and Chavo not to look to weak, as they need to be contenders for Shelton Benjamin's US Title, and you did great with that with the Killings interference.

CM Punk/MVP segment:
I guess we could be looking at a heel vs. heel feud, and that kind of
feuds are the best ones, but I don't think that you'll go there and that it's going to be a small thing, and that CM Punk is going to help out MVP in the match.

Bobby Lashley/Shelton Benjamin Segment:
Hmmm, I'm wondering what Bobby was doing in Tazz's office. But I guess it isn't anything big, and Lashley easily scares Shelton away, and is continued to be booked as a real superpower.

Matt Hardy vs. MVP:
Well, these two men have known eachother a lot, and they even have had lots of battles, so I think that this'll be a slow match, and MVP gets the win, but with interference from CM Punk, but that was surely unexpected by neither MVP or Matt, and that was why they looked so surprised.

The Undertaker vs Chris Masters:
Well, the Undertaker gets the win, but by DQ, but not the DQ I thought of, but eventually it happens, and Shawn hits the Undertaker with the chair, and the Undertaker, I think, is going to get one hell of a retribution next week.

Overall, the show was great, but the only thing I didn't like was Chris Masters getting the better of Shawn Michaels two weeks in a row.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Smackdown Review

Starting off with HBK this week then, there will be added interest in this now after their epic match last week but you are going down your own route with the respect angle which I like. I liked HBK saying that he isn't afriad of The Undertaker as he did appear slightly scared of him after what happened last week if I remember rightly. I was going to question whether or not HBK would care that much if Taker thought he hit him with the chair, but I liked HBK's reasons, like saying that he doesn't want to jeapordise their big match. I also liked it when he mentioned that the old HBK died a long time ago, as it shows how much they have chnaged over the years since their early encounters. The Undertaker coming down was kinda expected although I thought we might get one of his video packages. I assume he was going to say 'rest in peace' but I'm not sure about Tazz interrupting him like that, I guess you want to keep Taker off the mic so he remains dark and mysterious. The match announcement was good and it makes sense after last week.

Michelle's got backup! Decent enough segment to keep this mystery woman in our minds, but I think Beth does know who it is. I expect this woman will get involved again tonight somehow. I'm looking forward to Phoenix kicking Michelle's ass though!

Good win for Michael Shane, every win for him helps to build him up further as the CW Champ. It seemed like a pretty good contest and it didn't seem like a complete squash the way you described Moore's resilience. He won with some Sweet Chin Music as well, keeping that link going with HBK. The promo after the match from Kash was very effective indeed, especially the line about both he and HBK losing their titles. This is a good feud to establish Shane as the Champ. I just thought about Jamie Noble, I guess he's still injured but I am hoping he joins back up with Kash.

Good interview with Jeter, you could really sense his jealousy of Sydal in this and I liked his reasons for why he did what he did. Describing Sydal as a golden boy and talking about his bandwagon was good as well, really shows his hatred for him. I am surprised you are giving away a match between them though tonight, that isn't a good idea in my opinion as of course they will be facing off again further down the line, but i'm sure you know what you're doing.

Michelle gave it a decent fight but i'm glad Phoenix came out on top. The aftermath was interesting, having two divas at ringside made me think it would be hard for this woman to appear again but the way she took Maria and Mickie out was impressive. I thought Beth knew this woman but I guess not, I am guessing the point behind it is to try and impress Beth Phoenix or something, but either way it is interesting.

The VIP Lounge with Elijah Burke! Nice idea. Burke was great in this and it got him some mic time which is always a good thing. I liked how he made fun of MVP and the little jokes and the video with Matt Hardy were a nice touch too. I was going to say that it is a little odd for Hardy to be involved in a light-hearted thing like this while he has a major storyline with Punk going on, but the line about everybody wanting to punch CM Punk was great and very well done. I was expecting MVP to come out and he did, some good lines after that too including the line about Layla being able to take MVP. Not overly keen about the ending though but I guess you had to end it some way, plus the heel being taken out makes the crowd happy, I just expected Punk to come down or something.

Another decent segment with Chavo and Jordan both complaining. I liked how they were arguing and each wanted something and it allowed Tazz to show his authority once more. I'm still not really into this thing with Chavo/Killings though, just because I don't really care for either of them. Putting them in the scramble makes sense, Chavo more than Jordan though, I'm not really a Jordan fan but you must be. Good set up for the tag match announcement too. Masters and Haas coming in was good just to show their frustration as they have had problems with him recently, and you added a little comedy at the end so it was a good segment. You must be a bit frustrated that Tazz has left IRL though, althought it doesn't really matter I know its good to have your characters on screen IRL.

This wasn't a great interview but it did its job, added some hype to the tag match and it built up their rivalry with the MotM a little more. Plus its more mic time for the team which is good for them.

I should've known you would find a way put this match off to be honest as it is a little early IMO for their match, especially on TV. Loved the attack just because it was such a cowardly act but it would work perfectly to gain even more heat for Jeter. Looks like Sydal might of hurt his ribs as well which would make Jeter even more of a bad guy. Good decision.

Solid win for the UK Pack and they looked impressive in doing so. You furthered the Chavo/Killings feud as well which worked well, and I think the right person lost the match considering he's not in any solid feud right now.

Nice choice of mate for CM Punk, the bad guys are chilling together! This was an interesting segment, if not slighlty unusual. This was a clash of two big egos and you put that over well by having both men unwilling to apologise. MVP obviosuly is wanting a bit of help, and it would make sense so I think he might get it.

Yes! It looks like we might be getting a Benjamin/Lashley feud, that would be awesome! Lashley in the Scramble is great, I doubt he'll win it as its still fairly early in Shelton's reign, but I am hoping a Lashley/Shelton feud comes out of the finish. Good segment once again.

Good match. You gave us a lot of detail in this one and there was some good action in this, but the minute the ref went down it was obvious Punk was coming down. Punk changed his mind then but I guess the chance to cost Hardy a match was too good to refuse. Good ending and it made sense to have Burke come down and chase Punk to the back after Burke and Hardy were together earlier. I am pleased MVP got the win as well as the MITB holder, and he needed it as well after they made a bit of a fool out of him earlier.

You like your DQ's don't you!? Na seriously it was the right decision as it wouldn't do much good for Masters to lose to Taker, and the other way around is out of the question. I liked the dirty tactis such as the interference from Haas and the low blow from Masters to keep the match going, and them going for a chair is a realistic thing to do. Here comes Michaels for the save. Whoa! HBK nails Undertaker with the chair! Wow, things really have picked up with these two. He might not have hit him last week, but he certainly did this week accident or not! Fantastic ending to a very good show as usual. Good job mate.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Shelton’s Challenge Is Set!

Shelton Benjamin asked Tazz for a challenge, and he discovered last night that it will be one hell of a challenge indeed.

Two weeks ago, The Gold Standard was addressing the fans during his Signing In Ceremony as United States Champion when Tazz broke the news that the challenge the champ wanted would be a scramble match. This is a match that will see four challengers and Benjamin compete for 15 minutes with the championship changing hands at every single fall, and the superstar who picks up the final fall of the match will walk out of Judgment Day as the United States Champion.

That sounds tough, but last night Shelton found out just how tough it would be when Tazz announced that the four challengers would be Bobby Lashley, Ron Killings, Chavo Guerrero & Orlando Jordan. Lashley made his return to Smackdown last week, and Benjamin was unfortunate enough to bump in to him last night. The two men exchanged differing views of the outcome of the scramble match, but with so much tension added to the mix, it promises to be one hell of a match in just over two weeks time.

FCW RESULTS (10th May)

The announce team of Steve Keirn & Tom Prichard talked up the two title matches we would see later on with The Empire defending the tag titles against TJ Wilson & Teddy Hart, and Afa Jr challenging James Reiher for the FCW Heavyweight Championship.

Reid Flair beat Hade Vansen in their Semi Final FCW Television tournament match after Reid shocked the cocky Vansen with an inside cradle. Vansen was livid as Reid left the ring smiling, knowing he would be facing Nic Nemeth live on Raw Monday night for the title.

As Reid walked to the back after the break, “The Natural” Nic Nemeth approached him and told him that a couple of matches doesn’t make him a champion, and that he will show him first hand on Raw under the bright lights what it takes to be a champion.

Dusty Rhodes was looking to find The DiBiase Brothers, asking people if they had seen them when he came across Joe Hennig. Dusty asked him what got in to him last week when he refused Colt Cabana’s handshake after their match. Hennig said that he was sick of hearing about him go on and on about his dad, and that he lost it. He apologised and said it wouldn’t happen again. Someone (An official) shouted out for Dusty and ran up to him, telling him The DiBiase’s weren’t there. He said that when they do see him, they are in trouble, that’s if The Badstreet Boys don’t get there first.

Milena Roucka came down to the ring and spoke about how she was screwed over last week by Shawn Spears and how she should be the FCW Women’s Champion. She then challenged anyone to take her on, and out came Shantelle Taylor, the FCW Women’s Champion. She told Roucka she had no problem putting her title on the line again, and she did just that. Taylor beat Roucka clean with a bridging german suplex.

Teddy Hart & TJ Wilson defeated The Empire (Stu Sanders & Drew McIntyre) by DQ after Sanders entered the ring and smashed TJ with one of the title belts. The Empire retained their titles due to the DQ. Vansen joined Sanders in the ring to take out Teddy too, leaving them motionless as the whole Empire including the champions, Vansen & Katie Lea stood over TJ & Teddy looking very satisfied with their work.

The FCW Champion, James Reiher was interviewed backstage by Lena Yada, talking about how Afa Jr was lucky in earning his title shot and that he would need more than luck to win the title from him, saying he’d need a miracle. This was before a commercial with the match up next.

James Reiher defeated Afa Jr to retain the FCW Heavyweight Championship after hitting the Crack ‘em in da mouth to end the show.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

SmackDown! Feedback

Opening Promo: Very good promo here, the way Shawn carried himself as nonchalontly as he could, talking only of respect and wanting to put on the best match, was all very awesome, although it leads me to believe that that might not be the case. 'Taker coming out here was a great touch to Shawn's speech, and very good in making the main event. I thought it was a little strange that Tazz came out before 'Taker could finish his sentence, and his motives are also questionable. Things didn't seem to be heading into a violent degree, so I suspect something could be up. Nevertheless, the main event should be good, and this was great hype for the main event at Judgement Day.

Divas Segment: Interesting little segment. Everyone here was good, especially Beth and Michelle, and I'm liking the interactions between the Divas already, fun stuff. I'm not totally thrilled to see Michelle vs. Beth, but it should be a good match, especially with the underlying story of this mystery woman. And if Beth isn't in cahoots with her, then what's her deal?

Shane/Shannon: Fun match here, glad to see Shannon not get jobbed out like he did last week, showing a lot of resiliency. Even though I've never really seen Michael Shane work, and I'm not a fan of Kid Kash, I'm liking this feud, Kash's promos have driven it quite well, making himself sound like a big deal, and bringing importance to the CW Title. I'm going to have to disagree with The Notorious K.I.D. and say that I don't see him winning the title, though.

Jeter Interview: I liked this interview, it caught me up with the story of the two, and I liked the transition between the quick cockiness at the start, into the seriousness of it as it progressed. This was also good hype for their match later on tonight, which I'm looking forward to, and I also think that Jeter did some running of the mouth, as well. He said looking forward to the match wasn't a strong enough description, but last week, he was trying to get out of the match. Still, I'm looking forward to the match, should be funMi to see how it turns out.

Michelle/Beth: Not a bad match, was just the right amount of back-and-forth action to keep Michelle looking strong, while still keeping Beth dominant. Although, you called her Glam Slam the "Grand Slam." Aside from that, I liked this segment, got to see more of the mystery woman, and what she can do. It seems as if we might be seeing something between her and Beth, by the way she was looking at her, so I'm looking forward to that.

VIP Lounge: Very creative segment here, with Elijah taking the VIP Lounge. Anyway, I thought it was great advancement for the feud, but I didn't like some of the jokes Elijah made, especially the one about MVP's parents giving him up for adoption. That just seemed really unclassy. The segment itself did a good job in driving the MVP/Elijah match, and also did a great job in making Elijah seem important. I'm sure he's important in this thread, but since I just started here, and WWE didn't treat him that way, I became disenchanted with him. But anyway, this renewed my interest in him, so great job there, and Matt vs. Punk also got a few mentions. Looking forward to the match tonight.

Tazz/Superstars Segment: Pretty high intensity level here, I liked it. I wasn't a fan of the dumb ass Mexicans comment, being Mexican myself, and not especially liking whenever a race card is played, but I'll let it slide. Anyway, I really like what you did here. You allowed two on-going programs to get some PPV time, while rolling them together and setting up a great challenge for Shelton. Great booking there. However, Jordan looked like a total bitch here, crying about Lashley being too dangerous. I wouldn't mind seem him gone once he's been fed to Lashley. I don't see Chavo and Jordan getting along for their match later on, though, and Masters and Haas barging in, I felt was just a cheap plug for the main event. It was nice, but not necessarily needed. But anyway, great segment here.

UK Pack Interview: Haven't seen much of this team, but they seem like quite the confident duo, bordering on cocky. Anyway, they took some nice shots at Masters and Haas, and built up their PPV encounter nicely, as well as hyping up the main event as well. They also got some words in for their match in tonight, not a lot, but still enough to remind us of it. Should be good.

Jeter Attack: I liked this. Simple attack, without the usual steel chair or other sorts of weapons, but just as effective. Jeter looked good here, picking a point and working on it, making Sydal crash into it repeatedly, intelligence and cunning on his part. While we didn't get this match (and I was looking forward to it), we got some more good build-up to it, to make the pay-off even better when it happens. Maybe at Judgement Day? Or a gimmick match? Either way, I liked this segment, and how the story was progressed here. Good job.

Tag Match: Good match here, some nice chemistry between Chavo and Jordan. I was a little surprised that they didn't turn on each other, but Killings showing up would've been my next guess. I liked how you noted that Burchill got the ref to focus on him as Killings punched Chavo, something a few bookers would've failed to mention, leading to questions about a DQ on the part of the Pack. Anyway, solid stuff from all men, all getting to show what they've got as they get closer and closer to Judgement Day.

Punk/MVP Segment: Are Punk and Kash friends? Anyway, good segment here, showed both guys to be jackasses, only looking out for themselves. Also put over both of their current feuds with Matt and Elijah, as well as some hype for Matt/MVP later on tonight. I liked this, good job here.

Jericho Promo: When's he going to get here? I've looked back at shows I missed, and this has been going on ever since he got drafted to SD!. Maybe he'll make his grand debut on PPV?

Lashley/Shelton Segment: Good stuff. Shelton made a lot of good points about Lashley and Tazz, and all of this built up the US Title Scramble Match for Judgement Day well. I can see Shelton retaining the belt at the PPV, and Lashley moving onto a feud with him afterwards.

Matt/MVP: I didn't really get into this match until the ending sequence started. I'm not exactly sure what it was, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I did like the ending, with Punk using the briefcase, kept his program with Matt going strong. I didn't really like Elijah going after Punk, but I understand why he did it. He's starting to become buds with Matt, but I didn't like because I'm still not used to him as a face. I also didn't like Matt going down after the briefcase shot, when you take in the time between the shot and the ref's count, which was slow. I felt MVP could've busted out one of his finishers easily, but no matter. It's all the same results, basically, the heels looking good and coming out on top here.

Main Event: I liked this better than the previous match, which I'm surprised to say. Anyway, this had the usual 'Taker routine going, but things fell apart very well, with Haas's interference and whatnot. Masters had a good showing against 'Taker, even if it was dirty, but that's the way heels play, so it's all good. I liked the aftermath to this, progressed the World Title feud very well, and I'm loving the story. Shawn wants an honorable battle with 'Taker, but continuously ends up hitting him with weapons, very good stuff. This got me looking forward to next week, and what 'Taker will say or do.

Overall: Another good show, Nige, and I really liked it because everything had a purpose. Everything was advanced in terms of ongoing stories or PPV matches, and had this been my first SD! (it's my second), it would've made me look forward to Judgement Day, so great job there. Matches were good, sans MVP/Matt, and promos were also good. I know you're busy with uni work, so it might be awhile before I get to read one of those, but I'd love to check out another full show of yours. I really like these recap shows, but they make me wonder how much better they'd be in full. That may seem like a bad thing if that's your state of mind, but that's not how I think of it, so I say it as a good thing. Anyway, very good show, enjoyable read, looking forward to next week. 8/10.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

BY SC2004 >>>

>>> I feel bad for you having to write an Undertaker, Shawn Michaels feud after the WWE doing such an epic job with the build up to Mania and the match up itself. I expected Michaels to open the show. I liked what he had to say. You were trying to get the point across that Michaels wants to get to Judgement Day and win clean because he wants to in essence stake his claim as the greatest WWE superstar ever and to do that he needs to go over Taker fair and square. That came across well. Undertaker got one line I think, which made him look a little silly. I would of liked you to get across how angry he was after last week and add some more heat to this feud. Tazz making the Undertaker, Masters match was a logical move, but when you take the over all promo into account the ending would of come across as rushed an sudden. Michaels basically talked for ten minutes with Taker and Tazz talking for about 30 seconds each. One other thing, would HBK really be so calm, respectful and complementary of Taker after being choke slammed last week? Just a thought!

>>> I liked how fearless Beth Phoenix came across in this backstage segment with the other divas. The banter between them was reminiscent of school girls on a playground if I’m honest and a McCool, Beth rematch doesn’t set my world alight. I am however intrigued by the mystery woman and whether or not she will put in another appearance tonight, so that in itself is good booking!

>>> Shane wins with some sweet chin music, nice! I have to say, his character is growing on me, although I could do without the buddy, buddy moments with HBK every week. Kash getting some time on the stick was great! He seemed overly confident and assured of victory at Judgement Day. I don’t think that promo sold me on this match but I still know it has potential to be great!

>>> Very solid promo from Jeter, that was money if I’m honest. He was intense and each work seemed important. It’s hard to tell whether he is jealous or just an angry person in general now. His hatred for Sydal was more than evident in this promo and it made me excited about their match up.

>>> The match up between Beth and McCool was surprisingly entertaining with the right person coming out on top. You’re hatred for McCool assured the victory really! LOL. The post match description was very detailed and I could visualize every moment of it in my head. You cleared Beth of any wrong doing, but the mystery remains. Who is this woman and why is she targeting the diva faces? I love a bit mystery I do! HA.

>>> Another huge in ring promo, I like it! Burke hosting the VIP lounge was a clever booking strategy and it was very funny, a nice contrast to the serious opener. In fact the show had been very serious up until this segment. I liked how Burke and to a certain extent Matt Hardy took humorous shots at MVP and Punk yet still placed focus on the PPV and their respective matches. TV shows after all are there to sell PPV events and you did this, but not in a boring straight forward manner which is refreshing. I think you mentioned Layla was hot about ten times. LOL. I take it we’re getting MVP versus Matt Hardy tonight, cool. MVP getting his ass handed to him at the end of the segment keeps the fans happy and it doesn’t really hurt MVP at all!

>>> Man everyone is pissed tonight on SmackDown. This was solid, well constructed, thought segment that was full of purpose. You managed to logically put together the scramble match, though I’m a little disappointed you jumped on that bandwagon like everyone else around here lately. You signed a tag team match and you made Tazz look like a no nonsense badass which is exactly how he should come across. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not marking out for the scramble match, the impending tag match or Taker versus Masters tonight, but what I am marking out for here is the brilliance of this segment, how it was constructed how well it worked. It’ not always the big matches and promos that show the quality of a booker, it’s these inventive backstage segments that can do it also.

>>> Not a bad backstage interview. I never use these, I don’t know why as this was fairly successful as you managed to sell the tag match at Judgement Day in a few lines. I liked the comments the UK Pack made about their match up tonight and how they’ll send a message to the champions. This followd by the jeter attack on Sydal. DID NOT SEE THIS COMING! More fool me as it made perfect booking sense. This match is PPV quality now and therefore should be saved. Great heel tendencies shown by Jeter, the man has potential.

>>> I liked how you kept Chavo and Jordon looking relatively strong even in defeat. They really couldn’t look weak as they’re in the scramble match for the US title. The UK pack obviously needed to pick up a win as a loss would of kilt their momentum. I’m glad you addressed the Punk, MVP situation. A lot of people would have been wondering why Punk didn’t come to MVP’s aid earlier tonight and we got our answer, he’s pissed at MVP for nailing him with the briefcase. Makes sense I guess, yet HBK didn’t seem to react to Taker in this way at the start of the show and I think he should have.

>>> Great heat between Benjamin and Lashley backstage. Logically coming out of Judgment Day you’ll be setting these two up in a programme together. Lashley has never been high up there IMO, mainly because of his lack of ability on the stick. In saying that, he and Benjamin could have some epic match ups.

>>> So…….. To the final two matches. Odd you scheduled two matches back to back like this as there has been so much talk over say the last 30 minutes of the broadcast. This is a TV show, so the dusty finish in the MVP, Hardy match doesn’t bother me in the slightest, in fact it makes sense. The referee goes down and Punk costs Matt the match. The most tried and tested finish in the WWE and it worked well here. So to the main event! Not the biggest match up to ever main event SmackDown! Another dusty finish, Oh boy, is that three or four tonight, I’m not sure. I see no problem with Taker going over clean here, the DQ makes zero sense to me! The HBK, Taker chair sequence was right out of SummerSlam 1997! Worked well then, works well now!

OVERALL - I enjoyed the show a lot. The finished to some of the matches may not have been clean, but all apart from the main event finish were logical. So many great feuds on the blue brand, none bigger than HBK and The Undertaker. I’m into that feud, but I think I would be more excited about it had it been written prior to Mania. Great stuff as always mate.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


RAW PreviewMonday 12th May 2008
Live From The Credit Union Center
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Last Monday night, we learnt just what part 2 of The Corporation’s plan was, and so unfortunately did Triple H. The Game was taking on The Big Show in a first round match of the Quest to be Champion tournament with every member of The Corporation banned from ringside. It proved however that their latest hired gun who shocked everyone goes by the name of Vladimir Kozlov, according to an article posted on WWE.com by Mr. McMahon the morning after this dangerous individual made his first WWE appearance and helped The Big Show advance to the semi finals. To read the article in question, click here. It’s an interesting read to say the least, and you have to wonder how Eric Bischoff is going to react to that, but the comment regarding Batista has added more fuel to the fire that there may be a few problems between him and Triple H. One has to wonder why Batista didn’t show up on Raw last week, but we might just find out why this week.

You would think that Triple H would love to know why The Animal was not by his and Ric Flair’s side. Is Batista in cahoots with The Corporation?

Randy Orton hasn’t exactly had the best month of his life since losing the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, and it appears that he has a new source to channel his anger on. Mr. Kennedy has shown no fear whatsoever in involving himself with the snake like former WWE Champion. He returned at Backlash to make sure Orton didn’t regain the WWE Championship before beating him the following night on Raw to qualify for the semi final stage of the Quest to be Champion tournament. And last week he came out and mocked The Legend Killer regarding the victory the week before. They met later in the evening in tag team action, but after the bell, Orton was desperate to smash Kennedy’s skull in with a steel chair after failing to do so the week before. Before he could strike, Eric Bischoff made sure that didn’t happen by threatening Orton with a suspension.

The Legend Killer listened for once, but will he be able to shake off the curse of Mr. Kennedy this coming week?

Kenny Dykstra sure did a good job of ruining Rey Mysterio’s return to Raw last week, but the master of the 619 can return the favour by standing in Dykstra’s way of progressing towards a WWE title match at the King of the Ring when they meet in the Quest to be Champion tournament this week. Dykstra had the nerve to interrupt Rey’s return speech and call his world title reign a fluke, but he quickly learnt why you shouldn’t underestimate him as Mysterio fought back, and the young star just avoided the 619 as he slipped away to safety. They clashed later on in tag team action, and Kenny’s frustration got the better of him, getting himself disqualified in the process, leading to Eric Bischoff making this hugely important match for Monday night.

Will Rey prove his title reign wasn’t a fluke by moving closer to a shot at Kane, or will Dykstra catapult himself to where he wants to be?

We saw new World Tag Team Champions crowned last week when John Morrison & The Miz finally toppled Paul London & Brian Kendrick, but it wasn’t without controversy. London made a blind tag moments before falling victim to Morrison’s Moonlight Drive, costing him and his partner the gold, and it appeared later on that Kendrick wasn’t best pleased. As the champions later bragged about their success to Todd Grisham, Kendrick was shown slamming a door and storming out of the arena. But we were told earlier today that the former champions will get their rematch this Monday night in Saskatoon.

Could we see a short title reign for the cocky duo of Morrison & The Miz, or will they come out on top for the second straight week?

Having surprised many by leaving Backlash a couple of weeks back as the number one contender for the Women’s Championship, Kelly Kelly cashed in her title match last week when she challenged Victoria. The popular challenger really pushed Victoria until an innocent looking mistake by Cody Rhodes, Kelly’s boyfriend, led to her falling short. However, there was more to follow. Cody was to be questioned by the man who he believes is chasing Kelly’s affections, the Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston. The Jamaican Sensation made his way down to the ring and laid the blame of Kelly’s defeat at his door, and it didn’t set well with Cody at all. He shoved Kofi, but when Kofi shoved him back, Cody wasn’t the only one to take the fall as Kelly got up behind him. Kofi looked horrified, but the understandably irate Cody told him to go.

Will Kelly be able to forgive either of them for this latest incident? It looks like there could be a lot of explaining to do this week.

Carlito & Eddie Colon made sure that Cryme Time won’t try stealing their belongings again after setting them up for one hell of a fall last week. After having their clothes stolen from their dressing room two weeks ago by Shad & JTG, The Colon Brothers went to Eric Bischoff to demand action last Monday night. Luckily for them, Bischoff wasn’t there, and William Regal decided the punishment that Cryme Time would face, and what a punishment it was. They were put in a match against the WWE Champion, Kane, and with The Colon’s not too far away, they were defeated by The Big Red Machine and had their bling stolen by the sneaky brothers.

What kind of a reaction will we get from Shad & JTG Monday night? Should The Colon’s be worried?

We found out last week that Jeff Hardy will be returning to Raw this Monday night having recovered from the serious concussion he suffered at the hands of CM Punk during their I Quit match at Wrestlemania. Will Jeff be firing on all cylinders? Find out when he makes his return, live from The Credit Union Center.

Kelly Kelly & Cody Rhodes’ relationship isn’t the only one under serious strain right now, as there looked to be problems between Santino Marella & Melina last week. Melina found it funny that Santino was bitten by Hornswoggle after he and Finlay came to Jimmy Wang Yang’s rescue. Yang had just been defeated by Ted DiBiase Jr with Santino providing a distraction, and having been on the receiving end of a shot from DiBiase’s Million Dollar title belt the week before, as well as having previous with Santino, Finlay made sure he got even. This week however, it will be DiBiase & Santino who will be looking to get revenge of their own when they meet Finlay & Yang in tag team action. Who will have the last laugh after this match?

Melina also got a reminder of how Natalya Neidhart hasn’t forgotten it was Melina that was the fall girl so to speak when Kelly Kelly won the number one contendership match at Backlash two weeks ago. We were told earlier on today that Natalya will have the chance to meet Kelly this Monday night as she tries to earn herself a title shot of her own.

Dusty Rhodes was able to arrange a special moment for two members of the FCW roster a while ago with Eric Bischoff, and that moment comes tonight when the final of the FCW Television Championship tournament takes place under the bright lights of Raw. The two competitors will be “The Natural” Nic Nemeth, and a familiar face in the son of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Reid. Will he be able to follow in his father’s footsteps and win gold?

We’ll find that out and more this Monday night. Don’t miss it!


Quest To Be Champion First Round Match
Rey Mysterio vs Kenny Dykstra

World Tag Team Championship Rematch
Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs John Morrison & The Miz (c)

FCW Television Championship Tournament Final
Reid Flair vs “The Natural” Nic Nemeth

Finlay & Jimmy Wang Yang vs Ted DiBiase Jr & Santino Marella

Kelly Kelly
vs Natalya Neidhart


Superstars Released

The WWE can confirm that we have released several developmental talents from their contracts. They are:

  • Afa Jr
  • Arran Banderas
  • Brendan Cross
  • Colt Cabana
  • Mike Kruel
  • Shawn Spears

We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

OMG, you're killing me man with the speed you're going at LOL! I think most interesting thing I'm getting from the preview is the fact you've put the final of FCW Tournament on Raw. Granted it's a big deal, but I can't help thinking people may do a double take and be like "Fuck this" tuning out for 10 minutes. It's more acceptable in the BTB world I guess. I can't remember the last time somebody hyped 5 matches in advance, so that's cool. I think I'm most looking forward to seeing how Evolution respond and try and claw back some lost ground in their war with the McMahon's. It amazes me how this feud has been turned on it's head in a matter of weeks, with the McMahon's now firmly in control it would seem!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


BREAKING NEWS: Bischoff Bans The Corporation from tonight’s Raw!

(12.32pm) We have just been advised by Raw’s Head of Authority, Eric Bischoff, that after the actions of The Corporation last week, he has banned them from tonight’s show.



It appears that word has got out regarding the apparent decision of Eric Bischoff banning The Corporation from Raw tonight.

We have not received confirmation on whether this is going to lead to a swerve or not. Vince & Shane McMahon are in the arena already, but that is normal procedure. However we have been told that JBL, The Big Show or Vladimir Kozlov are NOT inside The Credit Union Center. If they were going to appear, they would usually be in the arena by now. It looks like we'll have to wait and see what happens!

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