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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Ha, Sean came last!

Well done Nige as it looks a good PPV, can't believe I only got five, I was sure to get 'em all right. Unable to properly review, but I have read a fair part of your show (I couldn't say most) and skimmed a few paragraphs here and there. Here are some comments though.

Cody turning on Kelly got me here, and as it happened I'm suprised Cody didnt lash out again at the end. I can't say this was a briliant match, but I liked the ending. Hopefully this can continue into something good on Raw. Congrats Mr Mod.

Never expected the open challenge, but I'm glad he retained too, especially to a crusuierweight, was Yang a random choice or has something lead to this?

As KF4E said, Candice looks hot in your banner, so does Kelly tbh, and Melina and Natalya. Suprised to see Kelly win after the things with the IC Title earlier but I don't mind as I think she could do ok and improve, also I hope Rhodes gets involved.

Haven't had chance to read the rest, can't explain reasons or would be advertising. I'll try to edit in some more comments and PM you when there in, as for now I'll catch ya later.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

OMG, I freak'n suck at predictions,. I never do well. Maybe if I stop reading every single one of your shows I may actually improve come Judgment day!!! LOL

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Nice to see I did well in the predictions, for me any way.

The King of Kings Backlash Thoughts

Right, the build to this event has been well done in three weeks that you had coming off the back of WrestleMania. I am glad to see that you have gone with the single brand pay per views as it allows the young players to be on pay per view like we are seeing with Rhodes/Kingston/Dykstra and Londrick.

Kingston vs. Rhodes: I thought you might open with this as it is two of the young stars on their first pay per view, but it also has a great story. This was evident in the match as you constantly reminded us of Kelly and noted her expressions throughout the match. Doing this did make it obvious that there would be some finish that included her but I think most people would have assumed that. The finish itself was clever as it allowed the Kofi/Kelly relationship appear innocent making Cody more of a heel. A nice quick paced match to get things going. I don't recall Cody ever doing a moonsault, I'm not saying he couldn't but just something I don't recall.

Orton/Bischoff: Very intersting litte segment here makes you think that there is going to be an involvement in the title match from Eric. Maybe hinting at a Orton vs. Authority since he called him weak.

finlay vs. Santino: This was good for what it was, not really much to comment on. Santino in my opinion needed the win more that Finlay but I guess if you are going to continue this then it doesn't seem so bad. Also that is the way Hornswoggle should be used really. God I hate that midget.

The McMahons Backstage: This was nice as it does build to the main event and hints at divide in Evolution but with them talking about the plan you know they have something up their sleves. It's the McMahons of course they do

Miz and Morrison vs. Londrick: I thought you might do this as everone seemed to think it was The Miz and Morrisons time. I gotta say though I didn't like the ending, it just seems like a kop out. Up and till then it was good as these four are great in the ring, yeah even The Miz. Well I like him, Overall it was a good match besides the ending took away from it.

Rhodes/Kelly: I like where this is going with these two, this was nice little addition to the plot and finally Kelly has had enough. Rhodes is coming across as a conflicted individual so nice stuff there.

Dibiase?Wang Yang: Didn't expect to see this to be honest. I like Ted's speech before the match about winning without really being trying. With that said I wish he could have destroyed Jimmy here in a couple of minuets, hey, maybe thats the mark in me but nevertheless good to see wht you're doing with Dibaise. Not a big fan of Wang Yang but he could be decent.

Kenny Promo: Kenny is very confident here as well he should be. I like how you put him across as a tough heel who is confident. I still see no reason for him to go over Cena (yet).

Divas Match
: Now it seems strange that you would put this match on pay per view instead of a championship match. I liked the match and with all the earlier stuff it makes sense that Kelly would win but seeing Melina lose makes me sad. The aftermatch was very interesting as I really don't know what to make of Cody but I think it is all build to the evetual attack on Kelly. Overall this was decent, didn't really need to have a contender match on ppv though.

Evolution Backstage: This was another nice little build to the main event. everything seems all good in the locker room which proably means it won't be later. The tension between The Game and Batistais something that interests me as I still think you will turn Batista but just not tonight.

Cena backstage: Nice to see RVD, don't know if you are going to bring him in and the news from earlier in the day looked to just want to get people interested. Dunno if I want to see Cena and RVD but I would like to see RVD.

Kane/Orton: Well, I ahd this at the main event but with Kane going ove again it doesn't suprise me you put this here. I thought it was a great encounter I love heel vs. heel and I love Orton. Overall the match was great stuff and written greatly and Kane going over unclean was ok but it does seem that there have been a lot of screwy finishes tonight.Kennedy-Orton does interest me and that seemingly unimportant punt to Kennedy a few weeks a go turned out to mean smoething which was cool. Good Stff.

Dykstra/That Other Guy: Well it does seem that you are pushing Kenny especially having this go on after the WWE Title match. Loved the ending of the match and gotta say I did doubt that Cena was winning but I have to say I am glad he did. Wouldn't mind if down the line butnot here. Good Match overall was good. I said this in random thread in the WWE section that you do not have to win to be put over and this was an example of it.

King of the Ring = Win. Love it. I am thinking about having it my thread. Maybe Kenny wins that. I am way ahead of myself here lol

Main Event: Must say I loved this. The build has been great and the retun of the big man was very well done. The match was brutal and I am all for that and it was enjoyable to read. The Flairs involvemnt at the end was good but the influence of Show was awesome as the McMahons prevail. I liked this very much and worthy of being main event.

Overall: I liked the show it was a nice easy read with the recapped matches. The only downfall of the show was the over use of screwy finishes, especially in the Tag Team match where it was not needed, other than that I liked it. Good luck in the up coming weeks and with the KOTR.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L’s Backlash Review

Nice video recap and voiceover, not too big but it reminds us of everything we need to know.

This was an interesting choice for first match, it’s a good match to get everybody hyped for the rest of the show and it makes this feud look quite important. I was expecting a recap but writing out the endings are more enjoyable to read for me so I’m happy. The ending was good, it flowed very well and it was fast paced which made it enjoyable to read. Both men looked good in this and hit their signature moves, and I imagine it would be enjoyable to write a match between these two men. I see the match was twelve minutes as well, good amount of time to let them impress. The ending was very good to progress the feud and it makes it very interesting, however it was a bit strange with Kelly Kelly just jumping onto the apron to get a closer look LOL, but you had to get her on the apron somehow I guess. It was good that you ended it with Kofi’s finisher, thought you would go for a roll up but it makes Kofi look slighter better despite the distraction. I’m glad you didn’t go down the whole stretcher route as well with her being a wrestler. It was interesting to see the reaction of Kelly, I thought it would cause problems but she went back to Cody which was interesting, but I’m sure more will come of that in the coming weeks. Overall it seemed like a good match and I am looking forward to seeing what happens with this storyline over the next few weeks.

This was a decent segment with Orton and Bischoff, didn’t really seem to have a point to it other than to show how Orton is feeling ahead of his title match. There seems to be problems between the two, don’t know whether it will lead anywhere or if it’s just Orton being a heel. Strong words from Orton though, I’m hoping he retakes the title.

This seemed like an OK match, I can’t say I really enjoy Marella matches with his current gimmick however the guy is hilarious and deserves a place on the card. From what you wrote Finlay was pretty much in control, which is probably how it should be. Hornswaggle coming in was expected, but how can he kick Marella from behind in the groin when he is so small? Maybe I am wrong, but I’m finding it hard to picture in my head as surely Marella would be too tall for that, maybe you meant when Marella was on his knees or something. Anyway the ending was OK, it wasn’t needed though really as Finlay should win cleanly and on his own for once. Still it gives Santino something to be angry about and keeps him reasonably credible.

The McMahon’s seem like they have a plan. This was a good little segment, builds anticipation for the match later and we needed to hear from them before such a big match for them. Just the type of promo you would expect from them as well. Them talking about Batista and Triple H’s problems was interesting but I now don’t really see any turn, but I’m sure they have another plan.

Another good match and I am happy with the result of this one. It seemed a while back you were thinking of a split between London and Kendrick but then you seemed to stop even hinting it, but still it seemed like you were going to have the titles change hands. The match was good and the teams seemed to fit well with each other, London and Kendrick especially were exciting with their usual move sets and the dive from London would be cool to see. The DQ finish was frustrating but I can see why you did it to keep them both fairly credible. This ending would be fine for TV, but these sorts of endings can be frustrating for PPVs. Can’t blame you though as we all have these finishes on PPV’s, however this isn’t one of the bigger feuds so I don’t think it was needed. I think London and Kendrick will be keeping the belts for the near future as I think that if you were going to take the titles off them you would’ve done it here.

Interesting promo with Cody and Kelly. I thought we were going to have to wait until Raw for their reaction but I like how you are already moving it on. Cody was a great heel here by being over protective and blaming everything on Kofi, and he didn’t even seem to acknowledge that is was him who actually knocked her down. I still expect her to wrestle later, but it makes me think that she might win it.

The pre match promo from Ted DiBiase was very good as usual, I’m not sure about him calling his own performance barely average though but I see what you were doing. Liked the Tiger Woods reference as well, like he is saying he is also the best in his sport. The match was entertaining, Yang got his fair share of moves in which was good for him however he was never going to win. The finish was good too as the missed top rope move set him up nicely for DiBiase to finish him off.

Great Kenny Dykstra interview, he was perfectly in character being very arrogant and insulting John Cena and his fans. It also makes him look very important having some mic time on a PPV. The last line was great as well, a win for Kenny would be huge for him.

So Kelly Kelly has decided to wrestle then, Cody won’t be happy. I liked how it started with Natalya dominating Kelly Kelly as she is ahead of her in terms of talent, and with Kelly escaping the Sharpshooter it shows she can handle some punishment. This was written quite well for a diva’s match as well, I see you went for tagging in I guess to make it easier to write. Kelly Kelly winning is a slight surprise but I thought if it weren’t Natalya, it would be Kelly. The way it was done was good with Natalya and Melina colliding, a rollup after that would perhaps have been better but Kelly ended it impressively with the kick. I wonder how you are going to work her title feud with Victoria now. Cody coming down after was interesting, I wonder if he will end up helping Kelly to win the title.

This next promo was okay, not exactly entertaining but it adds more hype for the match as well as reminding us about a lot of the things that have happened in this feud. Just the type of promo you would expect from these guys, and Reid in the building is interesting as well, I expect he’ll get involved. You reminded us about the problems Batista and HHH have had as well, I wonder if they will be more tonight.

I was surprised to see two promos in a row on a PPV, especially by you but after Dykstra’s strong words it’s only right that Cena gets his say. This was a typical Cena promo with him getting all intense, but what happened after was a big surprise. RVD! You did say a former champ would be on the show. His little chat with Cena was fairly low-key but I think you are hinting at a return. It would be good to see RVD back and I expect he will be soon.

This only match six? I think I thought it would be the main event. It kind of tells us that Orton isn’t winning with two matches left after it as if he won I expect you would have it end the show. It seemed like a decent title match and it was very dramatic with Orton getting his foot on the rope as well as the ref bump. Kennedy!!! That was a shock with Kennedy costing Orton after that punt so long ago, you told me there was nothing to it but I guess you were tricking me! Now while I don’t like to see a run-in during a title match on a PPV I prefer that to Orton losing cleanly to Kane. Kennedy and Orton is a feud that really interests me and I can’t wait to see where you take it, I don’t like face Kennedy at all but this should be fresh and exciting, and it should produce some good promos and matches. So Kane’s title reign lives on, I think it needed too after only winning the belt and the new feud to come out of this should be good.

This was a bit of a filler tbh I think, I guess it adds more hype to the match later but again there wasn’t really much of a purpose behind it. I guess it also gets the GM and Regal on the show as well as showing their difference in opinion regarding what Kennedy did.

The Dykstra/Cena match was good to read as well, probably the most exciting so far and I thought Dykstra looked very impressive in this. Cena wins, not a big surprise considering he is a main eventer on Raw, it would’ve been great for Dykstra to win but at least he looked impressive despite the loss. The finish was good as it looked as if it could go either way as well, and for Dykstra to last seventeen minutes as well was good for him. I liked the look of respect from Cena as it puts Kenny over again, I wonder if this is it or if there will be more from these two. The positioning of this match turned out pretty good in the end for Kenny as well.

Looking forward to the King of the Rig returning, I hope you make a star out of this.

What a match this was. Loved the ring post spot at the start, really showed how brutal this match is. Coast to Coast! It’s always great to see that. I liked Vince’s counter to the Batista Bomb as it’s just what his character would do resort to in that situation. Reid Flair getting involved was no surprise but it makes sense to have him involved after being attacked. I was waiting for HHH to pull out the sledgehammer in this match. Big Show!!! He’s back! I was thinking about Big Show but once I saw RVD I thought RVD was the guy you were talking about before the show, so I wasn’t expecting Big Show! I loved the destruction of Evolution and Flair at the hands of Show, he really made an impact on his return here. Glad to see the McMahon’s win this one and it was done in the right way as well with an interference. This match was great and it was good to see Show return but I know this is not over yet.

Overall it was a good show as usual Nige, the matches were entertaining to read and there is a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks after these results. The only thing is that there were two interferences, three if you count Hornswaggle as well as a DQ finish, and although it was good for storylines it could get a bit frustrating. Overall though the show was good and I am looking forward to Raw now for the fallout.

New Be the Booker Thread up now!

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Backlash Feedback

IC Title: I like the little preview, helped me catch up to speed with the main event stuff, which looks good, and I like the opening words that we get at the start of a PPV. As for the IC Title Match, I thought it was good, but not especially great. It had some nice back and forth action that flowed well leading up to the finish, which I actually really liked. I don't really know the story here, but I'm guessing it's some kind of rivalry/friendship between Kofi and Cody, with Kelly being Cody's girl. Either way, it worked really well, especially with Kofi looking concerned after Kelly got knocked off the apron. Nice touch, having him take a second to make sure she was alright before pinning. A good match, better ending, no one looked especially weak here, and it seems that this program will continue based on the aftermath. First match I've ever read of yours, and I liked it. Good job.

Orton/Bischoff Segment: A good segment here, good dialogue, but Bischoff seemed kind of face-ish with his comments about Kane. However, him talking about Orton's attacks on Kane was good, helped me get in the know a little more, and get me to look forward to the main event, as these segments sounded very good. Bischoff sounding face-y was really the only problem I had here, because I don't like the guy at all, and I could never buy him as a face, or understand why he would be one. With that said, I don't think he is, because he was still kind of a jerk, but he came off face-ish to me. Aside from that, I liked Orton's need to be WWE Champion, really makes the match seem that much more important with him absolutely needing to be champ, and this is the first show if your I've read. Good job here.

Finlay/Santino: Not the best match, but then again, I can't properly rate it, this being my first time reading your stuff, so I don't know how you book Santino. Is he jobber-comedic, or competitive-comedic, or not comedic at all? I also don't know about his relationship with Melina, and unlike the first match, I'm not too sure about the story revolving this match. I can't say I liked this match, but then again, I'm not big on Finlay (or Hornswoggle, so I can't say I liked him here), or Santino wrestling. The match was okay, one-sided like a regular Santino match, but I did like the ending. Melina's a clever girl, so I liked how she was used here, but aside from the ending, not a fan of this match.

McMahons Segment: JBL's Vince's son? He certainly fits right in with the McMahons, to say the least. As for the segment itself, I liked it, had a good meaning, but I kind of felt it odd that JBL's the one that's acting a little worried about Evolution. He's always been extremely confident about himself, but you might've changed that, so that's just my first-timer instincts. I did like Shane being somewhat relaxed about the situation, fits his heelish character nicely, but Vince, I don't know, he seemed a little too articulate in the way he spoke, and I don't think he talked like that. But again, don't know what he's like here, so can't really say much. As a whole, a good segment, really liked it, and also looking forward to their match later on tonight. Should be a great one, with Shane being in his unrestricted comfort zone.

Tag Titles: A very good match, fast-paced and exciting, with a greatly built-up finish, but the actual finish was a letdown. It made sense, to keep both teams strong, but I felt that it would've been perfectly fine to just let Kendrick get the pinfall. Everything was set for a win from either side, so a DQ, as much sense as it made, just didn't feel right. Still, it's more than apparent that this feud isn't over, and I think I have a pretty good picture of what could happen from here on out, with Miz and Morrison being deluded and saying that London and Kendrick didn't actually beat them, and therefore, still having an opportunity at the titles. Sorry for booking in your own thread, but that's what it seems could go down to me. Again, great match, just didn't like the ending.

Cody/Kelly Segment: Brilliant segment. Everything flowed so smoothly, I could just picture this going on. I'm already liking where this is going, with Cody being overprotective, and Kelly getting sick of it. Honestly, there's really nothing I didn't like here, everything was pretty much perfect. I'm not necessarily a big fan of Cody, but I'm definitely liking this angle he's got going with Kofi and Kelly. Looking forward to more, great job here.

Million Dollar Title: Really liked Ted's promo, very heelish, but also respectable, like he himself said. Good to know what he's been up to, putting his title on the line every week. I wonder what his relationship with Maryse is like, and what her role's been in his matches. In any case, though, she's nice eye candy. A successful promo that made me interested in him (well, I'm a fan of him anyway, but still, a good promo), and the impromptu match was okay. Jimmy looked solid against DiBiase, in fact, I might say a little too solid. I was expecting DiBiase to control the majority of the match, but Jimmy was in control for most of the ending. A good performance, and definitely makes DiBiase to not be as special as he claims to be, but that probably wasn't the right way to go about this match. I imagine that DiBiase's still relatively new on your roster, and that this could be his first or second PPV appearance, so I think he should've been a little more dominant on this occassion. That was really my biggest problem, but aside from that, solid match.

Kenny Interview: You managed to blend cockiness and mild intensity very well here. I don't especially agree with some of Kenny's comments, like Cena being the most overrated Superstar every, but this is a good way to push him, to put him against one of the top stars. I personally find Kenny overrated, as I never really saw anything all that special about him, but I was willing to watch him develop and maybe live up to the hype, and looks like you're doing that here. I'm guessing he trashed Cena's locker room? Way to get in someone's face, although very cheap. I'm not sure if Kenny's going over, but I expect a great showing from him. And Leticia Cline = hotness.

Women's Title No. 1 Contendership: Interesting set up, tidies things up, as sometimes, multi-person matches can get a little clustered. In all honesty, I didn't expect Kelly to win, but now that I think about it, I'm loving it. It's not just because I love Kelly, but because of what this can do with her current story. As for the match itself, I liked it, but I didn't feel it was really PPV-quality. Could've made a better-than-average Divas match on TV, but didn't have a big PPV feel. With that said, no one looked weak here, so good job there, but I didn't like the ending. A roundhouse kick as Kelly's finish? Kind of overused by the Divas, and I like her legdrop bulldog better. Still, a solid match, and the aftermath with Cody, who's not looking all that happy, further continues my speculation about how this'll work with their story. I also liked Victoria on commentary, that would've helped sell the match, and also gave her some screen time on the PPV. Very interesting stuff, looking forward to what happens next.

Evolution Segment: Triple H's first paragraph was good, got the message of what he wants to accomplish, but was a little repetitive. It went around in a circle before he finished. Reid coming in was a surprise, because the way they've been talking about it, I thought the kid got the crap beat out of him, so I didn't expect him to show up. First row seat? That's never good. I see him having a role in the match. But, and this is probably going to sound either funny or weird to you, but I kind of felt like it was a Power Rangers-ish segment, with Reid being a kid who was harmed by a monster, and Evolution being the Power Rangers, getting his hopes back up before they go out there and kick the baddie's ass. Anyway, good hype for the match later on, and Reid being here introduces a new dynamic, so looking forward to seeing what happens with him.

Cena Interview: I liked this up until the point where Cena got intense, and spoke with all caps. It wasn't so much that he was all, "Grrr, I'm gonna take you down 'cause I'm talkin' with my big voice!", but more the dialogue of it (although the caps had a part to play in it). Anyway, good to hear what Kenny did to Cena in the build-up to the match, brutal stuff, that loss to Santino must've made things personal (that's if he's a jobber here). Besides that, I liked the parts about the hole, and by Cena's own admission, Kenny's stepping into the big leagues. I honestly don't know what the point of RVD was here, but who cares? It's R-Freakin'-VD! Awesome, awesome. But, I checked out your first post in your thread, and I read he went to TNA. Anyway, awesome, RVD rules, but he didn't really contribute to the segment. Good stuff, good hype, overall.

WWE Title: Great match here. Very exciting. I really didn't think Orton would win, but I wasn't expecting it to happen the way it did. I read that Orton punted Kennedy before he demanded his rematch, but I didn't think he'd be the deciding factor in the match. Things are looking towards an Orton/Kennedy feud, which should be good, especially after tonight. The match itself was great, had a good story, some great action, Kane and Orton meshed well here. So you're using masked Kane, huh? Does he also have the long hair? I hope so, because the mask and the bald head would look weird. The one thing I didn't like was that this went before Cena/Kenny. I know you're really trying to elevate the guy, but this is the WWE Title, and I personally think that it should go on last, bar certain top-level feuds, but I don't know if Cena/Kenny fits that bill. Aside from that, great match.

Bischoff/Regal Segment: Don't know what's going on here, or why they'd be concerned with what happens. I mean, it's a non-sanctioned match. If anything does happen that they wouldn't like, it'd be their own fault, because they're the ones that made it happen. And maybe it's just because I don't like Bischoff, but who the hell does he think he is? He's going to try and punish The McMahons? As in, the people that own the company? The people that sign his paycheck? Unless I'm missing something (and I probably am), he can't do that. Evolution, certainly, but not the others. Anyway, I didn't really like this segment. Besides the Bischoff thing, Regal looked kind of like a desperate lacky, especially with his line of "Oh, thank you very much!" Felt like it was mostly filler.

Cena/Kenny: To be honest, I thought Kenny didn't look as impressive as I thought he would have. Cena dominated the majority of the match, and rightfully so, but I was expecting a little less than what we got. Kenny didn't look bad by any means, but he didn't come out looking like a million dollars, either. This match didn't necessarily showcase enough to Kenny for me to buy him entry into the big leagues. He didn't hit many big moves, and I didn't really get what you were trying to do when Kenny was on the top rope, and Cena's coming at him, and he jumps off. He did get a chance at his finish, which is saying something, considering it's a top rope move, and he did get out of the STFU, but that was really it for Kenny. Cena himself didn't benefit from the match, and the intention wasn't for him to do so, but Kenny could've walked away with a lot more than he did, even in a losing effort. However, it's a step in the right direction, so keep it up.

King of the Ring Promo: Nice voice-over narration, and glad that you're going to be bringing back the classic tournament, and in PPV form, no less. Good stuff. I think, after reading the majority of this show, I have some ideas of some strong candidates to win it - but I've yet to experience the SD! part of this thread, so not making any predictions just yet.

Non Sanctioned: Isn't the proper term "Unsactioned?" Anyway, great match, brutal and fun. Everyone got something to do in this match, hitting or being on the receiving end of a big spot, and I especially loved the Coast to Coast (well, who doesn't?). Despite being a hardcore match, this still had plenty of psychology, something not easily accomplished when you're dealing with a spot-filled match. The psychology was there, and so was the story, as all these guys took it to the max. I initially thought Reid would have a bigger part to play in this, but it seems that he was just a red herring. I read in the Advertisement Thread that a former WWE Champion would be at the show, and I thought that was RVD, but he, too, was another decoy to steer us away from the real thing, so great job with the swerves. I didn't expect Show to come out, but you really put him over strong by taking out Evolution (and then some with Reid), despite them already worn and tired. Chokeslam through the table was a great spot, and it makes sense that Hunter was the one to take the fall, as he's the leader of Evolution, and it's best to make him pay the price. Great match, fun read, looking forward to more of this feud.

Overall: Well, it's about damn time I lost my Strong Response virginity, and even though WrestleMania would've been the better place to do it, I think that Backlash is right underneath it. This was definitely a great read, and now I know why you're considered one of the best in these parts. Being my first time reading this, I got a good picture of what's going on, at least on the RAW side of things, so now, I must venture into SD!, so I'll be checking it out when it's up. I'll also be checking out RAW, because I'm now a part of the Strong Response, and I hope to give you regular reviews. There were some things I didn't like, but then again, I don't think I've ever read a perfect show. With that in mind, in the overall sense, this was very successful show, very fun read, great stuff. Looking forward to more, so great job, Nige. 8.5/10.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks for the comments guys, and I just wanted answer some of your questions.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ View Post
And maybe it's just because I don't like Bischoff, but who the hell does he think he is? He's going to try and punish The McMahons? As in, the people that own the company? The people that sign his paycheck? Unless I'm missing something (and I probably am), he can't do that.
The storyline that brought him in was that because The McMahon’s were abusing their power with Shane as GM, Linda signed Bischoff to be an Independent Head of Authority. So he’s a tweener here and does have control over them to an extent on TV.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ View Post
read in the Advertisement Thread that a former WWE Champion would be at the show, and I thought that was RVD, but he, too, was another decoy to steer us away from the real thing, so great job with the swerves. I didn't expect Show to come out
That was the plan. RVD was just a decoy in the hope that people would write off the former world champ coming in, setting up the shock of The Big Show getting involved.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ View Post
The one thing I didn't like was that this went before Cena/Kenny. I know you're really trying to elevate the guy, but this is the WWE Title, and I personally think that it should go on last, bar certain top-level feuds, but I don't know if Cena/Kenny fits that bill.
The reason I did that was because I would have had back to back run ins, and I didn’t want to do that on PPV.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ View Post
I was expecting DiBiase to control the majority of the match, but Jimmy was in control for most of the ending. A good performance, and definitely makes DiBiase to not be as special as he claims to be, but that probably wasn't the right way to go about this match.
I’m glad someone mentioned that as the complacency angle is something I am playing on and that will lead to something big with DiBiase going in to Summerslam. His arrogance and attitude was meant to play a part in this match, and carry on from the promo about complacency.

Originally Posted by Rated-R Champ View Post
Everything was set for a win from either side, so a DQ, as much sense as it made, just didn't feel right. Still, it's more than apparent that this feud isn't over, and I think I have a pretty good picture of what could happen from here on out, with Miz and Morrison being deluded and saying that London and Kendrick didn't actually beat them, and therefore, still having an opportunity at the titles.
This was a difficult decision for me as I had wrote a different ending, but with what I had in store, I decided to change it at the last second. It sets what’s coming up slightly better, but I did feel a bit bad about making it a DQ with some of the screwy finishers, but this PPV was more about progression with some big matches.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

RAW PreviewMonday 28th April 2008
Live From The Von Braun Civic Center
Huntsville , Alabama

When The McMahon’s requested a non-sanctioned match with Evolution several weeks ago, alarm bells were set off, and we found out last night that there was no smoke without fire. Just a week after attacking Reid Flair, Mr. McMahon and his sons destroyed every member of Evolution, well their hired gun did, The Big Show. Yet again, The McMahon’s showed how valuable their resources can be as The Big Show strolled down to the ring and decimated everyone in sight, including Reid after he got himself a front row seat. He couldn’t bare to see Shane fly through the air and elbow drop his father through the announce table, but that came back to haunt him as he found out first hand just how dangerous the largest athlete in the world is.

Having defeated their bitter nemesis, it would be hard to imagine that The McMahon’s will have nothing to say as Raw returns to stateside for the first time in three weeks. You have to wonder whether The Big Show himself will be there too after surprising everyone with his shocking appearance. There’s only one way to find out!

Last night, we finally saw a backlash to the actions of the ever determined Randy Orton. Having to face Kane was a daunting task in itself, but The Legend Killer put up one hell of a fight in his quest to regain the WWE Championship before he got the surprise of his life. It seemed as if everyone forgot the night after Wrestlemania when Orton stormed down to the ring and punted Mr. Kennedy in the head, just because he was there. Well, Mr. Kennedy certainly didn’t forget, and he made sure last night that Orton won’t either as he appeared out of nowhere to return the favour, helping Kane retain the WWE Championship. It was clear to see how much Kennedy enjoyed it, and Kane then finished Orton off with a tombstone to keep hold of the title Orton thinks should be his.

It sure does ask the question of just what response we will get from the defeated challenger when Raw heads to Huntsville. It sure won’t be one to miss!

It was always going to be a difficult task for Kenny Dykstra to back up his big mouth when he stepped foot in the same ring as John Cena last night at Backlash, but the youngster went some way to proving he could hang with one of the best in the business. He managed to frustrate Cena for a long time, but it wasn’t to be as he eventually fell victim to the multi time WWE Champion, who is now heading to Europe to star in a new WWE film.

We know what’s in store for Cena, but what’s next for Dykstra?

Cody Rhodes finally got the shot at the Intercontinental Championship he thought he deserved last night, but it didn’t end the way he wanted as Kofi Kingston was able to defeat his apparent, now former friend. With the tussle over the title taking centre stage, it still ended in controversy as Cody accidentally knocked his girlfriend and the centre of Kofi’s attention, according to Cody that is, down off the apron, leading to Kofi picking up the victory. The defending champion rushed to check on Kelly, but she was okay while Cody wasn’t as he came round and saw the two of them together again. Kelly returned to check on her man, but it didn’t end there. Later on, Cody & Kelly had a set to before her number one contendership match for the women’s title, which she was able to pull through and win after a miscommunication between Melina & Natalya Neidhart. Despite walking out on Cody earlier, her boyfriend walked down to the ring to raise her arm in glory, leaving everyone confused.

Just what is the status of this strained relationship?

It looks like John Morrison & The Miz’s attempts to unsettle the World Tag Team Champions of Paul London & Brian Kendrick backfired in a big way, as the high flying duo came out fighting last night at Backlash, retaining their titles in the process. They showed a real determination to prove their challengers wrong, and they did just that. It looked as if Morrison & The Miz were stunned by the gutsy display, and that may have played a part in The Miz’s frustration that led to them being disqualified.

The champs will have to keep that fighting spirit going this week as they take on The Colon Brothers, who themselves have had difficulties with Cryme Time lately. Will the champs come out fighting once again?

We were all surprised to see the Million Dollar Champion, Ted DiBiase Jr at Backlash last night, but he turned up with a point to prove. It appeared that he had a problem with a comment JR made last Monday night, that being that he thought DiBiase was complacent in his victory over Hardcore Holly. It was a statement that DiBiase partly agreed with before referring to himself as the Tiger Woods of sports entertainment, and that even he has an off day. The son of the legendary Million Dollar Man opened another invitation for anyone to challenge him for the title given to him by his father, but it wasn’t long before he slipped back in to his complacent ways, only just surviving the debut of Jimmy Wang Yang thanks to a timely intervention from Maryse.

Is DiBiase’s arrogance getting in the way of his performances? If so, he needs to snap out of it, and quick!

Finlay and Hornswoggle once again got one over on Santino Marella as the fighting Irishman came out on top of their match last night, sure to leave the Italian in one of his not so happy moods. Only time will tell how this has affected him!


Non Title Match
Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs The Colon Brothers

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

This show should be great coming off of Backlash. The Big Show angle is an exciting one. I've said for ages that the McMahon's need some more muscel and show is their man. It will be interesting to see whether or not you continue the Cena/Dykstra feud. I'm hoping so, as an eventual win over Cena would do wonders for Dykstra. Had to laugh at you throwing in the Hornswoggle/ Cena hype. All in all It looks as If you plan to continue all the major story lines for the foreseeable future. I just hope that you inject new angles also as you continue into the new WWE year.

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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Ye like Sean said, really looking forward to this show and with the new additions etc it should be even better. My fav storyline with Rhodes and Kingston should get better aswel. Will review when it is up.
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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Late Backlash Review: It may be late but thats not important.

Opening Package: The opening video package was great and it recapped all the feuds well. The only thing I really have to say about it is that I enjoyed it

Kofi v Rhodes: Plenty of good back and forth action in this match which made it enjoyable to read. I am not a huge Rhodes fan so I liked the fact that Kofi went over and I am guessing that the feud will continue until Kelly either lures Kofi into a trap or turns on Rhodes.

Orton/Bischoff segment: Nice way to hype up the WWE Championship match. Although Randy has Kane's belt I think Kane will be leaving with it at the end of the night.

Finlay v Santino: Pretty good action between these two with Finlay getting in more offense as is to be expected. Finlay winning via help from Hornswoggle may be starting to go stale but it worked here because Melina was trying to help Santino win so Horny got involved.

McMahon Men Segment: This was a good way to put the McMahon Men over and it showed that they are definitely confident for the unsanctioned match later on in the show.

Kendrick and London v Miz and Morrison: Great tag team action here between to very accomplished teams. It was good to see the Hooligans go over and due to the DQ victory Miz and Morrison keep there heat and it allows the feud to continue.

Rhodes/Kelly segment: Looks like Kelly is going to wind up leaving Rhodes so she can go to Kofi. Although the feud is seemingly over the IC belt it looks like Kelly is going to wind up being the actual prize.

DiBiase v Jimmy Wang Yang: The pre-match promo was well written and I think the fairly sophisticated language suits Ted's character well. The match it self was pretty entertaining with Wang Yang almost getting the win. It looks like Ted's storyline is going to be based around him not being as good as he thinks he is or just being too cocky.

Dykstra Interview: Good way to hype up the match and Kenny displayed himself as a good cocky heel. If Kenny is to pick up the victory in this match then it would be a huge push for him.

Candice v Kelly v Melina v Natalya: I kind of expected Kelly to pick up the surprise win here after being knocked down then yelled at by her boyfriend earlier in the night. This match had plenty of good action especially for a womens match and it was well worth the read. Cody apologised after the match and I am guessing for storyline purposes Kelly might reluctantly accept the apology while still showing affection for Kofi.

Evolution Segment: Nice segment with Evolution here, I was surprised when Reid came in and I am assuming he will get involved in the big match later on in the night.

Cena Segment: Another interview revolving around the Cena/Kenny feud which is a great way to hype the match. This was also a good way for Cena to get something back on Kenny who has been talking plenty of trash about him. Rob Van Dam's involvement in this interview seemed a bit weird, maybe he is the champion returning tonight.

Orton v Kane: The video package before the match was well written and a good way to cover everything that has gone down in the feud so far. Great match up here with plenty of exciting back and forth action. Kennedy being the decisive factor in the victory for Kane leads me to believe Kennedy will probably go into a feud with Orton which might lead to another big win Kennedy.

Bischoff and Regal segment: This segment more or less seemed like a way to hype up for Raw the next day and I think it served it's purpose.

Dykstra v Cena: Another great match here with more good back and forth action. There where times when I thought the youngster Dykstra would pick up the win and get a huge push but in the end Cena picking up the win seems like a smart choice. I think Dykstra needs a few more high profile feuds before he is ready to start picking up the big victories.

Side Note: King of the Ring is going to be great, I am considering doing one in my own thread.

Evolution v the McMahon's: Great way to end the show. This was a good match with plenty of back and forth action and plenty of good brawling. After RVD showing up earlier in the night I was surprised when Big Show made his return to help the McMahon's. I think this feud might continue but with Big Show playing a big role in helping the McMahon's while Triple H and evolution do their best to get revenge.

Overall: This was a great show which I really enjoyed reading, I can't wait to see what happens on Raw.
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