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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

SD Review

Opening match - All three mexicools used well at the same time? i like it, and i hope it continues. To be fair, i'm not a fan of any of the 6 guys in this match but i hope the mexicools are fed well enough to be interesting.

JBL promo - awesome. Been a while since i've seen a very well constructed JBL promo, so top marks for this one.

JBL/Hardy - nice little match here, with a good clean heel win which is great. Matt's point at the end signified a continuation, which i'm not 110% sure i want to see but atleast it keeps fueds brewing.

Finlay? Props here, gotta have the Irishman involved.

Kennedy promo - hmmm, a bit shakey here to be honest. Tazz is normally the pro-heel commentator so i wasn't totally in favour of his comments there, and the ending was very stale too. kennedy should be fairly easy to write for, so this promo struck me a bit.

Batista/Jordan - I think since he hit the spear so suprisingly, i wasn't as big of a fan of this finish. It needed to be a majority squash and the batista bomb would and should have been the exclamation mark here, but nice to see dave look strong ahead of the rumble.

Booker promo - I liked the humour, but Josh had way too much personality in this promo, which was a bit out of character. Todd grisham i would expect that off, but not josh matthews.

Booker/benoit - suprisingly i liked the ending here, as it reminded me of Edge DQing himself against Flair before he cashed in on the MITB. I'm glad you pointed out he kept himself fresh too, which really got across the point of the match.

Battle Royal - very good ending here, and i like the resting idea finally working in a BR. Orton vs Batista sounds great, and Taker possibly being involved there too points all signs to thumbs up.

entertainment: 9/10
length: 8/10
grammer: 10/10
realism: 8.5/10
booking: 9/10
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Originally Posted by Szumi
Just so you know, by 2006, CM Punk was already signed by WWE. He signed sometime in June 2005, won the RoH Belt at DBD IV, and held onto it until mid-August, then reported to OVW in September. He's already a signed WWE talent and working in OVW. So you can't be interested in signing him, if you already have.
Thanks for pointing that out btw, I took it off as it just a little ending tid bit to an already long News & Notes. Thanks for the review Boogey i'll tr and get you a review sometime in the next day or two, and I am going to be working on Raw today we'll see if it will be up tomorrow, or Friday, its most likely on Friday since I got school stuff to do.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

The Rabid Review: Deadman_014's Smackdown

Simon Dean-The Dicks vs. Mexicools:
I actully liked this match, thought The Mexicool winning was a good move. Only thing I didn't like was the simple finish, but hey, this isn't a 'Big Time' match.

JBL vs. Matt Hardy:Kind of a shorter match for me, but I liked JBL winning. Nice finish with the reversal of the TOF to a CFH. Not much I could say. Mehish type match.

Batista vs. Orlando Jordan:I could visualize this match in my head seeing Jordan trying to put himself over and all. I'd love to see that spear in real life though. This was a realy good squash from The World Heavyweight Champion

Booker T vs. Benoit:This isn't exactly a dissapointment match, because both men were in the main-event. Don't have much to say about this one, Deadman.

12 Main Battle RoyalThis by far, was my favorite match of the night. Kinda weird MNM was in it though. Great finish with Orton and all. I CAN NOT wait to see how big of a push he gets!

I don't have a lot of time, so sorry if this review was lacking.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Raw; January 9th; Houston:

Highlights from last week show Kurt Angle winning the WWE Championship after bashing Cena's skull against the exposed turnbuckle over ten straight times.

Kurt Angle opens the show to make a `Victory Speech', in which he builds himself up he degrates the crowd, and above all of that takes shots at John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Edge, and Triple H most of all John Cena and Shawn Michaels. But all of a sudden Edge interupts after a shot is taken at him, and a verbal confrontation about their pasts in which Edge exploits he shaved Angle bald. Then John Cena appears on stage to up stage both men, before the end comes when HHH appears on the titantron proclaiming himself to be a `King' and will rest on his throne in victory tonight.

Coming back from commercial we cut right into our Haas/Benjamin opener in which is a hot crowd opener, where Haas gives it his all, but isn't nearly enough to beat the newly hot Benjamin. Many instances in the match Shelton had opportunity to use cheap tactics, but stopped himself from doing so, in the end Benjamin hit the T-Bone for the pin. After the match Haas gets up and offers a handshake to his former partner and friend, but Benjamin slowly reaches his hand out before pulling it back and turning away to leave to a mixed reaction of mostly heat.

Backstage, we get an interview from Shawn Michaels in which he hypes up his feud with McMahon and his match tonight which may lead to a match in the main event. HBK is interrupted by Vince in the midst of the interview with Todd Grisham, with a `good luck ... and good riddance Shawn' coming from Vince's mouth, before patting him on the back whilst we cut off to our next commercial break.

We come back to see HBK in the ring ready for his `gauntlet match' as `The Spirit Squad' make their arrival in cheerleader jump suits of green, and we see `Mitch' as the first to enter the ring, he's eliminated nearly immediately with Sweet Chin Music. The next up is `Johnny' who doesn't stand a chance either once he recieves a flying forearm and a diving elbow right afterwords. Thus a pinfall comes and the 2nd opponent of this gauntlet. And next comes up `Mikey', but he's not alone as the other two members `Nicky and Kenny' come in with him.

The trio stomp and assault HBK leading to Mikey being DQ'd, but the damage is done first with Nicky & Mikey working together holding HBK up in a double suplex, and Kenny climbing to the top rope to hit a crossbody to take HBK down off the suplex into a pin. Kenny though isn't done, Mikey leaves, and Nicky watches whilst Kenny walks back out onto the apron, and to the top rope for a huge legdrop, suddenly a thud is heard with a connection and the pinfall seemingly finishing the match... but no.

HBK kicks out and kips up as Kenny complains, Kenny turns right into a superkick which knocks him out cold. Michaels pins Kenny for a three count, and Nicky is called into the ring, but he refuses. The crowd boo's, but Nicky walks up the ramp with the rest of the SS slowly getting up walking behind him, and Kenny is helped by Johnny up the ramp and HBK is now apart of the main event as he won the gauntlet against Nicky via count out.

We go to commercial and comeback to see Eric Bischoff meeting with Big Show & Kane in his office. Kane basically stands their to scare Bisch and Show & Bischoff talk about a Kane & Big Show vs. Triple H future match. Eric tells Big Show its not going to happen, but instead tonight its going to be Big Show versus Kane, partner vs. partner one on one in a Royal Rumble Qualifier, which doesn't bode well with either man ... but Bischoff tells them they will lose their tag titles if they don't go head to head which leads to them leaving disgruntled.

Next up we see Carlito in the ring ready for `Carlito's Cabana', and Ric Flair makes his legendary entrance stylin' and profilin' like always. Flair and Carlito exchange words before the promo begins, in which Carlito runs down Flair's career with highlights of his must unfornate moments, and taking shots at his legacy. At the end Flair has had enough, and stands up screaming in Carlito's face pissed off at the lack of respect, before turning his back to leave. Carlito all of a sudden drops down and nails Flair with a low blow, and Ric Flair slowly falls down with a grusome look on his face.

Carlito snatches the Intercontinental Championship up and calls for Ric to get up which he does and then Flair turns right into a thunderous title shot from Carlito which gets huge heat. Flair starts to bleed profusely from the skull, but like beating a dead horse CCC grabs an apple out of a basket set in the Cabana, chews it up and spits it on Flair, drops the belt beside Flair and signals the belt will be his as we cut to commercial once more.

We comeback from commercial to see Torrie, Victoria, and Candice in the ring as Mickie, Trish, and Ashley come out for a 6 women (yes women..) tag match. Throughout the match we see tension between Mickie and Ashley, more so rough tags, and accidental nudges during the contest. The end comes with a Trish Kick to Candice basically being the sacraficial lamb this week with Victoria & Torrie leaving her out to dry, and Trish wins the match for her team, but after Mickie gives a huge hug to Trish, and a nasty look at Ashley.

In the back we see Shawn Michaels with a trainer making sure he's ok to compete in the main event, suddenly Mr. McMahon walks into the picture and scares off the trainer, to talk to Shawn personally. Vince tells HBK that he did win tonight, but he didn't beat all five members of the team by pinfall, or submission, thus not really beating them all. He tells Shawn he doesn't even look like he's in good enough shape to compete in the main event, so tells him he won't be competiting in the main event, and he has the rest of the night off. McMahon walks off with a evil glare in his eyes and Shawn flips a table over pissed off with McMahon pulling a fast one on him.

We come back to the ring where the announcers hype the main event and announce that Carlito and Charlie Haas have been added to the Royal Rumble match, then we see Kane make his entrance to his signature pyro and flames whilst Big Show does the same. The announcers hype a possible team breakup if this gets a little to rough, and blame Bischoff for just being an ass booking this, instead of giving Show & Kane what they deserve a match with Triple H. Big Show and Kane give the crowd a good match, but Kane is a little more rough with Show basically showing he's not going to be taken lightly even against his tag partner. At the end Show goes for a chokeslam, but Kane elbows his arm down, then gives Show a chokeslam of his own.

After the match Kane waits for Show to get up, but a fustrated Big Show gets up, then leaves his partner stranded in the ring standing up seemingly awaiting to give him a handshake not to be to small heat from the crowd. We cut to our final commercial break whilst Kane looks ready to explode in the ring as he sets off his fire from the turnbuckles. One final shot is shown of Show leaving with his back turned to Kane.

We comeback to see Matt Striker in his `classroom' backstage. Striker talks up different things, basically Striker has become an `advertising program' (much like DX did for their merchindise), and Striker talks up a `John Cena Chain & T-Shirt', which he frowns upon. He then comes up with a teachers kit personally made by Matt Striker like a uniform he would wear, he gets heat after awile for making rude remarks to the crowd, before the promo cuts off at the end with Striker's smug smile. A quick Royal Rumble vignette then plays and we cut right into the entrances for the main event.

We comeback for our triple threat main event for a shot at the WWE Title but we see Eric Bischoff the rival of John Cena make an entrance half way into the match. John Cena, Edge, and Triple H all give it there all back and forth throughout the contest, but Edge and HHH reverted to heel tactics many times in this matchup. Towards the end of the match John Cena moves out of the way of a spear, sending Edge right into the referee.

All of a sudden Bischoff breaks away from the announce team, whilst Edge tries to wake up the referee, and Cena starts getting up. HHH looks over at Bischoff and they lock eyes, Bischoff then grabs something from under the ring ... and its the SLEDGEHAMMER! The crowd gives huge heat and Bischoff gives the hammer to Triple H, Edge gets up and recieves a running sledgehammer shot to the skull which knocks Edge right over the top rope and outcold. John Cena gets up and the referee starts to get up, Cena gets up first and the ref has his back turned, HHH immediately rams the sledgehammer into the ribs of Cena which takes him down to his knees.

Triple H throws the sledgehammer out of the ring and lifts Cena back up in position for a pedigree whilst the referee is crawling around the ring a bit. HHH plants Cena with the pedigree and Triple H immediately hooks the leg up high for the pin getting the three count from a groggy referee. Bischoff laughs and claps having gotten more then one over on Cena in the past 2 Raw's, Kurt Angle's music hits at the end of the show, and he comes out to a small reaction showing off his belt and staring at The Game who signals the belt is his, while Cena is out in the ring and Edge is flat out on the outside as the show comes to a close.


Current Card for the Royal Rumble
January 29th 2006
Location: American Airlines Arena; Miami, Florida
Theme: Unknown

Royal Rumble Match;
Winner has automatic shot at EITHER brand's Champion at WrestleMania XXII:

Entrants in Alphabetical order;
Carlito, Charlie Haas, Chris Benoit, Finlay, Gregory Helms, John `Bradshaw' Layfield, Kane, Ken Kennedy, Matt Hardy, Matt Striker, Ric Flair, Rob Van Dam

WWE Championship Match:

Kurt Angle © vs. Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Batista © vs. Randy Orton


Ok, first off I'd like to say sorry this is late, but my internet has been up and down all day plus I just wasn't feeling this show so sadfully I recapped it since I just couldn't get this in full. But Smackdown probably will be in full, not sure exactly when it will be up, but probably around Wednesday/Thursday next week. Next thing I'd like to say is that I found a partner, not sure exactly when he/she will appear, but expect it between now and Royal Rumble postage time. Thats about it guys, enjoy the show, I will be handing out reviews shortly.

Also BTW, Jae thanks for that kick ass banner, very much appeciated.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

lemme start off by saying very good show once again. Even though it was a recap i still really liked it. Great start with Kurt bashing everyone, i liked Edge coming out and bringing up the past they have. Hinting Edge being the number one contender here. Triple H coming out surprise me abit. Good main event which i can see going to Edge. I like the Benjamin struggling between being face and heel and in a way deciding which one to be. Very glad to see Shawn Michaels pick up the win so now i can see him winning the main event and facing Angle. Good match with a nice promo at the start to hype it up. I like where you're taking their rivalry (looking better than the original). This next bit i really liked because it is such a typical Bischoff thing - protecting Triple H and attempting to break up a tag team. Good Carlito and Flair promo which shaped up nicely; i look forward to see where it'll be going, maybe a match at the Royal Rumble. Again the rivalry between Ashley and Mickie is looking good with Trish stuck in the middle - good win for her. Ok now this bit i really liked because it was unexpected and the reaction HBK gave was brilliant as well; i do like this feud at the moment keep up the good work with it. This next bit i really liked; good tension building up with Big Show and Kane, wondering where this leads the tag team champs. Striker promo was alittle random but i'm expecting one superstar will interrupt him next time he does his teacher moments. Main Event was well done with Bischoff helping Trips with the win. Kurt Angle face turn? Triple H vs. Kurt Angle will be immense espicially since they are both Bischoff's friends in a way> Royal Rumble is shaping up nicely with two good main events and each rivalry is looking great.

9/10 for the show

Best in the World or Here to Show the World?

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Deadman's Raw Review
Okay, it's time to give Brandon a review. Don't worry at all about when you get the shows up. It should just be whenever you feel most comfortable. Recapping a show is fine too, as your lay out is perfectly readable.

Raw opens in the way you would expect, with the new Champion Kurt Angle coming out for a well-earned celebration. In all honesty, how else would you open a show? This has been done before because it works. When there is a new Champion, people want to see the new Champion. I thought it was fairly certain that we would see a final match between Kurt Angle and John Cena at the Royal Rumble to end their feud, but now I'm not so sure. You clearly do not want to push Cena, which is fine by me. With Edge's involvement, it's is fairly certain that he won't win. As Mr. MITB I can see him cashing in a Wrestlemania in a shocking twist. Triple H? Maybe. Kurt Angle gave no indication of a face turn tonight, but you never know. HBK's absence made me think he is not quite in the WWE title scne just yet.

What a match to open the show with. I hope we see a PPV encounter between these two because I would love for you to write a match in full with them. It certainly seems possible, with Shelton literally turning his back on Haas at the end. These are my first (and very early) picks for the MITB match at Wrestlemania. You are clearly giving them well-deserved pushes, and that would be a great way to do it.

The HBK and Vince McMahon feud is being continued by you, which is good to see. So far it hasn't been original, but I am definately expecting a twist in the tale, possibly a HBK heel turn!!! Anyway, this was classic Vince here, wishing HBK 'luck' before his match. Yeah, whatever, Vince...

Now this was very innovative. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we ever saw the Spirit Squad in a Gauntlet Match with HBK or even Triple H. They usually just had mass beat downs. This was very cool. Mitch getting Superkicked straight away like the lowly jobber he is. As you would expect from a bunch of idiotic McMahon stooges, the SS make a complete mess of the match and end up losing via count out. This was a very good showing from Shawn tonight, so there isn't really any need for him to go for the #1 Contender spot just yet.

I liked the next segment between Eric Bischoff and Kane/Big Show. Just putting Bischoff in the same room as those two monsters would be comic gold. So what does Bischoff do? He puts them in a Royal Rumble qualifier. Now, if this doesn't break up the tag team champs, then I don't know what will. I'm predicting a Kane victory, although I would still like to see both of them in the Rumble, as they always have great spots.

Woah, this was some intense stuff from Carlito here. I really didn't think he had it in him. I wasn't particularly bothered by their rivalry before, but now it seems to have heated up nicely and has my undivided attention. The beatdown of Flair was a very nice touch, and of course, so was the apple spitting. I'm looking forward to seeing how this rivalry pans out, though I expect Carlito will be taking the IC belt from Flair pretty soon.

Nice and simple Women's encounter to fill out the card. The obvious animosity is between Mickie James and Ashley, with Trish Status visibly caught in the middle.

I thought as much. HBK is out of the WWE title hunt for now. I was glad to see that Vince took him out of the match, rather than a doctor or HBK himself.

Charlie Haas and Carlito in the Royal Rumble = good news.

The Kane and Big Show match sounded pretty good, with the same result as I predicted So, Kane goes into the Royal Rumble, and what is left for Big Show? He has visibly turned on Kane now after his defeat, but they are still the Champs, so I'm not sure what is going to happen there. Currently Show is the heel - or tweener - but I can see the roles being reversed in the future.

Ah, good old Matt Striker. Nice to see you using him in a clever way, to sell WWE merchandise. I wonder if you will give him and in-ring push too.

Very nice Main Event here to decide who will face Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble. Bischoff decides to screw Cena, so he has to choose one of the heels to help with the referee down. As Edge is Mr. Money In The Bank, he can't be #1 Contender, so Bischoff goes for Triple H. Goodnight, Edge and so long, Cena after a Sledgehammer shot and a Pedigree. With Triple H picking up the win I guess that Big Show and Kane won't get to face him after all. Hmmm... Kurt Angle's appearance was still as a heel, but I can still see one of them turning face or tweener at least before the Royal Rumble. With two one-on-one title matches confirmed for the Rumble, I still think you have something up your sleeve and that one of them will become a Triple Threat or some kind of Gimmick contest.

Overall this was a very good recapped show that keeps this new BTB ticking along nicely. I like your realistic approach to booking, but also the original element you are inserting. Your spelling and grammar was fine too, as was the length for a recap.

8.5 Out Of 10 - Another good job, Brandon!
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

The Raw recap looks sweet man, I'll have a review up shortly dude. The main event in particular looks off the chart, and Triple H/Angle at the Rumble is interesting to say the least.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Nice little opener to set up the ME, although I doubt Cena will win which in turn means that at The Royal Rumble we’ll get a heel vs. heel Main Event; Personally I like heel vs. heel programs but not for an ME title feud … meh, I’ll give it a chance though.

I see you brought Haas back, which is fine although from the looks of things he’s already back to be a jobber when in actuality I think he’s definitely better then that.

Ah, so your going ahead with Michaels vs. McMahon? Good stuff as I really enjoyed this feud in real life and therefore will look forward to it in this thread, should be interesting to see if you build it to WM or have an early blow off at The Royal Rumble. Hmm, intriguing.

The Spirit Squad debuts and lose to HBK in their first match; To be honest I’m not a fan of how they were brought in as I think they could have been used as a dominant tag team force for awhile before being jobbed out but oh well.

Kane and Big Show want Triple H in a handicap match? Kinda odd for faces to want to fight one heel in a handicap match IMO.

Nice start to a Ric Flair/Carlito feud although if I remember right in this time period, they had just feuded a few months earlier which culminated at Unforgiven. Should be an interesting feud none the less and I look forward to seeing where it goes … most likely to an IC title match at Royal Rumble.

Big Show and Kane breaking up? Could potentially be interesting.

Matt Stryker is one of my favorite wrestlers, so I hope he’s used well by you, and I really liked this segment. I hope we see Stryker in some high profile feuds soon as I think he has amazing potential as a top mid card talent or manager. Cool classroom segment and I look forward to how you use him.

The Main Event was good, although as I said I don’t like heel vs. heel title feuds, which this Triple H vs. Kurt Angle feud seems to be. The match itself should be good however and so far, with all the feuds building Royal Rumble looks to be stacked from top to bottom. I’ll be back with a review for your next RAW next week.

Overall, 8/10

Who in TNA creative has the testicular fixation? Samoa Joe lost 2 PPV main events in a row because of Ball shots. Jay Lethal lost this week due to a ball shot. Matt Morgan got laid out with a Ball shot to set up the finish on the pole match. Kong should be World Champ based solely on the fact that she isnít susceptible to ball shots.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Hey everyone.... I'm back! And back with a friend of mine to take this thread back, with a new name soon enough, and all. I will be starting up soon. I have a partner which as I said `back with a friend of mine', in which I'd like to announce is... Legend. Most of you probably know him from his reviewing, others know him for other things, but he is a very cool cat, and he's pretty good so he's here to run Smackdown, as I will be running Raw.

We'll be continuing on, no changes are being made and no special additions, it all stays the same. I hope your all ready as Eric Bischoff's music says... It's back and betta then eva. But your going to have to wait a bit for a full show because Legend is going on vacation for a week soon so on April 19th, 2007 Friday Night Smackdown will be posted in full, by him. Enjoy guys and expect a name change to this thread very soon. Also everyone expect reviews to start flowing from me again since I am back.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Well this is great!

Good to see ya back Deadman, I'll mark April 19th on my calendar. Will be looking forward to this. And hey, that banner in your sig serves no purpose now does it

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