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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Awesome stuff. When I was talking to you I got the impression you were going to start a brand new project, but you made the right decision brining back this successful project.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Pfft. I bugged you for months to come back with this. Now, when I'm about to disappear for a while again you decide to show up. Long overdue.

Really excited to have you back though .

Show plz.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

I can't believe I haven't already commented and I'm not one to kiss ass but it is great to have you back. Summer '09 should be a great time for the booking section, hopefully one of the best ever!

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I'm glad everyone's as excited to have me back as I am to be back. Hope I can live up to the hype

Originally Posted by Wolf Beast View Post
Show plz.
Ask and you shall receive.


Monday Night Raw - April 24th, 2006

"We’ll leave the rest up to your imagination."

Goodnight Sweet Prince

As we enter the arena, the building is abuzz with noise, waiting…


If the sound reverberating through the Scottrade Center before was a positive one, then it is flipped completely on its head, as the thousands in attendance do indeed rise to their feet, but with boos in rather than cheers in their lungs, and hate rather than joy upon their faces. Holding his arms out before him, the incomparable, the egomaniacal, and, quite frankly, the devilishly ingenious General Manager of Monday Night Raw Eric Bischoff swaggers out onto the stage, pearly whites bared like a shark at feeding time, working his grey Gucci suit as one in the Oval Office might; he’s not alone either, as, like any faithful pet associate would, Armando Alejandro Estrada and all five members of The Spirit Squad follow their boss down to the ring.

Jim Ross: Is there a more nauseating sight in professional wrestlin’ right now? Bischoff looks like the cat that got the proverbial cream–

Jonathan Coachman: Woah, woah, just hold up there, Oklahoma Bob, Mr. Bischoff has fired you before and I know for a fact that he won’t hesitate to do it again if you start slandering his good name instead of doing your job.

Joey Styles: Jeez.

Since they’re in the company of “El Jefe”, Kenny, Johnny, Nicky, Mikey & Mitch have forsaken their usual cheerleader get-up for the time being; instead they wear the same clumsy, dark, custom suits they rocked before WrestleMania, still swinging into the ring, as AAE collects a few microphones from ringside, and “Easy” takes a look around the arena before having a stick placed in his hand…

Eric Bischoff: (Shouting over his music) ‘Aright, ‘aright, ‘aright, ‘aright, ‘ARIGHT, I LOOOOVE each and every one of you people, and you know it!! From the bottom (hand on chest) of my heart. But we got one hell of an evenin’ lined up, so, I think we better cut the music.

~ The monkeys in the back do as they’re told and Bischoff’s music begins to fade out, but the response from the crowd is not quite as Eric’s was for them, jeering his every glance; but, undeterred, he brings the microphone back up.

Eric Bischoff: Well, (running a hand across his jaw to try and hide his smirk) well, isn’t it funny how things can change in just a few weeks?

~ He’s not even said anything that bad, and already the boos are pouring in.

Eric Bischoff: And I don’t think – I don’t think that’s truer right now for anyone than yours truly, the man who brings the brightest, finest, and best wrestling entertainment anywhere in the world to your screens each and every week … (turns to point at himself) Mr -- no, wait, scratch that -- “Easy” Eric Bischoff.

~ The Squad & Estrada immediately erupt into sycophantic applause, trying to drown out the overwhelming heat from the crowd, with a few of the cheerleaders pointing at their boss and yelling, “You’re the man, you the man!!”

Eric Bischoff: I mean, we’re only six days away from Monday Night Raw’s first pay-per-view of 2006, (makes the air marquee) “Backlash”, and all you have to do is cast your mind back three, maybe … four weeks, and I can tell you now, back then, things weren’t looking too pretty for ol’ Easy. Shall we take a little trip down memory lane? (Ignoring) What the heck, let’s take a trip down memory lane!!

~ Stepping back on his heel slightly, “Easy” begins to pace around the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Numero Uno, WrestleMania Twenty-Two. The biggest event of the year, one of the biggest events of all time even, was not -- hey, hey, I’ll admit it, I’m a grown up, I’ll admit it – it wasn’t the greatest of nights for Eric Bischoff.

~ Eric ‘pouts’ playfully, sticking out his bottom lip, as The Spirit Squad in particular shake their heads in the background, remembering that night all too well.

Eric Bischoff: Y’see, just like Mr. McMahon (turning quickly to the hard camera) -- may he have a swift and successful recovery -- just like Mr. McMahon, I’m a businessman -- a smart businessm… -- no, wait, on second thoughts, just like Mr. McMahon, I … am a GREAT businessman, and I understand that in order to reach the top of that ladder, you gotta’ make smart decisions, just like I did when I was running WCW, just like when I lead it to the top of the world. Just ask a businessman who just didn’t quite have what it takes. Just ask … Ted Turner.

~ Yeah, okay then, Eric.

Eric Bischoff: As a top businessman, it makes sense to want my top stars to be on top of my brand, to be wearing the gold around their waists, (gritting his teeth) so how in the hell do you think I felt when not only Shelton Benjamin and Charlie goddamn Haas stole the World Tag Team titles from the greatest tag team in the world today, (turns around to the disgruntled ‘Squad) not only did that dirty, no-good, stinkin’ traitor Triple H fail to get the job done against Ro -- wait, I’m not even going to say his name, and not ONLY did that human Muppet KURT FREAKIN’ ANGLE WALK INTO AND OUT OF CHICAGO AS WWE CHAMPION, HOW D’YA THINK I FELT, HUH!?

~ Ironic cheers from the crowd, as Bischoff sighs.

Eric Bischoff: It didn’t feel good, that’s for sure.

~ Reaching up, Eric runs a hand across his silvery stubble, contemplating.

Eric Bischoff: But – but did I just sit on my laurels and let the bad times keep on rolling like some of the truly terrible General Managers that have come and gone over on that B-Brand SmackDown? Names like Paul Heyman, Teddy Long, and even Stephanie McMahon?

~ Turning around, E looks to his ‘boys’, who all, on cue, shake their heads.

Eric Bischoff: (Smirking) You said it, fellas. Of course I didn’t, and d’ya know why? It’s because I’m, Eric, Bischoff.

~ Heat from St. Louis as Estrada & Co. mark out.

Eric Bischoff: That’s right, (nodding manically) that’s right. When you’re in this kind of business, you don’t let the business dictate you, you dictate the (comedy ‘cool’ voice) bidness’, if you catch my drift, and when it comes to Backlash this Sunday, I think it’s pretty obvious that that is exactly what Eric Bischoff has gone and done.

~ Waving his hand slightly, Bischoff beckons for The Spirit Squad to come and join him, and the five giddy, awkwardly suited, arrogant youngsters saunter over with smirks on their faces.

Eric Bischoff: So, where to start, where to start, where to start? (Mock surprise) Oh, I know, come here a second, Kenny. (Puts his arm around Doane) See Uncle Eric had a problem; the five boys he handpicked, handtrained, groomed to dominate the tag team division -- well, they weren’t on top of the pile anymore thanks to a … technicality, so y’know what Uncle Eric went and did, son?

~ Leaning over, the ass-kissin’ Kenny grins.

Kenny: (Mock serious voice) Why … no, Mr. Bischoff, I don’t believe I do.

Eric Bischoff: Well, it’s very simple really, (having to shout over the boos) y’see I took the new World Tag Team Champions, the self-proclaimed (air quote) “World’s Greatest Tag Team”, and at Backlash I didn’t just put Johnny Jeter and Kenny Doane in their path like at WrestleMania. Oh no, no, no, no. See Backlash, it’s all about … escalation. So what better way, then to pit two “great”athletes like Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas against Johhny Jeter and Kenny Doane of course, but also … Mikey Mondo Nicky Nemeth … and Mitch Mitchell, how does that sound?

~ The crowd boos the frankly bullshit match that has been set for Backlash, while each of the cheerleaders cheer their name, and Kenny steps away from the microphone for a moment to slap hands with his brethren, before turning back.

Kenny: Well, Mr. Bischoff, (screaming over the heat) I couldn’t really give a damn if was one, two, three, (counts on his fingers, holding up his hand to the hard camera) four, five or a hundred of us, ‘cause the fact of the matter is, The Spirit Squad, at Backlash, will regain the World Tag Team belts that we should never have lost!!

~ Kenny glares right into the camera.

Kenny: And as – and as for the two of you, “Shelly and Chaz”, at Backlash, you better get used to what you felt last week when you were lyin’ flat on your back lookin’ up at us -- ‘cause at Backlash, your ass belongs to u–

Eric Bischoff: (Interrupting, joking) Hey, hey, hey, there’s kids watching this thing, Kenny, let’s try to keep it clean, hey?

~ Laughing evilly, Doane steps back from the stick and dances away like Shane ‘O Mac, allowing his usual partner, Mitch, to step up, smoothing out his curly hair.

Mitch: (Leaning in) Ya’ll said it right before, Mr. Bischoff, ya said it right when ya called ‘em the … SELF-PROCLAIMED “World’s Greatest Tag Team”, ‘cause as far as I’m concerned, this here collection (high-fiving his teammates) of fiiiine lookin’ athletes in the ring right now is the best team in the world, and it don’t matter which two of us ya’ll wanna throw in the mix, ‘cause, (laughing) as an ol’ buddy of yours would say, Mr. Bischoff, we are just… too swe-e-e-e-e-e-t, mmph-mmm-mmm. Ha ha ha ha ha!!

~ There are a few chuckles from the crowd as Mitch does his best Scott Hall, and he turns away from the microphone shrugging apologetically, as his teammates point and laugh at his expense. All except … for Mikey, who joins Bischoff, who places his arm around the smallest member of the team.

Mikey: (Wiping his eyes) Charlie, Charlie, you hurt my feelings last week, buddy boy, when ya slapped me across the face, an’ I – an’ I – (eyes suddenly bugging out of his head) but it DOESN’T MATTER, Charlie Boy, it don’t matter one little bit, ‘cause come Backlash, you’re gonna wish you took me up on my offer, baby, when this (points to self) action hero is dancin’ all over your corpse, babycakes, it’s gonna be “GOODNIGHT, SWEET PRINCE”… and GOOD MORNIN’, TO YOUR NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, BAY-BAY, HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!

~ St. Louis boos the absolute HELL out of the most awesome annoying quintet in professional wrestling history, as Mikey whirls around excitedly, leaping into the air to high-five all of his much taller teammates, and the group proceed to blow their AIR HORNS~ over the ropes to the irritation of all; Bischoff and Estrada though, are all smiles, as the enigmatic, charismatic, and phlegmatic Cuban saunters up to join his boss, leaving their ‘boys’ dancing in the background.

Eric Bischoff: They – (laughing over his shoulder at ‘Squad) they look confident, ‘Mando. But surely – surely they can’t be that confident just because they’ve got FIVE-ON-TWO odds stacked in their favour at Backlash … can they? What’ve you got for me, slick?

Armando Alejandro Estrada: (Coming to the mic) Gracias, Se&#241;or Bischoff. Todos, escuchame, everybody listen -- haha -- to me! In case ju haven’t heard … MY NAME ES ARMANDOOOO ALEJANDRROOOO ESTRRRRRRRADA!!! HA-HA!!

~ Heat from the crowd, as Armando bares his teeth with a wicked grin.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: If ju think that Charlie Haas an’ Shelton Be’jamin are going to get off that easy, ju must be -- como se dic’ -- CRAZY, (reverting to Spanish) usted debe’ ser una locura!! Because at Backlash, thanks to ju’rs truly, Shelton Be’jamin will defend thee’ Intercontinental title against hes amigo, hes compadre, hermano, hes -- haha -- tag team partner, Charlie Haas.

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: So, if ju had any hope that jur beloved Shelton Be’jamin would walk out of Kentucky with at least thee’ Intercontinental title around hes waist, THINK AGAIN!! (Growing more animated) Charlie Haas, don’t be a dummy, do thee’ right thing and finally stop being … eh … dead weight. Take thee championship. Become jur own man. Ju know … (takes off his shades) ‘et makes sense.

~ Popping his shades back on coolly, AAE gives Bischoff a little smirk, before stepping back from the microphone once more to be received rather comically by the watching Spirit Squad. Still grinning, loving every second of this love-in, Easy E takes centre stage once again, raising the mic.

Eric Bischoff: Hell of a night lined up for Haas and Benjamin this Sunday, wouldn’t ya say? (Puts on a ‘kind’ face) So, you’re probably thinking Uncle Eric has done the “nice” thing and given them both the night off, am I right?

~ J.R gives us an “I wouldn’t count on it.”

Eric Bischoff: Wha – why the heck would I want to do that? Don’t Haas & Benjamin pride themselves on being the (air quote) “Best in the World”? Gentlemen, if you really are the best wrestlers in the world, then you don’t need nights off, you understand the importance of tune-up matches, which is what I’m giving you two fellas tonight. In the main event incidently. Non-title, of course. Against two men (laughing his head off) who have their own hands rather full with one another this Sunday too.

~ The Scottrade Center begins to buzz excitedly.

Eric Bischoff: Do I – (shrugging) do I really have to spell it out? Let’s just call it a “Match Of Champions.”If SmackDown can do one, then so can we. In tonight’s main event it will be Intercontinental Champion and World Tag Team Champion Shelton Benjamin teaming up with his fellow tag team champion Charlie Haas to face the team of…

~ Bisch turns arrogantly to his ‘boys’, saying, “Shall I tell ‘em? Shall I tell ‘em?”


~ WOAH~ Talk about marking out; St. Louis ERUPTS at the sound of that mega-main event, pitting four of the WWE’s biggest and most popular against one another, just days before some of the biggest matches of their lives at Backlash. Holding his hand up, Eric grins, saying, “stop it, stop it”, as though they were applauding him.

Eric Bischoff: You’re welcome, you’re welcome. It’s like I said last week, if you think I’ve forgotten about everything John Cena and Kurt Angle have done to me over the past year … think again, because at Backlash one of their world’s is going to be coming crashing down when the realisation dawns on them … (mock baby voice) “b-b-but whaddya’ mean I can never challenge for the WWE t-t-title again, mummy?”

~ The Squad have a fit in the background, crying with laughter.

Eric Bischoff: That is … (evil grin) if you make it to Backlash. I think Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin might have something to say about that, gentlemen … or maybe even one of you, John, Kurt -- one of you might take it upon yourself to give these people here tonight in St. Louis, Missouri (cheap pop) a little taste of what to expect this Sunday when you take … your partner tonight, opponent at Backlash … out.

~ The crowd delivers a mixed reaction, obviously unable to hide their desire to see Angle and Cena go at it tonight.

Eric Bischoff: Hey, it’s just – it’s just a suggestion.

~ More heat for Easy, as he confidently works out the cricks in his neck.

Eric Bischoff: But don’t get me wrong; when I talk about how much things have changed since that awful night four weeks ago at WrestleMania Twenty-Two, I’m not really talking about the World’s Greatest Tag Team. I’m barely talking about Kurt Angle and John Cena. Because, for all they’ve done to make my life miserable(gritting his teeth) … they still never had the audacity to put their hands on me and TRY TO BREAK MY NECK BY PUTTING ME THROUGH A TABLE!!!

~ HUGE pop from the crowd, as The Spirit Squad yell at them to “Shut up”, while Mr. Bischoff boils with the memory of that night.

Eric Bischoff: (Looking right into the hard camera) You want to know why I did what I did? You want to know why you and not someone else got the full extent of my wrath? It’s pretty simple really, Rob–

???: (Clears throat)

~ As our attention in grabbed, the camera pans away from Eric Bischoff. As do the eyes of everyone in the building, up towards the titantron … where The Big Show appears. The heat for the giant is deafening, as he stands in a darkened, shadowy, undisclosed location.

The Big Show: (Peering down) Hey, Uncle Eric, how's tricks?

~ Bischoff looks absolutely flabbergasted by this sudden surprise appearance; he is speechless in fact, as ‘Show leers down from the screen with an evil smile on his shadowy face (though there is obvious movement behind him).

The Big Show: Y’see, I was listening to that little, uh, (scratches his head) “speech”from Team Bischoff there, and I gotta say, Easy, I wasn’t impressed.

~ Eric gulps.

The Big Show: No, no, now (holding up his hand apologetically) don’t get me wrong, you’ve done a hell of a job dealing with Angle, Cena, and the World’s Smallest Tag Team -- though, personally, after the number I did on Benjamin three weeks ago, you’d have to be in a wheelchair not to take advantage of that.

~ ‘Show’s gaze drifts across to the watching Spirit Squad, before going back to Bischoff.

The Big Show: It’s okay, Mr. Bischoff, I’m gonna give you those two, (raises his eyebrows) but unless I’ve started hearin’ things … … you were just about to take credit for the unfortunate position that Mr. Monday Night’s found himself in since WrestleMania, when really, (slowly raises his massive fist up) you should be thanking … this.

~ A few “oohs” can be heard from the crowd, while Bischoff blinks nervously.

The Big Show: You asked … … we delivered. And frankly, Mr. Bischoff, I still don’t think that you, these people … or even Rob Van Dam is takin’ us as seriously as you should be. (Off look) Let me show all of you why that is one very big, big mistake.

~ Big Show smiles sadistically, as his visage is replaced on the titantron by another.


~ The crowd boos, groans, cheers and cowers all at the same time, and the seven individual’s standing in the ring all open their eyes wide, as up on the titantron, the camera once again pans (down this time) through the shadows and mist … to where Paul Bearer stands, mucky suit and hideous smile as always.

Paul Bearer: Mr. Bischoff … sir … A’ -- we, ma’ self an’ ma’ giant don’t mean ta’ interrupt -- (grinning) weeeeellllll, actually, a’ guess we do mean ta’ interrupt, ‘cause ya’ see, sir, there’s only siiiiiiix days left until Backlash, an’ we’ve honored our end of the agreement … … … but Mr. Van Dayum–he ain’t honoured a stinkin’ thing!!

~ Boos from the crowd as Bearer flaps his chubby gums. Meanwhile, ‘Show disappears into the background, where the ‘noise’ continues.

Paul Bearer: It – (furious) it was perfectly – PEEEERRRRFECTLY simple, Rob; all ya’ had ta’ do was stay awaaaaaaaaayyyyy from Raw ‘til Backlash, and then – and only thhheeeennnn by some miracle if ya’ happened ta’ beat ma’ giant, you could come back without there bein’ … … serious repercussions. Was that really so hard to understan’?

~ As Paulie tries to calm himself down, more sounds emerge from behind him.

Paul Bearer: Now, Mr. Bischoff … (squinting down at the ‘boss’) … did Rob Van Dayum stay away from Raw last week, sir? A’ don’t think so.

~ Suddenly addressed directly, Bischoff looks like a rabbit caught in headlights and begins moving around erratically.

Eric Bischoff: (Stammering) Uh, no – no, he came to threaten me in my office.

Paul Bearer: (Shaking his head) Tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk-tsk. That won’t do at all.

~ Reaching up, Bearer takes hold of the camera and walks backwards into the room, swinging it around to reveal … a hooded figure tied to a chair, almost identically to Eugene a few weeks ago!! The figure is beaten, bloody and bruised, with the monstrous Big Show looming over them…

…while back in the arena the crowd is booing the absolute HELL out of the sick duo, and the looks on the faces of Bischoff, Estrada, and The Spirit Squad are ones of complete and utter horror at the action of someone who is supposed to be their ally!!

Paul Bearer: (Keeping the camera on the hooded figure) YOU SEEEEEEEEEEE?!?!?!? Ya’ see what happens when you BREAK THE RUUULLLLEEESSSS, ROB?! (Slapping the figure) THIS!!! (Slap) THIS!!! All ya’ had ta’ do was STAY AWAAAAAYYYY, but because ya’ didn’t – because your ego wouldn’t, ta’night … you’re gonna have to play our game.

~ Standing up once again, Bearer turns to the camera around once more…

…to reveal a second hooded figure sat directly opposite the first, in an almost identical condition, though this one is much smaller and is audibly sobbing, with what appears to be long hair poking out from beneath the sack over their head; the boos POUR in like bullets for the sickening sight, as Paulie shoves the lens into his own chubby features.

Paul Bearer: (Eerily up close to the screen) You break the rules, Rob, and we break the rules, Rob. We swwwwwooooooooooorrrrrrreeee that we would only take out (holds up a pudgy finger) one person at a time, but after las’ week, after your total disregard for what we agreed on … … ya’ gotta’ pay the price, Rob.

~ Turning the camera around, he points it across at the first hooded figure, the more silent one, and The Big Show heads over to them, placing his huge, catcher’s-mitt sized hand on top of the sack, all ready to pull it away…

Paul Bearer: (‘Game show host’ voice) Will Rob Van Dayum finally learn ta’ play by the rules? We'll find out today! But first (takes a step forwards) let's meet our contestants!! Behin’ curtain number one...

~ Big Show tears off the hood to reveal…

…it’s DUSTIN RHODES A.K.A GOLDUST, dressed in his normal street clothes, sporting a pair of black-eyes, a bloody mouth, and a look off complete and utter rage as he struggles against his bonds, trying to get his hands on his captors!!

Paul Bearer: HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! Take a LOOOOOOONNNNNNNG look at this, boys an’ girls, take look at whatchour’ hero Rob Van Dayum brings to the Worl’ Wrestlin’ Entertainment -- IT’S DUSTIN RHODES, HEE-HA-HA-HA, how’re feelin’, Dustin, how’re feelin’?!

Dustin Rhodes: (Through gritted teeth) You sick son of a–

Paul Bearer: Oh, (lightly stroking Rhodes’ cheek) shush, shush, shush. “Sick”? A’ find that kinda’ hard to believe when you’re the most celebrated drag queen of all time, ain’t that righ’, Dustin?! YEEEESSSSS!!! An’ now-- nooooowwwww you’re ‘bout to go the same way that poor, lil’ Eugene did … … the way o’ the Dodo. (Bringing the camera back) But first…

~ Walking backward, Bearer focuses the camera now on the second victim, who is still sobbing uncontrollably, as The Big Show makes his way over behind them, raising his massive hand into the air…

Paul Bearer: An’ behin’ curtain number two…

~ Grabbing the sack, ‘Show tears it away, unveiling…

…RAW’S OWN YOUNG INTERVIEWER MARIA KANELLIS, with blood and bruises all over her pretty little face, as despite the distance, we can still hear the reaction of the crowd, completely disgusted by the sight of a helpless young woman (obviously having been beaten up) held against her will by these two deranged maniacs, who thrust the camera right in her face!!!

Paul Bearer: (Laughing hysterically) HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! It’s the – the beautiful Miss Maria Kanellis, who am’ sure everyone remembers. Ain’t she prrreeetttyyyy?

Maria Kanellis: (Sobbing) P-p-please l-l-let m-m-me g-g-go.

Paul Bearer: Wheee. (Leering into the camera) What a predicament.

~ Reaching down with a massive, sausage-sized index finger, Big Show sinisterly runs it along Maria’s face, wiping away a few of her tears, as Bearer, still holding the camera, backs off a bit so that we get the full view of the room, ‘Show, and the two captives in their respective conditions.

Paul Bearer: Ta’night, Rob, you’re gonna be part of our own lil’ game. Y’see, through the power of his own fists (‘Show holds up his right hand), ma’ giant is ready right now to break good ol’ Dustin an’ pretty, sweet, innocent lil’ Maria’s necks … in two. Anyone else tries ta get to them; he’ll do it anyway…

~ The camera is shaking from Paulie’s excitement.

Paul Bearer: No, ta’night – (breathing uncontrollably hard) ta’night’s not gonna be that easy. Ta’night, we’re gonna learn a lil’ bit about everyone’s favourite superstar. Ta’night we’re gonna learn a lil’ bit about a certain (spits every syllable) ROB, VAN, DAYUM.

~ Hovering the camera over both hostages, Bearer giggles like a giddy schoolgirl.

Paul Bearer: You have the choice, Rob. At the end of the show, we go through with both our promises; one of your fellow superstars pays the price for your stupidity an’ arrogance last week, and poor Maria an’ Dustin lose their heads. If, however, you show up for tonight’s main even’ as the third man for Team Haas & Benjamin AND, WIN, THE, MATCH, we’ll let (holds the lens up to Maria) the lovely Maria go; but if you stay away to save your comrades, (over to Rhodes) the freak Dustin gets to keep on breathin’, and she suffers the same fate as dear ol’ Eugene. You remember him, righ’?

~ ‘Show emits a low, ominous chuckle at that reference.

Paul Bearer: You choose. Not enough time to save ‘em both. So who’s it gonna be -- Monday Night Raw’s best and brightest … or the sweet, innocent interviewer, Maria?

~ Manically, Bearer waves the camera around between the two prisoners, laughing all the while, before finally bringing it to a halt on his own, hideous face.

Paul Bearer: Oh, and, Rob? The clock is tickin’.

~ Bearer thrusts the camera back into the faces of both Maria Kanellis and Dustin Rhodes, completely helpless at the hands of their sick captors, pawns in a game that Rob Van Dam now has no choice but to play, as the fat man lets out another grotesque cackle…


Back from the break, we are given a video recap of the truly shocking events that preceded it, overshadowing the Bischoff love-in that was in progress, as our commentators speak over the top:

Jim Ross: Absolutely shocking turn of events before the break, ladies and gentlemen. It has been confirmed that members of the Raw roster, Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes and interviewer Maria Kanellis have been abducted from their own homes, and are being held at an undisclosed location by The Big Show and Paul Bearer.

Joey Styles: And – and they want Rob Van Dam to choose. If he shows up at Raw tonight and competes in the main event, Dustin Rhodes suffers the same fate his partner, Eugene, did, and if he stays away, Maria gets it.

Jonathan Coachman: This is – this too much, fellas.


Back in the interview area, a very solemn looking Todd Grisham is standing by, microphone in hand.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, the current Women’s Champion, and the woman who will wrestle Victoria here next, Trish Stratus.

~ Trish Stratus steps into screenshot, dressed to compete in her black leather attire with adjusting her elbow pads and receives a very strong mixed reaction from the crowd.

Todd Grisham:
Trish, your thoughts on your WrestleMania rematch with Victoria in a moment, but first what is your reaction to the events we just witnessed before the commercial break, where one of your own Divas, Maria, has been abducted by Paul Bearer and The Big Show?

Trish Stratus: Wait, what? (Looking up suddenly from her elbow pads) I could’ve sworn I just heard you mention a diva who wasn’t the Women’s Champion in my interview time, and that would make that about the, oh I don’t know, fourth straight week since WrestleMania that’s happened to me.

~ Mixed reaction.

Trish Stratus: Maria didn’t steal my title, or insert herself into my championship match this Sunday, so she’s not on my radar. Mickie James and Victoria on the other hand, have done just that, so my eyes are fixed on them.

~ Slightly more positive reaction for Trish’s fire.

Trish Stratus: This Sunday I finally get what I’ve been asking for since April 2nd … I get that skank Mickie James in the ring, and I get to take my belt back. And if – if you think that Victoria is going to get in the way of me beating Mickie within an inch of her life in Kentucky?

~ Running a hand across her sensuous mouth, Trish breathes.

Trish Stratus: Well, lemme just say this, I asked for this match tonight with Victoria not because I need a tune-up match before Backlash or anything like that, ‘cause when you’re this good you never need tune-ups. It’s because when I’m done with that bitch, there’s not going to be a Triple Threat match this Sunday…

~ Turning her eyes to the watching Grisham, Stratus smiles wickedly.

Trish Stratus: It’ll be one-on-one. M’kay?

~ Trish raises her eyebrows and Todd nods quickly, giving the diva her cue to leave, as “Time to Rock and Roll” hits in the background, and she heads for the ring.


Joey Styles: Well, here comes Trish Stratus for what should be one hell of an opening match her on Monday Night Raw, but what has got into this young woman in recent weeks? Has all of this business with Mickie James finally got to her?

Jonathan Coachaman: Do I look like Sigmund Freud to you, Joey?

1 - Non-Title; WrestleMania Rematch:
Women’s Champion Trish Stratus
vs. Victoria

Though not quite matching the fast-paced, exhilarating contest they had at WrestleMania, the two women put on yet another solid match, displaying their flawless chemistry once again. Much like their April 2nd bout in Chicago, Trish Stratus struggles to keep pace with the explosive Amazonian-esque diva, as Victoria looks to dominate one of her opponents this Sunday and make a huge statement by pinning the current Women’s Champion; which she comes close to doing on several occasions, before Stratus mounts a comeback.

The finish arrives as Vicky shows her incredible flexibility, falling backwards to avoid the Chick Kick, hitting the ropes and connecting with a boot of her own, doubling the champion over. Hooking Trish up in a straight-jacket hold (innovated from now on), ‘Toria quickly muscles the glamorous lady up and over, setting up for the WIDOW’S PEAK -- but Stratus slips out of it, coming right back with the CHICK KICK -- no, Vicky DUCKS and Trish does a complete 360 -- SAVATE KICK RIGHT ON THE BUTTON!!! Stratus stumbles backwards into the corner and Victoria CHARGES -- Trish side-steps and Vicky GOES HEAD-FIRST INTO THE STEEL RING POST!!! Quickly taking advantage, the Women’s Champion swings around, rolling one of her challengers up from behind, getting the cheap three count.

Winner - Trish Stratus via pin fall @ 6:03.

The crowd delivers a strong mixed reaction, though leaning much more toward the positive, while the WWE Women’s Champion falls backwards from the pin, actually looking quite surprised by the suddenness of the result, and Vicky lies flat on her back, hands clutching her wounded skull in pain.

Jim Ross: Ba’ god, what a shot Victoria just took to the skull there.

Jonathan Coachman: I think that cost her the match, J.R. She damn-near knocked herself out!!

Joey Styles: However this match came to a conclusion, the fact remains that for a fourth straight week since WrestleMania, Mickie James has failed to show up, while her two opponents this Sunday have just beat the hell out of one another, which can only mean good things for Ms. James come Backlash.



When we return from the break the cameras whisk us backstage, into a locker room, where Charlie Haas sits, dressed to compete with a t-shirt over the top, staring down at the World Tag Team title belt in his hands.

Shelton Benjamin soon walks into picture, similarly dressed for action later on, swigging on a water bottle as he enters, giving his friend a rather dubious look as he takes a seat opposite him (oh yeah, for you fans of symbolism, the Intercontinental title belt hangs in the background).

Shelton Benjamin: Penny for your thoughts?

Charlie Haas:
(Looking up) Look–

Shelton Benjamin: Forget about it, bro. Estrada’s just trying to stir it.

Charlie Haas:
Doesn’t change Sunday.

~ Shelton nods his head in agreement, actually smiling a bit.

Shelton Benjamin: No, it don’t. And I can’t wait. Think about it, man; we know we’re the best wrestlers this place has, but we never got to see who the better man is, ‘til now.

~ Letting out a bit of a forced smile, Haas pulls himself up to his feet and walks away a bit, leaning against one of the walls, his back to Benji, and letting out a breath.

Shelton Benjamin: And you know somethin’?

Charlie Haas: (Without turning) What’s that?

Shelton Benjamin: (Grinning) It’s gonna be me.

~ Turning back around, Haas smiles mischievously at his long-time friend and partner, while Shelton gives him a little wink and walks off … and Charlie’s smile quickly disappears.


Jim Ross: Well, there you have ‘em, ladies and gentlemen, two of the men scheduled to face John Cena and WWE Champion later tonight. But the question remains, Joey, Coach, what decision will Rob Van Dam come–


Cutting J.R off swiftly, the music of Mr. Money in the Bank rattles over the PA to the surprise of many, drawing an outpouring of boos from the Scottrade Center, as Carlito saunters down the ramp dressed in his white, linen dress shirt, slacks & sandals, carrying the shiny, black, metallic briefcase under one arm, an apple in the other; jawing and arguing with various members of the audience, as he makes his way around the ringside area to join J.R, Styles & Coach (the latter quickly hopping up to get a chair ready) on commentary.

Jim Ross: Well, I guess we’ll have to wait to get Joey Styles and The Coach’s thoughts on that situation, as we’re bein’ joined by Carlito her on commentary.

Jonathan Coachman: Ahem, that’s Mr. Money in the Bank to you, J.R.

Joey Styles: Semantics aside, Coach, Carlito, this match has a great deal of importance for our guest, as this Sunday, Carlito, you will go one-on-one against one of the men involved, Gregory Helms, with your briefcase right there up for grabs.

Carlito: (Trying to pull on the headphones) You – you – you think Carlito doesn’t know ‘dat?

Joey Styles: Well, Carlito, I was simply making the point that in merely six days time you will be putting the contract some say you stole at WrestleMania against a man who has been on quite a roll since losing that match too.

~ Carlito looks from commentator to commentator, flabbergasted.

Carlito: STOLE”?!?! “STOLE!? Carlito didn’t steal a thing; ‘dat’s just what whiners an’ bad losers like ‘de Hurricane an’ ‘dat moron Chavo Guerrero use as excuses!!

Joey Styles: … Okay … I–

Jonathan Coachman: What’re you doing, Joey? Give the future of this business a break.

Joey Styles: I didn’t think I said–

Carlito: (Waving it off) ‘K, k, k, k, k, it doesn’t matter what you say ‘bout Carlito anyway, Joey Piles, ‘cause tonight ‘Da Hurricane is gonna snapped like a little twig by ‘Da Masterpiece!!

Jonathan Coachman: Haha, that’s what I’m talking about, baby-boy: The Masterpiece!!!

~ Looking from Styles to Coach, ‘Lito lets out a big, cheese-eating grin.

Carlito: ‘Das cool, Coach.

Jim Ross: (Under his breath) This is gonna be fun.

2 - Chris Masters vs. Gregory Helms
*Mr. Money in the Bank Carlito on commentary*

Despite the importance of this contest it doesn’t get anywhere near as much time as the mega-tag team match last week, but it does serve it’s purpose of hyping the Money in the Bank match this Sunday, with Helms looking to keep his wave of momentum rolling and knock off ‘The Masterpiece’ for the second straight week. Masters, however, has a thing or two to say about that, as he keeps pace with the former Hurricane in a very solid, fast-paced contest, which Greg appears to have won after avoiding The Masterlock, springing off the middle turnbuckle and PLANTING Masters with a big TORNADO DDT!!! However, before Helms can get back up, CARLITO SLIDES INTO THE RING AND BEGINS TO STOMP AWAY ON HIS BACKLASH OPPONENT, prompting the official to call for the bell!!

Winner - Gregory Helms via DQ @ 5:37.

Ignoring the boos of the crowd and the protests of the referee, Carlito quickly drags Helms up to his feet, boots him in the gut, and DRIVES HIS SKULL DOWN INTO THE CANVAS WITH A RAPID-FIRE DDT, folding him up like an accordion!! Across the ring, a smirking Chris Masters staggers back up to his feet and makes his way over.

Masters shouts something to his buddy and ‘Lito backs off, grinning, allowing ‘Piece to hold his hands up, signalling the end, before reaching down, wrapping his arms in through Helms’s arms and neck, bringing him up to his feet, shaking him like a rag doll IN THE DREADED MASTERLOCK!!!

Helms begins to fade fast in the unbreakable submission, as the crowd boos and CCC spurs his buddy on, UNTIL ST. LOUIS EXPLODES -- BECAUSE CHAVO GUERRERO COMES RACING DOWN THE RAMP, sliding into the ring, STEEL CHAIR IN HAND!!!!

Neither Carlito or Masters even bother to do the usual heel routine of acting tough before bolting at the last second, and instead choose to get the hell out of St. Louis right away, leaping from the ring like a couple ‘o scalded cats, hopping the barrier, and fleeing through the crowd, while Chavito glares after them, tending to his fallen friend, and we fade out.


A Video Package plays…


First comes the battle …

- Sweet Chin Music from Michaels to Cena.


First comes the conflict …

- FU to Michaels from Cena.

First comes the war …

- Angle Slam from Angle to Edge.

First comes the blood …

- Five Star Frog Splash to Triple H from RVD.

First comes the hate …

- Back Stabber from Carlito to Cena.

But after all of that …

- Dragon Whip to Kenny from Benjamin, as a voices echoes out.

“Comes …”

- Quick, wild shots of HBK, Cena, RVD, Big Show, Angle, Benjamin and Carlito.

“… the Backlash.”

“WWE Backlash, April 30th, 8/7CT, live on pay-per-view”



Jim Ross: Yes of course, (speaking over a brief video recap) this Sunday brings Monday Night Raw’s first pay-per-view of the year to your screen in the shape of Backlash, but the question remains, when Rob Van Dam meets the seven-foot tall, five hundred pound Big Show inside the Steel Cage, will it be with the fate of Maria Kanellis or Dustin Rhodes hanging over his head?

Jonathan Coachman: That’s dilemma that RVD finds himself faced with tonight.

Joey Styles: I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

3 - Tag Team Match
The Redneck Wrecking Crew
vs. Rob Conway|Ren&#233; Dupr&#233;e

Cade & Murdoch continue their impressive winning streak with a decisive, resounding victory of a couple of former tag team champions in La Resistance (though they don’t really use that name often anymore), ploughing right through the French(speaking)men, before polishing them off with the Sweet ‘N’ Sour.

Winners - Redneck Wrecking Crew via pin fall @ 2:58.

Joey Styles: Well, we’ve been saying it since before WrestleMania, but I think it’s now finally official: those two men right there, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, former World Tag Team Champions, (graphic comes on screen) have laid down the challenge for next week to the winners of the tag team title match this Sunday, be it Haas and Benjamin or The Spirit Squad.

Jonathan Coachman: I feel kind of weird and dirty for saying this, but I can only hope for Cade and Murdoch’s case that Haas and Benjamin retain the titles, ‘cause there is NO WAY those two cowboys wanna’ be messing with my boys, The Spirit Squad. Unfortunately for The Crew, that looks like what’s gonna’ happen.



When we return from the break we are immediately backstage once again where Kurt Angle is in his locker room, WWE title belt and all, dressed to compete, receiving an absolutely monstrous pop from the crowd. Angle is doing some stretches when...

???: (Off screenshot) Ohhhhhhhhweeee, you good-lookin’.

~ Angle doesn’t even bother looking up, as the crowd roars (mixed) loudly … and John Cena enters the shot cavalierly. Cap on, hooded sweater, hood up & combats, Cena probes with his eyes.

John Cena: (Frowning) You look blue; Kurt, and I don’t mean the red, white and salute the flag kind.

Kurt Angle:I wonder why.

John Cena: Yo, yo, (hands up) I getcha’, I getcha’, gotta be feelin’ mighty down what with tonight bein’ not just your last night as champ … (smirks) … but as a contender.

~ Not rising to the bait, Angle continues to ignore the youngster.

John Cena: Givin’ me the silent treatment, huh? That’s cool, I respect that. Frankly, I don’t know if I’d be able to look the man who’s about to end my career in the eye either…

Kurt Angle:
(Looking up quickly) I’ll do more than look you in the eye, you don’t drop it.

John Cena: Oh, there he is, ladies and gentlemen, boys an’ girls, (huge grin forms on his face) there’s the man who makes all them folks in the back get up and cry (big, grand voice) “BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD” every time he walks on by, every time he pops in that stupid-ass mouth-guard, every time he pulls down the straps, puts on the Ankle Lock, does a Suplex, has himself a lil’ tap dance in the middle ‘o the ring, spanks Big Vis like a naughty ‘lil bitch every Friday night at the Bates Motel, there … he … is.

~ There are quite a few cheers in the background, while Angle, used to Cena’s routine by now, simply rolls his crazy eyes.

John Cena: (Finger up) Hang on a tick, did I miss somethin’?

Kurt Angle:
How about … the door on your way out.

~ Cena shrugs.

John Cena: Nuh-uh, nuh-uh, Captain Picard, think I know what I’m leavin’ outta’ that list. How ‘bout, (more serious, moving in closer) the man who’s walkin’ in to the biggest ass whoopin’ of a lifetime this Sunday … … and crawlin’ out … your former WWE Champion?

~ Returning the stare, the Olympic Gold Medallist steps in, getting right in Cena’s face, as the tag team partners for tonight sizzle with intensity.

John Cena: (Looking Angle up and down) I’ve tried to play nice these past couple ‘o weeks, Kurt, tried to let you down gently, butcha’ just, don’t, listen, do ya’, honky tonk? All ya’ll had to do was hand that (prods title belt) over to the baddest man this side of Pluto, and you woulda’ been spared all ‘o this. But … you had to play the big man, the big dog, and now – now you’re gonna’ lose everything, Lex Luthor.

~ Barely even breathing now, Angle continues to stare a hole right through his #1 Contender, who begins to slowly back away.

John Cena: But don’t -- (holds up his hands) but don’t you worry your pretty bald head just yet, sugar, ‘cause tonight? John Cena ain’t Eric Bischoff’s slut; I ain’t gonna’ blindside you or nothin’ like that. Gonna’ play ball. Play the hero. But this Sunday? Backlash? When it’s aaaaalllll on the line?

~ Cena casually flicks the locker room door open with his heel.

John Cena: (Pats his chest, whispering) The Champ … is gonna’ be right here.

~ With a nod of his head, Cena leaves the room arrogantly. The WWE Champion continues to watch intently as we fade away.


Jim Ross: Oh, wow, you wanna talk about tension; you could cut it with a knife right there. And those two are tag team partners tonight, folks.

Jonathan Coachman: I don’t think they’re gonna be partners at all tonight, J.R. They might be on the same team, but I don’t think they’re gonna be on the same page, no sir, no way.

Joey Styles: I–


Styles is cut off after barely a breath, and the Scottrade Center GROANS loudly, as for the second time tonight, now out of their custom suits and clad in their gaudy, shiny green pants, with some sporting vests, some going shirtless, some sporting head bands, and ALL wielding AIR HORNS~, The Spirit Squad of Kenny, Johnny, Nicky, Mikey & Mitch scurry down the ramp.

Jonathan Coachman: Haha, this is what The Coach is talking about, boys and girls, for the second time tonight, here come the boys!!!

Joey Styles: As if being interrupted wasn’t bad enough, it’s by these clowns, and is it just me or do does everyone’s least favourite cheerleaders look slightly less excited than usual? They look like they’ve seen a ghost, and they might as well have having been stood right there in the ring when The Big Show and Paul Bearer made their … revelation.

Jim Ross: Good job they’re not exactly gettin’ the trickiest of matches here tonight thanks to “Uncle” Eric.

4 - Five-on-Two Handicap Match
The Spirit Squad
vs. Clarence Boddicker|Leon Nash

Not only do Clarence and Leon (name the film ) have the unfortunate privilege of being pitted against the most hated group in the WWE today, but they have to do it against overwhelming odds in order to give the quintet a decent showcase before Backlash. After toying with the two local jobbers for a few moments, ‘Squad hone in on one of the poor buggers, tossing the other one from the ring, before Nicky, Mitch, Mikey & Johnny each grab a leg, lifting the man into the air like a rag doll, as Kenny mounts the top turnbuckle, and LEAPS OFF, CRASHING THROUGH THE JOBBER WITH THE GUILLOTINE LEG DROP/HIGH SPIRITS COMBO, before making the academic cover.

Winners - The Spirit Squad via pin fall @ 3:13.

After the match, The Spirit Squad head up the entrance ramp, not in the mood for celebration, scowls on their faces. While the official checks on the two jobbers, we get a brief glimpse of Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin watching on a monitor backstage as we just fade away elsewhere…


The office of Eric Bischoff, who doesn’t look quite as smooth as he did earlier, standing behind his desk staring into a nearby mirror; he runs a hand across his silver stubble, frowning, then runs it through his tidy, neat, cropped, also grey hair, before smoothing down the lapels of his suit, not really that keen on what he sees right now, but whether that is his actual appearance or … something else, only he can know, but that has to wait, as there is a knock at the door.

Smirking, Eric drops down into his chair behind his desk, crosses is legs, and poses like a true business, waving to Armando Alejandro Estrada (who was sitting nearby) to open the door, for…

Torrie Wilson to enter, looking rather embarrassed, dressed in her gym-wear.

Eric Bischoff: (Glancing over to Estrada) Give us a minute, Mr. Estrada.

~ Looking like the cat that got the cannoli, AAE nods and exits the room.

Eric Bischoff: (Nodding past Torrie) Close the door.

~ Still looking extremely awkward, Ms. Wilson quietly closes the door.

Torrie Wilson: Uh, you wanted to see me, Mr. Bischoff?

Eric Bischoff: I did – I did, as a matter of fact. I just wanted to go over last week.

Torrie Wilson: Is anything wrong?

Eric Bischoff: Not at all, not at all.

~ Waving his hand out before him, Easy E motions for Torrie to take a seat on the chair before his desk, which she does, blushing.

Torrie Wilson: If I can just–

Eric Bischoff: (Puts his finger to his lips) Trust me, Ms. Wilson, you’re going to what to hear what I have to say.

Torrie Wilson: What d’you mean?

Eric Bischoff: (Grins) Well, well, well, how does a small … pay rise sound?

~ Stunned, Torrie’s eyes light up with delight as she clasps her hands over mouth to suppress a little scream. Smiling seedily, Bischoff leans forwards on his palms.

Eric Bischoff: Interested?

~ Still unable to remove her hand from her mouth for fear of giggling like a schoolgirl (oh dear), Ms. Wilson nods her head furiously, as Bischoff reclines smugly.

Eric Bischoff: I thought so.

~ The General Manager and the Diva look at one another with completely different intentions (probably), while we cut away.


Dressed in his wrestling attire, gum-shield in his mouth, WWE title belt strapped around his waist, the WWE Champion Kurt Angle makes his way down the corridor and towards the ring.

Jim Ross: Up next, our main event. You saw ‘em earlier, the World Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin take on the Number One Contender and the WWE Champion Kurt, but what will Rob Van Dam’s decision be!? It’s live, NEXT!


Once we return to the program, ‘Baby Hates Me’ by Danko Jones, the Backlash theme, begins to play.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, the official theme song for this Sunday’s pay-per-view … Baby Hates Me by Danko Jones, is playing right now and that means it’s almost time. It’s going to be a very special night for Monday Night Raw from the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky.

Jim Ross: Better not forget the start time, Joey; 8:00 on the east coast. It’s a pay-per-view you wouldn’t wanna miss, folks, so make sure you set your alarms, ‘cause if you miss even five minutes, you’re gonna regret it.

Jonathan Coachman: You said it, fellas, it doesn’t get any bigger than the WWE on pay-per-view, and as if you needed any explanation, just take a look at the match listing, highlighted, of course, by that ‘All or Nothing’ Steel Cage Match, which will see ‘Mr. Monday Night’ himself Rob Van Dam have the rather unfortunate distinction of stepping inside the structure, alone, with the seven-foot, five hundred pound, Big Show!

Joey Styles:
I think you’re forgetting one very important aspect of that match, Coach, and that is that Rob Van Dam is fighting for his very life and the lives of all his friends, as he tries to end Big Show and Bearer’s path of terror on Monday Night’s; but remember, should RVD leave, he must leave the WWE forever!

Jim Ross: Matches just don’t get more important than that one, but Trish Stratus would probably disagree, as she puts the Women’s Championship that she hasn’t even seen since WrestleMania on the line against not one, but two hungry challengers.

Jonathan Coachman: We saw tonight just how under Trish’s skin Mickie James has really got, and god only knows how Stratus is going to react when the lovely James finally shows up this Sunday -- oh, and forget Victoria at your peril.

Joey Styles:
One month ago Carlito ascended the ladder literally and figuratively to win the biggest match of his life: the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania! Come Sunday, that could all come to an end.

Jim Ross:
Some people -- I know you’re not one of ‘em, Coach -- called Carlito lucky at WrestleMania, but it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than luck to get past his hungry opponent, Gregory Helms, come Backlash, with that guaranteed World title match contract hanging in the balance.

Jonathan Coachman: No doubt about that. We’ve witnessed some incredible double-duties in the past, but it’s going to take something special from the World Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, as not only will they be facing insurmountable odds in the shape of a Five-On-Two Handicap Match against my boys The Spirit Squad for the tag gold, but the partners will be squaring off against each other too, for Benjamin’s Intercontinental title!

Joey Styles:
With all the growing tension we’ve seen between the World’s Greatest Tag Team since their return earlier this year, will this Sunday prove to be one step two far in their long and storied friendship? We all know how hungry Charlie Haas is to prove himself as a single’s competitor, but will he be able to bring himself to do it at his best-friend’s expense?

Jim Ross: What an interesting one that’s gonna be. But speakin’ of interesting, something I’ve been waitin’ ever since WrestleMania for: ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair will be in Lexington to answer all the questions surrounding his career. I just hope it isn’t what I think it is.

Jonathan Coachman: Speak for yourself, J.R, I’ve got my fingers crossed it is what you think it is. But enough about him, ‘cause you know what we haven’t mentioned yet? Only the biggest match up since Frazier-Ali, Leonard-Durand, Tyson-Holyfield, Hogan-Warrior, Rock-Austin: it’s Kurt Angle versus John Cena, baby-boy, it’s for the WWE Championship, and it’s happening this Sunday in Kentucky!

Joey Styles: You said it, Coach. I honestly don’t think there’s a bigger match in all of professional right now, and we’re going to see live and in person. Nearly five months ago John Cena lost the WWE title to Kurt Angle following a brutal First Blood Match, and ever since then he’s been doing everything in his power to get it back: he won the Royal Rumble, but Shawn Michaels, his arch-nemesis, inserted himself into the equation at WrestleMania. This Sunday, at Backlash, there’s no Michaels, there’s only Kurt Angle, John Cena, mano-e-mano, and thanks to Eric Bischoff, whoever loses the match will never challenge for the WWE title again! Talk about high-stakes, J.R!

Jim Ross: Absolutely. The Backlash begins this Sunday, April 30th, live from the Rupp Arena in Lexington Kentucky! WWE Backlash, Raw’s first pay-per-view of the year, and whatever you do, trust me, DON’T MISS IT!!


It’s main event time. One of the biggest and most important main events on Monday Night Raw in a long time, and the crowd responds accordingly, delivering a STUNNING response as the music blasts out over the PA, and the WWE Champion himself Kurt Angle storms out onto stage. Bouncing on his toes, raring to go, the Olympic Gold Medallist sets of his bone-jarrin’ pyrotechnics, before heading on down to the ring with a steely look of determination in his eyes. Stepping through the ropes, Kurt spins, before removing his gold medals, kissing them, and handing them to the official.

Jim Ross: What else needs to be said about this man? Kurt Angle is the greatest pure athlete in the history of professional wrestlin’, and if you need any proof, just look at the title belt around his waist, a title that he’s held for almost five months, and a title he puts on the line this Sunday against the man he won it from.

Jonathan Coachman: But he did that in a First Blood match when he was still on the right side of Eric Bischoff, J.R. He’s never beaten John Cena in a wrestling match when the WWE title’s been up for grabs, and it’s eating Angle alive.


Sparking a reaction matching that of Angle’s in its volume, but much more mixed in its response, John Cena charges out into the Scottrade Center, looking pumped to be in St. Louis, Missouri tonight, regardless of what these people think of him. As he stand atop of the ramp, Cena gives the crowd the three-fingered salute, before pointing it down at the ramp, turning it into a gun, right at the WWE Champion, muttering “bang”, before heading on down.

Joey Styles: Would you just listen to this ovation for the “Doctor of Thuganomics” here in St. Louis, Missouri?!?! John Cena is without a doubt the most controversial man in the WWE, and everywhere he goes this is what to expect.

Jim Ross: But when we roll into Columbus, Ohio next week will John Cena be the WWE Champion or will he be starin’ into a future completely void of all WWE title shots in the future? That’s quite a contrast.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s why Eric Bischoff is a genius.

Jim Ross: For cryin’ out -- are we gonna have to call in the surgeons, Coach? ‘Cause it seems like you’re havin’ the same problem that The King used to, with your lips bein’ stuck to the General Manger’s backside.


Showing just how popular they really have become this year, the crowd delivers a huge pop for the World Tag Team Champions as the two of them; Charlie Haas and Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin swagger out into the arena, showing some great solidarity ahead of their ordeal this Sunday. Clad in their tracksuits over their wrestling trunks and sporting their usual shades, the two decorated All-Americans slap hands with members of the crowd as they make their way down to the ring, eyeing up their two opponents - one of whom they know all too well.

Jonathan Coachman: Coming out to the same music and wearing the same outfits, huh? Is it just me or are these trying just a bit too hard? Who do they think they’re kidding, fellas? We all know there’s tension between these so-called “best friends” and we all know that we’re just waiting for them to implode.

Joey Styles: Well that’s your opinion, Coach, and I’m sure someone out there respects you for that, but one thing that can’t be denied is the quality of athletes that those two young men right there truly, truly are.

Jim Ross: Everyone knows my opinion on Haas & Benjamin; they are awesome, awesome athletes, and the only man who can rival them in terms of pure wrestlin’ ability and athleticism is standin’ right there across from them in the WWE Champion Kurt Angle, their former leader all those years ago as members of Team Angle.

~ Benjamin, Haas, Cena, Angle, Coach, J.R, Styles and the crowd especially all wait with baited breath as …

Nothing happens. The crowd boos, as apparently Rob Van Dam has made his choice here tonight. Cena shrugs, saying something to Angle. In the background, hands on hips, Benjamin and Haas look at one another, rolls their eyes, BEFORE SPINNING CENA AND ANGLE AROUND, FIRING AWAY ON THEM! HERE WE GO - VAN DAM OR NO VAN DAM!!

5 - Main Event - Tag Team Match; Non-Title
Kurt Angle & John Cena
vs. World Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

Unsurprisingly, with four of the best workers in the entire WWE gracing the ring with their presence at once, we get a thrilling main event filled with quality wrestling on both sides, and tension galore in both corners, especially that of Cena/Angle, who hit each other with hard tags for the entire duration of the contest, really trying to one-up one another, though still manage to function together quite well in order to take control largely.

The match heads into the finishing straight when the hot tags are made to both SHELTON BENJAMIN AND KURT ANGLE!!

This draws a HUGE pop from the crowd as the WWE Champion and Intercontinental Champion hook it up, as they charge into the ring enthusiastically; Angle quickly throws a clothesline, but Benjamin ducks it, hits the ropes, ducks another one, puts on the brakes, waits for Kurt to turn around -- THROWS A SUPERKICK -- CAUGHT, and Angle throws Shelton back around, hooking his arm, LOOKING FOR THE OLYMPIC SLAM -- Benji LANDS ON HIS FEET, grabbing Angle in a rear waistlock, looking for a GERMAN SUPLEX -- but the Olympic Gold Medallist reverses it, swinging behind, applying his own rear waistlock, LIFTING BENJAMIN UP, GOING FOR HIS OWN GERMAN SUPLEX -- BUT SHELTON PERFORMS A BACKFLIP, LANDING ON HIS FEET - he goes for a kick, blocked, spins, BEFORE NAILING ANGLE WITH THE DRAGON WHIP!!!

After scoring a near fall, Shelton pulls the WWE Champion back up to his feet, presses him into the ropes and goes for the Irish Whip -- but Angle steps through, reversing it, hurling the Intercontinental Champion into the ropes instead, and he flies back -- Angle catches him - he pops the hips, HURLING BENJAMIN OVER HEAD WITH A HUGE BELLY-TO-BELLY RELEASE SUPLEX!!!

After recuperating for a few moments, Angle gets back up to his feet and waits for his opponent to do the same. Shelton groggily staggers bag up, and Kurt grabs his arm - LOOKING FOR THE OLYMPIC SLAM -- BUT BENJAMIN COUNTERS INTO A HUGE DDT!!! The crowd shows their support for Benji, as he bests the WWE Champion, but smartly crawls across the ring and tags in Charlie Haas, who flies into the ring, wrapping his arms around the WWE Champion’s waist.


The crowd applauds the skill of Haas, as he smiles, before quickly hooking the leg, scoring a near fall of his own this time. Dragging the WWE Champion up to his feet, Haas sends Angle into the ropes (where Cena is able to get a blind tag), before following in with a knee to the gut. Taking the Olympian’s arm, Haas tries to LIFT HIM UP FOR THE HAASTILE TAKEOVER -- but Angle spins through, whirling Charlie around -- RIGHT INTO CENA WHO LIFTS HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS LOOKING FOR THE F-U - TURNS -- ACCIDENTALLY WIPING KURT ANGLE OUT WITH HAAS’ FEET IN THE PROCESS!!!

The crowd delivers a mixed reaction, as Cena lets out a roar, centre of the ring - GOING FOR THE F-U -- BUT HAAS LANDS ON HIS FEET - he quickly SHOVES Cena forwards -- RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK FROM BENJAMIN OUT OF NOWHERE!!! The smack echoes through the arena, as Cena’s eyes roll up into his head and he staggers backwards -- Haas quickly wraps his arms around his waist - HITTING A MASSIVE GERMAN SUPLEX - WITH A BRIDGE!!! 1 … 2 … NO!!! ANGLE BREAKS IT UP, preventing Haas & Benjamin from getting the biggest wins of their lives.

After getting to his feet, Angle dumps Haas unceremoniously to the outside. Benjamin is out on the apron though, waiting, leaps up - SPRINGBOARDING OFF THE TOP ROPE -- RIGHT INTO A BOOT TO THE GUT FROM KURT ANGLE!!! The WWE Champion EXPLODES, HOOKING BENJAMIN’S ARM, LIFTING HIM UP - NAILING THE OLYMPIC SLAM CENTRE OF THE RING!!!

With both Haas & Benjamin down and out, the match is there for the taking, and Cena slowly pulls himself up behind Angle, smiling. Reaching out, he touches Angle’s shoulder, turns him around and -- ANGLE BOOTS HIM IN THE GUT - OLYMPIC SLAM TO JOHN CENA!!! KURT ANGLE HAS JUST OLYMPIC SLAMMED HIS OWN PARTNER!!!!

The crowd ERUPTS with a huge mixed reaction as the WWE Champion blows a gasket in the middle of the ring, screaming right in his partner tonight/opponent this Sunday’s face, before walking backwards, stepping through the ropes, grabbing his belt, AND WALKING BACK UP THE RAMP!!! KURT ANGLE IS WALKING OUT ON THIS MATCH!!!

The Scottrade Center is booing the hell out of this (though mainly because they don’t want to see Angle leave) but it makes no difference, as, without even looking back, the Olympic Gold Medallist marches straight through the curtain, heading for Kentucky early it seems, and leaving his tag team partner high and dry centre of the ring.


Blinking dazedly, Cena, almost on instinct, rolls over onto his side, throwing his right arm out so that it lands across the motionless Shelton Benjamin.




Enraged and confused, Cena begins to try and sit up in the ring, no idea what’s going on, whilst on the outside the referee berates Rob Van Dam, who doesn’t wait around to here what he has to say. Shaking away the cobwebs and gritting his teeth, Cena pulls himself up to his feet, looking to the crowd for answers, but is met only by cheers, and he turns around -- FLYING THRUST KICK OFF THE TOP ROPE FROM VAN DAM, TAKING HIM DOWN!!!

St. Louis EXPLODES as the #1 Contender lands on his back and Mr. Monday Night breathlessly pops back up to his feet, turns, races, hits the ropes, races back, rolls, leaps up - GOING FOR ROLLING THUNDER -- BUT CENA CATCHES HIM!!! Staggering up to his feet, Cena holds Van Dam in his arms, MUSCLES HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS - HE LOOKS FOR THE F-U -- NO, Rob lands behind him, waits, and leaps - WIPING CENA OUT WITH A SPINNING BACK KICK!!!

The Doctor of Thuganomics goes down in a heap and RVD HEADS UP TOP!!!
Barely giving his actual tag team partners in this match a second glance, Rob Van Dam, dressed in dark jeans and a close-fitting white t-shirt, scrambles over to the turnbuckle, SPRINGING up to the top with amazing agility, surveying the landscape - BEFORE LEAPING OFF - CONNECTING WITH THE FIVE-STAR FROG SPLASH RIGHT TO JOHN CENA, CENTRE OF THE RING!!!! After rolling around for a few moments clutching his gut, Rob hurriedly rolls backwards, hooking Cena’s far leg, eyes closed tight, as the confused official shrugs and drops down to make the count!!




Winners - Rob Van Dam, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin via pin fall @ 14:06.


Jonathan Coachman: Oh my -- but what does this mean, J.R? Does this -- does this mean that Van Dam has chosen Maria over Dustin Rhodes? What the hell are Paul Bearer and The Big Show going to do!?

Joey Styles:
I think everyone in this arena is wondering the exact same thing, Coach; I have to think that, should the worst come to pass, Rob Van Dam has done the right thing, and I’m sure -- I’m sure Dustin Rhodes would agree. He wouldn’t want a helpless young girl like Maria to suffer in his place.

Clambering back up to his feet, Rob Van Dam doesn’t seem all that coherent, despite the tremendous ovation he is receiving from the sold-out Scottrade Center, instead running a slowly hand through his long hair, looking around him, mouthing “damn it”, before heading towards the ropes, as though making to exit the ring–

???: Oh, (loud, faux applause off screen) oh that was somethin’ else.

~ One foot through the ropes, Van Dam stops, grits his teeth and, just like everyone else in the building, looks up to the titantron. For the second time tonight the fat, pudgy, disgusting features of Paul Bearer fill the screen, smiling like a serpent, while the scene behind sounds much the same as before.

Paul Bearer:Are you a good guy, hotshot? (Smirks) Why, sure you are! You gotta be some kinda’ GREAT guy, comin’ in here all ba’ ya’ lonesome an’ doin’ whatchca’ jus’ did.

~ Moving backwards, keeping the camera close to him, Bearer moves over towards The Big Show, who is crouching down alongside Dustin Rhodes, holding the man we all know as Goldust by the back of his hair, wrenching his head and neck right back.

Paul Bearer:See, (crouching down alongside Rhodes) we got this problem. Folk don't like me. So a’ don't like folk.

~ ‘Show emits a low, rumbling laugh as he keeps his eyes fixed on the helpless Dustin, who is breathing extremely hard, obviously fearing for his life right now.

Standing up, Paulie takes his own chubby right hand (the one he is not using to hold the camcorder), wrapping it around Rhodes’ thick neck, squeezing quite hard. He lowers his head down so that his ghastly face hovering directly above Dustin’s.

Paul Bearer: (Whispering) You probably don't think a’m a very nice guy ... do ya’?

Dustin Rhodes:
(Wheezing, gasping for breath, barely able to breathe) G-g-go … … t-t-to … … hell.

~ Still wearing that ridiculous, hideous smile, almost as though it has been surgically grafted into his mouth, Bearer blinks a few times at Rhodes’ courageous defiance, before, with his eyes flickering with the sadistic genius going on inside, slowly turning both his head and the camcorder, an action mimicked by the watching Big Show, as, horrifyingly, we see where Paul’s gaze has now gone: … … … Maria.

Paul Bearer:Ohhhhh … (smiling devilishly) … a’ really think ya’ shoulda’ bin’ nicer to me.

~ Bearer, like a snake, slowly removes his hand from Dustin Rhodes’ throat, breathing like a giddy child, as he (thus giving us the full view via the camcorder) tiptoes his way across the room to where the terrified Maria sits, head held down, sobbing uncontrollably. In the background, the protests and pleas of Rhodes can be heard, as Big Show appears behind the young woman, causing her to raise her head slightly…

Wincing, Maria’s lip begins trembling once again at the sight of the two men looming over her, while ‘Show rests his monstrous, frying-pan hands across her dainty shoulder, holding her firmly in place. A ghostly pale hand enters the screenshot (obviously Bearer’s) as he runs it, trembling, up and down her tear-strewn face.

Maria Kanellis: (Whimpering) N–

Paul Bearer: Oh, (wiping her tears)
hush. Hush!


…nothing happens.

As Maria shakes uncontrollably, eyes squeezed shut, not wanting to see what is coming her way, the camcorder rattles around a bit more, as it is turned around so that it is right in Paul Bearer’s leering face once more.

The ghoulish manager bares his yellow teeth in what can only be described as one of the most psychotic smiles one is ever likely to see in World Wrestling Entertainment…

Paul Bearer:
You break the rules, Rob … (glances over his shoulder, licks his lips) … an’ we break the rules.

~ The boos of the Scottrade Center are so loud at this point that they can actually be heard still, despite the fixation on the titantron video, as Bearer turns the lens back around so that it is once more focused on the helpless figure of young, beautiful, helpless Maria Kanellis, held captive by the fearsome, monstrous, psychotic giant, Big Show.

Paulie gets the prime shot of the scene, amongst the shadows, before turning the camcorder on himself once more…

Paul Bearer: We’ll leave the rest up to your imagination…



FINAL Card for WWE Backlash
Date: April 30th, 2006
Location: Rupp Arena; Lexington, Kentucky
Event Music: Danko Jones; Baby Hates Me

WWE Championship; “Do Or Die” Match:
‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle &#169; vs. ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics’ John Cena
{All parties are banned from ringside; whoever is the loser, he will never again receive an opportunity at the WWE Championship so long as Eric Bischoff is General Manager}

Steel Cage Match:
‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam vs.‘The World’s Largest Athlete’ Big Show
{The only way to win is via escaping the cage; if Rob Van Dam loses, he is banished from World Wrestling Entertainment forever}

After all the speculation, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair has promised us some answers


Intercontinental Championship Match; World Tag Team Champions Collide:
Shelton Benjamin &#169; vs. Charlie Haas

Money in the Bank Contract on the Line:
‘Da Bad Apple’ Carlito (m) w/Chris Masters vs.Gregory Helms

Women’s Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Trish Stratus &#169; vs. Mickie James vs. Victoria

World Tag Team Championship; Five-On-Two Handicap Match:
World’s Greatest Tag Team &#169; vs. The Spirit Squad
{All members of the Spirit Squad are eligible; if any one of them pins either Haas or Benjamin, he will win the World Tag Team titles for his entire team}


I'd be enormously grateful if you could hold off predictions until after SmackDown! please. I'll probably try and do an official preview or something

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

InstantClassic92's RAW Review:

- One heck of an opening promo. General Manager Eric Bischoff was 100% in character, great job with that. Quite an unfair shake the World's Greatest Tag Team is getting for Backlash, but with a heel General Manager that's to be expected; we'll see if they can overcome the odds. Big Show and Paul Bearer were also captured beautifully. The promo was very threatening to RVD which was obviously the point. Well done.

- Good promo by Stratus; she seems to be very focused on her match at Backlash which is to be expected from the Women's Champion. Alright match between Trish and Victoria. Trish got the win she claimed she would, albeit not in the dominant fashion she predicted. With that said, Victoria's head injury may very well keep her out at Backlash, which is exactly what Trish wanted.

- Solid promo between Haas and Benjamin. I've always been a fan of both of them as a team, and both are going to be pushed to their limits with two matches at Backlash. I liked your decision way back to strap the MITB briefcase on Carlito, it's a change of pace that most other BTBs don't have. Good commentary work between Carlito and the announce team, with Coachman siding with a fellow heel. Helms' win over Masters via DQ is warranted with the beatdown after. We'll see if this beatdown will take a toll on Helms come Backlash.

- I like the Backlash video package; it got me pumped up for the pay-per-view. Quick squash match for Cade and Murdoch, definitely looks like they're the #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles. The question is, as mentioned in the commentary, who will they be facing?

- Great promo between Cena and Angle. Cena obviously is trying to get in the head of Angle before their match on Sunday, while Angle seems to be focused on his goal of retaining the belt. Cena played his arrogant character very well in this one. Another quick squash match by the Spirit Squad. Not sure where this promo between Torrie Wilson and Bischoff will lead, but I'm definitely interested to see what will happen.

- Good hype-up for the pay-per-view on Sunday, and now it's Main Event time. It was a very good match. With two rivals on the same team, an attack between the two is always expected. RVD comes in for the save, good to see. I expected the whole time for RVD to choose to save Maria over Rhodes. Another great promo by Bearer... and he goes after Maria instead! What a terrible man... but it's typical for a heel to go back on their word and Bearer is sure as hell a heel. My imagination wants to know exactly what happened, but I'm sure that will be revealed soon enough.

Great show. I just registered for Wrestling Forum back in May, but before I did, I'd been hovering around the forums for months, and this was one of the BTB's that caught my eye. I'm absolutely glad to see it's back, and it's one of the reasons I'm considering getting into BTBing myself. Can't wait for Backlash.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

To say this is long overdue would be an understatement.

Surprised me to see Easy E and his merry men starting off proceedings. Expected a promo from one of the top two angles to get us on the road for Backlash. Smarmy, slimy, egotistical Eric at his best here, talking down to the fans with his overbearing, oh so fake ‘love’ for them. As previously said, I was a little surprised with the approach to this promo, with a lot of looking back to WrestleMania, but as you progressed, I got where you were going, playing up Backlash as somewhat a night of redemption for Bischoff.

Firstly, he’s put Benjamin and Haas into direct competition with each other for the IC title. Then, they’ve got to defend the tag titles against five men. It surely equates to getting the belts back on the Spirit Squad. At least it’s a heck of a plan on paper.

TBH, I detest the Spirit Squad. Always have, always will, but you’ve got them portrayed perfectly as the dick heels they should be. So I can see why you’re persisting with them. With your writing they work, which is a shame, because that way, there is no way I can see them slipping off the radar for some time to come

And do I love AAE being paired up with Bischoff?? HELLS YEAH!!! Just patiently waiting now to see how you introduce Umaga to the world of Monday Night Raw. And that’s a splendid main event to perfectly ease us into Backlash. Plenty of questions to be asked going into that one, and Bischoff is providing them too, with potential answers to boot .

Didn’t like how Bischoff all but glossed over the epic Backlash main event. More time was spent talking about Haas and Benjamin here. And while it’s a really intriguing issue, the most important angle going into Backlash is the ‘Do or Die’ match, and Eric spent very little time gloating over how he’ll basically kill off one of the two mens careers.

Big Show now?? It’s running into a very long opening shindig, covering four of the six matches set for Backlash. And yet more creepiness from the monster and the bigger monster. The torture for RVD continues after breaking the rules last week … and things just got very interesting.

I guess the choice of Maria and Dustin is like some sort of play (again) on TDK. Fully expecting them to do the opposite of what they just promised ala Dent & Dawes. I can live with it though, just for the fact that Bearer and Show are absolutely devastating as a pair; so sinister, so sick, so fucking bad.

Gotta say, the opening segment did seem to just go on, and on. From the Bischoff / Spirit Squad (who I continue to hate, but admire you persevering with them as featured stars) and then adding the Big Show & Bearer moment, it was just too much for one segment. Saying that, as I sit here, I’m trying to think up ways to change the format up, and have the Show/Bearer segment a little later, but if, say, that was to stand alone as it’s own segment later on, around the mid point, then it doesn’t allow long enough to build the suspense of whether RVD is going to show up. And, the Eric promo definitely needed to open proceedings, as it held the announcement of the main event, and the promo, had it come in the second hour, wouldn’t have fit. I guess it’s a rock in a hard place, as the promo was far too long for my liking, but since I cant think of a more viable solution, I cant criticise.

Excellent promo from Trish. Basic and simple, but oh so good at the same time. She’s certainly not happy at the minute, and rightfully so.

Good to see Trish picking up the win over Victoria, and the manner in which she did didn’t make Victoria look too weak. Even with this win, it wasn’t emphatic enough to suggest it’s one of those situations where the champion wins going into the PPV before losing the belt. Hard to call.

Oooooo, this tension is brewing perfectly between Benjamin and Haas. I’m going to save my thoughts on what will go down at Backlash until it’s time for predictions, but every time I think about these two pulling double duty, my mind is going on overtime thinking the possible scenarios you could run with. One of my favourite angles in BTB, and I’ve missed it dearly.

Moving on, and onto imo, a weak link of Raw - Carlito as MITB. Right now, I’m not able to buy into him, but I guess it’s a long road to take, and not an overnight main eventer just because of a briefcase. It’s going to be a really big challenge imo for Carlito to become a credible top tier guy, but it could all begin at Backlash. It’s going to take a while to win me over with him.

By the numbers stuff to build the undercard match for Backlash. I fully expect both Masters and Chavo to make an appearance at some stage during that one, but hopefully Carlito can score himself a clean win and move on.

As made clear after the match, Cade and Murdoch are set to be next in line for a shot at the tag titles. Not sure if they’re still heel here, and it hasn’t been made clear either way. Could imagine some fun promos between them and the Spirit Squad for sure, whilst any feud that TWGTT are involved in is golden. I even think I was critical of the tag team division on Raw, but with so much emphasis on the teams of Raw at the moment, despite whether I personally like some of them or not, it’s starting to look promising indeed … still not a touch on your awesome division on Smackdown.

Disappointed by the showdown between Angle and Cena if I’m honest. Nothing actually wrong with the segment, but the two men are about to basically, all but put the rest of their careers on the line at Backlash, and the final war of words is conducted in the locker room. Truly expected a big in-ring showdown at some point in the show, maybe even just before the main event. For what it’s worth, the segment itself was excellent, and well pitched, but I was expecting and hoping for something more grandiose for these two ahead of such a career important match at Backlash.

Called it last night on MSN. Robocop. Bit of filler squash matches never hurt anyone, and the Squad are ready for Backlash.

Not sure what direction this Torrie / Sleazy E angle is headed. It’s been a while (obviously), but as far as I remember, this one was brewing for the past few weeks too. I’m assuming there isn’t really a big picture for the angle, and it’s more of a side issue to promote Eric as a grade A sleaze ball.

Another big disappointment for me was the lack of hype for Ric Flairs massive announcement at Backlash. Just briefly mentioned in the commentators hype for Backlash didn’t help make it into an important issue. Wasn’t there a video package for it a few weeks ago?? You could’ve thrown it in just before the Backlash hype.

Jonathan Coachman: Coming out to the same music and wearing the same outfits, huh? Is it just me or are these trying just a bit too hard? Who do they think they’re kidding, fellas? We all know there’s tension between these so-called “best friends” and we all know that we’re just waiting for them to implode.
Golden commentary if you ask me. Colour me smiling. Awesome little piece tbh.

No RVD then?? Assuming he’s going to show up fashionably late perhaps??

Loved seeing Benjamin and Haas as equals to Angle and Cena; totally expected that to be the case of course, but I had to make the comment too. Tension brewed nicely throughout the match, building and building. Knew from the moment that Cena accidentally took out Angle with Haas that things would fall apart; and I wasn’t disappointed.

Not sure what Cena was going to do when he pulled Angle around, and that could spark a few good questions too; but the Angle Slam was emphatic. The walk out was fine too, Angle doesn’t care what happens to Cena tonight, he just wants to beat him at all costs come Backlash. Van Dam finally arriving to save Maria was the right option to take, why would he want her, a defenceless woman, to take the punishment over a veteran like Goldust?? Finish was good, as I wasn’t expecting Cena to go down clean to RVD ahead of Backlash, so that has to point towards a Cena win at Backlash, right?? Not in my view

Sick and twisted. Only way to describe the final segment. Didn’t feel like a closing angle heading into a PPV, but it still worked beautifully. When the hell do we find out what happened to Maria?? THAT’S THE QUESTION!!! I think you did the right thing leaving the rest to our imagination; less is more. Some may be disappointed that we didn’t see what was to happen to Maria, but at the end of the day, it leaves us all hooked on waiting to see what the outcome was. Terrific angle.

I’m so glad you’re back.
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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Feedback

It’s good to have you back, enough with the pleasantries, let’s hit it. To be honest I was shocked to see Eric Bischoff open the show with The Spirit Squad with him, I knew Estrada would be there though. Anyway, I hold you in high regards for your promos; however I can honestly say that Bischoff here in the beginning did not tickle my fancies at all in the early stages. It seemed as if he was just talking for no reason, the promo was not exactly going anywhere. Bringing up WCW again, and even Ted Turner, it’s just the same old stuff and I really don’t think it was needed. It kind of seemed like you were trying to make this promo longer than it had to be, and if this is the case, you shouldn’t really be doing that.

The Spirit Squad was nice here, you write the Squad so well and despite there lack of dialogue you continue to do it here. Once again though, they really didn’t go anywhere couldn’t they have just said this in some kind of backstage interview or something. I understand you’re trying to hype Backlash here, but I don’t think you’ve done it effectively enough so far and so far, imo, it is a nothing promo, and a nothing promo is definitely not something that should be around, especially when it’s the opening promo of the last show before Backlash.

For the first time I actually began to really enjoy the direction of this promo. AAE was spot on, as per usual with you, and you had him hype up the fact that at Backlash it is partner against partner very well. It’s not like Benjamin and Haas are going to cut a promo hating on each other, so smart way to have their IC Title match hyped. I guess in a way this now kind of links to what you were getting at with the SS and Bischoff bragging about Benjamin and Haas losing the tag titles, however I just think it could have been done in a better way, as with everything that has been stacked into this one promo so far, only a little bit was important to read, and it perhaps became a little draining.

Here we go, Bischoff again. However, the promo has picked up and I really began getting into things, especially when the epic main event was announced for later on in the night. Seriously, even thought it’s only a match recap that should be pretty awesome. Bischoff turned to Rob Van Dam which was an explanation I really wanted to hear… Shame he got interrupted in a way.

I definitely was surprised to see Big Show being the one doing the talking. He was alright, taking pride in everything he has done lately, however I loved it when he handed over to Paul Bearer.

Paul Bearer OWNED hard just as he did last time. You write him so well, perhaps better than any other character that you write. Despite the epic quality of Bearer and Show and kidnapping more people overall, I feel that because it has already been done before it does not have the same effect. With that being said, I am interested to see whether or not RVD shows up tonight. Overall, a decent promo to kick off the show, I found it very hit and miss.

Nice backstage interview with Trish Stratus, I am actually beginning to lighten up a little to her tweener role. This promo was pretty much spot on, bringing out both the bitch and the competitor out in her all at once. Even though it’s only a little thing, I wasn’t to sure about the whole Mkay? Thing at the end, it seemed as if this promo was all intense and this little, trying to be cute phrase, may have taken away from that a little bit.

Having a womens match opening proceedings in the ring is a little bit weird but I guess I can handle it. Nice win for Trish, good that it was competitive though, but Trish is definitely the favorite at this stage, imo.

I am loving the whole Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas thing at this stage, it has got to be one of the best storylines going around and when it finally explodes, nobody is going to be able to compare to it. Nice little teaser here, and I have noticed the storyline you have them in makes up for their shitty mic skills so well done on that to.

Carlito on commentary in the beginning was alright, I expected him to OWN though and I’m not sure if you quite pulled it off.

Fair match up but Gregory Helms was always going to get the win, nice interference from ‘Lito with the little interference and then beat down afterwards. Chavo Guerrero making the save was rather predictable after ‘Lito mentioned him on commentary, it should be interesting to see just how Masters and Guerrero factor into everything at Backlash.

Backlash is coming… you’ve definitely made us wait awhile.

Another nice win by The Redneck Wrecking Crew and nice putting over by the commentators afterwards, practically letting us know that after Backlash, RWC are going against WGTT. Despite me liking them in this thread, I have the feeling that after Backlash The SS are going to become complete jobbers.

Oh my god. I just marked out here big time for this backstage meeting between Kurt Angle and John Cena. I was surprised not to hear a little more bite from Angle, and I know you were probably going for the strong, silent treatment but still would’ve expected a little something more. However, I am not going to harp on it because Cena simply took the ball and ran with it, the way you write this man is simply amazing. This is the stuff I miss reading from you the most I think, good, no scrap that, GREAT promo here, probably my favorite of the night so far.

I can’t help but laugh at The SS, all five of them going up against two jobbers. This match was simply to let us know that The SS mean business, but as I sad earlier after Backlash I think they are going to be jobbers/Eric Bischoff’s bitch. Props for mentioning Haas and Benjamin watching on the monitor, but considering their all great and that, wouldn’t they be warming up?

Bischoff and Torrie Wilson interested me here. The segment itself was nothing special but it’s obviously setting up for something, Bischoff mentioned last week, and well, if you could refresh my memory on exactly what happened it would be appreciated. Seems like an interesting enough situation anyway.

Kurt seems ready, oh boy so am I.

Awesome main event. Really no other way to describe it, in this match recap you gave us a taste of just what these four guys can produce and when Haas and Benjamin do become singles wrestlers we’ve definitely got a lot to look forward to. Great match, great ending with RVD finally appearing, the only thing I didn’t like was Angle walking out, it seemed way to heelish, unless this is what you were going for to get Cena over more.

Another one of these eerie segments was the perfect way to go out. Bearer and Show have been booked so well by you, and now the only thing I can think of is just when we will find out what happened to Maria? Because I cant see it happening at Backlash. Well written segment though, Show and Bearer definitely have a future on Raw.

Overall, it was a nice go home show, although I have read better from you this was still one of the best shows you will see going around. Backlash is looking EXTREMELY hot, I can’t wait. Well done, on a as close to perfect as can be build to a PPV.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Raw Review:

It’s been too long since we’ve seen Eric Bischoff kick off the show with a promo, as he has really become a mega-heel GM over the past couple weeks. I’m loving the strong support that the ‘Squad and AAE are showing him, accompanying him down to the ring. The great heel is shown right away, as Bisch talks about what happened at WM22 … as pretty much everything that could have gone wrong for him … did. This was a great way to recap what has been made for Backlash, as I was very pleasantly surprised with the ‘Squad on the mic. We all knew that Kenny had the talent, but Mitch and Mikey also held their own, really getting under the crowd’s skin. Then the man everyone loves to hear talk, Estrada, gets onto the stick and gets the crowd even more against this group. He did a great job with making the WGTT try and go against each other, adding to that by telling Haas to step out of Shelton’s shadow. Now Easy E gets the mic back and announces the main event … and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! Helluva contest between these four! Just when I thought this promo was over, we get Eric talking about RVD. Big Show? I’m glad that he actually got to talk on the mic before ahdning it over to his mouthpiece, as he takes all the credit for what’s happened with RVD. Bearer was written as well as he’s ever been, and the game that he has set out is obviously like TDK, which is what I’m guessing you were going for. Goldust and Maria! Two great choices for the victims, as both are loved by the fans, but neither are really very important storyline-wise. The choice is very simple for Rob, as he’ll obviously be trying to save Maria at the end of the night. Paul B. and ‘Show have just been incredibly eery these last couple weeks, and this is the sickest thing that we’ve seen them do thus far. Very interesting way to start off the show. Only complaint here is the length of the entire promo. Eight pages? That’d be too long for a regular TV show, imo. But I guess I’ll let it slide.

Decent interview from the Women’s Champion. Hopefully this is simply a tweener role for her because of the frustration she has shown since Mickie stole the Belt. I really doubt Trish would say something like “beat her to within an inch of her life”, but I can see what you were trying to do. Doubt that Trish will dominate Vicky tonight, but I’m interested to see how the match goes down.

Glad that all the action was condensed for this match, with Victoria and Trish still able to put on a decent contest. Trish isn’t nearly as dominating as she’d promised to be, but she stays in the match right until the end. Would have been shocking if Vicky pulled off the upset, which she almost does, but Trish gets the roll-up while keeping both women looking strong. Sad to see Mickie no-show again, but I guess that’ll make it just that much better when she comes into Backlash with the Women’s Title … and also leaves with it.

This was a perfect little promo to continue to build the tension between both halves of the WGTT. Shelton’s not nearly as serious as Haas, and that makes sense because everyone knows that Benjamin has gotten the majority of the exposure during the time they’ve tagged together. Hopefully they save the physicality for Backlash and work as a team tonight against Angle/Cena.

Carlito OWNS in pretty much everything that he does, and that doesn’t change with his commentary. Love when Coach likes the guest joining the team, it just makes the interaction between the three commentators. Extra points for ‘Lito calling Helms “The Hurricane”, tbh. Not much of a surprise with the way that the match went down, with both men staying strong before Helms looks to be even stronger, having the match all but won, until Carlito interferes! The aftermath was academic, with Carlito nailing a big move before Chavo comes out and saves Helms from the Masterlock. Not the best build for this one, but it did the job well enough. Should be a fantastic match between Helms and Carlito at Backlash.

Another squash win for the new team on the rise, the Redneck Wrecking Crew. Pretty shocked that they have already laid down the challenge for next week, as they will probably be taking on the WGTT. I doubt that this new feud will begin right away, as I can see the ‘Squad still inserting themselves, as I really can’t see what they’d do if they’re not in the Tag Title picture.

Nice little builder for the mammoth tag team match later tonight, as Cena was obviously the star of this segment. Talking down to Kurt was fantastic and I liked the mood that the WWE Champion was in, not letting Cena get to him, just staring a hole through the challenger. Cena lays it all out and says that he’s not gonna attack Angle tonight … but I really don’t see that happening. Good final line before he walks away, really just telling Kurt what’s going to happen, and we’ll see if Angle wants to do anything about it.

Not much to say about the easy win for the ‘Squad. Good final showcase for them before the big match at Backlash. The one against the WGTT isn’t going to be easy obviously, but the ‘Squad will certainly have the big advantage. The cut backstage was a nice touch, as we still don’t know if the WGTT are more concerned about defending the Belts … or going against each other for the I.C. Title. Guess time will tell…

A payraise for Torrie? I seriously have no idea what this is about … but I’m sure that you won’t disappoint with wherever this angle goes.

A tremendous card that you have put together for Backlash, even with two of the biggest stars, Triple H and Shawn Michaels, being out with injury. I’m most looking forward to the I.C. Title Match, Show/Van Dam, and of course the WWE Championship Match. Also, Naitch is going to be there! Should be a very special show!

As great of a main event as one would come to expect with these four very talented men, all giving it their all. So glad that made both Shelton and Haas stick with the #1 Contender and the WWE Champion, letting them really showcase themselves as legit wrestlers. Loved the finish to the match, with Angle hitting the Angle Slam and then walking out on Cena. RVD runs to the ring! Kinda surprised to see Cena take the fall, especially since Rob simply came into the ring and took him down after not all that much time. But Rob gets the win, without Benjamin or Haas showing themselves after he comes to the ring. Good win for him, but now it means that he’s chosen Maria!

Simply chilling way to end the show. Bearer is probably the best talker that you right now, as the way you write him is perfect. The entire scene was beautifully done, with Bearer and Show getting very close to both Rhodes and Maria, looking like they are going to do some real damage. Then we get the obvious “nothing happens” before Bearer cuts off the feed, meaning we’ll never really know what happened to both of them. This is very similar to what Szumi did with his “Jeff Jarrett in Flair’s House” angle, cutting off the feed at the perfect moment, not allowing anyone to know what happens. Beautiful way for this angle to end before Backlash, as both men will certainly bring it.

A great way for you to return, picking up perfectly with the angles you left off with. I am very interested to see where this RVD/Show feud goes after Backlash. Obviously Van Dam won’t be “banished”, but I gotta think that Triple H will play a role down the line. All the other angles progressed perfectly, with the PPV in six days set to be huge. SD! sooner rather than later, plz.


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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

RAW Feedback

Awesome to have you back.

Starting off with Easy E? Not what I expected, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The summary of events from The Bisch serves as good hype for Backlash, as it really puts the card in context. Bischoff character-wise was of course, very good, as is the norm. The only part I wasn’t too big on was him brining up both ted Turner and former SmackDown! General Manager’s, because well, it didn’t seem at all necessary, and if anything it was only going to distract people from the point of the promo, rather than re-enforce it imo. The Spirit Squad’s part of the promo was very nice, especially the little sarcastic exchange between Kenny and Bischoff. Also very good booking with the match being put on for Sunday between Haas and Benjamin, further stacking the odds. Armando trying to get in Haas’ head and tell him to go out there and win on Sunday is very smart. Cause dissension in the ranks. Huge main event now set, plus with the little Bischoff hint we may definitely be left with some turmoil come the end of the night. Again, smart to leave a hint for Cena and Angle that they’d be better off taking one another out. The Paul Bearer/Big Show promo was sick for sure. I guess a jobber was needed since using anyone of any credibility would have been bad for the midcard, though I’m not huge on the woman-bashing idea. I know it makes them look really sick and stuff, but I don’t really like it. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth after what was a good promo.

Not big on this Trish promo. I felt you had her much too aggressive. Even as a heel, she was never an “I’m going to beat the absolute shit through you” type heel. She was more of a smartass pretend innocent type. I think you just overdid it.

Women’s match was certainly adequate. Not sure about Victoria using one of Trish’s own moves as a counter (at least I thought it was, as it sounded like Victoria used the Matrish to duck the Chick Kick), but apart from that there wasn’t anything wrong with it.

Nice segment to hint at some tension with Haas looking dead serious afterwards. Smartly written with him being happy up until then. Just very smart booking.

@ the Carlito/Coach exchange. Great stuff. Not liking the fact that this didn’t get much time, though as you said, it did advance the feud and stuff, though I would’ve preferred it get more time. Chavo’s continued involvement in this whole thing is interesting, though hopefully you move ‘Lito on beyond these guys soon.

Cade & Murdoch push? Not huge on it, though the two can both be better than WWE ever let them appear to be. I’d rather you did something better with Dupree since I was quite a fan of him.

Very nice promo from Cena, adding some hype to not only the main event at Backlash, but also the tension in the main event. Liked Angle just ignoring him before his small bits of ownage, though Cena was definitely the star in this promo, just absolutely owning.

Nice little win for the Squad to put them over, though I don’t know why they weren’t in a mood to celebrate when they were acting all dickheadish (which is when they’re at their best, tbh), as it kinda contradicts what happened earlier.

@ sleazy Easy tbh. Like that you show this side of him, as he isn’t just a douche; he’s a real sleazeball too.

Hard sell on the Pay-Per-View is a very nice touch. It’s something that seems unnecessary, but part of writing a show is selling the Pay-Per-Views.

Great heel stuff from Coach, trying to drive a wedge between Haas and Benjamin. He’s of course probably just being an asshole, but it’s good and all. Not sure why Van Dam would enter when the Bisch made it clear it was a tag match, and I didn’t see Bearer saying he’d have to be part of the match, all he’d have to do was make an appearance for Maria to be harmed (besides, Bearer doesn’t have power over the GM anyway). The fast paced action between Angle and Benji was beautiful, really putting Benji over as a star. The Angle attack on Cena was pretty well done, as was everything else up to that point, though I didn’t like how Cena recovered sooner than Benji, despite taking the Angle Slam second. Also, still not sure how RVD was part of this match at all since he wasn’t officially announced to be. I don’t think the last part was necessarily needed, as after Angle left Cena, you could have just had RVD come through the crowd and nail to Five Star if you were intent on that finish. Seemed simpler and more logical, imo. Don’t think I need to comment on the Bearer/Show/Maria stuff, as I’ve already made my feelings on it perfectly clear.

Most definitely a good return. While one of the angles irked me on this show, it was well presented, and your promo work was as good as ever. This show can only strengthen with the midcard developing, so things are looking good for the future. Great to have you back, Legend.

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Re: Legend Presents: WWE 2006 - Stop Your Grinnin' And Drop Your Linen

Thanks for all the feedback on my first show back. It made me feel all warm inside. I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things so please bear with as far as returning reviews is concerned. Anyone who knew me before knows I'm usually good for my word on that front. Also, I apologise if any readers found any of my writing for RAW to be in bad taste. I suppose I'm just not easily shocked

Originally Posted by BKB Star. View Post
Also, still not sure how RVD was part of this match at all since he wasn’t officially announced to be. I don’t think the last part was necessarily needed, as after Angle left Cena, you could have just had RVD come through the crowd and nail to Five Star if you were intent on that finish. Seemed simpler and more logical, imo. Don’t think I need to comment on the Bearer/Show/Maria stuff, as I’ve already made my feelings on it perfectly clear.
Originally Posted by Paul Bearer
You have the choice, Rob. At the end of the show, we go through with both our promises; one of your fellow superstars pays the price for your stupidity an’ arrogance last week, and poor Maria an’ Dustin lose their heads. If, however, you show up for tonight’s main even’ as the third man for Team Haas & Benjamin AND, WIN, THE, MATCH, we’ll let the lovely Maria go; but if you stay away to save your comrades, the freak Dustin gets to keep on breathin’, and she suffers the same fate as dear ol’ Eugene. You remember him, righ’?


'The Anarchy Era' of our rudderless blue brand continues, as Friday Night SmackDown! explodes into Green Bay, Wisconsin with two huge, WrestleMania worthy main events scheduled following the rollercoaster ride that was last weeks chaotic instalment.

For the first time since capturing the gold back at WrestleMania XXII, 'The Rated R Superstar' Edge must defend his newly won World Heavyweight Championship against none other than perhaps the greatest superstar in the history of the WWE, The Undertaker. Stephanie McMahon dropped this huge bombshell on 'The Ultimate Opportunist' at the end of last week's show and his reaction cannot rightly be put into words. With his mind already filled with conspiracy theories, angry animals, and vengeful interim General Managers, how will our Worlds Champion be able to overcome one of, if not the most feared competitors in all professional wrestling, knowing that if he should be disqualified or counted out he will lose everything?

Speaking of The Undertaker, our second main event revolves almost entirely around the fabled 'Phenom', as the manic, the obsessed, compulsive powerhouse Bobby Lashley looks to earn himself another shot at The Deadman by doing a 'little' favour for a certain Shane O' Mac. The favour? Simple enough really. Just take out the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in SmackDown! history in the shape of 'The Animal' Batista, the man who Batista Bombed Shane a mere two weeks ago. The risk is worth it though, as the allure of victory is too much even for Lashley to ignore, for standing on the horizon is the prospect of a rematch with a legend ... with any stipulation he chooses. The greatest 'Clash Of The Titans' in the history of Friday Nights is upon us.

After the sickening assault we witnessed last week, it will come as no surprise to everyone that Matt Hardy has been ruled out of action indefinitely and will not be in Green Bay this week. One man who will, however, is Green Bay's own, the man responsible for the heinous attack on young Hardy, the incumbent Mr. Kennedy. Will the arrogant loudmouth finally provide us with some insight into his jealousies, or will we be left with yet more questions ... questions?

Keep an eye out also for our United States and Cruiserweight Champions, Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble respectively, as they both look to bounce back from their unsuccessful run at the WWE Tag Team Championship last week. Mysterio battles the dangerous Irishman Finlay, the man who inexplicably attacked Batista last week during his match with Booker T, whilst Jamie Noble, no doubt under the watchful gaze of 'The Notorious K.I.D', will combat the athleticism of former Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera. With tag team champions The Bluebloods also scheduled to appear, more anarchy seems all but guranteed in Wisconsin.

All that and more on Friday Night SmackDown!, 9/8CT on the CW.

Confirmed Matches:

Non-Title Match | Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay

Non-Title Match | Jamie Noble vs. Juventud Guerrera

Eight-Man Tag Team Match | The Hooligans & The Mexicools vs. MNM & The Basham Brothers

For Bobby Lashley's Rematch With The Undertaker | Bobby Lashley vs. Batista

World Heavyweight Championship | Edge vs. The Undertaker
*If Edge is counted out or disqualified, he will LOSE the title*


'Edge Of Seventeen'


SmackDown! will be posted tomorrow.
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