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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

An awesome show, bud, one of the best I've ever read. I'll definately be dropping you a full review later. It was ace. Do you think you could PM when Raw is up?
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

heyman deciple's RAW REVIEW

Bischoff promo: This was a good way to open the show, solid promo.

Eugene vs. Helms: I was glad to see Helms get the win. I was never much of a Eugene fan.

Edge & Lita promo: Good interview, it did a good job of setting up the next match.

Edge vs. Haas: Good match, I really thought Haas would score the upset. but Still a good match.

Vince-Shawn segment: Good segment, I look foward to seeing what happens next.

Mixed Tag Match: Good mixed tag, I thought Carlito & Victoria were going to get the win. Glad I was wrong. Good win for Flair & Trish.

Shelton Benjamin Interview: Good interview with Shelton, It was good seeing Shelton show a little personality.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Danny Basham: Good match with Shelton getting the win.

Striker Promo: This was good, I thought you did a nice job of capturing Striker's teacher gimmick.

Big Show vs. Triple H: Solid match, Triple H got the win.

Cena vs. Angle: This was great, I was so happy to see Angle win the title.

This was a real good show, I give it 7 out of 10.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Raw Review

Bischoff Segment: Good to see that you've cancelled New Year's Revolution, rather than simply rushing into it like some would have done. The cancellation was pulled off storyline wise as well, with Bischoff coming across incredibly nasty and heelish here. It's always a good way to push heels by having them go at poor little Eugene and you did that well here with Bischoff.

Gregory Helms vs. Eugene: A very good match to open with here. Helms comes across as a genuinely impressive heel since he is working for Bischoff. Pinning Eugene cleanly was the right result, but I hope that you are not going to have Helms feuding with Rosey, because that would be a bit of a waste of Helms' potential in my opinion.

Edge/Lita Interview: Good segment here portraying Edge's heelish nature impressively. Like you said I can't see the MITB being cashed in for a while and he will probably feud with someone up to the Rumble. Both Edge and Lita were suitably nasty and in character here, I'm sure you will have some fun with them.

Edge's Open Challenge: Nice to Charlie Haas back in your BTB, as he's one of the most underused ever. You didn't turn it into a squash match either, which was impressive. It was well written and although I'm sure you will be giving Haas a push later on, a victory for Edge was the correct result.

McMahon/HBK Segment: This was a good read with both men nicely in character. I don't think that you will just mimic the feud they just had, although HBK is facing the Spirit Squad next week so who knows. HBK going after the WWE title though is a better option.

Mixed Tag Match: The feud over the Intercontinental and Women's Championship was well progressed here in a good match. So Carlito and Flair are feuding over the Gold, which will not bring out many great matches but certainly gives you the opportunity for some great promos and interviews.

Shelton Benjamin Interview: This was good and in character and it looks as though, at last, you are giving Shelton the push he so richly deserves. If he defeats Basham tonight and progresses into the Royal Rumble then later in the year I hope that you will lift him beyond the IC level and into the Main Event.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Danny Basham: A good win for Shelton here in a good match that was, come on admit it , a plain squash match. Benjamin is the one being pushed, and not Basham. I'm not complaining though, as big Shelton derserves it.

Matt Striker Segment: I never get tired of this guy really. His segments are very funny and you captured that well here with some nice insults to the locals. I'll be interested to see how you use him in terms of feuds and in-ring.

Triple H vs. Big Show: A very good match here. MOTN thus far. This feud does have some basis to it, especially with Kane getting involved as well, but I reckon that you will push Triple H into the WWE Championship soon anyway. The match itself was very impresseive and the DQ finish, with Triple H not caring, was a perfect ending.

John Cena Rap: Wow, you clearly spent time to come up with this rap, so I'm going to give you a lot of credit for it. Well done

First Blood Match: With the WWE title on the line this match stole the show. You captured Angle's intensity well all the way through, but I was still extremely shocked to see Angle capture the title on Raw. I'll be very interested to see whether you end the Cena/Angle feud now or continue it.

Overall: One of the best shows I've read in a long time. The spelling, grammar and structure was all superb, and your initial booking looks to be on song as well. This BTB has real, real potential to be even better than your last one so keep it going!

9 Out Of 10 - Top Notch!
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Raw Review:

Great way to open the show with Bischoff threatening to cancel the show. Only thing, it could have went a little longer. As for the opening match, it's good to see that you're using Helms in a good way. Edge's interview was very much in character and got right to the point.

Hass is back, but unfortunately things don't go as well as planned for Hass, as Edge makes quick work of him. Nice use of the three men commentary, I might add. Very strong promo from Vince and Michaels, and next week we'll see probably The Spirit Squad appear in this thread. So far, good show.

The tag match was good and somehow avoided the feeling of just being a filler match. I must say, you got the booking from that time period down to a T! Looks like Shelton is finally getting a push, and I like that, as the losing streak comes to an end here tonight.

Pretty long Striker promo, but it was done excellently. Striker hopefully will be used correctly here. As for The Game and Show, Show wins via DQ, and it looks like Hunter has issues with Show and now Kane.

For a person who has never did a rhyme before, it was good. As for the main event, even better. You showed a merciless Angle, and b/c of that, Angle is the NEW WWE Champion! What a way to end the first Raw of the Year! Looking forward to the upcoming shows leading up to the Royal Rumble! 1!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Deadman's Raw Review:

Bischoff didn't get much time tonight but it just seems this was here to throw his power around. Eugene vs. Helms, guess it's ok but I don't know if the No DQ is really necessary. Guess it was only used for Rosey to come in and get beaten down, so that's fine.

Edge sounded like himself though maybe another line or two from him would have helped as this seemed a little too short to my liking. Can't really think of anyone right now that would accept the challenge.

Not too keen on Haas losing as it's his return match, maybe he should have fought someone else other than be fed to Edge tonight. Edge could have fought probably someone other than Haas.

Confusing promo as both men were in character but I thought the feud began a week before this. So all this "Hell" would have just began. I'm guessing the Spirit Squad is fighting HBK next week but let's hope this won't be a longterm thing like real life was.

A Flair/Carlito program seems as if it's going to continue up after this match for the title while Mickie/Trish seems like it's coming after Ashley/Mickie argued about something.

I'm mixed on this promo, it was fine and as we know, Shelton doesn't talk much but at least you tried. It was just kinda decent. Nothing really to it other than hyping himself up really.

Benjamin breaks his streak that lasted for a few weeks if I can remember correctly. Decent win but I do see him heading back towards the IC title possibly soon maybe joining in with Flair and Carlito?

Striker's segemnt was good and of course, you know I'm a fan of him so pushing him is gold to me. I guess he's going to be getting a slow push (kinda like I did with him) getting wins over lower midcarders first.

I thought Big Show won at first whenver I see winner Big Show, so maybe start putting Winner via DQ, etc. Kane coming in had to happen and really, I'm wondering where both men go from here.

Meh, the rap was fine but some things were repeated and some things didn't sound like Cena. We get an all out war tonight for the main event and didn't expect a new champion tonight to be honest. Caught me completely and funny, I crowned Angle the new WWE Champion the same Raw except mine was in a Steel Cage! But anyways, nice way to end the show and a good way to start the thread off with.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview January 6th, 2006

Tonight, Friday Night Smackdown plows into Syracuse New York, looking to give Syracuse a night to remember. A number one contender's over the top rope battle royal. It is a chance of a lifetime, with this being a 12 person battle royal, and it includes some of the best on Smackdown, but all that has been confirmed is The Undertaker, Chris Benoit, JBL, and Randy Orton whom has been on hiatus, and has a spot if he appears for this battle royal. This doesn't mean the superstars won't compete earlier in the show, as matches are in line for both JBL and Chris Benoit this week on Smackdown.

Chris Benoit faces his nemesis, Booker T, in a non title confrontation. Booker T stole the United States Championship a few weeks back, and now Chris Benoit gets a chance at revenge, but the US Title is not on the line. Benoit and Booker have history together, and tonight they collide once more, to find out who is the better man. Chris Benoit could come into the main event with momentum, or he could come into it without any at all.

John Bradshaw Layfield goes up against his current adversary, one of several, Matt Hardy whom he faced and defeated at Armageddon. Matt Hardy has made a major impact coming to Smackdown, and he looks to possibly sneak his way past JBL here, and take a win he thinks he deserves, and many fans want him to win. JBL is a millionaire, a stock broker, and a self proclaimed `Wrestling God', will he come out on top, or will Hardy win this battle?

Juventud part of The Mexicools, has been on a mission since Armageddon to regain the Cruiserweight Championship. And The Mexicools tag team of Psicosis and Super Crazy, have been on a mission to solidify themselves as big time contenders, and challengers for the Tag Titles. On Smackdown this week, its Simon Dean, and The Dicks facing off against tag team The Mexicools with Juventud, Psicosis, and Super Crazy. Will The Mexicools prove their the real deal? Or will they be proven to be a big joke?

And The Animal, Batista, will be in action on Smackdown, and we also will see appearances from MNM, Kid Kash, Lashley, and so many more. Friday Night Smackdown comes on at 8/7 central on Friday Night, don't miss it, its going to be a Smackdown to remember..

Thanks for all the Raw reviews btw, and Smackdown will be up probably by Monday.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Great preview, Deadman, Smackdown is shaping up to be just as good as your excellent Raw!
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

WWE: RAW – January 2nd – Review
The cancellation of New Year’s Revolution becoming a mini-storyline of Bischoff drawing heat was nice. However, I believe that Bischoff should have talked more about that topic. But anyway, Eugene and his crew’s appearance was quite a surprise, and Helms vs. Eugene would be good, but only for Helms to build some momentum, I guess.

Nice match to kick off the action of RAW, although it seemed like a squash match. Anyway, I I like that you are doing Helms vs. Rosey angle, and I believe you could do it better than what WWE produced.

As everyone stated, I’d also like to point out that Edge seems focus, but where is his cocky attitude and the jokes he makes towards the interviewers? Anyway, it’d be interesting to see who accepts Edge’s open challenge later on tonight.

Surprised to see Haas debuting on RAW now because in the real WWE, he debuted in April, but that’s not a problem anyway. I’d also like to say what KOP said that Edge should’ve faced someone else rather than Haas, but in actual fact, it was Haas’ debut match, and he needed the victory.

Looks like Shawn will be facing the Spirit Squad next week. It’ll be interesting to see who you book as the winner because Spirit Squad will be the debutants, while at the other hand, Shawn would need some momentum. So let’s see what you’ve booked as the winner of that one. The promo itself was good, not special though, but that really hyped the saga between McMahon and Michaels.

Now, this match looked a total squash, but I know that it wasn’t in actual fact. It’s just that Carlito hardly did anything in this match, and he was totally dominated by Ric, so that match SEEMED like a squash, but it was not. Hopefully next time you’ll write your matches in a well-descriptive way.

Shelton’s promo looked nice to me, and I’d love to see him getting a push in this thread because he’s really one of the greatest talent in the WWE. Brandon, when I read the topic of the match (Shelton vs. Danny), I thought it’d be another squash look-a-like match, but thank God it wasn’t. Ya know, I’m really looking forward to what you do with Shelton.

Matt Striker’s promo is really the best promo of the night man. You really captured his character well, and this promo was thoroughly enjoyed by me, but the million-dollar question is that what will be Striker doing next week?

Oh, yes, Big Show won via DQ, so you didn’t explain that at all. Anyway, Kane and Big Show forming a tag team just like what real WWE did would be okay, but nothing special, and nothing original though.

You know Brandon, I’ve always liked John Cena in that character. He was gold when he was cutting raps, wearing chains, etc. And I’m glad that you are bringing that John Cena back in your thread. However, the rap was nothing special and it had repetitive words, but when I see that this was your first time, I think that you did a nice job. Anyway, the match after it was solid, and Angle becoming the NEW WWE Champion came out of nowhere, so that’s a major surprise, and surprises are good, ya know.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

I just wanted to point out some things, one thanks for the review Hataf, I really appeciate it. But I wanted to say this, a lot of people don't realize Edge wasn't as cocky, nor talked the way he did to the interviewers as much, or at all back at the start of 06 before a title reign. And also Hataf, Big Show and Kane are already a tag team, they actually are already the champs, they were a tag team way before tonight. Figured I'd point them out, cause a lot of people said that about the Edge thing, all good. You seemed to enjoy the show, so thats cool, thats all for now, and SD might be up Sunday at the rate I am working at.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

smackdown looks to be great, the battle royal should be great in particular with so many big names in it

booker & benoit was a great feud and it brings the best out of benoit so i'm looking forward to that in addition to jbl & matt hardy aswell. i love matt at the minute and i think he could go far with a win over jbl

it's a great preview and you've really sold the 6 man cruiserweight match well too, highlighting juvi. i'm glad you've kept simon dean in too, he's a great character
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