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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Deadman, nice news. I can't wait for RAW bro. Let me know when it's up.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Monday Night Raw:

January 2nd; Albany New York:

Opening Video


Joey Styles:
Welcome everyone, I am Joey Styles, and welcome to Monday Night Raw! I am here alongside The Coach and The King, and a lot of things have went down over the weekend guys, and lets talk about them.

Jerry Lawler: Joey, New Year's Revolution is CANCELLED! That’s crazy, and Mr. McMahon has made a great show for us tonight, but its still sad to see NYR being cancelled I was looking forward to it.

Jonathan Coachman: Boy's, tonight's bigger and better then ever! And I mean that, Big Show versus The Game a week out of The Game breaking Big Show's hand with his sledgehammer. John Cena versus Kurt Angle in a first blood match for the WWE Title, and so much more!

**I'm Back** hits, and out comes Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff to a enormous amount of heat, but Eric has a huge smirk on his face whilst making his usual entrance to the ring and as the boo's got louder his smirk got wider. Eric comes up the steel steps, and right into the ring, with a typical heel pose to garner more heat towards himself. Bischoff picks up a microphone.

Eric Bischoff: What’s wrong? Are you people mad that they're no New Year's Revolution this year ... you guys sad that we're not coming here this Sunday?


Eric Bischoff:
(fake frown) Well sorry to say ... I don't care!

Huge Heat

Eric Bischoff:
You see, I am one of the few personally responsible to have New Year's Revolution cancled ... and do you want to know why?


Eric Bischoff:
Because Albany ... kinda sucks.

HUGE Heat from the crowd after the cheap remark towards them and Bischoff just laughs

Eric Bischoff:
I never wanted to come here for New Year's Revolution ... I had that cancelled. And I didn't have the choice to come here tonight for Raw ... so I am going to cancel that to. Raw .. IS CANCELLED!

HUGE HEAT the crowd is very much into this and hating Bischoff a lot

Eric Bischoff:
Go home. Good bye, adios. Raw is cancelled, start going home, there is no show anymore ... because Raw is not going to be shown in Albany, not on my watch...

**Child's Play** hits, and Eugene comes out waving his hands alongside his `friend's` Goldust and Snitsky. Eugene gets a decent pops and his freaky friends also do, and Bischoff shakes his head in disbelief not happy his nephew has come out. Eugene slides into the ring jumping up and down, and Snitsky & Goldust slide into the ring to stand alongside Eugene.

Eric Bischoff: Eugene? What in the hell are you doing out here? Raw is cancelled tonight, scram, go to the back and pack your bags ... and take those freaks with you.

Snitsky and Goldust take offense to that, and Eugene all of a sudden pulls the mic towards himself

But .. But, Uncle Eric! You can't cancel Raw .. dat would be mean.

Small reaction for Eugene here

Eric Bischoff:
Eugene .. you know what would be really mean?

Eugene shakes his head

Eric Bischoff:
What would be mean ... is me doing what I should of done a long time ago, FIRING YOU!

Heat towards Bischoff for that

Eric Bischoff:
But you see Eugene, that would be if I was mean. I'm not mean Eugene ... I'm your friend. And you know what Eugene, I've decided Raw will still go on here tonight, because I'm not such a mean guy..

Pop from the crowd but most everyone is confused

Eric Bischoff:
And since we have no match to open the show, since I am such a nice guy Eugene, I'm going to give you a match. Eugene I will give you a match against the one and only ... the new and improved ... your hero, Gregory Helms.

Eugene jumps up and down clapping, and the crowd gives Heat, whilst Snitsky and Goldust don't look to pleased

Eric Bischoff: And since this is such a special match, I don't think you'll need Snitsky, or Goldust out here. Thats why I'd like them to go..

Snitsky and Goldust shake their heads signaling no to a pop

Eric Bischoff:
or if you two Goldust, Snitsky, don't go... then you two .. YOUR FIRED! (large heat) But that won't be a problem, I've got people coming out here to help you guys to the back, oh yeah Eugene I forgot. This match, is a no disqualification match.

**Fire Storm** blasts over the PA, and Gregory Helms comes out to loud heat smirking. Security follows in front of him and they make their way down to the ring quickly, and as soon as they do Goldust and Snitsky know what to do. And they follow security out with them surrounded, and Helms rolls into the ring very cockily, and Eric chuckles as he leaves knowing what he has done to his nephew.

Match #1
No Disqualifications
Eugene vs. Gregory Helms

This is one of the rather short matches that have been seen, and Gregory Helms dominates all of this match almost all of it anyway. We pick up towards the end of the match, about 5 minutes in, and we see Helms stomping on Eugene who is crawling around the ring away from his opponent. Gregory plants Eugene with a hard kick to the sternum, causing him to roll over, and the crowd gives heat. Gregory rolls to the outside and folds one of the folding chairs, and slides back into the ring. Helms bangs it off the mat, and he positions himself with his back towards the entrance ramp, awaiting Eugene to get up and the referee can't do anything since this is a no disqualification match. Out of no where Gregory Helms former sidekick, and his former partner/friend Rosey comes out to a pop.

Eugene gets onto one knee looking to turn around, and Rosey comes into the ring. Helms notices his adversary coming in, and turns around and connects with the chair to the skull of Rosey. Rosey is now flat out of it, and Helms points at the down Rosey telling him to mind his own business, and suddenly Eugene comes up from behind and rolls up Helms. Eugene only gets a late two count, and Gregory pushes him off, and shoots right up off the mat immediately. Eugene gets up on one knee getting up, and Helms spins around and bounces off the ropes, and sprints over towards Eugene to connect with his finishing move The Shinning Wizard! The crowd gives heat as Rosey now who had taken the chair shot falls to the floor, and Helms hooks the leg of Eugene for the 1 .. 2 .. 3!!

Winner: Gregory Helms

**Fire Storm**
plays, and the crowd boos as Helms poses to his music. The referee goes to raise Helms air, but he scares the referee away before he gets a chance. Gregory walks out of the ring and goes up the ramp with a smile on his face, and after half way up he turns around to see Rosey awakening off the floor staring and pointing at him. Rosey gets to his feet and slides into the ring to see if Eugene's ok, and Helms turns his back making it all the way to the back, and Rosey & Helms glance at each other one last time before we cut to the back.

Backstage, we see Todd Grisham alongside Edge and Lita awaiting to do an interview.

Todd Grisham: Welcome, I am Todd Grisham, and I am here right now alongside Mr. Monday in the bank, Edge!


Todd Grisham: Edge, coming up next you have your open challenge coming up, where anyone can accept. I don't know, but wouldn't you be worried about who could accept?

Edge: The question is Todd, who in their right mind would accept a challenge from me?


Really .. who is dumb enough to go after my baby, he'll rearrange they're face, and send them back to where they're coming from.

Edge: That’s damn right hunny, so Todd go find all the guys in the locker room, and ask them all a question? Do they have the balls to step up to me and face me? I bet when I go out there tonight no one will be out there to accept my challenge. And Todd before you ask me `why` the answer is, because everyone's afraid of me, that is because I am Mr. Money in the Bank!


Todd Grisham:
Ok then ... Edge, they're is one question that has been on everyone's mind as of late, and that is when will you cash in that briefcase, and go after the WWE Championship?

Edge: Todd, soon enough I will cash this baby in, and like my opponent tonight ... when I accept my right to a World Title Shot, my opponent will have no chance at beating me. I am waiting for the right time to answer all your prayers, and answer them by becoming a World Champion. And I never lie Todd, so you .. can BANK ON THAT!

The crowd gives large heat to Edge, and he leaves along with his girlfriend Lita, as we cut to our first commercial break.


Match #2
Edge's Open Challenge
Edge vs. ???

We cut back from commercial to see Edge waiting in the ring, pumping himself up for his matchup, and then out of no where music we have heard before hits, and Charlie Haas makes his way out to a good crowd response seemingly having been released earlier this year from Smackdown, but having returned to Raw now instead. Haas flies into the ring and the match begins, and in which is a very competitive match, but Edge seemingly kept it at his pace and had somewhat control all the way in the match. Towards the end, Edge takes full control of the match, and has Charlie down in a sleeper hold.

But Charlie begins fighting, and the crowd starts clapping and stomping building up Haas. Charlie slowly comes up to his feet with Edge holding the sleeper in still, and all of a sudden on his feet Haas continuously elbows Mr. MITB in the chest, knocking the wind out of him and breaking the hold. Charlie runs towards the ropes, and bounces back off them, only for Edge to try and catch him with a clothesline, but Hass goes past him. Charlie comes back at Edge, and nails him with a shoulder tackle taking him down. Haas turns another direction and shoots off the ropes again, and hurdles over Edge, but as he flies past Edge pops up. Edge starts calling for the spear, and Haas shoots back off the ropes, to receive a SPEAR from Edge! Haas is done, and Edge scurries over for the cover, seeking victory and he gets it with the 1 ... 2 ... 3!

Winner: Edge

begins playing, and Edge has won the match. The crowd boos wanting to see Haas win, but he couldn't mount a comeback in the match, though giving a valiant effort. The referee goes to raise Edge's hand, but Mr. Money in the Bank refuses it and throws his hand away, before stepping to the outside and leaving with victory tonight, and Haas' WWE return didn't run to smoothly.

Joey Styles: Haas gave it his all, but it just wasn't enough against Edge.

Jonathan Coachman: Because Haas is well ... Haas, and Edge is Edge Joey. Edge is better then Haas on his best day, and by the looks tonight I am even better then Haas, so maybe he should leave again with his tail between his legs like he did on Smackdown earlier this year.

Joey Styles: Haas did well tonight Coach, give him some credit, and you surely can't really believe your better then Charlie?

Jonathan Coachman: I believe all I say Joey, I'm the Coach, and Haas didn't get the job done tonight ... and I can get the job done in the ring. I was so close at Taboo Tuesday to defeating Batista, so yeah Joey ... I am better then Charlie.

Joey Styles: (rolls eyes) Sure partner .... maybe in your dreams.

The commentators are cut off, as we cut to the back where we see Mr. McMahon sitting at his desk, twiddling his thumbs seemingly waiting for something, and all of a sudden Shawn Michaels bursts into the office not looking pleased, and Vince stands up seemingly have been waiting for HBK.

Mr. McMahon: Ah ... Welcome Shawn to my office, the office of one of the greatest men alive tod-

Shawn Michaels: I came here to talk to you, not for you to talk to me, so let me talk ... thanks.

Vince doesn't look pleased, but he turns his back to HBK, and plops back down into his chair.

Shawn Michaels: Vince, I've dealt with this quite awile. Each and every week, you just keep adding a new stipulation, new opponent trying to keep The Showstopper down ... but it hasn't stopped me from using his boot (points at boot) and knocking each and every one of my opponents Vince.

Vince spins around in his chair turning away from HBK cracking his knuckles

Shawn Michaels:
Now Vince .. love me or hate me. All of these guys have learned to respect me. And I have come here right here right now Vince ... to demand my due respect, and I want to move on to better things then dealing with you, such as going after the WWE Championship.

Vince spins around immediately at the sound of that, and stands up getting into HBK's face as tension builds

Mr. McMahon:
Shawn ... I'm afraid there is no chance, in my lifetime, that you will EVER again receive a WWE Title Shot.

Shawn Michaels: Well Vince ... with that age creeping up on you ... I guess i'll be getting that title shot sooner then later then.

Vince looks very annoyed before turning his head away for a moment before suddenly turning back viciously...

Mr. McMahon:

The crowd boos and Vince adjusts and sits back down into his comfortable chair

Mr. McMahon:
You've got a better chance of going to heaven Shawn, then getting a WWE Championship, and after what you've done over your career ... might I say its very unlikely that you'll ever make it there.

Crowd gives heat at the cheap shot at HBK once more[b]

Mr. McMahon: You know what Shawn, you've got guts, you've got balls. And you've got an ego, Shawn I’ll tell you this, I do respect what you've done for the WWE and I respect you in a way for that. For that, I am giving you the night off. But Shawn, next week on Raw ... your going to compete. Next week I will personally make sure that you get ... exactly what you deserve. And Shawn next week .. you'll meet a group of men, who will give you more spirit then you can handle. And Shawn since you have the night off ... you can leave now.

Shawn Michaels: Vince I told you once before ... but I guess I’ll tell you again. If your going to take me down ... well Vince I’m going to take each and every one of your people and even you with me. And I'll ... I'll be going out in a blaze of glory. Remember that Vince for next week ... because your going to regret it for the rest of your life if you do.

HBK pats Vince on the chest before walking out, seemingly very annoyed with Vince, and with a mission now it seems. Vince doesn't look pleased, and sits far back in his chair, knowing HBK's on to his plans for next week that sounded very fishy. Vince laughs out, and chuckles to himself something, before answering his phone and getting into a conversation as we fade to commercial break...


Match #3
Mixed Tag Team Match
Carlito & Victoria vs. Ric Flair & Trish Stratus w/ Mickie James and Ashley

Looking as a `Champion's vs. Challengers` type of match, with the Women's and Intercontinental Champion working together, against Victoria and Carlito. The match goes on for a decent period of time, most of it solid, but towards the end of the match we see Carlito and Ric Flair lock up in the centre of the ring off of hot tags from their lady partners. Carlito sprints across the ring at the 16 time World Champion, and Flair catches Carlito off guard with a stiff chop taking him off his feet. Carlito gets up rather fast, but Ric smoothly moves behind him as he gets up, stalking him per say. CCC is on all fours now , and Flair chop blocks Carlito taking his leg out! The crowd pops, and Flair struts stylin` and profilin`!The crowd is pumped, and Ric stops in mid step before lookin around at the crowd, and by the look of his mouth movements he signaled `Woo!'. Crowd goes through a 'WOO!' together in the crowd, and Flair continues moving around following up on his last leg chop.

Carlito slowly arises off the mat, trying to re-establish his composure, but as soon as he reaches his feet he gets ambushed seemingly from behind by Flair. Ric comes back at him knocking him down on one knee with a shoulder to his back. Flair immediately goes into position, and lifts Carlito into position for a shin breaker, before connecting with it knocking the leg out of CCC, and taking him off his feet. We see Victoria jump into the ring, after a long rest on the apron, but only to recieve an Air Canada from Trish who immediately jumped off the ropes and at Victoria. Ric Flair turns a moment, but then goes back looking over Carlito, before `Woo'ing' again, and grabbing hold of his leg and lifting it up. Flair kicks the back of the knee multiple times, and the leg itself even elbowing it once. Ric signals out for the Figure Four Leg Lock, and spins the leg doing the usual motions, before locking in the Figure Four! Albany is on its feet, and Carlito looks to have no chance, after the extensive work on his leg/knee. Carlito tries to reverse it, but its no good, and Flair continues adding on pressure for a good 20 to 30 seconds. But in the end CCC taps out giving Flair and Trish the victory!

Winner: Ric Flair & Trish Stratus

**Space Odysessy 3000**
hits, and Flair keeps the hold on for an extra second, before breaking off and having his arm raised high and his IC Title handed to him. Ric Flair celebrates, and Trish joins him after getting off Victoria, and the duo is joined by Mickie James and Ashley on the outside who were in an arguement about something it seems until the match was over. Flair looks as if he's the luckiest man in the WWE at the moment, while celebrating with the three beautiful women, as Carlito rolls out of the ring and limps his way to the ramp as Victoria rakes through her hair.

Backstage, we see Shelton Benjamin alongside Maria, who is about to interview him before his match which is coming up soon.

Maria: Hi everyone, I am Maria (blows kisses at the tv screen), and I am here tonight with the one and only .. Shelton Benjamin!

Mixed Reaction

Maria: Now, Shelton. Tonight you have a chance to break your losing streak ... ummm and well gain back some dignity, what do you say?

Shelton Benjamin: What do I say Maria? I am here to gain back whats mine ... my pride, my dignity, my self respect. Shelton Benjamin has been ... a loser. Now this isn't the real me ... this isn't the real, true, great Shelton Benjamin you know. Shelton Benjamin was a name you held high, it was a name you knew as ... one of the best wrestlers in the WWE. And where is it now ... in the dirt. Its been tarnished, I was given an opportunity when I first came to Raw, and I used it to my advantage by defeating Triple H three straight times ... who has beaten Triple H three times in a row Maria?

Maria: Umm ... well I don't know, I don't think any Shelton.

Shelton Benjamin: My point exactly. So lets take a look ... Shelton Benjamin use to be a name held in high respects. Back then ... I was on the verge of the being THE marquee player of Monday Night Raw, now I am THE marquee player ... of Heat. Tonight Maria, Benjamin's going to be a thorn in Basham's side, Tonight The Benjamin .. is BACK. And betta then eva, I am nobody's b*tch, Maria, and Danny tonight ... your MY b*tch!

Shelton walks off, to a decent reaction from the crowd, mostly a mixed one, but partially towards the cheering side after this short and sweet promo we cut to another commercial.


Match #4
Danny Basham vs. Shelton Benjamin

We comeback from commercial, seemingly 3/4 minutes through this match, but thats most of this match anyhow. This is a highly competitve matchup, not a squash at all, but basically a new character build for Shelton seemingly and his losing streak could potentially here take a whole new turn low, or it could end. Shelton and Danny don't have much chemistry, but at the very end of the match Danny sets up for a Darkness DDT one of his finishers, but Benjamin uses his open hand and hits Basham in the ribs a few times. The crowd starts getting into Benjamin's comeback here, and Shelton reverses out of the reverse DDT position, and nails Basham in the ribs again. Danny lets go of Shelton's head, and slowly moves back holding his stomach, and bounces back off the ropes, and comes back off momentum quickly and Benjamin scoops him right up into a T-Bone Suplex! The crowd pops for Benjy, and he gets the three count, ending his losing streak!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

**Ain't No Stopping Me**
begins to start playing on the PA, and the crowd gives a nice response for Shelton, seemingly having gotten into the win for Benjamin who played a great role tonight ... mainly looking to be turning face. Benjamin lets the referee raise his hand, but doesn't let him hold it up fully, showing still a heelness to his persona, and he doesn't pose much, before he goes to the back.

We cut backstage, and we hear **Your Teacher**, and school plays blasting as we cut into a `classroom` like asylum in the back. All of a sudden Matt Striker walks into the picture to a medium sum of heat, with his ever so unforgetful smile on his face, looking straight at the fans it looked as. A teachers desk was behind him, and he began to speak.

Matt Striker: Hello all my Students. This is your teacher, Matt Striker!


Matt Striker: Tonight, I have a lesson for each and every one of you WWE and Monday Night Raw fans. And that, is about violence. On Raw, and in the WWE you see ... a lot of violence. Most of you use derogatory words, most of you cuss, and most of you don't even bathe. You people are typical as people have called you "Trailer Trash".


Matt Striker: This lesson is about many things. And I hope all of you ... (points at the screen) yes you listen to what I have to say. Most of you cannot see past your own lives, your to self obsorbed. You people need to be knocked right back into reality, and well thats why I am here. I am your teacher, I am here to guide you down the right path, and thats why I have this ... (shows a book) `Striking Reality' a book, but let me repeat myself first this is one of the things non of you have ever seen, its a b .. o .. o .. k.

Heat from the crowd as Striker was speaking slow and nastily towards them

Matt Striker: But this is like no other book, its the best, and as your teacher I have an obligation to show it to you. And what do you know students ... the author of this book, is your teacher .. Matt Striker.

More heat for this, with annoying the crowd as `Boring` chants break out, but Striker cannot hear them obviously..

Matt Striker: You see, you people need more help then I can just give you in simply a few minutes. I will emulate what I did today ... each and every week my students, until we see a change. Until you people get a knock into reality, thats why I suggest you go to WWEShop.com, and buy my book ... `Striking Reality'. And well, some of you have already been `knocked in reality', or literally 'knocked' someone up, or knocked someone into reality per say. But this book will teach you, to stop being self obsorbed, to get up out of your seats, it will teach you to become ... successful, just like your teacher, Matt Striker.

Matt Striker: But this book also teaches you, to handle yourselves. You see, this lesson is mainly about violence, and the lesson of this book is that violence ... never solves anything, it only makes things worse. Violence doesn't solve problems, Violence is the problem. I will take you back into reality with this book, and I will teach you how to handle your anger, how to help yourself. But the only person that can help you with your anger issues, your cussing issues, your self obsorbed realities. I may not be able to relate, because I've never had any of those realities, I've never been the one with anger issues, or the cussing issues, and of course there is no chance that a teacher of this stature is self obsorbed.

A large amount of heat comes in this time around..

Matt Striker: I firmly believe, that if you people do the right thing, and order my book ... you will conquer your reality. You will get off your couch, and go get a job. Thats how inspiring it is. This book, will teach you how to control your anger, how to ... face reality. Because students, this is the real world after all. This book will teach you something, if you just read, and if you can't read ... we have videocassettes of my voice that can be also purchased ... but it will cost much more money. Because if you heard a picture can say a thousand words? Well students, one phrase, one moment, one second of hearing me speak ... will bring you back to reality, it will increase your knowledge, and it will mean more then a thousand works.

**Your Teacher** hits, and the bell begins blasting..

Matt Striker: Ah, thats the bell. Students thats all for today. But in my last message to you, I hope I have gotten through to you. I will be back to help you out more next week, but for now after all this work I need some rest, it drains me so much to be teaching so many of my students at the same time. Till next week ... be well, read my book, and face your reality ... because you need to listen to your teachers directions, especially from the most famous teacher of them that is ... your teacher .. Matt Striker!

We cut out here as Striker finishes off his comment and smiles again into the camera, and we fade again to another commercial break

**Commercial Break**

Joey Styles: Welcome back to Raw, and what a show its been so far, from that horrible start with Eric Bischoff to that huge losing streak breaking win for Shelton Benjamin Coach!

Jonathan Coachman: Eric Bischoff was great, and Shelton Benjamin looks to be selling out to his people, but I can't say for sure now we'll see about that. The show's been good so far, and next we're going to see Triple H versus The Big Show!

Joey Styles: Thats huge Coach, and thats going to be sick. The Game versus The Largest Athlete in the business today! And its all coming up very shortly.

Jonathan Coachman: We won't be waiting much longer Joey, and its going to be fire works galore..

**Time To Play The Game** hits, and "The Game" Triple H walks out to huge heat from the crowd, with a large smile on his face after what he pulled last week. Out of no where we see The Big Show come out of the wood work, with a cast on his hand, and a pissed off look on his face. HHH isn't even halfway down the entrance ramp with his incredibly long entrance going to plan, but Show messes up his plans hitting him with his hand cast to the back of his head. The crowd pops and HHH slowly falls down onto his knee, and Big Show gets him by his hair and pulls him down the rest of his entrance, and throws him into the ring before coming in himself up the steel steps and right over the top rope.

Match #5
Big Show vs. Triple H

This looks to be a very brutal intense contest, and both men give it their all. HHH is on the losing end of this contest for the most part, with Show utilizing his broken hand cast as a weapon. This match goes on for a decent amount of time, but most of the onslaught from Show is with his cast very much trying to show the effect that he's really injured badly there, and HHH keeps coming back with a big attack ... but keeps getting shot down. Towards the end of the match, HHH gets knocked out with a clothesline coming at him, not being able to keep much control of the pace of the match. Out of no where Triple H rolls out of the ring and goes under the ring looking for something, and Show slowly walks over in control still, and puts his arm out down to pull him out. HHH comes out from under the ring and Show tries to pull him up, but The Game nails Big Show with the sledge hammer!

Winner: Big Show

The Game smirks, and shows off his trusty sledgehammer, and the referee calls for the bell. Triple H throws his sledge hammer in the ring, and rolls in, and Show steps up off one knee .. only falling onto one knee from the sledgehammer shot. Big Show rises up off the knee, only to recieve a sledge hammer shot right into the sternum! The crowd boos, and Triple H raises the sledgehammer like a trophy, and he raises it up to slam it over Big Show's back until ... *Explosion* and then ...**Slow Chemical** hits, to a burst of pops from the crowd and Kane makes his way down to the ring, and The Game hitails it knowing he can't beat both mammoth's at once. Kane slides into the ring and stares at The Game, pointing at him. Big Show doesn't look in a good condition, but rises up and stares at HHH, but continues to hold his ribs in much pain it seems. And as Kane's music plays over again, we get a final glimpse of HHH, and Show doesn't look good at all as we cut to our final commercial break.


We return to see **My Time is Now** playing, and John Cena out in the centre of the ring, mic in hand, looking to do something he hasn't done in a very long time ... rap.

John Cena: Albany I've got a story for you..
And it all eclipses tonight.

This story starts off with Eric Bischoff and his pride..
That I had taken and beaten up ... he had nothing left inside.

He brought in another cronie to take out the champ
But Bischoff didn't realize I'd knock him straight back up the ramp

No one can stop me ... no one can beat me.
Because Bischoff as everyone knows none of them can see me.

Month's on end ... you sent Kurt after my title
But in the end the same result came ... John Cena retaining and keeping the title.

This never ending scenario keeps going on, and tonight I'm in the same situation this time to draw blood.
And Bischoff after I knock Kurt back into reality ... i'll put you where you belong, in the dirt and mud.

I'm tired of defending this title against Kurt ....
I keep having to raise my title up so much because I keep the gold ... my is arm is starting to hurt.

Kurt you've got no pride ... no intregrity .. no self respect.
Your as wild as a drunken red neck.

Kurt your waisting your time ... you can't beat the champ
Why don't you just stay in the back instead of waisting your time coming down the ramp.

This is getting very tired, old, and boring Bischoff.
Thats why when I win again ... you can Piss off.

So you still can't see me ... and my time is here again.
And its all coming towards the eclispe, time is ticking away till the end ... Kurt your time is up, the match is next, your going to lose again, the only thing I hope I don't have to face you after tonight ever again.

... Word Life!! ...

The crowd pops HUGE for this, seeing a different side of Cena, as The Doctor of Thuganomics signals Word Life and he has his old pair of knuckles as well.**Medal** plays over the PA System, and John Cena's ready and throws his cap into the crowd, only with his jersey. Angle gets the classic `you suck' chants, and he makes his way down through his pyro, and straight into the ring for the main event.

Match #6
Main Event
WWE Championship
First Blood
John Cena (c) vs. Kurt Angle

A very brutal matchup, in which both men take bumps, and it goes on a good period of time .. no more then 11 minutes till now though. Cena has a good dominant command of the match, then all of a sudden Angle makes a strange comeback reversing out of the F-5 into an arm drag. Angle then locks in an arm bar, and starts the work on the arm. It goes 2 or so minutes, and the arm continuiously gets worn out, and beaten down. People wonder why, and realize he won't be able to hit the F-U without it.

Angle continues to work, and we come to the end of this epic encounter. Kurt attempts an irish whip on John into a corner, and John stops out of no where when the referee is in the way, but then Angle comes from behind and rams him into the referee taking him out. The crowd wonders whats going on, why is Kurt doing this, and many are not aware that in First Blood matches you have to not use weapons to make them bleed, or your disqualified and lose. Angle exposes one of the turnbuckles, and gets John Cena up off the mat for a moment, and takes him over into the corner with evil intensions it seems in his mind at the time.

But no one could imagine what he actually did, and he grabbed Cena's head, and hit his head off the steel exposed turnbuckle once, but he didn't bleed. The Olympian became an animal right after that, bouncing his head once more off the post, but once again no blood. Angle erupts, and begins bashing his head over and over off the turnbuckle, until finally he busts open! The crowd boos, and Angle hits the Angle Slam on Cena, whilst the referee is still out and Kurt re-attaches the turnbuckle so the official cannot do anything. Kurt Angle undoes his straps, and grabs hold of the ankle, and grapevines it quickly in the ankle lock making it impossible for Cena to get away. The referee comes back to life all of a sudden of course, and the official takes notice to the blood of Cena and calls for the bell ... we have a NEW WWE Champion!

Winner: And NEW WWE Champion Kurt Angle

plays over the PA System, and Kurt has finally beat John Cena! The commentators were speechless, they saw what happend, but no one could do anything. The referee hands off the WWE Title, and Kurt jumps up onto the 2nd rope, and poses with it, and Cena's head is gushing blood profusely ... and Kurt consumes himself in the moment not giving a damn how much blood John Cena loses. Raw heads out with Angle raising the WWE Title high, and he is now the NEW WWE Champ.

Note: I am not sure how the rap came out, never done one, so don't be to harsh heh.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Good show Deadman. I'll get a review up soon, nice rap buddy.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

This was well-written, and a good segway into the Eugene|Helms match. The segment did a good job of showing off the amount of heat Eric is able to garner, and also make use of The Freaks.

Eugene vs. Gregory Helms
Wow, Helms was a full-fledged badass tonight, wasn't he? Rosey sticks his nose where it does belong, and pays for it. Eugene trys to capitalize on the distraction, but gets nailed with The Shining Wizard instead. I'm all for putting Helms over big, but I feel like he should've probably had a little bit harder of a time out there.

Todd Grisham|Edge
Ehhh, it wasn't as convincing as it could've been IMO. Edge definitely got his points across here, but he could've been a little less straight forward. Try to throw in some witty comments or little jokes on the side. I get that he's focused, but it seemed to be more of a typical heel promo than a typical Edge promo.

Edge vs. Charlie Haas
I'm all for a surprise finish, but the way this one was written seemed as though Haas should've had time to see the move coming. I like the fact Haas had a good showing against him, but the finish was a little off IMO. It should've been something more out of nowhere. For example, Haas should've gone for a clothesline, only for it to be ducked by Edge who charges the ropes and nails him with a spear as he turns around. I think it was basically just a lack of visualization in this case, so just be a little more attentive when it comes to that.

Decent promo. It really showcased the hatred between these two well.

Carlito|Victoria vs. Flair|Stratus
Just doing match endings is the way I started off my thread, but now I've extended my matches to the full length. I'm not saying you have to do that, because it's obviously your choice and whatever works best for you, but the ending of this one made it seem like Carlito got dominated. If the reader isn't able to picture what moves Carlito actually did, it seems as though nothing ever happened in his favor, or Victoria's for that matter. With that said, it'll be interesting to see if Carlito redeems this loss. Again, even if your just writing the finish, some sort of threat that the person who's going to wind up winning might lose is always good IMO.

Maria|Shelton Benjamin
I liked this promo a lot. You did a good job with making Shelton seem completely refocused on climbing the ladder on RAW. Hopefully he'll be a major player on your show somewhere down the line.

Shelton vs. Danny Basham
I'm glad this match served more of a purpose than just getting Benjamin into The Royal Rumble. You did a good job of making it seem like the crowd wants to get behing him, but he's still not sure how he wants to handle his attitude toward them. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes from him to fully turn and embrace the cheers, if he ever does.

Matt Striker Promo
My only complaint about this one is that it probably could've been cut down a tiny bit. He repeated himself. Other than that I think you did a great job with his character. Also, you probably should've had him explain the difference between the violence he's talking about and the competition that he engages in in the ring. Very solid promo here though.

Triple H vs. The Big Show
Triple H gets dominated for the most part, loses the match, but still finds a way to escape having gotten the upper hand in this feud. Good stuff.

John Cena Rap
The whole rapping thing worked way better when he was a heel. I personally would've much rather seen a regular promo from him, and I'm sure I'm mostly alone in that sentiment. It was alright though. Nothing special, but not too bad.

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle
That was awesome; what a badass way for him to get the win. The description leading up to where we come in was well done, and the finish was good. I expect a rematch between these two, but anything can happen.

Overall Rating: 7/10
I didn't have a problem with the booking, but I feel that the promos could've been a bit better as far as doing more little things to capture their personalities. Overall I thought it was an interesting show, and I'll most likely be following this thread.

I know I'm fairly new to booking, so you don't have to take my suggestions seriously and they aren't meant to be an insult to your style or anything like that. I was just typing as I was thinking, and trying to give you my honest opinions.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

The Icon Reviews RAW 1/2

Opening Promo: This promo was decent. I thought the begining was pretty rushed and Bischoff seeme dout of charecter at first. I think you did a very good job of gaining Bisch some heel heat though.

Eugene vs. Gregory Helms: This was a nice contest with helsm getting the deserved win. My onyl problem is that you almost made Helms look too good. I think he would have had more trouble out there, especially with Rosier and all.

Edge Promo: This was pretty good. It showed that he is focused but it didn't sem like an "Edge Promo." I think he was missing his cocky attitude.

Edge vs. Charlie Haas: Edge picks up the win in a decent match. It was kindof predictable though but oh well, the better man won.

McMahon/Michaels Promo: Nice promo here from these two. It was pretty intense and it showed their biter rivalry pretty well.

Carlito/Victoria vs. Ric Flair/Trish Stratus: Nice mixed tag here. I was happy to see the faces, mostly Trish go over here. The ending was a little confussing, when it comes to carlito but other then that, this was a nice match.

Shelton Benjamin Promo: Great promo here form Mr. Benjamin. Shelton sems very focused and it sems like a new SHelton Benjamin is coming to RAW.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Danny Basham: I had no doubt that Shelton would win. He is in the Rumble and I like this Shelton vs. Crowd storyline so to speak, it's pretty interesting and almost real to real life. Nice job.

Matt Striker Promo: Another good promo. My only problem was that at parts it seemed repetative. Other then that, I loved that you are puting Striker over.

Triple H vs. The Big Show: Nice match here between two top stars. Show picks up a surprising win to me but HH leaves with the advantage, nice job.

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle: Great way to end the show. It was a great match with a great finish. I love how Angle won the title and is the nerw champion, on a RAW! Great work.

Overall 8/10. This was very good but my only promblekm was the opening promo and the Matt Striker promo. Other then that, it was a great show. Keep it up bro.
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Opening Promo : It was an ok way to start the show, a little on the cheesy pantomine side with the, the show is cancelled angle but it showed Bishoff is a real wank. It also set up the first match instead of it just being a opener with no backstory.

Match 1: I thought this was a really wise way to book. Not only have u been realistic with giving Euguene a hard punishment from bishoff by making Helms look so dominant, you've also made Helms come out really strong. I think the future for Helms looks good on this show. Good little opening match.

Edge Segment: Done its job of showing the next match will bean open challenge with Edge as the strong heel, but he didnt seem as much of a dick as usual. Usually Edges promo are intense and he is alot more aggressive towards the camera or who he is facing.

Match 2: Was hoping for a bigger name than Haas coming out and being the MITB winner i knew you would have him strong due to his enivitable title shot within the next three months. The match was ok but i wasnt way into it. Edge picks up the win though so again a wise booking choice.

Vince Segment: Ahhh another segment that done its job. This one done it well it has to be said. Vince and Shawns chemistry was good and im expecting a big storyline in the futue.

Match 3: Another match i didny really care for, but this one suprised me. It was a good contest with the flo ging well (bar one small stutter) and a good clean finish for the faces.

Shelton Segment: Good promo where Shelton seemed real fired up and i could see his attitude along with his losing streak was about to change. Good way to set up the match again

Match 4: Shelton Benjamin picks up a fine win in which we can see some light of his character change due to the added fan reactin ( nice original touch here). The match seemed ok and a pass in my book.

Striker Segment: This was probably your poorest part of the show. It was still a good 6/10 but it was too long winded and parts were repeated.

Match 5: Ahhh a match i care for. You coul have made a bigger summary for this match as it was a big one but i'll settle for a suprise Big Show win. I can see this being a big rivalry with the winner going on to be no1 contender in time for WM.

Match 6: Lol Cenas rap was quite clever ad with it i thought he would win ( thought i had picked up a patern with your before match segments tht invlve people being the winners) but a big suprise win for me. Really good matach and the recap seemed the ideal length.

Overall i feel your show was solid but wasnt a big one. You fitted alot into it and it was structered well but i wasnt a fan of 3/6 matches. The promos were all pretty solid and overall it was a good start to the btb.7.5/10
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Post Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Deadman_014 raw review

Eugene-Eric Promo-Like to see your continuing this feud, Nothing really wrong both in perfect character can’t wait for the match which is next.9,5/10

Eugene vs. Gregory Helms- Isn’t the ref supposed to disqualify Gregory he used the steel chair and it wasn’t mentioned the ref was down. Great ending nonetheless with Rosey coming out and Gregory taking him out even if it was unrealistic, as the ref would stop it but it keeped me entertained good job so far.7,5/10

Edge interview- Normally Edge doesn’t care about the fans so he wouldn’t want too answer their prayers a little out of character because of that but everything else seems ok.7/10

Edge vs.???- Nice to see Charlie Haas come back in your thread, I didn’t really get the ending hope you can clear it up in the ending when Edge hit the spear did he hit it in mid-air which is pretty much impossible, or did he wait for Haas to land then when he turns around he hits it.8/10

Shawn Michaels-Mr McMahon Promo- Looks like the Spirit Squad are going to debut next week judging from the Mr McMahon spirit line. I wasn’t really feeling this I don’t why as there was nothing really wrong with it but I guess it just didn’t have enough originality and entertainment as we seen this before on Raw many times.6/10

Mixed Tag Team match-Great match exactly what I was expecting from this mixed tag team match good job.8/10

Shelton Benjamin interview- I don’t think Shelton is the guy that would say bitch cause I never heard him swear before. Shelton not really in character I believe but wtv im not really good on judging Shelton’s character as now he rarely talks.7/10

Shelton Benjamin vs. Danny Basham- There was two things that were going to happen in this match Danny winning and Shelton’s losing streak continues, or Shelton wins and he goes into a completely new direction glad you chose option number two.9/10

Matt Striker Promo- This promo was boring and really unnecessary I wasn’t interested in reading it maybe next something like someone interrupts Striker instead of making him blab on and on.5/10

Big Show vs. Triple H- You should put via DQ in the winners thing after the match it looks better. Looks like Kane and Big Show will be going for a long feud with Triple H. 7,5/10.

John Cena Rap- Wow good for a first Rap really in character although I believe John Cena would say something like Dick or Fuck in his raps.9/10

First Blood match- You mistaken the F-5 with F-U just wanted to point that out. Kurt Angle the new WWE Champion that is a surprise loved the match and the outcome you get a 9,5 only because of the F-5 F-u thing 9,5/10

Overall 94/120 Still some improvements to be made but good job

Hope you liked my review as im still new to reviewing so don’t be harsh.

EDIT- Oh shit sory forgot the Gregory Helms Eugene match was contested under No DQ rules sorry.

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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Raw Review

Opening Promo= Wasn't an interesting promo but it was an alright promo. I thought both in were in pretty good character.

Gregory Helms vs Eugene= Basicly just a match to show Helms as a badass. I like Helms clearing house with chair and picking up the win.

Interview with Edge= I Though tEdge was a bit out of character here, like said earlier Edge likes to have small witty jokes. Pretty good though.

Edge vs Charlie Haas= Pretty interesting match. I thought it was going to be kinda of a squatch match in the beggining but it was actually pretty close.

HBK-VKM promo=Great promo, i thought both were in really good character. I guess that "give you more spirit than you can handle" was a little hint for SS showin up.

Carlito,Victoria vs Flair,Stratus= An ok match, i really hate matches with divas but this one was alright.I see Carlito beating Flair at the end of this rivalry for the IC.

Shelton Interview= I like the new side of shelton. Cant say much bout this interview.

Basham vs Shelton=Pretty close match, it was kinda easy to see Shetlon pickin up the W.Short match.

Matt Striker promo= I thought this was a good promo with Striker in character, but it was kinda long.

Triple H vs The Big Show= I hate to see HHH getting domanated like this but it does put Big Show's size over here.Nice to see HHH get frustrated and DQ himself still getting the last word.Kane coming out was kinda obvious but effective.

Cena Rap= Lol nice way to get creative. I love Cena's old gimmick so nice to see him rap again.Good Job.

Kurt Angle vs John Cena WWE Championship= Very good match, but i wished you would have wrote the whole thing out. I love the ending, nice way to show Angles skill and smarts with a heel mentality. I love seeing Angle finally getting what he deserves.

Overall score=91 out of 100

Nice job with some good matches, woulda liked to see the ME written out though. You keep writing and ill keep reading.


R.I.P Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit, and Daniel Benoit
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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Louballer5588's Review

eugene vs helms- good match like that you made it a no dq i didnt like the fact that rosey interfered but i like thjat helsm won because he is the better wrestler nice ending good match liked when helms hits rosey in the head with a chair

edge vs charlie hass- okay match not great some good action

mixed tag match- i like this match and the wrestlers you put in it i liked how ric flair worked on the younger guy carltio with chops to the chest and working on his leg overall great match

danny basham vs shelton benjamin- nice match good lengnth liked it and i like when matt striker came out after shelton wins the match i can see a great fued between those 2 guys

big show vs hhh- nothing fancy a good slobberkknocker liked that show used he cast as a weapon and that hh came back with nailing show in the head with a sledge hammer nice match

*main event*

kurt angle vs john cena - my favorite match in the show angle really worked hard in this matche countering lots of cena's moves great match !

overall 8.5 show great a little improvement but good show

not changing until:

The wwe takes off the pg rating.


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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment - System to Their Success

Raw Review

This was a good promo and went right into the match after it.

Eugene vs. Gregory Helms
Awesome that Helms went over but to bad he won because of a distraction

Edge vs. Charlie Haas
Basically a squash and nice Edge win. Hope he gets a push

Good promo. These two really hate each other

Carlito/Victoria vs. Flair/Stratus
Good to see the Champs get the victory. Hope Carlito wins the title soon.

Maria/|Shelton Benjamin
Good to see Shelton focused on his career

Shelton vs. Danny Basham
Shelton won and I hope this is the beginning of many more wins for him.

Matt Striker Promo
Weird for me and I don’t understand why you had it

Triple H vs. The Big Show
Triple H loses but goes over. Kane comes to help his partner and Big Show seems injured.

John Cena Rap
Awesome Rap. I miss him when he rapped. It made me chuckle a few times but it got the job done

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle
Awesome that you showed Kurt Angle’s ability to work on one body part to use to his advantage. I also like that it was a First Blood match. Cena will definitely want a rematch for the title.

Overall: 8/10

John Cena

Love Him, Hate Him, Respect Him

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"What does this mean, Mr. McMahon?"

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