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A few days ago I asked for 3 partners, to write either, Raw, iMPACT! or Smackdown for a BTB that will be posted on May 1, 2008, but is set on Raw April 14, 2008. I have Richard Flair writing Raw, I am writing ECW and we need an iMPACT! writer and a Smackdown writer. If you'd like to join us send me a PM with some of your work and the brand you would like to do. Preferably the Impact writer must have a lot of experience as they will single-handidly have to write Pay-Per-Views for TNA every month. Also I don't mind if you write matches in recap, as me and Richard will be writing recaps and full for PPVs. Anyway PM me or talk to me on MSN:

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Re: WF BTB: Thread Name Change and Partner Request Thread

Well i've not been able to make up my mind. First i wanted to do one thing then another, then i didnt want any partners, now i do. So even if i told you before that i didnt want a partner, lets try this again. Keep in mind, that i might change my mind again, although i doubt it, because im pretty sure i want a partner. Anyways, i need a partner to write Smackdown in a current time BTB. We would get rid of ECW and take superstars from there aswell as have a small draft. PM if you are interested. MSN and EXP are a must.

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Re: WF BTB: Thread Name Change and Partner Request Thread

I am still looking for a Be The Booker partner. I'll be doing a typical WWE Raw/Smackdown thread. The last two people who said that they would be my partner both bailed and i just didn't speak to me. I've got quite a bit of experience and i'm looking for someone with the same amount or, better yet, more.

PM me if you're interested

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Re: WF BTB: Thread Name Change and Partner Request Thread

I am still looking for a BTB partner. I have been looking for 1 whole month, but I haven't succeeded in getting 1. I have a thread that is based in 2008 which was based on after Wrestlemania 24, although some of the matches didn't happen IRL, as I did Wrestlemania before it actually happened. I am after Vengeance, with Randy Orton as World Champion on SD! (he changed in a post WM draft) and Ric Flair as my WWE Champ on Raw. It doesn't really matter what brand you do, as long as you won't quit. MSN would help, as well as being in Australia would help, although the last 2 aren't compulsory.

P.S. The link to my thread is in my sig.

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Re: WF BTB: Thread Name Change and Partner Request Thread


Had a btb planned out to take place after WM24, unfortunately lost contact with the person i was supposed to write with who also has disappeared from the boards. If you are interested in writing Raw then contact me, rosters are slightly changed as we did a draft. Would be willing to make minor changes, but i have written a few Smackdown shows so dont want to make to many changes. Send me a pm if you are interested

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Ok My current BTB is called WWE - 3 Brands, 3 New Starts.

Could you please change it to WWE - Era '08

Sorry it was meant to be Era of '08 - can someone please change it.

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Re: WF BTB: Thread Name Change and Partner Request Thread

Hey could someone please change my thread name to: WWF: Show Some Attitude!
There's a link in my sig, thanks to whoever does it.
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Re: WF BTB: Thread Name Change and Partner Request Thread

I know I haven't posted on this in a while but I want to return to BTB so.. I am looking for a partner,he must be dedicated have MSN and atleast have some experience in BTBING,PM me for more info
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Re: WF BTB: Thread Name Change and Partner Request Thread

Yo, I need a partner most likely considering I haven't been in touch with the guy I was supoose to partner with for awhile(respond to this if were still on). So anyone interested in partnering up with me shoot me a PM. I need some one who is reliable, a pretty creative writer and on msn frequently. Ok let me know.
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Re: WF BTB: Thread Name Change and Partner Request Thread

Hey peoples, long time no see. Its been a couple of months since I challenged the booking business. But its so much fun, I couldn't give up, now my tests are over I had to come back. So, I am here to search for a partner with experience, the willing to stick to it, even though I don't but I'd have to with a partner, and I enjoy being with top bookers. So, if your interested PM me or add me on MSN!
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