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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Finally I get around to giving you a review for your thread, and this is the first time that I can think of that I was checked it out, so let’s see what it is like

Firstly, loving the concept of this thread, but there are problems in terms of realism, as I couldn’t possibly see that many big names jumping to an indy promotion, and people like Edge who were the number 1 contender wouldn’t leave, but I’ll let that slide. Also… a lot of the names are trademarked and they wouldn’t be able to use them, but again, I won’t focus on that, and try and enjoy the thread

Okay opening segment, but didn’t really capture me too much, as to be honest, nothing really happened. Some nice matches made for tonight, but Heyman sounded a bit disinterested really, which isn’t like him at all, and he didn’t have any of the fire he normally does. Nash as the new commentator is an okay call, but there could have been more done with this, as it seemed a bit short

Edge gets himself DQed in his match with Christian, which possibly was the right call to make, as it doesn’t make any man look weak going into the title match. Looked to be a good contest between these two here, and sets up next weeks match well

Hassan and Joe promo? Can’t see the two of them getting along, but an interesting alliance nonetheless. But the words of the promo? Horrible, and didn’t sound like either of them really

Nice announcement of the tag title match, and this should be a good feud over the titles really. Haas gets the win over Hernandez to give the WGTT the momentum in the feud in what was a solid match, and is setting up the tag feud nicely. Guessing we get another match next week, where LAX get the win back

Aries and Danielson will be a good feud, and liked this little segment here, as it build it nicely, without giving too much away

Rhyno gets the win in the main event, which is huge for him, as Jericho gets revenge on Joe and Hassan for the fact they cost him the match last week. Looks as if Rhyno is going to be a big name in the coming weeks, and Jericho and him will be on the same page, so I’m guessing a tag match will come soon. Nice ending to the show, with the faces getting the revenge

Overall, not a bad first show that I have seen from you, and there is definitely some stuff here which is good and shows a lot of promise, but some of the promos were quite shaky at times. Look forward to reading more though, to see how you improve
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

The following is from PWInsider:

Reports are about that the Mystery opponent on this weeks Enslaved, could just be Chris Jericho or Samoa Joe.

We also have strong word that Indy Superstar, Colt Cabana will debut on Enslaved this week, along with two other unidentified well-known current free agents within the Wrestling industry!

WWE has announced the firings of the following superstars today, following the demise of ECW and a culmination of other issues.
• Tatanka
• Christopher W Anderson
• Jim Duggan
• Victoria
• Maria Kanellis
• Johnny Jeter
• Mike Mondo
• Al Snow
• Rebecca DiPietro
• Jazz
• Sylvester Terkay
• Rene Dupree
• Vito
• Paul Birchall
• Aaron Stevens
• Harry Smith
• Claudio Castognoli

More releases are expected in the coming days, and it is unknown whether these stars have been given the 90 day no-complete cause or not.

It’s expected that more releases will occur in the coming days, it’s also unknown whether these are the only releases to have occurred so far as there are rumours that more WWE Employees could have been fired, for them only to be unconfirmed so far.

The following is from

Evolution Pro Wrestling is pleased to announce the signings of Trish Stratus, Christy Hemme, Stacey Keibler and Maria Kanelis to exclusive contracts. It is not yet known when or in what proximity these ladies will be involved on EPW Television.

OOC: The preview for the next show should be up in a day or two. Thanks for the reviews, all will be returned, if they haven't been already.

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Nice news man, but instead of firings, releases might be better, good cuts though. I hope to see some of those guys in EPW soon, and the divas I'm not too sure on, a Women's title would be meh.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.


Last week on Enslaved Chris Jericho screwed Samoa Joe out of his opportunity at the EPW World Title. This week, Jericho will be teaming with Chris Benoit to take on a man that Benoit himself has had dealings with recently, Brock Lesnar who will be partnering Samoa Joe.

We also got to see LAX’s Hernandez take on Charlie Haas of the World’s Greatest Tag Team with all members banned from ringside, further to that this week, we will see Hernandez’s partner, Homicide, take on Shelton Benjamin!

In the 3rd match of the World title tournament, we will be seeing a triple threat match involving Edge, Christian and another man who is still unknown. Last week Edge and Christian squared off in a one on one match as a preview, in which Edge took the coward’s way out, assaulting his brother with a steel chair. Will Christian be able to turn the tide this week?

For all this and more, tune in this week at 10pm Wednesday night for EPW’s Enslaved LIVE from the Hammerstein Ballroom on the CW Network!

Confirmed Matches
World Title Tournament
Edge v Christian Cage v Mystery Opponent
Homicide v Shelton Benjamin
Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho v Brock Lesnar & Samoa Joe
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Evolution Pro Wrestling:

Wednesday March 7th 2007
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York

***HALO hits to an opening video package, as we then shoot to the arena as some Pyro goes off at the top of the ramp, and camera pans around the Hammerstein Ballroom***

**WHATEVER hits to an astounding reaction from the crowd as Chris Benoit makes his way to the top of the ramp, punches his chest and makes his way out to the ring for his debut match in EPW**

Styles: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to EPW’s Enslaved! My name is Joey Styles, with me at ringside is Kevin Nash and coming to the ring at the moment is the rabid wolverine Chris Benoit!

Nash: This is just the start of an awesome show that we have on the cards tonight Styles. First up we have this tag match featuring Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho against Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe!

Styles: That’s right; we’ve also got Shelton Benjamin taking on Homicide and our third match in the world title tournament!

Artes: Ladies and Gentlemen this is a tag team bout and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, residing in Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 220 pounds, the rabid wolverine, CHRIS…BENOIIIIIIIIIT!

**BREAK THE WALLS DOWN hits to another enormous pop as Chris Jericho makes his way to the top of the ramp and down the aisle**

Artes: And his partner, now residing in Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 231 pounds, CHRIS…JERICHOOOOO!

**HERE COMES THE PAIN hits to huge heat, as Brock Lesnar makes his way to the top of the ramp, and walks down the aisle abusing some fans and then jumps straight into the ring showing no fear of Benoit or Jericho**

Artes: And the opponents, first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 295 pounds…the next big thing, BROCK…LESNAAAAAAAR!

Nash: I think it’s unfair on Lesnar that this crowd shows so much hatred and disrespect towards him, he’s only been here a couple of weeks and they already treat him like crap!

**CRUSH U UP hits now as Samoa Joe comes out to the ring with his white towel draped over his shoulders. The crowd is giving another mixed reaction to Joe, as it started out with some cheers, but is now mostly over run with boo’s**

Nash: This man is one of the most talented competitors in the world of professional wrestling at the moment, by the end of his career, Samoa Joe will be considered as an all-time great! We are extremely privileged to have a man of Samoa Joe’s calibre in EPW!

Artes: And his partner, from the isle of Samoa, weighing in at 280 pounds, the Samoan Submission Machine, SAMOAAAAAAAAAAA JOE!

Styles: That’s all well and good Nash, but as of right now, Joe is still yet to win a match in EPW!

Nash: Well I think that’s about to change tonight!

Match 1
Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho v Brock Lesnar & Samoa Joe
Commercial@ 5:13

The match started out with Benoit and Joe facing off, the crowd gave it an incredibly big match feel as they were into it heavily from the outset as four of the biggest names in EPW were shaping up in a dream match type situation! Both teams tagged in and out early on, with neither able to get a decent flow going.

Finish: Benoit and Lesnar are in the ring with Lesnar completely dominating the Rabid Wolverine! Power move after power move, Lesnar is decimating Benoit. Lesnar has Benoit grounded and assists him back to his verticle base. Lesnar whips the Crippler into the ropes, and Samoa Joe who is on the apron, kicks Benoit stiff in the back which drops him straight to the mat. Whilst Benoit is down, Lesnar begins to taunt the crowd, Benoit slowly gets back to his feet clutching his back, Lesnar runs towards him, going for what appeared to be a clothesline and Benoit miraculously turns it into an arm drag to a big pop from the crowd, to almost change the flow of the match. Benoit is slowly dragging himself across the ring to try and make a tag to Jericho, but Lesnar tags in Joe, who runs in and prevents Benoit from making the tag to his partner. Joe grabs Benoit by the leg and drags him back into the middle of the ring. Benoit is picked up and whipped into the ropes and shoots off even quicker, ducking a clothesline attempt from Joe, The Crippler then bounces into the ropes again and goes for a running shoulder block on the Samoan Submission Machine, who also has the same idea and neither man budges an inch following the clash. Joe hits a left and tries to follow it up with a right, but Benoit grabs his arm and tries to counter it into the Crippler Crossface amidst a big pop from the crowd, after a struggle, Benoit gets Joe to the mat and nearly has the hold locked in, but Lesnar runs into the ring, stomps Benoit’s head and breaks the hold before he can even get it locked in correctly.

The referee is busy getting Lesnar out of the ring, whilst Benoit is crawling towards Jericho to make the tag. Lesnar is finally back on the outside, and Benoit dives at Jericho to make the tag, but Joe prevents it again! Joe tries to drag Benoit back into the middle of the ring, but Benoit manages to roll over, kick him off and stop Joe from dragging him any further, Benoit dives at Jericho and finally tags him in again. Jericho climbs into the ring and rushes Joe, hitting 3 hard rights before whipping him into the ropes, Joe shoots off the ropes into Jericho as he hits a cross-body take-over, planting Joe. Jericho immediately attempts to lock in the Walls of Jericho on Samoa Joe now, but Lesnar comes in and breaks it up again, with a massive clothesline right to the temple of Jericho, almost decapitating him in the process.

Lesnar rushes back to the apron, so Samoa Joe can crawl over to tag him in. Joe tags Lesnar in, as the next big thing comes steaming into the ring, only to be met by Chris Benoit! Benoit attempts a belly-to-belly suplex but Lesnar fights out of it and whips Benoit into the ropes, as the Wolverine shoots back towards his opponent, Lesnar hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex of his own, which sends Benoit flying half way across the ring!

Benoit and Jericho are both down now following Lesnar’s domination. Lesnar proceeds to lift Benoit back to his feet, throw him out of the ring and he summons Joe to go down and occupy Benoit, while he takes care of the legal man, Jericho, who is STILL out cold following the vicious clothesline. Lesnar picks Jericho up and hits a brutal power bomb, and follows it up with a cover…




Lesnar can’t believe what he’s just seen; he grabs Jericho by the hair, stands him up on a verticle base, then shoots into the ropes and hits a running shoulder block sending the dazed Jericho to the mat hard. Benoit and Joe are still going at it on the outside, Joe sends Benoit into the steel steps which drops the crippler in a fit of pain. In the ring again, Lesnar picks the groggy Jericho up on his shoulders and lands an F-5! He looks like going to the cover, but then gives a cocky grin and shakes his head as Benoit comes running into the ring out of no where, despite Joe’s attention, but Lesnar puts a quick stop to Benoit’s attack and meets him with another overhead belly-to-belly on the Rabid Wolverine! With Benoit out of the way, the cocky Lesnar picks Jericho up again by the hair, sits him accross his shoulders once more and scores with a second brutal F-5, and then makes the cover on the fallen Jericho…




Winners: Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe @ 9:32

Nash: What dominace from Lesnar! I told you tonight would be the night that Samoa Joe gets his first EPW victory!

**HERE COMES THE PAIN hits again as Lesnar rolls out of the pin and straight out the ring, making his way up the aisle without Samoa Joe**

Styles: In all fairness, it was Lesnar who did the majority of the damage, so Joe can’t take much credit for the victory!

Nash: That’s all talk Joey, who was it that kept Benoit out of the ring, whilst Lesnar decimated Chris Jericho? That’s right. Samoa Joe. No Samoa Joe, No win Styles, simple as that!

With Jericho and Benoit still down, and his partner gone, Joe decides to make the most of his opportunity, and picks up Jericho, taking him over to turnbuckle, before setting him up on the top, only to hit a vicious Muscle Buster.

Nash: Look at that! Muscle Buster on Jericho! Joe just adding an exclamation to the fact that he is not one to be messed with!

Styles: We’ll have to agree to disagree here Nash! Coming up after the break we’ve got Homicide of the LAX in action against the World’s Greatest Tag Team’s Shelton Benjamin, and still to come, in the World Title Tournament, a triple threat match, featuring, Edge, Christian and a MYSTERY OPPONENT! Stay tuned to find out who it will be!


**We return from commercial to see a full close up of Christian Cage backstage to a good pop from the crowd**

Christian: Edge. My brother. My own flesh and blood. Last week, I had your number. I had you beaten and you knew it! You needed to resort to the use of a steel chair to save yourself from humiliation! You needed to use a chair to save yourself from the embarrassment of being pinned in your debut match in EPW! You caught me with a cheap shot Edge and hit me in the ribs with that damn chair, and broke not one, not two but three of my friggin’ ribs!

Camera pans out to show Cage from the waste up, with his ribs fully bandaged

Christian: But you see Edge, you’ll have to do better than that. You of all people should know it takes more than a chair shot to keep me down, because even with broken ribs, nothin’ is gonna to stop Captain Charisma, Christian Cage from becoming the EPW World Champion, because THAT’S…how I roll!

Christian: Tonight Edge, your pain will be my pleasure, the pain I am currently feeling, will be nothing compared to what I am going to inflict on you tonight! It's like this Edge, my heart beats for my peeps, and as long as I've got my peeps, you can bet your ass I'll be the one with my arm raised at the end of the match. Get ready Edge, coz the captain is about to make it happen! To all peeps, and all you fools, say it loud and say it proud, CHRISTIAN RULES!

Christian stares into the camera and slaps his chest to end the promo.

- Decent Pop from the Ballroom crowd for Christian -

**The Camera is back on Joey Styles and Kevin Nash at ringside now**

Styles: Wow. That’s a side of Christian I’ve never seen before.

Nash: Strong words from Christian Cage, but I think it’s a bit arrogant of him to say that nothing is going to stop him from becoming champion, especially when he doesn’t even know who one of his opponents is! It could be me for all he knows!

Styles: No. I think he knows it’s not you. He’d know that the two people that he’s competing in the match with will be able to finish the match competently without acquiring an injury!

Nash: Below the belt Styles…

**WORLDS GREATEST hits to a mild pop as Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring very energetically looking very confident, hitting high fives with some of the fans**

Artes: The following is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing in at 248 pounds, SHELTON…BENJAMIN!

Styles: Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring for his one on one match with Homicide, where once again, everyone associated with the LAX and the Worlds Greatest Tag Team are banned from ringside!

**DAWGZ hits to a decent amount of heat as Homicide makes his way to the ring, draped in the Mexican flag**

Artes: And the opponent, representing the LATIN AMERICAN EXCHANGE…HOMICIDE!!

Match 2
Shelton Benjamin v Homicide
Commercial@ 3 minutes

Shelton Benjamin has endured a heavy beating from Homicide in the opening exchanges, and showed a high level of resilience kicking out of several near falls.

Benjamin and Homicide come to blows, as Homicide ducks a right from Shelton and then whips him into the ropes. Homicide meets him off guard and hits a belly-to-belly suplex to the 2 time All American and goes for the cover…



NO! Benjamin kicks out!

Homicide can’t believe what he’s seeing; he gets back on his vertical base again, and sits Shelton up as he then hits a shining wizard hard to the skull of Benjamin, and follows with a cover…



NO! Shelton kicks out again! At one and a half this time!

Homicide, who was seemingly getting frustrated, stands up slowly and has a cocky grin on his face as he slides to the outside and taunts the crowd a little bit, and then proceeds to grab a steel chair, but the referee climbs through the ropes and argues with Homicide at ringside over the chair, whilst Shelton Benjamin is still laid out at ringside when two men then climb opposing turn buckles amidst a sprinkling of heat from the crowd…

PSICOSIS then flies off the top rope, to reach a great height and land a devastating Leg Drop. He quickly rolls out of the way as JUVENTUD GUERRERA flies off the top now and lands a 450 splash to perfection on Benjamin as the crowd lets out a collective “ooooooooooooo”, all the while Homicide and the referee are still arguing at ringside, seemingly unaware of what’s happening in the ring. Psicosis and Guerrera flee the ring, and almost immediately, Homicide drops the chair and rolls back into the ring with the same grin on his face, picks up the broken Benjamin, hits the Gringo Killa and goes the cover…




Winner: Homicide @ 6:01

**DAWGZ hits as Homicide celebrates in the ring, while Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera look on at the top of the ring, nodding their heads with big smiles on their faces**

Nash: Well, my man Homicide picks up the win after some assistance from his Latino Brothers, Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera!

Styles: Homicide cheated to win! But the big question is what the hell are Psicosis and Juventud doing here?!

Nash: Luckily for Homicide and the LAX, Psicosis and Juvi, have no public association with their fraction, so their title shot remains intact!


Styles: Welcome back to Enslaved and before the break, we saw Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera interfere to cost Shelton Benjamin his match with Homicide of the LAX!

**re-cap of the occurrences before the break is shown**

Nash: Even after those events though Joey, you have to give Homicide full credit for making the most of the situation, and to be fair, Benjamin was already finished.

**ARABIC hits to a colossal amount of heat as Muhammad Hassan and Daivari walk to the ring, both dressed in suits, with a purpose**

- Hassan raises a microphone to his mouth, looking reading to speak, until a “SHUT THE FUCK UP” chant breaks out before Hassan can even get a word out –

Styles: Well the crowd are making their feelings towards Hassan apparent! He doesn’t even need to say anything!

Nash: And with good reason, this jackass needs to leave the ring now, before I get out of this chair and jacknife him to hell!

Styles: Do it. I dare you.

Nash: Ah. I can’t. I’m injured.

Styles: Surprise, Surprise.

- The “Shut the fuck up” chant is continuing as Hassan is pacing the ring looking extremely frustrated, whilst Daivari is up on a turnbuckle abusing the crowd in farsi –

Hassan: How dare you people! You have no right to chant such filth at me!

- The chant continues –

Hassan: We are sick and tired of all you peoples prejudice and racism!

- The crowd continue, as Daivari starts yelling out in Farsi again -

Hassan: You people are all the same as the rest of America, you’re all racist assholes!

- USA Chant breaks out –

Hassan: You’re all jealous! Jealous of the fact that none of you are on the same level as Muhammad Hassan!

- More STFU chants –

Hassan: Hell, you idiots are jealous that you’re not even on the level below me!

- A “Shut up Muslim” chant breaks out now –

Hassan: You discriminatory morons have no right talk to me like that! I have just as much right to be here as you do!

- Shut the fuck up chants start once more –

Styles: I’d just like to clear up, that in no way, do we here at Evolution Pro Wrestling express the same views as the Hammerstein Ballroom crowd here tonight.

Hassan: I don’t care what you insignificant fools think of me! I’m going to just remind you all something that I’m sure you’ve forgotten! I beat your crowd favourite, Chris Jericho two weeks ago in the first match of the World Title tournament! I’m just one win away from the World Title Match at OUT OF EXILE!

- More heat from the crowd, as various different derogatory chants run out throughout the ballroom –

Hassan: After I beat my next opponent in the tournament, I will advance to the World Title match, where I will become YOUR EPW WORLD CHAMPION!

Rhyno then appears in the ring behind Hassan to a HUGE pop from the crowd! Daivari fleas the ring, as Hassan then turns around and Rhyno gores the hell out of him before grabbing his microphone.

- Thank you Rhyno chants break out –

Rhyno stands over the top of the fallen Hassan, staring him in the eyes, ready to speak…

Rhyno: I’ve got bad news for you Hassan. Your next match in the world title tournament is going to be your last! You’re looking at your next opponent, and it doesn’t matter who you are, or how good you THINK you are, the end result is ALWAYS the same…GORE…GORE…GOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!

- The crowd Echo’s Rhyno –

Rhyno stares at Hassan a little longer, before throwing the Microphone down on him and leaving the ring

Styles: Strong words from the Man beast! We’ll return after the break!


Styles: Welcome back to Enslaved, and before the break Muhammad Hassan was making his grievances known, until Rhyno interrupted him and Gored the hell out of him!

**re-cap is shown of what happened before the commercial**

Nash: And thank god Rhyno turned up when he did, because I’m sure this place was about to riot if someone didn’t shut Hassan up soon!

**FINAL COUNTDOWN hits as Bryan Danielson makes his way to the ring to a decent amount of heat from the ballroom fans**

Artes: Ladies and gentlemen this match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Aberdeen, Washington, weighing in at 190 pounds, he is the American Dragon, BRYAN DANIELSON!

Styles: I wonder if Bryan Danielson is actually going to complete this match for more than 45 seconds!

Nash: Now now, I think avoiding Aries is smart business from Danielson, he’s making people want to watch to see if Aries can beat the crap out of him!

Styles: Bryan Danielson doesn’t care about the fans and making people watch Nash! He just cares about himself!

Nash: Think that if you will, Joey, but the question before us here, is who is the American Dragon facing tonight?

Danielson is in the ring pacing up and down slowly, waiting for his opponent to arrive when suddenly Austin Aries appears on the titantron.

Aries: Bryan Danielson. Since you’re obviously too scared to face off against me, I figured I would line you up another opponent, that you might actually have the guts to face…

- Mixed reaction from the crowd, as Danielson stares at the screen with a cocky smirk –

Aries: Your opponent tonight, just happens to be, someone that you’re VERY familiar with!

**COPA CABANA hits as Colt Cabana makes his way down to the ring to a surprisingly big pop from the crowd, high-fiving the fans, dressed in his usual black jacket with his sunglasses, Colt is looking very enthusiastic for this one**

Nash: Who the hell is he? I mean seriously, who does he think he is? Coming in here, unannounced jumping around like this!

Colt Cabana’s arrival doesn’t seem to worry Danielson in the slightest, who simply keeps smirking.

Artes: And, his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 239 pounds, COLT…CABANA!

Match 3
Bryan Danielson v Colt Cabana

The match started off with the two men face to face in the middle of the ring, Danielson with his little smirk still on his face, while Colt is bopping away to a “Colt Cabana” chant.

The two competitors lock up in the centre of the ring, with both men struggling to gain the advantage. Danielson gains the advantage, and works his way down to the mat to get a hold on Cabana’s leg and bring him down to the canvas. Danielson attempts to lock in a body scissors on Cabana in an attempt to weaken his opponent early on, but Colt fights his way out of it with some hard rights. Danielson still has the advantage as they both get back to their feet. The American Dragon Irish Whips Colt hard into the corner, Danielson then strikes Cabana with a series of knife edge chops, with the sixth one dropping him to the canvas. Danielson stands him up again and strikes him with two solid elbows to the side of his head, which stuns Cabana. Danielson then bounces off the ropes to hit Colt with a running big boot, right to the same side of his head where he hit the elbows earlier and drops Cabana once more!

Danielson stands Cabana up and applies a front facelock, in an attempt to drain his opponent some more, with Colt locked up with one arm, Dragon underhooks one of Colt’s arms with his free arm and hits a release underhook suplex on Cabana, who lands awkwardly on the mat. Danielson taunts the crowd, whilst Colt is using the ropes to slowly assist himself back to his feet, once back to his feet, Cabana continues to hold on to the ropes to keep his balance, the American Dragon then rushes him before he can regain his composure and rolls him up in a small package…

Danielson grabs the tights!
Cabana is fighting madly to kick out, as Danielson puts his feet on the ropes!

Winner: Bryan Danielson @ 2:54

Danielson slowly stands up in the ring following the pinfall, and mouths to the crowd “I am mister small package”

Styles: Well, Danielson gets his first win in EPW with a roll up victory, although he had to cheat to do it! Danielson certainly didn’t give Colt Cabana much of a chance to impress in his debut match!

Nash: That’s what Cabana gets for carrying on like a clown before the match!

Styles: Maybe so, but up next is our main event, our third match in the world title tournament, a triple threat match between Edge, Christian Cage and a mystery opponent!


**Upon return from commercial, the camera heads backstage to see Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis walking down a hallway talking in their native language when they run into Homicide, Hernandez and Konnan of LAX**

The 5 men stare each other down, and step up to each other, when it looks like something is going to escalate, Konnan starts laughing and embraces both Juventud and Psicosis.

Konnan: Amigos. Thank you. You both helped us get level with the Worlds Greatest Tag Team tonight; this would not have been possible without your help amigos.

- This draws heat from the crowd –

Konnan: Me an’ my two dawgz ‘ere have been talkin’ and we have decided that we would be honoured if you both would join the LAX.

Juvi: Konnan, The Juice and Psicosis don’t need no team mates man, we did what we did because we wanted to make an impact, and that is exactly what we did essa, so we must decline.

Konnan: Alright Holmes, but you might just regret that dawg.

LAX walk past and brush shoulders with Juvi and Psicosis on the way out.

Styles: It seems that LAX just got snubbed by Psicosis and Juventud!

**METALINGUS hits as Edge arrogantly makes his way to the ring to a chorus of heat for the triple threat match main event**

Artes: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Main Event for the evening, and it is a triple threat match where the first man to gain a pinfall OR submission, will be the winner! Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 241 pounds…EEEEEEEEDGE!

Nash: Edge, a two time world champion, and definite clear cut favourite for this match, regardless of who the mystery opponent is!

Styles: Listen to this crowd Nash, luckily for Edge, Muhammad Hassan is in EPW as well, otherwise he’d be the most hated man here!

**JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES/MY LAST BREATH hits as Christian Cage makes his way down to a good pop from the Ballroom crowd, still bandaged up around his rib cage. Cage stands at the top of the aisle, points at his brother and then slaps his chest with a focused look on his face**

Artes: Now the opponents, first, now residing in Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 227 pounds…he is, Captain Charisma…CHRISTIAN CAAAAAAAAAAAGE!

Styles: What about the guts that Christian Cage is showing here tonight! Coming out all bandaged up with 3 broken ribs! This just shows how much becoming EPW World Champion means to Captain Charisma!

Christian and Edge both stand in the middle of the ring, exchanging pleasantries waiting for the arrival of their mystery opponent

Styles: There’s only one man left, it’s time for the mystery opponent Nash!

Nash: I can’t wait man! Who’s it gonna be!?

**Christian and Edge are both staring at the ramp waiting for the arrival of the third competitor now since he is making them wait as the crowd is really pumped up for this one, MISERIA CANTARE then hits as CM PUNK makes his way to the top of the aisle, amidst a colossal reaction from the Hammerstein Ballroom, as a “CM PUNK” chant breaks out. Punk makes his way down to the ring confidently, slapping hands with the fans as Edge and Christian can’t believe what they’re seeing, whilst the chants continue. Punk playing up the crowd big time, stares at the camera before entering the ring and mouths “It’s Clobberin’ Time” he then makes his usual ring entrance, climbing a turnbuckle and yelling “What time is it?!” at the top of his voice to little response from the crowd**

Artes: And, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 222 pounds…this…is…C…M…PUNK!

Styles: Oh MY GOD! What a night! And it’s not even finished! CM PUNK IS IN EPW!!!

Nash: Calm down Styles. Punk’s one of the most over rated wrestlers in the business at the moment!

Styles: What a load of crap! Punk has one of the brightest futures in professional wrestling!

Match 4
Main Event
Round 1 of World Title Tournament
Edge v Christian Cage v CM Punk
Commercial @ 9:49

The match started off with all three treading cautiously, but Punk and Cage then started double teaming Edge at every opportunity.

After 10 minutes, Punk is the only man standing in the ring, after Edge took down Christian with a savage spear, made worse by Christian’s broken ribs and Punk took down Edge with a drop kick as soon as he rose from the spear.

Punk is playing up the crowd big time, as a big CM PUNK chant breaks out again. He then walks over to the stunned Edge, grabs him by the hair and pulls him up to his feet, Punk whips him into a turnbuckle and then runs at him to hit a charging high knee, with Edge dazed, Punk then proceeds to lock in a headlock and hit a running bulldog, planting Edge face first. Christian is stirring now, and rises back to his feet, making his way over too Punk and leads in with a left, which Punk ducks, he then Irish Whips Christian into the corner as well, and follows it up with a charging high knee again, this time striking Christian’s fragile rib cage.

Punk then goes to whip Cage into the opposing turnbuckle, but instead he sends him directly into the referee. Cage and the Referee clash heads in a brutal fashion, so much so that the official is split wide open from the incident, the referees face is a crimson mark and Christian is down on the mat once more. Edge is stirring and makes it back to his feet slowly; Punk is there to meet Edge when he gets back to a vertical base, and he attempts to hit a roundhouse kick on Edge, but he ducks the dick and quickly retaliates by kicking Punk in the mid-section and following it up with a DDT, planting him face first.

With the referee still down, and bleeding profusely, both Punk and Christian begin to make it back to their feet, with Punk positioned in the centre of the ring, and Christian pretty much directly behind Punk in the corner. Edge is preparing Punk for the spear, and once he gets back to his feet Edge charges towards him but Punk jumps out of the way at the last second, but Edge continues on his way, spearing Christian instead! Christian is down again, following a second spear for the match, Edge goes for the cover and then realises there is no referee to make the count! With Christian down from the spear and Punk still dazed from the DDT and jumping out of the way of the spear, where he snapped his own neck on the ropes, Edge slides out of the ring to retrieve a steel chair.

He slides back in, with one of his sadistic grins on his face, chair in hand, walks directly over to Christian and strikes him in the ribs once again with the chair, to huge heat from the crowd. He then looks at the crowd, gives them an arrogant smile and then hits Christian again in the ribs, as he lets out a huge shriek in pain and rolls around in agony. Edge then turns around to direct his attention to CM Punk with his chair ready to strike again, but Punk is one step ahead of him, as unbeknownst to Edge, Punk is back on his feet and hits an Enzuigiri on Edge, with help of the chair, knocking him out cold, face down in the middle of the ring to a giant pop from the crowd!

Punk then pounces on the fallen Edge and locks in the Anaconda Vice to an even bigger reaction! Punk has the hold locked in tightly for about 10 seconds and then Edge starts to tap out! Edge is TAPPING WILDLY to Punk’s Anaconda Vice but there is no referee present to call for the bell! The crowd is going ballistic as Edge is STILL TAPPING to the Vice and has been for at least 30 seconds now! He is screaming in pain, with Punk showing absolutely no remorse for him! Suddenly Christian rises again and realises what’s going on and dives in to break the hold amidst a chorus of jeers from the crowd!

Punk can’t believe it and starts going straight after Captain Charisma, with a couple of huge rights, followed up by some martial arts kicks and chops, Christian is dazed again, but still on his feet, as Punk moves behind him, when Christian regains his composure he turns around only for Punk to move quickly and hit a Ura-nage slam on the already beaten and battered Captain Charisma. With both men down now, Punk moves to the referee to attempt to wake him up, he picks him up by the head, revealing his totally crimson face to the crowd who collectively let out a big “ooooooo”.

With the Referee finally responding again, Punk turns around to face his opponents, who he thought were both still down, but whilst Punk was reviving the ref, Edge slowly made his way back to his feet and picked up the chair again and staggered over to Punk, and when he turned around, Edge hit him in the midsection with the chair, but he stayed on his feet, although in a great amount of pain. Edge then followed it up with a crashing chair shot over his spine as Punk dropped to the mat and rolled straight out of the ring, dropping to the floor, clutching at his back.

Edge makes his way over to the decimated Christian and struck him for a 3rd time with the steel chair! Edge then picks his brother up, who is totally out of it now and whips him into the ropes, Christian shoots off and is SPEARED again by Edge! Making it 3 chair shots and 3 spears to his own brother in the one match! Edge makes the cover and the referee drags himself over to make the slow count…









Christian is totally lifeless!



Winner: Edge @ 15:01

**METALINGUS hits again to a massive amount of heet, as Edge slowly rolls out of the ring and backs up the aisle celebrating**

Artes: Here is your winner, EDGE!

Styles: Edge has won it! But you can’t help but think how lucky he is! Punk had this match won! But the referee was down!

Nash: Well that serves Punk right for throwing Cage into him in the first place! Edge just made the most of his opportunity! I told you he was the favourite Styles!

**Replay of Punk whipping Christian into the Ref and Edge tapping to the Vice is shown**

Styles: What about the resilience of Christian, Nash? He endured 3 spears and 3 chair shots! Clearly being World Champion meant a hell of a lot to him!

Nash: Credit where it’s due Styles, and Cage certainly deserves credit for his efforts, the bandage around his rips was like a giant bullseye but he still went out there and gave it his all!

Styles: That’s all we have time for folks, for Kevin Nash, I’m Joey Styles, Thank you for joining us, we’ll see you next week on ENSLAVED!

The show goes off the air with Edge celebrating at the top of the aisle, Christian and the Referee still down in the ring and CM Punk slowly pulling himself back to his feet with the help of the ring.

***END SHOW***

Current Card for Out of Exile

Final of the World Title Tournament
EPW World Championship Match
??? v ???

EPW World Tag Team Championships
Homicide & Hernandez v Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Great Show.

heyman deciple's review

Benoit & Jericho vs. Brock & Joe: Great opening match, that could be a main event anywhere, great match. good win for Brock & Joe. I liked this match because I was divided for who to root for. in the Brock-Benoit war, I like Benoit. In the Jericho-Joe war I like Joe. Great stuff all around.

Christian promo: Good promo, nice way to sell the rib injury going into the main event.

Homicide vs. Shelton: Good match, nice win for Homicide and the appearance by Juvi & Psicosis was a pleasant surprise.

Hassan promo: Good promo made even better by the appearance of Rhyno.

Danielson vs. Cabana: Great way to introduce, Classic Colt. too bad he didn't get the win. Good match and nice way to further the Danielson-Aries feud. By the way Nash had the line of the night when Colt came out: Who's this guy. Good stuff.

LAX Promo: Good promo.

Edge vs. Christian vs. Punk: The arrival of CM Punk, Awesome. Great match, too bad Punk didn't win but great match.

Awesome show, I give it 9 out of 10.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

EPW: Enslaved - 28th February 2007 – Review
Paul Heyman sounded nicely on the mic. However, I think that the promo ended way too early. Nash as the new Color Commentator was a surprise, but I think him, as a wrestler would have been better. But anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what part he’ll be playing here in the EPW.

It was a decent match, could have been better. It was more like a brawl, rather than the traditional wrestling. Edge getting himself DQ’ed was okay. I believe you should have hyped this more. So, Christian wins by DQ, and he’ll likely get revenge from Edge. But man, Edge should have destroyed Christian with the steel chair shots after the match too because he just used it once and that one steel chair shot caused him losing the match.

Eh, this was a horrible promo. I hope that Hassan and Joe not align themselves ‘cause then, it’ll be hard to imagine them because both have different sort of gimmicks. Neither man sounded in character in this promo, so this went downhill.

So, you are bringing the tag team golds for the tag team division. Well, that’s good, but ya need more tag teams to fill in that division. Apart from that, I think that Heyman should have announced this in the opening promo, to make that opening promo better because I believe that the shows should open with a bang.

Alright match, where we see Haas picking up the victory and getting some of the momentum for his team. However, this feud is lacking build-up, and this is what you need.

What’s going on with Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries? Man, this promo confused me a lot. Terrible promo because it was way too short.

It looked like Hassan didn’t played his part throughout the match and he didn’t helped Samoa to gain the victory. However, the match was booked solid and I thoroughly enjoyed the main-event. Jericho’s music being hit three times and then he finally coming out to distract Samoa was done nicely and it’s hyping Samoa’s feud with Jericho in a good fashion. But, you still need more build-up though. By the way, where were Benoit and Lesnar?

EPW: Enslaved - March 7th 2007 – Review
A good tag team action to kick off the show, with the heels picking up the victory over the faces. Man, this match, you shouldn’t have booked because now the Samoa/Jericho saga is beginning to lose its build-up. I know that you have some weeks to build-up, but I believe these are the main feuds and they need a complete build-up to make them look perfect.

It was a good promo from Christian. But, I hated that Christian called “people” instead of “peeps” one time. That’s not Christian. Apart from that small error, the promo was good and the Edge/Christian feud is extending in a good fashion, so that’s great.

Homicide needed a victory here, since Charlie just beat Hernandez last week to get back some of the momentum to his team. And yeah, as I said that you should bring in some new teams, and you just did, so that’s cool. Psicosis and Juvi have just come to the EPW and I believe that the tag team division will get even better than that. But, why did Psicosis and Juvi help Latin American Xchange to pick the victory? That was the thing, which confused me…

Hassan cut a nice promo, though I felt that sometimes he wasn’t looking Hassan at all. And hey, I’d like you to not do that chant (Shut Up…) again. Please. I am Muslim, you might have known that. By the way, the promo was good, and Rhyno’s interruption was done in a nice way. Eh, you are still calling him Rhyno?

Aries is a face/heel? Danielson is a face/heel? Danielson sounded like face, but if he’s the face, why did he cheat. I think I have messed something. Anyway, the match was too short, and that’s okay, looking at your timeslot of the Enslaved.

Eh, so Lation American Xchange want Psicosis and Juvi to join them? Obviously Juvi and Psciosis will not accept, and they do not, so that’s fine. However, the promo just blows. It was too short, and I didn’t like it, I hate it.

Whoa, the main event was an amazing match. I’d like to see that match in real life. Christian, well, in the promo earlier he looked like he’ll cost Edge, but he didn’t, so that’s a surprise, and surprises are good. Edge looked truly like a monster in the match dominating Punk and Christian. Edge, as expected picks up the victory. Where the hell were Lesnar, Samoa, Chris Jericho? I think that you need to give your shows a two-hour time slot because with one hour, you can’t do too much. And if you do continue like the way you are doing (One hour?), your feuds will lose there build-ups everytime because at one show they'll be building the feud, and at the other week, they'll not be there.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

ECW Extremist's review

Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe Vs Chris Benoit and Y2J:
This was a good match, soem great exhanges throughout. I would love to see this match in real life man. Good finish too.

Christian Promo:
Very enjoyable, he was really in character. Plus, it sold the injury well. Good job.

Homicide Vs Shelton:
Another match id love to see in real life. Very enjoyable, with some good spots. Enjoyable run in.

Haasan promo:

I hate this guy but you really did well here. You made him watchable. liked Ryno's appearence too man.

Danielson Vs Cabana
Great match. Liked the Nash joke. Some great action here, but I wanted Colt to win.

Edge Vs Christian Vs Punk
Extremely enjoyable, Punk really should have won. A class match though, and Edge did especially well.

Overall: 8/10


Hey guys my BTB is ECW 2007 revival, all reviews will be returned!

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

I'd just like to publicly apologise to Apple Spitter, mate if you were offended in any way, I apologise, absolutely no offence was intended, as I can assure you I didn't know. Apologies once again.

where were Benoit and Lesnar?
Where the hell were Lesnar, Samoa, Chris Jericho?
They were all on both shows.

I think that you need to give your shows a two-hour time slot because with one hour, you can’t do too much. And if you do continue like the way you are doing (One hour?), your feuds will lose there build-ups everytime because at one show they'll be building the feud, and at the other week, they'll not be there.
I've heavily contemplated doing two hours, and i'd be lying if i said it wasn't in the pipeline, but this is the first BTB i've ever done, so I wanna make sure I can stick with it, before I go to 2 hrs. I'd rather do 1 hr of decent stuff, then 2 hrs of shit.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Match 1
Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho v Brock Lesnar & Samoa Joe: 8.5/10

These guys don't really deserve to be first-carders, but the ending wasn't bad. Benoit's interference, and Lesnar's two F-5s. Pretty solid ending.

Christain's promo: 8/10
Strong words from Captain Charisma. I'm liking the big heat from these two "brothers."

Match 2
Shelton Benjamin v Homicide: 8/10

What's the meaning of racist? Mexican and Latins helping each other out against the white man. Word.

Rhyno/Haasan feud: 9/10
I like how this is building up. Good going, but maybe Rhyno should've come out of the curtain and face Haasan and Davari before attacking them.

Match 3
Bryan Danielson v Colt Cabana: 8.5/10

I liked how you turned the "grab the tights" bit into Danielson desperately grabbing the ropes. That was a nice add to the average heel wins.

Mexican Peoples Segment: 8/10
I like how your making Psicosis and the Juice into loners who don't need to join LAX. Not bad.

Main Event
Round 1 of World Title Tournament
Edge v Christian Cage v CM Punk: 9.5/10

Exciting match! Nice add putting Punk in it. Awesome ending to this one, with Edge pulling the victory by cheating with the ref down, but it was how he did it that made it so good. All in all, it was a good way to end a great show.

Overall: 97/100 = A
It's getting better. I'm liking the progress you're making so far. Keep it up. It turns out I'm not a writer for a partner, so I'm gonna go it alone. I should be ready in March, so I'm gonna get people hyped up. Till then, I'll be supporting you.
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