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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Mikeieô Reviews - Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling: Enslaved 21.2.07

Edge Promo: Ha, signing Edge was a good move for you, he adds some more star power, as well as sort of set up a feud between EPW and WWE because of the jump. Having Christian come out was a nice touch, getting the brother in was a good call. The spot with Rhyno was great, didn't see it coming . 9/10

Aries vs Danielson: Their matches in the past have all been ROH classics, I hope this one is as well. Good technically sound match, these two both excell at it and have a god given talent. The match ending was a let down (). Great job getting Danielson over as a heel though, but it was at the expence of the possibly great match. 8.5/10

Rhyno Promo: Nice little segment there getting Rhino's gimmick over. I see that Rhino is going to be a legit main eventer in your BTB, which is a really good thing, a Rhino/Edge feud would be amazing in real life. Gore vs Spear match in the future? 9/10

Heyman Segment: Great announcments about the future state of EPW, a TV deal will be amazing. Two pay per views coming up to see wheather you get the deal or not is great, that means they will be amazing . Benoit to EPW!?! Both Edge and Benoit in the same night? Wow, you're hitting the jackpot. I would of personally saved one for next week, saving the third person in the match a secret makes up for it though, the suspense is killing me. 11/10

LAX Promot: Wow, great job having Konnan in character. The lingo was all there, even Hernandez and Homicide looking cool around the camera. TWGTT! Wow, you're bringing in a lot of people really fast, it seems like you have to many big names for no tv deal, but it's all good. 9/10

Lesnar/Benoit Segment: Nice promo, this looks like the feud will continue on after the tournament as well, which would be very good. Lesnar gets across he's going to kill whatever unlucky bastard he is set across from tonight, that is his gimmick. 9/10

Lesnar vs Moore: A lot of debuts tonight, but Shannon Moore? Come on, you could of used some INDY jobber instead of bringing in Moore. Surprised you let Moore get in as many offensive moves that you did, the promo before the match made it sound like it would be complete and utter domination. 8/10

Jericho vs Hassan: Yay, a no disqualifications submission match is going to be a good one. But if memory is correct, all submission matches are no dq, enfiseizing the whole "only win by submission" saying. Sounds like a great match, well written and preformed. The all out brawl at the end was a nice add-on. Joe gets over as a heel for attacking Jericho, Rhino as a face and so on. The aftermath of the match with Lesnar and Benoit was not needed, but it was a good way to showcase their skills as well. 9.5/10

Length: The matches and promos were the correct length, meaning it was all in rythem. 10/10

The only thing about realism I could fight you with is all the jumps coming to a show with no tv deal, it just seems a bit un-real. 9/10

Very entertaining show, all of it was great, I love your work. 10/10

There were some word choices that I really didn't understand, you should just use regular words. There may of been one or two grammar/spelling errors here and there, but the word choice is what effected this. 9/10

All of the matches had their own reason, but once again the Shannon Moore could of been avoided, I would of rather seen you give an INDY star a chance in your promotion. 9/10

Overall: 94/100
. Very good show, I'll definitly continue reading, this is now one of my favourite threads .

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.


I have adapted a new reviewing style, for each segment and match, I probably will not say much about it, but I will point out the good and bad thing obviously, and observe those little details as I found it annoying when no one paid attention to the small things I included.

The entrance of Edge was written very well, some new words which is great, and good stuff with the commentary when Heyman remained silent. The opening promo of the night, and I am pumped, Edge delivered it nicely, nothing too bad, but Edge got a bit boring near the end of his promo. Christian coming out gave it some spice, and it seems he is the good guy of this confrontation. Edge broke kayfabe a lot when talking about the Royal Rumble, his contract and Wrestlemania, and thatís an immediate minus in my books. The finish to this segment was excellent, Christianís final line did a lot and had a good effect, nice start.

The latest show seems ages away, as I have done a lot of reviews in between that and this, so I am absolutely lost in this situation with Aries and Danielson, I swear I saw them in a singles match together before. The whole quick entrance and nose to nose encounter showed a lot of heat and intensity between these two, which, I assume, is what you wanted to convey. Well, this match was half a brawl, which is weird especially with guys of this caliber, and the finish was poor in my opinion. A feud is brewing most definitely though, which is exactly what this promotion needs.

Too short, thatís all I can say, yeah you might have wanted it short and simple but Iím thinking a few more sentences next time.

These announcement didnít do it for me, everything seemed a bit awkward, the speech was slightly off and the flow wasnít good either. The Pay Per Views sound good, Out of Exile is an awesome name, Redemption has been used before but is good too. Being in the Hammerstein Ballroom is a wise choice, but Iím not too sure about going two hours already. This reminds me a lot of my PWE, the Pay Per View announcements, the two hour time slot, the owner coming out to address the fans about them, looks like we can relate a lot in booking. But yeah, now that I have nothing coming back at me for these reviews, I only review the shows that I enjoy reading, and Enslaved is one of them. Once it goes longer, I donít know if I would read, but donít let one person stop you man. The matches set were randomly announced, I didnít like that, but Benoit versus Lesnar and the triple threat looks to be really good, I love Christian as face.

Ah I remember now, Danielson walked out on Aries last week right? Seeing the Worldís Greatest Tag Team in EPW is great, I hope to see Benjamin and Haas to be used well, the LAX I donít know much about so I donít give a damn. The insults Haas gave them were all bad, the thing about passports, immigrants, just didnít work out.

Nice build up for this match, Benoit versus Lesnar, Iím sure this will do nothing but impress.

Chicken Hunting, never heard of that for Mooreís theme song, but Iím glad that you brought the Prince of Punk into this thread, I am a big mark for this guy so top marks already. Surprisingly, Moore got a lot of offense in against Lesnar, even hitting his finishing Halo, that is a good thing for me, but a bad thing for realism in my opinion. Lesnar kicking out was needed, and saying he did it with authority added to it. Five minutes to win against Moore? I donít know, probably would take him faster to get the job done, but I guess you wanted some good matches in the show.

Before I begin on the main event, another detail I would like to point out for you. We also just saw another awesome display, that is quite awkward, instead of awesome, next time try a better word.

A hell of a main event, twenty full minutes of action, thatís a damn lot man. The blood gave this match some credit, so did the use of surrounding objects like the chairs and announce table. I think it is very weird that the referee was raising the hand of Hassan when he was in a ground submission, the Walls of Jericho, maybe you shouldíve just had Hassan struggle around and be on the verge of reaching the ropes. Wow, I completely forgot about Samoa Joe in this show, and what a nice rush of superstars from here on. I donít know how to express this, but your booking in this match was incredibly good. You made Hassan advance as he didnít have any proper feuds, you continued Jericho versus Joe, Edge versus Christian, and Lesnar versus Benoit, all in one match! And you even shoved Rhyno in there too for extra entertainment, I think thatís why you did it, but honestly, great job.

With no doubt in my mind, this was your best show, I found it entertaining all the way through and I see you improving heaps from your first show. The match lengths were great, Lesnar versus Moore wasnít all that great but manageable for me, the main event was top notch. Promos were okay, the opening one and Konnan one were good but the rest were either awkward or poor in length. The feuds are coming along very nicely and itís great to see some more new guys in the company, but remember not to pump them in every week. The two hour time slot, I am not too fond on, but the Pay Per Views sound awesome and the television deal will probably be done. Like I said, I have a new reviewing style and I personally think it is really good, I hope you do too. Sorry this was late, but as you can see, itís quite a long one. 9/10
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Okay, in response to some questions and commentsÖ

- Shannon Moore was bought in to job, nothing more, nothing less. Canít say Iím a big fan of his, and I didnít wanna use Indy jobbers. The reason I let him get in a bit of offence was so Lesnar didnít get another total domination win two weeks in a row. If someone could let me know of an alternate entrance song for him, even the one in he uses in ECW, you would be repped accordingly. Jae, Iím looking at you.

- The LAX/WGTT promo was crap, I agree with whoever hated it. If someone could hook me up with some Charlie Haas promos that would be grand.

- Using Lesnarís music twice on the show was a mistake on my part.

- Mentioning Edge as a two time world champion is probably just a habit for me, but in the same respect, the NWA title is referred to frequently whenever the WWE mention Flairís 16 title reigns, so I donít see the problem there.

- The Main Event was booked like it was with the run ins at the end purely to hype the tournament. No other reason, except to build a bit more excitement for it. I booked it with the Holy shit moments and everyone because I wanted to give the impression that the wrestlers would do whatever theyíd have to do, to pick up the win.

- The ending of the Aries/Danielson match was simply to establish Danielson as a heel, and I think it worked perfectly, everyone hated the finish, so thatís good.

- I was thinking the other day that I need to change Rhyno to Rhino, because everyone refers to him as Rhino anyway.

- Mikeie, Edge jumped last week, so it wasnít Benoit and Edge in the same night, and in terms of the roster, realism is kind of out the window, because itís more of a dream fed for me, but Iím trying to give reasoning for all of the major jumps anyway.

- Thanks for the reviews guys, youíve all been repped accordingly, reviews will be returned in time, and the next show should be up tomorrow, Thursday at the latest, depending how I feel after I finish work tomorrow.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Good job clearing all that up man, and I just checked Wikipedia, Moore's theme song is indeed Chicken Huntin. But 'Halo' could be better in my opinion.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Enslaved Review (as promised):

Edge Promo:

Edge joins EPW. Thatís a pretty cool move. I see him directly going into the title picture or main event scene. So far we are rolling pretty smooth but I donít think Edge would refer to himself as the real master of the Gore. Christian comes out and starts to work as a face, which is odd. Also, you need to stop talking about WWE events and spoiling their shows. The promo went well toward the end and the Gore from Rhyno was the icing on the cake. The promo was a little bit too short though. It came out to only two full pages in MSWord.

Match One:

Iím glad to see that youíre incorporating the local indy guys into your federation. Danielson gets over better as a heel in this match from a walkout of the match.

Rhyno Promo:

This was actually a pretty good Rhyno promo. He was all in character and got his message across, plain and simple. Please donít put the EPW Championship on him.

Heymanís Announcements:

Itís so far so good in this promo. We might get a two hour CW Network timeslot and are getting two pay-per-views coming up soon! I got to give it up to a fellow Audioslave fan for the Out of Exile title and the main event of that looks good. The match layout is a little bit confusing for this tournament but it could work. Beniot is a good edition to the roster but you are bringing in too many main event level stars for this small promotion. The mystery man should be a nice surprise.

LAX Promo:

Konnan is always great on the mic. You did a good job writing for him and getting him over as a cocky heel. This is a bit predictable though as I can tell from Konnan wanting to award himself the titles that someone else will stop him. Sure enough, the Worldís Greatest Tag Team comes out and challenges them. Once again you got too many stars. It looks like the WWE in here.

Lesnar Promo:

Ugh, I canít stand Lesnar at all. You did a pretty good job of making him get on my nerves though so therefore mission accomplished.

Match Two:

Pretty much a squash match. Lesnar kills Moore with an F-5.

Match Three:

Iím glad that you adapted the no promo between the main event and the match before it idea. The match itself was pretty good but I didnít like Hassan winning at all. Sure all sorts of crazy shit went down in the match but Jericho loosing by submission?

Overall: You got a pretty good concept here but youíre show is just way long for one hour. There are 16 minutes of commercials for an hour show so we have 44 of actual EPW. You took 20 minutes for a main event so you have 24 left. Subtract another 10 for the other two matches, minus another 7 for entrances we are at 7 minutes left for promos. You went way over, even if you have an hour and a half. You have a lot of potential. 6.75/10
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Paranoir's Enslaved Review:

I didn't really like the segment to start the show, Edge explained why he was here but he didn't seem as intense as he normally is. And I don't think he'd take too kind to Christian interrupting him, he'd certainly berate Christian for sure.

Danielson and Aries seems as it will continue onto the PPV seeing as Danielson walked out. Going to be good whenever both men can get a proper match in though I'm not too big of an Indy fan but it should be fun.

Nothing big about Rhyno here, really too short to get anything out of it other than hear him say Gore...Gore...Gore, but someone else probably could have been used here.

Heyman's promo was decent, it never really was meant for anything other than to announce the matches so it's hard to judge it on that. Benoit jumping, I hope this doesn't mean overcrowded rosters and unreal jumps heading from WWE to here.

Meh, didn't seem right to me, Konnan started out fine but I don't like the double jumps in one night. Seems unrealistic with Benoit, and then WGTT coming in on the same night.

Benoit got nothing in there, no comments or anything? Wow, he would have said something at least! Quick squash, surprised to see no Benoit but that's fine as it would have been the third time tonight.

Main event was filled with interferences and expected since the main event scene is pretty much chaos right now to be honest. Hassan wins! Shocker right there! Can't believe Jericho lost to Hassan! Really, thought Jericho had it in the bag.

Overall, ok show. You're progressing along though promos need to continue to be worked on. Match recaps are fine as those are normally easy to do. Hopefully the main event scene starts to spread out soon for the title seeing as people are going to be eliminated from the tournament soon anyways, so.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Evolution Pro Wrestling:

Wednesday 28th Febuary 2007
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York

***HALO hits to an opening video package that is getting longer before shooting to another visual***

**A re-cap of last weeks Jericho v Hassan match is then shown whilst Halo still plays in the background**

“I’m the man, I’m the King, I’m the one…”

- Vision of Hassan’s first sickening chair shot on Jericho -

“That’s broken from giving…”

- Vision of the conchairto on Jericho -

“Everyday, everyway, I swear just one last try”

- We see the referee make 2 counts on Jericho during the Vice Headlock -

“Killing me with death to be…”

- Jericho fights out of the headlock -

“Something that's so right”

- Vision of Jericho sending Hassan into the steel steps -


- Vision of Hassan laid out on the announce table, then pans to Jericho on top of the turnbuckle -

“My hands are scarred with time”

- We see Jericho hit the Leg Drop through the announce table –

“I will stone you, stone you”

- Vision of Jericho with the Walls of Jericho locked in, only to have Samoa Joe break it up with the chair -

”Wrap my arms around you”

- Vision of Hassan hitting the backbreaker and then locking in the Camel Clutch -

”I will stone you, stone you”

- Jericho having his arm raised 3 times -

“My little HALO”

- Jericho down, bloody, battered and beaten in the middle of the ring, swimming in a pool of blood –

**The camera then pans the crowd briefly, before cutting to Joey Styles at ringside**

Styles: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to EPW’s Enslaved and that was last week during our first match in the world title tournament! Chris Jericho and Muhammad Hassan put each other through hell, just to make it to the next round of the tournament, eventually with Hassan prevailing, in what was an epic encounter!

**SINNER hits across the PA system as Paul Heyman makes his way down the aisle to a huge pop wearing his traditional baseball cap and trenchcoat**

Artes: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, the commissioner of Evolution Pro Wrestling, PAUUUUUL HEYMAN!

- Paulie chants start –

Heyman stands in the ring, taking in the chants from the crowd for a few moments.

Heyman: What a main event we had last week! Muhammad Hassan and Chris Jericho put each other through hell, just to advance further in the world title tournament!

- Big applause for the two combatants from last weeks main event, the crowd show appreciation for the effort shown by both wrestlers –

Heyman: I have to say, they’ve set quite a standard to follow up with in the tournament this week! Tonight we will see Rhyno taking on Samoa Joe in what is set to be another gripping encounter!

- Big pop from the crowd –

Heyman: And after tonight, we’ve still got two more matches in the Tournament, including a Triple Threat match, which all of you here in the ballroom tonight will get to see a preview to, as the Rated R Superstar, Edge, takes on Captain Charisma, Christian CAGE!

- Another decent pop -

Heyman: However, I’m not out here to talk about the tournament, I’m out here to announce a new partner for that man…

Heyman points at Joey Styles.

Styles: Me? Do I get a new colour commentator?

Heyman: I’ve been doing colour commentary for the first few weeks, but it’s time I bought in someone that will fill in the role permanently. This is a man that will bring years of experience in the Wrestling business to the table. This is a man that will bring unparalleled knowledge of the industry, while maintaining a level head with a total non-bias view of the action, and he will do so with the highest of integrity and professionalism during his tenure with this company, so, without further ado, please welcome, our new EPW Colour Commentator…KEVIN NAAAAAAAAASH!

**Nash makes his way out to the top of the aisle with no music**

Styles: What the hell! You’ve got to be kidding me! I’m expected to sit here week after week with that jerk?!

- Huge heat for Nash –

Heyman: Now now, Kevin is a changed man, and he will represent EPW with the highest of dignity. Kevin, would you please go and join Mr Styles at the broadcast booth!

- The crowd is still giving huge heat to Nash –

**The camera follows Nash to the announce table, before swinging backstage where we see Edge preparing for his match with Christian, the camera then shoots to another location, where we see Christian Cage making his way out to the ring**


**METALINGUS hits to huge heat again, as Edge makes his way down to the ring, taunting the crowd, even going directly right up to one fan and yelling right in his face**

Artes: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 241 pounts, EDGE!!

Styles: Welcome back to EPW’s Enslaved, as Edge makes his way to the ring for his clash with his brother, Christian Cage…I’m joined at ringside by my new broadcast colleague (tentatively)…Kevin…Nash…Welcome to you.

Nash: Thank you Joey, despite what you think, this won’t be that bad, I assure you!

**JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES/MY LAST BREATH hits as Christian Cage makes his way out to a giant ovation. Cage pauses at the top of the ramp and slaps his chest, kissing his fingers and pointing to the crowd, before making his way down the aisle**

Artes: And the opponent, now residing in Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 227 pounds…CHRISTIAN…CAGE!!

Styles: This match is some what of a preview for next week in the world title tournament, where these 2 men will compete in a triple threat match against a mystery opponent!

Match 1
Edge v Christian Cage
Commercials @ 6:42 & 13:40

The match has consisted of 8 minutes of back and forward brawling between the two men, with a minimum of wrestling moves used thus far.

The two lock up in the middle of the ring with Edge gaining the advantage and whipping Christian into the ropes; he then bounces off and hits a running cross body out of nowhere sending Edge to the mat. Christian, after rising to his feet quickly, takes full advantage of the situation, stomping the life out of Edge. He then puts Edge in a crucifix arm bar whilst his brother is still down on the mat. Edge is grimacing in pain but refuses to give in; he attempts to punch his way out of it, but to no avail. Eventually, once he realises that Edge will not give in that easily, Christian releases the hold and gets back to his vertical base, he gets a grasp of the Rated R Superstar by the hair and reefs him up from the mat and quickly Irish whips him into the corner. Edge is out on his feet, whilst Christian mounts the turnbuckle and starts hitting Edge with lefts and rights wildly. Christian jumps down off the turnbuckle and pulls Edge out to the centre of the ring by the hair again, he whips him into the ropes and hits his older brother with a standing shoulder block that drops Edge to the mat once more. Christian grabs Edge’s hair for the third time and reefs him to his feet again while Edge shreaks in pain. The referee is now warning Christian to stay off of Edge’s hair, but Christian simply laughs it off. Cage turns Edge around and hits standing neck breaker, he picks him up again and hits him with a backbreaker this time! Christian goes for the cover…



NO! Edge kicks out at Two!

Christian is now starting to get frustrated and he picks up Edge once again and tries to set him up for the Unprettier, but Edge manages to counter and push him off and into the ropes. As Christian turns around to face Edge, he walks straight into a flying for arm from his older brother and both men are out on the mat.

Edge manages to drag himself over to where Christian is down and manages to drape an arm over him try to get a pinfall…


NO! Christian kicks out a One!

Edge manages to pull himself back to his feet using the ropes for assistance, but as soon as he does, Christian is already on his feet to greet him. Christian strikes with a couple of hard rights, with Edge still on his feet, using the only the ropes to keep him standing. Cage then quickly climbs through the ropes and is out on the apron now, he grabs Edge by the neck and hits a neck breaker, snapping Edge’s neck on the top rope, whilst he drops to the floor at ringside.

Edge is down in the middle of the ring, when Christian climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and tries to hit the Frog Splash. Edge sees it coming and raises his knees, countering Captain Charisma’s frog splash. Christian grabs his ribs immediately in excruciating pain, whilst Edge rolls out of the ring, and falls on the floor, still recovering from the neck breaker.

Edge slides back into the ring with a chair in hand and Christian is still on the canvas clutching his rib cage. Edge, with a sadistic look on his face, grasping the chair in his hands tightly, fends off the referee who tries to stop him from using the chair, and then walks over to Christian and cracks him twice in the ribs as the referee calls for the bell, disqualifying Edge!

Winner: Christian Cage @ 12:13

Artis: Here is your winner, via disqualification, Christian Cage!

**METALINGUS then hits again Edge then makes his way out of the ring wearily, without any further assault on Christian to huge heat from the crowd**

Styles: This Edge is scum! He knew that his brother was getting the better of him in the match, so he had to cheat to avoid being humiliated!

Nash: I don’t know about that Styles, I think Edge may have just been protecting the World Title Tournament here, he’s making people want to tune in next week to see if Christian can get his revenge!

Styles: Yeah…right…

**The camera then goes backstage where we see Samoa Joe and Muhammad Hassan**

Joe: Let’s be honest here Hassan, last week in your match with Chris Jericho, you were about to tap out to the Walls of Jericho had I not come in and destroyed Jericho with a steel chair.

- This draws big heat from the crowd –

Joe: Tonight, I want you to repay the favour. I helped you get into the 2nd round of the world title tournament last week, now this week I want your help.

Hassan: I’m listening.

Joe: I want you at ringside tonight, to prevent any interference Jericho may be planning and costing me my chance in the World Title Tournament. Do we have a deal?

Hassan: What’s in it for me?

Joe: Well if you say No, I’ll choke you out right here and then I’ll go and find Brock Lesnar and tell him you told me to ask him to give you an F-5 on the top of the Aisle again, if you say Yes, and both of us make the final of the tournament, I will let you pick the stipulation for the Title match. Now, do we have a deal?

Hassan: We have a deal. I’ll be there.


Styles: Welcome back to Enslaved, and before the break we just saw somewhat of an alliance formed between Samoa Joe and Muhammad Hassan, for at least tonight’s Main Event!

Nash: Good tactics from Joe. He obviously wants a fair go in this tournament, and doesn’t want Jericho to cost him his chance. Hassan is there for a bit of insurance; after all, Joe did help him out last week.

**We then go backstage again to see Paul Heyman, amidst a large pop from the crowd**

Heyman: As you all know, last week, we witnessed the Latin American Exchange out in the ring saying that they deserved to be awarded the Tag Team Titles by Default due there being no suitable competition, only for them to be confronted by the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

- Mixed Reaction for both teams –

Heyman: Now, as of last week, I hadn’t even decided that there would BE tag titles in Evolution Pro Wrestling, but now, since I have two extremely talented teams in EPW, who both want to battle it out for the titles, I now officially announce that at our debut PPV, Out of Exile, on the 22nd of April, we will see the Latin American Exchange, Homicide and Hernandez, take on The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas for the EPW World Tag Team Titles!

- Decent pop for this announcement –

Heyman: Further to that, I would like to announce another match, where Charlie Haas will be going one on one with Hernandez, and that match is right now! And just so you know, Shelton Benjamin, Konnan and Homicide will ALL be banned from ringside, if any of them interfere during this match; they will forfeit their opportunity at the Tag Titles!

**WORLDS GREATEST hits following Heyman’s announcement as Charlie Haas makes his way out to the ring with a decent pop from the Ballroom crowd, as Haas slowly makes his way down the aisle**

Artes: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, residing in Dallas, Texas, weighing in at 240 pounds, CHARLIE…HAAS!

**DAWGZ then hits across the PA to a chorus of jeers through out the Hammerstein ballroom, as Hernandez makes his way down to the ring confidently**

Artes: And his opponent, representing the Latin American
Exchange, weighing in at 295 pounds, HERNANDEZ!

Match 2
Charlie Haas v Hernandez

Hernandez has spent the first 4 minutes decimating Charlie Haas with some brutal power moves, and swatting off any attempt at offence from Haas.

Hernandez has Haas set up in the corner and hits a squash clothesline on him. Haas then falls straight to the floor; Hernandez picks him up off the canvas and tries to set him up for the brutal Border Toss. He gets him up above his shoulders, but Haas manages to slide out at the last minute, and as soon as he hits the ground, he quickly locks his arms around the waist of Hernandez and hits a German Suplex out of no where, with Hernandez landing awkwardly on his head. Hernandez gets up seemingly unaffected by the German and runs straight at Haas, who turns it into an arm-drag sending Hernandez to the mat again. Hernandez gets straight back up again, bounces off the ropes, but Haas advances and meets Hernandez off guard and hits a belly-to-belly suplex this time.

Hernandez finally stays down on the mat, but Haas assists him to his feet and goes for an exploder suplex, but Hernandez fights him off. The two lock up with Hernandez gaining the upper hand and whipping Haas into the ropes, Hernandez attempts a back body drop, but Haas manages to counter into a sunset flip, to go for the pinfall…




NO! Hernandez kicks out easily!

Both men get up quickly, as Hernandez shoots into the ropes and bounces back hitting a flying clothesline, sending Haas plummeting to the canvas, following it up with a cover…




Could Hernandez get the pinfall off a Clothesline?!


NO! Haas kicks out this time at 2 and a half!

Hernandez gets up and starts arguing with the referee, Haas jumps up and goes for a roll up on Hernandez…





NO! Hernandez kicks out again!

The near 300 pounder, Hernandez, then shows great athleticism, bounding back to a vertical base, throwing himself into the ropes and bouncing off at a ridiculous pace, and he attempts to hit a vicious clothesline on Haas, but Haas ducks it, turns around and rolls Hernandez up again…

Haas has a handful of tights!
Haas now has his feet on the ropes for leverage!
Charlie Haas has cheated his way to victory to pin Hernandez!

Winner: Charlie Haas @ 5:51

Artes: Here is your winner, CHARLIE…HAAS!

Nash: Well if Charlie Haas feels that he has to cheat to win, then so be it. I’m just glad he realises that he can’t beat someone as dominate as Hernandez fairly.

Styles: Definitely a questionable act from Charlie Haas there to get the pinfall, it’s definitely not a usual trait of his, having to cheat to win a match!


**Upon return from commercial we head backstage once again, walking with Austin Aries, when he runs into Bryan Danielson**

Aries: Well, well, Bryan Danielson…no where to run now…

Danielson glares at Aries briefly, before giving him a cocky smile and continuing on his way, intentionally bumping shoulders with Aries, who turns around watching Danielson walk away.

Aries: Your time is coming, Bryan.

**The camera then shoots off to another backstage area where we see Brock Lesnar beating the life out of Chris Benoit**

Lesnar his hitting Benoit with hard lefts and rights, and then whips him into a concrete wall. Benoit is screaming in pain, as Lesnar walks off yelling at Benoit that now he knows to never lock the Crossface in on him again!

**The camera is then back on Joey Styles and Kevin Nash**

Styles: What the hell is going on backstage? People beating the crap out of each other, ignoring each other and even forming alliances! Very, very strange happenings backstage tonight!

Nash: Who cares what’s happening backstage Styles, I don't, the fans don't, so shut it, it’s time for our Main Event man, and it’s time for Samoa Joe to show why Rhyno is no competition for him!

**ARABIC hits to the biggest heel reaction of the night, as Muhammad Hassan makes his way out to the ring as Samoa Joe’s personal enforcer**

Nash: This right there, could quite possibly be the most hated man in the wrestling business at the moment!

Styles: And with good reason.

Artes: Introducing first, Samoa Joe’s personal enforcer, MUHAMMAD HASSAN!

- The crowd evokes more heat upon mention of his name –

Nash: Even though they hate him, you’d still think they’d show him a bit of respect following his showing last week!

**CRUSH U UP hits as Samoa Joe makes his way out to the ring, to a mixed reaction, but more so a heated reaction, with a very cocky and confident look on his face. He does his usual taunt at the top of the aisle and continues to make his way down to the ring**

Artes: The following is a first round match of the world title tournament, introducing first, from the isle of Samoa, weighing in a 280 pounds, the Samoan Submission Machine, SAMOA…JOEEEEEE!

**STAMPEDE hits as Rhyno makes his way out to a huge pop, he stands at the top of the aisle, punch his chest and does his usual taunt, then runs down to the ring**

Artes: And his opponent, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 250 pounds, the MAN BEAST, RHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNO!

Match 3
Main Event
Round 1 of World Title Tournament
Rhyno v Samoa Joe w/ Muhammad Hassan
(commercial @ 8 minutes)

The match started off with Joe and Rhyno nose-to-nose in the middle of the ring, followed by the two trading power moves for the first 11 minutes of the match, as Hassan watched on at ringside.

Joe and Rhyno are both down after Joe delivered a running enzuigiri to the back of the Man Beast’s head. They slowly make it back to their feet, as Joe unloads with rights to the head of Rhyno. Joe picks up his weakened opponent and hits an inverted atomic drop, he then shoots into the ropes and hits a single leg running front drop kick to send Rhyno crashing to the canvas, the Samoan Submission Machine jumps straight back to his feet and shoots into the ropes, this time landing a running senton back splash on the downed Rhyno. Joe follows up with a cover…






The Man Beast kicks out as Joe starts getting frustrated and reefs Rhyno back to his feet in a daze, Joe hits a hard right, which sends Rhyno crashing into the mat once again. Joe circles around Rhyno as the Hammerstein Ballroom crowd start to get behind their favourite, as Rhyno gets back to his feet, the two combatants lock up again, with Joe getting a headlock locked in, in an attempt to drain his opponent, Samoa Joe then whips Rhyno into the ropes and shoots into the ropes himself and hits Rhyno with a high knee, that knocks him down once again, as Joe goes for the cover for only the second time in the match…





**BREAK THE WALLS DOWN blasts over the PA as Chris Jericho’s music hits**

Joe forgets about the cover and runs over to Hassan, frantically directing him to take out Jericho. After a while, the music stops with no sign of Jericho, but Joe and Hassan are still watching the aisle, before Rhyno grabs Joe off guard and rolls him up for to try for the pinfall…



Joe kicks out easily and both men get back to their feet and lock up, with Rhyno eventually overpowering his opponent, hitting a belly-to-belly suplex on Joe. Rhyno stomps away on Joe and then picks him up and whips him into the ropes again, Joe bounces off and Rhyno hits him with a standing shoulder block, which drops Joe to the mat. Rhyno assists Joe back to his feet once more and Irish whips him into the corner, Rhyno charges at Joe and hits a clothesline on him in the corner that sends him face first into the mat. Joe makes his way back to a vertical base slowly, as Rhyno attempts to hit the Gore, but Joe sees it at the last minute, and gets out of the way, whilst Rhyno goes rocketing into the turnbuckle. Joe attempts the roll-up on Rhyno this time…

Rhyno is fighting madly to get out of the pinfall, as Joe has the tights!

**BREAK THE WALLS DOWN blasts over the PA as Chris Jericho’s music hits once again!**

Rhyno managed to kick out, just before the music hit, Joe is once again frantic over the impending threat that Jericho may be about to ruin his World Title chance. Rhyno is still down selling an injury to his shoulder, following the clash with the turnbuckle after the attempt at the Gore, Joe vents his frustration on Rhyno, picking him up and landing a Samoan Drop. Joe now starts stomping the life out of Rhyno, then shoots into the ropes and hits another running senton.

**BREAK THE WALLS DOWN blasts over the PA for the 3rd time as Chris Jericho actually makes out to the top of the aisle now to a raucous pop from the crowd**

Joe is standing on the bottom rope, yelling and pointing at Jericho, while summoning for Hassan to stand at the bottom of the aisle to fight off Jericho, Joe then steps down off the bottom rope and turns around into a massive GORE from Rhyno! The Man Beast then goes for the cover…




Winner: Rhyno @ 15:01

Artes: Here is your winner, RHHHYYYYNOOOOOOOO!!!

**STAMPEDE hits amidst an eruption from the Hammerstein Ballroom crowd**

Styles: Rhyno picks up the win, much to the crowds pleasure and Samoa Joe is yet another victim of the gore!

Nash: Well, Samoa Joe can feel ripped off here, and Rhyno should be buying Chris Jericho a few drinks tonight, because there is no way in hell he would’ve won that match without Jericho man!

Rhyno rolls out of the ring immediately after the pinfall, as Joe stays down in the ring following the Gore. Rhyno tries to exit up the aisle, but Hassan is standing there waiting with a chair, as Hassan is about to assault Rhyno with the steel chair, Jericho comes sprinting down the aisle and unexpectedly hits a running bulldog on Hassan, landing him face first on the hard floor, Jericho then bounds straight back to his feet, slides into the ring, under the bottom rope, runs at the ropes and hits the Lionsault on the already broken Samoa Joe.

Styles: What an ending to the show, as Jericho hits the lionsault on Joe! For Kevin Nash, I’m Joey Styles, thank you for joining us, we’ll see you next week!

Jericho then locks in the Walls of Jericho on Joe in the middle of the ring, making him shriek in pain, as the show fades to black with a shot of Rhyno celebrating at the top of the ramp.

***End Show***

Current Card for Out of Exile

Final of the World Title Tournament
EPW World Championship Match
??? v ???

EPW World Tag Team Championships
Homicide & Hernandez v Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

heyman deciple's ENSLAVED REVIEW:

Opening Video: This was good, I really liked the way you put together this video package.

Heyman-Nash: Good promo by Heyman, to tell the truth I liked Heyman on commentary. It gave you real insight to what the boss was really thinking. Bringing in Nash was a good move didn't see it coming. Nash is a great talker and a funny guy. This should be good.

Edge vs. Christian: Good match too bad it had the DQ Finish, i'll be looking foward to a rematch.

Joe-Hassan: Solid promo, it told the story.

Heyman Promo: Good promo here.

Haas vs. Hernandez: Good Match, glad to see Haas won. the tight pulling didn't bother me. Win any way you can.

Aries-Danielson: Short Confrontation that did a good job of futhering the feud.

Lesnar-Benoit: Very good backstage fight. too bad it wasn't longer.

Rhino vs. Joe: Rhino wins, didn't see that coming. I can't wait to see how Joe gets even with Jericho.

Good show, I give it 7 out of 10.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.


I'm afraid that I can't write up a full review for this show, I have a Survivor Series review I need to get to and that will take me ages. So forgive me for this one, I may continue to do this when school begins, but I will try my best to follow every show, even if it's just skimming.

All the matches were great as usual, they all did something for their storylines and feuds, but try not to do what you did with Haas and Herdandez all the time, meaning, don't always just have one member versus another member of two feuding teams, the feud may get stale fast. Length was fine, but I'm thinking you need to improve on using more advanced vocabulary now.

Kevin Nash as the commentator came as a big surprise to me, but good job on it, I like the little Joey Styles rivalry you have going on with him. Not many promos or segments in this show, but the Joe and Hassan one was nice, I like the alliance I see right now, good stuff. Another Paul Heyman segment, hopefully you don't have him popping out in shows every week. The Austin Aries one was short, but did carry out his feud with Danielson, so that's okay, just try to lengthen things out.

Good show, but not your best, length was fine in matches, it's just the promos need work. And as I said, now that you know basically everything to know in Be The Booker, beginning to focus on using better vocabulary might be good to get you those full marks for shows. 7.5/10
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Heyman's Announcement: 8/10
Good job naming Nash the new Color Commentator. He's not doing much of anything these days. So I guess he can stand being in a chair for an hour or two.

Match 1: Edge v Christian Cage: 9/10
Exciting match between two "brothers." The DQ was a nice add for a PPV-staged rematch, with an added stipulation!

Haasan/Joe segment: 9/10
Nice deal. Joe threatening someone to get him on his side! Brute force always works well for Joe.

Heyman Announcment: 8.5/10
Awesome Pay-Per-View announcement.

Match 2: Charlie Haas v Hernandez: 8/10
Nice win for Haas. The tights was an obvious average move, but still, I like the outcome.

Aries/Danielson Segment: 8/10
Short, sweet, and to the point. Those two have huge heat that could possibly hit PPV stage.

Benoit's Ass-Whoopin': 8.5/10
Lesnar is a sore loser! But it doesn't matter, Benoit is ultimately better and superior to Lesnar's primal human instincts.

Main Event
Round 1 of World Title Tournament
Rhyno v Samoa Joe w/ Muhammad Hassan: 8.5/10

Awesome main event. Good ending. I feel Joe's pain. After the match, I liked Jericho coming in, attacking Haasan and Joe. But I think Joe should get some retribution next week!

Overall: 93/100 = A
Another successful show! The feuds and rivalries starting are not to shabby! The tournament continues! Keep it up! This is currently the best BTB I'm reading!

P.S.: Since IAmLegend has been banned, I'm going to be starting my own BTB that'll be posted around two weeks from now.
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