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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Evolution Pro Wrestling:

Wednesday 21st February 2007
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York

*** HALO hits to an video opening package and continues as Enslaved kicks off with a pan across the vocal crowd ***

Styles: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to EPW’s Enslaved! We are LIVE once again from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, I am Joey Styles, joining me at ring side is Paul Heyman and tonight Paul, our World Title tournament kicks off with a bang!

**Visual for Jericho v Hassan is shown on screen**

Heyman: That’s right Joey; tonight we will see Chris Jericho facing off against Muhammad Hassan, in a Submission Only, NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!

Styles: We’re also going to see Bryan Danielson in action against Austin Aries, after he walked out on Aries during a tag match against LAX last week!

**Footage of Danielson walking out on Aries is shown**

**The words ”You think you know me” sound out around the Ballroom, as Edge’s music METALINGUS then follows as The Rated R Superstar makes his way out to the top of the aisle to start the show, holding a microphone amidst a cloud of smoke and the raucous Hammerstein Ballroom crowd slinging insults at him, after immediately recognising his music**

Styles: Edge is back again Paul! What the hell is going on here?!

Heyman stays notably silent, while Edge is at the top of the ramp laughing and taking in the crowd’s jeers.

Edge: OH MY GOD! WE’VE BEEN INVADED! That’s all I’ve been hearing in the last week after I came through the crowd and speared the life out of Chris Jericho, the so-called Master of the Gore, Rhyno and some fat islander called Samoa Joe, that isn’t even worthy to shine my shoes!

- These comments attract massive heat from the crowd –

Edge now starts to make his way down the aisle.

Edge: Now, on to this whole Invasion issue, I’ve got a Newsflash for you morons, I’m now officially E…P…W!

- This draws even more heat from the crowd –

Styles: What the hell! I can’t believe you would sign this piece of crap to an EPW contract! The crowd are making it known they don’t want him here as well; I haven’t heard them this vocal since the birth of EPW!

Heyman: (getting heated) Piece of crap or not Joey, Edge has talent, and in EPW, we harness talent!

Edge: Well, if you fools don’t like that, you’re going to hate it even more when I guarantee that I’m going to be the first EPW World Champion!

- more heat –

Edge: That’s right; I’m one of the 9 men in the World Title Tournament! I don’t care who I have to beat to do it, I guarantee you that the first ever EPW World Title holder will be Rated R!

Edge has made his way into the ring by now.

Edge: Fact is, before last weeks show, everyone was talking about how dominant Rhyno had been in the opening shows and how he is the master of the gore, everyone was talking about how big of an acquisition Chris Jericho is to EPW and everyone is ALWAYS talking about how Samoa Joe is the future of the industry…These 3 men are ALL in the world title tournament, and I came out here last week and speared a hole through all three of ‘em!

- Shut the fuck up chants start –

Styles: I like the crowd’s suggestion.

Edge: Last week I proved that the only master of the gore is me! And in the next few weeks, I’m going to prove that I deserve to be the first EPW World Champion!

**A familiar countdown then appears on the screen as JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES/MY LAST BREATH hits while Christian Cage makes his way out to the top of the ramp dressed in casual clothes, with his captain charisma jacket on**

Edge: Woah…woah…woah…woah, Little brother, little brother, you know better than to come out here and interrupt me when I’m talking!

Christian: Will you do us all a favour Edge, and just shut the hell up?! I was just sitting in the back, minding my own business, when I realised that I haven’t seen you in over 18 months and in that time, you haven’t changed one bit, you’re still an egotistical moron!

- Loud pop –

Christian: It’s like this Edge, my heart beats for my peeps, and right now you’re boring the hell out of each and every one of them here in the Ballroom, so cut the crap and tell us how you’re even here! You’re under contract with the other company, you won the Royal Rumble 4 weeks ago, and you’re meant to be in the Main event at Wrestlemania! HOW THE HELL ARE YOU HERE?

Edge: Correction Christian. I WAS under WWE contract. I walked out. I was in the middle of contract negotiations, I told them I wouldn’t sign on unless I won the Royal Rumble, so they agreed and I won the Rumble, but then they told me I wasn’t going to Main Event Wrestlemania, I was going to forfeit that opportunity to John friggin’ Cena!

- Massive heat for Cena’s name –

Edge: That was the last straw Christian! As soon as they told me that, I ripped up their contract and was out the damn door!

- Unusually loud pop, which brings about an odd reaction from Edge –

Christian: Well that’s great Edge, but you don’t need to come here running your mouth for no reason, guaranteeing you’ll be World Champion, because at the end of the day, the EPW World Championship will be comin’ home with me, Captain Charisma, Christian Cage, ‘coz THAT’s How I Roll!

- Big Pop -

Christian: Oh and by the way Edge, the only master of the gore is standing right behind you!

Edge turns around and walks into a massive Gore from Rhyno, which he sells beyond belief amidst a huge pop from the crowd, as Rhyno then stands over the fallen Edge, whilst Christian stands at the top of the ramp with a smug look on his face and slaps his chest.


Styles: Rhyno just showed Edge there is only ONE master of the Gore!


Styles: Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen to Enslaved, in case you missed the opening of the show, Edge was back and made an announcement that shocked the wrestling world, only to be interrupted by Christian and humiliated by Rhyno!

**Re-cap of Edge’s promo, Christian interrupting and Rhyno’s gore**

**FINAL COUNTDOWN hits to a chorus of jeers as the American Dragon Bryan Danielson makes his way to the ring**

Artes: Ladies and Gentlemen the following is scheduled for One fall! Introducing first, from Aberdeen, Washington, weighing in at 190 pounds…BRYAN DANIELSON!

**PERSONAL JESUS hits as Austin Aries rushes the ring to a moderate pop, as he makes his way quickly down the aisle and slides into the ring, getting nose to nose with Danielson**

Artes: And his opponent, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, weighing in at 202 pounds…AUSTIIIIIIIIIN ARIES!

Match 1
“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson v Austin Aries

The match starts out with Danielson and Aries nose to nose in the middle of the ring, Aries then secures Danielson in a front face lock and hits him with some clubbing blows on the spine followed by some knees to the ribs, forcing Danielson to drop to one knee, gasping for air. Aries bounds off the ropes and hits a stiff low drop kick right to the face of Danielson, to a big pop from the crowd and he goes for the early cover…



Aries reefs Danielson back to his feet and whips him into the ropes, bounces into the adjacent ropes himself, as both men have the same thought and try and hit running dropkicks, but only their feet to clash in mid-air, which causes them both to drop straight to the mat. They get straight back up, Aries runs at Danielson, who turns it into an arm-drag, followed by another arm-drag from the American Dragon after Aries got up straight away. The match is going at a lightning pace early on and the crowd is eating it up.

Danielson and Aries then brawl in the middle of the ring, with Aries getting the upper hand again, whipping Danielson into the turnbuckle, following it up with a missile dropkick in the corner. Danielson then stumbles a little bit, leaning on the ropes, facing the outside to keep his balance following the dropkick. Aries shoots off the opposite ropes and hits a running bulldog on Danielson, snapping his neck on the top rope as Aries goes flying over the top rope to the outside, attracting another massive pop from the crowd.

Danielson is down in the middle of the ring, following his neck getting snapped on the top rope, as Aries is now climbing to the top rope, he goes for a frog splash, but Danielson rolls out of the way at the last minute, as Aries crashes to the canvas. Both men make it back to their feet at pretty much the same time as they then start throwing punches everywhere with the hint of this one turning into an all out brawl, they lock up, and Aries whips Danielson into the ropes once more, but this time Danielson manages to grab hold of the ropes and stop his momentum. Danielson then jumps out of the ring and heads up the aisle, turning his back on Aries, walking out of the arena, not looking back.

The referee then proceeds to make the 10 count, as Bryan Danielson is counted-out amidst massive heat from the crowd.

Winner: Austin Aries via Countout @ 3:43

Artes: Here is your winner, AUSTIIIIIN ARIES!

**PERSONAL JESUS hits again as Austin Aries walks back and forth inside the ring, yelling and pointing at Danielson, who continues to ignore him**

Styles: What a coward. There’s no doubting that this Bryan Danielson is talented, the only problem is, we have to get him to stay in the ring long enough to show case his ability!

**The camera heads backstage now, where we see a close up shot of Rhyno**

Rhyno: Edge, you were out in the ring earlier, running your mouth claiming that you are the real master of the gore, guaranteeing you will be the first EPW World Champion.

- This draws heat from the crowd –

Rhyno: And look what happened to you Edge, you felt the wrath of the gore first hand, now after that Edge, you should know that at the end of the World Title Tournament, the Man Beast Rhyno will be in the ring celebrating with that EPW title, because it doesn’t matter who I’m facing, the end result will always be the same…GORE…GORE…GOREEEEEEEEEEE!

- Crowd echoes Rhyno, as The Man Beast stares right down the middle of the camera in an intense fashion –


**We return from commercial to see Paul Heyman standing in the ring, Microphone in hand**

Heyman: Those of you that read would know that I have a major announcement to make here tonight regarding the future of EPW!

- Big pop –

Heyman: But that’s not all, I’ve actually got TWO major announcements for you all here in the ballroom tonight!

- Another pop –

Heyman: About a week and a half ago I had a meeting with CW Network officials regarding the direction of EPW. I am pleased to report to you all right now, that they are very impressed!

- Paulie chants start –

Heyman: The deal is though, the CW have informed me that we need to produce a Pay Per View event by the end of June, so they can see how well it sells, before they make their decision to re-contracting us on a longer agreement by the end of July and the success of the PPV will also go along way towards us gaining a 2 hour time slot!

- This brings about an explosive reaction from the crowd –

Heyman: Now, I’ve decided that we’re going to go one better. We’re definitely going to have the Pay Per View that the network want to see, but we’re not going to have just one Pay Per View between now and the end of July, there will be 2 EVOLUTION PRO WRESTLING PAY PER VIEW EVENTS BETWEEN NOW AND THE END OF JULY!!!

- Massive reaction from the fans again –

Heyman: The first Pay Per View event, titled “Out of Exile” will be held on the 22nd of April, and will feature the FINAL of the World Title Tournament! And as a reward and a way of saying thank you to all you loyal fans here in New York for supporting us in the early stages, the first EPW Pay Per View will be held right here, in the HAMMERSTEIN BALLROOM!

- Thank you Paul chants start –

Heyman: Now the second PPV, while the location is undecided at this point, will be held on the 24th of June and it will be titled “Redemption”.

- Another slight pop at this announcement –

Heyman: Now on to the World Title tournament…it’s time I announced some more matches, as you all know, tonight, LIVE, in the Hammerstein Ballroom, we will have Chris Jericho taking on Muhammad Hassan in a No Disqualification, Submission Only match!

- Decent pop -

Heyman: Next week, the man beast Rhyno, will take on the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe!!

- Big pop –

Heyman: Then the week after that, we will have ourselves a Triple Threat match, where the first person to get a pinfall or a submission, will be the winner, it will feature, Captain Charisma…Christian Cage!

- Pop for Christian –

Heyman: Against the 2 time World Champion…Edge!

- Massive Heat for Edge –

Heyman: And they will be taking on a MYSTERY OPPONENT who will not be revealed until he walks out for the match!

- Slight pop –

Heyman: And, in the final match of the first qualifying round, in 3 weeks time, we will see THE NEXT BIG THING…BROCK LESNAR…taking on this man…

Heyman points up the aisle, towards the top of the ramp.

**The crowd waits in silence for a moment before WHATEVER hits as the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit, dressed in his ring attire, makes his way down to the ring to a massive ovation**

Styles: Wholy crap! It’s Chris Benoit! We’ve hit the jackpot! We get to see Benoit v Lesnar in a wrestling ring, and the best part is, the fans don’t have to pay for it to see it on TV, this is huge!

Heyman: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, the newest acquisition to the EPW roster, the Rabid Wolverine, the Crippler, CHRIS…BENOIT!!!!

- Explosive pop from the crowd, as a massive Benoit chant breaks out –

Benoit slides into the ring, hugs Heyman, then climbs to the top of the turnbuckle, punches his chest and poses for the crowd.

**HERE COMES THE PAIN then hits as Brock Lesnar comes out to the top of the ramp, staring at Benoit with a smirk on his face, shaking his head and gesturing that the World Title will be his**


**We return from commercial to see the Latin American Exchange in the ring, with a Mexican Flag**

Konnan: Yo, Yo, Yo, Lemme speak on ‘dis! It seems ‘ta us dat everyone has forgotten ‘bout ‘da Latin American Exchange already! All it took was a few new people to show their faces in EPW and a tournament for the world title to be announced, and everyone forgets about the LAX.

Homicide and Hernandez are behind Konnan, staring a hole through the camera.

Konnan: It’s time for you gringos to face da facts Holmes, since ‘dere’s no other tag teams in EPW, we have decided that my dogs, Homicide and Hernandez – the LAX, should automatically be awarded that Tag Team titles!

- Slight heat –

Konnan: The Latin American Exchange is a revolution, you can stop a revolutionary, but you can’t stop a revolution

- more heat -

Konnan: Once we are officially awarded the titles, we welcome all challengers, because we don’t back down back down from a fight ese, we proved that when we took out Jericho and Christian, we proved it when we beat Austin Aries and Bryan Danielson, so next week, we will be officially awarded the Tag Team Championships, due to the fact, there’s no other tag teams around worthy of us.

**WORLDS GREATEST hits as the Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas make their way out to the top of the aisle, dressed in street clothes, to a slight pop**

Haas: Now you’ve got a problem, hooooolmes, there’s now another Tag Team in EPW, which means that’s it’s gonna be Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin versus The LAX for the EPW World Tag Team Championships, so there will be no need for anyone to simply get given the titles, ya dig that ese??

- Mixed Reaction -

Haas: Shelton and I have both been American amateur champions, and that will prove too much for you three nobodies that probably don't even have an American passport!

- Another Mixed Reaction -

Haas: We are the Worlds Greatest Tag Team, and you three are gonna learn that real fast! No one can beat us, not a bunch of immigrants like you three! Not anyone!

***Haas and Benjamin stare down the LAX arrogantly as the camera shoots backstage again where we see Brock Lesnar walking backstage, headed towards the arena for his match only to be met by Chris Benoit***

Lesnar: Benoit, I’ve beaten you before, but that was quite some time ago, so I suggest you go and find yourself a monitor and watch the match that I’m about to win. No actually not win, dominate.

Benoit just laughs at Lesnar.

Lesnar: Laugh all you want Chris, fact is, nothing is going to stop me from winning that World Title, not you, not your little cross face, nothing!

- Jeers from the crowd –

Lesnar: Go find a chair Chris, and watch the most dominate force in EPW decimate his next helpless victim; take notes though, because you’re next in line after this one!

***Benoit walks past Lesnar with the grin on his face, deliberately bumping shoulders with Lesnar as HERE COMES THE PAIN hits to good heat in the arena as Lesnar makes his way out to the top of the ramp and down the aisle***

Styles: Strong words there from Lesnar, Paul, but can he back it up?

Heyman: Are you gonna bet against him Joey?

Artes: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing 295 pounds…BROCK…LESNAR!

***CHICKEN HUNTIN’ hits to absolutely no reaction from the crowd as Shannon Moore makes his way out to the ring, looking rather intimidated by Lesnar***

Artes: And the opponent, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing 202 pounds…SHANNON MOORE!

Styles: Shannon Moore is making his debut here in EPW tonight, but I have to say it’s definitely an unfortunate one for him as he is confronting a man on a path of destruction, Brock Lesnar!

Match 2
Brock Lesnar v Shannon Moore

The match started off with Moore using his speed and agility to run Lesnar around the ring a bit early on. Several times Lesnar would go to lock up, only for Moore to duck it, run though and kick his much larger opponent in the back of the legs, to try and bring him down to size.

Lesnar has a grasp of Moore now and whips him into the ropes, but Moore manages to jump into the second rope and bounce off hitting a springboard crossbody on Lesnar, but it has no effect on him, simply forcing him to lose his balance for 2 or 3 steps.

Lesnar then goes straight after Moore again, this time pulling him in and attempting a Belly-to-Belly overhead suplex, but Lesnar has so much strength that he throws him through but Moore manages to land on his feet. Moore then acts quickly in running towards the turnbuckle jumping up on top and then flying high as Lesnar turns around in shock to see Moore flying at him as he connects with the Halo corkscrew senton to a big pop from the crowd! Moore seizes the opportunity with Lesnar down and goes for the cover…



Moore can’t believe how easily Lesnar kicked out, but before he has the chance to think about it Lesnar is up as the two lock up, with Lesnar making the most of his size advantage by forcing Moore directly into the corner. Lesnar scores with some dominant elbows as he then lifts the groggy Moore to the top of the turnbuckle and then hits a massive Superplex on the Prince of Punk. Lesnar drags Moore over closer to the corner again, then ascends the turnbuckle once more and hits a Shooting Star Press to perfection, but he refuses to make the pin.

Brock then picks up his totally lifeless opponent, hoists him to his shoulders and hits an F-5 followed by a cover to finish him off…




Winner: Brock Lesnar @ 5:02

Artes: Here is your winner, BROCK LESNAR!

Styles: Well after an early scare, Lesnar’s dominance has proven too much for the debuting Shannon Moore, who put up a valiant effort in defeat!

Heyman: Credit where it’s due Joey, and Moore put up more of a fight than I expected to see, Lesnar is definitely out to prove he is the most dominant man in the industry.


Styles: Welcome back to EPW’s Enslaved and what a night we’ve had so far, first the announcement of Chris Benoit’s signing and now it seems that the Worlds Greatest Tag Team are also in EPW, after they interrupted the LAX earlier and informed them that they would be facing off for the world tag titles.

**re-cap is shown of WGTT interrupting LAX**

Heyman: We also just saw another awesome display from the most dominant man in the industry at the moment, with Brock Lesnar annihilating Shannon Moore.

**re-cap of Lesnar/Moore match**

Styles: Well, it’s Main Event time with Chris Jericho taking on Muhammad Hassan in a No Disqualification, Submission Only match, which is also the first match of our World Title Tournament.

**ARABIC hits as Muhammad Hassan makes his way slowly down the aisle without Daivari, who is still injured from last week, to huge heat from the crowd. He slides in the ring with a cocky smile on his face, climbs the turnbuckle and taunts the Ballroom crowd**

- USA chants break out –

**BREAK THE WALLS DOWN hits as Chris Jericho then makes his way down to the ring to the biggest pop of the night. Jericho slides into the ring quickly to confront Hassan, but Hassan flees straight to the outside**

Main Event
Match 3
World Title Tournament, First Round Match.
Submission Only, No Disqualifications.
Muhammad Hassan v Chris Jericho
Commercial @ 8:59

The first 12 minutes has been a back and forward contest so far, with Chris Jericho working over the legs and back of Muhammad Hassan in preparation to lock in the Walls of Jericho, and Hassan working over the back and chest of Jericho to soften him up for the Camel Clutch.

Hassan has just bought a steel chair into the ring, he attempts to hit Jericho, but Y2J ducks out of the way, kick to the mid section by Jericho, but Hassan manages to hold on to the chair. Hassan then stands tall, takes a gasp of air and hits Jericho with the chair squarely in the head, to a deafening crack that sounded through out the Hammerstein Ballroom and triggered a huge “Holy Shit” chant from the crowd. Jericho is down from the vicious chair shot, but Hassan isn’t finished, he goes to the outside and retrieves another chair and places it under Jericho’s beaten and bloody scull, he then uses the other chair to administer a vicious conchairto shot. With Jericho motionless, Hassan locks in a tight vice-like headlock to make all of Jericho’s blood rush to the top of his head and make him pass out. After the headlock has been applied for around 15 seconds, the referee begins to count amidst a huge “Jericho” chant.

The referee raises Jericho’s arm once.
The Arm is raised twice, as the Jericho chants get louder.
NO! Jericho stops the referees count!

Hassan can’t believe what he’s seeing, as the bloody Jericho gets one last burst of energy. Hassan releases the headlock and runs at the ropes, which gives Jericho the chance to roll out of the ring, and fall straight to the floor at ringside to try and buy himself some recovery time.

It doesn’t last for long as Hassan heads straight to the outside after Jericho again, as soon as Hassan gets close to Jericho, Jericho finds an energy burst to swing the chair that Hassan had thrown to the outside earlier and take him down from the legs, sending him plummeting to the floor.

Jericho then lays out on the floor again in pain whilst Hassan is down clutching at his legs following the chair shot. Y2J then staggers over to Hassan, picks him up with a degree of difficulty and starts hitting him with soft left and rights, before whipping him into the steel steps. Jericho uses this time to get more air into his lungs and build up some more stamina. He then picks up the fallen Hassan once again, and whips him hard into the announce table this time. Jericho hits more hard rights on Hassan as he is laid out against the announce table and follows it up with a vicious knee to the head, he then lays out Hassan on the announce table and after a few more elbows, Jericho slides slowly back into the ring, climbs the turnbuckle, looks down at Hassan and after a visible deep breath, flies off the turnbuckle with an uncharacteristic, but none the less, HUGE, Leg drop, which he lands on Hassan’s waist area, as they both go exploding through the announce table, destroying it completely.

Another “Holy Shit” chant breaks out, as the crowd are totally eating up this match. After taking substantial time to recover, Jericho picks up the battered Hassan, and slowly rolls him back into the ring. Jericho then climbs up on the apron, through the ropes and back into the ring, he then runs at the adjacent ropes, and hits the Lionsault out of no where.

Hassan has nothing left, whilst his opponent is starting to rebuild his stamina slowly. Y2J slowly pulls Hassan to the middle of the ring and starts to lock in the Walls of Jericho, he gets the submission move locked in, but Hassan is that far out of it, the moves seems to have no effect on him.

The referee then grabs Hassan’s arm, in preparation for another count to see if he can continue…

Hassan’s arm goes up once to a huge roar from the crowd
Hassan’s arm goes up twice, to a bigger roar.
NO! Samoa Joe, who entered the ring from behind Jericho and blasted him with another vicious chair shot, has broken the Walls of Jericho.

Joe then picks up the beat-up Jericho, whips him into the corner, lifts him up on to the top of the turnbuckle, sets him up for the MUSCLE BUSTER and scores with it on a Steel Chair. Joe then proceeds to lock in the rear naked choke. Jericho is tapping wildly to Joe’s submission move, but the match cannot end. Rhyno then rushes the ring to break up the Rear naked choke; he then hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Joe, followed up by a giant GORE, which sends Joe plunging to the outside, resulting in an explosive reaction from the crowd.

Jericho and Hassan both still are laying lifeless in the middle of the ring, when Rhyno tries to encourage Jericho to get up, Edge then rushes the ring and Rhyno turns into a savage SPEAR of his own. Jericho, unaware of what’s just happened around him, has crawled over to the side of the ring and used the ropes for leverage to get himself back to his feet, when he turns into a spear from Edge as well! Christian then runs down to the ring to join the chaos, he slides in and goes straight after Edge with a kick to the mid section followed by a DDT, Christian then picks his brother up and nails him with the UNPRETTIER!

Hassan is now shakily back on his feat, and has a chair in hand and he nails Christian with it, and then he hits Jericho slowly, but continuously as Jericho is out cold once again! Hassan, then using his last ounce of energy picks up Jericho and hits an inverted backbreaker on the frail Jericho; he then sets him up for the Camel Clutch and locks it in amidst all the other fallen bodies in the ring and on the outside. The Clutch has been locked in for at least 15 seconds with Jericho showing no signs of movement; the referee then reaches for Jericho’s arm…

Jericho’s arm is raised once as the crowd lifts to get behind Jericho
Jericho’s arm is raised once more, crowd gets louder in hopes that this match will continue
And this one’s over, Jericho has had his arm raised three times!

Winner: Muhammad Hassan via Submission @ 20:09

Artes: Here is your winner, Muhammad HASSAN!

Styles: What a match Paul! I can’t believe the massacre we just witnessed. These two men went through hell in the FIRST ROUND of the World Title Tournament; imagine what they would’ve been willing to do in the Championship match!

Hassan, who’s face is gushing out blood, keeps the hold locked in on bloodied Jericho, showing no signs of letting go.

Styles: Release the damn hold Hassan! You’ve won the match! Which you probably wouldn’t have done if Samoa Joe hadn’t interfered in the first place! Release the damn hold! Now it’s Lesnar approaching the ring!

Brock Lesnar runs out to the ring and kicks Hassan in the head, breaking up the hold. He then picks up the already battered Hassan and nails the F-5 landing him on top of Jericho.

Styles: And the final known member of the World Title tournament is rushing ring now, Chris Benoit!

Chris Benoit rushes the ring, grabs Lesnar from the back, locks his arms around the waste and hits a German suplex, he then rolls over and locks in the Crippler Crossface on Lesnar. The crowd is going absolutely wild for Benoit and the Crossface.

Styles: What a way to end the show Ladies and Gentlemen! That’s all we’ve got time for! For Paul Heyman, I’m Joey Styles, Thanks for watching; tune in next week for EPW’s Enslaved on the CW NETWORK!

The show fades to black with Brock Lesnar begrudgingly tapping out in the middle of the ring to Benoit’s crossface!

***END SHOW***

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

heyman deciple's ENSLAVED REVIEW:
Great show, I really enjoyed reading it.

Edge promo: Good promo by Christian, I'm happy to see him part of the mix, and his interaction with Christian was great. The gore by Rhyno was a nice touch. I really enjoy Heyman on commentary.

Danielson vs. Aries: Too bad this match was so short and ended in a count out. maybe your saving the real show down for the first Pay Per View which is smart. This could be a Match of the Year contender.

Rhyno Promo: Good promo, I always liked Rhyno's ECW promo's he always showed a lot of intensity and you captured that well.

Heyman Promo: Awesome Promo, I CAN'T WAIT for that first Pay Per View, and a 2 hour show, that would be awesome. Great roster addition, Benoit's an all time great still in his prime.

LAX-Haas & Benjamin: Good promo, I really liked the Benoit-Lesnar confrontation at the end.

Brock vs. Shannon Moore: Squash match, but to tell the truth I liked it because the only times I thought Shannon Moore was interesting was when his was Matt Hardy's follower on Smackdown but when Heyman was booking after Heyman was gone the gimmick just got stupid. the other time I thought he was interesting was when Paul Heyman was GM and Shannon was being destoyed every week by the different big boys on Smack down, like Brock, A-Train & Matt Morgan. good stuff.

Jericho vs. Hassan: Great match, Hassan winning was a complete shock. Nice twist, the Samoa Joe run in was good and I really enjoyed the ending with Brock tapping out to Benoit.

Great show, I give it 9 out of 10. I look foward to reading the next one.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Opening Segment: 9/10
Strong way to open the show! Edge's official debut, Christian getting in Edge's face, and Rhyno topping off the beginning of the show by goring Edge. Outstanding!

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson v Austin Aries: 8/10
Average coward heel move by Danielson. Possibly leading to a no count-out, no DQ match between them.

Heyman Segment: 8/10
I like what Heyman's doing here! This tournament is gonna be thunderous.

LAX/Haas and Benjiman segment: 8/10
LAX would've beat WGTT's ass! But instead, they just stared them down. Keep LAX in the ass-whipping, 0 tolerance machines they are.

Brock Lesnar v Shannon Moore: 8.5/10
Lesnar getting the job done to advance by crushing Moore. I like where you're taking him.

Muhammad Hassan v Chris Jericho/Show Ending: 9.5/10.
I enjoyed this match very much. I can see Jericho as the type of submissionist who can tap out. Lesnar and Benoit coming out in the end was a nice add. Things are getting very intense!

Overall: 94/100 = A
That was an Extreme show! This tournament is turning out good! Keep it going!
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Probably your best show so far, I may have stopped my thread, but I'm going to continue reviewing yours. Only so you will have to return me around ten reviews when I do another thread *Adds to List*
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Here's a review

Heyaman's good on commentary. Anyway the promo was nice. Rhino's gore was good I guess. Attacks always plays to the crowds. Christian badmouthing was also good.

I don't really know The Amarican Dragon so I'm guessing you're saving the match for later. But this match was short and didn't have a complete finish. So I don't think it was good.

Adding to roster is always good. And the promo was very Heyman like. So you caught his character. The tournament will be fun.

Here's something. LAX are thugs. They don't staredown. They manhandle their opponents. While I still think TWGTT is better than they are. But they are still thugs.

Benoit and Lesnar can have good matches but it gets stale. Just thought I would warn you.

Moore is very good at jobbing and worked very well. Brock is an animal.

This is how shows are supposed to end, by making a statement. But I thought you had too many people to come out. Samoa Joe, Lesnar, Benoit. The main event was good. I like both these guys and Hassan winning is fine. He is a good wrestler.

Overall the show was awesome. You're really utilising the hour. I'm going to rate it 8.5/10.

Well done
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

EPW has a pretty new banner.

Full credit goes to Jae, so next time you see him, rep him coz he's a nice fella, and I can't do it.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

The Following is from

Evolution Pro Wrestling is pleased too announce the long-term, EXCLUSIVE signings of Adam Copeland (Edge), Chris Benoit, Jay Reso (Christian Cage) and Joe Seannoa (Samoa Joe).

The Following is from PWInsider:
The following was announced earlier on –
Evolution Pro Wrestling is pleased too announce the long-term, EXCLUSIVE signings of Adam Copeland (Edge), Chris Benoit, Jay Reso (Christian Cage) and Joe Seannoa (Samoa Joe).

These signings go with the already exclusive signings of Chris Jericho, Rhyno and Brock Lesnar, which were agreed upon earlier in the piece.

There is also strong word today that former WWE and ECW World Champion Rob Van Dam is set to sign a new multi year contract with the WWE. It is thought that Vince McMahon is throwing all he can at RVD to make him stay with the WWE amidst the recent crop of WWE departures. We’ll have more on this situation as it develops.


Last week on EPW’s Enslaved, Paul Heyman made a monumental announcement regarding the future of EPW, Two Pay Per View events will be staged between now and the end of June! He also announced the unknown matches for the World Title Tournament, which will conclude at the PPV.

Last week we saw Chris Jericho go down in a valiant effort to Muhammad Hassan in the first match of the tournament following a brutal, No Disqualifications, Submission Only contest, this week we will see the Man Beast Rhyno, take on the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe.

Also announced last week was Edge v Christian Cage v A Mystery Opponent as the third match in the Tournament, this week we will see a preview with Christian Cage taking on Edge in what will be his EPW in-ring debut.

We also saw the debut of the Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas last week, where they challenged the LAX to a match to decide the EPW Tag Team titles; will anything more come of that this week?

Tune in at 10pm Wednesday night on the CW Network, LIVE from the Hammerstein Ballroom for all this and more!

Confirmed Matches
Christian Cage v Edge
World Title Tournament: Rhyno v Samoa Joe

OOC - Little bit disappointed by the lack of reviews for the last show, but I'm still expecting a couple to roll in, if not, the next show will be up by Wednesday or Thursday.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

EPW: Enslaved – Wednesday, Wednesday 21st February, 2007 – Review
~ Expected Edge to kick off the show and announce that he’s now an official wrestler of EPW. I really hate when the commentators cut in during promo. So I hope that from next week, we don’t see any commentary between a promo. That just looks horrible and unprofessional. I’m not sure Edge would care to talk about WWE or not, since we are here in EPW. Personally, if yes, I’d say that you should have kept it in a coded way, where the meaning would have been the same. And yeah, I’d prefer you to call him Rhino here because as you know, WWE also didn’t allowed TNA to call him as Rhyno. Rhyno is a WWE trademarked name. I know that’s not a big problem, but it goes good in realism. So hope you call him Rhino from now on. What should we expect from this promo now? A feud between Christian and Edge? Or a feud between Rhino and Christian? Ehm, let’s find out.

~ Aight, now this match looked good, but when I saw the time slot of this match, that match didn’t felt too much good because you can’t make a match’s flow really very good in just 3:43. Finish was very interesting though. A feud between Aries and Danielson is heating up, and that’d be good to look forward to.

~ I really hate to see Rhino once more. Now don’t get me wrong. The promo was good, but I just hate that you are using Rhino once again, just because it’s over-hyping the feud. So that’s not going towards a good direction.

~ It was a decent promo, nothing special. Glad to see that you are finally calling in pay-per-views, and the deal with CW Network. All the matched announced were also good. However, why did you call Edge a two time World Champion? He was a two time World/WWE Champion in WWE, so does it counts here in EPW too? No. And just to let you know, in the opening promo, the same Edge he’s going to become the first ever World Champion here in EPW, so why did Heyman call him a two time World Champion? Doesn’t looks realistic. Maybe a typo. Anyway, Chris Benoit’s arrival to EPW is nice, and man, his match with Lesnar would kick-ass!

~ Now this promo was the boring promo of the night. LAX didn’t entertain me, and neither did Charlie and Benjamin. Benjamin and Charlie looked way out of the character and hurt the promo’s flow pretty badly. Also, try and use better slang for LAX. That’d help you to get better in LAX’s promos.

~ Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit getting more hype is cool, but you don’t need to over-use them ‘cause then it’ll over-hype.

~ I think that in the earlier Heyman promo, you shouldn’t have had Lesnar come out with his music because you already knew that he was gonna be in a match later on, and you also already knew that he’ll have a confrontation with Benoit, so that little staring was not needed. Glad to see Moore also getting in some offence to Lesnar, so the match didn’t look a squash type. However, the concept was just the same squashed type of a match, which helped Brock to gain a victory and it also helped Lesnar’s momentum going strong.

~ Hassan using conchairto? No, please, no. Anyway, it was just a first round match of the tournament? There wasn’t need to put up holy shit moments, steel chairs, and all that hardcore stuff, just wasn’t needed. All of the interference’s, I didn’t like that too because now you are starting to over use your wrestlers, which is bad. This type of stuff happens at a pay-per-view, not at a TV show. And if it happens in a TV show, then it’s RARE. Hassan getting the victory shocked me to be honest. Jericho should have won. Anyway, that aftermath also wasn’t needed because now you have officially over-hyped Benoit vs. Lesnar rivalry. You still got some weeks, so why not leave all of that for others? Overall, just an average show.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Take everythign I say in a non malicous manner please, I'm just getting back to long reviews and don't wish to seem mean in any way

Edge/Cage/Rhino promo- Edge shooting on WWE is odd, he doesn't seeme like he would in show an forward manner. Honestly, I was expecting you to really to mess up Christian with the first line, it didn't flow well, buy you recovered very nicely, also the Rhino Gore confused me becuase I thought we'd be seeing Edge and Christian and now it's Edge and Rhino...Clear this up please

Aries vs Danielson-I was so pumped for this, I mean this guys deserve so much praise and any time ther ein ring it's awesome, but three minutes? I think (I only say this becuase I've done it)...You really started to right and relaized this match could be really long and decided to go with a short finish, it might nto be fully true, but I belive you had other motives besides just letting Danielson get heat

Rhino promo- Standard promo. Short, but sweet type deal I believe I that it will be Edge and Rhino fued now

Heyman promo-Nice promo from Heyman. Two PPV's? Nice. The other main thing here is the tournament confuses me, so who all is in it? Also, Could Edge v Christian v ??? ruin the Edge v Rhino fued? You need to be careful with this as Edge and Rhino could seriously get tangeled up in another storyline and such...

~*-!Hell Yeah Benoit!-*~

LAX & WGTT promo- Started off strong. I was real into it, you had great charcter and everything then...

Konnan: It’s time for you gringos to face da facts Holmes, since ‘dere’s no other tag teams in EPW, we have decided that my dogs, Homicide and Hernandez – the LAX, should automatically be awarded that Tag Team titles!

Konnan: The Latin American Exchange is a revolution, you can stop a revolutionary, but you can’t stop a revolution
Semmed like you shoudl have either A) Nixed teh last line or B) Switched them around

I Haas rasicst to Mexicans now or what? That I didn't understand, overall you have incredible potentioal to write good promos, just did not deliver fully with this one.

Benoit & Lesnar promo(type thing)-Honestly it was too short too tell you could have added some more substance here...

Lesnar v Moore-Lesnar killed Moore..It was hilarious when Moore had no reaction, just like real life. Why'd you sign him anyway? Anyway, nice squash, while it was pretty boring it gave Lesnar the domination he needed to face Benoit.

Jericho v Hassan- Okay for starters this match started off real strong, but then teh number of run-ins I didn't feel was needed. Save those for guys who can't pull off a main event like Yokuzana v Undertaker casket match or Maven vs HHH on RAW after Survivor Series. You had such great potentioal, it just never seemed to live up to get there.

Big brawl- Gave a nice way to end the show kind of liek RAW before NYR last year.

Overall- Nice work here you have potentioal to do a lot more with this, and you honestly could go very far just need to not rush your matches and all I give you a

83/100 B

I mean to live my life an obedient man, but obedient to God, subservient to the wisdom of my ancestors; never to the authority of political truths arrived at yesterday at the voting booth.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Enslaved looks pretty good. Thank you for the review, I'll be returning it as soon as I finish my Lab Report.
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