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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

I'll give this a review later
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Enslaved Review:

Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe: Pretty good match, could've been a bit longer with these two incredible superstars. I like Christian winning here.

LAX vs. Danielson/Aries: Nice match, plenty of action, and nice to see LAX win this one. Danielson leaving Aries is interesting, could be a good feud.

In the Ring: Great announcement for the EPW title, should be an awesome tournament. Hassan in is good, and nice job keeping him in character while he talked.

Brock Lesnar vs. Daivari: I felt this as a carried on squash match. Nice SSP followed by the F5.

Highlight Reel: Nice way to end the show. Rhyno and Jericho had a good argument staying in character. Edge coming out and invading was good, i want to see where you go with this storyline.

Overall: 8.5/10. Good show, I enjoyed it alot, and i can't wait for your next show.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Great stuff, As a huge Heyman fan I am loving this BTB, the back story was a really fun read now on to the review.

Enslaved Review:

Christian vs. Joe: Good match, glad to see, Christian get the win.

Joe Promo: Good promo, very intense.

LAX vs. Danielson & Aries: good match, I like the teaming of Danielson & Aries, too bad they didn't get the win, They're feud could be a good one.

Heyman Promo: Solid Heyman promo, I enjoyed his interaction with the audience and the world title announcement. the Hassan bit was solid as well.

Brock vs. Daivari: 5 minutes, I'm surprised, Daivari lasted that long. Nothing against Daivari he's a solid talent but when Brock's on his game he can be a monster.

Joe-Jericho: Good, solid pull apart.

Jericho-Rhyno: Good confrontation and the Edge run in was a great twist.

Good show, I give it an 8 out of 10. I look foward to reading what you think of my TNA WRESTLING BTB.
Once again, good show, I look foward to the next episode.

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Yo, PARANoIR, I'll hook you up with a review later on today. I appreciate the fact you've reviewed my show, one of the few, so later on today, I'll do the same for you.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Take your time WCW, no rush mate. I'm easy.

Enslaved Preview:

Last week on Enslaved, during Chris Jericho’s debut of the “Highlight Reel”, Edge, the man who won the Royal Rumble match only 3 weeks ago, appeared from out of the crowd under a mask to slide into the ring and spear Jericho, Rhyno, who was a guest on the highlight reel, and Samoa Joe, who was handcuffed to the ring post to stop him interfering in the talk show.

We will find out this week what is going to come out of this invasion by the outside superstar.

Also last week, Paul Heyman was in the middle of making an announcement of a World Title Tournament, set to feature 8 men, only to be interrupted by Muhammad Hassan, complaining about not being included in the tournament, stating that it was racist for him to be excluded.

Heyman returned suit by including Hassan, thus making it a nine man tournament and scheduling a match between Hassan and Chris Jericho as the first match of the tournament. A match that would be a Submission Only, No Disqualification match.

Last Wednesday night also saw a tag team match between Homicide and Hernandez of LAX against The American Dragon Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries. Danielson and Aries singled out Homicide for the majority of the match, as soon as Hernandez managed to tag in, he decimated Aries and when Aries tried to Tag out to Danielson, the American Dragon abandoned his partner, will something more develop in this situation this week?

Brock Lesnar started on what looks set to be a path of destruction in EPW last week, decimating Daivari, tune in to see if Lesnar can take another victim in his path this week?

Also this week, commissioner Paul Heyman has ANOTHER major announcement for EPW!

Tune in this week, Wednesday night on the CW Network at 10pm LIVE from the Hammerstein Ballroom, for EPW’s ENSLAVED!
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

IAmLegend's Enslaved Review:

Christian vs. Joe: Great match, nice to see my favourite Christian get the win.

Joe Promo: His intensity was obvious here. I anticipate big things for this guy.

LAX vs. Danielson & Aries: A feud starter possibly? I didn't really like the teaming of Danielson and Aries but I still would have preferred them to go over LAX. Well written match though.

Heyman Promo: Interesting Heyman promo, I liked his interaction with the audience and the announcement of the world championship. The Hassan bit was equally intriguing and well-written.

Brock vs. Daivari: Daivari has my respect. He lasted for five minutes against Brock flippin' Lesnar! I think Lesnar beat the Hardys quicker. Good match though. I'm just glad Daivari didn't end up winning.

Joe-Jericho: Interesting part here, progressing both of the characters.

Jericho-Rhyno: Very good ending with Edge making a run-in and I anticipate the impact he will have on your show.

Overall:8 out of 10. My apologies if the review is a bit brief.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Paranoir's Enslaved Review:

Opening up with Cage and Joe is huge which makes me think there is a huge main event tonight. But wow, Joe lost which is shocking, didn't think he'd lose but at least he lost to someone like Cage.

Should have been a promo or interview of some type to break up these matches. Danielson turns, got a feud coming soon and that will emenate at the PPV, pretty sure about that but as far as LAX goes, I don;t know what they'll do come the next PPV.

I enjoyed this segment, you did pretty good on it and Hassan didn't mention racism too much which seemed to be a mistake on your part. But anyways, I don't see Hassan's lackey Daivari winning for a nine man tournament.

Yep, he didn't win and now I'm wondering what Hassan will be doing in the upcoming weeks. Guess we'll find out soon but anyways, Daivari and Hassan both pay and that was a nice win for Lesnar.

Wow, good promo to end the night off with but I hope this isn't an Invasion. Only three weeks into the company wouldn't make sense to invade a promotion but I'm simply guessing Edge signed somehow and someway.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Sorry it's so late, but I'm here now.

WCW Rules' Review of PARANoIR's EP-Dubya

Cage Vs Joe: Interesting choice for an opener, and regardless of whether or not this was as important as it should've been, perhaps this could've been saved for another time? In any case, this was an awesome match to start off the show. Both men didn't tarry, and it definitely showed that the both of them had it in for one another. I could see Joe kicking out of the Uunprettier, but the finish was exceptional. Your match writing is superfluous, with enough transitions. Definitely like your word choice too. Still can't believe Cage picked up the win, but meh, kinda glad Joe isn't being pushed as a total force to be reckoned with. Let him develop over time. Joe's comments at the end were moderate, but could've been rephrased a tad bit better, leaving it oblivious to the reader as to the obviousness of his intentions. Still, awesome match to start off the show. And he's the baddest Mothafucka on the planet, yeah!

LAX Vs Danielson/Aries: Another interesting choice of opponenents. I'm liking the current mix-up of talent, definitely akin to TNA/ROH trade-offs. An evened match with an abundance of action, I'm pretty much into this so far. However, without knowing too much of Aries, though perhaps a bit of LAX and Danielson, I may be a bit lost as to the occurence of moves. Still, the flow was exponential, and the description of the action was on par with everything so far in the show, which is good. Nice to see LAX gain a victory, with a little tension brewing between Aries and Danielson, I think this was a good way to add heat to their rivalry.

Heyman/Hassan Promo: I absolutely loved this promo, everything down to the presentation, structure, content, and sheer dialogue, this definitely kept my interest. The beginning was a bit bland, with introductions of the tournament participants and so forth, I know how that can be like. However, once Hassan was added to the mix, this promo was given a whole new perspective, one that I quite enjoyed. Hassan was very much in character, as well as Heyman, as I see you're developing them to your liking as well as retaining their already formed personas. Daivari in a match with Lesnar? I don't expect Hassan to retain his spot, if he ever had a chance anyway.

Daivari Vs Lesnar: Nothing but a glorified squash proving Lesnar's dominance, and well, Hassan's inability to choose a competent partner to do his bidding. What I thought was awkward was having the word, "Heel", in the match. That wasn't needed, and I think you should stray from mentioning any kayfabe words. However, do as you will, it's only a recommendation. I loved how the ending went down, a tad bit unnerving to see Lesnar wouldn't rest, but I liked how he didn't pin Daivari until he was completely done with him. Good booking on your part. I knew Hassan wouldn't remain, just hope something happens for him in the future though.

Ending Promo: Interesting to see the show end with a promo, but I hope this is long and interesting. The violence at the beginning was appropriate. Personally, it adds to a feud, but overdoing it won't help, not that I'm saying you did, but having it being kept as occasional definitely keeps the mystique, and the interest. In any case, Rhino was definitely in character, but if you could make him a bit more intense, that'd be great. "GORE! GORE! GORE!" is definitely one of his trademarks, so kudos. Jericho's comments throughout the promo went from hit to miss, but in general, you retained his character very well. I thought it was interesting with the masked wrestler, and lo and behold, it's Edge. Not a huge fan of the man, but it seems as if he is invading? Surely hope it's not a vendetta, I hope it's a personal matter. Great way to end a show, though another match could've pleased.

Length: Length was perfect, nothing overbearing, but nothing too short either. 10/10

Entertainment: One match didn't do it for me, but all the segments had their own unique flavor and presence, which I thought was expertly done. You're definitely putting in the effort, and all the feuds are developing nicely with little variety thrown in, but they're indeed personal. 9/10

Grammar: Your vocabulary is exceptional, your structure of sentences, etc is superb. I'm not English professor, but I definitely liked what I saw. 9/10

Promos: Definitely a strong point. One or two became a bit repetitive, with the ending promo becoming one of the highlights. The promo with Hassan and Heyman was brilliant I must admit. However, there is still work to be done. 8.5/10

Matches/Booking: A squash, and two interesting match ups entailed the show, with good reason, but another match, or a Main Event could've done the trick. However, it was different, so it was ok. Your booking is interesting, but still some decisions are a bit weird. 8/10

Overall Score: Definitely loved the show. By all means, in terms of quality, it was there. You're on your way to becoming a distinguished booker in your own right. Great job on the show, with few faults. 8.5/10
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

EPW: Enslaved – 14th Feb, 2007 – Review
~ I’m just catching up…

~ Good choice to open up the show with a Joe vs. Christian match, which was very good wrestling wise, and also entertainment wise. Match was turned out to be even more interesting when Jericho came out, and then distracted Joe, giving a victory to Cage. However, I think that Joe kicking out of the Unprettier was not needed. I believe Unprettier should look more devastating move than the Frog Splash, so that’s why. Also, I don’t think that Joe’s comment were needed aftermath, because he just wrestled Christian. Maybe after the commercials from the backstage would have been okay.

~ Actually I wanted a small backstage promo now because we just came from a match. Anyway, this match had great tag team contest between LAX and the team of Aries/Danielson. I think that Konnan should have played his role in the match, by distracting, etc, because he always plays a huge part in the tag matches of Homicide and Hernandez. LAX getting a clean victory was unexpected, and at the other hand, it just gave a hint that you are ‘bout to start a program between Aries and Danielson, which should be good. Am I right? I think so.

~ When the promo started, Paul Heyman wasn’t in character at all, and that made the flow of the promo go down a bit. But when Hassan came in, the promo picked-up his face and it delivered. However, I don’t like how Heyman put up Hassan in the Tournament, maybe a bit out of character. I think Heyman should have put a match-up for Hassan to prove this week that is he really a contender for the World Title Tournament. I think that would have been the right choice. Anyway, Lesnar giving F-5 to Hassan at the ramp wasn’t needed, me thinks, maybe because Hassan didn’t do anything yet, to get that one.

~ Lesnar completely dominates Daivari for 5 minutes? Wow. Anyway, I expected Hassan to come in to save Daivari, but that didn’t happen. Well, the feud between them is arising and I believe that the build-up will get better.

~ Samoa Joe getting handcuffed was a nice touch. Jericho was off most of the times in this promo, and also he wasn’t looking in character, but that was just sometimes. Rhyno was good with the microphone. And in the end, the masked man (Edge) coming up and spearing them was really great! Loved it because that was a shocking moment. So Edge’s in the tourney too? Good way and a solid way to close the show.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

The Following is from PWInsider:

Don’t be surprised if you see another big star appear on EPW’s Enslaved this week. We have strong word that there will be another debutant this week, who will make an appearance to confront Edge.

On the topic of Edge, it’s believed the WWE wanted him out of the Main Event at Mania, in favour of John Cena. It’s believed that WWE creative are now actively rehashing their plans for Wrestlemania. It’s thought that the Main Event is now slated to be John Cena v Triple H v Rob Van Dam in a triple threat match for the WWE Title. It’s understood that Triple H will be dropping the title to Vam Dam in the coming weeks on Raw or possibly at Saturday Nights Main Event, in an effort to get RVD to re-sign with the company, if RVD gets the title before Mania, expect him to retain at Mania too. The Smackdown Main Event is expected to be Batista v one of Undertaker, Rey Mysterio or Bobby Lashley, who is expected to re-debut on SD this week, following the total culling of the ECW brand last week.

Following the death of the new ECW, expect massive lay-offs from the WWE. The only people believed to be safe following the death of ECW are Lashley, RVD, CM Punk and Hardcore Holly, everyone else is said to be in with a chance of being fired.

It’s also believed that the backstage situation with Kurt Angle is growing worse, following Samoa Joe’s, Rhyno’s and Christian Cage’s exit from TNA, it’s believed that backstage officials are now starting to wonder whether it’s worth having Angle in TNA if he is going to piss off all their other upper tier talent.

Thanks for the reviews guys. All will be returned soon, if they have not been already.

Clearing something up, Muhammad Hassan is not out of the tournament because the stipulation for Daivari's match, was that he could not get disqualified or counted out.

I really appreciate the feedback from you all, especially on the promos, I know I need to work on them a lot, but I'm only new to this, so hopefully they can improve.

The next show will probably be up tomorrow, I'm a little behind this week, purely out of lazyness on my part.

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