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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

DDMac Review

Good match up to kick off the night. This is my first time looking at this thread, so forgive me for not being knowledgeable about current goings-on. Aries seems to be in for a big push after that win, dominating both competitors towards the end of the match. Maybe you should make the matches a little longer as this match ended, just as I was getting into it.

Rhyno promo?? Ah crap I hate him. Decent promo with Rhyno putting over his dominance from last week. Not a fan of his character but this was well done, though a little short.

Really, really solid promo from Joe here. I like the intensity and you made his debut a memorable once. I’m not quite sure how the ‘made up federation’ works but I don’t think it would be logical for them to mention TNA on the air.

Not a fan of the way this match was booked. Y2J definitely should have gotten in some more offense and came off looking weak, even though he picked up the fluke victory. Joe’s dominance during and after the match, leads me to believe that he’s gonna be a strong fixture in this company. Christian’s save and subsequent promo was well done, a little short, but still good. The match up next week should be interesting, and I expect Y2J to have some sort of involvement.

LAX is looking like a complete joke right now after getting their ass kicked last week, Homicide ‘losing’ tonight and then being destroyed by Rhyno again this week. Only major mistake so far on this show.

BROK LESNAR!! Nice. Lots of guys coming into this thread at once, which is a bit unrealistic but understandable. Great match up here and your description in the matches impresses me, as I assume you are relatively new at booking. Rhyno picks up the win and is apparently being groomed as the top dog in this company. Personally, I think it’s a mistake, since I think Rhyno is mediocre at everything…but its your thread.

Very impressive show for only your second one (at least in this thread). A couple of booking mistakes (Y2J, LAX, Rhyno?) but it was a very enjoyable read and makes me look forward to the next show. Keep up the good work.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Originally Posted by DDMac
DDMac Review

Very impressive show for only your second one (at least in this thread). A couple of booking mistakes (Y2J, LAX, Rhyno?) but it was a very enjoyable read and makes me look forward to the next show. Keep up the good work.
I am intending to very much make up for things with LAX, I could bury Y2J all day and he'd still be credible ...and Rhyno, just keep in mind I've only got a few people so far ...things shall change in time

Thanks for your review man, and yeah only my second show I've ever done.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

The following is from PWInsider:

We have strong word the Paul Heyman has signed Dawn Marie, Christy Hemme, Trish Stratus and Stacey Keibler all to contracts in EPW. Watch for the announcement in the coming days.

It's not likely that there will be a women's division in EPW, so expect the four to be used as valets and perhaps backstage interviewers.

Dawn Marie hasn't taken any bookings for a long time, pretty much since the birth of her baby last year, so Heyman called her up and offered her a job. Christy Hemme was with TNA, but wasn't on an Exclusive Contract with the company, so it's expected that Heyman made the most of it. As it is known both Stratus and Keibler finished with the WWE recently. Stratus wanted to spend time with family and pursue other interests away from wrestling, but it's believed that Heyman offered her a good deal and the fact there is little travel involved and she will not have to wrestle a great deal, favoured her decision. Keibler left the WWE to pursue an acting career, but has had little to no interest, so she has decided to make a comeback to the wrestling business.

It is unknown what kind of role they will have on the show, and if the signing is announced, don't expect any of these 4 on your Television for a while yet though, because Heyman has told them to fulfil their previous commitments.

Also on the topic of EPW, it is expected that Paul Heyman will make a monumental announcement regarding the immediate future of EPW on the PPV front in the coming weeks.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Ah a created fed eh? Besides mine, Jae's, WCW's & nicks theres not too many around, so I'm on your side already.

Enslaved review

nice opening commentary, but i think the way styles pointed out theres no colour commentator kinda made it look unprofessional. So did the fact that Joey said he'd never seen Aries or Danielson wrestle before. If Laticia Cline can do her research, Joey Styles certainly can!

triple threat - nice to see sort of an exhibition match come out of this, but you can't do the exhibitions forever. I'd like to see a fued come out of this, between any of the two guys in the match come to think of it.

rhyno promo - nice little hype from rhyno here, and i like the way you pointed out it'll be the first singles match in the main event, even if that is barely an acomplishment.

Joe promo - for a second i thought you ruined the suprise entrant, but its good to see you didn't. One thing I didn't like though is how in to TNA your little speech got. The guy was there 18 months and pretty much all you could do was talk about angle and abyss? you could have had him do a run down of people he beat, or just avoided it all together. This on the other hand made it sound like he was bitter about angle, and saying he doesn't want the title was completely out of character.

joe/jericho - for a dream match like this I don't think it was right how much joe dominated. He was all over jericho, and even in your basic squash matches the eventual loser gets some offence in! Also in a big match like this, no-one went for their finisher. WTF? The aftermath was interesting though. I liked Joe's attack but for some reason the commentators refused to slag him off because he's a face. I like Cage coming out, and mentioned how joe avoided him was a nice touch.

rhyno fight - Nice way to get rhyno over before the main event, but if rhyno is supposed to be main event level then why is he fueding with a whole stable? i know about last weeks attack, but its gotta end somewhere.

ok what confused me is how heyman emphasised the phrase "BIG SHOW" then brought out lesnar. WTF?

main event - ok i thought rhyno dominated this match way too much, similar to the way that joe took down jericho, just with a different finisher. A gore in the opening minutes didn't help the cause, and it was dissapointing to see rhyno hit two powerbombs and three gores while lesnar doesn't hit one F5. Look back at it, every pin was made by rhuno. You need to take a look at match realism and momentum in your high level fueds.

length: 9.5/10
grammer: 10/10
realism: 7.5/10
entertainment: 8.5/10
booking: 6/10
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Evolution Pro Wrestling:
Wednesday, 14th February 2007
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York.

***HALO hits to an video opening package and continues as Enslaved kicks off with a pan across the vocal crowd***

Styles: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to EPW’s Enslaved! My name is Joey Styles, thank you for joining us and with me at ringside is the evil genius himself, Paul Heyman!

Heyman: Joey, we’ve got a another big show on the cards tonight, in Tag Team action, The American Dragon Bryan Danielson will team with the man that pinned him last week in the Stars of the Indy Circuit triple threat match, Austin Aries against the LAX, Homicide and Hernandez!

**re-cap Aries pin on Danielson from last week is shown**

Heyman: Also tonight we’ve got the first ever edition of Chris Jericho’s Highlight reel in Evolution Pro Wrestling, where his guest will be, the MASTER of the gore, RHYNO!

Styles: And, following Samoa Joe’s assault on Chris Jericho last week, Captain Charisma, Christian Cage came out to the ring to defend his friend and challenged Joe to a one on one match this week and that match will take place right now!

**CRUSH U UP hits as Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring to much more heat in contrast to last week, looking focused with his white towel draped over his shoulders as always**

Artes: Ladies and Gentlemen this is our first match of the evening and it is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from the Isle of Samoa, weighing in at 280 pounds, the Samoan Submission Machine…SAMOAAAAA JOE!

Styles: Joe made his debut last week on Enslaved, he came out here claiming he was here to start another legacy, only to be faulted by Chris Jericho, after the man sitting next to me, Paul Heyman, shocked Joe by putting him in a one on one match with Jericho on the spot!

[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]**re- cap of last week is shown**[/COLOR]

**JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES/MY LAST BREATH hits as Christian Cage makes his way down to the ring to another huge ovation. Christian is making a very casual entrance, slapping his chest and kissing his fingers then pointing to the crowd as usual, failing to acknowledge Joe at all**

Artes: And the opponent, residing in Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 227 pounds, Captain Charisma…CHRISTIAN CAAAAAAAAGE!

Match 1
Christian Cage v Samoa Joe

The first 5 minutes of the match consists entirely of Joe dominating Cage, who has got in a very limited amount of offence, but more than what Jericho managed on Joe last week.

Joe whips Christian into the ropes, who shoots back and catches Joe off guard as he hits him with a running cross-body, sending the Samoan Submission Machine to the canvas. With Joe down, Christian starts to stomp away at the arm of Joe continuously and follows it up by locking in an Arm-bar on him. Christian eventually releases the hold as he sees it is having no effect on his opponent, he stands Joe up and whips him into the ropes, and as he comes back Christian goes for a standing shoulder block which doesn’t budge Joe. Christian shoots into the ropes himself and bounces off going for a running shoulder block this time, with a little more effect than last time, but Joe still stayed on his feet. Joe shoots into the rope himself now and comes back hitting Christian by surprise with a single leg running drop kick, knocking him to the mat. Joe picks Cage up, and then plants him again with a Scoop Power Slam.

With Cage down on the mat after being planted by the power slam, Joe picks the druggy Cage up, only to hit him with a savage Enzuigiri to plant him on to the mat again. Chris Jericho then makes his way out on the ramp and taunts Joe. At first Joe ignores Jericho’s heckling, continuing the assault on Cage, hitting him with a power bomb. Jericho then makes his way further down the aisle to ringside, which beings to aggravate Joe, who picks Christian up and whips him into the rope and then hits the single leg running drop kick. Jericho is up on apron now distracting Joe; who takes the bait and runs at Jericho, who jumps down straight back off the apron. Joe then directs his attention back to Christian, he has Captain Charisma in the corner and picks him up for the Muscle Buster when Jericho gets back up on the apron and Cage manages to slide out of the attempt of Samoa Joe’s attempt to finish him and pushes Joe towards Jericho. Joe and Jericho are now face to face, exchanging pleasantries, when Christian runs quickly up behind Samoa Joe, grabs his arms, turns him over and then delivers the Unprettier out of nowhere on Joe!! Joe is planted face first on the mat as Christian goes for the cover…




Christian can’t believe it, but he reacts quickly, picking Joe up from the mat, kicking him to the midsection and planting him again with a spike DDT! With Joe down on the mat, Christian makes his way over to the corner, he climbs through the ropes and then makes his way up the turnbuckle, stands up tall, looking at Joe and then hits the Frog Splash on his fallen opponent! Christian hooks the leg and goes for the cover again…




Winner: Christian Cage @ 8:02

Artes: Here is your winner, Christian CAGE!

**JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES/MY LAS T BREATH plays as the crowd goes wild in celebration**

Styles: For the second week in a row, Joe has been distracted during a match and consequently lost the match, despite dominating the match.

Christian slides straight out of the ring following the victory, joining Chris Jericho in the aisle way and they make their way up the top of the ramp to celebrate. Joe is still down in the middle of the ring, but by the time Jericho and Cage make it to the top of the ramp, he comes to and realises what has just transpired and calls for a microphone.

Samoa Joe: Why is it, that in the past 2 weeks, the two of you have only been able to beat me by taking advantage of me whilst I’ve been distracted? Last week I let myself get unfocused by arguing with the referee, but tonight, Chris Jericho, you cost me victory, so Jericho, you better prepare yourself, because Joe’s gonna kill you!

- This attracts heat from the crowd, and small “Joe’s gonna kill you” chant breaks out –

Samoe Joe: It’s only a matter of time Jericho before I get my hands on you and you will find out… why they call me ‘da baddest man on ‘da planet!

**CRUSH U UP hits as Joe slides out of the ring**


Styles: Welcome back to Enslaved it’s now time for Tag Team action!

**DAWGZ hits as Homicide and Hernandez make their way to the ring, accompanied by Konnan amidst the hostile crowd**

Artes: The following is a Tag Team bout, scheduled for one fall, introducing first, accompanied by Konnan, representing the Latin American Exchange…Homicide and Hernandez!

**FINAL COUNTDOWN hits as Bryan Danielson makes his way down to another big reception, this week he fails to acknowledge the crowd so much**

Artes: Now the opponents, first, from Aberdeen, Washington, weighing in at 190 pounds, BRYAN DANIELSON!

**PERSONAL JESUS hits to a big pop as Austin Aries makes his way down to the ring to join his partner, Bryan Danielson**

Artes: And his partner, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, weighing in at 202 pounds, AUSTIN…ARIIIIIIIIES!

Danielson is acting sceptically towards Aries following last week.

Match 2
Tag Team
LAX: Homicide & Hernandez w/ Konnan v Bryan Danielson & Austin Aries
Commercial @ 6:14

The match is back and forward for the first 7 minutes, with Aries and Danielson showing good team work tagging in and out, dominating Homicide, failing to allow him to get to Hernandez to tag him in.

Homicide and Aries are brawling in the middle of the ring, when Aries garners the upper hand once again, he whips Homicide into the ropes, but Homicide manages to hang on and stop his momentum. Aries runs at him, but Homicide hits a big back body drop to send Aries to the outside. Homicide finally tags in Hernandez for the first time in the match who makes an immediate impact with a suicide dive on to Aries on the outside. He then pulls Aries back into the ring and starts scoring with several power moves, namely a powerbomb followed by a spinning spinebuster. Hernandez continues the assault on Aries in the corner, and whips him into the opposite turnbuckle and scores with a squash clothesline on him in the corner. Hernandez then whips Aries into the ropes and he ducks the impending clothesline, bounces into the adjacent ropes and hits Hernandez with a flying forearm on the rebound knocking him to the mat.

Both men are grounded, Aries is struggling to get to his corner with his arm stretched out and the crowd primed for the hot tag on Danielson, as soon as he gets within reaching distance of The American Dragon, Danielson jumps straight down off the apron, backs up the aisle shaking his head at Aries as the crowd erupts into a series of boo’s and jeers towards Danielson.

While this was all going on, Hernandez managed to tag Homicide back in and as soon as Aries turns around to focus on the match, he turns into Homicide’s devastating Gringo Killa, he hooks the leg to go for the pinfall…




Winners: LAX: Homicide and Hernandez @ 11:31

**DAWGZ hits as Konnan slides into the ring to celebrate with Homicide and Hernandez, whilst Aries is still down in the ring and Danielson is at the top of the aisle with a smug smile on his face**

Artes: Here are your winners, the Latin American Exchange, HOMICIDE AND HERNANDEZ!

Styles: Danielson has just double-crossed Austin Aries, leaving him on his own against the LAX! Why the hell would he do that Paul?

Heyman: The American Dragon is obviously still bitter following his defeat at the hands of Aries last week, and wanted some revenge.

Styles: I guess we will see in the coming weeks if something develops out of this! We will return on Enslaved!


Paul Heyman is now standing in the ring with a microphone.

Styles: Well, the evil genius has left the announce table and is now in the ring with something to say!

- The crowd is chanting “Paulie” –

Heyman: Well, we’re 3 weeks into EPW, and I wanna know, was I worthy of your trust? Have I kept my word so far?

- big pop –

Heyman: I’ll take that as a yes. Now, I realise I can’t just expect you people to keep tuning it because you trust me, I need to give you a reason to keep watching every week! I need to give you a reason to keep coming back to the Hammerstein Ballroom each week for Enslaved!

- another pop –

Heyman: Sure we’ve got a minor issue brewing between Samoa Joe and Chris Jericho that will more than likely lead to a match of the year contender, but I can’t keep expecting you all to keep coming here week after week, just on the back of that can I?

- the crowd pops yet again –

Heyman: Or, then again, maybe I can? Maybe I can hold back on my major announcement for a little longer?

- This draws huge heat from the crowd –

Heyman: (laughs) Okay, since you obviously want to know now, I guess I won’t hold it from you any longer! It’s obviously no secret that currently Evolution Pro Wrestling has no championship titles, so I figure we can’t go on like that forever.

- crowd pops –

Heyman: So, tonight I am going to officially announce an 8 Man Tournament for the EPW World Title!

- another pop –

Heyman: I have already decided on 5 of the Participants! The remaining 3 will be revealed in the coming weeks! The 5 participants at the moment are…Chris JERICHO!

- pop for Jericho –

Heyman: Captain Charisma, Christian CAGE!

- pop for Cage –

Heyman: The Samoan Submission Machine, SAMOA JOE!

- mixed reaction for Joe, with the heat for him getting stronger –

Heyman: The Next Big Thing, BROCK LESNAR!

- massive heat for Lesnar –

Heyman: And finally the Man Beast, the War Machine, the master of the GORE, GORE, GORE…RHYNO!!

- big pop for Rhyno –

Heyman: The remaining 3 participants will be revealed in the com…

**ARABIC hits as Muhammad Hassan and Daivari make their way to the top of the aisle to chain of immense heat thrown at them from the entire Hammerstein Ballroom crowd once they figure out who they are**

Hassan: You might as well name me, Muhammad Hassan, as the 6th participant right now Heyman! When I agreed to come out of retirement and join EPW, I made it known that I wanted to be in the World Title picture from the outset! Yet here you are, out here announcing all the participants and you conveniently leave me out! I bet I’m not even one of the remaining three, am I?!

Heyman: Well Mr Hassan, to be honest, NO! You weren’t! I had future plans for you in the title scene, but let me guess, you’re already sick of my prejudice and racism?!

Hassan: You’re damn right! You promised me new beginnings, but it’s the same old crap as last time!

Heyman: Okay. To prove to you that I am not being racist, I am going to add you to the tournament, I am not dropping out one of the initial 8, however I am now making it a 9-man tournament, including you, Muhammad Hassan!

- crowd boos –

Hassan: That’s more like it! It’s now time for me to garner the respect that I, so rightfully deserve!

Heyman: You are exactly right, and to take this a step further Mr Hassan, you are going to feature on the very first match of the tournament, right here on Enslaved, NEXT WEEK!

- big pop –

Heyman: It will be you, Mr Hassan versus Chris Jericho in a NO DISQUALIFICATION, SUBMISSION ONLY MATCH, where the match can only be won by making your opponent submit!

- Massive pop for this announcement –

Hassan: That isn’t fair! You’re deliberately packing the odds against me! If you’re not going to give me the respect I deserve Heyman, I’m going to have to come down there and beat it out of you!

- Shut the Fuck up chant starts out from the Ballroom crowd –

Heyman: You want to threaten me?! You want to talk about packing the odds against you? Well this is packing the odds against you! Your manager, Daivari must compete in a match up next to secure your spot in the tournament, if EITHER participant is counted out OR disqualified, you, Muhammad Hassan, will LOSE your place in the World Title tournament.

- big pop –

Heyman: And his opponent is standing right behind you!

Brock Lesnar then comes out on stage, to a mixed reaction, with the Hammerstein Ballroom crowd obviously siding with Lesnar over Hassan. Hassan is standing motionless at the top of the ramp, afraid to turn around to see who it may reveal, Lesnar taps him on the shoulder, and as Hassan turns slow and cautiously around, Lesnar picks him up in the fireman’s carry position, and scores with the F-5 on Hassan on the top of the aisle on the exposed steel ramp.

- Huge pop from the Ballroom crowd following the F-5 on the ramp, followed by a Lesnar chant!

Lesnar stands tall over Hassan at the top of the ramp, as Daivari runs to the ring.

**HERE COMES THE PAIN sounds out around the ballroom**

Styles: Well looks like we’ve got ourselves an impromptu match, Brock Lesnar will be taking on Daivari, up next!


Styles: Welcome back to Enslaved and we’ve got ourselves in an impromptu match, with Muhammad Hassan’s manager, Daivari, taking on Brock Lesnar to secure Hassan’s place in the tournament, if either competitor is disqualified here, Hassan will lose his place in the 9 man World Title Tournament, announced by Paul Heyman before the break.

Match 3
Brock Lesnar v Daivari

As expected, the match has been entirely dominated by Lesnar, but what wasn’t expected was that the match has lasted longer than 3 minutes!

Lesnar has the broken body of Daivari standing gingerly in the middle of the ring, and he then cannons him into the ropes. As Daivari comes shooting back quickly, Lesnar meets him off guard and hits a brutal belly-to-belly overhead suplex, sending Daivari flying half way across the ring in an incredibly dominate fashion. The crowd is now starting to get right behind Lesnar, despite the fact he refuses to acknowledge them, maintaining his heel persona.

Daivari is down on the mat, but Lesnar refuses to pin him, he picks him up from the canvas again and throws him into the ropes once more, this time hitting him with a savage spinebuster when he shoots back. With Daivari down once again, Lesnar looks up the aisle at Muhammad Hassan who is just starting to come too at the top of the ramp and gives him a cocky smile, before turning his attention back to Daivari. Lesnar picks him up again, then hoists him up on his shoulders, looks directly at Hassan again and then delivers a brutal F-5 to Daivari, but Lesnar’s not done yet, as he refuses to make the cover.

Lesnar then makes his way over to the turnbuckle, ascends it and then delivers a massive Shooting Star Press to perfection on the totally lifeless Daivari amidst a massive “woahhhhhhh” from the crowd. Once again he refuses to make the cover, as he picks up Daivari yet again, puts him up on his shoulders and delivers another F-5 and follows it up with an arrogant cover to finally end the misery…




Winner: Brock Lesnar @ 5:01

**HERE COMES THE PAIN hits again as Lesnar gets up off Daivari and makes his way out of the ring and up the ring to meet Hassan once again much to the crowds satisfaction**

Artes: Here is your winner, BROCK…LESNAR!

Styles: Finally. It’s over. Only one word can describe that, destruction. Brock Lesnar has just sent a message. He’s absolutely destroyed Daivari here tonight. Lesnar is most definitely a force to be reckoned with here in EPW!

Hassan, who is still groggy following the hard F-5 on the steel earlier, shakily gets back on his feet only for Lesnar to put him up on his shoulders and deliver ANOTHER F-5 at the top of the aisle amidst a massive pop from the crowd.


Styles: Welcome back to Enslaved and before the break we witnessed Brock Lesnar on a path of destruction, destroying both Muhammad Hassan and Daivari.

[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]**re-cap of Lesnar’s F-5’s are shown**[/COLOR]

**BREAK THE WALLS DOWN hits as Chris Jericho makes his way down the aisle for the Highlight Reel**

As Jericho is trying to enter the ring, Samoa Joe runs down the aisle, slides under the bottom rope, takes Jericho down with a spear and starts beating the hell out of him with some vicious lefts and rights! Security then rushes the scene, breaking it up as Paul Heyman then gets on the mic again.

Heyman: Okay, it’s obvious that this is going to go on all night; as soon as Joe gets loose he’s going to attack Jericho again and again. Security, would you please handcuff Samoe Joe to the ring post to keep him under control? And Jericho, if at any time, you or your guest tonight attempts to assault Samoa Joe, while he is handcuffed to the outside, you will forfeit your place in the World Title Tournament! So you better make sure that Rhyno doesn’t touch him either!

- Mixed reaction as Jericho looks at Heyman arrogantly –

Jericho: Okay. There’s no point jerkin’ around people, you all want him out here and the human highlight reel is not one that likes to keep the people waiting, so, without further ado, introducing the first ever guest on the Highlight Reel on Enslaved, Ladies and Gentlemen, Jericholics of all ages, I give you, The Master of the Gore, The War Machine, The Man Beast…I give you, RHYNO!

**STAMPEDE hits as Rhyno makes his way down to the ring dressed in street clothes, amidst the biggest pop of the night so far**

Styles: The Hammerstein Ballroom crowds’ reaction for Rhyno is simply getting bigger and bigger every week! His ECW roots are probably helping him there!

Heyman: You’re not wrong Joey; it is definitely not going un-noticed!

- A huge Rhyno chant breaks out in the ballroom -

Jericho: It seems you’re a popular man here, Rhyno?

Rhyno: I can’t help it that everyone loves the War Machine.

Jericho: After what you’ve done in the last two weeks, it’s hard too find a reason for them not to love you.

Samoa Joe is going ballistic a ringside still handcuffed.

Rhyno: Actually Chris, I’ll tell you what I’m finding hard…not being able to go down there and Gore the hell out of Samoa Joe right now, because quite frankly, he’s pissin’ me off! If your World Title opportunity wasn’t on the line, I’d do it, right here, right now.

This aggravates Joe even more.

Jericho: Luckily the ass clown is my problem and not yours then.

- Mild pop from the crowd as Jericho stands over the top of turnbuckle that Joe is cuffed too -

Jericho: Okay Rhyno, we all want answers, how did you end up in EPW? What happened to your previous contract?

Rhyno: It’s simple Chris. About 8 or so months ago, you may remember me cutting a promo about the new ECW brand? I said that I’d signed a new contract with my former employer.

Jericho: Yes, I remember it well, burning the ECW title.

- crowd boos –

Rhyno: Obviously, the title was not in there, the fact is Jericho that I had signed a new contract, but it was only a 6-month contract extension, not the rumoured 2-year contract. I wanted to give ECW a chance to get established again before I went walking out of my current job, to join a Vince McMahon reincarnate of ECW.

- more boos –

Rhyno: I wanted to see how well it went at first, so I only signed on for another 6 months. At the end of the 6 months, after seeing ECW, and after a culmination of different issues in the other place, I was ready to join the new ECW, until I heard that Paul had been released.

- mixed reaction –

Rhyno: Once I found out Paul had been released, I changed my mind totally, I was ready to stay sign on for a 2 year deal, until he called me up one day and told me he was starting a new promotion from scratch and he wanted the Man Beast to be apart of it!

Jericho: After what you did on the first show, I’m damn sure glad that Heyman wanted you to be apart of it. That night you proved that you really are the Master of the Gore!

Rhyno: That’s right Chris, it doesn’t matter who it is, the end result is always the same…GORE GORE GORE!

- crowd echoes Rhyno, “GORE GORE GORE” –

Rhyno: The bottom line is Jericho, here in EPW, regardless of who I have to go through in this World Title Tournament to get there, I will be taking the EPW World Title.

Jericho: We’ll have to agree to disagree there I guess, Rhyno, you’ll just have to hope and pray that the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla doesn’t have to lock your ass in the Walls of Jericho, because once you’re in, there’s no way you’re getting out!

Things start to look like the Highlight Reel might begin to get heated between the two.

Rhyno: Jericho, if by chance you and I do end up facing off in this tournament, I will go into it with the utmost of respect for you as a friend and as a wrestler, but that's where it will stop! I’m sorry to say, but the man of 1004 holds can try each and every one ‘em on the Master of the Gore but NONE of 'em will do you any good, because only THREE words can describe what will happen to you…GORE…GORE…GOOOOOOOOOORE!

A man who has been noticeably sitting in the front row for the entire show, wearing a Mexican luchadore mask then runs from the crowd, slides unnoticed into the ring and hits a giant spear on Jericho and then follows up with another on Rhyno, which he sells beyond belief.

Styles: What the hell is this!? First Jericho and now Rhyno is being hit with his own move! Who the hell is under that mask?

The Masked man then slides out of the ring, only to spear Samoa Joe, whilst he was still handcuffed to the ring post.

Styles: Spear on the defenceless Samoa Joe now! This is massive, Paul, the ballroom is going crazy!

As the man gets to the top of the ramp, he turns around and reveals himself to the crowd...

Styles: OH MY GOD! It’s EDGE! That is this year’s Royal Rumble winner folks, how is it possible for him to be in EPW?! We’ve been invaded!

The show goes off the air with Edge standing at the top of the aisle way laughing and taunting the crowd.

***END SHOW***

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

You'll be getting your review by the end of the week man, and you used a different blue from what you used last time, heh, just wanted to point that out.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

You're right. I knew it looked different, I must rectify the problem! Thanks mate!

edit: Problem fixed. Looks better now. Thanks again man.

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Enslaved review

ok nice opening commentary but having the highlight reel on a one hour show focused on wrestling and not sports entertainment? bizzare, and not as appretiated.

Joe/Cage - ok similar to the last show, a small problem with match momentum and finish. Joe didn't get a pinfall attempt, and while you said that jericho distracted him for the win Joe actually kicked out of the unprettier, and lost cleanly via the frog splash. Not only is that a partly unrealitic finisher (winning with the splash and not the unprettier), it makes joe look weak two weeks in a row and makes the commentary team look like lyers.

tag match - very nice finish here, and you kept the momentum going the right way too. I said for the last show that i would have liked to see a fued come of that match, and its good to see in the end you did. Nice match.

Heyman: It will be you, Mr Hassan versus Chris Jericho in a NO DISQUALIFICATION, SUBMISSION ONLY MATCH, where the match can only be won by making your opponent submit!
Heyman promo - ok i thought by "submission only match", this match was clear? besides that it was a good promo, and a nice way to turn lesnar face but i think the davari thing was a bit too complicated. I don't think anyone expects hassan to win, so why beat around the bush?

lesnar/davari - a nice squash match but i think it was slightly overdone in the aftermath. Nice to see lesnar advance though.

highlight reel - What i don't understand is how rhyno would be angry at joe? what has joe done to rhyno besides make a little noise? oh well, the finish was interesting to say the least, as i don't know if this is a VKM style invasion, WCW 2001 style invasion or just a new superstar. nice element of suprise.

entertainment: 8/10
realism: 7.5/10
grammer: 10/10
booking: 7.5/10
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Thanks mate for the review man, to be honest with you I wasn't happy with the Highlight Reel, but once I decided that it was too far gone and I had to go with it. While it's a one hour show I think that'll be the last of the Highlight Reel.

Lesnar's not a face, I just want him to come accross as a destructive type heel/tweener that will destroy anyone in his path, regardless of who it is.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.


I have been reviewing a lot lately and I honestly think I have forgotten what happened on the other show, so I’ll try to think back but if I get some details wrong, forgive me.

This was an excellent match to open the show, Samoa Joe kicking out of the Unprettier decreased Christian’s credibility, but I guess it was okay since Joe is that kind of wrestler where a few exceptions are made. Great to see Christian pick up the victory, but it was very weird to see him do it with the Frog Splash. Joe blaming Jericho for the loss was okay, I think it could’ve been phrased a bit better.

Nice to see some balance in match types, the match finish descriptions have been written longer now too I think. Great ending to the match, looks like a Danielson vs Aries feud is coming from this, nice way to get the rivalry going, the triple threat from last week also went on well to this. Nice win for LAX too, good stuff man, your planning is good so far.

Very good segment here, the tournament for the new World title looks to be good, Hassan coming to EPW is also a plus to me. The No Disqualification Submission match for next week was booked too randomly, but the match will be great nonetheless. The stipulation for Daivari vs Lesnar sounds great also, Hassan will probably be kicked out of the tourney sooner or later, building to some kind of feud with Heyman?

A hell of a squash match, Lesnar totally killed Daivari! The last F-5 in the match looked unneeded, even if you are trying to convey him as the monster superstar of this company. Does that mean Hassan now loses his place in the World Championship Tournament?

The heat between Jericho and Joe is getting great, but I just hope the attacks don’t happen each and every week, as that gets really boring for the reader. Oh and Paul Heyman is a big, fat meanie for threatening everyone with their spots in the tournament, hah. Instead of having Rhyno say ‘cut a promo’, I think ‘address the fans’ or something along the lines of that would fit better. Maybe it is because I have never heard him say it in real life, but whenever Rhyno says ‘GORE, GORE, GORE’ it sounds damn awkward. Very nice finish to the show, I was nearly sure it would be Goldberg, but Edge works too. I hope this is not an invasion, as that would be quite unlikely for WWE to negotiate storylines and such with such a little company. If Edge is signed and Joey Styles was just being gay, you are the man and it’s going to be awesome.

Another good show from you man, the matches and promos were good, and the one hour time slot was filled quite well I believe. The Highlight Reel was good as main event, although I’m not too fond of segment main events. Edge and Hassan in EPW are some nice surprises also, I’ll be reading the next show. Oh and this promotion reminds me a lot of my one, we have a lot of similarities, one being my title name, and another being, well, you’ll find out soon. 8/10
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