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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

So, kids, I would just like to say thank you all for the feedback. I'm very happy that some life is starting to come back in here. I need to dish some reviews to Shocker/Rocker, whoever the fuck you are <3 and BKB as well. Im square with Szum and Sparty, and Stoj doesn't count coz he's a nub and can't stick to a thread.

Anyway, next show

Just a bit of into, there a two (or possibly three, i forget) more recapped shows, then the last two Enslaveds before the Pay Per View will be written in FULL. The Pay Per View MIGHT be written in full, still toying with that. Edge v Angle v Jericho and the Main Event at the very least will be written in full, the rest may be recapped.

Haven't proof read this show btw, so hopefully it comes out okay.

Enslaved Recap
Hammerstein Ballroom

Enslaved opens in its usual fashion with its regular video package, showcasing a number of EPW’s superstars. We then cut into the Hammerstein Ballroom with a quick pan of the crowd when Joey Styles voice cuts in, welcoming us warmly as usual before putting over tonight’s show including CM Punk running the Gauntlet in an effort to retain his Pacific Championship plus in the Main Event, the EPW World Champion, Rob Van Dam will team up with Kurt Angle as they take on the two men who fed Angle to the wolves last week against LAX, Edge and Chris Jericho. Plus, we’re expecting a response from LAX as to whether they’ll defend their Tag Team titles against Generation Next one last time.

Joey Styles is then cut off as the theme of Samoa Joe hits to a massive mixed reaction as The Samoan Submission Machine makes his way down the aisle. Pretty much ignoring the fans in the process, Joe swaggers into the ring and immediately retrieves a microphone. He wastes no time in calling out Paul Heyman and Matt Morgan, telling them to “get their asses out here”. Not surprisingly, Heyman and Morgan don’t arrive irritating Joe even more. Joe calls Heyman a gutless son of a bitch, he says what he did last week is inexcusable, he said the second Heyman hit him with that chair, he took his own life in his hands. He tells Heyman that it could’ve all been avoided if he’d just given him a title shot. That’s all it would’ve taken. Now though, it’s so much worse for him. He continued saying it’s now at a stage where even the fans want to see him get his shot, these are the same fans that have always supported Heyman like he was their father yet he still won’t give them what they want. Surprisingly, Joe is then cut off by Heyman’s music as he makes his way out with Matt Morgan flanking him. Microphone in hand, Heyman stops half way down the aisle and blurts out to Joe “What makes you think I give a shit what these hicks think?!” This generates massive heat as Heyman continues on his way to the ring as the fan boo the fuck out of him while he steps through the ring ropes. Heyman steps towards Joe, trying to look as macho as he can before he continues on his tirade, saying that now that EPW is fully established, now that EPW has sponsors, TV deals, Pay Per View dates, a huge cash flow, a reputable talent roster, as well as his own personal insurance policy in Matt Morgan… he doesn’t care about what the people think of him. He doesn’t need the fans anymore, he says he was just telling the fans what they wanted to hear to ensure that EPW could become firmly established in the Professional Wrestling industry, but now, the fans are nothing, just like Samoa Joe. The fans pour massive heat on Heyman as he stares deep into Joe’s eyes and just as he pulls the microphone up to his mouth and looks like he’s about to respond… HE CRACKS HEYMAN IN THE HEAD WITH THE MICROPHONE!!!! The fans erupt like mad as Joe turns full blown face and Heyman drops to the canvas, rolling out of the ring when suddenly Matt Morgan charges towards The Samoan Submission Machine and tries to knock his head off with a devastating clothesline… but Joe avoids it and NAILS MORGAN WITH THE CCS ENZUIGIRI ALMOST SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH THEM COMING FACE TO FACE AGAIN!!!! Morgan drops to the canvas with a thud before he rolls out of the ring as well, joining Heyman in the aisle as the duo bail amidst massive heat! Joe encourages Morgan to return to the ring but The Blueprint just stares back at Samoa Joe with a shaken, and possibly even a little surprised looking Paul Heyman pulling him away and back up the aisle as we cut to commercial.


We return from commercial with Joey Styles expressing his anger towards Heyman until The Worlds Greatest Tag Team make their way, neither looking overly pleased with each other as Styles puts over the tension between the two recently and he questions whether Shelton Benjamin, in particular, will have his mind on the job tonight after Charlie Haas cost him the Pacific Championship last week. Once the tandem settle in the ring, the fans erupt in shock as the well known theme of “London Calling” hits as PAUL LONDON AND BRIAN KENDRICK COME SPRINTING DOWN THE AISLE!!!! Styles and Nash quickly tell us that London & Kendrick are two of the newest acquisitions to the EPW roster.

Match 1
Tag Team Match
Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas v Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Clearly not wanting to give too much away on free TV, the four competitors put on an entertaining match while clearly not going to deep with the quality. The finish comes when Shelton hits a Dragon Whip on Paul London and staggers over to tag in Charlie Haas, but Haas turns his back on his partner, neglecting the tag, apparently feeling that he could’ve been tagged in much earlier. Shelton doesn’t understand what’s going on but before he can turn back to the action, the newly tagged in Brian Kendrick flies into the ring and plants him with a dropkick. Kendrick brings him up to his feet and throws him off the ropes, he bounces off and straight into a Leg Lariat from Kendrick as the fans roar in support of the Cruiserweight. Kendrick brings him up again to his vertical base and as he does, he sets him up, and nails Sliced Bread #2 before tagging in Paul London who climbs straight to the top rope and nails the 450 Splash. London then hooks the leg for the 3 count all the while Charlie Haas just watches on.

Winners: Paul London & Brian Kendrick @ 5:34

London and Kendrick celebrate in the ring as Charlie Haas just stares at his fallen partner from the apron, generating a decent amount of heat from the fans as he leaves ringside with his back to the squared circle. The Hooligans continue to celebrate as Shelton begins coming back to his senses when we head backstage.

Kurt Angle is walking down an aisle with Christy Hemme running up from behind him and immediately asking how he felt about Chris Jericho and Edge feeding him to the wolves that were LAX and Muhammad Hassan last week? Angle said there is absolutely nothing that Chris Jericho and Edge can do to want to kick their asses any more than he already does. He says that they should be running scared coming into The Awakening and that tonight is just a preview to what’s coming to them in less than a month. He says tonight he is gonna beat the crap outta them with or without Rob Van Dam.


We return from commercial to find Maria standing by with LAX. She puts over the 8 man tag team match up next where LAX team with Kid Kash and Jamie Noble to take on Generation Next and Matt Sydal. She mentions Generation Next’s challenge made towards them last week and whether they had a response as yet. Konnan responded by telling her that they definitely did. He continued by reminding us that LAX are on the run of a life time. He says Homicide and Hernandez have been the EPW Tag Team Champions since April last year, they are the inaugural and the only Tag Team Champions in EPW’s history. No one has been able to defeat them and along the way they’ve defeated the likes of The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, The Dudley Boyz, Juvi & Psicosis, Generation Next multiple times, as well as a host of other names that include Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle. He says they’re on a dream roll, the LAX Revolution is in full swing and Generation Next have experienced that first hard for some time now and they should know full well that you can stop a revolutionary, but you can’t stop a revolution, so all things considered, they’re accepting their challenge. Homicide implores them to pick whatever match they want, because there ain’t a match type in the world where Strong and Shelley are gonna stand a chance against the LAX!

Match 2
8 Man Tag Team Match; Non Title
Kid Kash, Jamie Noble & EPW Tag Team Champions; Homicide & Hernandez v Cruiserweight Champion; Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Alex Shelley & Matt Sydal
As expected, the match was a total spot fest, the finish coming when Aries occupies the ring with Kid Kash. Aries manages to swing momentum after ducking a wayward clothesline before planting him with the Brainbuster! Neglecting to go for the cover, Aries tags in Matt Sydal, who was already atop the top rope, who then flew off and nailed the Shooting Star Press to Kash!!! Sydal hooked the leg for the cover as Kash’s partners immediately storm the ring! 1… HOMICIDE EATS A REVERSE ELBOW FROM ARIES AND SHELLEY TAKES OUT HERNANDEZ WITH A LOW DROP KICK!!... 2… RODERICK STRONG NAILS NOBLE WITH SICK KICK!!!!... 3!!!!!! SYDAL PINS KASH FOR THE SECOND TIME!!!

Winners: Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Alex Shelley & Matt Sydal @ 6:01

As usual the fans pop big for Sydal as he is now well a truly a major favourite with the fans. The quadrant begin to celebrate until Hernandez catches both Aries and Strong across the back of the neck with a devastating double clothesline!!! Shelley turns around to see what the hell just happened and he turns straight into the GRINGO CUTTER FROM HOMICIDE!!! Shelley drops to the canvas and as he does so, Matt Sydal gets the wind knocked out of him by a Double Knee Gutbuster from Jamie Noble after a brief exchange of blows between the two of them. Nash is quick to put over that even though the face team won the battle, the heels have won the war here tonight having taken all four of the faces out quite easily. The Tag Team Champions are soon handed their titles, and hold them up proudly as Austin Aries’ Cruiserweight Championship is laid across his chest. As soon as Jamie Noble sees this, he picks up the title and holds it high in the air for all to see amidst huge heat, proclaiming that the title will soon be his.


We return from commercial and immediately find Mick Foley on his way down to the ring amidst a big chant of “FOLEY! FOLEY! FOLEY!” with his music blaring in the back ground. Mick immediately grabs a microphone from Bob Artes and addresses Bryan Danielson. He says the fact that The American Dragon has not shown his face since Forsaken is less than surprising. He says he knows Danielson doesn’t like to “man up” and get face to face with people that he’s threatened by. He says he knows he does his business when his rivals have their backs turned, and if anyone second guesses that, they just need to ask Austin Aries for his thoughts on that matter. He says keeping that in mind, he wants more than anything in the world right now for Danielson to show his face again. Foley says he is that desperate for Dragon to show some sign of life, he’s willing to do things his way. Foley then stops talking and heads towards the time keepers table. He picks up a Steel Chair before heading back into the ring and setting it up in the middle. Foley then sits down on the chair and say he’s going to do all he can to convince Bryan Danielson to come out here tonight. He pulls a Blindfold out of his pocket, puts it over his eyes, sits down and proclaims “Come get me, Dragon. This is your chance to get your hands on The Hardcore Legend. C’mon. I’m not leavin’ till you show your face!!!” That said, Foley drops the microphone, folds his arms and sits intently on the chair. The fans go quiet as Joey Styles questions the logic in this move from Foley as we head backstage.

Kid Kash and Jamie Noble are walking down a hallway when they suddenly run into Matt Morgan and Paul Heyman, who possesses a massive black eye following the blow from Samoa Joe earlier tonight. Heyman stops the duo and tells them that even though they were part of a losing team tonight, he’s been impressed by them recently. He says it’s evident they both have a strong desire to become Cruiserweight Champion, the Pitbulls nod, agreeing with the boss who continues saying that it’s also evident they want to inflict as much punishment as possible upon Matt Sydal to avoid any further embarrassment courtesy of him. He says he’s going to give them their chance at The Awakening, the two of them will team up to take on Austin Aries and Matt Sydal. If they win, whoever gets the decisive pinfall, becomes EPW Cruiserweight Championship, if Aries picks up the pinfall, he retains his title while if Sydal gets the pinfall, he earns a Cruiserweight Championship opportunity. Heyman closes by saying it will be a “High Stakes” Tag Match, he wishes Noble and Kash luck before saying that he and Morgan have something else they need to take care of and they walk off.

We return back to ringside with Joey Styles and Kevin Nash. Styles puts over the announcement just made by Paul Heyman, stating it has the potential to be a show stealer given the clientele involved. Our attention then focuses back in the ring where Mick Foley remains seated, completely motionless albeit looking somewhat relaxed. Joey Styles reminds us that Mick Foley is in the ring and won’t be going anywhere until Bryan Danielson makes his appearance felt. Nash then puts over that Dragon shouldn’t cave and jump Foley as soon as he gets the chance, he says he’s too smart for that. We head to a commercial with Foley still waiting in the ring.


When we return from commercial, and after a very brief clip of Mick Foley still situated in the ring, seated, with a blind fold on, we head inside the locker room of Rob Van Dam. The Champion is warming up for the Main Event when Kurt Angle steps into the room. Kurt says that he’s sure RVD knows how badly he wants to get his hands on Edge, he says he doesn’t need Van Dam’s help tonight but regardless of that, he appreciates it. RVD pipes up and says that he knows how Angle feels about this match tonight, and he lets him know regardless of that, he’ll be out there to have his back so Edge and Jericho can’t play the numbers game on him again tonight. Angle nods at Van Dam before telling him not to get too comfortable though, because at The Awakening, he’s winning that Triple Threat match and then he’s comin’ for the EPW Championship. Van Dam simply replies with “I can’t wait.”

The camera cuts back to Mick Foley in the ring with Kevin Nash questioning “how long can this crap go on for?!” Foley remains motionless, having done so for nearly 10 minutes now waiting for Danielson, showing no signs of getting impatient, Mick continues to wait tolerantly. After a few more moments though… FOLEY GETS A BOOT THROUGH THE BACK OF HIS HEAD FROM THE BACK OF SHOT… BUT IT’S NOT BRYAN DANIELSON THAT’S PROVIDED IT… IT’S MATT MORGAN!!!! The Hammerstein Ballroom dumps a shitload of heat on Morgan as Foley lays crippled on the canvas before Morgan picks up the microphone and says “Mr Heyman says to stop wasting air time get the hell out of his ring!” The fans pour heat on Morgan as he continues, “he also said that if you want to spend time in the ring so badly, next week you’re going one on one with… ME!!!” The fans continue to boo the shit out of Morgan as he exits the ring for the second time tonight whilst we cut to another commercial.


Back on Enslaved, before the next match starts, Joey Styles informs us that Generation Next have informed Paul Heyman that their match with Homicide and Hernandez for the EPW Tag Team Championships at The Awakening will be a … LADDER MATCH!!!!

Match 3 (I’ll be doing a BRIEF summary of each elimination)
5 Man Gauntlet Match; Pacific Championship
CM Punk © v Muhammad Hassan v Monty Brown v AJ Styles v Rhino
The Gauntlet kicks off with CM Punk facing off against his long time rival Muhammad Hassan. Hassan tries to get the match over with quickly with a series of roll ups after only a few minutes, but eventually it backfires when he and Daivari become frustrated and start abusing the referee from the slowness of the counts, Punk then ceases the opportunity and rolls up Hassan for the 3 count!

Muhammad Hassan is eliminated by CM Punk @ 4:34 via Pinfall

Monty Brown makes a quick arrival and immediately begins to dominate Punk but after a Ura-Nage slam, the Pacific Champion takes over, applying the Anaconda Vice, causing Monty Brown to tap out almost immediately.

Monty Brown is eliminated by CM Punk @ 9:45 via Submission

The third man out is none other than the Man Beast, Rhino. His involvement in the match is short lived, so much so that neither he nor Punk can exchange any offence. Muhammad Hassan, who was still sitting at ringside in disbelief that he had been eliminated, charged into the ring and took Punk down with a double leg take down and after two right hands, he rolls out of the ring, leaving the referee with no choice but to Disqualify Rhino!

Rhino is eliminated by Disqualification @ 9:54

Rhino is clearly pissed in the ring, while Punk doesn’t know how to react. Punk sort of shrugs his shoulders as if to say “Sorry, but fuck off you’re eliminated, not my fault Hassan’s a dickhead.” With that, Rhino makes his exit, staring at Hassan and Daivari at the top of the aisle who couldn’t be more prouder of themselves. Sensing Rhino’s anger, Hassan then does the bolt from ringside as AJ Styles and CM Punk begin to tear it up in the ring. The duo showcase some impressive moves and the Pacific Champion even manages to get the Go To Sleep away, but AJ got his foot on the rope and prevented the 3 count. The finish came when AJ hit the Pele flush on Punk’s chin, and sent him tumbling to the outside, causing him to land hard on the floor. Punk remains down but with the referees count at 8, he begins to show some signs of coming back to his senses. He gasps up the referee in the ring and sees he’s at 9, he tries to get to his feet but then he takes a theatrical looking dive and falls back to the floor as the referees count hits 10.

CM Punk is eliminated by Count Out @ 15:01

Winner: AJ Styles @ 15:01 (CM Punk retains Pacific Championship)

AJ looks pissed with this outcome as Joey Styles is quick to point out that the Championship cannot change hands on a Count Out. We head to commercial with AJ Styles staring down at CM Punk as he slowly gets to his feet on the outside, perhaps even exaggerating his injury a little.


Upon return from commercial, we head backstage into a locker room currently occupying Chris Jericho and the former EPW Champion, Edge. Jericho is sitting calmly in a corner, adjusting his boots while The Rated R Superstar is pacing back and forward, stressing out big time about the prospect of having to step into the ring against Angle again tonight. Having seen Edge pull enough of his hair out, Jericho tries to calm him down and tell him that he’ll be fine, he says that he and Edge are a cohesive unit, tag team experts, they will operate like a well oiled machine, where as Angle and Van Dam are a ticking time bomb because their egos will get in the way due to Angle’s desire to be EPW Champion. Edge doesn’t buy that though, telling Jericho that it’s fine for him to say that and it’s fine for him to try and calm him down because he’s not that one that Angle wants. Edge continues saying that Jericho is just the third wheel in all of this because Angle wants his blood and the fact that walked away from their match last week just makes it worse. Edge continues stressing as the camera heads back to ringside for Kurt Angle’s entrance as Jericho just shakes his head..

Main Event
Match 4
Tag Team Match
EPW World Champion Rob Van Dam & Kurt Angle v Chris Jericho & Edge
As you’d expect, Edge does all he can do avoid Kurt Angle, not tagging in whenever Angle was already in the ring and as soon as Angle tagged in, he tagged out. The finish came when Jericho and RVD were trading blows back and forth when Van Dam attempted a kick to the gut of Jericho, only for Y2J to block it and nail an enzuigiri!! The Champion falls hard on the mat as Jericho quickly charges towards the ropes and springboards off the middle, looking for the LIONSAULT – HE MISSES! VAN DAM ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!! The fans pop as Jericho crashes to the mat as Robbie V gets back to his feet and after hitting a quick Corkscrew Leg Drop, he darts across the ring, bounces off the ropes and flies back nailing THE ROLLING THUNDER!!!! The fans erupt in support of Van Dam as he gets back to his feet and ascends the top rope, and when he does, Edge charges along the apron to try and prevent him from hitting the 5 Star but KURT ANGLE BOLTS THROUGH THE RING AND PUSHES HIM OFF THE APRON AND DOWN TO THE FLOOR!!!!! The fans go nuts again as The Rated R Superstar crashes to the floor with a thud while RVD flies off the top rope at the same time and nails Y2J with the 5 STAR FROG SPLASH!!! Van Dam hooks the leg while Kurt Angle finally gets his hands on Edge on the outside! 1… 2… 3!!!

Winners: Rob Van Dam & Kurt Angle @ 9:24

Rob Van Dam climbs straight off the fallen Chris Jericho and after being handed the EPW Championship, he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and holds his gold up in the air for the fans to see while Kurt Angle continues to hammer away at the downed Edge on the outside. The camera focuses back on to Rob Van Dam in the ring, holding his title in the air for all to see when suddenly… HE IS CRACKED OVER THE BACK OF THE HEAD BY... BROCK LESNAR!!! THE FANS POUR HEAT ON THE NUMBER 1 CONTENDER WHO IS SHOWING HIS FACE FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE FORSAKEN!!!! RVD DROPS TO A KNEE BUT LESNAR SOON HOISTS HIM UP TO HIS SHOULDERS AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE F5!!!! The fans continue booing Lesnar as he stands over the broken body of RVD as Joey Styles openly questions how Van Dam can beat Lesnar at The Awakening as we fade to black.

Toyota Centre; Houston, Texas
Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

EPW World Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) v Brock Lesnar

Number 1 Contendership to the EPW World Championship
Edge v Kurt Angle v Chris Jericho

EPW Tag Team Championships
Ladder Match; Generation Next's Last Chance
Latin American Exchange; Homicide & Hernandez (c) v Generation Next; Roderick Strong & Alex Shelley

EPW Cruiserweight Championship
"High Stakes" Tag Team Match
Austin Aries (c) & Matt Sydal v Kid Kash & Jamie Noble
If Kash or Noble pick up the victory, they become Cruiserweight Champion. If Sydal picks up the pinfall, he becomes the number 1 contender to the Cruiserweight Championship. If Aries gets the pinfall, he retains the belt.

Credit to Rocker for the banners, thanks chief. Love your work.

Online Oblivion Results

Drew McIntyre def. Colt Cabana @ 9:40 via the Scot Drop following a very entertaining match.

Juventud Guerrera & Psicosis def The Dudleyz @ 8:34 to remind everyone both teams still exist. Juvi and Psi tried their best to make the match decent, showcasing some solid high flying moves but it was pointless because The Dudleyz are shit .

Footage of Rhino catching up with, and then beating the fuck out of Muhammad Hassan is shown following what happened between the two on Enslaved.

Mick Foley also had a heated exchange with Paul Heyman. Abusing him for sending his goon out there and booking him in a match with him next week. He says he only came to EPW as a favour to him and he can consider 20 years of friendship over.

.... btw, the ladder match will be written in full too <3

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Enslaved (Recap) Review/Feedback

I just wanna start off by saying that I haven't had a chance to read your thread much, up until the Best of 09 show, so i'm not gonna comment much on storylines, until I catch up. But I will because you do a slick job and're the real deal. (plus your name reminds me of a band or something...) To the show!

Joe to start the show? Awesome. Joe's pretty sweet here, and Heyman's at his best with his insurance policy behind him. Nice promo with him "selling his soul" to his greed. Joe sending them both packing was a smart move to. I love Joe's character as a renegade of the roster until he gets what he wants. Your recap owns btw.

WGTT breakup feud? WAY overdone.

At least Shelton looks to be the face which is good. Nice little match with L&K, great signing too to get those guys. Nice angle with WGTT, but seriously, just have Shelton squash that chump and move on imo.

Small blip from Angle, but no big deal without proofing. Basic "i'll kick everyone's ass" promo.

Nice LAX promo that bounces you back, good thing they aren't backing down, and they're unafraid. I'm a fan of Gen. Next though, I hope they at least get a few "moments" of awesomeness with them. Again, nice work.

ALL CAPS!!! That sick kick must have devastated the fuck outta Noble. Awesome after match attack, with Noble ripping one of Roddy's moves. >_> Nah, great job with the attack. And btw, good spot with Sydal pinning Kash, that's smart booking on your end. Good to see Noble getting in on things and going after Aires' belt. Should be a pretty epic match and a move that I like, although I would have dug Kash too.

I dug the Foley promo, although "less than surprising" was kinda hard for me to imagine him saying. Maybe i'm just being weird. AmDrag doesn't like to man up!? Do your research, Foley. Awesome move with the "blindfold protest", that was money.

Sweet, both the pitbulls get a shot! Nice concept to bring out here for the match at The Awakening. I'm pretty sure the 'bulls are just there to job to Sydal. Nice to see Heyman announcing it too. I like that he's building the heels up to get knocked down by Sydal. Classic Evil boss booking. You seem to be very sound in your booking, you've got everything looking pretty solid and safe, in a good way, at least in this show.

Foley's still in the ring? : Nice. Another typical face promo from Angle, plus a typical face promo from the fighting champion. Everything from Angle has been solid, but just fillier.

Hahahaha! Foley just got owned. Can't say i'm looking forward to a Foley/Morgan match though, lets see what you can do with it. I guess you gotta have these two doing something though. Liked the Oblivion thing with Heyman too.

AJ got robbed! If you're planning to have these two go on to feud, I feel similarly to this as I do to Shelton squashing Haas, but that's just me. Pretty good with Punk looking like as big of a weasel as you can in a 4 on 1 match. Solid match.

Edge being paranoid and selling fear while Jericho does things in his Jericho fashion. This sort of reminded me of a Jeri-Show promo, except with Edge as Jericho and Jericho as Big Show to me, take that for what you will. Nice filler promo to hype the main event, same as the Angle stuff.

Cool match and pretty awesome main event. You got everything over pretty well and that was the right finish. I'm almost certain Y2J is getting the number one contender spot come The Awakening. And hey! Big ass Brock shows his face for the first time in the show. Good to get him some heat on him and RVD. That's a pretty unique world title match too, good stuff.

Overall, I enjoyed reading your show, and i'll keep up and catch up, There's a few things I think could have gone a little smoother, but you've got the skills at writing. I look forward to The Awakening and hope you keep up the flair, and continue some good work. Not your best i'm sure with the recapped format and all but still pretty good, plus your recapped promos are very discriptive and stuff too.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

~Yeah… FANTASTIC opening to the show, man. We all knew you had to pull the trigger on Heyman’s turn, and this wsa definitely the right time, and the perfect moment. It’s been building, and Heyman’s action last week, especially how he handled Punk, were instrumental in sealing the deal. Plus, I LOVE the way Heyman talked about it all. The fans were just a crutch for EPW until the company was established… beautiful and brilliant. It’s so logical, so ingenious. Something that many wouldn’t think of, to be honest. It was just smart, solid booking. Joe’s a true face, Heyman the heel, and EPW that much better. Would’ve loved to see this in full, but it didn’t need to be: your booking told the whole tale, and that’s a damn good thing, Para.

~Okay, thank you for not turning Haas completely heel here. That would’ve taken away from Heyman’s turn, so thank you. Spanky and London are a solid addition to EPW and the tag division. They add a lot of talent, albeit not a whole lot of personality, which I think your tag division could afford to have: more personality. WGTT’s split and feud is brewing well, and the final nail is about to be put into the coffin.

~Angle as the intense face… you do it well. That is all.

~Well, it was clear you had no motivation to write the 8-man tag… fuck the clusterfuck. Generation Next needed this win, in my opinion, and smart to not have LAX take the fall. Good choice, especially as they prepare for the final match of GenNext/LAX. Plus, gives the Pitbulls more reason to get nasty on GenNext. Pity Roddy Strong didn’t get the pin though, as he’s the best part of the group, tbh. Fuck Matt Sydal. Evans > Sydal. Btw, nice heel beat down afterwards. They all look strong… nicely done, sire.

~Lovely stuff from Foley. With how you went with it, I first expected Danielson to attack him from behind. Then when Foley got the chair, I expected Foley to hit himself with it, leaving him vulernable for Danielson to come finish him off. Oh well. The blindfold spot was damn cool, just as good as what I wanted to see with Foley and the chair.

~The High Stakes match is a smart decision, as it lets that feud come to an end, and allows Aries to drop the strap without ever getting pinned, if you want to go that route… or continue to elevate Matt Sydal.

~I like the little interaction with Angle and RVD. RVD’s not doing a whole lot right now, with Lesnar out. You’re doing your part to keep him there though, at least. Good respect between him and Angle.

~Okay, this Foley stuff has been GOLD. Having him stay in the ring while you do backstage segments, total class, Para. Matt Morgan, and not Danielson, coming out, is genius. Morgan needs to get more heel heat as he starts up in the company, and this is damn sure a great way to do it. Excellent job.

~You really fucked my boy Rhino here, Para. Not happy about it. He should’ve pwned that fucker Punk. Mer =[. Oh well, it at least kept Rhino from taking a pin. And yeah, not a big fan of the ending. Punk loses, by count out, so he’s still technically undefeated. I hate stuff like that. Rhino should’ve just ended the streak, clearly. Punk’s bound to lose clean soon though, I hope.

~The main event was nothing spectacular, but it never needed to be. It wasn’t about work rate, but about the story and build up. Angle finally gets a hit on Edge after Edge’s worrying and refusal to wrestle him. The Champ gets the win, all is well. Right? No. You knew Lesnar had to show up soon, and now was the right time. Angle beats on Edge, and Lesnar’s ready to make his title intentions known. Well played, sir.

~Honestly, you’re just doing recaps, and your BTB has my interest more than anyone else’s. This is solid stuff, mate, really. The opening stuff with Heyman and Joe was great, and everything with Foley was even better. That stuff was just fucking bad ass. Everything else was solid, minus the Pacific Title stuff. Didn’t like that. So one negative out of a whole show? Good stuff, in my opinion. I can’t wait for the full stuff, Para, as it’ll be fucking immense. You’re owning, man.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

My Awards:
2008 - Best PPV - Starrcade
2008, 2007, & 2006 - Best Promo Writer
2007 & 2006 - Best Promo(s)
2007 - Most Creative
2007 - Best Feedbacker
2006 & 2007 BTB World Cup - Top Overall Scorer
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Enslaved Feedback

A very good card set for tonight, as per usual with you, but yeah, thanks for that you cat loving **** <3.

Opening up the show with Samoa Joe? After the events of last week, it’s the right move, as there is not really much else you could start off with here tonight, imo. He was pretty spot on, keeping his bad ass kind of persona in tact in the beginning; however I didn’t like how he mentioned Heyman had messed up so bad even the fans want Joe to get the show. This whole time he hasn’t given a shit about the fans, I don’t want him to start now, just have him as the badass who gets cheered, don’t have him acknowledging them to much, it makes him seem like he’s changing to much, imo. at Heyman starting off so explosive. I guess this is the heel turn complete, which is something you know I’ve been wanting for awhile, so I’m very glad that it’s finally here. The attack from Joe is more of what I want to see, re-establishing himself as a bad ass, and I really hope he stays that way. Morgan looks like a bit of a bitch, but after last week, I don’t think it really matters, as he was not expecting anything. A good opening promo to kick off, with me only having one issue with it.

I like how even though in recap, you underline the importance of Benjamin and Haas not being happy with each other. A lot of people say that in recap, little details don’t get across, but I think you’ve still managed to do that okay here. Paul London and Brian Kendrick? Fuck, can a roster get any more stacked ? I’m really not complaining, just saying.

And the turn of Haas continues. This match was well booked, imo, as not only does it put over the two debutants, but continues the storyline between Haas and Benjamin. Haas neglecting the tag shows that he is going to be the heel here, and I’m interested to see what Benjamin’s reaction will be, whether something happen later tonight, or it be next week.

Intense Kurt Angle to a tee. I’ve been saying for a long time that you write him so well, and I’m glad to see that Szumi agreed with me above. Another good Angle promo, just like what you normally churn out.

LAX continue to be booked amazingly strong in this thread also, and this interview was pretty much typical LAX lately, putting themselves over, and naming all the people they have beaten. Another match with Generation Next should be good; I expect a loss though .

The eight man tag match was a good win for the faces, as I guess they kind of needed it, after how strong LAX have looked lately. With that being said, Sydal didn’t need it, and I can’t believe he actually pinned Kash again. Sydal is wearing out his welcome quickly, tbh.

The attack from the heel side of this match was good afterwards, it’s nothing special, but it keeps the feuds going I guess. Jamie Noble as Cruiserweight champion? That’s something I’d love to see, so make it happen.

Mick Foley promo was pretty good, as this thing with him and Danielson continues to slowly be built up. I want Danielson to hurry up and show up now though, but I’m sure it will happen in the coming weeks. Anyway, sitting in the ring, and even the blindfold was a nice touch, shows just how desperate Foley is, and in a way, would probably get the Dragon angry, which will add to their feud.

I like how Heyman is now approaching the heels and giving them what they want, makes him seem more heel, as he’s not just against Punk, in a way he’s against every face on the roster. I like the idea of this tag match at The Awakening to, not only should it make for an awesome match; it will hopefully finally have this jobber Sydal lose.

at Foley still being in the ring. This feud must mean a lot to him, Danielson better show up next week, I’m assuming he won’t tonight, as he’s really looking like a bitch right about now.

Foley still in the ring. Geez, I didn’t think it would last this long. I must say it’s starting to get a bit ignoring, but I love how you are good enough to book your show around it and keep it entertaining, I think its smart work. Kurt Angle and RVD segment was pretty good here; I love the intensity of Angle, letting RVD know he doesn’t need help, while the laidback attitude of RVD had me pretty impressed to. These guys were pretty much spot on here, good work.

Morgan attacking Foley was definitely unexpected, however I must say, I really liked it. This show has been dominated by Heyman’s heel turn, and I’ve really enjoyed it, so props on another good move here, and Morgan/Foley next week should be good, and will probably mark the appearance of Danielson. I’m predicting it now .

A ladder match between LAX and Generation Next? Really cool. I have a feeling you’re finally going to make Generation Next win; I personally hope the monster push of LAX continues though.

Hmm. The Gauntlet match was pretty good from a booking concept, as it allowed Heyman to show his now evil ways, while it also provided for a way for CM Punk to have his first ever loss, even if he still hasn’t been pinned or submitted. This makes Styles look really good, which is also a good thing, although I don’t like the fact that Punk was able to beat Brown so easy, after beating Hassan. Makes Brown look a little weak, imo. This also makes me think we might get a Styles/Punk feud and that’d be pretty cool.

at Edge looking like the biggest bitch right now, although I can’t blame him, Angle is unbelievable in this thread. Jericho trying to calm him down was alright to, making him look cool, calm and collected, but this was all about Edge, tbh.

A great main event between the four of the best in this company, which was action packed, yet also told a story, and continued a feud. What more can I ask for? Angle/Edge will continue, hence Edge continuing to run away from Angle, whilst RVD looks like a monster as champion. I’m not to sure what is going to happen with Jericho though, although I will say I wasn’t happy with him taking the fall, but that’s due to personal preference.

The aftermath was good, with Lesnar taking out RVD. Finally some hype between these two, but you’re going to need more than just this to sell me on the match . Plus, I still don’t know why Lesnar was named number one contender.

Fuck typing to much here, terrific booking, as per usual, writing’s pretty to notch to. <3

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Enslaved Feedback

Yeah, this has been a bit slow. Be happy it’s here though.

Alright card you’ve got here tonight, although what would really top it off would be a Lesnar appearance. His disappearance since Forsaken has been disappointing, so fingers crossed that tonight’s the night.

Joe to kick the show off? Seems like the right move, since he pretty much got turned face last week, and we need a promo to really put it over. Joe being straight up with no crap is the right way to go as straight forward Joe, especially in this instance, is best. Joe talking about what it was all about in the first place is a good thing to see, before bringing up how the dispositions of Joe and Heyman have swapped, pretty much making it official. Heyman coming out by first insulting the fans is a good way to go to affirm his heelishness, with his explanation on why he turned on the fans being very well explained. It makes perfect sense, really, and I was glad to see an explanation. Joe smashing Heyman then owning Morgan was the right way to go following Morgan looking good last week, and it continues to get this feud heated further up, progressing it along well. A nice way to move the feud along and turn complete the full blown double turn, as well as to start the show.

London and Kendrick to debut against a team who, while they’re in the midst of a breakup, still have some credibility about them? Smart move, and a very nice addition to the tag team roster that felt like it was starting to run low on depth, with LAX having run through seemingly all of the face tandems. The actual match continues Haas and Benjamin’s fall from grace, with Haas continuing to think Shelton has a big head well, while London and Kendrick get to show what they’re all about.

Hmm, Hemme asking Angle about what happened last week makes what just happened in the last match maybe seem a bit similar to what you just did last week. Hadn’t noticed that until now. Angle showing his intent here was good, continuing his take no prisoners type face persona along well.

Nice way to put LAX’s epic title reign over while also accepting the challenge from Generation Next, which pretty much had to happen. Should be interesting to see where you go next here.

Having a spotfest between seven cruisers (and Hernandez) is a nice way to break up the show, giving the fans an exciting match in the middle for their crazy move fix. Sydal pinning Kash was expected, as you’ve had him on quite a roll and Generation Next could do with the momentum, while LAX never lose which we already know, and Noble still has a little, albeit perhaps not enough, momentum going from his performance at Forsaken. The heels with the post-match attack was a nice way to keep things interesting in this feud, and Noble making his intentions for the Cruiserweight Title clear is definitely good to see.

Foley coming out to call out Danielson was to be expected because, well, we see it just about every week. The beginning of Foley’s promo was the pretty run of the mill stuff, insulting Danielson and calling him a wuss, although I have to admit I like the blindfold thing. It fits in with the psychology of what Foley is insulting Danielson of, and it just seems like the type of thing Foley would do. Clever, although I’m not sure how I feel on Foley taking the ring hostage. It all depends on the payoff.

Morgan having a black eye to sell the effects of earlier is nice, although perhaps a bit unnecessary, as Joe would have hit him with numerous blows in their match last week, none of which resulted in a black eye. The match that you booked here for The Awakening seems like a bit of a mess, although I guess with Sydal not winning the title by picking up the fall it makes sense. Hopefully Morgan and Heyman’s business is something interesting too.

How long are we going to have to wait for someone to attack Foley?

Alright little promo with Angle and Van Dam, although not really necessary. A bit lovey dovey and bland, although I guess it lets us know they’re on the same page come main event time.

Morgan attacking Foley? It certainly makes sense because, as you said, Foley was wasting air time in the ring, and this serves as a great way to continue to get Matt Morgan over as a major heel player. His match against Foley next week should only do more to continue that.

A Ladder Match at The Awakening for the tag titles? Should be fun for sure, especially with all of the talent involved.

Meh, still not big on this gauntlet idea, and the first fall shows why. Muhammad Hassan, who has been having some great momentum, gets less than five minutes in the ring with CM Punk, who got made to look like a bit of a bitch last week. Just seems like it’ll bury too many competitors. I have no problem with Brown going down clean, because his little push looks over, especially after his loss to Shelton a few weeks ago. The Rhino elimination was another reason I dislike this idea, as it just makes it seem pointless. I also find it weird how Hassan would sit there for five minutes afterwards, but whatever. AJ and Punk being the last two is a good idea, as they’re certainly the two most exciting guys in the gauntlet, and would put on the best contest with a finish known to be coming. Good to see you gave them a bit of time to do that with all things considering (only a one hour show and stuff), although I’m not sure what to make of the finish. Seems a weak way to finish the gauntlet, although it also looks like you may be hinting at a Punk heel turn. I guess that mightn’t be a bad thing, because Punk has been lacking of late, and maybe a heel turn can freshen him up. A prospective feud with AJ, that looks likely off the back of this, wouldn’t hurt him either.

Again, not sure if this promo was necessary, although I guess if you had the earlier one this one corresponds to it. I guess this serves as an alright way to show Edge is still stressing about Angle and that their feud is still going.

Simple enough sounding main event, with the solid psychology of Edge not wanting to be involved with Angle. Van Dam picking up the win was good to see, as he gets booked strongly as the champion here, although the aftermath is where the interesting bit takes place, and I have to say thank god. Now hopefully we can get some build for Van Dam/Lesnar, because RVD has been a bit bland since winning the title. An intense feud is what he needs.

Like always, Para, your booking was damn fine, and the writing did its job in backing it up. The fact that you have shows ready to post makes me very happy, as I’m glad to see this is going for quite some time to come (hopefully). Sorry this is a bit late, but I’ve been pretty busy, and life > you (sorry ). Anyway, a nice show, with the follow up to Lesnar’s return definitely being the thing to look forward to. Hope to see the next show up soon.

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Yeah, I know I said it was done. I know I said it was dead, but, in BTB land, never say never. I need to learn this. It’s exactly one year to the day since I last posted in this thread – I didn’t actually plan that, just a freaky coincidence that I just noticed and it's been over 4 years since I first started it. I’m not going to lie, I’ve made a number of attempts at starting a WWE thread, both on my own, and with partners – too many to name, but you all know who you are. I simply can’t motivate myself to write WWE, it’s never going to happen. As many will know, I have a huge desire to post a Wrestlemania, I’ve now come to terms with the fact that’s never going to happen. Before continuing, I want to apologise publicly to Shocker. We had been making an attempt to start a new WWE thread, but I’ve dogged him, and mate, please accept my apologies. Stick with your TNA Thread, I know many will agree with me when I say you've got something good going there.

Anyway, here’s the deal. I’m continuing where I left off. The next show is below, it’s in recap, because it was written a LONG time ago, sometime towards the end of 2009, I’m guessing, so that’s why it’s recapped. The next two shows have been written in full, one was written well over a year ago, and the other I have just finished, after starting a while ago. Then after those three, it’s the Pay Per View. Whether it’s in full or not, we’ll see.

I was going to do a recap of what’s been going on, but I think this show just about touches on every necessary feud, but just a couple of quick dot points.

[FONT=‘Georgia’]• [FONT=‘Georgia’]Rob Van Dam is the EPW World Champion, and is taking on Brock Lesnar at the next Pay Per View, The Awakening.
[FONT=‘Georgia’]• [FONT=‘Georgia’]Kurt Angle and Edge are involved in a very personal feud and has stemmed back several Pay Per Views, the two are involved in a Triple Threat Match at The Awakening, also featuring Chris Jericho, where the winner becomes Number 1 Contender.
[FONT=‘Georgia’]• [FONT=‘Georgia’]CM Punk is the EPW Pacific Champion, and has been for some time.
[FONT=‘Georgia’]• [FONT=‘Georgia’]LAX are the EPW Tag Team Champions and have been since the titles’ inception.
[FONT=‘Georgia’]• [FONT=‘Georgia’]Paul Heyman has recently turned heel, with Samoa Joe turning face. The two have been involved in a rivalry for some time.
[FONT=‘Georgia’]• [FONT=‘Georgia’]Mick Foley and Bryan Danielson are involved in a very personal feud, where Danielson has got inside Foley’s head like no one has before and The American Dragon has not been seen since the last Pay Per View, instead playing mind games with Foley.

That’s enough talking, I think. I hope you enjoy the show. I’m not going to make any promises that this is going to last for the next two years, I’m planning to make it to the Pay Per View and then go from there.

Any feedback is welcome, and most appreciated.

Enslaved Recap
Hammerstein Ballroom

Enslaved opens in its usual fashion with its regular intro video. The camera takes us into a pan of the Hammerstein Ballroom, full of rabid EPW faithful but before Joey Styles can even get a word in and welcome us to the show, Paul Heyman’s music hits and the EPW owner makes his way out to the ring with a microphone in hand, flanked by “his personal insurance policy”, Matt Morgan. Heyman and Morgan march to the ring with a purpose, before climbing inside amidst massive heat.

Styles eventually welcomes us to Enslaved before putting over how last week, Paul Heyman showed his true colours, turning his back on all the EPW fans and showing everyone how much of a real asshole he is. Nash is fast to point out that Styles wants to watch what he says about the man that signs his pay cheque.

Heyman begins speaking almost immediately, he says he knows that the fans aren’t exactly pleased to see him here tonight but he tells them to shut up, because they’ll want to hear what he has to say. He says that tonight is a big show and it’s going to be capped off with a huge Main Event where the EPW Tag Team Champions, Homicide & Hernandez will team up to take on the Number 1 Contender, Brock Lesnar… and the EPW World Champion, Rob Van Dam in a Non-Title match! The fans boo the decision because they know that Heyman is intending to feed Van Dam to the wolves and Heyman is quick to point out that he wants RVD to realise that just because he is EPW Champion now, does not mean he’s going to have an easy run. He said he needs to be prepared to wrestle under all conditions, even if that means teaming with a man who wants to rip his head off! Heyman also puts over that tonight the man by his side, “The Blueprint”, Matt Morgan is in action tonight against a man who just won’t quit whinging, Mick Foley. Finally, Heyman says that he doesn’t want to take up much more time but he eventually brings up Samoa Joe, who gets a big pop. He tells Joe get out to the arena and after a few seconds he does that but he only comes out as far as the top of the aisle. Heyman thanks Joe for coming out, he then follows up saying that after he king hit him last week, he was going to suspend Samoa Joe. The fans boo Heyman as he continues on, he says he has thought better of that now and decided to do something else because Joe has FINALLY shown the passion and the intensity that he has been looking for all these months, therefore, next week Joe will go one on one with ROB VAN DAM and if he wins, he gets his precious title shot, but, if he loses, he will never get another title shot as long as Van Dam has the belt. Heyman says he has one more condition to this deal, Joe must leave the arena right now and not show his face till next week, because he does not want to see him again tonight, if he opts not to leave the building, he’ll be fired. Heyman closes by saying he trusts that Joe is happy with this deal, but if he’s not, he couldn’t care less.

Joe doesn’t flinch as he stares back down the aisle at Heyman while Joey Styles questions Heyman’s motive in all of this while Nash simply points out that Heyman is a genius and there would be a method in what he’s doing as we go to a commercial.


Match 1
Singles Match
Chris Jericho v Shelton Benjamin
In a big opportunity for Shelton Benjamin to really make a statement, he faces off against Chris Jericho. In a quality match, as one would expect, Shelton more than holds his own, managing to nail Jericho with his trademark Dragon Whip, The Stinger Splash and a Samoan Drop. Eventually though, thanks for a couple of dirty tactics, Jericho begun to dominant when Shelton missed an attempt at a second Stinger Splash, causing him to crash off the turnbuckle and allowing Jericho to plant him face first with a running Bulldog! Jericho follows up by hitting The Lionsault amidst massive heat before stalking Shelton as he slowly clambered back to his vertical base and then catching him with The Codebreaker! Neglecting to go for the cover, Jericho slaps on The Walls of Jericho and after a struggle where Shelton nearly made it to the ropes on for Jericho to drag him back to the centre of the ring, Benjamin has no choice but to tap out, giving Jericho the clean victory.

Winner: Chris Jericho @ 8:35

In true Jericho fashion, he arrogantly gets to his feet and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, indicating that he’s soon going to become the EPW Champion. After a few moments of taunting the fans, Jericho leaps back down off the turnbuckle and looks down at a helpless Shelton Benjamin, clutching at his lower back region in obvious pain but just when it looks like Y2J is set to start stomping away at Shelton… CHARLIE HAAS COMES CHARGING DOWN THE AISLE FOR THE SAVE!!!! The fans cheer for Haas as he slides into the ring under the bottom rope all the while Jericho nonchalantly exits on the other side of the ring. Haas immediately turns his attention to Shelton, assisting his partner to his feet before asking him if he’s okay? Benjamin responds with a nod before Haas offers his hand and the partners shake hands, apparently reconciled as the duo embrace in the ring momentarily until… CHARLIE HAAS LAUNCHES SHELTON BENJAMIN ACROSS THE RING WITH AN OVERHEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX!!! The fans pour heat on Haas, but he ignores them as he pulls Shelton back to his feet and nails a second BELLY-TO-BELLY!! Shelton is now basically lifeless but Haas isn’t finished as he slaps on THE HAAS OF PAIN!!! The fans pour heat upon Haas as he wrenches the reverse Figure Four Leglock as hard as he can. After a few more moments of having the hold applied, Haas yells at Shelton “You wanna have a singles career?!?! You’re gonna have to go through me first!!! You’re nothin’ without me Shelton!” Haas refuses to relinquish the hold for a few more seconds, but eventually he does so, getting back to his feet and staring down at his now, apparently, former partner before exiting the ring.

Haas exits the arena, back up the aisle, as Benjamin continues to struggle in the ring. Styles is quick to point out that Charlie Haas was clearly just a ticking time bomb while Nash puts over that he doesn’t actually blame Haas for doing what he’s done today.


We return from commercial to find Paul Heyman backstage in his office, talking to someone who is out of shot. He says that last week he did a huge favour for him, now this week he wants him to uphold his side of the bargain. That said, Heyman turns around and closes the door but just before it shuts completely we get a quick glimpse of the Number 1 Contender to the EPW World Championship, BROCK LESNAR inside the room.

We head back out to ringside of the Hammerstein Ballroom as Joey Styles immediately questions what Paul Heyman could want from Brock Lesnar. After touching on that and getting no response from Nash, the entrances for the next match are done with Kid Kash and Jamie Noble, making their way out together, before Brian Kendrick and Paul London do the same. Surprisingly though, Matt Sydal and the Cruiserweight Champion, Austin Aries, make their way out as well, joining Joey Styles and Kevin Nash on commentary.

Match 2
Tag Team Match
Jamie Noble & Kid Kash v Paul London & Brian Kendrick
After making a successful debut last week, London and Kendrick start the match at an immense pace with several high flying moves thrown in. The fans eat up the action as the four Cruiserweights light up the ring but the momentum eventually swings towards the heels after some dirty tactics and some good team work and Kash and Noble immediately begin to slow things down and wrestle at their own pace. With Kash and London the legal men, Sydal and Aries stand up from their post on commentary and immediately head off in opposite directions around the ring. Noble, who is on the apron, sees Aries coming and immediately climbs down to get face to face with his rival as he looks to be attempting to leave, while Matt Sydal swaggers around the opposite side and yells something out at Kash, getting his attention. Kash responds with some pleasantries, but as soon as he does… LONDON DROPKICKS HIM IN THE BACK, SENDING HIM INTO THE ROPES AND THEN BOUNCING FACE FIRST OFF THEM, STRAIGHT BACK TOWARDS LONDON WHO ROLLS HIM UP IN A SCHOOL BOY! 1… 2… NOBLE TRIES TO SLIDE IN, BUT ARIES HOLDS HIM OUTSIDE!!!!... 3!!!

Winners: Paul London & Brian Kendrick @ 5:34

London and Kendrick celebrate as a very pissed off pairing of Kash and Noble remain in the ring, staring up the aisle at their opponents come The Awakening. Styles puts over that the actions of Aries and Sydal tonight certainly adds some spice to their “High Stakes” Tag Team match at The Awakeing, where Austin Aries’ Cruiserweight Championship is on the line, if Noble or Kash pick up the pinfall over either Aries or Sydal, they become the Champion but if Sydal can pick up the pinfall, he becomes the Number 1 Contender to the Cruiserweight Championship. We head to commercial with Noble and Kash leaving the ring while Paul London and Brian Kendrick continue to celebrate.

We then head backstage once again and this time we find Muhammad Hassan and Daivari walking backstage. Hassan looks very nervous, looking over his shoulder every couple of steps. He tells Daivari to keep his eyes open and be ready for anything, but Daivari tells him that it’s all fine because Rhino won’t have the guts to come after them as we head to commercial.


We return from commercial to find Maria standing by with Kurt Angle. She asks him if he has any idea as to why Edge isn’t in the building tonight? Kurt says he knows exactly why! He knows Edge is running scared because he is trying to avoid him at all costs. Angle continues saying that last week Edge got a little reminder of what it’s like to get in the ring with me when he beat the crap out of him on the floor at ringside. Angle acknowledges that he has several issues with Edge but he’s not going to let that get in the way of a title shot, he says he’s not going to let their personal problems cost him a title opportunity. He makes it clear that he is focused on winning that Triple Threat match at The Awakening and there is nothing that Edge can do to put him off his game. He says the fact that Edge is in the Triple Threat match as well is just a bonus because he can beat the crap out of him as well on the way to earning his title shot. He closes by saying that he has been told by Paul Heyman that next week he has to go one on one with Chris Jericho where Edge is the Special Guest Referee, he warns The Rated R Superstar that if he doesn’t call that match down the middle… he’ll break his damn ankle.

Angle’s promo ends just when Muhammad Hassan and Daivari walk past with Hassan still looking nervous as all fuck as they continue roaming the backstage parts of the Hammerstein Ballroom. The camera then heads back to ringside for the next match while Styles points out that Hassan might want to find a better hiding spot because he doesn’t want Rhino to get his hands on him. He then questions how Mick Foley could possibly focus on this match when all that seems to be going through his head at the moment is Bryan Danielson and when he’s going to get his hands on him?

Match 3
Singles Match
Matt Morgan v Mick Foley
The match kicked off with Foley and Morgan staring deep into each other’s eyes with Morgan telling The Hardcore Legend that “he should just lie down, ‘cause he’s got no chance!”. Foley doesn’t respond well to that and begins hammering away at The Blueprint, quickly starting to dominate the match and does so for just over 2 minutes, refusing to let Morgan get into the match. Every time Morgan tried to muscle out, Foley would outsmart him and get straight back on the upper hand! Eventually though, the fans break out into MASSIVE heat for an unexplained reason! Foley looks around to try and find out what the fans are going off about and eventually looks up the aisle and locks eyes with a very relaxed looking… BRYAN DANIELSON!!! The American Dragon casually strolls down the aisle as Foley can’t decide whether to charge out and meet him or try and get him into the ring but he refuses to take his eyes off him but it costs him as MATT MORGAN KICKS HIM IN THE BACK Of THE HEAD WITH THE CARBON FOOTPRINT!!!!! Foley drops in a heap, which Danielson, naturally, finds very amusing as he watches on while Matt Morgan brings Mick back to his feet and DRILLS HIM WITH THE HELLEVATOR!!!!! The fans dump a shitload of heat on Morgan as he goes for the cover 1… 2… 3!!!!

Winner: Matt Morgan @ 4:54

The fans continue pouring heat upon Morgan and Danielson, but when the camera looks up the aisle towards where Danielson was, it’ just a vacant space with no sign of The American Dragon. Morgan, clearly not giving a fuck, quickly ascended the nearest turnbuckle celebrating his win, while Mick Foley remained motionless on the mat as we head to a commercial.


We return from commercial with Joey Styles and Kevin Nash at ringside. They talk about Danielson finally showing his face for the first time since Forsaken before they then show us footage of what happened during the commercial break with Foley coming back to his senses before sitting up and clearly saying “Where the fuck is he?!” whilst still seated on the mat.

The camera then cuts backstage again to Muhammad Hassan and Daivari for the third time tonight, Daivari is reassuring Hassan, telling him “It’s okay, he’s not gonna touch us, not tonight, not ever”. Hassan agrees with Daivari and tells him that they should go and just when he turns around… RHINO CHARGES TOWARDS HIM AND GORES HIM INTO A WALL!!!! HASSAN SCREAMS IN PAIN AS THE WAR MACHINE BEATS THE FUCK OUT OF HIM WITH SOME WILD RIGHT HANDS!!! DAIVARI TRIES TO PULL HIM OFF HIM BUT RHINO JUST SHOWS HIS STRENGTH AND SWATS THE LITTLE PRICK AWAY AND CONTINUES BELTING THE SHIT THROUGH HASSAN!!!!! Hassan is well and truly busted open as a number of EPW officials come to try and break him off, but eventually he just does so himself. He then comes face to face with Paul Heyman, who has a sweaty Matt Morgan by his side, Heyman says it’s truly heart warming how Rhino has come to Christian’s aid, so having said that, at The Awakening, he’s going to give Rhino what he wants, Muhammad Hassan, one on one, at The Awakening! He then says that in 2 weeks time, on the last Enslaved before The Awakening, Rhino is going to team up with the EPW Champion, Rob Van Dam to take on Muhammad Hassan, Daivari, Matt Morgan AND Brock Lesnar in a 4 on 2 Handicap match! Rhino just snorts at Heyman and walks away.

We then move backstage to another location to find AJ Styles walking down a hallway before he turns into a locker room which currently occupies… CM PUNK! Punk draws a big pop from as Styles just strolls inside the Pacific Champion’s room. Punk, dressed in casual clothing, immediately stands up when Styles walks in. AJ doesn’t greet Punk or anything, instead he cuts straight to the point, saying that he hopes Punk really was injured last week at the end of that Gauntlet Match otherwise it will put a real question mark over his integrity. He continues saying that he heard on the grape vine that next week he has to defend the Pacific Championship against Bryan Danielson and if he wins, Punk should defend it against him at The Awakening. Before Punk can get a word in, Styles continues saying that Punk has been going around lately telling everyone how he’s a Fighting Champion, so he should have no problems accepting this Challenge. After a few moments of thought, Punk accepts and shakes AJ Styles hand as we go to commercial.


Match 4
Main Event; Tag Team Match; Non Title
EPW World Champion; Rob Van Dam & Brock Lesnar v EPW Tag Team Champions; Homicide & Hernandez
As you’d expect, the four men involved put on a solid match, with Brock Lesnar’s in-ring time noticeably limited. With LAX in their third Main Event in recent weeks, they seem eager to make another big impression but a fresh looking Rob Van Dam seems to have other plans, taking the fight to Homicide but after a low blow when Hernandez distracted the referee, Homicide managed to tag in his partner to take the fight to Rob Van Dam, but Van Dam managed to swing momentum back in his favour, so much so that Rob managed to drop Hernandez with a Windmill Kick before following up with The Rolling Thunder and then going up top and nailing him with the 5 Star Frog Splash! Van Dam hooks the leg but before the referee can get to the three count… BROCK LESNAR BREAKS THE COVER!!! HE GRABS VAN DAM BY THE LEG AND HURLS HIM ACROSS THE RING! The fans dump heat on Lesnar as he moves back to his post on the outside while Hernandez and RVD slowly regather themselves in the ring when suddenly… THE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION, AUSTIN ARIES STROLLS DOWN THE AISLE!! Everyone seems confused as to why he’s out there and he immediately climbs up on the apron and gets the referees attention and as he does so… HIS GENERATION NEXT BUDDIES, RODERICK STRONG AND ALEX SHELLEY DART OUT FROM UNDERNEATH THE RING AND PULL BROCK LESNAR DOWN OFF THE APRON, CAUSING HIS HEAD TO CRACK AGAINST IT! This catches Rob Van Dam’s attention momentarily but he soon turns back to see Hernandez charging at him… BUT HE DUCKS UNDER A WAYWARD CLOTHESLINE AND CATCHES HIM IN AN INSIDE CRADLE!! ARIES QUICKY DROPS DOWN OFF THE APRON, ALLOWING THE REFEREE TO DO HIS JOB AND HE MAKES THE COUNT! 1… 2… AUSTIN ARIES TRIPS UP HOMICIDE AND PREVENTS HIM FROM BREAKING THE COUNT!!!... 3!!!! VAN DAM PINS HERNANDEZ!

Winners: Rob Van Dam & Brock Lesnar @ 8:32

RVD immediately out of the ring while Brock Lesnar comes back to his senses on the outside as Generation Next; Aries, Strong & Shelley make their exits with huge grins on their face, having cost their arch rivals, LAX, a big win here tonight in the lead up to their match at The Awakening! Homicide and Hernandez remain in the ring, looking suitably pissed, their dream run with a bit of a dent in it now thanks to Generation Next. Generation Next exit through the back but before they do Shelley and Strong both gesture that they’ll be Champions, before imitating climbing a ladder as they step through to the back.

The EPW Champion, RVD follows Generation Next up the aisle as Brock Lesnar climbs back into the ring and clearly mouths at his rival – “I’m gonna kill you, you son of a bitch”. Van Dam just laughs at Lesnar before responding with a trademark thumb taunt as Enslaved fades to black.

Toyota Centre; Houston, Texas
Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

EPW World Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) v Brock Lesnar

Number 1 Contendership to the EPW World Championship
Edge v Kurt Angle v Chris Jericho

Pacific Championship
AJ Styles v CM Punk (c)

EPW Tag Team Championships
Ladder Match; Generation Next's Last Chance
Latin American Exchange; Homicide & Hernandez (c) v Generation Next; Roderick Strong & Alex Shelley

EPW Cruiserweight Championship
"High Stakes" Tag Team Match
Austin Aries (c) & Matt Sydal v Kid Kash & Jamie Noble
If Kash or Noble pick up the victory, they become Cruiserweight Champion. If Sydal picks up the pinfall, he becomes the number 1 contender to the Cruiserweight Championship. If Aries gets the pinfall, he retains the belt.

Grudge Match
Muhammad Hassan v Rhino

Online Oblivion
Homicide & Hernandez def The Dudleyz @ 8:24
Homicide hit the Gringo Killa on Bubba Ray for the win.

Drew McIntyre def. Colt Cabana @ 14:23
In a decent match, the newcomer, McIntyre, impresses again, putting Colt away with his finisher, The Scot Drop.

Thats it kids. Hope someone enjoys it.

Good to be back.

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.


My Favorite BTB ever making a come back makes me a happy camper.

Welcome back Para, show these young'ins how shit is done.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Seeing as this show is recapped, not really much I can say and looking over the show, can't find hardly anything to criticize. But nonetheless, I shall give my thoughts...

Enslaved Feedback

Very strong start to the show with a Heyman promo and some big matches made with LAX vs. RVD/Lesnar and Morgan/Foley. It's great to see Morgan in a match like that, hope you give him a nice push as Heyman's boy. Joe/RVD next week should be great, the result's obvious but I'm still really looking forward to it. I expect some kind of Heyman screwjob there, and smart choice in having Joe kicked out of the arena, so other things can happen on the show.

Solid match between Jericho and Shelton with Shelton looking strong against an opponent like Y2J. Loved the Haas heel turn after the match, about time it happened. Personally, I don't see much in Haas but I'm sure this feud will be great.

Heyman and Lesnar? I'm intruiged.

Nice hype for the Cruiserweight Title tag team match at The Awakening, pretty basic with Aries and Sydal distracting Kash and Noble but effective.

Angle and Edge with Y2J as Guest Referee next week is awesome, next week's show is really shaping up well. Liking the Hassan and Daivari segments too.

Not surprised that Danielson showed up in this match, no other way that Morgan could go over Foley. Nice to see their feud continuing, and also to see Morgan going over. Hopefully he moves up the card pretty quick.

Great backstage segment with Hassan and Rhino, really liking how you're extending the Hassan/Cage feud with other guys filling in for Christian. Hassan/Rhino at The Awakening sounds good, I expect Christian to return there and nice way to put Hassan and Rhino in the spotlight with the Handicap Tag Team Match, Heyman putting himself over as a heel.

Wow, you're really stacking up next week's show, now with Punk/Danielson. Punk/Styles at The Awakening should be an awesome match.

The ending to the show was total chaos with Generation Next interfering and Van Dam and Lesnar winning against LAX. Everybody benefits from the match IMO, even LAX who get a good rub against such big opponents along with the fact that they lost for a reason. Solid hype for the tag team match and RVD/Lesnar. Strong ending.

Overall, solid show and great to see you back, Para. Some nice hype for The Awakening and for next week's show which looks great. Great to hear the next few shows will be full and have already been written, so I'm looking forward to seeing them. Good job.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

I'm so happy you brought this back, you dirty banana bender you

The card for the PPV is looking awesome, really a top draw card and each match is appealing in it's own way. Really enjoying the Foley/Danielson feud and when they finally lock horns it's gonna be an asbolute epic. RVD/Lesnar is a refreshing feud to see as it's not been done much around here.

Overall I can't leave a full review for Enslaved yet but when I get around to it, I will.

Great to see you and this bad boy back <3.


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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Enslaved Feedback

Absolutely awesome to see this back. I think you know how much I love this thread with how much I beg you to post it.

After having Heyman turn his back on EPW last week (thank God the commentators mentioned it was last week, because it feels like a millennium tbh), it only makes sense for him to start the show off this week, as he – along with Matt Morgan – is obviously the focus right now. A bit surprised that his immediate announcement is to do with RVD, because he’s never seemed to have a problem with Van Dam in this thread that I can remember. I guess that because he’s now officially a heel though, after being a face in this thread prior, it makes sense to get him heat by having him oppose Van Dam and talk some trash about him. The match itself is interesting too in that you don’t see the tag champions get to compete at a main event level in most threads, although it’s more of a common occurrence here, which I love. Getting to Samoa Joe to close things is fine, because that’s obviously the big feud right now, and the thing Heyman is mostly involved in. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised by the announcement Heyman made, as I thought he would resist giving Joe a chance to earn a title match for as long as possible, although you no doubt have some kind of idea for Heyman to go with next week. Heyman basically forcing Joe to stay away until then is a nice little heel tactic from him to show his fear, while also talking some trash in not caring whether or not Joe likes the deal to finish the segment. As I said, a little surprised by the main point of the promo, but you’ve set some very good main events up, so that’s certainly something to look forward to, along with what Heyman’s scheme is.

Nice way to continue along the storyline of Benjamin looking like bursting out into a singles star by having him really match it with Jericho. With the way you went about things, I almost thought a surprise win for Benjamin would have been an even better way to show how far he’s come and lead into the beatdwn, as it would have explained the beatdown more so than just having Jericho do it because he’s a heel and he feels like it. Haas making the save initially, only for the swerve to occur was well written, while the viciousness of the attack from Haas was great to see. With the final message about Benjamin having to go through Haas to have a singles career, this was a good way to really sum up what this storyline has all been about and set the trigger off on heel Haas. Hopefully the Benjamin/Haas feud can now produce a series of quality matches, as they really should be able to.

Nice way to keep the idea of Lesnar teaming with Van Dam in mind for the main event, with Lesnar obviously looking to do some damage. Heyman making sure of it only makes it more exciting ahead of the main event.

Nice little match here to keep London and Kendrick rolling after their debut victory last week, while the issue surrounding the Cruiserweight Title gets furthered too. Not so sure about the interference to close the match from Aries, as that seems like a bit of a heelish thing for him to do, but a good way to further everything along all the same.

Nice way to keep the Hassan/Rhino feud in mind, although I almost feel like you have too many heels playing real chicken shit roles in their feuds at the moment, with Edge running from Angle, Danielson running from Foley, and Hassan now running from Rhino. I wouldn’t mind it too much if it was a little spread out over the show, but with Angle’s promo next and Foley in action to come after that, it all feels a bit similar.

Good to see Angle still playing that really intense son of a bitch, while Edge continues to run away. The promo from Angle seemed fine, with both bases of what his feud with Edge is all about, plus the Triple Threat at The Awakening covered. The announcement for the match next week is another nice one, adding to what looks to be a stacked card already, with Joe/RVD as well. The usual good stuff from Angle here.

While I’m fine with Danielson appearing here, allowing Matt Morgan to pick up the win and gain some more heat, I thought this match getting under five minutes wasn’t enough. I understand this is only a short show (either an hour or an hour and a half, I can’t remember), but a match like a legend against the boss’ handpicked right hand man seems like it deserves longer. Even an extra three minutes, with a minute pruned off every other match, would have done it the world of good. The point behind it was fine though.

Another little thing I like about these shows is how you follow up on things, and this little snippet showing Foley coming to his senses and wanting to go after Danielson was another one of those things. A nice way to show how badly Foley wants to get his hands on Danielson.

I’m honestly mystified as to why Hassan and Daivari showed up if they weren’t going to do anything other than run from Rhino. With that aside, the intensity from Rhino in wanting to get his hands on Hassan was good, while the main event for the last Enslaved before The Awakening looks to be a good one, even if it is a bit early for it to be announced. The Awakening match was expected sooner or later too, not that that’s a bad thing. It should be another solid match.

Another big match announced for next week, along with what should probably be match of the night at The Awakening. As I think I said last review, I really hope this is the beginning of a Punk heel turn, with him finding screwy ways to retain his title, because at this stage, I think he’s a bit bland. At the same time, he can obviously put on quality matches, and that’s what I’m expecting next week and at The Awakening.

I was shocked with the way this went because I believe this is only LAX’s second ever loss in this thread, but the way you went about it was clever. All of the way through the show, it seemed like Van Dam simply had to lose, so for Generation Next to come out and further their feud with LAX by costing them the match was a smart way to go. Not so sure about Aries being involved, as he has his own business, but a good way to get both of your two (current) main teams involved in the main event scene, while Van Dam looks strong here and Lesnar still has motivation to want to tear him apart. Good booking all-round.

Not going to say a whole lot about this show, other than that I thought everyone was furthered well, and that I really hope this thread sticks around, because it provides something different and great at the same time. Good to have you back, mate.

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