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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

The first show was good expect a review later and good to see some more big names coming to this wrestling production as well. Will review later.


WWE Backlash is be posted. Please read it and if you like then drop a review. Thanks. Here is the link.

Who ever reviews my show,i will review back. Its Review for review.

REP Me I Will REP Back thats a Promise.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

RYU Review for EPW First Week:

Strange way to open the show but since it was the first show, didnt matter that much because Jericho covered the opening very well.

Opening Promo: Good promo by Jericho and shock to see Christian interupting Jericho. Great promo by Christian as well and both of them were good at doing this promo and the promo was well written, for a second you made me feel like Cena really was on the show but it didn't happen, great moment there i have to say. LAX coming to EPW, well i don't like them and neither to watch them but you made them look good. A good opening promo.

Paul E promo: Solid promo by Paul E and was in character which was good to see for a minute i could sense that this really was happning as how much of a typical Paul E promo this was. Enjoyed it and looking forward for Paul E to reveal the secret.

Cage-Jericho segment: Good little backstage segment by these two, looking forward for their match.

Cage-Jericho vs LAX: Very good and exciting match but it was a bit short if it was a bit more longer then it owuld been great match and glad to see it was a Extreme rules match and again was surprised to see Rhino but Rhino made a hell of a impact tonight and good to see Cage and Jericho picked up the win in the end.

Overall: A good entertaining show but dude what made you think to have only 2 promos with 1 backstage segment follwed by 1 match only. Well this wasn't a hell of a show but still the excitement to it was great and the build up was fantastic too so i guess the first show was not that bad but hope next week we have more matches and very smart of you to have this show of one hour only. I rate this show 7/10.

Good Luck for your next show and nice preview too, will be looking forward for your next show, hope the next show is filled with more excitement and more matches and with more wrestlers.


WWE Backlash is be posted. Please read it and if you like then drop a review. Thanks. Here is the link.

Who ever reviews my show,i will review back. Its Review for review.

REP Me I Will REP Back thats a Promise.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

PARANoIR's Enslaved Review:

Long promo and was good but too much mentioning of the WWE, you should rather be worried about their new start, their new chance instead of their old company. Well LAX being here was never explained but with the ending of the sgement, I think we have a tag match later tonight coming.

Heyman segment was short as was the Jericho/Christian segment backstage, nothing really got my attention in them and they didn't seem to well.

And the main event, my bad the only match on the show. I know this is a new show but the roster should have been announced and some matches take place other than one. Rhyno has joined EPW and helps his friends I guess gain a win here tonight.

Ok, three segments wasn't enough. Jericho/Christian backstage should have been longer and it can't even be considered a segment. Maybe two more quick matches could have been thrown in and really, you should have had other superstars fill the gaps for the matches.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Spiron's Enslaved Review:

A very nice long promo at thge start. You should concentrate on promoting EPW more than WWE, because tyou mentioned it alot. The Stlyes commentary was very original and in character. Very nice opening segment.

Jericho and Christian segment backsatge was realistic and in-character, an overall good promo. You did mention Jericho "jobbing" to Cena....really nessecary? You wouldn't see it on TV.....

Konnan and Jericho segment was good, but Jericho seemed to rule the show. Include more superstars and make it more interesting.

The one and only match? It was good anyhow, lots of action but at sometimes, a bit hard to follow. Also try not to have commentary during a match, i find it annoying, but its you're call.

Spelling/Grammar: 10/10

Entertainment: 6/10

Matchs/Booking: 2/10 - Only one match?

Overall: Not an entirely great show, what with you having only one match. But anyway, you're writing skills prevailed, and i rate this show 57%.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Since there's been a few questions asked about only having one match...I guess I'll try to answer it now! lol.

Basically the one match thing was done because it was the first show, I was lacking idea of how I could have matches for the first show and have a reason for them. I didn't just wanna have random matches for no reason, so i went with Jericho/Cage v LAX.

I realise the show was short, but these things happen, it's a learning curve and I've learnt from it, and there definitely won't be any more one match shows! I can't say I'm overly disappointed with the content of the show in general, it was just too fucking short! lol. I'm still trying to get a grasp on how long exactly a one hour show should be, but I think I've just about got it now.

I'm up to writing my sixth show, and I have to say that I'm happy with how they're turning out, better than the first one significantly!

Thanks for the reviews guys, much appreciated. All will be returned, I would appreciate it if some of you drop me a PM when you have your next shows up!

And the WWE/TNA mentions will definitely be completely gone soon! Trust me! There's nothing I hate more!

If this is my last post in here before, Merry Christmas everyone!
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

YoungBloodChampion's EPW Review

Opening Segment and Brawl: 8/10.
Nice job in the opening with a tag team rivalry between Jericho and Christian and the LAX. And LAX thought they would get away with it, but I like where Heyman comes out and books the match. This could be the start of something big.

Main Event: 9/10.
Excellent Main Event!! I enjoyed it very much!! Especially Rhyno's part, which should start a rivalry between them!! This was one of the best Extreme Rules matches I've ever seen in a BTB!!!

Overall: 85/100= B+
Two words for ya'. Short and Sweet. And slowly, but surely, you are adding more and more, and soon, this show will be very popular!! Bank on it!! Good luck in future episodes, I'll be reading!!

100-95= A+
95-90= A
90-85= A-
85-80= B+
80-75= B
75-70= B-
70-65= C+
65-60= C
60-55= C-
55-50= D+
50-45= D
45-40= D-
40-35= F+
35-30= F
30 and under= F-
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.


Evolution Pro Wrestling are pleased to announce the signing of Bob Artes as fulltime ring announcer, effective from this weeks show.

The Following is from PWInsider:

It is believed that Paul Heyman is still tossing up the idea, whether to run EPW house shows from the Ballroom or actually spread them around the country a bit.

If they were to spread it around, it would mean more travel for the talent, only for them to go back to the place they started from anyway.

One way or another, Heyman is keen to get house shows up and running in around 2 months, as he see's it as a way to bring in more funding for the company and increase it's exposure.

More on the Triple Threat match on Enslaved this week, you can pretty much rule out Colt Cabana being part of this one, as he is already booked at a prior engagement. It is still believed however, that Cabana will be bought into EPW sooner or later, because Heyman is reportedly a big fan of his.

There is said to be major heat on Kurt Angle backstage in TNA. Apparently he almost came to blows with Homicide before his sacking from the company, rumours have it that he has also had a major run-in with Steve Borden (Sting) backstage, sources say that Samoa Joe was also very upset that he had to job to Angle in 15 minutes, where as when Angle returned the job to Joe, the match went for near half an hour.

Angle is also still coming up with rediculous booking ideas for the show and it is now really starting to frustrate people. While the details of Angle's contract are not known publicly, there is strong word coming out of TNA that his contract will be torn up soon, regardless of who he is. The mentality in TNA is that even if they lose Angle, they still have Sting, Joe, AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and Chris Daniels, so they don't necessarily need Angle.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

IAmLegend's Review

The Build up: The build up to your show was sublime; perhaps the most original angle i've seen on BTB. You use Heyman really well and you've taken the creme de la creme from WWE, ECW and TNA. Should be great!

Jericho promo: Brilliant. I love this guy soooo much and you handle him really well. My one suggestion is that you cut down on mentioning WWE so much. Just a thought really.

Christian promo: Great to see 'Captain Charisma' on your show, reunited with Y2J. Realistic banter between the two and the John Cena false alarm was very funny. I hope these two turn heel soon because that's where they excel.

Heyman/LAX: Good build up to the Main Event. I can only assume that you are only having one match because it is a first show?

Y2J & Christian vs. LAX: Great match here; very well written. The Extreme Rules element added some real brutality here. Very fast paced and nice to see Rhyno making a typically destructive return. Again I'll say that I hope to see a heel turn from Christian and Jericho.

Overall: Excellent and original idea, and an equally good debut show. Didn't notice any spelling or grammar errors, and I expect the length of your shows to increase. I await you adding to your roster eagerly. Keep it up!

Merry Christmas!
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Evolution Pro Wrestling: ENSLAVED!
Wednesday, 7th February 2007
Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan, New York.

***HALO by SOIL hits to a video package and continues as Enslaved kicks off with a pan across the vocal crowd***

Styles: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to EPW’s Enslaved! Thanks for joining us! Joining me at ringside is Paul Heyman, still haven’t found a colour commentator Paulie?

Heyman: Not yet Joey, but I’m working on it.

Styles: Oh I see, I will wait with baited breath! Anyway, we’ve got a great big show tonight, Paul!

Heyman: That’s right Joey, in our Main Event we have the last REAL ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Rhyno, taking on a Mystery opponent!

Styles: Rhyno made a devastating impact last week in our Main Event; I can’t wait to see who his opponent is! What else are we going to see this evening?

Heyman: Well, we’re going to see Homicide of LAX in action in a “stars of the Indy circuit” triple threat match against Austin Aries and Bryan Danielson…and that match starts now!

**DAWGZ hits, as Homicide makes his way out to the ring, unaccompanied and looking a little bit uneasy due to the hostility the crowd is showing towards him, but he soon turns on his arrogant and cocky attitude to bait the crowd even more**

Bob Artes: Ladies and Gentlemen this is our first match for the evening, and it is a triple threat match, where the first individual to get a pinfall or submission, will be the winner! Introducing first, representing the Latin American Exchange, HOMICIDE!!

Styles: I’m glad to see you’ve picked up a ring announcer Paul; you couldn’t have found a better choice.

Heyman: You’re not wrong, the best thing is, Bob Artes works for free!

**FINAL COUNTDOWN hits as Bryan Danielson makes his way out to a bigger ovation from the crowd than expected. Danielson makes his way down to the ring fairly swiftly, pretty much ignoring the crowd. He slides into the ring and gets into a stare down with Homicide**

Artes: From Aberdeen, Washington, weighing in at 190 pounds, BRYAN…DANIELSON!

Heyman: You will soon see Joey that both Danielson and Austin Aries have a strong following in this area from their Indy careers; this is why they are so over with the fans.

**PERSONAL JESUS hits to a bigger pop as Austin Aries now makes his way to the ring, playing up the crowd big time **

Artes: And, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, weighing in at 202 pounds, AUSTIIIIIIIIIN…ARIES!!

Heyman: Both Danielson and Aries have been World Champions, Joey, I assure you these are two immensely talented young men.

Joey: I have to admit that this is the first time I’ve seen either of these two men wrestle, so I’m looking forward too it!

Match 1
Homicide v Austin Aries v Bryan Danielson
(Commercial @ 8:41 minutes)

Finish: After 9 minutes of intense mat wrestling, Austin Aries is down on the outside, whilst Homicide is dominating Bryan Danielson in the ring. Homicide whips Danielson into the turnbuckle, as the American Dragon stumbles out, Homicide shoots into the ropes and hits a running bulldog, planting Danielson. The crowd is eating up this fast paced match, loving every minute of it and showing the wrestlers the appreciation they deserve. Homicide then stands the groggy Danielson up, sets him up for the Gringo Killa and scores with it, Aries slides back into the ring, and as Homicide is going for the cover on Danielson, he lands a shattering drop kick to the back of the head of Homicide which knocks him through the ropes and to the outside, Aries picks Danielson up and plants him with a Brainbuster, Homicide then tries to get back into the ring which results in Aries hitting him with another drop kick, this time right to the face, which drops him to the floor again. Aries now climbs turnbuckle hits the 450 splash cleanly and goes for the cover on Danielson…




Winner: Austin Aries @ 11:39

**Aries then climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate as PERSONAL JESUS hits again**

Artes: Here is your winner! AUSTIIIIIIIIIIN… ARIES!

Joey: What a match Paul! I now totally understand why you signed these 3 men to EPW! I am speechless! I could’ve watched those 3 go all night!

Heyman: That’s right Joey. From the very first time I saw Austin Aries wrestle, I knew he was something special and I intend to bring that out of him in EPW!


**We return from commercial and see Rhyno backstage**

Rhyno: Last week I shocked the world and ran out in the Main Event Tag team match and turned it on its head.

**re-cap of Rhyno’s 3 gores from last week are shown**

Rhyno: Tonight, I’m in the first ever singles main event match on EPW’s Enslaved.

- Crowd pops -

Rhyno: The only thing is, I don’t know who my opponent is. Am I scared? Hell no. Am I curious? Definitely. I like to prepare for my matches knowing exactly who I’m going to wrestle, but too bad, tonight it doesn’t matter, The Hammerstein Ballroom is like home too me…

- Another pop -

Rhyno: So regardless, who ever I’m wrestling, I’m going to go out to the ring tonight and put the whole locker room on notice that it doesn’t matter who I’m facing, the end result is always the same…GORE…GORE…GOOOOOORE!!

**Heyman and Styles are now on Camera**

Heyman: It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Rhyno’s. I always have been, and I have to tell you that after all the years I’ve known him, I’ve never seen him so focused and so intent on success!

Styles: One would have to think, Paul, that when titles are eventually introduced into EPW, that Rhyno will feature prominently in the world title scene!

Heyman: You’re definitely on the money there Joey, but you’d have to say the same about his opponent, who is a multi-time world champion and has held a world title in the past year!

Styles: Paul, I think you should just announce Rhyno’s opponent right n…(cutting off)

**CRUSH U UP hits as Samoa Joe makes his way down to the ring to a mega pop from the Hammerstein Ballroom crowd. Joe doesn’t acknowledge the crowd one bit, despite that, a “Joe’s gonna kill you” chant breaks out. Joe enters the ring and does his usual taunt to the crowd**

Styles: SAMOA JOE! You’ve gotta be kidding me! Is THIS Rhyno’s opponent?! What have you done Paul? Just raided TNA completely?

Samoa Joe: That’s right. Samoa Joe is in EPW.

- loud pop –

Samoa Joe: Tonight, I will be starting my legacy in EPW in the Main Event, when I defeat Rhyno!

- mixed reaction –

Samoe Joe: As you people all know, Rhyno has a mystery opponent tonight, am I scheduled to be that opponent? No…Am I going to be involved in the match? Yes. Whether it be a one on one or a triple threat match, my legacy in EPW begins tonight!

- another pop –

Samoa Joe: In every promotion I’ve been in, I have had my own legacy. When I was with Ring of Honour, I made that damn company; I carried that title for almost two years! In TNA, I went undefeated for 18 months, before a WWE ring-in, Kurt Angle made me tap out! I will admit that Angle got the better of me the first time, but I got my own back on the following PPV, having beaten that moron, there was no one else worthy of challenging Samoa Joe in TNA. I have no interest in winning the NWA title, I’ve shown plenty of times that I can beat Abyss, another feud with Abyss, for the title or not, would simply be a waste of my time, because I already know I’m the baddest man on the planet!

- crowd pops again –

Samoa Joe: I will conquer everyone in EPW that stands in my path, because with me, it’s not about whose next…but who’s left!

- pop –

Samoa Joe: So tonight, I am starting my legacy in EPW, I’m sorry Rhyno, but it’s true, Joe’s gonna kill you!

Heyman leaves the announce table and grabs a house microphone.

Heyman: Woah, woah, woah. Joe. Joe. I’m as happy as the next man to see you in EPW, and you know it, but you can’t just come in here, booking matches as you see fit, I run this place and no one, I MEAN NO ONE! Has the authority to go around trying to mess with MY main events! Samoa Joe, you will NOT be in the Main Event tonight against Rhyno…

- mixed reaction –

Heyman: However if you are so keen on starting your legacy here tonight, I have an opponent standing right behind that curtain for you and that match begins RIGHT..NOW!

- loud pop –

**BREAK THE WALLS DOWN hits as Chris Jericho makes his way slowly down to the ring amidst the lionheart chants once again, playing up the crowd big time. Joe can’t believe what he’s seeing, but he’s refusing to take his eyes off Jericho**

Styles: Wow! What a match made by Paul Heyman! This match is of PPV quality, I promise everyone at home you are in for a clinic right now, and the match will start after the break!


Match 2
Chris Jericho v Samoa Joe

Finish: After five minutes of Joe dominating Jericho, Joe hits an inverted atomic drop then bounces off the rope and attempts to follow it up with a single leg running drop kick but Jericho avoids it. Jericho and Joe then brawl some more with Joe getting the upper-hand, he picks up Jericho and plants him with a scoop power slam and goes for the cover…



NO! Jericho Kicks out!

Jericho slowly gets back to his feet, after Joe gives him some assistance and once Jericho’s fully back to his vertical base, his opponent whips him into the ropes and hits a running shoulder block, knocking Jericho to the mat again, Joe shoots into the ropes himself and lands a senton back splash on the fallen Jericho. Joe taunts the crowd as the dazed Y2J slowly gets back to his feet, Joe moves towards Jericho and hits him with 3 stiff kicks to the gut, and then gets the weakened Jericho up on his shoulders, hits an atomic Samoan drop, and goes for the cover again…




NO! Jericho kicks out at 2 and a half!

Joe gets up straight away and starts venting his frustration to the referee about a slow count; Jericho ceases the opportunity, wearily grabbing Joe with a handful of tights and rolling him up with a small package to go for the cover!


Jericho gets his feet on the ropes!

Winner: Chris Jericho @ 7:01

**BREAK THE WALLS DOWN hits as Jericho celebrates his victory**

Artes: Here is your winner, CHRIS…JERICHO!

Styles: Jericho has stolen one here tonight! Joe absolutely dominated him from the outset! Jericho’s experience got him over the line here, he saw that Joe got distracted when he started arguing with the referee, so he took full advantage of it…wait a minute! Joe is pissed! He’s beating the crap out of Chris Jericho.

Joe interrupts Jericho’s celebrations and started beating the hell out of him again. He bounces off the rope and hits Jericho off guard with an Enzuigiri, then picks him up, gets him up on the turnbuckle, setting him up for the muscle buster and hits it, he then follows it up with the Rear naked choke.

Heyman: Have a look at this devastating submission hold Joey! The rear naked choke! That is why he is known as the Samoan Submission Machine!

Styles: That’s all well and good, but Chris Jericho is getting the crap beaten out of him right now, someone needs to come and stop this!

**JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES/MY LAST BREATH blasts out over the PA as Christian Cage hits the ring with a chair to run off Joe**

Joe takes a look at Cage, releases the hold on Jericho and casually slides out of the ring and walks away from Cage with his back turned on him. Christian then calls for a mic.

Christian: I knew that would be the case, Joe! I knew you’d run! You talk about having no competition in TNA, well we were both in that company at the same time Joe and you did nothing but avoid me! So next week, I’m gonna give you a second chance at starting your legacy in EPW and we’ll all get to see just how tough you are…because next week on Enslaved, it’s gonna be Samoa Joe v Christian Cage one on one, and at the end of the day, it will be Christian Cage that comes out on top, because THAT’S HOW I ROLL!

Styles: Wow! That’s a huge match Paul! Did you know anything about this? Is it going to happen?

Heyman: I had no idea, but I can tell you right now, I am going to make that match happen next week!


Styles: Welcome back to Enslaved! It’s Main Event time!

**STAMPEDE hits as Rhyno makes his way down to the ring to a big pop from the crowd and still looking incredibly focused on the job at hand**

Artes: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 250 pounds, RHYYYYYYYYYNOOOOOO!!!

Heyman: Rhyno. The man is on a mission, as I said earlier, I have never seen this man look so focused.

Hernandez and Homicide of LAX then run down to the ring to try and get revenge on Rhyno for last week, Rhyno then proceeds to throw Homicide out of the ring.

Styles: All hell is about to break lose here Paul! Our Main Event hasn’t even started yet, because I’m damn sure LAX aren’t Rhyno’s mystery opponents!

Rhyno then hits a belly to belly suplex on Hernandez after a brief brawl and then Gore’s the life out of him.

Heyman: GORE…GORE…GORE! Rhyno has just gored the hell out of the massive Hernandez once again!

Hernandez then rolls out of the ring in pain as Konnan then summons Homicide and the broken Hernandez back up the aisle.

- The crowd is now going absolutely crazy, with a huge Rhyno chant breaking out –

Rhyno is awaiting the arrival of his opponent in the ring, pacing up and down.

Styles: Rhyno is awaiting the arrival of his mystery opponent, we’ll find out who it is after the break!


Styles: Welcome back to Enslaved, it is Main Event time, and we are still awaiting the arrival of Rhyno’s mystery opponent, in case you missed it, this is what happened just before the commercial..

**re-cap of Rhyno goring Hernandez**

Heyman: Rhyno is making it known to everyone in EPW, that they should fear the gore. Luckily for Homicide, he has avoided it for the second week in a row.

Styles: Hopefully this main event is going to top off what has already been a BIG SHOW!

**Rhyno is still pacing the ring as HERE COMES THE PAIN hits and BROCK LESNAR makes his way out to the ring, with the crowd acting very hostile towards him. Rhyno is pumped up in the ring and Lesnar just stares right through him**

Artes: And now, finally, introducing his opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 295 pounds, THE NEXT BIG THING…BROCK LESNAAAAAAAAR!

Styles: No way…

Paul: Yes way! My old friend Brock Lesnar! It’s no secret that I am a big mentor of his and as soon as I’d made the decision to launch a new company, he was one of the first people I called; I knew he would be in! I knew he’d be looking for a new beginning!

Match 3
Main Event
Rhyno v Brock Lesnar
Commercial @ 9:13

Start: The match starts off with Lesnar and Rhyno face to face and exchanging pleasantries, they then brawl in the middle of the ring, with Lesnar getting the upper-hand and whipping Rhyno into the ropes, he then attempts a standing shoulder block, but Rhyno doesn’t budge. They then get into another stare down and start to brawl again, with Rhyno gaining the upper hand on Lesnar this time, he whips him into the ropes, Lesnar bounces off and Rhyno scores with a massive spinebuster. He then picks up the dazed Lesnar, and Irish whips him into the corner and as Lesnar bounces out off the turnbuckle, Rhyno hits him with a huge gore in the corner, early in the match, which makes the crowd nearly jump out of their skins. Rhyno covers the fallen Lesnar in an attempt to get an early pinfall…




Finish: After 11 minutes, of back and forward power wrestling and brawling, Rhyno manages to throw Lesnar to the outside, so he can catch his breath, The War Machine is down on his knees as his opponent is on the floor on the outside. Lesnar eventually rises and slowly slides back into the ring as Rhyno starts stomping the hell out of him, he spends over 30 seconds just stomping him, he then picks Lesnar up for a scoop powerslam, The Man Beast picks Lesnar up again just as fast as he put him down, and after a struggle, he hits a Power bomb on the bigger Lesnar, Rhyno then goes for the second cover of the match…




Lesnar struggles back to his feet, as Rhyno is preparing for the Gore, Lesnar sees it coming and dodges it with his last ounce of breath, he tries to catch Rhyno with a clothesline as he turned around, but Rhyno ducks it and as Lesnar turns around he scores with the Gore for the second time, and Rhyno covers Lesnar for the third time…



NO! Lesnar has his arm under the rope, showing great ring awareness!

Rhyno can’t believe it, he stands up straight away and drags Lesnar to the middle of the ring and attempts another cover…




Brock Lesnar kicks out this time, Rhyno starting to get frustrated, starts stomping Lesnar in the mid-section again, presumably softening him up for the Gore. The Man Beast assists Lesnar back to his feet and whips him straight into the ropes, as Rhyno connects with a devastating spinning spine buster on Lesnar. Rhyno stands him up again and after another struggle, he gets Lesnar up and hits a second brutal power bomb. Rhyno hooks the leg for the cover again…



NO! Lesnar Kicks out at the last second again!

Rhyno, stunned by the resilience of Lesnar, stands up not believing what he’s seeing, and stares blankly into the crowd for a moment, as the crowd who’s getting right behind Rhyno, is loving every minute of this match and are showing true appreciation for both men’s efforts. The Man beast turns his attention back on his opponent as Lesnar is starting to stir following the power bomb, Rhyno notices this, and as soon as Lesnar hits a vertical base, Rhyno lands a THIRD Gore! Rhyno covers Lesnar again…




Winner: Rhyno @ 15:48

Artes: Here is your winner, RHYNOOOOOOOOOOO!

Styles: What a match. The Man Beast finally picks up the win! Rhyno proved his point that everyone must fear the gore; Lesnar is in an immense about of pain following that third gore.

***STAMPEDE hits as Rhyno celebrates in the ring, with Lesnar still down in pain following the gore***

Heyman: I’m not at all surprised with that result, I would’ve been shocked to see Rhyno come out of that on the losing side! That’s all for tonight! Stay tuned to for announcements regarding next week’s show!

Styles: And don’t forget Paul, you made it official, next week we will see, Samoa Joe versus Christian Cage!

Heyman: That’s right Joey, the second PPV quality match in 2 weeks involving Samoa Joe, I can’t wait to see what happens next week LIVE from the Hammerstein Ballroom on the CW network!

Styles: For Paul Heyman, I’m Joey Styles, thank you for joining us on EFW Enslaved, Good night everybody!

The show fades to black with Rhyno celebrating at the top of the ramp, and Lesnar still down in the ring, selling the Gore.

****END SHOW****
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Nice first two shows man,, I'll be leaving you reviews for them both some time tomorrow morning.

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