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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

yea i knew rvd and bubba before you mentioned their names originally thought Ted was gonna be turner though cuz i think dibiase has heat with heyman

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

The following is from


Evolution Pro Wrestling makes it’s debut this Wednesday night, at 10pm on the CW Network as brings to you ENSLAVED, LIVE from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City!

No one knows what we’re going to be seeing, but Paul Heyman has promised that no one will feel let down with the show come the end of it.

Mr Heyman has said the following regarding the debut “I’m not announcing a card for the first show, I know it’s a big call that could come back to haunt me, but I’m hoping the fans trust me enough to tune in, I know I’ll have the following in the Ballroom as it’s already sold out, so hopefully the fans at home tune in aswell!

I promise all my fans and wrestling fans in general, that if you tune in on Wednesday night, you will not be disappointed in what you see!”

EPW’s ENSLAVED Debut’s this Wednesday night LIVE from the Hammerstein Ballroom on the CW Network at 10pm!

The following is from PWInsider:


We have strong word that former NWA Tag Team Champions, James Storm and Chris Harris, better known as America's Most Wanted, have been released from TNA today. This follows a string of similar unexplained releases from the company over the past few weeks. It is believed that TNA is trying to find some spare cash in order to sign another big name to the company which potentially could be Bill Goldberg or Hulk Hogan. It's rumoured that several wrestlers are unhappy and walking out of TNA at the moment also, so this is sure to free up some spare cash.

As of today, Paul Wight, better known as the Big Show is done with Wrestling and WWE for the moment. He's said to have had enough of Wrestling for the time being, and needs to rest some lingering injuries. We have word that the firing of Paul Heyman from the WWE influenced Wight's decision massively.

Speaking of Heyman, his new company Evolution Pro Wrestling makes its debut on the CW Network tomorrow night at 10pm with a card that has nothing announced for the show! Big risk by Heyman, but knowing him, this show is likely to be huge! Rumours are thick that Heyman could be bringing back a star that we have not seen in a wrestling ring in a long while. Names being circled at the moment include, Goldberg and Steve Austin.

It's now being reported that the reason Bryan Danielson dropped the ROH World Title this past weekend to Christopher Daniels, is because he is being disciplined within the company. It's thought that Danielson has upset the wrong people, and thus has been punished by ROH. We'll have more on this as we get it.

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

I knew that you would have RVD but i thought Ted was Ted Turner and i thought that it would have been Tommy Dreamer instead of Bubba. I can see AMW in your show and now it wouldnt suprise me if Bryan Danielson showed up as well. Cant wait for the show, good luck !
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Evolution Pro Wrestling: ENSLAVED!
Wednesday, 1st February 2007
Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan, New York.

**No Intro Music. No opening screen shots. All we are greeted with on our screens is vision from the Titantron**

Titantron vision: 987654321

- The Crowd is silent in Anticipation -

The Countdown cycles through a couple more times with the countdown getting quicker eachtime.

**Then we hear BREAK THE WALLS DOWN, roar out over the loud speakers, as Chris Jericho’s music hits amidst an explosive reaction from the hammerstein ballroom crowd. The lights are completely out in the Ballroom, with only Jericho's titantron producing any light**

- The crowd is still going crazy, even though they are still yet to see Jericho himself -

**The lights slowly dim back on and we gradually see Jericho standing at the top of the aisle, with his back to the crowd and his arms spread out wide, in true Jericho style**

- The crowd grows louder -

**Jericho makes a slow entrance down to the ring, taking in the crowd and playing them up even more**

Joey Styles: GOOD EVENING Ladies and Gentleman and Welcome to New York’s absolutely fan packed Hammerstein Ballroom for the first ever episode of Evolution Pro Wrestling’s ENSLAVED!

- The crowd is still erupting for Jericho, as he continues to make his very slow entrance to the ring -

Styles: My name is Joey Styles, and how about the start we’ve just seen for our first show!! Paul Heyman has promised a HUGE premiere, and so far the opening has not let anyone down! Your eyes aren’t deceiving you ladies and gentleman that really is Chris Jericho making his way to the ring at the moment! This is a man who has not been involved in any form of professional wrestling for the past 18 months.

Jericho is standing in the middle of the ring, looking absolutely stunned by the reaction from the crowd.

- The New York crowd belts out a massive “LION HEART” chant -

Styles: Wow. I just can’t believe this; we’ve heard Paul Heyman say in the past few weeks to simply “TRUST HIM” when it comes to the first show. Heyman promised a massive first episode, and so far he’s made good on his promise. He hasn’t announced the line-up of the show to anyone! Not even me! I’d like to tell you what we’re going to see tonight, but I simply have no idea! I can’t even promise you we’ll even see a wrestling match tonight, but right now I just can’t wait to hear what Chris Jericho has to say!

Jericho: Ladies and Gentleman, and Jericholics of all ages, allow me to welcome you to RAW IS JERIC…

- Massive jeers erupt from the crowd -

Jericho: (laughs) Sorry, I had to do that…Well, right now; I bet a lot of you are wondering what the hell I’m doing here? You all know I’ve been out of wrestling since the day after Summerslam last year. Sure, I have been pursuing other interests in that time, touring the world with my band, Fozzy, but I have to say that a day hasn’t past that I have not wanted to wrestle, problem was, there was no company around that I wanted to wrestle for. Although I personally have no problem with TNA, going to work for them was not an option for me, because I didn’t feel I’d get the exposure I deserve, and well WWE, what WWE?

- Huge pop -

Styles: This is history folks. I think we’re about to witness out first shoot promo in EPW.

Jericho: I have to be honest, I did enjoy my time there once, but eventually it just got too much. Sure I got my share of World Title reigns, but when was the last one? I was involved in a feud for the title last year for nearly 3 months, and not ONCE was I even close to being considered as champion, I was only there to put over one person,

We see another countdown appear on the titantron. This time it is very quickly recognised.

Titantron: 9,8,7,6…

Styles: What’s this? No way. It can’t be.

**Christian Cage’s music, which is a remix of JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES & MY LAST BREATH hits as the titantron counts down to 1 and Christian makes his way down the aisle, as the camera shoots back to Jericho with a stunned, but happy look on his face**

- The crowd is once again going ballistic for the arrival of Christian Cage -

Styles: Oh my god! It is! It’s Christian CAGE!! The former NWA world heavyweight champion, but last I knew he was contracted to TNA…

Christian: John Cena.

- Massive boo’s sound through the ballroom –

Christian: You were simply in the feud to put over Cena and make him look good.

- more jeers yet again from the crowd –

Christian: I know exactly how you feel, Chris. I left the WWE because Vince McMahon didn’t see me as main event material, but funnily enough he did seem to think I was good enough to put Cena over in our triple threat match at Vengeance last year.

- more jeers -

Christian: Chris, when I was in the back just before, I was listening to you talk and I’m pretty sure we were about to hear all about how you were held back in the WWE. Jericho, I agree with you, you were definitely held back towards the end of your run, but at least you actually got a couple of title reigns. How many title reigns did you see me get Chris?

Jericho looks on with no reply.

Christian: That’s right. None. I got nothing. In WWE, all I was was a glorified jobber, I was going nowhere, and there was no reason for me to stay. The last straw for me was when I had to put over a wanna-be rapper, that can’t wrestle and has a move set that barely consists of more than 5 moves!

Jericho: Well how do you think I felt, Christian? I had to job to that worthless piece of crap John Cena for 3 months!

**MY TIME IS NOW hits as John Cena’s music then sounds out through the Hammerstein Ballroom to a chorus of jeers, as a “Cena Sucks” chant starts out very quickly. Jericho gets the shock of his life, as Christian looks on, seemingly calmer**

Styles: What the hell is this?! This isn’t Monday night RAW!

Cena’s music continues to play, with no sign of Cena himself. The music then suddenly cuts out.

Christian: (laughing) And I HAD to do that. (Laughs again)

- mixed reaction from the crowd –

**Jericho forces a laugh**

Christian: The point is Jericho; we are both here for a new beginning. We should be the faces of this company and without people like John Cena around, we damn well will be!

Jericho: Wasn’t TNA meant to be YOUR new beginning, Christian?

Styles: He raises a good point, Christian Cage still hasn’t explained how exactly he is here, considering he has a contractual agreement with TNA.

Christian: It was. But it didn’t work out like I had planned. Sure, I finally reached my destiny of becoming World Champion, but the same thing happens in TNA as it does in WWE, except Jeff Jarrett is the problem over there.

- more jeers –

Christian: I had the title and it was going great, but then Jarrett worked his backstage politics and had me screwed out of the NWA title! That’s why I’m here! I had a get out clause in my TNA contract, where if I wasn’t happy after my first year, I could leave the company!

- loud pop –

Christian: When I heard that Paul E had been fired from the WWE and had intentions to start a new company, I was interested straight away. Working for Paul has always been a dream of mind, and as soon as I’d heard the news, I was on the phone to Heyman and out the door of TNA!

Jericho: Well we’ve both been screwed Christian, so it sounds like we’re for the same reason then, for new beginnings.

Christian: You’re right Jericho, but the main reason I’m here is to win the world title and nothing less, because THAT’s how I roll.

**The Latin American Exchange’s theme, DAWGZ, then hits as they make their way down the aisle to a very mixed reaction**

Styles: (rambling) what the hell is this? That’s…that’s Konnan! With his Latin American Exchange fraction from TNA! What the hell is going on here?! These people all have contracts!

Jericho: HOLD UP! HOLD UP! Who let the illegal immigrants in?

Konnan: Jericho. Just ‘coz yo’ acting career failed homes, doesn’t mean you need to try an’ be a comedian now essa.

Jericho: This isn’t about me Konnan, it’s about you and your little possy…who are they? Which rubbish dump did you pull them from?

Konnan: If yo’ so keen to be introduced Homicide an’ Hernandez here, Jericho, we better come into da ring and make it more formal, how’s that sound ese?

Homicide and Hernandez run down the aisle and slide into the ring.

Konnan: (continuing) ‘Cuz in the Latin American Exchange, we’re more actions than words dawg!

Homicide and Hernandez then jump Jericho and Christian and brawl in the ring, with Hernandez hitting the border toss on Jericho.

Styles: Wow! What strength! Hernandez has just thrown Chris Jericho half way across the ring, with a move he calls, the border toss!

Christian fleas to the outside, while Jericho lays motionless in the middle of the ring.

- Loud jeers directed at LAX –

Styles: What an impact LAX have made on the very first episode of EPW’s Enslaved. We’ll find out what else is in store tonight, after we take our first commercial break for the evening!


Styles: Welcome back to Enlaved and in case you’re just joining us, you’ve just missed a massive impact made by the Latin American Exchange on Chris Jericho and Christian Cage.

**A re-cap of LAX jumping Christian and Jericho is shown, emphasising the border toss on Jericho.**

**A remix of SINNER by Drowning Pool then hits.**

Styles: What’s this?

It’s then apparent that Paul Heyman is entering the ballroom.

- massive pop –

Styles: It’s the boss!!

- crowd chants “Thank you Paul!” –

Heyman: There’s no need to thank me! I haven’t even done anything yet! Although, I can’t begin to explain how happy I am to see you all here tonight! You people here in New York are the true fans! You supported me the first time, and now hopefully you’ll support me the second time! I asked you to trust me with this show, after I hadn’t announced any bookings prior and I’m damn sure glad you all have trusted me and after what we’ve just witnessed, I’m pretty sure you’re all glad you did too!

- chants of “Thank you Paul!” continue”

Heyman: Since I’ve mentioned what we just witnessed tonight, I’m going to take this a step further and book the first ever match here in EPW!

- loud pop –

Heyman: Tonight, live, in the Hammerstein ballroom, in the first ever match on Enslaved, it will be the team of the former WWE Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho and Christian Cage up against the former NWA Tag Team Champions, the Latin American Exachange, Homicide and Hernandez…

- another pop –

Heyman: And just for old times sake here in the ballroom, it will be EXTREME RULES!

- explosive reaction to Heyman’s announcement –

Heyman: I thought of many different ways that I could announce my new roster to you all tonight, but after seeing the reactions to Jericho, Cage and the LAX, I think I might just keep it a bit more of a secret for a little longer to increase the suspense and interest as to whom it would be, and once again I assure you, that you will not be disappointed! At the moment, we are making the best of an hour timeslot, but hopefully as we progress it will become 2 hours very quickly!

- Crowd pops -

Heyman: Now, I know you were all expecting me out here tonight to cut a massive shoot promo on Vince McMahon and the WWE, but I figured that TNA are doing enough of that at the moment via the former New Ages Outlaws, so since this company is going to be different from the rest, my shoot will have to wait for another time and another place, but I promise you, when it is the time, I will tell it EXACTLY how it is!

- another pop –

**We go backstage to see Jericho and Cage preparing for the tag team match**

Christian: I’ve seen these guys go before Chris, they’re good, but they’re no match for Christian Cage and Chris Jericho!

Jericho stares into thin air, stroking his chin as Christian continues.

Christian: I’ve seen these 2 decimate big name teams, but tonight, they’re going to get bought back to earth when they become victims of the new faces of EPW.

**Camera pans back on Styles at the commentary table**

Styles: It seems Cage and Jericho are set to go, but will they be able the force that is LAX. The LAX have been in existence for little over 12 months now, and they’ve totally devastated some extremely talented tag teams over that time, and established themselves as a dominant force of the wrestling industry.


Styles: Welcome back to EPW Enslaved, it’s main event time! With Chris Jericho and Christian Cage, taking on relative newcomers, the Latin American Exchange, Homicide and Hernandez who will be accompanied to the ring by Konnan.

**DAWGZ hits as Homicide and Hernandez make their way down to the ring with a slow entrance, with Konnan at their side looking very cocky and confident. They taunt the crowd the whole way that makes the crowd even hotter**

Heyman: (acting as ring announcer now) Ladies and Gentlemen, the following tag team match is scheduled for One fall and it will be contested under extreme rules! Introducing first, accompanied by Konnan, representing the LAX, Homicide and Hernandez!

LAX are in the ring taunting the crowd and waiting for their opponents.

**BREAK THE WALLS DOWN hits as Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring to a big reaction, with his eyes focusing directly on LAX. The Lionheart chants break out again**

Heyman: And their opponents, first, residing in Tampa, Florida, Chris…Jericho!

**JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES/MY LAST BREATH Remix hits as Christian Cage makes his way down, doing his traditional entrance, including the chest slap at the top of the ramp**

Heyman: And his partner, also residing in Tampa, Florida, Christian…CAGE!

Main Event
Extreme Rules
Chris Jericho & Christian Cage v The Latin American Exchange: Homicide & Hernandez w/ Homicide.
(Commercial @ 8:34 & 13:57)

The match starts off with all four men in a face off in the middle of the ring. Homicide and Hernandez bail straight to the outside. Konnan walks around to them and tells them to get their asses back in the ring and fight.

Styles: Well well, looks like the LAX aren’t as tough as they’d like us to think they are…what’s this? Well well, the man himself for the Main Event is joining me! Good evening Paul.

Heyman: Joey. How are you? I figured you’d need a colour commentator for the main event, but don’t get your hopes up, this won’t be a full time gig for me, I’m in the process of finding a suitable colour commentator to be your partner.

Styles: Looks like you need a ring announcer too, Paul.

Jericho and Cage jump Homicide and Hernandez as they slide back into the ring, and don’t look like stopping the beat down until, Konnan, who had made his way to other side of ring pretty much unnoticed, slid into the ring with a chair and took out Jericho and then Christian with vicious chair shots to their backs.

Hernandez and Homicide both make it gradually back to their feet, and then after an evenly contested brawl between both teams, LAX take the upper hand on Jericho and Christian. Hernandez takes off the turn buckle cover and Irish whips Jericho savagely into the exposed turnbuckle, which busts him wide open. Konnan sets up a table at ringside, which brings about a big pop from the crowd. He than instructs Hernandez to put the already bloody Jericho through the table. Hernandez picks Jericho up and lifts him up in the power bomb position and then sends him flying over the top rope, through the table courtesy of the border toss. Hernandez now turns his attention to helping Homicide decimate Christian. The pair double-teams Christian twice, before throwing him over the top rope on top of Jericho.

Hernandez and Homicide taunt the crowd with Jericho and Christian both laying helpless on the outside.

The fight had moved into the aisle way, after the momentum shifted after Jericho slipped out of an attempt at the Gringo Killa by Homicide and pushed him into the ring post and then grabbed a steel chair and hit Hernandez from behind and then hitting him continuously, whilst he was on the ground.

Jericho is now setting up another table at ringside, when Homicide attempts to stop him but is caught out by Christian, who fights him off to allow Jericho to keep setting up the table. Christian and Jericho double team Homicide, with a fisherman’s suplex on the outside followed by a vicious Irish whip from Christian into the steel steps. Jericho has beaten down Hernandez, after laying out Konnan with a chair, after he tried to prevent further assault on Hernandez. Jericho has laid Hernandez on the table when all of a sudden Christian Cage climbs to the top of the turn buckle and hits the Frog splash on Hernandez through the table as a massive “Eddie” chant breaks out through the Hammerstein Ballroom. Both Christian and Hernandez lay lifeless in the remains of the table.

Homicide slowly stumbled back to his feet following the whip from Cage into the steps, only for Jericho to rush up on him and deliver the 3 amigos suplexes to Homicide on the outside.

Chris Jericho slides back in the ring and is standing tall, with Cage and Hernandez still down following the frog splash through the table, Homicide grounded on the outside and Konnan still laid out from the Jericho chair shot.

We return with Homicide and Jericho trading blows in the ring when Christian comes in to help double team Homicide yet again.

Hernandez and Konnan both slowly get back to their feat on the outside and Konnan immediately sends Hernandez in the ring to take out both Jericho and Cage, which he does with a flying double clothesline out of no where.

With Cage and Jericho down, Konnan slides two chairs into the ring for Homicide and Hernandez to further the beat down on their opponents. Jericho and Cage are now both bloody and battered.

Cage was then thrown out of the ring to leave Jericho 2 on 1 with LAX, then Konnan enters the ring and stands over Jericho and starts yelling at him in his native language, following the illegal immigrants call, earlier. The 3 then stomp the life out of Jericho.

Cage tries to enter the ring again, but Hernandez hits him with a brutal spinning powerbomb, and then he returns to continue the beat down on Jericho, they stand him up and Homicide hits Jericho with a belly to belly suplex, to set up for a top rope move, another man then starts sprinting down the aisle…

Styles: It’s….IT’s……..IT’S!

- crowd goes crazy when they see who it is –

Styles: IT’S RHYNO!!!!

Heyman: The last ever REAL ECW World Champion and TV Champion is in EPW!!!

Rhyno slides into the ring and lines up Konnan…

Styles: GORE ON KON…

Heyman: (cutting off Styles) GORE GORE GORE!!! GORE ON KONNAN!!!

- Huge pop for the Gore -

Rhyno then promptly delivers ANOTHER huge gore on Hernandez.

Rhyno and Homicide then brawl in the ring, and Rhyno whips Homicide into the ropes, Homicide dodges Rhyno’s attempt at a third gore, but keeps his attention directed on Rhyno, when Christian Cage catches Homicide off guard and delivers the Unprettier out of nowhere.

Cage covers Homicide, Hernandez rises slowly, realises there is a count, but Rhyno gores the life out of him again to prevent the break up….




Winners: Christian Cage and Chris Jericho @ 23:29

Styles: WHAT A MATCH PAUL! Christian Cage and Chris Jericho have pulled off the victory, after Rhyno has made a massive impact!

Heyman: It was indeed a great match Joey, hopefully these fans go home happy and I pray that everyone at home enjoyed it aswell!

Styles: If you had of told me at the start of the show that Rhyno would show up in the Main event, I would never have believed you in a million years!

Heyman: Well I’d like to think I haven’t broken my promise, sure we only saw 5 stars debut, but we did send a big bang through the professional wrestling community!

As Konnan gets up after the match, Jericho stops celebrating and hits him with a bulldog and then the lionsault out of nowhere, to make up for the chair shots he received from Konnan during the match!

- more lion heart chants break out –

Heyman: These great fans are showing their appreciation and respect for Chris Jericho, many of the fans here tonight are former OLD ECW fans, who know Jericho as “Lion heart” and thus are showing him the respect he deserves.

Styles: The Hammerstein ballroom is like no other, that’s why we’ll be back here next week, Paul.

Heyman: That’s right Joey, for the first few months whilst we are still getting established, the Hammerstein Ballroom is going to be our HOME BASE, and for next weeks show, I am going to announce our first even SINGLES match! It will involve Rhyno and he will have a mystery opponent! Log on to to find out more about next weeks show and just how Rhyno has made it to EPW!

Styles: Until next week, for Paul Heyman, I’m Joey Styles, thank you VERY MUCH, for joining us tonight on this historical show, GOOD NIGHT!

Jericho, Christian and Rhyno celebrate at the top of the aisle as the show fades to black.


OOC: The Main Event was done in Recap of the main spots, along with the finish. Remember, all reviews will be returned.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

I gotta be honest you had me hooked with that was so well written...but to sum this show up in one word....disappointing

Realism: no real problems here except The use of words not usually used in the USA by american/canadian workers eg. "rubbish heap" by chris jericho and i dont think ive ever in my life heard Paul Heyman say whilst

Length: heres where we take a big dip there was only one match on the show and a cople segments

Quality / Entertainment: if i would have paid to see a wrestling show i would have left feeling ripped off while the promos were good and the fake cena entrance was funny THERE WAS ONLY 1 MATCH!! and coming from someone who has attended shows at the balroom the fans would have rioted

Spelling / Grammar: i didn't notice any mistakes

Matches / Booking: your gonna take another hit here based on the one match thing even though it was an entertaining one

I was really looking forward to this show due to the backstory and still will continue to read i hope things turn around and there is more action on the next show

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

this is great one of the best on the net ive even added you to my bookmarks. Good backstory and i cant wait to read each show. Lookforward to trading reviews with you
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Originally Posted by Pillman911
I was really looking forward to this show due to the backstory and still will continue to read i hope things turn around and there is more action on the next show
To be honest with you, I wasn't over the moon with it either. At first I was happy with it, and after reading it a few times I realised that it wasn't as good as it could have been, but I just wanted to get the first show out of the way.

Thanks for your review mate.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

The Following is from PWInsider:

There are strong rumours that Paul Wight, better known as the Big Show, could well be making a return to wrestling very soon. He’s said to be recovering extremely well from his niggling injuries and has the itch to get back into the ring, very soon.

Also, after the first 3 or 4 shows, watch for EPW to phase out the frequent TNA/WWE mentions. Heyman has said once they establish their roster, the other companies will be mentioned very scarcely, if at all.

This week on Enslaved, expect to see a Fatal Fourway match that features four ROH stars, the stars believed to be Bryan Danielson, Homicide, AJ Styles and either Christopher Daniels or Colt Cabana. Heyman has promised to show case more Indy talent on his show. Stay tuned as we’ll have more on this as it develops.

It’s believed that Rob Van Dam is closer to signing a contract extension with the WWE, if he does sign, expect him to get a WWE title run VERY soon!

The insider is also reporting that a TOP WWE star is inches away from walking out on his contract! Sources do not disclose who, but apparently it’s only days until it hits boiling point!
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

good preview for next week
okay here is my review
jericho shoot though he said somethings really randomly7/10
Christian cage:almost the same, the cena thing was nice.
LAX: I liked it really well done 7/10
Heyman: some good remarks and great crowd reaction 8/10
The Match match rhyno coming in was very nice and the gores sounded as good as they look on tv,if you undestand what i am saying
overall 7.5/10


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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Enslaved Preview

Last week on the debut episode of Enslaved, Rhyno made a shocking impact during the Main Event. The LAX team of Homicide and Hernandez were dominating Chris Jericho and Christian Cage until Rhyno made the save, unleashing a massive Gore on Konnan and then another on Hernandez. This week Rhyno faces a mystery opponent in the Main Event, tune in at 10 pm Wednesday night on the CW Network to find out who it will be.

EPW Commissioner Paul Heyman told that the fans would not be disappointed with Rhyno’s opponent. He went on to say that he is a multi-time former WWE Champion and held a world championship as recently as last year. He went on to urge everyone to tune in whether they tuned in or not last week, because it is going to be a big show!

Also this week on Enslaved we will see a “Stars of the Indy Circuit” Triple Threat match, featuring LAX’s Homicide as well as the debuting “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson and the debuting Austin Aries.

Another huge name in the Wrestling business is also slated to make his debut this week, in what will be yet another huge jump to EPW!

Tune in at 10pm Wednesday night for EPW’s ENSLAVED as it airs LIVE from the Hammerstein Ballroom on the CW Network!

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