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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Hey PARANOiR, I was just wondering, since you have CM Punk & Colt Cabana on the same roster, do you have any plans to reunite them as the second city saints, maybe bring in Ace Steel to round out the team or maybe have them feud against each other. I was just wondering. Your doing great things with this BTB. I'm looking foward to the next show.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Paranoir's Enslaved Review:

Major tag match to begin the night off with and this being a precursor towards the rest of the tournament I do believe so. Hmmm, Jericho isn't getting off to his best start here in the thread.

Christian Cage didn't seem right as I think you're trying to establish him as a face. But he came off way more like a tweener to me than he ever did a face. Of course maybe his frustration towards Edge helped that too.

After I read the stips, I thought something was up for sure and someone was going to debut. Psychosis and Juvi debuting here, guessing they're going to be a part of LAX of course but hopefully not for too long.

Hassan's promo really was just hit and miss. I never really did like the guy anyways but his promos were pretty much the same thing over and over. Glad to see Rhyno came and shut him up.

Not the best way to debut tonight for Cabana as he takes a loss tonight to Danielson. Quick match, didn't give Colt much effort to show anything, so hopefully he'll get a match next week he can win.

Thought possibly Psicosis and Juvy might have joined LAX but glad they aren't. Gives Psicosis and Juvy a chance to go after the titles and I think there might be a chance they get added to make it a Triple Threat.

Wow, shame Punk had the match won but Edge gave Christian one hell of a beating. Edge and Christian seems like it might be a long term feud soon, maybe with both men fighting after the title tournament ends?
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

The following is from


Following Edge's victory in last weeks Triple Threat match between himself, Christian Cage and CM Punk in the World Title Tournament, the man that went un-pinned during the match has issued a challenge to the Rated R Superstar.

Punk has told that he knows that Edge simply can't beat him one on one, he knows that Edge can't resist the Anaconda Vice submission, and he vows to prove that to everyone else this week on Enslaved, should Edge accept the challenge.

The challenge is nothing to do with the World Title Tournament, this is to do with the pride and the willingness to compete of CM Punk. Punk is happy to let Edge take the victory in the World Title Tournament, he knows that he lost his spot, and there is nothing he can do about it, but he is not prepared to sit back and let Edge take his pride. will have more on this story as it develops, and we'll find out whether Edge will accept the challenge.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.


Last week on Enslaved, we witnessed the third match of the world title tournament, a triple threat match between Edge, Christian and a mystery opponent that turned out to be none other than CM Punk! The match ended with Edge picking up the win, getting the pinfall on the bruised and battered Christian, whilst CM Punk went unpinned. This week CM Punk has challenged Edge to a one on one match, which has been accepted by the Rated R Superstar! Tune in to see if Edge can continue his winning ways, or whether Punk can pick up his first win in EPW!

Also last week, during the match between Homicide and Shelton Benjamin, Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis interfered in a shocking manor, controversially costing Benjamin the match after a vicious Top rope Leg Drop from Psicosis and a 450 splash from Guerrera. This week we will see Guerrera and Psicosis take on Benjamin and the other half of the Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas in tag team action!

This week will also see a handicap match featuring Chris Jericho and Christian Cage who will take on the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe! Tune in to find out whether Cage and Jericho will continue their dominance over Samoa Joe, or whether Joe will overcome the odds and pick up the win.

Also this week, the last match of the first stage of the World Title Tournament will take place, with the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit, taking on the Next Big Thing, Brock Lesnar. Can Lesnar continue to go on with his dominate ways or will Benoit make him tap out?

For all this and more, tune in this week at 10pm Wednesday night from the Hammerstein Ballroom LIVE on the CW Network for EPW’s ENSLAVED!

Confirmed Matches
World Title Tournament
Brock Lesnar v Chris Benoit
Edge v CM Punk
Samoa Joe v Chris Jericho & Christian Cage
Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas v Juventud Guerrera & Psicosis
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Enslaved review

Tag match - just like i said before, theres a problem with momentum. It's not "one guy dominates at the beginning, then they swap" its about having an even contest, because without it your matches end like squashes.

Cage promo - strong, in character and accurate. Great little segment here, no complaints at all.

Homicide/Benji - good match, and a perfect distraction tactic from Homicide. I've always wondered if someone would add to LAX, and i'm glad you've hinted at it yet still kept things clear with the commentary. On a side note, Nash isn't as humorous as i expected.

Hassan promo - Hmmm, I liked Rhyno's part aswell as the crowds but this seemed a bit too short. Hassan didn't say anywhere near enough, and really should have got to the point a little more.

Danielson/Colt - Again the momentum goes out the window. Roll-ups are supposed to be quick, and out of desperation. Danielson was dominating the match and didn't need to end it at that point at all.

LAX segment - Declined the offer? wow, very interesting there, and a possible fued sounds great. Dissapointed to see Konnan not negotiate it a bit more though, or even get angry when they said no.

Main event - you kept this interesting throughout, but Edge didn't need to get that violent to win this. yeah the other two are good, but you didn't need to go as mental with the chair as you did.

entertainment: 8.5/10
realism: 7.5/10
booking: 7/10
grammer: 10/10
length: 9/10
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Evolution Pro Wrestling:


Wednesday March 14th 2007
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York

**HALO hits as we start the show with a video package that’s getting longer with each week and then it shoots to the arena as pyro shoots off at the top of the aisle and a pan of the Hammerstein Ballroom crowd**


**MISERIA CANTARE hits to a humungous pop as CM Punk makes his way out to the top of the ramp and slowly down the aisle, with huge “CM PUNK” chants breaking out from the Hammerstein Ballroom crowd**

Styles: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to EPW’s Enslaved as our newest acquisition, CM Punk is making his way to the ring for his match with Edge! Thank you for joining us, my name is Joey Styles and with me at ringside is Kevin Nash!

Nash: What a show we have tonight Styles! Benoit and Lesnar will battle it out tonight for the last spot in the final four of the world title tournament, the future of the company, Samoa Joe is taking on Chris Jericho AND Christian Cage in a handicap match and we’re also going to see the World’s Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas take on Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis!

Styles: Not to mention the huge match we have right now, after CM Punk laid down the challenge to Edge on during the week!

Artes: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is our first match of the evening, introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 222 pounds…this…is C…M…PUNK!

**METALINGUS hits to another massive spray of heat as Edge makes his way out to the top of the aisle. His entrance now has smoke clouding the top of the ramp entirely. Edge then walks down the aisle amidst the hostile crowd and enters the ring getting face to face with Punk**

Styles: Punk made the challenge via after Edge pinned Christian in their triple threat match last week in the World Title Tournament, Edge accepting the challenge, because he claims that he will be a fighting champion when he wins the EPW World Title!

Nash: Edge shouldn’t have too many troubles overcoming CM Punk here tonight Styles, full credit to him for giving a kid like Punk the hope of thinking he might actually stand a chance of beating him.

Match 1
CM Punk v Edge
Commercial @ 5:02

The match started off with the two men trading blows cautiously, with a few attempted lock-ups, none of which were very successful. Thus far the encounter has been a total back and forward contest, with neither man really gaining the upper-hand.

Edge has Punk in the corner and is hitting him with some hard rights; he assists Punk to the top rope, climbs to the second rope himself and then starts hitting Punk with more hard rights. Punk has taken several hard blows from Edge now, who finally stops with the punches and delivers a superplex from the top rope as both he and Punk land hard on the mat.

Edge makes his way make to his feet slowly, and makes his way over to Punk who has also struggled back to his feet. Edge hits a hard right and Punk follows suit with a right of his own. Edge swings at Punk again, but this time he ducks under the haymaker and catches Edge off guard as he quickly delivers a Ura-nage slam, planting the Rated R Superstar on the canvas! Punk quickly goes for the cover…




NO! Edge kicks out easily!

Punk looks surprised at first but he then focuses back the job at hand. He picks up Edge by the hair and whips him into the ropes, but Edge surprises Punk, as he shoots back off and hits a flying forearm to his opponent, sending him plummeting to the mat. Edge and Punk are both down again, with Edge getting back to his vertical base first.

As Punk gets back to his feet, Edge whips him into the ropes this time, as he comes shooting back, he gets planted face first by a flapjack and as Punk comes crashing towards the mat, the referee is caught out of position and Punk takes him out on his way down to the mat.

Both Punk and the referee are down as Edge takes full advantage of the situation and starts stomping away at Punk madly. He pounces on to Punk and locks in a sleeper hold in an attempt to weaken him more, after having the hold locked in for around 30 seconds; Edge locks it in tighter as Punk is physically fading. Edge continues the hold and after over a minute of torture, Punk seems to have passed out. Once Edge realises that Punk is out of it, he starts screaming at the referee to wake up, however it’s obvious to the Rated R Superstar that the referee is not coming too, he releases the hold on Punk unbeknownst to what’s going on behind him…

As soon as Edge stands up and turns around to try and revive the referee, he walks into a massive GORE from RHYNO, who had slid into the ring on Edge’s blindside whilst he had the sleeper locked in. With Edge down in the middle of the ring, the War Machine then drags CM Punk over to him and drapes him over the fallen Edge. Rhyno then picks up the referee, shakes him and alerts him to the fact that Punk is covering Edge. The referee stumbles slowly over to check Edge’s shoulders and then falls to the canvas once more and starts to make a slow count…







Edge has kicked out of the Gore, making the most of the time the official took to get to the cover! The referee stops the count but Edge still has his shoulders down on the mat and he failed to get CM Punk off him when he kicked out, so the referee starts the count again, albeit another slow one…




NO! Edge kicks out again, this time with more authority, pushing Punk off, but he fails to stir anymore than that.

CM Punk is slowly showing more signs of life, as he is gasping for air with some huge breaths. He crawls over to the ropes and once he gets there he uses them to get himself back to his feet. Punk climbs through the ropes, gets a tight grip on the top rope and then hits a forward-sault over the top rope, crashing down on top of Edge!

With Edge still down, Punk then locks in the Anaconda Vice with little hesitation to a big pop from the crowd. Punk has the hold locked in tight as Edge tries as hard as he can to resist the hold. The hold is tightened by Punk, and as a result Edge lifts one of his hands up in the air…


Winner: CM Punk @ 11:01

Punk keeps the hold locked in after the bell sounds, eventually releasing it after some coaxing from the referee.

Artes: Here is your winner, C…M…PUNK!

** MISERIA CANTARE hits again, as Punk ascends the turnbuckle to celebrate, with Edge still down clutching at his arm in pain**

Styles: What a win for CM Punk! Although he’s out of the World Title Tournament, I’m sure he’s feeling slightly better for that win!

Nash: Come on now, it was only because of Rhyno he won. No Rhyno, No win!


**We return from commercial to see Rhyno in the distance with an exhausted looking CM Punk, shaking hands and then going their separate ways as the War Machine walks towards the camera and is then jumped from behind by Muhammad Hassan and Daivari**

Hassan hits some clubbing blows to the back of the head of Rhyno, knocking him down to one knee, then Daivari follows it up with a brutal chair shot to the back of Rhyno’s head. With Rhyno face down on the cement, Daivari lifts up his head, and places the chair underneath it, and then Hassan gets another chair and delivers a conchairto to Rhyno.

Daivari: Advantage Hassan!!!

Hassan: You told me last week that the end result will always be the gore Rhyno, well looking at you now, I’d say you’ll be lucky to even make it to our match next week, let alone hit me with the gore!

Hassan then applies the Camel Clutch on the broken Rhyno as Daivari stomps away at his head, laughing.

**The camera shoots back to Joey Styles and Kevin Nash at ringside**

Styles: Rhyno has just been decimated at the hands of Muhammad Hassan and Daivari! Where does this leave him for next week?

Nash: I don’t like Rhyno, but I hate this Hassan. He is scum, that’s the only word for it, this moron is going to get what’s coming to him soon, and believe me, it could be as soon as next week!

Styles: You’re right; I think it’ll take more than that to write off the man beast.

**WORLDS GREATEST hits as Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin make their way down to the ring to a decent pop from the crowd**

Styles: This is Benjamin and Haas’ first match as a tag team in EPW, so I think we’re in for something special.

Artes: Ladies and Gentlemen the following is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall, introducing first, they are Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas…THE WORLDS GREATEST TAG TEAM!

Styles: Last week Shelton Benjamin was the victim of an attack from Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera following his match with Homicide.

**re-cap of last week is shown**

**BATTERY hits as Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis make their way down to the ring to mixed reaction. The crowd aren’t to savage on them, given their ECW backgrounds**

Artes: And the opponents, Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis!!

Match 2
Tag Team Match
Shelton Benjamin & Charliee Haas v Juventud Guerrera & Psicosis

The match has been a fast paced affair thus far, with the true Luchadore style of both Juventud and Psicosis shining with some of moves they have pulled off. Neither team has been able to garner a consistent upper hand, with both being able to tag in and out with ease.

Psicosis has just tagged in Juventud Guerrera, with the pair double teaming Shelton Benjamin in the corner. The referee has started a five count on Psicosis, but the pair hit a fisherman’s suplex on Benjamin as Psicosis then makes his way out of the ring. Shelton gets back to his feet as he and Juventud lock up in the middle of the ring, Juvi shifts his weight and manages to whip Shelton into the ropes and as he comes shooting back, Juvi quickly hits a tilt-a-whirl head scissors to a big pop from the crowd. With Shelton down in the ring, Juvi makes his way over to the turnbuckle, climbs it and looks to be setting up for the 450 splash. Juvi launches off the top rope, but Shelton see’s it coming and manages to get out of the way as Guerrera crashes into the canvas.

Shelton tries to seize the opportunity and crawls over to Guerrera and attempts a cover…

NO! PSICOSIS BREAKS IT UP, running into the ring and kicking Benjamin in the head

Psicosis goes straight back to the apron, as Guerrera and Benjamin both steadily make it back to their feet. The two trade blows in the middle of the ring as Shelton goes for a Dragon Whip but Juvi manages to avoid it at the last second. Guerrera connects with some stiff kicks to the thighs of Benjamin but they don’t seem to affect him too badly. Juventud shoots into the ropes and as he bounces back, Shelton catches him off guard and hits a Samoan Drop, planting Juvi on the mat.

Shelton then makes his way over to Charlie Haas and tags in his partner. Haas rushes the ring only to be met by Psicosis who has also entered the ring illegally to prevent further assault on Guerrera, but he is unsuccessful, as Haas surprises him and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Haas directs his attention to Juvi now, who has just made it back to his feet after the Samoan Drop from Shelton Benjamin.

Both Haas and Guerrera are face to face in the ring now, as Juvi bounces back into the ropes and comes back looking for a clothesline, but Haas ducks under the arm and manages to lock his arms around the waste of Guerrera looking for a German Suplex, but Juvi fights, trying to resist the move by hitting some clubbing blows to the arms of Haas in an attempt to get him to break the hold, when suddenly Shelton Benjamin gets into the ring and hits a massive Superkick right to the chin of Juventud Guerrera as Haas hits the German Suplex and the Worlds Greatest Tag Team has hit one of their finishing moves, the Superkick-Plex.

Guerrera is down following the move, but Psicosis starts to stir as Haas goes for the cover on Juventud…




NO! Psicosis breaks up the count!

Psicosis has broken up the count, only to be met by Shelton Benjamin who hits him unexpectedly with a T-Bone Exploder Suplex!

With Psicosis and Juventud both down, Haas quickly ascents the closest turnbuckle and then hits a Moonsault on Juventud, and then hooks the leg to go for the pinfall again…




Psicosis is still down


Winners: Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas @ 7:07

Artes: Here are you winners, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas!

**WORLDS GREATEST hits again to a decent pop from the ground in appreciation of the match they’ve just seen**

Styles: Well, the Worlds Greatest Tag Team have got some revenge on Juventud and Psicosis, following what they did to Shelton Benjamin last week. Hold on, what’s this?

The LAX, Homicide, Hernandez and Konnan then approach the ring. Homicide and Hernandez then slide into the ring, with Konnan staying on the outside.

Nash: I think things might be about to heat up here Styles.

Homicide and Hernandez get face to face with Benjamin and Haas as both Guerrera and Psicosis are still down. Haas and Shelton take a quick glance at each other before both simultaneously swinging at Homicide and Hernandez, both of whom duck the swings, then both of them lock their wrists around the wastes of Haas and Shelton and then they deliver simultaneous German Suplex’s, with Hernandez most notably launching Charlie Haas.

Hernandez and Homicide pick up a man each now, with Hernandez having Haas and Homicide with Benjamin. Psicosis and Guerrera are both back on their feet now too and have both climbed opposing turnbuckles again. Hernandez and Homicide then take Shelton and Haas to opposing corners as well.

Suddenly, Hernandez gets Haas up above his shoulders and hits a huge border toss, which lands Haas in the middle of the ring, as Homicide watches on with Shelton in a headlock, showing little resistance. Homicide then takes Shelton to the middle of the ring next to the fallen Haas and sets him up for the Gringo Killa and scores with it.

Homicide has hit one of the most devastating finishers in the business on Shelton Benjamin planting him on the canvas, adjacently to his partner, Charlie Haas. Konnan then slides into the ring and stands above the fallen Haas and Benjamin, points at both Guerrera and Psicosis concurrently and then summons them to attack.
Psicosis leaps high off the top rope and lands a Guillotine Leg Drop to Benjamin, with Juventud landing a 450 splash only seconds later to Haas.

The 5 men then embrace in the middle of the ring, as Hernandez, Homicide, Juventud and Psicosis each climb a turnbuckle to taunt the crowd with Konnan standing in the middle of the ring.

Nash: Well, well, well. Looks like last week was just a smokescreen, it seems that the Latin American Exchange has expanded! The Mexicans are taking over Styles!


**We return from Commercial with Styles and Nash on camera**

Styles: Welcome back to Enslaved, and before the break we saw the Worlds Greatest Tag Team pick up a victory over the team of Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis, only to be ambushed at the end by the LAX!

Nash: It seems that Mexicans wanna take over this place Styles, and despite what we saw last week, it looks like the Latin American Exchange has expanded from 3 to 5!

**The camera then shoots backstage to see the LAX with Juventud and Psicosis celebrating what they just did in the ring**

Juventud: K-Dawg, that little stage we put on last week couldn’t have worked better essa…those gringos totally bought it man! Da Juice, Psicosis…we are L…A…X holmes.

**Psicosis then says something in Mexican which makes all the men laugh as the camera then shoots to another location backstage, where we see Paul Heyman close up to the Camera**

Heyman: Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know, we have a match at our first Pay Per View event, Out of Exile, between the Latin American Exchange, Homicide and Hernandez and the Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas scheduled for the EPW World Tag Team Championship.

- Mild reaction for the announcement –

Heyman: So, further to what we have just seen in the ring tonight, I’ve decided to have 3 matches in the lead up to Out of Exile between the two teams

- Slight reaction from the crowd –

Heyman: So, starting in two weeks time, we will be having a little mini series between the two teams. The first match will be Charlie Haas taking on Homicide in a one on one match, the week after we will see Shelton Benjamin go one on one with Hernandez, then in 4 weeks time, we will have Homicide and Hernandez taking on Benjamin and Haas in a non-title Tag Team match.

- Another slight reaction –

Heyman: Why would I book these matches? Well it’s simple; the winner of this best of three series will get to choose whatever stipulation they want for the Tag Titles match at Out of Exile on April 22nd!

- Slightly bigger pop for this announcement –

Heyman: And further to that, if there is ANY outside interference from ANYONE, whether they part of the respective stables or NOT, whatever team is benefiting by the interference, will LOSE their opportunity at the Tag Team titles!

Heyman: While we’re on the issue of Out of Exile, I’m going to take this opportunity to book another match!

- Slight pop –

Heyman: As you all know, the American Dragon Bryan Danielson seems to have an issue with Austin Aries, so, as of right now, Aries will be facing Danielson one on one at Out of Exile, and if Mr Danielson feels the need to walk out on the match again, he will be FIRED!

**BREAK THE WALLS DOWN hits in the background as the camera pans back to the arena and we see Chris Jericho slowly making his way down to the ring amidst a big pop from the crowd**

Artes: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is a 2 on 1 Handicap match scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, residing in Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 231 pounds…CHRIS JERICHO!

Styles: What about Paul Heyman’s announcement there Nash, the winners of this 3 match mini series will get to choose the stipulation of the match for the tag titles at Out of Exile!

Nash: That’s a big announcement indeed, and I can’t wait to see what match we’re gonna get at Out of Exile, but we need to focus on the issue at hand, Heyman may have made a great decision there, but he made an appalling one with this match! It is not fair to put a talent like Samoa Joe up against two men of the calibre of Chris Jericho and Christian Cage!

**MY LAST BREATH/JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES hits to another big pop as Christian Cage makes his way down to the ring again doing his trademark entrance, slapping his chest, kissing his fingers then pointing to the crowd**

Styles: Well you’ve been blowing Joe’s trumpet since you started on commentary, so if he’s as good as you say he is he should be able to handle Cage and Jericho!

Artes: And his partner, also residing in Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 227 pounds, CHRISTIAN…CAGE!

**CRUSH U UP hits to a mixed reaction as usual as Samoa Joe makes a very arrogant entry to the top of the ramp, taunting the crowd with his towel draped over his shoulders**

Styles: This match-up will begin after the break!


Match 3
Handicap Match
Chris Jericho & Christian Cage v Samoa Joe

As expected the opening exchanges have been dominated predominantly by the team of Jericho and Cage, but Joe is refusing to give up as always.

Jericho has just tagged Christian in, and the two are double teaming Joe, ending it with a fisherman’s suplex on the 280 pounder. Jericho exits the ring, as Christian continues to drain Samoa Joe. Christian gets Joe back on his feet, as they lock up immediately, Captain Charisma shifts his weight and gaining the upper hand securing a front face lock on his opponent, he then drapes one of Joe’s arms over his shoulder and hits a sit out inverted suplex slam.

Christian picks up Joe once more and then whips him into the rope, he goes for a standing shoulder block, but it back fires as it has more effect of Cage than it does on Joe, as it knocks him way off balance, causing him to tag Jericho in again. The pair ambush Joe with punches and then send him into the ropes again, but this time Joe hangs on to the ropes to stop his momentum. Jericho and Cage then run at Joe in an attempt to hit a double clothesline on him, but Joe counters into a double flapjack, which hangs both his opponents up on the top rope.

Both Cage and Jericho whiplash back following the Flapjack, with Joe going after the legal man, Jericho first, hitting him with the Emerald Frosion sit-out side powerslam. Joe then goes after Cage, whipping him into the corner and then charges at him hitting a high knee right under the chin of Christian, who drops straight to the mat. Joe then shoots into the far ropes and bounces back, hitting a senton back splash on Captain Charisma. Joe then picks up the groggy Cage and tosses him out of the ring.

The Samoan Submission Machine then makes his way over to the downed Jericho, picks him up and immediately moves him over to the turnbuckle, hitting him with some vicious chops and knees, softening him up for the Muscle Buster. Christian then comes back in to stop further assault on Jericho, hitting a neckbreaker on Joe from behind.

With Joe down, Christian hurries to the outside so Jericho can get over make the tag. Jericho tags Christian in, but by that time, Joe is almost back on his feet. Christian charges at him, but Joe hits an arm-drag just out of instinct taking Cage down to the mat.

Christian pulls himself back to his feet with the ropes as a guide, but Joe locks his arms on Cage from behind and hits a German Suplex. He then charges at the unsuspecting Jericho on the apron, hitting a single leg running drop kick, sending him to the floor on the outside.

Samoa Joe then directs his attention back to Christian Cage, who is still down from the German Suplex, picking him up, sending him into the corner which he follows up with another charging high knee. He then hits some savage chops on Cage, before hoisting him up on the top of the turnbuckle, setting him up for the Muscle Buster and scoring with it in the middle of the ring. He then hooks Christian’s leg for the cover…




Christian is lifeless!


Winner: Samoa Joe @ 8:19

Joe then stands up, slides straight out of the ring, walking past Jericho telling him that he was lucky that it wasn’t him.

Nash: That right there is why, my man, Samoa Joe is the most dangerous man in the industry at the moment! He has the most potential of any young star seen in the business since the debut of a young Kevin Nash!


**We return from Commercial to see Austin Aries walking unaccompanied in the back when suddenly Bryan Danielson jumps him from behind**

Danielson hits some clubbing fists to the back of the head of an off guard Aries. Danielson locks his arms behind Aries head and then delivers a vicious Dragon Suplex, landing Aries hard on the exposed cement with a loud thud.

Danielson then stands over the fallen Aries with a wry grin on his face.

Danielson: Now since they’re forcing me to fight you, you’re in for the fight of your life. You’re gonna wish you never pissed off the best wrestler in the world!

**The camera then shoots back to Styles and Nash at ringside**

Nash: The American Dragon has made a statement with Austin Aries here tonight.

Styles: It’s just a shame that he had to do it in a cheap and underhanded way and not in the ring.

**HERE COMES THE PAIN hits as Brock Lesnar makes his way confidently down to the ring for the final match in the first round of the World Title Tournament with the crowd showing an extreme level of hatred towards him**

Artes: Ladies and Gentlemen the following is a first round match in the World Title Tournament and is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 295 pounds…THE NEXT BIG THING……. Brock LESNAR!

Nash: After what he’s done in recent weeks Styles, I think we’re looking at the odds on favourite for not just this match, but the whole tournament!

Styles: Each to own, but don’t for a second think that Chris Benoit is going to go down without a fight.

**WHATEVER hits as the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit makes his way out to a raucous ovation from the crowd. Benoit stands at the top of the ramp, punches his chest, then does his usual taunt to the crowd, before quickly making his way down to the ring, with an intense and focused look on his face, as the crowd continues to go wild for the arrival of the Crippler**

Artes: And the opponent, residing in Atlanta, Georgie, weighing in at 234 pounds, the rabid wolverine, CHRIS BENOIIIIIIT!

Match 4
Main Event
World Title Tournament
Brock Lesnar v Chris Benoit
Commercial @ 6:19

With the match evenly in the balance after 9 minutes, with both men garnering an equal amount of offence, in what has been a true wrestling encounter.

Chris Benoit has Brock Lesnar in the corner now and is hitting him with some hard knife edge chops, after 6 continuous chops from Benoit, Lesnar manages to fend off a seventh attempt from the Rabid Wolverine with his elbow and he turns the tables, as he reverses the situation, putting Benoit in the corner hitting him a hard chop of his own. With Benoit stunned after the chop, Lesnar gets a tight grip on the second rope on either side of Benoit and then drives his shoulder into the gut of the Crippler 4 times, with Benoit eventually dropping to the ground.

Lesnar picks Benoit up now and Irish whips him into the opposite corner. Benoit crashes into the corner hard, as Lesnar charges towards him attempting to hit a high elbow on his opponent, but Benoit ducks out of the way, as Lesnar collides with the turnbuckle. As Lesnar backs out of the corner, stunned from the collision, Chris Benoit makes the most of the opportunity and quickly locks his arms around the waste of the Next Big Thing and delivers a German Suplex! Benoit keeps the arms locked and slowly brings himself and Lesnar back to his feet and after a bit more of a struggle, he hits a SECOND German Suplex, but the Arms are still locked, as Benoit brings Lesnar back up again, and delivers a THIRD German!

Benoit then signals that it’s time for the Diving Headbut as he makes his way confidently over to the corner, ascends the turnbuckle, then spreads his arms out wide to a massive pop from the crowd and flies from the top rope in an attempt to hit the Diving Headbut, however Lesnar is one step ahead of him and rolls out of the way at the last second, as Benoit crashes and burns head first into the canvas.

With Benoit and Lesnar both still down, and basically motionless, the crowd then start a huge BENOIT chant, but all it seems to do is motivate Lesnar as he rolls to the outside to try and recover a little more. Lesnar heads to the time keepers table and takes a steel chair, attempting to bring it into the ring, only to stopped by the referee, who reminds Lesnar if he hits Benoit, he gets Disqualified, losing his place in the tournament, so Brock drops the chair in the ring.

Benoit is now back on his feet, but before he even has the chance to think of building an offence towards Lesnar, the Next Big Thing meets him off guard and hits him with a Belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Lesnar then climbs through the ropes and jumps down off the apron and to the outside again, before reaching back into the ring to pull the fallen Benoit to the outside.

Brock has total control of Benoit now, who is still suffering from missing the headbut early on, as he may have landed on his neck awkwardly. Lesnar now whips Benoit HEAD FIRST into the steel steps at ringside to a loud thud. With Benoit grounded, Lesnar rolls back into the ring to break the count and then back out again, focusing his assault back on Benoit. He picks Benoit up again and then hits head hard on the Steel steps, not once but twice.

Lesnar rolls Benoit into the ring again and climbs back through the ropes himself, picking Benoit up off the canvas once more and whips him into the adjacent turnbuckle and hits a standing shoulder block, sending Benoit to the mat again. Benoit somehow manages to start bringing himself back to his feet, but Lesnar eventually assists him once more in getting back to his feet again. The Next Big Thing then shoots into the ropes again, and bounces off looking for a clothesline on the shaken Benoit, but Benoit manages to duck out of the way. Lesnar continues on his way, hitting the ropes again, and coming back looking to take Benoit down once more, but for the second time in a row, the Canadian avoids Lesnar’s attack, bringing him down to the mat face first with a drop toe hold.

Benoit then pounces on the back of Lesnar and attempts to lock in the Crippler Crossface whilst the crowd go absolutely crazy for the hold! After a struggle, Chris Benoit gets the hold locked in on Lesnar, who tries to power out of the hold.

Lesnar uses his brute strength to push up and roll Benoit over, with Benoit underneath Lesnar now, but the hold is still locked in, despite Lesnar having Benoit underneath him on the mat, then suddenly the referee starts to make the count as Benoit’s shoulders are down!


Benoit has released the hold and avoided the pinfall at the last minute! Benoit then picks Lesnar up again and throws him hard into the ropes, as Lesnar shoots back, Benoit goes for a standing shoulder block, but it fails to budge Lesnar, who laughs at Benoit at first and then delivers a MASSIVE Spinebuster on the chair, that was dropped on the ground earlier on! Lesnar then goes for the cover…




Lesnar can’t believe it and goes for another cover…




Lesnar then brings Benoit back to his feet, whips him into the ropes and this time connects with a hard clothesline to Benoit! Lesnar covers again!



NO! Benoit kicks out AGAIN!

Lesnar gets Benoit back on his feet yet again, this time throwing him hard into the corner. Lesnar charges at him going for a shoulder thrust in the corner, but Benoit avoids it at the last second, as Lesnar crashes shoulder first into the turnbuckle, as Benoit responds immediately, rolling Lesnar up in an attempt to get the pinfall…



NO! Lesnar kicks out!

Benoit assists Brock back to his feet, hits some hard chops again and then whips him into the ropes. Benoit dashes into the adjacent ropes, shoots back and hits Lesnar with a flying forearm, dropping him to mat, right next to the steel chair that still lays idle in the ring.

Benoit then climbs to the top rope again and signals for the diving headbut, Benoit flies again until...CRASH! Lesnar smashes Benoit over the head with the steel chair before he landed the headbut, which saw Benoit crash down to the mat in pain, followed by the Referee calling for the bell, disqualifying Lesnar!

Winner: Chris Benoit @ 15:31

Lesnar can’t believe that he’s just got himself disqualified, and throws the chair down to the outside in disgust. He then goes crazy at ringside, throwing the steel steps around with ease!

Styles: Lesnar just ruined his chance at becoming World Champion!

Nash: Definitely some questionable antics there, Joey.

Styles: As Brock Lesnar goes crazy at ringside Ladies and Gentlemen, we must thank you for joining us, wish you good night and we’ll see you next week on ENSLAVED!

The show comes to a close with Lesnar walking up the ramp in an irate state, with Benoit still down in the middle of the ring.

***END SHOW***

Current Card for Out of Exile

Final of the World Title Tournament
EPW World Championship Match
??? v ???

EPW World Tag Team Championships
Homicide & Hernandez v Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas

Austin Aries v Bryan Danielson
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

heyman deciple's enslaved review

Punk vs. Edge: Great opening match, Great win for CM PUNK.

Rhyno-Hassan: Nice way to continue, their unfolding feud. I look foward to seeing what's next.

Haas & Benjamin vs. Guerrera & Psicosis: Good match, nice win for Hass & Benjamin and the LAX swerve at the end was well done. Good stuff.

Heyman Promo: This was a good Heyman promo, short and right to the point.

Jericho & Christian vs. Joe: Great match featuring great talent and Joe beats the odds and gets the win. Good stuff.

Danielson-Aries: This was good, as it builds anticipation for the match at the pay per view.

Brock vs. Benoit: Great main event match. Too bad Brock got Disqualified. But I liked it and it made sense. First off because Benoit won and I wanted Benoit to advance and second this feud can go way beyond the tournament and it could main event a pay per view and it was smart to not just give away a main event match of this caliber.

This was another good show, I give it 7 out of 10.
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Just like to say i have beend following both this thread and ur tna thread mate. Both are great and i love the way you are utilsing youth talent in both. Great win for CM punk over Edge. I really like the way you are using Samoa Joe to. I arent his greatest fan with the way TNA are utilisin him at the mo but feel its great to see him used differetnly and more effectively. Keep up the good work. PS keep Benoit-Lesnar going/ great potential for awesome matches lies here.!
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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

YoungBloodChampion's EPW Review

CM Punk v Edge: 8.5/10
Well, these guys don't really deserve to start off the show, they're not first-carders. But still, good way to kick off the show. But Edge is obviously gonna get payback on Rhyno, should be good. Nice feud opening up here.

Rhyno's ass whoopin': 8/10
You're just full of backstage ass whoopin's, aren't ya'? Anyway, this one wasn't bad. Nothing major happens. Rhyno doesn't gain momentum. Hey, that's another thing. Why is it always the heels who are starting the backstage brawls, and the heels who get the last word? Well, anyway, I guess Haasan needs some sort of advantage. Because when Rhyno gets up, things are gonna get nasty.

Shelton Benjamin & Charliee Haas v Juventud Guerrera & Psicosis: 8.5/10
Great tag match here. Haas and Benjiman winning was a great set-up for this next part. Well, something told me this was coming. And here I thought the Mexicools would keep their face status as a tag team. That was sarcasm. LAX is even more of a beast now. But this ass whoopin' was kinda long. It carried. I mean, seriously.

Heyman's Announcement: 8/10
More hype for the Pay-Per-View. Good job with Heyman asserting himself as the boss about Danielson. His fan-base is growing kinda fast, though, don't you think? He's like a monster-face. Maybe some sort of heel turn could change that. Should be an awesome PPV.

Chris Jericho & Christian Cage v Samoa Joe: 9/10
Well, what can I really say about this one? It was a valiant effort. Christian and Jericho didn't see it coming. They started off strong, yes, but they didn't have enough to stop Joe. They needed strength, not numbers. Valiant effort, anyway.

Aries's Ass Whoopin': 8.5/10
Nice way to build the feud. Danielson is really gaining momentum. Should be a good match at the Pay-Per-View.

Brock Lesnar v Chris Benoit: 9/10
Well, considering how much hype you had for this match, I say it was worth it. I anticipated this one. Very violent and hardcore. But that ending was very unexpected. I mean, seriously, that was kinda crazy. But I guess it fits Lesnar's attitude. Good job. Lesnar's anger at Benoit costed him his world championship.

Overall: 96/100 = A
Another great show. The pay-per-view is looking good. Can I get a bracket or something to see what's going on in this tournament right now? Anyway, that's about it. I'll be reading! Later!

My Perdictions

EPW World Tag Team Championships
Homicide & Hernandez v Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas

Austin Aries v Bryan Danielson

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Re: Presenting: Paul Heyman's Evolution Pro Wrestling.

Paranoir's Enslaved Review:

Huge match to start the night off with having Edge fight CM Punk. Rhyno interfering means we're going to get a match at the PPV. My best guess would be a Hardcore Match most likely.

Hassan and Rhyno have a match next week, I see Edge interfering in it and costing Rhyno the match so there feud can start up. Hassan is really just getting lucky in all of these matches.

Thought Psicosis and Juventud should have won the match since they debuted but I guess the ending makes up for it with them joining LAX. Pulled a complete 180 on everybody with tricking everyone last week, and now joining LAX.

Some good announcements, Haas and Benjamin will probably win and then pick a Ladder Match. Meh, at least that is what I'd like to see happen and it would be pretty cool if it did happen.

Samoa Joe walking right over Cage and Jericho tonight so I think we might be seeing Jericho and Cage in some squash matches next week for some redemption at least to regain their momentum.

Too short for the Danielson/Aries segment and this would have been better as an interview because we've seen a backstage beatdown already tonight. I don't like seeing it again!

Really, what in the hell was going through Lesnar's mind to bring the weapon in the ring! Benoit advances on and I'm thinking he might take the title unless Lesnar sticks his nose in Benoit's next match.
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