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Exclamation LLW - Legacy of Legends Wrestling

Browsable Show count: SlobberKnockers-16, PPV's - 3

Hi everybody its me, The BoogeyMan, here with a new BTB. My first BTB (The BoogeyMan and SixOneNine do WWE and no we dont mean sex) finished two months ago, but i'm back with a whole new concept. I look forward to writing this just as much as I hope you look forward to reading it, i've written a few shows in advance so I hope this goes well and my first show will be up shortly.
Remember all reviews will be returned.
Damn its good to be a Booker again

WWE Chairmen Vincent Kennedy McMahon stands in front of a packed courtroom. Reports waiting the juries verdict on the outside, the courtroom is silent. The Jury passes a piece of paper up to the judge.

Judge: Vincent Kennedy McMahon, The Jury finds you GUILTY,. And I sentance you to 20 years in prison for sexually assaulting a minor. Guards take him away

Vinces head drops down as two armed guards take him away, he takes one last look over at the court. He see's his son Shane and daughter Stephanie, he nods to them and they nod back in silence. Vince turns his head to the right and see's a very angry Hulk Hogan with his arm around his daughter Brooke, also looking stone faced at the time. Vince takes a deep breathe and is escorted out of the building by the guards.


A reporter is seen standing outside WWE Headquarters.

Reporter: It was today released on WWE.com that following the arrest of former WWE Chairmen Vince McMahon, that his son Shane and daughter Stephanie will become joint owners of their fathers company. But with all the bad press the companies got over the past few weeks, aswell as being off air for nearly a month, the Company has lost millions of dolars and some stay they will need a miracle to stay afloat!


Hulk Hogan is sitting at home watching the news report when the phone rings, he starts to get up but Brooke says she'll get it and goes out of the room. Hogan stays watching the news then shouts "who is it honey?"

Brooke: some guy called Bret Hart

Hogan looks confused for a second, he flicks off the TV and goes to get the phone.

Hogan: Hello

Bret: Hulk how are you?

Hogan: Bret? wow good to hear from ya buddy, whats up?

Bret: first off i'd just like to say how happy I am about the court case. Vince is one nasty piece of work and deserved what he got.

Hogan: Is that all you called about Bret?

Bret: Oh no Hogan thats not it. I presume you hear about WWE's recent net loss?

Hogan: Yeah I just saw it on the news a second ago. why?

Bret: Could you do me a favour Hogan and come round my house about 8 o'clock tomorrow? I have a proposition for you.

Hogan: Yeah sure Bret, see ya then.

Bret: Thanks Hogan, bye.


Hulk Hogan pulls up in Brets drive-way. he parks the car, sighs for minute. then finnaly walks up to the front door. Bret Hart opens the door and greets him.

Bret: Hogan, welcome, please come in.

Hogan walks into the main living area where sitting down is Mick Foley, Ted DiBiase and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Hogan: Bret whats this all about?

Bret: Hogan take a seat, i'm gonna explain to you all now in a second.

Hogan sits down next to Austin. He looks over at him only for Austin to respond "What?"

Bret: Now gentlemen i'm sure your all aware of the predicament the WWE is currently in. Some of you more than others, but with that out of the way theres something I need to bring up: the buisness' ill-treatment of its senior wrestlers. Mick you've been jobbing on and off for nearly three years now. and Hogan, before the WWE stopped a few months back they were gonna have you job to Randy Orton too. Ted? they had you managing the freak shows at Wrestlemania, and Steve? they have you doing beer contests with Bradshaw Layfield. what the hells up there? We are the WWE's Legends!! Yet we're not exactly treated that way are we...

Hogan: Bret what are you getting at here?

Bret: Shane and Stephanie are currently in control of a company that looks about as healthy as Ric Flair!

four guys laugh.

Bret: And with the WWE now losing money by the second, they can barely hang on.

Hogan: So what do you propose?

Bret: Hogan I propose that WE buy the WWE!!

Hogan: what?

Austin: hey thats gimmick infringement!

Bret: guys think about it, we're getting the company WE built from the ground up, and at a cut price.

Ted: I see what you mean Bret. We can control the buisness the way we want to.

Bret: exactly, and with Vince firing Road Warrior Animal last month, its out opportunity to put the legacy of legends back into the WWE!!

Mick: this...this sounds fantastic!! and Shane and Stephanie would love to get a trouble-ridden problem off their hands too, this could be huge.

Ted: We could give it a whole new look, change things to the way WE want them.

Bret: Exactly, so who's in?

Mick, Ted and Austin all agree they want in. Hogan is still contemplating nervously.

Bret: its the perfect way to get back at Vince ya know.

Hogan stands up face to face with Bret.

Hogan: I'm not doing this for Vince, i'm doing this for ME!!

Hogan extends his hand and they shake. the five men take out a few beers to celebrate, knowing the future is bright ahead.


Shane and Stephanie are in Vinces old office. Shane is pacing back and forth while Stephanie is looking after her baby. the baby starts to cry and Steph is trying her best to keep him quiet.

Shane: will you shut that thing up already!

Steph: I'm trying to, but he hasnt had any sleep all night.

Shane: I guess that makes two of us huh!

the two stand angrily face to face when a buzz comes in on the switchboard and Shane turns his head.

Shane: what is it mureal?

Mureal (secetary): theres five men waiting down here that want to see you sir.

Shane looks suspicous.

Shane: hold on a sec mureal.

Shane sits at his monitor and turns on a CCTV camera, he see's Hogan, Hart, Foley, DiBiase and Austin waiting downstairs with breifcases.

Shane: -sighs- ok mureal send 'em in.

Shane takes a seat at his desk and puts his head in his hands. The 5 men walk in with a briefcase each.

Shane: -sighs- what do you want?

Bret: Your company!

Shane: what?

the five men put their briefcases on the desk and open them up. Shane looks around and gulps, you can see he's sweating from the pressure.

Shane: no...no deal guys i'm sorry.

Bret laughs and shakes his head.

Bret: Ted, you know what to do.

Ted DiBiase walks out and returns with another breifcase of money. he walks up to the desk and pours it all over the place. Shane smiles at all the money but he knows he's got a tough decision to make. Ted leans in over to him.

Ted: your losing money by the minute, be a smart man Shane.

Shane walks over to Steph and whispers in her ear. they think it over and Shane comes back to Hart.

Shane: -sighs and takes a long breathe- you got a deal.

the five men celebrate as Shane and Bret shake hands.

Bret: Shane your a smart man, you made the right decision.


The five men and now new co-owners of the WWE meet in a board room at WWE Headquarters the next day, the make their way in through the paparazzi, refusing to comment on any of their questions.

Hogan: Damn its hectic out there.

Bret: Well what do you expect when your a co-owner of the WWE!!

Hogan: Haha, it sounds sweeter every time ya say it.

Bret: haha, true say. now let the first meeting of the new era begin, please gentlemen take your seats and lets get buisness under way.

the five men sit down with some paperwork. they shuffle some papers and talk to eachother making some comments. Mick Foley (in a run-down suit) stands up and everyone goes quiet.

Mick: OK guys we have to make decisions here. First off we all know what this new era will stand for.

Hogan: The Legacy of Legends mixed with the exciting new generation of wrestling.

Mick: Exactly, so when it comes to the roster we're gonna have to make some changes here.

Ted: guys i've been going through some of this paper work, and it looks like we're gonna have to change more than that.

Mick: what are you talking about Ted?

Ted: Well the WWE only have some licences backed up, and when you look at the amount of money left in them it'd be wisest to go for a new look altogether.

Bret: You mean get rid of the WWE and use its superstars to make a new brand?

Ted: Pretty much yeah.

The five men go silent at the idea. they start to think.

Mick: now hold on guys this isnt as hard as it sounds, all we need is the company name, some show suggestions and a roster shuffle. big deal.

Bret: yeah this doesn't sound as bad as first seemed, and after looking here a second ago, we get the PPV names for WWE, WCW and ECW all charge-free.

Ted: ok now what about the company name?

the five men throw around some idea's but get nothing that personifies what they're after.

Mick: this is hopeless! we'll be here for days!!

Hogan: what a minute guys, what did I say this new company would stand for?

Austin: The Legacy of Legends mixed with...

Hogan: Thats it! Legacy of Legends!! LLW - Legacy of Legends Wrestling!

Bret: its perfect.

Mick: now that we've agreed on a company name, now all we need is the roster update, the PPV schedule and the titles

Hogan: guys I was just thinking of something, alot of guys left WWE for their hatred of the company. people like Rhino, the Dudley Boyz, Sting etc. etc.

Mick: your point being?

Hogan: If they joined us, they wouldnt be joining the WWE, they would be joining LLW!!

Mick: Oh I get it, meaning more chance of them signing as theres nothing in their way!!

Hogan: exactly, and with the combined star power of everyone at this table, theres no chance anyone could turn this deal down.

the five men talk into the night, discussing everything from who to sign to which titles to keep. They eventually leave at 1am that night, all coffee-fueled and with smiles on their faces. They've started on their long road to victory over the McMahons!


the five are in a meeting two weeks later:

Mick: OK here goes, the following people have been signed to LLW from their WWE or ECW contracts: Ric Flair, the Undertaker, Shawn Micheals, Triple-H, Kane, Fit Finlay, John Cena, Carlito, Rey Mysterio, Batista, Kurt Angle, Chris benoit, Edge, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. The following superstars have been given Hall of Fame wrestling contracts due to their hard work in the field on wrestling: Sting, Jimmy Hart, Randy Savage, Sgt Slaughter, The Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, Marty Jennetty, The Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage and Road Warrior Animal. The following superstars have been signed on new deals due to the departure of the WWE Brand: Brock Lesnar, Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner and Chris Jericho. The LLW announce team will be made up of John Bradshaw Layfield and Jim Ross with Mene Gene Okelan as Ring Announcer

Mick sits down and Hart stands up.

Bret: OK its been agreed that the LLW will have four championship belts. These will be the LLW World Championship, the LLW Intercontinental Championship, the LLW Hardcore championship and the LLW Tag team championship.

Bret sits down and DiBiase stands up.

Ted: We have confirmed the copyright details and the LLW Pay-Per View Calender will be as follows:
Jan - Royal Rumble
Feb - Latino Heat
Mar - Wrestlemania
Apr - King Of The Ring
May - Saturday Night Main Event
June - Great American Bash
July - Taboo Tuesday
Aug - Barely Legal
Sept - SummerSlam
Oct - Hall Of Fame meets Hall Of Pain
Nov - Survivor Series
Dec - Starcade

We understand thse PPV's may not be in their traditional WWE, WCW or ECW order but we've had to make changes in accordance with copyrights. We have also intentionally taken out the Febuary PPV "No Way Out" as this is the Legacy of legends Wresling Corporation, and one of the WWE's legends Eddie Guerrero won his first and only WWE Title and No way Out. We see it as a fitting way of paying our respects.
Aswell as all that our weekly flagship show which will be shown on a "SlobberKnocker" and will be aired at 7pm on monday nights. They will use the same contracts Raw used and that way it'll avoid more cable confusion.

Ted sits down and Austin stands in quickly.

Austin: Another thing is every friday evening, before the sunday Pay Per View we will have the GM Summit. This is where us five will meet up and discuss all aspects of the LLW. From pushes to title shots, from new signings to old firings. That'll be where it happens.

Hogan: ok guys, looks like we're ready to go public!


The next day they called press conferences all day, they spread the word that the WWE was no more and that LLW was the way forward in wrestling. The contracts were signed, the titles were ready, now all they had to do was get the show on the road!


the five men were in the new LLW board room discussing how to get LLW off thr ground.
Hogan: how about this, if we start next monday then we have four weeks till the Survivor Series PPV, that would be great for both the legends and the up-an-comers because at SS you can fit in alot more superstars.

Mick: Your right, and if you have four weeks till the PPV then it gives enough time to let fueds and matches for the PPV build up, plus more time financially.

Bret: right thats it then, i'll get the secetary notified and book an arena. We'll notify the superstars and that'll give us enough time to get it prepared.

the five men franticly leave the room, just as Hogan is about to leave Bret pulls him back by the shoulder.

Bret: Ya know its all coming together Hogan, its all becoming right.

Hogan: I know Bret, and thats what makes it worth while.


its the wednesday before the first SlobberKnocker and the entire locker room is filled with superstars, awaiting their new instructions.

Bret: OK guys heres the deal. if your sitting in this locker room now you are either a legend and an icon in the eyes of wrestling fans everywhere, or you are the future of the wrestling buisness itself. But for whatever reason you are here, make it your number one prioity to stay here!

Bret looks around the locker room. He see's Brock Lesnar standing next to Sgt Slaughter, and Carlito talking to the Iron Sheik (well atleast trying to anyway.)
What he see's in front of him is no longer a buisness, but a family, a Legacy!!

Welcome to the Legacy Of Legends Wrestling

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Re: LLW - Legacy of Legends Wrestling

This is great but Huly couldnt just turn up as Bret lives in Canada and he is in America but apart from that it looks great.

Whats better than Tony Blair quitting as PM?


Truth & Justice coming back to BTB, TNA - The Time Has Come!
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Re: LLW - Legacy of Legends Wrestling

This sounds good, a minor mistake that Truth & Justice pointed out, vince getting sent to jail was funny man, i will be reading this for sure
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Re: LLW - Legacy of Legends Wrestling

Hey Boogey, this looks very promising. I like the build up and i'm looking forward to your first show, but i only hope that you won't hold back the younglings.
Good luck!
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Re: LLW - Legacy of Legends Wrestling

Good job Boogey i am really looking forward to your First show

Nice Company name LLW


Credit to $$$FOLEY$$$ for the banner

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Re: LLW - Legacy of Legends Wrestling

This looks very, very good Boogey. I will definetly be reading this. Good luck to you. I can't wait for the next update.
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Re: LLW - Legacy of Legends Wrestling

This looks really good. I will be reading
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Re: LLW - Legacy of Legends Wrestling

llw is an actual fed in ontario i wrestle there
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Re: LLW - Legacy of Legends Wrestling

Looks great, good luck with this man!
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Re: LLW - Legacy of Legends Wrestling

Best of luck Boogey, and I will pay you back for following my thread by following yours.

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