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Re: 2007 & Beyond: Recovery

Welcome back, Mac. Good to have you back around these parts. This was, at its peak, one of my favorite reads and I’m very ready to dive right back into it. So let’s see what we have here for No Mercy.

Great finish in the U.S. Championship match, with Punk getting his first taste of gold in this thread. As I recall, you’ve done a very good job of building him up back from his feud with Regal over the summer, to looking good at Summerslam, and now this. Interested to see where Hardy goes after this and whether or not he decides to continue to get in Punk’s way, or moves on to something else.

Looks like we’ll know who Punk’s next challenger is, and the choices here amongst these five are all fresh for the most part, and each can provide something different for Punk. Like having Booker and Henry working together to start things off, as you noted. Hah, of COURSE: the SWERVE~! Had to expect it from someone, and Booker is the type that easily fits the bill. Hey, there’s Carlito and, well, there he goes again. Big W for Haas here and something tells me the next U.S. Title feud won’t have two faces. Cannot for the life of me decipher if it’s going to be Haas or Punk that turns, though…

Oh, the ever-loving disconnect between HHH and Stephanie…

LMAO @ “all of you quite frankly.” Yeah, I will admit I’m guilty of not remembering how this came about. Going to have to look back at that. This seemed pretty basic here and both of these two are past their prime at this point. Suspect neither of these two will get any significant pushes, maybe Crazy for the CW Title, but this did its job. Hey, what do you know? You alluded to the Cruiserweight Title.

When this feud between Bloody Fridays and The Undertaker was being built up, while I wasn’t super active and read most of it thereafter, I gushed, really. Taker-Regal is a sneaky-good matchup/feud and it has all sorts of potential. Excellent counter into the Tiger Suplex by Regal. There’s the Chokeslam and… the dusty finish! Match did its job here, making both look strong and Regal’s faction gets a bit of a boost here too.

KANE!! CENA!! Oh the carnage. Had a sneaking suspicion that Cena-Taker wouldn’t die any time soon. Boy Cena looked strong here, putting down The Deadman’s brother who looked to help equalize everything. Cena-Taker II in the near future PLZ.

Any sort of hint at brand warfare is okay by me. Make it happen.

Classic jealousy feud here with Sabin and Bourne and I’m not all that surprised by it. These two are pretty darn good and either one of them should be doing something of importance imo. Anyways, good bit here it seemed, although a very small recap. Not all that surprised that Bourne got the victory, either. Sabin being pissed works well for his character right now, and things turn. Good stuff in general, but here’s hoping Sabin doesn’t look too weak.

LASHLEY~! Hardy bringing up the attack is quite suspicious but at the same time, I do wonder how that would progress, what with the fact that a handicap match would be an interesting way of driving things along. Seems like something that’s deserving of a little more. In any event, good to see “GOD OF THUNDER~!!!~!” Bobby Lashley back.

Noble and Kash = ratings. Never any complaints here for me for these two feuding. Where you at, Legend? Anyways, this got the attention and the time it deserved and it looked like a real dandy. Solid finish here, what with Kash taking his time to cover, giving him enough time, and then getting surprised with the small package, coming so close to getting the title. Even with that said, though, it does seem like he took quite a few bumps.

The Carolina Connection are easily one of the top 3 favorite things of mine about this thread. Such a great job has been done building them up from all the way back at Judgment Day and being the precursor of the main event and taking on Michaels and Orton, who will subsequently give them the rub, is just F’N awesome.

HBK & Orton are certainly no strangers here, so I wonder if this will lead to a “grudge match” of sorts, or just perhaps, the end of their feud?

Batista is another one of my favorite things about this thread, jus because of how much you’ve made him such a friggin’ bad ass. I do like how you named him “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” and I, personally, would run with that (even with possible copyright issues from Mr. Tyson). Just absolutely brutal stuff from Big Dave here, with Rey clearly being outmatched but putting up a huge fight, as you would expect. Awesome finish too, with Batista being imposing and callous.

FLAIR! Guessing we’ll get Flair-Batista at Survivor Series which will be top notch I’d suspect.

Overall this was a pretty solid show, and subsequent return. Really loved the CC getting the W the most, and the finish was brilliant. Looking forward to this thread gaining more traction and steam.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond: Recovery

Anyone else notice this noob sneakily scrapping the New Breed/Hooligans match coz he forgot he drafted London/Kendrick to RAW before? What a muppet this so called "Hall of Famer" is

Nah seriously tho, really good PPV, all results made sense, Batista really looking strong over Rey as he should hopefully means Rey goes down the card slightly. Flair's return was epic and a Survivor Series contest looks likely and should have some awesome build to it. Crazy > Psicosis I don't like as personally Psi is the better of the two and not just a spot monkey but whatever. Glad that HBK/Orton didn't take the straps off the CC as I said, proper tag teams should dominate the scene, not thrown together sides to further their own feuds. Haas winning that 5 way was a surprise but you pointed it out well, the favourite (Booker T in this case) doesn't always win. Not a fan of the Taker/Regal feud looking to continue but I can see Regal being BERRIED at SS so I may let it slide

Overall good stuff and nice to see you back


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Re: 2007 & Beyond: Recovery

Ha, I thought I saw London and Kendrick there originally. Good to know I’m not losing it.

I’m guessing for now that this is the point you’re continuing from, but I really don’t have much of an idea what’s going on there.

Punk/Hardy or the five-way were the two obvious choices to start the show off, so you couldn’t go wrong with either. The Lashley comeback is interesting. The way you wrote him off seemed very abrupt, so I’m glad you’re bringing him back to probably turn Matt heel (or even Lashley, which would probably make him a hell of a lot more interesting). The match seemed your typical face/face type match, with Punk more likely to do more heelish things because you have played up that he is arrogant (the t-shirt says it all). Some good counter wrestling, leading to a Punk win that isn’t a huge surprise. He’s seemed set up for the gold, while Matt has a thing with Lashley to come that doesn’t necessarily need the title because it has become personal. Punk’s progressed nicely to the title too, with the feud with Regal in particular elevating him after the early win streak. The Matt/Punk handshake was a bit mooshy, but it could well set up Matt becoming more frustrated if he can’t dethrone Punk in a few more matches.

Henry hasn’t been that dominant since after WrestleMania when he realigned with Teddy, but you’ve covered it well by having Teddy talk up a storm on almost every show since. This seems to be another case of that.

The Henry/Booker alliance from the summer was used well to add an extra dimension to the match, and really made The New Breed meaningless so their ejection was expected. The team was always going to break down, but I loved that you had Booker look good and bust out the spinaroonie. He doesn’t wrestle that often in this thread, so making it seem like a big deal when he does seems the right move. Haas winning isn’t a surprise considering he just had a title match at SummerSlam back when he was on RAW to start his push. Considering the interaction he had with Helms and Benjamin back at SummerSlam, I wouldn’t be surprised if you pushed him into the tag division and played off his old friendship with Shelton. A solid win here sets up a decent first defence for Punk, and allows Haas to continue to look strong. Good move.

Triple H agreeing with Steph about the title match is as expected. It’s not a big segment, but it keeps Tripper sucking up to Steph in the hope he’ll be granted an eventual title match.

The Super Crazy/Psichosis match has been building for a while if I remember right, but it hasn’t exactly been exciting. I guess splitting them up adds a bit of depth to the cruiserweight division, especially considering they’re really nobodies in the tag division. Giving them the chance to put on a decent match is the best chance to get them over, and a Crazy win is logical to go after Noble. The cruiserweight division has been languishing a bit since Daniels departed, but with three cruiserweight matches on this card, it looks like you’re trying to strengthen it.

I actually wasn’t sure at all what to expect from the Regal/Undertaker match, so this was going to surprise me either way. I thought you might give it a bit longer than you did, but I guess it doesn’t really matter with the screwy finish. The finish honestly made it seem a bit like a weekly show match, despite the action before then being a bit more vicious (sidewalk slam on the outside, tiger suplex being busted out) and PPV type damage. Still, it’s made up for by the surprise appearance of Cena, which causes the finish to make sense. The appearance of Cena was definitely a surprise considering he was more than happy to escape from ‘Taker by heading to RAW. I guess considering you have Cena/Rock to come, getting Cena/‘Taker out of the way first makes sense. The laying out of Kane was a nice way for Cena to send a message, while ‘Taker not really giving a damn, but more wanting to get his hands on Cena at the end shows what he’s all about. The original between these two back at WrestleMania was good, so I’m expecting the same when you get these guys together again (Survivor Series?). Regal comes out of this still looking good too, although this seemed like a real break out match opportunity for him, so I’m not sure where he goes next.

The Survivor Series main event for RAW seems like a bit of a strange one. Edge can continue to say he’s being screwed by having to defend against three men, although the three men are surprising. I would have expected MVP or RVD in there, but I guess JBL’s resurrection under Williams is working, and Jeff gets his reward for dominating Daniels, who I’m assuming is still IC Champion.

The Triple H/Stephanie segment makes it seems like Cena/Undertaker is gearing towards a classic SS match. I don’t mind that, but it feels like Cena/Undertaker needs its own match too.

Bourne was obviously always going to win here considering Sabin has been on the slide and Bourne is on the way up. Comparing Bourne’s rise to Sabin gives good extra reason for the match, and Sabin’s attitude afterwards progresses his descent into heel territory well. Again, it’s another cruiserweight match on PPV, so while it’s not a big match, it’s a good way to push the division.

This segment makes it seem clear Matt was probably involved in the attack. Lashley’s warning seems to indicate they’ll be feuding either way.

The Kash/Noble feud seems like it’ll be continuing based off this finish. I don’t feel like it’s quite taken off yet, as Kash never seemed to truly turn face (that I can recall, although I know he’s played the face in this feud and at SummerSlam) and we’ve missed a few shows along the way. I guess giving the two the time you did here is a way to fix that though, with Noble and Kash sure to put something good together in the ring.

The Orton/Michaels alliance for a title match is a weird one. I guess it works well for you as it gives The CC a credible pair of opponents to face while setting up the next move for Michaels and Orton, but, as Orton noted by saying Helms and Benjamin are just a road block, it seems like just a bit of a distraction. The theme for the match was obvious, as you said, and you played it out well. The CC ultimately pick up the win with their teamwork, after Orton and Michaels were better earlier individually. It’s effective in putting over just how good Helms and Benjamin are together, while it seems like we’ll get Michaels/Orton in a feud. That probably balances SmackDown up better, because there are a lot of good heels, but not as many good faces. It also sets up a potential Batista/Michaels meeting down the line, which would be great.

I like the Batista/Mysterio match for a few reasons. First of all, everybody knows there’s no chance Batista will lose after just winning the belt, so it’s a good time to use Mysterio. Plus you did a good job of making him look credible with the tournament. The main reason I like it is that Mysterio and Batista used to be friends, so, while Batista was already a heel before, it gives you the chance to play up the new emotionless Batista. The big guy not covering Mysterio throughout the match before finishing it with two Demon Bombs shows the evil side well to finish the match too. While the winner was always obvious, the match tells more of a story in terms of where Batista is at.

You’re in an interesting place now. You obviously have Batista/Flair, which will probably headline Survivor Series, and rightfully so. But then you have Triple H, as well as Kennedy to come back. There’s no shortage of options here, keeping things exciting.

I’m not sure where things are going really, but while the PPV lacked a bit of star power with Cena gone from SD and Kennedy suspended, I still think you delivered a good show. I have no idea what you’re doing from here, but you’ve got my interest.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond: Recovery

.....After Monday Night RAW.....

Following the No Mercy pay-per-view, Friday Night SmackDown! rolls into Peoria, Illinois, and the road to Survivor Series couldn't start off any better as RIC FLAIR RETURNS to SmackDown! after two months on the shelf at the hands of his onetime protege, the World Heavyweight Champion Batista. What will "The Nature Boy" have to say to "The Animal" and the world after saying nothing to anyone since SummerSlam?

Also, SmackDown! co-General Manager Triple H has told wwe .com that he plans on addressing his standing with the World Heavyweight Title picture on SmackDown!. Have "The Game" and his co-GM Stephanie McMahon come to some sort of resolution on "The King of King"'s title aspirations?

After all of the damage and destruction that The Undertaker caused on Monday Night RAW, will "The Phenom" make an appearance on SmackDown! further addressing his war with John Cena?

And after their victories at No Mercy, the new United States Champion CM Punk defends the United States Championship against Charlie Haas. Also, The New Breed of Monty Brown and Elijah Burke take on Bloody Fridays, consisting of Paul Burchill and Steve Lewington to determine a new number one contender for the WWE Tag Team Champions, as do Evan Bourne and Super Crazy for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

All that and more on Friday Night SmackDown!. 8/7CT on FX.


Game On

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Re: 2007 & Beyond: Recovery

I like that you're immediately rewarding the winners from No Mercy, making the matches and the PPV itself seem more important. It's really a pretty stacked show you've got, even without a real top line star in an announced match, which shows how well you're really pushing the midcard as a whole. Plus the Cena/'Taker and Batista/Flair situations make for guaranteed goodness, and there's always some Trips/Steph stuff there too.

I'll be reading.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond: Recovery

As BULK has mentioned, Smackers looks fairly stacked even without a major match booked, the mid card is being used well and I'm looking forward to the Flair/Batista promo, what happens with Taker and Cena and also the HHH/Steph stuff after the earlier teaser.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond: Recovery

Kennedy plz. This is his thread.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond: Recovery

In all the years we’ve both been around these parts (to the best of my recollection) we’ve almost been like ships passing in the night. My longest periods of inactivity seemed to coincide with the time in which this thread was established as THE thread of the section, so I’ve never really gotten to appreciate the great work that’s went into this project.

Now, just before you departed the last time, I remember distinctly loving the brewing tension between Trips and Stephanie as co-Gms, and the brilliance of Kennedy (like Legend said - this is HIS thread) causing the pair trouble. The descent into Batista almost literally becoming ‘The Animal’ had been completed with aplomb, with the destruction of his mentor Flair at Summerslam and the almost instant cashing in of MITB. Anyways, my other lasting memory from the last go-around was that Smackdown was definitely pulling ahead as the A-Brand (at least in my mind) with much more intrigue surrounding the brand from top to bottom - although Umaga vs. Angle over on Raw was being booked brilliantly as an Irresistible Force/Immovable Object war.

In a nutshell, it’s tremendous to have you back

No Mercy was certainly a solid show. The level of talent on the Smackdown roster is ridiculously scary, and kicking off this show with two work horses like Punk and (the not yet FATT) Hardy just goes to show it. I think the time for Punk to hold gold is now, and the title change was the right way to go. You’ve got a great handle on how to use Punk as a confident, cocky face (and it’ll be sooo easily to turn him heel when the time comes) without his attitude being overbearing. His arrogance (indeed ) is backed up with his in ring work, and a good run with the U.S strap is just what he needs at this point.

And a feud with Charlie Haas works for me. A lot of work has gone into rebuilding Haas in the thread, and his move to Smackdown absolutely allowed you to give him a new lease of life. Saying that, I fully expected him to eventually find a new tag team partner to challenge his old one after that meeting at Summerslam, and his subsequent move to the blue brand, but you’ve gone on a different route - but not a bad one at all, especially if you did cut the reign of Punk and put the belt on Haas, giving him a chance to gloat at Benjamin & Helms. I don’t think he should - or will - take the belt from Punk, but pushing the champ to the limit on a few occasions should do the trick just nicely. The title match being as soon as this weeks Smackdown did surprise me, as I thought we’d have to wait a few weeks at least to see it.

It may well be a pointer that the Cruiserweight division is set to receive a lot of limelight with THREE Cruiserweight division based matches on the show. As previously mentioned prior to me, breaking up the Mexicools is a smart idea; they’ll never be a threat to Shelton & Helms, but both men have enough name recognition to at least be relevant in the CW division, if maybe a little past their prime to actually be a threat to the title.

Digging the route you’re taking the Sabin heel turn, jealous of the younger, faster, flashier CW. That kind of heel turn could easily prove to be a catalyst to shove Sabin right back into the title picture with a new attitude. I’ve been conditioned by Legends legendary thread to assume Noble was face and Kash was heel, so it’s different to see the pair switching roles in this thread. It felt like a perfect opportunity for Kash to take the belt and avenge his injury, but for me, it felt like his only opportunity to strike while the iron was hot. Him losing here cleanly has me thinking he’s moving to the back of the line, and it could be the youngster Evan Bourne (with the jealous Sabin sniffing around) up next for the champ.

After the build up that’s gone into Regal and his group, I honestly thought he’d beat The Deadman here - even if it were via nefarious means - given it’s not quite WrestleMania season yet. He’d really taken it to The Phenom as best as I remember prior to this event, but to be fair, he did so here too. And, while Taker won via DQ, he took an absolute pasting before Kane made the save … but Cena arriving to send a message by taking out Kane was telling.

I’ll have to read over some of the old shows, as I don’t recall off hand if the Cena/Taker issue died at WrestleMania and Cena is now pushing it again, or whether he’s been teasing wanting a rematch ever since … but whichever it is, these actions, putting Kane through a table, will surely lead to the WM Rematch, and a likely Cena win this time. As soon as Survivor Series perhaps?? Takers reaction at the end surprised me though, as I assumed he’d simply be blowing a gasket … but the slight smirk, scoffing at Cena … does he take Cena seriously enough as a threat??

Speaking of Survivor Series, the reaction of Triple H to Stephanie after the Cena run in has all the making of a set up for a Raw vs. SD match at the event. Could it be that Trips ends up leading the Smackdown team, and if he is successful he gets that title shot he’s been pestering his Co-GM about? And, if that carrot is dangled in front of Trips, could it lead to him reaching out to Kennedy of all people, knowing he needs the top guys on the team to deliver victory (although he’d obviously need to sweeten the deal to get Kennedy on side) … I’m rambling here a little. Actually, I’m fantasy booking another bookers thread.

Again, I’ll need to go back and read over what the deal was with Lashley and his injury. Obviously he was jumped and injured in some way, and I can assume that the person that benefited most from the injury was Matt Hardy?? Personally, I see Matt as an obvious red herring before the reveal of the real attacker down the line … probably right after Lashley does officially point the finger at Matt.

Another thing I’ve missed in this thread was the emergence of the Carolina Connection as the leading team on the scene. Clearly, given their billing here, they’ve been pushed to the moon as a team - and with their talents, it’s no wonder why. Seeing off Orton & Michaels - whilst a makeshift team - is a great achievement for the tag champs, and I was pleased you resisted any temptation to put the belts on HBK & Orton to further their issue. BTW, it’d be remiss of me not to mention the earlier interview, which contained this golden nugget from HBK;

HBK steps up to the plate first, calling the two tag champs “young whippersnappers” and stating that “those two have stolen so many of my moves, they should pay me royalties.” Michaels thinks it’ll be a cakewalk because “the original is always better than the sequel.”
That was magnificent. Also, as an aside, I think you’ve always managed to pull off funny lines nicely, almost effortlessly imo, where the lines are genuinely funny, and not forced or laboured, and that Michaels promo showed that skill perfectly.

Interesting just how one sided the main event was for the most part, as you almost always expect a PPV main event to be a ‘contest’ of some sort. Rey did get in some offence of course, but this match was all about Batista, and putting over his dominance. Coining him ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ is justified, because since Summerslam, he’s flipped a switch, so to speak, and became a scary prospect for anyone to face…

Unless you’re Ric Flair. That’s a match a lot of people will want to see, and while I don’t give Flair much of a chance against Batista, the build up should be amazing, with the crazy old man taking on the younger, dominant animal. Has the hallmarks of something special IMO, especially considering the months (years) of back story these two have to fall back on together. The way you wrote the stand off at the end of the PPV was incredible too, and that - the writing - can sometimes add that much more to such a moment, as proven here.

Looks like you’re moving quickly onto Smackdown too which is an encouraging sign. Fingers crossed you’re here for the long haul.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond: Recovery

WWE SmackDown - October 19th, 2007

Game On

"Flair… I’m starting to get pissed off. You’re wasting my time, old man."

No pyro.

No opening video.


The audience ROARS, letting out a mixed reaction…

The first theme music of the night…

And it belongs to
“The Game” TRIPLE H.

Hunter steps out onto the SD stage, and he couldn’t be any sharper, adorned in a grey suit and shades, his signature ponytail intact.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night SmackDown!. I’m Joey Styles, here with Tazz and Michael Cole, and we couldn’t get things started off any bigger, than with the co-general manager of SmackDown!, Triple H.

Tazz: Cole, Styles, we got word that Triple H has got some news for us here tonight regarding the World Heavyweight Championship, and news has been swirling around the locker room about what it could be.

Michael Cole: That’s absolutely right, Tazz. The scuttlebutt around the locker room is that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have come to an agreement about the World Title. And what would that mean for Batista?

Joey Styles: Or Ric Flair?

Tazz: I ain’t got a clue what a scuttlebutt is, but I’m interested in what The Game has to say.
Triple H gets into the ring, and calls for a microphone. He gets one rather quickly. He’s the boss. H’s music dies down, and so does the audience, because Hunter immediately brings the microphone up to his mouth.

Triple H: Welcome to Friday Night SmackDown.

The crowd cheers as H spews the line rather nonchalantly. Hunter lets out a smirk.

Triple H: I hate to be so… lackadaisical about all this, but the fact of the matter is… this show has been great week in and week out.


Triple H: I think it's pretty safe to say that No Mercy qualifies as one of, if not, the best, single brand pay per view of the year...

The crowd politely applauds as Triple H, the self-proclaimed King of Kings and the co-General Manager of WWE SmackDown! strolls the ring in a dark suit, microphone in hand. Hunter brings the microphone back up to his mouth.

Triple H: I don't wanna take up too much time here tonight, because I know we've got Ric Flair making an appearance--

The crowd ROARS for The Nature Boy.

Triple H: --one of... one of, the greatest wrestlers of all-time, but I will say this… No Mercy was great, in no small part, due to myself. I was right about everything I did last Sunday night. I was right about giving Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels a shot at the WWE Tag Team Title against the Carolina Connection.

Loud pop.

Triple H: And that was one of the greatest tag team matches in recent memory. That whole card was STACKED from top to bottom and it was mostly at my hands.


Triple H: I know a lot you idiots out there in "TV Land" thought that when I became the co-general manager of SmackDown that I’d come out here and do a lot of grandstanding… and a lot of blowing my own horn and putting myself over. I’d push the guys I wanted to push and bury the guys I didn’t like… but the fact of the matter is that since the SmackDown following SummerSlam, I’ve done nothing but book the most exciting matches with the most exciting superstars week in and week out.

Mixed reaction. Cheers for the statement. Boos for the arrogance.

Triple H: From CM Punk (cheers), to Matt Hardy (cheers), to Rey Mysterio (cheers), and Charlie Haas, and William Regal (big heat), and Chris Sabin, and The Carolina Connection (big pop), these are the best wrestlers in the world. Period. End of discussion. Raw. SmackDown. These guys are the best. And they’re who I feature on this show.

Polite cheers.

Triple H: Because I have a very simple belief. It’s a very simple one. The best wrestlers should compete. The WWE Tag Team Champions should simply be the best WWE tag team wrestlers in the world… and that’s why Benjamin and Helms, the Carolina Connection have the belts.

Big pop.

Triple H: The WWE Cruiserweight Champion should simply be the best cruiserweight wrestler in the world, and hence, Jamie Noble is your Cruiserweight Champion.


Triple H: CM Punk, one of the best young guys to come through this company in a long time is the Untied States Champion—

Crowd pops.

Triple H: And he’ll be taking on Charlie Haas a little later on tonight for that title. This stuff to me seems all very simple. The best face the best. Period. No muss, no fuss, no favorites, no politics……… The World Heavyweight Champion should quite simply be the best in the world. Whether it was Ric Flair, or Ricky Steamboat, or Dusty Rhodes, the best is the best, the World Heavyweight Champion.

I am the best of the best. Period.

LOUD mixed reaction for H, clearly getting riled up.

Triple H: Say what you want, but whether you like me or you don’t, there’s no denying what I’ve done in this ring. I’ve beaten Stone Cold Steve Austin, I’ve beaten The Rock, I’ve beaten The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Chris Jericho, RVD, Kane, Randy Orton, Ric Fair – the very best that this business has to offer, and I deserve my shot to prove without a shadow of a doubt that I am… that, damn, good.

The crowd helps finish off the catchphrase, followed by another mixed reaction. H takes a deep breath, calming himself.

Triple H: I want you to understand that I know what's best for business. I know what's best for SmackDown!. I proved it last Sunday night at No Mercy. I proved it every single week that I've been General Manager of SmackDown!, and I proved it when I made the case to suspend Mr. Kennedy--

--from the audience, followed by boos. H pays them no real mind.

Triple H: So, Stephanie, let's do the right thing here. Survivor Series! November 18th! I want my shot at the World Heavyweight Championship!

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Triple H: Let's get this over with. Let's see if I got it or if I don't. Let's see if I'm still the best wrestler on the planet, the King of Kings, The Game! Let's, just, see.

Another loud mixed reaction from the audience as Hunter paces around the ring, waiting...

…and waiting...

…and waiting....


The crowd lets out a respectable ovation as the other General Manager of SmackDown!, STEPHANIE McMAHON, steps out onto the stage. Steph, adorned in a black power suit and a white shirt, looks as good as ever as she saunters down to the ring, her eyes locked on her husband. Her confidence can only be attributed to one thing: H needs her.

Michael Cole: Even though Triple H is the co-general manager of SmackDown, Hunter can't give himself a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship unless his partner agrees as well, per the orders of WWE's Chairman, Mr. McMahon. Therefore, Triple H's World Heavyweight Championship aspirations remain in his ex-wife's hands. Quite the impassioned plea from Triple H there.

Tazz: I think he makes quite the good point. If Triple H is one of the best in the world, he deserves his shot just like all the other big dogs around here. It ain’t right what Steph’s doing.

Joey Styles: Well, I don’t necessarily agree that it’s her fault. Triple H has brought a lot of this on himself, but let’s see if we can get this all sorted out. The Game has laid his cards on the table.
Stephanie climbs in between the middle and bottom ropes and into the ring. She grabs herself a microphone while Hunter watches her. He even takes his shades off for the occasion. The music dies down and Steph brings the mic up to her mouth.

Stephanie McMahon: Hunter... you make a fair point, and quite frankly, I do think you’re right about this being unfair to you… in a vacuum. Let’s please not let the facts get in the way of a good story, I understand… but it was you, who had it advertised to the world that you were showing up to Judgment Day in May… only to turn right around.


Triple H: I showed up.

Stephanie McMahon: It was you who attacked Mr. Kennedy from behind and hit him with the Pedigree at the Great American Bash.

More boos.

Triple H: He’s a jerk.

Stephanie McMahon: And you did the same at SummerSlam.

Triple H: He was still a jerk.

Stephanie McMahon: The fact of the matter is, Hunter, that you’ve done me no favors since you’ve been on SmackDown, and all you’ve done is demand and demand things, and caused havoc when you haven’t gotten your way. And… I don’t think I want someone like that representing my brand in the World Title picture…

Crowd cheers. Hunter's not pleased.

Stephanie McMahon: …partner.

Triple H rubs his beard and walks around the ring, thinking, contemplating, calming himself down before he speaks. After a couple of pauses, H looks over at his ex-wife.

Triple H: Let’s cut the BS.

H stops moving.

Triple H: Let’s put it on the table. Flat. You want to run this show by yourself. We both know it. We can smile and pretend to be happy all day, but the fact of the matter is, you’re a control freak, and you don’t like me. Fair enough. I want a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. So let’s figure this thing out.

Stephanie lets out her trademark smirk.

Stephanie McMahon: Okay... Survivor Series... You brought it up. Let’s do it old school.

Triple H: I didn’t know you still had those kinda feelings for me, Steph.

Hunter smirks. Stephanie shakes her head.

Stephanie McMahon: Please. Five-on-five Classic Survivor Series match-up. You pick your team, and I pick mine. If your team wins, you get the very next shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, no matter who it is.

Triple H nods his head.

Triple H: I like it.

Stephanie McMahon: But if I win, you are no longer the co-general manager of SmackDown.

Crowd cheers a bit. Hunter thinks this over….

Triple H: I’ve got a counter—

Stephanie McMahon: Oh, Hunter. It’s a take-it-or-leave-it deal.

Triple H looks up, taking himself a deep breath, while Stephanie watches whilst barely hiding a smirk. Hunter looks back at her.

Triple H: GAME ON!

The crowd cheers as the match is set. Triple H puts his shades back on, and exits the ring, walking back up the entrance ramp. Stephanie has a look around at the crowd.

Stephanie McMahon: Let’s get started with our first match of the night, shall we?

LOUD cheers with the wrestling-orientated SmackDown audience ready for some action…


Triple H and “The Notorious K.I.D.” KID KASH cross paths as Kash steps out onto the stage.

Tazz: Kid Kash coming out here, ready for a triple threat match, but my goodness, wheat a match we’ve got set for Survivor Series, Styles.

Joey Styles: Huge SmackDown implications in that one. Five-on-five Survivor Series style match up. Team Stephanie versus Team Hunter.

Michael Cole: There’ll be plenty of time to discuss that later on tonight, but up next, Kid Kash takes on Psicosis and Chris Sabin in a triple threat match on SmackDown!

1 - Triple Threat Match
Kid Kash vs. Chris Sabin vs. Psicosis

The three losers of the cruiserweight matches at No Mercy compete in a cruiserweight match. Our commentators remind us of the number one contender's match taking place later on tonight between Evan Bourne and Super Crazy, while our three cruisers in the ring do what they do best and put on a fantastic contest. The finish sees Kash roll out of the way of a top rope leg drop from Psicosis and then drill Psicosis with the DEAD LEVEL! But before he can go for the pinfall, Sabin RUSHES and SHOVES Kash out of the ring, getting the three count on Psi.

Winner: Chris Sabin via pinfall at 8:32.

Sabin celebrates like he's just won a World Title.
Joey Styles: Boy, have his standards lowered.

Tazz: Hey, a win is a win... especially in this division. The Cruiserweight Division is a murderer's row. There's a tough match every night. You celebrate when you get one.

William Regal chats up Bloody Fridays, Steve Lewington and Paul Burchill, all wearing suits… when Triple H walks into the locker room.

Lewington and Burchill immediately block Hunter’s path, standing in front of Regal like a brick wall. Hunter smirks.

Triple H: You two are rather intense, aren’t ya?

Bloody Fridays doesn’t smile a bit… and as a result, Hunter’s smile fades.

Triple H: If you two want a future here, I suggest you move the hell out of my way.

H means it. The scowl on his face tells the story, but the two youngsters don’t care… and don’t move, their expressions not changing a bit.

William Regal: It’s quite all right, gentlemen. Let our esteemed general manager through.

On command, Burchill and Lewington separate, allowing H through. Hunter gives the two kids a look that could kill, before he approaches a smirking Regal.

William Regal: You two have a number one contender’s match later on tonight. Go get ready for that.

The two give Regal a nod, and exit the locker room.

Triple H: You’ve got them well trained.

William Regal: All we have is the future, Triple H. You believe that the World Heavyweight Championship and all of your title reigns will be your legacy.

Regal smirks.

William Regal: No, sunshine. Randy Orton is your legacy. Batista is your legacy. The only thing that's going to matter is what we leave behind. Titles are temporary. Dynasties live on for hundreds... thousands of years.

H listens

William Regal: And those two, “Beautiful” Steve Lewington and “The Ripper” Paul Burchill are mine. Those are two future stars in this business... and in the immediate future, the WWE Tag Team Champions... and I'm not quite through recruiting yet.

Triple H nods a bit. He respects him.

Triple H: Be that as it may. I’ll worry about the future when it gets here. As of now, it’s all about Survivor Series… and I want you.

William Regal: Who else is on the team?

Triple H: You’re the first visit I’ve made.

William Regal: I’m practically blushing. What’s in it for me?

Triple H: Title shot.

William Regal: What if we don’t win?

Triple H: With you, we will.

William Regal: Agreed… but what if you don’t win?

Hunter scowls. Regal smirks.

William Regal: Write up a contract, sunshine. I’ll put my signature on it.

Hunter nods… and walks out…


Krystal Marshall stands by… looking rather nervous.

Krystal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen… my guest at this time (she gulps)… the World Heavyweight Champion… Batista.

BIG HEAT as “The Animal” steps into screenshot, title over shoulder, looking none too pleased. Krystal takes a deep breath.

Krystal Marshall: Batista—

Batista: You came back for more?

Krystal already begins to recoil a bit.

Batista: I heard you complained to the general managers about your little booboo you got at No Mercy. I meant no offense… you were just in my way.

Krystal Marshall: I didn’t—

Batista: You’re in the danger zone again. So hurry up… and spit your question out.

Understandably, Krystal looks ready to shit her pants… and Batista is getting more and more frustrated with the lack of a point…

???: Hey!

Batista turns around… as THE MIZ steps up to him. Krystal quickly takes off. Smart.

Batista: I thought I killed you.

The Miz: You thought wrong. I’m back for some more, bi-atch.

That almost makes Batista crack half of a smile.

The Miz: I want you, one on one, tonight!

Batista turns his back and walks away as he speaks.

Batista: Get Stephanie or H to set it up. I’ll meet you in the ring.

Miz nods his head with confidence.


“The Heartbreak Kid” SHAWN MICHAELS walks down a hallway, dressed in jeans and an “HBK” T-shirt, apparently heading towards the stage.
Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, up next, Shawn Michaels addresses what happened last Sunday at No Mercy, when he and Randy Orton failed to—


Orton, dressed in his usual wrestling gear, quickly mounts HBK and begins to RAIN FISTS, LEFT AND RIGHT, onto Shawn Michaels’ face! Orton then lifts Michaels up, and GOES TO SLAM MICHAELS INTO THE SD SET – but HBK counters, AND SLAMS ORTON INTO THE SET!!

Michaels then gets onto of Orton and PUNCHES RANDY – but Orton counters, getting on top of Michaels and begins to PUNCH AWAY ON HIM!!

Eventually, several members of SECURITY get in between the two and pull the two former world champions apart.

“I’m not done with you, Michaels!” Orton SHOUTS, trying to get at HBK, and Michaels attempts to do the same, with only very large security officers keeping the two apart.


Back from the break, we’ve got Styles, Cole and Tazz on camera.
Joey Styles: Welcome back to SmackDown. Before the break, Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels got into a brawl backstage. Both general managers have agreed that both men should be sent home for the week to have cooler heads prevail.

Tazz: Yeah, but we’re not done with those two. I can guarantee you that.

Steve Romero stands by.

Steve Romero: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time… the new United States Champion, CM Punk.

The crowd gives a strong ovation as CM Punk steps into screenshot, wearing his “Arrogant, Indeed” T-shirt over his wrestling gear, and his U.S. Title draped over his right shoulder.

Steve Romero: CM Punk, last Sunday night at No Mercy, you defeated Matt Hardy to capture the United States Championship, your first title here in the WWE. But your celebratory period is short-lived because you defend your title against Charlie Haas tonight. What are your thoughts heading into this match up?

CM Punk: Well, I’ve gotta correct you on one thing there, Steve. My celebratory period isn’t short-lived because, when I step in that ring, it’s nothing but a celebration. It’s a celebration of wrestling. It’s a celebration of greatness. It’s a celebration that most certainly won’t stop tonight, because it’ll only stop with a loss and I’m not losing tonight.

Crowd cheers

CM Punk: Charlie Haas is a good technical wrestler. He beat four of the best in the world last Sunday night and that’s no small feat, but those five guys were fighting to face me. And I’m not one of the best in the world; I’m just the best in the world. Point. Blank. Period.

More cheers for the confident(/arrogant?) superstar. Punk lets out a smile.

CM Punk: Charlie Haas, I respect you, but my celebratory period continues tonight… and your hopes and dreams end with me.

A pop as Punk looks at Romero and taps his U.S. Title.

CM Punk: Arrogant, indeed.

Punk walks off to another cheer.


The Miz waits in the ring, warming up, jogging in place, as he waits.

Tazz: I gotta tell you. The Miz is either plain ol' crazy or he’s got way more guts than he should, but either way, he ain’t in for a fun few minutes here.


The World Heavyweight Champion BATISTA steps out onto the stage, and once more, he doesn’t pose, there’s no pyro, and no theatrics, and he simply makes a beeline for the ring.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio gave a hell of an effort last night, but Batista just dominated him. The Animal ran one of the greatest wrestlers of the generation over last night.

Tazz: Ran through like a hot knife through butter… but what I’m looking forward to is what “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair has got to say tonight.

Joey Styles: I’m not looking forward to what’s gonna happen here.
2 – Non-Title Match
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. The Miz

Batista eats Miz alive, toying around with him for the first minute and a half… BUT… the former reality show television star does have his moments, getting in a punch or two and showing a hell of a lot of guts. The finish sees Mizanin hit a dropkick on Batista, but it doesn’t take him down, only knocking him off the ropes. Batista comes back off and SPEARS HIM IN HALF for the three count.

Winner: Batista via pinfall at 3:02.

After the match, Batista lifts The Miz to his feet and DRILLS HIM WITH A DEMON BOMB!! The crowd boos, but The Animal pays them no mind, simply taking his foot and rolling The Miz’s lifeless body out of the ring, sending him to the floor with a plop.


Booker T, Sharmell and The New Breed, Elijah Burke and Monty Brown, chat it up with Mark Henry and Teddy Long.

Booker T: Look, about last night, Teddy. It happens. The only thing we can do… is move on, man.

Booker extends his hand, and he and Teddy shake hands, before giving a quick hug.

Teddy Long: Blood is always thicker than water, brother. These crackas always tryna’ tear us apart. We can’t let ‘em do it.

Booker T: You absolutely right, man. It’s just like tonight, when Monty and Elijah smack up ‘dese suckas The Carolina Connection afta’ they win their match tonight.

Teddy Long: The devil and the Uncle Tom walking around, getting cheers from all these crackas. It makes me sick.

???: Me, too.

Triple H walks into the locker room… and everyone’s antennas immediately go up.

Triple H: I know I’m not the most liked guy in this locker room… due to the color of my skin, which is rather ironic. I need your help. And that’s not easy for me to say.

Teddy Long: So you want us for your little Survivor Series team, huh?

Triple H: I want Booker. And I want the big man, Mark Henry.

Booker T: And why in the hell would we help you?

Triple H:Because with you, my team wins, and when we win, as the general manager of SmackDown, I promise each and every one of my team members a title shot of their choosing. No questions asked. Whether it’s the United States Championship, Cruiserweight Championship, the Tag Team Titles, or the World Heavyweight Championship… after I get my shot, of course.

Booker, Long and company all look around at one another.

Booker T: We want it in writin’. I know how slick you can get when it comes to promisin’ things.

Teddy Long: Like forty acres.

Triple H lets out a smile.

Triple H: Deal.

Hunter walks off…



Maryse stands in front of Rey Mysterio, Finlay, Matt Hardy and Carlito.

Rey Mysterio: So, what’s up, Maryse?

Finlay: What the hell is taking so long, princess?

Matt Hardy: Yeah, we’ve got things to do here.

Carlito: Waiting around like a bunch of idiots with nothing to do… Dat… das not cool.

Maryse: Ms. McMahon… is – how do you say –

Stephanie McMahon: Right here.

Stephanie swoops into the office and stands in front of them all.

Stephanie McMahon: Thank you, Maryse. I’ll take it from here.

Maryse nods and exits the office.

Rey Mysterio: Is this about Survivor Series?

Stephanie McMahon: That is correct.

Matt Hardy: We figured.

Stephanie McMahon: So what do you guys say?

Finlay: I’m in.

Matt Hardy: Me too.

Rey Mysterio: Me three.

Silence. Everyone turns to Carlito. Carlito shrugs his shoulders.

Carlito: Hey, don’t rush Carlito. What’s in it for me?

Stephanie McMahon: A pay-per-view paycheck, a big match, and… my eternal gratitude.

Carlito: Does that come with a car? Carlito doesn’t even know what that means.

Stephanie McMahon: It means, when title shot consideration is needed… or when it comes time to renegotiate that hefty contract of yours… I won’t forget the favor that you all did for me.

Carlito: Now dat… das cool.

Stephanie lets out her trademark smirk for the second time tonight…


With Evan Bourne and Super Crazy already in the ring, ready for their number one contender's match...


The crowd boos as the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble makes his way down to ringisde, title belt wrapped around his waist, wearing his usual jean shorts and a red flannel vest. Noble shouts some not so nice words at Crazy and Bourne before he joins the announce table.

3 - Number One Contender's Match for Cruiserweight Championship
Evan Bourne vs. Super Crazy

Bourne and Crazy? Spotfest! But an awesome spotfest, but the two athletic marvels. Noble doesn't go easy on either one of them on commentary, letting the world know what we already know, that when he steps in the ring with either one of them, he will have the decided technical advantage. "They can't wrestle like I do." Inside the ring, Crazy and Bourne amaze as only they can. And once the two have exhausted every single possible ounce of energy they possibly could...

Noble slides in the ring...


Winner: No Contest at 9:44.

Joey Styles: What the hell was that?

Michael Cole: After all that tough talk from Jamie Noble, that's what he does?

Tazz: Hey, he's the champ. He can do whatever he pleases. At least you got a great match out of it, right?

Joey Styles: But now we don't have a number one contender.

Tazz: Sabin won his match earlier.
Jamie Noble reaches the top of the ramp, and raises his Cruiserweight Title to heat...


Randy Orton, now in a leather jacket, rolls his bag towards the arena doors... as he talks alongside... Triple H...

Orton is clearly incensed... but Hunter tries to explain something to him... very calmly... almost apologetically...

Eventually... Orton calms... and gives Hunter a bit of a nod...


Back from the break, Cole, Styles, and Tazz....
Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, at No Mercy, former SmackDown superstar and current RAW superstar, John Cena, came to the ring after The Undertaker's match with William Regal and delivered an FU to The Undertaker's brother, Kane, through the announce table.

Tazz: No small feat, Cole. We know about the history between The Boss and The Deadman but I thought it would die down after Saturday Night's Main Event, when Cena was drafted.

Joey Styles: Absolutely not. On Monday Night Raw last week, John Cena took on Edge for the WWE Championship when...***Censored by Mac***.

Tazz: Absolutely shocking.

Joey Styles: Then No Mercy happened, and this past Monday on RAW, The Undertaker...***Censored by Mac***.

Tazz: I'll tell ya, Styles. I've never been more excited watching the B Show in my life. This thing between Taker and Cena ain't over. Period.

Accompanied by a tremendous amount of heat, Bloody Fridays, Paul Burchill, Steve Lewington and William Regal make their way down to the ring, where...

Booker T, Sharmell and The New Breed, Monty Brown and Elijah Burke, already wait. As Bloody Fridays and The New Breed meet up in the ring, Booker and Regal exchange pleasantries at ringside.

The two seem to be on rather decent terms. Both want to win this match... but with Survivor Series around the corner... there may be bigger fish to fry than each other...

4 - Number One Contender's Match for Tag Team Championship
Bloody Fridays (w/William Regal) vs. The New Breed (w/Booker T & Sharmell)

Both teams are evenly matches, and the two veterans, Regal and Booker, constantly shout out their tips from their perspective corners, much like a boxing or MMA coach would. In the end, Brown and Burke have faced higher level competition for a longer period of time than Bloody Fridays, and it't the New Breed who get the victory after Brown drills Lewington with the POOOOUUUNCCCEEEEE~~~~!~~!!!~~~~!~.

Winner: The New Breed via pinfall at 7:51. Burke and Brown earn WWE Tag Team Title shot against The Carolina Connection.

After the match, both teams gather in the ring... and Booker and Regal shake hands. The four youngsters don't, their youthful pride can't handle that just yet, still jawing back and forth with one another. Regal and Book tell their respective teams to shut up essentially, before Bloody Fridays exit the ring, leaving Booker and company to celebrate...
Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, next week here on SmackDown, The New Breed will take on one of the finest tag teams that wrestling has to offer.

Tazz: The history of wrestling, Cole. In history. I'm not tryna be disrespectful to, you know, The Road Warriors or The Freebirds or Tully and Arn Anderson, or The Dudleyz or The Hardy Boyz or any of 'em, but I'd put Benjamin and Helms in that conversation.

Joey Styles: And after beating Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton at No Mercy, so would I.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, Shelton Benjamin and Gregory Helms... The Carolina Connection.
***Video Package on The Carolina Connection.
The package starts from WrestleMania 23, with their eight-man tag victory at Mania, through their fantastic feud with The Hooligans, one they started to dominate towards the end, up until defeating Michaels and Orton last night. The video ends with Tazz calling them "the best tag team in the world."***


Walking towards the stage, Charlie Haas, stops on that last line by Tazz, catching it on one of the nearby TV monitors. Haas shakes his head, and gets himself back into the zone, continuing his march towards the ring.
Joey Styles: Up next, that man, Charlie Haas challenges CM Punk for Punk's United States Championship. That's next on SmackDown.

Tazz: Could be a classic.

5 - Main Event
United States Championship Match
CM Punk defends against Charlie Haas

Chain wrestling. Early and often. The two fan favorites (though Punk is substantially more popular) engage in a match beginning that would make Bret Hart and Kurt Angle proud. Eventually though, it's Haas who wins out on the wrestling aspect of their match, countering a Punk arm drag with one of his own and then quickly following that up with a nasty belly-to-belly suplex.

And just like at No Mercy, the new United States Champion shows that he is no dummy and has more than one trick up his sleeve, moving on to the strikes portion of his arsenal. Haas does his best to cover up and/or catch one of Punk's strikes, but it's of no use - they're coming too fast - and Punk eventually drills the challenger with one that makes him a little loopy, knocking him from the ring, as we go to...


Back from the break, Haas is in control as he has Punk locked in a Boston crab, working on Punk's legs and lower back, softening him up for the Haas of Pain. With the support of the crowd, Punk eventually reaches the ropes, but Haas simply lifts him up and hits an EXPLODER SUPLEX! He gets a two count for his troubles.

Haas lifts him up and goes for another, but Punk fights out of it with punches to Haas skull, breaking his grip. Punk then begins to get into a groove of his own, kicking away at the face of the former tag team champion, before he shoots him off the ropes, and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Punk is feeling it, and as Haas staggers into the corner, the champ charges in and drills him with a KNEE TO THE FACE!!


Punk's slams to the floor below, in a heap of pain, while Haas climbs the turnbuckle. The U.S. Champ finally makes it up to his feet... and HAAS LEAPS OFF THE TOP... DRILLING PUNK WITH A CROSS BODY BLOCK!!!

Both men lay out on the outside, as the referee begins his count. After a few seconds, both men begin to struggle back up. Haas - the more mentally clear of the two at the moment - attempts to get back into the ring... but Punk grabs him, AND PLANTS HIM WITH A BACKDROP!!


Winner: Double count out at 13:41. Punk retains United States Championship.

The ring announcer announces the decision, much to the chagrin of the audience. Punk staggers back up to his feet on the outside and is handed the title by the referee - he's not happy either. Punk says he had Haas beat, and begins to reprimand the referee like a child that you have to let the match continue. "It's for the belt. You don't end the NBA Finals with free throws."

Haas staggers back up to his feet, and - as one would imagine - he, too, is not thrilled.

While Haas also begins to give the referee a piece of his mind, his eyes come across Punk's U.S. TItle. Punk notices the stare and tells him "My eyes are up here."

Punk and Haas begin to jaw back and forth with one another, with Haas pointing out that the crossbody off the top had Punk beat. The champ laughs him off.

And as champion and challenger continue to talk, with three words, Joey Styles guarantees that nobody will be tuning out.

Joey Styles: Ric Flair. Next.


United States Championship Match:
CM Punk defends against Charlie Haas


WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The Carolina Connection defend against The New Breed


Eight Man Tag Team Match
Carlito, Rey Mysterio, Finlay and Matt Hardy vs.
William Regal, Booker T, Mark Henry and RANDY ORTON


Back to-

-the arena.


You could hear a pin drop...







The LOUDEST ovation of the night.



Flair steps out onto the stage, looking as clean and sharp as he ever has. The Nature Boy’s face, however, is different from No Mercy slightly. Naitch looks slightly… down… saddened. He carries a duffel bag with him to the ring.
Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, your eyes have arrived upon the greatest wrestler of all-time, no questions asked. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is a sixteen-time World Champion and has influenced a whole generation of wrestlers from Triple H to Shawn Michaels to Chris Jericho, and has personally trained a handful of others, including Randy Orton and the current World Champion Batista.

Michael Cole: And, Joey, it was that man, The Animal, who Flair loved the most, cared about the most, stuck with him the longest, until Batista turned on him, and left him a bloody mess. Now, The Nature Boy is back, but…

Tazz: But he don’t look like The Nature Boy! He looks sad, and what’s with the bag?
Once inside the ring, Flair calls for a microphone, and gets one. He lets the music die down and places his bag down in the middle of the ring. Naitch brings the mic up to his mouth to speak, but…






Flair can’t get a word out, as the SmackDown fans in the arena SHOWER the G.O.A.T. with heaps upon heaps of praise.


- begin to come down the face of Flair, who reaches into his suit jacket, grabs his sunglasses and places his shades onto his face. Naitch brings the mic back up to his face.

Ric Flair: I appreciate the love I’m getting from Peoria, Illinois right now.


Ric Flair: But, ladies and gentlemen, it’s been forty years I’ve been stepping into this ring, night in and night out. I’ve bruised or broken damn near everything in my body.

Flair smiles a bit.

Ric Flair: Night in, night out, I wrestled for half an hour, an hour every single night. My God, Steamboat, and Rhodes, Magnum TA, Sting, the Freebirds, Sting, the nWo, Booker T, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, up until last year, and the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Flair walks around the ring.

Ric Flair: But… let me be completely clear about this. I’ve never been in more pain than I was at SummerSlam.

Naitch stops moving, and has himself a deep breath.

Ric Flair: I’m sitting in the locker room. I wasn’t feeling great. Heh, I had just lost my Money in the Bank title shot, I just lost a match to Batista, my body was sore, the adrenaline was wearing off… and then… Batista steps into the locker room.

A boo from a person or two, but most of the crowd is completely silent. You could hear a pin drop as the audience is soaked in by the story.

Ric Flair: I noticed the look on his face, so I said, “Dave, what’s going on with you, big man?” And… all he had the audacity to say to me… was… “Sorry.”

Flair shakes his head.

Ric Flair: And I’m so stupid, you know what I said? I said, "it’s no problem, Dave. We’ll figure it out.”

Flair laughs.

Ric Flair: So, I walk over to him and give him a hug… and Batista… The Animal - and he is an animal – takes me by the back of my head and SLAMS me into a concrete wall.


Ric Flair: I can honestly say I’ve never felt anything like it. Blood SHOT out of my head. I laid on the ground, and I could not move. I had a concussion or something, and Batista climbed on top of me, and hit me with a left and a right and a left and a right and another right, and the blood kept pouring and pouting out of my head. And I’m sure the beating continued… but I was out cold.

Flair shakes his head.

Ric Flair: I’m not upset. My feelings were hurt a little, because I’ve trained Dave since he was a young pup in this business. We won the tag team titles together. I was in the locker room after he won the Royal Rumble. We’ve traveled up and down these roads together for the last few years. He’s like a son to me…

With his voice starting to crack, Flair slightly lifts his glasses off his face, and wipes some tears from his eyes. The crowd applauds, willing Flair on, as Naitch takes a breath.

Ric Flair: I’m not upset… because I can’t blame Batista. My wrestling ability has been fading for a long while now, but never did I think, that this –

Flair points to brain.

Ric Flair: Would ever start to fade. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m no longer the Dirtiest Player in the Game. I started to care. I’m no longer Slick Ric.

Crowd boos… which is soon followed by a “NA-TURE BOY” chant.

Ric Flair: I’m not gonna fight it. Father Time catches up to everyone. You can’t go back. You can’t be what you were. Physically or mentally. So… it’s time for me to hang it up.


Ric Flair: I didn’t wanna have the big sendoff that they give the old timers when they finally decide to hang it up. I just wanted to tell you all why it was happening, and right now, I want Big Dave to come on out here so I can—


The World Heavyweight Champion’s music hits, and “The Animal” Batista makes a beeline for the ring, dressed in a white t-shirt, jeans and tan boots, carrying his title. Dave throws the title in the ring and slides in, immediately coming face to face with Ric Flair.

Joey Styles: What the hell is his problem?

Tazz: He’s got no soul, Styles.
Flair takes his shades off and stuffs it back into his jacket. Batista’s eyes don’t leave Flair. Naitch brings the mic up.

Ric Flair: You wanna say anything, big man?

Flair holds the mic to Batista. Dave doesn’t move. The crowd boos.

Ric Flair: Nothing you wanna say to me, Dave?

Flair holds the mic to Batista.

Batista: Not “Dave.” Champ.

BIG-TIME HEAT. Flair takes a breath.

Ric Flair: Anything you wanna say to me, Champ?

Flair holds the mic to Batista.

Batista: Get to the point, Flair.

Flair takes another breath.

Ric Flair: Well, now my point seems kinda stupid…

Flair walks over to the duffel bag in the middle of the ring, unzips it and reaches in. He pulls out a World Tag Team Title belt. Flair brings it over to Dave.

Ric Flair: We won these titles at Armageddon in 2003. Your first title ever in the WWE. I had us replicas made, and for your birthday that next year, I gave one to you. And you and I both know it sits right atop the fireplace in your living room.

Flair smiles. Batista reaches over and takes the mic.

Batista: Not anymore.

Flair’s smile fades. Boos. He hands the mic back to Flair. Flair nods his head, hurt. He shakes it off.

Ric Flair: All right, I can see where this is going, and I’m not gonna waste anybody’s time anymore. My pride has been hurt enough. Just one more thing and I’m gonna get on outta here.

Batista watches as Flair reaches over into the duffel bag again and pulls out a… photo. Flair holds it up to the hard camera… and we close in… It’s a shot of Ric Flair and a bloody Batista inside the Elimination Chamber with their arms raised.

Ric Flair: That, ladies and gentlemen, is the night – Armageddon 2006 - that this man, the man we now all know as the baddest man on the planet, Dave Batista, went through hell to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in an Elimination Chamber match. He started first, and he went through five tough SOBs, but we came through – just like we always did – to keep the title. WOO!!


Batista seems to be getting quite annoyed by all of this… sentimentality.

Ric Flair: It came down to Batista and Kurt Angle, but I slid a steel pipe in the ring and—

Batista SNATCHES the mic away from Flair.

Batista: Flair… I’m starting to get pissed off. You’re wasting my time, old man.


Batista: Get to the point… or get put down.

More boos for Batista.

Flair takes a breath and politely motions that he wants the microphone. Dave glares a hole through Flair, and after several agonizingly awkward moments, Batista holds the microphone out for him. Flair grabs it… but Dave doesn’t let go immediately.

The two lock eyes, and Batista says, off microphone, “Get to the point, Ric.”

Flair nods humbly and takes the microphone.

Ric Flair: Fair enough, Dave—I mean, champ. It’s clear that whatever we had… is done. I thought this relationship could be salvaged… but I guess not. But for old times sake – please don’t be upset, champ – could we play the Armageddon footage, please?

Batista turns around to the titantron, as does everyone else.

Ric Flair: Show the footage with the steel pipe. I wanna show you all something.

Dave and the entire crowd waits for the footage to play…

except Ric…


…who reaches into his duffel bag…

…and pulls out…










With the crowd going completely ape shit, Flair then tosses the pipe down and lets out a “WOOO!!!”







Batista writhes in agony, as Flair wrenches in the hold as tight as he possibly can!!

The Animal sits up, and though in pain, scowls at The Nature Boy with a face of fury. Flair lets out a “WOOOOO!!!” (“WOOOOO!!!!) and FLIPS BATISTA THE BIRD, getting another raucous reaction from the sold-out crowd.

Tazz: Retirement, my ass! Ric Flair set Batista up!

Joey Styles: You ain’t kiddin’! And now the World Heavyweight Champion is in a whole lot of trouble. Thank God for Ric Flair.
Several referees run down to the ring and pull Flair off of Batista, bring the sixteen-time World Champion off of the current one.

Naitch continues to go wild, letting out “WOO!!” one after the other, all of which are reciprocated from the crowd as he’s held in the corner by the referees, while one of the officials runs over to check on Dave, who clutches his leg in pain.

Mike Chioda, SmackDown’s senior official, draws “Dave Duty” and asks Batista how he’s doing, only to have Batista SHOVE him down!

One of the other ref’s run over to assist Chioda, and Flair takes the opportunity, snatching himself away from the officials and DRILLING BATISTA WITH A KNEE DROP ACROSS THE HEAD!!

Cheers ring out all throughout the arena, as Flair gets back up to his feet and LUNGES AT BATISTA, hitting him with a quick right and a left, before he’s eventually pulled off by all of the officials once more!!

Michael Cole: Ric Flair has gone completely insane!!

Tazz: Ain’t nothin’ insane about it, Cole. Ric Flair wants revenge plain and simple. And he got himself a little tonight.

Joey Styles: But I have a feeling that The Nature Boy is far from done with The Animal!
The referees have slid Flair underneath the bottom rope and now yank the crazed legend up the entrance ramp, while Flair shouts profanities at Batista.

Dave, however, can’t pay him any mind, as all of his attention is focused on his knee, which he clutches to.



Flair shouts over and over again, much to the adulation of the audience… as SmackDown fades off the air.




WWE Championship; Fatal Four Way Match
Edge defends against The Rock, John Bradshaw Layfield and Jeff Hardy


Classic Five-on-Five Survivor Series Match
Team Hunter (Randy Orton, William Regal, Booker T, Mark Henry, ???) vs.
Team Stephanie (Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Matt Hardy, Finlay, ???)

(If Team Hunter wins, Triple H receives World Heavyweight Title shot.)
(If Team Stephanie wins, Triple H is no longer co-GM of SmackDown.)

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond: Recovery

Triple H opening the show is a good way to kick things off in a big way. Obviously we saw it coming with your strange jumping around that still has me quite unsure of how things are exactly happening in this thread. You did a good job of having Tripper hype up the whole roster, brand and just show in general by talking up how big the SmackDown superstars are and how big No Mercy was, while also having Tripper talk himself up by making him seem purely responsible for all of it. You built it all well to Triple H ultimately declaring his want and need for the World Heavyweight Championship too, with the entire promo building logically. Trips did as he always does in terms of doing a great job talking himself up before Steph’s arrival. The interaction between Steph and Trips sums up what I think you do best, and that’s the interaction between characters. It just feels natural and has a real flow to it. Tripper answering back everything Steph said to try to justify it was just some really good writing. The build to it becoming a match between Steph’s team and Triple H’s team was done well too. I thought you may have gone with this storyline a bit longer, because it feels like it still has legs, but it does add a big gimmick match to Survivor Series, and it also makes sense as a big match for you. Steph played her typical badass role well by not offering an alternative for Tripper, giving a strong ending to the promo too. That was good writing from you as per usual, setting up a great match for Survivor Series.

The three losing cruiserweights all being placed in the same match makes sense, and continues to really feature the cruiserweights prominently. You’re doing a good job of really putting over the division, just by the amount of airtime it’s getting as a whole. Sabin getting a sneaky win and treating it as huge continues to strengthen his heel turn, and it also kind of reinvigorates him with the losing streak that he’s coming off.

Again, like the Steph/Trips interaction, the stuff between Regal and Triple H was really good too. Regal seemed perfectly on point, at his arrogant best, and also seemed to set something up by mentioning Orton and Batista. Regal continuing to recruit for Bloody Fridays gives us something for the future too. Trips promising title shots to all of his choices puts him well and truly in the heel position, despite some of the crowd no doubt giving him some cheers, while I love that you chose Regal as his first member, putting him over strongly.

Again, the interaction between Miz and Batista was good. Batista saying he thought he killed Miz was actually very funny, despite him being the heel. The Miz being used as Batista’s crash test dummy has worked well for you. He continues to get the stuffing beaten out of him whenever you need Batista to look good on a show or to just fill some time. It works well.

The Michaels/Orton thing was obviously always being built with them teaming together, but it should make for a good feud. As I said in the No Mercy comments, Michaels moving into more good guy territory can only do you good with the balance of the show, and giving the feud this type of start raises the intensity right away. It also allows Michaels to get cheered a little more naturally, considering him cutting a faceish promo now would still seem weird.

Simple Punk promo, but it’s good to give him some mic time as the champion. It builds the arrogant side well and gives the title, and the title match later, some good exposure.

Batista looks like a beast. Again. He looks unstoppable. Still. Even if it is only The Miz.

The Booker/Teddy stuff is always funny in this thread, especially when they’re interacting with Trips or Steph. Trips trying to fit in was quite funny, while the heels wanting their contracts to prove, like Regal, makes sense considering how they banded against Steph. It also makes sense that they would be against her based on that, so I quite like the team you’re putting together there. It’s not filled with SmackDown’s biggest stars, but a lot of guys who consistently look strong in the thread.

I guess the same can be said with Steph’s team here. The Survivor Series team is a good way to move Mysterio and Hardy quietly along from their losses at No Mercy, while Carlito, again, was quite funny. I’ll stop banging on about how natural the promos are now.

I liked that you gave Crazy/Bourne time, but I seem to remember Noble doing the same in a match between Sabin and Kash that originally set up the whole Noble/Kash thing, so it feels a bit familiar. I guess you’re going for the four-way though, after Tazz pointed out Sabin’s win earlier. There’s no problem with that, because it shows you’re featuring a lot of the cruiserweights now.

Orton’s a very good addition to Triple H’s team. Of course the interest is in where Michaels goes now. You could put him on either team and it would really work.

So I guess we’ll be seeing this RAW stuff at some stage. You cheeky bugger.

I’m never a fan of heel/heel matches, but they’re definitely your two top contenders. I can’t think of a face team on SmackDown that comes close (or perhaps a face team at all, actually, with The Mexicools broken up). The New Breed have been better for longer, so them getting the win and setting up a title match against The CC seems the best move. That The New Breed actually seem like viable contenders despite how good The CC have been is a testament to their booking too. Of course, as the vignette illustrates, The CC are the best.

Obviously the finish is a bit of a let down, but you gave the match itself some time, and it guarantees we’ll be getting more of this in the future. The little back and forth after the match between the two was quality again too.

Obviously this is the segment that everybody would have been waiting for with the ending to No Mercy and the entire build to Batista turning on Flair from WrestleMania onwards. Really, this whole promo was top, top, top stuff. Flair put Batista over so strongly by saying it’s the worst he had felt after a match after reeling off all of those names and matches he’s been on, while it also once again reinforced what a sick son of a bitch Batista is. He did that well again when he came out, demanding to be referred to as “Champ” and saying he no longer has the tag title he won with Flair hung up. It’s simple, but it’s brilliant in just how cold you’ve had Batista become. The promo built brilliantly with Flair making it seem like he was stepping away perfectly, before the steel pipe mentioned preempted him bringing his own steel pipe. The intensity of Flair and the use of weapon really aided the belief in the beatdown, despite Batista looking unstoppable until now, while even Flair flipping Batista off and getting that cheap shot in at the end just really showed the intensity of it all. Really, just a great, great ending to the show, and a fitting way to bring Flair in and up the storyline even more.

SmackDown as a whole is moving along very nicely. The booking and the writing were great, as usual, and it was awesome to see a show in full. It’d be nice to see how RAW is going now.

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