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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

SmackDown Review

Steel Cage Match is expected. It was either this or LMS in my mind, but this should be nothing but brutal at TGAB. Card looks awesome, and Batista/Rock should be a damn good one. Punk keeping his undefeated streak . Regal bitching is gold, I expect this to continue in some matter as Punk has been messing with Regal, Booker and company. Kash will probably pick up the win to night, but theres still an thought in my mind that he may not. Daniels seemed to cut a good promo, which he has the skills to do, so that's really no surprise. New Breed squashing, next. Looks like the Rey/Chavo feud is getting hotter and hotter each week, and I think this won't end at the Great American Bash, and the pay off match will probably take place at Summerslam. Nice to see Sabin win and now Kash does not get the title shot, but with these things they always seem to end up with them. OMG HHH! Well that was a shocking bit to say the least, with him covering for Stephy and all. Like Regal-Punk and the Triple Threat for the GAB, both should be good matches. Nice tag match, Tag Champs picking up the win is no surprise and Benjamin keeping the feud boiling is good. I'm liking how this is going so far and the match should be good once it happens. Not too surprised that The Rock lost here, gives Batista some momentum. Kennedy looking strong is very good, and it should be interesting to see how the Mega Tag should end, it's really a toss up imo. Interesting end to the show, with The Game seemingly showing a soft side - but then turning back into the shit-eating SOB every one knows him to be. I like it, I like how this whole storyline has been going. Solid recap Mac, solid recap.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Some breif comments on RAW...

Nice to give Striker some promo time and Sabu's win was good for him to boost credibility so he can put over the next big star, which is what he needs to do. One off win imo.

Beth and Mickie promo was good and in not so many words. Good friction between them. I don't see Mickie holding onto the title for long. Vick getting the win the way she did was good for everybody. Beth will surely want some retribution. Me calling a handicap match soon

Coach promo was...well...I don't know. I didn't think it was needed. It wasn't funny, maybe a little, but Coach? Striker should go places. Feed Jindrak to him! I'll wait till the tag scene develops until I form ideas. Haas got a win and his brief speech was almost as wierd as Coach and the crowd is silent no matter what Haas does. No need to specify

RKO Army getting a good win over the former world champs. Not too sure if the RWC vs. AMW feud should continue. I have relatively low interest in the feud tbh

Everything, every promo you had building to the main event were awesome and did what they were supposed to do. The match featured everything that you built in. I don't know why the no contest was there. I'm not a fan of having a no contest unless you really need it and in this case, you didn't. It was pretty easy to make someone the fallguy without actually having to look weak. I don't know what to make of JBL backstage. I'm not a huge fan of JBL being the focus of Monday Night RAW, as it seems to me over the last two weeks but it's something different and let's see how well it goes


SmackDown Feedback

Good promo to start. Surprised that Steph isn't dishing out punishment for her eye. Also surprised that Henry and Finlay are sitting there and no action spills. Match would've made more sense if it was a no escape steel cage match. They'd have to settle it in the ring. I can't imagine Henry trying to climb out. Good way to fill up the GAB card. Show's looking good with a great card and greater main event

Punk getting a push is good and a win over Regal after a win over Booker is pretty good. The rub last week also helped. I think we'll see him going into the US title picture soon enough. Kash will surely win now, filling in another match for the Bash

Nice Daniels promo. Have to admit, without him the Cruiser division seems to be going back to its earlier ways. Enter Chavo and Rey into the division soon pls. I don't think he'll get the US title at the Bash although he is in a good position to. 3 minute jobbefest? Two tops imo. Good win for the New Breed. Booker should get involved more often. He's probably going to revert to Flair form (03 Flair form)

Hardy interview? Fine I guess. He has the best chance of taking the title off of Lashley imo if he doesn't retain, which I don't think he will. Chavo and Rey feud is really intense. Promo was all sorts of awesomeness. Hoping for a Chavo win come Bash and I think he will win. Semi main event spot pls

Sabin's name was replaced by Noble's in one sentence. Doesn't matter. Good match but I don't like the fact that Kash was down for so long due t the cradle shock. It doesn't come across as a hugely powerful knockout move. It's more like a hit it to win kind of move, sort of like the west coast pump for Rey. Noble getting the win is kind of a surprise. Sabin vs. Kash at Bash for #1 contendership's spot. Maybe but I don't like the sound of it. Phenomenal promo backstage. Stephanie being fair to the gentlemen and not abusing power was a good move now that this has happened. Shows that Triple H still cares about something. A Triple H vs. Henry feud could be interesting provided its short term or a one off match for a night. Show just got a lot more interesting. Punch on Teddy was good payback

Jeff in the shadow of Matt? If anything it's the other way around but Jeff needed some material to mooch off of. I understand the 3-Way cruiser match for the Bash but why Punk vs. Regal? Because of the lack of depth to the card or because of some mysterious angle you have planned because on paper, it looks pointless and uninteresting. The tag match was fine and the aftermath was generic. CC have the momentum going now

The way that Cena|Batista angle is going is great imo. Cena is still in the character that he is best at and doesn't need to change, while Batista can transition a bit between Cena level and Flair level. I would love to see Lashley cut that promo just for the fuck of it. Not great but no harm done to the show

Good match description for Batista vs. Rock. Good way for Batista to win although one would assume he would've been DQed but since Cena never really attacked him, it's all good. Kennedy doesn't need the steel chair as long as he has the world title belt. Use what he already has. I'm not a fan of how the steel chairs are the standard weapons for any wrestler. They're totally whored out. One of the staples of this BTB has been this relationship b/w Steph and Trips. Awesome writing, some of the best I've seen, in this promo. Reminds me a little of One Tree Hill with all the emotion and deception that the Game is pulling and Steph seeming to give in. Drag this out as long as you can, because this isn't getting stale anytime soon

Good show made by the main event and the awesome segment that followed.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

July 13th Smackdown Review:

Loving the start of the show, just because when something big happens at the end of the show the week before, you need to start the next show on the same topic. Finlay and Henry should be remorseful and Steph still having the black eye just makes it all the better. STEEL CAGE at the GAB sounds pretty awesome and the feud should be coming to a brutal end, imo.

Pretty nice card for tonight … especially Regal vs. Punk and of course, Rocky vs. ‘Tista.

Very solid opener, as we see the new guy, Punk, take on the crafty veteran, Regal. Not really much to say expect that Punk was always expected to win and the way that he pinned Regal makes both guys look good … as Punk didn’t get the win in emphatic fashion, he just did the right counter at the right time. Regal throwing a big fit = ratings, imo.

Stephanie will probably be the focus of the show tonight and now K.I.D. comes into the office. Good idea with the stipulation for tonight, even though I still see a Triple Threat taking place at the GAB.

Good interview from Daniels and I love the arrogance that he showed … saying that he made the CW Division as great as it is right now, which is true. Pretty bold guarantee … but I don’t see him winning the belt just yet.

NB beats a jobber team … nothing special, imo. I hope that Booker & Co. start doing something again, but a good win for Elijah and Monty.

Solid, typical Hardy interview right here. Talking about having the chance to become a star at both WM23 and JD makes me think Hardy may be turning heel … because he won’t be winning at the GAB.

Josh Matthews seemed kinda unnecessary for the Chavo promo because he wasn’t really doing anything. Major props for having Rey and Chavo strike each other … needed a little physicality in this feud, imo. Chavo and Rey both have great arguments and I love that you said the crowd cheered on Rey out of “habit”. This feud is getting intense and I think that the match at the GAB will only be the first of many matches between the two.

No surpise that the crowd isn’t really into the match between Kash and Noble, given that they are both heels. Good action nonetheless and seeing Sabin come out was very good … and he takes out both men!! Cradle Shock does more damage than the steel chair and Noble gets the win … no title shot for Kash next week. Triple Threat at JD is inevitable, imo.

Teddy gets pushed into the wall by ‘THE GAME’!!! I kinda figured he was back when I saw the title under the show but this is still great. Good comments about Henry and Finlay and there has gotta be something going on between H and Steph. Interested to see where this ends up.

Another good interview segment … this time with Jeff. The whole “Matt’s Shadow” thing has been a good addition to the feud and I think Jeff will outshine Matt at the GAB … possibly leading to a feud between the two.

Two solid matches for the GAB … even though I would have liked Booker vs. Punk instead of Regal vs. Punk.

Mexicools are a legit team … so it was good that London and Kendrick faced them instead of some jobbers. The shooting star presses sounded pretty cool and of course … we get more physicality between L&K and the CC. Throwing “Spanky” into the commentators sounded cool and I am sure we will get one more altercation next week, adding the final hype.

Cena not caring about Batista and Flair makes me think that Cena and ‘Tista will feud down the line.

Lashley not talking much = ratings, tbh. I don’t know how he came up with “four competitors” … isn’t he only facing three?? Good way to the get the US Title feud over this show, all the interviews did their jobs.

Solid match between The Rock and Batista … perfect length for a TV main event. Rocky hanging with Batista was awesome and then looks to have the match won … until CENA comes down!! Rock Bottom!! The Great One spends too much time savoring the ovation and Batista gets the somewhat “clean” victory. Good way for him to get some momentum, imo. KK makes an appearance and has the chair … but the heels bail and the tag team match is all but set.

Triple H again!! Triple H still wants his title shot but Steph doesn’t seem like she wants him to have it without working. The speech by Triple H was actually one of the best promos I have read from you in a while. You NEVER see this side of Triple H and the fact that he brings up all the past failures the last two years … was just shocking. Talking about the young guys worked perfectly … as he is admitting that he is not as great as he once was. Steph says that she may give him the title shot … and she is really feeling sorry for him. H leaves and when everyone is feeling sorry for him … everyone understand what he is talking about … HE LETS OUT A BIG GRIN!! He is playing Steph like a fiddle and I think he will get the title shot. Epic segment to end the show … so happy it was in full.

Great recap, as always. Kinda disappointed that KK and Cena weren’t featured as much as they have been lately … a run-in during and after the main event wasn’t good enough, imo. But the last promo was so awesome … it made up for all the shortcomings. GAB looks the sex and I can’t wait to see what happens next week. 10/10 for you sir.

~ PatMan


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Sorry I did not manage to get any comments up for RAW. Here are some brief ones for Smackdown, Mac Daddy...

- - -

I'm pretty sure this Regal/Booker angle with Punk entwined is awesome. I love Regal and Punk, and mildly hate Booker. Regal to go over in any sort of feud plz.

I LOVE that you did not have Daniels dismiss the Cruiserweight division. Would have been foolish to do so after all he did in the division over a period since No Mercy last year. Thumbs up all around.

Chavo/Rey, whilst an overhased feud, it still a good one. I have said it once, I will say it again, Chavo needs to go over and get pushed. Sounds funny for me to say but Mysterio does nothing for me and should be nothing but a glorified mid-carder.

Sabin.Noble/Kash? Can anyone say 'fucking amazing match coming up'?

Punk/Regal at GAB? My fucking god.

You had me for Hunter's last promo. I truely had the thought he was being serious, whilst thinking it did not sound like Hunter. Me loves some manipulation, classic Hunter and probably one of the best promos I have read in a long-time, right up there with WCW Rules Orton promo from his last edition of RAW. Just awesome, and great to see that Hunter is slowly...but surely starting to return to the fold.

Hunter/Kennedy? Maybe, have a slight feeling Kennedy may win at GAB and something happens which leads to the two meeting at SS. Just a feeling.

Nice read. 9/10 kisses.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Sorry I never reviewed RAW, was struggling to be fucked to come and review again, but I'm feeling like catching up on certain nigz and they're doing, you included...

LOL @ you trying to make a Steel Cage match sound more brutal than a No Holds Barred match. Good try and it'll be a slug and a nasty one at that, but really, Henry is in no way gonna claim the cage, so he'll go out the door or score a pin. Some guy above me pointed that out too. Anyways, Finlay should win, he's a bit more credible to the upper card than Mr. Injury Prone.

Rock vs Batista? Oshit, that'll be great. Other matches seem a little eh, but hey, this is "THE NEW ERA!~"

Punk getting the push. Don't dare ruin it, US Title before WHC title chances plz. Kash pretty much is given a title shot, because he'll beat Noble tonight. Kash ftw. I dislike Noble, and love Kid Rock II. Chris Daniels = ratings. Nice little promo. Haha Brown and Burke are back in the doghouse squashing no names. CREDIBILITY!~

Matt Hardy > All midcarders on SD. I hope he wins at GAB, but I'm sensing SUPER DANIELS' uneeded push could continue. I wish I could care about the Rey/Chavo thing, but it's been done to death and then some IRL and in other BTB's months and years ago. It's good that you're trying to make it interesting, but really, it's the same two guys with Chavo turning on Rey.

OH! Sabin fuck off you jobber.
Well there it is, I see Kash/Sabin/Noble for the title now, has to be after this. Nice surprise there, wasn't expecting it. Trips owns Teddy, but sadly I can see a trainwreck of a Triple H vs Mark Henry feud in the works perhaps. Or maybe it was done to put The Game over more, but I'm not sure yet.

Haha Jeff Hardy, you glorified spotmonkey. No title plz. As thought the CW title match is signed but CM Punk/Regal? Eh. Pretty obvious Punk will beat him again. Good win for L&K but the CC swat them down afterwards, kinda hard to see them being faces but they do play good tweeners I give you that.

rofl nice one Maccy. Lashley is part of the four way, thus only leaving 3 other opponents that couldn't lift his leg and not four, yes?

Rock beaten by a Spinebuster is pretty low. Owellz.

SUPER KEN to the rescue was oh so obvious but atleast he didn't clean house and stand triumphant and have pure gold rained upon him and all that. Cena/Rock for Summerslam will be a cracker.

Fucking brilliant Triple H ending here. Quality sap story to lure Steph into that title shot, and ASAP as Trips is outta her office, the golden smile. Excellent stuff and now it seems The Game and his poker skills (faces, bluffs) are gonna perhaps get him closer to the title.

Been like a month or something, but yeah. Good shizzle. 8/10


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Oh, and the Coach's ... fixation in this episode comes from Legend's love of Phoenix. I just remember thinking, "Wouldn't it be mildly amusing if someone liked Beth the way Legend likes her."

Okay, I'm looking forward to this.

Raw Feedback

Pretty, uhm, weird way to start the show with a squash match ... and for Sabu? Anywho, the fact that Matt Striker got to say three sentences on the mic made me happy. I guess, like Patman said, Sabu winning a match maintains his jobber with credibility image.

Oooo, the tension builds between the contenders. JBL running scared is great; though he shouldn't be too afraid of Michaels really should he? Surely Bradshaw would fancy his chances against HBK? Then again, he is a total chicken shit heel. If this hints at a feud, I'm split, as Michaels has been great fun as a heel, though I've never seen these two go at it. Really looking forward to tonight's Main Event.

Uh, rather, uh, hot segment between Mickie and Beth ... shame Mickie had to ruin it though Best diva tandem ever I think. Shame that you're going to job Beth out to Vickie though.

Well at least Beth didn't get squashed at least. Victoria kind of got a surprise pin on Beth, so keeps Phoenix looking strong. Double powerbomb spot was pretty sick. The aftermath was cool too; you are REALLY making Vickie look like a total bad ass. I guess SummerSlam is going to be off the charts with these two.

Sitting on a couch in his office, Jonathan Coachman watches what’s happening in the ring … with his right hand in his pants. Coach slowly and huskily moans … what sounds like “Oh, Beth” … before there’s a knock on the door. Coach quickly takes his hand out of his pants, leaps up, runs over to his desk, sits down, and begins shuffling around papers.

Okay, okay, it was pretty funny I guess ... Right, right you're going to get some Mickie hate for this, mon frere. At least you included Striker in this segment, and I'm glad that I - AM - COACH~! It's there now. I'm Coach. Beth is

Ah, I see where the manipulation part of tonight's show comes in ... thanks to Mister Orton. Pretty great segment between him and Angle. Though psycho Orton is great, it's also nice to see him being a dickish geel and using these guys. Glad Angle's still on the tweener fence too, as him pure face after the greatness we've seen in this thread would be a waste. Something's bound to explode tonight.

Squash match for RWC. They own. Not sure what you were getting at with the stuff about Rhodes and Smith.

Ha ha, you topped the HBK/JBL and Orton/Angle segments with this one thanks to Estrada's awesomeness. He's been THE MAN on Raw ever since Vengeance basically, and it continues this week. Grisham got OWNED~! First verbally and then physically by 'Mags. This business with Angle and Umaga is going to be great when it truly gets going. God, AAE and 'Maga are so good.

Woah, woah, woah, you almost, almost topped the Estrada promo once again with this business in the 'Face' locker room. I know this was all really about the tension between Angle {fuckin' bad ass} and Edge {almost as bad ass}, but I had to mark for Carlito's little line at the start. Even as a face he's great entertainment. Keep pushing plz. Really liked the way Angle brought up Edge's shady past; is there anyone that Kurt doesn't have 'issues' with right now, face or heel? The Battle Royal next week is going to be off the charts.

HAAS~! Thank god he's back and back to getting a ... 'push' again. This looks to be his brewing storyline. Meaningless matches. Being overlooked. I thought the Estrada storyline would get him somewhere, but I guess you've nixed that. Still, hopefully he starts to build some momentum.

Another class segment, though quite different to that of the 'face' team. Melina and Morrison in the bathroom was great. I thought they were making out at first. You'd think that someone like Orton would have big mirror though. Loved the way he sucked up to all of his partners, and I especially loved JBL's reaction: marking out for himself. Though through all this, don't think I'm going to overlook the greatness that is Montel Vontavious Porter being fed grapes.

I kind of thought that the RKO Army would get the win to give them a bit of credibility in the tag team world. Glad that Murdoch got involved, as I still can't believe the hardcore match hasn't happened yet. More tag teams = ratings. It needs to challenge SmackDown's.

Ha ha, scrap the epic in-ring promo, Michaels has been great tonight just with this manipulation game he's been playing. Nice little stare down between Orton and Bradshaw. This is going to be insanity seriously this week and next week. I almost don't want these guys to split off into their separate feuds. This multi-man business has been too good.

Talk about a wild Main Event; that was crazy. Loved the spot between Angle and Umaga getting atb each other for the first time. Angle as a nut is almost a match for 'Mags. That'll be brutal when it happens. JBL's stalling was pretty cool, but I loved the total implosion factor. Angle going apeshit and killing his team was the highlight, though Porter and Morrison both squabbling and getting drilled by 'Maga was cool too. Just great stuff, and I'm glad that none of these ten had to look weak by taking a fall.

WOAH, shit, wasn't expecting that aftermath between JBL and Michaels. So Bradshaw faked it all just to get a piece of HBK? Yeah ... yeah, that's definitely Bradshaw in a nutshell. Is this JBL/HBK feud going to happen for real then? Ahhh, I'm so confused with all these enemies going at it!!! Great close to the show with Layfield realising what the hell he's just done. Honestly can't wait for the next Raw.

SmackDown! Feedback

Nice way to start the show with a parallel of last week. I thought that Steph would suspend Finlay and Hnery or something, but I'm glad this feud is getting such exposure and gets to finish at the 'Bash. Wow, Steel Cage match actually have a lot of credibility in this thread. First 'Tista/Rock and now this clash. Dave to win plz.

No real surprise to see Punk getting the in over Regal, but it's definitely his most credible win to date, as Regal has been built stronger than Booker in this thread. A roll up too. Regal's no push over and things are getting trickier for the Punkster.

Whilst I don't see Kash getting the better of Noble tonight, it's obvious that something is going to happen that will result in a Triple Threat with Sabin. A No Contest would seem to be the likeliest scenario.

Daniels putting over the Cruiserweight title is a very, very nice touch. It makes sense. Why would he dismiss it after all he's done since his arrival? I actually think Daniels is the favourite heading into the Bash, just ahead of Bobby. My bet is the FA gets the pin on one of the Hardys.

Well, I guess the New Breed have to do something whilst The Hooligans and Carolina Connection finish their business. Just glad their not jobbing to The Mexicools anymore. The Pounce needs to be seen every week.

Matt Hardy has a better story than his brother, and so I'd place him above Jeff in terms of who I think will be getting the belt. Still don't think you'll put it on him.

Who'd have thought that a Chavo-Rey feud in this age wouldn't be boring? Not me, that's for sure. This has been personal and intense as hell. Two slaps for each other but this thing still hasn't got physical yet. Like DC said, I really hope that Chavo gets the duke for the sake of this feud. It would add so much to the storyline I think, as it almost 'proves' what Chavito has been saying. Should be a hell of a match though. Great exposure too with an old school in-ring interview.

Crazy maych between Noble and Kash, but it needed to be for two heels I guess. Surprised to see Noble pick up the win, but it keeps him looking strong and it was a screwy enough finish to ensure a match at the Bash. I think you meant that Sabin hit Kash with a Cradle Shock too, not Noble.

WTF? Hunter? Where did he come from? Oh, oh don't tell me that he and Steph are still married or something? That would be ... odd. Got to be something like that though, else he wouldn't get so pissed off. Teddy was awesome here, "Racist cracka’!". Maybe this is the start of Hunter's return?

Yeah, Jeff's in the shadow of Matt, that's a good one. Can't really see any chance of the coke addict getting the belt at the Bash, and I actually think Daniels will be pinning him for the win.

Nice way to flip the roles on their head this week with the CC playing the villains and taking a cheap shot at their big rivals when their backs are turned. This is certainly one of the best tag team feuds I have read in a long, long time, and the CC are one of, if not THE best invented tag team in BTB history. Title change at the 'Bash me thinks, but not the end of this rivalry hopefully. Plenty of goody matches still to be had.

The Boss > Big Dave ... just, but Naitch > The Boss ... easily.

Keep it short and sweet Bobby mah' man. This could be the ideal time for Lashley to drop the belt and take the step up to the Main Event, but I can't see him feuding with Rock, Kennedy, Cena, 'Tista, Hunter or Taker just yet, so maybe not, since they're all busy in programs currently.

Rocky didn't sound the strongest in the Main Event, as it sounded like he got dominated, but he gor screwed by Cena. The Boss looked like a bit of a bitch to be honest, as he came down all bad ass and just got dropped on his ass Anyway, Reney needs to understand that this is Big Dave Batista and a Spinebuster from him could kill an elephant, so getting pin like that is no shame. Good record for 'Tista on Rock; almost as good as Jericho's ... but not quite. Disappointed that all Kennedy did tonight was make this save, but I guess we'll see more of him next week ... hopefully.

You got me. Hunter got me. I actually bought into his little sob story at the end there. Excellent stuff indeed to close the show. Out of all the scenarios that I envisioned to get Trips back in the game {no pun}, this was one I hadn't seen. Playing on Stephs {still present} affections for him to get what he wants. The grin when he came out of the office was golden, pure and simple. My interest in this storyline has just gone up another notch.

Two quality shows yet again, Mac daddy. Breaking my balls with the Beth stuff ... means I have to think off something now I'll probably fail miserably though. Good shit.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

WCW Rules' Review of DDMac's Smackdown!

Hmm... Starting off Smackdown! with a dose of the Irish Bastard and the World's Strongest Man? Interesting. The Steel Cage stipulation is nice, and should be a rather brutal rubber match for this feud. Punk picks up a much expected victory against the regal (pun intended) Englishman. Hehe, Regal's angry; I suspect Regal'll will have something in store for Punk in the near future. If not, meh. Steph's quite busy tonight; Kid Kash comes in and demands a title match in place of his scheduled match. Good thing for Steph not to cave in, and instead, give him the opportunity to earn it himself. Good stuff, though I'm no fan of Kash by any means. Although it was in recap, I sensed the purpose and meaning in Daniels' promo, which you brought forth in such an eloquent manner. I liked the fact he didn't think of the US Championship as a step up, but of a different pace of change. Let's see if he'll become US Champion; it'd be a great moment for the Cruisers in the 'E. Squash match, meh. Necessary, in order to give the New Breed some momentum, but at the same time, unwelcome. Nice promo from Hardy; it showed his determination, which is a staple of his. Perhaps his time will come, instead of Daniels?

Ugh.... Chavo/Mysterio feuds bore me to tears. But, it was kinda funny with the whole, "Slap in the face. Oh!" and "Oh x 2!" Nice, Mac Daddy. Your brand of humor is inviting, indeed. It was interesting to have Sabin come in and interrupt this Cruiserweight contest, costing Kash the victory and in turn, a title shot at the Cruiserweight Championship. Minor mistake in, "WIPE OUT NOBLE WITH THE CHAIR!" Wasn't it Kash? In any case, the feud will continue, no doubt. Hehe, Theodore Long comes into contact with The Game, Triple H. LMAO; this quick segment was gold, pure and simple. I like this T Lo, and though the tandem of him and Henry is tired, you manage to make it interesting. Do I sense some sort of feud between Henry and HHH here? Perhaps...

Wait, what? In the shadow of his older brother? Now hold up, now. That's so... wrong. F you, Jeff, ya druggie. Nonetheless, should be a great match at GAB for the US Championship. I hope Jeff doesn't win, I really do. Cool, Punk/Regal rematch at GAB and a Triple Threat match for the CW Championship add some variety in an already solid GAB card. I knew Londrick were going to take the win; Mexicools get no break in BTB, or elsewhere. I liked the Benji/Helms run in afterwards; their match should be great. Hehe, "The Boss" is bored. I'd be bored too, if I was in his position. Of course, the final interview in the US Championship front would be undoubtedly the US Champion himself, The Real Deal, Bobby Lashley. Nice hyping of the feud with the four interviews, pretty creative if you ask me. Rock/Batista is a match I'd love to see in real life, and this, though in recap, did not disappoint me. I'm not surprised the Rock lost; then again, I kinda wish it was by disqualification or no contest. In any case, Super Ken makes the save, of course; the Tag Team Match at GAB should also be nice, but I'm suspect something will occur that no one'll see coming.

I loved this ending promo by Triple H; it was so seamless, and his tirade of the younger guys coming up, his career injuries and tribulations, and preying upon Steph's affection for him, it all became woven in a masterful, I thought, promo to end the show. Step says "Maybe," and to the Game, that's a resounding yes. Perhaps we might see Kennedy/HHH soon. And.... here comes the GRIN! Oooooh, the intrigue. I'd love to see where this goes in the next edition, that's for sure.

In conclusion, this was a nicely crafted show, Mac Daddy. Everything seemed to connect for some greater purpose, and GAB is looking like a solid card as of now. Summerslam should be one hell of a PPV, if all comes to fruition. You're still one of the top dogs here in the BTB section, mang. Good job.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Really don't feel like typing up a preview for for Raw ... so I won't ... but the show will be posted tomorrow, after I review a few shows. Naitch's Starrcade, DC's Backlash, and a couple others I believe.

Originally Posted by WCW Rules View Post
I know Szumi started the "Title" thing for the segments, but I believe I'm the one that started the "Title" and "Theme" for the actual programs, if I'm not mistaken. Credit, plz. <3

Eww. Was there a significant reason for starting the show with Striker?
Yeah. I originally had an in-ring promo to open up the show, but I scrapped that, had nothing to replace it with, so I figured why not get Sabu a win, and maybe get something rolling with Striker and Coach.

Should be interesting, though I cannot fathom why everyone is calling them the "Redneck Wrecking Crew?" Plz elaborate on this 'un.
That's a name they've used before they came up to the 'big leagues'. And I think I've heard J.R. call them by that name a couple of times.

Originally Posted by PatMan View Post
I don’t know how he came up with “four competitors” … isn’t he only facing three??

Originally Posted by Renegade™ View Post
LOL @ you trying to make a Steel Cage match sound more brutal than a No Holds Barred match.
It is.

Rock beaten by a Spinebuster is pretty low.
How? He's beaten plenty of people with the spinebuster.

Originally Posted by Legend View Post
Breaking my balls with the Beth stuff ... means I have to think off something now

Thanks one and all.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

If a NHB match is booked CORRECTLY then it out does anything a Cage match can.

Yes, Batista has beaten others with it, but a name like The Rock doesn't deserve to go down to a Spinebuster. That is all, Big Mac Delux.

Mac get over the fact not every Cage match is the most brutal stip in the business. Egotistical ass. <3.



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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

The Coach thing has nothing to do with Jon. I just like Coachman as a hapless ... dick.


Monday Night Raw - July 16th, 2007; Corpus Christi, Texas

“I’m more than upset. I’m pissed off … but I’m gonna do something about it.”

Manipulation - Pt. 2

Before we get the usual pyrotechnics and opening video, a video package plays, focusing on all the happenings revolving around the WWE Title situation, with Orton trying to manipulate Angle, Michaels manipulating JBL, Angle arguing with Edge, Orton hyping up his team, the brawl between Orton’s team while Orton smirks, and then JBL laying out Michaels to close out the show.

Now we get the opening Raw video, and soon enough, the pyro display. After, we’re brought into the arena, where thousands of rabid fans are ready for Monday Night Raw. J.R. and The King bring us the sound…

Jim Ross: Welcome to Monday Night Raw! Jim Ross, here with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and tonight is the night that many have been waiting for!

Jerry Lawler: Well, we know for sure that eight men were definitely looking forward to this match up more than anything else we have for you here tonight.

Jim Ross: No doubt about it. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle, John Morrison, Rob Van Dam, MVP, Umaga, the Intercontinental Champion JBL, and ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton will all be competing here tonight in an Eight Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal, with the winner facing Edge at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship!

Jerry Lawler: The road to SummerSlam gets officially kicked off her tonight. And, J.R., what about that huge announcement we heard from The Coach before Raw came on the air?

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, during that Battle Royal -- ALL outside parties will be BANNED from ringside! And, King, that definitely changes the complexion and the game plan of this match for several of our competitors tonight.

Jerry Lawler: You ain’t kiddin’. No Luther Reigns, no Playgirls, no Melina, no Angelina, no Bill Alfonso, no Armando Estrada, and no RKO Army here tonight! You can bet that those guys aren’t happy about that.

1 - Victoria vs. Gail Kim

Despite the mutual respect between the two competitors, Victoria and Kim go at it with great tenacity; Vicky tries to continue her streak of incredible performances, while Gail attempts to reestablish herself as a force in the Women’s division, at the expense of Victoria. The finish comes when Kim looks set to finish Victoria off, with Vicky out of it after taking a flying hurricanrana from Gail. Victoria staggers up to her feet, and Gail wraps her arms around her neck, going for a DDT, but Vicky counters, spinning out of it. Kim then goes for a clothesline, but Vicky avoids it, kicks Gail in the gut, and finishers her off with the WIDOW’S PEAK!!! Victoria then turns her over, and hooks the leg for the academic three count.

Winner - Victoria via pin fall at 7:04.

The crowd cheers as Victoria picks up another win, completely unstoppable on her recent roll towards a rematch with Mickie James for the Women’s Championship.

Jim Ross: With a showdown with the Women’s Champion Mickie James looming, Victoria is hitting her stride at just the right time, and I can not wait to see Mickie-Victoria 2. I want Coach to hurry up and announce the match already!

Jerry Lawler: Ha, lots of people are waiting for it … except Mickie.

Victoria grabs Kim, and helps Gail back up to her feet, before the two embrace to a nice pop from the crowd. Gail leaves the ring, allowing Vickie to continue to celebrate amongst a rousing ovation.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, when we come back … John Bradshaw Layfield, the Intercontinental Championship, will be standing by for an interview. And Lord knows, you won’t want to miss that, up next, on Monday Night Raw.


*Backstage - Interview Area*

Todd Grisham stands by, microphone in hand … with the Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield and Angelina Williams by his side. Dressed to compete, wearing his workout suit and cowboy hat, Layfield also wears a toothy grin and the IC Title belt over his shoulder.

Todd Grisham: JB-- er, Mr. Layfield, last week was quite an eventful night for you--

John Bradshaw Layfield: Eventful doesn’t even begin to describe what I pulled off last week. Glorious, amazing, astonishing, remarkable -- these are the adjectives one could use to describe what I did last week. Y’see, son, the key to being a Wrestling Gawd is to not show people your hand. You let these idiots think what they want to think -- think with their egos. I let Shawn Michaels think he was in control. I let Randy Orton think I was afraid. I let every single person in that match think it was their time to shine, but when it came down to it, the only man who stood above the fray … was the man who wasn’t in it … me.

~ Crowd boos.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Now, some of the slower people in the audience -- namely stupid, doped-up, hippie liberals -- might be thinking that I’m showing everybody my hand now, since everyone in tonight’s Battle Royal is probably listening to me speak right now. That may be the case … but there isn’t a damn thing that they can do about it! I am, without a shadow of a doubt, the best wrestler in that match tonight. Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Umaga, they all fear me, and they damn well should. So I’m not putting a bull’s-eye on my back by telling it like it is; I already had one.

~ Layfield adjusts his hat, before tapping his IC Title, and continues.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Everybody in that ring tonight knows who the king is; it’s the longest reigning WWE Champion in SmackDown! history, one of only a select few to become a Grand Slam Champion, the current Intercontinental Champion, and the man who will become the second person in history to hold the Intercontinental and WWE Titles at the exact - same - time! The American Hero, The Wrestling Gawd, The Wall Street Warrior, John Bradshaw Layfield!!

~ Layfield lets out a toothy grin, before he storms off to big heat, as Grisham looks on.

*Backstage - Morrison/Melina Locker Room*

Dressed in a white suit straight out of the 1970s, John Morrison stands in front of a mirror, brushing his hair back, while Melina, adorned in a short black dress, paces back and forth in back of him, reading the latest WWE Magazine.

Melina: Listen to this. (Reads from magazine) “At Vengeance, the self-proclaimed ‘Guru of Greatness’ slithered his way to victory against Ken Doane with a hook of the 20-year old phenom’s tights--”

John Morrison: “Phenom?” (Scoffs) Please.

Melina: It keeps going, “Despite returning with an incredible amount of hype, a plethora of nicknames and a new look, the former Johnny Nitro proves to be the same classless, pompous superstar he left as.” Can you believe that?

~ Morrison barely flinches, and continues to brush his hair.

John Morrison: Baby, relax, nobody reads the results section of that thing anyway.

~ Melina continues to flip through the pages.

???: I agree with John.

~ Morrison and Melina turn around to see … ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton dressed to compete with a black “RKO Army” T-shirt on top. Melina tosses the mag over her shoulder, and walks up to Orton with a fury.

Melina: What do you want, Orton? Last week, we put up with being in your disgusting presence because you guys were tag team partners … not tonight. Y’see tonight, is John Morrison’s coming out party.

~ Melina turns around and walks around behind Morrison, before she rubs her hands up and down his abs.

Melina: Tonight is the night The Shaman of Sexy steps out of the shadow of MNM, out of the shadow of Randy Orton, and takes the first step to uberstardom. Tonight … John Morrison punches his ticket to ‘The Biggest Party of the Summer’ and the WWE Championship.

Randy Orton: (Smirks) Really?

Melina: Yeah, really.

Randy Orton: Well, I’ve got news for ya, sweetheart, he’s only got about a one out of eight chance of that actually happening tonight. … AND … it may be even less with the things that I’m hearing.

~ Melina and Morrison look at Orton quizzically.

John Morrison: What have you been hearing?

Randy Orton: Last week, after Raw went off the air, Armando Estrada went into MVP’s locker room, and apologized for Umaga’s actions in that tag team match. And then you know what happened? The two of them struck a deal for tonight’s Battle Royal .

~ Morrison and Melina both look at Orton in shock.

Randy Orton: Yeah, Johnny, you’re good … but are you good enough to beat an Umaga/Porter tandem?

~ Morrison looks at Melina nervously … and Melina has nothing to say to make him feel better about his shot. Seeing that Morrison recognizes the dire status of the situation, Orton moves in closer.

Randy Orton: Look, (sighs) as much as I hate to admit it … you showed me something last week in that tag team match -- you showed the WORLD something. I know we had our problems when you were in the RKO Army … but I never once doubted what talent you had. It’s just that last week, you REALLY showed me that you could put it together and be one of the best superstars that this business has ever seen. But that can be stifled here tonight if MVP and Umaga team up and toss you out of that Battle Royal early. You know what people will be saying if that happens?

John Morrison: (Gulps) … What?

Randy Orton: “Morrison can’t get it done in the big spots. He can’t get it done when it’s all on the line. He’s a choker.”

~ Morrison rubs his forehead nervously as Orton nods his head.

Melina: So what’s your point, Orton?

~ Orton puts his arm around Morrison’s shoulder.

Randy Orton: My point is … you need to make sure you come out of that match looking as good as possible. You and I … we need to work together … we need to take out Umaga, take out MVP, JBL, Shawn Michaels, Angle, Rob Van Dam, and then … and then it’ll come down to just the two of us, and we can fight it out to see who goes to SummerSlam. So, whether you win or I win--

Melina: He’ll win.

~ Orton rolls his eyes.

Randy Orton: No matter what happens after that, by outlasting FOUR former WWE Champions, the most dominant monster in this business, and the highest-paid free agent in WWE history, you come out of that match looking like a million bucks.

~ Morrison rubs his chin, clearly skeptical of Orton’s intentions … but still nervous about looking like a dud in front of millions.

John Morrison: (Turns to Melina) What do you think?

Melina: Sounds like the smart move.

Randy Orton: Sounds like the right move.

~ Randy holds his hand out, looking for a handshake. Morrison looks at Orton’s face … and then down to Melina, who nods. Morrison then looks back up at Orton before … accepting his handshake. Orton and Morrison look into each other’s eyes for a second or two, nodding, before The Legend Killer breaks the handshake and heads out of the door, closing the door behind him.

~ Outside, both Chris Masters and Joey Mercury of the RKO Army wait for him.

Chris Masters: How’d it go, boss?

Randy Orton: Worked like a charm.

~ Masters and Mercury pat Orton on the back as the three of them move down the hallway.

Joey Mercury: Where to next?

Randy Orton: Porter.

~ The three walk out of screenshot as we fade out.


*Backstage - GM’s Office*

Jonathan Coachman straightens himself up in the mirror; he adjusts his tie, fixed up his jacket to make sure it hangs on him perfectly, before he buttons it up in the middle. Coach then uses his finger to brush his goatee a bit, but that’s soon cut off by a knock on the door. Coach claps his hands and the lights begin to dim while a Barry White song begins to play. Coachman then coolly walks towards the door and opens it.

Beth Phoenix waits in the doorway, arms crossed, looking all business.

Jonathan Coachman: (As smoothly as possible) Come on in.

~ Beth steps into the office, and looks around, confused by the atmosphere.

Jonathan Coachman: (Motions toward the couch) Have a seat.

~ Phoenix turns her attention from the room to Coach, suspiciously.

Beth Phoenix: I’m fine.

Jonathan Coachman: So … you decided to come alone. That’s a good move.

Beth Phoenix: Mickie couldn’t make it.

Jonathan Coachman: Whatever you say.

~ Coach then plops down on the couch, arms spread out, as he leers at Beth. Phoenix scrunches her face, annoyed.

Beth Phoenix: I thought we were gonna talk about the Mickie-Victoria situation?

Jonathan Coachman: Oh, I guess you’re (uses air quotes) “Just here to talk about Mickie, huh”?

Beth Phoenix: Pretty much.

Jonathan Coachman: (Laughs) When are we gonna stop playing these games?

~ Fed up, Phoenix reaches into her pocket and pulls out a piece of paper, before she tosses it onto Coach’s lap. Coachman picks it up as Beth leaves the office.

Jonathan Coachman: Beth, wait!

~ Too late; Coach claps his hand, and the room goes back to normal. Coachman then reads the paper.

Jonathan Coachman: Knee injury?

*Back to ringside*

2 - Matt Striker vs. Ken Doane

Given another chance to make an impact, Striker does reasonably well against the touted 20-year old phenom … not well enough to actually win the match, however. Doane finishes Striker off with the Guillotine Leg Drop for the thee count.
*Pardon the crap recap *

Winner - Ken Doane via pin fall at 5:36.


*Backstage - Women’s Locker Room*

Victoria and Gail Kim sit in the locker room talking about tonight’s match, strategies and the like, before there’s a knock on the door.

Jonathan Coachman: It’s Coach.

~ Gail and Vicky both shake their heads, annoyed, before Victoria gets up and opens the door…

Victoria: What the hell?

~ At the door stands Jonathan Coachman and Beth Phoenix … who stands behind Mickie James … who’s in a WHEELCHAIR, with her right knee taped up to the high heavens. Victoria scowls, as Mickie attempts to look as pathetic as possible with the Women’s Championship on her lap.

Victoria: This is a joke, right?

Mickie James: If you find amusement in my torment, sure.

Jonathan Coachman: Ladies, relax. Victoria, I’m just here to tell you that your Women’s Title Match is going to have to wait until Mickie is fully recovered from this … debilitating injury.

~ Victoria looks at Mickie with a glare, and Mickie doesn’t bother to return the glance, instead, looking down at her title.

Victoria: And what kind of injury does she exactly have?

Mickie James: After Raw went off the air last week, I slipped in the shower, and severely twisted my knee whi--

Victoria: Oh bullsh--

Jonathan Coachman: Hey! Victoria … look … I know you’re upset now, but--

Victoria: Upset?

~ Vicky scoffs and looks up at the ceiling, shaking her head.

Victoria: I’ve spent the last five years of my career watching bimbos with less talent and less heart continuously get the shots, get the opportunities, get everything that I should have gotten. First, it was Stratus and Lita, then Christy Hemme and a bunch of other no-name divas, and now … Mickie James?

~ Vicky looks down with an expression that could kill. Mickie, Coach, and even Beth seem put off by the scary look in Victoria’s eyes.

Victoria: Mickie James is gonna be allowed to get away with whatever she wants? Even after a year plus long title reign, the WWE is going to let Mickie James play keep-away with the Women’s Championship? I’m more than upset. I’m pissed off … but I’m gonna do something about it.

~ Victoria grabs the sides of Mickie’s wheelchair and pulls her in REAL close, damn near nose-to-nose. Mickie looks scared stiff, as Beth and Coach are almost frozen by the sudden change of events. Vicky takes her right hand and brushes some of the hair out of Mickie’s face…

Victoria: Mickie … I let you get away from me once at WrestleMania …

~ … Victoria’s hand drifts from Mickie’s hair to James’ cheek; Mickie remains motionless, scared.

Victoria: But I want you to listen to me…

~ Victoria then forcefully snatches Mickie by the jaw.

Victoria: …………… It’s over.

~ Vicky then chatters her teeth together with a sick smile, which sends chills down the back of James, who gulps rather nervously. Victoria then lets go of her grip, and storms past everyone and out the door. Beth looks to console Mickie as we cut away.

*Backstage - MVP’s Locker Room*

Dressed in his purple ring attire (w/o boots), Montel Vontavious Porter sits on a black leather couch, feet up on his coffee table, with Layla and Kelly massaging his shoulders, while Brooke rubs his feet. Luther Reigns, rocking a black suit, angrily moves from the door towards MVP.

Luther Reigns: All outside parties banned from ringside tonight during the Battle Royal? Are you kiddin’ me? What the hell is Coachman’s problem? … He’s probably stackin’ the odds in favor of his boy, Umaga. … You know what I should do? (Slams his fist on his open palm) I should go down to his office and show that baldheaded punk what’s it’s like to be on the receiving end … of what I used to do to people inside the joint.


Montel Vontavious Porter: Whoa, whoa, Big Lu’, do me a favor; relax, before you give yourself a heart attack. It’s all good tonight. Brooke, go over there and give Luther a massage.

~ Reigns sighs, before he slides out of his jacket and tosses it onto the couch. Brooke gets up, as Reigns has a seat on one of the chairs in the room.

Montel Vontavious Porter: I’ve got this thing in the bag. Shawn Michaels’ old ass can’t touch me. JBL’s too fat. Umaga’s even fatter. Rob Van Dam doesn’t have the skill. Randy Orton? (Scoffs) He--

~ A knock on the door cuts MVP off. Reigns waives Brooke up, before he gets out of his seat and walks towards the door. Reigns opens it, while the camera stays focused on MVP, as he closes his eyes, thoroughly enjoying his massage.

Luther Reigns: Speak of the devil.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Who is it, Lu?

Luther Reigns:

~ The camera pans over to show a slightly smiling Randy Orton, flanked by Masters and Mercury. MVP opens his eyes, looking confused as to why Orton’s here.

Luther Reigns: ‘VP?

Montel Vontavious Porter: It’s alright.

Luther Reigns: Come on in, Orton.

~ Orton walks by, and his Army attempts to follow … but Reigns puts his hand up.

Luther Reigns: But your girls stay here.

~ Masters and Mercury look offended, while Orton turns around and nods a bit, before he continues on in. MVP gets up from his seat, and extends his hand to Orton, which Randy quickly accepts.

Montel Vontavious Porter: I’m assuming you’re not here for a massage.

~ Orton laughs and smiles a bit.

Randy Orton: Maybe later. Look, bro, I know you heard about this ‘nobody at ringside’ thing that Coachman set up for tonight.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Yeah, we were just talkin’ about it.

Randy Orton: Yeah, well, Estrada heard about it too, and he wants to make sure that Umaga has somebody out there to keep him under control and focused out there tonight.

~ MVP looks confused.

Randy Orton: Morrison.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Morrison? What are you talking about?

Randy Orton: Umaga and Morrison are gonna be working together out there tonight. That’s what I’ve been hearing. I just wanted to give you the heads up, since you kicked ass last week in that tag match, and had my back, just like I knew you would. Just wanted to do you a favor.

~ Orton holds his hand up, and Porter follows by holding his hand out for the five, still with a confused look on his face. The Legend Killer turns around and walks - somewhat slowly towards the door…

Montel Vontavious Porter: Wait.

~ Orton turns around, as MVP walks up to him.

Montel Vontavious Porter: They wanna play the numbers game? So can we.

~ MVP nods and Orton lets out a smirk, as we fade out.


*Backstage - Interview Area*

With microphone in hand, Ranjin Singh stands by with … ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels. Receiving a mixed reaction, HBK is dressed to compete, and also wears a cowboy hat … which just happens to accompany a look of determination tonight.

Ranjin Singh: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m standing by with Shawn Michaels, and, HBK, tonight you compete in an Eight Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal with the winner going on to face Edge for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. Shawn, how do you feel heading into this match up?

Shawn Michaels: …………………Where’s Maria? She always does my interviews. (Puts on goofy, childish smile) We kinda have this … chemistry.

~ Singh looks rather confused.

Ranjin Singh: I don’t know. I jus--

Shawn Michaels: Yeah, whatever. Now, before I answer your question, I’ve got to give a shout out -- that’s what all the kids are saying, right? -- yeah, I’ve got to give it to JBL for that … message he gave me last week. Believe me, John, I will be paying you back in full for that one.

~ HBK gives the camera a wink before continuing.

Shawn Michaels: As for the Battle Royal, how do I feel? I feel like … I’ve been here before … and I have been. For guys like Morrison, MVP, Umaga and the “ECW Garbage Wrestler”, this match probably feels like a big deal, and they’re all in their locker rooms, warming up, or reading, or … whacking off, looking to relieve those pre-match jitters.

~ Singh seems to cringe at the comment, but HBK continues.

Shawn Michaels: But not ol’ HBK. For me, this is just another match, just another victory, just another chance to show everybody out there why I am the single greatest wrestler that this business has ever known, and that is EXACTLY what I plan on doin’! SummerSlam … here I come.

~ Michaels lets out an arrogant smirk, before he heads off camera to another mixed reaction.

*Back to ringside*

3 - Charlie Haas vs. Bobby McNabb

Throughout the match, Ross and Lawler openly wonder what the hell was up with Haas’ promo last week. Though he’s wrestling someone who I wouldn’t exactly call formidable, it still takes Haas a decent while to put him away, only going through the motions. He actually gets caught with a couple of small packages and schoolboys for near falls due to a lack of concentration. Eventually though, the former tag team champion puts the match away with a quick wheelbarrow suplex, before quickly turning that into the Haas of Pain, forcing his opponent to submit.

Winner - Haas via submission at 3:10.

After the match, Haas gets up and calls for a microphone. He’s soon handed one by Lillian Garcia as his music dies down.

Charlie Haas: ………………………………

~ Haas simply shakes his head, and drops the mic. Our commentators and the fans at ringside are rather confused by Haas’ peculiar behavior, before we cut away.

*Backstage - JBL’s Locker Room*

JBL warms up for the Battle Royal tonight, bouncing up and down a bit, while Angelina Williams, his manager, sits on the couch, shaking her head ever so slightly. Layfield turns to her with an annoyed look on his face.

John Bradshaw Layfield: What the hell are you looking at!?

Angelina Williams: You think it was a good move to toss what you did last week in their faces tonight, with the whole fake injury thing?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Weren’t you listening to what I was actually saying? I am JBL. I cannot be stopped. Besides, the way those idiots were at each other’s throat last week in that tag team match, they won’t even be thinking about me out there tonight. It’s fine. I’ll be fine. And that championship shot … will be mine.

Angelina Williams: (Sigh) If you say so.

~ Layfield goes back to warming up...

Angelina Williams: I'm just saying...

John Bradshaw Layfield: (Frustrated) Ugh.

Angelina Williams: Seems like you're just setting yourself up to take a fall. Like self-sabotage, or something. Last week it was the fake injury and chair shot. This week, it's the speech. Next--

John Bradshaw Layfield: Jesus Christ, do you ever shut up?

~ Layfield angrily glares at his manager once more, before he takes a deep breath ... and begins warming up again.


*Backstage - Interview Area*

Todd Grisham stands by with ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle, who’s dressed in his all black ring gear, mouthpiece in his hand.

Todd Grisham: Kurt Angle, later on tonight, you compete in a Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for the championship at SummerSlam. What are your thoughts heading into this match up, especially after what happened last week?

Kurt Angle: Last week, I was attacked by every single superstar that was in that ring with me, teammate or not. Am I bitter … upset … pissed off?!

~ Angle glares at Grisham with intensity, and Grisham looks ready to crap his pants. Kurt then lets out a smirk.

Kurt Angle: Not at all. I didn’t give a damn about them then … and I care even less about them now. Because tonight … it’s every man for himself. 2007 hasn’t started off great for me; I lost the Royal Rumble Match after lasting over an hour from the number one spot, I lost to Mr. Kennedy at No Way Out, even though I won at WrestleMania, I lost to Stone Cold Steve Austin in his final match, I lost the WWE Championship Match at Vengeance … but that can all change tonight.
That all changes when I get into that ring, and look around at seven of the best superstars that this business has to offer, and realize that when I’m on my game, when I’m focused, when I’m ready to go … nobody in that ring can even touch me.

~ Loud mixed reaction for that sentiment as Angle puts in his black mouthpiece, which reads ‘PAIN’ in red lettering.

Kurt Angle: YEAAAHH!!

~ Angle slaps himself in the face a couple of times, before heading off camera.

*Back to ringside*

4 - Eight Man Tag Team Match
America’s Most Wanted w/Gail Kim and DH Smith & Cody Rhodes
World Tag Team Champions The Redneck Wrecking Crew & The RKO Army

The four tag teams continue to try to elevate Raw’s tag team division toward the level of SmackDown’s (impossible, tbh) with a solid performance here tonight. AMW and the RWC are treated as superior than their respective teammates, but not by much. The finish comes when a brawl breaks out, and the ring is cleared, leaving Murdoch and Harris are the legal men. Just like in recent matches between the RWC and AMW, the referee gets distracted with things not pertaining to what’s going on in the ring, which allows Cade to slide in, unnoticed. Cade & Murdoch then attempt to hit Harris with the SWEET ‘N’ SOUR -- but leaps up, avoids the sweep, and drills Cade with a hard clothesline!! The crowd pops for the visually pleasing maneuver, as Storm enters the ring, unseen by the referee. AMW quickly set up the DEATH SENTENCE - AND HIT IT!! Storm manages to hold off anyone looking to break up the pinfall, as Harris crawls over and covers Murdoch for the three count!!

Winners - AMW and Smith & Rhodes via pin fall at 7:03.

The cheers of the crowd are much larger than usual, as AMW FINALLY get off the skids with a win here tonight, over the RWC nevertheless! Storm and Harris each let out yells of relief one would have to assume, as Cade helps Murdoch out of the ring, and the tag champions head back up the ramp, upset.


*Backstage - Hallway*

Armando Alejandro Estrada stands in a corridor, hyping up his ‘Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga for the main event which is up in mere moments. Umaga looks to be in the zone, as he stares at his taped up, extended thumb in a trance of sorts, before he lets out an animalistic roar, which gets a wide smile from Estrada. Sensing someone behind him, Umaga quickly turns around, throwing a right hand!!

Randy Orton quickly ducks the blow, and puts his hands up, scared for his life.

Randy Orton: Whoa! Whoa! Take it easy! Estrada, tell him I come in peace.

~ Estrada talks to Umaga for a bit and the monster seems to calm down.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ju must excuse Umaga, once he gets ready for a match up, he’s ready to crush anything in his path.

~ Orton takes a deep breath, and a smiles a bit.

Randy Orton: No problem.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: So what do we owe jour presence to Mr. Orton?

Randy Orton: I’m here on business.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Haha, Senior Orton, I don’t know how we can be of assistance to ju tonight, Umaga is out for only himself here tonight.

Randy Orton: Well, that may not be the case with everybody else out there tonight.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: What do ju mean?

Randy Orton: You saw what happened Umaga did last week, he was incredible, he DOMINATED that match!! Just like I said he would, just like I said he needed to. And now … he’s the one with the bull’s-eye on his back. You saw the look on everybody else’s face last week; Porter was pissed, Morrison was pissed, JBL too. Everybody was pissed that Umaga made them look bad in front of the world. And tonight … is payback time. Each and every person in that ring is gonna be looking to take him and toss his ass over the top rope.

~ Estrada lets out an unconvinced smile.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: And jou’re telling us this because jou’re just such a nice guy?

Randy Orton: No … (Orton smirks) … I’m a selfish prick … but so are you. I’m also a smart prick … and so are you. So you know that if I had your boy’s back out there tonight … and he had mine, than he would have a better chance at winning than if he was to try to take on seven guys at once out there tonight.

~ Armando rubs his chin in thought, before he reaches up and takes off his sunglasses.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Senior Orton … I don’t trust ju one bit.

~ Orton gulps nervously.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: But … ju got jourself a deal for tonight, simply because I know how jealous people can get of my bulldozer.

~ Orton nods, and turns to walk away…

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Besides … if ju try to screw us … (Estrada puts his shades on) ju won’t be that hard to find.

~ Randy stares at Estrada in shock … and then at Umaga in fear. Estrada begins to talk to Umaga, apparently telling him who to follow out there tonight, as Orton watches intently. Umaga looks at Orton, and then nods a bit, which gets a smile from Orton.

*Backstage - Interview Area*

Backstage interviewer Ranjin Singh stands by with Rob Van Dam, who gets a strong ovation from the fans. With his hair in his trademark ponytail, RVD wears his red singlet, as he bounces up and down a bit.

Ranjin Singh: Rob Van Dam, tonight is a huge night for you, with the Battle Royal looming just mere moments away. But before you comment on that, I just wanted to get your thoughts on Shawn Michaels calling you an “ECW Garbage Wrestler” in his interview earlier tonight?

Rob Van Dam: What are my thoughts on it?

~ Singh nods.

Rob Van Dam: Typical Shawn Michaels. He loves to run his mouth and act like the greatest thing since sliced bread. But he’s been in this ring with me before, and the last time the two of us got together, it was Mr. Monday Night picking up the one … two … three.

~ Crowd pops

Rob Van Dam: I usually don’t listen to much of what Shawn Michaels has to say, but he was right about one thing. This Battle Royal tonight may not be a big deal to him, but it is a big deal to me.

~ Van Dam rubs his hands together intently.

Rob Van Dam: For the past year, since losing the WWE Championship, Rob Van Dam has been pissed off, pissed on, and generally treated like crap unworthy of being a main event superstar in this company. I know Shawn Michaels feels that way. Some of the higher-ups in the back feel that way. Hell, most of the boys in the Battle Royal probably feel the same. But the fact of the matter is, I, Rob -Van - Dam, have done nothing but bust my ass, win matches, and now I’m back in the main events where I belong!!

~ Crowd erupts into cheers for RVD, as Van Dam nods. A “RVD” chant starts up, causing Mr. Monday Night to pause, before continuing.

Rob Van Dam: And tonight isn’t just about a title shot at SummerSlam, it’s about Rob Van Dam breaking through that glass ceiling just ONE - MORE - TIME, and proving to the entire world that I am indeed, The (crowd joins in)Whole - Dam - Show!!

~ Once more the arena goes crazy for RVD, who heads off camera to another huge ovation.

Jim Ross: RVD is ready, so are the other seven superstars in our main event! Eight Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal with the winner punching his ticket to a WWE Title Match at SummerSlam! And by God, it’s up next!!


5 - Main Event; 8 Man Over the Top Rope Number One Contender Battle Royal
Shawn Michaels
vs. Kurt Angle vs. John Morrison vs. Montel Vontavious Porter
vs. John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Umaga vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton
{Winner Faces Edge for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam}

Once everyone enters the ring, the eight superstars begin looking around at one another, sizing each other up. Orton gives a couple of winks to the people who think he’s working with them, as the bell rings to kick this thing off. Immediately, Michaels, Orton, Morrison, MVP and Umaga … RUSH TOWARDS JBL … AND DUMP HIM FROM THE RING!!!

Eliminated - JBL by HBK, Umaga, Morrison, MVP & Orton @ 0:08.

While JBL throws a bitch fit at ringside, the crowd laughs and the people in the ring begin to pair off, with Orton and Porter taking on RVD, while Michaels grabs a hold of John Morrison.

The two groupings go off into opposite corners, which leaves ANGLE and UMAGA glaring at each other from across the ring. The crowd roars, but the two stars don’t milk it for long this week, immediately charging at one another, and the right hands immediately begin to fly! Kurt quickly goes low with a boot to the gut, and then looks for the Angle Slam, but Umaga counters, landing on his feet, and catches Angle with a roundhouse kick to the side of his face, the same one which knocked him down a couple of weeks back!

With Angle down, holding his head, Umaga begins to dominate. Morrison charges, and is taken down by a clothesline! The same with Michaels! The Samoan Bulldozer watches as MVP charges ahead, only to be taken down with a thrust kick to the mouth!! Rob Van Dam is up next, and he manages to avoid an Umaga right hand, and begins to deliver hard shots to his skull. Angle gets back up to his feet, and begins to help RVD attack Umaga!!

Soon enough, MVP, HBK, and Morrison all get up … AND GO AFTER UMAGA!!! The five stars attempt to get rid of The Samoan Bulldozer while Orton watches. You can almost see the wheels in The Legend Killer’s head turning, as he wonders whether or not to get rid of Umaga or help him out, which would blow his ‘cover’. Orton lets out a smirk, before walking towards the group … AND TOSSES ANGLE OUT OF THE RING!!!

Eliminated - Angle by Orton @ 7:12.

Orton then grabs RVD, and looks to TOSS HIM OUT AS WELL … but Van Dam fights it!! RVD turns around and begins to brawl with Orton … only to be LOW BLOWED BY MICHAELS!! Orton staggers out of the way, as RVD holds himself, walking towards the ropes. Mr. Monday Night turns around -- BAM!!! SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!

Michaels drills RVD with his Super Kick, AND SENDS VAN DAM FROM THE RING!!

Eliminated - RVD by HBK @ 8:36.

The crowd boos wildly, as Michaels smirks, and arrogantly gives RVD a couple of DX crotch chops!! Umaga fends off Morrison and Porter, as Michaels walks over and begins to brawl with Orton. HBK and The Legend Killer exchange a couple of right hands and settle down into the match. After about forty seconds … the crowd once again begins to buzz. The camera pans over to show … RVD SLIDING BACK INTO THE RING!!

Van Dam grabs Michaels and drills him with a right … then another … then another, as the crowd goes wild for the angry ECW alumnus. RVD shows incredible intensity in his eyes, before he backs up … and CLOTHESLINES MICHAELS OUT OF THE RING!!!

Eliminated - HBK by an already eliminated RVD @ 10:53.

The crowd continues to roar as Van Dam looks around the arena, fury on his face. With Michaels gone though, and the crowd cheering, Van Dam’s face lightens, and he raises his arms up, and takes a bow, before he leaves the ring.

Orton, MVP, Morrison and Umaga are the only legal men left. Morrison and Porter continue to work on Umaga, who holds his own, as Orton attempts to formulate his next move. Morrison and Porter begin to gain the upper hand on Mags, and The Legend Killer decides to help them out … only to have Umaga begin to fight out of the predicament. He catches both youngsters with hard back elbows, giving himself some space, and Orton immediately backs up with a smirk, after being eyed by The Samoan Bulldozer.

Orton holds his hands up, letting Umaga know it’s all good. ‘Mags goes to turn around … but Orton spins him and GOES FOR THE RKO -- BUT UMAGA SHOVES HIM DOWN TO THE CANVAS!!! The crowd cheers as it looks like Orton will get what’s coming to him, Umaga closing in … but as soon as Mags grabs The Legend Killer … Morrison and MVP charge forward … AND TOSS UMAGA FROM THE RING!!!

Eliminated - Umaga by MVP and Morrison @ 13:33

Orton stares at the two superstars in front of him, and begins applauding, trying not to give the indication as to whom he’s actually applauding for. The longer Orton claps … the more he notices that neither Porter nor Morrison are smiling … nor do they seem all that anxious to hurt one another … or take their eyes off of Orton … in fact, Orton must be thinking, they’ve pretty much been paired together this entire time …

MVP and Morrison look at one another … and smile, and Orton’s face goes almost completely expressionless, before he mouths “fuck”,
and quickly rolls out of the ring. Porter and Morrison leave the ring, and chase Orton!!

The Legend Killer slides back in, and his two pursuers follow. Randy hits the ropes, comes back, only to be drilled by a double back elbow!! The two in control then lift Orton back up and toss him into the corner. MVP then revs up and charges, going for the BIG BOOT, but Orton moves out of the way, and Porter straddles the top rope!! Morrison charges ahead, but Orton quickly drops down, catching The Guru of Greatness with a drop toe hold!!

The One Man Dynasty pops back up to his feet, and waits as Porter stumbles out of the corner. Orton ducks his attempt at a right hand, and then drills him with a modified backbreaker!! Morrison begins to stir, and Orton waits on him, looking to drill him with the RKO. The Shaman of Sexy finally gets all the way up, and ORTON GOES FOR THE RKO -- MORRISON COUNTERS, sending Orton off of the ropes. Orton comes back, and Morrison TOSSES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE … BUT ORTON LANDS ON THE APRON!!

Morrison, realizing that Orton is not eliminated, charges ahead, but Orton ducks down, GRABS THE TOP ROPE, AND MORRISON TUMBLES OVER THE TOP ROPE OUT OF THE RING, TO THE FLOOR!!!

Eliminated - Morrison by Orton @ 17:01.

Orton lets out a slight smirk … only to be DRILLED IN THE FACE BY A HARD BOOT BY MVP!!! The crowd really begins to buzz as Orton dangles on the apron, only one hand holding onto the top rope now!! MVP then rocks Orton with a couple of hard rights!! Porter then pulls back for a big shot, but Orton ducks, and drills MVP with a LOW BLOW IN BETWEEN THE ROPES!!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction, as Randy then quickly drops down, and rolls under the bottom rope, back into the ring. MVP turns around, holding himself, and Orton lets out a smirk, charges forward, AND CLOTHESLINES PORTER OVER THE TOP ROPE … OUT OF THE RING, TO THE FLOOR!!!

Eliminated - MVP by Orton @ 18:27.

Winner -- And NEW NUMBER ONE CONTENDER for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam - ‘THE LEGEND KILLER’ RANDY ORTON @ 18:27.

The crowd furiously boos the One Man Dynasty as Orton raises his arms up in his ‘Destiny’ pose, breathing quite hard after barely surviving this thing. Chris Masters and Joey Mercury, Orton’s RKO Army, soon jog from the backstage area, slide into the ring, and begin to congratulate their leader. The two cronies then grab Orton and lift him onto his shoulders, parading Orton around the ring…

???: (clears throat)

~ The attention of everyone in the arena soon turns to the titantron, and the crowd pops loudly as THE WWE CHAMPION EDGE watches with a smile. The Rated R Superstar wears his shades, jeans and a gray ‘Rated R’ T-shirt, as Masters and Mercury let a confused Orton down from their shoulders.

Edge: Congrats, Randy, I’m really proud of you.

~ Orton and Edge both smirk, for different reasons.

Edge: So now, you get what you finally get what you wanted; a shot at me, a shot at the WWE Championship, one-on-one at SummerSlam.

~ Orton nods, as the crowd cheers a bit.

Edge: I guess there’s nothing else to say but … good luck.

~ The Rated R Superstar prepares to sign off, turning around, but soon turns back around.

Edge: Oh, Orton, one more thing. I hate to be the one to tell ya this, but I figured you should know.

~ Orton squints his eyes, confused.

Edge: Per my contract … for my first WWE Title defense … I get to choose the stipulation!

~ The crowd erupts as Edge smirks and Orton explodes, angrily yelling “WHAT!?” over and over again.

Edge: And y’know, I wanted to wait to tell you, so I wouldn’t ruin your big moment here tonight, but what the hell. A couple of weeks ago, I stole your little destiny catchphrase, and you got all pissy about it … so ... I’m gonna take one more. Three little letters will determine what happens at SummerSlam … but they won’t be R - K - O, oh no.

~ Orton gulps and the crowd begins to stir. Edge lets out a bit of a smirk.

Edge: They’ll be … T … L … C.

~ The crowd explodes with one of the loudest ovations of the night, as Orton looks ready to shit himself.

Edge: You, me, SummerSlam … in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match!

~ A loud ‘TLC’ chant begins to ring out, as Edge just sits still with a smirk. Orton, on the other hand, looks ready to snap.

Jim Ross: Oh my God!! TLC!! A Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam!!

Jerry Lawler: Tables, ladders and chairs, oh my!!

Jim Ross: Randy Orton outlasted seven other superstars for twenty minutes to get a shot at the WWE Title he held for five months without rest!! He gets it, he’s got his nemesis, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge at SummerSlam, but he’s got to beat Edge, in Edge’s Match to do it!! My God, what a SummerSlam this is gonna be!! See ya next week, everybody!!

Raw goes off the air with a shot of Orton, holding his head down in the ring in complete disbelief.

End of Show


Current Card for SummerSlam
August 26th, 2007
East Rutherford, New Jersey

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena OR Batista OR The Rock

WWE Championship; TLC Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge
vs. 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton


~ Show banner credit - JBLoser
~ Match banner credit - Crazian


for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.

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