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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Unlike other times when I popped back up, this time I have not been reading while I’ve been gone. So I haven’t a clue Mac. Must say publicly though, bar Wolfy, I personally feel this is the greatest thread in BTB history. Srzly. I’ve seen all the biggest bookers over my tenure. Not that I agree with all your booking decisions or angles or pushes or whatever. But the consistency in quality you’ve managed to put together it tops. Wouldn’t touch me, if life didn’t always get in the way. But tops nonetheless.

So the Carolina Connection is still around, which = ratings for sure. They are going to finally take the titles really soon. And not before time.

Interesting that some sort of odd union has developed between Cena-Batista. Long term, I can see this thing going several ways. Ultimately with Cena or Batista turning face, and them feuding, and The Rock and Kennedy clashing for the gold. I see Rocky getting perhaps a ‘last’ run with the belt before you send him off, so he takes it from Ken. Then, NAITCH CASHES IN ON ROCK! Oh, the sex of it all.

Is not Daniels still the CW Champ? I certainly would be trying to build that division up with new challengers especially with Chavo and Rey doing there own thing. Not too keen on Daniels in the US Title scene, UNLESS, he wins the title. As double champion, it could make for some unique situations. Although, with no World Title match scheduled for GAB, I certainly would have booked all three undercard titles.

Kennedy and Rock will explode soon enough.

Chavo and Rey will be good. But end it there, plz.

SANTINO! Comedy plz.

Loving this bit of Cruiserweight stuff. AM I lost on who is champion? Noble push, plz.

Punk and Booker thing is cool. Could see Punk winning yet again. I think eventually though, Punk should lose to BT. Perhaps the veteran can give the upstart his first ‘L’.

LOVED the rub for Punk. And Rocky pinning the former World Champ is good. Batista’s star is fading more than all others involved in this fiasco. Which is fine, just don’t let him slip too far.

Okay, so now I finally know that Noble is the Champ. YAY, tbh.

Very interesting to See Finlay and Henry ME Smackdown. Finlay is awesome for that spot, but Henry will simply always be meh. And winning? Ugh. Anyway, it is nonetheless a great way to push undercard talent, and to get over other angles. And what has started here with Steph? We’ll see.

“Welcome back Naitch!” Thanks Mac.

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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Thanks for all the reviews; they shall be returned (hopefully), and thanks for the compliments, Naitch.


With only week before the Number One Contender’s Battle Royal headlines Raw, this Monday night, the fans in Lafayette, Louisiana and watching around the world will be treated to a main event contest just as exciting. Raw General Manager Jonathan Coachman has signed one of the biggest tag team matches in recent memory.

‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton, the Intercontinental Champion John Bradshaw Layfield, John Morrison, MVP, and ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga team up with one another to take on Rob Van Dam, Carlito, Ken Doane, ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle, and the WWE Champion ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge. Will Edge manage to show seven of his eight potential challengers what they’ll be in store for at SummerSlam? Or will the outcome of next week’s Battle Royal become a little more clear after Monday night? Will ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels play a role in the match? And maybe most importantly, will JBL’s fierce words from last week come to hurt him on Raw?

In a match that many have wanted to see for a bit now, the hottest wrestler on the planet right now and number one contender for the Women’s Title, Victoria, takes on a woman who has dominated in her own right, Beth Phoenix. Can Beth stop Victoria’s momentum before Vickie’s inevitable confrontation with Mickie James? Or will the raven-haired diva treat Phoenix like a mere speed bump on her road to the title?

After their first verbal communication led to a brawl, it’ll be interesting to see what happens on Monday night when America’s Most Wanted take on the RKO Army of Chris Masters and Joey Mercury. Can Orton’s boys take their first steps toward the World Tag Team Championships? Or can AMW get off the skids with a win?

In more tag team action, the impressive debut last week of DH Smith and Cody Rhodes was enough for GM Jonathan Coachman to give them a match with the World Tag Team Champions The Redneck Wrecking Crew … in a non-title match. Can the blue-chippers continue to impress? Or will the fearsome rednecks manage to cut off the youngsters’ rise before it even gets started?

All that and more on Monday Night Raw, 9/8CT on USA.


'Manipulation - Part 1'

for the week of September 28th


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Hi jobber.

Nice preview. Ten man tag is looking good, should be a nice show.

I will be reviewing, it's been a while tbf.


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

The ten-man tag team match looks pretty awesome but it's weird that HBK isn't in the match. Maybe we will get a promo from Shawn. Victoria vs. Beth should be good and I hope we finally find out when Victoria gets a shot at Mickie. Soon plz. Rated RKO against AMW is good and I am surprised that DH Smith & Cody Rhodes are facing RWC already. Interested to see if they win or not. Review fo' sho', imo.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Talk about a clusterfuck of a Main Event I kid, I kid, it looks off the charts and will probably be TNA-insane. It is a little weird that Michaels isn't involved, but I guess you had a few too many heels already on one team and Shawn wouldn't really fit with the babyfaces at this point. Epic in-ring promo plz. The tag situation looks solid as hell too; though the RWC do > all those other boys.

Looks the sex
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

I see that Patman has posted a show, I still haven't commented on Naitch's PPV. They're on their way, fellas.

Quickly, there's a quote under the Raw headline to go along with the 'show title' under the banner. That's because I've noticed that everyone and their momma is using show titles now, so this is my way of keeping distance with the field, so to speak. And stay away from my "~" and "*Backstage - ???*, assholes.

As for the actual show, it's ... different than a lot of the previous shows. It's more self-contained to merely the things happening that night, and while it really focuses on the WWE Title situation, there's lots of parts to it; Orton/Angle, Orton/group, Angle/Edge, JBL/Michaels, JBL's fear, etc. Oh, and the Coach's ... fixation in this episode comes from Legend's love of Phoenix. I just remember thinking, "Wouldn't it be mildly amusing if someone liked Beth the way Legend likes her."


Monday Night Raw - July 9th, 2007; Lafayette, Louisiana

“We in it together? … Are we in this together?”

Manipulation - Pt. 1

The show kicks off without pyro, without an opening video, and without a cool video package, instead, Matt Striker stands in the ring, dressed to compete, with an ugly Bill Cosby-esque sweater on top and microphone in hand.

Matt Striker: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Matt Striker, and I am your teacher.

~ Striker lets out a huge smile, while the crowd boos him.

Matt Striker: And tonight, I will be in in-ring competition against a man who is reckless, rash and without remorse. He even fashions himself … as homicidal, genocidal, suicidal and death-defying--

~ Crowd cheers

Matt Striker: The miscreant I am talking about is one, Sabu.

~ More cheers

Matt Striker: But you see, my students, this is not to be seen as hapless predicament for your teacher … but as an opportunity. I went to our astute general manager, Jonathan Coachman, and asked for this match up. So, Mr. Sabu, I want you to come out here and--

***ARABIAN PRAYER*** The crowd lets out a nice pop as Sabu makes his way down to the ring, with Bill Alfonso by his side.

1 - Matt Striker vs. Sabu w/Bill Alfonso

Striker manages to get in more offense than one would expect, starting the match off strong tonight. He uses every dirty tactic in the book to keep Sabu on his back foot … but it’s only a matter of time before Sabu gathers himself, and does some damage. He rocks Striker with right hands, before picking it up a bit, and hits Striker with the Air Sabu and a DDT! Striker staggers up to his feet, and Sabu leaps off the middle rope, grabs Striker and drops him with a tornado DDT for the three count!

Winner - Sabu via pin fall at 6:27.

The crowd cheers as Sabu raises his finger into the air, picking up some momentum and a win on Raw for the first time in a while.

Jim Ross: Matt Striker wanted to make an impact here tonight, and he did. His head made a hell of an impact on the floor!

Jerry Lawler: That’s not funny, J.R.

Jim Ross: Huge show planned for tonight. Victoria looks to continue here incredible hot streak, taking on Beth Phoenix for the first time ever one-on-one tonight. The World Tag Team Champions, Cade & Murdoch, will be in action tonight, taking on the two men who made an impressive debut last week, DH Smith and Cody Rhodes.

Jerry Lawler: The former World Tag Team Champions will also be in action, taking on The RKO Army, Chris Masters and Joey Mercury, after that explosion last week. But that’s not even close to all.

Jim Ross: You ain’t lyin’, King. Because we’ve got possibly the biggest Ten Man Tag Team match up in Monday Night Raw history! In one corner, MVP - Montel Vontavious Porter, John Morrison, ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga, the Intercontinental Champion JBL, and the former WWE Champion, ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton. Their opponents, ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle, Ken Doane, ‘Caribbean Cool’ Carlito, ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam … and the WWE Champion, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge.

Jerry Lawler: That’s huge, J.R! It’s gonna be a massive explosion! What a show.

Jim Ross: And it all takes place here on Monday Night Raw.


*Backstage - Interview area*

Todd Grisham stands by, microphone in hand.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, the Intercontinental Champion … John Bradshaw Layfield!

~ John Bradshaw Layfield walks into screenshot to a strong amount of heat, title belt on his shoulder, dressed in a nice suit, with his white hat on his head and Angelina Williams by his side.

Todd Grisham: JBL, last week here on Raw, you were notified, in pretty embarrassing fashion, that you will be competing in a number one contenders Eight Man Battle Royal next week on Raw. You have requested this time to talk about that. How do you think your opponents will feel after you insulted ALL of them last week?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Son, the next time you call me “JBL,” or “John,” or “Johnny Boy,” anything instead of “Mr. Layfield,” I will slap those glasses right off of your disgusting face.

~ Layfield angrily glares at Grisham for a minute, before his face lightens up.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Now onto your pathetic question. I didn’t insult anybody last week … I was joking around. That’s all it was. It was meant for laughs. You think I would insult great wrestlers like Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, and Randy Orton? No … of course not. I love those guys. They are great wrestlers, and fiery competitors, and I respect each and every one of them for the tremendous talents that they are. Anybody who has at least half a brain knows that John Bradshaw Layfield was NOT insulting anyone. It’s not my style. I--

~ The attention of JBL slowly turns to his left … as ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels walks into screenshot, getting quite a few boos here tonight. Layfield puts on a pretentious smile.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Shawn Michaels, one of my favorite wrestlers around today.

~ Layfield extends his hand to Michaels, and HBK accepts it.

Shawn Michaels: You seem … different tonight, John. You don’t seem as animated as last week. Everything all right?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Everything’s great, Shawn. I--

Shawn Michaels: All things considered, I should probably be the one animated, right? How did you describe me last week? A … “coked-up stripper?”

~ The crowd lets out an “Oh” as JBL shakes his head, and lets out another phony smile.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Shawn … haha, I was just joking last week. Y’know, you’re not the only guy with a sense of humor around this place. I can let my hair down every once in a while.

~ HBK smiles.

Shawn Michaels: Of course, I know it’s a joke … but I’d be worried about some of the people out there tonight. As intense as Angle is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been watching what you said about him all week over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and … over. And Morrison? You know he’s got Melina in his ear, and when that happens, there’s no tellin’ WHAT that kid’ll do. Remember Backlash? The kid didn’t even bother to show up. I’d watch my back out there tonight if I were you, John.

~ Michaels walks off, with a clear smirk on his face, though out of JBL’s view. Layfield looks incredibly nervous now after Michaels’ little ‘pep talk’. Bradshaw turns to Angelina.

John Bradshaw Layfield: This is all your fault.

*Backstage - Mickie James’ Locker Room*

Beth Phoenix, dressed to compete, warms up with her usual semi-scowl, stretching out her arms, before she bends over and does the same to her legs. Soon enough, the Women’s Champion Mickie James eases between the legs of Phoenix, sliding on her stomach. Mickie switches over onto her back, with her and Beth now face-to-face, inches apart.

Mickie James: You ready for tonight?

Beth Phoenix: Yep.

~ Mickie cocks her eyebrow. Beth rolls her eyes.

Beth Phoenix: I said I’m ready.

Mickie James: Three wins in a row for Victoria.

Beth Phoenix: Ready.

Mickie James: You already lost to Victoria once alrea--

~ Beth’s face scrunches up with a bit of anger. Mickie sighs.

Mickie James: Beth … we need this.

Beth Phoenix: I’m on it.

~ Mickie taps Beth on the nose.

Mickie James: Then let’s go.

~ Beth backs up, grabs Mickie’s hand and yanks the Women’s Champion up to her feet. The two divas then leave the locker room.


2 - Victoria vs. Beth Phoenix w/Women’s Champion Mickie James

Beth Phoenix’s offense differs very much from Trish Stratus’ last week, and that causes Victoria to change up the pace as well. Beth consistently goes for the ‘knockout shot’, throwing mammoth right hands and clotheslines at the number one contender, but Vicky uses her superior speed to avoid the blows. Eventually, however, Beth shows she’s more than a one-trick pony, and displays her own appreciable quickness, avoiding a Victoria clothesline, before she drops Vicky with a clotheslines of her own.

The finish comes when Phoenix shows some incredible power and plants Vicky with a POWERBOMB … before -- without even breaking her original grip -- SHE LIFTS HER UP INTO POSITION FOR ANOTHER ONE … BUT VICKY COUNTERS INTO A SUNSET FLIP!! 1... 2... 3!!

Winner - Victoria via pin fall at 9:10.

Victoria gets back up to her feet while the crowd cheers her on, and the referee comes over and raises her hand. Phoenix looks around, completely stunned, but James decides to be a little more proactive than in recent weeks, shaking off her intense fear of Victoria, and MICKIE SLIDES INTO THE RING WITH THE TITLE BELT!!

Jim Ross: Victoria has already won this match, but what the hell is Mickie James doing now!? The match is over, damn it!

Jerry Lawler: Payback, J.R.

Mickie charges at Vicky, but she quickly sidesteps the beautiful but semi-psychotic Women’s Champion!! Victoria then delivers a SHARP THRUST KICK to the face of James, KNOCKING MICKIE FROM THE RING!!

The crowd cheers Victoria on, but she can’t pay too much attention to the ovation, as BETH CHARGES AT HER AS WELL!! Picking her battles, Victoria quickly leaves the ring, with a smile. Beth angrily calls Vickie back in the ring, but the former Women’s Champion simply STEPS OVER MICKIE (“That’s a bad bitch” - Paul Mooney) , and heads back up the ramp smiling away, seemingly untouchable against anyone and everyone she faces as of late.

Jerry Lawler: …………What the hell are we seeing, J.R.? Seriously, this is getting a little scary.

Jim Ross: What we’re seeing is a WWE Diva who is in her prime, who is geared up, ready to go, looking for that elusive Women’s Championship, looking to end Mickie’s DOMINANCE of the title, and Victoria may just be the most driven and focused WWE superstar, male OR female, on the ENTIRE WWE roster.

Jerry Lawler: Rumor has it that the title match between Victoria and Mickie could be taking place at SummerSlam. If Victoria can keep this up for another month and a half, I don’t like Mickie’s chances.

*Backstage - GM’s Office*

Sitting on a couch in his office, Jonathan Coachman watches what’s happening in the ring … with his right hand in his pants. Coach slowly and huskily moans … what sounds like “Oh, Beth” … before there’s a knock on the door. Coach quickly takes his hand out of his pants, leaps up, runs over to his desk, sits down, and begins shuffling around papers.

Jonathan Coachman: Uh, come in.

~ Matt Striker walks in, holding his forehead, still in pain from his match tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: What do you need now, Matt? I’m kinda in the middle of something.

Matt Striker: I’m sorry to intrude once more, Mr. Coachman, but I just wanted to apologize for losing my match tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: It’s alright.

Matt Striker: No … no, it’s not. I told you that I would get the job done and I didn’t. I just want to tell you how sor--

Jonathan Coachman: Matt, you put in the effort, baby boy, and that’s the only thing that matters here on the flagship program -- my program -- Monday Night Raw. And to show you how much I appreciate the effort, you’re gonna get another match next week here on Raw!

~ Striker takes a step back, and covers his mouth with his hands, apparently overwhelmed with joy.

Matt Striker: You won’t regret this, sir.

~ Striker extends his hand to Coach, and Coach accepts it.

Matt Striker: Hand’s a little sticky.

~ Coach pulls his hand away anxiously, before he lets out a smile.

Jonathan Coachman: I … spilt some coffee earlier. Sorry about that.

~ Coach and Striker share a bit of an awkward stare …

Jonathan Coachman: See ya later, Matt.

~ Striker smiles and nods, before he exits the locker room, closing the door behind him. Coach brushes his hand on his pants as we fade out.


*Backstage - Hallway*

The crowd lets out a mixed reaction as ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle, dressed to compete with a black “Tap or Snap” T-shirt on top, walks down a corridor. Angle stops a backstage worker.

Kurt Angle: Where’s Edge’s locker room?

Random worker: End of the hall, take a right, should be the third door on your right, Mr. Angle.

~ Angle nods, and continues on his way … but is soon stopped … by Randy Orton! Angle glares at The Legend Killer, who is also dressed to compete, though he wears a black “RKO Army” T-shirt. Orton also looks far more serious than usual, as he prepares to speak to Angle.

Randy Orton: Kurt … I know we’ve got this Ten Man Tag Team match up later tonight … but … what does it really mean?

Kurt Angle: (Smirking) You’re gonna try to play head games with me, Orton? That’s where this is headed?

Randy Orton: No, I mean seriously, Kurt … it’s just a match. A match just to bump Raw’s ratings for Coachman, a match that doesn’t benefit any one of us at all. Besides, you saw last week’s show. I can’t trust JBL after the crap he tried to pull last week. Hell, I can’t trust any of my tag team partners. Melina still hates my guts, and you know what a conniving snake Estrada is.

~ Angle continues to glare at Orton, as Randy continues.

Randy Orton: And you … can you trust Rob Van Dam, the guy who was partly responsible for you not leaving Vengeance as the WWE Champion? And guys like Carlito and Doane? Please.

Kurt Angle: You’re wasting your time playing this game, Orton.

Randy Orton: Am I lying!? Am I speaking the truth or not? You can’t trust those guys. Better yet … can you really trust Edge. Yeah Edge, the same guy that went at it with you tooth and nail less than a month ago? The same guy that ALWAYS does what’s best for his career at the expense of others? Now … I know I’m no saint, and I don’t try to be, but Edge has shown that at every single chance he’s ever gotten that he’ll do what it takes to make sure he stands at the top of the heap.

~ The Olympian tries not to let his emotions show, but he’s clearly taking what Orton’s saying to heart.

Randy Orton: Tonight’s just a match. Kurt, next week in the Battle Royal is what matters. The title match at SummerSlam is what matters. Tonight is just for semantics. You can’t win the Battle Royal tonight, but if your teammates … more specifically, Edge, decide to look out for themselves instead of for the team … you can damn sure lose that Battle Royal tonight.

~ Angle begins to nod a bit unconsciously.

Randy Orton: You know Edge doesn’t want to put that belt on the line against you. Who would? I know I wouldn’t wanna face Kurt Angle. So what’s gonna stop him from letting you get your ass kicked out there tonight? Think about it. The worse for wear you are, the less of a chance you have of winning that Battle Royal, the less of a chance he’s got to put the gold on the line against the most explosive and intense superstar in the WWE today, Kurt Angle. Just … think about it, that’s all.

~ Orton slaps Angle on the shoulder, before he takes off down the hallway. Angle glares back at Orton, before rubbing his chin, in thought.

*Back to ringside*

3 - Non-Title Match
World Tag Team Champions The Redneck Wrecking Crew
vs. DH Smith & Cody Rhodes

Coming off their first wins on WWE programming last week, Smith and Rhodes start this match up off on fire, giving the World Tag Team Champions a run for their money. That trend continues throughout, though the fans don’t seem to be all that behind this young duo, which isn’t that surprising, considering we know nothing besides that they have important last names. In the end, it’s Smith’s and Rhodes’ inexperience which costs them the chance to leap into the title picture. Rhodes ends up on the outside of the ring, and the RWC show their ability to work as a well-oiled machine, hitting the Sweet ‘n’ Sour on Smith within the allotted five second count, and pick up the victory.

Winner - The Redneck Wrecking Crew via pin fall at 6:53.

**That underlined part is important because I want you to know that that is intentional, not an oversight. **


*Backstage - Interview Area*

Todd Grisham stands by, microphone in hand.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, and one of the ten men involved in our main event tag team match … ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga!

~ Umaga walks into screenshot, focused on his thumb, as Armando Alejandro Estrada, shades, hat and all, enters as well.

Todd Grisham: Tonight--

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Pero … that’s enough. You don’t even have the class to introduce me?

Todd Grisham: I’m sorry, it’s jus--

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Me amigo … you’re worthless. MY NAAAME ES ARMANDOOO ALEJANDROOO ESTRRRRRRRRADA!! HAHA!!

~ Crowd pops in the background.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: And we’ve got no time for jour questions, because we’ve got a meeting with Umaga’s fellow teammates in a couple of minutes, and I don’t need ju annoying me or my monster. All that needs to be said, is that in the main event contest, every single WWE superstar watching will be put on notice. NOBODY can stop the Samoan Bulldozer! NOBODY can stop the single most dominant force that this business has ever seen! NOBODY can stop the man that single-handedly DESTROYED that big dummy Cactus Jack!! Tonight, every single person will learn to fear … THE SAAAAAAMOAN BULLDOZER … UUUUUUMAGA!!!

~ Estrada attempts to lead Umaga away…

Todd Grisham: What about Kurt Angle?

~ AAE stops in his tracks, and looks at Umaga … with a bit of fear.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Uh-oh.

Umaga: AHHHHHHH!!!!

~ Fired up by the mere mention of Angle’s name, Umaga snaps. He grabs poor Todd Grisham and FLINGS GRISHAM INTO THE BACKSTAGE SET!!! Umaga continues to let out unintelligible yells, as Estrada calls him away, begging him to relax.

*Backstage - Edge’s Locker Room*

Dressed in his ring attire, along with his trademark leather jacket, Edge wears the WWE Title around his waist, as he stands up in the middle of the room with Lita by his side. The camera soon pans away from The Rated R Superstar and around the room, showing us Ken Doane, Rob Van Dam and Carlito, all dressed to compete, along with Bill Alfonso, who joins his ECW alumnus.

Carlito: Carlito doesn’t even know why he’s in ‘dis match. Even though Carlito beat Randy Orton last week fair and square in the middle of the ring … Carlito’s not in the Battle Royal next week … which means ‘dat Carlito’s not getting a WWE Title shot at SummerSlam, and ‘dat … ‘das not cool.

Edge: Look, I don’t know why you or Doane are in this match--

Lita: Who knows why Coachman does anything?

Edge: But you’re in it, which means that we’ve got to work this together, if not to impress, than just to kick ass. Out of the five people we’re going up against, there’s got to be somebody on that team who you’ve wanted to get your hands on for a long time. JBL … Umaga … Morrison … MVP … Randy Orton. It doesn’t mat--

~ Kurt Angle walks in, and nonchalantly joins the group with his arms folded over his chest. Edge lets out a grin.

Edge: How nice of you to take the time out of your busy schedule to join us, Kurt.

Kurt Angle: Do I work for you?

Edge: No, but as you can see, each and every one of your teammates out there tonight managed to make it here, so we could get on the same page and handle business out there tonight--

Kurt Angle: “Handle business?”

~ Angle shakes his head in disgust at Edge’s ‘gall’.

Edge: Yeah, an--

Kurt Angle: I’ve been handling business in this place since I got here, so believe me, I don’t need you to tell me how to get the job done. It doesn’t matter if it’s one-on-one, a Triple Threat, Battle Royal, Royal Rumble, Hell in a Cell or a Ten Man Tag Team Match, I come out untouched and badder than ever. YOU of all people should know that.

~ Edge shakes his head like Angle earlier, but he shakes it at Angle’s incredibly volatile and confrontational attitude.

Kurt Angle: And secondly, you guys may be listed as my partners out there tonight, but you just stay the hell out of my way when we get in that ring. I don’t trust you people as far as I can throw you an--

Edge: Can’t trust us!? In case you haven’t noticed, Angle, the four of us don’t exactly go out for beers with one another every night. We don’t hang out, and we aren’t going to start after tonight. But the fact is, we’re willing to put that aside tonight to get a win out there. And as far as you going out there and doing it all alone tonight, considering the way you’ve pissed Umaga off and got your ass kicked by him last week, for some strange reason, I just don’t see you doing much damage against him and four other guys here tonight.

~ The tension picks up about tenfold as Lita, RVD, Fonzie, Doane and Carlito watch intently as Angle glares furiously at Edge, who doesn’t back down an inch from the (overly) intense Olympian. Van Dam puts his hand on Edge’s shoulder.

Rob Van Dam: Edge, just relax, bro.

Kurt Angle: (To Edge)You self-righteous son of a bitch, you can preach teamwork, and cooperation and all that other crap if you want, but I ain’t buyin’ it. The rest of these idiots may forget your past like it never happened, but you’ve always looked out for you first, and you’ve always done what it takes to come out on top, no matter what the cost to anybody else.

~ Edge seems a bit taken aback by that, being reminded of his not so distant past. The rest of the team seem to take a bit more notice as well, staring at The Rated R Superstar (and Van Dam takes his hand off Edge’s shoulder).

Kurt Angle: Yeah, I remember how you won your first WWE Championship … Mr. Money in the Bank. I remember the reason you put that Rated R Army of yours together, and I remember you using it to take out some of the people in this very room.

~ Edge’s rubs his beard with Angle making a damn good point.

Kurt Angle: Don’t think I put it past you to screw one of us over to set yourself up for an easy victory at SummerSlam. So, as for going out there and working as a team … thank you … but no thank you. I think I’ll look out for myself.

~ Angle storms off out of the locker room, leaving us with a shot of Edge simply following Kurt with his eyes, while Van Dam, Carlito, Fonzie and Sabu all look at the WWE Champion suspiciously.


4 - Charlie Haas vs. Mark Jindrak

Haas makes his first appearance on WWE programming since pre-Vengeance, taking on Mark Jindrak. Poor Jindrak can’t catch a break since coming back (because I’ve got nothing for him), and tonight is no different. Haas runs through his offensive arsenal, before he finishes off MJ with the Haas of Pain.

Winner - Charlie Haas via submission at 4:41.

Haas gets his hand raised … but soon calls for a microphone. HAAS ON THE MIC~! He’s soon handed one by Lillian Garcia. Charlie doesn’t look all the happy, considering he just picked up a win…

Charlie Haas: (Breathing somewhat heavily) So here I am again … after another ‘big break’ has passed me by … after another missed opportunity … yeah … here I am. Back to meaningless matches … back to nothingness. How long am I gonna have to wait … before I catch a break … how long … ?

~ Haas shakes his head and drops the mic, while the crowd remains relatively silent, not sure of what to make of Haas’ speech. Charlie rolls out of the ring, and heads back up the ramp, head down.

*Backstage - Randy Orton’s Locker Room*

‘Eclectic’ doesn’t even begin to describe the scene of the RKO locker room at the moment.

sits on Orton’s couch, surrounded by his Playgirls, who feed the superstar grapes, while Luther Reigns stands as stoic as always. Opposite Porter, Orton sits on the other couch in the room, flanked by Chris Masters and Joey Mercury. In one of the corner’s, Armando Estrada talks to Umaga, getting the big Samoan Bulldozer hyped up for tonight’s main event. In another corner, JBL nervously looks around the room at his teammates, looking to see if any harbor any anger from his comments last week, as Angelina attempts to calm him down.

~ Orton turns to his Army.

Randy Orton: Your match is up next, take off.

~ All three stand up, and Orton bumps knuckles with both, before Mercury and Masters head off out of the locker room. The Legend Killer waits another couple of seconds anxiously, before he’s finally had enough.

Randy Orton: Hey, get your asses out here!!

~ After another couple of seconds, Melina and John Morrison make their way out of the bathroom.

Melina: The mirror in your bathroom is WAY too small.

Randy Orton: If I knew you were gonna be here, I would’ve had a mirror put on the ceiling, so you could look at it while you’re in your favorite position -- on your back.

~ Orton lets out a shit-eating grin, and Morrison takes a step toward him, before Orton puts his hands up.

Randy Orton: Sorry. Look, my fault, okay? Tonight isn’t about rehashing old rivalries, tonight isn’t even about who’s gonna win that Battle Royal next week and go to SummerSlam. Just like we all have one goal in mind for next week, we all need to have the same goal in mind for this week.

~ The stars in the room begin to pay attention to what Orton is saying, as he begins to speak to all of them, not just Morrison and Melina. MVP even waves off the grapes. Srs bzns.

Randy Orton: Tonight is about sending a message to each and every fan out there and that arena, and who’ll be watching tonight. Tonight is about sending a message to WWE Management. And with the WWE Champion out there, you can send any message you want.

~ Orton stares at Porter.

Randy Orton: You want to prove that you’ve arrived? You want to prove that you’re the real thing? You want to prove that you’re worth every single cent that they spent on you, you can prove it here tonight. You go out to that ring, and you prove it. You prove that you’re half-man, half-amazing. You prove that you’re the future of this business, you prove that you’re the MVP of the W - W - E.

~ Layla, Kelly and Brooke applaud MVP, who nods with a smirk on his face; Orton turns to JBL.

Randy Orton: Bradshaw, you don’t need me to tell you anything, bro. You’re the man -- the Intercontinental Champion, former WWE Champion, one of the only Grand Slam Champions in WWE history! This is your night.

~ Bradshaw seems surprised, but eventually lets out a smirk; Orton turns back to Morrison and Melina.

Randy Orton: I know we don’t see to eye-to-eye, but John, I’m gonna need you out there tonight. Yeah, you’ve got the new hair, and the new look, and the new name, and you’ve got the cool moves. But tonight, that won’t mean a damn thing if you don’t put it all together in that ring. You’re gonna have nine of the best superstars in the world in that ring with you tonight, and every pair of eyes of every single Raw fan in the world is gonna be locked on you! Get … the job … done.

~ Morrison nods a bit as Orton turns to Umaga and Estrada.

Randy Orton: What have you been saying for the last couple of weeks, Estrada? You’ve been saying Umaga is the man, Umaga is an animal, Umaga is the most dominant superstar in the WWE today. Well, tonight you’ve GOTTA PROVE IT!! You don’t prove it by beating Mick Foley, it means nothin’!! It’s been done before, I’ve done it before!! You prove it by going out to that ring and DOMINATING an Olympic Gold Medalist!! You prove it by going out there, and DOMINATING everybody in that ring!! You prove it by dominating the WWE Champion!!

~ Umaga lets out an animalistic roar, as Estrada puts on his usual awesome goofy-looking grin. Orton puts his hand out face-down as he looks around the room.

Randy Orton: We in it together? (Takes another look around the room) Are we in this together?

~ The heels look around at one another, before they all put their hands on top of Orton’s, capped off by Umaga, who lets out another yell. Orton smirks, impressed with his ability to pull this group together within the span of a couple of minutes, which shows his maturity and development since three months ago when he was responsible for the partial implosion of his RKO Army … or does it just show he’s much better at manipulating things to his advantage nowadays? Oh, the intrigue.


5 - Tag Team Match
America’s Most Wanted w/Gail Kim
vs. The RKO Army

These two tandems continue the intensity which started in last week’s brawl. Masters and Mercury seem to perform much better in this tag team setting than they have taking on main eveners one on one, managing to ‘hang’ with the former World Tag Team Champions throughout the contest. The finish comes when Masters looks to put the match away, after a botched Death Sentence attempt has left Harris incapacitated on the outside. Masters grabs the legal man, Storm, and puts him in The MASTERLOCK!! Storm struggles to get free, and inches towards the ropes … only to have it pulled back by TREVOR MURDOCH!! Out of the referee’s view, Murdoch smirks as Storm attempts to put his foot on the ropes, but it’s of no uses, and soon enough, Masters pulls him back toward the middle of the ring. Soon thereafter, Storm passes out from the pain.

Winner - The RKO Army via submission at 8:13.

While Masters and Mercury celebrate in the ring, Murdoch heads back up the entrance ramp, and slaps hands with World Tag Team Champion partner Lance Cade, who waits at the top of the ramp. The Redneck Wrecking Crew arrogantly smirk at the top of the ramp, while Harris joins Storm in the ring.

*Backstage - Hallway*

Randy Orton and his teammates (and their respective valets, managers, bodyguards, etc) leave his locker room, and apparently head towards the ring. Everyone seems relatively excited for the match up, even JBL, who still seems a little suspicious, but has gotten over it for the most part. The massive group continue to head down the hallway, but their attention is soon turned to … Shawn Michaels, who sits on one of the near-by crates with a cup in his hand and a smirk on his face.

Shawn Michaels: I love it. A display of unity before the big tag match … Kinda strange to see though, considering you’ll all be at each other’s throats next week in that Battle Royal.

Randy Orton: Save the mind games for someone else, Michaels.

~ HBK lets out a knowing smirk.

Shawn Michaels: You’re right, I apologize. I should expect more from a crybaby -- I mean, a great former WWE Champion like yourself.

~ And with that statement, all of JBL’s insecurities rush right back to him, as Orton’s face scrunches up a bit. HBK gets up from his seat and takes a drink, before he sets his cup down.

Shawn Michaels: Good luck to ya all. (Looks right at JBL) I think some of you may REALLY need it.

~ Layfield glares at Orton, and Orton glares right back. The two men both let out uneasy smiles, before they begin to continue their trek. Once everyone leaves view…

Shawn Michaels: Ha … it’s been a fun night.


6 - Main Event; Ten Man Tag Team Match
WWE Champion Edge, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Carlito and Ken Doane
vs. Randy Orton, John Bradshaw Layfield, Umaga, John Morrison and MVP

A bit of a clusterfuck to kick things off, until the faces eventually gain the advantage, sending the heels from the ring. Once everything gets settled, Edge and Morrison end up as the legal men in the ring. The two follow a similar ebb and flow as they did last week, with Edge’s experience beating out Morrison for the couple of minutes their in the ring with one another.

Having enough of Edge, Morrison tags in UMAGA!! Edge, ready to fight, is shocked when KURT ANGLE tags himself into the match!! The crowd erupts and gets up to its collective feet as Angle and Umaga stare at each other from across the ring. Umaga lets out a roar, and Angle lets out loud yell, before the two superstars charge at each other, and begin exchanging right hands! The Samoan Bulldozer eventually gains the advantage, with a couple of sharp kicks to the ribs of Angle!

Umaga then grabs Angle and GOES FOR THE SAMOAN SPIKE - but Angle ducks his hand, and FLATTENS UMAGA WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!! The crowd pops huge for Angle, but Kurt isn’t done, and attempts to put Umaga in the ANKLE LOCK!! Umaga shows some impressive power and merely muscles his way into the corner, and tags in JBL!!

Layfield mouths “oh crap”, before he steps into the ring, while Angle waves him on in. Kurt backs up into his corner, bouncing up and down a bit … but RVD tags himself in! Angle angrily glares at Van Dam, but RVD pays him no mind, and goes at it with JBL. After a minute or two of being on the receiving end of Van Dam’s fast-paced, high-octane offense, JBL finally cuts him off with a stiff boot to the face!!

Angelina Williams applauds at ringside, but that soon stops, as Bradshaw comes up limp, hobbling a bit. Layfield makes the tag to Orton, while RVD gets up and tags in ‘Caribbean Cool’ Carlito. While Carly and Orton do battle in the ring, the camera focuses in on Bradshaw, who sits on the apron and JBL is holding his right knee in pain. Soon enough, a couple of referees run down to the ring, and Layfield is helped to the back as we cut to our final commercial break.

Back from the break, MVP is in control, stomping away on Doane in the corner. Porter then shoots Doane into the opposite corner, before he charges in, going for the BIG BOOT in the corner - but Doane moves, and Porter straddles the turnbuckle!! Doane then grabs Porter by the neck, and drills him with a strong NECKBREAKER!! MVP and Kenny lay out on the canvas, while the referee begins his ten count. Both superstars begin the trek towards their corner, and eventually, the tags are made to both RANDY ORTON AND EDGE!!

The crowd roars as Edge and Orton step into the ring … BUT ANGLE TAGS HIMSELF IN AGAIN!!! Furious, Edge gets in Angle’s face about it … and Kurt SHOVES The Rated R Superstar!! The champion angrily glares at Angle … BEFORE HE SLAPS THE WRESTLING MACHINE!! Orton watches with a smirk, and the crowd groans (along with their teammates) as Angle and Edge implode before their very eyes. The Olympian smirks … before he KICKS EDGE in the gut - AND PLANTS HIM WITH THE ANGLE SLAM!!!

The crowd lets out a mixed reaction, clearly leaning towards heat, as Angle stares down at the fallen WWE Champion, his own teammate. RVD gets in the ring, asking Angle what the hell is wrong with him, but Kurt will have none of it, turning Van Dam around, before he PLANTS RVD WITH A GERMAN!! Carlito gets in, and throws a left, but Angle ducks it, and takes Carly down with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Doane gets in, but Angle kicks him in the gut, and tosses him over the top rope!!


Angle then turns toward Orton, who lets out a smirk and extends his hand. Kurt walks towards him - AND SLAPS THE TASTE OUT OF ORTON’S MOUTH, before he begins to rain down hard right hands on The Legend Killer as the crowd roars!!

Soon enough, Armando Estrada distracts the referee … while Umaga, MVP and Morrison all enter the ring and ALL ATTACK ANGLE!! With boots and fists being brought down upon him, Angle is dropped quickly to the mat. The three illegal stars then back off, as Orton brings Angle up to his feet, BEFORE DROPPING HIM AGAIN - THIS TIME WITH THE RKO!!!

Orton does his ‘Destiny’ pose to big-time heat … but MVP tags himself in! Orton looks upset at first … but soon moves out of the way. Porter covers Angle. 1... 2... NO! Morrison pulls him off!! Morrison and MVP begin arguing, until Umaga steps into the ring, and begins yelling at the both of them. Morrison and Porter both give Mags a bit of a push … and The Samoan Bulldozer will have none of it, CLOTHESLINING THEM BOTH DOWN!!

Umaga doesn’t get to celebrate for too long, as Van Dam, Doane, Edge and Carlito get back up to their feet … and attack Umaga!! The referee counts to five … then waits … then waits some more for the brawl to end, but it doesn’t, and he throws the match out!!

Winner - No Contest at 14:53.

Porter and Morrison get back up to their feet, and attack Doane and Van Dam, while Carlito brawls with Umaga. Orton slowly climbs down from the apron with a smirk, watching as the Battle Royal next week gets easier and easier.

Jerry Lawler: This is crazy, J.R.!!

The Legend Killer doesn’t get to smile for long … AS EDGE DROPS ORTON WITH A RIGHT HAND!! Edge mounts Orton and begins to rain down right hands on The One Man Dynasty, while all hell continues to break loose on the inside!!

Jim Ross: And it’s all about the WWE Championship!! Next week, Eight Man Battle Royal; Kurt Angle, John Morrison, MVP, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels, JBL, Umaga and Randy Orton all battle it out for a shot to punch their ticket to SummerSlam!!!

*Backstage - Shawn Michaels’ Locker Room*

HBK sits on a chair in his locker room, smiling away as he watches his monitor. Shawn Michaels stands up, and turns off his monitor.

Shawn Michaels: Oh, the intensity. (J.R. imitation) THEY’RE TRYNA KILL EACH OTHER!! IT’S GONNA BE A SLOBBERKNOCKER!! (Stops) Haha, good show--

~ BOOM!!!

Shawn Michaels: CRAP!

~ Michaels falls to the ground in a heap, clutching his back and screaming like a madman after being struck in his surgically-repaired back! The camera pans over to show…

JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD holding a steel chair.

With his typical toothy grin, Bradshaw takes a long look at Michaels … then drops the chair and calmly walks out of the locker room, not even hobbling a little bit, not a damn thing wrong with leg.

Shawn Michaels: Son of a…

~ On the outside of the locker room, Angelina Williams waits with the IC Title on her shoulder while JBL approaches with a sly smirk.

Angelina Williams: You think that was a smart move?

John Bradshaw Layfield: I’m sending that punk a message. Nobody tries to manipulate JBL. Besides … he may be a great … but he’s 200 pounds soaking wet with a brick in his pocket, and need I remind you, it’s a Battle Royal. What’s the harm in it?

~ Angelina stares at Layfield blankly.

Angelina Williams: You’re not actually hurt.

John Bradshaw Layfield: …So?

Angelina Williams: What if Michaels, y’know … tells the rest of ‘em that you faked an injury to get out of the tag match? Won't they all look to get rid of ... you?

~ Owned; That revelation seems to have taken the wind out of JBL’s sails, as Angelina drops some news that would be rather obvious to a person who’s worried about winning … instead of satisfying his own ego. Several backstage workers begin to walk by Layfield, as JBL looks back at Michaels’ locker room with apprehension, and Angelina shakes her head, amazed by her client. Angelina and a stunned JBL continue on down the hall, but soon turn to their left, hearing one of the monitors backstage...

"MY GOD, these guys are trying to KILL each other!! It's gonna be a slobberknocker next week!! All hell is gonna break loose inside the Battle Royal!! See ya next week, everybody!!"

~ Layfield shakes his head again, and continues dejectedly down the hallway as we fade out.

End of Show


Current Card for SummerSlam
August 26th, 2007
East Rutherford, New Jersey

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena OR Batista OR The Rock

WWE Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge
vs. Winner of #1 Contender’s Battle Royal

for the week of September 28th


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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

WCW Rules' Review of DDMac's RAW

I know Szumi started the "Title" thing for the segments, but I believe I'm the one that started the "Title" and "Theme" for the actual programs, if I'm not mistaken. Credit, plz. <3

Now, starting off with Matt Striker, can I say one thing; Eww. Was there a significant reason for starting the show with Striker? Although he wasn't squashed by Sabu, it was kinda predictable that the former ECW extremist would pull off the win, one way or another. Striker's a nice jobber, though, but Emperor DC likes 'im, which is why we must do our best to continue to job him further. Victoria against Beth Pheonix = win. Victoria win, plz. Pfft, the Redneck Wrecking Crew taking on the young and green upstarts? Should be interesting, though I cannot fathom why everyone is calling them the "Redneck Wrecking Crew?" Plz elaborate on this 'un. And of course, the epic Ten Man Tag Team Match. Can't wait!

Haha, JB fucking 'L. I loved the beginning bit with JBL's smug attitude towards Grisham; Grisham deserves it so. This segment was priceless; JBL acting all innocent and such, and HBK coming out to warn him. JBL did seem a bit awkward though here, but I imagine it's intentional. Lol at the "It's all your fault," to Angelina. Good stuff, man, you always know how to work with JBL's persona. Meh segment here, with the Women's Champion Mickie James and Beth Pheonix. The entire segment just didn't... click, per se. Not sure what it was, but it seemed too generic, but I guess that's within Beth's character, but certainly not Mickie's. BTW, Candice > Mickie, for all intents and purposes. I hope Victoria kicks Beth's ass here, no offense to Legend.

And... YAY! Victoria with the victory! Interesting way for Victoria to turn up the win, but it was made to make Beth turn out somewhat strong in the end. Rather long match for a Women's match on RAW, but those two can tussle for quite some time. HAHA, loved the ending to the match. Victoria kicking ass and taking names, I love it! Since Candice is not a regular in your thread, I must turn to another female, and thy name is Victoria! She's been dominating, so it's hard for me to contemplate a victory for her over Mickie James for the Women's Championship. Hope I'm wrong, bud. Hey, Mac, did we need to know what Coach was doing... with his johnny? I think not. Funny, but highly unnecessary. And Striker gets another match this week; still can't see where this is going, unless Striker's going on a little jobberfest before Summerslam. LMAO! "A little sticky." Gold, Mac, simply gold. Your brand of humor is most welcoming, I see.

I thought this segment between Angle and Orton was brilliant; Orton's a conniving, scheming little bugger who's cleverly planting the seeds of doubt within Angle's mind, and Angle's taking to it. Interesting turn of events here, and this'll definitely speak repercussions in our Ten Man Tag Team match, and perhaps, beyond. I don't quite know where you're taking this, but I suppose the end result will speak for itself. Hehe, I see your brand of insight into your own shows has not withered, much to my enthusiasm. The underlined part of the match is true, though. I didn't think the World Tag Team Champions would lose to this bunch of misfits, and I was right on the money, which I sorely need right now. In any case, decent match, but will it go somewhere, seeing as there was no aftermath? Yes, here he is; Armando Alejandro Estrada and Umaga! Pretty straightforward words from Armando, as if more needs to be said. Hehe, I chuckled when Grisham mentioned Angle and Umaga just snapped, propelling him into the backstage set! Wonderful, my friend! I know Umaga's going to be a deciding factor in the Tag Match, though, since you're giving him quite some air time.

Like the Orton/Angle segment prior, I thought this segment was incredibly well done. Kurt Angle was clearly influenced not only bis distrust of Edge, but also by Orton's words, which seem to resonate in his words. Well done, and it did what it needed to do; further deteriorate the team factor in this Ten Man Tag Team match, which I see ending in a not so glorious way. Character wise, I'd say most, if not everyone, was in character. Carlito was cool, and since I'm so used to Edge being Heel, him being in this Tweener/Face kinda role throws me off a bit, but other than that, great segment here, my friend. Hehe, Jindrak can't catch a break because you have nothing for him? Nice, Mac. From the moment you utteed those words, Haas was granted a foreshadowed victory, courtesy of your's truly. Haas' words at the end of the match spell some sort of push for him in the future, though this can be another one of your games again.. Orton, the manipulator, is at it again, and this time he's trying to coerce his teammates into thinking they're in this together, when in fact I know it's for some other, higher purpose. Awesome segment, BTW. I like where Orton is going with his manipulative ways, seeing as I don't see how this correlates to his maturity in any way. Those guys should know how Orton is, and I wouldn't be surprised to see if one of them has the guts to see through it all in the Tag Team match. Then again, I could be wrong, as your booking takes turns for the wild side, and that's a compliment.

Wow, the little bastard Murdoch costs AMW the win here; I'm not too interested in a feud between AMW and the Redneck Wrecking Crew, to be honest, but that's just me. Nice to see the RKO army with the win, though. Intriguing promo before the big match; you're right, this show has been rather contained within the vast web of feuds and rivalries brewing between all these men. It's interesting, to say the least, and it keeps me on slight edge. (No pun intended) HBK was rather vindictive in this here promo, but of course, he's trying to get inside Orton and JBL's head. I've never been this interested in a Ten Man Tag Team match on RAW, but you've given it a purpose, a sense of belonging and a means to an end, or a beginning as we see here. Should be great, and we're off!

I liked the beginning, but it was a clusterfuck as you said. The interaction between Umaga/Angle, RVD/JBL, it all paces rather methodically as to where these feuds will be headed in the near future. I didn't like that JBL was 'injured' and helped to the back, either it's a set up or something must've happened. Hehe, I knew something would occur; Angle seems to be dislike Edge so much that he tags himself in, and here comes the dissent. I LOVE IT! Angle is destorying his own teammates; Orton's words have created this fear, this illusion in Angle that seems to have gone too far! It turns into a brawl, which was expected, as every man begins to pile on and get a taste of sweet revenge and then, the other team deteriorates. I like it; this entire show was built around this, and we're finally seeing the destruction of their own fears, their own ambitions. I knew Umaga would be somewhat of a deciding factor, and the No Contest is an interesting way to finish this. Now this, the ending was just... quick. Michaels, and here comes JB fucking 'L! I knew something was strange, but uh oh, JBL's plans seem to have taken a wrong turn, as Angelina reveals he might get what's coming to him in the end for faking his own injury. Karma's going to be a bitch for him, I just know it. The ending was superb; JBL acknowledging what was going on in the ring, and the same time, ignoring it. Great stuff, Mac. Great shit.

Overall, this was a fantastic show. The humor, the characters, the contained demeano the show took upon as you alluded to earlier began to take form, adding an interesting twist to it. You've managed this show quite well, and the road to Summerslam for RAW is turning out to be an interesting one indeed. All in all, magnificent. This is what I want to read from BTB; a classic show from beginning to end. <3
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

July 9th Raw Review:

WTF big time at Striker kicking off the show! He just came out of nowhere and I guess he can get whatever match he wants from Coach. Sabu is a good opponent for Striker and I like how he looks down on Sabu so much. Striker getting some decent offense in is suprising but there was never really any doubt that Sabu would win the match. DDT and then a Tornado DDT? Sounds a little repetivie but Sabu doesn’t have that much more in his arsenal. Good win for the ECW Orig’ … just not the way I pictured Raw starting.

Huge night on tap for tonight. Vicky vs. Beth should be explosive, interested to see what happens between RWC and Rhodes/Smith, RKO Army vs. AMW is such to be brutal and the ten-man tag is going to be CRAZY.

LMAO at JBL’s first line to Grisham … I really wanted to see him slap the glasses off. JBL backtracking now that he knows he needs to win a battle royal to become #1 contender … now he is telling everyone he is joking. Would have liked to have seen JBL talk a little more before HBK came up but the interaction between him and Shawn was very good. Looks like Michaels is the one doing the manipulating, not JBL.

Got a little hot reading about Mickie and Beth being next to each other on the floor … if Beth was replaced with Trish. Mickie seems a little worried but Beth is insisting that she will win against Vicky … that won’t happen. I just wanna know when Victoria is getting her title shot!

Beth using her strength the try and win the match isn’t surprising but Victoria is just too good right now, she isn’t going down. Beth can use the quickness as well and she is able to dominate for a while but Vicky is able to slide out of the powerbomb and get the sunset flip for the victory! Great way for Victoria to win because Beth still looks like a powerhouse. Victoria is able to avoid the title shot from Mickie and she is just scary right now. Match at SS? Needs to be sooner, imo. I wonder how the feud will continue.

Coach pretty much = Legend when Beth comes on. But I kid. Striker seems to be in good with Coach and now we get to see Matt in the ring again. Moderatley funny segment between these two but it wasn’t all that necessary, imo.

It looks like we have some more ass-kissing going on between the participants in the battle royal next week. Orton tries to convince Angle that Edge won’t be looking out for him tonight but since he’s such a tweener, I don’t see Angle siding with Orton or Edge. Orton just hates Edge so much that he is trying to get as many people as possible to go against him. Angle is a great wrestler … I can see him dominating the next two weeks … but he is facing ‘Maga at SS … not Edge.

Again, kinda shocked to see Smith and Rhodes get a chance against the champs so early, even though it is non-title. Not surprised to see Rhodes and Smith get the advantage early and I like that the crowd isn’t behind them … will make for a VERY good heel team down the line. RWC get back on track in the match and Sweet N’ Sour for the win is pretty standard. Good match for Rhodes and Smith but they won’t be near the tag titles anytime soon.

AAE is so money that he doesn’t even need to say anything to get me to mark. Funny the way everyone owns Grisham … and Estrada is no different. He names all of Umaga’s big wins the past few months and ‘Mags becoming a monster when he hears the name “Kurt Angle” is pretty awesome for his character and the storyline.

Edge as the leader is pretty ironic … especially since he could face one of his teammates for the WWE Championship at SS. Angle walking in a little late immediately creates tension between him and Edge, and it only picks up from there. Edge is trying to get Angle to work as a team but Angle seems to have listened to Randy Orton … because he is saying that Edge only cares about himself. Just when you think Angle will be a face, he turns the entire team against Edge and walks out of the ring in a very heelish way.

LMAO that Jindrak is still on the roster and you admitting to not having anything for him. Can you say USELESS? Haas wins the match easily but his promo is a little strange. I am not sure where he goes from here … but I know you have something good planned for ole’ Charlie.

There are so many heels in that locker room … I love it. Orton just owned Melina and then he played it off as “no big deal” when he is confronted by Morrison. Orton runs down every guy on his team … and the ass-kissing continues. He is really able to get all the guys on the same page, much better than Edge did. The heels are far more unified heading into the match but that means nada. There’s the quote~! TLK owns, imo.

It would make sense for Masters and Mercury to work better as a team and I figured they’d be able to stick with the former champs for a while. Masterlock on Storm!! Murdoch~! The RWC cost AMW the victory tonight!! The feud WILL continue!! Awesome to see that and awesome that the RKO Army got the win. Texas Tornado match for the tag titles at SS, plz.

HBK~! I really wanted a promo from Michaels but this was good too. He is able to get the heels nervous before the match. HBK just surpassed TLK as the master manipulator with this little speech.

Main event needed to start as a big brawl because we needed to get everyone involved right away. The tags in and out, especially the blind ones, were expected but it was a good addition to the match. JBL and RVD is a great pairing and JBL is dominating … UNTIL HE GETS HURT!! Big injury here and very unexpected. Angle begins to dominate the match … and then takes down all his teammates~! The match gets way to crazy and I guess I’d be lying if I thought it would end any differently … need to get all the guys in the BR over before next week. JR and King are pumped … and so am I!!

HBK ending the show? JBL HITS HIM WITH THE STEEL CHAIR FROM BEHIND!! JBL ISN’T INJURED!! Mac, you sly dog. JBL has one-upped everyone tonight and was able to get out of dodge … but does Angelina have a point? Is JBL really going to be the hunted come next week? He will not be winning the BR, me thinks.

You were right about this show Mac … it certainly was different. It was still great stuff and I liked that it was different than most of your shows. Great that the WWE Championship is taking center-stage the last few weeks and it all comes to a head next week. You are still the best thing going today, 10/10.

~ PatMan


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

Woot! Raw in my home state!

Thought I'd drop by and drop some comments. I've been reading a few of the shows or skimming over nevertheless but it's really been more of Smackdown tbh. Either way I'll try and remember some stuff going on here. I see Striker is getting some resemblance of a push I'm assuming. Unless Sabu is going somewhere I don't really see them needing to open the show but I do think it's different to open up with two smaller names for a change. JBL's promo was good and I loved it when he played the coward role towards the end. Eh women's scene is heating up somewhat. SHOCK...Mickie got attacked? Mickie not doing something positive in this thread = ratings. Haha pure comedy moment from the Coach there. He's always a good GM to use as I used him for a period of time. Orton's promo was nice dude. One of those "makes you think about it" promos. Seriously was one of the better promos of the show tbh trying to get into the head of his opponents. Hmmm, don't really care about Smith and Rhodes as they've got "bland" written all over them together. Though I have a feeling and hope you have this going somewhere which I know you do. Another good promo and Edge's first smartass remark to Kurt when he came in had me laughing. I seriously could have pictured this entire promo playing out as it was very good. Orton's team promo was okay but really was nothing on par with Edge's. Of course the mirror comment about Melina from Orton was great and had me laughing. Really other than that nothing "stood out to me" at all. Eh two tag matches back to back before the main event which is a tag match? Maybe the matches should have been reordered possibly. I really wasn't looking forward to the tag match until all of these promos for it aired so I kind of got into it. But of course the aftermath jumps out at me and makes me wonder where JBL is going to go after he loses the Battle Royal. I mean you could always pull out a shock but i doubt JBL walks away with it. However it's certainly something different you've got going so props for that.
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Re: 2007 & Beyond - The Second Fucking Coming

I'll respond to a couple of questions about Raw after some feedback for this show comes in.


Friday Night SmackDown! - July 13th, 2007; New Orleans, Louisiana

Brand New Game

The night gets off to a strange start as we immediately enter the GM’s office of Stephanie McMahon. The office is set just like it was a couple of weeks ago, with Steph sitting in front of a dozen security guards, with Mark Henry and Finlay sitting in chairs. The only differences this time are the somewhat remorseful looks on the faces of Henry & Finlay (who both wear bandages on their foreheads), as Steph sports a shiner on her right eye. Stephanie says that No Holds Barred Matches usually end these problems, but for these two it’s merely escalated it further. McMahon doesn’t wait for a response, and says that this feud will come to rest, and it will stop at the Great American Bash, when she locks these two animals inside of a STEEL CAGE!! Steph says she doesn’t care if one walks out of the cage, or NEITHER do, but this feud will end at the GAB.

We then go to ringside where our three commentators run down the card: Kid Kash vs. Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble in a Non-Title Match; William Regal taking on the undefeated CM Punk; the WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans taking on The Mexicools in a Non-Title Match; and the main event, ‘The Animal’ Batista vs. ‘The People’s Champion’ The Rock.


In the first match of the night, the undefeated CM Punk takes on William Regal. The Straightedge Superstar matches the intensity, skill and savvy nature of the crafty Englishman throughout the match up. The finish comes when Regal counters the GTS, into a beautiful small package … only to have Punk ever so slightly counter the move, and effectively pin Regal’s shoulders to the canvas with a inside cradle of his own, and picks up the victory @ 9:38!
Punk quickly rolls out of the ring, while Regal throws a Grade A bitch fit, yelling at the referee, the fans, the commentators and anyone who will listen, rather embarrassed, after mocking Booker last week for the same thing.

With her office cleared out of everyone, Stephanie McMahon sits back in her chair, rubbing her temples as she watches the goings-on in the ring. Soon enough, Kid Kash barges into her office. Steph lets out a long sigh, as the Notorious K.I.D. complains about Noble’s attack on him last week. Steph reminds Kash that he did the same thing, but he’ll have none of it, demanding tonight’s match be turned into a title match. Steph says she’ll meet him halfway, promising him a title shot if he can pick up the win tonight.


Backstage, Kristal Marshall conducts one of four interviews with the U.S. Title Fatal Four Way competitors; first up, Christopher Daniels. Kristal asks Daniels what it’s like to take a ‘step up’ from the Cruiserweight Division, and Daniels immediately corrects her. Showing his admiration for the division, Daniels states that the U.S. Title isn’t a ‘step up’ but a ‘lateral move’ for him. The Fallen Angel states that he made the CW Division the best division in this company, and big doesn’t always equal better. He says that won’t be any more evident than in nine days when, as the smallest wrestler in the match, he manages to capture the U.S. Title.

Up next, The New Breed take on a hometown tandem. Elijah Burke and Monty Brown merely use it as a chance to regain some lost momentum (and get some airtime), completely smothering their opponents from start to finish while Booker and Sharmell watch, before The Alpha Male hits The POOOOOOUNCE~! on one of the poor bastards, and picks up the victory @ 3:09.


Steve Romero conducts an interview with Matt Hardy. Romero asks Hardy about the U.S. Title Match, and Hardy takes us back to WM and JD, where each time he came so close to making a real name for himself as a singles star in this company … only to come up short. Matt says he won’t let the same thing happen at the GAB … he CAN’T let the same thing happen at the GAB.

In the ring, Josh Matthews introduces Chavo Guerrero to a mixed reaction. Chavito comes out, and says that after a couple weeks of thinking, he finally has the exact words he wants to say to Rey Mysterio.
Eventually, the crowd roars as Rey Mysterio comes down to the ring. As soon as the two (former?) friends meet in the ring …
Mysterio stands in shock, as Chavo lets loose on the microphone, wanting to know where Rey gets the audacity to talk down to him. Guerrero states that he may not have had all of the success that Mysterio had, but at least he did it the right way. Guerrero says that he got by on pure talent, heart and commitment, while Rey relied on stupid gimmicks, flashy but ultimately ineffective moves, and a flash-before-substance mentality.
Mysterio then snatches the mic, and states that Guerrero didn’t get the success for one reason and one only … he was happy to just get by and rely on the Guerrero name. Rey then says that it’s not honorable, it’s lazy and pathetic. The two comrades come face to face again, both seething with intensity and Chavito has his hands cocked seemingly ready to strike at any moment, while the crowd isn’t exactly sure who’s right or wrong, but side with Rey out of ‘habit’.
Our commentators hype up their showdown at the GAB in nine days as one fraught with repressed and angry feelings, bitter resentment, and a strained friendship, while we fade out on Mysterio and Chavo nose to nose.


Up next, the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble takes on Kid Kash in a non-title match. The crowd isn’t sure who to cheer for and who to boo, but that doesn’t have too much of a negative impact on this solid contest. The match doesn’t get to go too long, because at the six minute mark, the ref gets knocked down by an incidental shot by Kash. Both Noble and Kash look at one another and then make a beeline for the title belt. the two stars fight over it, before Kash lets it go … and picks up the STEEL CHAIR!! Noble drops the belt, and rolls into the ring, and Kash soon follows. The CW champ seems to be in quite a bit of trouble, but luckily for him, CHRIS SABIN leaps over the fan barricade, leaps onto the apron and then onto the top rope, before nailing Kash with a diving dropkick to the back, which causes him to WIPE OUT NOBLE WITH THE CHAIR!! Noble then lifts Kash up and PLANTS HIM WITH THE CRADLE SHOCK!! Sabin then leaves the ring in a fury, weeks and possibly months of frustration boiling over tonight. After several seconds, both Noble and the ref begin to move, and the CW Champ crawls over to cover Kash for the three count @ 8:29.

Inside of the locker room, Teddy Long says a couple of words to Mark Henry, before he turns and leaves the room. T-Lo does a bit of a jig as he walks down the hallway … but that soon changes, as HE’S SLAMMED UP AGAINST A NEARBY WALL …


Teddy Long looks rather nervous, as The Game, dressed in his jeans and T-shirt, angrily speaks…

Triple H: Teddy, I want you to listen to me, and listen to me good … You tell that gigantic ape of yours that the next time Stephanie ends up knocked out, or hurt, or whatever because of his stupidity, I will drag his ass back to the jungle, and finish his big ass off.

Teddy Long: Racist cracka’!

Triple H: You listenin’ to me, Teddy!? Henry and Finlay can beat each other up and down the arena all they want, wherever they want, whenever they want, but your boy and that decrepit Irish prick better make damn sure they keep their hands off of my wife!

Teddy Long: Ex-wife!

Triple H: Whatever! We understand each other?

~ Long defiantly nods, and Hunter lets out a bit of a smile, before letting Long go. H then turns around … but soon turns back around … AND KNOCKS LONG DOWN WITH RIGHT HAND! Hunter then snarls and walks off, leaving T-Lo holding his left eye in pain.


Backstage, Steve Romero stands by with Jeff Hardy. The younger of the Hardy brothers states that even though he’s had his fair share of success here in the WWE, he continues to feel like he’s in the shadow of his older brother. Young Jeffrey plans to break that by defeating his brother, and two other stars to capture the United States Championship at the GAB.

We’re informed that Stephanie McMahon has signed a Punk-Regal rematch and a Sabin-Noble-Kash Triple Threat Match for the Cruiserweight Title at the GAB.

In the fourth match of the night, The Mexicools wrestle the WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul London and Brian Kendrick (while The Carolina Connection are on headsets). The Hooligans have a strong match up with their Mexican opponents, though the crowd is rather split on the tag champs, uncertain about the shot they took at the CC a couple of weeks ago. The finish comes when London and Kendrick hit simultaneous Shooting Star Presses, Kendrick from the turnbuckle to the outside on Crazy, while London hits his onto Psichosis in the ring for the three count @ 6:21.
The second the final bell rings, Shelton Benjamin slides into the ring as quick as a cat, spins London around, and PLANTS HIM WITH A T-BONE!!! Kendrick wishes he could be so lucky. Worn out from his death-defying move, he’s easy pickings for Gregory Helms, who grabs the tag champion and FLINGS him over the announce table with a THUD, landing right in the laps of our commentators!! The Carolina Connection get a mixed reaction as they head up the entrance ramp, scowls on their faces.


Backstage, John Cena watches unenthusiastically (even downright bored) from a corner as ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair hypes up Batista for his main event match, and his second mega encounter with The Rock.

In the final of four interviews with the U.S. Fatal Four Way competitors, Kristal Marshall stands by with the United States Champion Bobby Lashley. Lashley doesn’t say much (thankfully ), and states that he’s beaten everybody that’s been in put in front of him, and won a Fatal Four Way to capture this belt again, so beating four wrestlers who “couldn’t lift up his leg” won’t be a problem.


The anticipated rematch of Batista (w/Ric Flair) vs. The Rock is as good as one can expect it to be. The two top-flight stars go fifteen or so minutes, with Rock being no match for Batista from a strength standpoint, but still manages to pull out several near falls against the behemoth. The finish comes when Rock actually catches The Animal off guard with a spine buster, but when he looks ready to hit The People’s Elbow … JOHN CENA hits the ring!! Cena throws a clothesline at Rock, but The Great One ducks it, and then PLANTS CENA WITH THE ROCK BOTTOM!! Rocky spends a little too much time savoring the laying out of his archrival, and spins right around into a NASTY SPINEBUSTER FROM BATISTA!! Big Dave then covers Rock for the three count @ 14:31.
Batista goes 2 for 0 against The Rock. After the match, Flair, Cena and Batista put the beat down on The Great One, until MR. KENNEDY, the World Champion, sprints down to the ring, carrying a STEEL CHAIR!! The three heels immediately bail, but don’t care all that much, having sent their message loud and clear. Rock sits up, holding his ribs, with KK standing over him, both glaring at their GAB opponents.

Surprisingly, after the main event, we don’t fade out, and instead, cut to where the night started off, Stephanie McMahon’s office. Sitting in her chair, Steph turns off the monitor, main event over … before there’s a knock on the door. She yells for the person to come in … and in walks ‘THE GAME’ TRIPLE H. Steph looks quite shocked to see Hunter, who walks over to her. Steph stands up.

Stephanie McMahon: (Rather nonchalantly) Yeeeees?

~ Hunter lets out a sigh, and looks at the ceiling for a second or two, getting his thoughts together.

Triple H:
So yeah … I, uh, saw you took a pretty hard shot last week. I just … y’know, wanted to drop by and see how you were.

Stephanie McMahon:
(Sarcastically) And it only took you a whole week? I’m touched that you care.

~ Hunter looks at Steph sideways, while those paying attention notice the irony.

Stephanie McMahon: I think I need to take a seat, or else this heartwarming moment may just overcome me.

~ H begins to scrunch up his face, as Steph plops back down in her chair.

Triple H: You gonna stop breaking my balls?

Stephanie McMahon: As soon as you’re ready come back to work.

Triple H: You ready to give me what I want?

Stephanie McMahon: Hey, you came here. So unless you have something new to say, I’m really not all that interested in what you have to say.

~ Frustrated, Hunter moves closer to Steph.

Triple H: Why are you making this difficult!? What the hell is the big deal about one - damn - title shot!?

~ Steph pops up from her seat.

Stephanie McMahon: You tell me. … I mean, what the hell is wrong with you? Ten years in this company, ten world championships, and yet, you still don’t seem to understand how this works!? I call the shots, and I’m not caving in. Why in the hell can’t you work your way back into title contention, like you’ve ALWAYS done!? What’s the problem now!?

Triple H: I DON’T HA--

Stephanie McMahon: No … answer my question. Why can’t you do it the way you always have?

~ Steph looks into H’s eyes, legitimately wanting an answer, while The Game has on his best poker face, returning the glare.

After several intense seconds, H’s face lightens, and he turns away, running his hands through his hair. Hunter then walks over to one of the other chairs in the room and sits down, while Steph sits on her desk. H shakes his head, as Steph continues to watch her ex-husband intently.

Triple H: Come on, Steph. Let’s be honest with each other.

Stephanie McMahon: (Confused) Okay?

Triple H: … This place is changing. The business is changing … … Y’know, sometimes I’ll grab a tape and pop it in, and just watch myself … watch myself from seven years ago … or even three years ago … … it’s just not the same.

~ Hunter runs his hand through his hair, lying back in the chair.

Triple H: That guy’s … not me. That’s a 29 year old kid who’s as strong as a bull, and as fast as a cat. That kid? That kid could beat everything in his path without flinching. That kid liked the extra help, he didn’t need it. That kid? He made a living off of beating guys like Foley, and Austin, and Rock, and ‘Taker … That kid? That kid’s … not me. Not now. This guy? This Triple H? Yeah, this guy makes a living off of what that kid did.

~ Trips shakes his head, while Stephanie’s face has lightened considerably, sympathetic to her ex-husband.

Triple H: This guy? He’s a step slower. This guy? He’s got to work twice as hard just to be CLOSE to what that guy used to be. This guy needed Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton to watch his back. This guy couldn’t put away Batista when it counted … even with four opportunities. This guy couldn’t put away John Cena even with the crowd on my side. This guy couldn’t beat The Rock, even though the jack off had spent the last five years sitting on his ass in Hollywood.

~ Hunter lets out a sigh.

Triple H: It’s not just about them either. It’s not just Batista, and Cena, and Orton, and Edge … it’s the Kennedys, it’s the Lashleys, the Morrisons, MVPs, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Ken Doane, all o’ these young guys.

~ Stephanie puts her head down, while H looks at the ground as well, and scoffs a bit.

Triple H: Y’know … I’m not kidding myself anymore. I’m in my mid-thirties with crap for a right leg. I know the reality of the situation; the years in this business have taken their toll. I don’t have much of my prime left. What? A couple o’ years? It’s not the same anymore … and it’s only gonna get worse.
I’m only gonna get older, and those kids? They’re only gonna get better. Steph … I don’t have anymore energy to waste fighting back into the title hunt. I don’t have anymore energy to get sidetracked with this, that and the other. I haven’t been the World Heavyweight Champion in over two years. Steph…

~ Stephanie looks up into Hunter’s face, pity in her eyes.

Triple H: … I need this.

~ Hunter gets up from his seat.

Triple H: … Steph …

~ Triple H holds his arms out, almost surrendering his pride.

Triple H: … please?

~ Stephanie looks down again, as Hunter watches her, waiting for an answer. After several contemplative moments, Steph looks up.

Stephanie McMahon: I’ll think about it … alright?

~ Hunter spends a couple more seconds staring into Steph’s face, before he nods … turns … and leaves the office. Stephanie lets out a sigh, before she walks around, and sits down at her desk. Steph looks around, seemingly trying to get a handle on what was just said and how she feels about it, before she lowers head down onto her crossed arms.

Outside, The Game waits, before he turns to the right…

…and lets out a sigh…

…then a slight … smirk…

…and then a full-fledged shit-eating grin … before he walks off down the hallway.



Current Card for The Great American Bash
July 22nd, 2007
San Jose, California

Mega Tag Team Match:
World Hvywt. Champion Mr. Kennedy & ‘The Great One’ The Rock vs.
‘The Boss’ John Cena & ‘The Animal’ Batista
w/‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair
{If The Rock, Cena or Batista pick up the deciding fall, they earn a World Title Match at SummerSlam; if Kennedy wins, he chooses his SS opponent.}


WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
The Hooligans vs. The Carolina Connection

A Matter of Respect:
Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero

Steel Cage Match:
‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay vs. ‘The Silverback’ Mark Henry

United States Championship; Fatal Four Way Match:
‘The Real Deal’ Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy
vs. ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels
w/Allison Danger

Cruiserweight Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Jamie Noble vs. Chris Sabin vs. Kid Kash

Singles Match:
William Regal vs. CM Punk


Current Card for SummerSlam
August 26th, 2007
East Rutherford, New Jersey

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena OR Batista OR The Rock

WWE Championship Match:
‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge
vs. Winner of #1 Contender’s Battle Royal

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.

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