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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown Review

Opening Promo: John Cena starting the show seemed right since he really stole the show on the Smackdown side with what he did to The Rock. Cena demanding a title shot was very expected, as he has now gone through The Rock and The Undertaker, being built as a monster heel. We all knew that Batista was not done in the title hunt and he comes to the ring with Ric, also saying that he should get a title match. I really wanted to see Cena and Batista go at it in the middle of the ring but KK coming out was nice because things needed to settle down. Loved the line about Naitch and Batista, very like Kennedy to say something like that. The main event tonight looks to be huge and I can see Cena screwing Kennedy just to prove that he doesn’t team with anybody. Very well done promo and the show is starting off with a bang.

Punk vs. McPherson: Glad to see Punk continue to win and I can see him getting a nice little push to start his WWE career. Just wanted to point out that you said he won by pin fall when Chad tapped out to the Anaconda Vice, no biggie. Kid Kash coming out was good and I see these two eventually meeting in the ring, but not at JD, probably on Smackdown some time in the coming weeks.

BOOKER T!!!: I truly can’t tell you how glad I am that the whole King Booker thing is over in this thread. I think that the WWE made a huge mistake by making him King Booker because Booker T was such a better character. The New Breed is a good name and I can see this faction being a big-time force and really getting a push on Smackdown.

Hooligans / Carolina Connection: Nice little promo here that keeps the Carolina Connection as a true tweener team until they are full-time faces. I see them beating the New Breed and having an epic match against the Hooligans in two weeks but hey, who knows what can happen??

Carolina Connection vs. New Breed: Great, great tag team match and this is a very good divison on Smackdown. Glad to see the CC getting revenge early by dominating the New Breed early but the presence of Booker and Sharmell is too much for the CC to overcome in the end. Liked the ending with Helms and Burke on the outside and Booker and Sharmell grabbing onto Monty, keeping him on the top rope. Brown hits the Pounce on Benji and it looks like we have NB vs. Hooligans in two weeks. I see the CC getting involved in the match and causing a triple threat to be made for JD.

Chavo Promo: Very intense stuff here between Rey and Chavo. Chavo talking about his family not knowing why he wasn’t in the ring and his excuse for signing a deal with Daniels was a great way for this storyline to start off. Rey still being frustrated and not shaking hands with Chavo - twice is understandable and I don’t see the two of them getting along for a while. The Fallen Angel coming on the titantron and talking was a good way to get him involved in the show and I see him and Rey going at it once again at Judgment Day, with Chavo officially turning heel and beating the hell out of Rey. Very good segment and this storyline looks a lot better than it did a few days ago.

Lashley vs. Henry: The three-way at Backlash seems like it was just a little filler for Henry until Kane comes back. Lashley getting the win by DQ was good because it doesn’t have him or Henry lose any credibility as The Silverback walks out looking like the monster that he is. Passable match at best but it still seems like Lashley is without a solid feud as US Champ.

Natich and Batista: Awkward little moment here between these two as Batista is not happy after what happened at Backlash. Flair promises not to make any more mistakes and I think that he will keep that promise and not screw up for a little while. Really interested to see how this main event turns out.

Noble and Sabin: Noble defending his wins was good but I don’t see him back in the cruiserweight title picture anytime soon. Sabin vs. Noble at JD should be a great match and I see Sabin getting the victory and putting himself back in the CW title picture. Nice little segment to continue this rivalry.

Regal vs. Holly: Nice to see that Regal will be pushed a little bit as he just blew through Holly here. Regal winning with the Regal Stretch was good as it gets him over a heel. Regal vs. Finlay next week should be a great match and the winner will face Lashley at JD.

Long, Henry and Finlay: This was a truly great segment with Teddy once again blaming Stephanie for Henry’s inability to get the job done. Loved this line about The White over The Right, BTB classic right there. Finlay didn’t back down and had a nice line with the shillalegh to show that he is serious as well. Could we see the debut of Hornswoggle to help Finlay against Teddy and Mark Henry??

Main Event: The beginning with Flair and KK was epic, especially when KK slapped Flair and let out the final ‘Kennedy.’ The match was very similar to the Backlash match between KK and Batista, with Batista dominating. I knew that Cena wasn’t going to help Kennedy when he was in a bad way and Batista pinning KK clean to win the match was somewhat shocking. Flair and Batista celebrating with the title and Cena telling Batista HE is going to be the champ makes me feel that we will see a triple threat at JD, even though I would much rather see Batista vs. KK III.

Overall: This was an excellent show from the opening promo to the main event. Batista was really the star of the show and he finished the night on top after pinning the WHC. Cena getting himself into the title picture is a nice change but I don’t want KK vs. Batista to be over yet. I like where you went with some feuds, especially Rey vs. Chavo and the whole Tag Title situation. Regal vs. Finlay next week should be great and I’m sure we will have our main event for JD by the end of next week’s show. 9.5/10


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac’s Smackdown Review

Have to say it looked like the Smackdown card was overstacked for Backlash. I mean to have five matches at a joint brand PPV is a lot. However a nice opening video package which I enjoyed because I missed Backlash

Cena was gold as usual Mac. Still going strong as the asshole type heel is great booking on your part. You capture his character unbelievably too. I loved him talking about what he has done over the last few weeks. I love the fact that you have built him up to the main even scene in a completely different maner than the WWE have done to him. I was so happy to finally see him step up to the main event and challenge Kennedy. I can’t see Batista going straight to the back of the line because he will loose too much credibility imo. Yeah thought so. Batista and Flair coming out was a nice way to keep this promo rolling. Flair was on key for the most part, and I’m glad you didn’t let Batista talk much. Him just saying what he did was ample. The whole title situation is looking superb on Smackdown Mac and Batista telling Cena to move him was great. It was like I could feel the momentum right here at my laptop screen. Kennedy making his way out just added a whole lot to the ratings. Is Kennedy a face, I’m sure he is right? Also what does perturbed mean? Anyway that out of the way and kennedy is making this promo that little bit more entertaining. Having Stephanie let everyone know that none of them will get the title shot was suprising. It was great too because now it’s left wide open for the readers because we have no idea who it will be. Although I have a pretty good inkling that it will either be Cena or Batista. I have a slight thought in my stomach though that Flair will cash in his money in the bank briefcase either for him or for Batista. Oh the possibilities Mac which you have given. Overall a very nice opening promo and it was great to read.

CM Punk in the beginning of a push I think. He was obviously going to win the match with it being against a jobber. I was intrigued with Kid Kash coming down to the ramp and applauding him (Arogantly I might add) something tells me a little feud is brewing between the pair. That certainly wouldn’t be a bad thing.

I’m not for King Booker turning back to Booker T. Just for the simple fact that King Booker has more of a personality in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very refreshing to see the change, and I’m willing to see what you do with him, but really I liked king Booker the way he was. A nice interview though which introduced the change. He was really in character too so from what I’ve seen of Booker T so far, you can write him well which is a good thing I guess.

The backstage segment between The Caroline Connection and the champions was a nice way of hyping a feud between the two teams. I can only imagine the matches that they will put on. The CC vs. The New Breed was an entertaining match. Good to see Booker T make his way down to the ring for The New Breed. The ending of the match was good. I loved how The New Breed cheated to gain the number one contenders match, and now I feel stupid for thinking it will be CC vs. the champs However I think the CC wil get involved somehow.

The Rey/Chavo promo was intense as hell man. I can’t help but think that Chavo is lying. I’m probably wrong but theres something about this story. It was good to see the champ show up and basically brag about being the champion. Everyone seemed in character which made the promo better to read. Good job again tbh.

Lashley vs Henry for some reason is a match I’d like to see Anyway you wrote it our pretty well, and it was well booked with a good ending. Having Lashley the champion look strong with a DQ win, and also keeping the Worlds Strongest man strong too. I can maybe see a push for Henery in the US title division. He certainly deserved it.

Fuck this segment between Batista and Ric Flair was awkward as hell. I can really see something happening tonight in the main event. I can either see Flair making some sort of mistake, or Batista actually doing it. This was brilliant booking and even better writing because you made me feel very, very awkward.

Finlay vs. Regal should be an excellent matchup. Also nice to see you make use of the commentary by announcing matches with them.

Noble was perfectly in character with all the slang he talks. Man he likes to talk shit lol. Nice to see a Sabin/Noble match for Judgement Day. Although it seems likr a filler match, which imo is something a PPV doesn’t need.

Regal pretty much had to win to hype up his match next week with Finlay. I was surprised to see blood in such a match, and so early on too. This gave Regal tons of momentum heading into the number one contenders match next week. Speaking if the United States division, its really looking good. I didn’t expect Finlay to ever let anyone tell him what to do, even if it’s the Worlds Strongest man telling him. Finlay was spot on as were all the characters on tonight’s show.

WOW What a brilliant main event, topping off a great show. The main event was entertaining and exciting. It had a good build up throughout the show and I never expected Batista to get a clean pin over the champion. Surely now he will be the number one contender, but I could be wrong. I liked the ending with batista holding up the championship and Cena signalling that he wants it. You have a packed main event scene so I just hope you use it correctly. From the looks of things you certainly are man.

Overall a great show per usual. I think I’m enjoying Smackdown more than I am raw. And that’s not because Raw is in recap, I just enjoy the goings on, on the blue brand much more. Looking forward to how you build up these feuds you have going. While some of them don’t interest me, the majority of the do. Propps for keeping best BTB too
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

The opening promo was good. Cena still thinking he's king shit is well and dandy until The Rock or Taker come back and beat his overrated ass is fine, and Batista + Flair entering the segment made it even better. SUPER KENNEDY! Kennedy's sole value atm is his comedy, the only thing keeping him mildly interesting in this title push he has. Big tag match main event made, the most likely outcome being Kennedy pinning Flair. We shall see however.

Punk's intro goes on. Give him something decent soon plz, jobber squashes don't get nubs over.

BOOKAH TEE! I can dig that sucka! Great to see the good Book gimmick back, and not that meh "this is so boring and repetitive and fake and stupid" King Booker gimmick he head. Booker and his clan = ratings. The New Breed? Ew. How (un)original.

I mark for teh Carolina Connection. Solid tweeners here but I can see them being the big face team soon. Decent promo between them and London/Kendrick, should be a good match against Burke/Brown.

No surprise that the heels cheated, but I was slightly shocked that they beat the raging hot CC. Tag division on here is finally getting some good coverage, three good teams lingering around, makes for some promising stuff.

Well thank God you did something different with Rey and Chavo. I hated what happened at Backlash because it reeked of the last 2 years all over again, but this took a turn for the better with Chavo explaining himself. Daniels back with the belt is pretty shocking, considering he lost to possibly the best current CW in your thread at Mania, and Rey walking away from Chavo only fuels the fact that eventually, something between them is gonna go down. For now, it seems Rey/Daniels might go on, and I'm a fan of that.

What a shocker this would've been. Not a fan of "Mr. Overrated Part 2" nor of Henry, so this was instant gutter trash to me. Lashley back in a feud with Finlay or Regal plz. Or get some other credible mid carder, coz the whole angle between those three has really been done to death, along with Booker in the mix too.

I'm already sensing the end of the Batista/Flair partnership. Can't say I'm shocked as you seem to think giving Flair another title run at his age, with his complete lack of any ring skill and stamina is a good idea, which it isn't. I'd like to see Batista get the MITB off him, but I just see Flair and the WHC picture soonish.

No marks for Sabin/Noble at Judgment Day. Just stinks up the card imo. Sabin really sucks when he's not in the Motor City Machine Guns, and Noble is just meh. Both could do with CW action around the title, but with your boy Daniels around, it doesn't seem likely yet.

Burying Hardcore Holly? No no. Regal looks impressive beating up on the "hard man" of SmackDown! Good for Regal, but Holly has the talent to be in the US Title hunt, pity everyone liks to job him out. Regal winning is wise, one last fight with Lashley plz.

I love Teddy Long as a heel. Great guy to put over crud and duds like Henry. Finlay/Henry? Yuck. Please don't let that happen. Nice ending with Finlay really coming into his own though.

Interesting to see Kennedy and Cena refusing to tag in and help each other, and in the end it backfires as SUPER KENNEDY IS PINNED CLEAN! YES! MARK OUT! In all seriousness, thank you for that. Bringing the Jesus pushed KK back down to earth is wise, and I think we're gonna see a Kennedy/Cena/Batista match before The Rock or Taker come back for revenge on Cena and the impending Flair/Batista feud happens. Great match write up too imo, really well worked main event.

All in all, great read as always. I <3 you.


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Smackdown Review

Opening promo was very good. As always I am loving Cena’s character in this thread, and his part of the promo was great. Bit surprised to see Batista come out as I was sure that he would be out of the title picture for a while now. Kennedy comes out and the confrontation between the three of them was very entertaining. Big main event announced for tonight, and am expecting Cena to turn on Kennedy leading to a match between them two at the next PPV.

Chad McWHO? Never been so keen on the opening match being a squash match, but aside from that is an impressive victory for Punk to help get him over. Kid Kash coming out and applauding Punk is interesting, and something tells me that Kash is going to be Punk’s first feud.

Booker T is back! Awesome to see Booker with his Bookman gimmick again, as the King Booker gimmick grew old.

Decent promo here despite all 4 men being meh on the mic. Am expecting Benjamin and Helms to turn fully face soon, since they are going to feud with the New Breed.

Great tag team match and not surprised to see Burke and Cor Von steal the victory. Would have been a good match to see especially seeing the time you gave it to develop. Expect the NB to take the titles and then go back to feuding with the CC.

Chavo/Rey promo was a very good intense promo, and it’s good to see a bit of a more unique reason for what Chavo did, instead of the same old crap you usually see. Daniels comes out and brags about being the Champion. Look forward to see how this feud develops especially between Chavo and Rey.

Meh not so keen on you having these two feud, as they both overly suck. The quicker this feud ends the better, so Lashley can move onto some better challengers.

Batista/Flair split? Wouldn’t be shocked as Flair has the MITB, and I suppose Batista could get jealous and they could feud over that.

Good match added to the Judgement Day card. Am a big fan of Noble and hopefully he gets the victory, but since you have had Sabin feud with the likes of John Cena recently, unfortunately that doesn’t look like it is going to happen.

Regal destroying Holly=awesome.Good to see Regal get a dominating victory like that busting Hardcore open, and look forward to his match with Finlay.

Fantastic main event to end another great show. Very entertaining match and I was very surprised to see Batista get the clean victory over the champ. This makes the title scene very unpredictable as I expected Cena to get a title shot next, but Batista’s victory surely puts him into contention.

Overall another entertaining show Mac, all of the promos were spot on, and most of the matches were entertaining. Am loving the World Title and Cruiserweight Title scenes on Smackdown at the moment. Look forward to Raw
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

DDMac's SmackDown! Feedback

Top notch promo to kick the show off with. I've missed your full promos for a while Note, Mac, don't EVER turn Cena or Batista into faces again, as they are just so fucking awesome right now as B.A.D asses in this thread {just behind Naitch, Angle and KK}. I love the way The Boss completely owns the crowd too. Shoot plz. I feared for a second that you might tease a face turn from either Cena or Big Dave, but thank god neither man even looked that I. Flair <3. Slick Ric is beyond awesome on the mic, especially bigging up his man, and reaking of sex appeal. Flair's line about "my mistake" pretty much confirms that that little error will be coming back to haunt The Nature Boy at some point. KENNEDY~!!! Ignore that noob, Reney, as he has no idea what he is talking about. Double K should be Champ until WM 24 to be honest. "I know that you were probably tired from whatever is that you and Naitch … do…" Sweet, quality line. 'Tista, Naitch and Cena were awesome, but Big Ken just owned all of them. Cena sucking up to Kennedy does not = ratings though. The Boss is bad ass, rit? The tag match made for later tonight is STACKED, although I kind of hope this just becomes a total brawl/clusterfuck, as Cena going face once again would be slightly anal. The debate for the #1 Contender spot has me intrigued, as I doubted that either man would get it. I has thought Hunter might get in on the act. I'll go out on a wim and say Big Dave gets the shot at Judgement Day, making Batista/Kennedy III in some kind of gimmick match. Top notch.

Lmao @ "Chad McPherson". Is this jobber real or did you pull the name from your head? Punk's roll continues, and I actually like this small interaction with Kash {'cause K.I.D is awesome]. No jobbing in this feud plz.

Sweet, it's fairly awesome that Booker T is back ... as a manager~!!! I can see him being great in this role, as this short but sweet interview proved. As for The New Breed ... just ignore the nooby Aussie. It's perfectly good name despite the unoriginality {}. Should be a quality match between the teams later on tonight though, hopefully with a double count out or something. Some mic time for Brown or Burke though if you please

I <3 The Carolina Connection~!!! Best team in the thread to be honest. Helms is a great mic worker too, so it's good to see you're utilising him more. The tension between these two teams is making for a very nice feud. I can possibly see some botched assistance from The Hooligans later tonight.

Quality match up between The New Breed and The Carolina Connection. I can't wait to read a full match between these boys at a PPV. I wasn't as surprised as I thought I would be by Burke and Benjamin pulling out the win. POOUUNNCCEEE~!!! I mark hard for that move. The way it went down points to London and Kendrick retaining in two weeks, leading to a Triple Threat later on. I wonder why it's two weeks though. BIG promo between the team next week? God I hope so.

I see you are actually going to put a unique twist on this baby of a feud between Rey Rey and Chavito then. Very strong promo between all three men, which was surprising considering Mysterio and Chavo were controlling it for the majority. I actually really like Chavo's whole attitude in this thing, adds a real something to the situation. Daniels' timing was to perfection, and I loved his small input. With Rey's rematch in the works, I can see the FA retaining, before we get a possible Triple Threat. Either way, all are easily **** + bouts. Also, the way Rey kept dissing Chavo and refusing to shake his hand, I can see a Rikishi/Rock situation coming out of this, with Guerrero finally growing sick of the disrespect and beating the ever loving shit out of the midget.

Awww, come on, Lashley was looking good, especially having just slammed Henry at Backlash, and you make him a bitch tonight? Bad DDMac I want the Lash Man to be built towards the Main Event instead.

Oh baby, I wasn't too keen on the whole Flair/'Tista implosion angle, but this short segment oozed of tension. I can see an excellent feud coming out of this to propel Naitch towards the WHC in the future. Just don't make Ric too afraid of The Animal; he sounds a bit timid sometimes.

Jamie Noble is a class act. Glad to see you are giving him a bit of a push now towards the Cruiserweight title. He is so underrated on the mic. Nice little segment between him and Sabin too. Their Rubber Match at Judgement Day could be a show stealer potentially. I can see the winner getting in on the CW title act soon, or possibly you will add both of their names to the mix.

Regal ... is ... THE FUCKING MAN~!!! Damn I love that old bastard. If you continue to push him like this, I'll love you forever. Busting Hardcore Holly up = serious ratings. Sometimes I think Regal in the U.S title scene is stale ... but then I see quality like this and I stop thinking such ridiculous thoughts

"Once more, Stephanie McMahon is pushing THE WHITE over THE RIGHT! " Ha ha~!!! Teddy Long as this heel manager is stupidly hilarious. I love it already. Quite an exciting little segment with him and Finlay though. The Irishman is all awesome and needs to be pushed back to the Main Event in my opinion. A possible feud brewing between Henry and Finlay here? I doubt it, but Big Mark will undoubtedly fuck up both Fit and William next week.

I loved the Main Event tag match. The interaction between Flair and Kennedy was most definately picked up on. This is certainly where these two are heading, although I had thought that Naitch might be cashing it all in at WrestleMania 24. KK playing with Cena was quality stuff, and Big Dave FINALLY pinning The Champ was unexpected. The way Cena was still signalling for the belt at the end of the show leads me to think that we may see a Triple Threat at JD, although I personally think that KK/Dave III in a gimmick match is much more likely.

Overall this was a great way to return to writing {one of} your shows in full following the lull last month. Some top notch promos {Chavo/Rey the stand out for me} and awesome matches {CC/NB}. I missed The Hardys though. They should have at least made an appearance following their actions at Backlash. Judgement Day is already looking hot stuff. Also ... Michael Cole back in the team equals ratings
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Originally Posted by KF4E
Is Kennedy a face, I’m sure he is right?

Also what does perturbed mean?

Originally Posted by Renegade™
The New Breed? Ew. How (un)original.
Better to use something original than something that ... actually works, rit?

Originally Posted by Legend
Is this jobber real or did you pull the name from your head?
Right out of my ass.

In an attempt to further establish dominance over the jobbers of this section, namely Renegade™ and Szumi, I will engage their trivial point, and use a new format starting with the following SmackDown. Unlike the Wolfy format I’ve used versions of, I’ll start using a format THAT’S ORIGINAL (JUST LIKE THE ATTITUDE ERA~), BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT MATTERS. I might even put the matches in pink. Who cares if it looks retarded, IT’S ORIGINAL~!

I know … I know. You find that line of thinking retarded as well, but you can’t pass up an opportunity to shinebox jobbers. :P

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Meh, I disagree with changing your format too much Mac. I like it overall. I don't know that I have a format personally, as I kinda go with something a tad tweeked everytime I write. Granted you've pumped out more weekly shows overtime and all. Funny it would be Szumi and Renegade stabbing at your format though. Szumi's is fine, but rather dull. But Renegade! He has the worst, tbh. It's awful, just like him.

Anyway, I still plan on hitting you with some comments soon enough, although I have KOP promised first. Gonna try to get you both done tonight, but if I can't, then tough. Good day.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Haha, Jobber wants to shake off the watered-down Wolf Beast stereotype. . Sorry Chyna, might be too little too late .

And NB, my segment titles and sarcastic comments > any shit you've produced. <3

I concur about Reney though... he does suck .

And Mac, stop trying to act all cool on here. You'll be back to kissing our nutsacks again on MSN in no time

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Originally Posted by TAFKA Szumi View Post
Haha, Jobber wants to shake off the watered-down Wolf Beast stereotype. . Sorry Chyna, might be too little too late .

If I thought the majority of bookers' perceptions of another booker's work was developed on something as inconsequential as a layout, instead of the quality of content, I'd have changed a long time ago.

And Mac, stop trying to act all cool on here. You'll be back to kissing our nutsacks again on MSN in no time
What would I do without the noob bashing, and plethora of incest discussion? ~_____________________~

Originally Posted by NatureBoy™
Meh, I disagree with changing your format too much Mac. I like it overall. I don't know that I have a format personally, as I kinda go with something a tad tweeked everytime I write. Granted you've pumped out more weekly shows overtime and all. Funny it would be Szumi and Renegade stabbing at your format though. Szumi's is fine, but rather dull. But Renegade! He has the worst, tbh. It's awful, just like him.

Anyway, I still plan on hitting you with some comments soon enough, although I have KOP promised first. Gonna try to get you both done tonight, but if I can't, then tough. Good day.
Yeah, I don't plan on going completely in the opposite direction of what I've been doing. More of an adaptation.

Renegade does suck though, to be Flair.


for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.

Last edited by DDMac; 02-09-2008 at 03:23 PM.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

To be Flair? Rofl.

Suck? You're just jealous I inspire plenty of great MSN moments, and all you do in reply is act shocked or give the thumbs up/down. Nub.

Don't change the layout either, it may be a watered down copy () but I like it.

Oh and Szumi, go fuck yourself tbh.


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WWE 2006 And Beyond - Page 3 - Wrestling Society: Wrestling Forums, Sports Forums, Graphics Forums, Women Of Wrestling Forums This thread Refback 08-13-2008 01:07 PM
WWE 2006 And Beyond - Page 3 - Wrestling Society: Wrestling Forums, Sports Forums, Graphics Forums, Women Of Wrestling Forums This thread Refback 08-13-2008 12:48 PM

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