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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

I've read over the show Mac, and it looks to have been very solid for a recapped offering. I agree with just about everything you did, and was very pleased with one booking decision in particular. I have TAFKA-Zoom-E and JBLoser ahead of you, but I'll definitely get you some feedback soon. Even though you don't deserve it tbfh, with the way you been avoiding me, and my thread.

WWE > Danielson

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Backlash review

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
The Hooligans vs. Shelton Benjamin & Gregory Helms
A fast paced back and forth match. I love the team of Benjamin and Helms. Booker and Brown cost the match for those two, will we possibly see a 3 way fued between these teams?

Intercontinental and Women’s Championship
Carlito & Victoria vs. John Bradshaw Layfield & Mickie James w/Beth Phoenix
Did not expect much from this one but it was very solid. The ending was cool with JBL showing a ruthless side Clotheslining Victoria. Great ending.

Cruiserweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. Christopher Daniels
Good rivalry between the two. I really did not expect Chavo to turn on Rey so that shocked me a bit. But I hope this doesnt lead to a fued between the two, but thats probably were this one is headed.

The Showstopper vs. The Whole Dam Show
This is basically a dream feud for me in real life as well. Glad to see you put it in BTB form. Awesome match just as I expected. Michaels now has two in a row over RVD, I expect for Van Dam to get the next one.

United States Championship
Bobby Lashley vs. William Regal vs. Mark Henry
The strategy of William Regal at the beggining of this match, trying to capitalize on Henry's dominance. Lashley retains which was expected.

World Tag Team Championship Match
America’s Most Wanted w/Gail Kim vs. Big Show & Umaga w/AAE & Heyman
Its just a matter of time until Show and Umaga become Tag Champs, but it wasnt tonight. Mick Foley coming to the aid of AMW, I like that.

Handicap Match
The Rated R Challenge
Wonder who will be Orton's choice for his next Title challenger?

‘The Great One’ The Rock vs. ‘The Boss’ John Cena
A good showcase of the unrelenting Cena, as a heel. Attacking Rock on his way to the ring. A good brawl ensues which is one sided. Cena should be like this in real life.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Mr. Kennedy vs. ‘The Animal’ Batista w/Ric Flair II
The momentum is still with Kennedy. He is on quite a winning streak on PPVs now. Didn't expect him to lose the belt so early, of course he did not. Thought there would be a DQ finish but Kennedy wins by pin.

“I Quit” Match
Unfinished Business

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ Kurt Angle
A brutal match on the ends of both men. SCSA gets the win in a good ending. The roster and Vince comes out to the ramp and JR and King get a beer. Hilarious with Vince getting a Stunner.

Overall, a very good PPV for a recap.
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

KOM's Backlash Review:

I agree that writing a recapped PPV can be tougher than writing a full one. I was going to write my Uncensored PPV, originally in recap, but it was turning out to be more of a challenge than writing it in full. So I just decided to write the whole event out in full, in the end.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: I'm surprised to see this match open the show. However the King's Court makes their presence known in this match. While I'm disappointed that Helms and Benjamin didn't win the match nor the titles, I'm interested to see how the feud between them and the King's Court continues.

I won't comment on the Chavo/Rey segment, until I review Mysterio's match.

Intercontinental/Women's Championship Match: Good way to get both feuds onto the PPV with a match. There was really no surprise in the outcome of the match, even though I thought that Mickie would get the winning pin over Victoria, rather than JBL. JBL as the NEW Intercontinental Champion, is what's up though!

I wonder what's going on with Nitro, since he isn't in the arena as of yet.

Cruiserweight Championship: Great match until Chavo ruined it, IMO. While Rey and Chavo work well in the ring against each other, I'm not sure another Chavo v. Rey feud will work. However I'm interested to see how you plan to make this feud, different from the other feuds that they had against each other. With that said, two back to back title changes, tell me, that no more titles will be changing hands at this PPV.

Michaels/RVD: Since this is the only full written match on the card, it should be great. Great way to show both wrestler's different styles. The flow in this match was well booked, IMO. However the ending, really made RVD look weak. If there was a couple of more moments of back and forth wrestling between the two, it wouldn't have made RVD look so weak. However, even though Michaels won the match cleanly, I hope this feud does continue in this thread. ***.5

United States Championship: Great match, even though it was kind of short, especially given the spot it was given on the PPV card. With that said, not surprised that Lashley won the match. However, with the recent push of Henry, I thought that Regal would have taken the losing fall, instead of Mark.

Kurt seems ready for the I Quit Match, and I can't wait to read how this match turns out.

World Tag Team Championship: At first I was surprised that this match was placed this late in the show, but given the recent push of Show and Umaga, it makes sense. Foley makes his presence known, as he causes the match to be stopped, and Show and Umaga get the DQ win. However it has made the feud between Show and Umaga vs. Foley and AMW, even more better, IMO.

Handicap Match: Well unless Nitro wasn't in this match, because you plan to turn him into the John Morrison character, I'm really confused, as to why he wasn't in the match. Also, I'm kind of surprised, that Orton went over in this match, cleanly as well. Hopefully though you continue the storyline and feud, between Orton and Edge, in this thread.

I sure hope that you have Chavo cut a promo on Smackdown, that gives some real meaning into the upcoming feud between himself and Mysterio.

Cena v. Rock: I'm not surprised that you had Cena completely whip the hell out of The Rock, before the match, and have the match stopped. In a way this puts Rock on the shelf, and has Cena as the top heel on Smackdown, before Taker and Rock, make their individual returns to Smackdown, respectively. Hopefully Rock v. Cena II, takes place at Summerslam in this thread.

World Heavyweight Championship: This was really the MOTN so far! What a story told in this match! I'm not surprised that the Hardys got involved in the match, after what happened to them, thanks to Flair and Batista, on the last Smackdown! The ending of the match was perfect. The ending of the match, raises more questions, than answers. Honestly, I think this is a great way, to start the break up of Flair and Batista, as a team. Great booking man!

I Quit Match: This was the MOTN now! Excellent match, just as I thought it would be, even in a recapped form. I must admit that, the ending was reaching an over the top level, but I'm glad that the match ended, before it got even more out of control! What a match, and the ending was an excellent way to end the in-ring career of Stone Cold Steve Austin in this thread.

Overall Comments: Great show, despite that the show was written in recapped form. I assume that your announcement concerning Judgment Day, will be that, it will be written in full, or at least, a very extended and detailed recap. All in all, once again, great show, and looking forward to the upcoming Raw and Smackdown, as the build up to the Judgment Day PPV in this thread begins!
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Damn Mac, that looked stellar. Chavo/Rey has been done to death but maybe you can make something really good out of it. Michaels/RVD was pretty awesome and I was expecting it to be. These two never feuded in real life and it would've been awesome to see something made out of it in real life. I thought this was a good match and hopefully this feud is continued on as some more good matches could come out of it. Cena vs Rock's end was fucking awesome and I'm expecting him to become the number one contender very soon as Batista is probably done feuding with Kennedy now. Looks to me like Batista and Flair are going to be breaking off into a feud, possibly for MITB? And I Quit was the definite MOTN and a classic end to it with Austin stunning Vince one more time. Overall a really good show Mac, really taking this BTB places imo.

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Backlash Review

Opening: This didn’t need to be written out but I am glad that you would have had the video mainly focus on Austin, as his last match is the main attraction tonight.

WWE Tag Titles: This would be a great match to watch and I love what you have done with this feud. Didn’t expect to see Booker and the King’s Court but they made their presence known very early. I was glad to see the Hooligans retain the belts as I think they need a little more time as champs. I hope that you keep this feud going and I would love to see a triple threat at the next PPV between the Hooligans, the Carolina Connection, and the King’s Court. Great tag team match to get the night off to an explosive start.

Mixed Tag Team Match: This was an interesting choice to put on the card but I’m glad you did so that both titles could be defended. I thought this was going to be an inter-gender match where the women wrestle and the men wrestle separately, so the ending surprised me. I was not very happy with the result as I hate to see Carlito lose the IC Championship and Mickie retain the Women’s Championship. I felt you were finally going to get the title off of Mickie and you could have in this match without making her even get pinned. The match was good but the outcome was not very satisfying, in my opinion.

Cruiserweight Championship: This was a great WrestleMania rematch but like the mixed tag match, I was not a huge fan of the outcome. When I first saw that Chavo came into the ring to attack Rey, I thought it would be a full-fledged heel turn. I was disappointed to see Daniels win the title back so soon and allow Chavo to get back into the WWE. Rey could have won the match and the same thing would have happened. I am interested to see where this leads because Chavo seemed to feel sorry for what he did but that could just lead to a full heel turn later on. Either way, Rey and Chavo are going to be feuding, something we have seen before.

HBK vs. RVD: This was a great match to have in full and I think this is only the start of what should be a great feud for months to come. Great back and forth action throughout and the ending was very nice. I figured Van Dam had the match won after hitting the Five Star Frog Splash but Michaels was able to battle all the way back and hit RVD with TWO editions of Sweet Chin Music. Michaels not letting the referee raise his hand after the match may lead to a future full heel turn, as he is already a tweener. Van Dam needs to bounce back from this loss and I think he will, leading to him getting the best of HBK and tying them up at 1-1 when they meet again.

US Triple Threat: This was the weakest match on the card so I was glad that it got the least amount of time. Lashley and Henry were clearly the two who had the most time in the ring, which will probably lead to a one-on-one match down the road. The ending was a little bit sloppy with Lashley power slamming Henry and getting the three count. I figured Regal should have been the one to get pinned because Henry should have stayed looking strong. Decent match, about as good as it could have been.

World Tag Titles: This was a nicely paced match as both teams got to show off their unique skills. Glad to see that AMW didn’t get completely buried and as I predicted, they retained the belts. Mick Foley coming to the ring and getting AMW disqualified was a smart move as I don’t know how much longer Big Show/Umaga will be in the title picture with Foley vs. Umaga looming in the background. Glad to see that AMW is still the tag team champions and they should be starting a feud with Cade & Murdoch soon.

Rated R Challenge: This was the first match so far that I have been SHOCKED by the result. Nitro not showing up was kind of expected but I still thought Edge and Doane would be able to win the match. Glad to see that Orton and Edge didn’t get a ton of time in the ring with one another and Kenny getting pinned was the correct move. I think that even though Orton gets to choose his challenger, Edge will still be getting a shot at the WWE Championship, as this feud is very far from being over.

The Rock vs. John Cena: The attack by Cena before the match was not expected. I figured if anything, Cena would attack The Rock during or after the match with a chair. Cena stopping the count at two was perfect and then him beating The Rock until the referee stops that match was a great way to end the match. The Rock flipping Cena off was classic but the assault by Cena, culminating in the FU through the announce table, will probably put The Rock out for a few weeks. Great way to really get this feud rolling.

World Heavyweight Championship: This was better than the WrestleMania 23 match, much better. Batista dominating early was something that he needed to do and the match really picked up after the referee was knocked down. Flair bringing the chair into the ring was smart but the Hardys coming down got rid of Flair in a hurry. Kennedy using the chair gives me the impression that he is not a full-fledged face, as he will use weapons when given the opportunity. I can see Batista maybe turning on Flair soon, and this was not the last match between Kennedy and Batista … Steel Cage at JD??

Stone Cold’s Final Match: This was an amazing encounter and if it had been written out in full, it would have been even better. This feud was one for BTB history and for the feud and Stone Cold’s career to end with an ‘I Quit’ match, it just felt right. Angle and Austin beat the hell out of each other and there was one point where I thought Angle just might pick up the victory. Seeing Austin using the steel chair on Angle’s neck was a great way for the match to end, with Austin doing anything he needed to in order to win his last match. The ending with all of the superstars coming to the ring was nice … BUT THE STUNNER TO VINCE WAS EPIC!!! Couldn’t have pictured a better way for Stone Cold to go out.


Overall: This was an amazing recapped PPV, probably the best PPV I have read all month. I am interested to see where you go after some of the match results but I am sure the future will be great for this thread. All of the matches were top notch and I believe the different PPV schedule will help to develop feuds more. This was some great work Mac. 9.5/10


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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Bradley's Backlash Review

Just to say, despite this being in recap, the card looks top notch!

I sense King Booker changing to his street self in the near future, still heel though. A very fast paced match from what I saw, the chemistry the teams had was evident, a great match up with a variety of moves for a recap. It seems like it had to come down to Brown intefering as Booker is too cowardly, Booker needs a gimmick change so he can get in on the action. Londrick looked slightly heelish winning with a school boy but this could turn into a damn interesting feud. Your tag division is definitely heating up.

JBL slagging off Mickie? In Mac's thread? OMG. Anyway not exactly the best tactic from JBL to start off with. A great story with Carlito trying to prove himself as one of the big guns in the industry. Not a big fan of the stipulation but at least we are guaranteed a new champion in this match. I really thought Carlito would grab the win after looking so strong throughout but that was THE perfect ending to the match. JBL hitting a woman with a move that has toppled the mightiest of warriors= instant heel heat. Great move and I hope Carlito moves on to bigger and better things.

Another great storyline, and match. Daniels getting frustrated really highlighted how hard it is to put Mysterio away as he is the ultimate underdog and it keeps both men looking strong. A lot of great combinations of counters in to counters, something that makes the CW division so great. A lot have people have moaned about the last part but (and I am not ass kissing here) but it keeps the feud fresh. Otherwise we could have seen Daniels/Mysterio one on one for the next 5 months. Chavo might be a manager anyway and I am looking forward to seeing Mysterio coming out looking insanely strong. Good to see you inciting hatred upon yourself, the sign of a good booker making a decision that infuriated people is what the WWE writers would want as a reaction from fans but would fail to get. Kudos.

Overhyping the biggest match of the century was obviously needed. When I wrote this match it was quite possibly my favourite match I have ever written and thank God you have written this one in full. It seems you pulled out every trick in the BTB book here. All the signature moves were here, there were some massive nail-biting moments here as I genuinely thought you would put RVD over. Weird that you repeated 'OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE' twice in one sentence, one is enough but it was a huge move. The way you incoporate the stamping into the Sweet Chin Music is unbelievable, it really adds to the match, I may have to take it sometime. I think you made RVD looking slightly weak, only slightly, when HBK got a foot on the rope after a 5 star. This match should have been at 'Mania, it really had 'Mania Main Event written all over it. This match could win Match of the Year but people will forget about it but I will nominate it. (Unless we see a hardcore rematch) The ending seemed a bit quick and sudden, I would have liked a bit more build up the SCM but that didn't tarnish what a great match this was. Hardcore match at Summerslam plz!!!

I wasn't massivle in to this match after the spectacle that was the Match of the Century but it still highlighted Lashley's determination and power. I didn't think Regal would win after the majority of the court intefered earlier. I sense an Armageddon '03 moment later in the year when the Court hold all the major titles bar the CW on Smackdown. Lashley countering Henry's finisher with his own was the obvious highlight and that will continue his surge towards bigger and better things. I love the way you can be informal to readers BTW.

OMG I think you jobbed out AMW. Harris' finisher was kicked out of by Show at 1.5? Not a great move and it looks like they were jobbed out throughout. The teaming of Heyman and AAE only spells trouble but at the moment it looks like they are unstoppable. Gail Kim getting owned was nice to see. OMG FOLEY'S HERE! Don't like him intefering twice in two consecutive PPV's and not making a massive impact on the weeklies. I see a 6 man tag in the distance but the tag champs look extremely weak now.

Dissapointed that it is a handicap now, Nitro will obviously be turning heel (again?) Orton acting cowardly doesn't scratch it for me. He should be intense and focused, make it happen plz. Much like Booker he needs a stronger character as Orton is the leading man in your thread but he is cowardly and lets his cronies do his work for him. Maybe I am overreacting but I like a fighting champion. Orton must choose Edge but in a gimmick match to wipe him out once and for all, probably a lumberjack match or something.

Probably the biggest statement I have ever seen in BTB EVER. In two paragraphs John Cena decimated the Rock, it didn't make him look weak because Cena looks intent on absolutely hurting the hell out of people. Can't wait for the imminent 'Taker clash but I suspect Rock/Cena one last time in a full match. (It could be Rocky's last match)

Nice to see Batista go for the kill quickly here. It underlines his pure instinct and the match went at a good pace and was definitely full of action. It was obvious a ref bump was going to happen but I didn't expect Flair to be chased off by the Hardyz and inadvertadely cost Batista the win. Batista won't exactly be happy and I can't wait for Flair/'Tista

This match oozed intensity. Dear God I loved this match. It did feel like one spot after the other, one man trying to outdo the other but there was real history there and I feel this was a fitting tribute to Austin's career. He fighted all the way through his career and he did that here. Maybe he went a little psycho at the end but I guess he wanted a win THAT bad. The Stunner at the end to Vince was FUCKING AWESOME.

Ok, about one hundred and one mark out moments in this PPV and I loved almost all of it, with the exception of the Tag Title match, you still get a respectable

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Sorry, it came up Server Error so I thought it didn't post.

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac


I started reading this whole thread Two days ago.. I started at Your first show...

I skipped through some of the Thread... I got To your Last New Years Revoulution Pay Per View... I got to Wresltemania 23....

DDMAC... Your Wresltemania 23 BTB was the best BTB I've ever read(I've read alot)...

Im just starting out in BTB but wow You are like my inspiration to write better BTB's...
Your Backlash Pay Per View....Incredible... I cant believe you pulled off a Heel John Cena... How?? DDMAC thats How....

DDMac keep up the good work you have an awsome BTB... One of the best BTB's Ever..
You have another loyal reader

.Will we be seeing a Triple H/John Cena rivalry???
.Who is going to take out Randy Orton???
.How did the Whole RVD/HBK thing happen???

Thanks DDMAC for making such a good BTB
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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

I just read backlash and it is awesome. The final moment of backlash when Austin hit the stunner on Vince was perfect and having the roster out there was an excellent way to send Austin off

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Re: WWE 2007 & Beyond by DDMac

Backlash Review

Tag Title Match
This would have been a great match to watch, especially as you gave it 15 minutes to progress. King Booker and his cronies coming down added a bit of interest, as I have no clue why he came down, might of forgotten something from a previous Smackdown. Was glad to see the Hooligans retain as I would rather see Benjamin and Helms in singles competition. Hopefully there is another match between the two teams in the future where you write the match in full.

Mixed Tag Match
Would of rather placed a Singles match here, as not so keen on two tag matches in a row. Anyway away from the old man moaning, this seemed to be a pretty entertaining match. Loved the ending with JBL owning Victoria big time. Bit of a shame that Carlito didn’t own Mickie with the Back Cracker however . Hopefully Mickie’s reign does end soon, as I would like to see Victoria or someone else with the belt for a while.

Cruiserweight Match
Seemed to be just as good as their Mania match, and again I am loving that you are giving Cruiserweight matches eighteen minutes because that is unheard of. Holy shit at the ending, never saw the Chavo heel turn but I am not so keen on Daniels winning the title straight back after Mysterio only held the belt for a month. Looks like a Chavo/Rey feud will build from this, but I am interested to see who moves onto face Daniels.

Fantastic to see you write this match In full, as for me this is a dream match and is a big shame that we never got to see these two feud, as it could of made a great feud with some fantastic matches. Great back and forth action, and I was hoping throughout that RVD would get the shock win. As soon as HBK kicked out of the Frog Splash though I knew that HBK would win. Loved the ending to the match with HBK hitting two Sweet Chin Music’s to RVD, which makes RVD look reasonably good after getting to his feet after the first one.

US Triple Threat
By the far the weakest and least interesting match of the card, so was glad to see you keep the match reasonably short. Throughout was hoping Regal would win the title, but always knew Lashley would retain the title. Impressive win for Lashley hitting a 400 pound Running Power Slam, and thank god this one is out of the way.

World Tag Title
This was a very nice intriguing match, and was glad to see AMW not get completely buried and dominated by Show and Umaga. Good to see AMW retain the titles, and was expecting Foley to come down to make the save. Am looking forward to a possible Foley/Umaga match in the future, but I couldn’t care less about Big Show tbh.

Rated R Challenge
Handicap match looked to be a very good entertaining match. Was shocked by the result as I expected Edge and Doane to overcome the odds since they were a man down. Expect Orton to pick one of his fellow Rated RKO members to face him now, but I am more than sure that Edge will get his title shot sooner or later. Good decision to see Doane get pinned as it keeps Edge strong despite losing.

Was a big disappointment that this match never truly happened, but this was very smart booking as it keeps Cena looking very strong after his attacks on Undertaker and now Rock, and keeps everyone waiting for the Cena/Rock match to finally happen, which I expect to see happen on a bigger stage like Summerslam. Cena looked fuckin badass here, and am loving the way you are using Cena, best I have seen in BTB.

World Title
Was less interested in this match than for Wrestlemania, but this match seemed to be just as good despite being even more predictable than Wrestlemania which is saying something. Flair’s bit was good, but was very shocked to see the Hardy’s come down to help Kennedy, which may mean that there will be a Hardyz/Flair and Batista feud after Backlash which I am not keen on, as It would ruin how good you have made Batista look over the past months. No surprises that Kennedy won, but you made Tista look reasonably good with Kennedy having to use a chair.

Was very surprised not to see this in full seeing you did RVD/HBK in full. But however was a fantastic match, by far my favourite of the night. Angle and Austin beat the Holy hell out of each other and I had no clue whatsoever who was going to get the win. Great ending to the match and loved that Austin got the victory. Ending to the show was very nice with superstars coming down to applaud Austin, and Vince gets Stunnered which would be a markout moment.

Overall a brilliant PPV, which could of nearly matched Mania if it had been in full. I am interested to see how both Raw and Smackdown goes after Backlash. Great work Mac 9/10
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