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TNA: The Journey Begins!

This is my 3rd try at a BTB and if this doesnt work then ay I am going to take a break, but I all ready have some shows done so I am ahead of the game and have all kinds of stuff planned out...

|Key: NWA Heavyweight Champion,X-Division Champion,Tag Team Champion,DOA|
AJ Styles
Alex Shelly
Andy Douglas
Austin Aries
BG James
Bobby Roode
Brother D-Von
Brother Ray
Brother Runt
Cassidy Riley
Chase Stevens
Chris Harris
Chris Sabin
Christian Cage
Christopher Daniels
Christy Hemme
David Young
Elix Skipper
Eric Young
Gail Kim
Jackie Gayda
James Mitchell
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy
Jim Cornette
Johnny Devine
Kevin Nash
Kip James
Lance Hoyt
Matt Bentley
Monty Brown
Petey Willams
Ron Killings
Samoa Joe
Scott D'Amore
Scott Steiner
Shane Douglas
Shark Boy
Simon Diamond
Sonjay Dutt

Victory Road:July 16th
Hard Justice:August 13th
No Surrender: September 24th
Bound for Gorly: Comming Soon

My comments this is the current TNA Roster and I am hopefully going to post the Booking/Staff Meeting tonight and then on Friday or before iMPACT and even maybe tonight I will get the Victory Road PPV results up so stay tune and enjoy...

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Re: TNA: The Journey Begins!

Looking good so far. Not much else to say though it's good you're a few shows ahead. What does DOA stand for though?

O' lawrdy.
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Re: TNA: The Journey Begins!

DOA stands for Dirctory of Authoriy (sp) AKA its TNA's verison of a GM
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Re: TNA: The Journey Begins!

whos ur world champ monty and joe are green and under lined so is it one of them
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: TNA: The Journey Begins!

Originally Posted by The Rebel KT
whos ur world champ monty and joe are green and under lined so is it one of them
Yeah the board did that for some reason nither are world champion as the NWA Heavyweight Championship is vacent, but that will make sense after I post the VR results...BTW here is my first ever Booker's Meeting and I poked fun at AMP's lol

July 16th Bookers/Staff Meeting at Victory Road

There are 5 guys sitting down at a round table. These people are Jeff Jarrett,Scott D'Amore,Mike Tenay,Jeremy Borash, and Jim Cornette. The reason they all are here is because TNA is starting to be called WWE with the squash matches and silly storylines so TNA has some news that they need to talk about.

Jeff: Ok, guys as you might know we have been rasing up in ratings, but now people are starting to doubt us now we are getting bigger that we are not there anymore for what the fans want much like what happen to the WWE. So before we leave here today for the PPV we are going to find a way to fix this problem so now guys bring your idea's to the table...

Scott: Well why dont we bring in a "fan" as he knows what the "fans" want?

Mike: D'Amore are you crazy!?

Scott: Well I think this is a great idea! So lets take a vote if your for the idea raise you hand...

Scott raises his hand, but know one else does.

Scott: Scratch that idea...

Next Mike Tenay speaks up...

Mike: Well, IMO I think where doing great! We brought Jim on TV insted of keeping him backstage and with Steve now working more on TV with Jeff and Jay and Scott this is going great! Who cares what the fans think right now!

Jeff: Tenay! Who Cares! I care! I want this promotion to succeed and raise to the top and be the REAL DEAL! Not just another dead NWA peice like WCW! So that leads to my idea! Lets bring back Vince Russo?


Mike: You talk about me not want this to succeed and you want to bring in Russo!

Jeff: I think it would work and if it did TNA would be huge!

Jim: Jeff you do realize that HE'S the reason WCW is dead.

Jeff: So he failed once, I beleve in giving people second chances.

Jim: Well this a*shole doesnt deveser a second chance! When you destory the biggest wrestling promotion in the world you don't get second chances!

Jeff: I think we take a vote and see what Jeremy thinks.

They take another vote and once again only the person with the idea raises there hand.

Jeff: Well anyone else got any idea's!(Jeff is still kind of pissed that they didnt chose his idea.)

After like a minute of slince Jeff stands up and looks around the room for a second.

Jeff: Well if know one has any idea's then this once again was a waste of time.

Jeff almost out the door and everone else is up when all of a sudden Jeremy stands up and tells everone to huddle up near his computer. So everone huddles up and he's on...

Jeff: Why the hell are you showing us!

Jeremy: Look closer...

So Jeff looks at it and then everone pats the back of Borash.

Jeff: Borash your a lifesaver! Get this guy here ASPA because we need to get this guy on a contract.

Jeremy hits a few more buttons on his keyboard before telling everone to come back!

Jeff: You have to be kidding me! Were not signing this guy!

Scott: Yes, we are!

Jim: Oh, yes there will be ratings!

Everone laughs at Jim's comment as he pokes at Saw 2.

Mike: But, we know they wont get along so after we sign them we tell them about each other?

Jeremy: Good idea Mike I'll call them up before Victory Road and fly them in ASPA!

Jeff: The first one was good, but I think this second one is just stupid!

Jeremy: Jeff well we out number you 4-1 so we have all our problems anwsered now and TNA is going to be huge!

Jeff: This is just crazy....

Jeff and everone then leaves after Jeff's comment and get ready for Victory Road 2006.
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Re: TNA: The Journey Begins!

Excellent meeting man. This seems so realistic, and I remember your old thread ended shortly after it started. Let's not have a repeat man. Looking forward to your first show. 1!

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: TNA: The Journey Begins!

ill definitly read it looks pretty cool good luck
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Re: TNA: The Journey Begins!

Thanks for the comments guys I hope you enjoy...More comments are welcome and Kid o Mac the reason the WWE one didnt get started was because I wasnt into the WWE writing and the TNA style fits me way better IMO.
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Re: TNA: The Journey Begins!

looking great dude, if you can, please PM me when you post your first show because ill probably just forget. looking forward to reading it!
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Re: TNA: The Journey Begins!

July 16th TNA Presents Victory Road 2006

NWA Heavyweight Championship Match
Jeff Jarrettİ vs. Winner of Road to Victory Match

In the main-event Jeff Jarrett took on Sting for the NWA Title. Sting and Jarrett took shot after shot, but nither gain controll. Sting then got Jeff in the corner and nailed the Sting Splash. Sting then had Jarrett rolling and hit the Scorpian Death Drop before finally locking the Scorpian Death Lock. Jeff Jarrett looks like he was going to tap, but then Christian Cage runs down to the ring with the NWA Heavyweight Championship and nails Sting in the head with the title and then looks as if he's going to leave the ring, but then nails Jeff Jarrett before leaving the ring. After this the ref Slick Jonhson has no choice, but to call it a No Contest which bring Jim Cornette down to the ring. Cornette gets into the ring and grabs the NWA Heavyweight Championship and looks at Sting,Jarrett,and Cage with a pissed off look as Jim Cornette is seen marching up the ramp way as Victory Road goes off the air.

NWA Tag Team Titles
AJ Styles/Christopher Danielsİ/Sirelda vs. James Storm/Chris Harris/Gail Kim

At the start of the match Styles and Daniels looked to be meshing great and then AJ went for a SSP, but didnt connect which gave the opening to AMW who took controll. Towards the end of the match Gail Kim got into the match with Sirelda and locked in a few submission that wore her down before making the tag to James Storm who took care off Christopher Daniels with a clothesline and then dragged in AJ Styles with went for a Pele Kick, but couldnt connect. AWM then domated the match after that and hit the Death Sentance which was the final straw and gave AMW the 1..2..3.. After the match Daniels and AJ traded words, but walked to the back together.

Road to Victory
Samoa Joe vs. Scott Stenier vs. Sting vs. Christian Cage

During the whole match the crowd was split between Christian Cage,Sting,and Samoa Joe. At the start Joe showed his speed by domating Steiner while Cage and Sting teamed up with Joe and it was a 3 on 1 attack on Scott Steiner. Steiner then nailed Joe and then Cage and then Sting fought with Scott Steiner while Cage and Joe went at it. Cage then nailed the Unprettier Samoa Joe and went for the cover, but Sting broke up the count which provoke Sting and Cage to trade words while Steiner came back on Joe with a belly to belly suplex on the outside and then Steiner taunted Joe while Sting came out of know where and shocked Christian Cage when he hit the Scorpian Death Drop on Cage and then rolled him up for the 1..2..3..But Steiner tryed to break up the count, but was to late. So know Sting will face Jeff Jarrett later on for the NWA Heavyweight Championship,

James Gang/Abyss vs. Team 3D

In a hardcore type match that saw Abyss the big man in the match so his extreme side when he first revesed the Acid Drop by Brother Runt that sent him crashing threw the table on the outside. Later on in the match Team 3D missed the 3D on Kip James and the BG nailed Brother Ray in the forehead with a steel chair that busted him open. The ending of the hardcore match came after The James Gang took out a barbwire table and placed it in the center of the ring and Abyss took Brother Ray and Black Hole Slamed him threw the table and then BG cover Brother Ray for the 1..2..3..

Sonjay Dutt/Ron Killings vs. LAX

In one of the shortest match of the night Homicide showed the TNA crowed what he was all about nailling off his top spots for LAX before hitting the CopKilla on The Truth and then hit another CopKilla on Sonjay Dutt this time getting the 1..2..3..

If Kevin Nash wins he faces Senshi on iMPACT!
Kevin Nash w/ Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin/Jay Lethal

At the start of the match Nash took over Lethal early and then went for a early Jack Knife Powerbomb on Jay, but Sabin came off the top rope and hit a drop kick which took Kevin Nash down. Sabin then got the tag and took Nash down to one knee and then hit a standing drop kick before getting a 2 count. A little while later Sabin and Lethal put Nash in a tree of woo and Sabin hit the delay drop kick before he covered Kevin Nash 1..2..3..After the match Shelley brawled with Sabin as Nash finally got back to his feet and hit a Jack Knife Powerbomb! Before leaving both Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal laying in the ring.

X-Division Title Match
Senshi vs. ???

Senshi got into the ring and then the music of Austin Aries hit as he made his way down to the ring returning to TNA. Aries and Senshi had a classic match up and easily MOTN. Aries headed to the top going for the 450 Splash, but when he went for it Senshi moved and Aries crashed and burned. Following that Senshi then headed up to and nailed the double foot stomp on Austin Aries for the 1..2..3..

Hair vs. Hair Match
Raven vs. Larry Z

In a very short squash match Raven came down to the ring with a set of hair clippers in one hand while in the other he carried down a trash can. Larry got into the ring and Raven gave him the first punch, but after that Raven nailed Larry with left and rights hand letting out the fusturtion that he has had to deal with before taking the Trash Can and laying it in the center of the ring and garbing Larry Z and nailling the Raven Effect DDT and then getting the cover 1..2..3..After the 1.2.3. Raven rolled out of the ring and grabed the hair clippers, but then is about to get into the ring, but then lifts up the ring skirt and pulls out a wireless shaver and then Raven grabs Larry Z in the center of the ring and starts shaving him bald, but after Raven is done Larry Z is left bleeding for the head while Raven leaves threw th crowd.

Open Challenge Match
Rhino vs. Monty Brown
In the second match of the PPV the two big man took to the ring in a smash mouth style. Monty Brown and both Rhino hit there finishers, but both kicked out at 2. Now after some more punches it was Rhino who took controll of the match and hit the second GORE of the night that crippled Monty Brown. Brown wouldnt give up and kicked out at 2 which lead to Rhino going under the ring and pulling out a table and setting it up in the corner. Rhino then hit a few more moves on an all ready shook up Monty Brown before nailing the 3rd GORE of the match this time threw the table.

The Naturals vs. Diamonds in the Rough
Shane Douglas brought The Naturals down to the ring and they looked awsome in the ring. They hit the Natural Disaster on David Young, but then Simon Diamond broke the count up which then sent Shane Douglas over in the DITR's corner and Douglas and Diamond exchaged a few words before Douglas punched him out and this time Stevens and A. Douglas hit the Naturals Disaster on Elix Skipper only not to go for a cover, but instend head to the top rope and Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens hit a double powerbomb off the top rope on David Young and this time both Stevens and Andy Douglas covered David Young and they got the 1..2..3..After the match Shane Douglas got into the ring with a mic in hand and told everyone that The Naturals where going to reach new highs under his mangement and he was going to bring them to the top of the tag team world.

Pre-Show Match
Johnny Devine vs. Shark Boy
In a match that Johnny Devine totally took controll over Shark Boy at the start. Shark Boy got in one or so punchs to the head of Devine, but Devine nailed a back-body drop and then headed to the top and hit a moonsault on Shark Boy and then got the 1..2..3.. And also scored win number 1 of PP for the night.

My Comments: Made it 9 mins before July 17th...Don't know when my next post will be either in the morning or Tuesday Night untill then laterz and enjoy...
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