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Global Championship Wrestling

I'm looking forward to doing my own BTB. So I decided to make one. For now its going to be the Roster and all the Basic Information. On July 3rd, the first promo will be introduced, and on July 5th, a full episode will have been written.

Global Championship Wrestling

Brock Lesnar
Ron "The Truth" Killings
Muhammad Hassan
Khosrow Daivari
Shelton Benjamin
Samoa Joe
Bobby Lashley
C.M Punk
Randy Orton
The Sandman
Lance Storm
Rene Dupree
Kurt Angle
Chris Jericho
Christian Cage
Gregory Helms
Diamond Dallas Page
Jeff Hardy
Chris Masters
Harry Smith
Ultimo Dragon
Paul Birchill
William Regal
John Cena
Road Warrior Animal
Buff Bagwell
Mark Henry

GCW Heavyweight Champion: Batista
GCW Tag Team Champions: Vacant
International Champion: Ron Killings
GCW Cruiserweight Champion: C.M Punk
Extreme Pro Champion: The Sandman

January- Tension
March- Revenge
May- Bloodlust
June- Global Revolution
July- Friction
September- Marathon of Kings
November- Acceleration
Note:There are 7 PPVs a year. This is done to build up a fued even more, and to save me from burning out.

Weekly Shows
Wednesday Nights at 7 P.M.- GCW Wednesday Night Intensity!

More on the Way. First Episode is July 5th! Special Promo Introduction on July 3rd!

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Re: Global Championship Wrestling

Looking forward to it, good roster!
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Re: Global Championship Wrestling

GCW Chairman:

General Manager:
Eric Bischoff

Creative Team:
Vince Russo
Paul Heyman

GCW Staff:
Play-by-Play Commentator- Jim Ross
Co Play-By-Play Commentator- Joey Styles
Color Commentator- Jerry Lawler
Announcer- Tony Chimmel
Interviewers- Todd Grisham and Maria

Special Introduction Promo Preview:

Announcement for the Main Event on 7/5/06

International Championship Match Preview for 7/5/06

And... a Special Introductory Fatal-Four-Way Match!

The Introductory Promo Preview will be a 1 Hour, written wise, segment to set up Global Championship Wrestling

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Re: Global Championship Wrestling

Sorry for the Double Post.

Sypnosis: It is June of 2006, and the WWE's ratings have gradually dropped into the 1.0-1.5 ratings area, and while TNA is somehow managing to get by, another wrestling promotion is on the rise. With such recent defections from the WWE and TNA to this new Wrestling Promotion, it was only evident for Eric Bischoff to take advantage of the situation. With no contract renewal, Bischoff spoke to the Owner of the new promotion, and was given the job as both Creative General Manager and Creative Booker.

Vince Russo was soon signed on, and Paul Heyman abandoned the new ECW and was given a contract. Sooner or later, Ted Turner heard about the recent rise of the new promotion, and was given a job as the producer. It was a new age, and many backstage were comparing this new promotion to the sudden Eric Bischoff Era of WCW, defecting wrestlers, new styles, and overall a new approach to Wrestling. Bischoff, however, was not going to make the same mistakes again. This time, he was going to try to put the struggling WWE and the small TNA out of business, with just three letters, GCW. The Global Championship Wrestling promotion is rising, and its only the start. Bischoff scheduled the first episode on July 5th, but was given permission to air a special 1 Hour Promo Preview of the show on Monday. It has started....
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Re: Global Championship Wrestling

Good luck with this. I love fantasy federations and yours looks organized and relatively realistic. I'll be reading.

"ICH WILL FICKEN!!!" (Rammstein - Das Alte Leid)

Deep huh? think about it...
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Re: Global Championship Wrestling

Thanks for the support! It really means something.

Announced Matches For Monday's Preview:

Main Event:

Samoa Joe Vs GCW Heavyweight Champion Batista

Single Match:

Rene Dupree Vs Randy Orton

Introductory Fatal-Four-Way:

John Cena Vs Chris Jericho Vs Shelton Benjamin Vs Finlay

Be Sure to Read the Special Promo this Monday!
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Re: Global Championship Wrestling

I like the roster, I like the preview, i'll be bookmarking this page. Good luck!

Click The Banner For My BTB
Banner Credit: Canadian_Xtyne
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Re: Global Championship Wrestling

Special news Regarding the Special Promo Preview!

It seems Management has given the benefit of the doubt to Eric Bischoff, and Eric Bischoff was allowed to air the Special Promo Preview earlier than anticipated. At, Bischoff posted an article relating to the management decisions.
"Management has allowed me to air the Preview Special on Thursday. I'm impatient to get this started, so I pitched to management to let me handle the Preview Show on Thursday. So, to all you fans anticipating it for Monday, I have a special treat for you today. Oh yes, be sure to watch the first episode of GCW Wednesday Night Intensity at 7 pm next week on July 5th. Also, the first PPV, Friction, is on July 30th, so stay tuned. This is Bischoff, signing out."
So, the first PPV, Friction, will be aired on July 30th. The Special Promo Preview will be on in minutes. I can hardly wait!

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Re: Global Championship Wrestling

Preview Special!

As the show starts, GCW's Main Theme, "Leave the Broken Hearts" by the Finalists plays through, leaving the camera to take shots at the crowd, who are overly excited for the one hour launch segment that kicks off tonight, to let the fans know what Wednesday will bring for them. The pyros start to lit, and the fans go wild. Sooner or later, JR starts his usual,

Jim Ross: Hello and welcome to the Preview Special for Global Championship Wrestling, right here, in the Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, Florida! Its going to be a great night, and the matches we have for you tonight are going to blow you away!"

Lawler: Oh JR, I can't wait for those matches to start! Tonight looks to be a great night for GCW, and its only going to get better from here on out."

JR: King, I can't tell you, that for once, I agree with you. Tonight looks great!

As the fans quiet down, Joey Styles comes down from the ramp, and heads around the ring to the announce table.

JR: Look who we have here with us for tonight, its Joey Styles. Why hello there, Styles?"

JR shakes Styles' hand. Styles takes a seat beside JR.

Styles: King, JR, I can't tell enough how excited I am to be here. Its the opening segment for GCW, and this is the segment that will draw in the fans, and will draw in the interest. I'm sure that tonight will be a great Opening night for GCW, Bischoff, and the entire roster at that.

JR: I agree with you Styles. Ladies and Gentlemen, the main event for tonight is a solid face-off between the Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe and the Animal, the current GCW Heavyweight Champion of the world, Batista!

Lawler: Oh boy JR, that match sounds interesting! I can't wait to see what this "Submission Machine" can do to the GCW World Champ!

JR: Also, ladies and gentlemen, in just a few moments there will be an Introductory Fatal-Four-Way Match to get the adrenaline pumping and to kick off with a bang. As well as a Fatal-Four-Way match, tonight we'll be seeing Rene Dupree take on Randy Orton for contendership for the International Championship Title, currently being held by the very athletic Ron "The Truth" Killings!

As soon as the commentary starts to stop, "I'm Back" plays to the sound of horrendous boos everywhere in the Civic Center Arena. From the entrance comes Eric Bischoff, General Manager of GCW. Wearing a beret and a leather jacket, Bischoff, with an pleased expression, walks down the ramp and into the ring.

Bischoff: *laughs* Heh, now, I see why all of you are excited. I'm Bischoff, the greatest man to single handedly push the WWE off the ratings charts for a few years. The only man to put WCW on the map. I'm the reason why wrestling as it is known today exists!

The crowd excessively boos. The camera pans to Bischoff's face, who seems more than pleased with the reaction.

Bischoff: Now, as you all know, I'm the General Manager of GCW. Therefore, I call the shots, and I make you pay for those shots. You get me? Are you getting this, you thick-headed fickle fans! Now, I know some of you aren't comfortable with the way I run things. Well, I have two simple words for you so-called wrestling fans. Too Bad!

A chorus of boos directed at Bischoff plays out.

Bischoff: Now, I don't want to...

Bischoff was cut off by the sound of "My Time is Now". The fans gave a mixed reaction, but the cheers seemingly drowned out the sounds of boos.
From the entrance came out John Cena, wearing a black T-Shirt saying "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect" and a camouflage cap, with his usual black khaki shorts. John Cena walked from the ramp into the ring, and began to chuckle.

Cena: Eric... Eric, come on, the fans want to see some wrestling, not some 40 year old man ramble about how he is the greatest thing ever in Sports Entertainment, or in wrestling, period! However, Eric, I really don't care what the fans will say to me or not, I'm John Cena, and thats how I roll! Whether they like it or not, to put it simple, F*** the fans! I'm tired of being the nice guy, Eric. I'm tired of the little children cheering for me, the women saying my name, and the guys who can't get lives. I'm a goddamn Rapper for goodness sakes, fans don't matter to me. I'm here to stay Bischoff, why? Because you can't see me!

Bischoff had begun to open his mouth, until "King of the World" theme music starts playing, and the Y2J Titantron starts to go off. The pyros sparked, and the man that came out of the entrance was none other than Y2J himself, Chris Jericho. The crowd starts going wild. Jericho proudly walks across the ramp, smiling at the fans. Jericho enters the ring, and Bischoff runs out of the ring and off into the ramp, and then exits the scene. The camera pans to Cena and Jericho facing eachother, eye to eye. Just as it seems Cena and Jericho were going to verbally attack eachother, "I Love to Fight" sounds off, and out from the entrance, comes Finlay, with his shillelagh in hand.

Tony Chimmel: Hailing from Belfast, Ireland, weighing in at 210 pounds, Finlay!

Finlay, with an empty expression, makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring. He places his shillelagh at one of the turnbuckles. He stays on the upper right corner of the ring, away from Cena and Jericho, who seperate themselves from eachother, whilst staring plainly at one another.

JR: Well, I guess the Fatal-Four-Way match is going underway it seems. Eric Bischoff wasn't too happy about Cena and Jericho's interruption. I don't see them having a good week, especially Cena, who has turned on his beloved fans, which is a crying shame.

Lawler: Shame? Shame? JR, you can't be serious. Cena doesn't care what the fans say, or you and I for that matter. Cena knew that the fans didn't care for him, or his ability in the ring. It was about time he started to shun the fans who reap the benefits from his merchandise. Shame on you JR for making such a ridiculous assumption.

JR shook his head in disappointment to Lawler's unwelcome remarks.

"Ain't No Stoppin Me" soon played out to the sounds of a nearly silent crowd, with a few cheers here and there. Shetlon Benjamin made his way from the entrance to the ramp, with sunglasses and a smile.

Chimmel: From Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing in at 245 pounds, Shelton Benjamin!

Shelton Benjamin made his way across the ramp into ringside, jumping atop the ropes into the ring. Shelton Benjamin stole glares at Finlay and Cena, and shared stares with Jericho. Finlay was pacing around the upper right corner of the ring, keeping his left hand steady on the ropes, while Jericho took a deep breath. Cena and Shelton were the only ones calm about the situation.

JR: It seems the GCW Wrestlers are warming up for the big Fatal-Four-Way Match. They seem to be intensely focused on the main objective, and that is to win, ladies and gentlemen.

Styles: Well, JR, the wrestlers are focused and perhaps ready to go. Cena and Jericho have a history together, and this match will only amplify that pure hatred. Benjamin and Finlay both are going to prove their worth to the GCW audience tonight. Shelton has a bright future, while Finlay is perhaps one of the greatest direct wrestlers on the roster, with a penchant for cheating if I might add.

JR: We're going to have to take a short break here. Stay tuned, because the match is underway.

*Four Minute Commercial, with advertising for GCW's First Episode on July 5th, among other things*

JR: We are back, ladies and gentlemen, and from what we just witness a few moments ago, this match is looking great! Just a few moments ago, as the ring bell was sounded, Shelton headed straight for Cena.

The screen splits into two, giving the viewer two aspects of the match, whats happening currently and what happened during the commercial break. In the commercial break side, Shelton ran for Cena, and completed a Stinger Splash on Cena on the upper left turnbuckle. With that, Jericho clotheslined Finlay in the middle of the ring. Now, cut back to the current happenings of the match.
With Shelton and Jericho both having the upper hands on their opponents, both took advantage of the situation. With Cena a bit loose on the turnbuckle, Shelton hoisted him up on the top turnbuckle, and commenced a Super Suplex on the turnbuckle, with Cena landing on his back onto the ring. Jericho got Finlay up, but Finlay countered with a punch to the groin, and Finlay kept jobbing at Jericho with a few punches to the chest and the face, and then Finlay had Jericho in a Headlock. Finlay had Jericho in the headlock for a few seconds, until Jericho countered with a suplex. Finlay surprisingly still held onto Jericho's head, who was struggling to get out of the hold. Shelton, on the other hand, kept pounding at Cena with a couple of kicks to the head. Cena fell onto the mat once again. Shelton went on to grab ahold of Cena, but with the referee focused on Finlay and Jericho, was able to low blow Shelton. Shelton quickly fell onto the floor, with Cena trying to get in the pin. The referee hurried to Cena pinning Shelton, but Finlay let go of Jericho and cut the pin off by 2 counts. Cena became increasinly aggrivated, and ran to Finlay, but Finlay hit Cena with a elbow to the side of the head. Cena fell back a couple of steps, and Finlay hit Cena with a shoulder block. Cena was incapacitated into the turnbuckle. Jericho hit Shelton with a dropkick to the chest.

Lawler: Finlay seems to be in control of Cena at the moment, but what is Shelton doing? He isn't countering Jericho at all.

Styles: It seems Shelton isn't giving Jericho any offensive. However, Finlay is doing a nice job of keeping Cena grounded into the turnbuckle. That seems to be Cena's spot in this match.

The crowd was going wild as the match kept going with momentum. Jericho hit Shelton with a clothesline over the top rope, and Shelton fell onto ringside, with a pained look on his face. With Shelton out for a few moments, Jericho went to help Finlay. Finlay kept pounding Cena with punches to the groin. Finlay was able to give Cena a Backhand Chop to the turnbuckle. Jericho then interfered and kept kicking Cena. Finlay seemed to not appreciate Jericho's help, and presented Jericho with a couple of backhand chops to the chest, and Jericho fell back. Finlay had then turned around, but Cena had regained consciencness, and traded blows with Finlay. Cena then irishwhipped Finlay to the lower left turnbuckle, but on the way, Finlay was met with a Step-Up Enziguri by Jericho. While Finlay and Shelton were out of the picture, Jericho ran to Cena, but was hit with a clothesline. Cena had then irishwipped Jericho to the ropes, and Jericho came back to Cena, only to be met with a Back Body Drop to the mat. Jericho seemed to be in pain. Cena then reached out for Jericho, but was met from the side of the ring with a kick to the face by Shelton Benjamin. Shelton benjamin then jumped on the ropes, and then hit Cena with a Flying Clothesline. Cena fell onto the mat once again. The rapid fans began chanting, "Lets go Shelton, lets go Shelton!"

JR: These Pensacola fans are going wild for Shelton Benjamin!

Jericho had then gotten up, and when Shelton turned around, Jericho performed a dropkick to Shelton. Shelton had fallen back, and Jericho ran to Shelton, giving him a DDT into the mat. Shelton for the time being was incapacitated. Finlay was getting up into the ring, but as soon as Jericho noticed, Jericho ran to the side of the ring where Finlay was getting up to, and hit Finlay with a sliding kick to the chest. Finlay fell back into the crowd, and upon impact with the railing, fell onto the floor. The crowd seemed to cheering for Jericho at this moment, but a few fans were chanting, "Get up Cena, get up!" Cena did just that. Cena had gotten up, and hit an unexpecting Jericho with a Suplex. With Jericho out, Cena hit Jericho with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Many fans were booing this manuever by Cena. With Cena's momentum at its fullest, Cena pumped it up, and waited for Jericho to get up. However, Shelton was able to get up before Jericho, and with Cena focused on Jericho, Shelton gave Cena a Spinning Heel Kick, and Cena fell off the ropes onto the ringside floor. Jericho finally had gotten up, but Shelton was quick to take advantage. Shelton kicked Jericho in the groin, and used the T-Bone Suplex on Jericho. Shelton then pinned Jericho. The referee started counting, and with the 3 count, Shelton was given the win.

Chimmel: Here is your winner, Shelton Benjamin!

"Ain't no Stoppin Me" played to the sound of Shelton's victory. The fans were chanting Shelton's name. Shelton got out of the ring, and exited the scene. The ring was cleared. The camera pans to the commentators.

JR: Now I don't know about you two, but that match was simply excellent. That match has me pumped up for the rest of the night, and from what I can hear, these Pensacola fans are no different, they want to see whats up next!

Lawler: JR, I have to agree with you. That was one hell of a match. There were many twists and turns, and I can't wait to see what the next match brings us. By the way, the next match is a traditional match between Rene Dupree and Randy Orton. I think this match could quite possibly be a show stealer.

"A lai lai Ah" started playing to the sounds of boos. Out of the entrance came Muhammad Hassan with his associate Khosrow Daivari. Muhammad Hassan had his hands reach for the sky, while closing his eyes. Khosrow started clapping. Muhammad Hassan then stopped, and started to walk off the stage to the ramp, and then towards the ring. Muhammad Hassan once again reached his hands for the sky, and Daivari went to the ropes, and let Muhammad Hassan in first. The music stopped, but the chorus of boos still rang through.

Styles: What, Hassan? What is this man doing here?

JR: I don't know Styles, but I have a bad feeling about his presence.

The camera gets a close up of Hassan.

Hassan: Look at you people, stuffing your faces with your popcorn, your hotdogs, your soda, and your burgers. You people... make me sick! *The crowd heavily boos, but Daivari smiles and nods his head* Its you people who are polluting the Earth with your pop culture, your music, your so-called values, and your imperialism! Not one person on this damn planet outside of this country feel any compassion for you selfish people! *boos* No one! You know what? You people should be grateful the great Allah lets you live on his green Earth, because he isn't too pleased with any of you! None of you know the troubles of growing up as an Arab-American citizen. You people are nothing but rascist fascists who deserve to be punished by the great Allah himself!

The crowd heavily boos.

JR: What a bunch of utter nonsense.Does this young man take himself seriously? He makes me sick!

Lawler: Well, he did grow up in hard times, JR. You can't blame him for speaking the truth.

JR shakes his head once again.

Hassan: To further my explanations, you people are nothing but trouble to Allah, and his people. You people are a cancer to this planet, and are therefore going to Hell! None of you people deserve to go to paradise. Why? Simply put, you're all ingrates. Selfish ingrates who wish to control the planet with your communistic views and your Americanization of the world! *continuous boos throughout the arena* None of you can comprehend the pain and anguish me and Daivari went through as we grew up. None of you! I'm tired of your constant bullying of my people!

JR: Oh boy. He talks about getting tired. Well, I'm tired of his constant complaining. He needs to grow up.

Lawler: Come on JR, don't tell me you don't feel sorry for the guy? He has some amazing talent, but these fickle fans don't give him a chance. They're just as he said, undeserving.

JR: King, you don't know what you're talking about. I think your age is getting to your head, my friend.

Hassan continued.

Hassan: I'm going to teach you all a lesson. All of you are going to know the pain that me and....

Lashley's theme song hit to a chorus of cheers. Hassan looked surprised. Lashley came out with an angry expression, and without hesitation, ran to the ring. Muhammad kept his position, but Daivari was quick to run to ringside. Lashley got into the ring and speared Muhammad Hassan. Daivari went to get a chair and then got into the ring. Daivari was about to hit Lashley, but Lashley moved out of the way and Daivari hit Hassan instead. Daivari had a surprised look on his face, and then Lashley hit Daivari with a Side Slam. Daivari rolled outside the ring. Lashley got Hassan up from the turnbuckle, and hit Hassan with the Dominator. Lashley was met with cheers from all over the Civic Center Arena. The crowd was clearly behind him. Lashley then left the ring, leaving Hassan and Daivari knocked out.

JR: Well, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to have to a commercial break. We'll be back.

*4 Minute Commercial Break*

JR: Well, we're back ladies and gentlemen. Its time for the next match to start.

"La Resistance" starts playing to a nearly silent crowd with a few boos. Rene Dupree steps out of the entrance. He walked proudly off the stage onto the ramp.

Chimmel: From Paris, France, weighing in at 250 pounds, Rene Dupree!

Rene Dupree stepped off the ramp onto ringside, and went into the ring. He smiled at the crowd, whom in turn gave him no response.

After that was over, Burn in My Light played to sound of rapid screaming, and a few cheers and boos. Randy Orton came out, and did his signature pose.

Chimmel: From St.Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 265 pounds, Randy Orton!

Randy Orton smiled at the crowd, and walked as if he owned the place. He got into the ring, but Rene Dupree assaulted him before the bell rang. The bell had rang, and the match was underway.
Rene Dupree started pounding on Orton, making Orton slump into the turnbuckle. Rene Dupree then started to excessively kick Orton in the chest. Orton couldn't get a breather in. Rene then grabbed ahold of Orton, and hits a Half Nelson slam on Orton. With this momentum, Rene had Orton in an Abdominal Stretch. Rene applied much pressure to the hold, but Orton was quick to capitalize, and Arm Dragged Rene off of him. Randy Orton then applied a Sleeper Hold on Rene. For a few seconds, it seem Rene wasn't going to get out of the hold, but 10 seconds later, he started to get Randy up, and started elbowing Randy's stomach, and was finally out of the hold. Rene then clotheslined Orton. Rene ran to the turnbuckle, and got on the top turnbuckle. However, Rene was too slow, and Randy was quick to take advantage. Randy Orton ran to the turnbuckle, and performed a dropkick to Rene's chest, making Rene fall off the turnbuckle onto the ringside floor. Rene was out of it for the time being, and the referee began the 10 count. However, Randy got out of the ring and picked up Rene and set him inside the ring. Randy then followed, and started kicking Rene in the groin. The referee didn't like it, but Randy didn't care. The referee began the count, and when it reached three, Randy stopped. Randy grabbed Rene, but was countered with a punch to the groin. Rene got up from the mat, and hit Randy with a Fisherman Suplex.

Styles: This match looks like it can go either way.

Randy was out for the moment, and Dupree took advantage. Dupree placed Orton on the ropes, and then began a chokehold on Randy on the ropes. The referee began the count, and at 4, Rene stopped. Rene took a breather, and began to watch Orton. As Orton got up, Rene ran to him, but Orton hit Rene with an Uppercut. Rene fell back, and when Dupree faced Orton again, Orton performed the RKO, but was unsuccessful. Rene pushed Orton onto the ropes with the unsuccesful RKO and when Randy reached Dupree, Dupree hit him with a Facebreaker DDT. Orton tried to regain his footing, but fell onto the mat instead.

JR: Dupree seems to be upping his game tonight. It seems he reallys wants a shot at the International Title, held by Ron Killings.

Dupree got Orton up, and punched him, only to perform a Rib Breaker a few seconds later. Orton was really taking the beating. Dupree once again went to the turnbuckle, and got atop the turnbuckle. Rene took his time, but it proved fruitless. Randy Orton quickly got up, as if he was playing possum, and hit Rene with a RKO from the top turnbuckle. Orton was quick to analyze the situation, and got the pin. Randy won with the three count. The crowd delivered mixed reactions.

JR: What? That no good Orton! He played possum and cost Dupree the match!

Lawler: JR, Orton took advantage of the situation at hand, and got the win. It wasn't his fault Dupree was too slow to perform his move. Orton needed to win. Thats all there is!

Orton's theme song played to his victory, and Orton performed his signature pose on the top turnbuckle. Orton also performed the gestures of a belt on his waist, pertaining to the International Title. Orton exited the ring, and the ring was cleared.

JR: Well, ladies and gentlemen, the night is almost over, but there is still one more match on the way. Its the Animal, the GCW Heavyweight Champion Batista, taking on the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe, right here, after this commercial break.

*4 minute Commercial Break, with a commercial for GCW on Wednesday Nights beginning July 5, among other things.*

JR: Welcome back, and we're here at the Pensacola Civic Center in Pensacola, Florida, and tonight has been a terrific night. We had two classic matches, and few unexpected turn of events, but the night is still young, and there is still on more match.

Lawler: JR, tonight was great. I can't say how much I agree with you. Bischoff has truly shown us that he can put on a great show in just a few days. This Promotion Preview was phenomonal, and I can't wait for this Wednesday, when a full episode is aired live at 7 pm, JR, 7 pm!

Styles: The Fatal-Four-Way Match, in my opinion, stole the show. Those four men showed some great athleticism in the ring tonight, but the Main Event between Samoa Joe and Batista is sure to give fans what they want. The fans were given a special treat with the Fatal-Four-Match, they were given a pretty solid match with Dupree and Orton, but my guess is that Batista and Samoa Joe will put on a match, that fans will never forget, even at this early stage in GCW's lifespan!

As the commentary faded away, "The Champ is Here" started to an array of cheers, and a few boos. Samoa Joe arrived, and was given an astounding ovation.

Chimmel: From Orange County, California, weighing in at 280 pounds, he is the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe!

Samoa Joe just kept walking, not giving the crowd a wince of satisfaction, and walked up to ringside, and entered the ring. Samoa Joe walked to the lower right turnbuckle, and just stood there, staring at the entrance.

"Unleashed" started playing to a rabid cheer, a cheer so loud the cheer was off the roof. Batista came out, with the Golden GCW Heavyweight Belt on his waist, with the GCW logo on it, imprinted in red letters.

Chimmel: From Reston, Virginia, weighing in at 317 pounds, he is GCW Heavyweight Champion of the world, the Animal, Baaatistaaaa!

JR: My god, what an astounding ovation for the Animal! Have you ever heard a cheer this loud?

Batisa stood on the stage, and began to perform his signature entrance. The pyros ran wild, and the fans continued to cheer. Batisa then walked across the ramp, giving his fans high fives, and he even went up to a fan with a sign that said, "Unleash the Animal!" and took a picture with her. Batista went to ringside, and walked up the steel steps. He entered the ring, while staring at Joe, handed his belt to the referee, and the bell sounded.
Both men started to walk towards eachother, and both stood, face to face. Batista grinned at Joe, while Joe kept a straight face. As a few seconds passed, the men still looked at eachother, that is, until Joe made the first move punching Batista in the face. Joe went straight for Batista, but Batista countered Joe with a Spinebuster, leaving Joe helpless in the middle of the ring. Batista headed for Joe, and picked him. Batista irishwhipped Joe into a turnbuckle, and ran straight for him. Joe was able to counter Batista's momentum with an elbow to the head. While Batista was busy regaining his footing, Joe got up the top turnbuckle, and hit Batista with an Overhead DDT to the mat. Joe gained his footing, and hit Batista with a Samoan Elbow Drop to the chest. Then, Joe grabbed Batista, and performed a Choke Sleeper Clutch. The referee ran to Batista's side, and was giving Batista the count. Joe applied pressure to the hold, but Batista still wouldn't give in. When it looked to be over for Batista, Batista broke out of the hold, and delievered a harrowing Clothesline to Joe. Batista was gaining momentum.

JR: Remember, this is a Non-Title Match-Up. Batista could lose, but still retain the title. However, it doesn't seem like Batista is going to take any prisoners.

Styles: JR, I don't think you understand. You're taking a Power Wrestler like Batista and fusing it with a more Technical, Powerful Wrestler like Samoa Joe. I've heard of this Joe, and I'm quite impressed with him so far. He shows much potential, and in the future, he could really soar to great lengths.

Batista ran up to Joe, but Joe got up and got Batista in a Standing Release Sidewalk Slam. Much of the audience couldn't believe their eyes. Joe then applied the STF, with perfect precision. Joe added the much needed pressure to keep Batista down, but Batista wasn't going to give up. Batista quickly countered by rolling off from Joe into the side of the ring. Joe started to stare at Batista. Batista did the same. The referee began the 10 count as Batista was still outside the ring. Samoa Joe then did the unthinkable, and ran to the ropes, jumped, and performed a lariat onto Batista, knocking them both into the side of the announce table.

Styles: My god! What in the world did Joe just do? He just sacrificed his own momentum to keep Batista off his own!

Both men were laying outside the ring, with the referee up to the 3 count. Joe had gotten up first, and grabbed Batista, and delivered punches left and right at Batista's chest. He then placed Batista inside the ring, and quickly got inside himself. Joe then irishwhipped Batista into the corner turnbuckle, and then hit Batista with a press onto the turnbuckle. Batista fell to the bottom turnbuckle, and Joe performed a Face Wash. After he was done with the manuever, Joe went to opposite turnbuckle, and started to run towards Batista. Batista moved out of the way, leading Joe to be incapacitated at the turnbuckle. Batistapicked up Joe, and performed a Spinebuster into the turnbuckle, and then rammed Joe with a spear into the turnbuckle. Batista elbowed Joe, and then went to the opposite side to regain some breath and footing. This proved faulty, because as soon as Joe got ahold of himself, he ran to Batista and hit him with a Dragon Suplex on the mat. Batista's face showed pain, and Joe applied yet another STF, but this time Batista got out pretty quickly, only to excessively punch Joe in the chest. As Batista regained some footing, he used a Doublehanded Choke Lift on Joe, and slammed him on the mat. Batista went for the pin, but Joe kicked out at the two count. Batista took a deep breath, and pounded Joe with punches to the head. Batista then performed a Hammerlock Arm Bar, but Batista didn't apply pressure, and Joe got out of it pretty quickly.

JR: How long can these two men keep it up in the ring? It doesn't seem like either is going to lose. This match is getting hellacious.

Batista and Joe began another standoff, with the crowd going wild. Joe hit Batista with a rather impressive Island Driver, and then Joe got up the top turnbuckle. Joe was then able to hit Batista with a diving elbow drop to the stomach. Joe then began the pin. Batista kicked out at 2. Joe became increasingly angry. Joe then went to the ropes, and ran towards Batista. This, however, was a bad move. Batista was able to lift Joe up and Joe landed on the ringside floor. The referee began the 10 count. Batista stayed in the ring, waiting for Joe to get up. Out of nowhere, however, Chris Jericho came up and delivered to Batista a DDT. Joe was getting up, but Jericho performed an Missile Dropkick to Joe's chest. Joe went down, and Jericho landed on Joe. Jericho got up within a few seconds to the sound of a ringbell.

Chimmel: Due to disqualification, the winner of this match is, Batista!

Chris Jericho smiled, and got up to the ring, and stood in the middle of the ring. However, "I'm back" played out, and Eric Bischoff came out with a rather intense expression. Bischoff had the mic, and said,

Bischoff: Oh Jericho. What a big mistake you made there, buddy. You see, while I was out, I was thinking of a way to bring in the crowds. Well, you just gave me a reason. You DQed Samoa Joe, and got Batista the unfair win. So guess what? Next Wednesday on GCW Wednesday Night Intensity, its going to be you, and Samoa Joe, in an Ultimate Samoan Submission Match, for #1 Contendership to the GCW Title on July 30th, at the Friction PPV! I'll give you all the details next Wednesday, but for now, I'll let you soak in your untimely glory, and perhaps, doom!

Jericho couldn't believe his eyes. With Batista and Joe knocked out, Jericho was left in the ring.

JR: Well, ladies and gentlemen, what we've just witness tonight, is only the beginning. We'll see you next Wednesday. Be sure to watch!


Well, I delivered the Final Product, the Preview Special! Sure it was much earlier than expected, but I couldn't help it. I wanted you guys to read it. So, how was it?

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Re: Global Championship Wrestling

Cena-Bischoff Promo/Fatal 4 Way: Suprised at the sudden Cena heel turn, but pleased. An overall average match and good opener for the GCW. I liked everyone's participation in the match, and Shelton getting the win. 8/10

Hassan Promo/Dupree & Orton: I liked Hassan's promo, very realistic. A Lashley/Hassan fued could work very well. The Orton/Dupree match was average, it seemed to me like it was moving too quickly. 7/10

Batista/Joe: This was a great main event, and a great test for Batista. Suprised of Batista's use of so many submissions, but I like it. Nice set-up for next week, I can't wait. 8.5/10

Match Writing: Pretty good, but could be better. One thing that I noticed was that you put a time to everything like "Shelton got knocked to the ground and was out for a few seconds" or "Batista locked in a sleeper for three second then Joe reversed it." I suggest not doing that unless it is a big span of time. If you are describing short amounts of time, use words like "instantly" or "moments later." Leave some room for imagination by the readers. 8/10.

Promo and Match Realism/Commentary: The realism of promos and matches were good, nothing completely insane. The only noticable thing outside the ordinary was Batista using submissions, which like I said before I thought was good. Everyone was in character, and felt like something they would say. J.R. and Styles were also very well used, with Ross talking in general about the two wrestlers, while Styles broke down their techniques, etc, as well as King's usual smart ass, funny comments. Nice set-up for next week's show/ future. 9.5/10.

OVERALL: 41/50 = 82% = B-

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