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Well after seeing a lot of BTBs here , i decided to make my own . i start after wrestlemania 22 and go on perhaps till wrestlemania 23 . the golden era is perhaps the years 1998-1999 and 1999-2000 . i will try my best to keep you in excitement as the attitude era did .

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{ sorry i was a bit late in posting as my computer had to be formatted }





RAW AFTER WRESTLEMANIA 22 ............... ( in canada )









Carlito and Chris Masters come to the ring together as Carlito's music hits .
they look confident and wait for the champions . Kane 's music hits . the tag team champions Kane and Big show walk the ramp as the crowd cheers loudly . Show keeps pointing his finger at the opponents and says " You cant beat us ! " . they enter the ring and the match officially starts .
Carlito and Kane start the match . Carlito runs around Kane slowly and goes over to Masters and tags him . Masters gives him a look and enters the ring . he tries to grapple Kane but Kane kicks him in the lower belly . he bodyslams Masters and kicks on the back of the fallen challenger . kane picks him up and punches him .he irish whips masters and gives him a big boot.masters slowly tries to recover and tags carlito . carlito taunts kane . as kane runs to get him , carlito moves and kicks kane numerous times on the sides . finally he gets kane cornered in the turnbuckle . He punches kane on the head but suddenly kane grabs his throat and pushes him away . as carlito comes again . kane grabs his throat . he raises him for the chokeslam and masters comes to the rescue . kane drops carltio and grabs masters' neck . he chokeslams masters who rolls outside . as kane bends over the apron to see masters , carlito pushes him over the top . then he taunts the big show .
as big show tires to enter , the referee goes to prevent him from coming . during that time , carlito runs and gets a chair . he hits kane on the back . but kane turns as nothing happened . he punches carlito . masters gives kane a low blow . kane falls down . carlito now again strikes kane with the chair and climbs in as the referee sees them . carlito waits for kane to roll into the ring and gives him a DDT . he covers him. 1...2... and kane gets the shoulder up . carlito runs to the opposite apron and tries to clothesline kane. but kane catches carlito by the neck . he gives him a chokeslam and falls down . he makes his way to big show and tags him in . big show arrives and punches masters down .carlito gets up and big show gives him a big boot. he gives carlito a sidewalk slam and pins him . masters breaks the count . big show beats masters and clotheslines him over the top. he raises his hand and screams . he grabs carlito by the throat . suddenly A music hits . that music is so familiar that the crowd goes wild . that music is that of DIESEL . diesel walks into the ringside looking the same as he did in 1996 . kane and show look at him . diesel talks trash to kane and the referee looks at them and asks diesel to clear out . show keeps looking at both the big men . meanwhile masters comes in with the tag team belt, unknown to the referee and slams the belt on the back of show's head . as show gets to one knee , masters slams it again on the front of the latter's head . he throws it out and covers show . the referee slides in and counts . kane tries to go in , but diesel catches his leg and pulls him down .he takes out a brass knuckle from his pants and punches kane down .1...2...3. carlito and masters win the match . diesel goes back and kane gets up to follow him .


when the show returns , diesel is seen in the parking lot area getting into a car . the coach runs towards him with a mike .

COACH : Diesel , a shocking return of yours , moments ago ! Would you please explain your actions ?

DIESEL : well , iam right now trying to go away .do not want to damage Kane anymore . i will explain my actions this week on smackdown !

kane runs towards them and diesel asks the driver to start the car . the car goes off and kane looks at it.

COACH: Kane , what do you feel at this moment with diesel having cost you..........

Kane grabs the coach's throat and chokeslams him and goes away fuming !

back in the ring .....

TRIPLE H music hits and he comes to the ring . he stares at the crowd for a while and begins to speak .

HHH : cena , last night you made me tap out . you won the match . but it is not over yet . you see iam not called the game for nothing . i battle throughout till what i get . i have done that numerous times . so , cena your time is coming to an end . i challenge you , john cena for a rematch at smackdown this week . after i beat you , you will find out what the game is all about .

john cena's music hits and he comes to the entrance aisle .

CENA : yo , man ,...HHH ! last night , i beat you at the biggest event in town and yo ,you still challenge the champ ? i know you got the balls to offer a challenge ; but have you the balls to win a title match ?.... anyway, i accept your challenge , HHH . at smackdown , your game's done for !

HHH : after smackdown is over ,you will find out that i am that.... damn ....good ....!


Kane enters the room . mcmahon is seen reading the playboy magazine .

MCMAHON : ( drops the book ) Kane , tell me , big fellow . what happened ?

KANE : well you saw it . diesel , he ruined my night . when i get my hands on him , i will tear him apart!........ i came here to tell you that i want a match at smackdown with him .i want him . i want him .

MCMAHON : after watching your emotions and diesel's action , there is going to be one hell of a match at samckdown . so why dont you both compete in a match of similiar qualities ? iam talking about HELL .... IN ... A CELL match !

KANE laughs and goes out as mcmahon turns and continues to take the fallen magazine .

TODD GRISHAM talks to EDGE before his match with RVD .

TG : EDGE , moments later you will be facing RVD for the possession of the money in the bank suitcase . how much confident are you about winning the bag for the second time ?

EDGE : let me tell you this .At last year's wrestlemania i got the better of six guys and climbed to the top . after that i became the champ in no time .i have a lot of experience as i was the first ever winner of the money in the bank matches. RVD needs some experience . once the RATED R superstar hits the ring , RVD will realize what it takes to hold money in the bank.

............he goes towards the ramp.........


quite a hardcore match . the chairs and ladders were smashed into both the men and they bleed .rvd tried a van daminator earlier on in the match , edge moved and hit rvd's back with the chair . he followed with a conchairto .he proceeded to climb the ladder .a bleeding rvd climbed on the turnbuckle and kicked the ladder . he climbed it and did an astounding FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH onto the fallen edge . RVD climbed the ladder . lita caught his foot .he tried to shake off . meanwhile edge woke up and tried to hit him with the chair . rvd blocked it and went for another vandaminator. lita gets in the middle of edge and gets the blow . edge looks in despair . rvd quickly throws him out of the ring .he rolls edge on top of the announce table . RVD goes back into the ring and sets the ladder near the ropes . he climbs to the top , gives a thumb taunt and does the unthinkable . he splashes edge through the table . both men are down . rvd gets up first and rolls back into the ring . he sets the ladder and sees edge coming near the ring . rvd runs ,sets the chair near his feet and gives a tremendous baseball slide . edge is thrown back and falls down , bloodied and battered. rvd climbs the ladder and grabs the suitcase . RVD IS THE WINNER !



a typical women wrestling match which involved hair grabbing , ass spanking and some acrobatics . lita being injured during the previous match is targeted by others . suddenly mickie hits the mick kick on
victoria and goes for the cover . trish makes the save . mickie slaps trish and turns back as lita manages to slap her . trish stratus throws mickie james outside and does the trish dog on lita . she pins lita . 1....2....3 Trish wins the title .


ric flair vs shelton benjamin

the match , as usual ,had numerous WOOOOHs and chops across benjamin's back.shelton benjamin tries to kick the 17 time champion . flair grabs his leg , puts him down and goes for the figure four lock . benjamin desperately goes for the ropes . flair breaks the hold and sturts across the ring in the fashion he always does and shouts WOOOH ! benjamin lies down and when he gets up , flair punches him several times . he give shelton the atomic drop and once again goes for the submission move . suddenly CARLTIO enters the ring . he has a chair and whacks flair on the head three times until flair bleeds . referee disqualifies shelton and ashelton rolls outside . carlito then spits an apple onto flair's face and shouts "YOU'RE NOT COOL ! NOT AT ALL!"


when the show returns , KRISTAL interviews RVD after his match .

KRISTAL : tell me ROB, are you now on top of your world ?

RVD : Well , kristal , i feel happy now . MR.MONDAY NIGHT finally showed EDGE what truly is experience . he may be the first money in the bank winner but i am certainly the best man to win the suitcase .
i will cash my oppurtunity anytime anywhere . so, the champ , you should watch your back .

he leaves as kristal looks at him..............................

{ i will post the main event today and this time i am sure of it }

.................................................................................................... ....


john cena and hbk arrive in the ring . they shake hands and wait for their five adversaries and the mystery opponent . the spirit squad theme hits . kenny walks alone towards the ring . cena and michaels look at him . suddenly the remaining members of the squad come from the back and hit cena and michaels . but the superstars overpower the teen team and send them flying outside . the referee looks at them asking them to get back in . meanwhile kenny creeps up behind cena and smashes him on the back of his head with his own championship belt .
he covers cena and michaels kicks kenny out of the way. then as the other members get to their corner , the match starts in the ring.[ STILL THE MYSTERY OPPONENT DID NOT APPEAR ] michaels dominates kenny who gets punched repeatedly in the face . cena slowly staggers towards his corner . michaesl tries to put a sleeper on kenny but the latter pulls the referee in front of him . michaels releases the hold and punches kenny. kenny falls down . suddenly the other four cheerleaders enter the ring and the referee goes after them . kenny gives michaels a low blow . michaels goes down and kenny tags in Mikey . mickey stomps michaels in the corner and chokes him with the boot . he then irish whips him towards the irngpost . but it happens to be michaels' corner and cena tags himself in by patting michaels on the back . mikey calls in other members and cena punches everyone of them . cena bodyslams three of the squad and pumps up . he F-Us mikey and clotheslines kenny over the top also bringing his self with the teen boy . mitch puts a sleeper on a awakening michaels and the referee focuses his attention on them. cena puts kenny on the announce table and climbs on top . he gets ready for an F-U . suddenly from inside the ring HHH comes in with a sledge hammer as cena lifts kenny . he hits cena on the head with it and both kenny and cena drop to the floor ( the referee is not watching ) . HHH follows with a pedigree on cena and rolls him in . looks like HHH is themystery partner . but wait , HHH gives cena a crotch chop and goes back walking the ramp . he isn't the mystery partner ! kenny covers cena and the referee counts . 1....2....3 . cena is eliminated . michaels is left alone . but he fights back all the five and mikey who recovers from the F-U runs towards michaels . michaels ducks and as mikey turns , he gives him the SWEET CHIN MUSIC . he clotheslines two of them over the top and throws mitch outside by catching his neck . michaels gives kenny who is inside , a SCM . 1....2...3 . michaels sees a fallen mikey and climbs on the top . he gives a flying elbow and covers mikey .1...2...3.. now michaels is alone with three of the squad . michaels sees nicky climbing in and goes after him . johnny and mitch come from behind and beats michaels . both men grab michaels hands and ask nicky to punch michaels . michaels kicks nicky away and grabs the other two people by their head . he collides their heads which sends them reeling . michaels gives an atomic drop to nicky and waits for jonny to turn . another SCM and johnny is pinned .1...2...3 the remaining two run towards michaels who lies down . the other two realising they will collide stop in their tracks .( the match has gone for 25 minutes now ) . michaels punches both of them and lays them down with his punches . he grabs up nicky and gives him the SCM as the latter was reeling . 1...2...3. mitch is left alone with michaels . mitch runs away and michaels chases him around the ring . mitch grabs a chair and waits for michaels to come to him . the referee sees it and asks mitch to drop it . mitch grabs the referee's throat and pushes him down. the referee disqualifies him . michaels celebrates in the ring . but his music doesn't hit . referee tells him that the mystery partner is still there to beat . michaels says ok to referee and sits on top of the turnbuckle with a mike . he speaks " come on , mystery opponent ,come on . atleast show me your face and let me see if i can beat you in 10 seconds or even in shorter time .
suddenly a voice that is familiar but not correctly placed by the crowd or the commentrator speaks from the back .


the crowd is silent and michaels too !

" well how about turning the clock about ten years ago, for then, we had one of the longest match in history and it went on for more than an hour ! "

michaels suddenly realises and looks shocked .the canadian crowd goes wild .
then.... the music hits as BRET " HITMAN " HART
appears . he looks older but is still in shape . he stands in the middle of the ramp and smiles . suddenly the spirit squad altogether run in with chairs and michaels who is not scared is ready to face them . he punches them off but one chair gets placed on the referee's back who falls down and the teens hit michaels with the chair. michaels falls down . the spirit squad then place all the chairs together in a line . they grab michaels by his hands and legs ( the match is going for 40 minutes ) and throws him up and he lands down with the chairs hitting his back . michaels screams in pain as the spirit squad go out through the crowd . bret hart walks in and calmly waits for michaels to regain . he wants michaels to stand up so that he doesn't attack a fallen man .michaels grabs the ropes and pushes himself up . bret then goes for the shots . he punches michaels who falls down . he then calmly applies the sharpshooter . michaels too tired doesn't show any movement . the referee who woke up now asks michaels if he gave up . he grabs michaels' hand and lets go . ONE ! then the same thing ahppens again . TWO ! the crowd is silent as the referee lets go the hand of michaels for the third time . THREE !

bret hart's music hits and the technical superstar raises his arm . he climbs up the turnbuckle and raises both his arms as raw goes off the air !


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I know you posted your show late, but one thing you don't want to do is have your show in t odifferent posts. Nonetheless I'll review your first part.

Tag Match: Diesel makes his return to screw Kane and Show? Wonder where your goin with this Decent match. 8/10

HHH/ Cena promo: More of a filler, however you got your point across with the match made for Smackdown! 6/10

Edge vs. RVD: Best match thus far, really enjoyed the hardcore spot, as well as the five star frogsplash off the ladder. Seemed short, although I think this match was kinda in recap. 9/10

Women's Fatal Four Way: God I hate Women's matches and I think you do also. Little effort put into this, but I can't blame you. Odd to see two titles change right off of the Wrestlemania card. 5/10

Flair vs. Benjamin: You went completely wrong here. You have the most athletic superstar in WWE history going up against the Nature Boy, yet Flair is all on the offensive, till Carlito makes another odd interference quite like Diesel. Didn't really care for this. 4/10

Main Event: MOTN, went as planned with the squad taking over on Michaels, with Cena rushing in only to get pinned following HHH interference. Odd t osee Bret back, but nonetheless a Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels feud will be entertaining. 9/10

41/60 - 82/120

Keep trying!
I'll finish up my review when you get your Main Event up.


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death of it, copy and paste this text into your signature (and use the banner if you want)

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i will begin smackdown soon .

i have the match card ready !



BATTLE ROYAL :{ the winner gets the shot at the world championship any of his choice }


KANE VS DIESEL { hell in a cell }


sorry but i had to edit some of the matches . the edited matches are underlined .

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Thumbs up Re: WWE : THE GOLDEN ERA


the smackdown music and pyro hits as the crowd explodes in excitement . the sold out crowd are eagerly waiting for the show to start .

suddenly , BRET HART's music hits and the crowd cheers .bret hart comes to the ring and speaks .

BRET : The excellence of execution is back !.....( crowd cheers ) ..thank you ! (pauses) ...last night i got my revenge or atleast most of it on HBK . well , since he is out of wrestling for a while i cannot battle him for the time being .but , i didn't come back just to take out the actor of the infamous play which my fans back in montreal will remember . i came back to see vince and get my fist well planted across his jaw like i did back in 97 . vince , i am calling you out . come on , mcmahon , come out .

VINCE MCMAHON comes out as his theme hits and stands below the trinitron .
he begins to speak

VINCE : well ,well,well ! bret , you are out to get your revenge , aren't you ? well, i accept your challenge . you see i am not the vince mcmahon who took your punch back at 97 . i am not the vince who then said the famous words " BRET SCREWED BRET !" i am now not only the owner of the WWE . i am right now the owner of a herculean physique and a powerful mind with which i can destroy you ! bret , you will come face to face with VINCE MCMAHON at VENGEANCE . you can get your revenge too ... but can you... after you have your match with a person {who will debut next week}on raw ?! i doubt it ,and at vengeance , when you fight , HITMAN , life will never be the same for you !

BRET : mcmahon , after i come out on top as i always do , after i beat down the mystery opponent whoever he may be , then at vengeance ,you will personally experience the reality of the fact that i am THE BEST THERE IS , THE BEST THERE WAS AND THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE !

they stare at each other as the show goes for a commercial


the show begins as the tag team unification match begins .


the six men begin a battle of fury . mercury is beaten up by the jesse of the gymini and jake of the gymini is stomped down by chris masters and carlito . nitro climbs on the back of jake to stop him from attacking mercury .but he is thrown off . jesse bodyslams both mercury and nitro and sends down down to the floor as melina tends to them . he then proceeds to take out carlito . carlito and jesse exchange right hands as masters gets ready to apply the master lock on jake . jake grabs masters' feet , lifts him up and gives hm a samoan drop . he then signals jesse who has beaten down carlito . the gymini collide their opponents with each other and both fall off . suddenly mercury and nitro come in and attack jesse from behind. they combined give him a suplex and continues to attack him .carlito is picked up by jake and tries for a bodyslam but carlito gets out of the hold and applies a swinging neckbreaker . masters gets up and applies the master lock on jake . but mercury sees it and makes the save . carlito hits mercury and the two take the battle outside . carlito dashes mercury against the barricades and strikes his head on it . melina tries to distract carlito and carlito grabs melina's hair . nitro who was stomping down jesse sees it .he climbs on the top and as melina moves out of the way , he lands on carlito and the two go down . masters goes towards jesse and applies the masterlock .but jake hits him .the gymini do their signature move on masters and jake covers him . melina grabs the referee's leg and pulls him down . jesse runs after melina around the ring . carlito and nitro are back in the ring as jake punches masters . nitro climbs up on the top rope and lands on them . carlito helps masters up as MNM gives jesse the snapshot . nitro turns back and carlito gives him the back breaker . mercury dropkicks carlito as masters stomps down jake returns into the ring . he applies the masterlock on jake and the referee looks at it . after a short while , jake gives up . CARLITO AND CHRIS MASTERS ARE THE UNDISPUTED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS !


the show goes back to the locker room where kane and big show are talking.

KANE : after i get my hands on him , he wil pay . i will destroy him . i will..

BIG SHOW : cool down , kane . you see we don't even know why or what he is planning . we got watch our backs , or atleast you have to ! okay , now i have to get ready for the battle royal .

KANE looks at show , then storms out of the room .


BATTLE ROYAL :{ the winner gets the shot at the world championship any of his choice }

rules : over the top rope elimination only with both feet touching the floor, each man enters in 1 minute intervals.

the participants are :
lashley,booker t,edge,benoit,kurt angle,mark henry,JBL,finlay,shelton benjamin,big show,randy orton,the undertaker

the match begins when orton and lashley lock up . lashley uses his power and size earlier on . he bodyslams the legend killer and tries to put him over the top . orton catches lashley's head and clings to it. he punches lashley and jumps behind lashley's back . he gives lashley a bull dog . orton then climbs on the top rope and splashes lashley . the next man who enters is finlay . finlay takes his weapon and tries to maim lashley with it . lashley moves out of the way and goes to the ropes . finlay rushes at lashley ,misses him and and goes over the top .but he stays on the ropes . orton tries to push him off . suddenly lashley spears from behind and it sends finlay down . orton goes through the ropes to the floor . lashley waits for him to get in . orton enters and drop kicks lashley who staggers and turns his back. orton tries for an RKO but lashley moves and gives a hard clothesline to mysterio .next after two minutes , lashley ,orton,edge and jbl are in the ring .jbl sits down near the turnbuckle and sees the battle without fighting .edge spears down lashley and orton gives a drop kick to edge . orton sees jbl and begins to attack him . jbl irish whips orton who sees lashley near the ropes and stops in his tracks . jbl runs , misses orton and gives lashley a clothesline from hell over the top rope. lashley is gone. the next entrant is benoit who goes after jbl . edge and orton battle with orton on the upper hand . orton irish whips and waits for the RKO, but edge slips behind and delivers a spear . orton clutches the ropes and as edge runs to clothes line orton , both men fall to the floor and are eliminated .meanwhile henry enters the ring and gives benoit a giant headbutt . he then bodyslams jbl . henry then irish whips jbl to the turnbuckle and runs and splashes him .he does the same to benoit . then henry beats his chest and screams . he picks up benoit and tries to put him over the top . the next entrant arrives . it is benjamin . benjamin also helps henry in putting benoit over the top . benoit slips under the lower rope and henry kicks him . benjamin turns and jbl delivers his signature move . he then shouts aloud " I AM WRESTLING GOD !! " he goes after benoit and double teams up with henry . the duo beat down benoit and jbl chokes benoit with his boot . benjamin recovers and gives a roundhouse kick to henry which brings the big man down .the next entrant is the big show who excites the crowd . big show chokeslams everyone except benoit in the ring. he screams aand goes towards benoit . benoit reverses the chokeslam into the crossface . show taps out but there is no submission . henry makes the save . the next man to enter is angle . angle takes the offensive and gives a german suplex to henry and jbl . he then gives and angle slam to benoit and benjamin. he proceeds to put the ankle lock on big show who taps out for the second time . jbl hits him from behind . jbl is bodyslammed by benoit and goes on top for the sinature move . but an irish whip of henry to angle makes him lose his balance and he is caught in the ropes . jbl pushes him down . benoit is gone . jbl celebrates but angle comes from behind and throws jbl out too .next entrant is booker t . henry clotheslines angle and benjamin . he even gets show off his feet . then he ducks booker's scissors kick and clotheslines him over the top . booker is eliminated within seconds after his arrival . henry is leading . but the next entrant arrives . the gong sounds and the rung turns dark blue . henry looks at the phenom and asks him to come on . but big show from the back throws henry down to the floor . henry is eliminated .henry rushes at the deadman in fury but is caught in a big boot by the undertaker who then gives henry a remarkable chokeslams on the ramp anf proceeds to enter the ring . shelton benjamin runs at angle . but angle bends and pulls the top rope down . benjamin falls over and gets eliminated . angle then runs at deadman and falls to a punch . big show runs to grab taker but taker slips from behind and punches continously on the massive body of the big show . big show gives the undertaker a giant headbutt which sends the deadman down . angle waits for taker to get up and gives him a german suplex .the big show clotheslines angle and throws him over the top . angle is hanging and enters from show's back . he gives the big show an andl slam and also gives the undertaker the same move . he then goes through the ropes to get a chair . he gets it back and as big show gets up , he smashes big show with the chair . big show movesto the ropes .another shot with the chair and show goes over the top. he is eliminated . angle tries to hit taker with the chair but taker gives angle the big boot . he then goes for the old school rope walk .angle shakes the ropes and undertaker goes over the top , but stands on the other side of the ropes. angle punches taker but taker grabs angle's neck . he climbs over the top without releasing the hold and chokeslams angle over the top rope .
THE UNDERTAKER is the winner !


back in the hall , josh mathews interviews DIESEL

JOSH : DIESEL , last week you atacked KANE and you said you had a reason for it ....

DIESEL : listen , kid ! last week , I attacked kane to show him what the real diesel does . well my actions will be justified once people see the video footage i had made .hit the footage !

the footage is shown . it comprised of several moments of diesel back in 1994 and 1995 . then after 1996 , in the 97 rumble , diesel's appearance is shown and some of the matches . both the figures of diesel ( one from 95 and one from the 97 rumble ) is shown side by side .

DIESEL : see that , that fake man who had been roaming here is said to be diesel . look at his pathetic shape. now.... i learnt that it was kane who then acted as this man. well ,he did a big mistake by insulting my character . he was kidding the people with my name . now he will see what a true BIG DADDY COOL can do !

he leaves the hall



flair's music hits . flair walks the ramp .suddenly from behind , carlito runs with a baseball bat . he whacks it on the back of flair's head who falls down . carlito then strikes the bat numerous times on the nature boy and drags him to the ring . he puts him in and climbs in with the chair . he hits flair's head with the bat once again ric flair begins to bleed . carlito then gives flair a back breaker. officials try to restrain carlito.
carlito spits an apple into flair's face for the second time in a week and walks out of the ring . officials attend to flair . the match ends in a no contest .


KANE VS DIESEL { hell in a cell }

when smackdown returns , the HIAC match is about to start . the cell is lowered and then diesel's old theme hits . diesel walks slowly and enters the ring . he waits for kane . there is an explosion and kane walks the ramp with rage . he enters the cell and straight way goes for diesel . the big men exchange right hands and kane quickly grabs diesel's throat . he tries for a chokeslam but diesel quickly thrusts his elbow on kane's face. he thrusts his knee onto kane's belly three times and irish whips kane . kane reverses it and clotheslines diesel . he picks up diesel and irish whips him to the turnbuckle . then kane chokes diesel as the referee starts the countdown . kane refuses to let go of the choke hold . the referee tries to release the hold , but kane pushes the referee down . diesel gives kane a low blow and kane goes down too . diesel goes outside and grabs a barbwire bat from under the ring . he hits kane with the bat . kane reels and when hit for the second time , kane falls down . diesel picks kane up and gives an elbow to the back of the head . he then suplexes kane and sends him outside . diesel then irish whips kane to the cell's side , but is reversed by kane and diesel hits the wall . kane then grabs diesel's hair and smashes on the side of the cell . kane picks up the steel steps and throws it on diesel . then he picks the steps and dashes it on diesel's body numerous times . he waits for diesel to get up, then runs with the steps to collide it on diesel's head .then he throws it into the ring. diesel is not doing well . kane then grabs his throat and with full force throws him towards the cell's wall. diesel breaks the cell wall and falls outside . kane goes out . diesel gets up and punches kane . he sends kane dashing into the barrier . diesel goes towards the announce table and grabs a chair . he whacks it on kane's head and after two shots , kane begins to bleed . but kane gets up and clotheslines
diesel . he grabs a chair of his own and strikes diesel on the head .now diesel bleeds.diesel gets up ,pulls kane's leg down so that he falls . kane gets up quickly and stares at diesel with the chair in his hand. diesel ,sensing danger climbs the cell and goes on top of it . kane throws up the chair and follows him . but diesel picks up the chair and as kane gets to the top ,he smashes kane 's body with it . he lifts kane to his feet and goes to the centre of the cell . he kicks kane in the lower belly and places kane's head between his legs .diesel is going for the jacknife powerbomb . he lifts kane and powerbombs him .the top breaks but since kane's lower body is still on the top ,he hangs lose . diesel tries for another powerbomb , this time ,through the cell . but kane punches him and grabs his throat .he tries to chokeslam diesel , but both lose their balance and fall . but they hang onto the top of the cell . kane and diesel kick each other . finally , diesel reaches for the chair on top and throws it at kane . kane falls down . diesel slowly climbs down using the broken hanging cell's top part . he gives kane the jacknife onto the steel steps in the ring . he covers kane . 1....2....and kane gets the shoulder up . he hoists kane and delivers the third powerbomb and pins kane.1....2....3 . diesel wins the match .


TRIPLE H comes out and signals to the crowd that he will become the champion . john cena comes out as the crowd goes wild with excitement .
before the match begins ,hhh looks at the belt shown by the referee .he grabs it and quickly strikes it on an unsuspecting cena . the match begins and hhh starts focussing on cena's back. he gives cena two continous back breakers . he irish whips cena to the ropes and he runs, jumps and strikes his knee on cena's face when cena returns . cena comes back and suplexes hhh . he sends hhh to the turnbuckle and climbs on top of hhh . he begins to punch hhh as the crowd counts . suddenly , hhh throws him over the head and cena falls outside not before hitting his back on the steps . cena writhes in pain as hhh goes outside . he dashes cena's back on the barricade and suplexes him on the floor . he then picks up cena and puts him inside the ring. he places cena on top of the turnbuckle and climbs . top rope suplex and cena lies motionless. hhh covers.1..2. and cena kicks out . hhh puts cena in a bow and arrow lock but breaks it up . he irish whips cena and puts a sleeper hold. cena at first succumbs to it .but then he gains control and converts the hold into a backslam . he helps himself on the ropes . as hhh runs towards him , cena guides him and throws him over the top onto the floor . he places hhh on top of the announce table and gives hhh a DDT . the table breaks and cena struggles and gets inside the ring .hhh starts bleeding . he gets up and grabs a chair . cena is layind down and taking some time. hhh gets inside . the referee tries to pull the chair and hhh pushes it onto the referee . the referee falls down . hhh goes over to cena .cena recovers and before hhh realises , gives him an F-U . he covers hhh. but the referee is out cold . cena tries to help the referee. the referee slowly tries to get up with his back towards cena .meanwhile hhh picks up a sledgehammer from inside the ring . he nails cena on the head and covers him as the referee manages to attend to the match . 1..2....and cena kicks out . hhh cannot believe it .he gives a back body slam to cena and picks up the sledgehammer as cena tries to get up . the referee pulls the sledgehammer away from hhh and as he turns to put it outside ,hhh hits a low blow on cena . he follows with a pedigree and pins cena . 1....2....3


HHH gives cena a crotch-chop as the referee hands him the belt . hhh signals that he is 11 time champion and climbs on the top rope to celebrate .

raw goes off air as HHH's theme music keeps playing .

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well , i will post the secind week raw today .i am adding billy kidman to my roster . here are the matches .



and i will post the vengeance poster soon .
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did you like the poster ? please reply.
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nice poster man!
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Cool poster.
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thanks a lot for your replies ,guys . i am glad you like it !
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