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Simonitro's Insane WWE

Coming soon...

I'll be writing Raw and Smackdown! and the events are happening after WM22 with a different way writing the shows and my own booking and writing the PPV's from WM22.

(I know the latest PPV is going to be Judgement Day, but I have very cool plans in mind...)

The roster are almost the same as now and the current champions as displayed right after WM22.

So, my first show will be Raw and I will put on the promo soon...

I hope you enjoy!

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Re: Simonitro's Insane WWE

Good luck.
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Re: Simonitro's Insane WWE

Raw Promo:

- John Cena speaking out about his match from Wrestlemania 22 -
- A number one contender to determine the next challenger for the champion John Cena, who's it going to be Cena's next challenger -
- Tag-Team Titles on the line when Kane and The Big Show takes on 2 members of The Spirit Squad -
- The Intercontinental Championship is on the line when Shelton Benjiman takes on, the prince of lust and a former IC champ, Goldust -
...and many more!

What are your thoughts of this promo? Please feedback!

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Re: Simonitro's Insane WWE

Looking forward to seeing who will be named the #1 contender. Benjamin/Goldust could be interesting. I wonder how the crowds reaction will be towards Cena.
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Re: Simonitro's Insane WWE

I thought Goldust was the prince of preversion!
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Re: Simonitro's Insane WWE

It doens't look all that insane to me, but of course, if you really start the shows, my opinion can change
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Re: Simonitro's Insane WWE

Chicago, Illinois


There were couple of footages of last night Wrestlemania from the World Heavyweight Championship and shown the way Triple H tapped out from the STFU applied by John Cena to retain his title.

Raw Opener:

"I'll get the guns, the drugs,
For my generation
I'll take the fall,
The saints, across the nation,
Yeah it's the sex, the gods, the fakes, the frauds
They're messin' with me,
Come on, come on, come on,
Let's get it on...

Move to the music,
Play that f'kn music,
Move it to the music yeah
(Let's get it on)
Move to my music,
Play that f'kn music,
Live through my music yeah!"

Bang! Bang! Bang! The fireworks are shooting here and there and the crowd are yelling and screaming on their feet for the opener.

Joey Styles: "Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw! What an incredible last night that has been at Wrestlemania with great Big Time moments! I am Joey Styles along with Jerry Lawler and The Coach."

Jerry "The King" Lawler: "Indeed, it was one of the best Wrestlemania that I had ever witnessed! Tonight, we have Shelton Benjamin defending his Intercontinental Title against, the bizarre one, Goldust!"

The Coach: "That's gonna be a great match and Shelton was so close to capture the Money In The Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania."

The music of John Cena had filled the arena and he's on his way to the ring holding the WWE Championship and a mic in the other hand.

(Crowd Some are Cheering; Others are booing)

John Cena is in the ring and start saying:

John Cena: "The champ is still HERE!"

(Crowd Cheering and Booing)

There is a smile on Cena's face as he is looking and witnessing the mixed reaction of the crowd.

JC: "Last night when I walked to the ring, I had the feeling that I was gonna
walk out of Wrestlemania without the title. However, Triple H and I gave it all we've got to reach to the top, but I managed to retain the WWE title. I had to admit it was one of the toughest title defense in my career. With my title in my hand, it doesn't matter whether I am cheered or booed, but it matters that I can stand at any opponent against me and I NEVER BACK DOWN!"

(Crowd Cheering and Booing)

JC: "But there is a small or large group of people who wanted..."

Triple H music interrupts Cena's speech and he is going towards the ring.
Triple H is in the ring and he is clapping. He's giving a tender smile and nodding his head in a bitter appreciation.

(Crowd chanting: "You Tapped Out! You Tapped Out!")

HHH: "Indeed, I tapped out last night at Wrestlemania. However, I had made a mistake that night and that was I underestimate you, Cena! However, I promise you... it will never happen again."

Triple H gets closer to Cena and they are standing head to head.

HHH: "...and I want another title shot."

The voice of Edge grabbing the hand of Lita coming all for a sudden and he's coming down the aisle and towards the ring.

Edge: "Hold a damn second!"

He gets in the ring!

Edge: "Who the hell do you think you are, fraud Conan?"

Cena and Triple H are staring at Edge.

Edge: "I am back in the title hunt and you, Hunter, lost at Wrestlemania, so back to the line like the bitch that you are..."

That made Triple H a bit hot

Edge: "However, I destroyed Foley and I desevre a title shot, not like a loser like you who tapped out last night, and I was able to defeat Cena, before, and that is something you weren't capable of doing"

HHH: "Well, let me tell you something, Edge! That title reign was so short that I took a little nap and it was all over!"

Edge: "Yeah! Okay! I didn't have that a big reign, but I kept my eyes and ears open to see and hear you tapped out!"

(Crowd chanting: You Tapped Out! You Tapped Out)

Triple H and Edge are looking eye to eye.

JC: "Sorry to interrupt you, ladies! I've got a good solution of your problems... why don't you two settle it tonight in a number contender and a shot at my title?"

Edge: Whoa! Easy there, hotdog! I can't wrestle tonight... after last night, my body is still in bruises and burns and about that idea of yours, I started to realize something about you..."

Edge approaches Cena.

Edge: "I realized you are one big psycho..."

As Edge finished saying that, a big BOOM shocked the arena and a kinda familiar music is on. All three men stared at the entrance of the arena and Triple H seemed a bit unconfortable because he was familiar with this song.


As the man approaches outside the entrance towards the ring, Triple H's eyes had grew and Edge and John Cena stared at Triple H and then onto this man.


(Crowd cheering their lungs out)


Psycho Sid is aproaching the ring and doing his psycho stares at the people and he's coming down the ring.

JKL: "Sid was a former WWE champion, don't tell me he want to be in the title picture."

Psycho Sid is in the ring staring at all three men with those scary eyes.

PS: "It has been awhile, and that..."

He points at Cena's belt.

PS: "...was mine!"

A silence between the four men as the crowd is cheering

JKL: "Sid hasn't been in the WWE for almost 8 years and he's back!"

PS: "It seems everyone has forgotten about Psycho Sid and..."

Edge interrupted.

Edge: "Whoa! Whoa! Are you gonna tell me that you have spent all these years outside the WWE and now, you came here demanding a title shot, while I worked my ass off for this point? I think you're nothing but a bunch of crap!"

TC: "I agree with Edge! This guy just show up like this after all that disappearance and he wants a shot. That's absurd!"

JKL: "Absurd it might be... but Sid isn't a person to mess with when he wants something badly."

Triple H is still shocked that Psycho Sid has returned all for a sudden.

JKL: "Sid and Triple H had their battles in the past and as if he had seen a ghost of an old past haunting him!"

PS: "You don't know who're you saying that to... I held that title before all three of you laid there hands on it!"

JKL: "Well, that's true!"

PS: "And it needs to be somewhere that it belongs..."

(Crowd chanting: Psycho Sid! Psycho Sid!)

"HERE COMES THE MONEY" the music of Shane came on and he's on the entrance and started announcing something.

SMM: "As I have been informed by the chairman of the board about you guys' situation and who wants to get the next title shot for Cena's WWE Champion, howabout we settle it TONIGHT in a number 1 contender Triple-Threat Match between Triple H, Edge, and Psycho Sid. And if Sid wins tonight, he's going to have an official WWE contract to stay in the business and fot the title shot.

Edge interrupts again.

Edge: "Hey! I can't wrestle tonight..."

SMM: "Well, if you can't, then we'll make it one-on-one for the..."

Edge: "I accept! I accept!"

JS: "Oh man! A triple threat match for the number one contender, tonight. This is going to be huge."

JKL: "Speaking of huge... we have the tag team title... up next after the break!"

Triple H, Edge, and Psycho Sid appraoched each other and Cena is looking on at these three feeling confused about the situation.

Commercial Break

1st match: World Tag Team Championship: Big Show + Kane (c) vs. Mikey + Kenny:

[Intros are skipped]

The Beginning:

Kane is starting things with Kenny. Kenny ran towards Kane for a fast grapple but Kane was able to push Kane easily towards the corner where Mikey is on the apron. Kenny got up to Mikey and they talked some kind of a strategy, then Kenny ran towards Kane. This time, Kane applied a sidewalk slam. Mikey came inside the ring and ran towards Kane and he was hip tossed to the outside. Big Show left the apron and started to attack every member of the Spirit Squad and driving one of them onto the barricade. Big Show, eventually, throw Mikey inside the ring and Kane scored with an uppercut and made the tag to Big Show.


Big Show headbutted Mikey that drove him down to the canvas. Big Show revived Mikey up on his feet to whip him into the ropes, so that, he can apply the Press Slam onto the corner of Kenny. Kenny tagged in and he went on the top rope, but Show was able to Press Slam him and tossed him outside on the rest of the Spirit Squad members. As the Spirit Squad revive him and place him inside, Show grabbed Kenny into the corner and did the usual "ssshhhh...." SMACK on his chest to drive him down onto the canvas. Show tossed Kenny to the middle of the ring and came down at him with a Leg Drop 1...2... but Mikey came to make the save.

Big Show tagged in Kane, but Kane went down to the outside to punish the Spirit Squad. Kane placed Kenny inside the ring. As Kane was going inside the ring, the 3 other SS grabbed him and they're not let him in. Kane's head was partially inside between the first and second rope, and Kenny was able to capitalize with a jumping leg drop on Kane's back turned head.

The momentum has shifted to the Kenny and Mikey of the SS. Kenny went for the cover but Kane was able to grab the ropes, and he just sat up and that kinda freaked Kenny and he went and tagged to Mikey. Mikey came with a low dropkick on Kane to send him to the outside. As the referee was distracted with Mikey, the rest of the SS took the advantage on Kane until Big Show fleed them away. Big Show was helping Kane up and Mikey has jumped over the top rope, but unfortunatly, Kane and Big Show caught him and double choke slammed him onto the floor.

The Finish:

Kenny jumped onto Kane, but he was caught him and was rammed onto the ring post. Finally, Kane and Big Show returned to the ring and the referee had counted out Mikey because he was double chokeslammed and it seems he's still on the floor motionless.

Winners as a result of a count-out and still tag-team champions Kane and The Big Show


The rest of the SS came inside to attack Kane and Big Show but they failed to do so. Eventually, Kane and Big Show cleaned house and double chokeslammed Kenny to hell and they celebrated their countout victory after Wrestlemania.

Commercial Break

When we returned, there was a picture of a Roman statue and people are started to boo.

2nd Match: Chris Masters vs. Rob Van Dam:

[Intros are skipped]

The Beginning:

Masters and Van Dam lock up and Masters was able to arm lock Van Dam but then Van Dam rolled on the floor and reversed into his arm lock. Masters drove a fist in Van Dam's face.


Masters gave a small cocky smile and he locked up again with Van Dam as both of them went onto the ropes. After a clean break, Masker poked Van Dam's eye and irish whipped him to the ropes. As Van Dam returned, Masters was going for the Belly-to-Belly suplex but Van Dam landed on his feet and as Masters turned around, he was greeted with a jumping roundhouse kick. Then, Van Dam connected with a Corkscrew Kick and went for the pin. 1...2... kick out by Masters, Van Dam got up Masters and went through the ropes and back to perform a flying hurricanrana, but Masters caught him with a sitting powerbomb and a pin 1...2...kick out.

Masters got up and started to kick Van Dam while he's down and went for a sleeper hold. After awhile, Van Dam was able to get up with Masters and drove himself with Masters outside the ring to break the hold. The referee started to count both men, and they started to get up, gradually. Masters got up first and Van Dam was lying on the steel steps, so Masters decided to drive the knee onto Van Dam's face but Van Dam was able to escape it. BANG! Masters' knee drove onto the steel steps. Van Dam broke the count and came back to the outside to continue the fight. Van Dam whipped Masters onto the barricade. Masters was lying onto the barricade and his face towards Van Dam, as Van Dam ran and missile drop kicked Masters' face. Van Dam brought Masters in the ring for the pin 1...2.. and another kick out.

Van Dam capitalized with the rolling thunder for another pin 1...2... and a close kick out. Masters is showing some stubborness in this match. Van Dam woke Masters up but Masters gave Van Dam a jawbreaker to capture his breathe. Masters gave the Master Lock gesture to apply it on Van Dam. Masters is applying the Master Lock but Van Dam used the ropes to bounce off and went over Masters' shoulder and a some sort of a Edgecution kinda slam. Van Dam hooked the leg 1...2... kick out. A face of frustration started to build up on the face of Van Dam.

Van Dam connected with the Cartwheel Backflip Splash for another cover 1...2... but yet again, Masters kick out. Van Dam woke up Masters and gave him the Van Dominator in the middle of the ring and he is ready to do the Frog Splash.

The Finish:

Van Dam is on the top rope but Carlito came to distract Van Dam and that helped Masters to get up and give Van Dam a hip toss from the top rope. Masters gestures for the Master Lock again and was successfully applied on Van Dam. Van Dam was struggling to break it but failed as he passed out.

Winner Chris Masters


Carlito hit the ring and he started clapping for Masters' victory over Mr. Money In The Bank. Carlito has a mic in his hand.

Carlito: "That was impressive... you have beaten the Money In The Bank, Rob Van Dam, a night after Wrestlemania."

Chris Masters is looking at Carlito and he was smiling.

Carlito: "Last night, we had a chance to become the world heavyweight champions, but hey we are still friends."

Carlito and Chris Masters shock hands, and as Masters turning around, Carlito applied the backbreaker, ate some of his apple, spat it on Masters' face, and left the ring. Out of nowhere, Rob Van Dam connected with the frog splash. Van Dam is exiting the ring and wasn't happy of what happened tonight.

Commercial Break


Maria backstage interviewing the new Women's champion Mickie James.
Maria: "Congratulations on your win at Wrestlemania and now, you are the newest Women's champion."

Maria bouncing up and down.

James: "It was so great that I had finally beaten of some what I called "my idol" on the grandest stage of them all. It felt like that was a true Wrestlemania moment and it is written down in history.Howabout, I've got an idea... I need to defend my title tonight and I'm thinking...hmm... you. Why don't you be my challenger tonight?"

Maria: "Me? It's an honor!"

James: "So, it's set... I'll see you in the ring!"

King: "Wow! Tonight, Mickie James and Maria... it can't be any better than this... but still to come... Shelton Benjamin defends his Intercontinental Title against, the bizarre one, Goldust."

Commercial Break

3rd Match: WWE Women's Title: Mickie James (c) vs. Maria:

[Intros are skipped]

The Beginning:

Mickie drove a vicious kick on Maria's mid-section and she's going for the Stratofaction on the early going but Maria into a suplex for a pin 1...2...kick out.

Mickie stared at Maria and she was almost had and lost the title. Mickie started to become a little bit serious. As Mickie and Maria are locking up, Mickie drove a knee into Maria's mid-section and she ran to the ropes to apply a Lou Thesz Press, but Maria surprised Mickie with Arm Toss. Mickie stood up but Maria dropkicked her down to the canvas for a pin 1...2... kick out. Mickie started to get frustrated about this and Maria is smiling. Mickie charged onto Maria with a spear and Maria went to the outside.

The Finish:

Maria was able to get on the apron and Mickie grabbed Maria's head to give her the inverted suplex inside the ring, but Trish tripped and held Mickie's legs and Maria fell on top of Mickie for the pin and Mickie was struggling 1...2...3. Maria won it...

Winner and new Women's champion Maria

Maria is on the outside hopping up and down with happiness as Trish held her arms up high and Mickie stared at both of them and she's getting a bit frustratred of this humilation loss.

Commercial Break

In The Ring:

Shawn Michaels is in the ring and he's wearing a suit and he seems very happy that he finished from Vince McMahon.

SM: "Last night, it wasn't about a wrestling match... it is more that Vince to endure his own personal hell. However, after last night, I've decided to move on and start a new hunt for the WWE Championship."

All for a sudden, "NO CHANCE! NO CHANCE IN HELL!" music sounded! Vince coming out limping and he has a neck brace around his neck and he seems frustrated. Shane is escorting him.

VMM: "Wait a minute! Wait a damn minute!"

Shawn rolls his eyes.

VMM: "This... isn't over! You may had won the battle, but the war is still on, Michaels! Last night, you humilated me and you humilated Shane by making him kiss my ass! Tell you what, at Backlash, there will be you against me and Shane in a No Holds Barred Handicap Match! Will what do you say?"

SM: "I knocked your teeth out, once! I'd be glad to knock yours and yours son's teeth out again! It's on!"

Vince gave an evil smile and a chuckle.

SM: "However...!"

Vince stopped laughing.

SM: "If I were you, the first thing is to do is look behind you!"

Vince and Shane gave this curious look on their faces and as they turned around... SMACK once on Vince and SMACK twice on Shane! It revealled that Marty Jennety was behind them and smashed their heads with a steel chair and ran towards the ring.

SM: "Since, this is NOT over! I'd like to add to the match and make it a tag-team me and Jennety against you two!"

Marty is smiling and Vince and Shane are getting up slowly...

MJ: "It was all planned if something wrong would happen after Mania, so here I am... to kick some ass and help my old buddy Shawn!"

VMM (yelling in frustration): "YOU'RE ON!!! YOU TWO ARE GOING TO HELL!"

Joey Styles: "Oh boy! Vince is hot!"

King: "You don't want the chairman to put hell on another person!"

Coach: "Whatever happens on Backlash for Shawn and Marty do deserve it!"

JS: "However, tonight we have a Triple Threat For The No. 1 Contender... Triple H... Edge... Sid... tonight!

King: "Bur coming up next Benjamin... Goldust... Intercontinental Gold on the line and it is next!"

Commercial Break

"Ain't no stoppin' me, YEEEAAHH!!!"

Coach: "Shelton was so close to become the holder of the Money In The Bank!"

King: "Unfortunatly, the effort that he made didn't pay off but RVD got the Money In The Bank."

4th Match: Intercontinental Championship: Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Goldust:

[Intros are skipped]

The Beginning:

Shelton and Goldust hooked up in the center of the ring and Goldust backed Shelton to the ropes for a clean break. Goldust thumbed to Shelton's eye and whipped him onto the ropes jumping butt attack to put Shelton down and Goldust goes for a quick cover for a 1 and a half.


Shelton kicked Goldust's while he's down and was able to get up after that. Shelton ran to the ropes and back to connect with the Spinning Wheel kick but Goldust was able to duck it. As Shelton misses, he falls on the canvas and rolls away outside the ring. Goldust went to the outside to continue his work on Shelton, but Shelton was able to run, jump off the steel steps, and connect with a missle dropkick on Goldust. Goldust went crashing down. Shelton revived Goldust and threw him inside the ring for the pin 1-2 but kick out.

Shelton went on top of the rope, and as Goldust was getting up, Shelton connected with a flying kick to drive Goldust down and onto another cover 1-2 and another kick out. Shelton went for a leg sleeper on Goldust. After awhile, Goldust was able to carried Shelton in an electric chair drop position and threw him from behind, but Shelton rolled and landed on his feet. As Goldust turned around, Shelton super side kick and goes for another cover 1-2 but another kick out and Shelton is getting a bit frustrated. Shelton went run to the ropes and oand gff to connect with something but Goldust caught him with a spinebuster and both men lie down on the matt.

Shelton was first on his feet and Goldust is half way up. As Shelton going to a punch on Goldust, Goldust upperctted Shelton onto the matt and adjusted his glove. Goldust got on his feet and as Shelton was getting up, Goldust knocked him with a running knee and then a running knee drop on Shelton's face for a cover 1-2 but Shelton hooked the shoulder up. Goldust got Shelton up onto a corner and whipped him onto another and followed him, but Shelton was able to jump on the second turnbuckle and moonsaulted onto Goldust which both rolled and Goldust happened to be on top for a pin 1-2- kick out. Shelton got up and he ran towards Goldust but Goldust inverted atomic dropped Shelton and connected with a clothesline.

Shelton rolled to the outside to think for a bit. Goldust followed Shelton to the outside and Shelton got inside the ring quickly. Goldust is getting back in and Shelton started stomping on him.Shelton placed Goldust's foot on the bottom rope and Shelton placing his foot on the second rope and he jumps and drives the knee on Goldust's lower thigh and he did that for three times. Shelton applied a submission hold on Goldust's worked leg into a one leg crab. After a little bit of pain, Goldust was able to grab the ropes. Shelton started to stomp on Goldust's lower thigh in frustration and went for a cover 1-2-kick out.

Shelton gave Goldust a chance to get up and he's running off the ropes to try something but he was caught with a side walk slam and a pin 1-2-kick out again. Goldust got up and he looks freshen up a bit. Goldust stomping on Shelton's mid-section. Goldust got Shelton up and knocked him with a European Uppercut and for two more times and a pin 1-2- yet another kick out. Shelton is gradually getting up and Goldust applied a Russian Leg Sweep and connected with a running leg drop on Shelton for another pin 1-2-kick out.

Goldust started to mount punch on Shelton and the frustration is building up. As Goldust getting Shelton up, Shelton made a quick crucifix pin cover for 1-2 and it wasn't enough. Shelton ran towards the ropes into a flying roundhouse kick that knocked Goldust with a big impact. Shelton dragged Goldust to a corner and he's going for a moonsault on him but unfortunatly, Goldust moved out of the way and Shelton saw that before hurting himself.

The Finish:

Goldust got up to strike Shelton but Shelton hit a knee to Goldust's mid-section and he's going fo the T-Bone suplex exploder but Goldust countered it and going for the curtain call. As Goldust lifting Shelton up, Shelton was able to escape it over Goldust's shoulder and landing behind him, and the he went for leg roll pin and grabbed the ropes for some leverage and the referee didn't see the hand grabs 1-2-3. It's over Shelton retains.

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin


Shelton ran to the outside and grabbed his title and walked away down the aisle and he's staring at the ring and Goldust is punching the matt.

Next: The Triple Threat No.1 Contender

Commercial Break

John Cena's music came and he made himself towards the announcer's table and sat and started talking while ready to watch the match.

Main Event: Triple Threat No.1 Contender: Triple H vs. Edge vs. Psycho Sid:

[Intros are skipped]

The Beginning:

Triple H and Edge are both staring at Psycho Sid and Sid is laughing about it. Triple H shoved Edge onto Sid and Sid gave a him a big boot. HHH charged and he was tossed to the outside of the ring. Sid start chopping Edge onto the corner and he hip tossed him all the way to the middle of the ring. Edge ran to the outside.


Edge and HHH looked at one another, they nodded to one another and charged in. Sid started to punch on both men to the matt and the kept on coming until HHH was able to give him a knee towards the mid-section and Edge was able to spear Sid down to the canvas. Edge made the cover but Triple H broke it. Edge stared at Triple H in dissatisfaction and both started to trade punches until both started to feel wobbly. Sid made his way up to the feet and grabbed Edge's and Triple H's heads and rammed them onto each other. Edge and Triple H fall onto the matt. Sid puts his hands on top of Edge 1-2 but kick out.

Triple H got up and made the running Face to the knee on Sid. Sid falls down and he started to mount punch on Sid and taunts. As Triple H taunts, Sid grabbed Triple H's shoulder and lifted him up and threw him on a corner and started punching Triple H's mid section repeatidly. Edge from behind drove an elbow on Sid's back. Edge started stomping on Sid's knees to drop him down a bit. Triple H from behind drove a powerful knee on Sid's back head to drop him face first onto the matt.

Edge and Triple H started teaming up onto Sid with straight punches on the back and Edge delivered a DDT for a pin but Triple H kicked Edge's head and as Edge got up, Triple H gave him a neckbreaker for a pin 1-2 but kick out. Triple H is waking up Edge but Edge gave a thumb to the eye to Triple H and went to the ropes and off but Triple H spinbusted Edge down. Triple H is ready for the pedigree. As he started to set Edge, Sid came with a big boot on Triple H's face to drive him to be knocked on the apron.

The Finish:

Edge is getting up and Sid grabbed him for the chokeslam and as Triple H is getting in, Sid threw Edge on Triple H that made him fly to the outside. Sid kicked Edge's mid-section and placed his head between his legs and he's going for the...

Joey Styles (screaming his ass off): "POWERBOOOOOOMMMMMBBBBBB!"


Sid pins 1-2-3. Sid is the number one contender.
Winner Psycho Sid


John Cena left the announcer's table and stood face to face with Psycho Sid holding the title up. The both stared at each other as Raw went off the air.

End of Show

Quick Match Results:

Tag Team Championship Match: Kane + Big Show (c) def. Kenny + Mickey via countout to retain
Chris Masters def. Rob Van Dam
Women's Championship: Maria def. Mickie James to win title.
Intercontinental Championship: Shelton Benjamin def. Goldust to retain
Number one contender: Psycho Sid def. Edge + Triple H


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Re: Simonitro's Insane WWE

great show, man, i want to review it all, but i'm a little behind schedule for my own BTB, but i would give the allround show an 8/10
keep it up!
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Re: Simonitro's Insane WWE

Can anyone please review my show?

I'd appreciate it if you rate it the way you want...


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Re: Simonitro's Insane WWE

Smackdown!! Promo:

-Mark Henry demands a Wrestlemania re-match against The Undertaker and it is also a casket match-
-MNM are offering an open challenge for a non-title match-
-JBL teams up with Finley to take on Chris Benoit and Bobby Lashley-
-Rey Mysterio defends his title against Randy Orton in a No Holds Barred Match up-


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