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NWA-TNA: The Dawn Of A New Era

This is a fed off of 619 Josh's WCW:Takes on the world 2006. I will be doing the TNA fed while Josh is doing WCW. I will try and get a iMPACT up everweek but some weeks maybe hard due to work and school. My roster is below with title holder and all.

Main Eventers:
AJ Styles
Christian Cage
Jeff Jarrett
Willow the Whisp (Jeff Hardy)
Lance Hoyt
Bryan Danielson
Scott Steiner
Jushin "Thunder" Liger
Samoa Joe
Billy Gunn

Mid Carders:
Rey Misterio Jr. (No Mask)
Billy Kidman
Paul London
Chairle Hass
Chris Sabin
Matthew Michaels (Matt Bently with a new name)
Jerry Lynn
Colt Cabana
Chris Daniels
Matt Hardy

Low Carders:
Eric Angle
Jimmy Snuka Jr.
Krazy K
David Young
Simon Diamond
Shark Boy
Cassidy Riley
Jay Lethal

Tag Teams:
Team 3D (Combo of D-Von;Bubba Ray;Spike)
Team Canada (Combo of Eric Young;Petey Williams;Bobby Roode)
The Naturals (Chase Stevens;Andy Douglas)
America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris;James Storm)
Paul London and Spanky
OMEAG (Krazy K;Jeff Hardy)

Knockouts and Mangers
Jackie Gayda (Chairle Hass)
Gail Kim (Jeff Jarrett)
Coach Scott D' Amore (Team Canada)
Traci (Mattew Michaels)
Jimmy "The Superfly" Snuka (Jimmy Snuka Jr.)

Title Holders:
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion - Christian Cage
NWA-TNA X-Title - Samoa Joe
NWA-TNA Tag Team Title - Team 3D

PPV List
April - Lockdown
May - Night of Champions
June - Slammiversary
July - Night of Champions
August - Victory Road
September - Night of Champions
October - Bound For Glory
November - Night of Champions
December - Turning Point
January - Night of Champions
February - Destination

I will put more guys on the card later...

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Re: TNA:Takes On The World 06

this sounds good.

I would say however keep AJ in the X Divission rather than the World Title picture, this is where he trully is best.

Also very glad to see Liger i was thinking of bringing him in on mine, but i still haven't decided. I look forward to your first show
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: TNA:Takes On The World 06

TNA Wrestling iMPACT Pre-View!

For the first time ever TNA will giving there shot at a 9 pm ET Monday Night Primetime slot. Spike TV and TNA Mangement came to this agreement after seeing WCW and WWE trading rating wars for the last months senice WCW's reborning.

On this weeks iMPACT Dixie Carder has promissed that she will be showing up at the iMPACT zone to reveal who the new Director Of Authority is. After learning that Larry Z has left TNA on bad terms. Also TNAWrestling.com has learned that there will be a Tag Team Title match this week between America's Most Wanted and Team 3D. Also Samoa Joe will be in action!

In the main-event will see the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage going one on one with nun other then Rey Misterio Jr. Stay tune Monday Night 9 PM ET on Spike TV!

Note: This is the first time I have wrote a pre-view so tell me what you think please...

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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: TNA:Takes On The World 06


Opening Credits are played.

We are shown the rodey crowd then to Joey Styles whos next to Don West.

Joey Styles: Hello ladies and gentalment thanks for welcoming us into your home tonight for another great TNA iMPACT! I am Joey Styles with my broadcast partern Don West!

Don West: Thank you Joey. Tonight is going to one of the best iMPACT ever as we find out who is the new Director of Authority will be along with AMW having to put there tag team titles on the line agaisnt the team that has threated many times to take those titles from AMW... Team 3D!

TNA iMPACT theme music hits the iMPACT Zone as Dixie Carter walks down to the ring.

Joey Styles: Here comes the boss.

Dixie Carter: Many of you may not know who I am well let me tell you who I am and what I am here for tonight. I am Dixie Carter and my parents are the onwers of Panda Energy who own 71% of TNA. So after my parents bought TNA I was named TNA President. So the reason I am out here tonight is to annoce the NEW Director of Authority! So without any futher ado the NEW Director of Authority!!!

Everone in the crowd turns and looks at the top of the tunnel as Dixie Carter stands in the ring...

Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple hits the Zone as Shane Douglash comes out to the top of the stage wearing a black suit.

Joey Styles: Know why!! Its Shane Douglash is the new Director of Auhority in TNA!!

Shane counties down to the ring and then Dixie Carter hands Shane her mic.

Shane Douglash: I would like to thank TNA Mangement and Dixie Carter for giving me the chance replace Larry Z for the Director of Auhority postion here in TNA it is turly an honor. {Crowd Chats F*ck you Larry at the mentioning of Larry Z name} Now as my first decieson as Director of Auhority I want to annonce that next week in our main-event on iMPACT there will be a Four Way Elmation Match with the winner going on to Lock Down to face the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage! {Crowd POP for Christian Cage} These men who will be in this Four Way match are.... The War Machine Rhino!... The Phenomenal AJ Styles!.... Jushin "Thunder" Liger!!!... And the man who faces Christian Cage tonight in the main-event Rey Misterio Jr!!! {Crowd POP's for all 4 men in the match}. Now let me get out of the ring because up next America's Most Wanted puts the Tag Team Titles on the line agaisnt Team 3D!

Shane Douglash drops the mic as he and Dixie Carter walk back up the ramp way and threw the Tunnel.

Don West: You here that Joey! Next week Rhino vs. AJ Styles vs. Jushin Liger vs. Rey Misterio Jr. in a Four Way Elmation match!

Joey Styles: Up Next will see Team 3D challenge AMW for the NWA-TNA Tag Team Titles!

Bombshell by Powerman 5000 hits the iMPACT Zone as Bother D-Von;Bother Ray and Little Spike come out with D-Von and Ray carring a table down to the ring.

Ring Announcer: The following match is issued my TNA Mangement and is for the NWA-TNA Tag Team Championship! Making there way to the ring they are the challengers Team 3D Bother Ray and Bother D-VON with Little Spike!

{Crowd POP's for Team 3D}

Bother Ray and Bother D-VON place the table on the outside with Little Spike before steping into the ring and posing to the crowd.

Joey Styles: Can Team 3D finally win the NWA-TNA Tag Team Titles after they have been robbed many times by AMW to add these titles to there history of titles.

Don West: Some of these titles include ECW Tag Titles,WWE Tag Titles,WWE World Tag Team Titles,WWF Tag Team Titles! But AMW has had these NWA-TNA Tag Team Titles for 5 months after defeating the former champs The Naturals!

Guilty hits the PA system as AMW with Gail Kim comes out to the top of the stage with there handcuffs in hand and a beer bottle.

Ring Announer: And the NWA-TNA Tag Team Champions with Gail Kim they are "The Wild Cat" Chris Harris and "The Tennessee Cowboy" James Storm!

AMW walks up the steel steps and into there corner and take off there ropes and place down the handcuffs and beer bottle under the bottem turnbuckle. AMW hands the tag team titles to the ref who holds them up showing that this match is for the tag team titles.

Joey Styles: Looks like "The Wild Cat" Chris Harris will start this off for AMW while Bother Ray will start off for Team 3D!

Harris gets a simple headlock on Brother Ray, Harris tights the hold and bring Brother Ray into AMW corner. Harris lets Ray go and then places him in the corner and starts punching Ray like a punching bag. The ref trys to break Harris and Ray up but Harris goes over and complains to the ref while James Storm takes the tag rope and raps it around Ray neck. Just as the ref turns around Storm lets Ray go... Ray stumbles from the ground. Harris goes back in his corner and tag in his partner James Storm. Storm comes in and picks Brother Ray up by his head and starts mouthing off to him before slaping Brother Ray right in the face.

Joey Styles: What disrespect shown by the champs to future hall of famer in Team 3D!

James Storm stomps on Brother Ray before making a quick tag to Chris Harris. Harris gets in the ring and and picks up Ray and whips him into the hard into the corner. Harris runs at Brother Ray who is in the corner and goes for a splash, but Brother Ray moves out of the corner at the last second and sends Chris Harris head first off the top of the turnbuckel and back on his back in the ring. Both Harris and Brother Ray and left in the ring layed out as the ref starts a ten count.

Brother Ray starts to crawl to Brother D-von while Chris Harris is now face first on the mat motionless. Brother D-Von enougers Ray along while Gail Kim and James Storm yell at Chris Harris who now starts to move but is busted wide open.


Brother Ray reachs D-Von who gets the tag and comes right in the ring and poses to Chris Harris to get up who is now using the ropes to get to his feet. Harris is half way there when D-Von runs at him and nails him with a clothline nocking him from the apron and hard into the safty rail.

Joey Styles: Looks like all the disrespectfull things AMW have said and done is going to bite them in the back.

Gail Kim goes over to check on Chris Harris while James Storm comes in the ring, Storm goes for a clothline but D-Von ducks and Brother Ray who entered the ring nailes James Storm hard with a stiff right hand Storm then goes near D-Von who nails him with a big uppercut knocking James Storm right into the stomach of Brother Ray. Brother Ray hooks Storm by the under arms and nails a Bubba Bomb.

Don West: Bubba Bomb!!! From Brother Ray!!

Joey Styles: That brings back some good memorys!

Little Spike takes the table that they brought down to the ring and slides it to D-Von. D-Von and Ray set up the table....Brother Ray goes over to James Storm and picks him up to his feet and sends him into the ropes and grabs him on the way back and him and D-Von nail the 3D threw the table on James Storm. {Crowd POPS}

Joey Styles: 3D 3D 3D!!!! Threw the table this is over....!!! New Champs!!!

Don West: Joey remember that James Storm isnt the man thats tag in... Thats Chris Harris.

Brother Ray and Brother D-Von stand in the ring while James Storm rolls out of the ring. Little Spike grabs a chair and goes around to the other side of the ring and see Chris Harris and throws the chair into the back on Harris... Brother D-Von slides to the outside of the ring and grabs Harris by the back of the neck and throws him back into the ring. Harris struggles to his feet and meets Brother Ray in the process who nails Harris with a Bubba Bomb... Brother Ray grabs Harris by the legs and tells D-Von to go to the top... Brother D-Von gets to the top and yells Wazzz up to Ray and nails the Wazzz up head butt on Chris Harris...

Don West: Team 3D is going to be new tag team champs for sure James Storm is on the outside knock out cold and Team 3D is in total controll.

Brother Ray grabs D-Von by the shirt and yells "GET THE TABLES!" {Huge crowd POP} D-Von goes to the outside and looks under the 6 sided ring and pulls out a table while out of no where Little Spike heads up the ramp way and to the back leaving Brother Ray in confusing... Brother D-Von slides in a table to Brother Ray who sets it up in the center of the ring when Little Spike Dudley ECW music hits the iMPACT Zone and the lights go out while his music is playing..... The lights come back on when you see Little Spike in the ring with his brothers and he's soaking the table in lighter fluid... Brother Ray goes over to Chris Harris and sets him up for a powerbomb when Brother Ray lights the table on fire and Brother Ray power bombs Chris Harris threw the table!

Joey Styles: OH MY GOD!!!!! Flaming Tables!!!!!

Brother Ray kicks the table that's in peices to the side and cover Chris Harris 1...2...3... Brother Ray and Brother D-Von grab the NWA-TNA Tag Team Titles and go and pose of the second rope while Little Spike sits on the ramp way pulling his hair out.

Joey Styles: They did it Don they did it!!!

Don West: We have new tag team champions lady's and gent's!!! Team 3D picks up the win in one of the best Tag Team matchs in the history of TNA!

David Penzer: The winners of this contest and NEW NWA-TNA Tag Team Champions TEAM 3D!!!


Jeff Jarrett is shown barging in Shane Douglash's office.

Shane Douglash: Whats up Jeff.

Jeff Jarrett: What up!? This is whats up! You make this numberone contarder match next week and leave the King of the Mountain out of it!?

Shane Douglash: Yes, I did Jeff you've had many shots at the NWA Title and I think that its time you pass the torch.

Jeff Jarrett: Listen up slap nuts!!! I make the rules around here...!!!!

Shane Douglash cuts him off...

Shane Douglash: Never call me SLAP NUTS again!!!! As for you not having a match for Lockdown next week your going to find out your match and you better listen!!!

Jeff turns and slaps Shane, but Shane turns around and come back at Jarrett with a stiff right knocking Jarrett down....

*Backstage with Jeremy Borash*

Jeremy Borash: I am here with NWA Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage! Christian what are your thoughts about facing TNA newcomer Rey Misterio Jr. {crowd pop}

Christian Cage: Rey Misterio? You got to be kidding me JB Rey is one of my best friends, but do you think he can beat me...? He's short and a X-Divison superstar not a heavyweight! But tonight I will countine my winning streak here in TNA and beat Rey Misterio and show that I am the most domated NWA Heavyweight Champion ever and no one can stop that.

Jeremy Borash: Christian Cage what are your thoughts about Shane Douglash's match that he made for next week consering you and that heavyweight championship at Lockdown?!

Christian Cage: Shane Douglash I donít really know him, but he is making this match for next week and he thinks that anyone in this match can beat me I mean first you have Rey Misterio Jr.... Now he has my respect but come on he's like a midget... Next you got "The War Machine" Rhino... Come on this guy got fired from WWE for breaking a plant pot what can he do to me....and lets not froget this masked Japanese man Jushin...what his name I don't know he's never in the U.S so after he learns some simple english come and see me.... And last but not least... The Phenomenl AJ Stylesss.....

AJ comes right up to Christian Cage...

AJ Styles: Phenomenal... Why thank you Christian and before you rant off about how your going to "beat me" remember what you said I am Phenomenal and I am also a 2 time NWA Champion! While your a... Oh wait... A 1 time NWA Champion so after I beat win the 4 way elamtion match remember what you said I am Phenomenal and I can and will defeat you at Lockdown to win back that NWA Heavywieght Championship! Good Luck Champ...!

Christian walks off screen pissed because AJ got the better of him...

Joey Styles: What comments by the Phenomenal one AJ Styles!

Don West: Yeah, AJ got the better of the NWA-TNA World Champion Christian Cage! But up next Jay Lethal goes one on one with the NWA-TNA X-Divison champion Samoa Joe!

Psychosis hits the area as Jay Lethal comes down to the ring with a mix reaction from the crowd...

David Penzer: The following contest is issued by TNA Mangement and is a non-title match! Now introducing the challenger!!!.... JAY Lethal!

Lethal gets in the ring and poses to the crowd and then runs the ropes as...

From The Groin hits the iMPACT Zone as Samoa Joe makes his way down to the ring with a white towle on one shoulder and the X-Title on the other. Joe gets a mix reaction from the Orlando crowd...

David Penzer: And the compter!!!.... He is the NWA-TNA X-Divison Champion!!! Samoa... Joe!!!

Joe gets into the ring and throws him towle into the crowd and hands his X-Title to the ref...

Joe and Lethal shake hands showing respect and then Lethal runs off the ropes and goes for a clothline, but Joe doesnt buge... Lethal goes for another clothline... but again Joe doesnt buge... Lethal goes for yet again another clothline... but Joe side steps him and throws him threw the middle rope and onto the floor chest first... Lethal crawls to the saftyrail and pulls himself to his feet, but Joe slides out and onto the floor and grabs Lethal but the head and tosses him back into the ring...

Joey Styles: Joe is just domating Lethal at this point!

Don West: I don't think Lethal will be able to take Joe down...!

Joe gets back into the ring as Lethal get to a knee... Joe grabs Lethal and tosses him into the corner... Joe runs at Lethal and nails a splash knocking Lethal to the ground. Joe poses to the crowd before pointing to LethalÖ Joe runs at Lethal and nails him right in the face with a running knee! Joe backs up and nails another knee in the face of Lethal... Lethal sits in the corner while the ref sees if he's still there, Joe goes over to the ref and grabs him by the shirt and throws him aside... Joe sets up Lethal and gives him 4 or 5 face washes! {The Crowd chree's for Joe} Joe picks Lethal up out of the corner and places him back into the corner and unloads with 5 or so chops! Lethal grabs his chest in pain and trys to fight back with a punch up Joe blocks it and give Lethal a few more chops.

Joey Styles: Joe isn't showing the respect that he was at the begging of this match...!!

Joe grabs Lethal and places him on the top rope! Joe grabs Lethal and sets him up in the muscle buster postion... Joe nails the muscle buster as {The Crowd Chants "One more Time!"} Joe picks Jay Lethal up and places him on the top turnbluck again and nails another muscle buster to the crowd delight! Joe grabs Lethal by the neck and grapevines his legs and locks in the choke hold! Lethal try's to hang on but, taps extreamly quick.
Joe keeps the hold in after the ref calls for the bell... but finally relashes it.

Dave Penzer: The winner of this match X-Divison champion of the world Samoa Joe!!!

After Joe lets the hold go he slides to the outside to grab his title whenÖ
Copa Cabana hits the iMPACT Zone as the crowd goes nuts when Colt Cabana shows up on the ramp way with a mic in hand...

Don West: NO WAY!!!! Colt Cabana in TNA!!!!

Colt Cabana: Thank you.... for the warm welcome...! Now most of you want to know why I am here tonight and not in Boston, Mass for ROH!!! Well it's because I have come here to end this "HUGE" talk about how fatty down there is undefeated..! Here in TNA... And when someone name comes to mind about Joe losing its Colt... Colt Cabana that is! Now Joe you know I have beat you before in ROH and I am going to do it at Lockdown! When I beat you for that title!

Joe stands on the outside stunned that Colt Cabana showed up...

Pompeii hits the Zone as Paul London shows up behind Colt...

Paul London: If anyone around heres getting a shot at Joe is me! Why you might ask... Well because I was screwed over so many times in my career its not funny so Colt your on the back burner because I am going to end Joe's streak!

Joe grabs a mic from Dave Penzer.

Joe: Wait a damn min!!! Before both of your ego's expold about who's "Going to beat me" first why the hell do you guys get title shots?? I mean I have held this title for 4 months I should get a PPV off...?! So at Lockdown I am not putting that title on the line because nither of you deverse to face me...

Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple hits the iMPACT Zone as Shane Douglash walks out to the entrnace ramp...

Joey Styles: The new Director of Auhority Shane Douglash looks like he's going to slove this problem!

Shane Douglash: Well seeing as Colt and both Paul have proved that they are worthy of a title shot in there background.... But seeing here in TNA Joe has a point so next week on iMPACT well see "The Classic: Colt Cabana go one on one vs. Paul London with the winner heading to Lockdown to face the X-Divison Champion!! Samoa Joe!!

Shane drops the mic and heads to the back as Joe is pissed he didnt get his way while Colt and London argue about who's going to win next week.

Joey Styles: What a match we have heading for us next week Colt Cabana vs. Paul London!


Jeremy Borash: I am here with the man who will in mintunes face NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage! Rey Misterio Jr!.... Rey I must ask you what do you have to say about getting the chance to face 3 of the best TNA Superstars on the roster in Jushin "Thunder" Liger,Rhino, and The Phenomeanl AJ Styles!

Rey Misterio Jr.: Well its truly an honor to be consider a top superstar here in TNA and an honor in itslef to face Jushin "Thunder" Liger next week!!

Jeremy Borash: Rey my other qustion I have been dieing to ask you is why did you take your mask off when you sign with TNA!?

Rey Misterio Jr.: Well JB is pretty simple... I had my funnist days in WCW without my mask and I feel like when I put it back on in WWE they were trying to hind me so when I left I made sure I would never put the mask back on to finally let the fans see my again!

Jeremy Borash: One last thing Rey what are your thoughts about Christian Cage calling you a midget!

Rey Misterio Jr.: {Rey turns his head for a moment}... Well Jeremy I have been called that many times in my life growning up and in the wrestling bussein but tonight Rey Misterio! has a plan!....

Jeremy Borash: Rey whats.....

Misterio walks off screen and then his music hits!

619 hits the area as Rey Misterio comes down to the ring {POP}shaking fans hands and giving high fives before stepping into the ring and posing on the second rope before throwing his shirt into the crowd!

Dave Penzer: The follow match is tonight's main-event! Its a non-title contest that is a one fall to the finsh! Introducing the challenger he is Rey Misterio Jr.!! {Crowd Cheers}

My Last Breath hits the iMPACT Zone as the crowd goes wild!... Christian Cage comes out to the iMPACT Zone crowd wearing the NWA-TNA World Championship around his waist he makes his way to the ring and then takes off the championship belt and hands it to the time keeper.

Dave Penzer: And Introducing the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Captain Chrisam Christian Cage!!! {POP}

Don West: Looks like the crowd is slipt between both these men!

The ref goes over to both Misterio and Cage and check to make sure they don't have any wepons ie. Brass Nucks... The ref calls for the bell and Misterio and Cage cricle the ring stareing each other down... Misterio goes for Cage's leg but Cage moves out of the way and Misterio quicky gets back to his feet.... Misterio bounces off the ropes and at Cage but Cage side steps Misterio.... But Misterio comes off the other side of the ring and nails Cage in the back of the knee's knocking Cage to the mat....Misterio stays on Cage and picks him back to one knee and bounces off the ropes and nails a standing drop kick into the back of Christian Cage... Cage falls to the mat and Misterio goes over to the other side of the ring and goes out on to the apron.... Misterio waits for Cage to get to his feet and turn around.... Cage turns and Misterio jumps going for a crossbody, but Cage moves out of the way and Misterio crashes hard into the mat....

Don West: Misterio Jr. going to high risk to start this match off...

Joey Styles: Don, that Misterio's style!

Cage goes to the corner were he trys and re-groups while Misterio uses the ropes to pull himself up... Misterio gets to his feet and Cage meets him with a hard left hand bouncing Misterio into the ropes... Cage follows up with a plate of chops that lights Misterio up... Misterio falls to the mat and Christian Cage does his tant and then grabs Misterio and picks him up and throws him into the corner.... Cage goes over into the corner and places Misterio on the top rope.... Cage gets on the top rope also and picks Misterio up going for a Superplex, but Misterio blocks it and pushes Cage hard to the mat below... Misterio goes and nails a 450 Splash!!!

Joey Styles: Thats not Misterio like there!!!

Misterio hooks Cage's leg and the ref starts to count 1...2... Cage is able to get his foot on the bottem rope... Misterio grabs Cage and moves him in the center of the ring and goes for another cover 1... Christian Cage kicks out... Misterio gets to his feet and waits for Cage.... Cage gets to his feet and Misterio goes for a bulldog, but Cage throws Misterio off and Misterio crashes hard chest first onto the thin padding on the outside.... Cage yells at the ref and tells him to start to count Misterio Jr. out!

Misterio starts to stear, but the ref countiunes to count...

Misterio gets to one knee and uses the saftyrail to get to his feet, but the ref is now at 7...

Misterio Jr. dives for the ring and gets in just in the nick of time... Cage starts kicking Misterio in the head as he trys to get to his feet... Cage still kicks Misterio, but the ref trys to get between Cage and Misterio, but Cage shoves the ref aside and slides to the outside... Cage looks under the ring and pulls out a steel chair... Cage looks at it for a min and then throws it into the ring.... Misterio grabs a hold of the ropes and pulls himself up as Cage gets into the ring...

Joey Styles: Misterio could be in troble here....

Misterio see the chair and slowly moves towards it, but Christian Cage is faster and gets there first... Cage picks the chair up and goes to swing for Misterio's head but the ref grabs a hold of the chair and rips it out of Christian Cage's hand...

Don West: Thank god that the ref was there...

Misterio watchs as Cage aruges with the ref and Misterio waits... He nails the standing drop kick knocking Cage into the second rope as Misterio poses and....

Joey Styles: Its 619 time....!

Misterio goes for the 619, but Cage moves and Misterio catchs himself back in the ring, but.... Cage waits for Misterio and nails the unprettier... Cage gets to his feet and poses as Misterio is down and out...

Don West: Unprettier this is over....

Cage goes over to the crowd and poses more when all of a sudden this fan jumps the saftyrail and gets into the ring and punchs the ref knocking him out and grabs Cage and nails a powerbomb!!!!

Joey Styles: OH MY GOD!!!!!

The fan removes a ski-mask to reveal he's Rey Misterio Sr.! Misterio Sr.... checks on his sun while Cage is layed out when all of a sudden a man comes out from under the ring and quicky climbs up to the top turnbuckel and nails a shotting star press on Christian Cage!


Joey Styles: This must have been Misterio's plan!

Billy Kidman grabs Rey and places him on top of Cage while Rey Sr. grabs the ref's hand and slams it on the mat 1...2...3...!

Don West: Christian Cage was robbed!

Dave Penzer: The winner of this match via Pinfall Rey Misterio Jr.!

Kidman and Misterio Sr. and Jr. all get out of the ring and rasie each others hand as iMPACT goes off the air........

Joey Styles: What a primetime iMPACT folks! Join us next week at the same exact time!

Don West: Next week be sure to tune it as we'll see what fomer Tag Champs AMW have to say find a new World Title contender and hear from the man that got robbed to night Christian Cage!!!


(Note: All reviews will be returns and reviewer's will be repped! Also plz don't count my garmmer because it sucks...)

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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: TNA:Takes On The World 06

TNA:- Takes on the World Review!

Opening Segment:- well, Dixie Carter comes out in a short and to the point promo to say the least and announces a new DOA in Shane Douglas. Nothing wrong with that at all! Maybe things will get a bit more hardcore in TNA! Brilliant! Oh and a blockbuster announcement! Jushin Liger vs Rey Mysterio vs AJ Styles vs Rhino and the winner gets a shot at Christian Cage at Lockdown! Great announcement here! However, a lot of silly spelling mistakes, which can be cut out by taking your time whilst writing a show (I should know, it has taken me nearly a month to do my next nitro!) anyway apart from that it was a little short and the whole thing did seem a little rushed, but for your second show, a huge improvement! 6/10

AMW(c) vs Team 3D:- yeah, I had a feeling you would have them win, having Chris Harris put through a burning table was a nice touch! Unexpected to say the least on a normal show, but good effect. 8/10

Jeff Jarrett/Shane Douglas:- I can see a Shane/Jeff kind of feud starting here. Jeff Jarrett calling him SLAP NUTS!!! looks like Jarrett is going to be engrossed in trying to get his own back of Shane Douglas, which will leave guys like Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio in the Title hunt! Good way to set up a long feud, exactly how TNA would do it! 9/10

Christian Cage Segment:- mmh, I wouldn't call Christian and Rey, brothers as such, there maybe a certain degree of respect there but they wouldn't have that kind of relationship! and you called Jushin Liger 'Japanish' was that intentional? because it's Japanese otherwise! apart from that, it looks to me like Christian Cage is either Heel or an incredibly over face! I can't tell I think it's face seeing as he's getting all these pops! The Main Event should be good! 6/10

Samoa Joe/Jay Lethal:- This was a Non-Title Match yet you called Jay Lethal the challenger, this match was, a bit predictable, as it should have been, Samoa Joe, I feel, will get another long, unbeaten run in this TNA Thread good match, I can see a huge Joe push soon seeing as there is no Jarrett in the title picture temporarily! 7/10

Aftermath:- Paul London vs Colt Cabana next week! You are setting up a lot of Number 1 Contenders Matches here tonight, I would have spreaded them out, but hey, it's your show. I can see Colt Cabana winning next week! just because he is Colt Cabana! However, I think Joe will either win and carry on his unbeaten run, or lose and enter the World Title picture, I don't mind which personally, good job! 8/10

Main Event:- Rey Mysterio picks up the victory and now I think it would just be wierd not to have Rey Mysterio in the Main Event at Lockdown, now he has beaten the World Champion! Looking forward to next week good job buddy! 9/10

Overall:- 53/70 not a bad score really! An improvement on your last show, now all you need to do is keep on writing and reading others work and you will go on to become an outstanding booker! I'm certain of it!
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Re: TNA:Takes On The World 06

Thanks a bunch Josh for reviewing my show! Yeah I really suck at promo's which has never been my strong point but I will hopefully get better at them the next iMPACT Pre-view will be up later keep the reviews coming guys (plz)
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Re: TNA:Takes On The World 06

TNA Wrestling Presents NWA-TNA iMPACT Pre-View!

This week on iMPACT its going to be a hell of a show! In the main-event we see Rey Misterio Jr. with Rey Misterio Sr. and Billy Kidman face off with 3 other men to decide who will head to Lockdown with the right to face NWA-TNA Heavywieght Champion Christian Cage!

Also Colt Cabana will go one on one with Paul London for the right to be the #1 contender for the X-Divison Championship! Also on iMPACT will hear from Christian Cage about getting screwed over by the Misterio's and Billy Kidman along with Shane Douglash who promissed to tell who Jeff Jarrett would face at Lockdown inside of Six Sides of Steel!

For all this and more tune into Spike TV! Monday Nights at 9 PM ET!

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Re: TNA:Takes On The World 06


The opening credits are played and then shoots of the crowd in Orlando are shone.... Then we go to Joey Styles and Don West.

Joey Styles: Hello, ladies and gent and I am Joey Styles along with broadcast partner Don West.

Don West: Thanks Joey and folks tonight we have one heck of a card as we have a four way elamtion match as tonightís main-event where AJ Styles,Jushin Liger,Rhino, and Rey Misterio Jr. face off. For the right to face NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage at Lockdown!

Joey Styles: Thatís not all Don we also see Colt Cabana face off with Paul London for the chance to face Samoa Joe for his TNA X-Division Champion!

Don West: Speaking of Colt Cabana and Paul London there match is up next!

Copa Cabana plays as Colt Cabana makes his way down to the ring with a good pop from the crowd!

Dave Penzer: The following match is a one fall to the finish and is for the right to face the X-Division Champion at the Lockdown PPV! Introducing first from Chicago, Illinois! Weighting in tonight at 233 pounds! He is the "Classic" Colt Cabana!!!!

Colt goes to the top turnbuckle and poses to the crowd...

Pompeii hits the iMPACT Zone as Paul London slowly comes to the top of the stage and then looks out into the crowd and then runs and slides into the ring!

Dave Penzer: And introducing second from Austin, Texas! Weighting in tonight at 205 pounds! Paul London!!!!!

Paul London climbs the turnbuckles and then goes around the ring before the ref rings the bell!

Start of Match

Colt Cabana goes on the offense early... Cabana nails a deep arm drag and sends London hard to the outside. Cabana follows up by irish whips Paul London into the steel safety rail. Colt stays on the offense and throws London back into the ring. And keeps on him giving him a belly to belly suplex and then another suplex! Colt then places Paul near the corner and then climbs up to the second rope. Cabana goes for a snap leg drop and nails it. Colt goes for a cover 1... London places his foot on the bottom rope.

Middle of Match

Colt Cabana keeps the offense up and picks up London and keeps up where he left off nails London with a straight right hand and then throws him off into the ropes and lowers his head, but London sees it and jumps over Colt and Colt gets up and London nails a standing drop kick knocking Cabana down. London slows down and goes over to the corner and gets some rest. Colt gets to his feet and London sees, London turns and jumps to the top turnbuckle and poses to the crowd waiting for Colt Cabana to turn around. London jumps and nails a missile drop kick that sends Cabana to the over side of the ring. London stays on Colt and apples a submission to keep Colt grounded for a little while. London lets Colt out and pulls him towards the corner. London climbs and perches himself on the top rope and poses to the crowd. London looks down at Cabana and then at the ref and goes for it. Paul London goes for his patented move the 450 splash. But Colt Cabana moves out of the way just in time. Sending Paul London extremely hard into the mat.

End of Match

Paul London and Clot Cabana lay on the mat not moving. The ref starts to count.... He gets to 4 and Colt starts slowly moving towards London. Colt drapes his arm over the chest of Paul London and the ref starts to count 1...2... Paul London moves his leg to the bottom rope. Cabana looks stunned that the match wasnít over and takes his time getting to his feet. Paul London starts to grab a hold of the bottom rope in order to make his way to his feet. Colt throws London into the ropes and London bounces off and Colt catches him and hooks his arms and nails the Colt 45! Cabana hooks the leg of Paul London and the ref slams his fist into the match 1...2...3...!!!!

Winner: Colt Cabanavia pinfall at 12:47

Dave Penzer: The winner of this match via pinfall at 12 minutines and 47 seconds Colt Cabana!!!

Joey Styles: What a match! Looks like Colt Cabana will be facing Samoa Joe! Come Lockdown.

Don West: Look!! Joey Samoa Joe is at the top of the ramp way.

Colt Cabana music plays as Samoa Joe and him stare each other down when Samoa Joe signals that there will be a cage and Colt Cabana returns it signaling that he wants the X-Division Championship that is on Colt Cabana's shoulders.

Joey Styles: Lockdown is shaping up to be "THE" best TNA PPV ever! Colt Cabana vs. Samoa Joe! Can Colt end Joe's streak? Or will Joe roll threw with another win? Tune into Lockdown in less then 3 weeks to find out!

Don West: And will be able to add another 2 matches to the lockdown card when we find out who the champ Christian Cage will face and who Jeff Jarrett will face come Lockdown!

Joey Styles: I hear Don that JB is backstage with the new tag team champions Team 3D!


Jeremy Borash: Hello, I am Jeremy Borash here with the NEW! NWA-TNA Tag Team Champions Team 3D!!!! Now guys I have a question for you what made you bring out the old Team 3D the flaming tables, hardcore guys that we the fans have not seen in a very long time!

Brother Ray: Well, JB when TNA Management gave us a call after the boys up north! Yes, you all know who I am talking about those rich bastards that have a wigger as a champ! Not only does Shawn Michaels have to job to a 60 year old men on rods! and some gay male cheerleaders!!! Well as you know they didnít resign us. I guess because there wasnít enough time to put us on because they needed to give a 7 plus foot tall man who kills other wrestler! Yes that is true! and some arbic talking kid who talks a bunch of shit! and now we are back to present time where after we got that call and join the TNA roster. Me and the brothers sat around the dinner table and talked about how we needed a new attitude, so we came to the idea that we were no longer the old Team 3D with the toned down attitude that we were given in the WWE and we where taking TNA TO THE EXTREME!!!!

Team 3D starts to walk away when AMW shows up.

Chris Harris: So you want to take TNA to the EXREME!? Well at Lockdown AMW challenges Team 3D in a Tables Cage Match!

James Storm: Is that EXTREME enough for you?!

Just a Brother Ray is about to talk Team Canada, The Naturals, and OMEGA show up saying they should and want a shot at the tag team titles.

James Storm: SHUT UP! If anyone is getting a tag team title shot around here its us AMW!

AMW starts walking off with a cocky grin on there face when Shane Douglash shows up.

Shane Douglash: AMW if you want a shot at the tag titles at Lockdown then get your ass over here now!!! (AMW flips Shane off and countines walking away) Seeing as those guys donít want to face Team 3D at Lockdown next week it will be The Naturals vs. Team Canada and the following week OEMGA vs. AMW and the week before Lockdown the two teams who win there matches face off and the winner will be penciled in to face Team 3D in a Tables Cage Match!!!

*In the area*

Joey Styles: What a match made for next week two teams who have held NWA-TNA Tag Team gold in The Naturals and Team Canada!

Don West: Yes, but if AMW werenít being cocky they would have all ready be heading to face Team 3D at Lockdown!

Joey Styles: You have to love how Shane Douglash has taken this role as DOA and been putting on a great show last week and followed up this week!

Perfect Strangers hits the PA system as Shane Douglash comes down to the ring where thereís a table with a black cloth and thereís 4 black boxes on the table. Shane steps into the ring and gets handed a mic.

Shane Douglash: Now, Jeff its time for you to get out here and find out your match at the TNA PPV Lockdown!

My World hits the iMPACT Zone as Jeff Jarrett walks down to the ring with Gail Kim. Jeff gets into the ring and gets handed a mic.

Jeff Jarrett: Now Shane tell me who I am facing!

Shane Douglash: Thatís Jeff lays in you hands. You see these four boxes here each one of them has a name written on a slip of paper! One box has a free which then makes it so that you and a partner of your choosing face only one person in a handicap match. Now Jeff you have 90 seconds to pick your first box.

Jeff Jarrett: This is ridiculous Douglash how do I know that youíre not going to screw me over?

Shane Douglash: Jeff Shut up and pick 2 boxes now your 90 seconds starts NOW!

Jeff goes over to the table and looks at the boxes for a few seconds and then goes over to Gail Kim and asks her what boxes she thinks he should pick. Gail Kim says 1 and 3 and Jeff tells her that its 2 and 4.

Shane Douglash: Times up Jeff!

Jeff Jarrett: This is stupid Shane I make the damn rules around here not you!

Shane Douglash: Jeff listen up! I am sick of your bull shit about how you think your the Triple H of TNA well the fact is I couldnít give a rats ass who you think you are I am the DOA and if you think your going to boss me around or any of the boys in the back you might want to re-think your plan of attack because I'll suspended your ass on the spot! So slap nuts! pick your box!

Jeff Jarrett backs off of Shane and goes over and picks box 2. Shane goes over and picks up the piece of paper underneath it.

Shane Douglash: Nice Choice Jeff!

Jeff Jarrett: Tell me who it is Douglash! Tell me damn it!

Shane Douglash: Lets just say that the man stands 7 feet tall and 326 pounds! He is the Big Red Machine!!! KANE!!!

Jeff Jarrett flips out and canít believe that the paper said Kane.

Jeff Jarrett: Show me the paper Shane! NOW!!

Shane hands Jarrett the paper and he rips it up.

Shane Douglash: Now Jeff remember you get the choice of your partner in the tag match.

Jeff Jarrett: This is getting out of hand Douglash! Kane what are you trying to do kill me?!

Shane Douglash: Jeff like I said before your fate lays in your hands now pick the next box before I do!

Jeff walks over to the table again and picks box 1 this time. Shane picks the box up and looks at the slip and hands it over to Jeff. Jeff gets a grin in his face as he walks out of the ring and heads back up the ramp way. When a voice comes over the PA system and then Kane's face shows up on the titan-tron and Jeff looks like he has seen a ghost.

Kane: (In a sidistic voice) Hello Jeff!! I wanted to tell you that I am showing up next week in Orlando do come and see you!

Jeff looks scared as Kane goes off the screen and Jeff and Gail hurry to the back.

Joey Styles: Kane!! is coming to iMPACT next week Don!

Don West: But did you see Jarrett! After finding out that it was Kane!

Joey Styles: Yes, but whose name was on the second slip? Shane didnít tell us, but Jarrett had a smirk on his face as if he was happy until Kane showed up on the Titan-Tron.

Don West: Who knows Joey but I still canít believe that Kane is coming to TNA!!

Sexy Boy itís the iMPACT Zone as Matthew Michaels comes down to boos from the fans wearing the attire of his cusions Shawn. Matthew comes down to the ring and has a cocky grin on his face as we see that Shark Boy is all ready in the ring.

David Penzer: The following contest is for one fall introducing first the man to my left from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea weight in at 180 pounds Shark Boy!

Shark Boy goes to the top rope and poses for a minute, but there are only a few cheers from the crowd in Orlando.

David Penzer: And introducing to my left! He is from San Antonio, Texas! Weighting in tonight at 221 pounds!!! Matthew Michaels!!!

Matthew goes over and poses to the crowd who gives him major heat, but some fans cheer because of his natural talent.

Start of Match

Matthew and Shark Boy go to the center of the ring and the ref rings the bell. Matthew goes on the attack quick dishing out a plate of chops that backs Shark Boy back into the corner. Matthew stays on Shark Boy nails him with some body punches and then pulls him out of the corner and nails a suplex. Shark Boy gets up and Matthew goes and nails a sick DDT. Michaels keeps on Shark Boy and locks in the figure four leg lock. Shark Boy shows thatís heís in pain and tryís to get to the ropes. Matthew lets Shark Boy go because he's able to reach the ropes.

Middle of Match

Shark Boy gets to his feet, but you can see his feet are in pain after being locked in the figure four. Michaels throws Shark Boy off into the ropes where he comes back Matthew Michaels nails Shark Boy with a Samoa drop. Michaels starts to climb the turnbuckle. Shark Boy gets to his feet and Michaels nails a cross-body. Michaels hocks the leg and the ref counts 1..2... Shark Boy is able to kick out. Michaels keeps on Shark Boy and then nails another sicking DDT only to get a 2 count. The crowd is starting to get behind Shark Boy, but Michaels silences them with a belly to belly suplex that nocks Shark Boy hard onto the outside. Matthew goes outside and rolls him back into the ring.

End of Match

Matthew irsh whips Shark Boy hard into the corner. Matthew follows up with a stinger slpash into Shark Boy. Shark Boy collapses and Matthew goes to the apron on the outside and has a cocky grin and poses to the crowd before going to the top rope. Matthew has Shark Boy position perfectly on the mat and goes and nails the picture-perfect! On Shark Boy. Matthew looks to be down and out, but then nips-up and heads to the corner and starts banging his foot on the mat waiting for Shark Boy to get up. Shark Boy grabs a hold of the bottom rope and pulls himself to his feet, but as he does Matthew Michaels nails Total Impact (Super Kick) on Shark Boy. Matthew Michaels falls into the cover and grabs the leg... 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Matthew Michaels via pinfall at 6:24

David Penzer: The winner of this match via pinfall at 6:24 Matthew Michaels!!

Joey Styles: What a match and Matthew Michaels is able to pick up a hard win against the veteran Shark Boy!

Don West: Remember what Michaels said 2 weeks ago how he is now going back to his cusions old roots with the cocky aggront attitude that Shawn Michaels made famous in the mid-90s.

Joey Styles: This is been a great show so far and we still have that rocket buster main-event Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Rhino vs. AJ Styles vs. Jushin Liger!

The TNA theme music hits as Jeremy Borash makes his way to the ring with a sheet of paper and a mic.

Don West: I wonder what JB has to say.

Joey Styles: Who knows all I am looking forward is to seeing the match that is up next between AJ Styles vs. Rhino vs. Misterio Jr. vs. Jushin Liger!

Jeremy Borash gets in the ring and unfolds the peice of paper.

Jeremy Borash: I was told by the TNA booking committee to come out here and tell you all that there is a major problem about the main-event but it has been fixed and we are ready to get this main-event started! Now the problem is that we have had a problem with Jushin "Thunder" Liger! Now we have just found out yesterday that after Larry Zbyszko left he told Jushin "Thunder" Liger that he should never work for TNA again and head back to Japan! We also found out that Larry Zbyszko paid Jushin a lot of money to stay in Japan and Larry even went as far as signing a contract with Jushin Liger saying he would never work TNA again! (Crowd boos a lot seeing a Liger sold out) Now we have found a way to keep this match still going as we found a replacement to take Ligers spot. And now letís get this main-event started!!

I AM hits the area as AJ Styles comes down to the ring. AJ gives fans high fives and shakes there hands. (AJ gets a huge pop)

David Penzer: The following match is a four-way elemtion match! Where you are either elimated by Pinfall or Submission! Introducing first from Gainesville, GA weighting in tonight at 202 pounds he is the Phenomenal!!! AJ Styles!!!!!!!!

AJ gets a another huge pop as he poses to the crowd after he is introduced.

619 hits as Rey Misterio comes down to the ring by himself as he gets heat from what happen last week on iMPACT!

Joey Styles: One third of the men who screwed Christian Cage over last week.

Don West: I wonder where the other 2 are?

David Penzer: And introducing the man from San Diego, California! Weighting in tonight at 140 pounds!!! Rey Misterio Jr!!! (Crowd Boos!)

Rhino music hits as Rhino makes his way up the tunnel and on top of the stage. Rhino poses to the crowd and gives high fives much like AJ Styles!

David Penzer: And introducing from Detroit, Michigan! Weighting in at 250 pounds!!!! RHINO!!!! (The crowd has some cheers, but not as many as AJ)

Rhino poses and then extends his hand and AJ Shakes it, but Misterio flips him off.

Don West: Its time to find out who is taking Jushin Thunder Liger's place in the match...

The Final Countdown hits a the iMPACT Zone crowd is stunned to see The American Dragon Bryan Danielson come threw the tunnel and to the top of the stage.

Joey Styles: How in the hell was Shane Douglash able to get the best wrestler in the world here!

Dave Penzer: And making his NWA-TNA debut!! Hailing from Aberdeen, WA weighting in at 180 pounds he is The Best Wrestler in the world BRYAN DANIELSON!!!!!

Bryan Danielson enters the ring from a mix-reaction from the crowd and goes to the top turnbuckle and poses.

Start of Match

Rhino and Misterio go after each other and Misterio slides to the outside and Rhino follows him leaving AJ and Bryan in the ring. AJ and Bryan lock up and AJ gets the best of Bryan and powers him down to the mat. AJ stays on Bryan and nails a suplex and then some chops. Rhino and Misterio fight on the outside. Rhino whips Misterio back first into the steel steps. Bryan gets thrown into the ropes and comes off with a flying cloth line that knocks AJ down. Bryan stays on AJ and nails a DDT, Rhino picks Misterio up and drives him back first into the steel ring post. AJ gets to his knees when Danielson nails a shinning widser that rings AJ bell. Danielson rolls AJ into a cover 1...2.. AJ kicks out. Rhino takes Misterio and keeps man-handling him on the outside while AJ and Bryan Danielson keep the action going in the ring. Danielson sets AJ up on the top rope setting him up for superglue. AJ blocks it and pushes Danielson back into the ring. AJ walks the ring ropes and Bryan Danielson gets to his feet AJ nails the springboard cross-body. AJ hooks the leg of Bryan and the ref count 1...2... Danielson is able to put his foot on the bottom rope. Rhino grabs a steel chair and looks as if heís going to take Misterio's head off. Misterio ducks and the chair bounces off the apron and back into Rhino's face. AJ locks in the Style'in Crab (Boston Crab) Misterio sees this and climbs up the steel steps on to the arpon. Misterio jumps and goes for a springboard dropkick and nails AJ. Rhino is able to get into the ring and Misterio goes after Rhino and gives him a standing dropkick that sets him up for the 619! 619!!!! Rhino is sent to the middle of the ring and Misterio drops the dime into the cover. 1...2...3...!!! Rhino is elimated by Rey Misterio at 6:45

Middle of Match

AJ sends Misterio hard to the outside. AJ goes back on Danielson who is now starting to recover and is able to send AJ into the ropes, AJ comes off and Danielson nails him with a back body drop. Bryan takes control of AJ and whips him into the corner, Danielson returns the favor and gives AJ chops and then a few punches before have AJ falls to the mat. Danielson stays on AJ, Danielson goes for The Dragon Bomb, but AJ reverse it and is able to connect with the pele kick to the head of Bryan. AJ goes for a cover 1...2... Danielson kicks out. AJ grabs Danielson and locks in the briged STF. Danielson is in pain and looks for the ropes. Misterio starts to stir on the outside and climbs up to the apron. Misterio gets in the ring and breaks the submission and sends AJ over the top rope. Misterio goes on the attack of Danielson and picks him up and nails a bulldog. Misterio gets back on Danielson. Misterio and Danielson trade punches in the center of the ring, Danielson gets the better of it and comes for the Dragon Bomb, but AJ Styles comes out of know where and nails the springboard complete shot (Springboard Fly punch to the mid-section.) Connects to Danielson. AJ nails the move and goes right back to the outside. Misterio rolls Danielson up and grabs a fist full of tights. 1...2...3...!!! Bryan Danielson is elimated by Rey Misterio at 14:35

End of Match

AJ rolls back into the ring and him and Misterio trade blows. AJ grabs Rey and whips him into the corner, AJ places Rey on the top turnbuckle and grabs him and nails the cliffhanger. Styles hooks the leg of Misterio and the ref counts 1...2.... Misterio is able to kick out. (The Crowd has been Chanting "This is AWSOME") AJ lays some kicks into Misterio and then steps out onto the apron, AJ poses to the crowd and then nails the superman (Springboard 450) Rey is out and grabs his stomach, Styles lays onto of Misterio and the ref counts 1...2... Misterio kicks out again. Styles heads to the outside and starts looking under and ring and pulls out a ladder. Styles has the ladder in the ring and set it up, but then see Misterio come to life and grabs Misterio by the head and sets him up as if he's if he's going for the Stylesclash! AJ nails the stylesclash and goes for a cover when Rey Misterio Sr. and Billy Kidman so up and pull the ref out of the ring. Kidman gets in the ring and starts kicking AJ Styles. Kidman grabs AJ and picks him up and nails a BK Bomb (Powerbomb). AJ is out and Kidman helps Misterio up and then places AJ Styles on the ropes. Rey struggles to his feet, but nails the 619 and then the west coast pop. Misterio Sr. throws the ref back into the ring and Misterio has AJ covered 1...2...3...!!!! AJ Styles elimated by Rey Misterio Jr. at 20:12

Winner: Rey Misterio Jr. via pinfall at 20:12

David Penzer: The winner of this match and #1 contender NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rey Misterio Jr.!!!!!

Misterio Jr. and Misterio Sr. and Billy Kidman start to celibreay as My Last Breath hits the iMPACT Zone and Christian Cage takes his shirt off and runs down to the ring with the NWA-TNA World Title Cage gets in the ring and starts trading punches with Billy Kidman,Rey Misterio Sr,and Rey Misterio Jr. Kidman goes to the outside and Cage takes Sr. out and him and Rey and left standing. Cage knocks Misterio down, but Misterio slowly get back up, but Billy Kidman gets back in the ring and decks Christian Cage with a steel chair... Cage gets busted open, but gets to his feet only to get met with a shot from his own title belt from Rey Misterio Jr. Misterio Jr is being held up the ramp way on Rey Misterio Sr. and Billy Kidman shoulders as TNA iMPACT goes off the air.

Joey Styles: For the second week in a row The Misterio's and Billy Kidman have been able to one up Christian Cage and now at Lockdown the main-event is set Christian Cage goes one on one with Rey Misterio Jr!!

Don West: Not only that Joey, but its going to be Kane facing Jeff Jarrett and ???! and lefts not forget Colt Cabana faces Samoa Joe for the X-Division Championship can Cabana end Joe's undefeated streak in TNA or will Joe continues his winning ways?

Joey Styles: Stay tune next week for another Thursday Night iMPACT! As we see The Naturals vs. Team Canada and maybe finally here from what has gotten into Kidman and The Misterio's!!!

Don West: That's all folks have a good night!

!!End of Show!!

(Hopefully I can get more re-views this time! Reviewers will be rep'ed and reviews will be returned.)

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Re: TNA:Takes On The World 06

NWA-TNA iMPACT! Pre-view

Last week we found out from Shane Douglash that there will be two tag team matchs to find out who will advance to the next round for a shot at Team 3D in the first ever Tables Cage Match.

Also we found out that Jeff Jarrett will face Kane at Lockdown and that it will be a handicap match with Jeff being able to pick his partern. And last week Kane said he was coming to Orlando to see Jeff. But will Kane be there or not? Tune into NWA-TNA iMPACT at 9:00 pm ET on Monday Night to find out this and much much more!
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Re: TNA:Takes On The World 06

Back Story of TNA: The New Era

The year is 2008 TNA is growing larger with WWE bring back ECW in 2006 and lest then a year in a half later it failed and WWE sank the ship. WWE knew TNA was growing and made derastice measures and folded up Smackdown and formed a 1 branded company in RAW. USA network was able to give Raw a new 3 Hour Time Slot on Monday Nights fro 8-11 to make up for the huge roster. This hurt TNA and caused them to fall from there strong 2.1 ratings in the two hour time slot they had and Spike TV lowered them back down to 1 hour from 9-10 because of the return of The Ulimate Fighter season 5. At the end of 07 many rumors spreaded after Paul Hayman was releashed by WWE and him and Shane McMahon and Mike Tenay were intrested in bringing back WCW only to find out in Feburary 2008 WCW was able to re-form and come back with a huge fan base and many of the WWE superstars who felt underused and felt they didnt belong in WWE signed with the new WCW some of these Superstars were Edge,Rob Van Dam,Chris Jericho,Booker T,and many of the low carder guys on the roster. This not only hurt WWE, but also TNA when they found out that Abyss,Sonjay Dutt,Raven,Strong & Aries,Monty Brown and many other left TNA. But it wasnt just that people left for WCW! Rey Misterio and his long time friend Billy Kidman signed written contracts with TNA to help them expaned after Misterio felt that his title run in 2006 was a charity case for Eddie G. Also TNA was able to pick up Bryan Danielson to a written contract and Paul London and Spanky! After seeing this happen Vince panicked and called a meeting between top WWE officals and they came to the argeement that Vince was now giving up 50% of WWE to his daugter Stehpine McMahon which she was able to some how land a new TV deal after almost losing there one to USA network to be on NBC ever Monday from 7-10 to hopefully be able to gain more of the longer fans during the school year. So now we are in present times and WWE just came off one of the best PPV in history were HHH beat HBK and Kurt Angle in the Main-Event of WM to win his 14th world heavyweight championship. Also CM Punk won the 4th MITB contract via beating Gunner Scott,Fit Finly,Mark Herny,Chris Masters,Joey Mercury,Randy Orton also The Undertaker officaly said he was retiring from Wrestling at WM which is a huge lost to WWE. WCW also came off there first PPV in April which was Spring Stempede which saw RVD win the World Title in a 5 way match were he beat Monty Brown,Edge,Brock Lenser,and Booker T. TNA also annonced that they were in talks with two huge names and they could be brought in as soon as Slammiversary.

Other: I am doing this only because I hope this will maybe will attract more people to view my threads and stuff. I will also be doing backstage crap and be playing my role in as Shane Douglash.

By - WrestlingRumors.Com
Last week on iMPACT we would like to say that there might have been a verable arugement between Jeff Jarret and Rhino. As many know Rhino was been in talks with Paul Hayman about joining him in WCW as Rhino's contract is coming up right after Lockdown. This may also be a reason way Rhino has not been getting pushed as of late.

In WWE news it is beleave to be that OVW standouts Kenny and Mike Miller fomarlly knowen as Homicade have been interested by Stephine McMahon to join the ativce Raw roster as soon as Vengance.
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