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World Championship Wrestling 2002 - TTO: The Scorpion's Tales

World Championship Wrestling was once looked as the greatest wrestling promotion in the world. Hell, it was the number one promotion in the world for quite a while, as it beat out World Wrestling Federation in the “Monday Night Ratings Wars” for 86 straight weeks. Through major angles like the New World Order, WCW propelled itself to greatness by using the older stars like Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ric Flair, and Sting to headline Pay Per View’s while the younger and talented guys like Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Misterio Jr., Chris Jericho, Booker T, and many others were stuck in the midcard, putting in countless excellent matches, but receiving no credit for those matches. WCW started to get old, fast. Angles and storylines were stale, matches were over-done or they sucked, silly gimmicks, and mainly, the backstage politics, all led to the death of WCW. World Championship Wrestling was once the greatest thing in professional wrestling, only to turn into a complete joke. WCW had its last show March 26, 2001, in Panama City, Florida. It was a “Night of Champions”, headline by Ric Flair facing off against old time rival Sting, with both men hugging each other afterwards as WCW ended a show for the final time. WCW was dead.

But what if WCW didn’t die? What if the legacy of World Championship Wrestling continued on? Well, in this alternate reality, WCW hangs on. They fight back, under new ownership. But the problem there is, they have to find a financial backer for this new ownership!

March 25, 2001- WCW Headquarters- 3:33 PM

Eric Bischoff was roaming through the halls of World Championship Wrestling Headquarters, thoughts running through his mind at a mile a minute. What am I going to say to the wrestlers and staff? How am I going to get a new backer for WCW? Who am I going to get as a backer for WCW? How can I tell them WWF may buy out WCW? How many guys would I have to let go if WCW does survive? All of these questions were just a small amount of thoughts and questions rolling through Bischoff’s mind. In about 20 minutes, a meeting is going to be starting where all members of WCW will be in attendance. Every staff member, including the ring crew, and every wrestler, from the highest of the highs, to the lowest of the lows, will be at the meeting. Bischoff made his way to the meeting, figuring it’d be best to be there early, and greet everyone who came in. Eric made his way to the conference room of Headquarters, and walked into the room, and to his surprise, he wasn’t alone in the room. The two living legends of WCW themselves were in the room talking to each other; Steve Borden and Ric Flair, The Stinger himself and The Nature Boy.

Bischoff: Steve, Ric, how are you?

Steve Borden: Afternoon Er-

Ric Flair: Look Bischoff, I’m going to cut to the chase quick, screw all this other crap. What is the future of WCW? What is going on? And Bischoff, shoot me straight, Steve and I helped make this company, so damn it, we deserve to know now what is going on.

Bischoff: Ric, normally, I would just say wait until the meeting, but in these circumstances, I won’t. I will fill you in Ric, and you too Steve. Look, WCW is a dead fish. We have no owner, no one wants to financially back us, and worst of all… McMahon wants to buy the company.

Flair: Hell no! Hold on a God damn minute here Eric! Are you trying to tell me that Vince McMahon wants to buy WCW!? I said shoot me straight God damn it, so don’t lie to me!

Bischoff: I’m not lying Ric, Vince wants to buy WCW. He placed a bid to Turner for 10 million dollars. Ted told me I have until the end of Nitro tomorrow night to tell him I had a backer for WCW, or he was going to sell to McMahon.

Flair begins to speak again, but Bischoff cuts him off.

Bischoff: Look Ric, I’m trying to do everything I can here to get a backer. I have been calling any company I can. I almost struck a deal with Fuscient Media but the damn bastards pulled out on me at the last minute once they found out we’d have no TV deal at all. I mean, I’m in neck deep water here Ric, and the water is continuing to rise. I am trying to find a backer, but I’m not having any luck.

Borden: Eric, everything will work out in the end. I have a feeling that you’re going to find a backer.

A few staff members and lower placed wrestlers were starting to arrive, and the talk was cut short.

Flair: We’ll talk about this later, Bischoff. I want to know who you’re in contact with, everything. I want WCW to stay alive, and I am going to do whatever it takes to keep WCW alive, you hear me?

Borden’s eyes widen and he looks as if a light bulb just popped in his head. Before he can say anything though, Eric says…

Bischoff: I hear you Ric, now go sit down, the meeting’s about to start.

Ric and Steve go find a seat, as Eric goes up to the head of the room. He waits a few minutes for everyone to get settled, and begins the meeting.

Bischoff: Alright everyone, thank you for showing up, it means a lot. I am going to keep this relatively quick, so you should be out of here shortly.

Bischoff takes a deep breath, and begins.

Bischoff: As you all know, WCW, all of us, have a problem. Turner wants out, he no longer wants to back the company. After Nitro concludes tomorrow night, he will cease to exist as the ‘owner’ of the company, and the company could very well be non-existent. There are two options right now. One, WCW gets a new financial backer. Now, I have been working hard for all of this year to try and find a new backer, as Turned told me after Starrcade 2000 that if things continued to go badly, he would back out. Well, things have continued to go bad financially, and Turner is backing out. I almost had a deal with Fuscient Media, but they back out once they found out WCW would have no TV time at all. Turner and TNT have decided that even if we could find a new financial backer, Nitro would be taken off the air as TNT and TBS both look to go in a new direction for their TV shows. Option two is Ted Turner sells WCW to Vince McMahon for 10 million dollars.

There is a large amount of stirs and whispers from the group after Bischoff drops the bomb involving Vince.

Bischoff: Now no way in hell am I going to let Vince McMahon buy this promotion. WCW is a legacy that has been built by each and every one of you, and I am not going to let what you all built be ruin and destroyed by that egomaniacal jackass! I don’t know how I am going to find a buyer within the next 30 or so hours, but some how, some way, WCW will get by. WCW will move along, and by God, WCW will once again become a global powerhouse, taking the professional wrestling industry by storm!

A good amount of applause breaks out from Bischoff’s speech; the members of WCW don’t want WCW to die either.

Bischoff: But men, if we’re going to become a big threat in the wrestling industry, things are going to have to change. The politics backstage, will be thrown away with. From now on, everyone has an equal chance to be a someone in WCW. And also, if we are going to find a, no, when we find a financial backer, money is going to be tight. We’re not going to have Ted Turner’s billions to throw around to people. So when we find a backer, everyone, I mean everyone *tosses a look to the area where Nash, Luger, and Bagwell among other are sitting* will take a cut in pay. Quite a large sum cut of pay too for many of you. But if you truly love this company and care about WCW’s legacy, the cut in money won’t matter to you. You’ll be a part of this company because you love to wrestle, and because you love WCW.

Bischoff turns to his right, and grabs a thick stack of papers. He places the stack of papers on one side of the desk in front of him. He turns to his left then, grabs another stack of papers, this one thinner than the other stack, and he places them on the other side of the desk.

Bischoff: These two stacks of papers are two sets of contracts. The first stack of contracts I places on the table are a copy of your AOL-Time Warner contracts. The second stack of contracts is the new contracts for the new WCW when we find a buyer. I am going to give you all a copy of your current AOL-Time Warner contract, as well as a new contract for the new WCW. You have two options. You can either sign the new contract, making your AOL-Time Warner contract null and void, or you can sit-out the rest of your AOL-Time Warner contract and collect all the money from it. By tomorrow night before Nitro starts, I am expecting you to either give me a signed new WCW contract, or verbal confirmation that you are going to sit-out the rest of your AOL-Time Warner contract. The choice is now up to you ladies and gentleman, but let me remind you of something. Just because you sign the contract, does not mean you will still be apart of WCW.

Bischoff: As said before, money will be tight, so not everybody will be able to stay aboard WCW, and in that case, if you sign the contract but we say we can’t afford to keep you on the roster, you may then either keep your AOL-Time Warner contract and sit that out, or you may be a free agent and pursue other options. That actually reminds me of another thing, you may also just make the decision to pursue other options, like trying to go into other companies… up north. You can have your AOL-Time Warner contract ripped up, but not sign a new contract. You have those options, go home, and think about those options, make a decision, and either call me to tell me of your options, or tell me tomorrow at Night of the Champions. You are free to leave, I shall see you all hopefully tomorrow.

One by one, the staff and wrestlers of WCW stood up and left the conference room. Many men were talking amongst themselves, most likely asking each other if they thought WCW would get a buyer, and if they did, who would stay and leave WCW. The last men to leave the conference room were Booker T, Lance Storm, Ric Flair, and Steve Borden. Flair and Borden are the very last two, and Borden stares down Bischoff as Flair whispers into his ear. Bischoff wondered what was going on, and then… an idea popped into Bischoff’s mind.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

March 26, 2001- Backstage Nitro- 2:18 PM

Bischoff has just walked into his office after meeting with the booking team and a few of the wrestlers, when he saw he had messages on his cell phone. Quickly, Bischoff decided to listen in.

The messages as Bischoff predicted were from the wrestlers and staff of WCW. He received calls from Billy Kidman, Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke, Crowbar, and Road Warrior Animal that they all were going to sign the new WCW contracts if Bischoff could find an owner. Alex Wright, Brian Knobbs, the Rhodes’, Jimmy Hart, MI Smooth, Reno, and Shawn Stasiak called to say they were going to either try and get into the WWF, or just didn’t ever want to be apart of the WCW environment again. Dusty and Dustin Rhodes however, were already given contracts from the WWF to return so they could run a storyline together. Bischoff was satisfied with who said they would return, and was only disappointed in the loss of Dustin and Dusty Rhodes because they were going straight to the WWF. Bischoff let out a sigh, and left the room once again, to try to find Ric Flair and Steve Borden.

Bischoff searched and searched for Steve and Ric, but couldn’t find either man. Bischoff searched for over 40 minutes when finally, ready to give up on finding Steve, he turned around to go back to his office, where he saw Ric Flair and Steve Borden walking up to him.

Eric Bischoff: Steve, Ric, just the men I wa-

Steve quickly cut Bischoff off.

Steve Borden: Eric, I don’t know if you saw me at the meeting, and could read the ideas that were going through my mind, but Eric, before I go any further, did you get a backer since our last meeting?

Ric Flair: Of course he didn’t Steve!

Bischoff: Steve, Ric’s right, I haven’t gotten a buyer yet; I don’t think I’m going to be able to find one at all.

Bischoff looks right into Borden’s eyes, a look of plea, asking for help.

Borden: I think you know what I plan to do then. The idea popped into my mind when the three of us were talking before the meeting started yesterday. I planned on saying it then, but I didn’t. Instead, I consulted the idea with Ric here, and…

Flair: We want to buy WCW. We want to restore the legacy we built in the NWA to WCW by being the owners.

Bischoff: That’s all well and good, but…

Borden: But nothing Eric. The three of us can buy WCW, and run it back to greatness.

Bischoff and Flair: WHAT!?

Borden: Yes, the three of us. Ric, the two of us together don’t know how to fully run a company. Yeah, we can book, but Eric knows how to do the other essential tasks as an owner.

Flair and Bischoff are both silent. Flair has a look of anger on his face, Bischoff a shocked look. Flair is pissed that Bischoff will still be running WCW, Bischoff shocked that he’s involved in the plan.

Borden: Then it’s settled; the three of us together will run WCW.

Flair: You hear that Bischoff? The three of us. Not just you, not just me, not just Steve, each and everyone of us. That means that you can’t make decisions unless the three of us have talked about it together, and the decision has been agreed upon. You understand that asshole?

Bischoff: Yeah, I understand that Ric. The three of us all worked together to practically rebuild WCW from the bottom up to be a great promotion once again, where the three of us make decisions that are good for business, despite the relationships we have with each other and other people. Can you agree to that Ric?

Flair: I’m not the one who likes to screw around with people’s lives Eric. My word is my bond, now if the same could actually be said for you…

Borden, realizing he is going to have to be the man-in-the-middle between the two, is quick to try and restore order.

Borden: Look guys, we have to be professionals and men here. If we want to make WCW great again, the three of us all have to work together, and let bygones be bygones. Now shake hands like professionals so we can move on with our lives and announce the new ownership to Ted Turner, WCW, and the world.

Flair and Bischoff look at Steve dumbfounded, but Bischoff puts his hand out to Ric to shake it. Ric quickly shakes Bischoff’s hand, and released the shake.

Borden: Good, now let’s see, it is now 3:26, the pre-show meeting starts in about a half an hour. Let’s go there so we can announce the new partnership.

March 26, 2001- Pre-Nitro Meeting- 3:58 PM

All the staff and wrestlers of WCW were sitting down in chairs, as Eric Bischoff stood at the top of the room, Ric Flair on his left, Steve Borden on his right.

Eric Bischoff: Alright guys, most of you already know the run-down for tonight, if you don’t, don’t worry about it, the run-down will be on the white board in here for you to look at after the meeting.

Bischoff takes a deep breath, trying to hold in an ear-to-ear grin.

Bischoff: You see, the original intent on this meeting was to simply tell you the run-down of Night of the Champions, and say that this would be the last show we ever had as the company called World Championship Wrestling. But you see, all that changed about 30 minutes ago. These two legends next to me, have concocted a marvelous plan that has just saved WCW. So Steve, Ric, why don’t you two make it official.

Flair: Boys, World Championship Wrestling as we know it has been changed for the better because Steve and I…

Borden: along with Eric…

Flair: …have officially made it known to Bischoff…

Borden: …that we are going to purchase WCW with Bischoff!

Bischoff: The three of are going to call Ted after Nitro to tell the old man that WCW isn’t going to the WWF, but staying in the hands of three men who helped make it what is once was; the number one promotion in the world!

There’s a round of applause and lots of hooting and hollering from the boys, as they are happy to hear the great news.

Bischoff: Now as you all know, I gave you all a new WCW contract yesterday, as well as a copy of your AOL Time-Warner contracts. So far, the following men have opted to sit-out the rest of their AOL-Time Warner contract and not be a part of the new WCW: Alex Wright, Brian Knobbs, Jimmy Hart, MI Smooth, and Shawn Stasiak. Dustin and Dusty Rhodes have already signed WWF Contracts, and Reno has decided to leave WCW in hopes of signing with the WWF. Although these men have decided to not stay in WCW, they are still welcome to compete tonight. However, Billy Kidman, Brian Adams, Bryan Clarke, Crowbar, and Road Warrior Animal have all already stated they would and have now signed new WCW contracts!

Another short round of applause for the men who already signed to WCW begins. Instead of Bischoff resuming talking, it is Steve Borden who does.

Borden: But now is not the time for anymore celebration. Now we need you all to decide: Are you staying with AOL-Time Warner, or are you truly WCW. You all should have your contracts with you. Think about what you want to do, and make the decision. Sign the WCW contract and give to one of us three, or hand Eric your AOL-Time Warner contract, he’ll know that it means you want to sit out the contract and collect the loads of money that goes with it.

Flair: Boys, the choice is yours now. You don’t have to make a decision yet, we’ve decided to give you all another week to think about this since we now know for a fact WCW isn’t going anywhere.

Bischoff: Alright ladies and gentleman, this meeting is over. You can now go about your business as you would any other Nitro show. You’re all dismissed.

At these words, the staff and wrestlers rose out of their seats, many leaving in groups, discussing their option yet again. Some men however, went right up to Eric, Ric, and Steve and handed them a signed copy of a new WCW contract. Those men were: Air Paris, AJ Styles, Booker T, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Chris Kanyon, Chuck Palumbo, Diamond Dallas Page, Elix Skipper, Evan Karagias Hugh Morris, Jamie Knoble, Johnny The Bull, Kid Romeo, Lance Storm, Lash Leroux, Mark Jindrak, Mike Sanders, Sean O’Haire, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Yang, Arn Anderson, Billy Silverman, Charles Robinson, Mike Rotunda, Mike Tenay, Nick Patrick, and Senior Official Randy Anderson.

All in all, the three men were pleased with the sudden burst of signees, but were not surprised by many. Many of the wrestlers who already signed were the young, talented cruiserweights, or longtime veterans of WCW. The same went with the staff; they were either veterans of WCW, or were up and coming at their respective positions. Soon enough, everyone cleared out of the meeting, time past, and Night of the Champions went down without a problem. The results went as follows:

Originally Posted by Night of Champions Results
~The show opens up with a video montage of all the former WCW World Heavyweight Champions, with men like Ric Flair, Sting, and DDP being highlighted upon the most. Some former WCW World Champions such as Vince Russo, David Arquette, Chris Benoit, Vader, and Bret Hart weren’t even included.

~Booker T defeated Scott Steiner in a Champion vs. Champion Match with a Book End. Booker T now holds both the United States and World Heavyweight Championships.

~Filthy Animals (Rey Misterio Jr. & Billy Kidman) defeated Yung Dragons (Yang & Hayashi) and 3 Count (Moore & Karagias) when Misterio pinned Moore to advance into a match against Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo for the Cruiserweight Tag Team Belts.

~Shane Helms defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. to retain his WCW Cruiserweight Championship after hitting a Vertebreaker.

~Sean O’Haire & Chuck Palumbo defeated Team Canada (Mike Awesome & Lance Storm) to retain the WCW World Tag Team Championship after O’Haire pinned Awesome with a Seanton Bomb.

~Shawn Stasiak defeated Bam Bam Bigelow with a neckbreaker

~Filthy Animals (Kidman & Misterio) defeated Team Canada (Skipper & Romeo) to win the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship after Kidman pinned Skipper with the Kid Krusher.

~Sting defeated Ric Flair with the Scorpion Deathlock

~Ric Flair and Sting hugged and celebrated in the ring, and the two cut a promo saying that the legends of WCW weren’t just going to let WCW die, and that WCW wasn’t going to die anytime soon. Flair took shots at Vince McMahon, Ted Turner, and TNT, and said that although TNT and Turner were kicking Nitro off the air, WCW would be back better than ever sooner or later, and to check for updates. The show ended with Flair and Sting celebrating with the crowd, as announcers Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson, and Mike Tenay all plug, and to have fans visit daily to check for updates on when WCW will be back.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

April 1, 2001- Ric Flair’s Mansion- 10:18 PM

Almost a week has passed since Night of the Champions, and the week deadline for the members of WCW to decide on which contract they were going to choose was almost up. Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, and Steve Borden were all sitting in the living room of the Flair Mansion in North Carolina, going through contracts, and discussing who all has signed with WCW, left WCW, and who is yet to make a decision.

Ric Flair: Okay, so far the following people have left WCW: Alex Wright, Bam Bam Bigelow, Brian Knobbs, Dustin Rhodes, Dusty Rhodes, Jimmy Hart, Leia Meow, Major Gunns, MI Smooth, Paisley, Reno, Shawn Stasiak, and Wayne Debruce.

Steve Borden: Air Paris, AJ Styles, Big Vito, Billy Kidman, Booker T, Brian Adams, Bryan Clarke, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Chris Kanyon, Chuck Palumbo, Crowbar, Daffney, David Flair, Diamond Dallas Page, Don Harris, Elix Skipper, Hugh Morris, Jamie Knoble, Jim Duggan, Johnny The Bull, Kaz Hayashi, Kid Romeo, Konnan, Lance Storm, Larry Zbysko, Lash Leroux, Mark Jindrak, Midajah, Mike Awesome, Mike Sanders, Rey Misterio Jr., Rick Steiner, Road Warrior Animal, Ron Harris, Sean O’Haire, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Terry Funk, The Wall, Tygress, and Yang have all signed the new WCW contracts. Chris Candido, Tammy Sytch, Miss Jones, and Norman Smiley all signed the WCW contracts, but we rejected their contracts and released them. Sid has decided to retire from wrestling after the incident at Sin.

Eric Bischoff: And of course, Buff Bagwell, Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, Scott Steiner, Shane Douglas, Stevie Ray, and The Cat have not made a decision yet. Booker said that Stevie was going to retire from wrestling, but would possibly commentate or be a road agent for us.

Borden: Buff and Lex will sign, Lex was telling me yesterday he wants to sign with us, same with Buff.

Flair: Lord only knows what is up with Steiner, Shane Douglas, Jeff Jarrett, and Goldberg. What about Nash Bischoff? I assume you two have been in contact lately.

Bischoff: Honestly, I haven’t been in touch with Nash at all. He hasn’t called me about the contracts, and I’m not going to call him. If he wants to stay with WCW, he should call me and tell me. I shouldn’t have to call him.

Although that’s what Bischoff said, it isn’t what Bischoff meant. Bischoff had indeed called Kevin numerous times this week, but only ever gotten a hold of Kevin once. Nash didn’t like the pay he would receive as part of the new contract, and was thinking about not signing over that. That conversation was held on Thursday, and every time Bischoff called Kevin after that, he never got an answer from Kevin.

Borden: Well, I say we set a deadline for tomorrow at 7 PM. If any of the undecided wrestlers haven’t made contact with any of us by the deadline, we call the wrestlers and get a decision from them right away.

Flair: If they refuse to give us an answer, we cut up their AOL-Time Warner contract, and refuse to let them in WCW.

Flair stared right at Bischoff as he said this, letting Bischoff know he was only talking about Kevin Nash.

Bischoff: That sounds like a good idea. Now listen guys, I really think we need to make sure Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett sign the new contract. Both men were pretty over in WCW, and can be built as stars still for WCW. Shane Douglas is talented, and could be a big star as well. Goldberg is good for the draw value, Luger and Bagwell aren’t very important in my eyes…

Flair: And for Nash?

Borden: Ric, you need to stop worrying about Nash. You have to push your opinion of Nash to the side, and make a judgment as an owner who has no positive or negative opinion on Nash.

Flair: If you say so Steve. I just don’t want there to be any politics from the likes of Kevin Nash in WCW anymore. He basically killed WCW before, and I am not going to let the legacy I helped build be tarnished by the likes of him.

Borden: Alright Ric, I understand. Look, it’s getting late. Let’s be finished for the night, and we can have another meeting in the morning. Eric, are you staying in a hotel or here?

Flair gave Bischoff an icy glare, letting Bischoff know he wasn’t welcomed in the Flair house outside of this meeting.

Bischoff: I’m going to stay at a hotel Steve, thanks for asking though. Goodnight.

Bischoff left the Flair house, and walked out to his car when his cell phone rang. It was from Kevin Nash.

Bischoff: Kev?

Kevin Nash: Yo Uncle Eric, you’re just the man I needed to talk to.

Bischoff: About what Big Kev?

Although Bischoff acted like he had no clue what Nash needed to talk about, he knew what Kevin needed to talk about, but wanted to make Kevin seem more important.

Nash: It’s about these contracts.

Bischoff: What about ‘em?

Nash: Well you see, I want to come back to WCW and all, but these contracts really just don’t support me financially. Are you sure I can’t get any kind of pay raise?

Bischoff: No Kev, you can’t. I want to, but it just isn’t an option.

Nash: What if you fired guys like Shane Douglas and some godly wrestlers? That would make some room for me financially. I mean, WCW really doesn’t need that kind of crap all the time. We all know Douglas is a waste of space, air, and money, and the same can be said about a lot of those godly wrestlers.

Bischoff: Even if I wanted to fire Douglas, I couldn’t. He, like you, is one of the people who are yet to verify if he will sign a new WCW contract or sit-out his AOL-Time Warner contract. And I can’t fire any of the cruiserweights Kev, Steve and Ric wouldn’t agree to that.

Nash: Ah well, I guess not everyone can have such an intelligent view on things like I do.

Bischoff almost started to laugh hysterically, but turned his laugh into an odd sounding sneeze

Bischoff: Yeah, uh, I know what you mean. But Kev, come on man, we’ve been through a lot together in WCW, sign a new contract, and help make this place great again.

Nash: I want to Eric, but there is nothing in this for me at all?... Unless… how about this idea Eric?

Bischoff: Lay it on me Kev.

Nash: I will sign your contract at the new price, only because of the respect and friendship I have with you, if you guarantee me a World Heavyweight Championship reign?

Bischoff knew it was coming. Nash had been trying to play politics the whole phone call, and knew it was only a matter of time until Nash tried to play a title stipulation clause. Bischoff was at a crossroads, but had no idea what to do. Should he:

A) Agree to giving Nash a World Title Reign, despite the fact he isn’t supposed to do something like this
B) Tell Nash no, he either signs a contract like everyone else, or he doesn’t sign at all

OOC: Alright, here is the first round of interactive voting. You the readers decide on Eric's decision. You can either vote for Eric to agree to Nash's confirmed World Heavyweight Title reign, or you can basically tell Kevin to stuff it. Keep in mind that Eric and Kevin are good friends, and he wants to see Nash in WCW, to not only have his friend in there, but to one up Ric Flair as well. But also, Nash is a master politician, and could be a problem backstage, which is something Bischoff wants to steer away from. Also, promising Nash a title reign that Bischoff may not necessarily be able fulfill could cause lots of problems between the three owners . So come on and vote for which option you'd like to see Easy E take.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

B) Tell Nash no
Also, this BTB is great so far, I hope your shows are written as well as your backstage stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

B-Tell Nash, no.
And like ChristianCage2006 said, this is a great BTB. I sure hope your shows are as well as your backstage writings.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

A - Give him the Shot

You're posting this again?

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership


I remember seeing this before, and it is looking great so far.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

your show is great so far i say give him the title match
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I'm doign a WCW 2001 fed again, and using the Trio ownership backstory idea. But other than that, it shall be different. Like last time I started out with a PPV, this time I shall not so I don't burn out right away by writing this huge PPV.

Leep the votes coming, so far the voting is 3 for A, and 4 for B. The winning option is the first to get 5 or 7 votes. The votes are also taking place at another forum, which is why the votes are of different numbers than what you see here.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

April 1, 2001- Outside Ric Flair’s Mansion- 11:13 PM

Bischoff couldn’t believe what he was almost pulling himself into. Did he really want to go back on his word? He knew if WCW was to be successful, it couldn’t if have the politics backstage that this deal and Nash would bring. And it was at that point in time that Bischoff realized he was never Nash’s real friend. He was a puppet that Nash had all along. Bischoff was a man with power that Nash manipulated ever since 1996. Bischoff gave Nash the power… then, but not now… not any more.

Bischoff: Fuck you.

Nash was stunned. After a few moments of silence, Nash finally regained his voice.

Nash: What the fuck did you just say to me Eric?

Bischoff: You heard me; I said fuck you. Ever sine you came into WCW in 1996, you played me like a fucking fiddle! You dangled me around like some damn poppet, using me to get yourself power and glory. I brought you into WCW! I gave you the New World Order! I gave you the WCW Heavyweight championship! I gave it all to you! When did I get something in return!? You didn’t give me shit! Not one fucking time did you repay me for all the things I did for you; not fucking once!

Eric was fuming. All of his pent up rage of 5 years was now coming out of his mouth. He realized how much he hated Nash, and how he, nor WCW, needed him.

Bischoff: You’re an egotistical dick, Kevin! You aren’t half the wrestler or name you think you are! If it wasn’t for the wrestling ability of Scott, and the name value of Terry, you wouldn’t be shit! You were never the big thing in the nWo! Never! You can’t wrestle worth shit! You can’t sell a PPV worth shit! You’re the fucking reason WCW is in the predicament it is in now! You and that fucking ‘finger-poke’ idea with Hogan back in ’99! You almost killed WCW before Kevin! I’m not going to let you come into the new WCW and kill it for good! Fuck you Kevin Nash!

And with that said, Bischoff closed his cell phone, hanging up on Nash. He had given Nash everything in WCW, and because of that, WCW was no longer under the heavy financial backing of Ted Turner. WCW no longer had Monday Nitro, Thunder, or Saturday Night. Because of guys like Kevin Nash, WCW was almost dead. Eric Bischoff finally came to his sense, and realized, WCW does not need Kevin Nash. Eric Bischoff was done being involved with secret deals, however… Ric Flair was not.

April 1, 2001- Ric Flair’s Bedroom- 11:21

Ric Flair was on his cell phone with Jeff Jarrett, a man who was yet to sign a new WCW contract.

Flair: Look Jeff, I understand you completely, I agree that you should get a run as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. You are the Chosen One for this company, and in my opinion, the New Age Nature Boy.

Jeff Jarrett: Ya damn right I am Ric, and that is why I think we should just add that stipulation into my new contract.

Jeff Jarrett wanted the exact same thing Kevin Nash wanted; a guaranteed World Heavyweight Title reign. Jeff, however, was much more deserving a World Title reign than Nash. Jarrett was a better wrestler, arguably better on the mic than Nash, was younger, and wasn’t going to be like Nash (as much) with the backstage politics. Ric Flair wanted to give Jarrett the guaranteed World Heavyweight Title reign. He liked Jeff, and knew he was World Champion material. However, if Flair did this, wouldn’t he just be liked Bischoff then? Would he stoop down to Eric’s level if he made a secret agreement with Jeff, no matter how much he liked Jeff and thought Jeff deserved the reign? What would Steve do in this situation? What would he say if he found out? But then again, Ric thought, what would Jeff do if Ric wouldn’t allow him to have the guaranteed Title reign? Would he refuse to sign the contract and never return to WCW? Ladies and gentleman, Ric Flair had a dilemma.

Should Ric…

A) Agree to giving Jarrett a guaranteed World Heavyweight Championship Reign
B) Tell Jarrett he won’t make any secret deals; he can’t have a guaranteed Reign
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