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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

It's going to take me years to finish reading that recap, but yah, great to see you back Szum! I never really followed this thread, or World Championship Wrestling back in the day, so hopefully I can get into it this time and leave a few comments like I always like to do with your projects.

Good luck, if you need it at all..
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Shiz...I heard alot of good things about this. Never read it before, longest recap ever confirmed? Anyway, never really got into WCW, I might read something to see if I'm interested or not, so we'll see. You probably don't need any luck, so heres to hoping this lasts.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Spanks everyone for the comments so far. I'll post Mayhem tomorrow, well, I guess since it is 1250 in the morning, later on today. Like I said before, it's pretty much half in full and half recapped, so I apologize for that. The Cruiserweight Title match, Rey Misterio & Chavo Guerrero vs. The Filthy Animals, Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff, and the Super Cage are all in full. Johnny Stamboli vs. Big Vito, the WCW North American & Tag Title 6-man, and the WCW World Heavyweight Title matches are all recapped. Alas.

If there are people who want to partake in the prediction contest that started like, 8 or 9 months ago, be my guest. I will tally them up before I post Mayhem, as I will still count them.

Take care.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Good to see you make another comeback with this one Szumi. I used to check it out a little bit but now I'll definitely make an effort to drop some feedback for you.

Roster update plz

Edit: Dude, I just read your backstory for the like the 4th time and I must admit that I owe your backstory for in which the manor I went about creating the backstory for EPW. I really can't wait for you to kick off again. It's really got me psyched and it's helped me garner a little more motivation too. I can't wait.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership


Mark out time!

Welcome back SZUM!

Great Update, glad to see this thread is back

Good Luck, and yes, I WILL be reading.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Me? An inspirational conversation? First time that's ever been said.

On another note, thank the freakin' lord that this baby is back
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I knew that you would be back soon Szum, but I didn't know that you would bring back one of your old threads. I'll be reading.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Well it's certainly got all the hype. I don't think I have read this work before, but I might read this time around. Everything is looking good and I have taken the time to read the backstory which is exceptional. The recap is still yet to be read but I shall try and make time for it.

Best of luck SZUM
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I will be posting a roster update after Mayhem. M'kay? Oh, speaking of...

World Championship Wrestling
The Astro Dome, Houston, Texas
November 18, 2001

As the clock ticks to 8:00 PM EST, the screen is black. After a few moments, the traditional World Championship Wrestling logo starts fade into the picture. It flashes twice, and then fades out as a heavy rock song plays, with clips briefly flashing in and out of sequence with the music. The clips all hype the matches for tonight, and well, you’re just not going to get a long flashy video intro from me, because that’s never been my style. The video ends, and the screen goes black again. After a quick moment, The Astro Dome is live and in color, with pyrotechnics going off everywhere throughout the dome! Welcome to Mayhem!

The crowd is cheering as the cameras zoom throughout the audience, letting numerous men, women, and children get their mugs on global pay per view momentarily. As the crowd continues their cheers, we also get a new look at the new-look WCW ringside set-up. The steel guard rails are still surrounding the ring, as always, but the announcer’s table is now by the bottom of the entrance ramp, to the right of the ramp if you are walking down it. The entrance ramp is painted in a metallic gray, and slants up about 15 feet into the air until there is the entrance stage. Protruding from the entrance stage is a long, narrow, and straight chute, with its inner walls also painted metallic grey. As an off-the page note to you readers, the set-up is sort of like TNA with where the announcer’s table is, and the chute idea is like TNA, except for theirs is slanting down, this is straight.

After the new set-up has been examined by the cameras, and we also get a long shot of the Super Cage suspended above the ring, we cut to the commentary booth! Dressed in a light blue dress shirt and white tie, we have the most overrated announcer, and the most annoying, in the history of professional wrestling, ‘I Suck Dick’ Tony Schiavone! And in a black and white tuxedo, the man who single handedly carries the commentating for WCW, ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay! Time for the introductions!

Tony Schiavone: Ladies and gentleman, this is the night you all have been waiting for!

You mean Tony’s going to kill himself!?

Tony Schiavone: Folks, this, is WCW Mayhem! Welcome everybody, my name is Tony Schiavone, and to my left, as always, is ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay! Professor, what a night it is going to be tonight, here at Mayhem!

Mike Tenay: That is, Tony, as tonight, we find out who will be the WCW World Heavyweight Champion for Starrcade, and most of all, who his opponent will be at Starrcade! Tonight folks, the 45-foot tall Super Cage, three tiers of solid steel cages, will make its triumphant return to WCW!

Tony Schiavone: It will be Booker T! It will be Scott Hall! It will be Scott Steiner! And it will be Sting! Four of the biggest stars in wrestling will enter the Super Cage, but only one man can ascend to the top of that 45-foot high steel monster, grab the briefcase, and win the Super Cage!

Mike Tenay: And earn that right to either face Jeff Jarrett or Kevin Nash for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, in the main event of Starrcade! As don’t forget folks, also tonight, The Chosen One defends the World Title against Big Sexy!

Tony Schiavone: And that is a match that could go either way, Professor! Kevin Nash has had Jeff Jarrett’s number ever since coming back to WCW last month at Halloween Havoc, but The Chosen One always seems to find a way to walk out with that Title! The question is tonight, which man will leave Mayhem and head to Starrcade, the WCW World Heavyweight Champion!?

Mike Tenay: That’s a tough question to answer, Tony Schiavone, but for one man, the question will not be whether or not he’ll be a Champion at Starrcade, but if he’ll have a job still at Starrcade! And that man, is ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair! Tonight, he puts his career on the line, just to get into the ring with his two biggest rivals ever, the WCW President, Eric Bischoff, and ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan!

Tony Schiavone: Professor, I am going to be having my fingers crossed for Ric Flair tonight when he fights Eric Bischoff and Hollywood Hogan! I know how the nWo plays; we all do! They play dirty, and if they screw Ric Flair out of his rightful place in WCW, I don’t know what I will do!

Hopefully not continue to announce so terribly.

Mike Tenay: Well Ric Flair will have The Enforcers, Arn Anderson and Cal Anderson, in his corner tonight, to hopefully make sure, Ric Flair is indeed, not fired! However, all we can do is hope and pray, Tony, that WCW does not lose its figurehead tonight, at Mayhem! However, that’s not all scheduled for Mayhem tonight, is it Tony!?

Tony Schiavone: It most certainly is not! We will have a six-man tag team match, with the WCW Tag Team Titles, and the WCW North American Title, simultaneously on the line, as representing WCW, Lance Storm and The Young Lions, defend their Titles against the Mike Awesome and KroniK, representing the New World Order!

Mike Tenay: Also folks, as the war continues on, Rey Misterio Jr. and his new partner, Chavo Guerrero Jr., will team up to take on Rey’s former friends and partners, the Filthy Animals, Billy Kidman and Konnan!

Tony Schiavone: And in another match of former partners turned enemies, Big Vito and Johnny Stamboli will lock-up in an Italian Street Fight! Bones will be broken there, Professor!

Mike Tenay: And finally folks, the match that is going to get underway in just a few moments, a triple threat elimination match, for the WCW Cruiserweight Title, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms will defend against ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy and Teddy Hart!

Tony Schiavone: And you’re right, Professor, that match is going to start, right now!

The WCW production rift of the old Hart Foundation theme hits, bringing out The Flying Harts, Teddy Hart and Jack Evans, to start the wrestling action for this evening. Both men are dressed in the Hart pink and black singlets, although Teddy is the man wrestling tonight. The crowd jeers the duo as they march down the entrance ramp, casually playing to the fans all the while. Teddy Hart then enters the ring, hops up to the top turnbuckle, and back flips off of it and back to the canvas, as the ‘Roadhouse Blues’ rift hits the sound system next, bringing out ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy to a large amount of cheers. How he’s gotten so over, I do not know, but the fans love Super Crazy. Crazy comes onto the entrance stage, tongue sticking out and black curly hair shaking from side to side, which the crowd only eats up more. Crazy lightly jogs down the entrance ramp, slapping hands with some of the fans while doing so. Crazy then dives into the ring under the bottom rope and strikes a pose, drawing more cheers from the crowd. ‘Sugar Daddy’ hits thirdly, bringing out the Sugar Babies, but not WCW Cruiserweight Champion. After a long delay, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms comes out, looking cocky as ever, although still receiving a mixture of cheers and jeers. Helms walks out onto the entrance stage and has two of the six Sugar Babies lock arms with him before gliding down the entrance ramp to ringside. Once Helms gets to the ring, the Sugar Babies depart back up the ramp, and Helms gets into the ring and raises his Cruiserweight Title Belt high into the air with his right arm. Again, a mixed reaction follows, but Helms doesn’t seem too concerned with the fans’ reaction to him. Helms gives his Title Belt to the referee, who raises it up into the air, and hands it off to a stage hand. The bell is ordered to ring, and it does so, and the opening match is underway!

Match One
Shane Helms © (w/Sugar Babies) vs. Super Crazy vs. Teddy Hart (w/Jack Evans)
WCW Cruiserweight Title Elimination Match

As our referee for the match, Scott Dickenson, rushes out of the middle of the ring for the action to begin, we get a bit of a stare down between the three men. Teddy Hart and Shane Helms glare at each other and Super Crazy, while The Insane Luchadore has his eyes focused on only Teddy Hart, which helps set what the reality is for this situation. At the end of the day, Super Crazy has his eyes set on his rival, Teddy Hart, rather than Shane Helms, who he still calls ‘friend’. Crazy however, does turn his head sideways towards Helms at one point, weakly smiles a friendly smile, only to jolt into action! Super Crazy charges right at Teddy Hart, leaping into the air with a dropkick, while Shane Helms runs toward the action as well. The third-generation star is ready for Super Crazy, and jumps into the air and FRONT FLIPS through the air, evading the Mexican super star. However, before Hart can even fully land on his feet, Shane Helms leaps into the air and spikes Teddy Hart in the torso with a dropkick, catapulting Hart backwards several feet to the canvas and the ropes. Super Crazy and Shane Helms both get up to their feet as the crowd cheers the (pretty sick) spot. Super Crazy grins at Helms and puts his hand out for a handshake, but Helms isn’t having it, instead elbowing Crazy in the side of the head, and then leaping into the air with a right knee strike to the chin! The crowd boos a bit as Crazy staggers back a bit, but does stay on his feet. As Crazy continues to stagger, Helms runs off the ropes opposite Crazy and charges back at him; when he reaches Super Crazy, Helms shows his athletic prowess, hitting a front flipping dropkick to his stomach!

The crowd can’t help but cheer (lightly) at the spot, as Crazy gets knocked to his feet. Helms nips right back up to his feet and strikes a quick pose, showing his developing arrogance. However, the time to strut his stuff costs him, as while he does so, Teddy Hart gets back up to his feet and drills the Champ with a hard side shuffle kick, straight to the chin. The shot sends Helms staggering into the ropes, and he ends up right next to Super Crazy, who is getting up to his feet as well, looking a bit dazed. As the two pull themselves up to their feet, Hart hits the ropes opposite them. Teddy comes charging back at the two and looks for some sort of double clothesline, but Helms and Crazy are thinking on the same page, leaning forward and flipping Teddy Hart over their shoulders, and the top rope to the outside of the ring! Teddy Hart is on a straight course for the concrete floor, but his own teammate, Jack Evans, is standing where his destination point is, and Hart crashes onto his partner, knocking them both to the floor! The crowd is torn with cheers and laughter at the spot, while back in the ring, Helms merely steps off for Super Crazy, who is at the ropes, ready to launch an aerial attack to the two men outside of the ring. The Flying Harts start to get up to their feet on the outside relatively quickly, and just before they’re up on their feet fully, Super Crazy uses the ropes to springboard him off the canvas to the third rope. Super Crazy looks for a quick springboard off the third rope, but before he can, Shane Helms sneaks back up to the ropes and pulls on the third rope, causing Crazy to lose his balance, and crotch himself, right on the third rope! Super Crazy sits right on the third rope, his “bolas” in pain, while Helms laughs at him. However, Shane Helms then springs into action, running to the corner of the ring. Helms leaps into the air and springboards off the third turnbuckle, arcing his body sideways so he project right towards Super Crazy, and lands a left side kick, straight into Crazy’s face!

Helms lands chest first onto the side of the ring apron, while Crazy isn’t so lucky, falling from the third rope, hitting off of the ring apron, and then plummeting to the concrete floor on the outside of the ring. Teddy Hart quickly makes his way over to Super Crazy, pulling him to his feet, ready to beat down on him. Before he can, however, Shane Helms jumps up to his feet. Helms then jumps off the apron to the second rope and back off again, turning and twirling his body some how, and takes out Hart and Crazy with what only can be described as an inverted cross body block! The spot looks crazy awesome, and the crowd is loving it as all three men tumble back to the concrete floor. Referee Scott Dickenson is trying to get the three back into the ring, but well, it’s not working to well. As the three combatants get back up to their feet, Jack Evans jumps into action. Evans runs and jumps onto the apron, and then onto the third rope. Evans catches his balance, jumps into the air and lands back on the third rope before jumping right back off of it, using that first jump as a spring, and DOUBLE BACK FLIPPING off the third rope to the outside, taking out all three of the combatants!

The crowd is flipping out with that, starting the first ‘Holy Shit’ of the evening. Tony Schiavone is already having an aneurism, but quite frankly, Scott Dickenson is not, as he hops out of the ring to the outside, and grabs Jack Evans right by the ear, pulling him up to his feet. Dickenson yells at Evans for the spots, and in dramatic fashion, throws his arm to the back and yells ‘You’re outta here!’, and Jack Evans is being ejected from ringside! Jack Evans is having a hissy fit as Dickenson orders him to the back, and once Teddy Hart gets back up to his feet, he does as well. The Houston crowd starts the chant/song of ‘Na, Na, Many More Na’s, Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye’, as Evans hisses and stomps his way up the entrance ramp and to the backstage. Meanwhile, Shane Helms and Super Crazy get back up to their feet as well, and roll into the ring, soon followed by Teddy Hart as well. Once back in the ring, Super Crazy and Teddy Hart lock eyes, while Shane Helms slyly sneaks out of the action, slinking back to the far corner of the action, and jumping up and sitting on the third turnbuckle. Crazy and Hart are oblivious to it, instead engaging in a collar-and-elbow tie-up.

The two jockey for position, only for Crazy to slide behind Hart and lock in a quick hammerlock. The ECW alumni wrenches back on the hold for a few moments, only for the third-generation superstar to reverse, sliding behind Crazy and locking in a hammerlock of his own. Hart tries to wrench on the hold, but Crazy is able to start to squirm out of the move almost right away. Before he can reverse the maneuver however, Hart releases the hold, instead throwing his arms on Crazy’s shoulders and using this as support to jump up into the air and over Super Crazy! Hart lands on his feet and almost falls right onto the canvas, but before he does, Super Crazy saves the spot, locking in a waist lock to Teddy. The Insane Luchadore tries to lift Hart up for a German suplex, but Hart blocks it, as he grapevines his feet around Crazy’s calves. Hart settles back to his own feet and reverses to a waist lock of his own, and tries a German suplex of his own. Crazy blocks it by scoring with two elbow strikes to the side of Hart’s head, and reversing back into another waist lock. The chain wrestling is sloppy between the two, but continues on nevertheless. However, Super Crazy tries to end it again with another German suplex, but before he can, Shane Helms jumps off of the third turnbuckle and springs into action. Helms jumps up behind Crazy and locks in his own waist lock on him, and using a great burst of strength, German suplexes Super Crazy, which in turn means Super Crazy German’s Hart! However, Teddy Hart gets an incredible spring from the canvas, breaking free from Crazy’s waist lock, and back flips through the air past Helms and Crazy! Helms effectively lands the German suplex on Crazy, while Hart’s feet land right past Helms’ shoulders!

The spot looks excellent, but however, Teddy Hart lands his feet on the canvas, only to lose his balance right away, falling backwards onto his ass. A ‘You F’ed Up’ chant starts right away, but Hart tries to shake it off, merely backward somersaulting through the first and second ropes to the ring apron. Hart rests in the fetal position as Helms and Crazy start getting to their feet quickly, improving the spot that Hart already blew. As Helms and Crazy get to their feet, Hart jumps up to his feet and then onto the third rope. Hart starts to lose his balance again, but jumps off the third rope and into the ring, hitting a springboard split-legged dropkick to the standing Helms and Crazy, one leg going into each man’s chest. All three men drop to the canvas, but get up to their feet relatively quickly, Hart up first. Teddy Hart launches his continuing attack to Super Crazy, hitting a spinning side elbow to his face, sending him staggering a foot or two. Hart then turns on his heel and runs at Shane Helms, whose back is turned to Hart. Teddy leaps into the air and tries a falling reverse DDT to Helms, but adding another touch to it, spinning 360 degrees in the air before falling to impact. As Hart spin in the air, his arm wrapped around Helms’ throat, his twirling is cut off as Super Crazy latches onto Hart’s feet, one on each shoulder. Hart tries to squirm free, as Helms gets a stable base on his feet, his arm now wrapped around Teddy’s throat and head. Before Helms and Crazy can launch a double team move, Hart spins his legs quickly, awkwardly landing a modified head scissors to Super Crazy, and still finding a way to hit the falling reverse DDT to Shane Helms!

The crowd mildly cheers the spot, as it did look nice, although very slopping Hart’s part, as he almost dropped Super Crazy on his head, and would have dropped himself on his head if Helms didn’t support the landing. Teddy catches his breath quickly as all three men are down, before making a cover to Shane Helms. Dickenson counts,



T- Kick Out!

Close but not close enough for Teddy Hart, who simply jumps off of Helms and right onto the chest of Super Crazy, pinning him!



Shoulder Up!

Only a two count again for Hart, who seems a little flustered with the consecutive kick out’s. Teddy Hart takes a few deep breaths, and slowly starts getting up to his feet, Shane Helms and Super Crazy soon following suite. Nevertheless, Teddy Hart is clearly up to his feet first, and waits for the other two to do so as well. Both men get up to their feet almost simultaneously, but Hart focuses this attack to Helms first. Hart spins in a full circle before hitting a forearm to Helms, dazing him just slightly, before turning on his heel and hitting a haggard-looking spinning heel kick to Super Crazy, knocking him down to the canvas. Hart stays on his feet, however, and turns on his heel again, and charges Helms. Teddy leaps up into the air and onto Helms’ shoulders, looking for a hurricanrana, but Helms reverses mid-move, planting Teddy Hart with a sit-out power bomb! Helms stays in the position, and it’s a pin, so Dickenson slides into position to count the fall!



Thr- Dropkick by Super Crazy!

The Insane Luchadore had gotten up to his feet and lunged into the air, spiking Helms right in the face with a stiff dropkick! Helms falls onto his back, recuperating on the canvas, blood starting to trickle from his nose a bit, as Hart recuperates as well. Super Crazy, however, leaps right up to his feet, and then exits the ring to the apron before climbing up to the top turnbuckle. Super Crazy squats in anticipation, waiting for the first man to get up to their feet. The man to do so is Teddy Hart, who groggily does so, his back turned to Super Crazy at first. Realizing no one is in front of him but the referee, Hart turns around, only to take a missile dropkick to the face by Super Crazy! The crowd pops as Hart splats back to the canvas, liking the action. Super Crazy gets right back up to his feet, and spots Shane Helms doing the same as well. As Helms just barely gets up to his feet, his torso still bent forward, Crazy leaps into the air and dropkicks Helms I n the side, knocking him into and through the ropes to the outside of the ring! Super Crazy sticks his tongue out and makes a “crazy” pose with his face before turning his attention back to the ring, where he sees Teddy Hart, motionless, is perpendicular to the turnbuckle he just jumped off of moments ago. Super Crazy stands just in front of Teddy Hart, and then runs and jumps onto the first turnbuckle and back off again… Moonsault! Crazy gets right back up to his feet, runs over Hart and to the corner again. Crazy jumps onto and right back off the second turnbuckle this time… Moonsault! Crazy gets up to his feet again, runs over Hart and charges into the corner. The Insane Luchadore jumps onto the third turnbuckle before spring boarding right back off… Moonsault! The Triple Moonsault is all money, and this time, Super Crazy stays on top of Hart with a cover, just as Helms starts rolling back into the ring.




Result: Super Crazy eliminates Teddy Hart at 10:37

The crowd cheers as Hart is eliminated, leaving this match down to just Shane Helms and Super Crazy. Before Super Crazy can even get off of the eliminated Hart, Helms connects with a leg drop to the back of the head! Crazy starts to roll forward from the blow, and Helms quickly cradles him the rest of the way!



Thre- Kick Out!

Super Crazy is able to shove Shane Helms off of him, but before he can even attempt to get to his feet, Helms is right back on Crazy, mounting him and delivering a spree of right hands to Crazy’s face. Dickenson rolls Teddy Hart out of the ring while this occurs, but once Hart’s finally gone from the ring, Dickenson turns his focus to the two remaining combatants and demands for the attack to be called-off, as Helms’ punches are closed-fisted. A five count is started, with Helms not breaking off until just after four. Helms gets up to his feet, his arms up in innocence, acting like he’s done nothing wrong. Helms then rolls his eyes as Dickenson backs off, and lands a quick stomp to Crazy’s sternum before grabbing him by the head and pulling him up to his feet. Now back on their feet, Helms wraps his arms around Crazy’s head like a vice, Helms’ face digging into Crazy’s left shoulder. The Cruiserweight Champ starts going crazy with knee strikes, landing a right knee to Crazy’s inner left thigh, and then a left knee to his right hip, followed by multiple knee strikes to Super Crazy’s gut, trying to knock the wind out of him. Eight knee strikes to the stomach connect, before Helms leaps off of his feet and lands a double knee strike to Crazy’s chin, knocking him to the canvas. However, as soon as Crazy hits the canvas, Helms falls down onto him, his buttocks landing onto his diaphragm, knocking the wind out of the challenger.

Helms doesn’t go for a cover this time, instead getting up to his feet and running off of the ropes. Helms runs a few steps towards Crazy before hitting the canvas with a somersault. Helms lands right back on his feet a mere foot away from Crazy and then jumps right back into the air, coming down onto Crazy’s throat with a leg drop! Helms keeps his foot on Crazy’s leg, in a cocky cover that Dickenson counts.



Kick Out!

Helms looks at Dickenson, eyes raised and eyebrows lowered, not agreeing with the two count in the slightest. Dickenson is adamant about the two count, so Sugar Shane simply gets back up to his feet and fiddles with his nose, wiping some of the blood that is trickling from his left nostril. Helms then lands another kick to Crazy’s mid-section, and then grabs him by the hair and starts yanking him back up to his feet. With the ECW-alumni on his feet, Helms lands a right forearm to the cheek, and then a boot to the mid-section, doubling Super Crazy over. A front face-lock is applied, and Helms takes his time lifting Crazy up and into the air. Helms leaves Crazy dangling upside down for a few moments, only to then connect with a (delayed) vertical suplex, Crazy’s back smashing off of the ring canvas. After the impact, Helms sits upright, and licks his lips before cracking a confident/cocky smirk. ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms then slowly pulls himself up to his feet, only to strike a cocky pose, his arms raised into the air, sort of similar to a present day Randy Orton. Anyways, Helms plays with the Houston fans a bit more, who are starting to give him more and more heel heat instead of face pops, until abandoning the attempts and exiting the ring to the apron. Helms then starts to slowly climb up the turnbuckles to the top turnbuckle. Helms finishes his ascent, checks his balance, and raises his arms into the air in that same pose again, while still squatting. Helms then leaps from the squatting pose into the air like a cat, looking for an elbow drop to Crazy, but the challenger moves, and Helms makes impact with the canvas!

The crowd cheers as both men are on the canvas, motionless. Dickenson promptly starts a ten count with both men down, but the two men show signs of life by two. As Dickenson continues his count, the two men get up to their feet, a little slowly and unsteadily, but the two men are both at their feet by seven, and ready for action again. Helms and Crazy, both appearing to be exhausted at this point in the match, slowly make their way to each other, and Helms tosses a right hand! Crazy staggers a little, but returns the favor with a right hand of his own. The two continue this slow methodical approach, trying to wear each other down while getting a feel for the match again. The two continue to exchange right hands, and in just a few moments later, the two are slugging away with quick, yet vicious, right hands. The crowd is starting to cheer to the action in the ring, as Helms and Crazy continue their brawl. However, Shane Helms soon goes for a money shot, swinging for a big right hand, but Super Crazy ducks! The Insane Luchadore runs under Helms’ arm and keeps running off the ropes. Crazy comes charging back at Helms, and just before he comes into Helms’ range, he leaps into the air, flipping himself up and over Helms, but Super Crazy grabs Helms by the back of the head on his way down, landing a neck breaker!

Helms goes down, but Super Crazy rolls right up to his feet and keeps running towards the opposite set of ropes. Crazy jumps onto and off the second rope, spring boarding and hitting a left-back elbow straight to Helms’ chest! The Insane Luchadore shifts his body into a cover, and Dickenson is right there for the count!



Thre- Kick Out!

The crowd groans a bit at the kick out, but Super Crazy isn’t going to be down trodden tonight, instead just getting back up to his feet, albeit a bit slowly. Crazy gets up to his feet in due time though, as Helms tries to do the same. The Insane Luchadore pulls Helms up to his feet as the Champ is only on his and knees, and once he’s on his feet, Super Crazy connects with a hard right hand, and then another! Crazy keeps going, hitting right hand after right hand to Helms’ cranium, sending him staggering backwards more and more with each shot. Crazy keeps going until he stops to spin in a circle before hitting one last hard right hand to Helms’ jaw this time, knocking him back into the ropes. Helms tries his best to recuperate, but Crazy isn’t looking to give him any breathing time, running off the ropes opposite Helms. Crazy charges back towards Helms looking for a clothesline, and just as Crazy reaches Helms, Sugar Shane jumps into the air and drills Crazy right in the face with a Shining Wizard!

Super Crazy drops to the canvas like a ton of bricks, while Helms falls back into the ropes again, the ropes being his only means of support right now. The Champ takes a few quick deep breaths to help him recuperate, and then stand upright on his own two feet. Helms still finds time to strike the arrogant pose again, before calling out for the Vertebreaker. Helms bends over and grabs Crazy by the head, slowly pulling himself up to his feet. Helms does so, and then lands a boot to the mid-section, before setting Crazy up for the Vertebreaker. Helms struggles at first, but then he gets Crazy up into position for it! Helms smirks as he takes a few steps forward to drop Crazy back on his head, but The Insane Luchadore is a feisty little jumping bean, and he manages to squiggle his way free from the Vertebreaker, semi-flipping himself backwards so he is no longer upside down, and as he does so, he pulls Helms down with him; Crazy falls to the canvas, but Helms lands back first right into Crazy’s knees! Not even meaning to do so, Crazy connects with a hard back breaker to Helms while escaping the Vertebreaker!

The crowd applauds the nice little maneuver, and continues to do so as The Insane Luchadore slowly starts to get up to his feet after a few moments rest. Huffing and puffing, Crazy does get up to his feet, looking a little dazed still. Helms quickly staggers to his feet once Crazy does, who merely stands waiting in anticipation for Helms to get to his feet. Once Helms gets to his feet he groggily turns to face Crazy, only to receive a kick to the mid-section, doubling him over. Crazy quickly positions Helms’ head in between his legs, and hooks both of the Champ’s arms. Using some of his last remaining strength, Crazy lifts Helms into the air and slams him back down with the double under hook power bomb, completely the tiger driver! Helms is down and out, his body perpendicular to a corner of the ring. Crazy staggers forward a bit after landing the move, drained, but then spots Helms’ body position, and stands upright again. Crazy raises his right arm into the air, three fingers help up… he’s going for the Trifecta!

Helms is a bit out of range it seems for Super Crazy, but Crazy’s not going to be denied as he runs towards the first turnbuckle, jumps and springboards off, and connects with the first Moonsault!

Super Crazy gets up to his feet as quick as he can, hops over Helms, and runs back to the corner. The Insane Luchadore jumps and springboards off the second turnbuckle this time, and he connects with a second Moonsault! However, this one was a tad sloppy, as it was his thighs, not his stomach, that made contact with Helms.

Super Crazy gets up to his feet rather slowly this time, drained from everything he’s put into this 17+ minute match. But Crazy gets up to his feet, hops over Helms and runs full force to the corner. Crazy jumps onto the third turnbuckle, but can’t springboard off right away, instead needing to catch his balance first. Crazy does so, and then jumps off the third turnbuckle, and the third Moonsault…

…Finds Helms’ knees!
Shane Helms had plenty of time to get his knees up, and Crazy’s stomach and diaphragm goes right into Helms’ knees, knocking the wind completely out of Super Crazy! Crazy staggers on his feet, coughing and gagging, his body deprived of air. As he does so, Sugar Shane quickly gets up to his feet, grabs Super Crazy’s tights, and rolls him up!



Helms puts his feet on the bottom rope!


Helms quickly takes his feet off the bottom rope once the three count is registered, and Shane Helms has just stolen this victory from Super Crazy!

Result: Shane Helms def. Super Crazy and Teddy Hart at 18:11 to retain

Dickenson orders for the bell to be rung, while he gets Helms’ Cruiserweight Title from a stagehand at ringside. Helms slowly pulls himself back up to his feet, his arms raised in victory, his left nostril starting to trickle more and more blood. Helms receives his Belt from Dickenson, and raises it into the air with both hands, tears seemingly on the verge of his eyes. ‘Sugar Daddy’ hasn’t hit yet, as Helms instead walks over to the fallen Super Crazy, and helps him up to his feet!

Deport! Deport! Deport!

Helms looks into the eyes of Super Crazy, both men physically exhausted from the match they just endured. The crowd is torn between boos and cheers at this point, not knowing what to expect from the reigning WCW Cruiserweight Champion. Helms takes one more deep breath before reaching his right hand out to Super Crazy, who after a moment’s hesitation, grabs it and the two men shake hands! The crowd applaud the respect shown by the two men, who then raise each other’s arms in celebration together. As the two men smile, Helms swings Crazy in front of him, and kicks him in down low! Crazy doubles over, only for Helms to apply a reverse front face-lock, and drill Crazy with the Nightmare on Helms Street!

The crowd turns on Helms completely, booing the crap out of him, who simply gets up to his feet and looks at Crazy in disgust! Helms exits the ring, and instead of walking up the entrance ramp, walks around ringside to the time keeper’s table. Helms pushes David Penzer out of his chair and grabs a steel chair! Helms quickly storms back into the ring, steel chair in his hand. Helms walks over to Crazy, drops the chair, and pulls The Insane Luchadore back up to his feet. Helms hits a kick to the mid-section, and sets Crazy up for his lethal finisher. With Super Crazy dangling upside down on his back, Helms takes two steps forward, jumps into the air, and spikes Super Crazy with the Vertebreaker, right onto the steel chair! The crowd is booing Helms like crazy, who gets up to his feet, and strikes his arrogant pose yet again, his arms raised over his head in triumph. Helms picks up his Cruiserweight Title Belt as ‘Sugar Daddy’ starts to play again, and Helms departs from the ring, the crowd continuing to boo him. The Sugar Babies come back down the entrance ramp to greet Helms, and he walks arm-and-arm up the entrance ramp with two of the Sugar Babies. While Helms leaves, officials rush down from the back to help the prone Super Crazy.

Time to focus to the “Nitro Tron”… SUCKA~!

Belie’ Dat, Sucka!

In the backstage interview area, ‘Mean’ Gene is in his usual penguin suit, standing to the right of Booker T, who’s sporting black trunks, knee pads, and boots tonight. His hair is medium length dreadlocks, and he looks completely focused. After a long pause, Okerlund begins the interview.

Gene Okerlund: …Booker T… many words aren’t needed tonight. You know what’s at stake tonight, and you know how to get it. What are your thoughts on the Super Cage you’re going to be entering tonight?

Booker, who had his head down to the ground, shoots his head up, so he is staring right into Okerlund’s eyes. The eyes show a state of readiness, and extreme determination.

Booker T: Gene Oka’lund, ta’night… ta’night is muh night of redemption. For ova’ two months, I’ve been without muh Dubya See Dubya Worl’ Heavyweight Championship, becuz’ a’ Jeff Jarrett, Hulk Hogan, n’ da’ n-Dubya-o. Ever since Fall Brawl, da’ boys wit’ da’ power, da’ n-Dubya-o, ‘dey been holdin’ Booka’ T back… but not afta’ ta’night! At Fall Brawl, ‘dere was a conspiracy ta’ take muh Belt away from me, n’ I’ve done muh damnedest ta’ fight back! At Fall Brawl, Hulk Hogan, sucka, ya’ turned on me, Ric Flair, Stinga’, n’ Dubya See Dubya. Ya’ let Jarrett put Flair in ‘dat Figa’ Fo’, n’ Jeff stole muh Belt away from me! Hogan, I kicked yo’ punk ass las’ month at Halloween Havoc, n’ I’ve beaten up many a’ da’ sucka’s o’ da’ n-Dubya-o. Ta’night, ta’night I’m a’ takin’ muh next step, ta’ get ta’ muh final step, Jeff Jarrett, n’ da’ Dubya See Dubya, Worl’ Heavyweight Title.

Booker T pauses, nodding his head up and down repeatedly, believing his words.

Booker T: Jeff Jarrett, ya’ are muh final step ta’ redemption. Ya’ stole muh Belt, n’ ya neva’ gave me muh rightful Title shot. So ta’night, in da’ 45-foot high Supa’ Cage, I’m a gonna get mine. I’m gonna get mine, bitch! Wha’s mine, is da’ right ta’ kick yo punk ass at Starrcade, in da’ main event, fo’ da’ Worl’ Heavyweight Title! So belie’ dat, sucka!

Gene Okerlund: Booker, I understand your determination to win the Super Cage tonight, and face the World Heavyweight Champion at Starrcade. What is your strategy going to be when you enter the Super Cage in tonight’s main event?

Booker T: Ta’ be honest, Gene, ta’night, I don’ have a strategy, n’ I don’ need one! Ta’night, Scott Hall, Scott Steina’, n’ even you, Sting, muh personal feelin’s fo’ ya’ are gettin’ put ta’ da’ side, ‘cuz no matta’ wha’, I’m gonna win da’ Supa’ Cage ta’night! So belie’ dat sucka. I know I’m gonna have ta’ put muh body on da’ line, but so be it. No matta’ wha’, ta’night, I’m gonna climb up ‘dat entira’ Supa’ Cage, n’ I’m gonna get wha’s mine! I’m gonna march muh ass ta’ Starrcade, in da’ main event, and wrestle for muh Dubya See Dubya Worl’ Heavyweight Title! N’ I promise ya’, when I get muh rightfa’ chance, Gene, I’m gonna be walkin’ out, da’ five time, five time, five time, five time, five time… Dubya See Dubya… Worl’.. Heavyweight.. Champion! Hall, Steina’, n’ Sting, whetha’ ya wanna or not, ya’ll gonna be diggin’ ‘dat! So don’ be hatin’ duh playa’ who wins da’ Supa’ Cage ta’night, hate da’ game! Now can you dig that!? SUCKAAA!

Booker stares intently into the camera until it cuts back to the commentary team.

Tony Schiavone: Professor, Booker T has been through a huge scandal with the WCW World Heavyweight Title, and tonight just might be the night he gets his chance to win back what is still rightfully his!

Mike Tenay: That’s right, Tony. At Fall Brawl, after Hulk Hogan turned on WCW in the War Games match against the nWo, Jeff Jarrett applied the Figure Four Leg Lock to an already unconscious Ric Flair, and earned a so called “submission” victory because of that. And due to the pre-match stipulation made by Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion because of it! Since then, Booker T has not had a rematch for his WCW World Heavyweight Title; he hasn’t had crap! But tonight, is his night! Tonight, Booker T will enter that Super Cage, and he has the chance to get his rematch at Starrcade, and win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Tony Schiavone: However, the question is whether or not he can grab the briefcase that will be almost 50 feet in the air, and get the chance to go to Starrcade! But until now, it is time for our next match, the Italian Street Fight! Johnny Stamboli, as you can see, is already in the ring, so let’s get this match underway!

Oh wow, look, there is Johnny Stamboli in the ring. Never would have imagined. He’s in black baggy athletic pants, and black wrist tape. ‘Mamaluke’ then hits, bringing out Big Vito to… nothing. No real boos, and no real cheers. Stamboli actually got a respectable enough amount of jeers when he came out, but that was it. Realizing the poor heat, Vito just stares a hole at Stamboli from the entrance stage, then sprinting down the ramp and into the ring, ready to get the match underway.

Match Two
Big Vito vs. Johnny Stamboli
Italian Street Fight

This match is labeled as an Italian Street Fight, and sounds to me like an unnecessary gimmick to a relative filler match. Vito sells the street fight angle, wearing jeans, that ridiculously, have an Italian flag on the ass. Stamboli is dressed in new attire too; lime green baggy pants. Wow, he went from black to lime green, big change. Anyways, the match itself. Vito starts out like a house of fire, taking it to Stamboli with a flurry of rights and lefts, which only sends Stamboli running. However, Vito just chases, and now, oh yay, it’s a brawl on the outside of the ring. The former partners brawl all around the ringside area for a good minute or two, only to end with Stamboli scoring low with a low blow. Weapons eventually got involved, and Stamboli broke a broomstick over Vito’s back, as well as whacking him over the back and head with a cookie sheet. To finish the onslaught on the outside, Stamboli spiked Vito with a DDT on the floor. Apparently in an Italian Street Fight, pinfalls can take place outside the ring, as Stamboli made a cover, but only got two. The filler continued on, in the ring, with Stamboli taking it to Vito, pummeling the Italian screwball. Really, the match turned into a glorified squash, as Stamboli worked over Vito endlessly, only for Vito to eventually get a small comeback, scoring a plethora of punches, a lariat, and an attempted Implant DDT, only for Stamboli to power out, and flatten Vito with a leaping leg lariat. A vertical suplex followed, and Stamboli finished the match off right after, bringing in a trash can lid, and unleashing a new finishing maneuver, a Double Underhook Piledriver, right onto said lid. Pinfall is academic, and Stamboli is the victor.

Result: Johnny Stamboli def. Big Vito at 6:49

As the bell rings for the match’s end, Stamboli slowly gets up to his feet, arms raised in triumph. Stamboli pushes referee Billy Silverman out of the way, who was trying to attend to Vito. Stamboli walks over to the edge of the ring near the timekeeper’s table, and demands a mic from a stagehand. He gets it, and then comes back into the ring. Before speaking, Stamboli kicks the loose weapons out of the ring, and also the trash can lid Vito was spiked onto, out of the ring. Stamboli lands a kick to Vito’s head, keeping him motionless a little bit longer. Stamboli then takes a few steps back, and begins to speak.

Collo Rotto Per Vito

Johnny Stamboli: Vito, I told you! I told you that this whole “Mamaluke” gimmick was a piece of crap, and that it held me back! And now look at the end result. I just kicked your Italian-lovin’ ass! I told you how it was, Vito, and I just proved it too! The Mamalukes sucked! But not because of me, but because of you! You held me down, Vito, but not anymore! From now on, no one is going to hold Johnny Stamboli down because I am going to my real roots! From here on out, you people will know John Stamboli for what John Stamboli truly is, a Natural Born Thriller!

The old Natural Born Thriller theme hits the sound system for the first time in a long time, and the crowd jeers as two men come out onto the entrance stage. One is in a business suit, and the other, a shirt promoting the NBT, and blue and yellow ‘biker’ trunks. It’s Mike Sanders and Mark Jindrak! It’s a semi-reunion of the Natural Born Thrillers! The three men share smirks as the crowd boos slightly. Stamboli looks down as he spots Vito slowly coming to, trying to get to his feet. Stamboli watches as Vito gets onto his hands and knees, only to land a stiff kick to his ribs! Vito slumps back down to the canvas, as Jindrak and Sanders continue their march to the ring. They reach the ring, and Sanders climbs up the steps and enters the ring, embracing Stamboli. Jindrak however, stops at the ring, instead searching under the ring. Jindrak reappears moments later, clutching a wooden table! The crowd boos a bit more, as the three Natural Born Thrillers all smirk. Jindrak slides the table into the ring, as Stamboli retakes the mic once again.

Johnny Stamboli: Big Vito, you stupid son of a bitch, you’ve held me down long enough! I kicked your ass already tonight, but now, I’m going to make sure you never show your face in this company again! You’re NEVER going to hold me down anymore! It’s time to show all of you jackasses in the crowd just how the Natural Born Thrillers take care of a ‘never-was’ who tries to hold one of us down. So Vito… as you like Italians like to say, Arrivederci!

Stamboli smirks as Sanders starts laying the boots to Vito, as Jindrak sets up the wooden table right next to the corner of the ring, perpendicular to it. Oh and folks, Arrivederci, means “Goodbye” in Italian. Once the table is set up, Jindrak exits the ring to the apron, and climbs up to the top turnbuckle next to the table. Sanders and Stamboli pull Vito up to his feet, and roll him onto the wooden table. Stamboli climbs up onto the table as well, and pulls Vito up to a slouched over position. Stamboli places Vito’s head in between his legs, and hooks both of his arms. “The Bull” takes a deep breath before lifting Vito up into the air, holding him in place for his new finisher. Mark Jindrak jumps off the top turnbuckle, his hands shoving downwards onto Vito’s feet, spiking him downwards, assisting Stamboli in nailing a SPIKE Double Underhook Piledriver, through the table! The crowd boos as Vito is motionless, laying in a heap of broken table fragments. Time for Tony Schiavone aneurism number one!

Schiavone has said aneurism, Tenay calms him down, and EMTs come down to stretcher Vito out of WCW… for good. And oh boy~! Then we go backstage, as the camera cuts to the back, for a, dare I say it, pre-recorded interview!

The Release From Within

For this pre-recorded interview, we have a room that is essentially, completely dark. After a few short moments, a lighter ignites, and the face of Sting can be seen. He’s apparently sitting on a stool in a very short room, and also, there are a plethora of black baseball bats hanging from the ceiling. The description for how eerie and awesome the setting looks, doesn’t do the real thing justice. Sting sits on this stool in silence for a few moments, before beginning his self-monologue.

Sting: …Tonight… the path to victory begins...

A long silence occurs before Sting begins again.

Sting: In my career, I have done nearly everything there is to do. I have won World Titles, I’ve achieved the love of adoring fans, and I have forever made my mark on the sport of professional wrestling. The Stinger, The Crow… will forever be remembered. …But in my eyes, there is a mark… of black and white… not like the paint that hides my face and my emotions… but the likes of symbol. …A symbol of everything I have, do, and always will… stand against… …the New World Order. …I have basked in the popularity of others, and I have stood alone in the rafters above, and in my heart, one thing remains… my inability. I have one inability, and that, is my inability to defeat that symbol that has tried to ridicule me, humiliate me, and turn everyone and everything I once loved against me, the New World Order. I have never been able to defeat the nWo, and until I do, I shall forever be weak. …the New World Order.

Another long, eerie pause.

Sting: …It all comes full circle… the New World Order. They’re a constant threat to me, Sting, and the man behind the paint, Steve Borden. The nWo, they changed the man called Steve Borden, and created a Crow. This black and white face paint that hides me, protects me, from everything and everyone, is because of the New World Order. They ridiculed me. They humiliated me. They turned everyone against me. They destroyed Steve Borden, and they created a Crow… they created Sting. They created… a monster. I am a monster. I don the colors that my deepest rivals don, and I fight the way they will fight. The New World Order… they are my enemies. I need to defeat them, and to do so… I must have the power to do so. …The Super Cage.

Yet again, a long pause.

Sting: The Super Cage. It is everything I need to make me whole. I crave for the Super Cage, to help aide me in my quest to kill the nWo, and the monster they have created. I yearn for the power to give me the chance to make me a man… I need the win in the Super Cage. The Super Cage, with its win, puts me at the top. At the top, gives me the chance to once again, win the WCW World Heavyweight Title, and make Sting the man with the power of persuasion and demand. The Stinger will have a voice that will be heard by everyone, and I can use that voice for domination. …Jeff Jarrett, I pray to my God that you retain your World Title tonight, because you are the leader of a blackened army that I seek to kill. Jeff Jarrett, you are my inspiration behind this black and white face, and tonight in the Super Cage, I will become a man no one has ever seen, TO GET YOU! The Super Cage is my trial and tribulation, to get to Starrcade… to get the World Heavyweight Title… to get you Jeff Jarrett… to defeat you Jeff Jarrett… to defeat the New World Order. …May the Super Cage crucify me if need be, so long as The Crow rises again, at Starrcade, to kill what has tried to kill me. I am ready for my trial. I am ready to face my tribulations. The New World Order… they created a monster. That monster has been confined for too long, and my crusade to free it is now! Tonight, is the Super Cage! Tonight, The Crow is free! Tonight, the crusade reaches its last stop before its destination point! Tonight, The Crow is free in the Super Cage! Tonight, there will be not a man called Sting… but a monster called Sting! The monster from within will be unleashed, and friend or foe, no matter who you are… I will Seek… and Destroy!

Sting stares into the camera, his eyes filled with rage and intent, before the flame from the lighter vanishes, and the promo ends. Tenay and Schiavone are stunned momentarily at the eeriness of the promo, but regroup eventually. Oh yay.

The rap song ‘Filthy’ hits, sending the crowd to cheers as The Filthy Animals, Billy Kidman, Konnan, and Tygress, come out onto the entrance ramp. Kidman is in his usual wife beater and black jean shorts, Konnan in a black top hat, black and red bandana hanging over his mouth, the tip pointing towards the ground, and baggy black sweatpants. And Tygress, who the fuck cares? The trio march down the entrance ramp, Kidman slap hands with fans alone one side of the entrance ramp, Konnan the other. The two march down the entrance ramp and slide into the ring, and then march over to opposite sets of ropes, standing on them and playing to the fans. The two continue to pose and taunt for the crowd, while a mixture of the entrances of their opponents hit, which is now being dubbed ‘Lucha Le Chavo’. ‘Lucha Le Chavo’ brings out Rey Misterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr. to moderate jeers, with some cheers in there as well, continuing the lukewarm reaction for Rey Misterio Jr. Rey and Chavo are in matching purple and black tights, with Rey sporting a purple and black mask to boot.

Match Three
Filthy Animals (w/Tygress) vs. Rey Misterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Tag Team Match

With the bell having rung, it is time for the match to start. Billy Kidman stands in the ring, ready to go for his side, while surprisingly enough, Rey Misterio Jr. stands opposite him for his team, making it Rey versus Kidman to start off. Kidman can’t help but smirk at first when he spots Rey in the ring with him, although the smirk disappears quickly, and Kidman gets his game face back on. The two men slowly walk away from their respective corners, their eyes constantly locked on with one another. The two then slowly start to walk in a circle around the ring, eyes still fixated on each other. The walking in a circle soon turns into a light jog, and just as Kidman starts to lunge in for a tie-up, Misterio turns on his heel and rushes back over to his corner, and tags in Chavo Guerrero Jr.! The crowd boos the cowardly deed by Misterio, who smirks at Kidman as he exits onto the apron. Chavo smirks as well as he enters the ring, ready for action.

The two men wiggle their fingers as they shoot in for the lock-up, with both men then jockeying for position in said lock-up. Chavo scores first with a hammer lock, but Kidman reverses into a hammer lock of his own after a few moments of being in the hold. Kidman wrenches on the lock, but Chavo reverses into an arm wrench. Chavo tries to torque the hold so more pain is applied, which does happen. Kidman finds a way to counter though, sliding on his feet until he lands in front of Chavo and scores with an elbow to the abdomen. Chavo keels over, while Kidman places his right leg over the back of Chavo’s head, his arm still gripping onto Chavo’s. As per usual with this spot, Chavo back flips Kidman off of him, as Billy lands on his feet and charges Chavo right away. Chavo tries to hit a quick clothesline, but Kidman ducks and goes under Chavo’s arm before wrapping his arms around Chavo’s waist for the waist lock. Kidman goes for a quick German suplex, but Chavo blocks the attempt and reverses into a waist lock of his own, followed by a back roll, bringing Kidman along for the ride. Chavo keeps rolling until he ends up on top of Kidman’s legs, with Kidman’s shoulders on the mat in a cover!



Kidman shoves Chavo off! Chavo staggers forward a few feet before turning on his heel and charging right back at Kidman, who is trying to get to his feet. Kidman counters Chavo’s charge, scoring a quick drop toe hold, taking Chavo down to the ring canvas face first. Kidman jumps to the side of Chavo’s head, locking in a side head lock. Chavo tries to squirm on his belly, escaping the maneuver, but Kidman keeps the hold in tight. After a few moments however, Chavo swings his legs around Kidman’s back, wrapping them around his left arm. Chavo gains momentum by doing so, and pulls Billy back into a modified crucifix pin!


Tw- Kick Out!

Kidman kicks out by throwing himself off of Chavo, breaking free of his grip. Kidman somersaults backwards away from Chavo and then nips up to his feet, just as Chavo jumps up to his, both men’s fists raised for combat… stalemate~!

The crowd mildly applauds the efforts of Kidman and Chavo, and while Kidman is receptive of the applause, Chavo doesn’t look too happy with being equaled by Kidman, as he lowers his head, stomps his feet, and then kicks the bottom rope by his corner in rage. Chavito regains his focus however, and the two start to circle each other again. Chavo stops and hits the ropes by the Filthy Animal corner, so Kidman does the same, by Rey’s corner. Big mistake by Kidman though, as when he hits the ropes, Misterio extends his foot out and drills Kidman in the lower back with a hard kick! Konnan cries foul from the corner, while Chavo smirks as Kidman staggers back towards the center of the ring, his torso lowered while he holds his back in pain. As Kidman continues to stagger, Chavo charges, jumps up into the air slightly, and as he comes back down, grabs Kidman by the head and spikes him with a DDT!

The crowd boos as Chavo gets up to his feet quickly, arms out stretched as he does the classic Guerrero “shimmy”, a cocky smirk on his face as well. Chavo ends his shimmy and turns on his heel, focusing back on Kidman, where Chavito starts laying into Kidman with quick stomps to the chest. Kidman tries to roll over to escape the kicks to the chest, but all that does is allow Chavo to lay into Kidman with stomps to the back and back of the head. Chavo keeps attacking Kidman like a rabid animal with stomps to his back. After several moments, Chavo ends the onslaught, grabbing Kidman by the back of the head and pulling him up to his feet. Chavo scores with two forearms to the face, and then whips Kidman into the ropes. Kidman hits the ropes near his corner and comes charging back at Chavo, who goes for a clothesline. Kidman ducks the clothesline and keeps running, gaining momentum. Kidman hits the opposite set of ropes he did before, but Misterio intervenes with a kick to the back of Kidman again! The crowd jeers as Kidman staggers back into the ring, and Chavo wastes no time running up to Kidman, locking in a front face lock, lifting him into the air, and scoring with a snap suplex! Chavo swings his hips as he gets back up to his feet, the face lock still intact, and connect with a second snap suplex! Chavo swings his hips again, pulling himself up to his feet, face lock still on Kidman. Chavo feigns a snap suplex, only to hit a boot to the abdomen to Kidman, followed by grabbing Kidman’s right leg, lifting him back into the air, and scoring with a fisherman suplex! Chavo bridges on impact, right into a cover!



T- Kick Out!

Kidman kicks out, but has no energy to get up to his feet after the triple suplex combination. Chavo gets up to his feet right away though, and pulls Kidman up to his by the hair. Chavo then whips Kidman into the heel corner, Kidman going back first into the turnbuckles. Chavo lands a quick boot to Kidman’s mid-section, and then makes the tag to Rey Misterio Jr. Chavo stays in the ring as Misterio hops over the top rope and into the ring. Together, the two men both hit kicks to Kidman’s mid-section, as referee Mark Johnson protests the double-team. The two keep going, pulling Kidman out of the corner, so Johnson starts a five count. Acting quickly, Rey and Chavo hoist Kidman into the air, and slam him back down with a double vertical suplex! Chavo quickly rolls out of the ring, breaking the five count, as Misterio rolls Kidman onto his stomach, and exits the ring to the apron as well. On the opposite end of the corner as Chavo, Rey grabs onto the ropes and uses them to spring him up to the third rope, followed by a quick springboard off the third rope. Misterio sticks his knees out as he crashes towards the ground, and connects with a double knee drop to the small of Kidman’s back!

Kidman writhes in pain as Misterio bounces off of Kidman’s back and rolls back to his feet, his arms outstretched in a cocky-esque pose. As Kidman slowly struggles to get back to his feet, Misterio toys with Konnan, jawing with him. Konnan tries to enter the ring, but Misterio is quick to point Johnson in the direction of Konnan, who rushes over to K-Dawg to keep him in his corner. Misterio then focuses his attention back over to Kidman, who is now back on his feet, his torso dangling hunched forward. Misterio walks over to Kidman, and positions his head in between his legs. Misterio takes a deep breath, and then hoists Kidman into the air, looking for a power bomb. Kidman immediately fights the bomb, flailing his arms and straightening his back. Misterio tries his best to bomb Kidman, but it is to no avail, because as any internet reporter can tell you, from watching countless Kidman WCW matches… YOU CAN’T POWER BOMB KIDMAN~!

And like always, Kidman fights out of the power bomb, flinging himself over Misterio’s head, sliding down Rey’s back, and as he does so, grabs Rey by the back of the head, and connects with a neck breaker! The crowd pops as both men are motionless on the canvas, while at the opposite ends of the ring, Chavo Guerrero, and especially, Konnan, are waiting for a tag. Mark Johnson starts a ten count as the two men try and come to. The two do by the count of three, and start crawling toward their corners as Johnson ends the count. Rey reaches his corner first, making the tag to Chavo! Chavo rushes into the ring to stop Kidman, but he makes the tag to Konnan! The crowd bursts into cheers as Konnan enters the ring and immediately knocks Chavo down with a right hand! Konnan waits for Chavo to gets up, only to knock him right back down with a running forearm! Chavo is right back up again, and goes down with another right hand! Chavo staggers up to his feet, and Konnan wastes no time grabbing him by the wrist and whipping him across the ring and into the ropes by the heel corner. Chavo comes charging back to Konnan, and he flips him over with a back body drop! Chavo bounces off the canvas, and Konnan wastes no time before springing back into action. Okay, that’s a lie. He pulls up his pants, and then goes into action. Konnan runs off the ropes Chavo just came from as he gets himself up to his feet. Konnan comes charging back, somersaults, and hits the rolling clothesline to Chavo! Chavo staggers backwards into the ropes, and falls through them to the outside! Rey Misterio Jr. hops into the ring to try and deal with Konnan, but K-Dawg jacks him with a right hand, grabs him by the head, runs towards the ropes with Rey, and throws him over the top rope to the concrete floor below! Rey smacks off the floor and rolls, so he ends up right next to Chavo Guerrero Jr. As the heels slowly get up off the floor, Billy Kidman gets back into the ring to cheers from the crowd. Kidman stands in the center of the ring with Konnan, lining up Rey and Chavo on the outside. Kidman runs in the direction away from the two men on the outside, hitting the ropes, and then charging towards their direction. Kidman keeps charging until he reaches the ropes near them, jumping up into the air onto the third rope. Kidman hits a quick springboard off the third rope and leaps to the outside, and he hits a springboard shooting star press from the third rope to the outside, taking out both Rey Misterio and Chavo Guerrero!

The crowd cheers as the three cruiserweights of the match recover on the concrete floor at ringside, while in the ring, Konnan hikes up his baggy sweatpants and plays to the crowd. Stupid Konnan. Why’s the stupid? Well because while he plays to the crowd as the three cruiserweights get up to their feet, he allows Rey and Chavo to have a number’s game on Kidman! Konnan is oblivious as Rey scores with a dropkick to the back of Kidman, followed by Chavo wrapping his arms around Kidman’s legs, lifting him up into the air, and then ramming him spine first into the side of the ring! Chavo keeps a hold of Kidman, however, taking a few steps back and running at full force, jamming Kidman into the ring post, spine first! Kidman’s head also hits off of the ring post as well, and he drops to the concrete floor in pain afterwards. Konnan finally notices what is going on, turning his attention to what’s going on outside of the ring. K-Dawg hikes up his sweatpants and rushes over to the ringside edge, and then dives under the bottom rope to face off with Rey and Chavo. As soon as Konnan starts to dive under the bottom rope, however, Chavo rolls Kidman back into the ring, and he and Rey do so as well. Konnan quickly hikes his sweatpants up again and tries to get back into the ring, but referee Mark Johnson intervenes, getting Konnan back to his corner. While he does so, Chavo and Rey pull Kidman up to his feet. Afterwards, Chavo hoists Kidman up into the air for a modified spine buster, and as he starts to slam Kidman down to the ground, Rey Misterio jumps onto Kidman’s back! Rey slams into the canvas, but he digs his knees into Kidman’s spine on the landing, jamming and jarring the crap out of Kidman’s back!

The crowd boos, but the duo aren’t finished, as Konnan is still trying to enter the ring, so Johnson has to keep trying to restrain him. While that goes on, Chavo locks in a front face lock to Kidman, while Rey heads up to the top turnbuckle. Chavo lifts Kidman up for a vertical suplex, and Misterio leaps off the top turnbuckle, connecting with a missile dropkick to Kidman’s torso while Chavo slams Kidman down onto this back with a vertical suplex! The crowd continues to slightly boo the double team actions, but the 2-on-1 ends as Johnson turns his focus back towards the match and spots the double team. Chavo Guerrero feigns innocence and quickly glides back over to his corner, while Rey makes a quick cover on Kidman.



Th- Shoulder Up!

Through his mask, some slight frustration can be showed on Misterio’s face, but Rey-Rey keeps trucking along, getting up to his feet quickly, and then pulling Kidman up to his as well. Rey scores with a quick forearm, and then whips the groggy Kidman into the ropes. Misterio hits the opposite set of ropes and the two cruiserweights make a charging bee-line for the other. Kidman has nothing in him to score some sort of move, and Rey merely flips himself forward along Kidman’s torso until he lands on his shoulders, and then flips backwards, scoring with a hurricanrana! Rey keeps his legs wrapped around Kidman’s shoulders so he ends up back on top of Kidman’s chest in a pin!



Thre- Konnan breaks up the count!

Konnan came in at the last possible moment and scores with a boot to the back of Rey’s head! Mark Johnson immediately goes to reprimand Konnan, escorting him back to his corner. While he does so, Chavo sneaks back into the ring while Rey recuperates. Chavo pulls Kidman back up to his feet, scoops him off his feet, and connects with a stiff back breaker to Kidman! Chavo quickly rolls back out of the ring, so as Johnson turns back to the match, all he spots is Kidman on the canvas, holding his back in pain, and Misterio getting back up to his feet. Rey and Chavo share a smirk from the ring and corner, before Rey pulls Kidman back up to his feet again. Rey hits a hard right hand, before telling Konnan he’s going to humiliate and finish Kidman once and for all. Rey walks over to Kidman, hoists him up into the air from under his arm pits, rotates, and slams Kidman down onto his back with that Sky High type maneuver, the move Kidman calls the Animal Cruelty! Misterio just stole Kidman’s own signature maneuver, and if that’s not enough, Rey gets back up to his feet, and points to the top turnbuckle. He’s going to go for the Shooting Star Press! Konnan is irate in the corner, Chavo is laughing, and the crowd is barely booing Rey. Rey takes a weak kick at Kidman, before slowly walking over to the adjacent corner, exiting to the ring apron, and climbing up the turnbuckles to the top one. Rey catches his balance, and then stands up fully on the top turnbuckle. Rey takes one final look at the irate Konnan, and simply laughs. Misterio jumps off the top turnbuckle, executing the Shooting Star Press, but finds nothing but the canvas!

The crowd cheers mildly as Kidman finds a way to roll out of the way in desperation, sparking Misterio to hit stomach first off of the canvas! Misterio hits the canvas and rolls a foot or so towards his corners, knees in his chest as the wind has been knocked out of him. Mark Johnson starts another ten count, but only gets to five before Billy Kidman leaps from the canvas to his corner, making the hot tag to Konnan! The crowd cheers as Konnan burst into the ring, and so does the illegal man, Chavo Guerrero Jr. Chavo makes a beeline for Konnan, but K-Dawg sticks out his right arm and flattens him with a clothesline! Chavito gets back up to his feet quickly, and Konnan runs into action again, knocking him down with a running forearm. Chavo again gets up to his feet, trying to fend for his team while Misterio still tries to get the wind back in his lungs. Konnan scores another right hand to Chavo, knocking him back into the ropes. Konnan hikes up his baggy sweats, and then walks over to Chavo. A right forearm connects, and K-Dawg whips Chavo across the ring into the opposite pair of ropes. As Chavo hits off those ropes, Konnan bounces off the other, somersaults, and then hits the rolling clothesline to the oncoming Chavo Guerrero!

The crowd’s cheers continue to get louder as K-Dawg yells out in some fiery Spanish to the Houston crowd. Chavo staggers up to his feet, while Rey Misterio starts to do the same as well, behind Konnan. Chavo is up first, and Konnan scores with another right hand, and then a forearm that sends Chavo staggering backwards. Konnan hikes up his sweatpants and goes to make a charge at Chavito, but before he can, Rey, now back on his feet fully, dives forward, taking Konnan down with a chop block to the back of Konnan’s left knee! Rey quickly rolls out of the ring and onto the apron, as Konnan quickly tries to get up to his feet. As he does so, Chavo bounces off the ropes nearest him and comes charging back at Konnan. Just as Konnan gets back up on his feet, Chavo leaps into the air, wrapping his arm around Konnan’s head and swinging himself sideways, spiking Konnan on his head with a Tornado DDT! Konnan lays flat on his back, just as Misterio jumps from the apron to the third rope, and springboards right back off towards Konnan, connecting with a splash! Rey Misterio stays on top, and it’s a cover! This is going to be it!




No~! Billy Kidman with a leaping body attack, landing on the back of Rey Misterio, breaking the count just before the three! The crowd applauds Kidman’s efforts, as he rolls off of Misterio, who rolls off of Konnan. The two men slowly get to their feet, while Chavo stands in the background, stalking the situation. Kidman gets to his feet, re-energized, and ready to kick some ass… Rey’s ass. Rey looks at Kidman and instantly takes off in fear, running towards the ropes. Kidman follows, but Rey quickly slides under the bottom rope to the outside to escape Billy. Kidman runs into the ropes and jumps onto the bottom rope in frustration. Rey continues to back away from Kidman, while back in the ring, Chavo rushes up to Kidman from behind, locks in a waist lock, and goes for a German suplex! Kidman back flips out of the attempt! Kidman lands on his feet, and as Chavo turns around, makes a quick charge! Chavo retaliates with a clothesline attempt, but Kidman ducks at the last moment! Kidman keeps running and hits the ropes, and comes charging back towards Chavo. Before Chavo can try and get a counter attack going, Kidman twirls himself around Chavo, and connects with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors! Chavo flips forward to the canvas from the head scissors, and now Rey Misterio Jr. jumps back into the ring to sneak attack Kidman! Rey goes for a quick dropkick to the back of Kidman’s head, who is apparently oblivious to Rey, but Kidman takes two steps forward, and Rey misses, crashing back first to the canvas! Kidman smirks as he turns on his heel, and points to his head, saying he knew Rey would try a sneak attack! Rey tries to backward crawl away from Kidman on his hands and feet, but as he does so, he backs right into a standing Konnan!

The crowd mildly cheers as Rey is trapped between the two Filthy Animals! Rey can’t fight away as Konnan grabs him by the back of the neck and hoists him up to his feet. Rey can only stand there and absorb the pain as Kidman rocks him with a right hand! Rey staggers backwards into Konnan, who hits a boot to the mid-section and scores with the K-Factor! Rey’s face and torso slams off the canvas and he then rolls back onto his back, as Kidman exits the ring to the apron. Kidman starts climbing up the turnbuckles while Konnan hurries over to a staggering Chavo Guerrero Jr. and tosses him over the top rope and out of the ring! With Chavo out of the way, Kidman focuses on catching his balance, and leaps off the top turnbuckle, scoring with the Shooting Star Press to Misterio! Kidman makes the cover, and Johnson counts…




Result: Filthy Animals def. Rey Misterio Jr. & Chavo Guerrero Jr. at 14:19

The bell rings and the crowd moderately cheers as Billy Kidman and Konnan embrace in the ring, celebrating their victory. Tygress also enters the ring, and she embraces the two as well! The Filthy Animals raise each others arms in victory, happy to have the match won, while Rey Misterio Jr. is rolled out of the ring by Mark Johnson. Once on the apron, he slowly gets his way to his feet, and is met by Chavo Guerrero Jr. The two heels wrap their arms around each others shoulders and help their way up the ramp, saddened by the loss. The heels make their way up the ramp and to the back while the camera continues to focus on The Filthy Animals, who celebrate their victory even more. The camera focuses on the Animals for a few more moments, until the camera cuts backstage, without the announcer’s getting the opportunity to hype the Filthy Animals’ victory.


Okerlund interviews Ric Flair in the back, who also is with Arn and Cal Anderson. Its hype time for the handicap match, as Flair talks about how he’s been dying to get the chance to fight Hulk Hogan, but especially Eric Bischoff. Ric goes on a tirade about both of them, and that tonight, no matter what they throw at him, Ric Flair will overcome the odds, and he will defeat Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff tonight, and he will not be fired! Eric tried to fire him back in September when he and Jeff Jarrett wrestled in a steel cage match, but Flair wouldn’t go down then, and he wouldn’t go down all the other times he tried to fire Flair, like in 1997 and 1998. He’s staying in WCW, and The Enforcer’s are going to be right behind him to make sure so! With that, Arn takes over and calls Eric a yellow-bellied coward again, and Hulk an arrogant bastard who’s a poison to the sport of professional wrestling. He promises that tonight, if either one of them try to step out of line and screw over Ric, him and his nephew, Cal, are going to be right there to kick their teeth down their throats! Flair ends it by saying that the nWo hierarchy is going down, starting tonight, WOOO~!

The nWo Camp

Still backstage, with Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, and Hulk Hogan in their locker room. The trio have just watched the previous segment on their monitor, and prompts Bischoff and Hogan to run down Ric Flair and the Andersons’, saying that Ric is going to get his ass handed to him tonight, and fired, and after that, Arn Anderson is going to be next! Jeff agrees, and says that Flair’s a thorn in their side, and that it’s about time the nWo runs his old ass off to a nursing home for good! Jarrett then says that Flair won’t be the only one there, because he’s going to make sure Nash joins him tonight as well. Jarrett says that he and Nash go back, and that it didn’t have to be this way, but since Big Kev wanted to try and screw with the black and white, tonight, he’s going to end up being, black and blue. So choke on that, slappy!

When the show cuts back to the Astro Dome, the Prong ‘Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck’ rift hits, bringing out not just Lance Storm, but The Young Lions, Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire, as well. All three men sport their respective Championship Belts, looking confident and ready for their big Title match. The trio marches down the entrance aisle after coming out from the new entrance chute. Once the three faces get into the ring, ‘New World Order’ hits, bringing out one of the (new, aka, 3rd rendition) founding members of the nWo, ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome, and two of the newest members, KroniK, Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke. The three, of course, receive jeers from the crowd, thanks in part to the nWo name, theme, and t-shirts. Awesome and KroniK march right down the aisle and into the ring, ready for the match. Awesome takes off his shirt to expose his chest, while Adams and Clarke do the same, but revealing the tops of their singlet’s.

Match Four
Lance Storm & The Young Lions © vs. New World Order
WCW North American & Tag Team Championship’s On Line

What better way to start this match than a pier-six brawl? A few things, but the pier-six is what we get. The faces clear house in the brawl, each man tossing an opponent from the ring to the outside with their own methods. This of course, means that the WCW-side gets to celebrate in the ring, while the tandem of Awesome and KroniK sulk on the outside until Awesome enters the ring for combat, with Chuck Palumbo. The two go through some basic holds, with Awesome coming out strong in the end. Awesome uses his size to beat Palumbo down into the ground, and from there, the nWo starts to go to work, isolating Palumbo for the next few moments. The New World Order does a good job keeping Palumbo in their corner, as well as using quick tags to keep one another fresh. The heel trio do quite the number on Palumbo for a while, but slip up soon. Bryan Clarke tries to hit The Meltdown, but Palumbo easily slips out from his clutches, sliding down his back and landing behind him. When Clarke turns around, he eats The Jungle Kick, knocking him down hard. The referee starts a count, and get sup to eight before tags are made; Clarke tags in Brian Adams, while Palumbo tags in Sean O’Haire.

O’Haire and Adams explode into the ring, running full steam at one another, but it’s O’Haire who drops Adams with a nasty looking standing shoulder block. O’Haire proceeds to knock Adams down several more times with clotheslines and running forearms, before Mike Awesome intervenes… only to take a back body drop. As everyone starts to enter the ring, Lance Storm makes a blind tag as O’Haire hits the ropes, just before another pier-six brawl erupts. Storm brawls with Brian Adams, Sean O’Haire with Mike Awesome, and Chuck Palumbo with Bryan Clarke. After a few moments, O’Haire and Awesome spill over the top rope to the outside of the ring after Awesome levels O’Haire with a clothesline, with the momentum sending Awesome following suit. Bryan Clarke ends up retreating to the outside as well after taking a hard shoulder block from Chuck Palumbo; Palumbo follows him right away. With Lance Storm and Brian Adams left alone in the ring, the match comes to a quick end. Lance Storm starts to hammer into Adams with a fury of side-elbow strikes, sending Adams staggering about. Storm proceeds to deck Adams with a Super Kick, before picking him right back up and slamming him to the canvas with his sit-out brain buster finisher. Despite Mike Awesome having taken down Sean O’Haire on the outside, he isn’t paying enough attention to the ring, and Lance Storm is able to make the pin and get the victory.

Result: Lance Storm & Young Lions def. New World Order at 8:44

After the match, the faces all try to celebrate, but get jumped by the New World Order. Awesome bends a steel chair over all three men’s heads, and both men of the Young Lions take the High Times from KroniK. To finish it off, Mike Awesome puts Lance Storm through a table with an Awesome Bomb, leaving the faces all down and out, the heels in top.

Keep That Shill Alive~!

Backstage with The Outsiders and Mean Gene Okerlund! Okerlund talks with Scott Hall first, who hypes the Super Cage match first, talking about never winning the World Title before, and that tonight, he’s starting the path that changes it, by winning the Super Cage, and moving on to headline Starrcade, Wolfpack style. Big Sexy then cuts in, and says that by making it true Wolfpack style, Big Sexy is going to be in the match as well, and as the World Heavyweight Champion. Nash calls Jarrett a punk, and that he’s got no credibility to call himself a World Champion, nWo Leader, or an nWo member at all. Bottom line, Nash says that tonight, the Wolfpack are the ones taking over.

As the show cuts to the arena, there’s a several second pause until the loud ‘HOOOOOWWWLLL’ blares throughout the Astro Dome, bringing out ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash, to a loud mixture of cheers and boos. Nash has a much more serious look about him tonight, as there will be no fun and games as he tries to win the World Heavyweight Championship, once again. Nash doesn’t even bother to play to the fans as he marches right down the entrance aisle and into the ring. Once Nash gets into the ring and removes his ‘Wolfpack’ t-shirt, ‘New World Order’ hits again tonight, bringing out the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett, and surprisingly, only Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett doesn’t look his usual cocky self, as he has no Eric Bischoff or any other nWo members by his side, just Jeff Jarrett, his acoustic guitar, and his Title Belt. The Chosen One tries to have a competent demeanor about him, but fails miserably. Jarrett slowly walks down the aisle and into the ring, trying to stay calm and collected. Once in the ring, Jarrett nervously takes off his WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt, and hands it to referee Charles Robinson, who raises it up into the air as ring announcer David Penzer does the introductions. Once the introductions are finished, the bell rings, and the match begins!

Match Five
Jeff Jarrett © vs. Kevin Nash
WCW World Heavyweight Championship

The two men slowly circle each other to start the match because well, Nash can’t go very fast. The two men lock-up eventually, only for Nash to shove Jarrett down to the canvas, showing his strength. Jarrett shows fear, but they lock-up again, only for Nash to eventually shove The Chosen One back down to the canvas again. Nash smirks at Jeff before licking his index finger and “chalking up” two points in the air. Jarrett shows signs of anger and frustration, and the two lock-up again, but this time, Jarrett lands a boot to the gut and an eye rake. Jarrett starts going to work on Nash with clubbering blows to Nash’s upper back, as well as incorporating punches to Nash’s skull. Jarrett proceeds to beat down Nash with simple punching for several extended moments, before attempting to whip Nash into the ropes. Big Sexy reverses, and Nash ends up planting Jarrett with a shoulder block, knocking Jarrett down. Nash drops a lazy elbow drop, covers, but gets a two count only. Nash then goes to work on Jarrett with simple right hands and a few overhead blows to Jarrett’s upper back. Nash proceeds to simply beat down Jarrett with his brawling tactics, for more than a minute, stopping when Jarrett rolls out of the ring after being knocked down by a big Nash right hand. Nash follows to the outside, only for Jarrett to jump him with a knee to the abdomen. Jarrett proceeds to smash Nash’s face off the side of the ring, and also into the security guard rail. Jarrett continues to beat on Nash on the outside with simple brawling tactics, and the crowd isn’t overly into this match; the two seem to be not giving it their all tonight.

Jarrett continues to beat on Nash on the outside, and climaxes the assault on the outside when he whips Nash face first into the ring post. Jarrett proceeds to roll Nash into the ring, and then follows suit. In the ring, Jarrett starts to work on Nash’s right knee with several hard kicks to the back of Nash’s knee cap. The focus on Nash’s knee continues by placing Nash’s right ankle on the middle rope, while Jarrett stands on the bottom rope, his hands on the top rope. Bouncing up and down lightly on the ropes, Jarrett gathers momentum before jumping off the bottom rope and slamming all of his body weight down onto Nash’s fully-extended knee. Jarrett does this task four more times, softening Nash up for a Figure Four probably, and to take away Nash’s vertical base, a big advantage for Big Sexy over a guy like Jarrett. The Chosen One proceeds to work on Nash’s knee for the next several minutes with kicks to the kneecap, chop blocks, and even one knee breaker, and after a while Jarrett tries to go for the Figure Four Leg Lock, only for Nash to block it, pie face Jeff when Jarrett leans in to try and reconfigure Nash’s legs, shoving Jarrett away from him. Slowly but surely, Nash makes his way up to his feet, blocks a wild Jarrett right hand, head butts The Chosen One, and knocks him down with a clothesline. Nash hobbles over to the ropes while Jarrett staggers to his feet. Once on his feet, Jarrett charges Big Sexy, only for Nash to hobble a step and lethargically lift his right leg up into the air knock Jeff down with the Big Boot. Nash crumbles to the ground to though, the pressure on his leg and knee to much to handle.

Both men are down for several moments, prompting referee Charles Robinson to start counting up to 10. However, this match isn’t ending in a double knock-out, so both men are up by the count of eight. The two start going through the motions again once they’ve recovered, exchanging slow punches with one another. However, as the systematic formula works, Nash starts to get the advantage with his powerful right hands, sending Jarrett reeling and staggering across the ring. Nash starts to knock Jarrett down several times with big right hands and clothesline, and then scores a near fall with a sidewalk slam. The crowd starts to get behind Nash after the near count, and Nash is starting to feel ‘it’, as he gets up to his feet, rips the straps off of his top, and throw up the Wolfpack symbol. Jarrett slowly staggers to his feet, only to walk into a hard right hand that causes Jeff to stagger to and fro, allowing Nash to grab Jeff by his head, and tuck it in between Nash’s legs, setting him up for the Jack Knife Power Bomb. Nash throws up the Wolfpack symbol again and prepares to lift Jarrett up into the air, when his eyes are distracted by the body of an attractive young lady.

This attractive young lady has already made her way out from the back, and is seductively shaking her hips as she walks down the entrance aisle, sporting nothing but a short black skirt and top. Nash realizes that it is none other than Stacy Keibler, but he, like everyone else, has no idea why she’s at ringside; Keibler hasn’t been seen in WCW since the buy-out. Keibler and her long legs of sexiness make their way up onto the ring apron, and Keibler slowly starts to dance, tossing her hair from side to side and seductively shaking her hips, drawing the attention both of Kevin Nash and Charles Robinson. Nash has a goofy smirk on his face as he looks at Keibler, while Robinson slowly tries to make his way over to Keibler and get her off the apron. Keibler just continues to dance as Robinson makes his way over, but when he gets over to Stacy, she grabs him by the shirt and starts to dance up against him, the ring ropes in between them, however. Nash snaps back into reality, however, and starts to life Jarrett up into the air when WHACK~! CURT HENNIG whacks Nash over the head with Jeff Jarrett’s guitar! Curt Hennig, the nWo member whose been out of action since Halloween Havoc with a broken nose, came out through the crowd, grabbed Jarrett’s guitar, and broke it over Nash’s head while Robinson was distracted by Keibler! Hennig quickly discards the big pieces of guitar fragments and exits the ring with them, as Nash crumbles to the canvas. Keibler keeps a wary eye on the ring, and seeing Hennig out of the ring, she stops dancing, blows Robinson a kiss, and hops off the apron. Robinson, sadly, turns his focus back to the ring, only to spot Jeff Jarrett slowly picking Nash up to his feet. Jarrett hits a weak knee to the gut, and then plants Nash with a haggard, but effective, Stroke! Jarrett makes the cover, and with the crowd absolutely disgusted, Jarrett gets the 1, the 2, and the 3!

Result: Jeff Jarrett def. Kevin Nash to retain at 9:13

The bell rings for the match to be over, and both Curt Hennig and Stacy Keibler enter the ring. Charles Robinson goofily walks up to Keibler, expecting a continued dance, only Keibler to bitch slap Robinson, and Hennig to damn near kill him with the Hennig Plex! The cameras get a good shot of Keibler’s blacked top, a top that’s showing Keibler’s midriff because the hem has been scrunched into a ball and ponytail at Keibler’s naval. However, the letters can still be seen, they are the letters of the nWo. Stacy Keibler is clearly the newest member of the New World Order, and she has helped Jeff Jarrett retain the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Jarrett and Keibler share a quick peck on the lips, and Hennig then gives Jeff his Belt. And within just one match, one nWo member has returned, and a new one has debuted. God bless 1997.

Doin’ What He Does Best

Backstage, Gene Okerlund interviews the final Super Cage contestant, Scott Steiner. Steiner talks about the hell and high water he went through just to get into the Super Cage, and that now, it is time to put up or shut up for him. He hasn’t held the World Title in almost 8 months now, and that tonight, his path to regaining the one thing he cares about the most, begins. He doesn’t want to make this some freaking sob story for him, so tonight, he’s going to go out to the ring, in the Super Cage, and do what he does best; kick ass. He’s going to kick ass and take names, and that when it is all said is done, Steiner will be holding the briefcase that sends him to Starrcade for the World Heavyweight Title match with Jeff Jarrett, and when he does, he’s going to make The Chosen One his personal bitch! So holler if ya’ hear him!

‘Voodoo Child’ by Jimi Hendrix hits to the sound system here in the Astro Dome, bringing the crowd to their feet in boos as the tandem of ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan and the President of WCW, Eric Bischoff, appear on the entrance stage, both looking cocky as ever. Bischoff is merely in an nWo t-shirt and black athletic pants, his wrists taped in black, while Hogan has his usual plethora of accessories; black and white feather boas, shades, bandana, nWo tank top, Hollywood tights, and the Hollywood black and white weight-lifting belt. The duo glides down the entrance ramp to the ring, ignoring the loud jeers from the mass of people surrounding them. Once in the ring, Bischoff merely tests the ropes, pulling down on them, while Hogan does one his famous ‘cupped-ear’ pose, only to give the audience the worldwide gesture to “go fuck yourself”. As the crowd rain upon Hogan more boos, ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ hits the PA, and the boos of the crowd turn into incredibly loud cheers, with the arrival of ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair becoming imminent. As the legendary theme plays for a few more seconds, good ole’ Naitch walks out from the back, clad in a green and white robe tonight, to go along with green trunks and boots. Flair’s not alone tonight though, ladies and gentleman; ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson and ‘The New Enforcer’ Cal Anderson are right behind, just like they promised this past week on Nitro. Flair leads the way down the entrance ramp, The Anderson’s right behind him, the crowd continuing to cheer the trio of men on. As Flair reaches the ring, he quickly removes his robe and throws it to the ringside floor before storming right into the ring, ready to go. Bischoff cowers behind Hogan as soon as Flair enters the ring, the confidence now long gone with Flair standing only a few feet from him. Flair keeps his eyes locked on Hogan, the only man whose eyes he can actually look into. Hogan removes his shades to stare right back at Flair, a cocky smirk still slightly evident on his face. Hogan takes off his bandana and tosses them out of the ring to a stagehand, while Nick Patrick informs Bischoff and Hogan that just because this is a handicap match, but men can’t be in the ring at the same time, one man has to be on the apron, and tagged in to enter the match. Bischoff and Hogan merely roll their eyes at each other, not fully expecting to obey the match rules for too long. However, they do to start, and Bischoff practically runs to the corner nearest him, perfectly fine with Hogan start this match off. Finally, Patrick makes the dramatic command for the bell to be rung, and this match is under way!

Match Six
Ric Flair (w/The Andersons) vs. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan
Handicap Match- If Flair Loses, He’s Fired

With the bell rung, it is time for what is like, contractually obliged to first happen in a Hulk Hogan PPV match… THE STARE DOWN… OF DOOM~!

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair continue to keep their eyes locked on each other; Flair’s showing that of intense focus and hatred, Hogan’s also showing his readiness to compete, but with that cocky aura around them. The two legendary icons stare each other down for many moments, letting the crowd simply cheer and cheer, waiting for the initial fight. And then finally, after over half a minute passes, the two men start walking forward, until they’re right up next to another! Nose-to-nose they go, trash talking another, continuing to get the crowd more and more pumped up. The two continue their little banter for only a few moments, both then backing off one step before lunging right into a collar-and-elbow tie-up! The two jockey for position, trying to out-muster the other. And as per contractually obligated, Hulk Hogan over powers Ric Flair, shoving him to the canvas, and looking like a million bucks. I swear, every Hogan PPV match starts off with a tie-up, and Hogan always wins them. The crowd jeers as Hogan does one of his silly muscular taunts to the seated Flair, while Bischoff laughs at Flair’s “weakness”. He calls it weakness, I call it obliging to Hogan’s contract.

The Nature Boy gets back up to his feet, looking more pissed than before, his eyes fixated on Hogan. Flair wastes no time marching right back into Hulk’s face, talking some trash, and then going right back into a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Again, the icons battle for position, trying to over-power the other. After seconds of struggle, good ole’ Naitch gets a boost of strength, and he shoves Hogan down to the canvas, and immediately, the crowd cheers. Hogan is irate on his buttocks, while Bischoff looks like he just was pimp-slapped across the face. Flair looks down at Hogan, staring right into his eyes, and yells out a very loud ‘Woo!’, which results in Houston, Texas, doing the same. Flair backs away from Hogan, leaning on the ropes near the entrance ramp, merely waiting for The Hulkster to get to his feet. Hogan gets to his feet slowly, probably because of exhaustion, staring down Flair. Now both back on their feet, Flair and Hogan make their way up to each other again, and engage in a third collar-and-elbow tie-up. Before there is even a noticeable power struggle, Hogan tries a cheap shot! Hulk swings his knee up toward Flair’s abdomen, but Slick Ric saw it coming, and spins, twirling around Hogan’s side to his back, grabbing Hogan’s right arm and locking it in a hammer lock while doing so! Hogan howls in pain momentarily, only to grab Flair’s arm with his free hand, and slowly turn himself sideway, so he ends up having Flair in an arm wrench. Hogan wrenches down on the dreaded submission hold (of doom~!) before using his right elbow to slam down onto Flair’s wrenched arm, sending him to his hands and knees in the middle of the ring.

Hogan smirks at the fallen Flair, who immediately starts getting to his feet, albeit somewhat slowly. Standing to the left of Flair, Hogan wraps his right bicep (that’s a 24 inch python, brother) around the side of Flair’s head, and oh my, what a wide array of moves… the dreaded side head lock! Hogan wrenches his arm across Flair’s head and face, tightening the head lock, but the Nature Boy’s a fighting kind of guy, making his way up to his feet, regardless. Flair’s on his feet, but his back is still hunched forward slightly as Hogan keeps the move in, Flair fighting to break free. He does so, slamming his left elbow into Hulk’s gut repeatedly. The head lock starts to lose its strength, and Flair fights free, wrapping his arm around Hogan’s back and whipping him across the ring. Hogan runs slowly glides across the ring and into the ropes, with Flair charging right towards him though. Hogan hits the ropes and prepares his travels back to the middle of the ring, but Flair’s right there with a running forearm to Hogan’s chest, sending him staggering into and through the first and second ropes, to the outside of the ring! Oh my goodness, what a high spot by Hulk Hogan! The crowd pops as Hogan plummets to the outside, leaving Flair the only man in the ring. In the bat of an eye, Flair turns on his heel and sprints across the ring, over to the corner occupied by one Eric Bischoff. Flair lunges and wraps his hands on the fabric of Bischoff’s shirt just above the shoulders, and before Easy E can do anything about it, Flair flings him over the top rope and into the ring, right on his back!

The crowd is all cheers as Bischoff holds his spine in pain, while Flair looks at Bischoff, hungry to attack. Bischoff recuperates immediately though, and rolls onto his belly and starts to crawl away from Flair as fast as he can. Ric notices Eric squirming away moments later, and runs across the ring after the crawling Eric, but Bischoff rolls right out of the ring before Flair can reach him! The crowd jeers Eric’s cowardice, but once Eric gets to his feet, he sees he has nowhere to go! Arn Anderson is on one side of him, and Cal Anderson is on the other! The Enforcer’s look at Bischoff, stone-faced, as Eric looks horrified to the delight of the crowd. Bischoff tries a quick feign move to go past Cal, but Arn grabs him from behind by the scruff of the neck! Arn gathers some momentum and sends Bischoff right back into the ring! Bischoff rolls in under the bottom rope and keeps rolling a bit more, only to be pounced on by Naitch! Flair grabs Bischoff by the hair and ruthlessly yanks him up to his feet, resulting in a holler from Eric. Once on their feet, Flair glares at Bischoff in complete hatred, and clocks him with a left jab to the cheek! Eric staggers back into the ropes, but before he can fall down, Flair is right there to keep him on his feet. Naitch places Eric’s arms behind the top rope, keeping him in place, and grabs his shirt and rips it down the front, revealing a very white chest from Bischoff. His target now exposed, Flair pulls back, and a stiff knife edge chop to the chest of Bischoff! Flair and the crowd both yell out a collective ‘Woo!’, and do so again as Flair lands another stiff knife edge to the chest of Bischoff, immediately reddening it! Uncle Eric slinks down, only for Flair to shove Eric upright again. Flair blows hot air onto the palm of his hand and goes for another knife edge, but before he can connect, Hogan blindsides him with a running clothesline to the back of the head!

Hulk Hogan had re-entered the ring, and bam, just like that, blindsided Flair with a clothesline to the back of the head. Slick Ric falls down to his hands and knees, and Eric lets out a heavy breath of reluctance for Hogan. The Hulkster doesn’t give Flair any time to recuperate, landing a hard kick to Flair’s ribs, followed by another one. Hogan steps back, and then connects with a third kick to Flair’s ribs, this shot knocking Flair from his hands and knees to his stomach. The crowd can only boo as the assault soon becomes a 2-on-1 affair; Bischoff frees his arms from behind the third rope, rubs his reddened chest, and joins Hogan in laying the boots to the back and back of the head of one Ric Flair. Nick Patrick is here to save the day though, reminding the WCW President and political mastermind that despite this being a handicap match, someone has to be on the apron, it isn’t a 2-on-1 onslaught. Hogan and Bischoff stop their stomping on Flair, and turn their attention to Patrick. Hogan glowers at Patrick menacingly, while Bischoff yells at Patrick he run the damn company, and he can’t tell him what to do; he signs his pay checks! Bischoff threatens to fire Patrick if he even thinks about disqualifying them, so Patrick simply backs off, allowing Hogan and Bischoff both to turn their focus back to Flair. However when they do, they spot both Arn and Cal Anderson standing on the ring apron, looking on menacingly at Bischoff. Hogan and Bischoff aren’t stupid, and know they don’t want a mass brawl to break out, so they simply pull Ric Flair back up to his feet. Ironically, however, as they do so, Bischoff orders Patrick to do his damn job and get The Anderson’s off the apron. After a mere roll of the eyes and shrug of the shoulders, Patrick does so, and Arn and Cal grudgingly oblige. With order somewhat restored, and Flair seemingly out of it, Hogan and Bischoff work together, putting Flair in a front face lock, and lifting him off his feet… double vertical suplex!

The crowd boos as Flair is easily flung into the air and back down again, not able to overcome the numbers. Hogan and Bischoff are all too proud of themselves for their work, getting up to their feet with ear-to-ear grins on their faces. Bischoff looks down to see that Flair is more or less lifeless at this point, and tells Hogan to go back to the corner, he wants to finish this son of bitch on his own, once and for all. As the match reaches the eight minute mark, Hogan retreats to their corner, while Bischoff heads over to the opposite corner, untying the turnbuckle pads! Nick Patrick immediately yells at the foul act as Bischoff removes the pad from the third turnbuckle, and starts doing it to the second as well. Bischoff turns on his heel, and again, threatens to fire Patrick if he disqualifies him. The crowd boos Bischoff’s arrogant tactics, but they work, as Patrick backs off, and allows Bischoff to keep untying the second turnbuckle pad, until the steel is exposed there as well. With the upper 2 pads removed, Bischoff turns on and his heel and walks back over to Flair, who is slowly trying to make it up to his feet, but has only been able to get up to his hands and knees by this point. Bischoff looks down on Flair in disgust, and drills a right hand into Ric’s skull! Flair almost falls over, but instead, pulls himself up to just his knees, trying to show some fight! Flair waves his arms in circles to keep his balance, but Bischoff drives another right hand to Flair’s temple, and Flair almost flops backwards! Flair’s eyes appeared glazed over, and he has his hands groggily moving in front of his face, begging for mercy. Bischoff tilts his head back and laughs at Flair’s cowardice, and even calls Flair a coward. Bischoff takes a step closer and goes for a final blow, and BAM~! Low blow to Bischoff! The crowd explodes into loud cheers as Bischoff starts staggering around the ring, and Flair hops right up to his feet! He’s the dirtiest player in the game for a reason folks, and he just showed it right there! Bischoff staggers around in one big circle, until he ends up right in front of Flair. Flair wastes no time, grabbing his wrist and sending him across the ring… chest first into the exposed steel!

The crowd continues their loud cheers as Bischoff crashes into the exposed steel, and as he is about to flop down on his back, Flair runs right at Eric and tackles him from behind, wrapping his arms around his waist and driving him right back into the exposed steel, his chest and stomach meeting with the unforgiving steel! The crowd’s cheers continue to get louder, especially as Flair stands upright, grabs Bischoff by the back of the head, and starts ramming his forehead into the exposed steel! Where the top turnbuckle pad used to be, is now exposed steel, and Flair pounds Bischoff’s head right into it, five, six, seven, and an eight time! Flair lets go, and Bischoff flops onto the canvas, back first. Flair turns around to see Bischoff fall, but look out, Hulk Hogan’s charging! Flair turns just in enough time to react to Hogan, and Flair side steps as Hogan goes for a clothesline, and executes a drop toe hold! Flair’s drop toe hold trips Hogan off his feet, and Hogan goes face first onto the exposed steel where the second turnbuckle pad used to be! Hogan completely botches the drop toe hold, making it look terrible as all hell, but he follows through with the plan, still doing the blade job, despite his face just barely making the weakest amount of touch with the steel. The crowd doesn’t care, and continues to cheer their hearts out as now, both Hogan and Bischoff are down, and bleeding, while their man Naitch stands tall!

Ric Flair gets up to his feet, and with everyone else still down, takes his time to strut throughout the middle of the ring, styling and profiling like no other. Flair stops after he goes all the way across the ring, turns around, and spots Hulk starting to get back to his feet, using the ropes for help. Flair marches back across the ring to Hogan, pulls him up the rest of the way to his feet, turns him around so they’re face to face, and lights him up with a knife edge chop! And another knife edge chop! The crowd is going crazy, as is Flair, with the yelling of ‘Woo!’, as Flair lays into The Hulkster with stiff knife edge chop after stiff knife edge chop, reddening Hogan’s chest in a matter of moments. While Flair lights up Hogan’s chest, Easy E starts staggering to his feet as well. From the outside of the ring, Double A yells out to Flair to alert him of Bischoff getting up to his feet as well. With this news in mind, Flair connects with one more stiff knife edge chop to Hogan before marching over to Bischoff. Flair grabs Eric by the scruff of the neck, and shoves him into the ropes right next to Hogan. Knife edge~! That’s what Bischoff and Hogan both start getting, as Flair just keeps going like a mad man to the two of them, hitting another seven knife edge chop’s to each man. With that done, Flair then grabs Eric by the head and storms across the ring to the opposite set of ropes, and sends Bischoff airborne, over the top rope and to the concrete floor outside of the ring! Bischoff smacks off the concrete and rolls over to the guard rail, right next to the timekeeper’s table, while back in the ring, Flair makes his way back over to Hogan, lands a boot to the mid-section and plants The Hulkster with a vertical suplex! Flair lets out another loud ‘Woo!’ before grabbing a hold of Hogan’s right leg, getting everything set-up, and applying arguably the most legendary submission maneuver in wrestling today, the Figure Four Leg Lock!

The match has now past the eleven minute mark, and it is now looking like this pup could be over in a matter of moments! Flair locks down on the submission move, desperately trying to put as much torque on Hogan’s already poor knee so he’ll submit. Flair has both hands pushing down on Hogan’s foot, adding more torque to the hold, while Hogan, eyes closed, teeth gnashed, and fists curled, desperately tries not to tap out to the maneuver. As Flair continues to keep the hold locked in for over twenty more seconds, the pain is starting to become too much, and Hogan appears to be on the verge of tapping! Hogan raises his arm to tap, and he slams it down! Hogan’s tapping!

CHAIR SHOT TO THE HEAD~! Eric Bischoff just entered the ring and smashed a steel chair over Flair’s head and face, breaking up the submission move just nanoseconds away from Hogan tapping out! Oh my goodness! I thought Hogan tapped out, but Bischoff broke the submission with the chair shot to the head! The crowd is going bananas, booing their heads off as Flair’s starting to gush blood from his forehead, and Patrick can’t do anything about it! If Patrick disqualifies Bischoff and Hogan, he’ll be fired and lose his job! Bischoff rolls into his back, taking deep breaths, knowing he was milliseconds away from being too late. Hulk Hogan is down, holding his knee in aggravating pain, while blood continues to pour out blood. Ric Flair’s body is prone, and his forehead is gushing out blood, much more than Hogan is. Bischoff’s chest is red like Hogan’s, blood is trickling from his forehead, but he’s with it, and slowly pulls himself up to his feet. Once on his feet, Bischoff smirks at Patrick, who looks on in disgust, knowing he has no control whatsoever over this match. Bischoff turns his focus to Flair now, and snarls at Flair in disgust, and then in an act of total disrespect, Bischoff hocks back and spits right on Flair’s chest!

For the fans who saw it, they flipped shit and started to boo Bischoff like crazy, but the majority of the Astro Dome didn’t see the lewd gesture. Arn Anderson tries to lunge into the ring and attack Bischoff, but Cal holds him back, knowing that they can’t just attack Bischoff whenever. Threaten to yes, but not actually attack. Bischoff smirks at Arn, and then winks at him, and Cal has to continue to hold Arn back. It’s a sad sight to watch as Bischoff mounts Flair and starts hammering into his gushing wound with closed-fisted right hands, while the crowd can only boo their disapproval. Meanwhile, as Bischoff continues to punch into Flair’s wound, Hollywood Hogan has crawled over to the ropes, and uses them to pull himself up to his feet. Bischoff sees this and demounts Flair, only to land a stiff boot to his stomach, trying to knock the wind right out of Flair. Flair is all but lifeless at this point, and can do nothing to defend himself as together, Bischoff and Hogan pull The Nature Boy up to his feet. Back up on his feet, Flair only stays on his feet as Bischoff holds Flair up from behind, pulling his arms behind his back, making him an open target for a hard right hand from Hogan! The crowd continues to boo as Hogan steps back, and rams another closed-fisted right hand to Flair’s bleeding face. Hogan takes one more step back, and a third right hand connects! Bischoff releases Flair, shoving him forward, and then rapidly removing the black tape from his wrist. Flair staggers forward right into Hogan, who simply hits Flair with a forearm, and then another big right hand, sending Flair staggering and turning, right back into Bischoff, who wraps the tape around Flair’s throat, choking the life out of him! The crowd has just about had it, it seems, booing their hearts and throats out, while on the outside, Cal Anderson is now struggling to hold Arn back from entering the ring, albeit he still is. Nick Patrick does his best to reprimand Bischoff without his job being threatened, but it is to no avail, as Bischoff continues to choke the life out of Flair.

The match is now over thirteen and a half minutes old, and the tandem of Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan have complete and total control, as Flair’s face is continuing to become a crimson mask. Bischoff finally ceases choking Flair, throwing the black tape to the blood-stained canvas. Upon releasing Flair from the choke, Naitch starts to fall over, but Hulk catches him, keeping him up on his feet. Hulk shoves Flair upright, only to knock him down to the canvas with a hard clothesline! Hogan laughs, but Bischoff’s face shows nothing close to laughter. His face is starting to show signs of sadism, wanting to finish Ric Flair off once and for all. Bischoff looks at Hogan and pats his right thigh, letting Hogan know what he wants The Hulkster to do next. Bischoff pulls Ric up to his feet, his eyes only half-open at this point. Bischoff pulls Flair with him to the ropes, and then whips Naitch across the ring. Flair hits the ropes and the momentum sends him stumbling back into the middle of the ring, where he walks, right into the Big Boot from Hulk Hogan. Eric Bischoff smirks ever so slightly at this point, Flair just completely and totally done for, his job definitely in jeopardy. As Flair lays probably unconscious in the center of the ring, Bischoff walks over to Naitch, standing over him, and mocks him, yelling out ‘Woo!’. Sadly, some fans return the chant, but at least mostly all the fans boo the mockery. Bischoff then looks at Hogan and winks, cupping his hand to his ear before running off the ropes. Bischoff comes charging back, and taking a page out of Hogan’s book, nails Flair with the Leg Drop!

Bischoff gets up almost right away, as Flair isn’t moving anymore. Bischoff looks at Hogan and nods, wanting to go in for the kill. With that said, Hogan unfastens his weight-lifting belt, and snaps it together, making a loud echoing sound; they’re going to whip and humiliate Ric Flair. Bischoff rolls Flair over onto his stomach, while Hogan, smirking, snaps the belt together several more times, before looking at down at the prone Flair, now grinning ear-to-ear. CRACK~! The weight-lifting belt cracks off of Flair’s bare back! The crowd is going nuts, and they’re starting to throw trash into the ring! On the outside of the ring, Arn is desperately trying to break free of his nephew’s restraint so he can help his best friend out, but Cal is desperately trying to hold Arn back, knowing they could very easily be fired if they interfere in Bischoff’s match. Bischoff sees this, and grins, ear-to-ear, at Double A. CRACK~! Hogan smacks the belt off Flair’s back again, and more trash is thrown into the ring.

CRACK~! The belt makes contact with Flair’s back a third time, which is now starting to show traces of blood. More trash is thrown from the fans, while Bischoff is now sticking his chin out to Arn, pointing at it, egging Arn on to punch him.

CRACK~! The belt connects a fourth time, and the skin on Flair’s back is rapidly starting to deteriorate as blood starts to trickle out from Naitch’s back. Arn and Cal Anderson both are starting to lose it.

CRACK~! A fifth time the belt connects to Flair’s bare back, and Flair still is not moving, despite the enormous pain he has to be going through from the leather belt making stinging contact with his back. More blood flows from his back, while Arn Anderson, referee Nick Patrick, and even some of the fans, are on the verge of tears. Tony Schiavone is having one of his worst aneurisms ever.

CRACK~! A sixth time the leather weight-lifting belt connects, and blood is openly starting to gush out of Flair’s back, while Hogan and Bischoff are grinning maniacally at the broken and beaten Flair. However, the party’s over for the duo, as Cal Anderson lets go of Arn, refusing to hold him back anymore! Arn Anderson dives into the ring, and he makes a beeline for Eric Bischoff, and he tackles him to the canvas! Arn starts hitting right hands to Bischoff, trying to cause as much pain as humanly possible! Hogan stops whipping Flair, and goes over to Arn, ready to hit him with the belt from behind! Cal Anderson, who tried to stay on the outside of the ring and not get involved, can’t hold himself back any longer, and he enters the ring, just as Hulk hits Double A in the back with the belt knocking him off of Bischoff and onto his belly! As Hogan smirks at the fallen Arn, Cal lunges into the air and tackles Hogan back into the corner! Hogan smacks off the corner turnbuckle pads, and Cal gets back up to his feet, and he starts rapidly tossing right hands at Hollywood Hogan, wanting to kick his ass ever so badly now as well. Referee Nick Patrick merely lets this go on, not even bothering to try and stop Cal Anderson, nor Arn, as he is just as repulsed by the actions of Hogan and Bischoff as The Anderson’s. Cal continues to throw punches at Hogan, but The Hulkster is now starting to do the same! It’s a melee in the ring, but things aren’t looking good for the faces… here comes the rest of the New World Order!

Jeff Jarrett, Mike Awesome, Curt Hennig, and KroniK all rush out from the back, ready to help out Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. In the ring, Arn and Bischoff are all down, and Cal quickly backs off of Hogan once he sees the 5 other nWo members coming out from the back. Hogan smirks at Cal, as The New Enforcer knows the numbers. The 5 other nWo members reach the bottom of the entrance ramp, but before they can enter the ring, Cal Anderson runs and vies through the second and third ropes, taking out the New World Order members on the outside with a suicide dive! And look! Here comes some of the cavalry for WCW, Lance Storm and The Young Lions! The crowd is exploding in cheers as Lance Storm, Chuck Palumbo, and Sean O’Haire all run out from the back, sprinting down the ramp to the mass of nWo members on the outside of the ring who are getting up to their feet. Hogan smirks as Nick Patrick rushes out of the ring to try and separate everyone, but that’s not why Hulk is smirking; he’s left in the ring with no one else standing. Hogan grins ear-to-ear as he turns his focus back to Flair. Hogan grabs the dropped weight-lifting belt, and walks back over to Ric Flair. Hogan snaps the belt together again, and then rolls Flair onto his back, wanting to whip his torso now. Hogan stands over Flair and smirks… BAM~! Low blow to Hogan! RIC FLAIR JUST LOW BLOWED HOGAN!

The crowd damn near blows the dome off of the Astro Dome as out of nowhere, Ric Flair’s right arm sprung up into the air and drilled Hogan with in the cajoles! Flair opens his eyes out of nowhere as Hogan staggers around the ring, and Naitch desperately tries to roll over to the edge of the ring. Flair is weak, but still finds a way to roll from the middle of the ring to the edge of the ring on his whipped back. Flair has to stop once he reaches the edge of the ring, his momentum nearly drained. Meanwhile, on the outside of the ring, it’s cheer pandemonium as the WCW wrestlers and the nWo wrestlers all exchange blows. Nick Patrick and a few other referees are trying to separate the fiasco, and it appears security is coming out from the back to help sort the fiasco. Back in the ring, Flair grabs onto the ropes, and he slowly tries to pull himself back up to his feet, as Hogan regroups, his testicles back to an okay state of affair. Hollywood takes a deep breath, and looking pissed, walks over to Naitch, who is still trying to get up to his feet. Nick Patrick and co. continue to try and break up the fiasco at ringside, and hey wait, that security guy just walked right past the whole fiasco! Oh silly me, that was no security guy, I was just saying that for the hell of it! The crowd is torn between cheers and jeers as Kevin Nash, wielding a steel chair walks down the entrance ramp, past the brawl, and keeps walking to the ring!

Back in the ring, Arn Anderson and Eric Bischoff are slowly reviving themselves, while Hulk Hogan is standing next to Flair, and hits him with a right hand! Flair had just finally gotten up to his feet, but the hard right hand knocks him down to a squatting position. Flair latches onto the ropes and tries to pull himself up again, but Hulk hits him with another hard right hand, knocking him down to his knees! Hulk quickly grabs the weight-lifting belt he dropped when Flair hit him with the low blow, but before he can pick up the belt, WHACK~! Kevin Nash hits Hulk Hogan in the back of the head with the steel chair! Hulk Hogan collapses face-first to the canvas, while Nash, glaring at the back of Hogan’s bald head, throws the steel chair down to the ground. Big Sexy looks at Ric Flair, who is on his knees, desperately trying to get to his feet, and merely nods at Flair. You would normally expect Nash to attack Flair in a situation like this, but Kevin Nash is giving Flair the bye to go get Hogan! The crowd cheers as Flair and Nash exchange a mutual nod, and Nash departs the ring, stepping over the top rope to the apron, and then the arena floor.

Back in the ring, Ric Flair pulls himself up to his feet, blood pouring from his face more and more. However, Flair is back on his feet, and the crowd is loving it, cheering their guts out. Also, Arn Anderson and Eric Bischoff both continue to get up to their feet, using the ropes for support as well. On the outside, Kevin Nash walks into the huge brawl of people, and merely grabs Nick Patrick by the scruff of the neck, drags him back to the ring! Nash throws Patrick into the ring, dusts his hands off, and heads back up the entrance ramp, past the spree of wrestlers still brawling! As Patrick rolls back into the ring, Double A and Bischoff both make it up to their feet, and a slightly woozy Bischoff looks around the ring, and sees a sight that almost makes him shit himself; Arn Anderson and a very bloody Ric Flair staring Bischoff down, ready to strike! The crowd finds a way to cheer even louder at this, but Bischoff tries to run! Bischoff tries to flee the ring, but Flair was ready for it, and steps right into Bischoff’s path of escape! Bischoff turns on his heel and tries to run the other way, but Arn Anderson is right there with a right hand to the face! The cheers get louder as Bischoff staggers and turns, right into a right hand from Ric Flair, and then a knife edge chop! Bischoff staggers and turns again, and this time, it is right into an Arn Anderson Spinebuster! The crowd finds a way to cheer even louder, as Bischoff smacks off the canvas, and Flair wastes no time marching over to Bischoff’s legs, and applying the Figure Four Leg Lock! Bischoff immediately howls in pain as Flair yanks down on Bischoff’s leg, adding torque to Bischoff’s leg and knee. Bischoff can’t take it, and almost instantaneously, taps out to the Figure Four! Nick Patrick gleefully calls for the bell, and this match is over! Ric Flair! Ric Flair has just defeated Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan in a handicap match, and is still a member of World Championship Wrestling!

Result: Ric Flair def. Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan at 20:48

As the fans loudly rejoice the match ending, Ric Flair, tears starting to form in his eyes, is helped up to his feet by Arn Anderson. Outside the ring, Doug Dillinger and his crew of security have separated the brawl, and the nWo members have been escorted to the backstage area, while Lance Storm, The Young Lions, and Cal Anderson, all rush down the entrance ramp and into the ring, ready to celebrate with Flair and Double A. Meanwhile, Nick Patrick discards the two steel chairs and weight-lifting belt from the ring, and casually rolls an unconscious Hulk Hogan to the side of the ring, and does the same for Eric Bischoff. The four WCW men enter the ring, and immediately embrace with Ric Flair and Arn Anderson, much to the delight of the already cheering crowd. Despite his face a bloody crimson mask, and his back bleeding from being whipped raw as well, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire hoist Flair onto their shoulders, letting him celebrate the victory. Arn, Cal, and Lance all applaud Ric, whose arms are raised in triumph. The crowd is applauding as well, and Flair is openly starting to weep tears of happiness, in a truly touching moment. As the celebration continues, ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ hits again, and the camera cuts back over to Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay at the broadcast booth.

With that out of the way, we’re down to just one match, and one match only, the Super Cage. 4 men in the gimmick match that was an absolute bust a year and a half ago, is now back, and expected to be huge. Booker, Hall, Steiner, and Sting… all want this victory, as the winner will be main eventing Starrcade and wrestling Jeff Jarrett for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay go through endless hype about the Super Cage as ‘Don’t Hate The Playa, Hate The Game’ hits, sending the crowd onto their feet as the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T, comes out from the new-look entrance chute. Booker plays to the crowd on the stage and goes through his taunt on the aisle, the pyro igniting behind him as he throws his arms and right thigh up into the air. Booker then proceeds to make his way across the aisle and into the ring, where he entertains the crowd with a few more taunts via hand-to-the-head and epileptic head bobbing, and then a Spinaroonie. As Booker does, so the loud ‘HOOOOOWWWLLL’ blares throughout the Astro Dome again tonight, bringing out Da Bad Guy, ‘The Lone Wolf’ Scott Hall. Hall struts down the aisle, tooth pick in his mouth, sporting a cut sleeve and side Wolfpack tee. Hall receives the mixture of boos and cheers, just like his partner and friend, Kevin Nash. Hall glides into the ring, looking carefree as can be for now; while Booker T was loving and entertaining, there was and is an obvious serious demeanor about him tonight. ‘Holla If Ya Hear Me’ hits next, and the crowd explodes into some boos, but mainly cheers, for ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner. Steiner marches out from the entrance chute with his medieval chain plate dangling over his head, and just puts his hands on his hips and stares all throughout the Astro Dome, soaking in the environment. The crowd just eats it all up though, as the wide-majority of them absolutely love Scott Steiner, despite how much of a heel and ass he can be. Steiner finally makes his way down the aisle and to the ring. Steiner feigns to go after Hall and Booker T right away, but it was all just that, a fake.

Finally, as the crowd silences, the lights cut out throughout the Astro Dome. The crowd is clearly confused, and so should you~! As darkness devours the scene for several seconds, a large white circular light starts flashing randomly throughout the Astro Dome, flashing in different places each time. There is a logo in this white light, and it is that of the black scorpion… the sign of the Stinger. The crowd knows what’s going on now, and cheer for the different and cool entrance for the man they call Sting. The scorpion logo continues to flash throughout the Astro Dome like a kid with tourettes shouting, until the light goes dead and silence fills the Astro Dome again. After several seconds, the scorpion logo flashes on the center of the flat entrance aisle, and ‘Seek and Destroy’ starts to blare throughout the Astro Dome. The crowd can’t contain themselves, breaking out into cheers for the future-arrival of the Stinger. As the scorpion logo continues to stay steady on this one spot, several of the small arena lights come back on, clearly for aesthetic purposes. The focal point of the aisle being flashed upon then slowly splits in two, and a gaping hole sits in the entrance aisle for a second or so, until a new circular mini-stage starts to rise up from the underground and to the arena floor. Covering the edges of this new “mini-stage” are upside down black baseball bats, and in the middle of the small circular “stage”, kneeling on his right knee, is Sting. All the lights flip back on in the Astro Dome, and Sting raises himself up to his feet, steps over a few of the baseball bats, and enters the ring. As a few members of the crowd look up, they cheer. Why’s this you ask? Because during the Sting entrance, the Super Cage started its descent to the arena floor, and is now well over halfway through its descent. As Sting removes his trench coat and drapes it on the top rope so a stage hand can retrieve it, ring announcer David Penzer goes through the introductions of the match, as the Cage lowers. Good thing Penzer does the introductions outside of the ring, as just a few seconds after he finishes, the Cage completes its descent. With a long moment of nothing but the crowd’s excitement buzzing, the four men all look up at the Super Cage and around at each other. The Super Cage, starts now.

Main Event
Booker T vs. Scott Hall vs. Scott Steiner vs. Sting
The Super Cage

As the bell rings, the four combatants all look around at each other in the ring, the four folded ladders just outside the ring, the large steel mesh that is known as the Super Cage, and then, way up 45 feet in the air, the briefcase that is dangling in the air, with the contract inside it, giving them the chance to face Jeff Jarrett for the WCW World Heavyweight Title, at Starrcade, the most prestigious PPV in the company. Each man knows how much they want that match too. Booker T lost the Title to Jarrett in very cheap fashion back at Fall Brawl; Scott Hall has been an enemy of Jarrett ever since he showed up at Halloween Havoc; Sting is the face of WCW and would love nothing more than to defeat the nWo leader; Scott Steiner was the man thrown out of the nWo by Jarrett, and Jeff is the man who Scott completely loathes. All this runs through the four men’s minds as they simply look around for the first ten-plus seconds of the match. Finally, with the crowd cheering them on, it is time for action!

Booker T and Sting lunge at one another, and immediately go into a tie-up, while Scott Steiner charges right at Scott Hall and hits him with a hard right hand! Steiner pummels away at The Outsider, connecting with big right hand after big right hand, while parallel to this, Sting, ever the traditionalist, locks Booker T in a hammerlock. Booker escapes and slides in a hammerlock of his own, only to shove Sting forward. The Stinger turns around, free of the lock, but gets slugged with a hard punch from the right fist of Booker!

Booker T and Sting both start to connect to the other man’s face with punches, while it is a one-sided contest in Big Poppa Pump versus The Lone Wolf. Steiner continues his big flurry of heavy rights, sending Hall staggering and staggering, until he lands in the corner. With no referee in the ring to stop him, Steiner continues his assault in the corner, hitting heavy right hands, with a closed fist nonetheless, mixed in with some right forearm strikes. Sting and Booker continue to be at a stalemate, however, with their punching onslaught. Big Poppa Pump grows tired of simply punching on Hall, grabbing him by the hair and dragging him out of the corner. Steiner hoists Hall into the air, dangling directly over his head in a military press position. Showing his superior strength, Steiner moves his arms up and down, almost as if he was bench pressing The Bad Guy. After four reps, Steiner walks over to the edge of the ring and throws Hall from the ring. Hall goes flying head-first right into the side of the cage, his skull crashing into the steel mesh! To make it worse, after colliding with the cage, Hall lands right on the folded ladder on the ringside floor! The crowd pops while Steiner flexes his steroid-enhanced muscles briefly before turning his attention back to the ring.

As Steiner turns around to focus on Booker and Sting, the two are still going at it with right hands, but Sting soon lands a knee to the gut, doubling Booker T over. Sting looks over and sees Steiner, and grabs Booker by the waistline and head and pushes him at Steiner. As Booker heads in Scotty’s direction, Big Poppa Pump drills him in the throat with a hard Steinerline! Booker drops to the canvas, but no time to celebrate Scott Steiner, because here comes a charging Sting! Steiner ducks a Stinger clothesline, and wraps his arms around Sting’s torso when he turns around. Overhead belly-to-belly suplex by Steiner! The match is only just over two minutes new, but it has been over two minutes featuring Scott Steiner kicking ass and taking names! With everyone else down, Steiner heads over to the side of the ring opposite where Hall is, and rolls under the bottom rope to the outside. Big Poppa Pump looks down and smirks, looking at the ladder. Steiner picks it up off the concrete floor, and slides it into the ring. The Genetic Freak re-enters the ring, and picks up the fallen ladder as Booker T and Sting get back up to their feet. Steiner waits for one of the men to come at him, and that man is Booker T. Booker walks right into Steiner, only for BPP to whack him in the side of the head with the ladder! Booker hits the canvas, just as Sting makes an attempt to strike at Steiner. Scotty beats him to the punch, ramming the tip/head of the ladder into Sting’s stomach, doubling him over. As the Stinger tries to catch his breath, the Big Bad Booty Daddy drops the ladder to the canvas, picks Sting up off his feet, and slams him down onto the metal ladder with a scoop slam!

The Astro Dome continues to cheer as Big Poppa Pump continues his domination in the Super Cage. As Scotty Steiner poses, flexing those muscles of his, Scott Hall staggers back onto the apron, looking a little woozy. It’s from the fall folks, not alcohol. Ah, I can’t say that; I’ve broken kayfabe! Nevertheless, Steiner walks over to Hall, and hits him with a big right hand. Hall almost falls off the apron, but clutches the third rope with both hands, keeping him on his feet. Steiner smirks, and then hoists Hall right off his feet, and into another military press position, although with the weird angle Steiner picked Hall up in, he slightly botches it at first, but makes an alright recovery into the military press. No reps this time, instead, Steiner walks over to the ladder in the ring, that Sting has just rolled off of, and drops him chest first onto the ladder! Steiner is on a roll! No time for celebrations though because Booker T is getting back up to his feet. Booker charges Steiner when he isn’t paying attention, and actually lands a few right hands to Poppa’s temple, but Steiner lands a knee to the gut, and then wraps his arms around Booker’s torso. Showing just how versatile his move-set can be, Steiner sends Booker to the canvas with a rotating belly-to-belly suplex.

At this point, Sting quickly gets up to his feet, using the ropes for help. Steiner lunges right at the mysterious enigma, and looks for a whip into the corner. Oh boy, here it comes, the reversal! Steiner flies into the corner, but he has no time to rest because Sting leaps into the air, and bam, Stinger Splash! Sting quickly backs away from Steiner and picks up the ladder that Hall crashed onto moments earlier. Steiner staggers out of the corner from the Splash, only for Sting to ram the top of the ladder right into his face! Sting props the folded ladder into the corner Steiner just came out of, and then turns his attention to Scott Hall, who is staggering to his feet near the ladder. Sting connects with a big knife edge chop (equipped with a ‘Woo’ from the crowd), and shoves Scotty Hall into the ladder. As Hall stands up against the ladder looking groggy, Sting charges, and Stinger Splash! But no, Hall moves, and Sting gets an up-close and personal view of the ladder! Sting staggers to the side and along the ropes after going face first into the ladder, which falls down to the canvas. Booker T starts to stir, but who cares when this is about to happen? Scott Hall walks over the ladder, kicks Sting in the gut, and hoists him up into the air. Sting is dangling, his arms being held up by Hall. The Bad Guy drops him, and there it is, The Outsider’s Edge… right on the ladder!

The crowd can’t help but cheer as Sting hits off the ladder back first, even though he’s a fan-favorite. Scott Hall takes a moment to catch his breath, and then focuses his attention on the ladder. Hall pushes Sting off the fallen ladder and walks into the center of the ring. Hall takes a few steps forward, and then unfolds the ladder, setting it up for a climb to the second cage. Before The Lone Wolf can attempt to climb the ladder, Booker T leaps off his feet and connects with a Harlem Side Kick! Hall goes down, and seeing as no one else is up on their feet, Booker T rolls out of the ring to the outside, next to the right side of the Super Cage. Booker picks up the ladder off the concrete floor, shoves it into the ring, and follows suit. Booker picks up the ladder once back in the ring, only for Scott Steiner to be on his feet, ready to strike. Steiner makes a dive at Booker, but quick thinking by the former Champ as he drives the top of the ladder into Steiner’s stomach. Scotty doubles over as Booker raises the ladder up over his head, arms fully extended. In one swift motion, Booker T releases the ladder, throwing it down onto Steiner’s back!

All three men are down besides Booker, but both Sting and Hall are stirring. Instead of taking the risk and climbing up the ladder and attempting to open up the trap door and escape to the second cage, Booker walks over to the far corner of the ring, by the left side of the cage, and wedges the ladder in between the second and third turnbuckles. Booker checks to make sure the ladder will stay put before turning his focus back to the three wrestlers in the ring with him, and then walks over to Scott Hall, who has just got back onto his feet. Booker connects with a right hand, and grabs Hall by the wrist. Whip is reversed, and Scott Hall whips Booker across the ring, landing back first into the corner, as well as the ladder that Booker just wedged in it! As Booker grabs his back in pain, Hall doesn’t take any time to pause, drilling Sting with a right hand, since he was the only other man on his feet, seeing as Steiner was struggling to get to his feet. Hall grabs Sting by the wrist, and he whips him into the direction of the corner. As Sting charges at Booker in the corner, he regains his momentum and leaps into the air, connecting with a Stinger Splash to Booker T! Booker drops down to a seated position as Sting walks out of the corner, pumped up. As soon as he turns around though, Hall hits him with a clothesline, who stood in anticipation for Sting to so. Hall laughs at Sting, but that laugh is erased from his face as Big Poppa Pump, now back on his feet, hoists Hall into the air and drops him on his back with a belly-to-back suplex!

With the three other men down, Steiner walks over to the corner Booker is in, and lands a hard kick into his face, knocking him down from his seated position onto his back. Using those steroid-enhanced muscles of his again, Steiner un-wedges the ladder from in between the turnbuckles, and sets it up to the right of the ladder Hall set up previously. Why he couldn’t climb up the ladder already set up, who knows; the steroids obviously have clouded his judgment. Steiner starts to climb up the ladder, but by the time he gets only a third of the way up, Sting is back on his feet and hastily climbing the ladder to the left of Steiner. It’s a foot race to the top, with Sting tossing right hands at Steiner’s quadriceps and hamstrings, trying to slow him down. Sting catches up to Steiner as they are both only four rungs from the very top of the ladder. Steiner desperately makes a reach for the hatch to open the trap door to the second cage, but Sting lands a hard right hand to the side of Steiner’s temple. Steiner wobbles, and Sting moves in for the attack. Sting takes a step to the right, so he now has his right foot on the same ladder as Steiner, his left still safely secured on the other ladder. Sting connects with a kidney shot, and quickly locks on a very sloppy modified side head lock. Sting and Steiner fall off the two ladders, and oh my goodness, a (haggard) modified present-day side effectoff the ladders!

The hot, hot, crowd in Houston, Texas is on their feet in cheers, as Sting and Steiner lay on the canvas, motionless, and rightfully so. These are two guys not used to breaking out the high spots, but in a match of this caliber, with so much on the line, they have to do whatever it takes to win… or at least that’s what the bookers decided. As Steiner and Sting recuperate from the high-impact spot, Booker T and Scott Hall stagger to their feet. They both spot the fallen Sting and Steiner, and immediately know what they did to try and reach the second cage. The two waste no more time to watch the two men lay on the canvas motionless, instead, both swinging with right hands. Both punches connect, and the two both stagger backwards. The two go at it again, Hall swinging high, Booker going low. Booker scores two quick jabs into Hall’s gut while The Bad Guy’s strike goes over the head of Booker. Hall staggers back, and Booker lands another two quick jabs to the gut, followed by a heavy right hand. Hall staggers, and Booker wraps his arm around Hall’s torso; he’s looking for the Book End! Before Booker can connect, Hall rams a thumb into Book’s eye! Booker staggers back into the corner, and Hall scores with a knife edge chop, followed by an open palm strike to the chest and a big right hand. Hall then looks to take Book out of commission for a bit, picking him off his feet and throwing him backwards, connecting with a fall away slam!

With everyone else down once again, Scott Hall rolls out of the ring to the outside. Hall looks down at the concrete floor where a ladder lays, the same ladder he crashed onto in the opening minutes of the match. Hall shrugs, picks the ladder up, and slides it into the ring. Hall re-enters the ring picks up the ladder right as Booker gets to his feet. Steiner and Sting are still on the canvas, however, but are finally starting to show signs of life, and attempting to get up on their feet. The Bad Guy tries to ram the side of the ladder into Booker, but he catches the ladder with his hands, and rips the ladder away from Hall after a kick finds Hall’s mid-section. Hall doubles over as Booker gains possession of the ladder. Hall lifts his body back up to face Booker, only to get walloped with the metal ladder in the face! Booker drops the ladder, turns around, and whoa, there’s Sting, standing up on his feet, staring at Booker, his face emotionless and cold. Booker looks over at Steiner, but he is still getting up to his feet. Sting tries to make a lunge at Booker, but apparently, he is still heavily feeling the effects from the spot from before; Booker ducks under Sting’s arms as they make the wild reach at him. Sting turns around to face Booker, but a kick finds his mid-section, and Booker capitalizes, driving Sting right onto the ladder with one of his old patent moves, the 110th Street Slam spine buster!

The crowd pops as Sting’s back bounces off the ladder, and then the Stinger rolls off the ladder to the corner of the ring, recuperating. Booker T gets up to one knee, and pauses; his right hand in front of his face, head convulsing up and down, it is time for thee most electrifying move in WCW today, the Spinaroonie! The crowd pops for the break dancing, but as the Booker Man gets up to his feet, he gets drilled by a Steinerline from Big Poppa Pump! The crowd is torn with cheers and jeers as Steiner wallops Booker, sending him to the canvas. Steiner flexes his muscles as he eyes up Scott Hall, who is getting up to his feet. Steiner stills looks a little out of it from the Scorpion Death Drop, but is still ready to kick some ass, Scotty Steiner style. Hall gets to his feet, Steiner charges, and connects with a running Steinerline! Hall goes down, but Steiner doesn’t take time to taunt this time, instead grabbing the ladder Sting rolled off of, and carrying it over to the fallen Hall. Steiner stands over Scott Hall, ladder still in his hands. Steiner pulls Hall’s upper body up a bit, places the ladder under Hall’s throat and yanks, locking in the Steiner Recliner, using the ladder for more pressure! Hall is being choked out! Steiner lowers his torso, so his head is only inches above Hall’s and the ladder, trying to use all his might to choke out Hall. As Steiner continues to choke Hall out for the next five seconds, Booker T gets up to his feet, using the ropes for leverage. He spots Steiner choking out Hall, and hits the ropes. Booker slingshots off the ropes, gathering up momentum as he runs at the two, and jumps into the air, drilling Steiner in the back of the head with the Harlem Axe Kick! The blow knocks Steiner’s head forward, and his forehead bounces off the ladder!

The crowd pops as Steiner hits off the ladder and then falls back to the canvas, while Hall is released from the choke hold, and gasps for air, the air finally able to reach his lungs. Booker appears to have hurt his right quad; he hit it off the ladder after landing the Axe Kick. Booker holds his leg as he rolls out under the bottom rope to the apron, resting and recuperating. As Booker takes deep breaths, he looks to the outside of the ring, and notices the last remaining ladder at ringside. In the ring, Steiner isn’t moving; Scott Hall is slowly getting to his feet, and Sting is now on his feet in the corner. Instead of making a move for the ladder and climbing into the second cage, Sting departs from the far left side of the ring onto apron; the same apron Booker T is on. Booker pulls himself up to his feet as Sting scales the apron over to the former Champ. Just as Booker gets back on his feet, Sting connects with a left elbow strike to the side of his head, sending Booker staggering. Inside the ring, Scott Hall is back on his feet, and is making his way over to the two ladders set up in the ring. Back on the outside, Booker T and Sting both try and land punches at each other. Each man hit two; Booker goes for a third, but Sting dodges, and lands an elbow to the right side of Booker’s skull. Booker almost falls off the apron, but like Hall did before, he grasps the top rope, keeping his feet on the apron. However, Sting scores with another elbow, but before Booker can fall off the apron, Sting locks in a reverse front face lock on Booker, and dives off the apron… Scorpion Death Drop off the apron, onto the ladder at ringside!

The crowd is silenced, stunned as Sting and Booker T are motionless on the ladder at ringside. Back in the ring, Scott Hall is climbing up the farthest right ladder that has been set-up. Sting and Booker are still down, while Steiner is staggering up to his feet. Hall is already three-fourths of the way up the ladder though as Steiner is trying to pull himself up to his feet. Big Poppa Pump pulls himself up to his feet, but meanwhile, Scott Hall has reached the top of the cage! Scott has his hands on the trapdoor latch, and is fiddling with it, trying to open the trapdoor. Steiner is up on his feet, and he makes his way over to the ladder… and Scott Hall opens the hatch that allows entry into the second cage! The trapdoor swings open, and it almost hits Scott Hall in the head! Hall quickly ducks as the trapdoor swings past his head, but that momentary distraction turns out to hurt Hall. Before Scott can grab the ledge now provided by the trapdoor’s absence to pull himself into the second cage, Scott Steiner has reached the ladder, and he pushes it sideways! Scott Hall and the ladder go sideways! The ladder falls into the top rope, while Hall falls off the ladder and lands spread-eagle on the top rope!

The crowd pops as the top of the ladder rests on the top rope, and Hall teeters on the top rope as well, before falling to the apron. Hall is on the opposite side of the ring as Sting and Booker, for the FYI. Scott Steiner takes a pause to look around, and notices that everyone is down and out. Steiner looks up to the second cage, the trapdoor now opened. Steiner looks at the ladder that Hall set up ages ago, and starts to climb up the ladder. The crowd cheers, as Steiner has no problem making his way up the ladder. Steiner reaches the top of the ladder after a few moments, and places his hands on the ledge provided by the trapdoor being opened. Steiner looks around, and spots Scott Hall slowly getting up to his feet, using the ropes for help, while Sting rolls back into the ring as well. Steiner flips both men off before pulling himself up into the second cage! Over 15 minutes in, and the first man has entered the second tier of the Super Cage!

The crowd cheers momentarily as Steiner rolls to the right side of the second cage, resting on his stomach, recuperating. Meanwhile, back in cage one, Sting and Scott Hall both crawl back up to their feet, and look into the second cage where Steiner now is resting. The two then look back at each other and charge, looking to score a quick move before heading up to the second cage after Steiner. Sting quickly goes for a clothesline, but The Bad Guy ducks, and surprisingly is able to smoothly hit a quick neck breaker! Scott Hall quickly gets up to his feet, flicks his long, greasy, hair back behind his head, and waits for Sting to get up. Outside the ring, Booker T is still not moving, lying on the ladder, while in cage two, Scott Steiner pulls himself up to his feet with help from the side of the cage. Steiner examines the cage door right next to him, the door that leads to the outside of the second cage (also known as the roof of the first cage). Steiner opens the door, but does not exit cage two. Instead, he scales along the side of cage two, making sure he avoids falling through the gaping hole now formed in the middle of the cage (the trapdoor being open created a hole in the middle of the cage, as it was/is a part of the second cage’s floor). Back in the ring in cage one, Sting slowly staggers to his feet, only to get whipped into the ropes by Hall. Sting rebounds off the ropes and charges back at Hall, but his momentum is stopped with a boot to the gut. As Sting doubles over, Hall scoops him into the air, and flings him backwards, hitting a fall away slam! During this time, Scott Steiner makes his way to the left side of the cage, and grabs a table that was attached to the ceiling; remember folks, this is the hardcore cage.

Steiner promptly sets up the table on the far left side of the second cage, while Scott Hall makes his way over to the ladder set up in the ring. Steiner slowly walks along the side of the second cage, avoiding the trap door, while Hall starts to quickly scale the ladder into the second cage. Steiner makes his way back to the right side of the cage, and spots Hall already half-way up the ladder. Big Poppa Pump looks up, and spots a steel chair dangling right over his head. He detaches it from the ceiling of the second cage, gives one last look at Hall, and then walks out of the second cage to the roof of the first. Hall reaches the top of the ladder as the Stinger starts getting to his feet, but Hall quickly hops into the second cage before Sting can prevent Hall from doing so. As Sting glowers at Hall, The Outsider hangs his upper body back into the first cage, grabbing the trapdoor. Hall smirks at Sting as he closes the trapdoor, latching it back into place. While it doesn’t do much, it will slow down Sting (and Booker T) from getting into the second cage. Meanwhile, Scott Steiner continues to stand on the outside of the second cage, steel chair in hand. He’s wasting valuable time waiting for Scott Hall to come out and duel with him, when he could be climbing up the second cage to the outside of the third cage, making him that much closer to victory.

Hall finally stands up on his feet, right at the opened door of the second cage. Hall spots Steiner staring him down, steel chair in hand. Before The Bad Guy exits the cage, he grabs a stop sign from the side of the cage wall. Looking a little panicked, Hall exits the cage, only for Steiner to quickly charge him! Steiner swings the steel chair while running at Hall, but The Lone Wolf quickly ducks, running underneath Steiner and the chair. Big Poppa Pump turns around to face Hall, but gets the tip of the octagon sign rammed into his stomach. Steiner keels over, but keeps a hold of the chair. Hall smirks quickly before slamming the sign at Steiner’s head, but The Big Bad Booty Daddy quickly jabs the tip of the chair into Hall’s gut, sending him staggering as he drops the sign. Steiner exchanges the chair for the sign, and proceeds to whack The Outsider across the face with the stop sign! Hall goes down, while back in ring one, Sting has started to climb the ladder, taking a long time to get to his feet fully, and then checking on Booker T, who is starting to show signs of life on the outside finally, before starting to climb the ladder. The crowd cheers as Sting is moments away from becoming the third man to enter the second cage, while back outside the second cage, Scott Steiner holds the stop sign high over his head before slamming it over Scott Hall’s back, who was on his hands and knees. Hall falls down onto his belly, but Big Poppa Pump quickly pulls Hall back to his feet. Hall staggers, only for Steiner to go ape shit, hitting quick and hard strikes to Hall’s body with the stop sign, hitting practically every part of his body. With one last shot to the cranium, Hall goes down, just as Sting enters the second cage!

Sting climbed up the ladder, opened the trapdoor, and rolled to the right side of the cage, catching his breath briefly. Sting looks down 20 feet below, and spots Booker T slowly getting up to his feet on the outside. Wanting to slow Booker T down, Sting pulls a page from Hall’s book, re-closing the trapdoor. Sting then quickly gets to his feet, and grabs a Singapore cane (or kendo stick, for you WWF fans) from the top of the second cage. Spotting Steiner bending the stop sign even further over Hall’s head gets the Stinger motivated, as he exits the second cage and charges Steiner. Steiner hits Hall with one last shot with the sign, a strike to the head, knocking Hall down again, and making the stop sign look like an oddly shaped letter ‘U’. Steiner shrugs as he discards the sign, throwing it towards the south end of the Super Cage. It smacks off the steel, and skids to a halt several feet before the edge of the cage. As Steiner looks to pull Hall up to his feet, the Singapore cane in Sting’s possession collides with his forehead! Steiner refuses to fall though, instead staggering back towards the middle of the Super Cage, a few feet away from the east side of the second cage, which for you non-geography people, is the side with the cage door that all three men have exited from.

Sting pursues, and drills the cane across Steiner’s back three times, before dropping the cane. Meanwhile, Booker T is back on his feet, but in the ring now. He has rolled into the ring, and pulled himself up to his feet. Back on the roof of the first cage, Sting grabs Steiner by the back of the head, and rams his forehead into the steel mesh of the second cage several times, followed by raking his forehead along the side of the same cage wall, ripping Steiner’s forehead open. Steiner falls to the cage floor, but Sting has no time to celebrate because Scott Hall sneaks up on Sting and rakes his hands and fingers down Sting’s back… the dreaded back rake! Sting staggers, and Hall follows up, hoisting Sting into the air and slamming him onto the roof of the cage with a belly-to-back suplex. Back in the ring, Booker T has started climbing the ladder! Booker T scales up the ladder fairly quickly (I guess that quad injury is okay after how long of resting), while outside the second cage, Scott Hall stands tall, waiting as Sting and Steiner slowly get up to their feet. Meanwhile, Booker T reaches the top of the ladder, and quickly opens the trapdoor. Booker hops off the ladder and into the cage, and why I don’t know, he also closes the trapdoor. What a tool. Nevertheless, the crowd is cheering, and as the match is already over twenty minutes long, all four combatants have entered the second cage.

Outside the cage, Scott Hall calmly tosses slow right hands at the temples of Sting and Steiner, slowly wearing them down. Hall is cool and collected, almost too calm really, while in the second cage, Booker T gets up to his feet and grabs a trash can and its lid, a sense of emergency about him. Trash can in hand, Booker quickly exits the second cage where Hall continues to beat on Sting and Steiner, his back turned to Booker. The crowd cheers very loudly as Booker marches over to Hall, and smirks. Hall lands a fourth right hand to Steiner, and is then drilled in the back of the head with the trash can! Hall doesn’t go down, instead staggering away from the center of the cage towards the east edge of it, past Steiner and Sting. Sting looks up and notices Booker, only to have the trash can hit over his head! Sting goes down, and Booker then hits Scotty Steiner in the cranium with the trash can! Booker detaches the lid from the can, and hurries over to Scott Hall, who is staggering about. Booker throws the trash can, and it drills Hall right in the face! Hall goes staggering, and staggering… he’s only inches from the edge of the cage! Hall is teetering, but he regains his balance as Booker T picks up the fallen trash can lid and heads back over to Steiner and Sting. Both men are back on their feet, but Booker knocks them back onto the cage-link floor as Booker drills them in the sides of their faces with the trash can lid! Booker then turns his head, and spots Scott Hall slowly walking away from the side of the cage. Booker charges, and the two meet just a little before halfway, and Booker connects with a dropkick! Hall staggers, and he’s back on the edge of the cage! Hall teeters on the edge as Booker T hops back to his feet and quickly leaps into the air. Harlem Side Kick! Hall can’t keep his balance… HE FALLS! SCOTT HALL FALLS OFF THE SIDE OF THE SUPER CAGE! HALL FLIES 20 FEET THROUGH THE AIR, AND HE LANDS RIGHT THROUGH THE ANNOUNCER’S TABLE!

Oh my God! Scott Hall is lying twenty feet below the roof of the cage, his body damn near broken in half, lying with the broken pieces of the announcer’s table. Tony Schiavone is having his aneurism, while Booker T quickly catches his balance so he does not fall off the cage as well! The spot may have been gimmicked with the announcer’s table spot being moved closer to the ring than usual so Hall could make the jump, and hell, Hall practically turned all the way around for ‘falling’ off the Cage, but hey, it still looked fucking awesome! The crowd is on their feet cheering the fucking insane spot, while Booker looks momentarily stunned at what he just did. Book shakes his head from side-to-side, seemingly snapping back to reality. Booker focuses his attention back at Sting and Steiner, who slowly get back to their feet. Booker rushes towards the two men, looking for another strike. With no weapons to use, Booker uses himself as a weapon, leaping into the air, arms extended. His double forearm attempt fails though, as Steiner and Sting both catch Booker in mid-air! As Booker flairs his arms and legs, trying to escape from their shoulders, Steiner and Sting walk backwards towards the second cage wall, and then drop to a seated position, knocking Booker T’s face into the steel mesh! Booker’s face rakes off the steel cage viciously, and Jesus, Booker T is now bleeding!

The match is twenty-five minutes old, and it has been nothing but sheer carnage! Booker T is bleeding, Scott Steiner is bleeding, and Scott Hall has fallen over 20 feet from the roof of the first cage through the announcer’s table. Sting and Steiner both quickly get up to their feet while blood trickles from the foreheads of Steiner and Booker T. Big Poppa Pump backs off while Sting pulls Booker up to his feet and locks in a front face lock. Sting hoists Booker into the air, and connects with a vertical suplex onto the roof of the steel cage! Booker’s back collides with the hard steel, and while Sting gets up to his feet, Scotty Steiner quickly wraps his arms around his torso; overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Sting and Steiner slam into the steel cage roof, and although the Super Cage rattles back and forth, the cage stays intact. After several moments of rest, Big Poppa Pump crawls back up to his feet, blood still flowing from his head. Steiner wipes the flowing blood from his eyes, and walks over to the steel chair a few feet away, the same chair Steiner originally brought out onto the roof seemingly so long ago. Steiner grabs the chair, and hits it off the cage several times, almost taunting Booker T and Sting as they struggle to their feet. Booker T gets up first, staggering about, blood trickling from his forehead, and WHACK, steel chair to the skull! Booker crashes to the cage floor, blooding start to flow even faster from his forehead. During this time, EMT’s are starting to head out to the ringside area from the back, coming to check on Scott Hall, who is still laid out in the broken announcer’s table, not moving in the slightest.

Scott Steiner quickly turns his attention to Sting, who is now on his feet. Steiner takes a swing with the chair, but a sidestep by Sting to the left sends shot getting nothing but air. Steiner tries to take another swing at Sting with the chair, but Sting grabs the chair! Sting and Steiner, both clutching the steel chair, pull and yank at the chair, trying to rip it from each other’s possession. It’s a stalemate, however, as the chair, trapped between the two men, goes absolutely nowhere. Steiner finds a way to break the stalemate though, in a way that causes pain to himself, but mainly to Sting; Steiner pulls a current day Zidadine Zidane, head butting the chair with his skull, sending the tip of the chair into the Stinger’s face! Showing just how good a blade job can make this spot look even better, Sting curls up into a ball and blades, gashing open his forehead. As all three men lay on the steel cage roof of the first cage, more EMT’s rush out to ringside, one carrying a backboard, and two more pushing a stretcher. While the three combatants recover to their feet, the EMT’s place Scott Hall on the backboard, and then lift him onto the stretcher and cart him away. Almost all of the fans applaud Hall as he is carted away, seemingly forgetting about the match, but then again, the three men are all “conveniently” recuperating during this.

Back on the cage roof, after several more moments of the three recovering and such, Booker T and Scott Steiner both make it to their feet first, and slowly start slugging it out, throwing punches. Steiner and Booker start out slow, needing to get momentum flowing again. While the brawl starts to become more intense, the two longtime rivals don’t even notice Sting get up to his feet, and walk right past the two! Sting walks over to the second cage, and begins climbing up the side of the second cage! As Sting gets over halfway up the rather small second cage, Steiner and Booker T finally notice Sting’s flight, and Steiner lands a quick forearm that sends Booker staggering before jogging over to the second cage. Steiner reaches out for the Stinger’s ankles, but he just misses; Sting slides his legs up to the top of the second cage! Sting is up on the roof of the second cage!

Sting lays stomach first on the roof of the second cage, just outside the third cage. Scotty Steiner quickly starts to scale the second cage as well, but Booker T grabs him by the waistline and pulls him down! Steiner turns to face Booker, but Booker rocks him with a hard right! Steiner staggers and then drops to his ass, while Booker starts to climb up the second cage. Meanwhile, Sting gets up to his feet, and enters the third cage, the cage filled with the specific weapons of the four combatants; the slapjack, the tazer, the lead pipe, and the black baseball bat. Sting quickly grabs his object, and the weapon chosen by Scott Hall; the bat and the tazer. Sting exits the third cage, and heads back over to the east (the side where all the carnage has taken place) edge of the second cage’s roof. Sting jabs the tazer at Booker T’s hands as he climbs up the cage, causing him to swing his body from left to right to avoid the tazer. Sting then swings down the bat, trying to break Booker’s fingers and knock him off the side of the cage. Before the bat can connect to Booker’s fingers, Scott Steiner grabs a hold of Booker’s ankles and yanks him off the second cage, crashing back to the roof of the first cage. Booker and Steiner both stagger back several feet, and instead of starting to brawl with one another, the two try and concoct a plan to get a hold of Sting. The two don’t have to wait for Sting though because the Stinger drops the bat and tazer, leaving them outside the third cage and leaps off the roof of the second cage, and taking out both Booker and Steiner with a double flying clothesline! Sting, Booker T, and Scott Steiner all get knocked onto the cage floor outside the second cage, and all three men are once again on the roof of the first cage!

The crowd is still, on their feet cheering everyone, as the match has now surpassed the thirty minute mark, and we still, do not have a winner. How a guy like Scott Steiner can still be going for this long, especially for the large array of bumps he’s taken, is beyond me! But anyways, Booker, Sting, and Steiner all slowly start to come to, but The Stinger is the man up to his feet first. As Sting stands on his two feet, looking throughout the Astro Dome, completely and totally exhausted, The Stinger looks up to the top of the Dome, seeing that briefcase dangling from his clasp, realizing what is on the line tonight. Sting then turns his focus back to the second cage, and then up to the roof of the second cage, where the third cage stands. Sting walks over to the second cage, and immediately starts to scale up the side of it, as meanwhile, Scott Steiner starts getting to his feet. Sting continues to climb up the second cage side, and by the time he gets over halfway up the second cage, Scott Steiner walks over to an adjacent side of the second cage, the south side, and starts to climb up it as well. And poor Booker, he’s still on the roof of the first cage, recovering. Sting makes his way up to the top of the second cage, just outside the door to enter the third cage, which as you hopefully remember, is filled with weapons chosen by the four combatants; a tazer (Hall), a slapjack (Booker), a lead pipe (Steiner), and a black baseball bat (Sting). Sting slowly makes his way back up to his feet, and while he does so, notices Big Poppa Pump finishing his ascent to the top of the second cage as well. Steiner lands on the roof of the second cage, just as The Stinger makes his way over to him.

Scott Steiner quickly tries to get up to his feet on the roof of the second cage, and right as he gets up to his feet, is rocked with a hard right by the Stinger! Steiner stumbles back a bit, only to get hit with another hard right hand from Sting, sending him teetering backwards more. Meanwhile, Booker T gets to his feet, and tries to regain his composure. Booker wipes some dripping blood from his forehead away, and then looks up at the side of the third cage, only to see his two opponents already up there and brawling on the left/west side of the Super Cage, aka, the opposite side of the Super Cage as Booker. This seems to spark a fire in Booker, as he runs at the second cage, and jumps into the air. Booker’s hands easily latch onto the edge of the second cage’s roof, and Booker quickly uses his upper body strength to push him up the rest of the side of the second cage side. It was probably tiring for the Booker Man, but quicker than merely climbing. As The Stinger continues to pound away on Scott Steiner with right hands, Booker looks at his feet, where the fallen tazer and black baseball bat are from earlier. Booker scoops up the fallen baseball bat, and makes his way from the eastern side of the Super Cage, around the north, and then over to the far left, where Sting still hits slow, methodical, right hands on Steiner. Sting is oblivious to Booker’s appearance, allowing Booker to smack Sting in the back with his own bat! Sting falls to his stomach, laying down on the small amount steel mesh between the third cage and the edge of the second cage’s roof. Booker tries to hit Steiner with the bat now as well, but Big Poppa Pump, out of sheer desperation, rakes his fingers over Booker’s eyes, momentarily blinding him, and causing him to drop the bat. Booker staggers back towards the northern side of the cage, as The Genetic Freak picks up the bat now. Steiner turns his attention back to Booker, the bat now in his hand. Big Poppa Pump twirls the bat, and then cracks it right over Booker’s head!

Booker falls back first onto the roof of the second cage, and Scotty Steiner is the only man left standing! Steiner looks around the Astro Dome, roughly 35 feet in the air, and raises his right arm (and essentially the baseball bat) into the air, drawing a very loud reaction, that is as always, a lot of cheers, but still a good amount of jeers. Steiner then tosses the baseball bat down, sending it to the roof of the first cage, and starts his ascent up the side of the third cage! The crowd is on their feet cheering at this point, and as Big Poppa Pump slowly starts his climb up, Sting gets up to his feet too! Steiner makes his way over halfway up the third cage as The Stinger starts to climb up too! Steiner continues to climb at a slower pace, while Sting tries to scurry his way up the cage, sparking a huge amount of cheers from the crowd. Steiner reaches over three-fourths of the way up the third cage, but Sting is right there with him! They’re dead even at this point, so Steiner throws an elbow to try and knock him off, but Sting evades it! Both men keep climbing, and as they do, Sting tires to hit Steiner with his left elbow, but no cigar! Both men keep climbing, and finally, there’s no more to climb! Sting pulls himself up to the top of the third cage, but simultaneously, Scott Steiner does the same! Just over thirty-five minutes have surpassed, and Scott Steiner and Sting have reached the top of the Super Cage!

The crowd is screaming themselves hoarse, as both Big Poppa Pump and The Stinger pull themselves up to their feet, now on top of the third and final tier of the Super Cage! Down 10 feet below, Booker T is still down and out on the roof of the second cage, his body just down and out from all of the abuse it has taken. Back on top of the third cage, Scott Steiner and Sting are on their feet, taking deep breaths, staring each other down, the briefcase that will give them the right to wrestle Jeff Jarrett for the WCW World Heavyweight Title at Starrcade, dangles a mere few feet above them. Steiner’s eyes and locked on Sting’s eyes, and vice versa, waiting for each man to make the first move… and Steiner does! Steiner leaps up out of nowhere… AND SCOTT STEINER GRABS THE BRIEFCASE! SCOTT STEINER IS THE WINNER OF THE SUPER CAGE!


Oh how I got you suckers! Steiner was just fucking inches away from grabbing the briefcase, but The Stinger tackled Steiner out of mid-air, driving him back onto the roof of the third cage! The crowd lets out a collective gasp, believing it was going to be the end of the match, but The Stinger says hell no! Both men rest on the roof of this third and final cage, trying to get in a few deep breaths before getting back up to their feet. Both men get some air into their bodies, and start trying to climb up to their feet again, first getting onto their hands, then hands and knees, their knees, and finally, their feet. Meanwhile, Booker’s still out like a burnt-out light bulb on the roof of the second cage! Back on the third cage, almost 30 seconds after the tackling incident, both Sting and the Big Bad Booty Daddy are on their feet, completely tired. Sting is able to throw a right hand at Steiner though, and it connects, his fist driving into Steiner’s face. Steiner responds with a right hand of his own, but Sting is right back with a hard right as well! Sting goes for right hand, but Steiner ducks it, and drills Sting with a hard forearm strike, that sends him teetering onto the side of the third cage! Sting is on the very edge of the west side of the third cage, the opposite side that Scott Hall fell from so long ago. Steiner takes a few steps back and charges, looking to send Sting off of the third cage! Clothesline attempt… but it misses! Sting ducks under Steiner, and Big Poppa Pump finds a way to catch himself before falling off of the third cage himself! And holy crap, meanwhile, Booker T’s light has been turned back on, and he’s quickly getting back onto this feet! Back on the third cage, Steiner turns around, still on the edge of the cage… and Sting drills him down low! The dreaded kick to the groin scores, and Big Poppa Pump doubles over in pain! Sting doesn’t waste anytime, positioning Steiner’s head in between his legs. Sting wraps his arms around Steiner’s waist, and lifts him up into the air… and oh look, Booker T is climbing up the side of the third cage! The suspense is going to end now though, I promise. Sting has Steiner lifted up into the air and… POWER BOMB… OFF THE TOP OF THE THIRD CAGE!!!

Holy Shit! Scott Steiner takes a fall from the top of the third cage, to the roof of the second cage, breaking through it, and falling into the second cage, and somehow smashing through the table that he set up about twenty minutes ago!

Holy fucking shit! The crowd is screaming their heads off, and I don’t even think Sting can believe what he just did! Steiner just took a fall that was about 25 feet long, breaking through a steel cage, and then breaking through a wooden table! Oh my goodness, Tony Schiavone has to be having an aneurism right now! The spot was so gimmicked, but was an impressive spot to see, and overall amazing! Sting has practically forgotten about the match going on, as he just stares at the fallen Scott Steiner, 25 feet below him, unconscious and laying in a bed of broken table fragments. However, Sting has no time to keep being in “la la land” because Booker T has just climbed up the north side of the third cage! Sting continues to daze down at Steiner, but Booker hits him with a forearm strike to the back of the head! Sting staggers forward, but snaps back into reality, turning around and retaliating with a hard right hand to Booker! Booker staggers back, and Sting goes for another right hand, but Booker ducks under Sting. Sting turns around quick, and Booker jumps up for the Harlem Side Kick, but Sting evades it, and Booker falls to the roof cage floor.

Sting bends down and pulls Booker T right back up to his feet, looking to try and finish him off before he can fully recuperate from the miss. Sting pulls Booker back to his feet, and drives his knee into Booker’s mid-section, doubling him over…and positions Booker’s head in between his legs! Sting’s going to power bomb Booker T off of the third cage too! Sting takes two steps backwards as he tries to hoist Booker into the air, but his strength is failing him, and he can’t lift him up! Booker flails his feet as he is dangling in the air, but fights his way back down to the cage floor! Booker digs deep down, and he finds a way to back body drop Sting! Sting’s going to fall off of the cage…

…No he’s not! Booker didn’t have enough strength to back body drop Sting that far, and Sting just barely drops over Booker’s back, landing on the top of the third cage roof. Booker staggers down to his hands and knees, completely and totally exhausted after taking all the bumps he has taken, and merely wrestling for these now forty minutes. The crowd is still on their feet, cheering both the combatants on as they get to their feet. Sting is the slower man to get to his feet of the two, as Booker gets up to his feet and walks over to Sting by the time The Stinger is finally on his feet. With Sting on his feet, Booker nails Sting with a big right hand that sends Sting teetering a tad. Booker keeps going, hitting another right hand, and then a big left hook! Sting starts to fall off the third cage… but Booker grabs his arm!? Booker pulls Sting back onto the third cage! The crowd is oh so confused, and I think Booker is a bit too. He’s letting friendship get in the way of winning the Super Cage! Booker pulls Sting onto the ledge of the cage, and let’s go of Sting, only to wrap his arm back around him… BOOK END OFF OF THE THIRD CAGE! BOOKER DRIVES STING AND HIMSELF OFF THE THIRD CAGE TO THE ROOF OF THE SECOND CAGE!

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit! These guys just don’t know any quit! The crowd is on their feet screaming again, and both men are lifeless! This match has been forty one minutes of hell so far, and Scott Hall has fallen off the roof of the first cage to the announcer’s table, Scott Steiner has taken a power bomb off the top of the third cage, through the roof of the second cage and a then a table, and now, Booker T has flung Sting and himself ten feet off of the top of the third cage on the eastern side to the roof of the second cage! Scott Hall is no longer at ringside, he’s been taken away on a stretcher. Scott Steiner is still unconscious inside the second cage, knocked out among shards of a broken table, and now both Sting is lifeless on the second cage’s roof, Booker T just as lifeless, his arm resting on top of Sting.

…Time passes…

The crowd is simply stunned, and almost a full minute passes until finally… Booker T sits up! Out of nowhere, Booker T rolls over onto his back, and sits up onto his buttocks. His eyes are completely glazed over; he probably has a concussion at this point. Booker shakes his head from side to side a few times, and then pushes his way back up to his feet, while Sting is starting to show signs of life as well, stirring a bit! Booker takes a deep breath, physically drained, but instead of trying to climb up the third cage, he enters into the third cage itself, and grabs the slapjack dangling from the roof of the cage! Booker looks at the slapjack in his hand, wipes the flowing blood from his forehead and face, and then exits the cage, walking back to the roof of the second cage near Sting, who is still slowly getting to his feet, having trouble doing so. Sting makes it to both feet, but his upper body is still dangling so he’s hunched over, as the Stinger struggles to lift himself up all the way, blood still pouring from his forehead. Stinger finally lifts his upper body all the way up, but when he does, Booker jabs the thick of the slapjack into his chest! Sting staggers backwards to the edge of the second cage’s roof, and Booker delivers the final blow, a shot with the slapjack straight to the head… and STING FALLS OFF THE ROOF OF THE SECOND CAGE 15 FEET BELOW TO THE ROOF OF THE FIRST CAGE!

The crowd continues their screaming cheers; well actually, a very loud chant of “Book-er T, Book-er, T” starts up, as the 4-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion stands on the roof of the second cage, and the only man left standing. Booker drops the slapjack to the roof floor of the second cage, takes a deep breath, wipes the continuous flow of blood from his forehead, and looks up at the briefcase dangling in the air 15 more feet above him. Booker takes one more deep breath, and begins his climb back up the side of the third cage, as the chants of his name only continue and continue to get louder. Booker’s climb starts off relatively slow, but as the chants continue to get more and more loud, his pace quickens, and just moments later, Booker T is the lone man on the third and final level of the Super Cage. Booker gets to his feet, and slowly walks over to the middle of third cage’s roof, and looks up longingly at the briefcase. And just like that, Booker reaches his arms up into the air, and pulls the briefcase off of its clasp… and…


Result: Booker T wins the Super Cage at 44:43

The bell rings, and David Penzer gleefully announces the winner of the match, and the man who will headline Starrcade with Jeff Jarrett, Booker T. The Houston crowd, his actual hometown, gives Booker a huge ovation as he stands on the top of the Super Cage, openly weeping tears of joy as he hugs the briefcase to his chest. It’s a moment of sheer happiness as WCW gets a victory, and Booker T is going to Starrcade. And that’s how we end Mayhem, with the rejoicing Booker T.


Quick Results:
Shane Helms © def. Super Crazy and Teddy Hart to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Title at 18:11- ***
Johnny Stamboli def. Big Vito at 6:49- ** 1/4
Filthy Animals def. Rey Misterio Jr. & Chavo Guerrero Jr. at 14:19- ***
Lance Storm © & Young Lions © def. New World Order to retain the WCW North American & Tag Team Titles at 8:44- **
Jeff Jarrett © def. Kevin Nash to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Title at 9:13- *
Ric Flair def. Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan at 20:48- ** ½
Booker T def. Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, and Sting at 44:33- **** ½ (86, 92, 74)

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

oh my god what a event.

right i will write a short review about what i just read.
match one: Helms Vs Crazy Vs Hart. i really enjoyed the back and forth action in this match. it was so excitiing to read and i would have loved to see this match acctually go out on a WCW ppv. the match was good and the ending was especially good. i loved the turn with Helms. i predicted that you would turn him. the Crazy Vs Helms fued will be awesome.

match 2: johhny the bull Vs Big Vito. i liked this match, because it was recapped and it was short and sweet. i like the Natural Born Thrillers reunion and i really dont know where your going with this storyline which is exciting in my eyes. Johnny wining also made me very happy.

the Sting promo was orgasmic, i really liked how he was basically in character for the whole of the promo. at this stage in the night i believed truelly that Sting was going to win the triple cage.

Match 3: Filthy Animals Vs Chavo and Rey. this match was a fast paced and good enough to read and i really enjoyed the ending with the two Animals trapping Rey. but i am struggling to see where you are going to go next in this stroyline, because it would have made more sense to have Rey and Chavo win and then do something to the Animals after the match to further the fued.

Match 4: team Nwo Vs Storm and the young lions. i enjoyed this match even though it was recapped. it was a good solid bout and kept the whole WCW Vs Nwo fued going.

match 5 : Jarrett Vs Nash for the world title: i dont really like Nash so i was hoping for Jarrett to win the match from the beggining and my hope came true.good match. but you said in the preview thing that Jarrett was going to be punished for wanting the belt when he and flair had that agreement. but now we know that the winner of the super cage is definately going to win the belt at Starrcade. i still thought i was going to be sting at this stage.

Match 6: Hogan and Bischoff Vs Flair in handicap retirement match. back and forth match with loads of run ins which was alright because it has been a great fued so far. but i really did think that Cal Anderson was going to turn on Flair and go Nwo but it never happened and instead Nash came down and helped flair. i loved the whole emotion at the end of the match as well really great match.

Match 7: super cage Scott Steiner Vs Scott Hall Vs Booker T Vs Sting. at the begging of this match i thought that it would only be Sting or Booker T who could win the match. but i was still favouring Sting to win the title shot. Match was unbeliavbly long but the wriritng was exciting the whole way through which was good. there was so many HUGE spot which kept me interested through the whole match.i loved it when you had Steiner grabs the case but not. it got me i must say.there was big spot after big spot and when everyone was down i actually fancied Scott Hall to get up the cages and get the shot but i was pleased when the book man rose up and got his well deserved title shot at Starrcade

overall it was probably one of the best shows i have read on the WF btb area. but matches like the Filthy Animals ending and the whole Big Vito Vs Johnny the Bull were kind of let downs to me. overall i would give a 8.5/10 just because of the johnny the bull and vito match and the Filthy Animals ending.

love it, keep it going!!!!!

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