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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Originally Posted by Spartanlax
You better not stop this again, especially with all the great ideas you have for it. I can't take the emotional pain

By the way, how exactly did you know about this thread, Cyborn? I mean, you joined in February 2007, there's no search's pretty much impossible.
I was a previous member around six months ago, and my old account was deleted, so I emailed you guys and you just said join again. bdw, I choose c Szumi.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Glad to see you returning to this thread. I enjoyed the shows i read before, plus the recap was pretty interesting (especially the backstage storyline with Flair and Jarrett). As for the voting, i pick option c), just because judging by your post, i get the feeling that's the one you'd like to do (If not, then go with the one you'd prefer).
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Originally Posted by cyborn
I was a previous member around six months ago, and my old account was deleted, so I emailed you guys and you just said join again. bdw, I choose c Szumi.
Okay Xcellence...I mean...whoops, I've said too much. Sorry, but I dislike lies.

This is a tough choice, bro. On one hand, I don't want TOO many characters involved to make it confusing and too busy backstage, but on the other hand, the three backstage egos can't keep having entertaining and fresh problems. So...

B) Want to see the 2-new characters introduced, and a plot that thickens

Originally Posted by Andy3000
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Welcome back Szumi, I noticed that this thread had a post in it a few days ago by cyborn and I thought it was just spam until I realised more and more people replying and whadda ya know, I open it up and you are actually continuing this.

Looking forward to what happens, as I was just getting into this when you went on your break last year which was dissapointing. And for the voting, the obvious answer is...


It's always been those three and really it should continue, no need for others to be introduced.


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Just read the recap of past events and this btb seems really hot. I love how you delibrately make some wrestlers fuck up (adding to the realism) and then as a booker decide what to do with them, eg Rick Steiner stiffing Jim Duggan at some ppv.

I'll definetely be reading im very excited about this.

B - The plot thickens. May be harder on you but you will benefit from an even deeper btb in the long run.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Thanks for the votes so far, and if more want to vote, then please, by all means, go right ahead. For right now, I am torn myself on which option I want to do most. Option B, for me, gives me the chance to capitalize on the backstage ideas I've had for a while, and saves some things getting boring between The Trio. Option C, though, does keep it to the original guys, and while I know it would eventually get boring for me to write just those 3, I could probably come up with new stuff to keep it fresh. So blah.

Also, I'll probably post the last Nitro before Mayhem tomorrow. As for Mayhem itself, uh, probably 2+ weeks. I have the Super Cage match done, and that's it. I have my huge graduation project to present in less than 2 weeks, so not entirely sure how much free time that is going to warrant for me to be writing. We'll play it by ear, but I will dilligently work on the Mayhem matches in the process.

Thanks again, and let it continue to flow,

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling
Wednesday Nitro
Kiefer Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana
November 14, 2001



Tony Schiavone: Welcome ladies and gentleman, to WCW Wednesday Nitro! I am Tony Schiavone, and alongside me, as always, is ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay! Mike, what can the fans be expecting tonight!?

Mike Tenay: Well Tony, we’re only four days away from Mayhem, so we’ll be in full throttle towards our next mega-pay per view event! We’re going to get a big preview for the Super Cage, the three cage match that will decide who will face the WCW World Heavyweight Champion at Starrcade. Tonight, Booker T, Scott Hall, Sting, and the man who we learned would be the last participant in the Super Cage, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner, will be coming down to the ring two times tonight. The first will be to personally announce what weapon they will be selecting to be in the third tier of the Super Cage this Sunday.

Tony Schiavone: And then, they’re in our main event, right Professor?

Mike Tenay: Oh that they are, Tony. The four Super Cage combatants will wrestle in a four way dance, first fall to a finish!

Tony Schiavone: That’s going to be a great one, Professor!

Mike Tenay: That it is. Plus, Jeff Jarrett is in action, Lance Storm defends the WCW North American Title against one of his opponents on Sunday at Mayhem, Bryan Clarke, and men such as Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, Hollywood Hogan, and Kevin Nash are in the building! It’s going to be a wild night here in New Orleans, so lets get the show on the road!

The ‘Filthy’ rap tune starts to play, drawing the crowd to cheers as Billy Kidman, Konnan, and Tygress come out onto the entrance stage. The men are dressed for action in their usual attire. The Animals slap hands with members of the crowd as they enter the ring as the WCW rift of ‘Roadhouse Blues’ hits, bringing out ‘The Insane Luchadore’ Super Crazy to a lesser amount of cheers compared to the Filthy Animals. Crazy sprints down the ramp and into the ring, followed by ‘Sugar, Baby’ hitting, bringing out the WCW Cruiserweight Champion, ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms and the Sugar Babies, to a very mixed reaction. Helms takes his time for his entrance, allowed Tony to get in some hype.

Tony Schiavone: Folks, this match is going to be an 8-man tag match! The Filthy Animals, Super Crazy, and the Cruiserweight Champion, Shane Helms, will team up to take on Rey Misterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr., and the Flying Harts! Misterio and Guerrero will face the Filthy Animals this Sunday in tag team action, and don’t forget folks, Helms will defend his Cruiserweight Title in a 3-way dance against Super Crazy and Teddy Hart!

When Helms finally finishes with his entrance, the rift of the Hart Foundation theme plays, bringing out Teddy Hart and Jack Evans to some boos. While they’ve had some great matches already in WCW, they haven’t gotten very over with the crowd yet. Out next are Rey Misterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr., who come out to Rey’s theme. They get booed quite a bit, but there are still lukewarm cheers for Misterio, who want to cheer for him no matter what. The duo make their way down the ramp, eyeing up their opponents before entering the ring. Once in the ring, Misterio quickly gets back onto the apron in his teams corner as Kidman makes a lunge towards Rey. Men start to scatter to their corners, with Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerrero Jr. staying in the ring to start the match.

Match One
Filthy Animals, Shane Helms & Super Crazy vs. Flying Harts, Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Rey Misterio Jr.
8-Man Tag Team Match

How do you hype two separate matches for the PPV? Throw them all in a match of course! The combatants did their job to get the crowd hyped for the show right away, especially with work horses like Kidman and Chavo in the ring. After some technical stuff, which mainly saw the third-generation star work over Kidman with his superior talent on the mat. Kidman fought back though, scoring with a spinning tilt-a-whirl head scissors that sent Chavo through the ropes to the outside. And what would this match be like without a nice spot from Kidman to the outside? Kidman scored with a leaping, no-handed, somersault senton to Guerrero, ala present day AJ Styles. The match stayed at a fast pace as Shane Helms and Super Crazy entered the match in intervals with Kidman, while Chavo made a tag to Jack Evans at one point to give him a break. It became a spot fest really, with each man doing their best to out do the other. However, near falls did ensue. Helms scored with the Nightmare on Helms Street to Jack Evans, Evans with a reverse hurricanrana on Super Crazy, Super Crazy with a tiger bomb to Chavo, and Chavo with a tornado DDT out of the corner.

The match slowed down after well over six to seven minutes of this style of action thanks to Rey Misterio Jr. illegally entering the match and scoring with a low blow to Super Crazy from behind. While Kidman tried to intervene, Rey planted Crazy with a swinging DDT, and allowing the heels to work over The Insane Luchadore. The heels did just that, employing fresh tags and illegal tactics to prevent Super Crazy from making the tag. This procedure worked for the better part of four minutes, but backfired when Jack Evans tried to take it to the sky. Evans leaped off the top turnbuckle, looking for a corkscrew moonsault, but missing terribly, his back smacking off the canvas where Crazy would had been, but had rolled away. Both men recovered, and tags were made; Evans to Hart, and Crazy to Konnan.

K-Dawg, your hot tag face of the contest, rocked the house, knocking down Teddy Hart, Chavo Guerrero Jr., and then Teddy Hart with countless right hands, clotheslines, and running forearms. Konnan even broke out his haggard rolling clothesline on Chavo, sending him out of the ring. The heels started to fight back in numbers though, thanks in part to the Flying Harts both taking Konnan out by the knees with double chop blocks. This brought in Kidman and Crazy right away, and after a couple of moments, Shane Helms as well. A full scale brawl erupted, as Helms and Crazy brawled with the Flying Harts, while Konnan worked over Rey, and Kidman on Chavo. However, things took a turn for the worse moments later. Konnan knocked Rey from ringside, but at the same time, Shane Helms had decided he had enough of working with Super Crazy, knocking him down with a dropkick that sent him into the corner. Helms rolled out of the ring, and walked up the entrance ramp, watching as his team quickly falls apart. The Flying Harts take the easy advantage on Super Crazy and plant him with the Hart Attack 2.0! Meanwhile, Kidman continues to pound on Chavo, who has been knocked onto his ass into the corner. The Harts attack Konnan from behind, and they drop him with a double back suplex. While Kidman continues to pound on Chavo, Rey Misterio re-enters the ring, behind Kidman. Rey hurries over to him, and rolls him up from behind! He’s got a hold of the tights! One! Two! Three!

Result: Rey Misterio Jr. & Chavo Guerrero Jr., and The Flying Harts def. Filthy Animals, Shane Helms & Super Crazy at 12:39

After the match, Chavo Guerrero low blows Billy, causing him to double over. Rey and Chavo laugh as Teddy Hart hops onto the apron as Jack Evans grabs a hold of Rey’s arms. Evans lifts Kidman up into the air, and Hart leaps off the third rope… tiger suplex and springboard lariat… Hart Attack 2.0! Crazy and Kidman are both down, and now the Harts drag Konnan into the center of the ring as Rey and Chavo ascend to the top turnbuckle on opposite ends of the ring. They look at another and nod, and leap off of the turnbuckles, Rey connecting with a 450 Splash, and Chavo with a Leg Drop! The crowd is torn between cheers and jeers, as Konnan is motionless in the ring, as are Super Crazy and Billy Kidman! Misterio stands over Kidman, Chavo over Konnan, and the Harts over Super Crazy, while on the stage, Helms holds his Cruiserweight Title high into the sky, staring at the Harts, as well as Crazy, a smirk on his face as the focus goes back to the announcers.

Tony Schiavone: How disgusting! Rey Misterio, Chavo Guerrero, the Flying Harts, and even Shane Helms should be ashamed of themselves!

Mike Tenay: Shane left his team high and dry, and because of him, it was a four on three attack! Super Crazy was taken out by the Harts! The Filthy Animals are both down in the ring, and they’re not moving either, all because of Misterio and Chavo! This is disgusting, indeed, Tony. However, we have to take a commercial break, but stay tuned, there is still much more to come on Nitro.


Addition to an Already Legendary Match

As Nitro returns, ‘Sprach Zarathursta’ hits, and the crowd begins to scream in tumultuous cheers as ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair struts out onto the entrance stage in a gray Armani suit. Flair lets out a loud ‘Woo’ as he struts down the entrance ramp, looking happy to be in the arena, but focused and ready to speak his mind. The Nature Boy enters the ring, and immediately is handed a microphone from David Penzer. Flair doesn’t start to talk right away, instead soaking in the response of the crowd before starting to speak.

Ric Flair: New Orleans, Louisiana… WOOO!


Ric Flair: In four days… in four days, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, 16 time World Champion, ICON of this sport… is going to go one-on-one with his equal… Hulk Hogan; the 11-time World Champion. If there has ever been one man that has been my equal, hell, my superior, it has been Hulk Hogan. Hogan, you and me, we’ve fought all across this country, and you know what? On most encounters, you’ve been the better man! You damn sure didn’t fight clean, but all that matters is, at the end of the match, your hand was raised in victory.

Flair pauses, transitioning. Up until this point, his voice has been somber, quiet. But then, a knob is turned, and Flair takes it up a notch.

Ric Flair: At Mayhem, it will be Ric Flair’s opportunity to beat Hulk Hogan! Hollywood Hogan, at Mayhem, I am going to be the one defeating you! I’m going to knock you on your ass, and I’m going to break your knee cap with the Figure Four, WOOO!


Ric Flair: New Orleans, at Mayhem, it is time The Nature Boy teaches Hollywood Hogan a thing or two! Hogan, you want to try and insult me!? You want to piss on my legacy!? Well guess what Hogan!? WOOO! WOOO! WOOO! THINK AGAIN! I’M RIC FLAIR YOU SUNOVA BITCH! And you, you will NOT PISS ON MY LEGACY!

Flair pauses, strutting around the ring. However, the jacket surprisingly stays on.

Ric Flair: Hollywood, last week, you said that Ric Flair… was not a legend. Well Hollywood, I’m gonna prove you wrong! The Naitcha’ Boy is the biggest and the best legend in the history of professional wrestling, and this Sunday at Mayhem, Hogan, you’re going down! …But Hogan, you know what? I’ve been thinking about it, and I don’t want you at Mayhem.

The crowd starts to boo, confused, but not liking what Flair said. Flair doesn’t acknowledge the crowd, and instead, continues on.

Ric Flair: Hogan, you and me, one-on-one, that’s not all I want. Because you see, this whole thing, it started at Fall Brawl on September 30! You screwed me and WCW, but you weren’t alone! There is one other man who is responsible for everything that has gone wrong in WCW these past few months, and that man, is the foulest, slyest, slickest, sneakiest, no good, rotten, son of a, WOOO, BITCH, ERIC BISCHOFF! CUZ’ BISCHOFF, I WANT YOUR ASS TOO!

Flair glares into the camera, his eyes filled with hatred and rage. However, that stops as the Armani jacket comes off, and is thrown onto the top of the ring rope. While starting to strut, Flair continues.

Ric Flair: WOOO! Bischoff! You’re nothing but a piece of, WOOO, sh**! I hate you, and you hate me! So Eric, how about you be a man, come down here, use your power that you constantly throw around because you’re an egomaniacal son of a bitch, and make my match on Sunday a handicap match! Bischoff! You and Hogan, versus ME!

The crowd nearly blows the roof off the joint, wanting the match. What bigger of a match than Flair against his two biggest rivals? The crowd is actually torn between cheers and boos as ‘New World Order’ hits, promptly bringing out Eric Bischoff, in the usual black jeans, black leather jacket, and nWo tee. Bischoff has a mic in hand, and a sly smirk on his face. However, that isn’t the only thing on his face. He has a bruise on the side of his left face, from when Scott Steiner hit him with the pipe last week.

Eric Bischoff: So….

Bischoff takes a long, dramatic pause, sucking in the crowd response.

Eric Bischoff: Ric Flair, The Nature Boy, the biggest waste of air to ever walk the face of this earth, thinks he can talk his way into convincing me to book myself in a handicap match with the legendary Hulk Hogan as my partner, against you. Ric, I’m sorry to tell you, but I’ve already kicked your ass before.

Bischoff smirks as the crowd boos, and Flair looks slightly confused.

Eric Bischoff: Oh yeah, Ric. Since I know how you love to live in the past so much, thinking you’re some star still, let me take you back to Starrcade 1998. Remember that, Ric? Yeah, that was the night I pinned your shoulders to the mat, one, two, three, and completely, KICKED YOUR ASS!

Bischoff smirks as the crowd boos. Flair however, has a quick retort.

Ric Flair: Yeah, I can remember that, Bischoff. But you know something? I remember the next night too! I remembering kicking your ass, pinning you, AND, making you tap out to the Figure Four! I’ve kicked your ass too, Bischoff! So you know what that means, Eric!? It means you and I, we need to have ourselves the old rubber match! Once more, Bischoff, Easy E and Naitch to need duke it out! Ric Flair versus Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan! WOOO! C’MON BISCHOFF! BE A MAN!

The crowd is cheering, while Bischoff’s smirk has disappeared. He looks rather scared right now. He feels like he’s backed into a corner now with Flair’s challenge.

Ric Flair: C’mon Bischoff! Why don’t you grow a set!? Fight me! I’m giving you your favorite lap dog! You got the numbers, Eric! You got Hogan! ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan, the biggest legend ever! He’s everything I’m not, Bischoff! I’m nothing, Eric, remember!? I’m a piece of, WOOO, SH**! You said it yourself, Eric! You’ve been talking crap, Eric, so prove it now! Grow a package and back it up!

Eric looks perplexed at Ric, who has now unbuttoned the top four buttons of his white dress shirt, untucked the shirt, and unbuttoned the cuffs.

Ric Flair: Gone dump, Eric!? How about this for a remembers course!?

Ric points at the Nitro Tron, which shows footage. Eric takes a few steps forward, turns on his heel, and looks at the silver screen.

Originally Posted by October 31 Nitro
Eric Bischoff: Ric Flair… he’s an old, ungrateful, piece of *shit*! It’s only a matter of time until his sorry ass dies and rots, just like all of WCW.
Originally Posted by November 7 Nitro
Eric Bischoff: I know, we both know, that I could kick Ric Flair’s ass

Eric Bischoff: Hulk, you know what? You’re right? I could kick Ric Flair’s ass!
Cut back to the ringside, and there’s Flair smirking, while Bischoff looks horrorstruck.

Ric Flair: See, Eric? I am, and I quote, “an old, ungrateful, piece of sh**”. And also, you could, quote, “kick Ric Flair’s ass”, end quote. So Eric, c’mon… prove it!

Bischoff is quiet, beside himself on the stage. He is starting to eat his own words now. Flair can’t help but smirk.

Ric Flair: Eric, what’s wrong? Cat got your tongue? Or when Scott Steiner bashed your face in with that lead pipe, is a side effect you losing the ability to talk at times too? What’s wrong? Are you a coward, Eric? Huh? Are you a coward!? Coward!? COWARD!? COWARD!? COWARD!?

Flair continues to yell ‘coward’, as he starts to elbow drop the canvas, then getting up and running off the ropes, strutting, the whole caboodle. Eric is starting to go white in anger. As Ric continues to yell out ‘coward’, Bischoff snaps.

Eric Bischoff: ALRIGHT!

The crowd grows silent, as foes Flair, who stares at Bischoff, waiting for an answer. Bischoff’s lower lip is quivering in anger.


The crowd explodes, and Flair smiles an ear-to-ear grin. Bischoff is still pretty pissed off.

Eric Bischoff: FLAIR! ME AND HOGAN VERSUS YOU AT MAYHEM! We’ve kicked your ass before, but Flair, this time, THE NWO IS GOING TO MURDER YOU! And when we beat you, Flair, I am going to make it my distinct privilege to FIRE YOUR ASS!

Bischoff smirks as ‘New World Order’ hits again, and Bischoff, smirking, but his eyes filled with rage, stares down Flair. Flair’s smirk has disappeared as well. Flair wanted Bischoff, and he got him at Mayhem. But now if he loses, he’ll be fired! The crowd, which started to boo once Bischoff said he’d fire Flair if he lost, he’d be fired, erupted into more boos as ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan strutted out onto the entrance ramp, standing side-by-side with Bischoff. Stare down ensues!

Tony Schiavone: Professor, I am speechless! A loss for words! This is just unbelievable!

Mike Tenay: Well, I am sad to say it, but I am afraid Ric Flair may have just dug his own grave, Tony! He hates Eric Bischoff so much, that yes, he did talk his way into making his match against Hogan a handicap match so it is now against Hogan and Bischoff, but Tony, if he loses, Eric Bischoff just said he was going to fire Ric Flair!

Tony Schiavone: Professor, Ric Flair must win on Sunday at Mayhem! If he doesn’t, WCW will fall apart in the war against the New World Order! Nature Boy, you cannot lose at Mayhem, this Sunday on pay per view, against ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff!


When Nitro returns, we’re backstage!

Junior’s Respect

We’re at the interview area, where ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing by with Rey Misterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr. Oh yippy skippy!

Gene Okerlund: Welcome back to Nitro, everybody, I’m ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund, and I am standing by with the newest team here in WCW, Rey Misterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr. Boys, I think we all want to know, what brought you two together last week to assault the Filthy Animals, Billy Kidman and Konnan!?

Rey Misterio Jr.: First off, old man, me and Chavo, we are not “boys”, we’re men. And we’re men demanding respect. So next time you address us, you’ll call us men, sirs, or Mr. Misterio and Mr. Guerrero!

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Gene, this is an ongoing problem, and we’re sick of it! Rey and I, we are the top two cruiserweights in the company, and even the world! We come from the two most respected and prestigious wrestling family’s, but yet, people like you, the fans, and most importantly, the Filthy Animals, don’t respect us. And that, that is exactly why I have the honor, and the privilege, to be Rey Misterio’s partner! Because you see, for far too long now, the Filthy Animals, they have attacked Rey, 2 on 1, like the cowards that they are! The use their numbers to their advantage, and personally, I find that repulsive!

Gene Okerlund: What!? Rey Misterio hasn’t been attacked from behind by the Filthy Animals! It’s he whose been doing the sneak attacks!

Rey Misterio Jr.: See, Chavo? This is what we’re always talking about! No respect! Gene, I am a victim! I was brutally assault by KroniK at Slamboree, and where were Billy Kidman and Konnan to save me? Why weren’t they helping me recovering!? Exactly, no respect. And for me, that’s exactly what this is about now! Kidman, you’ve held me back, and we all know I hate that. But Billy, now, you don’t even have the guts to respect me, the greatest Lucha Libre wrestler of all time! Billy, I am going to beat you so badly, that you will respect me!

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: And that’s exactly what we’re going to do on Sunday! At Mayhem, Kidman and Konnan, the greatest combination of two wrestlers ever, Rey Misterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr., are going to beat respect into you!

The two Mexican wrestlers stare into the camera before walking off.

Tony Schiavone Can you believe these two men, Professor!? How pathetic can Rey Misterio Jr. get!?

Mike Tenay: Pretty low, Tony. Last week, he recruited Chavo Guerrero Jr. to his cause, and somehow, according to these two men, Rey’s the victim in this situation! But in reality, it was Rey who returned at Souled Out and turned on the Filthy Animals! Rey Misterio Jr. has been attacking Kidman and Konnan from behind for months, and running away in his matches with Kidman!

Tony Schiavone: Rey Misterio Jr. is just full of himself!

During the bantering, ‘New World Order’ hits, bringing out KroniK, the tag team of Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke, to jeers.

Mike Tenay: That about sums it up, Tony. However, it is time for our next match! Last week, he rejected their proposal to join them, and now this week, he is fighting against them! Lance Storm is up next, defending his WCW North American Championship against Bryan Clarke!

KroniK make their entrance down to the ring, with the boos continuing.

Tony Schiavone: This should be a big momentum-swinging battle, Professor! Remember folks, this Sunday night at Mayhem, Lance Storm and The Young Lions, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire, will face-off against Mike Awesome and KroniK, with the winners taking home the North American Title, and the Tag Team Titles!

The rift of ‘Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck’ hits, bringing out the WCW North American Champion, Lance Storm, to a large amount of cheers, the largest this man has undoubtedly ever received. Storm is once again in the electric black tights, and the North American Title Belt is clasped around his waist.

Mike Tenay: We know that no matter what, The Young Lions will be the Tag Team Champions at Mayhem, but this match right here will determine who walks into Mayhem the North American Champion, so let’s get to it!

Lance walks down the entrance ramp, his eyes cold and calculating, fixed on Clarke. Storm rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring, where he poses in the middle ring, with a pose similar to Shawn Michaels’. Storm then removes his Title Belt from his waist, hands it over to our official, Scott Dickenson, and this match is underway folks.

Match Two
Lance Storm © vs. Bryan Clarke (w/Brian Adams)
WCW North American Championship Match

The commentators hyped this match up as a great momentum-swinger, and a chance for Clarke to win gold, but in essence, this was all Storm the whole way. Clarke used his size to power over Lance, and he got some additional help from Adams, but Storm was near-perfect, using stiff strikes, smooth-flowing aerial maneuvers, and crisp and innovative submission holds. Clarke almost scored a victory with a strong lariat, but Storm’s leaping roundhouse kick, double-springboard moonsault to a standing Clarke, and a strong triangle choke all wore down Clarke much more than a simple lariat, and that led to the end of the match in just over seven minutes. Using the move he’s been using ever since he used it to win at Halloween Havoc, Storm put Clarke away with a sit-out brain buster, although it didn’t look nearly as great as other times, due to Clarke’s size and sloppiness taking bumps. The three count was registered though, and Storm retains the North American Title.

Result: Lance Storm def. Bryan Clarke at 7:11 to retain

Once the bell rings to end the match, is when the fun starts. Storm stands to his feet, arms raised in celebration. However, he doesn’t notice Brian Adams enter the ring from behind. Adams charges Storm, but it’s like Storm has a sixth sense or something, and turns around just in time to see Adams coming right at him. Lance ducks an Adams clothesline, and then starts to lay into him with heavy right hands. Storm sends Adams reeling into the ropes, and then whips him across the ring into the opposite sets of ropes. Storm bounces off of the ropes he just whipped Adams from, and charges towards the oncoming Adams, but gets intercepted by a crazy stiff leaping elbow strike from Mike Awesome! Adams’ momentum dies down, Bryan Clarke gets up to his feet, and Lance Storm is down and woozy from the stiff elbow strike to the side of his head. The three New World Order members stand over Lance Storm, and prepare to attack again, when Arn Anderson, Cal Anderson, Chuck Palumbo, and Sean O’Haire rush out from the back, sprinting down the entrance ramp. Okay, the three wrestlers sprint, and Arn sort of jogs. He’s old, give him a break! Anderson and the Young Lions dive into the ring, and it is a pier-six brawl; Cal brawling Mike, Palumbo with Adams, and O’Haire with Clarke.

The six men engage in a flurry of rights and lefts, swinging wildly at their rivals. The brawl rages on for a few moments, a complete and total stalemate. However, while the three men brawl in mainly three corners of the ring, in the middle, Lance Storm nips up to his feet out of nowhere, sparking a pop from the crowd. Storm rushes over to where Bryan Clarke is, and jumps up and drills him with a hard kick to the side of his head! Clarke staggers backwards, and this allows Sean O’Haire to grab him by the head and toss him from ringside, over the top rope! Storm didn’t waste any time to see O’Haire do that, however, as he quickly runs over to Brian Adams as he and Palumbo brawl, diving down low with a dropkick to the back of Adams’ knee! Adams staggers into the ropes, and Palumbo leaps up into the air and decks him with a Jungle Kick, knocking him to the outside of the ring! And finally, it is the four men of WCW, and just Mike Awesome left in the ring. Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire both go over to Awesome and Cal, who are still tossing right hands at each other, no man having a distinct advantage. Awesome scores with a heavy elbow strike to the chin however, knocking Anderson back into the corner turnbuckles. Before Awesome can mount any attack, O’Haire hits a forearm strike to the upper back, and Palumbo a left hook to the kidney. The two men then grab Awesome by the arms, restraining him, while Cal recovers. Cal gets up to his feet, looks at Awesome, and spins in a full 360-degree rotation before hitting him with a heavy right hand, the dreaded discus punch! Awesome staggers back into the ropes near the entrance way, as The Young Lions release The Career Killer. As the crowd cheers, Lance Storm completes the exclamation point, charging and drilling Awesome right in the jaw with a Super Kick, ejecting him from the ring! The crowd is all cheers as Arn Anderson gets into the ring and celebrates with the faces, while KroniK help Awesome to his feet and they all swiftly head up the entrance ramp, battered and beaten.

Tony Schiavone: Professor, is Lance Storm making a huge difference for WCW or what!? He is winning matches left and right. He’s rejected the nWo offer to stay loyal to WCW, and now he is helping us out, taking it to guys like Mike Awesome and the rest of the nWo!

Mike Tenay: Oh without a doubt, Tony! Lance Storm gave us the numbers advantage in that huge brawl we just witnessed, and added the exclamation point to the beating with that big Super Kick to Mike Awesome. Plus, he clearly out-wrestled Bryan Clarke in their match beforehand, picking up the well-earned victory! Lance Storm is on a roll right now, Tony, and he is definitely going to be a big factor in that six-man tag team match, this Sunday, at Mayhem!

Tony Schiavone: That is one of the many matches that I can’t wait to see, Professor! Six-man tag, with the WCW North American and Tag Team Titles on the line! It’s going to be a dandy! But now, we have to take a commercial break, but ladies and gentleman, do not go away because coming up next, the four Super Cage contestants will be in the ring, and announcing their weapons of choosing to go into the third tier of the Super Cage! Stay tuned for Wednesday Nitro!


The Choosing of Weapons…Like Most Aren’t Obvious!?

When Wednesday Nitro returns to the air, ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing in the ring, a microphone in hand.

Gene Okerlund: Lades and gentleman, in just four days from now, WCW will hold its next three-hour pay per view extravaganza, Mayhem! The pay per view will come live from the Astro Dome, in Houston, Texas, and will feature some top notch matches, such as Lance Storm and The Young Lions teaming up to take on Mike Awesome and KroniK, with both the WCW North American and the WCW Tag Team Title’s on the line. Also, Shane Helms will defend the WCW Cruiserweight Title against Super Crazy and Teddy Hart, plus, Johnny Stamboli will challenge Big Vito in what is now being called an Italian Street Fight! Also, Rey Misterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr. will team up to take on the Filthy Animals, Billy Kidman and Konnan! And then the match we just learned about earlier on the show, in a two-on-one handicap match, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair will take on the WCW President, Eric Bischoff, and ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan, and if Ric Flair loses, he will be fired from World Championship Wrestling!

Okerlund pauses while the crowd boos the final stipulation to the Flair v. Hogan/Bischoff match.

Gene Okerlund: However, there is one match, that we all have been waiting for ever since its return was hyped back at Halloween Havoc, the Super Cage! It is a structure that is over 45 feet high! It is the most hellacious and lethal match known to professional wrestling, featuring three steel cages! A trap door links the first and second cage together, and that second cage is filled with weapons! A door leads to outside of the second cage, where the combatants must climb up the side of the second cage to reach the roof of the cage, just outside the third cage. Inside the third cage, will be hand-picked weapons by the contestants of the Super Cage! The combatants can either grab a weapon to use it, or climb up the side of the third cage to the top and grab the briefcase suspended from a harness that is attached to the ceiling of the Astro Dome! The object in the briefcase… an ironclad contract that guarantees the winner a main event spot for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship at Starrcade! And not only that, but also tonight, in your main event, these four contestants will wrestle in a four corners match! And now, it is time for the four participants to come down to this very ring, and announce their weapon’s of choosing! So first, let me introduce to you, The Bad Guy… Scott Hall!

The loud ‘HOOOOOWWWLLL’ blares throughout the sound system here in the Kiefer Lakefront Arena, bringing out the slyest son of a gun in the history of wrestling, ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall. Hall comes out onto the stage in his traditional black Outsider trunks, bandana in his hair, toothpick in the mouth, and a red cut-sleeve tee with a wolf’s face on it. Hall’s crowd reaction is as you always expect from him; the loud boos, and the cheers that are just as loud, if not louder. Hall glides down the entrance ramp, jawing with the fans along the guard rail. Hall enters the ring, and raises his weapon of choice up into the air. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell ya’lls about that didn’t I? Well, he has his weapon, but I will wait to say what it is. Hall walks over to one of the corner’s of the ring, and hops up onto the top corner, laying out along it.

Gene Okerlund: Next, the man who is most commonly known as this company’s savior, the man… they call… Sting!

Metallica’s ‘Seek and Destroy’ hits, bringing out The Stinger from the back to enormous cheers. The Stinger is wielding his traditional black baseball bat, and has a black trench coat on over his wrestling attire. Sting twirls the black bat in his right hand as he walks down the entrance ramp, the crowd cheering him on. Stinger makes his way into the ring, as Okerlund starts the next entrance.

Gene Okerlund: Next, the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and the man who defeated Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc… Booker T!

‘Can You Dig It Sucka!?’ hits, and the crowd absolutely screams in delight for The Booker Man. Booker T walks out onto the stage in all black tonight; trunks, boots, knee pads, and gloves. His ovation is just monstrous, and it is clear that he is quickly becoming this company’s true top face, only rivaled by the man himself, Ric Flair. Booker walks down the right side of the entrance ramp, slapping hands with the fans along the guard rail. Booker then gets into the ring, wielding his weapon that I never told you about in order to not spoil the promo I am about to write. Booker T gets into the ring, and using his free right hand, puts it up to his face, and convulses his head up and down in true Booker fashion.

Gene Okerlund: And finally, the man who has gone through hell and high water to get into the Super Cage match… Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner!

‘Holla If Ya Hear Me’ hits, and the crowd simply erupts, torn between jeers and cheers. The cheers outweigh the boos by about a 6:1 ratio, and overall, his reaction is still the loudest. Steiner is without Midajah again tonight, but is still in his usual black trunks with the ‘S’ logo on them, as well as a Big Poppa Pump tee shirt, medieval chain plate over his head, and shades. His weapon is protruding from the back of his trunks, and no, it isn’t hemorrhoids either. You all probably know what it is, but it is okay. Steiner marches down the ramp and into the ring, and simply stares the other three wrestlers down. It’s an intense stare down for all four men, their eyes showing how bad they want the prize. The stare down, however, is eventually broken, when Gene Okerlund continues the festivities.

Gene Okerlund: …Tonight, we’re all here for you four men to publicly announce the weapon of your choosing to go into the third tier of the lethal Super Cage, this Sunday, at Mayhem. Scott Hall, if you please…

Hall, who is still lazily sprung out along the corner turnbuckles and adjacent ropes, spins his legs left to right, so they land back onto the canvas. His weapon in his right hand, Hall glides over to Okerlund, who is in the center of the ring still, and takes the mic.

Scott Hall: …Ya’ know, Mean Gene… Da Bad Guy… he’s been usin’ this weapon fo’ years now, and they all felt muh wrath of it… so boys… at da Super Cage… tha’ tazer returns!

Hall raises the cattle prod up into the air, receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd. Hall lets the crowd reaction die down before slinking back into his corner, twirling the toothpick still in his mouth. Once Hall gets back into the corner, Sting walks up to Okerlund, realizing he’s going to simply go by the order the men were introduced.

Sting: GENE-O! …I think everyone here in New Orleans knows... just what weapon is going into the Super Cage on my behalf. Boys, you’ve probably all felt its force before, and if you haven’t, come this Sunday… you feel the wrath… of the bat!

Oh corny, Sting, ends it with somewhat of a rhyme. Sting raises his trademark black baseball bat into the air, and then twirls it with his fingers, as the crowd cheers him on. Sting then cups his hands to his mouth, and yells out ‘OWWW’, before walking back to his corner, the crowd still cheering him on. The reaction dies down, and Booker T, wielding his weapon as well, takes the mic from Mean Gene.

Booker T: Gene-O... I neva’ fo’get muh place in da’ worl’, n’ where I came from. In da’ ghettos, we used ‘dis weapon all da’ time, n’ in Dubya-See-Dubya itself, ya’ saw muh brotha’, Stevie Ray, use it too. ‘Dis Sunday in da’ Supa’ Cage, ya’ll gonna feel da’ pain, of da’ ghetto, n’ da’ slapjack

Booker T raises the slapjack into the air, which for the uneducated folks at home, a slapjack is a thick leather club, that is roughly the size of the ‘lead’ pipe Scotty Steiner also likes to wield. Booker’s cheers are juts as loud as before, and he raises both arms into the air then before heading back to his corner. Once Booker’s back in the corner, we all know who is left, Scott Steiner. Hall, Sting, and Booker, as well as Okerlund, if he counts, stare down Steiner, waiting for him to make the inevitable announcement of his weapon. However, Steiner merely is leaning back in the corner, shades on, looking cool and collected. The four other men in the ring start to grow annoyed with Steiner, who shows a slight smirk on his lips, knowing he’s getting under their skin’s.

Gene Okerlund: …Scott Steiner… we’re waiting on you.

Steiner simply smirks even more before standing upright. He removes his shades and medieval chain plate from his head, and then walks over to Okerlund, his ‘secret’ weapon in his left hand, which he casually slaps into the palm of his right. Okerlund raises the microphone for Steiner to grab, but Scotty simply grabs Okerlund’s wrist and raises his arm even higher, so the microphone is right in his mouth. He’s cocky, and it gets him boos from the crowd. But however, somewhat surprisingly, he still gets a good amount of cheers too.

Scott Steiner: Mean Gene… you really are a stupid sonuva bitch! All my freaks, whether they’re in the front row, screamin’ muh name, or all the way in the nose bleed section… they know what weapon I’m gonna use in the Super Cage! All muh freaks know, that Big Poppa Pump, is gonna wreck all these jack-offs with the same exact weapon he used ta’ F-up Eric Bitch-off last week… muh lead frickin’ pipe!

The crowd pops loudly for Steiner, for him bringing back up the beat down on Bischoff last week, and just the mere fact that the a majority of the crowd can’t seem to boo this guy. Of course, there were a few boos for The Genetic Freak, but mainly, overwhelmingly, cheers. However, Steiner doesn’t pause to soak in those cheers, he merely keeps going on, on the mic.

Scott Steiner: Ya’ know freaks, I’m a man who can a pretty mean promo, but when it comes time for some ass kickin’, Big Poppa Pump’s da’ man ta’ do it! And quite frankly, I’m sick of standin’ around, carryin’ muh lead pipe, and not doing jack-crap with is, so boys, time ta’ get your day wrecked!

And just like that, Scott pushes Okerlund to the canvas, and makes a beeline for Sting. Before Sting can even raise his bat to defend himself, Steiner WHACKS Sting in the chest with the lead pipe! Steiner tires to raise his arm in triumph, but that gets interrupted by a big shot to his chest from the slapjack by Booker T! Scott Steiner gets rocked back several feet, and starts gasping for air before heading back over to his original corner to catch his breath. Booker T is in hot pursuit, but Scott Hal is right behind him. Booker makes his way over to Steiner, sends his right arm back into the air, ready to nail Steiner with the slapjack, but ZAP~! Scott Hall prods Booker T in the right kidney with the tazer! Booker T drops his slapjack and falls to the canvas in convulsions from the electric shock! Scott Hall looks on slyly, and before Scott Steiner can try and defend himself from Hall, ZAP~! Steiner gets the cattle prod right to the stomach, and he drops onto his buttocks in the corner, convulsing. Hall then turns on his feet and spots Sting at the other end of the ring, slowly getting up to his feet from the lead pipe shot he received moments ago from Steiner. Hall glides over to Sting, spits his toothpick at him, and ZAP~! Tazer to the stomach! Sting drops back to the canvas, convulsing as well! Hall raises his tazer up into the air with his right arm, the crowd 50/50 in cheers and jeers for The Lone Wolf, who has laid out the other three contestants with his dreaded tazer. The loud ‘HOOOOOWWWLLL’ hits the speakers again, and Hall exits the ring as the rest of the Wolfpack theme plays throughout the Kiefer Lakefront Arena.

Tony Schiavone: Professor, we know what weapons they’re using for the Super Cage, and my oh my have we seen the effects of Scott Hall’s tazer! That weapon could be a huge factor for Hall come time for the Super Cage this Sunday, at Mayhem!

Mike Tenay: Well it could be a factor for anyone, Tony! All those weapons will be locked up it the third cage in the Super Cage match, and any competitor is allowed to use any weapon in that cage, not just the weapon of their own choosing. So really, Scott Steiner could end up being the guy wielding the tazer in the Super Cage this coming Sunday.

Tony Schiavone: Great point, Professor, I’m sure that cleared some things up for the viewers at home.

Yeah, and he schooled your incompetent ass too.

Tony Schiavone: Remember folks, those four men will all be in action later on tonight, as they will face off in a one-fall, four corner’s match! That’s going to be a huge match-up in our main event this evening! However, we have to take a commercial break, but don’t go away because coming up next, Jeff Jarrett will be in non-title action against Hugh Morris!


When we return to Wednesday Nitro, we’re backstage, not at ringside, like we were told. Shame on you, Tony Schiavone, shame.

Running (Across The Border)

Like I said, the cameras are backstage, where Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Rey Misterio Jr. are walking down a hallway.

Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Hey holmes, we really got those sucker’s tonight, didn’t we?

Rey Misterio Jr.: Chavo essa, the Filthy Animals… they’re dyin’ dogs! At Mayhem, we’re gonna kick their asses so badly… they’re gonna run away from WCW with their tails in between their legs!

Misterio and Chavo share a laugh as they turn the corner of the hallway… only to spot The Filthy Animals! Rey and Chavo come to a sudden halt as they spot Billy Kidman, Konnan, and Tygress, and to make matters worse for the two cocky Luchadore’s, Konnan spots the two as well! He gets Kidman’s attention, and his eyes flash red in anger once he spots the two men. In a flash of an eye, Kidman takes off, sprinting towards the two men. Konnan hikes up his baggy sweatpants and runs off as well, and who the fuck cares about Tygress? Rey and Chavo immediately turn back on their heel and run back through the hallway they just came from, desperately trying to escape Kidman and co. Rey and Chavo make a left down one hallway, and then a quick right, before running down a long straightaway and barging through two doors that lead them out into the parking lot! Kidman is hot on their heels, while Konnan is slow because he’s fat and out of shape, and has to deal with stopping every so many feet to pull his sweatpants back up. However, Rey and Chavo are too quick for Kidman, and they eventually reach their car, an orange and gold low rider, and hop into it, Chavo in the driver’s seat. I guess they didn’t have a telephone book in the car for Rey to sit on so he could drive. Nevertheless, Chavo and Rey peel out of the parking lot just as Kidman reaches where there car was, missing the chance to attack them by mere seconds. As the two wrestlers drive away, Konnan and Tygress come through the doors to the parking lot, and sees the two men driving off. The Filthy Animals all share looks of frustration as the segment ends.

Tony Schiavone: How many times is Rey Misterio Jr. going to run away from the Filthy Animals!? This is just getting ridiculous, Professor!

Mike Tenay: That it is, Tony, but this coming Sunday, at Mayhem, the Filthy Animals are going to be ready to make sure that Rey Misterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr. can’t run any longer!

‘New World Order’ hits, and the crowd immediately starts to boo.

Tony Schiavone: And oh how I hope that the Filthy Animals get the chance to just beat the snot out of Rey Misterio Jr., and Chavo too!

Jeff Jarrett comes out onto the stage, black and white shades, an nWo tee, a black and white guitar with the nWo logo on it, and black and white ‘biker’ tights.

Mike Tenay: I do too, Tony, but now, it is time for some more wrestling action, as Jeff Jarrett takes on Hugh Morris!

The camera cuts to Jeff Jarrett, who is finishing his entrance down the ramp. The Chosen One walks up the steps and into the ring, where he proceeds to raise his guitar into the air, and then do his trademark strut across the ring. While doing so, we learn Hugh Morris is already in the ring, and as Jeff ends his strut and raises his arms and guitar back up into the air, Morris attacks him with a big forearm strike, getting this match underway.

Match Three
Hugh Morris vs. Jeff Jarrett (c)
Non-Title Singles Match

In what was a somewhat short match, it was still surprisingly good. Morris dominated in the early goings with his sheer size and strength, simply beating the snot out of The Chosen One. However, cheap tactics prevailed for Jarrett, allowing him to regain the advantage of the match. The match ended up in a stalemate though after a hard lariat from Morris after escaping The Stroke. However, the match stalled then because of the arrival one ‘Big Sexy’ Kevin Nash. Wearing the same Wolfpack tee Hall did, and his standard wrestling attire, Nash marches down the entrance ramp, hops over the top rope, and enters the ring. Morris blindly charges Nash, only to get walloped by a Big Boot, and then tossed over the top rope to the outside, leaving it to just Nash and Jarrett in the ring. Jarrett backed away and away from Nash, who merely stalked over to Jarrett, a grin on his face. Jarrett keeps backing up, until he backs right into the corner of the ring! Nash makes his way over to Jarrett since The Chosen One has nowhere to go, and Nash drills him with a right hand! Jeff slumps, but Nash keeps him on his feet, and then whips him into the ropes. Jarrett hits the ropes, comes back at Nash, and gets drilled with a Big Boot! Jarrett goes down, but Nash simply pulls him right back up, and positions him in between his legs. Nash raises his right arm into the air and makes the Wolfpack symbol to cheers from the crowd, and then lifts Jarrett into the air and slams back down with the Jack Knife Power Bomb!

Result: No Contest at 6:49

More Like Big Meanie, Not Big Sexy

Once the Jack Knife is delivered, the bell is rung by Charles Robinson, who has seen enough. Nash glares at Robinson, who runs away from the ring like a coward. Morris is slowly getting back up to his feet on the outside, and making his way back up to the entrance stage. Back in the ring, Nash stands over the fallen Jarrett, and raises his arm into the air again, making the Wolfpack symbol, to cheers. Nash then gets tossed a microphone from a stagehand on request, and continues to stand over the prone Jarrett.

Kevin Nash: Jeff… this didn’t have to happen, ya’ know? I didn’t have to come out here and kick your ass, if you just would have told your boys that shit happens. Last week, you tried to use your guitar on me, and it backfired… I broke it over your noggin’. Pin, one, two, three, and Kevin Nash was your WCW World Heavyweight Champion. I was the Champ!

Nash pauses as he glares at the laid out body of Jeff Jarrett with hate.

Kevin Nash: Your little ringleader, Bischoff, he had to make the match restart, and then you and old-man Hogan, you pulled a fast one on me. You got to keep your Title, and I got screwed! It should be me as Champion, not you! And now since you had to cling onto your Title by any means necessary, at Mayhem, I am going to personally take that Title away from you!

The crowd cheers at Nash’s last words.

Kevin Nash: Jeffy Jarrett, you’re little boyfriend, Bischoff, he may have the power to control the New World Order, and he may be the WCW President, but he isn’t God. The Board of Directors… the good ole’ boys… they still have the final say. They may be dumb son of a bitches, but they heard my petition, so now Jeff… it’s time for you to suffer the consequences of screwing me over. Last week, you screwed over Kevin Nash, and you made me one pissed off son of a bitch. And when I get pissed, I am a mean, ass kicking, son of a bitch. And at Mayhem, you’re going to find that out first hand because this Sunday, thanks to the good ole’ boys… it is me versus you. Kevin Nash versus Jeff Jarrett for the WCW World Heavyweight Title, at Mayhem!

The crowd cheers very loudly for the announcement, but not as much you would normally expect.

Kevin Nash: So Jeff… it looks like I’ll be seein’ you this Sunday. At Mayhem, I guarantee you this, I’m gonna’ kick your hillbilly ass, Jack Knife you to this here canvas, and pin you, one, two three, and become the new… WCW World Heavyweight Champion! And Jeff, since I know you can still hear me… here’s another taste tester of what to expect Sunday, bitch!

Nash drops the mic, grabs Jeff by the head and pulls him up to his feet. The Chosen One is simply out of it, now just over-selling the Jack Knife. However, Nash sticks Jarrett back in between his legs, hoists him into the air, and there it is again, the Jack Knife Power Bomb! Jarrett gets spread out along the canvas, and Nash stand stall over Jarrett, his right arm raised in triumph, Wolfpack symbol aloft, as the loud ‘HOOOOOWWWLLL’ blares throughout New Orleans, yet again.

Tony Schiavone: Oh my, Professor! Jeff Jarrett is being forced to defend the WCW World Heavyweight Title against Kevin Nash this Sunday, at Mayhem! This is huge!

Mike Tenay: Oh, this is definitely huge, Tony! Kevin Nash has been one-upping Jeff Jarrett ever since he showed up in WCW again at Halloween Havoc, and last week, would have become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion if Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan didn’t screw him over!

Tony Schiavone: I agree completely, Professor! But this Sunday, Kevin Nash will get another chance to win the Belt! And boy do I bet Eric Bischoff is fuming right now! He didn’t want Jeff to defend the Title at all at Mayhem, but Nash has gone to the Board of Directors, and they have overruled Bischoff! Nash will challenge Jarrett for the World Heavyweight Title at Mayhem! Folks, we have to take a quick commercial break, but stay tuned, because there is definitely a lot more still to come on Wednesday Nitro!


When Nitro returns, we’re backstage! Hooray!

The PPV Match With No Hype!

Backstage, and there’s good ole Gene Okerlund, standing! But he’s not alone you silly buggers; Johnny “Don’t Call Me The Bull” Stamboli is with him. Stamboli is no longer wearing his black baggy pants and ridiculous black hat, but then again, he isn’t dressed to wrestle. He’s dressed in a white long-sleeve dress shirt, and khaki slacks. His goatee is shaved off completely, and it truly is a new look Stamboli.

Gene Okerlund: Johnny Stamboli, you personally requested for this time backstage tonight… what do you have to say about your upcoming match with Big Vito this Sunday, at Mayhem?

Stamboli looks at Okerlund with disgust, clearly not wanting to deal with this question, or Okerlund himself.

Johnny Stamboli: Gene Okerlund, do you really think I wanted this precious mic time to talk about a never-was like Big Vito? I am here to talk about me, Johnny Stamboli, this company’s natural born thriller! I am young, raw, talented, and ready to explode with potential! I am a Champion in every definition of the word. I look the part. I dress the part. I wrestle the part. But no matter what, because of crap like Big Vito, I’ve been held down, and unable to harness my true potential. But after this Sunday, at Mayhem, no one is going to hold me down any longer! You announced it yourself Gene, at Mayhem, it is me and Vito, one on one, in an Italian Street Fight. And you know what, Gene? That disgusts me! An Italian Street Fight!? I am no Italian, but because Vito is, I am being forced to degrade myself by wrestling in a match to promote his Italian heritage! I’m not from Italy, and I am not a Mamaluke! I am Johnny Stamboli, a NATURAL BORN THRILLER!

Stamboli yells those last few words, and then glares into the camera, heavily breathing a bit.

Gene Okerlund: Well um… what exactly is an Italian Street Fight?

Stamboli looks on at Okerlund, irate.

Johnny Stamboli: …WERE YOU NOT LISTENING TO WHAT I SAID!? I am not an Italian. I am from Atlanta, freaking Georgia! I don’t know what the hell an Italian Street Fight is. You’d have to find the stupid guinea, and ask him! Oh wait, he’s still probably back home, on the shelf, licking his wounds from when I kicked his ass!

Gene Okerlund: Hey! That kind of talk is uncalled for! You can’t call Vito that kind of word, no matter what you think of him!

Johnny Stamboli: Oh yeah? Well whose going to stop me? Certainly not some ass wipe like you, Ge-

Stamboli’s words are cut from his mouth before he can finish because he gets tackled to the ground by Big Vito! Big Vito just came out of nowhere, and he tackled Stamboli to the floor! Vito hurriedly starts laying into Stamboli with a flurry of rights and lefts, trying to inflict as much pain as possible to his former partner. Stamboli is trying to cover up his face while Vito doesn’t hold anything back, just pounding and pounding away at Stamboli. However, Gene Okerlund is calling for security, and Head of Security Doug Dillinger and his boys are on the scene in just a matter of seconds. Four black-shirted men grab a hold of Big Vito, and lift him off of Stamboli. Despite being pulled off him, Vito is still trying to throw his arms at Stamboli, as well as flail his feet in his direction. Three additional security men pull Stamboli up to his feet, only to restrain him then immediately. Security starts dragging the two men off-screen in separate directions, but Vito is able to get in the last word as he is dragged off.

Big Vito: Theese a ain’t ova’, Stamboli! I’m a gonna whack ya’ on Sunday! Ya’ mine, punk, ya’ mine!

Both men are then dragged completely off-camera as the segment ends, sending things back to Schiavone and Tenay at ringside.

Tony Schiavone: Things are certainly heating up between Johnny Stamboli and Big Vito, Professor!

Mike Tenay: You got that right, Tony! These two men used to be the best of friends. They traveled the road together, they were a tag team, and they won Championships together. But now, now that is over, and the blood is about to be shed! This Sunday at Mayhem, these two former partners collide in an Italian Street Fight, and it is not going to be pretty!

Inexplicably, the camera cuts backstage!

The Enforcers Are Doing Their Job

And now that we’re backstage, we learn that Ric Flair is… walking! Flair is still in his grey Armani suit. He’s all cheers, still celebrating the fact that this Sunday at Mayhem, he will finally get his hands on Hulk Hogan, and, Eric Bischoff. He knows the consequences if he loses, but he also still has to realize that no matter what, he’ll be kicking some ass too. As Flair walks down the main hallway in the Kiefer Lakefront Arena, he gets several nods of hello, actual verbal hellos, and several good luck’s from various stagehands and technicians. Flair then makes a left turn away from the main hallway, and passes a deserted corridor. As soon as he goes past it, Hulk Hogan comes out of it from behind! He’s not alone though, as Eric Bischoff is with him too! They must have known he was coming this way, and planned on attacking him!

Hogan hits Flair from behind with a right forearm strike, knocking The Nature Boy down to the concrete floor! Hogan and Bischoff both start laying the boots to the fallen Flair, only for Hogan to stop after a few kicks. Either he’s just that poor of a worker that he gets tired from five kicks to a man’s back, or he wanted to simply remove his weight-lifting belt from his waist. Or, if you think about it… both. Anyways, Hogan unstraps his weight belt from his waist and then snaps it together a few times. Bischoff backs off the fallen Flair and laughs, waiting for Hogan to whip Flair with the belt. However, just as Hogan is about to “crack the whip”, he stops, his eyes widening a bit in fear, his mouth dropping a bit in surprise. Bischoff sees this and looks straight ahead, and there’s the cavalry! Arn Anderson and Cal Anderson are swiftly walking towards the three men, pounding their right hand’s into their the palm’s of their left. The two men both show their closed fist’s, revealing steel chains wrapped around them! The two have menacing looks on their faces, and keep marching towards the three. Hogan and Bischoff share uneasy looks, and then start backing away. As soon as they do, Arn and Cal hurry over to Flair, who is slowly getting up. He sits up onto his buttocks, facing Hogan and Bischoff, his eyes filled with hatred.. As Hogan and Bischoff continue to sulk away, Arn yells after them.

Arn Anderson: Yeah, you two yellow-bellied cowards better run away! Bischoff! Hogan! You two can try and attack my best friend from behind all you want, but this Sunday at Mayhem, me and my nephew here are going to be watching Ric’s back! The Enforcer’s are coming for you, Bischoff! And we’re coming as strong as horses!

Arn and Cal both glare at Hogan and Bischoff as they back out of sight, looking even more uneasy after Arn’s words. Once Hogan and Bischoff are completely out of sight, Arn and Cal look back down at Flair, offer two hands, and pull him back up to his feet. Ric shows a sign of being grateful towards his best friend, shaking his hand and embracing him into a hug, as the segment more or less ends.

Tony Schiavone: Professor, you can try and attack someone from behind all you want, but just like what we witnessed, your best friend will always be there to help you!

Mike Tenay: Or in this case, your best friend, and his undefeated nephew!

Tony Schiavone: Well nevertheless, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were most likely looking forward to using to using their number’s advantage on Ric Flair this Sunday, at Mayhem, so they could try and cheat him out of the match, and subsequently fire him… but not on Double A’s watch! Arn Anderson will be in Ric Flair’s corner this Sunday, and because he hasn’t been booked with a match, neither will The New Age Enforcer, Cal Anderson!

Mike Tenay: And you and I both know that is just one more headache for Eric Bischoff! But we both don’t mind that at all! However folks, coming up next, it is time for the main event! They will all be wrestling to the top of the 45-foot tall Super Cage in four days time, but tonight, it is the first man to record a pin or submission that is the winner tonight! Booker T, Scott Hall, Sting, and Scott Steiner are in action, next!


When Wednesday Nitro returns, it is finally time for the main event, so let the entrances begin! The loud ‘HOOOOOWWWLLL’ hits the Kiefer Lakefront Arena first, bringing out ‘The Bad Guy’ Scott Hall to a mixture of cheers and jeers. Hall is in the same gear he wore to the ring earlier tonight, and even has another toothpick in his mouth. Hall glides down to the ring as per usual, jawing with the fans. He then enters the ring, does his signature taunt to the crowd, and then lounges back up on the top turnbuckle like he did earlier in the night. ‘Seek And Destroy’ hits next, and out comes Sting once again. Sting has lost the black trench coat, instead just in his singlet and tights combination that he always wears. Really, I don’t know how to describe his attire in one word, and he really doesn’t wear a singlet, but the top portion… is like a singlet with the two straps. Okay, that’s enough rambling from me. The Stinger still has his black baseball bat in his hand, and points the bottom of it directly at Scott Hall, clearly showing he wants revenge from earlier tonight. Fearing he’s about to get attacked by the bat, Hall immediately hops off the turnbuckle and ropes to the apron, and jumps down to the floor. Hall looks underneath the ring apron, and pulls an object out from underneath the ring. Hall rolls back into the ring and shows Sting the weapon, the tazer!

Sting enters the ring, and he and Hall stare off as ‘Can You Dig It Sucka!?’ hits the ring sound system, and the fans explode into cheers for the 4-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T! Booker T comes out onto the entrance stage, same attire as before, and slapjack in his right hand again. Booker has no pyro or anything for this entrance, simply marching right down to the ring, using his slapjack to point to where he was prodded with the tazer earlier, and then at Hall, showing he wants revenge too. Booker rolls into the ring as the last theme hits, ‘Holla If Ya Hear Me’, bringing out ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner to the again, the loudest reaction of the night, but still a mixture of cheers and jeers. Midajah is absent again from his arm, as is the shades and medieval chain plate. Steiner appears on the entrance stage, pointing his lead pipe at Scott Hall, anger in his eyes. Steiner then lowers the pipe and jogs down the ramp and dives right into the ring, ready for the action to get underway! However, before it can, referee Nick Patrick quickly takes away all of the men’s weapons, giving them to stagehands so they can’t be used illegally. When all the weapons are discarded and stored at ringside, Patrick orders for the bell to be rung, and the main event is underway.

Main Event
Booker T vs. Scott Hall vs. Scott Steiner vs. Sting
Four Corner’s Match

The match is sold as a big momentum changer for the Super Cage match this Sunday, but c’mon, we all know it is just one last chance to hype the PPV match that’s going to be bringing in a hopefully high rating. The match itself was really nothing special. Every man got their time in the spotlight, working over all three wrestlers at the same time. However, the numbers became too much, and it was more or less a stale mate. Under a Betty Crocker recipe, you’d see that it would say ‘repeat previous step three more times’, because well, all four guys go to work over everyone. However, this process ended up taking almost ten minutes of action, until Mr. Patrick got the call in for the match to wrap up and end. The action spilled to the outside of the ring just at the ten minute mark, and led to a quick brawl between everyone, and then each wrestler grabbing his respective weapon, and getting back into the ring. Back in the ring, Booker, Hall, Sting, and Steiner all threatened to use their weapons, and then well, they did, which called for an immediate ending to the match in a no contest.

Result: No Contest at 10:11

The bell rings, but that isn’t going to stop the four competitors. Booker T and Scott Steiner wield their slapjack/lead pipe like a sword, dueling with another. It looks pretty weird, but is still cool to see, and the crowd eats it right up. On the other side of the ring, Scott Hall prods his tazer in the general direction of Sting, who wards off the electric shocks with his bat. This wages on for a few moments, until Sting strikes first. The Sting dodges a shot with the cattle prod, and then scores with a quick stab with the tip of the bat to Hall’s gut, and then a strong strike over his back! Meanwhile, Scott Steiner swings the leap pipe with his right, but that is merely a distraction as he lands a hard elbow strike to Booker’s jaw with his left! Steiner then brains Booker over the back with the pipe, and soon aims for a head shot. Big Poppa Pump swings back for the strike, but Sting comes out of nowhere and drop kicks Steiner in the side! Steiner tumbles sideways, and falls through the first and second ropes to the outside of the ring! Sting just saved Booker T; they may be opponents this Sunday, but they are still friends! Sting offers a hand to Booker, and pulls him up to his feet. Once on their feet, they shake hands and embrace… and Booker nails him with a Harlem Side Kick! Sting staggers to the canvas, and Booker looks at Sting, satisfied, yet sorry. Sting gets to his feet relatively quickly, but just as Scott Hall gets back to his, and as Scott Steiner gets back into the ring. All four men look around at each other, staring everyone else down as Nitro comes to a close.

Tony Schiavone: It’s a stand-off, Professor!

No fucking shit, Tony. I swear, this guy really earns his paycheck.

Mike Tenay: But only for tonight, Tony! Tonight, we have a draw, but this Sunday, there will not be a draw because there has to be a winner! These four men will enter the three tier Super Cage, this Sunday, at Mayhem, but only one man will ascend through all three cages, over 45 feet up into the air, to the top of the third cage, and grab the briefcase to ensure them a World Heavyweight Title match at Starrcade!

Tony Schiavone: The Super Cage is going to rock Mayhem, Professor, but so are the other matches! Ric Flair fights for his job against Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff! Jeff Jarrett defends the World Heavyweight Title against Kevin Nash! Lance Storm and the Young Lions put their Belts on the line against Mike Awesome and KroniK! Shane Helms defends the Cruiserweight Title against Super Crazy and Teddy Hart! Rey Misterio Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr. will take on the Filthy Animals! And Johnny Stamboli takes on Big Vito in an Italian Street Fight!

Mike Tenay: Folks, Mayhem is going to possibly be the greatest WCW pay per view to date, so be sure to contact your local pay per view provider to order the show, this Sunday, starting at 8 PM, Eastern Standard Time! But until then, we are out of time here on Wednesday Nitro! I hope you enjoyed the show everybody, and until this Sunday, I am The Professor,

Tony Schiavone: And I’m Tony Schiavone.. see you this Sunday, at Mayhem!


When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

heyman deciple's NITRO REVIEW

8 Man Tag: Great opening match, with Mysteio, Chavo & The Harts getting the win. I was rooting for The Filthy Animals, Helms, & Super Crazy. But still it was a great match and the after match action was good too.

Flair-Bischoff: Really good confrontation here, with Bischoff and Flair. Great stuff. I'm looking foward the the 2 on 1 match at Mayhem.

Rey & Chavo Interview: Good interview here, with Rey & Chavo.

Storm vs. Clarke: I like the fact that your calling the title The North American Title, good idea. Solid match, good win for Storm. and The Run ins at the end with Awesome and the Andersons were great. I really enjoyed it when you said, Arn was only jogging, give him a break, he's old. That was great.

Gene, Weapon segment: This was real good, you did a nice job of building up suspense for the realing of the weapons.

Parking Lot: This was a good segment featuring the Filthy Animals and Chavo and Rey. Good Stuff.

Jarrett vs. Hugh Morrus: This was good, I really enjoyed the Nash run in and Nash's promo at the end was great.

Stamboli interview: Good stuff here, I'm looking foward to the match up between Stamboli and Vito.

Flair attacked: This was a good sneak attack by Hogan, and a nice save by The Andersons.

4 Corners Match: Great Main Event, Too bad there was no winner, but the stand off at the end was really good. I'm really looking foward to the Pay Per View.

This was a great show, I give it 8 out of 10.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership


Man, this BTB is back, and it seems better than ever. I can't wait for this to start up again.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership


I'm really looking forward to following this awesome BTB again.
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