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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

N-N-N New World Order - Good promo but I felt that Jarrett should have been talking more than Hogan. Steiner swerve was nice because I couldn't see Hennig or Awesome pulling it off.

The Young Lions vs. The Mamalukes - Good match to get the crowd going for some action. I like the Young Lions as they have potential..

Match Hype...Anotehr Challenge - I'm glad that Kidman made another challenge and didn't challenge Lance Storm because if that was the blowoff match at War Games, then the fued was pure trash.

The Return of.....Hart Foundation - A nice portion of video footage. I would love to see these two come to WCW to honor the Hart legacy. Since WWE owns the rights of the Hart FOundation, shouldn't you name them something else?.

Lance Storm vs. K-Dawg - Ok match. Storm got the easy win. I agreed with Storm's promo. He whooped Morris's ass three times on PPV and I was afraid that Morris would come challenge him again. Open challenge is nice. I see Morris getting involved though.

The Plan - Not bad. Steiner I'm glad was the one who did the turn because he is a greedy bastard, nWo or not and that's his character. cocky.

Cal Anderson/Sting vs. Mike Awsome/Curt Henning - A good match IMO and it gives the B Team of the Nwo vs. Team WCW another boost.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Steiner - Nice main event. The match quality was blah but the atmosphere was marelous. Steiner getting screwed was the obvious plan but puts the stakes in effect. Another thing I liked what you did was the Team WCW didn't come out and save Steiner. See, while Steiner is no more an nWo member and got screwed by his own group, he was STILL an nWo member and WCW could care less what happened between Steiner and Team NWO. Steiner would be an outsider after all the things he did to WCW before he got kicked out. So that was another smart idea

Overall 7/10 Decent show. Without Flair and Booker, the show felt different but otherwise, same old and new stuff. Next week, however, better start heavy hyping Halloween Havoc.

btw, you owe me a review.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

WCW Wednesday Nitro Preview- October 10, 2001

World Championship Wrestling will host its next primetime edition of Wednesday Nitro on NBC this Wednesday night at 8 PM EST from the Tad Smith Coliseum, in Oxford, Mississippi, straight from Ole Miss University! Join “The Voice of WCW” Tony Schiavone and “The Professor” Mike Tenay for another two-hour, action packed edition of World Championship Wrestling!

Wednesday Nitro last week was quite the event! Last week, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan was announced officially as the newest nWo member after turning on Team WCW in the War Games. Also, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner cashed in on a promise ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett made to him back in July, demanding a WCW World Heavyweight Title match with the new Champion. Steiner got his match, but after refusing to lay down for Jarrett, The Genetic Freak manhandled Jarrett, only for the New World Order to savagely attack Steiner, and presumably kick him out of the New World Order, as well as his valet, Midajah! Tonight on Nitro, WCW President Eric Bischoff is looking to punish The Big Bad Booty Daddy as in the main event, Steiner will go one-on-one with ‘Hollywood’ Hogan! This is going to be a huge main event, so be sure to tune into WCW Wednesday Nitro!

At Fall Brawl in the War Games match, Ric Flair and Booker T both sustained injuries in the match, and are yet to appear on Nitro since. It isn’t known if either man will be in the building on Nitro, but if they do show up, you can expect both men to have something to say! Flair after bringing in Hogan, only for him to turn on him and WCW, and then ‘tapping’ out to Jarrett. And Booker T must be furious after Hulk Hogan cost him the WCW World Heavyweight Title! However, Booker T is still apparently in his new home in Houston, Texas, and will not be at Nitro. However, one man who wasn’t on Nitro last week will be back tonight! Rey Misterio Jr. returns to Nitro after walking out on his match against Billy Kidman at Fall Brawl, when he takes on Lash Leroux! Will Misterio be able to pull off the win, or will he once again walk out of his match?

Tonight on Nitro, Lance Storm’s International Open Challenge will kick off, as Lance Storm will defend the WCW North American Title against the German superstar, ‘Das Wonderkin’ Alex Wright! Also, The WCW Tag Team Champions, ‘The Young Lions’ Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire take on 3 Count, Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore! Plus appearances by all of the New World Order, Disco Inferno, KroniK, Cal Anderson, and Sting! Nitro promises to be an exciting showcase of professional wrestling that you do not want to miss! Be sure to tune into NBC this Wednesday night at 8 PM EST to catch all the action!

Confirmed Matches:

Hulk Hogan vs. Scott Steiner
WCW North American Championship: Lance Storm © vs. Alex Wright
3 Count vs. Young Lions
Lash Leroux vs. Rey Misterio Jr.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

A Good Preview, I Don't Think The Hogan Vs Steiner Match Should Be On The Card As I Think Steiner Should Have Something More To Do With Jarret Than Hogan And The Match Will Suck.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Very good show made for this coming Nitro. Nice to see 3 Count back though there is only two guys, which I am glad about because I don't want to see Shane Helms go back to them. Hulk Hogan vs. Scott Steiner is a great match now that Steiner has turned on nWo. I think this will be a very intresting match which is pay-per-view material. Great card here and I am looking forward to the show.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Kidman, your review is coming tomorrow. FD and Kane 01, waiting for ya'lls RR to beposted. And Taker_Rules, waiting for your next show. Other than that, I'm caught up I think, and I shall return all from this show too.

World Championship Wrestling
Wednesday Nitro
Tad Smith Coliseum, Oxford, Mississippi
October 10, 2001



Tony Schiavone: Ladies and gentleman, hello, and welcome to Wednesday Nitro! I am Tony Schiavone, and alongside me is ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay!

Mike Tenay: Thank you, Tony! We have another great edition of Wednesday Nitro for you here tonight. Tell ‘em Tony!

Tony Schiavone: Well in one of the biggest main events ever in the history of Nitro, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan will make his nWo re-debut against the man that was just kicked out of the nWo last week, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner!

Mike Tenay: And not only that, but Lance Storm kicks off his International Open Challenge, with his opponent being the German superstar, ‘Das Wonderkin’ Alex Wright! Plus, the WCW Tag Team Champions, ‘The Young Lions’ Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire take on 3 Count, Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore, in a non-title match!

Lash Leroux’s music hits.

Tony Schiavone: And to start the evening, Lash Leroux against Rey Misterio Jr.! This will be a great match, Professor!

Leroux makes his entrance, getting little reaction from the crowd here at Ole Miss University. Leroux struts out to the ring, trying to look cheery. Rey Misterio Jr. is out next to boos, in yellow baggy pants and mask tonight. Rey-Rey walks down the ramp, ignoring the fans, ready to wrestle. Funny, he’ll wrestle a jobber, but when it comes time for a real opponent, he runs… what a wiener.

Match One
Lash Leroux (w/Carrot Top ‘Fro) vs. Rey Misterio Jr.
Singles Match

Uh, this was nothing more than a glorified squash match. Rey went on the advantage early after a sloppy series of chain wrestling, due to Leroux kind of sucking in the ring, followed by Misterio hitting a spinning rana, and then slowing the pace down so he could work on Misterio. Rey’s such a talented wrestler, but yet he is forced to slow down his style for a heel turn… lame. Misterio stayed on the advantage with a slow paced match, with Leroux only getting in some offense towards the end of the match, hitting a tilt-a-whirl head scissors take down, as well as a springboard back elbow off the second rope to a standing Misterio. Leroux went for a Whiplash to finish off Rey, but the cowardly Luchadore scored a low blow, and hit a chicken wing power bomb, followed up with a bridge pin to score the relatively easy victory.

Rey Misterio Jr. def. Lash Leroux at 6:39

Tony Schiavone: Lash Leroux almost had the victory, but Misterio once again had to cheat his way to a victory! And oh, great, just what we need! Misterio has a microphone!

Cut back to the ring, where Misterio is standing in the ring with a microphone pressed to his lips.

Game On

Rey Misterio Jr.: So once again, Billy Kidman has challenged me a match on pay per view, huh? Fall Brawl wasn’t enough for you, Billy? Now you wanna keep wastin’ my time with another match, this time at Halloween Havoc? Look Billy, I gave you your match at Fall Brawl, what more do you want!? I wrestled you, and I proved I was the better man! I kicked your ass all throughout Atlanta… so much that it got to the point that it wasn’t even fun anymore. And it was at that point that I decided to end the match, so I left the ring. You didn’t beat me by count-out… I proved to be the victor, and my match was over.

Light boos from the crowd.

Rey Misterio Jr.: Dealing with you, Billy, is getting old. I already proved I’m better than you. Let go of this hatred, and let me move onto bigger and better things, something I deserve! Let me actually get a Title match, instead of dragging me down! You just have to keep dragging me down to your level so I can’t be the star you were always jealous of! The star that I always was, that you wanted to be so badly! Well Billy, I’M THE STAR! I’m the talent! Not you! I’m the talent, and it’s time I just prove it to you! And that’s what I’m going to do, Billy! I’m going to finish this once and for all! So at Halloween Havoc, if you want to give me more of an ego boost, I’ll give you your damn match! You want no count-outs!? Fine! Have ‘em! We can fight all around the arena, but when I finally put this issue to rest, the pin fall has to be in the ring. All wrestling rules apply besides the count-outs, ight? At Halloween Havoc, Billy… I end this… once and for all!

Misterio drops the mic and heads to the back as his music plays.

Tony Schiavone: I miss the Rey Misterio Jr. of old, Professor!

Mike Tenay: As do I, Tony, as do I! The Rey Misterio of old was a good man, and a fun guy to be around! Ever since he returned to WCW at Souled Out, he’s been nothing more than an arrogant prick!

Tony Schiavone: Well hopefully Billy Kidman can give Rey Misterio what he has coming to him at Halloween Havoc! So long as he actually wrestles the whole match!

Mike Tenay: Well he can’t run away this time, Tony! This time Kidman’s going to give him what he deserves! However, we have to take a short commercial break, but do not go away ladies and gentleman, as there is still a whole lot more of great wrestling action, right here on WCW Wednesday Nitro! Don’t go away!


A Whole Bunch of nWo Rambling

When Nitro returns, ‘New World Order’ hits after a few moments, bringing out the, you guessed it, New World Order, to a loud chorus of jeers. Eric Bischoff leads the way, in his retro black jean jacket and black jeans, with WCW World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett, ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan, ‘The Career Killer’ Mike Awesome, and Curt Hennig following behind him. The heel faction march down the ramp and into the ring, when Bischoff takes a microphone from a stagehand in the ring. After ‘The Bisch’ grabs the mic, he nods his head to Awesome, who kicks the stagehand, scoops him up to his feet, and plants him with an Awesome Bomb to jeers. As the crowd boos and the stagehand is rolled out of the ring, Bischoff starts to speak.

Eric Bischoff: Welcome, ladies and gentleman… to nWo Wednesday Nitro!

Loud boos from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: As you can see, well, I think you hillbillies can see…

The crowd immediately starts to boo Bischoff. Eric looks around the arena ‘confused’, shrugging his shoulders.

Eric Bischoff: What? Did I say something mean? Were you offended by what I said… hillbillies?

Hear the boos!

Eric Bischoff: Yeah, get over it! You’re all a bunch of teeth-missing, beer swilling, tobacco chewing, overweight, hillbillies!

More boos from the crowd as the nWo all snicker.

Eric Bischoff: Now, as The Bisch was saying! For those that can see, the nWo is thankfully missing two people from our ranks this evening. Those two people are the world’s biggest *slut*, Midajah, and ‘Pill Poppin’ Pump’ Scott Steiner. Last week, Scotty Steiner tried to screw with the New World Order, and he got what was coming to him! An excommunication from the world’s most prestigious faction, the New World Order!

More boos from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, well you see, last week was only the beginning for Scott Steiner! Big Poppa, tonight, as you probably already heard, you’re going to meet your destruction at the hands of the biggest legend in the history of professional wrestling… ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan!

Hulk Hogan steps up, a smirk on his face, as the crowd boos him. Hogan gets tossed a mic from another stagehand, and Hogan drops the smirk in favor of a glare.

Hulk Hogan: Ya know somethin’ brother, you people can all stick it!

The crowd boos, only to start a ‘Hogan Sucks’ chant!

Hulk Hogan: Oh, that’s real cute, dude! Chant all you want, because at the end of the day, all you losers envy Hulk Hogan, brother!

The chant continues.

Hulk Hogan: Lemme tell ya somethin’, brother, tonight, Scott Steiner’s career is gonna end at the hands of ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan! So in the main event tonight, Steiner, watcha gonna do, brother!? Watcha gonna do when Hollywood Hogan runs wild on you!?

Hogan smirks, as the crowd boos. He pockets the mic, as Bischoff starts up again.

Eric Bischoff: That’s right, Hulk! Last week, Scott Steiner got the boot from the nWo! But tonight, Steiner’s going to get leg dropped straight out of WCW… to a hospital!

The crowd boos more.

Eric Bischoff: But you know, that reminds me of something. Ya’ see, with Steiner and Midajah gone, that opens up some room for some new members to join the New World Order. So to everyone in the back, if you got the talent, we’re looking for recruits! The New World Order is going to destroy WCW, and while we’re doing that, we’re going to win ourselves some nWo Gold!

The crowd boos as the faction share a laugh.

Eric Bischoff: Now, as of right now, the nWo may be a little bit depleted in nWo Gold, but nevertheless, we still have one Title, and that Title is the most important one of all.. the World Heavyweight Title, held by the best wrestler alive today, ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett.

The crowd boos, but the funny part was the look on Bischoff’s face as he hyped up Jarrett. It looked like he was trying not to choke while dry-swallowing a pill. He was able to try and cover up his reaction while saying it, making his face all the more funny. Jarrett steps up as the crowd boos, a microphone in his hand.

Jeff Jarrett: Listen up, slap nuts! Last week, Big Poppa Pump tried to take away my World Heavyweight Title, but he learned the hard way that NO ONE takes away my Title! I’m ‘The Chosen One’, and I’m the one whose on top of the mountain… no one else! And to prove that, I’m issuing an open challenge to anyone in the ba-

Bischoff cuts Jarrett off by talking over him.

Eric Bischoff: Actually Jeff, you’re not going to be doing that. Because you see, after your match last week, I decided to give you a match, a non-title match, against a wrestler who is much better than Scott Steiner!

Jarrett looks at Bischoff, a bit scared, confused, and paranoid.

Eric Bischoff: Jeff Jarrett, I present to you… your opponent for the evening…

Jeff waits in anticipation, as the rest of the New World Order file out of the ring… as ‘Disco Fever’ hits! His opponent is Disco Inferno! The Dancing Fool dances down the entrance ramp, trying to look as cheery as can be. Disco gets into the ring, only before he passes the nWo on their way backstage. They deviously smile at Disco, making him uneasy. He gets into the ring as Jarrett smirks at Inferno.

Match Two
Disco Inferno vs. Jeff Jarrett
Non-Title Match

Somewhat surprising match, as Disco Inferno put his heart and soul into this match. Jarrett dominated the match in the early going, beating away on Disco with right hands, forearms, and a few suplexes. Jarrett had Disco down and beaten in just over three minutes, and went for the Stroke. However, Disco reversed the maneuver, elbowing Jarrett in the gut, and hitting the Chart Buster out of nowhere! Both men were down, and after several moments, they got to their feet. Jarrett started to beat away on Inferno once again, but The Dancing Fool blocked a right, and started tossing rights of his own. Disco gained momentum, and started slamming The Chosen One around. Soon, Disco signaled for the Last Dance, but Jarrett low blowed Inferno, and hit him with The Stroke! Before Jarrett could make a pin though, Ric Flair ran out from the back, dove into the ring, and started attacking Jarrett! As Flair hit Jarrett with a slew of right hands, referee Scott Dickenson called for the bell, awarding the match to Jarrett by DQ.

Jeff Jarrett def. Disco Inferno by DQ at 7:11

Tony Schiavone: Ric Flair is back after injuries sustained in the War Games match, and he’s taking it to Jeff Jarrett!

Naitch With One More Challenge

Flair keeps punching Jarrett in the ring, and eventually whips him into the ropes. However, Jarrett catches himself on the ropes, stops, and rolls out of the ring, much to the displeasure of the crowd. As Jarrett backs up the ramp, Flair gets a mic from a stagehand. Ric is in just a white dress shirt and slacks, fired up.

Ric Flair: Oxford, Mississippi… WOO!


Ric Flair: Ole Miss, this is the first time Ric Flair’s in a WCW since Fall Brawl, and, WOO, it feels great!

The crowd pops, while Jarrett has now reached the top of the entrance stage, and stares down Flair, interested in what he has to say.

Ric Flair: JEFF JARRETT! Last time we were in a ring together, at Fall Brawl, you stole the WCW World Heavyweight Title away from Booker T, by making me ‘tap’ out! At Fall Brawl, I got my ass kicked so bad, I got knocked out! I can’t even remember the end of the War Games! If I didn’t watch the match while in the hospital, I wouldn’t know what happened! But I do know! I know that ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan is a cheat! I know that Hulk Hogan is a fraud, and a no good son of a *bitch*!

Pop from the crowd.

Ric Flair: And at Fall Brawl, Hulk Hogan revealed to be the piece of scum I thought he had put behind him. And worse of all, because of Hulk Hogan, you’re the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff! Because Hogan helped knock me out with the Leg Drop, you were able to slap on the Figure Four on me, RIC FLAIR! And because my ass was already knocked out, it counted as me passing out from the submission! And Jeff Jarrett, let me tell you something… that is BULL*SHIT*!

Cheap pop from the crowd, as Flair starts growing red in the face.

Ric Flair: JEFF JARRETT! You and I, we’ve been battling each other for months now! And at Fall Brawl, you humiliated the Nature Boy! You humiliated me, and you stole the World Title! But Jeff, that World Title reign of yours isn’t going to last very long! Because Jarrett, at Halloween Havoc, I want you in a match! Chosen One versus The Nature Boy! How about that, Jeff!? You think you’re the man now!? Well, WOO, to be the man, you got to, BEAT, the man! And Jeff! Whether you like it or not… I am the man! So how about it, Jeff!? How about we lock horns one more time at Halloween Havoc!?

The crowd cheers, wanting to see the match at Halloween Havoc.

Ric Flair: Jeff Jarrett, every single time you and I have fought in singles action, I’ve been the one beating you! Slamboree, I pinned you! Last month on Nitro in the steel cage, I pinned you! So Jeff, how about you try and go with the old saying, ‘third time’s a charm’! How about you face me at Halloween Havoc!? Put the Dubya-C-WOO-Dubya World Heavyweight Title on the line, Champ, against ME, The Nature… Boy!

The crowd cheers again as Flair nods his head at Jarrett, wanting him to make the match. On the stage, Jarrett, slightly smirking, simply looks at Flair, shaking his head ‘no’. Jarrett gets a microphone from a stagehand on the stage, and brings the mic to his mouth.

Jeff Jarrett: Hey Ric, I appreciate ya’ trying to goad me into this match, but it’s not happenin’, slappy. I’m the World Heavyweight Champion of the New World Order… I’ll defend my Title against whoever I want… not Ric Flair!

The crowd boos, as Jarrett smirks. In the ring, Flair is livid.

Ric Flair: Why not, Jeff!? HUH!? Why don’t you fight me!? You don’t want to accept my challenge!? WOO! FINE! I’ll make you accept Jarrett! I’ll do whatev-

Flair’s mic all of a sudden cuts out on him. Flair is confused, but then looks up at Jarrett, who is laughing.

Jeff Jarrett: Naitch… read my lips. The match at Halloween Havoc, ain’t happenin’! You can talk all you want… well, actually, you can’t! The nWo runs this show now, slap nut, and you’ve had enough spotlight for the night, Ric. So just to bury this in your head, Ric… your challenge, for a match for the WCW World Heavyweight Title, at Halloween Havoc… is denied!

The crowd boos as ‘Ch-Ch-Chosen One’ hits, and Jarrett smirks before turning on his heel and strutting to the back. In the ring, Flair is livid, slamming his microphone down to the canvas!

Tony Schiavone: Mike Tenay, I think it’s pretty obvious… Jeff Jarrett fears Ric Flair!

Mike Tenay: It sure seems that way to me, Tony! Ric made the challenge, and he has every reason to as well! He’s pinned Jarrett twice within the past five months, and is a 16-time World Heavyweight Champion! He’s a number one contender in my eyes!

Tony Schiavone: Mine too!

Mike Tenay: Well folks, we have to take another commercial break, but don’t go away, because still to come, Lance Storm defends the North American Title in an International Open Challenge, and in the main event, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner versus ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan!


When Nitro returns, another vignette plays.

The Hart’s… Like You’ve Never Seen Before

The video starts with the camera filming the Hart Mansion in Canada. As it zooms in, you can see, Teddy Hart and Jack Evans standing on the doorstep, their Hart Foundation singlets over their right shoulder’s.

Teddy Hart: Alright WCW, it’s time for you all to get your weekly entertainment… from the Hart’s! I’m Teddy Hart…

Jack Evans: And I’m Jack Evans!

Both: And we are… the new wave of Hart Family Wrestling!

Teddy Hart: For over half a century, the Hart Family have been a name in Canada. My grandfather, Stu, made a name for himself as a wrestler, before making Stampede Wrestling something huge in it’s Canadian territory. After Stu, my uncle’s, Ross, Keith, Smith, Wayne, Bruce, and of course, Bret and Owen, helped continue the Hart Family name, along with Jim Neidhart, and Davey Boy Smith. But now, we’re in a new millennium, and it is time for the new generation of Hart’s to write their name in wrestling history! The third generation of Hart Family Wrestling is coming, and Teddy Hart is its leader!

Jack Evans: I may not be lucky enough to be a Hart, but I’m as close to a Hart as you can be! This mansion here, is like my second home! Many nights I’ve spent here, for Christmas, for dinner, for anything! I’m like a son to the Hart Family, and a brother to my best friend here, Teddy! And when we come to WCW, the world is going to see a style of wrestling that the Hart Family has never seen! We’re going to be so great, that we’re going to give the Hart Family name, an even better name!

Teddy Hart: Our style of wrestling is one new to the Hart Family name, but even more, the world! Because finally, the Hart Family will have the last piece of the historic puzzle! Because WCW, soon, two top cruiserweights are going to take WCW, and the world by storm and cause… a Hart Attack.

The video fades out as Teddy and Jack look at each other, confident and cocky.

Tony Schiavone: Teddy Hart and Jack Evans sure seem full of themselves, Professor!

Mike Tenay: That they do, Tony! I mean, we know they’re going to be talented! It’s the Hart Family! However, you don’t need to brag about yourself before you even show us what you can do!

Tony Schiavone: But they said it themselves, Professor, they’ll be showing us… soon! Teddy Hart and Jack Evans will be debuting in WCW in two weeks!

Mike Tenay: And then we can see, if they’re actually going to live up to the Hart Family hype, as well as their own hype! However, it is time for our next match, Lance Storm’s International Open Challenge!

The electric guitar version of the Canadian National Anthem hits, bringing out the North American Champion Lance Storm to mainly boos, but a few cheers. Say what you want, but after his matches at Fall Brawl and Souled Out, he has won over a few fans… thank you Philadelphia! Storm walks out to the ring, looking incredibly focused. He marches into the ring, removes his Title Belt, and hands it to Charles Robinson, the referee for the match. ‘Das Wonderkin’ hits next, bringing out the former TV Champion, Alex Wright, to a few cheers. Wright dances a bit on the stage, looking happy as ever, before walking down the entrance ramp. Alex gets into the ring, removes his jacket, jumps up and down a bit, and then waits for the bell to be rung.

Match Three
Lance Storm © vs. Alex Wright
WCW North American Title

WCW seems intent to finally start pushing Storm, so they let him come out here tonight and just wreck Wright in an extended squash match. Storm and Wright chain wrestled to start the match, but Lance had a quick and swift counter for every hold of Wright’s, and then transitioning smoothly into another hold multiple times, making Wright scream in pain. After making Wright look silly on his feet, Storm slammed him down chest first to the canvas, and proceeded to spin around the German, locking in hold after hold. After about three minutes of this, the action slowed down as Storm wore Wright down on his feet, and in the corners. Wright got in a little bit of offensive in between the four and five minute mark, but that was it. Wright landed some right hands, and a drop kick. However, when Wright went for a German Suplex, Storm back flipped over Wright to counter the maneuver, and then hit a swinging DDT, spiking Wright on his head. After a bit more offense from Storm, a Super Kick laid Wright out. But to keep trying new finisher’s, Storm hopped up to the top turnbuckle, and nailed a 450 Elbow Drop!!! Storm would have kept doing a Leg Drop, but rumor is Hogan bitched someone did a Leg Drop. Nevertheless, that was enough for Storm to have the pin fall victory, and get his first win in the International Open Challenge.

Lance Storm def. Alex Wright at 6:05

Mike Tenay: Love him or hate him, but there’s just no stopping Lance Storm right now! He’s on a roll, winning matches left and right!

Tony Schiavone: Heh, as long as he isn’t preaching about Canada and trashing the USA, I don’t care what he does!

A Spot In The nWo

The cameras cut backstage, where ‘The Young Lions’ Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire are dressed for action, warming up. However, as they just start getting into their entrance routine, a horde of men walk up to them… it’s the New World Order. Well, not all of them. Just Bischoff, Awesome, and Hennig. The Young Lions look at the group suspicious of why they’re here.

Sean O’Haire: …Is there a problem?

Eric Bischoff: Oh no, not a problem… an offer.

Chuck Palumbo: An offer?

Curt Hennig: That’s what he said! We got a very appeasing offer for you two boys…

Mike Awesome: Yeah, an offer too good to be true!

Eric Bischoff: Ya’ see, Chuck, Sean, the New World Order is taking over WCW. It’s only a matter of time, until we’ve killed off Ric Flair, Sting, Booker T, Cal Anderson, Scott Steiner, and everyone else who stands in our way. We’re the elite, and we’re giving you the chance of a life-time… to be elite with us.

Chuck Palumbo: So you’re saying that you’re offering us spots in the nWo?

Eric Bischoff: That’s exactly what we’re offering you.

Palumbo and O’Haire look at each other, a bit skeptical, as Awesome hands Bischoff two nWo t-shirts. The Young Lions look at each other, and then the shirts.

Sean O’Haire: Look Eric, we got a match right now. Let us go out there, kick some ass, and after the match, we’ll think about it…

Curt Hennig: Alright fine, you two go. But just so you know, the nWo is going to be watching your match, very, very… closely.

The Young Lions walk off, while the three nWo members look at each other.

Mike Awesome: So Eric, should we kick their asses now… or later?

Eric Bischoff: No… I have a better idea.

Bischoff cracks his all too infamous sly smirk as Nitro heads to a …


When Nitro returns, Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore are already in the ring, as ‘Young Lions’ hit, bringing out Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire to cheers, albeit some jeers after the previous segment. The WCW Tag Team Champions march down the entrance ramp, ready to kick some ass. The dup get into the ring, and the bell rings, starting the match.

Match Four
3 Count vs. Young Lions
Non-Title Match

This could have been a great tag team match, although it never got going too far to develop into anything much. The Young Lions were dominant for the first two minutes of the match, hammering away on the two cruiserweights with right hands and forearms, as well as hitting simultaneous military presses. 3 Count got back on the advantage after hitting simultaneous spinning hurricanrana’s though, and went to work on the Tag Champs. However, Sean O’Haire soon crushed Moore with a vicious lariat, and hit Karagias with a death valley driver. Palumbo then hit Moore with a Jungle Kick, as O’Haire climbed up to the top turnbuckle for the Seanton Bomb. Before he could hit the finisher, KroniK rushed down to the ring. Brian Adams shoved O’Haire off the top to the ring, while Bryan Clarke got into the ring, and decked Palumbo with a vicious lariat. Adams got into the ring, scooped up O’Haire, and hit him with a Spinning Sidewalk Slam, as Clarke connected with the Meltdown to Palumbo. KroniK then scooped up Shannon Moore, hit him with the High Times, and then did the same to Evan Karagias. The former Tag Champions looked to do the same to Sean O’Haire, but Curt Hennig and Mike Awesome (still carrying the nWo shirts), raced down the entrance ramp. The heel duo got into the ring, and stared down KroniK, only for Awesome to toss Adams and Clarke the nWo shirts! KroniK have just joined the New World Order! KroniK pick Palumbo back up to his feet, and hit him with the High Times! Awesome scoops up Sean O’Haire, and Hennig helps him crush him with an Awesome Bomb!

3 Count and The Young Lions go to a no-contest at 3:48

With everyone laid out, the 4 nWo members walk to the back, celebrating.

Tony Schiavone: The nWo are *bastards*! The Young Lions thought they were going to be joining the New World Order, only for KroniK to assault them, and take their spots in the nWo!

Mike Tenay: Well to be honest, Tony, I’m not so sure that Palumbo and O’Haire wanted to join the New World Order!

Tony Schiavone: Very true, Professor!

Big Poppa Pump In Da House!

The camera cuts backstage, where ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing by with ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner! Steiner has dressed to wrestler, as well as having his medieval mail chain plate over his head. Midajah is on his arm.

Gene Okerlund: ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner, in just a few moments, you will take on ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan! Are you ready for such a huge match after the attack you received last week!?

Steiner, who had been simply looking off-screen, turns his head, removes the sunglasses he was wearing, and glares at Okerlund.

Scott Steiner: Gene Okerlund, what in the hell kind of question is that!? Huh!? You’re a God *damn* retard, Gene! Listen up jackass! I don’t give a *damn* if Bischoff and his boys kicked my ass last week! Because last week, I proved to the world that I was better than Jeff Jarrett, and that if me and him were to fight one-on-one, I would choke his dumb ass out! JARRETT! You listen up, and you listen up good, boy. I don’t care what I have to do, and I don’t care how I do it, but someday, one way or another, I am going to face you for the WCW World Heavyweight Title! And when I do, I’m going to choke your ass out, take back MY Title, and celebrate with all of my freaks!

Steiner pauses, and makes his pec’s jiggle. How nice.

Scott Steiner: Now as for tonight, I really don’t give a *damn* who I’m facing! Hulk Hogan means nothing to me! It could be Hogan, Hennig, Awesome, Jarrett! It doesn’t freaking matter! The nWo means jack *shit* to me! Same with WCW! Ric Flair, you and me, we don’t get along! And tonight, you gave me all the more reason, old man! You think you’re going to take my Title shot at Halloween Havoc!? Well old man, I got some news for ya’, NO ONE takes away my Title shot! You can lead your boys against the nWo, I don’t give a *damn* what you do, but Nature Boy, the WCW World Heavyweight Title is MY Title, and MY business!

Gene Okerlund: So you don’t plan on joining the fight with WCW against the New World Order!?

Scott Steiner: Why the hell should I, Gene!? Huh!? I still think WCW is a piece of *shit*! They’re a company run by an arrogant, egotistical, piece of slime! Eric Bischoff, he ran this company into the ground, and he can preach it’s all better now, but that’s nothing but crap! As long as old geezer’s like Hulk Hogan are running around, arthritis and all, you know this is bull*shit*! So tonight, The Big Bad Booty Daddy is going to start making crap right in this God forsaken company! Tonight, Hogan, I’m going to freaking choke your ass out, shatter your hip bone, and send you back to the retirement home you belong in! Now all my freaks… holla’ if ya’ hear me!

Steiner puts his shades back on, and slams the microphone into Gene’s chest, knocking him to the ground. Steiner then walks off-screen, heading to the ring as Nitro heads to a…


When Wednesday Nitro returns, we get some quick commentary hype from the crew.

Tony Schiavone: Welcome back to Wednesday Nitro ladies and gentleman, and I hope you have enjoyed the show so far! If you haven’t, I don’t know what’s wrong with you! However, I can assure you that you’ll enjoy this next match, our main event! It’s a match that could easily main event any pay per view across the world, but at WCW, we want to give you fans a match like this for free! So here you go, boys and girls, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner versus ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan… IS NOW!

‘Holla If Ya Hear Me’ hits, bringing out ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner and Midajah to mainly cheers, although some boos are still evident. Steiner is wielding a lead pipe, and looks bad ass as always. Steiner marches down the ramp, and gets into the ring, Midajah holding the ropes for him. Steiner removes his chain plate and shades as ‘Voodoo Child’ by Jimi Hendrix blares throughout Ole Miss, bringing out the black and white, Hollywood Hogan, to a loud chorus of boos. Hogan strums his imaginary guitar, his black and white feather boas getting in the way while he attempts to play along. Hogan struts down the entrance ramp, getting booed like usual. The Hulkster gets into the ring,, and takes over a minute to remove all of his accessories. Finally, the bell rings, only for a long stare down between the two.

Main Event
Hulk Hogan vs. Scott Steiner (w/Midajah)
Singles Match

Ah! Now this is your typical WCW main event! Two of the company’s top stars competing in a slow match, that sucks absolute balls, but the crowd eats up anyways. Steiner was red hot in the beginning of this match after their stare down, over powering Hogan in the lock-up three times, and then also defeating Hulk in a test of strength. Steiner continued to beat on the legendary Hogan, then with a barrage of heavy right hands and forearms, wearing down Hollywood. A big scoop slam put down Hogan, and then we got the trademark flex from Steiner, a kiss to his big bicep, and then an elbow drop. Instead of a cover, Steiner mocked Hulk, doing push-ups. Hogan then staggered to his feet, was hit with more punches and forearms, and then sent over the top rope to the outside with a clothesline. The action came to a halt as Hogan tried to flee the ring, milking up time in the match. Steiner eventually got out of the ring, and a chase around the ring ensued, with Hogan eventually out-smarting Steiner and getting on the offensive. Hogan landed some punches, and tried to whip Big Poppa Pump into the side of the ring, only for Steiner to reverse the whip, sending Hogan into the ring! Steiner then whipped Hogan across ringside into the barricade a few feet away. Steiner charged, but ended up getting hit with a haggard looking Big Boot from Hogan! After time for Hogan to catch his breath, he rolled Steiner into the ring, and started to wear him down at the four minute mark is the show went to a commercial break.

As the show returned from break over two minutes later, Hogan was in the process of wearing Steiner down, hitting him with big right hands, wearing the steroid-fueled man down. Hogan wore Steiner down to about the seven minute mark, when Steiner was able to block a Hogan Big Boot, catching his foot. Steiner kind of spun Hogan around, but Hulk took forever to actually turn… that hip arthritis kicked in. When Hogan did turn around, he got crushed by a stiff clothesline from Steiner, staggering back a step or two before falling to the canvas! Steiner staggered back into the ropes, and both men recovered momentarily. Hogan threw a right hand, but Steiner dodged it, wrapped his arms around Hogan, and connected with a rotating belly-to-belly suplex! Both men were down for a moment, and once they got to their feet a few moments later, Steiner once again started to gain momentum, hitting a flurry of right hands, and then a vertical suplex. Steiner followed up with a neck breaker, and called for the end, signaling for the Steiner Recliner. However, before he could lock it in, Curt Hennig, Jeff Jarrett, and Eric Bischoff raced down the entrance ramp.

Hennig and Bischoff got on the apron and distracted Nick Patrick, while Jarrett slid in a guitar. Steiner looked at Jarrett with stupid look, and picked up the guitar, ready to use it on Hogan. Before he could though, KroniK hopped over the barricade and into the ring. Brian Adams only got onto the apron though, as a guitar shot to the head took him out of commission! Clarke got into the ring, missed a clothesline, and took an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Clarke bounces off the canvas and rolled out of the ring. Steiner then ran at the rest of the nWo, hitting Hennig and Bischoff off of the apron and to the floor! Jarrett hopped onto the apron and resumed the distraction, and before Steiner could attack him, Mike Awesome snuck through the crowd and into the ring, snatched Steiner’s lead pipe, and nailed him in the back! Awesome rolled out of the ring and hid under the ring, as Jarrett hopped off the apron, and Hogan got to his feet. Hulk whipped Steiner into the ropes, and hit him with the Big Boot! With Big Poppa Pump down, Hogan hit the ropes, came back, and hit the Leg Drop! Cover… One! Two! Three!

Hulk Hogan def. Scott Steiner at 10:17

Tony Schiavone: This is not right! The New World Order are rotten! And ugh! Look Mike, they’re not finished!

Sucka’s Stand Tall Foo’!

As Steiner lies fallen on the canvas, Hogan stands tall in the ring, as the rest of the New World Order get to their feet on the outside. Hogan grabs the lead pipe Awesome left in the corner of the ring, a smirk on his face. Before anything can happen, ‘Can You Dig It Sucka!?’ hits, sending the fans into a frenzy for the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion! Bischoff quickly sends KroniK, Awesome, and Hennig up the entrance ramp to fend him off, as Jarrett and Bischoff stand at the bottom of the ramp, and Hogan in the ring. Out of nowhere, Booker T blasts Hulk Hogan from behind with a steel chair! Steel chair to the back of the head! Hogan crumbles, and Jarrett hops onto the apron. Steel chair to Jarrett! Jarrett takes the chair to the face! The 4 nWo members on the entrance ramp run down to the ring, but as they do, ‘Sprach Zarathrusta’ hits, bringing out Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Cal Anderson, and Sting!

The four faces charge down the ramp, and they immediately break out into a brawl with Awesome, Hennig, and KroniK! Midajah runs over and joins in, helping WCW out! In the ring, Booker T starts laying into Hulk Hogan with hard right hands as he tries to get to his feet. Booker hits with right after right, getting Hogan reeling. Booker soon hits a toe kick, and goes for the Book End, but Jarrett hits a low blow! Booker keels over, and Jarrett goes for the Stroke! He pulls back, but Scott Steiner hits Jarrett with a hard right hand! Jarrett staggers back, and he and Steiner start duking it out on one side of the ring, while Booker T and Hulk Hogan soon do on the other side. After a few moments, Steiner and Booker T take the advantage, whip their foes into the ropes, and clothesline them over the top rope and out of the ring! On the outside, Flair and co. beat down on the rest of the nWo, and they take flight! Flair, Sting, and the Anderson’s get into the ring, just as Steiner and Booker stare each other down. The faces all celebrate, and Ric Flair offers a handshake with Steiner. Ric looks at Scotty happy, and Scott gives Flair a dry smirk before leaving the ring along with Midajah! Steiner and Midajah stand on the bottom of the entrance ramp, looking at Team WCW in disgust in the ring, and the nWo on the entrance stage. As Nitro comes to a close, the two factions, and Steiner, all stare each other down…

Tony Schiavone: Booker T is back, Tenay, and he took out Hulk Hogan! And not only that, but KroniK have joined the nWo, and Scott Steiner has declared himself neutral in the war between WCW and the nWo! What oh what is going to happen next in World Championship Wrestling!?

Mike Tenay: I don’t know, Tony, but fans, all you can do is keep watching WCW Wednesday Nitro and WCW on Pay Per View to find out! I hope you all enjoyed the show boys and girls, but we are out of time! Be sure to tune into Nitro next week as all of the great WCW wrestling action continues! For Tony Schiavone, I’m Mike Tenay, see you next week!


When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership


Squash match *yawns*.

And so Kidman and Mysterio are gonna end their feud at Halloween Havoc. I must say, I'm not sure if a heel Mysterio is a necessarely agood thing since it takes away his great high flying inring style, the style that's the only thing that makes him something good and unique, in order to make a more slow, generic heelish style to go along with his heel turn. If you really want him as a heel, maybe gradually make him a cocky heel after his win over Kidman? So that he can still pull off his luchadore stuff and brag about how awesome he is in the ring. That's maybe a more appropiate character for a heel Mysterio because I'm not digging this 'running away in a match' thing at all.

NWO promo

Mostly just NWO(Bischoff) doing the usual heel mic work. Bashing the local crowd, explaining Steiner's boot from the NWO, give a few lines to hype tonight's mainevent... It all didn't really seem to have a purpose. But then all of the sudden Bischoff announces that Jarrett's wrestling Inferno for...what reason? Oh right, its to give Flair a chance to make a run in during a Jarrett match

And Flair wants a final match with Jarrett at Halloween Havoc! But surprise, surprise, Jarrett refuses! I must say, I'm enjoying this feud greatly and I hope that the final match is gonna be some sorts of gimmick match to cap it all off with a bang, you're not being a pussy and end it with a normal match are you? And maybe postpone it till Starrcade somehow? Since you're in a situation where you can go various ways, give Booker T a rematch at Halloween Havoc and let Flair go against Steiner in a contenders match. Jarrett wins, Flair wins and you've got a perfect situation to end the Jarrett/Flair feud. Just my 2 cents

Anyway I'm drafting away here, I enjoyed this promo. It wasn't overly great but it did its purpose and Flair was his own golden promo cutting self as always.

Hart vid

Looking forward to these guys, they should be nice additions to the CW division and tag division.


Squash Match #2 *yawns again*

I hope that this Open Challenge from Storm is gonna lead to a decent feud for him and not just a series of squash matches like the Angle Invitational.

TYL/NWO segment + match

Looks like you're gonna push O'Haire & Palumbo if you're getting them involved in the NWO storyline. Seems interesting and should be a nice boost for these guys. But I really didn't like Kronik once again getting involved with them. I was hoping Hennig & Awesome would team up to go after the tag titles and actually make some quality tag matches aginst O'Haire and Palumbo. I don't mind Kronik in the NWO, they're great as the enforcers kind of guys but I'm sick of them in tag team title scene. Lets hope Hennig & Awesome will go in a feud with the Young Lions instead of Kronik.

Steiner Interview

Whoa, Steiner is pissed! I loved his interview man, intense as hell and its one of the best Steiner promo's I've ever seen. I just loved every word he said here. It will be interesting to see how Steiner's gonna go in his tweener role.

Steiner vs Hogan + Aftermath

I'll look past the fact of both guys stinking up the place with their lousy attempts at wrestling so I'll just skip through the ending and the aftermath, which is what really matters. NWO makes the expected run-in, costing Steiner the match. And then of course, Booker T makes his triomphant return, beting down on NWO along with the rest of WCW. NWo gets thrown out an WCW stands tall in the ring. And again, Steiner exclamates his tweener status by refusing a handshake and standing between NWO and WCW. Again, I'm interested in how you're gonna handle Steiner from now on.

Overall - A solid Nitro with some nice promo's. Nothing ground shaking happened and there were a few to much squashes to my liking, and barely any decent matches but since when did WCW care about that on Nitro huh? There are many match and feud possibilities for Halloween Havoc and for the upcoming few months as a matter of fact. I'm really glad to see that ball is rolling again in your WCW I remember when you first started this, you had to work with this craptastic roster and a one hour show but look at it now, you're back with a 2 hour show and practically all feuds and angles are worth watching and the big NWO/WCW angle is running wild! Looking forward to how Halloween Havoc is gonna turn out.


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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Lash Leroux Vs Raw: Squash Match, nothing else to say really.

Mysterio Segmant: Average Segmant With Ray Telling Kidman He's The Real Talent And How He Has Already Dealed With Him Before, Nice To See Ray Accept The Challenge Again.

NWO Segmant: A Good Segmant With Bichoff Boasting That The NWO are the best and steiner is out and also they are looking for recruits, the mystery opponent interests me but out comes Disco Inferno and my attention drops a little.

Inferno Vs Jarret: Average Match, nothing special, suprised Disco got some offence in, flair coming down to make the save was good though and got me back into whats gonna happen next mode in this BTB.

Flair Segmant: I Liked this segmant, flair coming in asking for one more match with jarret for the title probs will happen, flair will win the title again in his awesome career and this solves the problem backstage with jarret holding the title, but back to the subject, good promo and u captured Flairs character very well.

Quick Hart Foundation Segmant: Good Segmant, hope these two live up to the hype mate as this was a good way to get them in the eye of the public, they should be excellent as 1 of them is a hart and the other is as close as a hart as u could possibly be.

Wright Vs Storm: Another squash match, didn't like this as all your matches have been squashes and this one deserves better, you used wright wrong as he is a good wrestler.

3 Count Vs O Hair And Palumbo: Finally, not a squash match, kronik turning wasn't shocking as we all knew o hair and palumbo were not going to join and when KroniK Came in the ring it was pretty obvious, Good Match and the aftermath was ok.

Steiner Promo: Excellent Promo, Steiner is mad and you could tell with the promo, you captured his character well and i want to see how his anger towards the nWo and WCW develops over the coming weeks.

Hogan Vs Steiner: A Pathetic match, 100% stinker, obviously what do you expect when to worthless talents step into the ring with each other, nWo running in again was pretty obvious and Booker T Returning was the only thing that wasn't obvious, steiner not shaking was obvious though, the ending scene with the 2 factions and steiner staring down each other was a scene i would love to see though, nice ending.

Overall: An Ok Nitro, good promo's, sucky matches, some ok turns(KroniK) and Returns(Flair And Booker T), Sucky Main Event but you paid it back with bookers run in at the end, 4/5, Good Nitro.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I really don't see why people are bitching about Hogan vs. Steiner. It's WCW, it's logical and realistical booking, and it isn't like the write-up was shit. If you ask me, it was entertaining to read, and was booked solidly so Hogan's ego is appeased, and Steiner doesn't look like a bitch.

But nevertheless, Crackdasher, whenever you get a show up, I'll start reviewin' it. And this other guy, you don't appear to have a BTB, so I won't review you.

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

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2007 BTB World Cup - Booker of the Tournament
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Originally Posted by Szumi
I really don't see why people are bitching about Hogan vs. Steiner. It's WCW, it's logical and realistical booking, and it isn't like the write-up was shit. If you ask me, it was entertaining to read, and was booked solidly so Hogan's ego is appeased, and Steiner doesn't look like a bitch.

But nevertheless, Crackdasher, whenever you get a show up, I'll start reviewin' it. And this other guy, you don't appear to have a BTB, so I won't review you.
I Have One Now Mate.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Szumi's WCW Nitro Review

Intresting to see a twist on the character of Rey Mysterio being a heel. So of course he gains the win over Lash. The aftermatch promo was pretty good and the Filthy Animals will collide. This could be a pretty good match and I'm looking forward to it.

The nWo promo was great, a good promo and I really enjoyed it throughout the duration of it. Hogan/Steiner has been hyped even more and the nWo of course had to brag holding the gold. Wow a match right here and right now sounds good for the champ.

Nothing much to comment on but Disco Inferno did put up a good fight in the end of it all. So Flair is back, wonder what he has to say? Good little promo there once again. Whether Jarrett wants it or not, we're most likely going to get this match at Halloween Havoc.

The "Harts" are coming? Sounds fine to me and this adds another team to the tag-team division. Evans being in there sounds like it will be intresting two and he might even change his name to Hart! Either way, these two should be a good team.

Haven't kept up recently but seems as if you are going to start pushing the ever so talented Lance Storm. A good win here and he can't decide finishing moves huh? A 450 Elbow Drop sounds kinda out of line for him, can't imagine seeing him do it.

So the nWo wants The Young Lions into the nWo? Something has got to be up whenever Bischoff smiled. I'm sure we're going to find out soon as I really want to know what it is. Either way somebody will probably join before the night is over.

Well I was right and never did see KroniK joining to be honest there. Shame to see this match go to waist though. Well I'm predicting a KroniK vs Young Lions Match of some form for Halloween Havoc. If not that, then I'm not really sure what it could be.

Another good promo this time coming from Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner. I see his character remaining neutral and maybe eventually making a face turn but nothing can be certain. As for now if doesn't want to be involved in the war, he is going to have to find a feud.

Main Event was great too, we get a return in Booker T's as he lays out Hulk Hogan. I'm guessing Booker/Hogan at Halloween Havoc? The ending to the match was good too with Awesome screwing over Steiner, this war is going great right now.
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