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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

WCW Wednesday Nitro Preview- July 11, 2001

World Championship Wrestling returns after a month and a half hiatus this Wednesday night, on the number one station in the world today, NBC! Join “The Voice of WCW” Tony Schiavone and “The Professor” Mike Tenay at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time this Wednesday night for the best hour of wrestling in the world! Wednesday Nitro will come to you live from the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky!

In a huge match made by Eric Bischoff, Booker T will defend the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Jeff Jarrett in the main event! Booker T has been on a roll in WCW ever since winning the World Title back on March 26, defeating Steiner to win the Title. Booker then defeated Steiner and Diamond Dallas Page at Slamboree, pinning the traitor’s shoulders to the mat one-two-three, proving why DDP is an over the hill has-been who doesn’t belong in a company like WCW. Jarrett, however, is coming off of a loss to Ric Flair at Slamboree in a great match. Flair pinned Jarrett after a roll-up, but Jarrett got the last laugh, viciously attacking Flair after the match. The Nature Boy is 100% now however, and will be in attendance at Nitro. Will The Nature Boy be a presence in the match? What about Scott Steiner? Big Poppa Pump is said to be furious after not winning the Heavyweight championship at Slamboree. Who will walk out of Nitro with the WCW World Heavyweight Title? Watch Nitro to find out!

The cruiserweight division has always been an exciting division to watch on WCW television. Lately, Shane Helms has been the dominant figure in the cruiserweight division, defeating anyone thrown in his way. After a successful title defense at Slamboree against his former 3 Count band mates Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore, Shane Helms will defend the Cruiserweight Title against the upcoming Jamie Noble! This promises to be an exciting match that you’re not going to want to miss!

Speaking of the cruiserweight division, Rey Misterio Jr., one half of the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions, has still not recovered after being viciously assaulted by KroniK at Slamboree. KroniK attacked Misterio Jr., Billy Kidman, and Tygress just moments after the Filthy Animals retained the Cruiserweight Tag Titles against the Yung Dragons. KroniK hit Billy Kidman with the High Times on the outside, but the real display of disgusting actions came afterwards. KroniK went over the edge when they gave Rey Misterio Jr. the High Times from the ring, over the top rope to the outside, through a table to the concrete floor. Misterio suffered severe back and head pain, and still is hospitalized from the heinous attack! The culprits will be in action this week, going up against David Flair and Crowbar in non-title action. Also making appearances on Monday Nitro will be Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair, Scott Steiner, and the Filthy Animals! Be sure to tune into NBC this Wednesday night at 10 PM EST to check out World Championship Wrestling’s new Wednesday Nitro!

Confirmed Matches:

WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Booker T (c) vs. ‘The Chosen One’ Jeff Jarrett
WCW Cruiserweight Championship: ‘Sugar’ Shane Helms (c) vs. Jamie Noble
Non-Title: KroniK vs. David Flair and Crowbar

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

And they want to see who gets the biggest check!

Nonetheless, I just don't want to see them here again.

Nice card. Jarrett vs. Booker should be nice.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Hope Jarrett wins against Booker T. Good Card. Should be a good show. I'll Be Readin.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Szumi, great card. I've now become attached to this thread. Szumi, your work is great. If you continue with this for weeks, you'll be one of the best here in BTB.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Great card. I cannot wait for it. Booker T vs Jeff Jarrett is a hard one to call since you had this hiatus. Also its hard to tell if it will get a high percentage as it could be bad or it could be great. Can't wait for the return of Nitro.

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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

great btb man your doing an excelent job
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I am just noticing your thread and it is turning out pretty good I will post a review after Nitro is revealed for Wednesday.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

Doing a great job with this thread Szumi, much better than some of the other ones you have started and not carried on. Keep up the great work man!
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling- Wednesday Nitro

Before Wednesday Nitro starts on NBC, an opening video plays. The video highlights some of the early WCW memories, showcasing moments of Ric Flair, Sting, and the Four Horseman. Classic matches between Ric Flair and Sting are featured. The colors are bright, and the clip ends with Ric Flair and Surfer Sting smiling at one another. The video then turns black and white, and New World Order moments are shown, but only WCW employees are featured, like Eric Bischoff, Buff Bagwell, Scott Steiner, Lex Luger, etc. The video showcases the NWO wreaking havoc throughout WCW, but then features Ric Flair and Sting. The video then morphs Surfer Sting into Crow Sting, and features Arn Anderson’s memorial speeches, and the 4 Horseman battling the NWO. The video also highlights the war between Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair. The video then shifts focus to Jeff Jarrett’s return to WCW in 1999, and shows moments of the New Blood/Millionaire’s Club feud, which does indeed feature old WCW stars. Finally, the clip features the feuds of Booker T, Scott Steiner, and Jeff Jarrett. The clip features Sting and Ric Flair celebrating on the last Monday Nitro on TNT. The clip goes black, and the text “We Thought It Was Dead” appears on the screen. It stays there for a few moments, and the video features some moments from the opening Monday Nitro on USA. The video then straight shots into Slamboree, highlighting the matches and winners from Slamboree, however, Goldberg returning at the end is not featured. The clip goes black again, but text saying “We Were Abandoned… But Now, We’re Back and Better Than Ever” appears. That stays on the screen, and heavy rock music starts to play while clips of WCW wrestlers performing high-impact maneuvers play. The clip then ends with Eric Bischoff’s voice saying “World Championship Wrestling is back, and debuts on NBC… right now!”

The video ends, and the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky, is shown in full, with fireworks going off, marking the beginning of the first ever Wednesday Nitro on NBC! The cameras film the fans in attendance before cutting to the announcer’s table placed at ringside.

Tony Schiavone: Ladies and gentleman, I have the esteemed privilege of welcoming you here tonight to WCW Wednesday Nitro on the real number one channel for professional wrestling, NBC! I am “The Voice of WCW” Tony Schiavone, alongside me, as always, is “The Professor” Mike Tenay!

Mike Tenay: Thank you for that warm welcome, Tony, but Tony, let’s not even bother to talk about the past, let’s talk about right now! Right now, you are watching the flagship show of World Championship Wrestling, Wednesday Nitro, on NBC! This is our first show on NBC, and we hope that the fans and the executives sure do like the fast-paced, creative, innovative, and unique style of World Championship Wrestling!

Schiavone: If this is your first time watching WCW, then get ready to be amazed! For the next hour, you will be watching the most intense, action-packed, wrestling show today!

Tenay: That’s right, Tony! This is World Championship Wrestling, and we remember that the fans want to see that last W, wrestling. So fans at home, you are going to see some great wrestling tonight! Shane Helms will defend the WCW Cruiserweight Title against Jamie Noble, and the WCW Tag Team Champions KroniK, Bryan Clarke and Brian Adams, will be in action against Crowbar and David Flair!

Schiavone: And also, in the main event, Booker T will defend the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett! The WCW World Heavyweight Title is the most prestigious title in wrestling today, so we can guarantee you that both men are going to want to win this match more than anything.

I’m Back and Better Than Ever

“Back in Black” hits, bringing out the President of WCW, Eric Bischoff. Bischoff receives a mixture of cheers and jeers, although it is now surprisingly mainly cheers. Bischoff stands on the entrance stage, a microphone in hand.

Eric Bischoff: I’m not too sure if all of you know this or not, but, this is World Championship Wrestling!

Cheap pop for Eric Bischoff… you Mick Foley you, Eric.

Bischoff: This right here, is WCW, the number one wrestling company in the world, promoting the number one television show in the world, on the number one station in the world!

More cheap pops from the crowd for Bischoff, and probably some cheap pops from the NBC executives for shilling the station.

Bischoff: This isn’t some crappy station all about “America”, if you catch my drift. This is a station that gives the real talent the opportunity they deserve! And just like NBC is doing for WCW, I will do for WCW! NBC is giving this excellent a fair shake, and that is what I am going to do to the boys in the back!

Bischoff receives some slight cheers from the crowd.

Bischoff: This is a new beginning for WCW, but still, old ties remain strong. The history is still fresh in everyone’s mind, and because of that, I would like to say a few things. To all the talent who have remained loyal to WCW throughout our hard times, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart. To all the fans who have remained loyal to WCW throughout our hard times, I thank each and every one of you! And to the no good son’s a bitches *bleeped* like Bill Goldberg and Diamond Dallas Page, all I have to say to you is… I hope you burn in hell!

The crowd erupts into cheers, but then start chanting “Goldberg Sucks!”

Bischoff: This is World Championship Wrestling, the company that will bring to you the best wrestling in the world today! This is Wednesday Nitro, the television show that is going to give you an hour of action-packed TV! And all of that, begins right now!

More cheers from the crowd, but Bischoff looks to finish, speaking through the cheers.

Bischoff: Thank you everybody, and enjoy the show!

“Back in Black” hits the sound system again, and Eric Bischoff heads backstage. His music cuts out quickly though, and Jamie Noble’s hits; it’s time for the Cruiserweight Title match!

Segment Rating: 78%

Jamie Noble vs. Shane Helms ©- WCW Cruiserweight Championship

This is the “new” WCW, but it is the same old booking style; cruiserweights wrestle first. And in the same “old” WCW style, the fans aren’t really into the match. Helms and Noble put on a mat-wrestling clinic in the first two minutes of the match, going hold for hold, take down and take over for take down and take over. The two men smoothly transition from one move to the next, picking up several near falls along the way. Noble was able to gain the advantage however when he gave Helms a running power slam. Helms attempted a springboard back flip off the second rope, but Noble caught Helms in mid air. Noble then tried to focus on Helms’ back, softening him up with strikes to the backs, and various suplexes and back breakers. Noble gained several near falls, and looked like he was about to win the match after locking in an elevated Boston crab. After several attempts, Helms got to the ropes, however. From there, Shane Helms started to regain some of his momentum, knocking down Noble several times with drop kicks and other strikes. The Cruiserweight Champion continued to gain momentum, hitting more blows to Noble before taking him out with a shining wizard. The shining wizard was probably enough for Helms to win the match, but he then picked Noble off the ground and hit the Vertebreaker to get the victory.

Shane Helms def. Jamie Noble at 6:13 to retain
Star Rating: *** (82, 68, 97)

Schiavone: Shane Helms proves once again why he is currently the crown jewel of the cruiserweight division, picking up a hard-fought victory over Jamie Noble.

Tenay: Shane Helms has been at the top of his game ever since winning the Cruiserweight Title from Chavo Guerrero Jr. in March, defeating opponent after opponent. The only man who was able to pick up a win over Helms was Evan Karagias, but Helms ended up pinning him at Slamboree to prove that the loss was a fluke.

Schiavone: It seems like Shane Helms could be Cruiserweight Champion for a long time with the success he’s having, Professor. Well ladies and gentleman, we have to take a commercial break, but coming up next, KroniK takes on David Flair and Crowbar!


Crowbar & David Flair vs. KroniK

Let’s see here… KroniK are yet to lose a match since the “new” WCW, and have already squashed the team of Flair and Crowbar. Flair and Crowbar have been used as fodder to teams like KroniK every time they wrestle. Who’s going to win? David Flair and Crowbar are able to try and put up a fight in the early goings of the match, trying to use their seed advantage. However, David Flair ends up running into a Brian Adams big boot, and Bryan Clarke caught Crowbar as he went for a hurricanrana, and proceeded to drop him with a sit-out power bomb. From there, Adams gave Flair a Spinning Sidewalk Slam, and Crowbar took the Meltdown from Clarke. Just a few moments later, KroniK gave both men the High Times, and simultaneously pinned David and Crowbar.

KroniK def. David Flair and Crowbar at 2:09 (Double Pin)
Star Rating: DUD (68, 65, 72)

Filthy Like Animals

As KroniK celebrates in the ring, The Filthy Animals come into the ring through the crowd! KroniK doesn’t see the Animals come into the ring, their backs turned. Konnan and Kidman jump Clarke and Adams, quickly laying into them with forearms to the back of the head. Konnan continues to brawl with Brian Adams, while Kidman quickly uses his speed advantage on Clarke, turning Clarke around, and hopping up onto his shoulders and planting him with a hurricanrana! Konnan whips Adams into the ropes, somersaults, and hits the Rolling Clothesline! Adams staggers backwards, and Kidman runs and connects with a drop kick to the face, sending him over the top rope to the outside of the ring! Konnan and Kidman then grab Clarke by the hair, who was getting to his feet, the rest of the way to his feet. Konnan hits Clarke with a hard right hand, and then tosses him over the top rope to the outside of the ring next to Adams! Kidman stands on the ropes and starts yelling at KroniK while Konnan receives a microphone from a stage hand.

Konnan: ORELAY! Arriba La Raza!

The crowd yells along with Konnan, and then cheer for the Mexican superstar.

Konnan: Yo, yo, yo, let me speak on this! KRONIK! You punk ass bitches, *bleeped* what you did to Rey-Rey at Slamboree has really pissed off the Animals! You took out Tygress, you took out Kidman, but then, you went way too far, éssa! When you gave Rey that High Times from the ring through a table holmes, all ‘da way to ‘da outside of ‘da ring n’ through a table… that was unnecessary!

Konnan glares at Adams and Clarke, showing his fury. Kidman gets off the ropes, and takes the microphone from Konnan.

Billy Kidman: Brian Adams, Bryan Clarke, I don’t know what your beef is with Rey-Rey, or the Filthy Animals, but whatever it is, it got our attention. When you mess with one Animal, you mess with the whole pack! KroniK, you put Misterio in the hospital; Rey is still in the hospital because of you two! For the past month and a half, you’ve made Rey’s life a living hell, you’ve made his family’s life a living hell, and you’ve made the Filthy Animals’ lives a living hell.

Konnan takes the mic back.

Konnan: You wanna sneak attack éssa’s after they’ve just had a match? Ight then, we can do ‘dat too! KroniK, you’ve pissed off ‘da Filthy Animals, n’ now, we gonna make yo’ lives a living hell! ORELAY!

The Filthy Animals’ music hits, and Kidman and Konnan yell out threats to KroniK, who leave up the ramp. The cameras then cut to the commentators.

Segment Rating: 83%

Schiavone: You tell ‘em, Konnan and Kidman!

Tenay: Tony, KroniK’s actions at Slamboree were tasteless and disgusting; the Filthy Animals are going to make them pay for taking out their amigo, Rey Misterio Jr.!

Schiavone: I sure hope they will, but we have to take another commercial break, but don’t go away because coming up next, an interview with Scott Steiner and the main event! Stay tuned to Wednesday Nitro on NBC!


The Future World Heavyweight Champion, Big Poppa Pump[/size]

When Wednesday Nitro returns, “Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing by with “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner. Steiner isn’t in his wrestling gear tonight, instead equipped in jeans and a Big Poppa Pump t-shirt. No medieval head plate, no lead pipe, just a typical guy with the night off… with huge steroid injected arms.

Gene Okerlund: Welcome back to Wednesday Nitro on the number one channel for professional wrestling, NBC. I’m “Mean” Gene Okerlund, and I am standing by with one of the biggest, baddest, men in World Championship Wrestling today, Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner!

Steiner spits at Okerlund’s feet, showing the legendary announcer no respect.

Scott Steiner: Well if it isn’t “Mean” Gene Okerlund, the biggest chump in WCW today!

Okerlund: Hey now, Big Poppa Pump, we don’t need to have any problems here! I’m just here trying to do my job. So with that said, how do you feel about losing the WCW World Heavyweight Championship match at Slamboree?

Steiner, who was looking away from Okerlund, abruptly turns his head towards Okerlund, and glares at him. Clearly Mean Gene struck a nerve there.

Steiner: Mean Gene, you little bitch *bleeped* I did not lose at Slamboree! I walked down to that ring, and I beat the crap out of a turncoat and a “sucka”, but I got robbed in the end! That stupid “sucka” Booker T screwed the Genetic Freak out of my rightful World Heavyweight Championship! Booker T knows I could kick his ass any day, and he is scared of me! I am the rightful number one contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Title, and damn it, I’m gonna get back my title!

Okerlund: What are your thoughts then on Jeff Jarrett being named the number one contender and facing Booker T tonight for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship tonight?

Steiner glares at Mean Gene some more, swats the microphone out of his hand into his own, and shoves Okerlund down to the ground.

Steiner: You shut the hell up Mean Gene! I will kick you freaking ass right here, right now!

Steiner grabs Okerlund by the scruff of his neck up to his feet, and pushes him out of camera view.

Steiner: Booker T, you and I both know that I am the rightful number one contender to the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! Eric Bischoff, I don’t know why in the hell you gave Jeff Jarrett the right to face Booker T tonight instead of me, but let me tell you something, that really pisses me off! Booker T, Jeff Jarrett, if I were you two, I’d be more worried about me tonight, not your opponent!

Scott Steiner goes to walk out off-screen, but Jeff Jarrett walks up to Steiner! The two stare each other down momentarily until Jarrett begins to speak.

Jeff Jarrett: Scott Steiner, I’ve been listening to what you’ve been saying, and I just want to let you know, I had nothing to do with getting the title shot tonight. I know you were the dominant man at Slamboree, and you should be the one carrying the World Heavyweight Championship. Booker T is just like Ric Flair, a stupid slap nut. Neither man deserved to wrestle us at Slamboree, let alone be in WCW. Eric Bischoff screwed you over big time tonight Steiner, so I am here to try and make things fair.

Steiner: Oh really, and just how are you going to do that?

Jarrett: Well you see, when I beat Booker T tonight and win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, I’m the new champion. And I promise you Scott that as the new champion, I will give you the first title shot against me.

Steiner: So if you win tonight, I get to face you for the title?

Jarrett: That’s right, Scott.

Steiner: Well alright, then. But just know Jeff, I’ll be watching this match very closely…very, very, closely.

Jeff isn’t exactly sure what Steiner means, so he just gives Big Poppa Pump a nod, and walks off screen. The cameras continue to focus on Steiner, who stares at the leaving Jarrett.

Segment Rating: 75%


Booker T © vs. Jeff Jarrett- WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Wednesday Nitro returns with both men in the ring, David Penzer finishing the introductions. Senior Official Randy Anderson has the bell rung, and just as the two men prepare to lock up, Scott Steiner walks down the entrance ramp and joins Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay on commentary. After a stare down between all three men the match starts. Big Poppa Pump plays no part in the match at all; he hypes himself up on commentary while Schiavone and Tenay highlight the history between Scott Steiner and Booker T, and the feud with Ric Flair and Jeff Jarrett. The match itself is quit entertaining; Booker T and Jarrett put on a good main event. The two men wrestle a hybrid style of brawling and mat wrestling, with Jarrett dominating the majority of the match after a low blow to count the Book End. Jarrett worked over Booker’s knee, and then attempted to lock in the Figure 4. Jarrett wasted too much time mocking Flair when attempting to apply the submission hold, however, giving Booker T enough time to counter. Booker T countered by using his leg muscles to shove Jarrett into the From there, Booker T started to gain momentum, knocking down The Chosen One several times with forearm strikes, before hitting a spine buster. Booker tried to end the match quickly, going for the Harlem Axe Kick, but Jarrett avoided it, and retaliated with a thumb to the eye. Jarrett struck again, hitting the Stroke to Booker T! The crowd couldn’t believe; it looked like we were going to have a new world champion! Anderson got down and made the count, with the crowd now expecting Scott Steiner to get involved. Big Poppa Pump stays at the commentator’s booth while Anderson counts: ONE! TWO! THREE!

No! No, wait! Booker T got a shoulder up! The crowd erupts into cheers, glad Booker T kicked out. Jarrett can’t believe it, his face in shock. It then turns to rage however, as he grabs Anderson by the hair. Jarrett yells at Anderson for a “slow count”, and proceeds to give him The Stroke! Jarrett then spits on Anderson, and goes for his guitar on the outside of the ring. Jarrett brings the guitar into the ring, but when he gets back into the ring and looks up, he is standing in front of Scott Steiner! Steiner stares down Jarrett, not saying anything, just simply staring him down. Finally, Steiner yells at Jarrett for not pinning Booker, and then taking out the referee. Steiner yells at Jarrett that he can’t win the match now because the referee is out. Steiner looks like he is about to come to blows with Jeff when… Steinerline to Booker T! Booker T was getting to his feet, but got jumped by Steiner! Booker T goes down hard, and Jarrett starts laughing! Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner must have planned this all along! Steiner and Jarrett start putting the boots to Booker T, inflicting more damage to the World Champion. Steiner and Jarrett continue their attack on Booker for about a minute, finally stopping their stomp attack when Steiner pulls Booker to his feet. Things only look to be getting worse for Booker however, as Jarrett grabs the acoustic guitar. Steiner holds Booker T as Jarrett lines him up for the guitar shot when…

“Sprach Zarathustra” hits the sound system! Ric Flair comes racing down the entrance way, clad in his Armani suit, looking to help Booker T! The fans are on their feet cheering for The Nature Boy, hoping he can fend off Big Poppa Pump and The Chosen One! Steiner quickly disposes of Booker T, hitting him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, while Jarrett swings the guitar at Flair! Flair ducks the guitar shot, and fires away at Double J, connecting with lefts and rights! Jarrett staggers backwards, and he gets knocked down with a clothesline! Scott Steiner charges Flair, but Steiner gets hit with a thumb to the eye! Flair grabs the fallen guitar quickly, and connects with an acoustic guitar shot to the head of Scott Steiner! Flair just broke the guitar right over Steiner’s head! Big Poppa Pump goes down and rolls out of the ring, where he lays on the concrete floor, selling the guitar shot. Flair then turns his attention to Jarrett, who is getting to his feet. The Nature Boy connects with several right hands, followed by a knife edge chop and yelling out “WOOO”. Jarrett staggers backwards, and then gets tossed from the ring to the outside! Ric Flair has just disposed of Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner both! The Nature Boy celebrates briefly, but then helps Booker T up to his feet. Ric Flair and Booker T then embrace and celebrate, watching Jarrett and Steiner retreat up the entrance way.

Jeff Jarrett and Booker T fight to a no contest at 8:13 (Jarrett knocked ref unconscious)
Star Rating: ** ½ (90, 94, 81)

Schiavone: “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair has saved Booker T! The Nature Boy came down to the ring, broke a guitar over Steiner’s head, and then tosses Jeff Jarrett from ringside!

Tenay: Booker T fought hard in the WCW World Heavyweight Title match, and may have had a chance at winning, but Scott Steiner blindsided him. It now seems like Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner have allied themselves together, and looked to eliminate Booker T, but thankfully, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair was there to save the day!

Schiavone: Ladies and gentleman, I hope you all enjoyed this edition of Wednesday Nitro, and tune in next week for another action-packed hour of World Championship Wrestling Wednesday Nitro! For Mike Tenay, I’m Tony Schiavone, see you next week!

Overall Rating: 80%
TV Rating: 2.11

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
Szumi's back, but not in black - back in BTB! And yeah, I know, he's doing WCW again - so unoriginal.

My Awards:
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

I know how to save wcw get steve borden in the ring
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