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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Raw Review

A good opening promo and MITB should be great. Will be intresting to see who represents Raw in this match and good announcement about the Battle Royal next

RVD wins the match and now faces Hassan at Wrestlemania which has the potentional to be a very good match. Good aftermath with Hassan cutting a promo and then Davairi attacking him from behind.

HHH v Kurt Angle should a fantastic match and i wonder who Bischoff and Grisham were talking about.

Good win here for AMW and now they get a title shot at Mania, and i see them winning that match.

William Regal gets the victory here thanks to Randy Orton who screws Lesner out the match. Great aftermath to the match with Orton piledriving Lesner through the table.

Intresting promo here and i don't see Kane being the tag partner of Edge especially after what has happened in the past.

Good match here and a big win for Big Show getting the win after Angle music distracted HHH. Good aftermath with Angle attacking HHH as soon as Show left the ring. Show comes back but it is too late.

Looks like Edge will have to be in a Handicap match here, as i don't think Kane will be Edge's partner.

Well i was indeed right and Edge has the odds against him now. Kane does come out near the end though, but chokeslams Edge, and Jericho and HBK get the win.

Overall rating-80/100
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

MitB announcement Good to see MitB returns and I think Shelton could win that match.

Battle Royal Good win for RVD. It was kinda obvious he would win though after 3 of them are likely to be in the MitB match.

Hassan Good to see youre building for the IC Title Matc right away. I liked Daivaris interference and this will be a great feud imo.

Bischoff/HHH Haha, this was hilarious. Todd Grisham really added to this and changed the tone into a lighthearted tone. Great segment.

MNM vs. AMW Good match and nice to see AMW get a title shot at WM. I can see new champions here.

Y2J/HBK A very intense situation and this is a good way to slowly build the main event at WM.

Lesnar vs. Regal Good to see Lesnar screwed out of a win by Orton as ref. He looked strong by kicking out of the brass knux shot. The aftermath beat down was great too and put Orton over well as the heel.

Bischoff Interesting developments and something big has to be going down here.

Edge/Kane I didnt really like this segment. Kane seemed a bit out of character and it didnt seem to take much convincing.

Show vs. H Good ending with Angles music playing and costing H the match. The aftermath was good and Angle looked dominant.

Bischoff/Edge Weve seen a bit too much of Bischoff tonight I think, but I guess it helps show his ruthlessness.

Edge vs. Y2J & HBK Good to see that Kane doesnt show at first, and then comes and screws Edge. I can see these two in a WM match now. Y2J not helping HBK was good too.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Thanks to all for the reviews. Since I have exams next week's RAW will probably be a report.

- As we all saw Sting did not turn up on Raw. We now assume that he will not make an appearance until at least WrestleMania 22.

- It is still undecided whether Chris Jericho or Shawn Michaels will turn before their WrestleMania encounter. Some in the creative team believe that one of the superstars should turn to add more fuel to their match. However the rest of the group believe that Raw's main-event is already set to be a great match and doesn't need to involve a heel turn. We should have more on this story especially during the next week.

- After their break last week, it's almost definitely a lock that we will have Melina vs. Trish or possibly even Mickie vs. Melina vs. Trish for the Women's Championship at WrestleMania 22 announced this week on Raw.

- It's still undecided who will go on to become "Mr. Money in the Bank" of 2006. Also as announced on Raw, three Smackdown superstars will compete in the match. It's likely that they'll be announced on this week's Smackdown.

- The final and most recent rumour going round the locker room is that Raw will hold a series of contract-signings as part of the build-up for WrestleMania 22. Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar (still unconfirmed although obvious to happen), Triple H vs. Kurt Angle (as announced this week on RAW) and of course Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho are expected to be the main signings.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Good rumours, will be interesting to see when Sting debuts, and who, if anyone, turns before WM
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

SmackDown! - Preview
24th February 2006

This week's Smackdown will be fall-out from No Way Out. At No Way Out, Batista successfully retained his title against John Cena in a brutal match. This week, the World Heavyweight Champion of the World is going to kick off Friday Nights Smackdown. What does Batista has to say?

No Way Out came out to be successfull for the man who calls him "Wrestling God". He cheated to win over the Undertaker. Will this heated-rivalry continue and will the Deadman show up at Smackdown?

Also, things are heated up between Kurt Angle and the RAW superstar, Triple H. Kurt Angle showed up at Monday Night RAW, When he brutally beat Triple H. RAWs General Manager, Eric Bischoff asked a challenge from Smackdown. Will Kurt Angle agree to face The Game, Triple H at WrestleMania!? Find-Out that also.

"The Notorious" Kid Kash, who retained his Cruiserweight Championship at No Way Out in a Ladder match is set to face, Rey Mysterio. Also, The New tag team champions, Carlito and Ken Kennedy will face The Mexicools in two on three handicap match!

The United States Championship will be on the line as the champ, Lashley defends his title against The Pirate, Paul Burchill and the winner from No Way Out in the submissions match, The Rabbid Wolverine, Chris Benoit in a triple threat match. Also, There will be the return of the Christian's Peep Show and the guest for that edition of the Peep's Show will be none other than the returning superstar, The Rock!

Find out all this and more at this week's Friday Night Smackdown!

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Sounds great. I am looking 4ward 2 SD
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Opening promo- Well written and great announcement, having another MITB match and this time interpromotional. I like how you have Benjamin come out and claim he's going to win, then Master's says he'll win, then Flair says he'll win...until Bischoff comes out and notifies them that they'll have qualifying matches next week.

6 Man Battle Royal- Multi-man matches are hard to write, but you did a good job here, and it was only a bit confusing at some part. Overall good but I wish someone besides RVD won because RVD should really be in the MITB match at WM22.

Hassan promo- Very in character and well done. I liked the ending to it, having Daivari come out and beat down on RVD from behind. Should be a great match and I hope RVD becomes the 6 time Intercontinental Champion

Bischoff/HHH segment- Again pretty well written and I'm really hopin for HHH vs Angle at WM. It would be a great match and possibly MOTY. Anyway, Bischoff seems excited about something, and I can't wait to see what.

AMW vs MNM- Not much to say here except pretty good back and forth action, but without Melina there was no way MNM was picking up the win. Glad to see AMW pick up the win, and I hope they wear gold soon.

HBK/Jericho- Decent segment, neither man seemed to in character I think until the end. They're both faces, aren't they? It was intriguing to read, because each man added a 'heel' element to their dialouge, setting up for a possible turn by either man. Interesting feud and definitely a great WM match, hopefully tops their WM19 match.

Lesnar vs Regal- Nice stipulation, making Orton the special ref, just adding feul to the fire. Lesnar of course dominates the match, showing why he is the Next Big Thing, but Randy RKOs him and gives Regal the win. Not a surprise, but good match and the right move was made. Nice aftermath with both men beating down Lesnar with a chair and then the sick pildedriver through the table. Definitely Lesnar vs RKO at WM, and possibly in a hardcore match?

Edge/Kane segment- I hope the only reason Edge is asking Kane is because you want to give Kane a slight push, because I could never see this happening. Nice having Edge try and suck up to Kane as he usually would, and the answer is a maybe.

Show vs HHH- I think Big Show dominated the match a bit too much. Yeah he's a giant, but HHH is your main eventer and should be showing why he belongs in the title picture. HHH hits a pedigree out of nowhere...literally, an elbow to the head and a kick to the gut was all it took to hit the pedigree? Angle screws HHH out of the match win which I actually didn't see coming, and their match will be awesome.

Edge/Bischoff- Handicap match, eh? Should be fun to watch Edge get his ass beat unless HBK or Y2J makes the heel turn next

Main Event- Very well written and definitely MOTN. I liked how Y2J and HBK kept beating down Edge, trying to almost one-up the other, and they then argued about who gets the pin. Kane then comes out and takes out HBK and Y2J for a moment...and then chokeslams Edge as well! Y2J quickly makes the cover and wins the match. Nice job having the title challenger score the pin, showing that he's a top competitor.

Overall- 7/10. It was a pretty good show and exciting/entertaining most of the time, but you could use some work. Things like making one wrestler look strong or making one look weak in matches are important. You had Big Show literally dominate HHH the entire match but after an elbow and a kick he hits the pedigree. Show looked weak by having that happen. Yeah HHH hit a DDT and a running knee...but he kicked out of the Chokeslam and Emerald Fusion. Made HHH look like a god while Big Show looked weak even though he dominated the match. Also, promo placement could be a bit better. Like having the Y2J/HBK promo before the main event would have been better and such. Definitely good enough to make me read next week, but a few minor adjustments could make it great.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

WWE: Friday Nights SmackDown!
24th February 2006

The show opens with a No Way Out logo and then we're shown a video package of No Way Out with Last Resort by Papa Roach playing on background.

No Way Out - Video Package
- Ken Kennedy is shown hitting a clothesline to Super Crazy. Carlito is then shown hitting modified swining neckbreaker on Psicosis followed by three counts. And, then Tony Chimmel announces that they are the new tag team champions.
- Lashley lifts up Rey Mysterio and he goes for Dominator but Mysterio goes back on his feet and he schoolboys Lashley for the three counts. Rey Mysterio advances to the finals of the Road to Wrestlemania tournament.
- Kid Kash is shown hitting some sick shots to Jamie Noble with the trash can and they both going on tables and hitting some high-flying moves from the top of the ladder. At last, we're shown Kid Kash taking off the Cruiserweight title from the top.
- The Rock's promo is shown and he says that he's back. Carlito and Kennedy comes in and they talk trash to him. The Rock then gets angry and then he tries to attack on Carlito and Kennedy but They got the best of the Rock. Carlito and Kennedy attack on The Rock and then Stone Cold comes out to save The Rock. We then see Stone Cold and Rock enjoying couple of drinks in the ring.
- The Undertaker connects Chokeslam on JBL. JBL puts his foot on the rope and breaks the three count. The Undertaker then grabs JBL in Tombstone Piledriver position but JBL counters and he low blows Undertaker followed by three counts.
- Paul Burchill goes for C4 over Christian but he pushes him. Paul Burchill comes back and Christian nails him with the Unprettier. Christian gets three count and he advances in the finals of the Road to Wrestlemania tournament where he will face Rey Mysterio.
- Clips from Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit's submission match are shown. We are shown some sick spots and at last, we see Kurt Angle applying anckle lock on Chris Benoit. And, out of nowhere Triple H from RAW comes in and he pedigree's Kurt Angle and then Chris Benoit applies crossface and gets the win.
- John Cena is shown applying STF-U to Batista. Batista is then showed going for batista bomb but John Cena counters it to the FU. John Cena goes for FU but Batista counters again and he nails Batista with the Batista Bomb. At the last of the package, We are shown Batista at the turnbuckle, raising the World Title and the Wrestlemania logo is behind him.

*We cut back in the arena and then we are shown the arena and thousands of fans, holding some signs. "Walk Alone" hits and the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista makes his way to the ring. Batista is in his classical suit and he makes his way to the ring. Batista gets the microphone from someone at ringside and then he gets into the ring*

Batista: Hello Missouri!


Batista: I'm still here and I'm still your World Heavyweight Champion!


Batista: Last night at No Way Out, Me and John Cena delivered our best and hell, It was a match which you will remember years to come.

*Batista chants*

Batista: I said that I will stop at nothing, who will come into my path and John Cena was the one who came in my path. John Cena chose the wrong path. But, At No Way Out, I was the last man standing with the World Heavyweight Championship. John Cena also witnessed that it takes so much to beat the Animal!


Batista: I'm here to give anyone a shot at my World Heavyweight Championship right here, right now at Saint Louis, Missouri.

*Cheers, Batista waits and no one comes out*

Batista: Hmm, I knew that no one will come. By the way, Thanks to every and every one of you here!


Batista: Yes, I bow my head down to you fans for supporting me at No Way Out and supporting me, every night.

*Batista bows-down his head and the Cheers are going really hot*

Batista: The Animal has just been unleashed!

*Batista goes at the apron from the middle rope and Batista was about to leave when "Longhorn" hits and JBL makes his way to the ring. John Bradshaw Layfield is smiling all the way through out his entrance. JBL gets into the ring and gets the microphone from someone*

JBL: Dave, Dave, Dave.


JBL: I know that you're a type of champion, who comes out here and introduce yourself. I know why you're introducing yourself here. Yes, I know Dave. You come out and introduce yourself here because the fans here, do not know you and they don't even care for you Dave!


JBL: The fans here at Missouri only care for the Wrestling God, myself!


JBL: They know that I should represent them and not a guy like you!


JBL: Uh, Batista. You just said that you are giving a shot at your World Heavyweight Championship to anyone who comes out and asks for it. But, Dave, I'm not here to ask you about it. I'm here to demand you about it because the title that you are wearing on your shoulders deserves to be mine!


JBL: And the fans also know that I'm the one who deserves to be the World Heavyweight Championship.


JBL: But, I know Batista wouldn't give me a title shot. I know that you are afraid of me. But, for my fans out there, I will demand my title shot to the general manager of smackdown. Stone Cold Steve Austin, I order you to put me in the World Heavyweight Championship match against Batista tonight and I promise you that I will be the victorious just like last sunday, when I defeated The Deadman, The Undertaker.

*"Glass Shatters" hits and Stone Cold makes his way to the ring in his 4x4. Stone Cold gets into the ring and gets into the face of JBL*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Were you demanding me for something?

*JBL nods and looks happy*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: There's not a son of a bitch, who can demand me something here in the WWE!


Stone Cold Steve Austin: I'm the general manager of Smackdown. I make matches here, not you JBL!


Stone Cold Steve Austin: I just hear JBL saying that he'll be victorious and he'll be crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion, If he gets a shot. However, I think I should give JBL a chance for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Stone Cold Steve Austin: But, JBL has to earn it!


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Tonight, It will be John Bradshaw Layfield going one on one against, The World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!

*JBL looks pleased*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: But, I have to add a little stipulation here. If John Bradshaw Layfield wins tonight against, Batista. He will get a title shot next week here at Smackdown.

*JBL's smiling*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: And one more thing, If JBL looses tonight, He's fired from Smackdown!

*"Glass Shatters" hits and Stone Cold Steve Austin leaves the arena while getting some pops. We see a shot of Batista holding the World Title and JBL looking afraid*


*"Trailer Trash" hits and Kid Kash makes his way to the ring with his Cruiserweight Championship. Kid Kash has some stiches on his head. He gets into the ring and gets the microphone*

Kid Kash: Last week was one of the best and brutal cruiserweight matches ever. I was the one to get the win last night and I should not be here. I'm your cruiserweight champion, I'm The Notorious One! K... -

*"Booyaka" hits and one of the final man in the Road to Wrestlemania tournament makes his way to the ring. Rey Mysterio gets into the ring and Kid Kash looks a bit worried*

Singles Match
Kid Kash vs. Rey Mysterio

Summary: Amazing match here to kick off Smackdown by the two best athletes here at Smackdown locker-room. In this match, Kid Kash looks a bit tired and Rey Mysterio was dominating at the ending of the match. The ending of this match takes place when Kid Kash is at the corner and Rey Mysterio runs towards him. Rey Mysterio jumps up and he hurracanrana's him. Kid Kash goes back to his feets and Rey Mysterio climbs the turnbuckle. Mysterio hits a Splash from the top of the turnbuckle and then he irish whips Kid Kash towards the ropes. Kid Kash bounces back and Rey Mysterio drop toe holds him to the ropes. Rey Mysterio signals 619 and when he goes for it. Kid Kash moves and then Rey goes back to his feets. Kid Kash kicks in Rey Mysterio's gutt. Kid Kash goes for the Dead Level (Brainbuster) on Rey Mysterio. At the last moment, Mysterio goes back on his feets where he throws Kid Kash towards the ropes. Kid Kash falls down on the last rope and then Rey Mysterio signals 619. Rey Mysterio connects it and then he climbs the turnbuckle. Out of nowhere, Christian was shown in the ring and the crowd Boos. Rey Mysterio goes for the West Coast Pop and he's in mid-air while Christian knocks him out with Dropkick. Referee tells the bell ringer to ring the bell.

Winner by Disqualification: Rey Mysterio

Christian stomps Rey Mysterio and then he picks him up. Christian irish whips Rey Mysterio to the ropes. Rey Mysterio bounces back and Christian goes for some move but Rey Mysterio connects tilt-a-whirl to Christian. Christian flies a bit and comes back on his feets. Rey Mysterio goes for a Dropkick on him but Christian kicks in Mysterio's gutt, while in mid-air. Christian then picks up Rey Mysterio and he delivers an Unprettier to him. Christian gets some boos and he then heads up to the entrance ramp. Christian goes back to the curtain and he's dissapeared

We cut back and we see Ken Kennedy and Carlito with the Tag Team Championships, making their way to the arena.


*"Cool" hits and Carlito makes his way to the ring. Tony Chimel introduces him and he comes out with an Apple on his hands. Carlito eats that Apple and he gets into the ring and waits for his partner*

*"Mr. Kennedy" hits and Kennedy makes his way to the ring with the Tag Team Championship on his shoulders. Kennedy comes out with his usual entrance. Kennedy gets into the ring and he waits in the middle of the ring. The microphone comes from the top and the lights go off. Kennedy tries to speak but is cut soon*

*"Mexicools" hits and all of the Mexicools make their way to the ring in their lawnmowers. Juventud, Super Crazy and Psicosis gets into the ring and they start the action*

Tag Team Match
Carlito & Ken Kennedy vs. Juventud, Super Crazy, Psicosis [The Mexicools]

Summary: This was truly a filler match. We saw some high spots in this match though by the Mexicools but at the end, It was Kennedy and Carlito's destiny to win the match. They win the match when, Super Crazy was out of the ring and Juventud and Psicosis were only two left in the ring. Kennedy comes in to save his partner, Carlito. Kennedy and Carlito then beat Mexicools with double-team attacks. Carlito connects DDT to Psicosis. Ken Kennedy lifts Juventud up on his shoulders and he climbs the turnbuckle. Ken Kennedy connects the Green Bay Plunge from the top turnbuckle to the legal man, Juventud. Ken Kennedy covers one of the Mexicools member, Juventud and gets the three count.

Winners by Pinfall: Carlito and Ken Kennedy

Super Crazy quickly slides into the ring and Carlito, Ken Kennedy quickly make their way to the entrance ramp. Kennedy and Carlito taunted Super Crazy with their Tag Team Championships.

We cut back and we see a shot of The Rock drinking some beer with the general manager of Smackdown, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Someone storms in and its John Cena.

John Cena: Stone Cold, I was just driving my way to the arena. I was late only because of this city's traffic. I tell you this city sucks. But, I'm here for only one thing.

*John Cena stops and he watches The Rock, drinking beer. John Cena goes in the face of Rock. John Cena yells at the Rock while The Rock's staring him*

John Cena: What!?!?!?!

*John Cena then goes at, Stone Cold*

John Cena: As I was saying, Please add me to the main event tonight and I promise, I will win tonight and next week, I will win the World Heavyweight Championship from Batista.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: John, I'm not adding you in tonight's main event and that's the bottom line cause, Stone Cold Steve Austin said so.

*Stone Cold leaves his office while The Rock is at the corner, enjoying this stuff. John Cena stares The Rock and he's pissed out. John Cena leaves the office while we see The Rock still enjoying the beer*


*"Close Your Eyes" hits and Christian makes his way to the ring. Christian gets massive boos from the crowd and he gets into the ring with a microphone and the ring is set with some stuff only because of Peep's Show*

Christian: I tell you, this city has no Charisma at all. This really sucks, big time!


Christian: Ever since, I came into World Wrestling Entertainment. There was a dream building inside me. That dream was to main event at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. After long eight years, I've come this close to main event at Wrestlemania. And, there's no one whose going to stop me for doing it. Not even that little jumping bean, Rey Mysterio. Earlier tonight, I just gave a small message to everybody in this locker-room and to Rey Mysterio. The fact is that Rey Mysterio will never main event at Wrestlemania. Rey Mysterio knows it like every-peep in this building knows, He can never win the World Heavyweight Championship. I mean come on, How can a guy of 165 pounded guy can win the World Championship? There's not a damn way!


Christian: I will do it for my peeps and I have to do it! I will beat Rey Mysterio and then, I will headline at the biggest stage of them all, Wrestlemania 22. And then at Wrestlemania, No matter who is the champion, No matter its Batista, John Cena or the self-proclaimed, "Wrestling God". I will be the only one to win the World Heavyweight Championship.


Christian: I don't want to waste my time here. Tonight, my guest here at the Peep's Show is a two-time, WCW World Champion. He's a one-time, Royal Rumble winner. He's a five-time, World Tag Team Champion. He's a two-time, Intercontinental Champion. He's a seven-time WWE Champion. Ladies and Gentleman, please bow your head to me, not to him. He is the People's Champion, The Rock himself!


*"If You Smell" hits and The Rock makes his way to the ring. The Rock gets the most standing ovation of the night so far. The Rock gets into the ring where he and Christian do a stare*

The Rock: Finally... -

*Christian cuts The Rock*

Christian: Wo, wo, wo, wo, Rock, wait a second here. This is my show. This is Peep's Show so we don't need any shit here!


Christian: Well Rock, Let me tell you one thing. You've got no Charisma at all. I'm The Captain Charisma, Christian.

*Christian stares Rock while the fans boo*

The Rock: Umm, Whats your name?

Christian: I told you its, Th... -

*The Rock cuts him*

The Rock: It doesn't matters what your name is!


Christian: Rock, Listen to me. I think that... -

*The Rock cuts him off again*

The Rock: It doesn't matters what you think!


Christian: Shut up! Shut up everyone!


Christian: Allright Rock, Do you want a fight? Why not have a one on one match tonight?


Christian: Who wants to see Christian vs. The Rock tonight?


Christian: Well, I guess. It won't happen. See Rock, I'm really very busy. I'll address you any other time because this time, I'm capatilizing on Rey Mysterio.


Christian: Rocky, you have done nothing in your shit career. You just came in Wrestling to go to the Hollywood. See Rock, I'm the star of the WWE now. You were the past and the world is changing dude, I'm the new star of the WWE.


The Rock: Listen Jabroni, Tell me, what you have done in your recent years.

Christian: Rock, I h... -

*The Rock again cuts him*

The Rock: It doesn't matters what you have done!


The Rock: The Rock says this: if the Rock hits you, he'll kill you. If he misses, the wind behind the punch will give you pneumonia and you'll die anyway, so the choice is yours, jabroni!


Christian: Allright Rock, enough is enough. I have had enough from you and now, Its time for action!

*Christian takes his shirt off and then we see The Rock ready for the action but then Christian holds the mic*

Christian: Hey Rock, Just turn your back!

*The Rock turns back and at the last moment, He watches Carlito coming for Clothesline. The Rock ducks it and accidently, Carlito hits it with Christian. Kennedy then tries to knock Rock with the WWE Championship but again Rock ducks it and then he plants Kennedy down with The Rock Bottom. The Rock then turns as Christian dropkicks Rock. Christian and Carlito double-team on Rock. Out of nowhere, Rey Mysterio comes in and he hits a knee hit on Christian, and he flies out of the ring. The Rock then nails the Somaon Drop to Carlito. We then see a shot of The Rock and Rey Mysterio celebrating in the ring. After some time of celebration, "Thugonamics" hits and John Cena comes out at the entrance ramp. John Cena stares at Rey Mysterio and The Rock from the entrance ramp. Rock is inviting John Cena to come in. After a breif stare down between these three men which took 30 seconds. Out of nowhere, Christian comes in and he connects an Unprettier on Rey Mysterio for the second time in one night. The Rock then hits one right hand to Christian. Both men brawl their and then John Cena runs down in the ring. Christian punches Rock and he goes back while John Cena picks Rock up and he connects FU on The Rock. Stone Cold's music hits and then he comes out at the entrance ramp*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Next week, I'm going to set-up a 4 on 4 Handicap match. It will be The Rock and Rey Mysterio with a choice of their own partners versus. John Cena, Christian, Carlito and Ken Kennedy. And that's the bottom line cause...

*Stone Cold stops and the fans chant the other line of his quote. Stone Cold leaves while we see John Cena and Christian talking to each other*


*We come back from the Arena and we see Paul Burchill in the arena*

*"Real Deal" hits and the United States Champion makes his way to the ring. Lashley makes his way to the ring. He gets into the ring and then he taunts the crowd and Paul Burchill*

*"Whatever" hits and The Rabbid Wolverine, Chris Benoit comes out for a standing ovation. We see a short footage of Chris Benoit making Kurt Angle tap out to Crossface at No Way Out in their Submissions match. Chris Benoit gets into the ring and he taunts that the Title is his*

United States Championship
Lashley vs. Chris Benoit vs. Paul Burchill

Summary: It was a great match which keep guessing the winner. It was like a singles match because Paul Burchill was laid down outside to the ring because Chris Benoit drop toe hold him and Paul Burchill was striken face-first to the steel steps. Paul Burchill had his blood going off. But, at the last he came into the ring. This match ending takes place when Chris Benoit had applied the Crossface on Lashley. Lashley looks to tap out but at the last moment, Paul Burchill comes in and he breaks the hold. Paul Burchill then makes Chris Benoit stand and he connects C4 on him. Paul Burchill covers Chris Benoit but only gets two counts because, Lashley breaks this count. Lashley then lifts up Paul Burchill and goes for Dominator but Paul Burchill plants Lashley down with a countered-DDT. Paul Burchill then covers Lashley but again gets two count because Benoit pulls Paul Burchill's leg. All the crowd is stunt to see this action and then Paul Burchill stands up and he tries to stomp on Chris Benoit but he holds his leg. Chris Benoit then reverses his leg and connects Sharpshooter. All the crowd is going nuts and they are just waiting for Chris Benoit to make Paul Burchill tap-out, Just like he did to make Angle tap out at No Way Out. Lashley comes in and breaks the hold and keeps the match available. Lashley this time lifts up and he throws Chris Benoit to the turnbuckle. Chris Benoit bounces back and Lashley plants him down with an Spinebuster. Chris Benoit goes out of the ring by the middle rope. Lashley then makes Paul Burchill stand. Lashley lifts him up and he finally, connects The Dominator on him followed by three counts. That means, Lashley still keeps his United States Title.

Winner by Pinfall: Lashley

Lashley leaves the Arena quickly and then we see a shot of Chris Benoit trying to stand up before heading back.

We cut back and we see Kurt Angle in the General Manager's locker room. Kurt Angle watches Stone Cold and he talks to tim.

Kurt Angle: At No Way Out, I was going to win the Submissions match. I had Chris Benoit in my anckle lock. I was breaking his anckle and making him tap. But then out of nowhere someone... someone from RAW comes in and attacks a guy from Smackdown?! Yeah, that someone was none other than Triple H!


Kurt Angle: Stone Cold, I am always their to represent Smackdown! And, I think, I did get the revenge from No Way Out last monday, when I brutally beat that fat ass, Triple H!... -

*Stone Cold cuts him*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Wo, Kurt. Hey Kurt, Did you say that you represent Smackdown?

*Kurt Angle nods*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Good. Watching last monday at RAW, I saw Eric Bischoff offering a challenge from RAW to Smackdown in an Interpromotional Match at WrestleMania between Triple H from RAW and Kurt Angle from Smackdown!


Stone Cold Steve Austin: I'm sure that you will not back down from this fight and I hope that you will represent Smackdown! So, Kurt. Why not have a match at WrestleMania then?

Kurt Angle: Look Stone Cold, I took my revenge back from Triple H. So, I'm not gonna accept that challenge too soon! I'm the most vicious son of a bitch here in the WWE.


Kurt Angle: I'm not going to tell you anything Stone Cold. I am going to show up at next week's RAW and I will answer the challenge which RAW made. So, tune into Monday Nights RAW!


Kurt Angle: Yeah!

*Kurt Angle puts his mouth piece on his mouth and he roars loud while Stone Cold is looking pleased*


We come back and we're headed to backstage where Carlito and Ken Kennedy are arguing with each other and they're finding someone's locker-room. They then see John Cena's locker-room. Ken Kennedy and Carlito, both men go into the locker-room.

*We're headed into the arena, where "Jamie Noble's" music hits and he makes his way to the ring, He gets into the ring and get some great pops*

*"Close Your Eyes" hits and Christian makes his way to the ring, getting tremendous amount of boos. Christian gets into the ring*

Singles Match
Christian vs. Jamie Noble

Summary: This match is said to be another filler of this week's Smackdown. Overall in the match, Christian dominated Jamie Noble. At the end of the match, Christian has Jamie Noble in Unprettier position. Jamie Noble quickly counters that and pushes Christian and he strikes the Referee. Jamie Noble then goes to hit a dropkick on Christian but he grabs the legs of Jamie Noble. Christian then swings Jamie Noble and then throws him into the middle of the ring. Christian climbs the turnbuckle and the crowd cheers, We see a shot of Rey Mysterio running his way to the apron. Rey Mysterio climbs the apron and when, Christian was going for missile dropkick on Jamie Noble. Rey Mysterio hits a springboard dropkick to Christian, in mid-air. Christian goes at the bottom rope in 619 position. Rey Mysterio runs towards him and connects it. Christian goes back where Jamie Noble catches him and connects Tiger Bomb. Jamie Noble covers and the referee counts slowly. And, he gets three count here.

Winner by Pinfall: Jamie Noble

Rey Mysterio heads up at the entrance ramp and then he goes back to the curtain to dissappear

We cut back and we see Josh Matthews standing with John Bradshaw Layfield.

Josh Matthews: I'm Josh Matthe -

*JBL cuts him*

JBL: I'm Josh Matthews and I'm standing with JBL (says in a boring voice, referring to Josh Matthews) Come on Josh, this crowd needs a true American Hero to speak and when we talk about a true American Hero, then there's no one but John Bradshaw Layfield.


JBL: Look Josh, I have to settle my score with Batista. I'm not going anywhere else. I'm staying here at Smackdown and don't even think that Batista can beat me. I have a little message for JBL fans out there, Don't worry because John Bradshaw Layfield will not leave you and he will represent Smackdown! I have to beat him so next week, I can use my title shot and beat him once again and end this once and for all. I am not afraid of Batista and I am not worried about that my Job is also on the line in tonight's match. I am confident and this time, Batista should be worried because his World Heavyweight Championship is soon coming to me. Tonight, I will do it for JBL fans out there, Who are keep chanting, JBL...JBL...JBL...

*JBL stares Josh*

JBL: Come on dammit, chant it!

JBL & Josh: JBL...JBL...JBL...

The crowd is booing and then JBL leaves while Josh Matthews standing back with his head down.


*"Longhorn" hits and JBL makes his way to the ring getting some boos. JBL gets into the ring*

*"Walk Alone" hits and Batisa makes his way to the ring. Batista gets into the ring and he then taunts JBL with the World Title*

If JBL Wins: He gets a shot at World Title next week!
If Batista Wins: JBL is fired from Smackdown!
Batista vs. JBL

Summary: A typical main event here by both athletes from Smackdown. Batista was well with the crowd in this match and JBL looked worried in this match when Batista hits him with an devastating spinebuster. This match's ending takes place when Batista irish whips JBL to the ropes. JBL bounces back and Batista tries to back body drop him but JBL counters by kicking in Batista's head. Batista then hits a swinging neckbreaker to Batista followed by two counts. JBL then stands up and waits for Batista to stand up. JBL signals his finisher and he connects Clothesline from Hell to Batista. JBL covers Batista but only gets two count because Batista puts his left feet on the rope. JBL is worried now and he doesn't knows what to do. He climbs the turnbuckle and he still doesn't knows what to do next. JBL waits for Batista to stand. Batista stands and JBL goes for flying clothesline from the top to Batista where he ducks and JBL goes back. Batista runs forward to JBL and hits him with a Clothesline. Both men fly out of the ring and the referee starts counting on them. Out of the ring, Batista goes to knock JBL out with a spear but at the last moment, JBL moves and Batista goes shoulder-first to the steel steps. JBL then grabs Batista and he irish whips him to the steel post. JBL then works on Batista's shoulder. JBL quickly realises the counts of the referee and he gets into the ring and breaks the count. Referee again starts the count on Batista and he's trumbling out of the ring, trying to stand up. Batista stands up by holding the ring apron. Batista slides into the ring when the referee was at the count of 8. JBL then picks up Batista and he throws him to the turnbuckle. JBL goes for Clothesline from Hell to Batista at the corner when Batista back body drops him and JBL flies to the back at the ring apron. Both men then exchange right hands to each other. Batista slams JBL into the ring. Batista covers JBL but gets two count. Batista then picks up JBL and goes for Batista Bomb. Batista lifts up JBL on his shoulders when Batista was going to release it, JBL quickly turns it and he rolls up Batista but gets two count. JBL then waits for Batista to stand. JBL tries for the third Clothesline from Hell to Batista. Batista again ducks and JBL strikes at the ropes. JBL bounces back and Batista connects Spinebuster to JBL. Batista covers JBL but JBL kicks out at 2 counts. Batista then does his taunts and thinks that the end is near for JBL now. Batista does the Thumbs gesture and then he picks up JBL. Batista kicks in JBL's gutt. Batista tries to lift up JBL for the batista bomb but JBL grabs the Referee. JBL distracts the referee a bit and then JBL pushes referee. JBL quickly low-blows Batista but the referee doesn't see's this. JBL then connects Clothesline from Hell to Batista. JBL hooks Batista legs and JBL puts his legs on the ropes for the leverage and referee doesn't watches and JBL gets the 3 counts. JBL wins!

Winner by Pinfall: John "Bradshaw" Layfield

JBL heads up to the entrance ramp and he celebrates their. After 1 minute, Batista stands up and he stares JBL. JBL is smiling all the way and the show concludes.

End of Show

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**



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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Smackdown review

A decent opening promo nothing too special. Good main event made for tonight but it is pretty obvious that JBL will win as i don't see him getting fired.

Good match to start off the wrestling side of Smackdown, and Mysterio gets the win via DQ thanks to some christian interference, and looks like they will have a mini feud before their final match whenever that is.

Good rematch here from No Way Out and kennedy and Carlito win unsuprisingly as they look like they are going into a big feud with Rock and Stone Cold after what happend at NWO.

OK promo here but a little short. Looks like it was used to build some heat with Cena and Rock possibly leading to a match at Mania which would be good.

Pretty good promo here with Rock inturupting Christian. Some good lines there but i am sure i have heard that pneumonia line somewhere before.Then Carlito comes out but his interference is failed, and so is Kennedy who goes to hit Rock with the WWE Title (when did he get that?). Christian and Carlito start double teaming on Rock, but Rey comes out to sabe the day but then Cena gets involved. Good match made there for next week and i have a feeling that the other partner will be Stone Cold.

Good win here for Bobby Lashley retaining his title in a hard fought battle beating Burchill with the Dominater.

Good match here and huge win for Noble, shocking everyone by beating Christian, but still only thanks to Mysterio buiding this feud more.

Good main event and no suprises to me as JBL wins the match and gets his title shot next week, as i just don't see you getting JBL fired. I expect Batista to win the match next week, but you never know you might suprise me.

Overall rating-80/100
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Smackdown Review

Smackdown was good, and here is a review.

Opening promo- This segment was ok, as Batista is pretty boring promo wise. I like the opening challenge issued by Batista with JBL accepting. The match tonight should be good, and I see JBL taking the win in that match.

Kash vs. Rey Mysterio- This was ok, and I like how Christian came in, and caused the DQ. The matchh between them should be great.

Kenneddy/ Carlito vs. Mexicools- A nice rematch from No Way Out between these two teams. Carlito/ Kennedy get the unsuprising win here.

An ok promo here, but it was a little to short. Yes a heel Cena vs. Rock would be amazing. I can see a mathc between these 2 at Mania.

This was a great promo with The Rock and Captin Charisma. Some of the Rock's lines were great. I like how Carlito and Kennedy come out and interfere. Rey comes out and helps him which is good. The match made by Austin for next week should be great. There are so many gret feuds that the Rock could have on Smackdown between Cena, Carlito, and Kennedy.

Nice win by Lashley in his title defense. I wish Birchall didn't get pinned in this though.

I can't believe that Noble got the win here. This ust shows that you are pushing the cruiserweight division alot. Even if he didn't win this cleanly, this helps out the cruiserweights.

Nice Main Event which was the MOTN here. JBL picked up the obvious win here, and JBL has a match next week against Batista.

Next weeks show look great with 2 huge matches. Overall this wasn't your best show, but it was still good. 84/100
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