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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Opening segment - Nicely done. Good job setting up the main event of the night. 9/10

Bashams vs AMW - An OK tag match. 7.5/10

HHH segment - Good segment. I thought for sure he was going to get into the match. 8/10

Benjamin vs Conway - I liked this match. Can't wait to hear Shelton's announcement. 8/10

RVD/Hassan segment - OK, but Hassan was a little off. 7/10

Kane vs Rhyno - Not much here. Rhyho deserves better! 5.5/10

Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton vs Edge - I really, really liked this match. MOTN. Lesnar coming was a surprise, and I liked that Jericho won. 10/10

Overall rating - 55/70.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

THank you Taker_rules and Hitman. I will return the reviews tomorrow.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

WWE: The More You Eat, The More You Spit!
RAW Review - 13th February 2006.

Opening promo was done really very well and I enjoyed every second of it. Chris Jericho's words were very good and All-Characters were looking good. It was really a good looking Promo which sets-up Main Event for tonight's RAW. I'm looking forward to Randy/Edge/Y2J encounter. I hope Chris Jericho wins and retains his Mania spot.

Good Tag Team Action which showed us that this wasn't squash match. And, this wasn't a squash win for America's Most Wanted. Overall, they're looking pretty decent Tag Team and I think, there feud with MNM will top. Good action here and Good aftermath by AMW handuffing Bashams.

Somehow, I have a feeling that Triple H will be also taking part in the Main Event and I think, he'll make it Fatal Four Way tonight. But, he has to ask Bischoff. Lets see where It goes.

Good win for best pure Athlete on RAW here. I'm glad to see Shelton taking the win. Uh, Shelton will give huge announcement regarding Mania, next week. I can't wait man.

A decent promo here by Muhammad Hassan and Rob Van Dam. Overall, RVD was in Character but Hassan seemed a bit out-of-character. Next week, Six-Man Battle Royal. I think, you should'nt have done that. Instead of Battle Royal, you could've done Elimination Rules match. But, It looks good. I can't wait till next week! dude(in RVD's voice) lol.

Melina looked good and decent promo by her and Maria here. Glad to see Mickie on her side. I'm looking for the Womens Tag Match here tonight. But, You already have one tag match. It doesn't means anything so don't worry.

Stratusfaction was good by Trish over Melina. I'm really waiting for this Womens Situation to see, Where it goes. Its going good and good week-by-week. Good match here by MNM involving and distracting. Good to see AMW coming out and attacking them.

So, Triple H asks Bichoff that he wants to be in the Main Event but Bischoff refuses and he orders, Triple H to prove himself. So, Triple H is going to prove? I dunno what the hell is he going to do. I want to know.

Good win for Kane here. Match Length was also good because, It didn't seem that you're doing only a squash match. Gore by Rhyno was also good. Second time, It was countered to Chokeslam. That was something good. Kane's doing his Pyro thing looked good. I think, he's going to get a major push soon.

Eddie Guerrero, Bret Hart are in the Hall of Fame and the new Members of Hall of Fame are the Road Warriors. It was done good and I'm glad to see Road Warriors in the Hall of Fame along with Eddie and Bret.

Amazing main event here which Involved everyone really good. Orton and Edge teaming up looks good but Orton turns on Edge and nails him RKO. Good to see Lita breaking up the count. So, Orton is the only man looking strong and I'm afraid because I don't want him to win. Oh no, Brock's here and he F5's Orton through the Announcers Table. It was brutal and wicked. HBK got low-blowed by Lita? What the hell. But, It looks good to see Lita also involving here. So, Edge taps out by Walls of Jericho. Glad to see Edge keeping his Title Shot of Mania with him. Overall, amazing match here.

Overall, [89/100]

This is one of the best shows, I have seen from you. I think, I've found a really good Partner and I hope you stick with this BTB with me and we'll ROCK! lol. Good show dude.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

You nail every promo! You hit it right on the head. You really capture the monemt, and I could definitely imagine the Superstars saying those exact promos. That is very well done. The only one that lacked a bit was Hassan, but he's also one of the hardest to do.

It was good to see AMW win, cause they really need to prove themselves as newcomers. I really don't know that much about them so I can't comment any further than this.

Shelton's match was a filler. I prety much expected him to win. Nothing big here. Much more important was what he said after the match. I'm looking forward to his big announcement concerning the Grandest Stage of the All.

Because of the women's match it now seems that MNM has themselves a storyline with AMW. That is a good idea. They can really stand out from the crowd by starting something with the best heel tag team.

The Kane/Rhyno match was okay with a nice spot through the ropes. Another filler but you can't have storyline related matches everytime.

The main event was off the charts. What is Lesnar trying to prove to Orton? I see a great match in the future between these two guys. It had the right winner, but I'm sure that Edge (AND HHH) have something up their sleeves.
Damn I was SURE Michaels would turn on Y2J or vice versa.
But looking in the rear view mirror you booking was solid. We can't have too many heels.

Excellent show. The matches (except for the main event) were a bit too short. But you more than make up for it with awesome promos.

I'll give you an 8 (almost 9) out of 10

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Segment 1: Opening promo was good. A 3-Way match for the WrestleMania Main-event spot will be good. I guess Jericho will come out on top.

Match 1: OK match, good to see AMW go over. I wonder when we'll here it the confimation of AMW vs. MNM for the titles at WrestleMania?

Segment 2: Since when did Triple H make matches? Well, I guess he'll bully Bischoff into adding him into the match.

Match 2: Benjamin getting the win was the right move, although I'm not a fan of filler matches. I wonder what Benjamin's announcement will be...Money in the Bank?

Segment 3: The inevitable RVD-Hassan confrontation. Both men were in character. I guess RVD will win the 6-Man Battle Royal and go on to become the Intercontinental Champion at WrestleMania.

Segment 4: I love the idea of Mickie/Melina and MNM. A typical "it doesn't matter what they say we'll still be champions" promo. OK I guess.

Match 2: Meh, a Women's Tag team match. Good way to build up the AMW-MNM feud though. Will we see an 8-Man tag team with Ashley, Trish and AMW vs. Melina, Mickie and MNM on RAW some time in the coming weeks?

Segment 5: Here comes Triple H demanding a title shot...Bischoff said no to Triple H? Not a smart move there by Bischoff! I wonder how "the Game" will retaliate...good segment!

Match 3: The monster vs. the man-beast, Kane vs. Rhyno. Nice to see Kane get the win. This could've been a great match rather than a decent one if you "let the animals loose" by adding a stipulation such as No-DQ. Anyway, still good to see my two favourite superstars getting time on RAW. Perhaps they'll be part of the Money in the Bank I predicted that Benjamin would announce next week?

Main-event: Well I guess Lesnar vs. Orton is all but confirmed for WrestleMania 22. A nice, clean win for Jericho. Typical sneak attack from Edge and Lita to HBK after the match. Wait...here comes Jericho again! Good way to end the show. I guess it'll be Jericho/HBK vs. Edge/Orton next week?

CONCLUSION: A very well written show. Apple Spitter! made an excellent choice when he made you his partner. You are building up WrestleMania extremely well and I will definitely be reading on. I hope you keep up the good work.
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Thanks TKoW, you've made me happy and I'm repping you.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

A strong opening promo from you here, which shows that you are more than capable of writing the raws in this thread (which I knew already). Nice way to tease the Jericho/HBK feud, without really getting stuck into yet. Edge and Orton come out and say they want shots, but Jericho will win the match tonight

Good win for AMW, and them vs. MNM is a lock for Wrestlemania, and it should be a good tag team feud, even though I am one of the few people who don’t like AMW

What is HHH on about with the match being a four way, and ignoring what Angle said. I still think HHH/Angle at mania will happen, but it will be interesting to see what HHH does tonight

Nice to see Shelton pick up an easy win, and it will be interesting to see his announcement next week. MITB ladder match?

The RVD/Hassan feud is being built well, but Hassan isn’t really in character at the moment, as he seems to be too liberal, and hasn’t really complained of prejudice recently

Melina gives a good promo, and the build to the tag match has started off nicely

The face team get the win, but this was more about the build to MNM/AMW. Seems to be a lot of build concentrated onto one show, but it is moving the fued a long a bit, which is a good thing

HHH doesn’t get in the match, but is going to do something. Either he ruins the main event, or turns up on s/down soon

Good win for Kane over Rhyno, but a clear filler, with neither guy really going anywhere at the moment

Very good main event, even though it was obvious that Jericho would win, but still, the match was well written would have been a great main event to watch. Edge is furious at losing the match, and then attacks HBK, only for Jericho to make the save. HBK and Jericho stare off, while Edge retreats up the ramp. Good segment, but Edge is either going to be added to the title match (he shouldn’t be), or is directionless, other than a MITB match
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

For everyone whose waiting for Smackdown. Here's something for you. I have completed Smackdown but I feel like adding one or two more promos so It will be up tomorrow because Its 2:10 AM here and I have to go College also. I gotta go and be sure to check out, Smackdown because Its the last show before No Way Out.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Not enough time to go into great detail so here are a few pointers.

All your matches and storylines are pretty solid but there are just enough typos to make it annoying to read. Just give your show a read through before you post it so you can correct these. It may be a pain but it will make a huge difference.
Also it is a bit stale that every match features "the ending comes when........." . A little variation would turn this from good to great!

Keep up the hard work.
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Smackdown will be up in some hours. Here's Preview for Smackdown.

Preview - 17th February 2006

This week, Smackdown comes to you live from Colorado, Springs, Colarado. Friday Nights Smackdown is the last show before No Way Out, which is just three days away. The General Manager of Smackdown, Stone Cold Steve Austin has said that this week, He's going to deliver a major announcement regarding WrestleMania. Find out all this week.

Also, JBL and John Cena are teamed up to face The Undertaker and Batista in the main event. And, Colorado's own Lashley will be in action but against who? Find out that also here at Smackdown.

And, What will happen to the Jamie Noble and Kid Kash rivalry which is going strong. They are also just three weeks away from their ladder match. Find out all at Friday Nights Smackdown which comes live from Colorado, Springs, Colorado.

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