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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Sorry to all the readers of this thread, but I am starting another BTB project. Sry to you Apple Spitter!, good luck in this thread.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

I have returned some Reviews and I have don't returned some. If I get time, I'll try to return them, Please try to understand. I'm really very busy. I'm doing RAW and then I had to No Way Out and Smackdown. Sorry, If I don't return some of them.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

A shame you're leaving jblisjustaloser, I thought your show was really good. Anyway, good luck getting a new partner Apple Spitter
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Solid opening promo with Austin and Cena, and a good announcement of the match for tonight. I would take a guess at a Cena win, but I had that down as the mania match so not really sure

Good win for Burchill, who is enjoying a nice steady push at the moment

Kash is working well as the cruiserweight champ, but he will get a big test at NWO, probably a ladder match or a battle royal

Kash cheats to defend the belt again, but Austin makes the announcement. Ladder match with Kash and Noble at the ppv, which could end up stealing the show

Interesting to see what the surprise of carlito is, as I don’t really know what it would be. I would have thought he would face kennedy at some point, but who knows?

Nice tag title match, but Kennedy comes out and causes the DQ. Carlito makes the save, but then in a strange shocker joins up with Kennedy, and I guess they want the tag titles. Don’t really get the teaming up at the moment, especially as Kennedy is all about him, but it could work

Good win for Lashley over Matt in what did seem to be a filler match though. He could do with a feud really, but I don’t know who it would be against

Taker has to be the man who is after JBL. Good win for JBL over Holly, and then after the match Taker makes an appearance. Not so keen on this to be honest, as I guess it means they will face off at NWO, when it looked like it would be saved for mania. You will have to find Taker another opponent I would guess, as there is not so much value in having a rematch

Benoit screws Angle out of the match, and the number 1 contendership, which gives Cena the match. Cena/Batista for the belt will be nice to see, but I would have preferred it to be left to mania. I guess Rey and CC will wrestle at the ppv as they have nothing else to do
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Apple Spitter you keep losing your partner's all the time. I hope you find a loyal partner that will stick with you.
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Hey Apple Spitter, my partner just quit on me to. So if I can't find a good replacement for him soon, I can be your new partner if your interested?

"ICH WILL FICKEN!!!" (Rammstein - Das Alte Leid)

Deep huh? think about it...
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Thanks everyone for Comments and Yes, I have been dumped so much times. This is the last time, I'm trying to get Partner to write RAW and If I'm dumped once again, then I promise, I won't look for any Partner. I know this guy, Crackdasher is a Loyal Guy and he would write RAW.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

WWE: SmackDown! Apple Spitter

In Ring-Batista/Austin/Cena
Just let me tell you that I love John Cena as a heel and personally hope he wins the huge fatal 4-way but the crowd is totally on Mysterio's side as I am 40% Mysterio.

Match 1-Birchall vs. Maven
It looked as if it were a squash but Maven does some sweet moves to Buchall but the Pirate comes out on top after a C-4! Nice way to kick SmackDowns action portion off.

Match 2-Kid Kash vs. Jamie Noble
I like this feud as it seems to never die and after a lowblow and a schoolboy pin it just continues and apparently at No Way Out it will e a great match, ladder match, I mean.

Match 3-London/Kendrick vs. Mexicools
I am a big fan of London and Kendrick and this match was a bit of a disgrace as it could have been some better but it was pretty exciting. Too bad it ended in a disqualification, I smell a No Way Out match-up! Oh Snap a heel turn from Carlito!

Match 4-Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Hardy
I am not a big mark of Matt Hardy or Bobby Lashley but they do pull off some good moves. How you use Bobby Lashley is pretty kewl and ending the match with a good face wrestler winning!

Match 5-JBL vs. Hardcore Holly
It seems like a squash type match pitting Holly against Bradshaw, the two have had some good fights in the past and this was a pretty good one to go on the record. Nice way to spice up the Taker feud

HOF Inductee-Bret Hart
It is a little early to start with the Hall of Famers but I do like Hart being inducted.

Match 6-Benoit vs. Cena vs. Christian vs. Mysterio
A huge main event indeed I like Cena winning it sounds like an OVW rematch the Prototype vs. Leviathan at No Way Out I will review the ppv. I liked how Angle and Benoit did their thing.

Overall 8/10 Nice SmackDown I cannot wait for Prototype vs. Leviathan match I hope you can pull it off better than the original seeing not that many people have seen that match but I have and it was nothing short of classic!

Also let me tell you rep added for that amazing banner, who did that?

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Royal Rumble by Apple Spitter!

Very strong opening video, especially for a first timer.

Your grammar and spelling is rather bad, but I will not dun you since it is your second language. Not every noun needs capitalization.

John Cena vs. Chris Jericho

Honestly, Jericho and Cena was not a good choice for an opening match. These matches are generally short, this was almost long enough for a main event match. It works with the feud, but it was not too good positioning. There were some parts that deserve mention. I like Jerichos crossbody to the outside, he is more than capable of doing it. I like the Lou Thesz press from Cena, but not from Jericho, as Cena is a striking wrestler. I cannot see Cena doing a leg drop from a turnbuckle. I thought it was going to be a quintessential Cena match, but well done with Jerichos counters and win. The submission reversals were well done too. The move of Cenas STF though is called the STF-U, I am sure you know why. 8/10

The Vacant Intercontinental Championship
Four Way - Elimination Style Match
Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Masters vs. Muhammad Hassan vs. Booker T

I really like this match up. Chavo entering in Eddies car was a nice touch. Kind of weird with the tags, but it works. It saves congestion.
You have done this a few times now. You say that someone connects with a move, but your next words are he moved. If someone connects, then they did it. You can use, about to connect.
Kind of a weird elimination with Chavo and Booker unless there is a story I do not know around it.
Three amigos and frogsplash works with Chavo, and you did not overdo it. Chavo being eliminated is fine that he got his Eddie tribute in.
You are way overdoing the back body drop, that has got to be the fifth time I have seen it so far. It is not a move to do over and over. Ha, tell me you did not do that! Hilarious. Muhammad Hassan is the new champion! I like this, I hope you go far with him. I am sure he has a challenger from one of these three. 7/10

The teammate thing is hard to do, I know from experience.

WWE Championship
Shawn Michaels vs. Shelton Benjamin

I like the early superkicks. Commendable that you are showing off Sheltons great wrestling ability with all his moves and you are doing it early. I do not like your table spot. If one scoop slammed another on a table, it would break. If HBK put Benjamin on the table gently and then broke the table with an elbow drop, than I would accept it. However, the table would break from the scoop slam. Nice spot with the top rope elbow drop miss though. I like the DDT counter sequence, counters with these two guys work. Good thinking with the Sweet Chin Music out of the ring! It is like a Royal Rumble move, which is the name of the PPV. Shelton almost wins! I thought he had it. No, Sweet Chin Music and HBK is the new champion, meaning he will probably keep it till Wrestlemania at least.
This is probably the best match you have ever written. Shelton and HBK just work so well together. I hope that you do not leave Shelton Benjamin in no where land now that he is not the champion. You are one of the few who uses him well, see what you did with him. Great stuff, 9.25/10.

Nice short promo from Christian.

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista vs. JBL vs. Christian

The build up for this match must have been awesome because Christian and JBL are the best on the mic.
Batista cannot schoolboy. JBL cannot get the easy win. Just do not make this a spot fest like most triple threat matches are. I like how you go straight to the action with formulaic stuff and still make it a long match. Batista has overused the spinebuster though. That must be four times though. I would say two is good. I do not like Christian kicking out of the powerbomb, it is move that should always be a pin. You should have had Batista break it up. At least you were consistent with it as JBL kicks out of Batistas powerbomb. The finisher exchange is not the end still.
What the hell? You cannot be disqualified in a triple threat match as far as my knowledge extends. I know what you are trying to do, but you picked the wrong time to do it. I do not like this at all. First off, I do not think it is possible, second off, you ruined a very very strong match. Great triple threat match until the last paragraph. 8.25/10

The Stone Cold promo with HBK was abysmal. No sense at all. Way out of character.

Thirty Men
Royal Rumble Match
The winner gets a title shot at Wrestlemania.

Makes Paul London look too strong with Big Show not throwing him out.
If I was to estimate, then I would say you are making a minute at most with your intervals. Make the time between entrances longer by some more moves. Your ten second count is longer than the action in the ring.
I would say that you are doing well in your entrances in regard to wrestlers, but you need to have some more throw outs earlier. Five people in the ring at the beginning is too much. Have two guys thrown out, especially because they are not big names. Big Show should have cleared house with all these minature stick figures.
Big Show is finally on track. Uh on, MNM in the ring at the same time. So much for Helms! Just like the Hurricane, in the ring for thirty seconds. Yes! Lashley vs. Show and he dominates him!! Great stuff!
I like the MNM elimination as they are still a team and did some teamwork. I was afraid they might split. Lashley is showing power as well. Good thinking with the Show and Benoit exchange. Oh man! Too bad this is not a submission match! Benoit would have won, that is three guys by my count who have tapped. The space between Rhyno and Booker T is the correct amount. That is what I would go with. Too many people in the ring though, throw them out. Chavo is gone, but he already wrestled tonight, so his job was done. All right, a big name in Rey Mysterio. Burchill and Lashley on a team! Lashley with another dominator on Big Show! Big Show out of the ring! Lashley is a wrestling machine. Lashley and Burchill are gaining recognition by eliminating Cena and Show.
Good stuff from RVD getting some time to dominate. Can you please tell me how Chris Masters can put RVD in a bearhug for a few minutes, no one comes out, and he then wrestles other people? Please be coherent.
Kane with a late entrance is not good news. Cool, three suplexes from Benoit to Kane. Surprised he has not gone on a rage though, the rumble match is sort of his. Lashley is dominating though. Finally, some big names in Jericho and Lesnar. Some real contenders! F-5 to Kane is lethal. Seems like Kane is in here to be a jobber though.
Here is my winner, Randy Orton. It is his birthday today. RKO on the steel chair to Lesnar!! Take that Lesnar, Orton just eliminated you!! Woooo!
Angle is on a roll! Sweet, Benoit vs. Angle! NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Benoit is eliminated by Booker T! Get Booker out of there! Ah, there he goes. Ah, Kane is finally showing his strength. Nevermind, Lashley does it again! I am going to say Lashley is going to win this one.
Van Daminator! Why must Orton suffer Angles attacks? Oh yay, my abhorred HHH is in. Goodness, another elimination for Lashely. Scratch! Hassan looks a bit too good here eliminating Lashley and winning the Intercontinental title. Lashley was in the match for almost 27 minutes.
Good spot with Kennedy doing his mic work like Daniel Puder did last year. Same result too, gone, though I wish he stayed. Undertaker at 30? I like how you saved the big names in the latter half. He goes on a tear as he rightfully should.
I refuse to read on! Orton throw out by the devil HHH? Grrr! At least that koota ke pilla was throw out by Kurt Angle. (Hindi)
I guess everyone just got pissed off and threw Hassan out of the ring, but he had a fantastic stand. I like all the action you are having uninterrupted now that entrances are done. Angle by Taker is great. Undertaker and Jericho are both out, but Jericho wins! Did not see that one coming! Great win for Chris Jericho, though he did wrestle a long match at the beginning. I guess that is why it was first.
Great Royal Rumble! The last twenty minutes would have been awesome. Some flaws and problems, but overall, great job, 9/10.

Great PPV! Loved most of it, especially the last three matches. 8.5/10

The Bottomline:
For a first PPV, that was brilliant. I loved most of it, there were some problems such as overuse of moves, making people look strong and weak, and the disqualification. You do have a good knowledge of moves, so use it. You told me moves I did not know previously.

Overall Score: 50/60
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Thanks arjun, That was a great Review and I will take your Comments on a Positive Point and I hope, Next time, I'll Improved. BTW, I have added REP for an amazing Review. Good Hindi their. lol.

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