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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

RAW is looking good this week
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

WWE Tag Team Championship: Trish Stratus/Ashley (c) vs MNM
Are you serious.....


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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Yes, check out previous RAW. lol. They defeated MNM.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

i didnt like that, i hope they lose it
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Can't wait for Edge vs. HBK. Should steal the show and MNM should win their belts back also. Good preview and I'll review
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

February 13, 2006
San Diego, California
San Diego Sports Center

**Across the Nation** hits as Raw begins live from San Diego, California. Fireworks and pyro go off as we see signs and screaming fans.

Joey Styles: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw! Were live from the San Diego, California and King, what a show we have for these raucous fans.

King: Youre not kidding Joey Styles. Tonights main event will be for the WWE Championship as WWE Champion Shawn Michaels takes on Edge! But thats not all.

Coach: Oh youre right about that King; the World Tag Team Championships will be on the line as new champs Trish Stratus and Ashley will take on MNM in a rematch of last weeks surprising victory for the team of Trish and Ashley.

Joey Styles: Well lets kick off the show with the seven-foot tall giant, the Big Show.

**Well Its the Big Show** hits as Big Show comes out to a very good reaction from the crowd. He waves at the crowd and enters the ring and waits for his opponent.

**Masterpiece** hits as Chris Masters comes out to an almost dead reaction from the crowd. He tries to get reaction from the crowd but to no avail, they dont budge.

Big Show vs Chris Masters

Match Ending: A good match to open up Raw. Throughout the match, Chris Masters attempts the Masterlock, but he is unable to lock it in due to the length of Big Shows shoulders. Near the end of the match, Masters gets a chair from the outside and attempts to hit Big Show, but Big Show punches the chair and it goes flying out of the ring. He grabs Masters throat and hits a big chokeslam and picks up the victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Big Show Match Length: 12:34

Joey Styles: What a victory for the seven-foot tall monster the Big Show as he destroyed Chris Masters there.

Coach: I for one am shocked that Masters wasnt able to apply the Masterlock at all during this match.

King: Well he obviously couldnt lock it in Coach because of Big Shows large arms. Geez are you an idiot?

Joey Styles: Now calm down King, well anyway, lets send it backstage to Maria who has one of my favorite wrestlers with her.

**Camera goes backstage to see Maria with Rob Van Dam**

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, Rob Van Dam. Now Rob, what are your comments on what went down last week in the number one contenders match?

RVD: Well, Maria-

**Muhammad Hassan appears on screen**

Hassan: I think I can answer that for him Maria, hes a failure.

RVD: What did you just say?

Hassan: Rob, Rob, what have you done in this company? I mean sure, youve won some Tag Titles and this Intercontinental Championship that I have with me right now, but besides that, what have you done?

RVD: You should be asking yourself that same question Hassan.

Hassan: Ive only been here for almost two years Rob, and I had the longest undefeated streak in this industry and Ive defeated almost every single person in that locker room. Except of course, for you. But besides that, Rob, youre never going to get a World Title. Youre ECW days, where you were the ECW Television Champion for almost two years, where you held the ECW World Championship on numerous occasions, are over. And the great Muhammad Hassans career is just starting and I will accomplish so much more than you in a shorter time.

RVD: Why dont you keep your mouth shut and face me in the ring Muhammad? And why dont you put that title on the line tonight against Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam!

Hassan: You want a match with me tonight? For this? This title? You know what, no. The only way youre going to get this championship is on my terms.

*Goes to a commercial*

Narrator: The following advertisement is presented by World Wrestling Entertainment.

Narrator: It is a night, of epic proportions.

**Scenes of beginning firework scenes of past Wrestlemanias**

Narrator: It is a night of pure emotion and determination.

**Shows the Benoit/Guerrero scene from Wrestlemania XX and the Michaels bowing to the WWE Title scene from Wrestlemania XII is shown*

Narrator: And on this night, champions emerge and journeys end.

Flashback: JR: Chris Benoit has culminated an eighteen year journey tonight, and has won the World Heavyweight Championship

Vince McMahon: The boyhood dream has come true, for Shawn Michaels.

JR: The Austin era, has begun

Narrator: But this year, Wrestlemania will go.


Big Time starts playing.

*Images are shown of almost every top wrestler in the company*

Narrator: April 2nd, men will reach the top of the mountain.

**Images of past wrestlers winning major titles.

Narrator: They will become legends and heroes.

**Images of The Rock, Austin, Undertaker, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan**

Others will fall and their dreams will shatter.

**Images of Triple H losing at Wrestlemania last year and at XX, Michaels losing at Wrestlemania XIV, Angle at Wrestlemania XIX**

*Wrestlemania 22 Logo is shown*

Narrator: Wrestlemania 22, live Sunday April 2nd, 2006 from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

*back from commercial*

Joey Styles: Man I cannot wait for Wrestlemania I know you cant King.

King: Oh yes Joey Styles, its the greatest night of the year, and it is only two months away.

Coach: Well of course another exciting event involving Wrestlemania is the Hall of Fame Ceremony and as we saw last year, it is a great part of Wrestlemania tradition.

King: Well youre right Coach, and right now Im being told we will find out the first of many Hall of Fame inductees. So, here we go

**Some slow, sad music plays as images of Eddie Guerrero are shown**

Flashback: Vince McMahon: Eddie Guerrero has passed away...

McMahon: He quite possibly was the greatest worker in this industrys history and he had a passion for what he did in the ring.

Mysterio: He was closer than a brother to me, and I still miss him to death man.

Cena: If theres one thing youre going to hear about Eddie Guerrero, its that he loved his family and he loved this business.

Benoit: I love you, and I miss you

*Images of people in the stands crying and the wrestlers crying*

**Music speeds up as more cheerful images of Guerrero are shown**

Tony Chimel: From El Paso, Texas, weighing in at 228 pounds, Eddie Guerrero!

Tazz: Viva La Raza baby!

*Images of Eddie lying, cheating, and stealing are shown and also the lie, cheat, and steal proms from Smackdown! in 2003*

Flashback: No Way Out 2004:

Cole: Eddie to the top rope Frog Splash! Frog Splash! EDDIE GUERRERO IS CHAMPION!!

Guerrero: I lie, I cheat, I STEAL!!!

Guerrero: VIVA MI RAZA!!!

Vince McMahon: His legacy will continue, and his memory will not die

*graphic is shown of Guerrero with his name and Hall of Fame Inductee are now shown with Eddie chants in the background*

Joey Styles: Well, I dont think there is a more deserving man then Eddie Guerrero to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

King: Well as we heard in that package, Eddie had a passion for this business and I still cannot believe hes gone. We miss you Eddie.

Coach: And it will be an emotional moment when Eddie Guerrero is inducted this year at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago, and all of us will be there, but right now, as we did the night after Eddie died, we have to move on with the show.

**One of a Kind** hits as Rob Van Dam comes out to a great reaction from the crowd and RVD chants.

Joey Styles: And it looks like we will be doing that with Rob Van Dam who had a little confrontation with Muhammad Hassan that caused a bit of a spark from RVD lets see what happened earlier tonight.

Hassan: Youre ECW days, where you were the ECW Television Champion for almost two years, where you held the ECW World Championship on numerous occasions, are over. And the great Muhammad Hassans career is just starting and I will accomplish so much more than you in a shorter time.

RVD: Why dont you keep your mouth shut and face me in the ring Muhammad? And why dont you put that title on the line tonight against Mr. Monday Night, Rob Van Dam?

Hassan: You want a match with me tonight? For this? This title? You know what, no. The only way youre going to get this championship is on my terms.
**Aint No Stoppin Me** hits as Shelton Benjamin comes out to an equally good reaction.

King: Well, that did spark RVD earlier and hell need a spark right now because he is taking on Shelton Benjamin!

Coach: And this should be an absolutely great match because you have two of the greatest athletes in the ring right now, and we should be prepared for a classic guys.

Shelton Benjamin vs Rob Van Dam

Match Ending: This was a high-paced, spot filled, back and forth kind of match that saw both men have their momentums change at different times. Near the end of the match, Benjamin is down on the floor outside as RVD goes to the top turnbuckle. As Van Dam gets on the top turnbuckle, Benjamin suddenly jumps on the apron, slingshots himself off the ropes and hits a swinging neckbreaker sending RVD off the turnbuckle to the mat! The crowd is stunned and are on their feet chanting Holy ****, Holy **** After about a minute on the ground, Benjamin covers RVD, but only gets a two count. Benjamin is shocked at this and then sets RVD up on the turnbuckle. He heads to the other turnbuckle, and attempts a Stinger Splash. Van Dam moves out of the way, as Benjamin catches himself on the second rope, turns around and jumps but RVD catches him with a huge spinning heel kick. Van Dam nips up and heads to the top of the turnbuckle, and attempts the Five-Star Frog Splash, but Benjamin moves out of the way! Benjamin runs and rolls up Van Dam and picks up the victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Shelton Benjamin Match Length: 15:52

Joey Styles: Wow that match sure did live up to its hype huh King?

King: No doubt the best match I have seen on Raw in a long, long time. But I know whats coming up next should be great, its the new World Tag Team Champions Trish Stratus and Ashley taking on MNM for the World Tag Team Championships! Oh baby, puppies!

*Commercial Break*

**Paparazzi** hits as MNM come out with Melina as usual to a mixed reaction.

Coach: Well, its time for the greatest entrance in the industry today, if I may steal a line from a guy on Smackdown! named Tazz.

King: I will agree with you on that one Coach for once, youre actually making some sense over here. And hey, with Melina down here, its triple the puppies!

Joey Styles: Easy there tiger, calm yourself. And here come what could be the hottest tag team in the industry, the new Tag Team Champions, Trish Stratus and Ashley!

**Time to Rock & Roll** hits as Trish Stratus and Ashley come out to a decent pop and reaction from the crowd.

World Tag Team Championships:
Trish Stratus/Ashley Massaro (c) vs MNM w/ Melina

Match Ending: A decent tag team match here. Near the end of the match, as Trish is setting up for the Chick Kick, Melina grabs her foot and Trish pulls her off and goes for a punch but Melina backs off, giving time for Nitro to set up for a huge boot to Trishs face. Mercury then runs and and pushes Ashley to the floor below. Nitro then covers Trish and we have new Tag Team Champions.

Winners and New World Tag Team Champions by Pinfall: MNM ML: 10:32

King: We may need some help out here for Trish, she looks unconscious.

Joey Styles: Well it doesnt seem like MNM really care here right now.

*They both go for Ashley who is still on the floor outside*

King: Hey, dont do anything youre gonna regret MNM.

Joey Styles: Hey get your hands off of her, she did nothing at all but attempt to win the damn match.

Melina beats her down in the corner while MNM tie Trish on the ropes. Melina sends Ashley to Mercury and Ashley is begging for him and Nitro to not do anything. Mercury doesnt listen and puts her on his shoulder and Nitro sets up for the Snapshot, but all of a sudden two tall, long-haired men come down to the ring in defense for Trish and Ashley.

Joey Styles: Who the hell are these guys and what are they doing out here?

King: Well, it looks like theyre in defense for Trish and Ashley so its a good thing theyre out here.

They beat down MNM and Melina starts screaming and runs out of the ring. As they attempt a move where one of them goes to the top rope and is going to eventually hit a leg-drop on Mercury who is being held by the legs of the other, Nitro clubs one of them and grabs Mercury and they get out of the ring. One of the men grabs a mic.

??: Hey, MNM! Dont put your hands on these two women, or well hunt you down! And another thing, were hunting you for those World Tag Team Championships, because my name is Wildcat Chris Harris, and hes The Tennessee Cowboy James Storm and we are AMERICAS MOST WANTED!

*MNM look shocked as Storm and Harris tend to Trish and Ashley*

Joey Styles: It looks like Americas Most Wanted are coming for MNM.

King: Well, Americas Most Wanted have MNM on their wanted list if you know what Im saying Joey Styles.

*Camera goes backstage with Todd Grisham who is about to interview Shawn Michaels*

Todd Grisham: Shawn Michaels, up next you will have your first title defense against the Rated R Superstar Edge, what are your thoughts?

HBK: Well Todd, the Heartbreak Kid never backs down from anyone. And Edge is no different. You see he may be, the Rated R Superstar and he may be a multiple time Tag Team and Intercontinental Champion, but he has never had the WWE Championship around his waist. So you see Edge, the Heartbreak Kid, as it has been said in the past, is a doormat for absolutely no one, and it is sure not going to start here. I will prove to you why I am the showstopper the headliner the main event the icon, and will retain the WWE Championship.

Joey Styles: HBK vs Edge for the WWE Championship and its next.

*Commercial Break*

Joey Styles: Well during the break, General Manager Eric Bischoff made an announcement regarding the events that took place last week and has made this match for next weeks main event. It will be The Next Big Thing Brock Lesnar taking on The Legend Killer Randy Orton in a No Holds Barred Match. King, that is definitely going to be a great matchup for next week.

King: Well, I cant argue with that, and with the issues between these two men over the past few weeks, Im shocked this hasnt come earlier.
Coach: And also an announcement was made that next week, the newest tag team Americas Most Wanted will be in a mixed tag team match as they team up with Trish Stratus and they will take on the entire team of MNM. But right now, lets turn our attention to the WWE Championship!

**Metalingus** hits as Edge comes out with Lita to the usual heel heat.

Coach: Guys, you are looking at the next WWE Champion!

King: How can you be sure of that Coach? The match hasnt even started yet.

Coach: Its called a prediction King, and Im going to be right on this one, I know it.

Joey Styles: Well we will have to wait and see if your prediction is right when we take our last commercial break!

*Commercial Break*

**Sexy Boy** hits as the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels comes out to a great ovation from the San Diego crowd.

WWE Championship:
The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels vs Edge w/ Lita

Match Ending: A true show-stealer here as both men gave it their all in this match. Near the end of the match, Edge has Michaels down and out in the middle of the ring, but decides to go to the top rope. He waits for Michaels to get up and jumps off the turnbuckle and nails a missile dropkick on Michaels sending him crashing to the mat. He covers him but only gets a two count. Edge is furious as he goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Lita sees this and immediately goes on the apron and distracts the ref. Edge swings at Michaels, but Michaels ducks and then hits Sweet Chin Music! He falls on Edge but the ref is still distracted. He heads over to Lita and brings her into the ring. He grabs her by the hair as Lita begs for him to let go. Michaels doesnt know that Edge is crawling to his feet behind him and is getting ready to hit the Spear. Michaels turns around and as Edge is coming toward him, he moves out of the way and Edge spears Lita!! Edge is stunned and when he turns around, wham! Sweet Chin Music again. Michaels covers Edge and retains his title.


Suddenly, **Im Back** hits as Eric Bischoff comes on stage.

Bischoff: Michaels, dont think youre going anywhere yet. You see because, a certain superstar is making a jump from Smackdown! to Raw. And he is one if not the most charismatic superstar in the WWE today. He is without question, one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions in history, and will be your Wrestlemania opponent. Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm Raw welcome the Royal Rumble winner.. Y2J CHRIS JERICHO!!

**Break the Walls Down** hits as Jericho enters the Raw arena to an amazing pop from the crowd. Jericho and Michaels have a staredown as the show concludes.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!


Big Show vs. Chris Masters opening the Show was good. I like the match and the Ending was written well. Good win for Big Show over Chris Masters here.

Rob Van Dam is about to do a promo when Hassan's cuts him. Is their Hassan/RVD feud coming? I think, That will be good to watch, If happens. I really loved this Promo and Hassan was in Character.

I am glad to see Eddie Guerrero getting Inducted in this years Hall of Fame, because Its something that he deserves and everyone is doing this. Its good.

Great match here by Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin. Length Match seemed also good. I imagined that match and It looked wonderful. Benjamin wins over Rob Van Dam with a Roll was good.

I am glad to see MNM getting the Titles back from Ashley and Trish Stratus. Last week, I have Ashley and Trish defeat MNM for the Tag Titles because I just wanted to shock. lol. But glad to see them loosing the Titles now and AMW are back in hunt and they're coming for MNM. That's cool.

Good Shawn Michaels promo their. He was In Character and It somehow hyped his match, which's coming next.

Main Event was good and the Wrestling in the match was also good. It was expected to see Lita intefering but It ended up as Edge hitting Spear to Lita. I hope they break up soon because I don't want them to team-up. Good Ending of the match and HBK sitll is the Champ, which is good.

Eric Bischoff coming out in the end and announcing the Main Event for WrestleMania seemed good. Glad to see Chris Jericho coming to RAW brand and he'll now face Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship at Mania, which's good. They both are Face and I will read the next RAWs to see, who'se turning or Whats going on with their Story.

Overall, [81/100]

A good show here but I think, It could have been done better. I wanted to see Muhammad Hassan, Rhyno and Booker T in action.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Raw review:

The font is very small, but if it was a little bigger it would be nice to read this font.

Good opening match and typical Carlito antics. I’m glad Big Show won.

I enjoyed the RVD-Hassan promo and it’s a nice way to get them feuding. This will be interesting.

Good hyping of WM22.

Wow, didn’t expect Shelton to win cleanly and would have preferred him to have grabbed the tights or the ropes. Great match though.

I’m relieved the belts are back on MNM, but shocked that it took them 10 minutes. It should have been a squash imo.

Great way to debut AMW and I can’t wait to see them feud with MNM. That it a dream tag team feud. Great work.

Great HBK promo. He was really in character and that main event should be good.

Lesnar vs. Orton next week in the No Holds Barred Match should be amazing. I hope Randy wins!

Amazing main event. Good to see Michaels retain the title and interesting stuff with Lita being speared. I sense a separation here.

I expected Y2J to jump to RAW and it is a good decision imo. HBK vs. Jhericho in the Mania main event should be awesome if that does happen.

Overall, the matches and promos were all very well done. You definitely have what it takes to become a top booker and the only negative I can say is that the show was way too short. You didn’t have many matches or promos and that let you down. This would easily garner a 10/10 if you had put in more top names like Booker T, so I have to give you an 8.5. great effort and just add more matches and promos.
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Strange choice of match to open the show, but a good win for the big show over Masters, which would put him over nicely. Show seems to be on a bit of a role at the moment, but don’t know exactly where he is going

Looks like we have an RVD/Hassan feud coming, which could actually be a pretty good feud. Wasn’t keen on Hassan’s promo though, as it seemed out of character, but im sure you can improve on this

Shelton/RVD looked to be a great match, and would have been the MOTN. A good win for Shelton, who is moving up the card nicely, and looks to be on the verge of a big match against someone at Mania. Wont be against HBK which I had originally thought it might be, but he will have a big match

Cant understand why the tag title match would go 10 minutes, nor why you wouldn’t give MNM a clean win but at least they have the tag titles in their hands. AMW/MNM for mania is on the way, and it should be a good feud to give the tag division some credibility again

Would have liked to have seen Lesnar and Orton on the show at some point, especially seeing as this show does seem short and it is one of the major feuds that you have. But the match next week will be a great one

Good main event to the show, and HBK retains the belt as he was always likely to do so. Jericho comes to Raw, and now faces HBK for the belt. Should be a great match, but with both men faces I would expect someone to turn heel, maybe HBK.
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

I used to be your partner, but I guess I could give you a review.

First things first - The font is way too small, strange that you'd put it that small. Why is the question!

Big Show Vs Masters - Ok I guess. Why not put some effort into it and write longer matches. In saying that, the back and forth action worked, and thats kinda different.

Good WM22 Promo.

Eddie tribute was ok, but I kind of agree that he was 'quite possibly was the greatest worker in this industry’s history'. However, thats something Mcmahon would say. Does everyone believe Mcmahon. Thats up to them. Good promo.

Shelton V RVD
Again - You've been writing for a while. Come on man, you know you're better!

World Tag Team Championships:
Trish Stratus/Ashley Massaro (c) vs MNM w/ Melina

Don't know if this would ever happen. Maybe I didnt read the last show. Women Vs Men. Seems odd.

You're likeness for Jericho showed and truly good. Fair do's.

Overall - 53% - I wouldnt mind better matches, better promos, and some difference. Overall, a good show. Not much length. Congratulations.
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