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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Flesh, I'll review now. I lost my Record but Thanks for telling me. Again, If somebody owe me Review, drop me PM.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**



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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

WWE: SmackDown!
10th February 2005
Florence, SC

We're shown the WWE's The Power Is Back video. Rise Up hits as SmackDown rolls up. We're then cut down at the Arena where Exploding Pyros hits and then we're cut down to Announcers Table. They welcomed us to the show.

"Longhorn" hits as JBL makes his way to the ring with some stiches in his head. Crowd gives him Mixed Reaction. JBL is wearing his Traditional Suits. JBL gets into the ring and then the he taunts the Crowd. JBL then gets the Microphone.

JBL tries to say something but Crowd cuts him off with some Boos.

JBL: Normal people never let their dreams get farther than their front door because they are afraid of failure. I have never been afraid of failure and I have never failed.

Crowd cuts JBL with Some Boos.

JBL: Yes, I never failed because last night, I was this close to win back my World Heavyweight Championship. Batista knew...Yes, Batista knew that he was going to loose the World Heavyweight Championship. Thats why he cheated!

Crowd cuts JBL with some Boos.

JBL: Let me show you one Footage from last night, Royal Rumble.

*Batista has the World Championship. Batista connects World Championship shot to Christian but Referee watches Batista. Referee stops Batista. Batista gets angry look on his face and then he slaps Referee, who then makes Disqualification for Batista*

Crowd gives some loud pops.

JBL: I just don't understand that why the hell you Cheer for a guy like Batista?

Crowd again gives Cheer.

JBL: I worked my a** off for you last night, but you still Disrespecting me!

Crowd again cuts JBL with some loud Pops.

JBL: Batista is a coward Champion. Batista does not deserve to hold the World Heavyweight Championship. The only man to deserve the World Championship right now is....(JBL closes his eyes and watches at ceiling and he take his hat off) JBL.

Crowd gives some Boos.

JBL: I came into this world alone & I will leave alone. I don't need a damn soul with me. Come Hell, Come high water. Take your best shot America. John "Bradshaw" Layfield is right here and I'm not going to back up from anybody!

Crowd again cuts JBL with some Boos.

JBL: Yes, I'm not going anywhere and I'm not going to back up from anybody! Tonight, I will get my World Heavyweight Championship back from Batista because, It will be rematch from the Royal Rumble!

Crowd Pops.

JBL: Batista, tonight is the Last night of your Championship Reign and you can Shine, Kiss, and whatever you want to do with your Championship, you can do! But after tonight, You can't do anything because when John "Bradshaw" Layfield walk away from this Building, He'll not be going alone because He will be going with World Heavyweight Championship on his Shoulder.

Crowd gives some Boos to JBL.

JBL: What I say I do and what I do I do very very well. I'm Mr. SmackDown. I'm the Wrestling god. I'm better than everyone in this Business, No one and I mean No one can beat me! I'm John "Bradshaw" Layfield and Tonight, I'm going to get my World Heavyweight Championship back. Tonight, No body is going to stop me for getting my World Heavyweight Championship back for the second time. Tonight will be the night of Celebration.

*JBL throws the Microphone away and he tries to leave, JBL smiles and he then was about to leave the ring when Lights go off it Darkens the Arnea. We can't see anything. The Crowd cheers. The Light comes back and we see, No one in the Ring. All the Crowd is shocked to see this*

Tazz and Michael Cole discuss with each other with the last word from Tazz, "Where the hell is JBL!"


We're cut down right at the Announcers Table which show us Highlights from What happened earlier and then Announcers discussed about this.

"My Time Is Now" hits as John Cena comes down to the ring with some heavy boos from the Crowd. John Cena yells at the Crowd and he then gets into the ring. John Cena then waits for his Opponent.

"Simon System" hits and Its Simon Dean. Simon Dean comes down to the ring in his Scooty. Simon Dean gets into the ring as John Cena stares him.

Singles Match
John Cena vs. Simon Dean

John Cena quickly goes towards Simon Dean. Simon Dean tries to hit Clothesline on John Cena but he ducks and he lifts up Simon Dean up and connects Suplex. John Cena then waits for Simon Dean to stand. Simon Dean stands as John Cena throws Simon Dean to the ring ropes. Simon Dean bounces back and John Cena gives him Hard Scoop Slam. John Cena then connects Five Knuckle Shuffles. John Cena then doesn't covers Simon Dean but he waits for him to stand. Simon Dean stands as John Cena lifts up Simon Dean. John Cena connects F-U on Simon Dean. John Cena then covers Simon Dean as the Crowd gives Jeers to John Cena and Referee has no choice but to count on. John Cena gets three count and he has won the match!

Winner by Pinfall: John Cena

*John Cena takes the Microphone from Tony Chimmel and he tries to speak*

John Cena: Tonight is just the Beginning of John Cena. I'm here to make an Impact and tonight, I'm going to lay my hands on someone so better be prepared!

*John Cena throws away the Microphone and then leaves the Arena with some Boos*

*We cut backstage and we see Josh Matthews standing in Car Parking Area, Holding Microphone and waiting for someone. Suddenly, a Black Limousine stops and we can see it behind Josh. Josh then goes towards the Limousine. We see someone in Black Suits who have Big hairs. The Guy turns and Its Royal Rumble Winner, Chris Jericho!!!!. Chris Jericho smiles and he then watches Josh, who is willing to take an Interview from him*

Josh Matthews: Hello Chris, First of all, I congratulate you for winning the 2006 Royal Rumble. Chris, I want to ask one question from you. Chris, You have won the Royal Rumble that means you have an Oppurtunity to wrestle World Heavyweight Championship at Smackdown or you can switch brands and wrestle for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. I want to ask that what will be your decision?

Chris Jericho: Don't worry Josh because whether Its Smackdown or RAW. I'll be Main Eventing WrestleMania 22. Josh, I can't tell you anything right now but you have to wait like all these...Jericho Holics!

*Chris Jericho leaves while Josh still standing there looking pleased. Chris Jericho in the Arena as the Camera follows him. Chris Jericho is still walking and then he see Batista, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit. They all welcome Chris Jericho and they Congratulate Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho then watches at front and then Christian comes in shot while Fans Cheer.*

Christian: Chris Jericho, you have won Royal Rumble because I wasn't their. Because, I was competing for my World Heavyweight Championship match. I may have won that match by Disqualification but tonight, I have a rematch and tonight, I am going to win my World Heavyweight Championship and after tonight, I will give you a Open Challenge to battle me at Mania for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Chris Jericho: Well, Chri...

Christian cuts him.

Christian: Cause that's how I Roll!!

*Christian leaves as Chris Jericho watching him, looking happy. Chris Jericho then goes into the General Manager's office*


"Kid Kash's" music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Kid Kash comes along with his Cruiserweight Championship. Kid Kash makes his way to the ring with a loud jeer from the Crowd and he then taunts Crowd from the Middle Ring.

"Trailer Park" hits over the P.A. System and Jamie Noble makes his way to the ring with a decent pop from the Crowd. Jamie Noble signals that the Title is going to be his.

Cruiserweight Championship
Kid Kash vs. Jamie Noble

Good match with both men showing each other there strength. Kid Kash used some Heel Tactics in the match.


Kid Kash Irish whips Jamie Noble to the Ring Ropes. Jamie Noble bounces back and Kid Kash schoolboys him but gets Two Counts. Kid Kash then waits for Jamie Noble to turn. Jamie Noble turns as Kid Kash kicks him in his gutt. Kid Kash tries to lift up Jamie Noble for Brainbuster but Jamie Noble pushes Kid Kash. Kid Kash goes at the Turnbuckle. Jamie Noble hits Clothesline to Kid Kash. Jamie Noble then connects Tiger Bomb. Jamie Noble covers Kid Kash but he puts his Foot on the Rope. Jamie Noble argue'd with the Referee and then he climbs the Turnbuckle. He connects Crossbody from the Top Rope to Kid Kash. Jamie Noble lands on Kid Kash but he rolls up Jamie Noble holding his tights as Referee counts and Kid Kash gets three count!

Winner by Pinfall and STILL the Cruiserweight Champion: Kid Kash

Kid Kash quickly goes out of the ring as Jamie Noble can't believe. Kid Kash then taunts Jamie Noble with the Cruiserweight Championship as then he heads up to the ramp. Kid Kash leaves as Jamie Noble standing in the middle of the ring. We're headed to Commercials.


We're headed to Announcers who then discuss what happened earlier. We're shown Footage what happened earlier tonight.

*JBL is in the Middle of the Ring.

JBL: I'm better than everyone in this Business, No one and I mean No one can beat me! I'm John "Bradshaw" Layfield and Tonight, I'm going to get my World Heavyweight Championship back. Tonight, No body is going to stop me for getting my World Heavyweight Championship back for the second time.

JBL throws the Microphone away and he tries to leave but then Lights go off and when it comes back, JBL is nowhere in the ring.*
Announcers then Discuss about this and then the Camera cuts to backstage and we see Kurt Angle standing alongside with Kristal.

Kristal: Kurt Angle, I want to ask you something.

Kurt Angle cuts her.

Kurt Angle: I don't want to answer any one of your questions because I am Kurt Angle. I am the only man in this Industry to win the Olympic Gold Medals. I am a Wrestling Machine and you better know that damnit!

Kurt Angle stops.

Kurt Angle: Umm, Sorry Kristal, Sorry about that, Well you can ask what you want to.

Kristal looks pleased.

Kristal: Kurt Angle, last night at Royal Rumble. You blindsided Triple H and you turned on him, Why?

Fans cheers as Kurt Angle gets an angry look on his face.

Kurt Angle: I never turned on him and by God, I never turn on anyone. I don't need to turn on anyone because I can beat them like that (Snatches his Fingers). I was going to win the Royal Rumble. I should main-eve...

Kurt Angle stops and we see Clapping sound. Suddenly, Chris Benoit comes in shot and he's Clapping for Kurt Angle.

Chris Benoit: Ohhh, Its Kurt Angle. The Olympic Gold Medalist. Well Kurt, Don't cry like Babies that you should Wrestle at WrestleMania. Kurt Angle, Be a Man and Get a Life!

Chris Benoit leaves as Kurt Angle's staring him. We're cut to Commercials.


"Glass Shatters" hits and Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to the ring in his 4x4. Stone Cold drives his 4x4 at ringside while Fans goes nuts. Stone Cold gets into the ring and takes the Microphone.

Stone Cold: Hello South Carolina!!!


Stone Cold: Well, you'll be thinking why I am here. I'm here because I have a Major Announcement to make regarding Smackdown.


Stone Cold: First, I want to start from Royal Rumble.


Stone Cold: Last night at Royal Rumble, Our brand called "SmackDown" won the Royal Rumble match.


Stone Cold: Last night at Royal Rumble. Chris Jericho fulfilled his dream to Main Event at WrestleMania and he got it!.


Stone Cold: I think, I'll tell you later about it.

Mixed Reaction.

Stone Cold: Now coming back to the Smackdown Roster. You will see that the United States Championship and WWE Tag Team Championships are still Vacated.


Stone Cold: Therefore tonight, United States Championship will be On the line...


Stone Cold: Yes, United States Championship will be On the Line in a Six Man Match tonight here at Florence!


Stone Cold: Now coming back to WWE Tag Team Championship. It will be Vacated till No Way Out!


Stone Cold: I need some good Tag Teams for It so thats wh.....

"Mr. Kennedy...Kennedy" hits and Kennedy comes out to the ring. Kennedy gets into the ring and takes Microphone. Fans gives a Mix Reaction to Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy: Ouh, Stone Cold (Kennedy Mocks).

Stone Cold: Now What the hell do you want?

Mr. Kennedy: Look...Stone Cold (Kennedy again Mocks). I ain't afraid of anybody in this Locker Room. I can beat anyone in this Locker Room. I am here to tell you something that I need someone at No Way Out and that someone is Carlito!

Fans gives Mix Reaction.

Stone Cold: So, You want Carlito at No Way Out? Is that what you want?

Kennedy looks pleased.

Stone Cold: It looks like........You ain't going to get Carlito at No Way Out!!

Stone Cold smiles as the Crowd cheers and Kennedy gets an angry look.

Stone Cold: Now, Who the hell do you think you are and coming to Interrupt Stone Cold Steve Austin!


Stone Cold: Kennedy, If you want to lay your hands on Carlito at No Way Out. You won't get it...untill you win the Six Man Match tonight for the United States Championship.

Mixed Reaction as Kennedy gets a Weird look on his face.

Stone Cold: Now get your a** out of here, If you don't I'll whip your a** out of this town!.


Ken Kennedy lifts up the Microphone and he closes his eyes.

Ken Kennedy: Ken-A-Day!

Kennedy flips the Microphone (Throws Away) and he then taunts Stone Cold Steve Austin. Kennedy leaves the ring with getting some Boos.

Stone Cold: Little mealy mouthed bastard! (Slowly)

Fans Laugh on that.

Stone Cold: Well, I have to Announce something about WrestleMania 22!


Stone Cold: But, It will be Next Week right here at Smackdown!!


Stone Cold: So Stay Tune Next week.


Stone Cold: And that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold Steve Austin said so!

Stone Cold Steve Austin throws the Microphone and he drives his 4X4 out of the ring.


"Mexicools" hits and Mexicools comes down to the ring on there lawnmowers. Mexicools get into the ring and then they taunt the fans which gave pops to them.

"Dicks" hits and James and Chad Dick make their way to the ring. They came down to the ring with loud jeers from the crowd. they yell at the fans and then they get into the ring.

Tag Team Match
Super Crazy & Psicosis w/ Juventud vs. Chad Dick & James Dick

Decent Tag Match with Mexicools dominating Dicks.


Chad Dick hits Clothesline to Super Crazy, who goes out of the ring. Both Dicks then work on Psicosis while Juventud is trying to wake up Super Crazy. Dicks then give Double Clothesline to Psicosis while Juventud throws Crazy into the ring. both Dicks connect second Clothesline to Psicosis but Psicosis drop Toe Holds Chad Dick. James Dick then stomps Psicosis. Super Crazy comes in and he hits Running Dropkick to James Dick who flies out of the ring. Chad Dick is all alone in the ring. Psicosis stands him and he gives DDT to Chad Dick. Super Crazy then hits Chad Dick with Standing Moonsault! Super Crazy then doesn't covers Chad Dick but he tells Psicosis to climb up the Turnbuckle. Psicosis climbs the Turnbuckle and he hits Tandem Legdrop from the Turnbuckle to Chad Dick at the Ring's matt. Psicosis then hooks Chad Dick's leg and gets three count.

Winners by Pinfall: Psicosis & Super Crazy

Juventud gets into the ring and then the Mexicools celebrated and we're cut to backstage.

*We see Lashley sitting on a chair. Camera moves forward as Lashley gets an angry look on his face*

Lashley: Last night at Royal Rumble. I eliminated 5 man out of the ring. I eliminated Matt Hardy, Rhyno, Rob Van Dam, Kane and The Big Show. I beat all of them. I throwed them Over the Top Rope. Tonight, I have to prove my point that Why I should Main Event at WrestleMania. Tonight in the Six Man Match, I am going to destroy everybody like I did at Royal Rumble. I am coming for United States Championship and that...that's the Deal!

Camera fades Black and we hear some Pops and then we're headed to Commercials.


We come back and we're headed to Announcers. "Nunzio's music" hits and he comes down to the ring. Nunzio gets some Boos and he yells the Crowd, He gets into the ring and waits for his Opponent.

"Pirate" hits and Paul Burchill is shown at the top of the Smackdown Entrance Ramp. Paul Burchill jumps from their holding a Rope like a Pirate. Fans go nuts as Paul Burchill gets into the ring.

Singles Match
"Pirate" Paul Burchill vs. Nunzio

Paul Burchill is watching fans and he salutes fans while from back Nunzio hits him with a Punch to the back. Paul Burchill turns and he then gives Right and Lefts to Nunzio. Paul Burchill then throws Nunzio at the Ring Ropes. Nunzio bounces back and Paul Burchill connects C4 on him. Paul Burchill then covers Nunzio and gets three counts.

Winner by Pinfall: Paul Burchill.

Paul Burchill then then Salutes the Fans and the Fans cheers him as we're cut to Commercials.


"Version 1" hits and Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring with some decent pops. Matt Hardy gets into the ring and he waits for Opponents.

"Booyaka, 619" hits and Rey Mysterio pops out in his usual entrance. Mysterio gets good amount of Pops and he then gets into the ring.

"Whatever" hits and Chris Benoit makes his way to the ring with a loud ovation from the Crowd. Chris Benoit taunts the Crowd raising his arms and he then gets into the ring.

"The Real Deal" hits and Lashley gets into the ring with some really good Cheers. Lashley comes down in the ring while his Pyro's hits. Lashley then gets into the ring.

"Spitting In The Face..." hits and Carlito makes his way to the ring. Carlito comes in Bitting his Apple and he then taunts the Crowd, who gave Mixed Reaction to him. Carlito then gets into the ring

Finally "Mr. Kennedy" hits and he comes down to the ring. Kennedy gets into the ring and this he does not Introduce himself and goes straight to action. Kennedy stares Carlito as the Match starts.

United States Championship, Six Man Match
Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Benoit vs. Lashley vs. Carlito vs. Ken Kennedy

This was probably the best match of the day. With some great action from all the men, in and out of the ring. All the match, Kennedy and Carlito got some heat between them. This Match went about 23 Minutes.

*Ending of the Match*

Chris Benoit has the Sharpshooter locked on Matt Hardy while Lashley is laid down in the ring. Kennedy and Carlito are brawling each other out of the ring and Rey Mysterio is trying to stand up out of the ring. Referee is also knocked down.

Chris Benoit has the Sharpshooter locked in and Matt Hardy is about to tap when Kurt Angle's mucis hits. Kurt Angle ran his way into the ring while Chris Benoit has the Lock still Locked in. Kurt Angle grabs Chris Benoit from his back and he hits Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex to Chris Benoit. Kurt Angle puts off his Strap and he then waits for Benoit to stand. Benoit stands as Kurt Angle hits Angle Slam on Chris Benoit. Kurt Angle leaves the ring and he heads up to Announcers Table. Kurt Angle throws up the Announcers Table's reck. Kurt Angle then picks up the TV's. Kurt Angle then goes into the ring and he throws Benoit out of the ring.

On the other side, Rey Mysterio is getting in the ring and Kennedy is knocked down by Modified Swinging Neckbreaker out of the ring by Carlito!!!

Kurt Angle then hits Angle Slam to Chris Benoit at the Announcers Table!!! Kurt Angle then leaves the Ring getting some heavy Jeers from the Crowd. Kurt Angle heads up the Ramp and he looks Sadistic there. Kurt Angle then taunts there and he then leaves.

While, Carlito and Rey Mysterio both team on Lashley. Rey Mysterio runs towards Lashley while he knocks Mysterio with Boot to his face. Carlito then comes in running and Lashley knocks him with Clothesline. Rey Mysterio bounces back as Lashley lifts him up and connects The Dominator on Rey Mysterio. This time, Carlito bounces back as Lashley lifts him up and connects Dominator on him too. Lashley then hooks Carlito's leg and gets three count as he's the New Champ!

Winner and the NEW United States Champion by Pinfall: Lashley

Lashley is down their standing on his Knee's. Lashley just cannot believe that he won. Referee hands Lashley the United States Championship and then Lashley kisses the Belt. Lashley taunts the Crowd with the Championship and he then heads up the Entrance Ramp. He then celebrated their and taunts the Crowd and then Lashley salutes the Fans. Lashley then leaves the Arena.


We're in the Stone Cold's Office. We see Stone Cold talking to someone. We then see some one knocking the Door. It turns out to be Batista. Batista comes in shot of Camera as the Fans go nuts. Batista has his World Championship on his Shoulders and he moves towards Stone Cold.

Batista: Hey Stone Cold, tonight I have to defend my World Heavyweight Championship (Batista kisses the Belt) against Christian and John "Bradshaw" Layfiled in a Triple Threat from Royal Rumble but I just can't get it. Where is JBL?

Stone Cold: Well Batista, I am trying to find him.


Stone Cold: I find every pleace but I just don't know where he is but don't worry because If he's not tonight their in that Main Event than the Match will still continue but it will be One on One match between you and Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Batista: Ok, I got it.


Stone Cold: Then, Give me a Hell Yeah!!!

Batista & Fans: Hell Yeah!!

Batista puts his Thumbs Up to Stone Cold and then Batista leaves looking pleased. We then see Stone Cold also leaving his Office. Camera is behind Austin and he's walking away places to places. Its looking like Austin is finding JBL. Austin then stops at JBL's locker room. Austin then knocks JBL's locker room. No One responds. Austin again knocks but again No one Responds. This time, Austin opens up the Door and he walks forward. He then finds someone as he Shouts. Austin then runs away from that place and he then calls out some guys. Camera goes forward and we see JBL laid down in his Locker Room. JBL is all red and his Blood is going off. EMT's then came up and then they take away JBL as Austin looking worried about it.


Tony Chimmel: And now, this Contest is schedulded for One Fall and It is for the World Heavyweight Championship. First, The Challenger from Toronto, Canada. He is "Captain Charisma" Christian!

"Close Your Eyes" hits and the Crowd gives Mix Reactions to Christian. Christian walks his way to the ring kissing the fans and he then gets into the ring. Christian then climbs the Turnbuckle and he then blews a Kiss to the Peeps. Christian then comes down and waits for his Opponent.

Tony Chimel: And now, From Washington D.C. He is the World Heavyweight Champion. The Animal...Batista!!

"Unleash" hits and the Crowd goes nuts. Batista comes down to the ring holding the World Heavyweight Championship. Batista taunts the Crowd who give him Cheers. Batista then walks his way towards the Ring. Batista gets into the ring and Christian quickly jumps away from the ring. Christian is out of the ring staring Batista while he is enjoying his Entrance looking happy and taunting his way around.

Christian gets into the ring as Batista, Christian and Tony Chimel are looking worried.

Tony Chimel: And now, from New York. He is John "Bradshaw" Layfield....

JBL doesn't comes as Tony Chimel again gets the Microphone.

Tony Chimel: John "Bradshaw" Layfield....

Suddenly, Stone Cold pops out at Titantron. Fans then Cheer. We then see Ambulance behind Stone Cold. Stone Cold then speaks.

Stone Cold: JBL is hurt badly so we are taking him to Hospital. So, This match will continue in One on One action.

Batista is looking to Titantron as Christian gets the Advantage by his Heel Tactics.

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista vs. Christian

Good Main Event as Christian and Batista both dominated each other in the match. At one point, Christian goes for Unprettier but Batista pushes him and he came back as Batista nailed him with Spear.

*Ending, Clips*

Batista is trying to get back up. Christian is at the top of the Turnbuckle. Christian connects Missile Dropkick from the Turnbuckle. Christian covers Batista but he gets two count and Christian then gets angry look on his face.

Christian then works on Batista. Christian Irish whips Batista to the Ring Ropes. Batista bounces back and Christian connects Right Hand to Batista but he ducks. Batista then gives Right and Left Hands to Christian. Batista then hits a Kick to Christian's gutt. After the Kick, Batista knocks Christian out with Clothesline. Batista then makes Christian stand. Batista throws Christian at the Turnbuckle. Christian bounces back and Batista connects Spinebuster on Christian but he counters and he gives Spike DDT to Batista. Christian then again gets two count after covering Batista.

Christian this time waits for Batista to stand up. Batista stands as Christian connects Unprettier but again Batista counters and he throws Christian to the Ring Ropes. Christian bounces back and Batista connects Spinebuster on him. Batista then makes Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down pose as entire Crowd is cheering for him. Batista then makes Christian stands. Batista lifts up Christian and he then connects Batista Bomb on Christian. Batista then covers Christian and gets three count.

Winner & STILL the World Heavyweight Champion: Batista

*Referee gives Batista, his World Heavyweight Championship. Batista celebrates with the Championship Gold. Batista then Celebrates at the Four Corners of the Ring. Batista salutes the fans and now, He's in the Middle of the Ring. Batista is celebrating, enjoying his life and then Suddenly, Out of nowhere, John Cena knocks Batista from behind with a Steel Chair Shot!! John Cena then smiles as the Crowd is shock to see him. John Cena then lifts up Batista. John Cena hits Batista with FU to the Steel Chair. Batista gets Blood Off as John Cena takes the World Heavyweight Championship. John Cena then takes that Championship and he puts that at his Shoulders. John Cena then throws the Title away and then he leaves while the enitre crowd is Booing him. John Cena then heads up to Ramp and he then has a evil look on his face while the Fans are still Booing and the SmackDown fades off*

End of Show
Reviews will be returned...

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Review coming up at some point in the next couple of days
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

SmackDown! Review:

JBL Promo- You captured JBL's character well, which is hard to do. Good promo, basically supporting his heel gimmick by bashing Batista and hyping himself up. Nice way to end it, lights going off then on and JBL is nowhere to be found. What could be happening?

John Cena vs Simon Dean- Squash match, not much to say about it. It did what it needed to do, solidifying Cena as a heel

Jericho/Christian segment- Started off good, Jericho saying you'll find out his decision soon. But what was the point of Christian coming in and stuff? It just didn't seem needed and was out of place.

Kash vs Noble- Good cruiserweight action, face vs heel. I thought Noble had it at the end, but Kash rolled him up and had the tights. Could set up a feud here, or just further push Kash as a heel

Angle/Benoit segment- Hmm, didn't enjoy it too much. I don't think you captured either wrestler very well, can't imagaine the conversation going that way. But besides that, you could be setting up a feud between two great wrestlers, so thats a plus

SCSA segment- Not much to say about it. Austin was in character, made his announcements, and trashed talked Kennedy, what could be better? Great announcement, the 6 man match sounds awesome

Mexicools vs Dicks- Nice showcase of tag team talent. Glad the Dicks didn't get dominated the entire match, actually did good till the end. Mexicools got the win which is good, and it was a close call.

Lashley segment- He doesn't talk much, but I think you did this well. Stating that he eliminated 5 men and he can do it again, just sounded good and got me more hyped for the 6 man match.

Burchill vs Nunzio- Another squash match? Oh well, glad to see Burchill pick up the win and the fans are loving his new pirate gimmick

6 Man Match- Awesome, it really was. Kurt Angle screwing over Benoit sets up a feud between great technical wrestlers. Carlito took Kennedy out of the match with the neckbreaker. Then Lashley dominates the two remaining people and picks up the belt for the first time in his career. I see Lashley having a long title reign and good matches from him

Batista vs Christian- JBL is heading to the hospital, so one on one action! Rematch of the Rumble! Well written match, both men getting their shots in to make them seem equal, no one dominating the entire match. Wish Christian won, but Batista deserves a bit of a longer run. Good ending, Batista in the ring celebrating and such. Oh shit, Cena just hit Batista with the chair! This will obviously lead to a feud, but I don't want Cena in the main event picture. Nice way to start the feud though.

Overall- 7/10. It wasn't one of your best shows, two squash matches and not long enough promos/segments. I may just be grading hard because I'm tired though. In my opinion, I would only have one squash match per show. For your promos, you're doing a good job, but some of them weren't needed or didn't make sense. As for grammar and stuff, I understand English isn't your first language (I think thats what you said before?) and you're doing ver well with very few mistakes. Good choice of feuds/storylines and nice exchange of title tonight, Lashley should do well

to recap- longer promos at appropriate times, not too many squash matches in one show. Other than that, you're doing a really great job and I see improvement ever week. keep it up

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Thanks dude. It is the first time that I did Squash Matches for the Two Times but I did it for good because, Their was alot of Action besides that too. I did the Cena squash match because I think may be giving him a Squash Match and after the match, Saying something that Anyone be Prepared. It was first sign of him attacking Batista, which he did. Other than that, It was Paul Burchill's match. I wanted Paul Burchill to debut in my Thread, that's why I did it. One thing more, Cruiserweight Feud between Jamie Noble and Kid Kash is on going and It started from the first Smackdown I posted. I think, you didn't read my Previous Smackdowns carefully. lol. Thanks for your Review mate and I will take your Comments on a Positive Note. Thanks.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

JBL promo was a great way to start the show. You captured him well and it flowed throughout making the promo worthy of the opener.

John Cena vs. Simon Dean- Cena is a heel!!! And this match is only going one way. The match itself was well a squash match basically and well does nothing for the show except push Cena as a heel. Which it did so I can’t complain too much!

The Christian and Jericho promo was kind of weird. Jericho doing his usual bit was fine but why would Christian just come over and offer him an open challenge for his title. Christian wouldn’t do that if he was face or heel, no man would. If Christian came out and stated simply that he was going to win the title and there was no way he would win him at Mania, which would have been better and made a lot more sense.

Kash vs. Noble was some nice Cruiserweight action, nothing special but was a solid match nonetheless. Kash is playing the usual heel which he does best and plays that roll even more by grasping the tights on the roll up for the win. Pushing the feud the right way which is cool!

Kurt and Benoit promo was a little shoddy, both men where off key throughout. Nothing much else to say as it was pretty short and well didn’t really do anything to help the show.

Austin segment was done well, his character was up to par and well he made the announcements. A solid promo here which was needed at this point in the show!

Mexicools vs. The Dicks- Nice to see you using the Dicks and they where actually used well in this match. A nice use of moves throughout the contest and there where times when it looked like the under dog team would pick up the win. They didn’t which was also cool just like Psicosis and Super Crazy. Oh yeah and he finished it with the Tandem Leg Drop. Psicosis actually calls that move the Psycho Guillotine Leg Drop.

Lashley speaking!!! Well it was done well; you kept it short which was great! We don’t want to hear him talk for too long LOL.

Nunzio vs. Birchall could have been a solid match. I know Paul has the height and weight advantage but Nunzio can go. Sadly you had him job in quick concession, I like Birchall but Nunzio was used poorly in this match. The C4 finished which was fine, sadly another squash match.

The United States title match was great. The match didn’t get too confusing which can happen when you have so many people in one match. Angle runs to the ring and completes the Angle Slam through the announcers table on The Rabid Wolverine. Nice spot which will begin the feud between the two nicely. Lashley picks up the win with the Dominator. I see this as the first major push for Lashley, I wonder how long his reign will be?

Well JBL isn’t in the main event so it’s Christian and Batista in the main event for the title.

The main event is well written but is probably second fiddle to the United States Title match. Nevertheless it was a good contest with some nice moves being pulled off. I like the way you adapted some of Christians move to fit with his much larger opponents….. Like the Spike DDT. The Batista Bomb finishes Christian off for the three count finishing a solid main event. Christian was portrayed well even though he lost and the aftermath with Cena and Batista shows there is a feud on the way. I wont be on the edge of my seat to watch that one but it will be interesting to see where you go with this.

Overall a pretty good show, this is the first one I’ve read so I may have been way off on some things. Kash and Noble is a nice feud and the match helped it greatly! Your promos need work but they are still up to par. The main even and the United States title matches where both excellent. Two squash matches is one too much but it doesn’t matter that much.

7/10 A solid show but the squash matches and promos brought you score down.
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Great JBL promo to start the night. He was gold on the mic and was exactly as he would be in real. Very well done and strange ending with him not in the ring. I sense either Undertaker or JBL trickery to win the belt tonight.

Good Cena-Dean match and nice win for Cena. His promo afterwards was a little edgy. I wasnt so keen but others might be.

Good to see that youre likely to play the usual will he stay or go tactic with Y2J following his RR win. I hope he goes to RAW as I think Batista will still be the World Champion and Y2J vs. Batista isnt a WrestleMania event Id really look forward to. However, if Christian wins, I hope Jericho stays as that would blow the roof off!

Very good CW Title Match and nice ending with Kash using the ropes. Nice way to further their feud.

Angle was good in his promo and nice interruption from Benoit, but I didnt like Benoit telling him to get a life. Dunno if he would say that. Possibly a feud for Mania starting here, and that would be great.

Austin was very enjoyable and funny in the segment with Kennedy and a 6-way Match for the US Title will be good. I love multi-man matches so I look forward to this and will be rooting for Carlito.

Decent tag match. I didnt ever see the Dicks in a match but have seen the Mexicools (obviously) and they were good here. Nice to see them win too and I hope they are in the hunt for the vacant titles at NWO.

Good Lashley promo and good way to hype the title match. Theres a few new guys in that match with Kennedy and Lashley so itll be interesting and I can see any of the 3 so far named in it winning.

Good to see Birchill win and the C4 is a great move to end with.

Now that I know Benoit, Rey and Hardy are also in the match, I can see any of the 6 winning, and although Im rooting for Carlito, Im predicting a win for Rey.

Wow, Angle went nuts all over Benoit and Im expecting those 2 at NWO/WM for sure now.

Lashley as US Champions pretty good, but Carlito getting pinnedthats not cool! Anyway, great match and certainly motn so far. Good way to build up the Angle-Benoit feud and Carlito-Kennedy is going strong too.

Good stuff from Batista and nice added touch with JBL knocked out. I suspect that this could be JBL faking and he might appear later on

Great main event and good to see Batista retain as you already crowned 1 new champion earlier.

Didnt expect Cena to come out and thats a nice new feud erupting here. I guess the JBL injury was legit and I also think that Y2J will be going to RAW, as I dont see him facing either Batista or Cena, and those are the two possible WM champions at this point.

Overall, another very good show and youve got lots of new feuds going which is great. 8.5/10. Keep up the good work, this is one of the best BTBs imo.
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Thankyou for your Reviews and Comments and I'll return them

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!


I know lots of people hate JBL in the ring, and im not very fond of his ring work, but this is what JBL is best at, this was a great promo. You captured his character well, and I hope he continues to have many segemnts like this.

I do not enjoy many squash matches, but this one was goo, but I wish Dean had some advantage, hes really not bad at all in the ring. The post-match promo really did Cena justice, he is a bad man! 8/10

I enjoyed this storyline in real life when Benoit and Batista had it, this one looks good so far. I think y2j should move to raw 9/10

Solid match, a good ending too, i hope they clash again 7/10

OK, but benoit was a bit out of character 6/10

Looking forward to this, i hate to predict a winner, but i think carlito. I hope this is an elimination match because it would make it more exciting 8/10

The Mexicools were great as always, I don really like the Dicks, but hopefully you can get some mileage out of them, they wrestled quite well here though. 8/10

Known as soft-spoken in real-life, i think here Lashley cut a good promo, keep writing them like this and Lashley's respect will go up. 9/10

Oh come on, you didnt have to job him lol! Nunzio has been p*ssed on so many times in wwe, he shouldnt be jobbed any more! oh well, Burchill looked good, and I guess that was the purpose. Nunzio could have had some advantage though. 5/10

Decent stuff, must have been hard to write, but very good action! lashley rules! i hope he carries on with a good run! 9/10

i loved what happened with JBL, very interesting! Christian worked well with Batista and this was a good, if slightly boring at times, main event! 8.5/10

This should be an intersting fued, but in the ring it may suck! I hope they do well in the ring and out, so this fued is a sucess! 8/10

I really liked this show. I didnt like two squash matches though, but you made up for it in the main matches and promos.

Please caheck out my BTB, I have just posted Raw!

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Good to see a JBL promo to start off the night, as it makes him look like a major player in the thread. A well written promo here, which was in character, and with an interesting ending as well JBL going missing. Looks like the work of the deadman

Cena picks up an easy win over Dean, which is what he could have done with. Don’t know who he is going after yet tonight, but it will be someone at the top of the card

Jericho/Christian segment just didn’t fit to be honest. Jericho needed to have a long promo on this show at some point, and there seemed to be no real reason for Christian to interrupt him. Don’t know where Jericho is going yet, but I would guess he will stay on s/down with HBK/Benjamin 2 building nicely

Nice to see Kash keep the cruiserweight title, but I think another match with Noble has to happen

The Angle/Benoit promo was pretty poor to be honest, especially Benoit who simply was totally out of character. Nice to see you hinting at a HHH/Angle mania match, and I guess Angle and Benoit will feud until No Way Out

Austin/Kennedy promo did a good job in announcing the matches for the vacant titles, but did appear to be a bit of a filler on the show. Don’t really see the two of them wrestling, but maybe there will be a brief feud between them though

Good win for the Mexicools over the Dicks, and they have to be contenders to be the next tag champs

Okay Lashley promo, but you cant really get a lot more than you did out of the guy. I guess he will have a good run in the 6 way tonight, and could be the champ at the end

Good win for Burchill, who has started nicely on s/down. It may have been a squash, but occasionally you do have to do that

US title match looked to be a pretty good one. Lashley gets the title as expected after the push he got the rumble, and this did start to build up a couple of other feuds as well. Angle/Benoit is a cert now, and I guess we may be looking at Carlito and Kennedy as well

Batista/Austin promo didn’t really work, but it looks as if it is going to be a 1 on 1 match though

Good main event, which ended the show greatly. Batista gets the clean win that he really should have got at the rumble, and he looks to be the top man on s/down again. Cena coming out afterwards though is what this was all about, and it means that there is a feud between these two, and booked well could be the title match at mania, but I still don’t know whether you will go that way
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