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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

I'll give you a proper review when i get a bit more time to do one, but Ashley and Trish as the tag team champions is the single worst piece of booking i have ever seen - you have basically buried the tag division, and anyone who has ever faced MNM in a match. Please, please get the belts back to MNM or someone in a match which lasts about 2 mins tops to restore some credability to the tag division.

Full review coming up tomorrow i would guess
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Shawn Michaels comes out but it shortly interrupted by Shelton Benjamin, then Edge, then Rob Van Dam. Triple Threat Match tonight for the #1 Contendership sounds good to me

What in the hell were you thinking? Ashley and Trish Stratus as the World Tag Team Champions? Hopefully they end this reign soon because I don't want to see this long

Orton interview was intresting as he seemed pissed he didn't win the Rumble but he did eliminate Lesnar. Perhaps a Lesnar/Orton match is coming for us at WrestleMania?

Muhammad Hassan didn't sound very in-character to me in that interview right there. However, having him as the Intercontinental Championship could be good too.

Decent Fatal 4 Way rematch there and Hassan retains his title as he makes Chavo Guerrero tap out. Wonder where Hassan is going to be heading from here now?

Intresting segment as Melina and Mickie James are suddicing Bischoff into giving them the match. Didn't understand it but MNM are going to be handcuffed in the match?

Decent match between two heels in Helms and Rhyno. Rhyno gets the win after he gores Helms. Intresting match but there really was indeed no point to it, just a filler.

Triple H promo was too short for my liking but it did put over that he is coming for Kurt Angle. A Triple H/Kurt Angle match at WrestleMania would be an awesome match!

An all out fight between Lesnar and Big Show and Lesnar nails the F-5 but it was not to be. Orton then comes out and RKO's Lesnar and Big Show picks up the win, Orton vs Lesnar is coming soon.

Strong main event with all three men giving it their all to try to become the number one contender. Edge howevers gets the win and a huge match is set for next week!
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Thanks for the Reviews guys. Well, I have returned some of them and If anyone wants to do Review for them and I have forgotten, So just drop me a PM.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

RAW Rewview

Opening Segment- Nice segment, I hope RVD wins the match.

I can't say I liked the tag match, because I think it's kind of crazy having 2 women be the champs.

I liked the fatal 4 way match, and I'm happy that Hassan is still the champion.

The Rhino match was o.k and I'm happy to see him in your BTB.

Good match between Leasner and Big Show.

The MOTN was the Main Event. Edge winning is good, and I want to see what you do with him.

Lenghth- 9/10

Matches- 9/10

Promo's- 9/10

Spelling- 9/10

Realism- 7/10

Overall a 8.5/10
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Opening segment - A very good way to set up the main event

MNM vs Trish and Ashley - Interesting choice giving the tag belts to two women. I'd like to see where you take it from here.

Orton promo - A very good promo from Orton, very in-charchter and maybe a Orton/Lesnar feud

Hassan promo - Unlike the last segment, this didn't sound like Hassan at all, but i like Hassan being champion.

Hassan vs Masters vs Chavo vs Booker - It was a pretty decent fatal four way and I'm glad Hassan retained.

Eric/Melina and Mickie segment - A decent segment, and the handcuffed match will be interesting.

Rhyno vs Helms - Decent filler match with good offence from both men

Triple H promo -short but effective promo, possibly starting a HHH/Angle feud

Lesnar vs Show - A decent match, with a nice way to really start the Lesnar/ Orton feud.

RVD vs Shelton vs Edge - A very good main event, and am glad that Edge got the win. Next week should be great
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!


In Ring-Michaels/Benjamin/Copland/Dam
Nice to see Michaels will be defending is title early on after Shawn had won it. I think Vander Dammer will win the triple threat b/c the match would totally be entertaining

Match 1-MNM vs. Trish/Ashley
Wha? This was a title match and the chix win? Okay you are confusing me. Do they usually change hands to chix? Meh whatever entertaining to see MNM lose to these two beautiful women.

Interview-Randy Orton
Maria interviews Orton who says it was his destiny to win the Rumble classic Orton. Well it may just be his destiny to destroy Angle or HHH!

Interview-Muhammed Hassan
Hassan does deserve that main event spotNa just playin with ya dog. Another boring Hassan interview telling the fans that he fights for us 24/7 well that's bull.

Match 2-Hassan vs. Masters vs. Guerrero vs. Booker T
Entertaining match no doubt the champ retained using his cheating ways, okay not really but anyway Book-man and Masters have a brawl outside as Hassan puts on the Camal Clutch for the submission!

Dude I swear Eric Bishoff is f'n gay. Dude this makes me want to be a f'n GM. Fuck you to hell Bishoff!

Match 3-Rhyno vs. Helms
A huge heel win for Rhyno as he gores Greg to the victory. I think Rhyno should get a title match or something in the near future.

Match 4-Big Show vs. Brock Lesner
Huge long grueling match that had me guessing a lot until I saw Randy Orton's name on the match and then a huge RKO setting Big Show for the victory. Why would Orton do that to Lesner???

Match 5-Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Rob Van Dam
Huge number one contender match with a heel winning, well I guess if you have a face win the match it wouldn't be much of a match next week. Well I hope Michaels retains the belt after killing Edge. This better be better than their match on Raw that was a Street Fight.

Overall a solid 8.3/10-Good Raw I really liked it especially the numba one contender match which was totally narly![/
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Raw 6th February

Opening promo nice opening promo. A good match announcement for this weeks and next weeks show

Trish & Ashley def. MNM In my opinion it was a pretty stupid decision and I hope MNM regain the tag titles soon

Orton promo nice promo. I wonder what Ortons thinking of?

Hassan def. Masters, Chavo & Booker T good match, I had a feeling Hassan would retain

MNM/Bischoff promo Im happy to see MNM get their chance at regaining the titles. I hope they can do it

Rhyno def. Helms I expected it to happen, nice match

Big Show def. Lesnar nice match, I sense a fued between Lesnar and Orton in the coming weeks

Edge def. RVD & Shelton Happy to see Edge win as he is more of Main Event Title material than the other two

Overall 8/10, nice promos and matches although I wasnt happy with Ashley and Trish winning the rest of the show made up for it, well done
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Great way to open your show and everyone wants a title shot. I’m hoping Benjamin will get a rematch after the amazing match at the RR.

I cannot believe that Trish and Ashley just won the tag team titles! I don’t like that at all and pray that MNM get the titles back next week.

Pretty good Orton promo and I hope he gets pushed back up the card and gets some revenge on Angle and HHH.

I wasn’t so keen on the Hassan promo. He seemed a little out to me. I can see him retaining the title tonight, and it’s good that you’ve made him defend against all 3 like at the RR, rather than just against one of them.

Nice ending to the match and Hassan seems like a real force at the moment. I can see a long reign as champion and an eventual main event push down the line.

Ok segment with Bischoff and Melina & Mickie. The match next week is good and I really hope the belts go back on MNM.

Great to see Rhino win and nice heel tactics used.

Brilliant HHH promo. He was so in character and that was great!

Very impressive Lesnar-Big Show match and Orton interfering was good, if a little predictable, but it’s a nice way to build their feud and that should be good. I hope you bill it as the two stars of the future, b/c I think that would add more to it.

Good Edge promo and I have no idea who is going to get the title shot, but I think it might be Edge now, even though I’m behind Benjamin.

Very good main event and nice spot with RVD hitting the 5-star through the announcing table. Edge vs. HBK should be good next week, and I think RVD might cost Edge the match maybe…

Overall, pretty good show. I know you can do better though, as some of the promos weren’t as good as those were at the RR. The main event was the best match and the Triple H promo was amazing. 7/10.
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!


In Ring-Michaels/Benjamin/Copland/Dam
Nice to see Michaels will be defending is title early on after he just won it. I think Van Dam will win the triple threat because the match would totally be amazing

Match 1-MNM vs. Trish/Ashley
Well, this is a first. I would love to see what this is leading to, MNM will prolly regain the gold soon.

Interview-Randy Orton
Orton is one of my favourites putting him against the game or Angle at WM will only elevate his rise to the top

Interview-Muhammed Hassan
Hassan shooting his mouth off as usual that is good, hope he keeps the title for a long time.

Match 2-Hassan vs. Masters vs. Chavo vs. Booker T
Good to see Hassan retain, I thought he was going to lose the title, use Hassan well in the future, and give Masters a 1 on 1 shot I would love to see those two face each other

Backstage-Bishoff/Mickie James/Melina
Bischoff isn't good enough for those two lol and MNM better win next week

Match 3-Rhyno vs. Gregory Helms
I thought Rhyno was the face lol, good to see him as the winner though, use Rhyno well.

Match 4-Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar
Interesting match up between these two big guys, I was hoping that Lesnar would pick up the win but the Orton interference was a nice touch. Orton vs. Lesnar at WM?

Match 5-Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Rob Van Dam
Edge was a good choice to win the # 1 contenders match here tonight. Him vs. HBK will steal the show, no doubt. I look forward to that match next week,
and I hope HBK picks up the win. Although I wanted RVD to win, Edge is always and forever will be a good choice!

Overall your Raw was a decent show! 8.7/10-Good Raw, I enjoyed the main event.
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Opening promo never really went anywhere to be honest. Sets up a match for tonight, but just didn’t grab my attention at all. I couldn’t pick a winner, but whoever wins this match wont go to mania and challenge

Ill ignore the tag title match, as I simply do not get the booking involved in it

Interesting to see what Orton does, but him/lesnar is a lock for mania

Okay Hassan promo, and I guess he will retain to put himself over as the king of the upper mid card. I see him getting a big match at mania the way he has been pushed as of late

Good win for Hassan as expected, and I guess he may be pushed into a new feud in the next couple of weeks

Handcuff match for the tag titles next week – now if MNM win this they will gain some credibility again, and it has to happen to be honest

Good win for Rhyno, and I guess he has come back as a heel. Interesting as I thought he was a face at the rumble but I may have read that wrong. Returning stars always return as a face, which is why I am intrigued at how he turned heel

HHH/Angle at mania will be a top match to have on the card, and could steal the show

Orton costs Lesnar his match to the Big Show, which adds fuel to the fire burning in both these guys. Good win for Show, even though he is a mid card drifter at the moment. Orton/Lesnar will be a gimmick match methinks, maybe last man standing or something of the sort

Good win for Edge to take the main event, but I don’t see him getting the belt of HBK next week. By the looks of it he could well face RVD at mania, simply as neither of them have a match at the moment, and I would still deal on a Shelton/HBK rematch at Mania
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