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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Good opening video which recapped the history of the royal rumble well

I thought the IC match would have opened the show, but this match works just as well. A solid opening match, which did its job, but for a probable feud ender it was lacking that something. Could have been a bit longer, and there didnt appear to be a sparkle to the match. There didnt appear to be that many near falls in the match, and even the ending was a bit of a disappointment, with Cena kicking out of the ddt before the lionsault was attempted it would have worked better without the first cover. I fail to see how the STF can be countered into the walls of Jericho as well, but I know what you were trying to do there. A solid match, but had potential to be a lot better

Masters/Booker promo worked well, giving a bit of last minute hype to the IC match

Surprised to see Masters go first after the fact he had some mic time before this match and on the previous raws, but I can see why that was done, as I am sure Hassan will win the match with the push you have given him. Chavo goes next, giving Booker a second elimination, which means it comes down to two. Dont see these two going too long, and I was close enough to being right. Good win for Hassan, with him forcing Booker to tap to the camel clutch, which is a different ending to him cheating, and I guess he holds the belt well past mania now. Did I just read that Hassan got some pops??? Yes, he should in an ideal world be a face because what he is saying is the truth, but this is America, a country that doesnt know what the truth is so he would get booed, even if he had had the match of his life because of the gimmick

Shelton/HBK should be a great match, so lets see what you can produce. A pretty good match here, which is comfortably the best match of the night so far. The match started off nicely with the pattern of chain wrestling that this kind of match should do, and the middle of the match didnt get boring which is always the danger. Shawn kicked out of the t-bone when I thought the match could have ended, which was a nice spot in the match although I could see that it would happen. Good counter sequence at the end, and HBK gets the win after the first scm of the match. HBK gets the belt as I thought he should and would do, but I can see a rematch somewhere down the line, and maybe even at mania if a s/down star wins the rumble. Another few minutes on this match with a longer ending sequence would have helped it a bit, but still a good match

The triple threat was a strange match to be honest, and I felt that it never really settled down into a good rhythm. Cant really point out what the problem with the match was, but there was something about it that didnt work. I think the middle of the match was a bit too long, as I could tell that nothing really was happening and the match was a bit generic, which can be a problem with a triple threat. Finally we get to a possible ending with the clothesline from hell, but batista breaks the count. JBL kicking out of the batista bomb was a shock, and I think he should have put his foot on the ropes, like batista did after the unprettier. The ending to the match though was a serious problem a DQ is normally not a good idea in a ppv title match, but can work, but the way the DQ happened was just horrible, plain horrible. I dont really know what you were trying to achieve here, and it just bombed spectacularly.

Big Show and London kick this rumble off, and I guess this means the big show will dominate the early going. Surprised to see both London and Maven survive without being eliminated though, as that really doesnt do a lot for the big show. Mercury also manages to avoid elimination, and eventually Big Show gets an elimination, taking out Maven but after carlito at 5 enters the match. Show takes out London as well, but I think some of these guys have lasted too long against Show. Nitro enters the match next, and with Mercury still in the match I sense MNM teaming up, which they do to take out Kash. Helms is next in the match, but he need not have bothered, after carlito takes him out of the ring almost instantly. Hardy is next in, and hopefully he will have a good run. Surprised to see the lack of domination in this match from the big show, but I guess he is going to get a long, long run. Lashley is next in, and the stand still with the big show happens. The two of them trade off in a power dual, and Lashley dominates the Big Show (is not a move that can possibly be done to him I would guess). Big show is getting buried a bit at the moment. Chavo enters, and MNM eliminate themselves which was a nice touch, but a pity to see Hardy out of the match so soon after being taken down by Lashley. Benoit is next in, and he shows a bit of domination, and makes Show tap out (further burying), but no elimination. In comes Cena, but benoit dominates him totally in the first few minutes. Rhyno returns, and he is on fire to begin with, taking down most of the ring but he doesnt get the elimination he would have needed. Booker is the next man in, after his loss earlier tonight, and as he does so, Chavo is out, ending his anonymous run. Rey is the next man in, as the main eventers start to make their move, and it is over for carlito as rhino gets his elimination. Burchill comes in, and Lashley goes and dominates the big show again, and then eliminates him, putting lashley over greatly. Burchill takes out Cena, seriously pushing him up the card, but does nothing for Cena who since his heel turn has no momentum at all. Burchill goes soon though, wasting his elimination of Cena, but I guess you just dont like Cena at all. RVD comes back to the WWE, and again he could have done with an elimination. Masters is the next man in, as Noble is taken out as he didnt do anything at all in the match. Kane flies in next, as lashley gets rid of another man in rhino, and lashley will be near the main event soon. Jericho is next in, and he has to be a big favourite, and he could have done with a quick elimination, but not to worry there really. Lesnar comes in next, and he is followed by Orton as the brawl erupts. Orton cheats with the chair to take out Lesnar, as Angle comes in next, as all the main eventers are filling the ring. Benoit, Booker, Kane and Rey all go in quick succession, and other than Benoit none of them did a lot really. Next up is Hassan, who will be in the final 4 without a doubt. He wont win, but will go far. HHH is next in, as RVDs return is over, and he is back as a mid carder after showing not a lot in this match. Lashleys strength is shown again by eliminating Masters, but Hassan takes him out, ending the mammoth run of Lashley who is on the verge of a huge push now. Edge is now in the match, and he could go a long way. One thing I would say is that too many main eventers are coming out in a row, as it makes the draw look a bit too fixed. Kennedy is next, meaning Taker returns last. Kennedy introduces himself, then is eliminated by Edge, making him look like a fool. Taker comes in, and the next man out is Orton, and then HHH by Angle. Maybe the first signs of an HHH/Angle mania match? Edge is taken out by Hassan, but then the three s/down stars take out Hassan, and he will complain about that. After a long period of wrestling, Taker flips out Angle, and it is down to two men, and one of them, Jericho has yet to score an elimination (I think), which is pretty shocking booking really, as it makes him look like a fluke contender. The ending sequence between these two was pretty good, and was a great ending, but the two men over the top rope has been done too often beforehand. Jericho gets the win, and I guess he goes to mania and gets the belt now, maybe via a match with taker at NWO.
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Forever Delayed, thanks for your Review and I will really improve on those points which you said and Thanks for taking your time for Reviewing mine BTB. RAW will be up in some hours.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

This review is short because when I had it almost done I pushed Backspace and I lost the whole thing.

John Cena vs. Chris Jericho-Great match to kick off the show with. I wasn't sure who was going to win and I like both of them so I didn't care. A good win for Y2J to kick off the night. ***

A good promo with Masters talking about his 3 oppenents I can't wait for the 4-way.

Fatal Four-Way-A great match with a shocking first eliminationof Chris Masters. Good match with a great ending. I was glad Booker T made it to the final two and it was a great bttle between those two before Hasssan got the win via submission. ***1/2

HBK vs Benjamin-A great match with both guys doing their best to win. A huge win for HBK and I am glad to see HBK as a Face champion in BtB which hasn't happened for a while. ***1/2

A decent promo by Christian to build up to the match.

Batista vs. JBL vs. Christian-A very good match and I was disapointed with the ending. I was hoping for a title change ,but we didn't get one. Batsta slaping the referee was not the smartest move to make ,but it was a good match as I am not a fan of World Championship matches ending in DQ. ***1/2

Royal Rumble-Of course the RR is going to be good. A great match with some wrestling going on. I was kind of shocked that Y2J won because he already had a match earlier. A huge win for Y2J even though I was cheering for The Undertaker. I guess Y2J is going to WrestleMania ,but which brand and wo will turn heel? I think its almost impossible to grade a RR.

Overall: 8/10 Great Show.

I can't wait for No Way Out and I am more looking forward to seeing what storyline you put Chris Jericho in so tht we can get a face vs heel match at WM.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

6th February 2005
Anaheim, California

Across The Nation explodes the Arena as RAW opens with Exploding Pyros. We're then shown the Fans in Anaheim, California holding there Signs. We then cut down to Announcers, who then welcomed us to the show. We're then cut down to Highlights from the Main Event of RAW Side at the Royal Rumble.

*Clips of WWE Championship Match are shown*

Lillian Garcia is shown in the Middle of the Ring with Microphone.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentleman, Please welcome The New WWE Championship, The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels!

*Sexy Boy* hits as Crowd goes nuts. Shawn Michaels comes infornt of the Fans with his WWE Championship as the Crowd gives him a standing ovation. Shawn Michaels then dances a bit there and he then puts his WWE Championship on his Shoulders. Shawn Michaels comes into the Arena with Huge Smile on his face. Shawn Michaels then gets the Microphone from Lillian.

Shawn Michaels: Hello Anaheim, California!

*Crowd gives cheap pop*

Shawn Michaels: Its the time for Celebration!!

*Crowd again cuts HBK for cheap pop*

Shawn Michaels: Last night at Royal Rumble...It was the Happiest Day of my Life when I won the WWE Championship for the Fifth Time. It was the Night which I will never ever forget. It wouldn't have been Possible If you weren't there. I'm thankfull to everyone who make this Possible for me.

*Crowd again cuts him for loud pop*

Shawn Michaels: Toni....

*Ain't No Stoppin Me..." hits as Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring. Shelton Benjamin comes to the ring with mix reaction from the Crowd. Shelton then gets in the ring and he takes Microphone from Lillian.

Shelton Benjamin: Hey Shawn, I am not here to Interrupt you. I'm just here to Congratulate you for your win last night.

*Crowd gives Shelton some cheers as HBK looks pleased*

Shelton Benjamin: Last night at Royal Rumble. Shawn Michaels versus Shelton Benjamin for the WWE Championship was the Best Match ever in this Industry.

*Crowd again cheers*

Shelton Benjamin: Shawn, Besides Congratulation you...I'm here for one reason.

*HBK wonders what is it*

Shelton Benjamin: Well Shawn, I was this close to win my first ever WWE Championship (Shelton tackles his fingers and points to Shawn) Shawn, Tonight, I want my Rematch for the WWE Championship right here, Right now!

*Crowd pops as Shawn Michaels gets the Mic*

Shawn Michaels: Well.....

*"On this Day" hits as Edge comes down to the ring holding Mic. Edge stops at Ramp*

Edge: Well, Well, Well...What happening here Boys?

*Edge gets some Loud Boo's*

Edge: Let me get into the ring!

*Edge gets into the ring while Crowd is still Booing him*

Edge: Is something happening here? Oh, Is that you Shelton? Oh, Its Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels! You know what tonight, There will be no more Rematch. It will be....

*Edge cuts down when "One of a Kind" hits and Rob Van Dam gets into the ring with Mic*

Rob Van Dam: No, Edge. No, Shelton. Only R...V...D! Tonight, I'm challenging Shawn Michaels for WWE Championship match!

*Rob Van Dam gets cheers as Edge and Shelton Benjamin are staring him. Shelton goes forward to Rob Van Dam as both men then share words to each other while Edge looking at both of them. Edge also goes to them as now HBK also joins. All four men exchange words to each other. All four men give each other Push and It starts a Messy Position when "I'm back" hits as Eric Bischoff comes down with the Mic in his hand. Eric stops at Ramp and he speaks*

Eric Bischoff: Looks like, all the three men want to face Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship. Well, you got it!. Tonight, It will be Edge taking on Shelton Benjamin versus Rob Van Dam in a Triple Threat Match and It will be no, Normal Match because The Winner of this match will earn a shot for the WWE Championship next week here on RAW!

*Eric leaves as all four men stare each other in the ring and we fade out*


Rock n Roll hits as Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro gets in the ring with a standing ovation from the crowd. Ashley and Trish comes down to the ring with a Worried look on them face.

"Papparazi" hits as Joey Merucry, Johnny Nitro along with Mickie James and Melina come down to the ring with there Tag Team Championships. MNM then taunted on Trish and Ashley and then they get in the ring.

Tag Team Championships
Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro w/ Melina & Mickie James (MNM) vs. Trish Stratus & Ashley

MNM dominated all in the match. MNM was using cheating tactics all of the match and Mickie, Melina were also involved. *Ending of the match* Ashley gets Momentum and she then Spears Nitro while Mercury is legal man. Ashley turns as Mercury lifts Ashley up and MNM connects Snapshot but Trish Interferes and she connects Chick Kick to Nitro who flies out of the ring. Referee then got distracted by Melina who is Arguing with Referee while Trish and Ashley hit Double Low Blow on Mercury. Referee then turns as Ashley schoolboys Mercury and they get three count!!!!

Winners and the New Tag Team Champions: Ashley and Trish Stratus

Ashley and Trish Stratus celebrate with the Golds and they can't believe that they have won the Tag Team Championships from MNM. Mickie and Melina then slide into the ring. Ashley and Trish headed to the ramp quickly as they then taunted with the Championships to Mickie and Melina, who are looking shocked to see them winning Tag Team Golds.


We cut back and we see Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Melina, Mickie James walking at Backstage. Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro and Mickie James then go in there Locker Room while Melina looks for General Manager, Eric Bischoff.

Camera cuts and we see Randy Orton with Maria.

Maria: Hello Randy, I want to ask you something but Before, I ask. Let me show you some Footages from last night, Royal Rumble.

*We then cut down to the Footage of Randy Orton eliminating Brock Lesnar*

We come back and we see Randy Orton smiling infront of Camera. Maria looks to Orton.

Maria: Randy Orton, Do you want to say something about eliminating Brock Lesnar last night at Royal Rumble?

Randy Orton: ...Yes, I do. Brock Lesnar is always a great Wrestler to watch but..., but compared to The Legend Killer, Myself. He's nothing!. Last night, at Royal Rumble all was going in my way When I eliminated Brock Lesnar. If Lesnar was still in the Royal Rumble and I haven't eliminated him then He was sure going to win the Royal Rumble but I'm the Difference Maker and I'm the Legend Killer!

Maria: Well, Legend Killer Randy Orton, I had to show some other Footage also.

*We then see a Footage of Triple H and Kurt Angle eliminating Randy Orton*

We come back and we see Randy Orton looking pissed out. Maria then lifts up Mic infront of Randy Orton.

Randy Orton: Give me the damn Microphone! (Orton yells)

Maria looks confused and Randy Orton then yells at her again.

Randy Orton: Go away, Run Away! (Maria runs away as Orton speaks) Well, Last night, It was my Destiny to win Royal Rumble not Chris Jericho's. I should Headline WrestleMania not Chris Jericho. It was my time to earn a shot for the Big One, not Chris Jericho's. Triple H said Kurt Angle to team with him to eliminate me. Well, they succeed..Yes they did but Angle turned on him. In this Business, Its all about making an Impact and Tonight...Impact...will be made!

Randy Orton leaves as we're cut to Commercials.


We come back and Announcers then run down on Tonights Card for RAW with Muhammad Hassan defending his Title against Chris Masters, Booker T, Chavo Guerrero in a Rematch from Royal Rumble.

We're shown Muhammad Hassan standing there backstage with Todd Grisham. Muhammad Hassan has his newly won Intercontinental Championship at his shoulders.

Todd Grisham: Hassan, you just won your new Intercontinental Championship last night and What are your feelings.

Muhammad Hassan: What are my feelings? Am I feeling great...Hell no! because I have to defend my newly won Intercontinental Championship which I just got before 24 Hours.

Todd Grisham: Muhammad Hassan, last night at Royal Rumble match, you were eliminated by three SmackDown man, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho and the Undertaker!

*Crowd pops as Hassan gets an angry look on his face*

Muhammad Hassan: You see, I'm Muhammad Hassan and by god, I am the man who deserve to main event WrestleMania. I was last man from RAW to be in the Royal Rumble match. I worked really hard for RAW last night in Royal Rumble match but I got eliminated by the team of Smackdown? Is that whats RAW about. I battle 24/7 for these fans and these fans still don't respect me. Tonight, I have to wrestle in Fatal Four Way to defend my Intercontinental Championship. Well, there is no one who will stop me for retaining my gold tonight. Tonight, I will prove these Fans that why I'm the most deserving star in the WWE!

*Muhammad Hassan leaves as Todd Grisham is still standing there holding Mic. We're cut backstage near Eric Bischoff's Office and we see Melina still looking for Eric Bischoff*

We come back as "Masterpiece" hits as Chris Masters comes down to the ring with his Usual Entrance.

"Chavo!" hits as Chavo Guerrero comes down to the ring with some loud pops. Chavo then gets into the ring and he stares Masters.

"Suckaa!" hits and Booker T comes down to the ring with tremendous pops. Booker T gets into the ring and he taunts the Crowd which got some pops.

"Arab Prayer" hits as Muhammad Hassan comes down to the ring with his Newly won Intercontinental Championship.

Intercontinental Championship
Muhammad Hassan vs. Chris Masters vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Booker T

Booker T and Chris Masters were the real enemies of the each other through out the match. Both battled in and out of the ring, Going through Steel Steps. Announcers Tables. Both were Bloodied like Hell. *Ending* Booker T and Chris Masters are brawling out of the ring while Muhammad Hassan is laid down in the ring. Eddie chants went up as Chavo connects Legdrop on Hassan. Hassan moves and he then connects Camel Clutch on Hassan. Chavo looks to tap but he comes closer to ropes. Muhammad Hassan then again goes back as Chavo this time taps out!

Winner and Still the Intercontinental Champion: Muhammad Hassan


We cut back and we see Melina finding Eric Bischoff. Melina now goes towards him and she speaks.

Melina: Hello Eric, My boys want rematch for the Tag Team Championships next week here on RAW. Eric so can you please make the match for me.

Melina touches Eric Bischoff around his body.

Eric Bischoff: I'm sorry Melina but I can't do anything. I'm really busy so please give me some time...

Mickie James comes from back and she also joins Company. Mickie James then rubs Eric Bischoff's back as Eric shies. Mickie then comes infront of Eric and both of them show some of her chests to Eric Bischoff. Eric Bischoff shies more. Eric Bischoff then closes his eyes and tells them to leave. Melina and Mickie looked confused as Eric then smiles.

Eric Bischoff: Well, you both are Impressive so next week here on RAW, you're boys will get a rematch for the World Tag Team Championships.

Melina and Mickie James: Thanks Mr. Eric Bischoff.

Melina and Mickie were leaving when Eric stops both of them.

Eric Bischoff: But, It will not be a Normal Tag Match. You're boys will have their handcuffed!

Melina and Mickie looks shocked as Eric leaves.

We cut back to the Ring where "Gregory Helms's" music hits and he comes down to the ring taunting the Crowd. Gregory Helms waits for his Opponent when...

"Rhyno's" music hits and he comes to the ring quickly. Rhyno gets so much Boo's as he beats Gregory Helms.

Singles Match
Rhyno vs. Gregory Helms

The match was going decent. At one point, Gregory Helms connects Shinning Wizard on Rhyno but he ducks. Rhyno then using his Heel Tacticts, Schoolboys him by grabbing the ropes. Referee watches as Rhyno then argues with the Ref. Rhyno then looks angry and he then waits for Gregory Helms to turn. Helms turns as Rhyno connects Gore on him. Rhyno hooks Helms's leg and he makes Cover while Referee counts 3.

Winner by Pinfall: Rhyno

*Rhyno is celebrating while the Crowd gives him Jeers. Rhyno then heads to the Entrance Ramp and he raises his hands up in the air and then he leaves with getting some Boos*

We cut back and we see Triple H sitting on a chair in a Dark Room. Camera goes forward to Triple H.

Triple H: Last night at Royal Rumble, I was going to win Royal Rumble for the Second Time in my Life. I was going to WrestleMania to win my 11th Title Reign but...But, One man came in my way and that man was none other than Kurt Angle. Now, Kurt Angle has chosen a wrong path for himself and this wrong path is going to hurt him for his whole Life!. Kurt Angle, your time is soon to come and The King of Kings is coming for you! Now, you can say...Its true...Its damn true!

Camera cuts back to Announcers table who run on Next match between The Big Show and Brock Lesnar while we're headed to Commercials.


"The Big Show" hits as he comes down to the ring with some pops from the Crowd. Big Show comes down to the ring. Big Show gets into the ring and he waits for Brock Lesnar.

"Pain" hits as Brock Lesnar gets loud ovation from the Crowd. Brock Lesnar gets into the ring with his usual entrance. Brock then gets into the ring and he then stares Big Show.

Singles Match
Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show

Both men put up a Decent Fight. At one point, Big Show goes for Chokeslam but Brock counters and he tries to lift up Big Show. Brock tries to lift up him but Big Show counters it. *Ending* The Big Show goes for Big Boot on Brock Lensar. Brock Lesnar then runs at the ropes. Brock Lesnar bounces back and he hits Spear to Big Show. Big Show is tumbling and he's about to fall. Big Show grabs the Ropes and he's secure now. Brock Lesnar hits another Spear to Big Show at the Turnbuckle. Big Show falls as Brock Lesnar then covers him but gets two count. Brock Lesnar then climbs the Turnbuckle and he hits Shooting Star Press from the Top Rope. Brock Lesnar crawls and he covers Big Show and gets two count. Brock Lesnar then waits for Big Show to stand. Big Show does and then Brock Lesnar connects F5 on him. Brock Lesnar tries to lift him up but he again can't do. Big Show strikes at Referee who flies out of the ring. Brock Lesnar then again connects F5 on Brock Lesnar. This time, Brock Lesnar lifts up Big Show and then connects. Brock Lesnar then covers Big Show but there's no Referee. Brock Lesnar stands up and he turns as Out of nowhere, Randy Orton comes in and he gives RKO to Brock Lesnar. Randy Orton then puts Big Shows's arm on Brock Lesnar's chest. Randy Orton then wakes up Referee and then Referee gets into the ring. Referee crawls and he counts 3.

Winner by Pinfall: The Big Show

Randy Orton is at the Ramp celebrating while Brock Lesnar tries to stand and then he again falls. Brock Lesnars sits at his Knee's and he then stares Orton who is taunting him with Destiny gesture.


We cut back and we see Edge standing with Todd Girsham.

Todd Grisham: Hello Edge, tonight you got a chance to become No. 1 Contender of the WWE Championship. How ar....

Edge: Hey Toad Boy, First of all, Who the hell are you. Leave me alone.

*Edge gets Microphone from Todd Grisham and he runs away*

Edge: Tonight, The Main Event is set and It wouldn't be called Main Event, If me, Rated R Superstar wasn't there. Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin are B Grade Stars. I'm A Grade Star. Next week, Me one on one against Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship and The Rated R Superstar is going to win the WWE Championship for the Second time and you can....BANK ON IT!

*Edge walks away*


"Sexy Boy" hits as Shawn Michaels comes down with huge ovation from the Crowd. Shawn Michaels sits with Announcers on RAW Team and does Commentary along with Coach, The King and Joey Styles of this match.

"Ain't No Stoppin Me" hits as Shelton Benjamin comes down to the ring. Shelton gets some pops from the crowd and he gets into the ring.

"On this Day" hits as Edge makes his way to the ring. Edge taunts Shawn Michaels, who is at the Announcers Table. Edge then comes into the ring and he stares Shelton.

"One of a Kind" hits as Rob Van Dam makes his way to the ring to a loud pop. Rob Van Dam does the RVD gesture and he then taunts Edge and Shelton. Rob Van Dam gets so much pops from the crowd as the match under go its way...

No #1 Contendership for the WWE Championship, next week!
Shelton Benjamin vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam

Match was fantastic with Shelton Benjamin and RVD both Teaming up and beating on Edge. Overall in the match, Edge used some cheating tactics. *Ending & Clips of Match* All men are out of the ring. Edge connects The Spear on Shelton Benjamin but he jumps up as Edge connects Spear on Rob Van Dam who gives Spinning Heel Kick to Edge. Rob Van Dam then gives Running Knee Hit to Shelton, who turns. Rob Van Dam then stomps Rob Van Dam. Rob Van Dam then puts Edge and Shelton Benjamin at the Announcers Table. Rob Van Dam comes into the ring. Rob Van Dam hits Five Star Frogsplash to Edge and Shelton Benjamin out of the ring! Rob Van Dam then gets into the ring and breaks the Count of Referee. Rob Van Dam then throws Shelton in the ring. Rob Van Dam covers him but gets two count. Rob Van Dam then turns as Edge connects Spear on Rob Van Dam which he succeeds. Edge turns as Shelton goes for TBone Suplex but Edge counters and he hits DDT to Shelton Benjamin. Edge then covers Shelton but gets only two count. Edge stomps Shelton and RVD. Edge goes to Rob Van Dam. Edge then waits for Rob Van Dam to stand up. RVD stands as Edge schoolboys him as Referee counts. Edge gets three count by holding the ropes.

Winner by Pinfall: Edge

Edge then quickly leaves the ring while Rob Van Dam arguing to Referee. Edge then goes at the ramp. Edge celebrates his win there while Shawn Michaels stands up at the Announcers Table. HBK then lifts his WWE Championship up and he then taunts Edge with the WWE Championship. RAW fades out with Edge and HBK staring each other.

End of RAW
Reviews will be Returned...

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Alright. There were 5 matches, which is good. But they were all really short with the exception of the Big Show/Lesnar match. There were way to many promo's for my liking, but I'm a man that doesnt enjoy many promo's. Also I don't follow how 2 women won the Tag Team Titles.

Overall: 6.5/10

Try to make the matches longer, with less promo's, and less spelling mistakes, and you should be good to go, I do look forward to the next show.
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

I think, you haven't read my Royal Rumble PPV. You can then say then Matches are Big or not. Well in Weekly Shows, I always write Endings of the Match or Clips of the Match, So Its okay and Thanks for Review.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Yeah I didn't go back that far I thought I could get an idea from the first show after a PPV. AS for the Rumble I'd give it a 10/10. And thank you for clarifying why your Raw matches are so short, so that makes me change my rating for Raw from 6.5/10 to a solid 8.5/10
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Thanks man, Well I'll give a Review at your show in some hours.

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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Good opening segment with Edge, RVD and Benjamin. I think that this could be a really good rivalry. And as i write my reviews in pieces after each segment writting and then going back to read the rest, i am looking forward to the main event.

I liked the second match however i hated the finish and the title change. I feel that women should only have runs with the womens championship as their wrestling is not as good as mens and degrades the other titles they hold.

Good promo with Orton i feel he was in charecter here.

Very good fatal 4 way for the intercontinental championship. I liked how hussan retained and also the fight between masters and booker t, i do hope however that booker t should main event. He would fit in very well with your current headliners.

Decent match between rgino and helms, glad to see the war machine win this one and i was also glad to see helms have a significant amount of offense

Really good match between lesnar and big show, good interferance with Orton, i look forward to this rivalry unfolding it should be awesome.
Fantastic main event, this would be a grand match, Glad to see edge win and a brilliant way to go of the air.

overall 8.5/10
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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Originally Posted by Big Evil Red dude
so that makes me change my rating for Raw from 6.5/10 to a solid 8.5/10
LOL, Did you just say a solid 8.5?

Apple Spitter I will review yours in a few hours or tomorrow!
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