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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown

Excellent match to kick the night off, with Paul London getting a priceless singles win. Nice touch to have Kendrick play MNM at their own game, helping London to the win. That should be a great tag team match at the RR next week.

Awesome two matches to kick off the show. A NEW CW CHAMPION!!!! Jamie Noble is back with a bang!!! Brilliant win for one of my favourite CW wrestlers in the entire world. Perhaps we might see you release Juvi like in real life now??

Mark Henry back?? Surprised to see that, but he's an okay addition to the roster, and a good entrant for the Rumble, as it'll make whoever eliminates him look good.

Funny interview, or attempted interview anyway, with Ken Kennedy. Nice set up for a match with Funaki, although the outcome should be pretty obvious.

Kennedy part of the Rumble?? Loving it. Good squash win over Funaki, and I expect him to be getting a great run in the Rumble to further his status.

Benoit vs Booker coming up should be terrific. Title shot on the line too is a nice touch, although it makes me lean more towards Booker T for the win, as he has been feuding with Rey lately, and Benoit has just sorta been there. I still think it'll be a triple threat at some point, perhaps WM??

Oh well, I was wrong, but I'm glad I was. Benoit vs Rey next week will be an off the hook match, that I would love to see in real life.

Excellent promo with Randy Orton. Great touch with him asking people in the crowd what they were doing when they were 24. I see Orton possibly going all the way and winning the Rumble Match. He is definately the outstanding pick on SD, and my pick to win at this time.

Good to see JBL beat The Boogeyman, and blow off that feud, as Boogeyman just isnt ready for a feud like that, even though in real life, it appears that is where they are heading.

Hardy in the Rumble Match is good. I suspect he'll be given a decent enough run, but I doubt he'll figure at the end.

Great finish for the main event, having no alliances heading into the triple threat match at The Royal Rumble. Taker standing tall, but I think Batista will be doing the same at the PPV, and retain the title.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Great match to kick off Smackdown with some Cruserweight Action. A big win for London with a bit of help from Kendrick giving them big momentum for their match at RR

Another Cruserweight match here but this time for the Cruserweight Title. Good match and great win for Noble and i see him holding the title for quite a while.

Oh no not Mark Henry. An good promo using Henry very well

An good promo leading to the next match

Easy win for Kennedy advancing to the Rumble and i expect him do very well in it.

Good promo here building more heat between Rey and Booker, and i expect Booker to win this match

Very good match here but suprised that Booker lost. But it looks like that Booker will interfere during the match and cost Rey or Benoit the match.

Very good promo here putting giving some heat by spitting in the guy's face.

Good win here for JBL and hopefully he can move onto bigger and better things.

Hardy in the Rumble should be good and he should go far in it.

Good Main event with a great ending with Undertaker attacking both men.

Overall a very good show here building your Main feuds nicely and can't wait for the Royal Rumble.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE: Unleash The Fury
Friday Night Smackdown Review

- Excellent match with London and Kendrick getting the win. I love how you used the Interference from Kendrick and playing MNM's own game. This match at Royal Rumble should be good to kick things off.

- Hyped Promo from JBL/Jillian. I can see that Boogeyman coming to get Jillian backstage If she stays back their. Funny Promo from JBL/Boogeyman there was good. The Hardcore match tonight should be good.

- A Really very good Cruiserweight Championship match. This is the second CW match in your show. Well, I really was looking for this match. Its good to see Noble coming back to Smackdown and winning the title away from Juventud.

- Mark Henry is also back on Smackdown. I don't like him but he can be great in Royal Rumble or If he didn't get his chance to be in RR then I think he can Interfere in. He's strong through.

- Good Promo their by Kennedy and Matthews. Kennedy is great with Mic Skills and I love him. Good to see Funaki coming in and hyping the match-up but Kennedy will win it for sure.

- Nice Squash Match there by Kennedy/Funaki. I can see Kennedy beeing and strong competitor in RR.

- Good Promo their by Teddy/Booker/Mysterio hyping the match. Now, This match should be good.

- Well, Its nice to see Chris Benoit getting the No. 1 Contenders Spot but I want a Triple Threat Match for that Title b/w them. I think, that'll happen maybe Booker will Interrput in Benoit's match with Rey for the US Title.

- WOW!. Awesome Promo by Randy Orton their. I love the Idea of how he was going on with Crowd. I loved all the Promo their. It was really fantastic, POTN!.

- JBL vs. Boogeyman should be good, Well, it was a Okay match with JBL getting the Win.

- Matt Hardy should be a great competitor in RR. Well, We'll see whats store for Matt at RR. Lets see his Dreams are fulfilled or not at RR.

- Batista vs. Christian should be a great match. My bet their was on Christian but oh no!, Taker interupts. Well, Triple Threat b/w them for The Title at RR should be off the hook.

Overall - 7.5/10

Well, You really need to put some length in the matches. Do some pinfalls their. Your Promos are really good, good work!.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Opener would have been a very good match, and a nice way to start the show. Big win for London, giving them the momentum going into the ppv

JBL/Boogeyman tonight will be okay I guess

New champion? That came from nowhere, but having noble as the champ will work well I think. This show would have seen some good matches so far

Henry in the rumble match I can live with, as every rumble needs a big guy. As long as he doesn’t get a push, then I can live with him being on the roster

Kennedy promo was okay, and I guess he will pick up the win in his match tonight

Kennedy over Funaki was expected, but a good win for him anyway, as he needed to go over someone to get in the rumble. Can see a nice run for him in the match

Booker/Benoit will be a good match tonight, and I see all this building to a triple threat either at mania or NWO

Big win for Benoit over Booker, albeit with the help of Rey. Match next week will be great, but I don’t see a clean ending happening

Good Orton promo, with him being his usual cocky arrogant self. He could do well in the rumble match, and has to be a favourite at the moment

JBL over the Boogeyman had to be done, and is a good win for JBL, giving him some much needed momentum

Hardy in the rumble will be good, and after that promo he could get a good run

Taker interrupts the Batista/Christian match, which had to be expected with the triple threat happening at the ppv. Good way to keep the build up going, and it will be interesting to see what will occur next
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Well, You really need to put some length in the matches. Do some pinfalls their.
He does match endings only.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Match #1
Paul London vs Joey Mercury

Nice match to open the show with. London of course has his high flying which can always keep the crowd screaming and Mercury is a pretty good mat wrester. This makes a good combination as the match sounds pretty good. I like it when two wrestlers from teams fight against each other it builds up the tag team feud whilst putting up a good match in the process. Even with Melina’s best efforts and a low blow to boot Mercury is still unable to get the three count as Kendrick completes the cross body. Nice to see the referee stops Nitro from entering the ring and giving Kendrick the chance to hit Slice Bread. London gets the win and the feud builds between the two teams. I can see MNM losing the straps in the near future and this win for London will help his teams case for a title shot. Good opener!

Nice little segment with JBL telling Jillian to stay at the back during his match with the Boogeyman. It just shows how scared he is of the freak and the image of him screaming once seeing his opponent in the closet was priceless. Boogeyman does the thing he does week in week out whilst eating worms and JBL nearly wets his pants. This served its purpose by pushing there hardcore match but I’m not a fan of the Boogeyman so this will affect how I perceive the segment.

Match #2
*Cruiserweight Championship
Juventud (c) vs Jamie Noble

I love some good Cruiserweight action and these two are great wrestlers. Sounds like a pretty good match but it’s always hard to tell from a shortened form. Juvy misses the 450 and Noble makes him pay with the Tiger Bomb. Great move and a great finish as this really pushes Noble seen as though this is his first ever match on Smackdown. I wonder if Juventud will get another shot or if he will make way for another cruiser. Either way a nice title change on a weekly show is not a bad thing and It gives the feeling that anything can happen on your show. Good match and a nice title change once again. I’m a big fan of Noble so I can’t complain even though I like too!

I liked the Mark Henry/Long segment a lot. This showed Mark Henry as a monster which he should be and the added touch of having him arrested was excellent. I’m pretty sure Henry will get a spot in the rumble and with his size you can’t overlook him. But this is a spot in the Wrestlemania main event so I wouldn’t bet on it. Nice segment anyway which puts Henry in a good light.

Great Kennedy interview!!! Classic Kennedy stopping Mathews every time he starts to speak. You really captured him well in this and the added humour in Funaki snatching the mic off him and announcing himself as Smackdown’s number one announcer was great. I can just picture Kennedy’s face when little Funaki interrupts him. Nice touch with having Kennedy spit in Funaki’s face as he is a heel which we sometimes forget. Nice way to start a match but there’s only going to be one winner.

Match #3
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Ken Kennedy vs Funaki

Squash match plain and simple but did its job well. Kennedy looks strong and he has qualified for the Rumble whilst Funaki takes the Green Bay Plunge for his troubles. Nothing special but got it’s point across nonetheless.

Nice little segment before Booker’s match. Booker T is portrayed as a good heel here and the result is a chance at the United States Title. This adds some spice to the following match which is a little lacklustre seen as though it’s happening all the time in the WWE at the moment.

Match #4
#1 Contender's Match
Booker T vs Chris Benoit

Nice match here with Booker nearly getting the win but for the interference from the man he called just minutes ago Rey Mysterio. I like the image of Booker chasing Rey all the way around the ring and into the squared circle and running straight into the Crippler Cross Face. There’s only going to be one outcome here and that’s for the five time WCW champion to tap. I’m a little surprised by this outcome as I was sure Booker was gaining the shot but oh well. Benoit vs. Mysterio for the United States Title should be good.

Does Randy Orton ever shut up? No seriously this was a good promo and I liked the part where Randy spat in the face of the college student. It’s an easy way to get Randy over as a heel but it worked well nonetheless.

Match #5
Hardcore Match
JBL vs The Boogeyman

Like I said before I’m not a big fan of the Boogeyman so I’m glad he lost tonight. I thought there would be a few more hardcore spots in this match but nevertheless it was a solid match. Good win for JBL but I don’t see this feud ending here!

Match #6
Batista vs Christian

An okay main event and I see Christian is receiving a pretty good push in this thread. The match sounded pretty average but the Undertaker interference was the main purpose. The Deadman attacked both guys signalling he’s on his own in he Royal Rumble and Its a nice image of The Undertaker taunting in the middle of the ring as the lights fade out.

Overall it was a good show with the added bonus of a Cruiserweight Title change. The main event was lacking something for me but it was still pretty solid. Good Smackdown but not the greatest 7.5/10
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Well guys thanks for the reviews and I will be getting them back to you all sometimes soon but right now, the most important review goes to Forever Delayed as he just put up his Taboo Tuesday. Sorry it's taking so long but I am reviewing it and along with that working on my Royal Rumble but expect reviews sometimes soon
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

^Ok but you did say you would review my Mania by the end of this past weekend on aim. Anyway here's my Smackdown Review.

Matches/Booking: Certainly not soem of your best Matches that you've booked of Match Endings. 7.5/10

Promo's: Your promo's went down a bit mimo from Raw. But there still ok. 7.5/10

Length: 11 pages is more than I need. 10/10

Spelling/Grammer: I looked more carefully than usual and I did see quite a few grammer mistakes along with a couple spelling. 7/10

Entertainment: Your show was good in entertainment although for some reason I was hoping the Batista/Christan match would of had an ending. I was disapointed in that as I was hoping one of them would win even by DQ. 7.5/10

Overall: 79/100. C. Not one of your best shows imo. I am being a bit harsher than I usually am but I must say in all honestly this was your worst SD! in this thread yet.

I'm watching you...

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

hey KOP, I'll give ya review tomorrow, but you still owe me a plethora of reviews......


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

London vs. Mercury - this was a good match finish. i like how MNM tried to cheat but it back fired on them. it seems like kendrick appeared out of no where though..

JBL Promo - a bit short, but nonetheless entertaining.

Juventud vs. Noble - cool match ending. it was written nicely and good turn of events.

Henry Promo - a liked this promo. but i thought it was weird that mark henry laughed at the end..

Kennedy Promo - this was a funny promo. but more conversation with funaki and kennedy would've been better IMO

Kennedy vs. Funaki - good match though an obvious ending. not much to say about it though

Mysterio Promo - mysterio never got to say what he wanted... and why would booker eat right before his match? but the promo was good, although it was kinda weird how teddy kept seeming to cut off mysterio

Booker vs. Beniot - The match was good. of course mysterio coming out and helping beniot was great. this might lead to a good fued between booker and mysterio.. perhaps

Orton Promo - this was nice and long. and i liked how orton talked to those two people but, they would have to be set ups because c'mon, a wrestler slapping a fan or spitting in his face. lol. but good promo nonetheless

JBL vs. Boogeyman - i don't have much to say about this match but thank god JBL won

Batista vs. Christian - well. it was cool that undertaker came out and hit batista and christian. but my only thought is that if it was a basic match, wouldn't batista have been DQed because Christian was hit with the chokeslam first. So Christian would've actually won that match, right? maybe not.. i dunno *shoots self*

Side notes:
i like your commentators. they always have something to say.
for some reason, a lot of the times you write "whenever" when the word should just be "when". but i guess whenever works too
you didn't use much color.. which at times threw me off where i was reading


O' lawrdy.
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