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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

do you need any help with anything
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

wow, 3 pages for one match.. i was just able to cough out like 4 and a quarter pages for my main event
*lowers head in shame*
oh well.. im new to this btb thing and i *hope* thats why my matches arent of great length xP

anyways.. i look forward to the royal rumble the royal rumble i wrote in my first btb show was CRAP! you can read it at my forum, the link is in my signature

O' lawrdy.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday January 16, 2006
Raleigh, North Carolina

*Across the Nation hits and the normal Raw video package hits and we then fade out to the commentators*

Jerry Lawler: Welcome to Raw tonight and an action packed night is in store for us as we have Edge's new talk show debuting tonight

Jonathan Coachman: Edge's new show is called the Cutting Edge and he welcomes his first guest tonight to the show, Rob Van Dam

Joey Styles: I know Rob Van Dam from ECW real well and he suffered a huge loss last week in the Five Way Free for All Match

Jerry Lawler: Edge told us that he will not hesitate to bring the hard questions, to get the truth is what Edge wants to do

Jonathan Coachman: Also tonight, two former Intercontinental Chamions collide as Ric Flair takes on Carlito

Joey Styles: Flair will be looking for revenge once more after losing his title two weeks ago, then getting screwed out of it last week

*No Chance hits and Mr. McMahon comes down to the ring with his normal powerwal before talking*

Mr. McMahon: Last week we witness a hineous attack and quite brutal attack on Raw whenever Eric Bischoff was attacked in his hospital room. Eric was attacked by the man who he will be facing in two weeks with his job on the line as he takes on Stone Cold Steve Austin but tonight, we are going to have an update on Eric Bischoff

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: We are going to find out if Eric will be even able to walk into Houston, Texas in two weeks or if he won't be able to. But as a result of the attack, we will be having Stone Cold Steve Austin out here on Raw tonight and he is going to apologize for what he did to Eric Bischoff whether I like Eric Bischoff or not, he will apologize!

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: And as a matter of fact, Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to have to apologize because he if he doesn't come out here and apologize then, he will indeed pay. He will pay by being fired once more from me, Mr. McMahon

*Crowd Boos*

Mr. McMahon: So what are we waiting for, Stone Cold Steve Austin, you drag your filthy little ass down to this ring right now and I demand an apology to Eric Bischoff right here and right now or as I said, you will be unemployed. You'll be looking around for a job and then it will hit you, there are not any other places that want you!

*Glass Shatters hits and the classic black truck of Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out and we see Austin's sunroof pop open and Austin pops his head out, then grabs a beer and chugs it down and gets out of his truck and slides into the ring with a ice cooler of beers inside*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Want a beer?


Mr. McMahon: I th......

Stone Cold Steve Austin: I asked you if you wanted a beer, now damnit, we don't have to go into full details so do you want a beer?


*McMahon looks worried, then gives in*

Mr. McMahon: Yes I want a beer

*Stone Cold then opens the ice chest then tosses a cold one to Mr. McMahon and Mr. McMahon opens the beer and starts to sip out of it*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: So I was sitting in the back........


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Drinking a Beer...........


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Then I heard that you want an apology, am I right?


Mr. McMahon: That's right Stone Cold. You certainly owe Eric Bischoff an apology for harming him last week in the hospital and you better be glad he's not going to sue your ass for harming him and you also better be glad I didn't fire your ass on the spot because I co.....

Stone Cold Steve Austin: You want an apology?


Mr. McMahon: No I sa.........

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Eric, I'm Sorry!

*The crowd looks in awe and starts to boo Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon looks happy about this apology*

Mr. McMahon: That's more like it Stone Cold, right now you could be looking at myself just making you the new GM of Raw

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Yeah Vince, that's nice and Vince, I wanted to apologize........


Stone Cold Steve Austin: For this!!!!!!

*Stone Cold then flicks off Mr. McMahon and the crowd is going nuts as they know that Stone Cold just got Mr. McMahon and then Stone Cold connects with the Stone Cold Stunner as Glass Shatters hits and Stone Cold slides out of the ring with his ice chest and pulls out two beers before climbing into the back of the truck and then climbing onto the roof. Stone Cold then does his normal beer bash and then chugs the beers down before doing it once more and then we fade to commercial*


Match #1
Chris Masters vs Val Venis

Match Finish: Decent match between these two men. Used more as a "push" for Chris Masters with his upcoming match at the Royal Rumble against Ric Flair. Ending takes place during this match whenever Masters throws Venis into the ropes and Venis comes back into the Polish Hammer from Masters and Venis get knocked down. The Intercontinental Champion then taunts the crowd and grabs the arms of Venis applying the MasterLock throwing Venis around and around which the ref then checks the arms and Venis has passed out

Winner: Chris Masters

*Chris Masters then slides to the outside of the ring, then tosses the IC title around his shoulder and grabs a mic from Lilian Garcia*

Chris Masters: Ric Flair, that's a preview right there for you at the Royal Rumble in thirteen days whenever I beat your ass down!

*Crowd Boos*

Chris Masters: And Ric, you better be prepared come the Royal Rumble because I sure will and I will be there walking into Houston, Texas as the Intercontinental Champion and the match will end, the referee will raise my hand and I will walk right out of Houston, Texas with the Intercontinental Championship and you will be knocked out Ric

*Crowd Boos*

Chris Masters: You will be knocked out Ric because I'm going to apply the MasterLock onto you just like I did to here Val Venis and look at him now Ric!

*Masters then kicks Venis and Venis doesn't buldge but Masters smiles anyways*

Chris Masters: So Ric, the way I look at it, you've got thirteen days to be prepared, to get warmed up, and to get back into the best shape that you have ever been in because whenever I step into that ring, it's definently going to be a fight from then on because I will beat you Ric and I will keep what is mine, the Intercontinental Championship!

*Masterpiece hits and Masters makes his way up the ramp to boos holding the Intercontinental Championship around his shoulder*

Jerry Lawler: The Masterpiece looking rather confident heading into the Royal Rumble only thirteen days away from today

Jonathan Coachman: With a body like that, how could you not be confident? I mean, he really and truly is the Masterpiece

Joey Styles: Would you shut up Coach? Are you trying to be real funny or are you just trying to suck up to Chris Masters?

Jerry Lawler: But still to come tonight on Raw, Masters's opponent for the Royal Rumble will be in action later tonight

Jonathan Coachman: Ric Flair will be meeting Carlito and Flair is going to have to come with everything because Carlito is no easy task

Joey Styles: But coming up next, we have a Royal Rumble Qualifying matchup and this one is really unique, so tune in!


*Interview w/ John Cena*

Todd Grisham: Right now I am standing by with former WWE Champion John Cena and I have a question for you, what made you want to face Kurt Angle in Hell in a Cell?

John Cena: Todd, Hell in a Cell might be the most dangerous match ever in the WWE but now, it's time to settle this war between myself and Kurt Angle. It's been going on for five plus months and it really was supposed to culminate two weeks ago whenever Kurt won my WWE Championship in the Steel Cage Match on Raw

Todd Grisham: Well we know this feud has been going on for awhile but how are you feeling heading into the Royal Rumble thirteen days away?

John Cena: For Kurt, it really is going to be Hell in a Cell because whenever I step into that ring, I will unleash everything I have that is necessary to take back what is mine and right now Kurt Angle has that which is the WWE Championship

Todd Grisham: John do you have anything else you want to tell the crowd here tonight or specifically Kurt Angle?

John Cena: Kurt, just bring your A-Game into the Royal Rumble because mine is going to be there and you better get ready! I will not hesitate to beat you down and take back my title and don't forget, the Chain Gang Representin!

*We then cut down to ringside for the match*

Match #2
Royal Rumble Qualifying Contract on a Pole Match
Rob Conway vs Eugene

Match Finish: Good little match between these two men and it comes off very well and very good of a match for this type of a match. Ending comes whenever Eugene has Conway and nails the Stone Cold Stunner to which Eugene starts heading to the ropes. Conway grabs the foot of Eugene though and pulls him back to the ring and Conway asks to be helped up. Eugene looks around being confused and the crowd tells him not to but Eugene does anyways to which Conway then nails the Ego Trip onto Eugene and Conway goes over to the ropes, climbs onto the top turnbuckkle and then unhooks the chain off of the contract to be entered into the Royal Rumble Match!

Winner and Advancing to Royal Rumble: Rob Conway

*We then head down to the commentators*

Jerry Lawler: Eugene has got to be a huge moron to fall for that trick that Rob Conway has just pulled on him here tonight!

Jonathan Coachman: One of the oldest tricks in the book and Eugene is too stupid and he falls for it, how pathetic!

Joey Styles: You two might be questioning the intelligence of Eugene but he sure has a lot of heart and he proves it in the ring

Jerry Lawler: Calm down Styles, we are just telling the truth right now! Eugene has never been or never will be smart

Jonathan Coachman: For the first time ever King, I've gotta agree with you there and you sure are a smart guy yourself

Joey Styles: Well coming up next, we have Mr. Money in the Bank Edge and he will be debuting his new talk show, the Cutting Edge!!!


*Metalingus hits and Edge comes out with his MITB briefcase and walks down to the ring not doing his normal entrance and Lita comes out with Edge hugging on him the whole time*

Edge: Welcome to the Cutting Edge!!!!

*Crowd Boos*

Edge: This is the show that is not afraid to get the truth, not afraid to find out the whole thing and not afraid to ask the dirty questions. Because here on the Cutting Edge, we get serious and when I mean serious, I mean as in personal questions!

*Crowd Boos*

Edge: But as for tonight, I'm debuting my new show along with my wife, Lita but as for now, let's talk a little bit about who my opponent is? My opponent claims to be Mr. Monday Night, Mr. PPV, the Whole Damn Show, but we know this is not true!

*Crowd Boos and Edge Sucks Chants start up*

Edge: So give it up for my first ever guest............

*Crowd waits to hear RVD's name*

Edge: Rob Van Dam!!!!

*One of a Kind hits and we see Rob Van Dam come down to the ramp doing his taunt and then RVD slides into the ring and then is handed a mic*

Edge: So Rob, let's go ahead and get this done before we run out of time, how did it feel to be injured for almost a year, to be laying on your back at home watching everybody in the WWE rise to where they are today and you haven't went anywhere yet because you have been injured so Rob, why don't you go ahead and answer this for us?

*Crowd is Booing Edge and RVD stands in shock from Edge's comments but starts to talk*

Rob Van Dam: You really want to know Edge? Well since you really want to know let me just summarize it down to you. You know what it feels like because you had a broken neck and was out as long as I was and you know that's it like living hell! You've got to turn on the screen each day, watch your friends and peers compete and you never get to wrestle for awhile because of an injury so Edge why are you asking me, you should already know

*Crowd Pops*

Edge: Ok Rob well you want to play smart uh? Well my wife Lita has a question for you real quick and be ready to answer it because it's going to be intresting?

*Slut chants start up as RVD smiles and Lita looks pissed*

Lita: First off, I'm not a slut but sorry baby (talking to Edge) about having to start over because everybody here interrupted me! But anyways RVD, simple question real quick but can you please tell myself and Edge how many times have you been World Champion???

*Crowd OOO's and RVD smiles and Edge and Lita share a laugh*

Rob Van Dam: Very funny you asked Lita because now that I think about it, I've never been the World-Heavyweight Champion or WWE Champion. I'm going to be honest about that but something else I forgot is that I have had my shot at the titles before, I might have lost but I have had my shots unlike your husband over there, Edge!!!

*Crowd Pops and Edge gets pissed off before snatching the mic out of Van Dam's hand*

Edge: Oh ok RVD, you want to play like that huh?

*Edge then drops the mic and then charges at RVD and takes him down with a huge right and Edge is throwing some hard rights at RVD and then RVD reverses it and is throwing rights onto Edge and RVD then gets Edge up and then nails a Monkey Flip then climbs to the top rope going for the Five Star Frog Splash but Edge rolls out of the ring and Lita tosses Edge the MITB briefcase before retreating up to the back but then..... we see Mr. McMahon on the titantron*

Mr. McMahon: Not right now Edge because you see next week here on Raw, you are going to be in a tune up match dare I say as you take on the man that you tried to beatdown in the ring right now and his name is Rob Van Dam

*Crowd Pops*

Mr. McMahon: And while you two are in the ring, I want to make a quick announcement concerning you two and that is that seeing as you two showed some intense action in that ring and RVD, I'm awarding this for your return and Edge, I'm awarding this because I personally like you and you have potential in this company, so now, you two are officially in the Royal Rumble!

*Crowd Pops for RVD, Boos for Edge*

Mr. McMahon: So you two get ready for next week because you two are going to be facing each other and this little feud will end next week!


Jerry Lawler: Well we are back and what a huge announcement for next week, Edge will be taking on Rob Van Dam on Raw!

Jonathan Coachman: Those two certainly got personal right there and I am awaiting that huge matchup next week here on Raw

Joey Styles: Edge certainly did toss some "hard" questions to Rob Van Dam and they sure were personal as Edge proclaimed before

Jerry Lawler: Edge is the "Rated R" Superstar. He's allowed to do anything he wants and he will do whatever he wants

Jonathan Coachman: King, you are on a roll tonight. I mean I don't think I have ever agreed with you as much as I have tonight

Joey Styles: Ok guys that's nice but right now, we've got a divas match between Victoria and Mickie James so pay attention guys!

Match #3
Victoria w/ Torrie Wilson and Candice vs Mickie James w/Trish Stratus and Ashley Massaro

Match Finish: Decent match between these two women who have wrestling ability and not much interference until the end of the matchup. James nails Victoria down with her spinning kick and then goes to pick up Victoria but Torrie grabs Mickie's leg causing a distraction. Ashley runs over and grabs Torrie and beats her down while Candice tries to save Torrie from getting beaten down but Ashley knocks Candice down too. Trish then slides into the ring and waits for Victoria but Victoria ducks and Trish hits Mickie with the Chick Kick on accident and Victoria grabs Trish and throws her to the outside before capitalizing on Trish's error, One....Two.....Three

Winner: Victoria

*Victoria, Candice, and Torrie Wilson make their way up the ramp smiling and Trish and Ashley slide into the ring trying to check on Mickie James who seems knocked out. Trish tells Mickie it was an accident and Mickie says it was ok. About a minute later, Trish and Ashley then grab Mickie and help her to the back and we then head to the back*

*We see Kurt Angle and Daivari barge on into Mr. McMahon's office*

Kurt Angle: Vince, tonight I want John Cena in that ring, one on one right now just to unleash my anger upon him

Mr. McMahon: First off, don't ever call me Vince, you call me Mr. McMahon but I can do something for you here tonight Kurt

*Kurt and Daivari smile then Kurt starts to speak once more*

Mr. McMahon: You see, I can give you a match here tonight and well you tonight it will be John Cena going one on one with......

*Kurt and Daivari keep on smiling and then Mr. McMahon gets excited too*

Mr. McMahon: Daivari!!!!

*Crowd Pops and Kurt Angle looks pissed off while Daivari looks worried*

Kurt Angle: Vince, I'm your WWE Champion and you should not be treating me like this for all I have done for this company. I have done so much time after time and what do I get rewarded with this, Hell in a Cell at Royal Rumble against John Cena? Come on Vi......

Mr. McMahon: Shadddduppppppp!!!!!

*Crowd Pops and Angle looks worried and so does Daivari*

Mr. McMahon: You can try your best to try to get me to change that match tonight but it will go down, John Cena vs Daivari tonight and Kurt, I will give you a chance all right. Tonight, the special guest referee is you Kurt!

*Crowd Boos and Mr. McMahon smiles at this and Angle and Daivari agree*

Kurt Angle: Vince, I'll make sure to call it right down the line but I better go get ready, got to get ready for the end of Cena!

*Angle and Daivari walk out as Daivari screams arabic at McMahon and Mr. McMahon smiles as we fade out to commercial*


*We then head backstage to where Todd Grisham is with Shawn Michaels*

Todd Grisham: Shawn, right now I have a few questions for you and it concerns the Royal Rumble in two weeks time

Shawn Michaels: Todd, if you are asking if I'm in the Royal Rumble match, then the answer is yes because I was received my spot from Mr. McMahon

Todd Grisham: Ok Shawn, but one other thing, you are a two time winner in this event and do you think you will be able to repeat this?

Shawn Michaels: Do I think? I think anything can happen if it wants to happen and the Royal Rumble is going to be my night, it's going to be my night to shine and my night to become the second ever three time Royal Rumble winner, then head off into WrestleMania and main event WrestleMania once more in my illustr.......

*We hear a voice talk and Michaels looks ticked off*

Voice: Well, if it isn't Shawn Michaels!

*Crowd Boos as they recognize the voice, then cut over to reveal Triple H*

Triple H: Shawn Michaels saying that he's going to win the Royal Rumble once again? What kind of joke is this Shawn? Wake up, this is 2006 not 1996! Shawn, you were in your primetime, ten years ago and now, you are just like Ric Flair. You are just a dried up and washed up has been that wants to stick around and steal the spotlight

*Crowd Boos as Triple H goes face to face with Shawn Michaels*

Shawn Michaels: Triple H, we go way back! I mean way back and I wouldn't hesitate like the snap of my fingers to take you out right now. You might think you got the last laugh in our last couple of matches, then booting me out of D-Generation X was supposed to be a laugh huh? Well I wasn't laughing at all and neither were the fans. They realized that you thought you were supposed to get everything you wanted and you claim that it's been a long ride to get what you wanted, you're an 10 time World-Heavyweight Champion but in reality, all of those titles, all of those long nights have been easily handed to you on a silver platter!

*Crowd Pops and Triple H looks ticked*

Triple H: Shawn Michaels, you are real funny. You really crack me up with these little jokes of your's saying it's been handed to me on a silver platter. Well in reality you can say that I guess. D-X was handed to me when you were injured, I didn't hold back and I brought D-X to what it was and people will always remember Triple H being in D-X not Shawn Michaels! People are always going to remember Triple H matches because he always put on a great match and Shawn, let me take one from you. In reality, I am the real Showstopper!

Triple H: See you at the Rumble, Shawn!

*Triple H smiles at his last comment and then walks off and we head to the commentators*

Jerry Lawler: Well Triple H looks all smiles after his talk he had with Shawn Michaels, wonder where this is going?

Jonathan Coachman: It's no secret that these two have had differences before and that has happened numerous times

Joey Styles: They've had some brutal fights in their storied history and I don't even think their Hell in a Cell match ended that war

Jerry Lawler: Well should be intresting as both of those men are in the Royal Rumble match and they might be gunning for each other

Jonathan Coachman: Might King? It's a guarantee that they will be trying their best to try to eliminate one another

Joey Styles: Well when we come back , we've got Ric Flair taking on Carlito as an tune up match for the Royal Rumble


Match #4
Ric Flair vs Carlito

Match Finish: Good match between these two men and match of the night so far as they both show they can put on a great match. Ending takes place whenever Flair knocks down Carlito with a chopblock and then grabs the legs of Carlito getting ready for the Figure 4 Leg Lock but we see the fans booing as Chris Masters slides into the ring and starts to beatdown on his opponent Ric Flair before the Royal Rumble and the ref sees this then rings the bell causing the DQ once more and Ric Flair has won two weeks in a row by DQ

Winner: Ric Flair via DQ

*The beatdown continues on Ric Flair and Masters and Carlito are double teaming on Flair. Carlito then picks up Flair and nails him with the DDT and Masters is taunting the crowd while Carlito slides to the outside of the ring. Carlito then grabs a steel chair and tosses it into the ring and Carlito then hits Ric Flair in the head with the chair which cuts Flair open after numerous attacks and now Flair is bleeding pretty bad. Masters then picks Flair up and then goes to lock in the MasterLock but then we see Shelton Benjamin run down to the ring and make the save causing Masters and Carlito to hit the ring and Benjamin then helps up Ric Flair while Benjamin wanted revenge on Carlito after cheating to win last week on Raw as Benjamin slides to the outside for a mic*

Shelton Benjamin: Carlito and Masters, you wanna be beating down on Ric Flair? Well then you can do that but you gotta take on me too! Next week Carlito and Chris Masters vs Ric Flair and Shelton Benjamin and we'll see you there!

*Ain't No Stoppin Me No!!! hits and we see Benjamin helping up Flair as Flair gets up to cheers from the crowd and Benjamin and Flair make their way to the back*

*We then cut to the back where we see Matt Striker at a desk with a chalkboard with the word "Future" written on the board*

Matt Striker: Hello and I will be your teacher....Matt Striker!

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: Now today's topic is going to be your future but not only your future, it will mainly be your kids's future

*Crowd Boos and You Got Fired Chants start up*

Matt Striker: Now onto the topic, the future is a very important thing in somebody's lives and it can very well determine what you do, where you go in live. Such as the choices you make as what school do I want to go to, what car do I want, or where do I want to go get some food? All of these choices can effect your lives in some way!

*Crowd Continues to Boo*

Matt Striker: Now I've seen some people and I never would have guessed what they would have turned into ten years down the road but it's downright horrible. I mean, you've got smart kids and then they turn into couch potatoes, sitting there eating potato chips all day on the couch while you could be getting a education right then

*Striker Sucks Chants start up*

Matt Striker: But as for my future. My future is going to be very bright here in the WWE and one of those future events involves the Royal Rumble. You see, I was talking to Mr. McMahon and he gave me a spot in the Royal Rumble match just like that because he felt I deserved it and when you are a great teacher like me, I guess you would deserve it

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: But as far as my future concerns, my future is going to be very bright because not only am I entering the Royal Rumble. Oh, I'm going to win the Royal Rumble then head onto WrestleMania 22 and then become the new WWE Champion just like that.

*Crowd Boos*

Matt Striker: So students, it might have been a short lesson but it gets it's point across and that is you need to think about your future because you don't want to be like that guy

*Striker points to the camera guy*

Matt Striker: If you become like that guy, then you will have gotten nowhere in life but as for now, this is your teacher Matt Striker and oh yeah, think about your future!

*We then fade out as Striker leans back in his chair and puts his feet on the desk smiling*


Jerry Lawler: This Matt Striker guy looks rather confident right now here on Raw, I mean he taught a good lesson though

Jonathan Coachman: Confidence is great for a young man like Striker and as he said, he has a bright future here in the WWE

Joey Styles: Coach, are you always like this when we get a new superstar? I mean, everytime you are always sucking up to somebody

Jerry Lawler: Joey, Coach has always been like that and he just thinks that the superstars feel appreciated by the suckups

Jonathan Coachman: What would you two know? Anyways, I'm being serious about Matt Striker and he looks a great fit for Raw

Joey Styles: Well we will find out at the Royal Rumble but coming up next, it is our huge main event as John Cena faces Daivari w/ Kurt Angle as Special Referee

Match #5
John Cena vs Daivari
Special Referee: Kurt Angle

Match Finish: Just like any other match where the special referee is doing one sided calling as Angle helps Daivari throughtout this match. In the end, Cena has Daivari up for the F-U but Angle then gets involved and Angle kicks Cena in the gut and then nails the Angle Slam to which Daivari covers Cena, One.....Two.....Thre..... Cena kicks out! Daivari then heads to the top rope and climbs up top getting ready to jump. Daivari then leaps off the ropes for the Leg Drop but Cena rolls away and gets back to his feet knocking Angle down and then nails the F-U on Angle. A new ref then comes in and Cena locks on the STFU on Daivari and Daivari waits for a minute but is forced to tap out and Cena then gets back to his feet celebrating the win

Winner via submission: John Cena

*My Time is Now hits and John Cena then heads out of the ring and celebrates with the crowd motioning to Kurt Angle that the WWE Championship is coming back home to the Chain Gang while Angle and Daivari are still knocked down and then Raw fades out*

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Hey KOPV. I will get a review up tommorow as I'm tired right now and I'm just roaming around the forums. But Raw looks great just by skimming through it.

I'm watching you...

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Solid opening promo from Vince and Austin, and I think that Eric will just about be able to make it to RR. Stunner on Vince had to be expected, but I donít think Vince will like it

Masters picks up a good win, and then a nice promo from him afterwards. Donít see him dropping the belt just yet

Cena interview was okay, nothing special but did its job

Conway does a good job to get in the rumble, but I would like to see Eugene in there as well

Edge/RVD next week will be a good match, and will probably end up being a preview of the Raw side of the rumble. Good debut of the cutting edge here, and some nice lines from both guys.

Trish/Micki is coming soon, and perhaps will be the womenís match for mania. One of them will turn on the other one soon

Main event tonight will be a good one, and I guess Cena will overcome the odds, as he always does. Nice promo here, and good stuff from these guys

HHH/HBK feud to start up again? Would be a good one to see, as the matches would be good ones, but not sure how you will manage to keep it fresh, seeing as it has been done so many times before

Tag match for next week will be good. Masters gets in a good attack on flair, and Shelton makes the save, which keeps him over nicely. Good way to build into the rumble here

Nice striker promo, although I donít see him lasting too long in the rumble match

Cena overcomes the odds, and he wins by making Daivari tap out. This feud has to end at the rumble, and therefore, surely angle has to retain, which is probably the way this should go

Interesting to see who the other 5 men in the rumble from raw will be. Iím guessing Shelton will take one spot, and maybe Eugene as well. Perhaps Daivari to give some back up for Angle, and a random tag team, but I guess we will have to find out
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review:

Was a matter of time before Vince got a stunner from Austin. You never get the simple stuff from Austin, and I was waiting anxiously to see how he got around to hitting the stunner on Vince.

Nice victory for Masters, and I expect he'll get a strong win over Ric Flair at the Royal Rumble, and further cement his place as a future main eventer on Raw.

Strong promo from Cena, but having just lost the belt, I dont see him reclaiming it inside HIAC at The Royal Rumble.

Very unique Rumble qualifier, with a contract on a pole. Pleased Conway is headed into the match, as the whole Eugene thing has run its course now, although I liked the way you had Conway 'con' Eugene, and manipulate him at the finish.

Cutting Edge was done perfectly. Pulled some hard questions, and began a feud between RVD and Edge. It might just be short term, but if it's a long term feud, I'm all for it. Could go places with it, especially with next weeks contest.

Good win for Victoria over Mickie here. Not sure where you're going with this feud, although I think it might translate into a Mickie heel turn in time for WM 22.

Ok promo with Angle, Daivari and McMahon, setting up tonights main event. I dont see anyway that Cena will lose to Daivari, although on a side point, it's hard to tell right now whether McMahon is a face or heel.

Brilliant promo between Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Possibly the best promo you have written that I can remember. Captured both men perfectly, and you made the Rumble sound really important as it should be too. Not sure if anything will build from this, but I wouldnt mind seeing them hook it up at WM.

Flair over Carlito by DQ is okay, as it saves CCC from another loss, and it allows the Masters / Flair feud to continue on towards RR. Glad to see Ric get a back up, with Benjamin saving him, setting up a tag team match for next week on Raw. Could be a good build up for the I.C Title, and Shelton and Carlito as part of RR.

Striker in the Rumble is fine by me. I dont see him lighting the world up with a great performance, but he should make a good entrant in the early stages. Promo was pretty decent too, and well in character.

Pleased to see Cena win by submission, and get the momentum headed into RR, still see Angle winning though.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown Preview for Friday January 20, 2006

What a huge night for Smackdown as a preview of the Royal Rumble is going to be taken place as "Captain Charisma" Christian will be hooking up with the World-Heavyweight Champion Batista. This comes off the heels of last week whenever The Undertaker defeated Christian to become the other number one contender for the World-Heavyweight Championship. Can Christian pull off another upset on Smackdown?

Also last week backstage Booker T attacked the United States Champion Rey Mysterio from behind and Chris Benoit came out questioning Booker T on this attack. Booker T and Benoit then had an impromptu match in which Booker T grabbed the ropes with a cradle on Benoit to secure the win to which Booker T and Sharmell left quickly. This week Benoit gets a rematch against Booker T and it should be intresting to say the least!

Last week during a matchup, JBL got himself disqualified by hitting the Boogeyman across the head with a chair. This week, the GM Theodore Long has announced that it will be once more JBL vs Boogeyman but it will be in a Hardcore Match where anything goes. Can JBL beat Boogeyman once more or will Boogeyman scare JBL?

And as another preview for the Royal Rumble,one half of the #1 Contender's to the WWE Tag Team Championships will be in action as Paul London will be taking on Joey Mercury. London and Kendrick have won two weeks in a row in tag action over The Dicks and William Regal and Paul Burchill but their toughest task is at the Royal Rumble, can they overcome MNM and win the titles?
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Great preview for Smackdown. I will be reading and reviewing.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
January 20, 2006
Atlanta, Georgia

*A Video Package of last week's main event takes place with Undertaker beating Christian and Batista beating down Christian on the outside before the main event for this week is announced of Batista vs Christian*

*Rise Up hits and the normal Smackdown video package plays before we fade out to ringside with Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown and there is a huge night in store for us with a huge main event!

Tazz: Cole, I've been waiting all week for this huge matchup as Christian will be meeting the World-Heavyweight Champion, Batista

Michael Cole: That match will be a tuneup for the Royal Rumble as the champion Batista described it last week

Tazz: Plus also tonight, we've got a Hardcore match between JBL and the Boogeyman plus Booker T vs Chris Benoit in a rematch from last week!

Match #1
Paul London vs Joey Mercury

Match Finish: London adds the highflying to this match while Mercury does the grounding of London which results in a great match for Smackdown to begin with. Ending takes place whenever Nitro and Melina have the ref distracted which gives time for Mercury to take down London with a lowblow. Mercury then goes for a DDT but Kendrick takes down Mercury with a crossbody off the ropes while London starts to recover. Nitro slides in but the ref prevents him from coming in while Kendrick nails the Sliced Bread #2 and Kendrick drags London's arm over Mercury for the pin, One....Two....Three

Winner: Paul London

*Kendrick then grabs London and they make their way up the ramp to cheers from the crowd motioning to MNM that they will be the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Nitro and Melina then help Mercury up and they stare down London and Kendrick before we fade to commercial*


*We cut backstage to where JBL is standing with Jillian*

JBL: Jillian, I want you to stay backstage tonight. I've got to face that creep in The Boogeyman and I don't want you getting hurt

Jillian Hall: Come on JBL! I'm your manager, I'm your fixer. I'm supposed to be out there to help you win at all times

JBL: Jillian listen, this is for your safety. Normally, I would let you come down but this is a Hardcore match against that freak of nature and there is no telling what he will do

Jillian Hall: Well.....ok! I guess it would be better if I did stay back here tonight but whenever you win, I'm coming down there!

*Jillian then walks off and we see JBL stand there, then opens a door and screams, we then cut over to see The Boogeyman eating worms*

The Boogeyman: Tick.....Tock.....Tick......Tock! JBL, your time has come! I'm the Boogeyman, and I'm coming to getcha!!!

*JBL jumps back and Boogeyman continues to eat his worms before we cut out and head to Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside*

Michael Cole: The Boogeyman is indeed a rather strange man and maybe he should go back to wherever he came from

Tazz: I don't think he even knows where he came from! But JBL faces a tough task tonight against the Boogeyman

Michael Cole: But the advantage goes to JBL now because it is in his rules, Hardcore Match and that's his match

Tazz: Well JBL certainly does have an advantage with that but will it help him get a win over the Boogeyman or not?


Match #2
*Cruiserweight Championship
Juventud (c) vs Jamie Noble

Match Finish: Great Cruiserweight match between these two men with Jamie Noble making his return to the Smackdown roster. Ending takes place whenever Juventud has Noble down after an enziguri to which Juventud heads up to the top rope. Juventud then sets himself up and then jumps going for the 450 Splash but Noble moves and Juventud splashes down connecting with a hard shot to the mat and Noble starts to get back to his feet. Noble gets up with the help of the ropes and then picks up Juventud and goes for the Tiger Bomb and connects and rolls Juventud over for the cover, One.....Two....Three and we have a new Cruiserweight Champion!

Winner and NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Jamie Noble

*Jamie Noble then slides to the outside of the ring and grabs his Cruiserweight Championship before he kisses it and makes his way to the back. Noble then taunts the crowd and then looks down the ramp at Juventud which Juventud is laying in the ring and Noble then slaps his Cruiserweight Championship before heading to the back*

*We cut backstage to where we see Theodore Long in his office whenever we hear a bang on the door*

Theodore Long: Come in!!!

*We then cut over to where we see Mark Henry open the door making his return*

Theodore Long: Ah, if it isn't my good old friend, Mark Henry! How have things been treating you recently playa?

*We then see Mark Henry serious buisness not laughing nor smiling*

Mark Henry: Teddy, I came here for one reason and one reason only! I want a spot in the Royal Rumble match

Theodore Long: Well playa, I got to say something to you buddy and that is I am not going to be bossed around by you because I am your former manager

*Henry then grabs Long and starts to choke him and Long is coughing hardly*

Mark Henry: You listen up Teddy Long. I'm not here to play around, I'm not hear to be the laughingstock of the WWE, I'm here to make an impact! I'm here to come and win the World-Heavyweight Championship and I will not back down because you are my former manager. Teddy, as far as I see you know, you are just another person in my way!

*Long starts to scream for security while Henry still has Long choked out*

Theodore Long: LET ME GO!!!! SECURITY!!!!!!!

*Security then hurries in the room and grabs Mark Henry while Henry gets escorted out and Henry gets handcuffed while he starts to smile*

Mark Henry: That's ok Teddy. You didn't want to put me into the Royal Rumble, well I'm going to enter myself into the Royal Rumble and you will not do anything about it now will you Teddy because if you do, I'll hunt you down and this time, it won't be a choke, it will be worse!

*Security then escorts Henry out while we can hear Henry laugh while he walks down the hallway and Long is holding his throat in pain*


Michael Cole: Mark Henry has made his return to the WWE after being out for nearly two years with neck injuries

Tazz: He sure did make a huge impact coming back and he didn't ask about his Royal Rumble spot after all, he demanded it!

Michael Cole: And if you are just tuning in, we have crowned a new champion here tonight in Jamie Noble for the Cruiserweight title

Tazz: Noble made his return and he shocked the world whenever he ended up pinning Juventud taking the title with him

*Interview w/ Ken Kennedy*

Josh Matthews: And right now, I am standing by with....

*Kennedy snatches the mic out of Matthews's hand*

Ken Kennedy: Don't let me ever! Ever, here you start an interview like that because it is not the right way to do it, now let's try it again

*Kennedy hands the mic to Matthews and Matthews starts up again*

Josh Matthews: Right now, I am stand......

*Kennedy quickly snatches the mic out of Matthews's hand once more*

Ken Kennedy: You did it again, you repeated the same thing you did and you just did it in a different fashion, this time around make it better!

*Kennedy then hands the microphone to Matthews's and Matthews's starts up once more*

Josh Matthews: We.......

*Kennedy grabs the microphone and nails Matthews across the head with it*'

Ken Kennedy: Kid, you are a disgrace to the mic and you let down everybody in the world that has ever used a mic. But tonight, I head out to that ring and I will take on any comers, any man who wants to face me in that ring tonight for a Royal Rumble spot and anybody can come out there, challenge me and still lose and they will remember my name!

Ken Kennedy: Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.................Kenn.......

*We then see the mic snatched out of Kennedy's hand and we cut over to see Funaki who speaks with broken english*

Funaki: This is Funaki! Number 1 Smackdown Announcer!

*Kennedy then gets pissed off and grabs the mic and spits in the face of Funaki before talking and then slaps Funaki and tells Funaki to meet him in the ring*


*Ken Kennedy's music hits and he comes out to boos from the crowd, then motions for his mic to come down*

Ken Kennedy: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. I weigh in tonight in 245 pounds, yep gained a pound! I hail from Green Bay, Wisconsin!!! Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......Kennedddddddddyyyyyyy!!!!

*Kennedy then scales the top ropes before grabbing the mic again*

Ken Kennedy: KENNEDY!!!!

Match #3
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Ken Kennedy vs Funaki

Match Finish: Just a squash match to put over Ken Kennedy and give him some "momentum" before heading into the Royal Rumble. Ending takes place whenever Funaki goes for Spinning DDT off the ropes but Kennedy catches Funaki and then slams him onto the turnbuckle in the corner and then Kennedy places Funaki on the ropes. Kennedy then grabs Funaki and then climbs to the middle rope himself before coming off connecting with his finishing move, the Green Bay Plunge to which the crowd looks in awe and Kennedy rolls Funaki over, One...Two....Three

Winner and Advancing to Royal Rumble: Ken Kennedy

*Kennedy then looks up and grabs his mic while it comes down*

Ken Kennedy: Here is your winner, Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........Kenneddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

*Kennedy then climbs the ropes and then points to the crowd*

Ken Kennedy: KENNEDY!!!!

*We cut to ringside where Michael Cole and Tazz are*

Michael Cole: Mr. Kennedy is certainly a cocky man but he does get the job done tonight and gets the win in huge fashion

Tazz: Not only that Cole but he has qualified for the Royal Rumble match. What would the Royal Rumble be without Mr. Kennedy?

Michael Cole: I'n not sure Tazz. Anyways still to come tonight, we've got JBL vs Boogeyman in a Hardcore Match

Tazz: Plus our main event that you will not want to miss, Christian meets the World-Heavyweight Champion Batista one on one!


*We cut out to where we see Rey Mysterio talking with Theodore Long*

Rey Mysterio: Hey Teddy, just wanted to check up on something about when Booker T beat me down last week in the hallway

Theodore Long: Ok playa! Sounds good to me and just tell me what you want to see tonight and I can grant it like that

Rey Mysterio: Well I was kinda thinking about doing something about this match that Booker T is taking on Chris Benoit in

Theodore Long: And what would that be playa? Just shoot away and tell me what you want to see happen and I can make it happen

Rey Mysterio: Well I was thinking ab.....

*We hear a loud voice interrupt Mysterio and we see Booker T and Sharmell walk in*

Booker T: How's it going tonight Teddy? Just came to drop by and check on the United States Champion, Rey Mysterio

*Crowd Boos and Mysterio goes face to face with Booker T*

Booker T: Whoa man calm down! It was just a joke but seriously I wanted to make sure I didn't hurt you too much and I didn't think midgets like you could take that much pain

*Booker and Sharmell share a laugh while Long interrupts&

Theodore Long: Well Booker, you look like you are ready for action right now and you do have a match against Chris Benoit tonight

*Crowd Pops*

Booker T: Yeah but I'm not ready right now, Sharmell and me are about to go eat something real quick before the match

Theodore Long: Nice try Booker but since you want the United States Championship so much, tonight it will be Booker T vs Chris Benoit in a #1 Contender's match

*Crowd Pops*

Booker T: I like the way you think Teddy! Well gotta to go get ready for that match and I'll see you out there champ!

Match #4
#1 Contender's Match
Booker T vs Chris Benoit

Match Finish: These two men put on a match of the night contender and put everything on the line in a rematch from last week but with more on the line as there is a #1 Contender's spot for the United States Championship in the air. Ending comes whenever Sharmell has the ref distracted long enough for Booker T to nail a lowblow and get a small break before Booker comes off the ropes and nails the Scissors Kick and calls the ref over, One....Two....Thre.... the United States Champion grabbed the foot of Benoit and placed it on the ropes and Booker T doesn't know what to think. Booker slides to the outside and starts to chase Mysterio around the ring before Mysterio slides into the ring and Benoit catches Booker and locks on the Crippler Crossface, Booker is trying not to have to give up but Booker loses all hope and ends up tapping out giving the win to Chris Benoit

Winner and #1 Contender: Chris Benoit

*Mysterio then helps Benoit up and raises his hand before Mysterio grabs his United States Championship and then starts to walk off but Benoit pulls Mysterio back and tells Mysterio that next week on Smackdown, he's coming for the title!*


Michael Cole: What a hard fought match but in the end, Chris Benoit walks away the winner and the new number one contender

Tazz: And what a match set up for next week as Rey Mysterio defends his United States Championship against Chris Benoit!

Michael Cole: That's a dream match right there in many eyes of many fans and perhaps we could see a new champ crowned

Tazz: I am expecting lots from those two men next week as it will be a match to remember with the United States title on the line!

*Burn in My Light hits and Randy Orton comes out to loud boos taunting the crowd to get more boos*

Randy Orton: Last week here on Smackdown, I was told I had to apologize to our GM Theodore Long for making an impact as he put it. He challenged me to do so and when I am challenged, I am not going to back down from it

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: And that's exactly what Theodore Long got as he received a RKO two weeks ago in this very ring as I made an impact! It was an impact heard around the world whenever I nailed the RKO onto the Smackdown General Manager

*Crowd Boos even more*

Randy Orton: People were talking about it the next day at work, the whole week they were buzzing and now all of you people are still talking about it while I am too! You see, impacts cannot be forgotten and they never will be forgotten!

*Orton Sucks Chants start up*

Randy Orton: You might say I suck but I know I don't because I am a former Intercontinental Champion and I am the youngest World-Heavyweight Champion to date in the WWE at a sweet, tender age of 24 years old!

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: Tell me! Tell me what you people were doing when all of you were 24 years old and well now I think about it, that was a long damn time ago! But let me go on out here and ask some of you people what you were doing when you were 24 years old

*Orton then slides out of the ring*

Randy Orton: Ok you sir, would you mind to tell me what you were doing when you were 24 years old or are you too old to remember?

*Orton walks up to a 50 year old looking man*

Man: Well I was on Spring Break!

*Orton starts to laugh and then rares back and slaps the taste out of the man's mouth*

Randy Orton: That's a very funny joke sir but what about you, would you mind telling me what you are doing right now since you look 24?

*Orton then walks up to a young man*

Man: Well right now, I am at a local college and am studying to become an M......

*Orton then spits in the face of the college guy and Orton heads back up the ring to huge boos now*

Randy Orton: All of you people might think those two clowns are funny but there is nothing funny about wasting your life in Florida for spring break or going to college. Because I'm Randy Orton and I am a third generation superstar

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: I don't need college because I wouldn't understand any of that shit anyways and I certainly don't need spring break because all of the women want me anyways already! So you all might wonder what I am going to be doing at the Royal Rumble?

*Orton Sucks Chants start up once more*

Randy Orton: Well it's plain and simple because unlike any of these losers here in Atlanta, Georgia, I am going to go to the Royal Rumble, become the youngest Royal Rumble winner ever in the entire history of the event, then head onto WrestleMania 22 and become a two time World-Heavyweight Champion!

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: And at the tender age of 25, I would have fulfilled my destiny!

*Burn in My Light hits and Orton leaves to the loudest amount of boos from the whole night so far and Orton backs up the ramp laughing at the fans then heads to the back while we fade out to commercial*


Match #5
Hardcore Match
JBL vs The Boogeyman

Match Finish: Pretty decent Hardcore match and this is used to put off this minor feud that JBL and Boogeyman have had over the past couple of weeks. Ending comes whenever Boogeyman grabs the worms and goes to stick them in the throat of JBL but JBL pushes Boogeyman off and Boogeyman comes back into a huge chair shot from JBL. JBL then waits while Boogeyman gets back to his feet and then charges across the ring connecting with the Clothesline from Hell and then rolls Boogeyman over before he is able to pin him, One....Two....Three

Winner: JBL

*We cut over to ringside where Michael Cole and Tazz are at*

Michael Cole: JBL overcame the odds tonight and he has ended up beating The Boogeyman finally in a clean win

Tazz: The Boogeyman has been haunting JBL for weeks and JBL has ended it this week with a huge win to finish this off

Michael Cole: JBL told Jillian earlier tonight to not come to ringside and Jillian listened which was the best thing to do

Tazz: I'm not so sure how Jillian felt about that though. She didn't seem so happy about being told to stay backstage

*We cut backstage to where we see Matt Hardy standing in his lockerroom*

Matt Hardy: You see, I just got done talking with the General Manager Theodore Long and he granted me a Royal Rumble spot in the Royal Rumble match which is only nine days away! And I just wanted to warn everybody in that match that Matt Hardy is back for good! This is no former Matt Hardy where I just play around and let you beat me down, this is another side of Matt Hardy and it is about to be unleashed upon you all starting at the Royal Rumble

*Crowd Pops*

Matt Hardy: I used to stand back in line, wait for my time to come and wait for my chance to earn a World-Heavyweight Championship shot but that day has not came yet. I have yet to even get a shot to earn a chance for the title and that is going to end soon because at the Royal Rumble, I will walk in there and destroy all twenty nine of those other men and I will move onto WrestleMania 22

*Crowd Pops*

Matt Hardy: I will finally have earned the shot for the World-Heavyweight Championship and then there will be a new champion and his name will be Matt Hardy! So get ready because at the Royal Rumble, you better buckle up your seatbelts because you are going to be in for a long ride whenever Matt Hardy steps into that ring

*Crowd Pops*


Match #6
Batista vs Christian

Match Finish: Decent main event between these two men and they make it a pretty good match for the main event of Smackdown. Ending takes place whenever Christian slides to the outside of the ring and grabs the World-Heavyweight Championship belt and then goes to slide it into the ring and Batista grabs it ready to swing but the lights go off! The lights then come back on and we see Undertaker standing in the middle of the ring to which Batista and Christian then turn around and see Undertaker but it's too late and Undertaker chokeslams Christian and then picks up Batista and nails the Tombstone to which Undertaker gets back up and then does his taunt to which we fade out

Winner: No Contest
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Ok I will review. But do you think you'll ever get around to reviewing my Mania???

I'm watching you...

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