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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Nice opening promo with Eric Bischoff handing Angle a plastic belt and it wasn’t even Cena who did it. Vince comes on the Titan Tron and announces the main event for tonight. A 5 way free for all match will rock and the winner goes on the face Angle for the belt. Great way to start the show!

I’m also looking forward to Eugene vs. Eric Bischoff in a no DQ match.

Carlito vs. Benjamin

Nice match to start things off. Two good stars wrestling and a DDT finishes Benjamin off. I hope we don’t see a feud between these two as it’s been done so many times in the past.

Nice little segment with Vince and Eric Bischoff. Sort of screwed up in the ending with Vince sounding like an evil villain planning to rule the World….I mean Raw.

Classic Carlito in his interview with Grisham although he didn’t really say much except for he will be in the Wrestlemania main event next year.

Match #2
No Disqualification Match
Eugene vs Eric Bischoff

I liked the finish of this match with Angle hitting the Angle Slam on Eugene and Bischoff making the cover only to be startled by Austin’s music. No show from Austin (again) and Bischoff turns straight into the Stunner from Eugene. Good match but a few hardcore spots could of been used for a No DQ match.

Nice image of Angle being arrested as soon as he leaves the ring.

Not much happing in the Edge and Lita segment, just going over how good there plan is.

Match #3
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Gregory Helms vs Rosey

Good little match here but I thought Rosey would qualify. Yeah usually I would of said Helms would win but seen as though Rosey is so big he would of fit in perfectly in the Royal Rumble match. Whoever would of eliminated him would have been shown in a good light. Just like Cena when he eliminated Viscera in last years Rumble.

An okay Master interview liked it when Maria called Master’s Masterbate.

Match #4
Trish Stratus and Mickie James vs Victoria and Torrie Wilson w/ Candice Michelle

Nice diva action here. Victoria hits the Widows Peak and it’s over. Good win fo Victoria and Torri and also created heat between James and Trish.

Loved the Austin and Bischoff segment in the hospital! I’d love to see that happen with Austin attacking Eric and security taking him away. Classic Austin with the last word, I’m surprisingly looking forward to there PPV match.

Match #5
*Intercontinental Championship
Chris Masters (c) vs Ric Flair

Good finish with Master immediately rolling out of the ring to keep his title. Creating heat from the crowd and a nice rivalry with Flair.

Ric Flair vs. Masters at the Rumble will be a good match. The figure four vs. The Masterlock.

Match #6
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Kane and The Big Show vs Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

Nothing more than a squash match basicly but got the jobe done and made Big Show and Kane out to be monsters which is always a good thing.

Match #7
#1 Contender's Five Man Free for All Match
Triple H vs Edge vs Rob Van Dam vs John Cena vs Shawn Michaels

Great match but this was always going to be Cena’s win. Shame because I would of liked to have seen RVD going to the Rumble.

A Hell in the Cell between Angle and Cena now that makes this match more interesting. The Royal Rumble is shaping up to be a great PPV.

Overall this was a good show and really pumped up the Royal Rumble PPV. The Benjamin and Carlito match was cool and Steve Austin/Bischoff segment was great. 7/10
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Well guys, thanks for the reviews and I will try to return them next week. Also, Smackdown should be posted Monday or Tuesday seeing as tomorrow is Christmas! Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for the reviews and they will be returned

Merry Christmas!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

looking forward to SmackDown!

And the RR card already looks awesome, HIAC and No DQ in one PPV is sweet, plus the RR match itself makes it a great PPV


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown Preview for January 13, 2006

It's going to be a big night on Friday Night Smackdown! as the GM, Theodore Long, will be making an announcement on who the #1 Contender is to Batista's World-Heavyweight Champion. It could very well be anybody on the Smackdown roster and Long has guaranteed that the announcement will be a shocker, so tune in.

Last week to kick off the new year, we witnessed perhaps one of the biggest upsets in the history of the WWE as "Captain Charisma" Christian ended up beating down and winning against the "Deadman" The Undertaker. Will Christian make sure everybody knows of his win or will Undertaker be looking for revenge tonight?

With the Royal Rumble nearing soon, there will be a couple of Royal Rumble Qualifying matches that should light the show up. First off, in a six man tag team match, The Mexicools will be taking on the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM and their partner Kid Kash in one of the Royal Rumble Qualifying Matchups for the night

Expect some more announcements on the Royal Rumble match and expect maybe some more matches to be announced for the PPV and tune in for Friday Night Smackdown this Friday for all of this and more on your local UPN!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Good preview there, and it will be intersting to see who is named the number 1 contender. Should be a good show
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Well, you know that I will be reading so keep going KOP.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Hope you post Smackdown soon.

I'm watching you...

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

First off, sorry for the late review. But here is my review for Raw.

Excellent way of opening the show with Bischoff and Angle. Classic use of a plastic belt. McMahon's announcement about the Main Event and Angle defending his title against the winner of tonight ME at the Rumble is good.

All the matches were good and served their purpose. As for the Hospital Scene, classic Attitude Era use here. Well done.

Flair faces Masters at the Rumble for the IC gold will be good.

Coach/Styles/King all are doing a great job in putting everything over.

Cena wins the ME, I kinda expected that anyway, but I did not expect Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship between these two at the Rumble. What a match and event that is going to be! 8.3/10

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
January 13, 2006
Columbia, South Carolina

*Rise Up hits and the Smackdown video package hits which then we fade out to the arena and we don't head to Michael Cole and Tazz yet*

*MacMillitant hits and the GM Theodore Long comes down to the ring looking very mad and with a neck brace on*

Theodore Long: Last week in this very ring, I was assaulted by a certain superstar, and his name is Randy Orton.

*Crowd Boos*

Theodore Long: Now to continue on, I am going to be announcing who the number one contender is here tonight and quite frankly, it might come to a surprise for all of you and you might all wonder why I am letting this certain superstar get a title shot at the Royal Rumble

*Crowd is Confused*

Theodore Long: Well first off it will not be Randy Orton because he assaulted me and nailed me with the RKO and another thing, Orton has been told tonight that he will adress himself in the ring later tonight in the ring, explain to everybody why he did assault me and if he tries it again, I will make sure that he does indeed get fired on the spot!

*Crowd Pops*

Theodore Long: But let's get back to my announcement that I was making about the #1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. You see last week on Smackdown, a certain superstar acheived a great win in perhaps one of the most shocking matches ever in the WWE. He overcame all of the odds and that is why he will be rewarded at The Royal Rumble

*Crowd Pops*

Theodore Long: This certain superstar won cleanly, he won it one....two....three and he deserves to be rewarded for this win. So let's go ahead and end all of the excitement factor because I know you are all ready like this superstar is certainly ready, please welcome the new #1 Contender, he is none other than......"Captain Charisma" Christian!!!

*Just Close Your Eyes hits to loud boos from the crowd and Christian comes out slapping his chest and pointing to the crowd*

Christian: Thanks a lot Teddy, and that is all right guys! Christian, a.k.a Captain Charisma has become the new #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship! And I couldn't have done it alone because where would I be tonight, if it hadn't been for the ass beating that I gave to the so called "Deadman" The Undertaker!

*Christian smiles and then turns back around to more boos from the crowd*

Christian: The Undertaker stood no chance last week in our match and quite frankly, he never will and never has stood a chance at all in his life, or even this company. He's always been the man who has tried to scare everybody, make them not want to wrestle him and everything else but I'm here to announce that the Undertaker....is a....FRAUD!!!

*Christian then laughs and points to the crowd once more*

Christian: The Undertaker has always and will always be a fraud and there is no denying it because the Undertaker, he downright sucks! He stands no chance anywhere in this company and he will never ever defeat Christian ever again as long as I am with this company, The Undertaker will NEVER beat me, just in case you didn't hear right

*Christian then does his taunt and Teddy Long grabs the mic*

Theodore Long: Well Christian, you didn't let me finish my announcement because I'm not done just yet about the Royal Rumble. You see, after hearing all of this that you just said, you can put that to the test tonight because you have a rematch tonight with The Undertaker!

*Christian then nearly jumps out of his shoes*

Theodore Long: But about the Royal Rumble. Tonight, if Undertaker can beat you, he will qualify for the match at the Royal Rumble making it a Triple Threat Match come the Royal Rumble. If not, then it will be one on one, Batista vs Christian at the Royal Rumble. So Christian, you go out there and get him tonight because you will need all the luck you can get!

*MacMillitant hits and Long then slides out of the ring and heads to the back*


Michael Cole: What a huge announcement before the break and that is that our main event is going to be a rematch of last week

Tazz: That's right, Christian meets the Undertaker once more and if Undertaker can win, he will be in the title match at the Royal Rumble

Michael Cole: Christian was talking some smack tonight but then when it came time for the announcement, he sure did shut up!

Tazz: Ah, he's Captain Charisma, don't diss him. Christian has been on a roll recently and there surely is no way denying it

Match #1
Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs William Regal and Paul Burchill

Match Finish: These two out on a great opening match and it really does boost the morale of the Tag Team division now with this great match. Ending takes place whenever Burchill trips up London and puts on the Royal Mutilation but Kendrick climbs to the top rope jumping off connecting with a Leg Drop to Burchill causing the move to be broken. Burchill comes at Kendrick and Regal goes for the Power of the Punch on Kendrick but Kendrick ducks and Regal hits Burchill. Burchill turns around into a Hurricanrana from Kendrick and then London dropkicks Regal off the ropes, London ascends to the top rope, then leaps off connecting with the 450 Splash, One.....Two....Three

Winners: Brian Kendrick and Paul London

*Kendrick and London then starts to celebrate and hugs each other but then Mercury and Nitro hit the ring and take out London and Kendrick and are beating both of them down. Nitro nails a Superkick onto Kendrick and tosses him to the outside of the ring and Melina is holding Kendrick back on the outside so just in case he can't get back into the ring. Nitro then comes over and Mercury and Nitro lift up London and connect with the SnapShot to many loud boos from the crowd. And then MNM makes their way to the back to loud boos and put their tag titles back on*


*Interview w/JBL*

Josh Matthews: Last week JBL, you qualified for the Royal Rumble matchup but before the match, The Boogeyman was in Jillian's lockerroom

JBL: The Boogeyman huh? Well I think he is a big fat joke. Some freak wearing a clock around his head and then eats worms, he needs to be brought to the local psychotic hospital and let them check him in for life and see if they can figure out what is wrong with him because he surely shouldn't be here on Smackdown wasting everybody else's time and especially mine!

Josh Matthews: JBL tonight however you will be in action one on one against the Boogeyman, do you have a plan heading in

JBL: Well Josh, I do have a plan and it's to get rid of this side show freak here from Smackdown and that he needs to get out of here before I take him out. I am Mr. Smackdown and I make the shots around here so expect something big in that matchup

Josh Matthews: Ok JBL but one more thing, is Jillian going to be going down to the ring with you tonight with The Boogeyman

JBL: I have told Jillian to stay backstage and she indeed will listen to me because she knows what is good for her and it's not to be around that freak. But I will rid Smackdown tonight of The Boogeyman, and that is a guarantee. Normal people don't normally make guarantees but I'm not normal because I am JBL, a Wrestling God!!!!

*JBL then slams the mic down and heads toward the arena*

Match #2
JBL vs The Boogeyman

Match Finish: Pretty much a slow tone match, JBL usually runs outside of the ring playing the afraid heel tonight and slides back in pounding down on Boogeyman. JBL then runs off the ropes and takes town Boogeyman with a shoulder block and then gets up Boogeyman, then runs across the ring and goes for the Clothesline from Hell but Boogeyman grabs JBL by the throat and pulls out worms trying to stuff them into his mouth but JBL slides outside the ring, then grabs Boogeyman's clock and slides back in and Boogeyman turns around to be hit with the clock in the head and Boogeyman doesn't fall down because he likes it, JBL then leaves to boos from the crowd

Winner: The Boogeyman via DQ

Michael Cole: JBL tried his best tonight and he did say he would rid Smackdown of The Boogeyman but he is still here

Tazz: I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, he is a freak after all and scares all of the little kids from wanting to come to the show

Michael Cole: Tazz, we've still got a big night ahead of us, the main event is going to be off the walls, Christian vs Undertaker

Tazz: And coming up next, we will be hearing what Randy Orton has to say about his attack on Theodore Long last week


*Burn in the Light hits and Randy Orton comes out posing for the crowd then comes down to the ramp to huge boos and You Suck chants*

Randy Orton: Ever since last week, many people have been wondering why Randy, why did you attack the GM of Smackdown, Theodore Long. Why did you have to nail Long with the RKO and knock him out and possibly out for a while? Well you want to know why huh, well Long challenged me to do something, he challenged me to make a impact, and that I did

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: Right before I RKO'd Long, he said to make an impact if you want to get somewhere in this buisness and that I did. I did just that by RKO'ing Long's ass straight to hell and now Long could be injured for a while and it doesn't affect me a bit. I've been here since June of last year and Long has yet to let me main event a PPV

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: By the way, I was the top draw on Raw so why not on Smackdown huh Long? You got something personal that you are hiding deep down? You don't want people to know what it is huh Long? Well I am here to reveal the real side of Long, I want Teddy to come out, I want him to show us who the real Theodore Long is and who he should be!

*Crowd Boos*

Randy Orton: And that's what he got, the whole night Long promised if somebody made a impact, then they would be named the #1 Contender, but then I nail the RKO on him and all of a sudden, the whole world doesn't like me even more than they did the first place, now what is going on here? We are not playing favorites with Teddy Long are we?

*Crowd Pops for Long*

Randy Orton: You all are great but Teddy Long, I demand you come out here right now at this instant and you make me the number 1 Contender because I deserve that spot. I deserve it more than the so called "Captain Charisma" Christian or that "Deadman" The Undertaker because I've worked harder than both of them combined to get this far and I will not rest, I will not lay down and not receive my title shot after being screwed out of it

*We then see Theodore Long pop up on the screen*

Theodore Long: Randy, the reason you ask why you are not the number one contender is very plain and simple and it's because first thing, you assaulted me last week in that ring and secondly, Christian was the real one who made an impact, he took on and upset The Undertaker and he proved that he does deserve the World-Heavyweight Championship

*Orton storms across the ring looking pissed*

Randy Orton: What's the matter Teddy? You afraid to come down to this ring like a man and face me one on one like a real man would. All you are doing is hiding back there proving that you are indeed afraid of "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton and you don't want to get hurt, you don't want to face the facts huh do you Teddy that I should be the number one contender, not Christian, not Undertaker, not anybody else but me, Randy Orton!!!!

*Orton then smiles and Long starts back*

Theodore Long: Well you know what Randy, you did indeed make an impact whether I liked it or not and quite frankly I didn't as you can tell. But since you did make a impact, you see at the Royal Rumble in less than three weeks, you can become a entrant in the Royal Rumble for Smackdown and good luck Orton because you are going to need it

*We then head over to Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: Well despite their differences Theodore Long has given Randy Orton a spot in the Royal Rumble match

Tazz: I'm surprised about that one Cole. Never even thought about seeing Long agree on anything ever now with Randy Orton

Michael Cole: I'm still pumped for tonight but up next, we have a huge Royal Rumble Qualifying matchup between six talented men

Tazz: All three of the Mexicools will be teaming together to take on the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM and Kid Kash


Match #3
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
MNM and Kid Kash vs The Mexicools

Match Finish: All six of these men put their best and prove that cruiserweights should be used more often and it goes a pretty good while, maybe 8-10 minutes. Ending comes whenever Mercury and Nitro have Psicosis set up for the Snapshot and London's music hits but London and Kendrick don't come out, then Super Crazy comes in and Psicosis gets out of the SnapShot then nailing a headscissors sending Nitro to the outside. Super Crazy nails a DDT onto Kash and Juventud is on the top after Psicosis dropkicks Mercury and Juventud comes off connecting with the 450 Splash and the cover, One....Two.....Three

Winners and Advancing to the Royal Rumble: The Mexicools

Michael Cole: The Mexicools are heading off into the Royal Rumble match with a little help from Brian Kendrick and Paul London

Tazz: London's music hits and he doesn't come out with Kendrick, MNM is sure to be pissed right now plus Kid Kash

Michael Cole: It's a little bit of revenge after that beatdown from MNM earlier tonight after London and Kendrick won their match

Tazz: Well can't say I blame them and they better be watching out because MNM is sure to be ticked off right now about this

*We then cut to the back where we see Ken Kennedy with Josh Matthews*

Josh Matthews: Mr. Kennedy, coming up next, you will be in one on one action against Matt Hardy, so are you ready?

Ken Kennedy: Am I ready Josh? I've been waiting for this all night, been waiting to get my hands on Hardy, I've been wanting to do it for a while

Josh Matthews: Last week in your hometown in the main event, you faced the World Heavyweight Champion Batista in a non title match and lost, how are you feeling?

Ken Kennedy: My back's been hurting a little bit but I'm not worried about that, tonight I go out there and solidify myself as a huge star in this industry, I make sure that everybody in the whole world knows my name and by the end of the night, they will!

Josh Matthews: Final thing Kennedy, we have been told that next week you will be in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match

Ken Kennedy: Oh! That's great because I'm going to win the Royal Rumble, kick anybody's ass on the way there, then head into WrestleMania 22, beat the World-Heavyweight Champion and then become the World-Heavyweight Champion

Ken Kennedy: Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedy!!!!!!!!!

*Ken Kennedy then walks off, then thinks about it and comes back*

Ken Kennedy:Kennedy!!!!!!!!


*We then cut to Mercury, Nitro, and Melina all standing in the back in their lockerroom*

Joey Mercury: London and Kendrick want to play like this huh? Well we'll let them take us on and it's going to be next week

Johnny Nitro: Wait! I was thinking more like The Royal Rumble because we don't have any spots anymore and Long won't give us another shot

Melina: Boys, you better just jump at this chance, do it at the Royal Rumble where you can take London and Kendrick out on a big stage

Joey Mercury: That sounds good for me, what about you Nitro? Either way, as long as we can get our revenge, I'll be proud to do it at the Royal Rumble

Johnny Nitro: Well I guess so, so London and Kendrick, you can bring your best into the Royal Rumble but we will still be Tag Team Champions

Melina: And you two try to mess with my boys, well then you can also try to mess with me and then see what happens

*We then cut out to see MNM laughing and looking excited*

Michael Cole: Rather strange words from both Mercury and Nitro, and now MNM will be defending their Tag Titles at the Royal Rumble

Tazz: Paul London and Brian Kendrick get a shot at the titles, should be something intresting to witness that night

Michael Cole: Well as we saw before the break, Ken Kennedy was interviewed and he is about to take on Matt Hardy

Tazz: Hardy sure wouldn't mind getting some revenge on Kennedy for the past couple of months of some beatdowns Kennedy has given him

Match #4
Matt Hardy vs Ken Kennedy

Match Finish: Hardy comes out fighting in this match giving it all he has and trying to get rid of Kennedy throwing some hard shots. Ending takes place whenever Hardy takes down Kennedy with a Side Effect and Hardy then goes for his finisher, the Twist of Fate but Kennedy pushes Hardy off and takes down Hardy with a huge clothesline. Kennedy then sends Hardy into the corner and Kennedy comes over to the ropes, Hardy tries to fight it off but Kennedy grabs Hardy then flips off the ropes connecting with the Green Bay Plunge and the cover onto Hardy, One....Two....Three

Winner: Ken Kennedy

*Kennedy's mic then comes down*

Ken Kennedy: And the winner of this match......

*Crowd Boos*

Ken Kennedy: Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......Kennedy!!!!!!

*Kennedy climbs to the ropes and holds his hands up*

Ken Kennedy: Kennedy!!!!!


*We then cut to the back where we see Rey Mysterio, the NEW United States Champion making his way down the hallway whenever Booker T sneaks behind Mysterio and beats down Mysterio and Sharmell is right there by Booker T cheering him on, then Booker T stomps on Mysterio and motions that he should be the United States Champion*

Booker T: Rey, you screwed me out of my title and you see, I just came from Teddy Long's office and I asked for match against you at the Royal Rumble but he didn't give it to me, instead he gave me a Royal Rumble spot and seeing as he gave you one too, I'm looking forward to kicking your ass inside of the Royal Rumble

*Crowd Boos at Booker T*

Booker T: And Mysterio, when the Royal Rumble is over, get ready because I'm going to be taking the United States Championship off of you and you better be shining the belt up because when it comes time, it's time for me to take that title

*Crowd Boos*

Sharmell: That's right baby, you tell him!

*Crowd Boos but then we hear a familiar voice*

Voice: Hey!

*The camera then fades out and we see Chris Benoit*

Chris Benoit: Nice little trick right there Booker, trying to take down a man from behind and then try to steal his title. You are basically trying to take away what Rey Mysterio is all about and you know, I won't let you mess with my friend like that

*Crowd Pops*

Booker T: Chr.....

*Crowd Pops and Booker T Sucks Chants start up*

Chris Benoit: Save it, Booker. Since you feel like beating down somebody so bad, how about you get down to that ring and me and you can have a match right here tonight, maybe a tune up match for the Royal Rumble and by the way, I'm in it too!

*Benoit then heads to the arena and Booker T stands there not moving while Sharmell speaks*

Sharmell: Baby, what are you going to do about it now? You've got to go out there and take on Chris Benoit and you're not even ready!


Match #5
Chris Benoit vs Booker T

Match Finish: Nice match between these two men and they put on a clinic for free television but the ending comes whenever Booker T nails Benoit with a kick to the face. Booker comes off the ropes going for a Scissors Kick but Benoit ducks and then catches Booker with a huge German Suplex, Benoit then gets back up while still holding Booker and connects with the second German Suplex and Benoit does the third one once more. Benoit climbs to the top rope and comes off connecting with the Diving Headbutt and Benoit does his taunt, then locks on the Crippler Crossface but Booker gets out, then gets a rollup with Booker holding the ropes, One...Two...Three

Winner: Booker T

*Booker T slides out of the ring quickly smiling and Benoit gets to his knees knowing he has just been screwed out of the match. Benoit then does a taunt to Booker and Booker continues to smile and Booker and Sharmell make their way to the back as we then head to Michael Cole and Tazz*

Michael Cole: Booker T cheated to win another match after beating down Rey Mysterio in the back before the matchup

Tazz: Cheating? What are you talking about Cole, Booker reversed the Crippler Crossface and then pinned Booker with a cradle

Michael Cole: Yeah, too bad he was holding the ropes while doing this. But anyways Benoit will be looking for revenge soon

Tazz: Booker T has gotten revenge on Mysterio for taking his title, then comes out here and gets a huge win tonight, that's great! But up next, is the main event!

*We cut backstage to where we see Batista in his lockerrom whenever Randy Orton walks into the room*

Randy Orton: Batista, you must be on top of the world right now huh Dave? You've almost went a year with the title that should have been mine. The title that will be mine after I win the Royal Rumble match and beat you at WrestleMania 22 for the title. Then all of the fans will be praising me and I will be a two time World...Heavyweight....Champion!

*Crowd Boos*

Batista: Doesn't sound like they like you too much Randy. But hey, did they ever like you? Even back in Evolution nobody liked you and even though I hid the fact, I never really liked you either but I always helped you retain your titles, do whatever it was necessary to see Evolution thrive and it did that, until it all shattered to pieces

*Crowd Pops*

Randy Orton: Dave, you might say that you never have and never will like me, and you might not but it doesn't matter to me. Doesn't affect me one bit because personally I could care less about what you think about me because trust me, you don't want to know what I think about you Dave, or do you really want to know huh?

*Crowd Boos*

Batista: Look, I don't have much time. I need to get down to the ring, I'm supposed to be the guest announcer with Cole and Tazz. But hey, just tell me anytime and I will gladly come and let you tell me what you think about me but as for now......

*Batista pats his belt and then smiles*

Batista: I've got buisness to tend to!

*Batista walks off and a pissed Randy Orton stands there*


Match #6
Christian vs The Undertaker

Match Finish: Decent match, Christian has control through most of the match by wearing down the arm of Undertake which causes Undertaker not to be able to lift anybody up. Ending takes place whenever Christian has 'Taker in the corner and goes for a Spinning DDT but 'Taker catches Christian and throws him off the ropes. Christian comes back into a Big Boot from Undertaker and Undertaker then gets Christian up and connects with his finisher, the Tombstone Piledriver and Undertaker rolls Christian over for the cover, One....Two....Three

Winner: The Undertaker

Michael Cole: Undertaker has gotten his revenge from last week and now it will be a Triple Threat Match at Royal Rumble

Tazz: Batista will be defending his World-Heavyweight Championship against Christian and The Undertaker, should be great!

Michael Cole: I know I am going to be looking forward to this match, I have been wanting to see Undertaker and Batista in the same ring

Tazz: But Christian will be looking for some revenge on Undertaker and will he be able to get his revenge come Royal Rumble

*The Undertaker is doing his taunts in the ring whenever Christian rolls out of the ring and grabs a Steel Chair and goes to bring it into the ring but Batista gets up and grabs the Steel Chair. Christian then tries to pull the chair into the ring and sees Batista has the chair. Christian then tries to tug the chair away and then Christian lets go after pulling and Batista nails a hard shot onto Christian and Undertaker turns around then looks at the carnage*

Batista: Christian, you wanted to try to take out The Undertaker huh? Well how about you try to take out me next week on Smackdown. One on One in a non title match, you can call it a preview for the Royal Rumble if you want to and I will see you there!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Great way to open the show with the announcement of a World Championship qualifying match tonight. If Undertaker wins, he is added to the match, if Christian wins it is one on one, sounds good to me. Too bad for Randy Orton, I would have liked to see him get a shot at Batista. Christian pays out Undertaker like only he can but Teddy Long's character seemed off for some reason without his usual trademark comments like 'playa' or 'ya feeling me'. I'm backing The Undertaker tonight to make it a triple threat match seem he has nothing else to do.

Exellent choice for an opener, I am a fan of both teams. London and Kendrick pick up the win and thank god London was allowed to use the 450 splash. MNM assault the cruiserweight team with the snapshot afterwards and a fued between these two teams is going to be electric.

JBL thinks Boogeyman is a fat joke, we'll see, we'll see. Boogeyman is a freak, he gets clocked in the head with a clock and he likes it! Good booking as it made the newcomer look strong but I'm still not a fan of this guy. I can definetely see a program between the two coming to a climax.

Orton trashes the general manager, top draw on Raw and not on Smackdown, I agree. Orton complains like a broken record but here comes Teddy Long and I can see him punishing the Legend Killer now. Orton just an entrant in the Royal Rumble Match, I predict he is going to win it and face Batista at Wrestlemania.

London and Kendrick get their revenge on MNM after costing them their match against the Mexicools even though they never really touched them. It's a 450 splash showcase tonight, Juventud nails it for the win. All three of the Mexicools in the Royal Rumble Match will be interesting.

Couple of needed backstage segments here to build matches and storylines. Kennedy is arragent as hell and MNM/London-Kendrick at the Rumble sounds good to me.

Ken Kennedy beats Matt Hardy! Now I didn't see that coming, neither do I like it. The match made Hardy look like a jobber and I think he has the potential to be alot more than that. Mr. Kennedy...Kennedy picks up the win with his brilliant finisher, I can see him coming close to the end of the Rumble but not winning it.

Booker T cheats to beat Benoit again! Nice ending with the crippler crossface countered into a pinning combination but I'm sick of Booker beating Benoit in reality.

Tention between Batista and Orton, I know Randy will win the Rumble now. Interesting that Orton said after he wins the Rumble he will face The Animal at Wrestlemania 22 but what if Batista loses the title. I think you just gave the match away here.

The Undertaker finaly beats Christian with the Tombstone Piledriver and the match will now be a triple threat. Batista will still retain but at least it shakes things up a little. Batista saves The Undertaker and takes out Christian, surprised he helped an opponent but a good rsult came out of it with Batista/Christian one on one next week on Smackdown.

Overall a very entertaining show. Some of your promos seemed out of character but the storylines and booking is spot on. 8/10

Please review my first Raw when I get it up soon, thanks.
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