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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

As long as it's active, find anyone with BTB skills.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Well guys, I have decided and HBK_NWO33 has accepted this and that we will not be booking together. It's just have many reasons on why and for some reason, I feel like I am screwing him over for leaving him. And I also feel like I am screwing over many of you because I continouslly do all of this shit and quite frankly, it ticks me off too but sometimes, I've just got to do what is for the best. And now, well now you see that I will indeed be booking Unleash the Fury once again. And you know what, you don't have to like me anymore because I know you are all sick of this dumb changing that King of Pain V.1 does and quite frankly as I said above, I am certainly too, so you know what, do whatever you want, but Unleash the Fury is back

Raw should be posted later today
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I would like to wish KOP good luck and say that before anybody thinks of moaning about it I encouraged him to do what was best for him, and you should accept it too.

Read the rules.

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

January 9, 2006
Miami, Florida

*Across the Nation hits and then we fade out to the WWE logo and all of a sudden......I'm Back hits which Eric Bischoff walks out onto the ramp confident but looking a little worried about the Royal Rumble*

Eric Bischoff: Now tonight, I have a couple of announcements as far as concering the Royal Rumble goes and quite frankly I believe that it will shake up the Royal Rumble match for sure because these men will have done everything to qualify for that match

*Crowd Pops*

Eric Bischoff: But also as you see, we are going to have Kurt Angle's title ceremony to kick off the night also and Kurt will be here shortly

*Crowd Boos*

Eric Bischoff: Hey don't ever boo the WWE Champion because he is certainly not worthy of that at all. And as of right now, I am going to make the announcement concering the Royal Rumble match. Tonight there will be two qualifying matches for the Royal Rumble. Just two regular matches but later tonight, we've got that huge Fatal 4 Way

*Crowd Pops*

Eric Bischoff: But as far as "big time" matches go, tonight we have a Fatal 4 Way for the #1 Contender's spot and it involves Edge, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and the man who will be making his return during this match, Rob Van Dam. But the winner will be facing this man, your current WWE Champion, please welcome Kurt Angle!

*Crowd Boos as Medal hits and the You Suck chants start up and Angle comes down spinning the belt and then slides it into the ring and then steps right onto it breaking the title and the spinning logo and he gets heat from the fans*

Kurt Angle: First off, I certainly do not suck. Secondly, oops did I really just step on the former WWE Champion John Cena's title belt? Oh it doesn't matter does it because Cena says he can't see me anyways so who cares!!!

*Angle and Bischoff laugh to You Suck chants*

Eric Bischoff: Well you know what Kurt, I believe that it is time for you to receive the former WWE Championship. The championship that has been worn by many men and the championship that John Cena disgraced the night after WrestleMania 21 whenever he won the title. But tonight, we bring prestige back to the title because now, it is going to be around the waist of a man, who certainly does deserve this title and here ya go Kurt!

*Bischoff reaches into a bag and then pulls out the WWE Championship but it's the plastic version*

Eric Bischoff: Here ya go Kurt and en......

*Bischoff then looks down and sees that this was a setup*

Kurt Angle: Eric, what the hell is that supposed to be? Is this supposed to be a joke or something because I don't see anything funny right now. And as far as I am concerned Eric, you better find that title right now or you will be indeed getting your ass kicked because I am not a very happy man right now and if I were you, you better give me that title now!

Eric Bischoff: Kurk, look I had nothing to do with this and I am very sorry about this whole thing but you know what Kurt? Wait a minute, I certainly know who did this and I'm calling him out right now, John Cena!!! You get your ass into this ring right now or if you don't you certainly will be fired on the spot!

*My Time is Now hits and John Cena comes out to a huge pop and looks around the arena and then slides into the ring looking at the former WWE Championship he had being smashed on the ground*

John Cena: What Eric? What do you want? I had nothing to with this thing and you are trying to say it was me. Well ya know Eric, you better be thinking before you accuse because I had nothing to do with this but I tell you something, I know who did

*Crowd Pops*

Eric Bischoff: Cena, you better tell me who did this because when I do, I will beat the holy hell and then Kurt Angle the WWE Champion will beat the holy hell out of him because Kurt does not have his title belt which he should have ri.......

*Then a voice on the titantron starts up*

Voice: It was me Eric!

*Crowd looks up and starts to pop loudly which Bischoff turns around and then jumps to see Vince McMahon on the screen!*

Vince McMahon: You know Eric, I was watching the Steel Cage match last week and saw that John Cena should have never even lost the title in the first place because he did not really tap out, he had reached the ropes a couple of times and the referee was knocked out

*Crowd Pops while Angle is going crazy in the ring*

Vince McMahon: Calm down Kurt because you are still going to be the WWE Champion but at a cost because you see, there is a Fatal 4 Way tonight right? Well I just made that into a Five Way Free for All Match which the first man to get a pinfall will face Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship!

*Crowd Pops*

Vince McMahon: Now you ask who is this fifth man, well you are in the ring with him right now and he is the former WWE Champion John Cena! Now that match will be later on tonight but Bischoff, since you look so eager for revenge, how about you take on your nephew right now in a No Disqualification Match as a "tune up" for the Royal Rumble!

*Bischoff jumps and then McMahon looks at Angle*

Vince McMahon: Kurt, you can have the night off because you are going to certainly need it for the next few weeks to come in your big title defense come the Royal Rumble. So Kurt, come get your WWE Championship out of my office and then you can leave because you are banned from this arena tonight so you can't cause a chaos in the Free for All later tonight!


Jerry Lawler: Welcome back to Raw and a huge night is in store for us tonight with such a huge night coming ahead of us

Jonathan Coachman: Well some huge matches to take place tonight, we've got a No DQ match between Eric Bischoff and Eugene

Joey Styles: Plus the GM said that tonight there will be two Royal Rumble qualifying matches but nobody is sure about whos in them

Jerry Lawler: And a rematch from last week, Chris Masters defends the Intercontinental title against Ric Flair

Jonathan Coachman: But the main event is going to be great, a Five Man Free for All Match between Edge, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and John Cena!

Joey Styles: And the winner will be moving on into the Royal Rumble to face the current WWE Champion Kurt Angle for the title

Match #1
Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin

Match Finish: Great match to get the night started off, this match is taking place after Benjamin eliminated Carlito in the IC title match last week. Ending comes whenever Benjamin sends Carlito into the corner and goes for the Stinger Splash but Carlito ducks and Benjamin connects with the turnbuckle and Benjamin loses his breath for a minute. Benjamin then turns around quickly and then gets kicked in the gut and Carlito nails a DDT, Carlito covers One.....Two.....Three

Winner: Carlito


*We cut backstage to Eric Bischoff with Mr. McMahon*

Eric Bischoff: Vince please don't make me go out there and face Eugene, I mean I'm already having enough trouble come the Royal Rumble with Stone Cold so why do I need even more trouble tonight on Raw?

*Crowd Boos and Bischoff Sucks chants start up*

Vince McMahon: Eric, you wanted to toss your authority around to me tonight and well by gawd, you have to pay for it and so does the WWE Champion, Kurt Angle. Now your match is coming up after the break so you better be ready!

*Crowd Pops*

Eric Bischoff: Vince, ok you want to play like this, well you are messing with the wrong man, I built WCW and made it what it was, I even beat you for 81 weeks in a row in the Monday Night Wars so you want to mess with me, well you are messing with the wrong man

*Crowd Boos*

Vince McMahon: That's what I want to hear, I want to hear a confident Eric Bischoff, a confident man that can and will go out there and beat Eugene and Stone Cold! So Eric, you go get them and then you can come back to the GM's spot without any worry!

*Crowd Boos*

Vince McMahon: So Eric, you go get them!

*Crowd Boos and Bischoff leaves to which McMahon starts to laugh*

Vince McMahon: Does he actually think he stands a chance tonight? He is going to go out there and get himself killed and then there will be no match for the Royal Rumble will there because with the GM injured, then I can run Raw!!!

*We then cut over to Todd Grisham standing by with Carlito*

Todd Grisham: Carlito, moments ago you got your revenge on Shelton Benjamin for him eliminating you last week, am I correct?

Carlito: Todd you are correct but one thing you are not is cool! People like Carlito, you know what they do to uncool people!

Todd Grisham: Uh ok Carlito but what about the Royal Rumble, do you have any plans going into it seeing it is only three weeks away

Carlito: Todd, you better be more worried right now about Carlito spitting in yout face but as far as the Royal Rumble, I've got my spot courtesy of Raw GM, Eric Bischoff

Todd Grisham: And how did you end up doing this, the match that you beat Shelton Benjamin in wasn't a Qualifying match

Carlito: LOOK! Carlito doesn't need to be in a Qualifying match, Carlito is too cool for them and you know what at the Royal Rumble when Carlito wins, Carlito will be in the main event come WrestleMania and that, that's cool!


Match #2
No Disqualification Match
Eugene vs Eric Bischoff

Match Finish: Decent match with Bischoff taking very little control during the entire time of the match and Eugene plays around a little bit with his "Uncle Eric" Eugene then helps Bischoff up and then kicks him in the gut real hard and Eugene picks up Bischoff and slams him down to the mat. Eugene then goes for the People's Elbow but out of nowhere, Kurt Angle slides into the ring and then Angle Slam's Eugene and then helps up Bischoff and then puts him on Eugene for the cover, One.....Two.....Thre..... as Glass Shatters hits but Stone Cold doesn't come out. Bischoff stands up and then Eugene gets his balance back and Bischoff turns right around into a Stone Cold Stunner from Eugene! Eugene then covers Bischoff, One....Two.....Three

Winner: Eugene

*Angle goes over the ramp but Police grab Angle and escort him out while Bischoff is still down*

Jerry Lawler: Well it looks like if that's a preview for the Royal Rumble, we could very well be seeing Eric Bischoff knocked out

Jonathan Coachman: Well you know what King, maybe you should think before you speak because the GM said that he has a plan for the Royal Rumble

Joey Styles: And what might this plan be Coach? Is Bischoff just going to hide the whole time and hope Austin can't get him?

Jerry Lawler: That plan should become real intresting when it comes out together but what about the rest of the night guys?

Jonathan Coachman: Well I'm getting pumped up for that huge, Five Way Free for All Match later tonight and it should be great

Joey Styles: Five men will face each other for the #1 Contender's at the Royal Rumble and they are, Triple H, Edge, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels, and John Cena

*We cut backstage to Edge and Lita walking down the hallway*

Edge: Hey Lita, you know what?

Lita: What is it baby?

Edge: Well I've been thinking ever since last week when we were talking about this so called "plan", you know?

Lita: Of course I remember, and trust me baby, everything in it will go down like a piece of cake because nobody will be able to stop us

Edge: Yeah I know that much, but when do you think we should unveil it, I was thinking more towards the Royal Rumble would be good

Lita: Well, it's your choice and you know, you have to make the choice about this but whenever it happens, it will be the surprise of the year!

Edge: Well we need to go get ready, for my Five Way Free for All Match, so let's go ahead and go, then I will be facing Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship!

*Edge and Lita walk off smiling and we cut to commercial*


Jerry Lawler: When will Edge's pla ever be revealed is the huge question and by the sound of things, it must be the Royal Rumble

Jonathan Coachman: Edge let me in on this plan earlier last week and he told me everything I needed to know so guys, it will be huge

Joey Styles: Coach, I don't think Edge would tell you anything in the first place and if you do know, why don't you tell us right now?

Jerry Lawler: I've got to agree with Joey, if you know so much Coach, you can go ahead and tell us the plan about Edge

Jonathan Coachman: Edge told me not to tell anybody and seeing as it is his orders, I must and will not tell anybody to ruin it

Joey Styles: You're just like everybody else, you don't know what the plan is and quite frankly, will we ever find out what it is?

Match #3
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Gregory Helms vs Rosey

Match Finish: Good match between these two former tag team partners and Rosey has control at the end of the match slamming down Helms to the mat. Rosey then comes off the ropes going for the Spinning Splash but Helms moves away quickly. Helms then climbs to the top rope and then leaps off and dropkicks Rosey forcing Rosey down to the mat. Helms then waits in the corner and then comes at Rosey connecting with the Shining Wizard and the cover, One.....Two.....Three

Winner and Advancing to the Royal Rumble: Gregory Helms


*Interview w/ Chris Masters*

Maria: Everybody please welcome the Intercontinental Champion, the man who won the Six Pack Challenge last week, Chris Masterbate!

Chris Masters: What the hell? Maria, my name is Chris Masters, or simply the Masterpiece and if you call me that again, I will be forced to put the Masterlock onto you

Maria: Sorry about that Chris, anyways later tonight, you have a Intercontinental title match against the former champ Ric Flair

Chris Masters: Ric Flair poses no threat to me, nor does he pose a threat to my Intercontinental Championship

Maria: Chris, one more thing, do you have any clue about a plan for tonight's match against Ric Flair, I mean Flair is a angry man

Chris Masters: That's right Maria, he's angry because I'm going to have to go out there, beat the hell out of him, knock some sense into him, and then send him to the retirement home so he can be with all of his friends there instead of waisting spots for youunger stars like me!

*We then cut backstage to Trish Stratus standing at her door and then the door swings open to which Mickie James comes out*

Mickie James: Trish, are you ready? I've been ready all night long for this match and it's going to be a great one

Trish Stratus: That's great and all Mickie, but we better get going now, or we could miss the match, we've got to get our revenge

Mickie James: Oh don't worry Trish, I'll be out there to help you, seeing as it is a Tag Team Match, so let's go get them

Trish Stratus: One thing Mickie, you don't have to get involved during the match, I mean, you take all of my moves and everything else too!

Mickie James: Trish, I just can't help it, you are like my inspiration, the person who I want to be and thats because you are the Women's Champion!

Trish Stratus: Well we better get going, Victoria and Torrie Wilson are going to be in for a long match and beatdown from both of us!


Match #4
Trish Stratus and Mickie James vs Victoria and Torrie Wilson w/ Candice Michelle

Match Finish: Decent Women's match between all four of these women. Ending takes place whenever James and Victoria are in the ring and then Candice slips the wand to Torrie which Victoria distracts the ref and Torrie beats down James with the wand. Torrie then starts to choke out James with the wand and then the referee turns around and sees this. Torrie tosses the wand to the ground fast enough and then Trish comes into the ring helping Mickie but Victoria ducks and Trish connects with the Chick Kick to the referee instead. Victoria then tosses Trish out and then Victoria lifts up Mickie and connects with the Widow's Peak and Victoria covers which a new ref is in, One.....Two.....Three

Winners: Victoria and Torrie Wilson

Jerry Lawler: What a great way to see puppies guys! I mean, they all did their best but in the end, aren't we all winners?

Jonathan Coachman: King I actually agree on something with you now and I agree that we are all winners indeed but so is Victoria and Torrie Wilson

Joey Styles: One thing is for sure, Trish and Mickie still have yet to get their revenge and it looks like they could continue to look for it

Jerry Lawler: If their revenge means being able to see more puppies, then I'm all for it so go and get them girls and I will be happy!

Jonathan Coachman: Well still to come tonight, we've got some more huge matches as the Intercontinental title will be on the line

Joey Styles: But the main event is the big one, a Five Man Free for All Match in which the winner faces Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble!


*We cut to the parking lot where we see a big black truck and with tinted windows, soon the window rolls down to reveal....

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Eric Bischoff....


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Is going to be in for a asswhipping of his life come The Royal Rumble because I will take down Bischoff,


Stone Cold Steve Austin: Get the Damn Cover.....


Stone Cold Steve Austin: And then become the new GM of Raw


Stone Cold Steve Austin: And quite frankly, I can't do much to Eric Bischoff right now well because he is in the hospital but wait, oh yes I can!

*We then cut out to Austin driving away and then we see a segment that was taped earlier today, with Bischoff lying in the hospital beaten down from Eugene*

Eric Bischoff: Hey doc, could you get me a cup of water, I really need something right now to clear my throat because it hurts like hell

*We see the doctor turn around to the faucet and then get a cup of water*

Doctor: Here ya go, you no good sumbitch!

*The doctor then throws the water onto Bischoff and Bischoff looks extremely pissed and Bischoff then sits up in the bed*

Eric Bischoff: What in the hell was that about? I mean, I am a injured man and you have no reason to throw water on me right now

*Doctor then stands there for a minute, then pulls back the cap to reveal no hair and then pulls the mask off showing it to be Stone Cold Steve Austin which Bischoff sits up looking paniced and Bischoff is screaming trying to page the nurse*

Eric Bischoff: Oh my God! Please don't do anything Steve, I did nothing to you and I'm not planning on ever doing it

Stone Cold Steve Austin: WHAT?


Eric Bischoff: I said I have never done anything to you before, and if you do hurt me, I will sue your ass whenever I get out of this hospital. I am Eric Bischoff damn it and I will be damn if you take me out right here right now!

*Stone Cold then stands there for a minute looking around, Bischoff then gets to his feet and then goes over to Stone Cold. Stone Cold has still yet to move and then Bischoff slaps Stone Cold and Stone Cold is still standing there, Stone Cold then looks at Austin and jumps him and then beats down on a screaming Eric Bischoff. Stone Cold is giving some hard rights to Bischoff and then Stone Cold picks up Bischoff and then slams him into the wall and Bischoff is holding his back. Stone Cold then takes Bischoff and slams his head onto the bed railing and now Bischoff is busted open. Stone Cold then takes Bischoff and continously slams his head into the bed railing and Bischoff is bleeding hard now and then Austin helps up Bischoff. Austin then grabs Bischoff and slams him into the corner and then throws him into the door lying down and Bischoff is paging the nurse to which she comes down and gets the police. The police then escort Austin out of the hospital while the nurse is helping a bloodied Bischoff back up*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Eric, you've got 20 days so you better be ready


Stone Cold Steve Austin: And That's the Bottom Line......

*Crowd Pops and Joins in*

Stone Cold Steve Austin: 'Cause Stone Cold Said So!!!


Jerry Lawler: Right before the break, we saw Stone Cold beat down the Raw GM Eric Bischoff in his hospital room

Jonathan Coachman: Good thing that lunatic Stone Cold got kicked out because he should have never even been in there, he could have seriously hurt our GM

Joey Styles: Stone Cold is trying to send a message to Bischoff that he will not backdown come The Royal Rumble and I agree totally

Jerry Lawler: Well it's not the first time these two have met, but at the Royal Rumble they face off in a NO DQ Match for the RAW GM's spot

Jonathan Coachman: Plus Kurt Angle will be defending his WWE Championship against the winner of the Five Way Free for All Match

Joey Styles: But the main event, the 30 Man Royal Rumble match where the winner recieves a title shot at their respective brand's title at WrestleMania 22!

Match #5
*Intercontinental Championship
Chris Masters (c) vs Ric Flair

Match Finish: Before the match could even get started, Chris Masters drops down to the mat and then walks out causing a countout therefore Masters could not lose his title and a irate Ric Flair is jumping up and down in the ring angry because he had a chance to regain the title but Masters walked out and cost Flair the title once again

Winner via countout: Ric Flair


*We cut to Ric Flair in Mr. McMahon's office*

Ric Flair: Vince, did you see what Masters just did out there, he walked out on the match and I could have gotten the title back!

Vince McMahon: Calm down Ric and I understand that but here is what I can do for you, you see the Royal Rumble is 20 days away, well how about this, you can take on Chris Masters for the Intercontinental Championship at the Royal Rumble

Ric Flair: You know Vince, I like how you think. And I have to thank you for this because that little young overrated wrestler will be brought to school come The Royal Rumble and I will become a 2 time Intercontinental Champion

Vince McMahon: But wait Ric, you see you need to be prepared for this match and that is why next week, you will be taking on the former Intercontinental Champion Carlito as a tune up match you can say for the Royal Rumble

Ric Flair: Carlito, ah, ok we go back but Carlito can have Chris Masters out there if he wants but either way, Carlito and Chris Masters, they both will lose and that's because the real Nature Boy, oh he's indeed back


*Ric Flair then dances out of the room to a smile from Mr. McMahon*

Jerry Lawler: Well looks like Ric Flair got what he wanted and it's Chris Masters at the Royal Rumble for the Intercontinental title

Jonathan Coachman: Last week Masters won the Six Pack Challenge and then he walked out of it this week during the rematch

Joey Styles: And Flair doesn't want this to continue on anymore and that's why they will settle this at the Royal Rumble

Jerry Lawler: One thing for sure is that its going to be a technical match unlike these others that we will be seeing at the Rumble

Jonathan Coachman: We've already got Austin vs Bischoff and tonight, Angle's opponent will be decided also

Joey Styles: Plus the ever great and famous Royal Rumble match which should be nothing short of a classic in it's self!


*Interview w/ Rob Van Dam*

Todd Grisham: Rob, tonight you make your return to the ring in the Five Way Free for All, are you feeling good right now?

Rob Van Dam: Am I feeling good Todd? I've been feeling good for awhile but I've had to wait a year to come back to the ring

Todd Grisham: Well that's great Rob but another thing, this is your first appearance on Raw since last summer when you were drafted to Raw

Rob Van Dam: That's right Todd and I see alot of things have changed since then and my last time here was in March of 2004, but one thing is for sure, that R....V.....D is back!

Todd Grisham: One more thing Rob, during the time you were injured, were you going over plans for your return to Raw?

Rob Van Dam: Kinda Todd and my plans right now are to go to the Royal Rumble, either beat Kurt Angle or win the Royal Rumble it's self and then become the next WWE Champion!

Match #6
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Kane and The Big Show vs Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

Match Finish: Much of a squash match, just being used to show the dominance of Kane and The Big Show which the ending comes at whenever Kane clotheslines Cade over the top rope and then Big Show gives a Big Boot to Murdoch. Big Show and Kane then look at each other and then pick up Murdoch and then grab him by the throat, then connecting with their finisher, the Double Chokeslam to a loud pop from the crowd and the cover, One....Two....Three

Winners and Advancing to the Royal Rumble: Kane and The Big Show


Match #7
#1 Contender's Five Man Free for All Match
Triple H vs Edge vs Rob Van Dam vs John Cena vs Shawn Michaels

Match Finish: This is an allout war and everybody is doing their best to come and fight for the #1 Contendership. Ending takes place whenever Michaels is tuning up the band for the Sweet Chin Music on Edge and Michaels goes for it but Edge ducks and Michaels connects with the Sweet Chin Music to Triple H instead. Edge then turns Michaels around and nails the Spear but RVD takes down Edge with a Spinning Heel Kick and climbs to the top rope. RVD then leaps off the top rope connecting with the Five Star Frog Splash and the cover, One....Two....Thre....but then John Cena gets back to his feet and then picks RVD off of Edge and then grabs RVD and then connects with the F-U to RVD and then Cena rolls RVD over for the cover, One.....Two.....Three

Winner and #1 Contender: John Cena

*My Time is Now hits and then Cena grabs a mic*

John Cena: Wait, cut the music. I've got a little rap for Kurt Angle that I want to let him hear right now wherever he is

John Cena: Kurt Angle, I'm surprised you even won last week, you didn't stand a chance
You only stand a chance, when you let men in your pants
Hell, I didn't even take you that serious, because I've beaten you about five times
You might be wandering, why I keep on doing these rhymes
But one thing is for certain, you better go check your mail
Because inside of it, there's a note from me that says Hell...in...a Cell!!!

*My Time is Now hits and John Cena then slides out of the ring to a huge pop*

Jerry Lawler: Oh my god! It has come to this and at the Royal Rumble, John Cena vs Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah but Cena has just said that he will be making this match Hell in a Cell and that is rather dangerous

Joey Styles: Cena has earned his rematch tonight and he as you just heard has announced it will be Hell in a Cell at the Royal Rumble

Jerry Lawler: Kurt Angle has only been in the Cell once and when he was, he overcame five other men to regain his title

Jonathan Coachman: Well at the Royal Rumble, he's got to overcome a furios monster that has been unleased in John Cena

Joey Styles: Well as for next week, we'll see you on Raw and don't forget to tune into Raw next week live from Raleigh, North Carolina!
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Guess this means we won't be partnering up. Oh well. Great Raw. 99/100

I'm watching you...

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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Well thanks, and guys, some more reviews would be nice
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

I will review this tomorrow but I will definatly review.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Yeah I'll write a review. It may be up by tomorrow of maybe tonight.
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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

review coming your way in a few hours KOPV1


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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Loved the show. Chris Masterbate is classic. But one thing I dont like is John Cena now qualifiying for WWE Championship. I said to myself while reading that if you left Cena wn I am coming over to your house and Im gonna punch you in the face, so you better lock your doors. Also, if Edge still has his Money in the Bank, you should add him to the main event at Wrestlemania so it will be the champ vs. the challenger vs. Edge.

Solid Raw. Very solid.

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