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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury Presents:
The 21st Annual WWE Survivor Series
Sunday November 18, 2007 | Amway Arena | Orlando, Florida

***WWE: The Power is Back***

The video goes from being black all of a sudden and ends up cutting to clips of John Cena confronting Mr. Kennedy on Monday Night Raw recently. It then begins to speed up and shows the other eight members of Team Cena and Team Kennedy respectively.

Ten men will do battle tonight…

Past Survivor Series Elimination Matches with an emphasis on the matches in the past few years such as Team Angle versus Team Lesnar at Survivor Series 2003, Team Raw versus Team SmackDown at Survivor Series 2005, and Team JBL versus Team Long at last year's event.

In an effort to try and lead their teams to victory

John Cena and the rest of his team – CM Punk, Brian Kendrick, Chris Jericho, and Matt Hardy all have their images flash across the screen.

But tonight these men must dig down deep…

Team Kennedy featuring Mr. Kennedy, the World Tag Team Champions Priceless, Kenny Dykstra, and The Big Show all have their own respective images flash across the screen.

To find that trait that has been ingrained in each and every one of us…

The word Survival flashes across the screen before images of Team Kennedy confronting Team Cena speeds up the video.


The next images to come across the screen happen to be Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair confronting one another in the ring.

A feud primed on blood…

The ominous attack from Ric Flair on Shawn Michaels back in June that kick started this feud between these two former friends with Shawn Michaels being left for pretty much dead in the backstage is featured.

Two men will captain their teams in an effort to not only get the last laugh…

Ric Flair forcing Shawn Michaels to submit at SummerSlam and Shawn Michaels dropping Flair with Sweet Chin Music at No Mercy to earn their own respective wins is shown next.

But to also preserve their own legendary careers…

Flair entering an arena in the late 1980’s and Shawn Michaels entering at WrestleMania XII on the zip line is shown.

Tonight one legend’s career comes to an end….

Flair donning one of his legendary robes standing in the center of the ring in a dark arena with the lights focused on him is shown. The next image to come across the screen is HBK doing his legendary praying pose in the dark arena.

Tonight is the end of an era!

The next focus of the video package turns to the Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship between Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton. Triple H defeating Batista at SummerSlam to earn his eleventh WWE Championship is the main feature of the first shots.

Three men who made up one of the most dangerous stables in professional wrestling history will clash tonight…

Evolution holding all three of the men’s major championships (Triple H being the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton as Intercontinental Champion, and Ric Flair and Batista as World Tag Team Champions) after winning the titles at Armageddon 2003 is shown.

With one clear goal in mind…

The images start to speed up featuring the Cyber Sunday tag team match and Orton spitting in Batista’s face! Batista going wild knocking stuff over looking for Randy Orton and finally Batista spearing Orton into the mat before Triple H hitting Batista with the Spinebuster and then Pedigree to end Raw this past Monday is shown.

To become the next…

Fading images of Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton all come across the screen with the final shot being the promo graphic for the match.

WWE Champion!

Immediately the screen cuts to black before we see cut ins of the Elimination Chamber with the deadly figure being assembled.

Tonight marks the return of the ominous figure otherwise known as the Elimination Chamber.

Suddenly we start to see clips flash by of the previous four Elimination Chambers that have occurred in the history of the WWE as the voice now turns to Jim Ross.

Jim Ross:
Championships, careers, and legacies will be at stake!

Shawn Michaels capturing the World-Heavyweight Championship in the inaugural Elimination Chamber and celebrating with the first championship since his return in earlier 2002.

Jim Ross:
These men will never be the same again!

Quick highlights of the 2003 SummerSlam Elimination Chamber in which Triple H retains and then the New Year’s Revolution 2005 Elimination Chamber in which Triple H wins the World Heavyweight Championship as well.

Thirteen men have entered the Elimination Chamber…

Highlights from last year’s Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series 2006 featuring Randy Orton winning the WWE Championship from Rob Van Dam after catching RVD off the ropes with an RKO.

Three have walked out as winners…

Shawn Michaels celebrating at Survivor Series 2002, Triple H celebrating at SummerSlam 2003 and New Year’s Revolution 2005, and Randy Orton at Survivor Series last year is shown.

But no one has left the Elimination Chamber the same before they entered!

Clips of the six men participating tonight – Edge, Christian, MVP, Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam, and Umaga all suffering inside of the ring.

Tonight six men will step inside of “Satan’s Playground” with one goal in mind…

The World Heavyweight Championship is shown sitting in the ring alone with a spotlight beaming down on the title as it glistens in the light.

To become the next World Heavyweight Champion!

The Elimination Chamber is the last images we will see of this video as the video starts to crack up with it eventually fading away. The screen now goes to black before we see the Survivor Series logo start to appear on the screen.

And now Raw and SmackDown present to you the twenty-first annual WWE Survivor Series sponsored by WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008!

The camera cuts into the arena now as the camera pans across the sold out Amway Arena! The fans are going wild as the camera cuts up towards the ceiling and shows the ominous Elimination Chamber that is seen sitting high above the ring. After the look at the Elimination Chamber we cut down to ringside to the Raw and SmackDown commentary teams.

21st Annual WWE Survivor Series
Sunday November 18, 2007
Amway Arena - Orlando, Florida

Jim Ross:
We welcome you tonight to the twenty-first edition of the annual fall classic pay per view extravaganza – Survivor Series – as we come to you live from the sold out Amway Arena here in beautiful Orlando, Florida!

Jerry Lawler:
JR I’ve been eagerly anticipating this evening for the entire weekend! This may be without a doubt the biggest Survivor Series pay-per-view in history when it’s all said and done tonight!

Jim Ross:
You may be absolutely correct King! Six huge matches tonight – three from Raw and three from SmackDown – are set to take place and I have a feeling that tonight is going to be a big turning point as we continue to near the end of 2007.

Jerry Lawler:
Well said my friend! Raw’s bringing the heat tonight with our huge WWE Championship Triple Threat Match between three of the four former Evolution stable mates in WWE Champion Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton plus who can forget Beth Phoenix putting her Women’s Championship on the line tonight against Victoria in a WrestleMania 23 rematch?

Jim Ross:
And finally we’ll see a Classic Survivor Series Elimination Match which will hopefully bring an end to the five month long feud that has been dominating Monday Night Raw since the summer as John Cena will captain a team tonight against Mr. Kennedy’s team in a match that is sure to be heated. Let’s send it over to our comrades from Friday Night SmackDown – Michael Cole and Tazz. Take it away gentlemen!

Michael Cole:
Thank you JR! The Amway Arena is jam packed to the rafters tonight eagerly anticipating the twenty-first annual WWE Survivor Series to kick off and with what SmackDown has to bring to the table tonight I do not blame them one bit!

Neither do I Michael! Gregory Helms will either have to put up or shut up tonight when he faces the deadly man known as “The Shooter” Brent Albright in a match that definitely favors Albright – a Submission Match – for the coveted Intercontinental Championship that Helms currently has in his possession.

Michael Cole:
One legend’s career will unfortunately come to an end here tonight in Orlando as we’ll be seeing Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair butt heads for the final time of their careers in the Classic Survivor Series Elimination Match. These men have battered and bruised one another dating back to June of this year and with all of the marbles on the line now we will unfortunately see the end of one legend’s storied career here tonight in Orlando!

And if that wasn’t big enough to be our main event then how about this? The return of the Elimination Chamber for the first time in a year as SmackDown will host their first ever Elimination Chamber Match! This match is so deadly that it will be only the fifth time it has occurred in WWE history!

Michael Cole:
A World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned tonight after the previous champion Montel Vontavious Porter was rightfully stripped of his title that he truly stole from Edge this summer. It may have taken four months to rightfully strip MVP of the title but in due diligence a wrong was righted!

Six men will enter the Elimination Chamber tonight and when it’s all said and done only one man will emerge as champion. For these six men – MVP, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Christian, Rob Van Dam, and Umaga one thing is for certain, these men will all leave the chamber a different man when it is all said and done tonight!

Michael Cole:
Well said Tazz! Let’s pass it back to our friends from Monday Night Raw! It’s time to get the twenty-first annual Survivor Series underway!

***Crank It Up***

The first man to make his way into the Amway Arena tonight happens to be The World’s Largest Athlete, the Big Show. Big Show makes his way towards the ring to a decent round of boos from the fans tonight in Orlando.

Lilian Garcia:
The following contest is the Classic Survivor Series Elimination Match! Eliminations occur by pin fall, submission, count out, or disqualification! The match will continue until one team has been completely eliminated! Introducing first from Tampa, Florida weighing in at 441 pounds he is the “World’s Largest Athlete” The Big Show!

***Pure Control***

The young sensation known as Kenny Dykstra makes his way out towards the ring flaunted by his girlfriend Kelly Kelly. Dykstra poses at the top of the ramp before grabbing Kelly Kelly’s hand as the duo finally arrive at ringside. Dykstra slides into the ring shaking hands with Big Show as we await the next entrant.

Lilian Garcia:
Introducing next accompanied to the ring by Kelly Kelly, from Worcester, Massachusetts weighing in at 220 pounds he is Kenny Dykstra!


The World Tag Team Champions – Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase – enter the arena carrying their championship belts with them towards the ring. The duo receives a small chorus of boos from the fans entering what is arguably their biggest match in their young six month careers to date.

Lilian Garcia:
Introducing next weighing in at a combined weight of 429 pounds they are the World Tag Team Champions – Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase – Priceless!

***Turn up the Trouble***

The lights go out in the arena as a spotlight comes on in the center of the ring. Mr. Kennedy is seen holding the microphone with his team standing behind him lined up in a formation.

Mr. Kennedy:
Ladies and gentlemen you are looking at the biggest and baddest team that has ever wrestled at Survivor Series. This team weighs in at a combined weight of an imposing one thousand three hundred and thirty three pounds! This team is led tonight by the man hailing from the City of Champions – Green Bay, Wisconsinnnnnn!!!! MISTERRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDY!!!!

Kennedy ascends the rope in the corner as we see Team Kennedy in the background clapping for their team leader.

Mr. Kennedy:

***Live for the Moment***

The music of Matt Hardy cuts the celebration of Mr. Kennedy’s introduction just a bit earlier once the lights had come back on. Kennedy hops off the ropes looking extremely pissed that out of all people his former rival Matt Hardy would have the nerves to interrupt whatever Kennedy still had to say. Hardy makes his way towards the ramp but stops at the bottom of the ramp awaiting his tag team partners.

Lilian Garcia:
And their opponents…introducing first from Cameron, North Carolina weighing in at 235 pounds – Matt Hardy!

***This Fire Burns***

The former World Tag Team Champions, CM Punk & Brian Kendrick, make their way into the arena as the duo come out to a nice ovation from the fans. Both Punk and Kendrick stop at the ramp with Matt Hardy shaking hands with Hardy.

Lilian Garcia:
Introducing next weighing in at a combined weight of 403 pounds they are CM Punk and Brian Kendrick!

***Break the Walls Down***

The loudest ovation of the night so far goes to none other than “Y2J” Chris Jericho! Jericho enters the arena stopping at the ramp and posing for the fans before giving a big fist pump as he shakes hands with his teammates. A big smile comes over Jericho’s face as it is clear that he is enjoying the ovation from the Jerichoholics in Orlando tonight.

Lilian Garcia:
Introducing next from Manhasset, New York weighing in at 227 pounds he is “Y2J” Chris Jericho!

***My Time is Now***

The Amway Arena ERUPTS as the captain of Team Cena – John Cena – enters the Amway Arena and stops at the top of the ramp saluting the sold out arena. Cena comes charging down the ramp stopping by his teammates as all five men look at one another and all go charging into the ring at one time!

Lilian Garcia:
And finally he is the team captain for Team Cena hailing from West Newbury, Massachusetts and weighing in at 251 pounds….John Cena!!!

Classic Survivor Series Elimination Match:
Team Cena (John Cena, Matt Hardy, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, & Brian Kendrick) vs.
Team Kennedy (Mr. Kennedy, The Big Show, Kenny Dykstra, Cody Rhodes, & Ted DiBiase)

The anticipation towards this match is finally coming to a head as we see John Cena step into the ring preparing for combat early on. Cena points towards Kennedy telling him to step into the ring to meet up with him but Kennedy neglects the offer. Instead in steps Kenny Dykstra who is certainly no stranger to John Cena. The referee signals for the bell as Cena and Dykstra end up circling one another in the ring. Dykstra attempts to strike first as he kicks Cena in the sternum and hits Cena hard across the back with a closed fist. Dykstra leans up against Cena preparing to send him flying off into the ropes with an Irish Whip. Cena gets sent flying off into the ropes but ducks underneath a failed clothesline attempt from Dykstra before he ends up picking up Dykstra trying early for an F-U! Cena has Dykstra dangling in the air but Dykstra is able to escape as he charges into his team’s corner holding onto the turnbuckles for dear life.

Dykstra looks very hesitant to step back towards Cena as The Big Show reaches out and tags himself into the match. Cena doesn’t look intimidated at all as The World’s Largest Athlete and the man whom was supposed to be on Team Cena steps over the ropes and comes face to face with John Cena in the center of the ring. The Big Show begins talking trash to Cena as Cena sits there with a smirk on his face before reaching back and punching The Big Show. Big Show doesn’t look fazed one bit as he reaches back and tries to throw a right hand at Cena but Cena blocks it. Cena surprisingly does the unthinkable as he grabs Big Show attempting to send him flying into the corner but Big Show reels Cena in knocking him inside out with a huge clothesline. The World’s Largest Athlete drops down hooking the leg of the team captain. One…Two…Th…

Big Show looks easily disappointed as that was an easy kick out from John Cena to keep himself in the match up. Big Show pulls Cena up dragging him into the corner as he connects with numerous lefts and rights to the ribs of the Doctor of Thuganomics. Big Show repeats with these big lefts and rights before pulling Cena out of the corner. Big Show throws Cena across the ring as if he was a ragdoll causing Cena to land hard on his back near his team’s corner. The Big Show walks over towards Team Cena’s corner taunting the four members on the apron as he looks down at Cena.

The Big Show apparently has an idea as he decides to try and end this early. Big Show springs off the ropes coming right back at Cena as the agile Big Show leaps into the air trying for a Leg Drop! The fans watch however as Cena rolls out of the way in just the nick of time. Cena is not able to get to his corner just yet as we see Big Show pull himself up apparently in a small amount of pain as he walks towards the corner and perhaps surprisingly Ted DiBiase tags himself into the match. Big Show looks at DiBiase wondering why he tagged himself in as apparently Big Show did not want to leave the match just yet. DiBiase ignores Big Show however and charges over towards Cena immediately hooking the leg but only ends up getting a quick one count.

DiBiase looks perhaps a bit perplexed at Cena kicking out so easily but in reality not that much damage has been done to Cena yet. DiBiase bends down getting on one knee as he puts Cena in a chokehold trying to force the team captain into submission. DiBiase wrenches away at the neck of Cena as the crowd is trying their hardest to rally behind the team leader. Cena slowly starts to pull himself back onto his feet as he ends up finally getting up and he has DiBiase holding on for dear life on his back! Cena takes the opportunity to ram DiBiase back first into his team’s corner before making the hot tag and bringing in CM Punk!

Punk steps into the corner laying into DiBiase with numerous lefts and rights to DiBiase’s stomach. Punk pushes himself against DiBiase throwing him off into the ropes. DiBiase comes flying right back at Punk right into a shoulder block from Punk. Punk takes this time to stomp away at DiBiase’s head before dragging him back onto his feet once again. Punk prepares to Irish whip DiBiase off into the corner but The Fortunate Son reverses and instead sends Punk flying into the corner. DiBiase takes a step back before charging hard into the corner. Punk wisely steps out of the way as DiBiase connects with the turnbuckles! DiBiase turns around right into a roundhouse kick dropping one half of the World Tag Team Champions onto the mat. Punk throws DiBiase over hooking the leg….One…Two…Thre…SO CLOSE!

Punk realizes just how close he was to eliminating one of Team Kennedy’s members here tonight. The Straight Edge Superstar looks down at DiBiase taunting him and signaling that it is time for DiBiase to go to sleep. The crowd pops loudly as we see Punk peel DiBiase off of the mat and throws him onto his shoulders. Punk has DiBiase ready for the GTS but DiBiase smartly is able to slither off the shoulders of Punk somehow. DiBiase steps back preparing to charge at Punk but Punk ends up kicking DiBiase in the stomach reeling him in and charging towards the ropes dropping DiBiase with a Running Bulldog! The Amway Arena is going nuts now as they apparently know what is about to come from CM Punk.

Punk heads into the corner preparing to climb on the ropes but we see Cody Rhodes run over and try and pull Punk off of the ropes! Rhodes is pulling away at the leg of Punk distracting him which in turn is of course giving DiBiase recovery time. Punk is finally able to kick Rhodes off of him and we see DiBiase come charging at Punk. Punk was preparing to jump on the top rope but instead he ducks underneath a charging DiBiase! DiBiase was swinging for Punk but he missed and Punk wisely grabs DiBiase pulling his head down hard onto the ropes. DiBiase is holding his throat after hitting the ropes hard as he takes a few steps back and turns around right into a Springboard Clothesline! Orlando is going wild as Punk doesn’t hesitate as he jumps onto the mat and locks in the Anaconda Vice! The fans are going wild as Ted DiBiase is trying his hardest to hold onto the relentless submission move! DiBiase is trying his hardest but just as the referee prepares to ask him we see DiBiase tap out!

Elimination #1: Ted DiBiase (Team Kennedy) by CM Punk (Team Cena) via Anaconda Vice (05:49)

CM Punk doesn’t even have time to turn around as Cody Rhodes hit the ring and attacks Punk from behind. Rhodes is laying into Punk with numerous hard rights as he ends up dragging Punk into the corner and throwing him hard against the turnbuckles. Rhodes reaches back and slaps the chest of Punk as the fans look on. Rhodes pushes himself against Punk preparing to send him into the opposing corner but Punk wisely counters and instead sends Rhodes flying off into the turnbuckles.

Punk takes a second before charging into the corner at Rhodes! Punk attempts to catch Rhodes with a Flying Splash in the corner but Rhodes ducks out of the way and trips Punk up with a successful school boy! Rhodes grabs the tights as the fans in the Amway Arena are booing Rhodes as the referee counts the pin fall. One…Two..Thr…no Punk finds a way to kick out and keep the match going. Rhodes kicks Punk in the back of the head with his boot knocking Punk back onto the mat. Rhodes drags Punk off into the corner making the tag and bringing in Kenny Dykstra now.

Dykstra immediately pulls Punk off the mat and pushes Punk’s head underneath his arms locking in a headlock. Dykstra is wrenching away at the neck of the Straight Edge Superstar trying to force Punk into submission. Dykstra is slowly starting to lose his grip though as we see Punk slowly starts to build up towards breaking free of the move. Dykstra’s grip continues to slip and we see Punk finally elbow Dykstra in the sternum numerous times breaking free of the headlock. Dykstra looks perhaps a bit stunned as we see him charge at Punk but Punk quickly drops Dykstra onto the mat with a Roundhouse Kick! The fans are cheering for Punk to make the cover but Punk falls onto the mat completely wore out apparently.

Punk slowly starts making his way into his team’s corner as we turn and see that Dykstra is still knocked out. The fans are cheering on Punk as he slowly continues crawling into his corner and he reaches out but isn’t quite there just yet. Dykstra is slowly starting to move as well and right as Dykstra gets up onto one knee finally Punk jumps out and makes the hot tag bringing in Matt Hardy! The former US champion charges into the ring ducking underneath a clothesline attempt from Dykstra! Hardy pulls Dykstra in towards him connecting quickly with the Side Effect! Hardy is not messing around tonight as he makes his way into the corner.

Hardy climbs up the turnbuckles looking down at Dykstra as he doesn’t hesitate before flying off the turnbuckles and connecting with a successful Diving Leg Drop! The Amway Arena’s excitement level is building up as Hardy begins to slowly taunt Dykstra awaiting Dykstra to get back onto his feet. Kenny Dykstra pulls himself up and he turns around into the arms of Matt Hardy and is dropped with the Twist of Fate! Hardy throws Dykstra over hooking the leg and the referee charges over counting the pin fall. One…Two…Three!

Elimination #2: Kenny Dykstra (Team Kennedy) by Matt Hardy via Pin Fall (Team Cena) (08:48)

That’s two straight eliminations bringing this match to five on three now. Matt Hardy slowly pulls himself back up and perhaps it’s a big mistake that he takes too much time as The Big Show has already stepped into the ring. Hardy is oblivious to the fact that The Big Show is standing behind him and Hardy turns around right into the Knockout Punch! Big Show doesn’t even drop down to cover Hardy as he simply puts his foot over the lifeless body of Matt Hardy as the referee easily counts the one, two, three and Matt Hardy has been eliminated in the matter of a few seconds.

Elimination #3: Matt Hardy (Team Cena) by The Big Show via Pin Fall (Team Kennedy) (9:10)

Team Kennedy has just brought the match back down to four on three now thanks to The Big Show. Big Show calmly awaits the next person to enter the ring from Team Cena and it turns out to be Chris Jericho! Jericho strolls into the ring meeting up in the center of the ring with the Big Show as he locks eyes with the World’s Largest Athlete. Jericho doesn’t seem intimidated one bit as he jumps at The Big Show trying to knock him down but instead Big Show ends up pushing Jericho across the ring. Jericho looks a little stunned as he pulls himself up thanks to the ropes.

The Big Show makes perhaps a very big mistake though as he decides to come running at Jericho. Jericho ends up tripping Big Show face first into the middle rope. Jericho immediately takes this opportunity to come flying off the ropes after Big Show but Cody Rhodes ends up driving his knee into the back of Jericho knocking Jericho down onto the mat. The referee walks over asking Rhodes what happened. Rhodes acts calm and ends up keeping the referee distracted long enough for Mr. Kennedy to pull Jericho near his team’s corner repeatedly hitting Jericho with numerous clubbing right hands.

The referee hurries over as he catches Mr. Kennedy trying to push Jericho away. The referee warns Mr. Kennedy that he will not allow any underhanded tactics in the ring tonight. The Big Show pulls Jericho up off the mat literally throwing him into the air back first into the turnbuckle before reaching out and tagging in the captain – Mr. Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy comes charging into the corner putting his boot into the chest of Chris Jericho numerous times aggressively. Kennedy pulls Jericho out of the corner throwing him off into the ropes. Jericho comes running back at Kennedy and runs right into a Spinning Elbow dropping Jericho once more onto the mat. Mr. Kennedy drops onto the mat aggressively hooking the leg of Chris Jericho but he is unable to even get a one count as Jericho kicks out quickly!

Kennedy throws Jericho’s head in between his shoulders as he prepares to place Jericho in a headlock. Kennedy is wrenching away at the neck of Jericho as he repeatedly pulls Jericho’s head in closer locking in the headlock tighter. Jericho slowly begins to gain an advantage as he raises his arm up and tries to get the fans behind him. Jericho finally is able to get to his feet again as he ends up ramming Kennedy into the corner breaking free of the chokehold. Kennedy charges at Jericho but the resilient veteran trips up Kennedy into the mat face first. Kennedy pulls himself up off the mat looking pissed off at Jericho.

Kennedy charges at Jericho as the lock up and Jericho gets the big advantage pushing Kennedy into his team’s corner and makes the tag in to the team captain – John Cena! Kennedy immediately locks eyes with his rival Cena and Kennedy doesn’t think twice as he tries charging off into his team’s corner! But not so fast! Cena grabs the arm of Kennedy and waves his other finger at Kennedy telling him that he’s not getting off easy now! The fans cheer on Cena as he taunts Kennedy for a few brief seconds before pulling Mr. Kennedy in towards him and knocking Kennedy onto the mat with a brutal clothesline!

Mr. Kennedy is turned inside out with that brutal clothesline from John Cena! Cena peels Kennedy off of the mat and lifts Kennedy high into the air. Cena pauses for a second letting the blood rush to Kennedy’s head before bringing Kennedy crashing onto the mat with a huge Suplex! Cena throws Kennedy over on his back and hooks the leg. One…Two..Thr…quick kick out from Kennedy! John Cena bends down to pick Kennedy up but Kennedy catches Cena with a shot to the gut before Kennedy dashes over and tags in Cody Rhodes! Rhodes looks confused as he asks Kennedy what he is doing. Kennedy slides out of the ring looking a bit concerned about the first time he stepped into the ring with Cena tonight.

Cody Rhodes steps into the ring now a bit hesitant not wanting to face off against John Cena apparently. Cena is in the corner now about to go head to head with Rhodes before Brian Kendrick reaches out and tags himself in. Kendrick is ready to finally enter the ring as he wants a piece of one half of the tag team champions. Kendrick comes charging into the ring running right to Rhodes as he knocks him down with a flying forearm. Kendrick pulls Rhodes off the mat Irish whipping him into the ropes. Rhodes charges back at Kendrick right into a spinning heel kick from the former tag team champion.
Cody Rhodes pulls himself up looking disgusted so far with his performance as he comes dashing at Brian Kendrick. Kendrick leaps into the air catching Rhodes with a Hurricanrana and he keeps the leg of Rhodes hooked! One..Two…T…a firm kick out from Cody Rhodes to keep Team Kennedy with three members remaining. Rhodes pushes Kendrick off of him as both men come back onto their feet. Kendrick has a smirk come over his face and Rhodes doesn’t find it too funny. Rhodes pushes Kendrick into the ropes back first with force! Kendrick springs off the ropes ducking underneath a Cody Rhodes clothesline attempt. Kendrick stops in his steps right behind the back of Cody Rhodes before leaping into the air with a swift kick to the back of Rhodes’ head!

Cody Rhodes is knocked out cold in the center of the ring! Kendrick flips Rhodes over before heading onto the top rope in his team’s corner! Brian Kendrick leaps off the ropes connecting with the Shooting Star Press! The fans in the Amway Arena are going wild as Kendrick can be seen struggling a bit after taking that huge leap off the ropes! Kendrick is grabbing at his ribs as he reaches over and hooks the leg of Cody Rhodes! One…Two…Three!

Elimination #4: Cody Rhodes (Team Kennedy) by Brian Kendrick (Team Cena) via Pin Fall (14:21)

Brian Kendrick is still rolling around on the mat clutching at his ribs as the team captain for Team Kennedy slides into the ring again! It’s down to Mr. Kennedy and the Big Show for his team tonight. Kennedy anxiously waits as an unknowing Brian Kendrick is slowly getting back onto his feet. Kendrick finally pulls himself up turning around right into the arms of Mr. Kennedy! It’s too late for Kendrick as Kennedy drops him with the Mic Check! Kennedy throws Kendrick’s leg over for the three count eliminating Kendrick from Team Cena and making it now three against two.

Elimination #5: Brian Kendrick (Team Cena) by Mr. Kennedy (Team Kennedy) via Pin Fall (14:51)

Mr. Kennedy rolls over and looks up as he sees John Cena start to enter the ring. Kennedy springs back onto his feet as the two team captains are seen standing in the center of the ring as the anticipation for this moment has been building up all night! Mr. Kennedy looks prepared to go head to head with Cena but instead takes a few steps back bailing out once more as he makes the tag in to the only other teammate he has left – The Big Show.

Cena looks pissed at Mr. Kennedy as he has once again bailed out of the ring tonight ignoring any chance to try and come head to head with his rival in John Cena. Cena stares down his former friend in the Big Show who turned against him a few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw. The Big Show steps over the ropes as he makes a slow stride towards the center of the ring. Cena and the Big Show come to a head. Big Show pushes John Cena with force as Cena comes charging off the ropes. Cena attempts to come charging at Big Show as he leaps into the air with a shoulder block attempt! The Big Show doesn’t even budge as Cena falls back onto the mat. Cena pulls himself up and runs right into a big boot from the Big Show! Big Show places his boot over Cena for a pin fall attempt. One…Two…kick out from Cena!

The Big Show peels Cena off of the mat tossing him into the corner. Big Show walks over to the opposite corner from Cena and takes off with a full sprint. The Big Show comes charging at Cena looking to hit him with a big splash in the corner but Cena moves as Big Show collides sternum first into the turnbuckles! Big Show springs off the turnbuckles as Cena catches Big Show with a chop block taking Big Show down onto one knee. Cena takes a step back before running at Big Show again and this time he catches the giant with the Throwback!

The fans in the Amway Arena are beginning to rise up and cheer on their fearless leader as Cena bends down and waves his hand in the face of the Big Show! Cena springs off the ropes and connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle! The Amway Arena is sensing the end for Big Show very soon. Cena pulls Big Show off of the mat and brings him onto his feet once more. Cena is eyeing the end of the match as he attempts to pick Big Show up for the F-U but he is unable to do so! Big Show slides off the back of John Cena and swings aimlessly at John Cena with a Knockout Punch attempt! Cena is able to duck underneath the Knockout Punch before dropkicking Big Show in the knee taking the giant down once again!

Cena grabs Big Show’s head and drives him into the mat with a DDT! Cena hooks the leg of the Big Show but only gets a two count! Cena sees Jericho wanting to come into the match now as he walks over and tags in Jericho! Jericho comes running into the ring and leaps off the ropes with a Lionsault attempt and he connects! Jericho looks at Punk who wants a piece of the action now as he makes the tag in to CM Punk who climbs up onto the top rope! Punk looks down at the Big Show as he leaps off the top rope connecting with a Diving Elbow! Punk looks back at Cena as Cena wants to come in and finish off his former friend! Punk tags Cena back into the match as Cena stands behind a groggy Big Show. Big Show is back onto his feet now as he turns around into the big arms of John Cena! Cena reels the Big Show in and has a bit of trouble at first but he is able to lift the 500 pound giant onto his shoulders! Cena hurries and drops The Big Show with the F-U! Orlando is going nuts now as Cena hops on top of the Big Show hooking the giant’s leg as the referee charges over and makes the count…One…Two…Three!

Elimination #6: The Big Show (Team Kennedy) by John Cena (Team Cena) via Pin Fall (18:20)

Cena is about to rise onto his feet once more but he gets ambushed from behind by the only man remaining on Team Kennedy – the captain himself! Kennedy is throwing hard rights at Cena as the referee has to pull Kennedy off of Cena! Kennedy takes a step back and charges at Cena in the corner connecting with Facewash! John Cena drops onto the mat as Mr. Kennedy throws Cena over aggressively hooking the leg of Cena. One…Two..Th…no a quick kick out from Cena keeps the match going!

Kennedy looks like he is not going to be messing around now as he flips Cena over and throws his knee into the back of his rival. Kennedy pulls the arms back of Cena and continues to thrust his knee into the back of Cena! Cena looks like he may be in trouble for a bit as Kennedy continues to drive his knee hard into Cena’s back! Cena begins to finally find something deep within as he begins to pull himself onto his feet! He is able to spin his arms around and break free of the hold before kicking Kennedy in the gut and pushing Mr. Kennedy away from him! Kennedy takes a step back before running at Cena! Cena ducks underneath Kennedy and when Kennedy turns around he throws Kennedy onto his shoulders! Cena looks prepared to drop Kennedy with an F-U but Kennedy holds onto the ropes! Cena tries to rip Kennedy away from the ropes but Kennedy instead drives his knee into the face of John Cena causing Cena to break free of the hold!

Cena is grabbing at his face as Kennedy takes this time to instead run over and knock Chris Jericho off the apron! Kennedy is seen laughing at Jericho as he tumbles onto the outside. CM Punk and Kennedy get into a shouting match now as Punk tries to enter the ring but the referee has to come between Kennedy and Punk! Kennedy takes a cheap shot at Punk knocking him off the apron as well as the referee warns Kennedy that he better stop or he will be disqualified! Kennedy apparently forgot about John Cena in the ring briefly as he turns around right into a flying shoulder block from Cena! Kennedy gets back up and turns around into Cena’s arms as he connects with a clothesline sending Kennedy reeling onto the mat.

Kennedy gets back onto his feet and runs into the arms of Cena who connects with the Killswitch! Cena looks down at Kennedy as the fans in the Amway Arena know what is about to occur! Cena hollers out “You Can’t See Me” before bouncing of the ropes and dropping the Five Knuckle Shuffle for the second time in tonight’s match! Cena stalks Kennedy in the center of the ring as he sees Kennedy slowly rise onto his feet. Kennedy slowly turns around and runs right into John Cena! Cena throws Kennedy onto his shoulders and connects with the F-U! Cena looks prepared to lock in the STFU as he drops onto the mat! Cena places Kennedy in the deadly submission move as Kennedy is reeling and not wanting to lose in embarrassing fashion. The referee asks Kennedy what he wants to do to no response from the arrogant superstar. Kennedy is seen crawling and trying to desperately reach the ropes but he is clearly nowhere near the ropes! Kennedy makes one last desperate attempt as he lunges for the ropes but is unable to do so! The fans see Kennedy’s hand reach into the air as he ends up tapping out to end this huge elimination match tonight!

Elimination #7: Mr. Kennedy (Team Kennedy) by John Cena (Team Cena) via Submission (21:24)

Lilian Garcia:
Here are your winners and the remaining survivors…Chris Jericho…CM Punk…and John Cena…Team Cena!!!

Match Result: Team Cena (John Cena, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Brian Kendrick, & Matt Hardy) defeated Team Kennedy (Mr. Kennedy, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Kenny Dykstra, & The Big Show) (21:24)

Mr. Kennedy is seen rolling to the outside of the ring as he sits himself up and looks at Cena with a clearly defeated look on his face. The referee comes over towards Cena and raises the hands of Cena, Punk, and Jericho signaling the three men as the three final survivors for the match tonight. Once their hands are dropped all three men end up shaking hands with one another before we end up cutting over to the ringside announcers.

Jim Ross:
It’s over King! It’s over! John Cena has finally taken down the man that has been coming after him since the summer! It must be bittersweet for Cena to be able to be the man to defeat Mr. Kennedy in the center of the ring tonight!

Jerry Lawler:
John Cena was pushed to the limit tonight by Mr. Kennedy and it’s something that John Cena will not soon forget. Kennedy’s team may have lost tonight but the battle that his team put up was certainly worthy of my respect!

Jim Ross:
In the end though it does not really matter since Team Cena is the one reigning supreme tonight in Orlando. The night is just getting started and if our opening match was any indication of what the rest of tonight has to offer then we are in for one great night!

Jerry Lawler:
Oh absolutely! I may not be too happy with the results from our opening match but it won’t dampen the mood for the remainder of tonight’s show! We’ve still got two big matches from Raw to go tonight plus the return of the deadly Elimination Chamber that SmackDown will be presenting for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship! What a night it’s going to be!

The camera cuts backstage as we see Shane McMahon sitting down on his couch with a notebook in hand watching the action on his personal television in his office. Shane has a pen in hand writing down notes before we hear the door open.

Shane McMahon:
Have you ever heard of knocking?

Shane looks a bit pissed off at this as of now unknown person entering his office without permission. The camera pans over to reveal MVP and behind him is his personal bodyguard Ezekiel Jackson. Both men are dressed in street clothes apparently having just arrived to the arena.

No…actually I haven’t.

Shane McMahon:
Really then? Well in that case you are dism…

Hold it! Look I’ve got an issue that needs to be brought to your attention.

Shane McMahon:
And that is?

MVP looks at Big Zeke with a “Did he really just say that” look on his face.

You know Shane I expected a lot more from you. I make my grand return to my home state – granted it’s in the dump that is Orlando (boos from the fans can be heard) but after all it is where the greatest World Heavyweight Champion ever was born! And well ‘ya know I was expecting there to be a grand locker room with champagne, plenty of towels, personal assistants…’ya know things that only athletes like myself are worthy of and I don’t have a single one of those!

Shane McMahon:
Please tell me what you have done that is worthy of any of those things Montel? I’m not here to pamper you nor am I here to take your unnecessary crap. In case you haven’t been paying attention I’ve been dealing with many other important issues facing the company than whether or not you get your so called “VIP” treatment. So if you don’t mind Montel I’d appreciate if you’d leave my office right now before I do something that you don’t want to see happen.

This is no way to treat a former champion! I am the biggest thing going in the WWE today Shane! You don’t want to piss off your prime time player ‘ya hear me?

Shane McMahon:

MVP is clearly infused at the remarks of Shane as he storms out of the office with Big Ezekiel Jackson in tow behind him. We hear the door get slammed as Shane takes a seat back on the couch sticking his face in his hands as he takes a second to try and calm down. Shane then picks his notebook back up and turns his attention to the monitor as we cut back into the arena.

Michael Cole:
MVP has been a thorn in the side of Shane McMahon for the past several weeks and its finally great to see Shane put MVP in his place for good.

That is no way to treat a former World Heavyweight Champion Michael and you know it! MVP has blatantly been disrespected by not only Shane McMahon but the entire company. The man needs to be treated like a main eventer because after all he is!

Michael Cole:
You have to earn respect first from your peers before you can go around expecting everyone to laud your accomplishments. And since we’re on that issue let’s turn our attention to our first match from SmackDown tonight – the Submission Match for the prestigious Intercontinental Championship! Gregory Helms, the man who holds not only the Intercontinental Championship but the Cruiserweight Championship as well is set to take on Brent Albright in a Submission Match!

Brent Albright is a dangerous man as he has numerous submissions that he can use to make Gregory Helms to submit. The question is though will Helms be able to find a way to try and get Albright to submit?


Brent Albright makes his way out to the ring to a decent ovation from the fans. Albright slaps hands with a few fans near the ringside seats before sliding into the ring and anxiously awaiting his opponent, Gregory Helms, to make his way out to the ring.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is a Submission Match and it is for the Intercontinental Championship! The first man that is able to make his opponent submit will be the winner! Introducing first the challenger from Tulsa, Oklahoma weighing in at 233 pounds he is “The Shooter” Brent Albright!!!

***It’s Time***

The dual champion Gregory Helms steps out onto the stage carrying his Cruiserweight title around his shoulder with the Intercontinental title sitting on his waist. Helms makes his way towards the ring to a chorus of boos from the fans in Orlando tonight before he makes his way up the steps and into the ring. Helms poses on the middle rope holding both titles high in the air to remind the fans that he is indeed a double champion. Helms hops off the ropes taking both of his titles and relinquishing them to the referee.

Tony Chimel:
And his opponent from Raleigh, North Carolina weighing in at 215 pounds he is the Cruiserweight and Intercontinental Champions…Gregory Helms!!!

Intercontinental Championship - Submission Match:
Gregory Helms (c) vs. Brent Albright

The referee takes the coveted Intercontinental championship and hands it off to the announcer before calling for the bell. We see Brent Albright shake and bend both of his wrists in preparation of the lock up with Helms. Albright heads to the center of the ring preparing for a lock up but instead Helms backs himself into the corner. Albright has had enough of Helms’ tactics and charges into the corner at the champion! The champion wisely puts half of his body through the ropes as his back is on the outside of the ropes and his legs on the inside of the ring. The referee places himself in front of Helms preventing Albright any chance of trying to attack Helms.

The referee warns Helms that he must enter the ring as there are no count outs. Helms enters the ring as he acts as if he is going to walk towards Albright but he stops instead. The challenger is growing tired of Helms’ mind games and instead takes matters into his own hands as he charges at Gregory Helms and hits him with a big splash in the corner! Helms stumbles out of the corner right into a German Suplex! Helms pulls himself off of the mat turning around into another German Suplex! The fans are cheering Albright on to complete the trifecta as we see Albright stalking Helms now! A groggy Helms comes to his feet once again as he hits Helms with the third and final German Suplex sending Helms flying across the ring. The resourceful champion rolls onto the outside of the ring knowing that he cannot be counted out in tonight’s championship match.

Brent Albright quickly slides out of the ring as he heads over towards where Helms is lying on the outside. He pulls Helms up off of the mats on the outside and rams Helms back first into the ring! Albright hurriedly tosses the limp body of Helms into the ring before leaping onto the apron. Albright slides back into the ring rising onto his feet but the cunning Helms is somehow able to trip Albright up face first into the mat. Helms keeps the leg hooked and attempts to lock on an STF but Albright breaks free of the submission hold almost immediately.

Albright jumps on Helms pummeling him with numerous hard right hands as the champion is finding himself in trouble early on in the match. Helms finds himself backing into the corner as he is trying anything to try and get Albright off of him. Albright continues to follow Helms into the corner as he keeps hitting Helms with right hands but Helms appears to be putting a stop to the right hands with some well-timed kicks to the knees of Albright bringing Brent Albright onto one knee. Gregory Helms pulls himself up out of the corner jumping up literally thanks to the help of the ropes before leaping after Albright and trying to hit Albright with the Shining Wizard but resourcefully Albright ducks! Albright is unable to turn around though and gets dropped with a Roundhouse Kick planting Albright face first into the mat.

Helms takes a quick breath as he looks as if he is going to cover Albright but remembers that he cannot pin the challenger in tonight’s match. Helms bends down dragging the big frame of Brent Albright towards the center of the ring as he looks prepared to try and force Albright to possibly submit in the center of the ring. Bizarrely, instead we see Helms sitting Albright up in the center of the ring. Helms takes a second to look at Albright before he comes running off the ropes and connects with the Shining Wizard! Helms looks down at Albright as he knows that he may be able to try and lock Albright up with a submission move and force the challenger to submit.

The Intercontinental Champion Gregory Helms wastes no time throwing the body of Brent Albright over as he grabs both legs and locks in one of Albright’s submission maneuvers – the famed Sharpshooter! Helms is hollering at the challenger to “Give up and tap out” as we can now hear the agonizing pain that the challenger is suffering through right now. We see Albright pawing away at the canvas mat trying his hardest to crawl towards the ring ropes but being unsuccessful right now. The referee is checking with Albright to make sure that he does not want to give up. Albright tells the referee “No” in a hurry.

Albright begins to dig into the mat reaching out as he is beginning to now pull Helms and himself towards the ropes now. Helms begins to realize that he is losing his grounding as the much more powerful Albright is using his strength to an advantage and reeling Helms in towards the ropes. Albright is getting closer and closer as the Amway Arena is cheering Albright on to try and successfully break the deadly Sharpshooter. Albright finds himself only a few mere inches away from the ropes as he is trying his hardest to simply reach out and break the hold. Albright makes the last plunge needed and he is able to reach out and grab the ring ropes! The referee immediately warns Helms that he must break the hold now since Albright was able to grab the ropes. He warns Helms once more and begins to count to five to which Helms of course breaks the hold at the count of four.

The referee lets Helms know that he is not going to tolerate anything of that nature tonight to which Helms holds his hands up. Helms walks over towards Albright bending him backwards and clubbing away at the chest of Albright. Helms continues to pound away at the chest of Albright continuously wearing down Brent Albright as we see Albright gasping for air now.

Gregory Helms picks Albright up from the mat once more and throws Albright underneath his shoulder. It appears as if Helms may be preparing for the Nightmare on Helms Street right now. Helms prepares to try and hit Albright with the Nightmare on Helms Street but instead Albright is able to counter and pushes Gregory Helms into the ropes. Helms comes running back right into the big arms of Brent Albright! Albright hits Helms with a quick Belly to Belly Suplex! Helms lands hard on his side as we now see him preparing to rise back onto his feet and try to come after Albright once more.

Helms charges after Brent Albright once more but runs into an elbow from Albright! Helms drops onto the mat as Albright peels him off the mat before Irish whipping Helms off into the ropes. Helms comes running back at Albright and run right into a big clothesline knocking Helms hard into the mat once more. The tide seems to be turning for Albright now as the fans are slowly beginning to rally behind him now! Albright wastes no valuable time as he picks Helms up once more and greets Helms with a hard backhand chop to the chest. Helms backs himself into the corner which may be a mistake as Albright has him cornered!

Albright greets Helms with another backhand chop as Helms nearly jumps out of his boots at the hard backhand chop that he just received. The champion may be in trouble now as Albright pushes himself against Helms before Irish whipping the champion into the opposing corner. Albright charges after Helms in the corner looking for a Corner Clothesline but instead Helms ducks out of the way as Albright runs chest first into the turnbuckles! The big body of Albright springs out of the corner and turns around right into a Hurricanrana from Gregory Helms! Albright lands hard on the mat as the tide may have now turned for the Intercontinental Champion.

Helms scurries over attempting to jump on top of Albright and lock in a submission maneuver. Helms grabs the arm of Brent Albright trying to lock in not only a submission maneuver but also the finishing submission maneuver of Albright’s – The Crowbar! Helms is trying his hardest to pull the arm of Albright behind his back to lock in the Crowbar but Helms is instead rolled over by Albright who was able to break free of the hold.

Both men rise onto their feet as Helms unsurprisingly runs at Albright but is countered with an Exploder Suplex sending Helms flying halfway across the ring. Helms realizes that he may be in trouble now so he takes the time to roll to the outside of the ring to try and collect himself. Brent Albright doesn’t seem to want any of it as he slides towards the outside as well. Helms takes off running around the ring as a game of chase seems to be ensuing now. Albright chases Helms around the ring one time before Helms stops himself and resourcefully is able to reel Albright in and trip him face first into the steel steps! Gregory Helms somehow was able to reel Albright in perfectly and perhaps able to finally earn himself the upper hand in the match now.

The Intercontinental Champion knows that he must strike now as he throws Albright into the ring and slides into the ring himself. Helms pounces on Albright almost immediately pulling the arm of Albright behind his back once again trying to lock in the Crowbar! Helms thought he was going to have the opportunity to place Albright in his submission maneuver but Albright was able to place his foot on the ropes before Helms was even able to place Albright in the move. Helms slaps the mat in anger as he is unsure of how exactly he will be able to put Albright away.

Helms confronts the referee for some unknown reason as he begins to remind the referee that he is the Intercontinental Champion for a reason and that the referee needs to be fair in his rulings. The referee lets Helms know that he has been fair the entire time and that Helms needs to let him do his job. Helms corners the referee now shouting at him and now the referee is threatening to disqualify Helms if he touches him again! Helms taunts the referee poking his finger out as if he is going to touch the referee! Helms seems lost in the moment apparently forgetting that Brent Albright is still in the ring.

These actions gave the challenger plenty of time to rise onto his feet and he is able to capitalize on the distracted Helms! Albright is able to power Helms onto the mat as he throws the arm of Helms behind his back and locks in the Crowbar! Helms is letting out a loud shriek as he is clearly in pain now! The fans in the Amway Arena have suddenly perked up now with Albright having a very good chance to put this match away! Albright has Helms near the corner but it doesn’t appear as if Helms is going to even be able to reach out and grab the ropes since Albright has him facing away from the ropes.

Gregory Helms finds himself fighting for the Intercontinental Championship now as his title reign may be nearing an ultimate end! Albright is reeling away at the arm of Gregory Helms as we may soon be seeing the coronation of a new champion! Helms is using his one free hand to try out and turn himself in an effort to grab the ropes. Helms is trying his hardest as he knows that he cannot give up in his fight now. Helms is easily oversized by Albright and it’s going to take a mighty effort to shift Albright completely around.

Helms slowly is able to finally shift Albright around as the challenger finds himself losing his footing a bit now. The Intercontinental Champion finds himself reaching out with his right arm but he is unable to grab the ropes right now. He paws his way towards the ropes having himself turned halfway around facing the ropes now as he has clearly made progress in an effort to try and break the move. The champion finds something within himself at the final moment after the referee had asked him if he wanted to tap out but instead Helms was able to finally reach out and grab the final ropes causing Albright to have to break his deadly submission maneuver.

Albright looks a pit perplexed that Helms was able to reach out and grab the ropes to break the hold. Albright is seen grasping at his face as he is unsure of what exactly to do now. He bends down to pick Gregory Helms once more but a cunning Helms trips Albright face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Albright’s face bounces off the bottom rope with a thud as we see both men down right now as the referee is a bit confused at what to do right now.

We see the fans now slowly start to try and get behind Brent Albright now but instead it is Gregory Helms that finds himself rising to his feet first. Helms scurries into the corner peeling Albright off of the turnbuckle and standing him up a few mere inches from the corner. Helms climbs onto the top rope looking ready to jump off the top rope but Brent Albright is able to charge over and pull the Intercontinental Champion off the top rope! Albright has Helms on his shoulders preparing to lift him up into a Military Press but Helms knees Albright in the head which allows Helms to break free and leap off the shoulders of Albright quickly.

A resourceful Helms now pulls Albright in underneath his shoulders and drops Albright with the Nightmare on Helms Street! Helms falls onto the mat looking a bit wore out from the match but he knows now that the time is right and he must strike. Helms tosses Brent Albright over and proceeds to pull Albright’s arm behind his back as he attempts to try and lock in the Crowbar for the third time! Albright is unable to try and fight off the champion’s attempt now and it seems the third time is the charm as he has the Crowbar locked in!

Helms has Albright in the center of the ring with seemingly nowhere to go now! It would appear as if this may be the end of the road for Albright tonight. The referee springs onto the mat asking Albright if he is going to be able to continue and he lets out a simple “Yes”. Helms watches as Albright is making a last desperate move in an effort to try and break the hold by reaching out for the ropes. Albright finds himself crawling slowly towards the ropes but not as fast as he had been earlier in the match. He starts reaching out but Helms is able to pull Albright into the center of the ring.

Albright does not seem to want to give up just yet as he begins to try and paw towards the ropes once more. The Intercontinental Champion senses the desperation beginning to set in now for his opponent as Albright is pulling Helms halfway towards the ropes. “The Shooter” starts to reach out but Helms is able to pull Albright once more into the center of the ring in what may be the final effort for Albright to try and break the hold. We see the referee ask Albright one more time what he is going to do to which Albright doesn’t respond. We see Albright’s head drop onto the mat and the referee begins to check on him now but instead Albright reaches up and taps out to his own submission maneuver in what may ultimately be the most embarrassing moment in his career!

Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner and STILL the WWE Intercontinental Champion...Gregory Helms!

Match Result: Gregory Helms def. Brent Albright via submission to retain the Intercontinental Championship (13:27)

Helms calls for his championships to be brought to him as he is handed the titles by the announcer Tony Chimel. Helms stands over Albright in the center of the ring raising the Intercontinental and the Cruiserweight championships high in the air for all of Orlando to take notice. Helms exits the ring waving his championship belts in the faces of all of the fans that are at ringside. The fans boo Helms incessantly as the dual champion stops at the top of the stage hoisting both titles in the air once more before exiting the arena.

Michael Cole:
Gregory Helms has done the unthinkable tonight. He was able to not only retain his Intercontinental Championship but he did so by forcing Albright to tap out to Albright’s own submission move – the Crowbar.

Gregory Helms performance tonight solidifies him as one of the big names on SmackDown today! Not only is the man a double champion but he just pulled off one of the biggest wins of his career tonight by defeating his arch rival with his own move in Albright’s own game.

Michael Cole:
If there is anything that can be taken from the performance that these two men put on tonight then it would be that these two men would do anything to try and gain or in Helms case retain this prestigious Intercontinental Championship.

Oh yeah without a doubt Cole. Gregory Helms has proven in just the short month that he’s held the Intercontinental title that not only does he respect the history of the title but also that he is going to take everything you have to try and rip the title away from him.

Michael Cole:
Well ladies and gentlemen let’s send it backstage to Todd Grisham who is standing by with one of the men who will be captaining one of the teams for the Survivor Series Elimination Match. Take it away Todd!

The camera cuts backstage to the interview area to see Todd Grisham standing by with microphone in hand.

Todd Grisham:
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome at this time…. “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair!

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair and his team consisting of Jamie Noble, Chris Masters, and Finlay all step into the scene with Flair front and center.

Todd Grisham:
Ric, later on tonight you will be captaining your team against the team that Shawn Michaels has put together consisting of Jeff Hardy, Paul London, Kofi Kingston, and of course HBK himself. The losing captain will as a result be forced to retire from the WWE! Can we get your thoughts heading into this historic match later on tonight?

Flair rips the microphone out of Grisham’s hand eliciting several boos from the fans in Orlando as Flair is clearly irate at Grisham asking him such an innate question. Flair dismisses Grisham as he walks off camera as we now see Team Flair standing by as Flair prepares to speak.

Ric Flair:
Son let me tell you what I’m thinking about right now. Right now I’m thinking about all of the times that Shawn Michaels beat me to a bloody pulp on SmackDown this summer. Right now I’m thinking about the time that I came oh so close to becoming a World Champion for the seventeenth time at Night of Champions but instead had “Good Ole” Shawn stick his nose into my business trying to help me out. Newsflash Shawn I didn’t need your help!

Ric takes a pause as his face is turning blood shot red at how angry he has become now.

Ric Flair:
I have never needed your help Shawn nor have I ever considered myself “your friend” as you like to think we were. I exposed you Shawn for being the no good lying two faced son of a bitch that you really are!

Boos start to pour in as Flair looks at the camera and says “You know it’s true” as he moves the mic away from his mouth for that brief second.

Ric Flair:
I did what I had to do Shawn. I had to ultimately take you out first to try and knock you back to the cold reality that you are not as big as you once were. And tonight I’m going to do the entire locker room a favor when I retire you for good Shawn! These men right here (points to his team) can back me up by saying that your act has grown stale. And when things don’t go your way what do you do? You try and take me out! Well you tried but you failed each and every time Shawn! Sure you bloodied and battered me numerous times but what did that ultimately do? Nothing! I’m still standing and I will be the last man standing when it’s all said and done tonight.

More boos are coming in from the arena.

Ric Flair:
You can try your hardest tonight to retire me and maybe just maybe you will succeed but just know this Shawn. You will never….

Flair pauses for a brief second to help emphasize the moment.

Ric Flair:
Be what I am!

Flair rallies his men together as they all exit the interview area in an absolutely shocking moment that we just saw in the backstage area. The camera is left watching the four men walk off before panning back over to the interview area for a brief second. We now head back into the arena to the Raw Commentating team of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Jim Ross:
Ladies and gentlemen it’s been a wild night thus far in Orlando but things are only beginning to heat up! It’s time for the Women’s Championship to be defended by “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix as she will be taking on Victoria.

Jerry Lawler:
This situation between Victoria and her supposed “friend” Mickie James has become very perplexing. Mickie has made it very clear to us that she is not friends with Victoria but yet that crazy woman still believes there is some type of connection between them?

Jim Ross:
I’m just as confused as you are about that situation King. Victoria has told her “friend” Mickie that she better do the right thing and help a true “friend” out tonight.


The music of former Women’s Champion Mickie James hits as James comes out not dressed for competition but rather instead in a nice skirt and t-shirt as she skips towards the ring shaking hands with fans. Mickie goes straight towards the ringside announcers’ tables as she grabs a headset and takes a seat with JR and Jerry Lawler.

Jerry Lawler:
Well what a pleasant surprise! It’s great to have you out here tonight Mickie!

Mickie James:
Well thank you King! I’m glad to be able to be out here tonight to have a close up seat for this big time Women’s match up.

Jim Ross:
Mickie if you don’t mind may I ask your current “status” with Victoria?

Mickie James:
JR I think you know exactly what our so called “status” is. It’s clear as day to everyone else around here that I do not get along with Victoria and never have. But yet somewhere along the line in her crazy head she felt the need to pretend we are friends apparently? Well that’s not the case at all!

***I Ain’t the Lady to Mess With***

The challenger, Victoria, makes her way out to the ring as she stops at the ramp and pulls her hair playing off the every crazy mood she’s been in recently. The fans give Victoria a decent amount of boos which does not seem to disturb the challenger. Victoria hurries to the ring as she makes her way by Mickie James at the commentary table and gives her a perturbed smile. Victoria tells Mickie she better do the right thing tonight before she slides into the ring turning her attention now to her opponent.

Lilian Garcia:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWE Women’s Championship! Introducing first the challenger from Los Angeles, California…Victoria!!!


The Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix makes her way out onto the stage as she hoists her coveted title above her head. Phoenix makes her way towards the ring now to a small amount of boos from the fans before she slides into the ring. Beth slides the title into the ring before sliding in herself and sitting down on the mat hoisting the title once more above her head. She hands the title off to the referee before rising onto her feet.

Lilian Garcia:
And her opponent from Buffalo, New York she is the WWE Women’s Champion… “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix!!!

Women’s Championship Match:
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Victoria

The referee calls for the bell as we see the two women get into it early. Victoria and Beth Phoenix clash in the center of the ring with a lock up. Beth catches Victoria with a big slap to the chest. Victoria takes offense from the slap from Beth and rares back slapping Beth right in the face! These two ladies clearly do not like one another and Beth quickly picks Victoria up driving her back first into the turnbuckles. Beth takes a step back driving her body into Victoria’s sternum with numerous shots to the chest! Beth grabs Victoria by the hair and throwing her out of the corner as Victoria lands hard on her back.

Beth walks over towards the challenger and drops her knee into the face of Victoria! The champion bends down picking the challenger up off the mat and lifts her high into the air pausing for a second to show off her strength! Beth ends up bringing Victoria crashing down into the mat with a big Suplex before tossing her challenger over. Phoenix hooks the leg looking for a possible early victory. One…Two…no a quick kick out from Victoria keeps the match up alive.

Beth pulls herself up off the mat having a brief conversation with the referee regarding how fast he was counting. The referee slaps his hands showing Beth how he was counting and that he was not cheating her out of the pin fall. Beth turns her attention once more to Victoria as she bends down in preparation to pick Victoria up but Victoria catches her with a big punch to the chest! Beth stumbles back a few feet before Victoria charges at Beth and knocks the Glamazon down with a big clothesline!

The Glamazon immediately springs onto her feet once again charging at Victoria but Victoria surprisingly catches the champ with a Belly to Belly Suplex! Beth is seen grabbing at her back as the challenger has quickly changed the pace of the match. Victoria knows that she will have to act quickly to keep the Glamazon down and out. Victoria takes a few steps towards Beth Phoenix as she turns her back to the champion. Victoria leaps into the air and connects with a Moonsault! The Amway Arena watches on in awe at the athleticism of the challenger as she hooks the leg of the Glamazon. One..Two..Thre…it takes a little more energy from Phoenix the second time to kick out from the pin fall attempt.

Even though we are early on in the match we can see desperation setting in on the face of Victoria right now. She pulls the champion off of the mat preparing to pull her in for a Bearhug but the Glamazon pushes Victoria off of her. Victoria catches a glimpse of her “friend” Mickie James at ringside as she stops in her tracks for some unknown reason to look at Mickie at the commentary table! Mickie can be seen yelling “Don’t Worry about me”! Victoria turns her attention away from Mickie and runs right into a big clothesline from the Glamazon!

Beth Phoenix bends down in preparation to try and pick up Victoria off the mat but Victoria pokes Beth in the eye! The referee scolds Victoria about the illegal move as we see Victoria getting onto her feet once again. Beth is in the corner still trying to regain her vision before Victoria drops the champion with a lariat! Victoria knows that she must strike now as she picks Beth Phoenix up off the mat and throws her onto her shoulders! Victoria lifts Beth up and connects with the Widow’s Peak! The fans don’t know who to cheer in this match up but we may be seeing the end nearing. Victoria hooks the leg of Beth as she counts along with the referee. One…Two…Thre...NO! Beth was able to place her foot on the bottom rope to keep her title intact.

Victoria rolls over and sits up as she begins to pull at her hair! Victoria seems to be going crazy over the fact that she cannot put away the Women’s Champion. Suddenly a crazed look comes over the face of Victoria as she looks over towards the time keeper’s table. Victoria rolls out of the ring and walks over towards the time keeper’s table grabbing Beth Phoenix’s Women’s Championship belt! Victoria was able to rip it out of the hands of Lilian Garcia as she looks down at it for a brief second! Victoria grabs the title before tossing it into the ring and sliding back in!

We suddenly see Mickie James leave the commentator’s table as she apparently will not allow Victoria to use the title belt illegally! Victoria bends down to pick up the title belt unaware that Mickie James is now standing behind her on the outside of the apron. Victoria has the title in her possession now as she has it rared back and ready to strike Beth Phoenix with! Victoria stalks the Glamazon anxiously waiting for the Women’s Champion to make it back to her feet. Phoenix is slowly rising onto her feet and we see Victoria begin to charge across the ring before Mickie James reaches out and grabs the title belt! Victoria turns around asking Mickie what she is doing. Victoria shouts at Mickie that she thought that they were friends! Mickie says nothing to Victoria and is trying to rip the title away from Victoria! Mickie is able to rip the title belt free from the hands of Victoria! Victoria is seen yelling at Mickie asking her repeatedly “Why?”

The referee comes over telling Mickie that she has to exit the ring apron right now! Mickie rips the title belt from the grasp of Victoria and prepares to leave the ring with the belt but Victoria stops her in her tracks. Victoria tries ripping the title away from Mickie once again but Mickie instead slaps Victoria right across the face! The Amway Arena is going wild cheering for Mickie now as Victoria is touching her face in shock at what just occurred! In the spare time that she was given Beth Phoenix sneaks up behind Victoria pulling her in and lifting her up before ultimately connecting with the Glam Slam! Beth keeps the legs hooked of the challenger as the referee darts over and makes the count, One…Two…Three!

Lilian Garcia:
Here is your winner and STILL Women’s Champion… “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix!!!

Match Result: Beth Phoenix def. Victoria (5:32) to retain the Women’s Championship

Jim Ross:
I don’t think Mickie James knows just exactly what she has just gotten herself into King!

Jerry Lawler:
Heck I’m not even sure what exactly just happened! I know one thing is for certain though that Mickie did not do what Victoria intended for her to do.

Jim Ross:
Oh that’s absolutely obvious! But then again Victoria should have never expected to have to resort to help from Mickie James to try and win the title. If Victoria wanted to try and win the title she should have done it fair and square. This is exactly what she gets!

Jerry Lawler:
Maybe so but you can bet that this won’t be the last of the ongoing saga between both Mickie and Victoria! Something is bound to happen next and needless to say Mickie may need to watch her back as a result.

Jim Ross:
If I was Mickie James I’d definitely be keeping an eye out for Victoria come tomorrow night on Monday Night Raw. Hell hath no wrath like the scorn of a lady. Just like her song indicates – she ain’t the lady to mess with.

Jerry Lawler:
Well we have a big treat for the fans at home and here at the Amway Arena tonight! Here’s a first look at one of the first videos hyping up the biggest spectacle of the year in sports entertainment – WrestleMania!

The screen immediately fades to black before we see the WWE logo flash across the screen. We suddenly start to hear the beginning of Kanye West and T-Pain’s “Good Life” start to play as we see a shot of FedEx Field in Washington D.C.

Kanye West:
Like We Always Do at This Time…

Past moments at WrestleMania over the years focusing mainly on the opening celebrations with ‘Mania first going on the air.

Kanye West:
I go for mine…I got to shine…

Hulk Hogan & Mr. T celebrating at the very first WrestleMania, Hogan body slamming Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III, Ultimate Warrior and Hogan having a stare down at WrestleMania VI.

Kanye West:
Now throw your hands up in the sky…

The fans at each and every WrestleMania having their reactions to huge moments such as the Hurricanrana spot at the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania XXIII last year.

Kanye West:
I’m gonna get on this TV Momma….I’m gonna…

Fast highlights of other numerous WrestleMania highlights such as Austin vs. Michaels at WrestleMania XIV, The Rock vs. Austin at WrestleMania XV and XVII, McMahon vs. Hogan at WrestleMania XIX, and most recently Orton vs. Jericho at WrestleMania XXIII.

Kanye West:
I’m gonna put shit down…

Rob Van Dam holding his newly won WWE Championship at WrestleMania XXII, Edge celebrating after retaining at both WrestleMania XXII and XXIII, Lesnar celebrating at WrestleMania XIX are all shown.

Kanye West:
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey…I’m Good.

The official WrestleMania XXIV logo comes across the screen before the video suddenly changes tunes as we see the camera start to pan across numerous images of America. The open plains in the mid-west, the ocean front of California, the beautiful gulf coast area, and finally the monuments in the Nation’s Capital of Washington D.C. – The Lincoln Memorial, the National Mall, the Pentagon, the Washington Monument, and finally the White House.

In 1985 a grand vision for a spectacle like no other was laid out…

The very first WrestleMania crowd is shown with key moments from the first show.

And now twenty-three years later the spectacle makes its first ever visit to its true home…

More images of Washington D.C. with fireworks spectacles going off in the National Mall area.

“The Nation’s Capital”…

FedEx Field comes into vision now as we see red, white, and blue fireworks going off in the background.

Washington D.C.

The very patriotic looking WrestleMania XXIV logo comes across the screen as we see more red, white, and blue fireworks going off in the background.

On March 30th, 2008 there will be Carnage in the Capital.

The video fades away as the final fireworks start to disappear before the WrestleMania XXIV logo ends up fading into the screen.

We now cut backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by in front of the interview area.

Todd Grisham:
Ladies and gentlemen earlier in the evening I interviewed one man who will be competing in the Career versus Career Elimination Match with his own career on the line. Now let me introduce you to the other man who will be putting his career on the line… “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels!

A loud pop is heard around the arena as Shawn Michaels steps onto the set with his tag team partners Jeff Hardy, Paul London, and Kofi Kingston all standing behind him just like Flair’s tag team partners did earlier on in the evening.

Todd Grisham:
Shawn, it’s great to see you out here tonight but now we are just moments away from the Career versus Career Elimination Match where either Ric Flair’s or your career will ultimately draw to an end. Do you have any big plans for tonight’s match?

Shawn Michaels:
Come on Todd you should know me better than that! Of course the Heart Break Kid has some big plans for tonight’s match! I’m the original Show stealer, the heart breaking, attention commandin’, worldwide spannin’ son of a gun!

The crowd laughs at the obvious dig directed towards Ric Flair as HBK’s team behind him all show smirks.

Shawn Michaels:
No but seriously Todd tonight is all about redemption. Tonight is the night that I finally prove not only to the world or myself but also these men that I’ve assembled tonight that I’ve still got what it takes to go out there each and every night and perform on a high level. I’ve had my doubts lately but each and every time I have doubts my wife assures me that I’ve still got what it takes. She lets me know each and every time I come home from a show that I look better than ever when I step into that squared circle. I’m not ready for this to be over! I can’t let this come to an end tonight and I will do anything and everything necessary in my own power to ensure that I will still be seen on SmackDown this Friday night!

Another big pop from the fans as HBK turns his attention back towards Todd.

Todd Grisham:
Shawn we all know the history between you and Ric. This dates back to early May when both of you teamed together at Judgment Day against Edge and Christian. This spectacle has spanned the past six months and now it finally comes to a head. Has there ever been anyone that has pushed you to the limit more than Ric Flair?

Shawn Michaels:
Despite what it seems from the past few months I’ve always respected Ric. However, I don’t respect what Ric has turned into recently. Ric is a changed man and that’s obvious to anybody else that is watching this whether they be at home or they be here tonight in Orlando (Cheap pop). I’ve stepped into the ring with some of the most dangerous men before such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret Hart and Triple H but nobody has pushed me to the limit most recently like Ric has. He’s one of the all-time greats and I respect him for that! But don’t let Ric fool you…the man is one conniving evil son of a gun that will not stop until he gets what he wants.

Todd Grisham:
Shawn we are now just seconds away. Are there any final thoughts before your match?

Shawn Michaels:
This will not be the last you will see of good ole’ HBK! I’ve worked too hard and for far too long to have to call it a career not on my own terms. But tonight I do something that should have been done a long time ago. Tonight I take the old dog out to the pasture and put him out of his misery.

Shawn points to his teammates as they all exit the screen before presumably heading off towards the arena area right as we cut back down to ringside.

Michael Cole:
Well Tazz it’s time! It’s perhaps one of the most anticipated matches in recent Survivor Series history as far as Elimination Matches go! Two men and two historic careers but one career is about to draw to an ultimate end.

It’s surreal knowing that we’re about to see history made! Both Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels have both battled throughout the course of the past six months and now we’re about to see a penultimate end to their historic feud.

Michael Cole:
It’s hard to imagine that one man will no longer be on SmackDown this Friday but if I had to pick someone to win tonight I’m going to have to go with Shawn Michaels. The man has proved recently that he’s not afraid of going toe to toe with Ric Flair and plus his team he has assembled is without a doubt a very strong cohesive unit.

Never doubt the savvy veteran “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. The man has many possible outlets to use should it come down to being necessary. They don’t call him the “Dirtiest Player in the Game” for a reason Michael!

Michael Cole:
Well I think we’ve said enough! Let’s get this show on the road!

***2 Z Top***

The music of the former longest tenured Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Noble, hits as he makes his way out to a small round of boos from the fans. Noble makes his way hurriedly towards the ring sliding in.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is the Career versus Career Classic Survivor Series Elimination Match where the losing team’s captain will be forced to retire! Eliminations occur by pin fall, submission, count out, or disqualification! The match will continue until one team has been completely eliminated! Introducing first from Hanover, West Virginia weighing in at 202 pounds….Jamie Noble!


“The Masterpiece” Chris Masters comes out onto the stage with his cape on before dropping it and turning around setting off his pyro. Masters flexes for the camera numerous times with the camera zooming in on him as he yells out “Game Over” apparently signaling that he will end HBK’s career tonight. Masters slowly struts towards the ring now and once he finally reaches it he slides in and shakes hands with Jamie Noble.

Tony Chimel:
Introducing next from Los Angeles, California weighing in at 265 pounds he is “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters!


The Irish shillelagh welding Finlay makes his way towards the ring with a straight face as always. Finlay slaps his shillelagh against his hand a few times before he encounters a few wily fans at ringside. Finlay acts as if he is going to swing the shillelagh at them which causes the fans to take a few steps back! Finlay rolls into the ring holding his shillelagh high before dropping it over in his team’s corner.

Tony Chimel:
Introducing next from Belfast, Ireland weighing in at 235 pounds he is “The Fighting Irishman” Finlay!

***Also Sprach Zarathustra***

The legendary entrance music of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair hits as Flair struts out onto the stage wearing one of his legendary elegant robes. The crowd is of course mixed with several older fans cheering on Flair with a great mixture of boos in there as well. Flair struts towards the ring before finally making it down to the ring where Jamie Noble and Chris Masters open up the ropes for Flair. Flair enters the ring as he holds his hands up looking around the sold out Amway Arena in preparation for this Elimination Match.

Tony Chimel:
Introducing from Charlotte, North Carolina weighing in at 243 pounds he is the team captain for Team Flair…“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair!!!


Jeff Hardy comes running out onto the stage doing his normal pre match antics before his pyro goes off. Hardy charges towards the middle part of the ramp awaiting his teammates to make their way out now.

Tony Chimel:
Now introducing representing Team Michaels first from Cameron, North Carolina weighing in at 215 pounds he is “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy!!!

***London Calling***

The music of numerous former WWE Tag Team and Cruiserweight Champion Paul London now hits in the Amway Arena as London comes dashing out of the backstage area. London stops at the ramp with his tag team partner Jeff Hardy as both men exchange handshakes.

Tony Chimel:
Introducing next from Austin, Texas weighing in at 205 pounds he is Paul London!!!


Kofi Kingston comes out next as he jumps up and sets his loud pyro off around the arena! Kingston jumps around a bit getting hyped up for the big match before stopping and talking to his teammates Jeff Hardy and Paul London as they now await their team captain to make his entrance into the arena.

Tony Chimel:
Introducing next from Ghana, West Africa weighing in at 212 pounds he is Kofi Kingston!!!

***Sexy Boy***

Shawn Michaels is the final man out and he comes out clearly pumped up and excited for what could be his final match ever of his career. Michaels stops on the halfway part of the stage posing for a brief bit before dropping to his knees and praying. Once HBK rises back onto his feet his pyro goes off behind him before he finally stops and talks to his teammates at ringside. HBK motions towards the ring as all four men now enter the ring with all eight men exchanging stare downs with one another.

Tony Chimel:
Introducing finally from San Antonio, Texas weighing in at 225 pounds he is the team captain of Team Michaels…Shawn Michaels!!!

Career vs. Career Survivor Series Elimination Match:
Team HBK (Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Paul London, & Kofi Kingston) vs.
Team Flair (Ric Flair, Jamie Noble, Chris Masters, & Finlay)

Our third match of the evening is underway as the referee calls for the bell. In an interesting move we see the captains defer to their teammates to start the match as our first match up will feature former Cruiserweight rivals – Paul London representing Team HBK and Jamie Noble representing Team Flair. Both London and Noble immediately go after it with both men tying up in the center of the ring. Noble connects with a knee to the gut of London driving London into his team’s corner as he prepares to hit London with a quick right handed punch but London ducks and hurries out of the corner getting away from Team Flair.

An angry Jamie Noble charges at London who ends up tripping Noble into the mat face first. London spins around Noble before locking in a tight headlock on him. Noble slowly starts to rise to his feet once more before he is finally able to push London off of him off into the ropes. London comes springing off the ropes and catches Noble with a Crossbody Splash. London quickly hooks the leg of Noble. One…Tw…Quick kick out from Jamie Noble in the early stages of this Elimination Match.

London grabs Noble off of the mat and Irish whips him off into the ropes but Noble wisely grabs the ropes. London takes the initiative to charge after Noble but Noble runs forward driving his knee into the chest of London causing London to land hard on the mat as he is clutching his ribs. Jamie Noble grabs London throwing him into his team’s corner as he makes the tag bringing in one of his tag team partners in Chris Masters.

Masters hurries into the ring as he kicks London hard in the stomach causing a cringing noise to come from Paul London. Masters pulls London away from the corner reeling London in as he pulls London up and hits a quick belly to belly body slam. Masters hooks the leg quickly of London….One…Tw…another quick kick out but this time from Paul London. Masters grabs London once more off the mat lifting London high into the air taunting the rest of Team HBK as he leaves London dangling in the air upside down for about ten seconds before bringing London crashing into the mat once more with a Vertical Suplex.

The Masterpiece begins to taunt London once again as he finds himself standing in the corner prepping himself for perhaps an early finish to London. Masters grasps both of his hands together as he sees London getting back onto his feet. London turns around as Masters comes charging out of the corner trying to knock London inside out with the Polish Hammer but instead London leaps into the air hitting The Masterpiece with a Dropsault! London hooks the leg immediately as he may pull of an early upset. One…Two…Thre…Masters is able to get his shoulder up just in time to keep himself still in this match.

London makes his way over to his team’s corner making the first tag for Team HBK as he ends up bringing in his tag team partner Jeff Hardy. Hardy comes running into the ring right as Masters gets back onto his feet to which Hardy knocks him back down with a Flying Clothesline. Hardy notices Masters trying to pull himself back onto his feet and Hardy quickly capitalizes by dropkicking Chris Masters over the top rope causing Masters to take a hard tumble on the outside. Jamie Noble hops off the ring to try and help his tag team partner out. Hardy springs off the ropes before leaping over the ropes connecting with a Plancha immediately pumping up the Orlando crowd tonight!

Hardy grabs Masters throwing him back into the ring before he ends up climbing to the top rope. It appears as if Hardy is about to go for the Swanton Bomb but thanks to a timely distraction from Ric Flair, Finlay is able to push Jeff Hardy off of the top rope causing Hardy to take a hard landing onto the mat. Boos begin to fill the Amway Arena as the referee asks Finlay and Jamie Noble what just happened since clearly Hardy is down on the mat now. Both Finlay and Noble deny any actions involving Hardy.

With both men down we begin to see the first actions of involvement now in the ring as Chris Masters slowly starts working his way towards the corner. Jeff Hardy is moving slowly as he is clutching at his side following his hard fall onto the mat. Masters is almost three-fourths of the way to Team Flair’s corner before he makes a lunging effort and makes the tag bringing in Finlay. Finlay charges into the ring pulling Jeff Hardy away from Team HBK’s corner as he begins to beat on the left leg of Jeff Hardy as it’s clear that Finlay has a set game plan for his attack on Hardy.

Finlay grabs the left leg of Jeff Hardy pulling it far back before leaping into the air and stomping on the leg of Hardy. Hardy lets out a loud holler as Finlay is looking to take Hardy’s flying game away from his overall arsenal. Finlay continues to bend the leg of Hardy as this time he lifts Hardy up by his left leg and brings him crashing down hard on his left leg.

Jeff continues to favor his left leg as it’s evident now that Finlay is planning to capitalize on the damage he has done thus far. Finlay grabs Hardy’s leg once again as he locks in a Boston Crab wrenching away at the leg of Jeff Hardy. Hardy is trying his hardest to get towards the ropes as Finlay pulls Hardy just a bit further away from the ropes. Hardy begins to inch closer and closer despite Finlay’s attempt to try and move him closer to the center of the ring. Hardy is pulling Finlay with all of his strength towards the ropes as he finally lunges out and grabs the bottom rope causing Finlay to have to break the hold. Finlay doesn’t break the hold instantly but instead he waits until the four count from the referee to apply more pressure to the targeted left leg of Hardy’s.

Once Finlay breaks the hold he ends up picking Hardy up off the mat. A groggy Jeff Hardy is left standing in the center of the ring to which Finlay takes advantage as he hits Hardy from behind with a chop block to the left leg causing Hardy to land awkwardly on his leg. Finlay throws Hardy over hooking the leg. One…Two…Thr…kick out from Jeff Hardy.

Finlay looks a bit angered with the count from the referee and he ends up bending down to pick Hardy up once again. The Fighting Irishman grabs Hardy and holds his left leg taunting Hardy for a few seconds. Finlay is presumably looking to clothesline Hardy but Hardy surprisingly counters and catches Finlay with an Enzuigiri knocking Finlay down onto the mat! Orlando starts to get behind Jeff Hardy now as the tide of the match could be changing for Team HBK now. With Finlay down and out we see Jeff Hardy slowly making his way into his team’s corner. HBK is going nuts on the apron jumping up and down clearly wanting the tag for the first time to get into the match. Hardy is almost there as we see HBK nod to his team that he wants the tag and right as HBK does this – Hardy leaps over towards HBK and makes the hot tag!

Shawn Michaels comes storming into the ring knocking Finlay down with a shoulder block. HBK is riled up in the ring right now! Finlay gets back onto his feet and runs after Michaels but is quickly greeted with a back body drop! Finlay grabs the bottom rope pulling himself up as this time he runs right into an Inverted Atomic Drop! HBK bounces off the ropes right as The Fighting Irishman rises onto his feet once again and right at that moment HBK knocks Finlay back down with a Flying Forearm smash!

The Amway Arena is going wild right as HBK kips up! The Heart Break Kid points to the corner as he finds himself standing in the corner as he begins to tune up the band! HBK continues to stomp away on the mat as Finlay slowly pulls himself up with the aid of the ropes. Finlay is now back onto his feet and completely unaware of his surroundings. Finlay turns around and BAM – SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Shawn Michaels jumps on top of Finlay hooking the leg hoping that this will be the first elimination of the match. One…Two…Three!

Elimination #1: Finlay by Shawn Michaels via Pin Fall (7:31)

HBK rises back onto his feet after the first elimination but gets knocked down from behind by Chris Masters with a Polish Hammer to the back! Masters starts to lay into Michaels with several hard right hands to the back. The Masterpiece grabs HBK throwing him off into the ropes before connecting with a Falling Clothesline putting all of his momentum into the thunderous clothesline. Masters grabs the leg of HBK making a cover. One…Two…T…HBK has no problem kicking out.

Masters grabs HBK pulling him in and picking him up into a Bearhug! The powerful Chris Masters is gripping away at the back of Shawn Michaels trying his hardest to force the team captain for Team HBK to submit. Masters takes a few steps back towards the corner of Team HBK (perhaps unaware at the moment in time) and we see Kofi Kingston trying his hardest to reach out and get HBK to make the tag. HBK starts to reach out as well and we see the men are only a few inches away but Masters quickly realizes and carries HBK to the center of the ring. Masters takes the body of Michaels and turns him sideways before bringing HBK crashing into the mat with a body slam.

An arrogant Masters puts one foot on the body of Shawn Michaels telling the referee to count. Masters flexes while the referee comes over for the pin fall. One…Two…an even quicker kick out from Shawn Michaels this time occurs.

Masters bends down to grab HBK as he picks him up and throws him above his head! The Masterpiece is carrying Michaels around the ring with a Military Press as he continues to show off his amazing strength to the fans in Orlando. Masters prepares to slam Michaels onto the mat but HBK slides off the shoulders of Masters and he jumps over and tags in the waiting Kofi Kingston! Kingston makes his first entry into the match now as he runs underneath a clothesline attempt from Masters before springing back and hitting Masters with a perfect dropkick.

Kingston gets back onto his feet as he Irish whips Masters into the ropes! Kingston watches as Masters comes back at him and Kingston ducks underneath Masters once more before springing off the ropes himself and connecting with a Flying Elbow to the face of the Masterpiece! Kingston throws his hands in the air getting the fans in Orlando riled up! Masters stumbles onto his feet once again and runs right into a Hurricanrana from Kingston! Kingston grabs the leg of Masters keeping him hooked. One…Two…Thre…no! Masters barely is able to kick out of the hold!

Kingston grabs Masters off of the mat but the resilient Masters shoves Kingston off into the corner. Masters takes a second before charging into the corner after Kingston but out of nowhere Kingston catches him with a beautiful Pendulum Kick! Masters falls onto his back in the center of the ring as we now see Kingston leap onto the top rope! Kingston eagerly awaits Masters to get back onto his feet as we see Masters slowly getting onto one knee. Kingston is stalking Masters waiting for his opportunity to leap and right as Masters gets onto both feet and turns around, Kingston leaps high into the air with a Crossbody connecting beautifully with the move on Masters but Masters was able to shift the momentum and reverse the move! Masters has a pin fall on Kingston! Masters has the tights! One…Two…Thre…Kingston is barely able to break free and kick out!

Both men rise back onto their feet shortly after the move! Kingston catches Masters off guard immediately with a DDT planting Masters face first into the mat. Kingston is now standing over the body of Masters as he slaps his hands together before springing off the ropes! Kingston leaps high into the air and connects with the Boom Drop! Kofi finds himself heading into the corner as he looks ready to try and hit Masters with the Trouble in Paradise. All of a sudden we see “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair run over and try to grab Kofi by his hair to prevent him from going after Masters! The referee comes over trying to break both men apart but Kingston ends the altercation leaping into the air with a Roundhouse Kick knocking Flair off of the apron!

Kingston turns his attention to Masters again as he comes out of the corner now that Masters is onto his feet. Kingston charges as Masters going for the Trouble in Paradise but Masters resiliently ducks underneath the attempt! Masters pulls Kofi in out of nowhere and locks in the Masterlock! Kofi is flailing wildly trying his hardest to break free out of the deadly submission move but it doesn’t appear that Kofi is going to have any luck. Masters throws Kofi from side to side as if he is a rag doll as we now see Kingston starting to wear down. Kofi tries to drag Masters towards the ropes but once again Kofi realizes he has no chance of breaking free of the hold. It doesn’t appear that Kofi is going to end up tapping out though but just a few brief seconds later the referee calls for Kofi’s elimination as Kingston has just passed out to the Masterlock! Masters throws the lifeless body of Kofi down onto the mat kicking him to the outside of the ring.

Elimination #2: Kofi Kingston by Chris Masters via Submission (12:22)

Masters is standing in the center of the ring daring one of Team Michaels members to come after him right now. Masters watches as Jeff Hardy steps up and enters the ring. Masters and Hardy both stare one another down playing off on their brief history to which Hardy ends up making the first move by shoving Masters. Masters stumbles back a few feet before charging after Hardy and spearing him into the corner. Masters starts to lay into Hardy with numerous right hands but Hardy is able to push Masters away. Masters charges at Hardy in the corner but Hardy resiliently ducks out of the way as Masters runs chest first into the turnbuckles.

Masters stumbles out of the corner right into a Sitout Jawbreaker from Hardy! Hardy splits the legs of Masters before leaping into the air with a Double Leg Drop to the mid-section of the Masterpiece! Hardy prepares to make his way to the top rope but we see Masters stumble onto his feet and leap over to make the tag to Jamie Noble. Hardy jumps off the ropes as he is standing in his corner now. Hardy looks at his tag team partner Paul London as London wants into the match now to face off against his former rival. Hardy reluctantly makes the tag as the two men who started the match are about to go back at it again.

Jamie Noble and Paul London lock up in the center of the ring once again as Noble ends up pushing London into the corner. Noble reaches back and slaps London hard across the chest with a big chop (ala Ric Flair). Noble grabs the body of London tossing him out of the corner and onto the mat. Jamie Noble measures up London before catching London off guard with a dropkick to the back of the knees.

Noble bends down trying to pick London up but London catches Noble with a cradle out of nowhere! One…Two…Th…

Noble forces the kick out and he rises back onto his feet angry at London! Noble charges at London stomping away at the body of Paul London! Noble grabs London picking him up and looking perhaps for the Tiger Bomb! Noble goes to lift London up but London is able to counter and swing Noble in towards him with a reversal DDT! London finds himself heading towards the top ropes now as he is awaiting Noble to get back onto his feet. London watches as Noble rises onto his feet and right as Noble comes running at Paul London in the corner, London leaps off the ropes and connects with the Mushroom Stomp sending Noble face first into the middle turnbuckle!

Noble falls onto the mat as London runs over and jumps over the body of Jamie Noble before ascending towards the top rope. London looks down at Noble taking in the moment before leaping into the air! The 450 Splash connects! London hooks the leg of Jamie Noble. One…Two…Three!

Elimination #3: Jamie Noble by Paul London via Pin Fall (15:12)

London is seen rolling around on the mat holding his ribs after his big risk move. He starts to find himself getting back onto one knee when out of nowhere Ric Flair hits him with a chop block from behind! Flair springs off the ropes dropping a knee right onto the face of London! The Nature Boy is striking at the right time as he grabs the legs of London and locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock! The Nature Boy is hollering at London to “tap out just like his mentor HBK will later”! London is trying his hardest to not give up to the legendary submission hold but London had too much taken out of him when he went for the 450 Splash. London tries to reverse the hold but he is unable to do so and has to tap out!

Elimination #4: Paul London by Ric Flair (15:41)

Flair lets out a big WOOOOOO as he clearly has just one upped Team HBK and now has both teams having only two team members remaining. It’s Jeff Hardy and Shawn Michaels left for Team HBK while Team Flair has Flair and Chris Masters remaining. Masters asks Flair if he wants him to come into the ring right now but Flair shakes him off. Flair points at HBK as HBK has no problem entering the ring to face off against his bitter enemy. There seems to be a renaissance in the arena right now as the fans are going wild in Orlando as the two former friends face off in the center of the ring for the first time tonight!

Flair and HBK both lock up now as HBK over powers Flair and backs him into the corner. HBK rares back and hits Flair with a big knife edge chop across the chest! Flair almost jumps out of his boots as HBK rares back and delivers the knife edge chop once again! The fans are going wild in Orlando as HBK lets Flair have another one! Michaels pushes himself against Flair before Irish whipping Flair off into the ropes. Flair comes running back at HBK and HBK lifts Flair high into the air dropping him with a Back Body Drop!

The Nature Boy finds himself backing into the corner begging and pleading HBK to not hit him once again. HBK clearly knows what Flair is trying to do as he makes his way into the corner. Michaels bends down to grab Flair but Flair wisely rakes the eyes of Shawn Michaels protecting himself from possibly being eliminated from the match. HBK’s vision is troubled now and we see Flair go on the attack immediately catching Michaels with a chop block! HBK’s knees give underneath him causing him to take a hard stumble onto the mat.

The Nature Boy drags the body of Shawn Michaels towards his team’s corner as he makes the tag bringing in “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters now. Masters comes storming into the ring stomping away at the body of Shawn Michaels. Masters grabs Michaels picking him off of the mat and Irish whips him off into the ropes. Masters is a bit stunned as HBK catches him off guard as once he comes off the ropes he knocks Masters down with a Flying Forearm! Both men are down in the ring as we see HBK wanting to try and make his way towards his corner. HBK starts to drag himself wanting to bring in the fresh Jeff Hardy now.
HBK inches closer and closer as he is able to get back onto his feet but Masters grabs the leg of HBK! Masters tries dragging Michaels into the center of the ring but HBK is able to break free and leap out and tag in Jeff Hardy! Hardy comes in all guns blazing as he springs off the ropes and knocks Masters down with a Flying Clothesline. Hardy springs off the ropes once more and right as Masters gets back onto his feet he gets knocked right back down with a Spinning Heel Kick! Hardy hooks the leg of the Masterpiece as this may be it. One…Two…Thr…no a quick kick out from Masters!

Jeff Hardy gets back onto his feet and as he does he grabs Masters off of the mat. Hardy kicks Masters in the gut looking for the Twist of Fate but Masters resourcefully shoves Hardy off into the corner. Hardy uses his momentum to climb the turnbuckles and Masters runs right at Hardy but Hardy leaps off the turnbuckles and catches Chris Masters with the Whisper in the Wind! Hardy grabs the left leg of Masters keeping it hooked as Hardy may have it won here! One…Two…Thre…MASTERS KICKS OUT ONCE MORE!

Jeff Hardy seems absolutely stunned now as he felt that after all of the damage that has been done to Masters in the match that he had him there. Hardy grabs Masters dragging him towards the center of the ring! Hardy kicks Masters in the sternum once more and this time connects with the Twist of Fate! Hardy points to the turnbuckles as he hurriedly ascends towards the top rope! Hardy wastes no time leaping off the top rope with the Swanton Bomb but Masters gets his knees up just in time! Hardy’s back collides hard with the knees of Chris Masters!

Chris Masters drags himself over towards the ropes pulling himself up (albeit being a little woozy) as he walks over towards Jeff Hardy. Hardy is favoring his back right now which can’t be good for what Chris Masters has planned for him. The Masterpiece is now standing on his feet taunting Jeff Hardy as he has both of his hands clasped showing that he’s ready for the Masterlock! Hardy pulls himself back onto his feet and he backs right into the big and burly arms of Chris Masters! Masters has locked in the Masterlock! Masters begins to hurl Jeff Hardy from side to side throwing him around as if he is a rag doll. The referee checks on Hardy the first time to see if he has passed out but he has not just yet. Masters continues to throw Hardy from side to side and as the referee checks in the second time he calls for the elimination as Masters has forced once again another member of Team HBK to submit to the deadly Masterlock.

Elimination #5: Jeff Hardy by Chris Masters via Submission (20:16)

The match has just made a turn for the ugly as Shawn Michaels finds himself with his back against the wall with it being two against one. The camera cuts over to show the look on HBK’s face as he shows a bit of concern now knowing his career may be on the line. HBK reluctantly enters the ring as he stares into the eyes of Chris Masters as Masters clasps both of his hands together signaling that he intends to end the career of Shawn Michaels tonight.

Both the Masterpiece and HBK lock up in the center of the ring now with Masters over powering HBK and shoving him onto the mat. HBK grabs the ropes in the corner pulling himself up as he looks a bit surprised at what just happened. HBK wastes no time running right after Masters as surprisingly he takes Masters down with a Lou Thesz Press! HBK starts to lay into Masters with several hard right hands but Masters is able to roll over and counter the move as he now lays into Michaels with right hands of his own.

Masters grabs HBK and lifts him up onto his feet as he lifts HBK up and drops him back down with a Scoop Power slam. The Masterpiece hooks the leg of HBK looking for the moment to end HBK’s career. One…Two…Thr…HBK GETS HIS SHOULDER UP!

Chris Masters realizes that he needs to try and do something to finish Michaels off now since the longer he lets HBK linger around the better the chances of an HBK comeback. Masters grabs Michaels off of the mat lifting him up high into the air with a Delayed Vertical Suplex! Masters continues to hold HBK up in the air for about thirty seconds! Masters finally brings HBK crashing down onto the mat with the Suplex. Masters now turns his attention to Flair as he clasps both hands together signaling that this is the end of the match and subsequently HBK’s career!

Masters stalks HBK eagerly waiting for Michaels to get back onto his feet so he can lock in the submission move that’s put away two members of Team HBK already tonight. Masters goes to grab HBK trying to lock in the Masterlock but before he can even get the hold locked in HBK ducks and throws Masters over his shoulders and back onto the mat! Masters takes a hard tumble onto the mat as HBK is seen kneeling on one knee trying to recover himself.

Chris Masters starts to get back onto his feet with the aid of the ropes as does Michaels on the opposite side of the ring. HBK has himself back onto his feet first albeit with his back turned to Chris Masters as he holds onto the ropes for support. Masters turns around and charges at HBK when BAM! SWEET CHIN MUSIC OUT OF NOWHERE! HBK falls on top of the Masterpiece unable to hook the leg as he simply throws an arm over Masters! One…Two…Three!!!

Elimination #6: Chris Masters by Shawn Michaels via Pin Fall (22:47)

HBK quickly turns his head as we see Flair’s face turn beet red. Flair is clearly angry at the fact that the Masterpiece couldn’t put away Shawn Michaels and now it comes down to these two bitter rivals. This is the moment everyone in Orlando has been waiting for tonight! Flair slides into the ring between the middle ropes and for a brief moment we see both men have a stare down just like they did earlier on in the match.

Flair locks eyes with Michaels and mouths the words “This is it” before both men come to a lock up in the center of the ring. Flair gets advantage this time as he ends up repaying the favor from the knife edge chops he received earlier from HBK as he delivers his own to Michaels. Flair is going nuts in the corner knocking HBK repeatedly with several knife edge chops! Flair grabs Michaels pulling him out of the corner and hitting him with a Snapmare! Flair wraps his arms around the neck of HBK locking him in a Headlock as Flair is hollering repeatedly at HBK to give up!

Michaels will not give up though as we see Flair start to tighten the hold. Michaels has the fans rallying behind him right now as he starts to feel it and he starts to pull himself back onto one knee. Michaels tries to break free of the hold but Flair breaks free of the hold first and he pushes Michaels away from him before knocking HBK back onto the mat with a dangerous Chop Block! The Nature Boy is doing his best to try and break down HBK to prevent him from hitting the Sweet Chin Music!

Flair looks down at HBK and he intends to do something a bit different right now it seems. The Nature Boy springs off the ropes before coming back and dropping a knee onto the leg of Shawn Michaels! Michaels rolls around the mat grabbing his leg as the all-out assault on the leg of Shawn Michaels continues! The Nature Boy grabs the leg of Shawn Michaels hooking it for his first pin fall attempt. One…Two…Thr...Shawn Michaels is able to kick out.

Flair bends down grabbing HBK and peeling him off of the mat. Flair goes to pick Michaels up and as he does he ends up lifting HBK up into the air with a Delayed Vertical Suplex of his own. Flair lets the blood rush to the head of his bitter rival Michaels for about forty seconds. Flair finally brings Michaels crashing back onto the mat with a thud! Flair lets out a big WOOOOOO once again as the match seems to be showing that this could be the last we ever see of Shawn Michaels.

Flair bends down to grab Shawn Michaels and to pick him up again but out of nowhere Shawn Michaels ends up countering as he shoves Flair off of him. Flair comes off the ropes right into an Inverted Atomic Drop from HBK! Flair’s momentum causes him to bounce off the ropes back first right into a Flying Forearm Smash from HBK! Both men are down in the ring as the referee looks down at both men but out of nowhere – HBK kips up!

Michaels heads towards the top rope as he looks down at the body of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair in the middle of the ring. Michaels prepares to take flight and as he leaps off the ropes he connects with the Diving Elbow right across the chest of Ric Flair! The Amway Arena is going wild right now as Michaels finds himself heading into the corner! HBK begins to tune up the band for what may be the final swansong for “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair! HBK looks prepared to come at Flair with the Sweet Chin Music but out of nowhere we see Chris Masters hop onto the apron!

The man who was just eliminated minutes ago by Shawn Michaels has come back down to ringside now for some reason! Masters tries grabbing Michaels and detaining him as the referee comes over and tells Masters to leave! Masters gets ready to leave but he may have got the last laugh as he shoves Michaels off of the ropes right into a Low Blow from “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair! HBK immediately falls onto the mat grasping for air as Flair has once again shown exactly why they call him “The Dirtiest Player in the Game”.

Flair senses the time is right as he grabs the legs of Shawn Michaels and locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock! The referee who was unaware of the Low Blow turns his attention back towards the ring now as Chris Masters is gone from ringside. Flair is wrenching away at the legs of Shawn Michaels hollering out “Give Up…It’s over Shawn” as he’s pleading with his former friend to give up and call it a career! Flair continues to wrench away at the legs of Shawn Michaels as we see HBK look as if he may be about to tap out! The fans are urging Michaels to not give up right now! HBK starts to find himself inching towards the ropes but it doesn’t seem likely that he is going to be able to reach the ropes.

HBK finds his very own career flashing in front of his eyes right now! With nowhere to go this may be it! Michaels continues to try and crawl towards the ropes but he can’t get anywhere close! Michaels realizes his only chance will be to reverse the hold and switch the pressure over onto Ric Flair! HBK starts to push himself up off of the mat as Flair tries to push Michaels’ body back down. Flair realizes the trouble that he may be in soon as Michaels is able to finally push the body of Flair over and all of a sudden the pressure has switched over onto “The Nature Boy”!

HBK wrenches away at the legs of Ric Flair doing his best to try and force Flair to tap out but Flair is able to break free of the hold quickly preventing Michaels from doing any further damage. Both men are both down in the center of the ring as the referee surveys the damage that these two legends have put one another through in the past six minutes of their one on one battle. Both men slowly start inching their way towards the ropes as they will need the ropes to aid themselves in getting back onto their feet. Michaels and Flair both reach the ropes at the same time as they both pull themselves back onto their feet at the same time as well.

Both HBK and Flair make their way to the center of the ring as HBK greets Flair with a hard knife edge chop across the chest. Flair retaliates with his own chop as both Flair and HBK exchange consecutive knife edge chops with one another. Flair catches Michaels with the last knife edge chop before he ends up grabbing Flair and Irish whips him off into the ropes. HBK comes charging right back at Flair and he ducks underneath a clothesline attempt from Flair! HBK springs off the opposing ropes and this time catches Flair with a Flying Crossbody! Michaels hooks the leg of “The Nature Boy”. One…Two…Thre…KICK OUT FROM “THE NATURE BOY”!

Michaels turns his attention to Flair once again and realizes that he’s going to have to go for some desperation move to try and finish Flair off! He’s tried everything else and now this turns HBK’s attention to the turnbuckles. Michaels climbs the ropes as we see Flair starting to get back onto his feet once again. HBK takes a look back at Flair as Flair has now turned around and Michaels leaps off the corner turnbuckles with a picture perfect Moonsault! Michaels grabs the leg of Flair hooking it as this may be it. One…Two…Thre…SHOULDER UP FROM FLAIR!

The fans in Orlando are enjoying this display of wrestling between these two legends. Michaels finds himself heading into the corner once more as he prepares to tune up the band! The feeling in the air in Orlando is unexplainable right now as we see Michaels standing in the corner stalking his rival Ric Flair! HBK notices Flair starting to sit up now but Flair wisely rolls out of the ring! Flair turns his back to the ring as he has a smile come over his face on the outside. Flair forgets about HBK briefly and it hurts him as HBK is standing over the ropes right behind him now! Michaels leaps over the ropes with a Crossbody knocking Flair hard onto the mat on the outside of the ring!

HBK grabs Flair and tosses him under the bottom rope and into the ring once again. Michaels makes his way towards the turnbuckles as he begins to climb the turnbuckles once again! It seems as if HBK is preparing to perhaps go for the Diving Elbow once more but surprisingly Flair springs onto his feet and grabs Michaels! HBK tries to push Flair off of him but Flair lifts Michaels up and brings him crashing onto the mat! Flair falls down onto the mat himself as we see both men down and out in the corner right now as the referee surveys the scene.

We see Flair pull himself first towards the ropes as he gets himself back onto one knee. Flair notices that Michaels is still down and Flair realizes this may be his time to strike. Flair crawls over towards HBK and locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock again! The crowd is booing Flair right now incessantly as Flair begins to wrench away at the legs of Shawn Michaels once again! Flair has HBK’s body facing away from the ropes so Michaels finds himself having to try and turn the body of Flair to get towards the ropes. HBK starts to finally turn the body of Flair as Michaels inches closer and closer towards the ropes. HBK senses desperation beginning to settle in once more and finally he is able to reach out and grab the ropes forcing the hold to be broken. The referee warns Flair to break the hold but Flair waits until the four second mark to finally break the Figure Four Leg Lock!

Flair gets back onto his feet and drags Michaels towards the center of the ring. “The Nature Boy” tosses Michaels over covering him. One…Two…Thre…HBK gets his shoulder up!

Flair runs his hands through his bleach blonde hair looking confused and wondering what he must do to retire Shawn Michaels! Flair peels HBK off of the mat and goes to Irish Whip Michaels off into the corner but HBK reverses sending Flair into the corner instead! HBK charges into the corner after Flair but Flair resiliently moves out of the way! Michaels stops himself from colliding with the turnbuckles in the corner and right as Flair takes the initiative to charge right back at HBK – SWEET CHIN MUSIC! FLAIR IS DROPPED WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC OUT OF NOWHERE! A wore out Shawn Michaels falls on top of the body of Ric Flair throwing an arm over a knocked out Ric Flair. One…Two…Three!!!

Elimination #7: Ric Flair by Shawn Michaels via Pin Fall (32:17)

Tony Chimel:
Here is the winner and the sole survivor representing Team Michaels...Shawn Michaels!!!

Match Result: Team Michaels (Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Paul London, & Kofi Kingston) def. Team Flair (Ric Flair, Jamie Noble, Chris Masters, & Finlay) (32:17)

As the referee goes to raise Shawn’s hand Shawn actually stops him and surprisingly stops to check on his rival Ric Flair. Michaels goes to help Ric up as does the referee and both men get “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair onto his feet. Shawn and Ric both look at one another in the ring with Shawn and Ric exchanging pleasantries with one another. Shawn grabs Ric’s hand and holds it high in the air insisting that the referee instead raise Ric’s hand instead of his own (Shawn’s). Shawn rolls out of the ring pointing to Ric as Ric is seen standing in the center of the ring now by himself. A big “Thank You Naitch” chant breaks out in Orlando as clearly the fans are soaking in this legendary moment! Flair holds his hands up thanking the fans as he rolls out of the ring now making his exit out of the arena. Once Flair reaches the top of the stage he stops and turns back to facing the ring and raises his hands once more before finally exiting the arena.

Michael Cole:
Amazing professionalism tonight by Shawn Michaels! The man had fought Ric Flair down to the wire and for Shawn to realize that it could have been him right there is what makes me respect Shawn Michaels more than ever before!

I can’t believe that an era has just come to an ultimate end. “The Nature Boy” has entertained fans around the world for over thirty years now. The man knows only one thing as a career – wrestling – and for him to have to leave behind this part of his life is going to be without a doubt the hardest moment of his life.

Michael Cole:
An absolutely stunning performance tonight by all eight men in that ring but there’s no doubt that Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair stole the show.

So true Michael! Despite the recent change of attitude that Ric Flair went through you can’t help but cheer for this man tonight! His legendary career has just come to an end and I must say it will be strange not seeing Ric backstage this Friday.

Michael Cole:
Very true Tazz! The man has been an absolute treat to cover on SmackDown since he was drafted over to our brand back in April. Though we had Ric only on SmackDown for about seven months it was without a doubt one of the greatest highlights of my commentating career to be able to call this battle between two icons tonight.

A truly exceptional performance by both men but one man had to come up short and it ended up being “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair! Thanks Ric! Thanks for all of the memories!

We now cut backstage as we see Triple H stretching backstage. Triple H stops stretching and ends up taping his wrists presumably in his locker room. The WWE Championship is seen sitting beside him on his locker before we hear the door open. Triple H stands up and as the camera cuts to the side we see Triple H come face to face with none other than…

Randy Orton:

Triple H:

There seems to be a bit of unease in the locker room as the crowd seems a bit perplexed at what’s exactly going on right now.

Randy Orton:
Look Hunter I know you think I came in here to try and plead with you for us to team together to take out Batista but that’s…well that’s not what this is about.

Triple H:
Oh really Randy…well then what is it about?

Randy’s attention turns towards the WWE Championship as his eyes seem fixated on the title.

Randy Orton:
I just wanted to come and give you a “friendly” warning Hunter. You know me perhaps better than anyone else out there. You know what I’m capable of and that I can snap at any moment. Don’t mess with me Hunter! Don’t stop me from taking what’s rightfully mine (pointing to the WWE Championship right as he says this).

Triple H immediately changes his tone of voice as he inches face to face with Randy Orton. The fans are eagerly waiting to see what Triple H will have to say to the dastardly Orton.

Triple H:
If you know what’s good for you Randy…

Orton immediately interrupts Triple H before he can even finish his sentence.

Randy Orton:
If you know what’s good for you Hunter…I wouldn’t worry about Dave Batista…

Orton pauses for a brief second before staring Triple H in the eyes.

Randy Orton:
I’d worry about the man who can take not only your title but your pride away in a split second…

Orton and Triple H both come face to face with the camera zooming in on both men nose to nose! The fans start a big “Triple H” chant in the arena. Orton backs away first as he exits the locker room with Triple H sitting back down as he goes to finish taping his wrists up right as the camera cuts away from the locker room and ends up going to a black screen.

The video opens up with an empty downtown area with cars scattered around with numerous ones being turned upside down, nuclear waste lying in the streets, damaged stores and broken windows are all shown through the streets.

There will be a day where there is nothing left to account for.

An open field with debris scattered throughout the area is shown as we start to see a taller figure start to walk amongst the debris.

It will be the end of the world as we know it.

As the figure starts to get closer to the camera he suddenly stops and looks down towards the ground.

For there will be a time that will come to be known as…

The figure suddenly turns around wearing a long trench coat and is revealed to be none other than “The Rated R Superstar” Edge.


Behind Edge we see a car suddenly burst into flames. The flames start to spread around the field as the ring of fire begins to encompass a wide area. Edge pays no attention to the catastrophe going on behind him as instead he keeps his eyes fixated on the camera.

The end is near!

“The Rated R Superstar” turns his back to the camera and walks away as we hear him laugh as the camera turns its attention now to the flames as the WWE Armageddon logo comes across the screen now.

SmackDown and the WWE Present Armageddon live Sunday December 16, 2007 from the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We now cut back down to the ringside area as Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler are shown sitting at the commentary table.

Jim Ross:
It’s now time for our main event from Monday Night Raw! Three men – one huge rivalry – and ultimately the WWE Championship is what all three men covet. Only one man can exit Orlando tonight as the WWE Champion! The question is will Triple H be able to retain his prestigious WWE Championship or will Batista and Randy Orton wrestle the title away from Triple H?

Jerry Lawler:
A power struggle between three former allies is what we have witnessed in the past few months on Monday Night Raw! You’ve got the teacher in Triple H and the two students in Batista and Randy Orton – three men who were all in one of the most dominant stables in professional wrestling history in Evolution! It’s going to get ugly tonight JR!

Jim Ross:
Without a doubt King! These three men are going to do the unthinkable to one another in an effort to try and capture the WWE Championship. Between all three men they have a total of fifteen WWE Championship reigns with Triple H having an outstanding eleven out of the fifteen!

Jerry Lawler:
Say nothing further JR! The time has come! Three huge rivals where anything goes! The first man to pin or make one of his opponents submit will be our WWE Champion! Need we remind you that Triple H could very well lose his own WWE Championship and not have even been pinned or submit tonight?

Jim Ross:
It’s go time King! Here we go!

***I Walk Alone***

The first man out tonight happens to be the man that lost his WWE Championship to Triple H back at SummerSlam – Batista. Batista seems to be carrying a certain amount of confidence tonight as he strolls out onto the stage and sets his pyro off. The fans down the entrance ramp are letting Batista have it but he pays no attention to them. He clearly has his mind set on one thing only and that is the WWE Championship. Batista steps into the ring jumping from side to side as he awaits Randy Orton and Triple H to enter the arena now.

Lilian Garcia:
The following contest is a Triple Threat Match and it is for the WWE Championship! There are no count outs and no disqualifications thus anything goes! The first man that is able to pin or make one of his opponents submit will be crowned the WWE Champion! Introducing first from Washington D.C. weighing in at 290 pounds he is “The Animal” Batista!

***Burn in My Light***

Randy Orton makes his entrance next as Orton looks even more focused than Batista. Orton seems to be fixated and in his “own zone” as JR often refers to him being in. Orton poses at the top of the stage flailing his arms out as his pyro rains down around him. Orton methodically walks towards the ring now circling the ring once. Orton thinks twice about entering the ring as Batista looks ready to strike and attack him after their past few hectic weeks.

Lilian Garcia:
From St. Louis, Missouri weighing in at 235 pounds…he is “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton!!!

***Time to Play the Game***

The final man to enter the Amway Arena and rightfully so happens to be the WWE Champion Triple H. Triple H walks out dousing himself with his water bottle before tossing the bottle to the side. Triple H makes his way out as the fans are loudly cheering for the WWE Champion as he walks towards the ring eagerly waiting to get his hands on both men. “The Game” stops at the bottom of the ramp eyeing Batista in the ring and looking over at Orton on the opposite side of the ring. There seems to be a quiet hush come over the arena as the fans are taking in the experience of seeing all three men quietly eye one another. Triple H keeps his eyes fixated on Batista before he climbs onto the outside of the ring. Triple H spits his water into the air posing with the WWE Championship as the spotlight beams down on the reigning champion. Randy Orton slides into the ring now as he backs himself into a corner with it looking as if we are about ready to go.

Lilian Garcia:
And finally from Greenwich, Connecticut weighing in at 255 pounds he is the current WWE Champion… “The Game” Triple H!

WWE Championship – Triple Threat Match:
Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Batista

The referee calls for the bell as we see all three men standing in their respective corners staring down one another as our WWE Championship match is now underway. Both Batista and Randy Orton look at one another for a brief second before turning their attention to the WWE Champion Triple H! There’s no way these men are going to be able to work together tonight! Orton signals for Batista to try and take down Triple H. Batista shakes his head as if to say no and Orton elects to charge after Batista in the corner! Orton tries to lay into Batista with numerous hard rights but Triple H attacks Randy Orton from behind knocking Orton down onto his knees on the mat.

The WWE Champion gets blindsides from behind by Batista as the Animal begins to smash Triple H’s face into the mat repeatedly! Batista kicks Triple H to the outside as he wants to turn his attention to Randy Orton instead. Orton who is still on the mat turns around to see Batista staring him down. A sickening look comes over the face of Batista as we see a very concerned Orton start to weasel his way into the corner. Randy Orton is begging Batista to not attack him but instead to work together to take down Triple H! Batista wants nothing to do with Orton’s plan. Orton pulls himself up in the corner but gets greeted with a big clothesline in the corner!

Batista grabs Randy Orton throwing him into the opposing corner before greeting Orton with another huge clothesline that dazes Orton! Batista goes to pick Randy Orton up and to lift him onto his shoulders but he gets chop blocked from behind by the WWE Champion, Triple H! Randy Orton falls off the shoulders of Batista rolling onto the outside of the ring now to try and regain his energy. Triple H stands up driving his knee into the head of his former protégé Batista.

Triple H bends down to pick Batista up but instead he gets greeted with a big right hand from the Animal! Batista picks himself up off the mat before Irish whipping The Game off into the ropes. Triple H comes running right back at Batista but gets dropped onto the mat with a Shoulder Block from the Animal! Batista bends down trying to pick Triple H up but out of nowhere Randy Orton slid back into the ring and hit Batista with a huge dropkick. Orton jumps on top of Batista for the first pin fall cover of the night. One…Two..Th…a quick kick out from Batista.

Randy Orton walks over to the Game before leaping into the air and landing a huge Knee Drop onto the face of Triple H. Orton bends down picking Triple H up once more before greeting Triple H with a Falling Clothesline. Randy Orton prepares to get off the mat but gets greeted from behind with a huge clothesline from Batista sending Orton flying over the ropes and onto the outside of the ring. Batista doesn’t seem concerned with Triple H right now as Batista elects to head to the outside of the ring and go after his hated rival, Randy Orton.

Batista peels Orton off of the mat and drives him back first into the steel turnbuckle post! Orton falls down onto both knees holding his back in agonizing pain. Batista doesn’t give up though as he quickly picks up Orton and rams him back first into the ringside barricade! The Animal then takes Orton and lifts him high into the air before throwing Randy Orton on top of the barricade where Orton’s ribs take a hard collision with the barricade. Orton is dangling on the barricade right now to which Batista simply dumps him over as Randy Orton falls into the crowd.

Batista prepares to head back into the ring but he apparently forgot that the Cerebral Assassin was still in the ring. In the time that Batista was using to attack Orton, Triple H had time to recover and subsequently headed to the outside of the ring right after Batista had finished off Orton. Batista turns around and is greeted with a running clothesline planting the challenger onto the outside mat! Triple H decides that he’s going to change up the pace of the match a bit as he looks to the crowd and points to the ring apron! The fans start to cheer loudly as we see Triple H reach underneath the ring and he pulls out a steel chair! Triple H grabs the steel chair and looks at it before lifting it high into the air! The Cerebral Assassin brings the steel chair crashing into the ribs of Batista! Triple H lifts the chair up again hitting Batista once more with the steel chair! Batista is rolling around on the mat on the outside of the ring as Triple H throws the steel chair into the ring.

Triple H grabs Batista sliding him into the ring as Triple H bends down to pick the steel chair up that he had used to attack Batista with mere seconds ago. Triple H carries the steel chair over into the corner wedging it in between the top and the middle ring ropes. Triple H walks over towards Batista and picks The Animal up once again. The WWE Champion points towards the steel chair as he begins to rile the fans up before grabbing Batista and tossing him shoulder first into the steel chair! Batista drops onto the mat as Triple H scurries over and hooks the leg of Batista. One…Two…Thr…no! Batista is able to get his shoulder up to keep himself alive in the match.

The fans on the outside are trying to alert Triple H as we see Randy Orton hop over the barricade and hurry into the ring! Triple H seems a bit confused but right as he turns around it’s too late as Randy Orton grabs him and throws him into the steel chair in the corner as well! Triple H falls onto one knee as Randy Orton is standing over the WWE Champion right now. Orton hits Triple H with a series of hard right hands to the head. Orton picks Triple H up hitting him with a European Uppercut before tossing Triple H into the opposing corner.

Orton picks Triple H up and seats him on the top rope as we see Orton slowly begin to ascend the ropes himself. Orton hits Triple H with another right hand trying to wear down the Game as he finally makes his way up to the top rope. Orton has Triple H standing on the ropes with him right now as the fans seem a bit concerned for Triple H right now. Orton goes to try and lift Triple H up but he struggles a bit at first. Orton hits Triple H with another right hand before finally being able to lift Triple H up as he brings the WWE Champion crashing onto the mat with a big Superplex! The Amway Arena is going wild as we see all three men are down and out in the ring in this WWE Championship clash tonight in Orlando.

Randy Orton slowly starts inching towards Triple H right now as he is getting closer and closer to the WWE champion. Orton gets close enough to throw his arm over the body of Triple H as the referee hurries over for the pin fall attempt. One…Two…Thre…the closest call yet in this match occurs right now as Batista was able to jump on top of Randy Orton and break the pin fall up.

The Animal is back on his feet now as he bends down picking Randy Orton up off of the mat as well. Batista shows off his amazing strength as he lifts Orton up into the air with a Two-handed Choke lift holding Orton up high in the air for about twenty seconds! Batista is wearing down Orton with the chokehold as we see Orton turning red right now. Batista lifts Orton up higher before bringing him crashing into the mat back first. Batista bends down to cover Randy Orton as the referee jumps onto the mat to count…One…Two…Th…a furious kick out from Randy Orton surprises Batista a bit as The Animal looks maybe a bit concerned right now.

Batista bends down picking Randy Orton up off the mat as he prepares to Irish whip him off into the ropes! Orton was able to reverse the move instead sending Batista into the ropes but as Batista comes charging back at Orton he ducks underneath Orton but instead runs into a surprising running knee lift from Triple H! Orton is stunned that Triple H is back onto his feet now and he gets greeted with an Atomic Drop! Orton bails out of the ring wanting none of Triple H right now as he falls onto the mat on the outside before resting against the barricade. Triple H laughs at Randy Orton running away as he decides to head to the outside of the ring as well.

Orton is begging Triple H as he walks to the outside of the ring to not hit him! Triple H bends down preparing to pick Randy Orton up but instead gets greeted with a low blow from Randy Orton! Orton digs underneath the ring for a minute before he grabs and pulls out an item that Triple H may not want to see right now – a sledgehammer! The Amway Arena lights up now as Randy Orton looks at the sledgehammer with a sickening look on his face. Orton knows Triple H’s history with the sledgehammer and what better way to take down Triple H right now? Orton grabs the base of the sledgehammer and charges at Triple H knocking Triple H in the stomach with the sledgehammer and effectively taking Triple H out of the equation for a good amount of time in the match now.

Orton takes a second look at Triple H right now as he leaves Triple H on the outside and pounds the steel steps with the sledgehammer perhaps warning Batista that he is coming after him now. Orton walks up the steps and into the ring with the sledgehammer before stalking his rival in the corner with the dangerous weapon. Batista is rising onto his feet now as we see Orton lift the sledgehammer up in preparation to come after Batista! Orton sees Batista turning around now as he takes off running at Batista but Batista moves right out of the way as Orton collides into the turnbuckles dropping the sledgehammer as it falls onto the outside of the ring. Orton turns around right into a brutal spear from Batista! Batista throws Randy Orton over wasting no time as he hooks both legs of Randy Orton! One…Two…Thr…NO! Orton places his foot on the ropes causing Batista’s WWE Championship hopes to come crashing down for at least right now.

Batista seems absolutely shocked that Orton would be able to get up after the Spear! He knows that he must now though go in for the kill since the WWE Champion Triple H is knocked out on the outside of the ring. Batista bends down picking Randy Orton off of the mat as he throws him onto his shoulders and drives Randy Orton spine first into the mat with the Spinebuster! The fans in the Amway Arena seem a bit concerned now as the Animal may be closing in on his third championship tonight! Batista stands over the body of Randy Orton for a brief second perhaps asserting his dominance over Randy Orton before he bends down and picks Orton off of the mat once more. The camera is able to catch a brief shot of Orton reach into his tights and pull out something but Batista is unaware of what just happened as we cannot catch a good grasp of what Orton pulled out. Batista throws Randy Orton between his legs lifting him into the air for the Batista Bomb but right as Batista prepares to bring Orton crashing down HE GETS DRILLED WITH BRASS KNUCKS FROM RANDY ORTON! Batista drops onto the mat as Orton takes the brass knucks off throwing them into the corner! Orton throws an arm over Batista as surely this will be it! One…Two…Thre…SHOULDER UP FROM BATISTA!

Orton is furious right now as he is absolutely stunned that he couldn’t close the match out! Orton begins to pound the mat in anger as he seems prepared to go ahead and try to finish Batista off right now. Orton backs his way into the corner as we now see Orton beginning to stalk Batista in perhaps preparation for the deadly Running Punt Kick! Orton is grasping onto the ring ropes stomping and stalking the Animal right now! Orton takes off running at Batista and he KNOCKS BATISTA OUT WITH THE RUNNING PUNT KICK! Orton knows this is it and he’s about to become the WWE Champion! Orton falls onto the mat hooking the leg of Batista! The Animal is knocked out cold as the referee runs over and begins the count…One…Two…Thre…TRIPLE H PULLS RANDY ORTON ONTO THE OUTSIDE BREAKING UP THE PIN FALL!

Unbelievable! The fans are stunned as Triple H is still holding his ribs but he was able to muster up enough strength to pull Randy Orton out of the ring knowing his WWE title was at stake. Triple H grabs Randy Orton ramming him back first into the ring before taking Orton and tossing him shoulder first into the steel turnbuckles. Orton falls onto the outside mats once again as Triple H continues to clutch at his ribs as we can see he may be a bit winded right now. The Game grabs Randy Orton pointing towards the steel ring steps. Triple H has the fans riled up now as he grabs Randy Orton and Irish whips Orton back first into the ring steps! Randy Orton falls onto the mat clutching at his back!

The Game bends down dragging Randy Orton away from the steel steps and he drags him over towards the Raw commentating team’s table. The fans know what may be occurring next as we see Triple H begin to break apart the commentating team’s table. He rips the cameras out and throws them onto the sides of the tables before grabbing Randy Orton and tossing him on top of the table. Triple H plays to the fans for a second before climbing up the table and picking Randy Orton up. Triple H grabs Randy Orton and throws him between his legs as the Amway Arena is going wild now! TRIPLE H LIFTS HIS HANDS HIGH INTO THE AIR AS HE JUMPS UP AND DRIVES RANDY ORTON INTO THE TABLE WITH THE PEDIGREE! The table collapses as both men fall hard onto the cold hard steel ground as we see once again all three men down and out in this dangerous Triple Threat Match at Survivor Series 2007.

Triple H rolls over on his back as he seems to be clutching at his ribs once more after taking that huge fall right there. JR and The King are going wild at ringside as they now have an area full of rubble with the WWE Champion Triple H and one of the challengers Randy Orton having been laid to waste right in front of their eyes. We turn our attention into the ring now where we see Batista slowly starting to rise onto his feet now. Batista has been down for a few minutes since he was knocked out by Randy Orton with the brass knuckles and the running punt kick! Batista is using the ropes to try and help himself up onto his feet as he is unaware of the whereabouts of Randy Orton and Triple H right now.

Batista is able to roll himself to the outside of the ring falling onto the mat and slowly starting to pull himself back onto his feet. We see him limping a bit over towards the commentating table where we see both Triple H and Orton still laid out from the Pedigree merely a minute ago. The Animal is using everything he can to drag himself over to one of these men to try and hopefully roll them into the ring to earn a pin fall victory to secure the WWE title. Batista finally reaches the men and elects to pick Triple H up. He grabs Triple H dragging him over towards the ring but first he rams Triple H back first into the ring! Triple H lets out a loud yell of clear agonizing pain before Batista rolls him right into the ring.

Batista positions Triple H’s head on the outside of the ring underneath the ring ropes. Batista remains outside the ring as he takes a few steps back and charges at the Game dropping his elbow onto the head of the WWE Champion! Triple H is rolling around in the ring in pain as we see Batista pull himself back into the ring now. Batista uses the aid of the ropes to help himself back onto his feet as he is now standing right over the WWE Champion. Batista bends down to pick Triple H up as he may be looking to finish Triple H off right now. Batista instead elects to Irish whip Triple H off into the ropes but TRIPLE H IS ABLE TO COUNTER THE IRISH WHIP INTO A SPINNING SPINEBUSTER! Triple H falls onto the mat almost instantly as he slowly begins to crawl towards Batista! Triple H makes it to Batista and throws an arm over the challenger. One…Two…Thre…KICKOUT FROM THE ANIMAL!

Triple H seems a bit perplexed at Batista being able to kick out but he knows he can do nothing about it but carry on with the match. The camera pans to the outside as we see Orton still down and out on the commentary table but he does seem to be moving a little bit. Triple H gets up onto both feet looking a bit groggy but he bends down to pick Batista up off of the mat. He grabs Batista ramming him back first into the corner turnbuckles before climbing the middle ropes. Triple H is standing on top of Batista hitting him with a series of Mounted Punches laying into the challenger as he continues to try and tear the Animal apart.

Triple H hops off the ring ropes as he turns his back to Batista for a brief second and it turns out to be a big mistake as Batista plants him into the mat with a huge shoulder block. Batista takes a few steps back as Triple H is on one knee now. Batista bounces off the ropes and comes running back at Triple H taking him down with a Big Boot! The Amway Arena seems a bit concerned now as it appears that Batista is once again closing in on another opportunity to capture the WWE championship! Batista takes his time bending down to pick Triple H up off of the mat as he does the thumbs down to which the Amway Arena responds with loud boos across the arena. Batista throws the WWE champion between his legs as he lifts Triple H up high into the air preparing to bring him crashing down into the mat with the Batista Bomb but he gets chop blocked from behind by Randy Orton instead!

THE WEIGHT OF TRIPLE H ON BATISTA’S SHOULDERS CAUSES TRIPLE H TO FALL FORWARD RIGHT INTO THE ARMS OF RANDY ORTON AND AN RKO! Orlando is stunned right now as Randy Orton may have this one wrapped up! Orton hops on top of the WWE Champion as he hooks the leg. One…Two…Thre…BATISTA BREAKS UP THE PIN FALL!

Randy Orton cannot believe this! Once again he has had his opportunity snatched away from him! Orton is livid right now as he is pacing around the ring kicking the ring ropes! Orton begins to size Batista up once again as he is looking to try and connect with another Running Punt Kick which will all but finish off this match now. Orton notices Batista rising onto his feet now and Orton takes off! Orton charges at Batista but Batista is able to grab Randy Orton’s foot and trip him up face first into the mat! Orton’s face collides with the mat as we see Batista reach out towards the ropes to pull himself up onto his feet.

The Animal is seizing the moment now as he looks down at both of his opponents and realizes that this may be it! He looks down at Randy Orton and picks up the fallen challenger. Batista grabs Orton preparing to throw him between his legs but Orton ends up driving Batista back first into the corner. Orton ducks underneath a swinging right hand from Batista and is able to catch Batista with a swinging neck breaker planting Batista into the mat. Orton looks at the ropes as he grabs Batista and places his body in between the middle ropes! He looks around the arena for a brief second holding Batista’s head underneath his arm before driving Batista into the mat with the Rope Hung DDT! Batista’s head collides with the mat with a loud thud as Orton falls on top of the Animal! This may be it for Randy Orton tonight! One…Two…Thre…FOOT UNDER THE ROPE FROM BATISTA!

This is unbelievable what we are seeing right now! Randy Orton cannot believe what is going on! Orton slides to the outside of the ring as he removes the steel steps from where they are and throws them into the ring! Orton rolls back into the ring and sets the steel steps near Batista! Orton falls onto the mat pouncing on the mat as he begins to stalk Batista! Orton is going nuts in the ring right now pounding the mat with his left and then his right fists repeatedly. BATISTA SLOWLY GETS BACK ONTO HIS FEET AND RIGHT AS HE TURNS AROUND RANDY ORTON LEAPS INTO THE AIR FOR AN RKO BUT BATISTA COUNTERS AND THROWS ORTON BACK FIRST ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!

Orton is rolling around incessantly holding his back right now as the fans are stunned at what they are seeing tonight! Orton is down and out with Batista being the only man standing albeit having a bit of a hard time doing so himself! The Animal grabs the steel ring steps and lifts them up before throwing them over the ropes and back onto the outside of the ring. He kicks Randy Orton out of the ring as he now focuses his attention to the WWE Champion Triple H! Batista makes the walk over towards Triple H as he bends down and picks the Cerebral Assassin off of the mat! Batista looks around the arena as he grabs Triple H and throws him between his legs! Batista lifts the WWE Champion high into the air before bringing Triple H crashing into the mat with the Batista Bomb! The third time could be the charm for Batista as his first two Batista Bomb attempts failed! Batista falls on top of Triple H hooking one leg of the champion! One…Two…Three!!!

Lilian Garcia:
Here is your winner and the NEW WWE Champion....Batista!!!

Match Result: Batista def. Triple H & Randy Orton to become the NEW WWE Champion (19:27)

Batista stumbles out of the ring as he grabs his newly won WWE Championship and makes his way up the ramp to the top of the stage. The boos begin to pour down in the Amway Arena as Batista doesn't seem to be paying attention to any of the fans right now. The referee goes to grab Batista's hand to raise the new champion's hand but Batista rips his hand away from the referee! Batista grabs the championship belt and throws it over his shoulder knowing that he was lucky to escape tonight as the new champion! He surveys the damage at the top of the ramp a bit longer before exiting the arena.

Jim Ross:
Batista has done it tonight! I may not be a big fan of the way the man has been carrying himself recently but it cannot be denied that he has earned this WWE Championship once again here tonight in Orlando.

Jerry Lawler:
The third time was indeed the charm for Batista tonight and it resulted in his second WWE Championship and third overall world championship!

Jim Ross:
Congratulations does indeed go out to Dave Batista tonight but he must not forget that “The Game” will be coming back for his title shot very soon.

Jerry Lawler:
Rest assured that Batista will not forget that Triple H will still be looking to come after him. These two men have done battle over nearly half of 2007 and have laid waste to one another in the process. I am sure this will not be the last time that we see these two men go at it with the WWE Championship on the line.

Jim Ross:
Randy Orton is certainly one to not be forgotten either. Orton found himself on the short end of the stick tonight but it wasn’t for his effort. That man sickens me to death with the way that he struts around blaming his issues on his “state of mind” but one cannot deny the talent that he possesses in that very ring.

Jerry Lawler:
This has to be one of the biggest matches in recent history! These three men did absolutely everything in their power to try and capture the WWE Championship but in the end it was Batista who reigns supreme. What a historic night here in Orlando!

Jim Ross:
Well King it’s time for us to sign off now and hand the reigns over to our comrades from Friday Night SmackDown! It’s been a pleasure to be with you all here tonight from the sold out Amway Arena in Orlando! Michael and Tazz…take it away!

Michael Cole:
Thank you very much JR! Well Tazz it’s the moment that everyone has eagerly been anticipating all evening. The return of the most deadly structure in the history of professional wrestling – The Elimination Chamber!

There have only been four Elimination Chamber matches in the entire history of this daunting figure and the first four have both been Raw exclusive! Well SmackDown is now taking the reigns over this year and I think it’s safe to say that this will be the best Elimination Chamber to date!

Michael Cole:
Six men will enter the structure otherwise known as “Satan’s Playground” in an effort to try and become the World Heavyweight Champion. The title has sat vacated for nearly three weeks now but finally tonight we will have a new champion!

Lives will not be the same after tonight. Only thirteen men have entered the Elimination Chamber before! But only two men in tonight’s Elimination Chamber – Rob Van Dam and Edge have ever competed before in the Elimination Chamber! We’re mere moments away from Rob Van Dam, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Umaga, Christian, and MVP doing battle inside the Elimination Chamber but first let’s take you backstage to Todd Grisham who is standing by with a very special guest.

Todd Grisham:
Thank you very much Michael and Tazz. Ladies and gentlemen at this time please welcome my guest…Shane McMahon!

Shane McMahon walks into the scene with a clipboard in his hand.

Todd Grisham:
I understand Shane that recently you made a change to the Elimination Chamber Match just a few mere moments before the match is set to take place. Would you like to announce what that change is?

Shane McMahon:
Certainly Todd! It’s been an exciting evening so far tonight but earlier I had a meeting with the board of directors and they stated that something had to be done regarding Umaga’s heinous attack on Edge two weeks ago on SmackDown!

The fans perk up wondering just what Shane has planned for Umaga.

Shane McMahon:
Now I can’t rightfully take Umaga out of the Elimination Chamber match since the man has earned his spot fair and square. However…

Mid-sentence Shane is interrupted by none other than Armando Estrada and “The Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga!

Armando Estrada:
‘Tudos…Escuche me! Did ju’ happen to mention my “Samooooan’ Bulldozer” Umaga?

Shane McMahon:
Yes Armando I actually did and before you rudely interrupted me I was about to announce that Umaga will NOT be entering the Elimination Chamber at the number six spot.

The crowd erupts in cheers as Armando Estrada is livid.

Armando Estrada:
WHAT? What did ju’ jus’ do? Umaga earned ‘chis number six spot…

Shane McMahon:
I’m only handing down orders from the board of directors Armando. The board of directors did not find it fair that Umaga was not punished for his heinous attack on Edge two weeks ago! As a matter of fact it kept Edge out of action last week and didn’t give him a fair chance at competing for the sixth spot. Like it or not you will have to deal with it! But if you have a problem with me then I can gladly escort not only you BUT…

Shane points to Umaga.

Shane McMahon:
Also Umaga out of this arena! That’s right I can take Umaga out of the match just like that!

Armando Estrada:
‘Ju will regret this!

Shane slaps Armando on the back as Armando looks at Umaga! Armando is absolutely shocked at what just transpired. Armando points to Umaga and tells him let’s go as Todd Grisham is left standing on in shock at what just occurred. We head back into the arena before Michael Cole and Tazz introduce us to a hype video for the Elimination Chamber.

The History of the Elimination Chamber:

- The very first Elimination Chamber occurs almost five years to the date at Survivor Series 2002. Shawn Michaels wins his first World Heavyweight Championship since returning to the WWE defeating Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Kane, and Triple H in Madison Square Garden on November 17, 2002.

- At SummerSlam 2003, the second Elimination Chamber takes place with Triple H defeating Randy Orton, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, and Goldberg to become the first and only participant thus far to retain the World Heavyweight Championship inside of the Elimination Chamber.

- The third Elimination Chamber match takes place at the first ever New Year’s Revolution Pay-Per-View in January 2005. The vacated World Heavyweight Championship is put on the line in San Juan, Puerto Rico with Triple H capturing his tenth major title defeating Chris Benoit, Edge, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Batista with Shawn Michaels as the Special Referee.

- And in the most recent Elimination Chamber at last year’s Survivor Series; the chamber makes its return for the first time in twenty-two months. Randy Orton ends the eight month long reign of WWE Champion Rob Van Dam also defeating Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, and John Cena inside of the Chamber.

We cut back to the ringside area once more to Michael Cole and Tazz before our main event will go on.

Michael Cole:
The time is finally here! Six men vying for the prestigious World Heavyweight Championship! But most importantly I am absolutely shocked at the actions of the Board of Directors to strip Umaga of his right to enter the Elimination Chamber at number six!

As am I Michael but at the same time something had to be done! The man is a monster and is out of control! He has run rough shot through all of the superstars of SmackDown since coming to the blue brand back in the Draft! He is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Michael Cole:
All six men have a point to prove tonight! MVP wants to prove that he never should have been stripped of the title. Christian wants to prove he has what it takes to finally become champion after a nearly two year hunt. Umaga has to prove to everyone else that he is the biggest force to be reckoned with in the history of the WWE! Rob Van Dam has to prove that he can get back to the top of the mountain again. Rey Mysterio wants to prove he can hang with the big dogs and finally Edge has to prove that he is still the biggest thing going on SmackDown!

Talk no more Michael! The time is here! Let’s do this!

***I’m Comin’***

The most recent World Heavyweight Champion enters the Amway Arena first looking at the Elimination Chamber that is now encompassed around the ring. He turns his back and looks at Ezekiel Jackson pointing to the Elimination Chamber. Big Zeke assures him everything will be alright as both men continue to head down the ramp. The referee opens the door for MVP as MVP gets a fist bump from Ezekiel Jackson. The fans pour down boos for MVP as MVP taunts them by signaling that the title will be back around his waist tonight. MVP walks towards one of the pods as the referee opens the pod and locks MVP in.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is the evening’s main event and is the Elimination Chamber Match for the World Heavyweight Championship! The first four men to enter the ring will be locked into pods. The final two men will start off the match. Every five minutes a new participant will enter the ring once their pod has been unlocked. A competitor will be eliminated by pin fall or submission either in the ring or outside of the ring! The man who is left standing after the other five competitors have been eliminated will be crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion! Introducing first from Miami, Florida weighing in at 252 pounds he is Montel Vontavious Porter…M.V.P.

***Just Close Your Eyes***

“Captain Charisma” Christian enters the arena next to a big ovation from the fans in Orlando. Christian walks out onto the stage slapping his chest as he throws his hood on his jacket back and jogs towards the ring. Christian stops in his tracks looking at the Chamber as it is his first time ever entering the Elimination Chamber as well. Christian steps into the Elimination Chamber and walks towards one of the pods as the referee locks him in now as we have four more men left to enter the deadly Elimination Chamber now.

Tony Chimel:
Introducing next from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing in at 212 pounds he is “Captain Charisma” Christian!

***Virtual Voodoo***

Armando Estrada leads his deadly “Samoan Bulldozer” down the ramp as he apparently has informed Umaga of what occurred earlier backstage. Umaga is clearly pissed off and rightfully so! Armando Estrada pulls a cigar out of his back pocket breaking it in half which pumps Umaga up as he slaps his legs letting out a loud holler before both men commence down the ramp towards the Elimination Chamber. Umaga steps into the Elimination Chamber walking past both Christian and MVP’s pods as he hits the pods showing them who is in charge. Umaga is finally brought over to one of the pods as the referee locks Umaga inside of the pod. Umaga grabs the chains and shakes them as he looks as if he is about to break out of the pod himself.

Tony Chimel:
Introducing next from The Isle of Samoa weighing in at 355 pounds he is “The Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga!


The lights go out in the arena as the spotlights start to go wild in the Amway Arena! Edge runs out onto the stage now as the lights come back on and the smoke is filling the entrance area! Edge comes out to the loudest pop of all of the competitors thus far and certainly one of the biggest of the evening! The Rated R Superstar is fired up and ready to go as he stops at the ramp and points to the sky as his pyro goes off behind him! Edge drops his trench coat halfway down the ramp and makes his way into the ring before sliding on the mat and posing for the fans! Edge jumps up and makes his way over towards Umaga’s pod as both men stare one another down! Edge points at Umaga and Umaga starts to shake his pod once again! The referee moves Edge away from Umaga locking him in the pod as we are now awaiting our two final entrants – Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio – who will start the match out.

Tony Chimel:
Introducing next from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing in at 241 pounds he is “The Rated R Superstar” Edge!

***One of a Kind***

The only other person besides Edge who has competed inside of the Elimination Chamber makes his entrance into the arena now to a loud ovation! RVD stops and does his trademark thumb gesture before heading towards the ring and hurrying into the Elimination Chamber. RVD takes a look around when he first enters the Chamber as he grabs the steel and pulls on it a bit presumably testing it. Van Dam then jumps into the ring and uses the ropes to stretch as he awaits Rey Mysterio to enter next.

Tony Chimel:
Introducing next from Battle Creek, Michigan weighing in at 235 pounds he is “The Whole Dam Show” Rob…Van…Dam!

***Booyaka 619***

And finally our last competitor Rey Mysterio makes his way out to a pop just as loud as Van Dam’s. Mysterio points to the sky running from side to side as his pyro goes off! Mysterio stops at the halfway point and pulls a mask off that he had over his real mask and places it on a child’s face at ringside. Mysterio then turns his attention to the Elimination Chamber as he stops at the steps and looks up. Mysterio walks up the steps and finally enters the ring as he looks at Rob Van Dam before heading off into the corner awaiting the referee to call for the bell.

Tony Chimel:
And introducing from San Diego, California weighing in at 175 pounds he is Rey Mysterio!!!


World Heavyweight Championship - Elimination Chamber Match:
MVP vs. Christian vs. Umaga vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Edge

Rey and RVD stand in their opposing corners, each man warming up before the match officially begins. At the sound of the bell, the two high fliers head to the center of the ring. They nod in mutual respect of each other as they prepare to battle. The two men lock up, and it is a quick exchange as Van Dam, unusually rough, takes control by grabbing Mysterio tightly around the head. RVD wrenches Mysterio’s neck, and as Rey tries to struggle out, Van Dam delivers a few shots to the head, then takes Rey down with a snapmare. With Rey in a sitting position Van Dam dropkicks the back of Mysterio, causing Rey to roll over in pain. Van Dam quickly goes for a cover: one – Rey kicks out.

Van Dam wastes no time, and holding onto the ropes, stomps at the abdomen of Mysterio. Uncharacteristically aggressive, Van Dam appears to be in a different mood inside the Chamber as he runs to the ropes, baseball slides down and dropkicks Rey in the side, forcing Mysterio to roll under the bottom rope and onto the steel of the chamber floor. With Rey on the floor, Van Dam looks through the Chamber walls at the audience, thinking about what he is about to do, SLINGSHOTS himself over the top rope to land on Mysterio, BUT REY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AND VAN DAM’S BACK CRASHES ONTO THE STEEL! The crowd let out a collective “Oooh!” as Van Dam yells out in pain as Mysterio crawls over and hooks a leg of Van Dam: one – two – Van Dam kicks out!

In the pods adjacent to the metal where both men lie, MVP looks one with glee from one pod, whilst Edge watches with intensity from the other. Now, Van Dam rolls over onto his side and tugs the bottom rope, trying to get himself back up, as Mysterio gets to his feet before him. With Van Dam’s back exposed Rey returns the favor from moments ago and slams his foot into the back of Van Dam, causing RVD to yell out in pain once more. Rey then grabs Van Dam by the head, helping him to his feet. Rey’s motive becomes clear as he wraps his left arm around Van Dam’s head and throws Van Dam’s arm over his own, looking for a Suplex onto the steel, but RVD punches Rey in the gut several times, forcing Mysterio to break away. Rey comes back to Van Dam but Van Dam kicks him in the gut and tosses him through the ropes and back in the ring, seemingly wanting to take things back into the squared circle.

Van Dam ascends the turnbuckle as Rey pulls himself to his feet inside the ring. Rey unknowingly turns around, Van Dam looks to strike, but quick as a cat Rey DIVES to the second turnbuckle, grabs Van Dam’s head with his legs and throws him down to the mat with a head scissors takedown! Staying in the corner Rey now slings himself onto the top rope. Van Dam manages to get up quickly enough, turn around, AND REY FLIES OFF OF THE ROPES, CONNECTING WITH A FLYING HURRICANRANA ON RVD! A battle of speed commences as both men quickly get to their feet, Van Dam charges at Rey but Rey clips him, sending RVD face first to the middle ropes! The crowd cheer as Mysterio signals for it, runs to the ropes, rushes back, looking for the 619, BUT VAN DAM CATCHES HIM, INTO THE RING, and REY SLAMS TO THE MAT AND VAN DAM LEAPS OVER FOR A BRIDGE PIN: ONE – TWO – Rey just kicks out!! Both men rush to their feet and LUNGE at each other – DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!! Another “Oooh!” is heard as now both men are out on the mat and the count begins for the next superstar to enter.

Both men are down and out as the count continues...5...4...3...2...1...

The spotlight darts around the four pods...and lands on MVP!

Boos fill the arena as the former champion MVP’s pod’s door opens and SmackDown’s ‘Most Valuable Player’ enters the match. Seeing Van Dam and Mysterio down on the mat gives MVP cause to don a cocky grin. However, the realization of being in the Chamber quickly sets in, and MVP suddenly transforms from cocky to opportunistic as he darts into the ring and down to the mat to cover Mysterio: one – two – Rey kicks out! Annoyed, Porter does a 360 degree spin and covers Van Dam: one – two – Van Dam kicks out as well! Porter talks trash to the ref, irritated by both his opponents being able to kick out.

Porter decides to turn back and focus his attack on Mysterio, and so begins to, like Van Dam before him, stomp at Rey’s abdomen. MVP picks Rey up to his feet, only to rock him back down to the mat with a big right hand. Porter again brings Rey to his feet and this time positions him in the corner. Porter nails a few more rights at Rey in the corner, as on the opposite side of the ring; Van Dam gets to his feet. Porter goes to throw Rey across the ring, but Rey reverses, sending MVP into a clothesline from RVD! With a common enemy Rey and Van Dam now please the crowd, for as Porter gets to his feet, the two high fliers begin to tee off on the former heavyweight champion! The ping pong ends as Van Dam throws MVP into the corner, MVP crashes into it, then Van Dam leaps to MVP and throws him across the ring with a monkey flip! Porter quickly retreats to the safety of the corner.

As Van Dam takes a moment to play to the crowd with the thumbs “R – V – D” taunt, Rey suddenly breaks up the celebration by dropkicking Van Dam in the back, and RVD stumbles once again to his knees with his head landing on the middle rope! Rey dials it up, runs to Van Dam...AND HITS THE 619!! The crowd is electric as Rey stands on the outside, waiting to springboard inside, BUT AS HE JUMPS UP MVP RUNS ACROSS THE RING AND PUSHES MYSTERIO, SENDING REY CRASHING THROUGH THE AIR, INTO THE CHAMBER WALL, AND THEN FRONT FIRST ONTO THE FLOOR!!! Rey CRASHES AND BURNS as Porter smirks at the incident, pleased with himself, getting him some major heat in the process.

With Rey out of commission for now, MVP sees fit to work on the less hurt opponent, RVD. As Van Dam sits up, still dazzled from the 619, MVP runs up and kicks Van Dam harshly in the chest, knocking ‘Mr. Friday Night’ back down to the mat. Porter covers Van Dam with a lateral press, his forearm pressing Van Dam’s throat: one – two – Van Dam kicks out. Wanting to wear Van Dam down, Porter props RVD up into a seating position and wrenches Van Dam’s neck and jaw with a headlock.

Rey Mysterio is barely moving on the outside as Porter, on one knee, continues to choke the life out of Van Dam. A “Let’s Go Van Dam” chant breaks out as Porter continues to apply pressure. The crowd support seems to rejuvenate RVD, and as Van Dam begins to mount a comeback, rolling off the mat and onto his knees, weakening Porter’s grip, the countdown begins for the next superstar to enter. 10, 9...Van Dam manages to get to his feet with MVP struggling to keep Van Dam contained...8, 7...Van Dam elbows MVP in the gut, and again...6...Van Dam breaks off, runs to the ropes...4, 3...But Van Dam runs into an incoming clothesline by MVP! MVP takes a breather as Van Dam struggles to move on the mat...2...1...

The spotlight dots from pod to pod again...and now lands on Christian!

Cheers echo around the arena as a confident and gleeful ‘Captain Charisma’ watches his pod door open, then quickly exits it and enters the ring. MVP tries to meet Christian with a right hand, but Christian blocks it, and now the fresh man unloads on MVP with right hands! MVP tries to escape but ends up getting backed into the corner by Christian. Christian nails Porter with a few more shots, then goes to throw MVP across the ring, but Porter reverses and sends Captain Charisma into the corner. Porter looks angrily at Christian, charges at him in the corner, but Christian gets his feet up and kicks Porter away. Porter holds his face as Christian hoists himself up onto a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. Porter turns round...AND CHRISTIAN FLIES AT HIM WITH A DIVING REVERSE ELBOW! The crowd pop as Christian scrambles over MVP after the impact and covers: one – two – MVP kicks out!

Christian notices Van Dam starting to pull himself up in the corner and makes a point of kicking Van Dam in the gut. Van Dam reels as Christian continues the attack, working on the ribs of Van Dam. Christian then locks his arm around the head of Van Dam and helps Van Dam up to the top turnbuckle. ‘Double C’ climbs to the second rope himself and appears to try and lock Van Dam in position for a superplex, but Van Dam struggles. As the two men battle Rey Mysterio, now recovered, picks his spot to re-enter the match, walks over, and places his head underneath Christian’s legs in an electric chair position. Using his weight and leverage Rey forces Christian up to the top ropes and props his own feet onto the second ropes. Things are looking mighty precarious but just to make matters worse MVP walks over...LOCKS MYSTERIO IN A POWERBOMB POSITION...AND PUSHES FORWARD! CHRISTIAN GRABS VAN DAM AND THEY FALL OVER THE HEAD OF REY AND THROUGH THE AIR WITH A SUPER-DUPERPLEX, AS MVP POWERBOMBS REY TO THE MAT IN A QUADRUPLE TOWER OF DOOM!!!

“HOLY SHIT!” CHANTS ECHO THROUGH THE ARENA AS ALL FOUR MEN LAY SHATTERED ALL OVER THE RING!!! From inside their respective pods, Edge looks on in shock, whilst Umaga, the beast that he is, yells out and bangs against the pod walls, excited by the destruction just dealt out! Michael Cole, squealing like a teenage girl, claims that all four men will have something broken after that fall. Four of SmackDown’s finest lay in tatters across the mat, but of all four, MVP is first to show life as he tumbles onto Mysterio for a cover: one – two – REY KICKS OUT AGAIN!! Not too far away, Christian is just able to throw an arm over Rob Van Dam: one – two – THR-NO! Van Dam just gets a shoulder up!

Christian and Van Dam continue to lie on the mat as MVP, using the ropes to pull himself up, slowly reaches his feet. As Porter looks out at the crowd in exhaustion, they respond with boos and jeers, showing the former champion what they think of him emerging as the sole survivor of the melee just moments ago. The crowd’s response actually brings a smile upon the face of Porter, who, breathing heavily absorbs their negativity toward him and uses it as motivation to kick a recovering Rey Mysterio square in the face! Grabbing Rey viciously by the head, Porter tosses him through the ropes to his left, to the metal floor separating an empty pod which formerly contained MVP, and the pod which somehow contains the monster Umaga.

Porter wastes no time in bringing Rey to his feet, but Rey shows life, pushing Porter off him, and then unleashes with a flurry of left and right hands! A desperate Mysterio suddenly has MVP reeling! On commentary Michael Cole commends ‘the heart and soul of Rey Mysterio’ as Rey, fighting back, grabs MVP by the head and slams Porter’s face against the cage wall! Mysterio’s hatred for the man who robbed him of the Money in the Bank contract months ago begins to pour out as he grabs the head and again slams it into the chains! Rey takes a moment to enjoy his handy work, but it proves disastrous as MVP kicks him in the gut, and then returns the favor by slamming Rey’s face against the steel wall! Being stronger than his opponent MVP keeps Rey against the steel and grinds his face against it, as if trying to draw blood, and suddenly the count begins for another entrant!

As the fans count with 10, 9 and 8, Porter at first hesitates and then shows just how nasty he can be by grabbing Rey by his mask...AND DRIVING REY BACK AND HEAD FIRST ONTO THE STEEL FLOOR! From inside the ring Christian and Van Dam, who have only just got back up and re-emerged in this contest, look over as MVP stares down coldly at Mysterio...but the count continues! 3...2...1...

The spotlight jumps between the two remaining pods...and lands on Umaga!

The pod door begins to open BUT UMAGA RAMS AGAINST IT AND THE DAMN DOOR BUCKLES, UMAGA LITERALLY BULLDOZING HIS WAY INTO THE MATCH!! The crowd is in SHOCK, as is MVP, who stops beating on Rey Mysterio just inches away from Umaga’s pod and rushes into the ring! As Christian and RVD exchange punches in their own private corner, MVP rushes over and gets in on the action, all three men now exchanging blows. It’s about a split-second before Christian and Van Dam tee off on Porter together, then lock their arms around his head, take a few steps forward, only to deliver a double suplex! Once again Christian, Van Dam and MVP are now all down in the ring.

Umaga, having watched MVP run away and then seen what has just happened, now locks his eyes on the prey at his feet that is Rey Mysterio. The camera shows Mysterio, as if paralyzed, looking up at the monster with fear in his eyes. Umaga pauses, just, just watching Rey. Then, with no remorse, and no heart, Umaga picks Rey up by the throat, grabs his head with both hands, ROARS, AND SMASHES REY’S FACE REPEATEDLY INTO THE CHAMBER WALL!! Screams are heard from the crowd as the monster almost screams out, with Rey already unconscious, AND DRIVES HIS THUMB INTO REY’S THROAT WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE!! Mysterio drops like a ton of bricks and Umaga covers him on the outside: one – two – THREE!!! Rey has been DESTROYED AND ELIMINATED!

ELIMINATION #1: Rey Mysterio by Umaga

Christian, Rob Van Dam and MVP, all on the mat, have recovered enough to see Umaga get to his feet and stare at them from the outside. The 350 pound savage’s eyes dart between the three men, or perhaps pieces of MEAT, in the ring. Christian, Van Dam and Porter, all as if caught in a trance looking at the beast before them, all share an uneasy look. In a rare moment, MVP stands beside Van Dam and Christian to form a three man wall opposing Umaga. Seeing this, the vile tongue of Umaga stretches out and the Bulldozer slaps his chest, roars out, and heads through the ropes and to war!

The crowd goes NUTS as all three men LUNGE at the Samoan Bulldozer, pounding him instantly as he enters the ring – BUT THE MONSTER PUSHES ALL THREE OF THEM OFF, SENDING THEM IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS ACROSS THE RING!! Van Dam gets back up, rushes at Umaga – RIGHT HAND BY THE SAMOAN MONSTER! Christian attacks – right hand. MVP throws a shot – RIGHT HAND! Umaga screams again but the other competitors CONTINUE to fight as Van Dam and Christian TOGETHER DROPKICK THE SAMOAN, dazing him temporarily! Christian and Van Dam nod to each other, run to the ropes – BUT UMAGA WIPES THEM OUT WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE ON THE REBOUND!

The monster decides to make Christian his victim, and so brings him to his feet and slams his face against the turnbuckle. Captain Charisma is rocked as Umaga pummels him a few times in the corner, then backs up across the ring. The audience holds their breath as Umaga fires back toward Christian, but Christian gets his feet up and kicks Umaga in the face!! A dazzled Umaga takes a few steps back and spins around...RIGHT INTO A FLYING KICK FROM RVD! Umaga stumbles down to one knee...AS MVP RUSHES OVER AND HITS HIM WITH THE DRIVE-BY KICK AND UMAGA IS DOWN! Umaga is down! MVP wants the glory and covers him: one – two – but Umaga pushes up and throws MVP across the ring!!

Now incensed, the wild savage that is Umaga pulls himself up, glaring at MVP! Now throwing his efforts aside, Porter gulps, throws his hands up at the monster and exits the ring to the outside! Heat fills the arena once more and Umaga glares at Porter, but it doesn’t last that long as Van Dam attacks the monster with a right hand. Van Dam rocks Umaga again, but the monster is barely phased, and head-butts RVD! Van Dam falls hard as Christian now comes over, but also gets head-butted. Umaga picks up Christian and head-butts him again, but this time keeps a hold of him. Christian can barely stand and leans against the ropes. Umaga tosses him to the opposing ropes, leans over for a Samoan Drop, but Christian rolls over the back of Umaga, grabs the arms, TURNS, LOOKING FOR THE UNPRETTIER, but Umaga shoves Christian into the corner with force! Christian crashes into the turnbuckle, turns and falls to the mat in a sitting position. Seeing this Umaga rears back, then CRASHES INTO CHRISTIAN WITH THE WRECKING BALL!

Christian’s head is crushed under Umaga’s weight as the Samoan pulls out of the corner, but as he does; Van Dam meets him with a dropkick to the knees. Again trying to get the big man down, Van Dam grabs the head and drives Umaga into the mat with a DDT! Umaga drops and Van Dam goes for the cover: one – two – Umaga again powers out! Now ‘in the zone’ Van Dam rushes to the ropes, rolls back – AND CONNECTS WITH THE ROLLING THUNDER ON UMAGA! This time Van Dam doesn’t go for the pin, but instead heads to the corner! Van Dam is in position – HE LEAPS – FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH – NO! UMAGA CATCHES VAN DAM BY THE THROAT ON THE LANDING!! The audience is in AWE as Umaga, with Van Dam in his grasp, gets to his feet, and screams out, AND CRUSHES VAN DAM’S THROAT WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!! Much like Mysterio before him Van Dam drops hard as Umaga covers him for the pin: one – the countdown begins – two – THREE!! Van Dam is out!

ELIMINATION #2: Rob Van Dam by Umaga

Two eliminations are realized, both thanks to Umaga! The Samoan Bulldozer pulls off of Van Dam as the count continues...5...4...3...2...1...

There’s no mystery, the final pod door opens...and lets Edge into the match!

Umaga stares with wild eyes as ‘The Rated-R Superstar’, eyes FIXED on The Samoan Bulldozer from the confines of his pod, tugs at his hair and then walks through the door, ready to fight! Umaga moves as Edge enters the ring – AND HERE – WE – GO! The crowd goes wild as Edge and Umaga exchange blows!! Edge, the fresh man, absolutely UNLOADS on the man who nearly put him on the injured list! The crowd is firmly behind The Rated-R Superstar as he pummels The Samoan Bulldozer, runs to the ropes, bounces off them...and fires back with a flying shoulder block which causes Umaga to tumble throw the ropes and to the metal!

Chants of “Edge” thunder around the arena but with Umaga gone for now, MVP re-emerges behind Edge and nails The Rated-R Superstar in the back. Edge stumbles as MVP hits him a few more times, then props him up against the ropes as Christian, who was down from the Wrecking Ball, now starts to pick himself up. MVP tosses Edge across the ring, leans over, looking for a back body drop, but Edge kicks him in the chest! MVP holds his chest in pain as Christian yells at Edge, and together, they grab MVP by the head and hits a double DDT! Christian goes for the cover as Edge gets to his feet: one – two – MVP kicks out.

The brothers get an applause from the crowd as they stand face-to-face. They nod to each other before Christian points down at MVP, then to the metal floor, suggesting they sort Porter out on the steel. Edge nods, and together they bring him to his feet. Edge tosses Porter through the ropes, goes to exit the ring – WHEN CHRISTIAN GRABS HIM FROM BEHIND - UNPRETTIER – NO! Edge pushes Christian away – Christian turns back to Edge – but gets hit with a Super kick of sorts – by Umaga! The savage is back and now turns his attack to Edge by pummeling his foe with a stiff uppercut. Edge grasps his throat in pain before Umaga grabs him and tosses him out to the metal floor.

Umaga exits the ring as well, and as Christian crawls across the ring to help his brother, Umaga reaches through the ropes, pulls Christian up to his feet, only to knock him down with another harsh head-butt. Christian falls backwards in the ring as Umaga turns his attention back to Edge. On all fours, Edge tries to get up but Umaga kicks him in the gut and Edge stays down on the floor. Furious that Edge showed resilience against him Umaga grabs Edge by his locks, looks at the pod...AND THROWS EDGE HEAD-FIRST THROUGH THE GLASS!!!

Another “HOLY SHIT!” chant breaks out as Umaga stares down at Edge, who isn’t moving! The referee comes through the ropes to check on Edge as Umaga takes a step back, yelling out something in Samoan at his fallen victim. Inside the ring Christian, dizzy from the head-butt, looks through the ropes to see what has happened. Captain Charisma pulls himself up stunned at his brother’s situation, WHEN SUDDENLY MVP HITS HIM WITH A LOW BLOW FROM BEHIND! The crowd shit all over MVP with heat as Porter stands up and looks down at Christian with absolutely no remorse, then throws a dirty look at the crowd as well. But with Christian and Edge both down, Umaga’s attention now turns back to inside the ring, and once again MVP looks scared out of his skin!

Umaga slowly steps through the ropes, his focus solely on MVP now, and again MVP throws his hands in the air in an attempt to appease the monster. As Umaga stares him down, Porter suddenly leaps to the corner, climbs the turnbuckle, and tries to climb ABOVE one of the pods!! Heat continues to pour in for MVP as he actually manages to get above this pod, but Umaga is in pursuit! The monster stops as he looks at the corner, thinking how he can follow this fresh bit of meat to chew on, and begins to climb the corner! Umaga yells out in Samoan as he ascends the second ropes – when suddenly Christian rushes over, grabs the monster by his tights and tugs down, bringing Umaga down to the mat!

Christian gets a good pop as in an act of vengeance he falls down on top of the Samoan and simply throws his fists into his face! Umaga manages to push Christian off of him, but Christian gets up in a hurry, now consumed by hate. Umaga uses the ropes to pull himself up as Christian lunges at him again, unleashing right hand after right hand, backing the big man into a corner. Double C now kicks, punches, kicks, and punches the big man, trying to do as much damage as possible. As MVP looks down from his perch with curiosity, Christian then pulls Umaga out of the corner, props himself onto the top turnbuckle, THEN LEAPS OFF AND CONNECTS WITH A TORNADO DDT ON UMAGA! The crowd cheers as Christian hooks the leg: one – two – THR- NO! Umaga again kicks out!

Christian rolls off of Umaga and quickly gets to his feet. Captain Charisma then waits for the Samoan savage to pull himself up and signals for the Unprettier. Umaga staggers to his feet, Christian hooks him up, turns him over – but AGAIN Umaga pushes Christian away, Christian is by the ropes, Umaga charges, Christian pulls the top rope down, Umaga tumbles over and to the metal!

With Umaga down on the floor, Christian looks over at the other side of the Chamber where Edge, a bloody mess, continues to lay lifelessly amongst broken glass. Christian then exits through the ropes and just looks at Umaga, perhaps wondering on what he has to do to keep the man down. As Umaga gets to his feet, Christian takes another look over at Edge. The serious expression on Christian’s face slowly dissolves into a look of disgust. As Umaga gets to his feet and stumbles in a daze, CHRISTIAN SUDDENLY LUNGES AT THE BULLDOZER, SENDING BOTH MEN THROW YET ANOTHER GLASS POD!!!

For the THIRD time in this match a pod has been destroyed and a “Holy Shit!” chant breaks out. But this time, there’s less time to react, because as both men lay in tatters and the referee comes over to check on them, MVP climbs down from the top of the pod, rushes across the ring, through the ropes and pulls Christian’s lifeless body out of the carnage! MVP falls down on top of Christian and goes for the cover, but the referee is reluctant to make the count! MVP screams at the ref, who in the end has no choice but to slap his hand on the steel, one – two – THREE! MVP eliminates Christian!

ELIMINATION #3: Christian by MVP

The crowd DESPISES the pin fall, but MVP could care less as he looks into Christian’s eyes coldly. As the referee berates MVP to get away from Christian now that he’s pinned him, MVP grabs Umaga by the leg and pulls him, with difficulty, out of the pod and onto the steel. The ref continues to yell at Porter but he ignores it, covers Umaga and again the ref has to make the count: one – two – THRE-NO! UMAGA SOMEHOW GETS HIS SHOULDER UP! There are actually scattered cheers as MVP’s eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets!! Immediately he crawls off of the big man, in disbelief, shaking his head and refusing to believe the kick out! “HOW’S HE STILL BREATHIN’?” MVP asks the referee, who shakes his head at the former world champion.

Suddenly, cheers begin to break out amongst the crowd and MVP is clueless as to why. He looks around, trying to figure out what’s going on...and looks over...to see EDGE, bloody and all, cuts all over his arms and abdomen, pulling himself out of the broken pod and crawling toward the ropes! MVP rolls his eyes, unable to comprehend how Edge is even able to stand, and walks through the ropes and across the ring. Edge, meanwhile, uses the ropes to somehow, some way, pull himself up to his feet. MVP goes to rock Edge with a right hand but Edge blocks it, and fires a right hand of his own, knocking MVP down in the ring! In an instant Edge finds life, picks some broken glass out of his hair, and enters the ring!

MVP gets back to his feet and amazingly, Edge attacks him with rights, growling as he does so, The Rated-R Superstar showing guts and determination to become the World Heavyweight Champion! Edge tees off on MVP, but Porter quickly knees Edge in the gut, ending the comeback. Edge bends over in agony before MVP grabs his arm and lifts his leg over Edge’s head. MVP points out at the crowd, signaling for the Playmaker, but takes too long, as Edge spins out of it, kick to the gut, Impaler DDT! MVP is taken down, but Edge is too, that move taking the wind right out of The Rated-R Superstar. After a few moments, Edge uses the ropes to slowly pull himself up, but MVP stays on the mat. On the outside, Umaga stirs.

Edge blindly staggers across the ring, clearly still feeling the effect of being thrown through the glass pod. He manages, however, to end up in the corner opposite MVP, and immediately calls of “Spear!” echo around the arena. Edge seems to pick up on the calls as he turns at MVP, tugs his blonde turned crimson red hair, and glares at Porter as he struggles to make his feet. Edge’s focus is distracted, however, as just beside MVP on the outside, the monster Umaga starts to pull himself out of the wreckage that Christian caused before his elimination. The Rated-R Superstar’s eyes dart from MVP, to Umaga, to MVP, and back to Umaga.

Finally Edge decides to stop The Bulldozer in his tracks, and so walks over and knocks him back down to the floor with a right hand, just as Umaga had reached his feet. Edge then hits MVP with a right hand and MVP stumbles back down to the mat. Edge now gets the chance to go back to his corner and prepare for the Spear again, albeit with less time to set up. MVP gets up and turns, Edge runs forward, looking for the Spear, but MVP dodges the bullet and Edge crashes shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Edge stumbles out of the corner as MVP stalks him. Edge turns round, MVP kicks him in the gut, looking for the Playmaker, Edge spins out of it, Edge fires a right hand, and another, Edge tosses MVP into the corner, he charges, MVP blocks it with his feet, MVP rolls up Edge from behind: one – two – Edge kicks out again! The crowd is on their feet as both men get up quickly, they turn to face each other – SPEAR!! A Spear out of nowhere!! Edge hooks the leg: one – two – THREE!!! MVP is out!


Edge rolls off of MVP, bloodied, bruised, exhausted. However, the crowd’s cheers soon turn to boos as they see the behemoth, the savage, Umaga; now back up to his feet on the outside! Umaga remains on the outside, perhaps still slightly dazed after going through the pod with Christian, though he doesn’t look as obviously hurt as Edge did. Realizing that Edge is now his last remaining opponent, the monster seems to find life, and yells out before entering the ring as the crowd continue to boo.

As Umaga enters Edge slowly starts to pick himself back up. Umaga decides not to wait, though, and just drags The Rated-R Superstar up to his feet by pulling at his locks. Edge is barely able to stand as Umaga simply stands there, his prey in his possession, and tilts his head as he looks at Edge with no compassion whatsoever. Michael Cole calls The Samoan ‘simply, an animal’ and Tazz agrees. After a moment Umaga tosses Edge into a corner with ease. As Edge ricochets out from the impact, the Samoan hits him with a stiff kick to the chest. With Edge down on the mat, Umaga drags him by the arm to a more suitable position on the mat and then begins to ascend the corner. The monster yells out – leaps off the middle ropes for a head-butt – BUT EDGE ROLLS OUT THE WAY AND UMAGA HITS THE CANVAS!

Edge crawls to the corner opposite Umaga, and again, chants of “Spear” break out. With an angry, vengeful expression on his face, Edge tugs at his hair, The Rated-R Superstar taking himself to that place he needs to go to in order to put The Samoan Bulldozer down for good. Edge stamps his feet in anticipation, Umaga pulls himself up and Edge charges forward – SPEAR – UMAGA COUNTERS WITH THE SPINNING SIDE SLAM!! What a counter! Edge is driven into the mat as Umaga now runs to the ropes, bounces off them and drops on Edge with a head-butt to the ribs! Edge rolls over in pain but Umaga presses him down for a pin: one – two – Edge kicks out again!

Rather than pick Edge up and finish things off, Umaga instead flings The Rated-R Superstar through the ropes and back to the metal floor and broken glass where Umaga tossed Edge earlier. Keeping Edge in his grip, the monster now looks at the unbroken pod. The referee waves at Umaga, warning him not to do it, and on commentary Michael Cole screams for ‘sanity’ in this match. But as Umaga stares at the pod, Edge suddenly uses his arm to strike the 350 pounder with a low blow! Umaga breaks his hold of Edge, and with any fight he’s got left, The Rated-R Superstar LUNGES at The Samoan, SPEARING HIM INTO STEEL CHAINS OF THE CHAMBER WALL!! The two men fall together to the floor, once again both suffering the impact of a move. Edge rolls the Samoan over onto his back and covers:



THR-NO! ANOTHER kick out!

Edge closes his eyes and runs his hands through his hair, desperation seemingly setting in for The Rated-R Superstar. Slowly, Edge pulls himself up, hits the rising Umaga with a few more shots to the head, and then drags him to the ropes, apparently wanting to finish things off back in the ring. Edge leads the Samoan back into the ring and hits him with a few more right hands. Edge then kicks Umaga in the gut and wraps an arm around his head, perhaps going for the Impaler, but Umaga struggles, the two turn 180 degrees, and Umaga flips Edge over his head with a back body drop. Now with a bit more pace, Umaga drags Edge into the corner, then kicks him a few times to keep him down. Umaga then moves to the opposite corner, gears up, charges forward – but Edge manages to dodge the wrecking ball! Umaga comes out of the corner with a hand on his back as Edge seizes the chance to bounce off the ropes, fires back – SPEAR!!! EDGE HITS IT!! The crowd are beside themselves as Edge hooks the leg:





In complete and utter disbelief, Edge looks almost tearfully at the referee, whilst Michael Cole claims that Umaga ‘isn’t human’ and Tazz ponders what Edge could possibly do to keep ‘this freak Umaga’ down for good. After a moment’s pause, Edge looks to the opposite corner, rushes over, wanting to hit the Spear a second time. Umaga slowly, somehow, some way, pulls himself up, Edge attacks – BUT UMAGA BLOCKS IT WITH A STIFF UPPERCUT!

Edge drops to the mat with force and now Umaga, incensed, enraged, wastes no time in dragging Edge to his feet, holds him tights, raises his hand – AND BLASTS THE RATED-R SUPERSTAR WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE!! But Umaga STILL doesn’t make the pin! Instead, the savage picks Edge up, AND DELIVERS THE SAMOAN SPIKE A SECOND TIME!! Umaga has sucked the air, the LIFE out of the entire arena with a massive, shock comeback as he covers Edge for the pin:




ELIMINATION #5: Edge by Umaga

Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner and the NEW World Heavyweight Champion....UMAGA!!!

The audience is in SHOCK as Umaga rises to his feet and roars out, ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ now the World Heavyweight Champion! The referee gets the World Heavyweight Championship belt from ringside and brings it to the savage champion. Armando Estrada, now beside Umaga and beside himself, snatches the championship belt from the referee and bows down for The Samoan Bulldozer, presenting the newly won gold to his client.

Michael Cole:
This is incredible! Umaga has survived the Elimination Chamber and become the new World Heavyweight Champion!

He didn’t just survive the Chamber Cole, he freakin’ owned it! I mean who in the hell is gonna stop Umaga and take that championship now?

Michael Cole:
I shudder to think of what lies ahead, Tazz. Have you ever seen anyone dominate as decisively as Umaga just did in that Elimination Chamber?

Never Cole! I ain’t ever seen anybody dominate the way Umaga just did. Take note man: The Samoan Bulldozer’s the new World Heavyweight Champ, and he ain’t planning’ on losing that championship belt anytime soon. What a match!

Michael Cole:
Despite perhaps one of the biggest surprise of the evening with Shane McMahon stripping him of his sixth entrant spot he went out there and absolutely destroyed everything in his path! The reign of “The Samoan Bulldozer” has begun!

The feed cuts back into the ring as Umaga has the World Heavyweight title thrown over one shoulder as Armando Estrada holds Umaga’s hand high in the air. The Samoan Bulldozer finally exits the ring as Armando Estrada and Umaga both make their way up the ramp with Umaga clutching his newly won World Heavyweight Championship. We now hear Michael Cole and Tazz begin speaking once again.

Michael Cole:
Well ladies and gentlemen there you have it! An absolute stunning ending to tonight’s historic twenty-first annual WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view! Two new World champions crowned tonight, the historic career of Ric Flair has unfortunately come to an end and well now it’s time for us to si…wait what’s this?

Michael Cole gets quite all of a sudden as he is apparently listening to backstage reports.

Michael Cole:
Tazz did you just hear that?

I…yeah…um ladies and gentlemen apparently something just happened backstage. Let’s send you backstage to find out what just occurred.

The cameras quickly cut backstage to see paramedics and a security crew surveying a scene. All we can see right now is someone in a suit knocked out cold on the ground. With so many bodies blocking the camera’s view we are still uncertain to see what is going on! Finally once a stretcher comes out it ends up breaking apart the crowd which now features numerous WWE superstars gathered around to see what is going on. The camera zooms in and it’s…SHANE MCMAHON KNOCKED OUT COLD! The paramedics grab Shane carefully sliding him onto the stretcher as we see them begin to finally sit the stretcher back up into its normal position. The paramedics hoist the stretcher up sliding it into the back of the ambulance as we see one of the paramedics slap the back door indicating to the driver that its ready to go. Suddenly the ambulance pulls off as the sirens sound loudly around the backstage area of the arena! The superstars are left standing around and talking trying to figure out what exactly happened to the one man who had been running both Raw and SmackDown in the past few weeks.

Michael Cole:
What is happening here in the WWE! First Mr. McMahon and Eric Bischoff and now Shane McMahon! Somebody has to stop these heinous attacks!

Surely it’s not who we think it is Michael! We know that Shane suspended both Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman indefinitely just a few weeks back due to their attacks on Mr. McMahon and Bischoff! I’m absolutely stunned at what’s going on!

Michael Cole:
Hopefully we’ll get answers tomorrow night on Monday Night Raw Tazz! Somebody has to step up and take down whoever is doing this!

I’m absolutely speechless Michael!

Michael Cole:
Well ladies and gentlemen we thank you for tuning in to Survivor Series tonight! There are many questions that will need to be answered starting tomorrow night on Monday Night Raw! Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow at 9 Eastern Standard Time! Good night everybody from Orlando!
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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Good god what a read. Not too many surprises for me tonight, except for the Main Event, which I will get to in a minute. The opening package with narration was really well done, certainly got me excited for the pay per view, so good job on that. Starting off with a 'Traditional' Survivor Series Match was the way to go, I feel, given the history of the pay per view and all. Team Cena had the more solid team, so I figured they would win, but curse you for having DiBiase as the first elimination!

The next two title matches were also well written. Albright/Helms was a great read and while I wanted to see a title change, because I am not a fan of Helms in the slightest, I understand him retaining. Not much to comment on as far as the Women's Title match goes, other than it's good to see a solid Women's Match on a pay per view in these BTB's. Not many people can pull those off, me included, so good job there.

Career vs. Career was MOTN for me, just because of everything riding on it for both teams. It always seemed like this would be Flair's time to go, but you could've always pulled a swerve. Glad to see it come down to HBK/Flair and they were given their due-time inside the ring one on one, the way it should go down.

Batista winning the World Title was certainly something I wasn't expecting. If there was going to be a title change, I figured Orton would be the one who prevailed, so good job surprising this reader in that regard lol. This was my third-favorite match behind Team HBK/Team Flair & the Main Event, but it was definately a consideration for the top spot. I can't wait to see how Batista's reign goes from here.

I was always a fan of Umaga and always felt like he could've carried a WWE or World Title in the WWE, so I am glad you've decided to go down this route. This match was really well written and it's a great way to make Umaga out to be a believable Champion by having him look absolutely dominent inside the Chamber. The whole time I was expecting Edge to come out victorious, but I am glad that Umaga is getting this run.

Overall I don't see much wrong with this pay per view, some of the color choices makes it difficult to read, but that's just cosmetic criticism. Great job man.

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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw | Monday November 19, 2007
BankAtlantic Center | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We have a highlight package from the events of Survivor Series last night kick off Monday Night Raw. The video briefly features the Women’s Championship match ending with Mickie James accidentally costing Victoria the championship. The highlights then cut to Team Cena versus Team Kennedy with Cena finally getting his hands on Mr. Kennedy as his team would end up prevailing over Team Kennedy with three survivors (Cena, CM Punk, & Chris Jericho). The final part focuses on the Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship between WWE Champion Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton. After an RKO attempt that saw Orton get thrown back first onto steel steps Batista would hit the Batista Bomb on Triple H on his third and final attempt to capture his second WWE Championship. The final focus of the video is the mysterious attack of the man who has been overseeing the WWE the past few weeks – Shane McMahon – with him being carried off in an ambulance to end the 21st Annual Survivor Series.

There is no normal Raw video package tonight as we immediately head towards the commentators at ringside. JR and King welcome us to Raw tonight and JR immediately states that he is quite frankly unsure what to think of after last night. He says he believes that the inmates are truly the ones that will be running the asylum now since Shane was brutally attacked last night. Lawler comes in next and discusses the fact that he is truly concerned for the future of some of our superstars. He hopes that we will hear from somebody tonight that will try their best to stop the obvious perpetrators of the attack last night – Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman. He says that even though they are suspended when has Paul Heyman ever been afraid of breaking the rules? King and JR finally move on with the rest of the show reminding us of our two big title matches tonight – Shelton Benjamin defending his United States Championship against Kane and the rematch between Priceless and former champions CM Punk & Brian Kendrick for the World Tag Team Championships.

***My Time is Now***

The man who captained his team to victory last night – John Cena – makes his way out to the ring to kick off Monday Night Raw tonight in Fort Lauderdale! Cena slides into the ring throwing his hands into the air and playing to the fans as he calls for a microphone. Cena receives the mic from the stagehand. He immediately starts off by addressing last night’s victory over Team Kennedy and how after nearly five months he was finally able to put Mr. Kennedy in his place. Cena says but that’s not what he’s out here for tonight. Oh no! He has his eyes set on something else. Cena says that he’s tired of being complacent on where he stands in the company. He hasn’t held the WWE Championship in nineteen months. He hasn’t been in the main event at WrestleMania since WrestleMania 21. Cena says that he’s not going to do what he’s done the past two years and that is waiting for opportunities to come to him.

He says rather he’s going to go out and take what he’s been working hard for the past two years. Cena says that he believes he should be the next man to get a shot at the new WWE Champion – Batista. Cena tries to continue on regarding the WWE Championship until he is interrupted by…

***Time to Play the Game***

This is not exactly who John Cena had envisioned to see out here right now apparently. “The Game” Triple H comes out to a loud response from the fans despite him having lost his WWE Championship last night at Survivor Series. Triple H has a microphone in hand and tells the producers to cut his music! He steps into the ring telling Cena that he’s sorry that he had to come out here and interrupt him but that he needs to get something off his chest regarding last night. Triple H lets Cena know that while he does admire what Cena did last night in captaining his team to victory – he should know that he is not the next in line for the WWE title shot.

Cena asks him who would then be next in line. Triple H looks at him as if he is crazy and says “Well of course…it’s me”. He says that he plans on cashing in his rematch title shot soon as he has unfinished business with Batista. The fans in Fort Lauderdale are enjoying this segment with two of the big faces on the roster as there seems to be a bit of tension right now. Cena lets Hunter know that while he respects him that he is not afraid to speak his mind. He then goes on to let Triple H know that while he does understand that Triple H does have a rematch clause in his contract, that Cena should be next in line once Triple H and Batista have finished their business off. Cena goes to address another point until he’s interrupted once again but this time by…

***Burn in My Light***

A clearly incensed Randy Orton walks towards the ring with a pissed off look on his face. “The Legend Killer” methodically climbs up the steps before using the microphone that he carried out with him. Orton tells both Cena and Triple H to stop this “respect” crap that they’re trying to force upon everybody tonight. Randy then lets both men know that he doesn’t respect either one of them and that he doesn’t believe…no he KNOWS that he should and will be the next number one contender. Orton informs both men that he was the odd man out last night and since he wasn’t pinned he shouldn’t suffer and have to go back to the end of the line. Orton then says that if he doesn’t get his way that things will not be pretty.

***Break the Walls Down***

Chris Jericho is the fourth person to come out tonight so far and he has a microphone in hand as well. Instead of waiting to speak when he gets to the ring he speaks as he walks towards the ring. Jericho welcomes us all to Raw is Jericho! He then reminds us of last night in which he was a survivor for Team Cena which honestly should put him in place for a WWE Championship match as well. Jericho panders to the fans a bit before stepping into the ring as all four men begin to argue before the fans in Fort Lauderdale are shocked….

***All Grown Up***

It’s….Stephanie McMahon?!?!?

The fans seem a bit excited but not confused at all. Stephanie comes out tonight stating that due to the brutal attack of her brother last night at Survivor Series and with her father and Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff still out for the foreseeable future due to their brutal attacks two weeks ago – that she will be running things on Raw and SmackDown for now. Stephanie then informs all of the men in the ring that she understands that each and every one of them has a point as to why they should be the number one contender but she has an idea that could push each man to the limit.

She first addresses the lingering issues between Batista and Triple H. She says that both men are going to put their issues to rest for the final time in three weeks at the 15th Anniversary of Raw episode on December 10th in a Last Man Standing Match! Triple H tries to plead with her to give him Batista tonight but she informs her husband that Batista was not cleared for competition tonight after last night’s match. Triple H tries to hide back a sarcastic smirk knowing that he went through just as much as Batista did last night.

Once the news has been delivered regarding the upcoming WWE Championship match in three weeks’ time Stephanie shifts her attention to the other men in the ring. She says that she has an innovative idea that will certainly prove which man deserves to be the next man to challenge the WWE Champion. Stephanie says that next week will be the first ever Elimination Chase Series! She explains that next week we will have a Fatal 4 Way match. The man who is pinned or submits will be eliminated from the remainder of the series. Stephanie then says that the following week on Raw will be a Triple Threat Match and the man who is pinned or submits in that match will also be eliminated. The final match of the Elimination Chase will take place at the 15th Anniversary of Raw in which the man who is the victor will face the winner of the Batista versus Triple H WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble in January! The four men in the ring all seem a bit confused since Triple H is involved in the WWE title match that night and there are only three other men in the ring right now. Stephanie then confirms the obvious and states that the Elimination Chase will feature Randy Orton, John Cena, Chris Jericho, and the man who will make his return next week after a two month hiatus – THE UNDERTAKER! She wishes good luck to all of the men and exits the arena as the four men in the ring all seem stunned at the announcement of The Undertaker returning to Raw next week!

***Commercial Break***

Match #1 – United States Championship Match
Shelton Benjamin © w/ Theodore Long & Elijah Burke vs. Kane

After Kane defeated Benjamin last week in a non-title match he finds himself with an opportunity to unseat the champion tonight on Raw. Benjamin runs away from Kane as he plays mind games with The Big Red Machine to kick off the match. Kane slides to the outside trying to chase after Benjamin but little does Kane expect Elijah Burke to try and interfere. Burke punches Kane in the chest a few times until Kane literally picks him up and throws him against the barricade back first! With the timely distraction Benjamin comes from behind Kane hitting him with a chop block taking Kane off of his feet.

Benjamin grabs Kane sliding him into the ring as he knows that he needs to try and take advantage of the help he received from his tag team partner. Benjamin backs himself over into the corner as he anxiously awaits Kane to get back onto his feet. Kane rises to his feet with the help of the ropes in the corner. Benjamin comes charging out of the corner trying for the Stinger Splash but Kane grabs Benjamin by the throat! Kane goes to lift Benjamin up in the air for a Chokeslam but Teddy Long grabs the foot of Kane! Kane throws Benjamin down as his attention now is diverted to Long!

Kane stares down Teddy Long before bending over and pulling Long up onto the apron! The fans are enjoying this right now as Kane goes to punch Long but the fans start to holler for Kane to turn around! Kane turns right around into a Superkick from Benjamin! The momentum sends the big man off of the ropes and Benjamin drops Kane with Paydirt! The fans are loudly booing Benjamin right now as it appears that once again he will get away with another victory thanks to his manager. The referee runs over and counts to three thus giving Benjamin his United States Championship back.

Match Result: Shelton Benjamin def. Kane to retain the United States Championship

Shelton Benjamin rolls out of the ring grabbing his United States Championship as he falls down on the outside clutching his United States title closely to his chest. Elijah Burke is back onto his feet now (albeit favoring his back a bit) as he walks over offering to help Shelton back onto his feet. Benjamin shakes him off but when Teddy Long comes to ask him if he needs help he ironically takes Long’s hand as Long helps Benjamin back onto his feet. Burke seems a bit surprised at the occurrence and asks Benjamin what that was about? Benjamin plays it off as it being nothing but clearly there was some intent (especially after their previous arguments the past few weeks). Once all three men reach the ramp at the top Long tells Burke to hold Benjamin’s hand up high as all three men hold their hands in the air with Benjamin holding his United States title up as the Gold Standards are once again successful tonight on Raw.

Backstage, William Regal and Paul Burchill are seen standing in a dark corridor in the arena. Regal and Burchill both talk about how since coming together as a team once again that they have proven that they can hang with the best that Raw has to offer. Regal states that Burchill and he are keeping a close eye on the World Tag Team Championship match later tonight between Priceless and CM Punk & Brian Kendrick. Regal says that he fears for what Burchill and he is capable of doing if they get their hands on either one of those tag teams. Regal says that it won’t be pretty for either team for the fate that lies ahead of them.

***Commercial Break***

Match #2 – Singles Match
The Big Show vs. Steven Richards

Right as the referee calls for the bell The Big Show stuns the arena as Richards came running right into the Knockout Punch! Big Show throws his foot on top of Richards pinning him for the three count to pull off an impressive victory tonight.

Match Result: The Big Show def. Steven Richards

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler discuss what we just saw from “The World’s Largest Athlete” The Big Show. JR infers that Big Show clearly is disturbed about something. He explains his actions dating back to when he turned on John Cena and then tonight when he snapped and almost destroyed Todd Grisham. Lawler states that The Big Show is not a man that he would want to mess with right now and JR rightfully agrees. Big Show ends up exiting the arena to stirring ovation of boos from the fans as he holds up his fist high in the air for everybody to see as he exits the arena.

Todd Grisham tries to get an interview with The Big Show regarding his performance in last night’s Elimination Match. Big Show doesn’t say a single word but his actions do indeed speak louder than words tonight as he lifts Grisham up by the throat! It appears as if Big Show is going to choke slam Grisham onto the cold hard concrete floor but instead Big Show thinks about what he is doing and he places Grisham back onto his feet. He adjusts Grisham’s suit for him before grabbing the microphone and rather angrily saying “No comment” right as we head to a commercial break.

***Commercial Break***

Match #3 – Tag Team Match
Matt Hardy & Carlito vs. Joey Mercury & Kenny Dykstra w/ Kelly Kelly

We get a rather interesting pairing of four wrestlers for tonight’s third match as three of the four men (barring Mercury) have been featured rather heavily on Monday Night Raw recently. Hardy and Dykstra started off the match with one another with Dykstra getting the early advantage working over Hardy before he ended up making the tag into Joey Mercury. Mercury came into the ring looking to prove he belonged and he stuck with the other three men in the ring. Mercury would do a good job working over Hardy getting some good offense in but right at the end when Mercury thought he was going to finish off Hardy with a Double Underhook DDT Hardy broke free and tagged in Carlito!

Carlito leaped over the ropes coming in knocking down Mercury with a clothesline. Kenny Dykstra tries to enter the ring but Carlito knocks him off of the apron! Carlito turns around as Mercury swings at him but Carlito ducks underneath the attempt and connects with a dropkick! Carlito waits for Mercury to get back onto his feet and right as he goes behind Mercury he drops him with the Back Cracker! Carlito hooks the leg of Mercury as he gets the win for his team tonight on Raw.

Match Result: Matt Hardy & Carlito def. Joey Mercury & Kenny Dykstra

Both Hardy and Carlito celebrate their win in this tag match tonight earning a big win for both men perhaps making a statement for both men on Raw as the year nears its end. Kelly Kelly checks on her boyfriend Kenny Dykstra on the outside as he’s holding his head and seething at the way the match ended. Kelly Kelly helps Dykstra back up as the duo leave the arena with JR and King both discussing that the roll that Kenny Dykstra had been on has suddenly taken a halt. King says he still sees big things in Kenny Dykstra but also on Kelly Kelly (typical King comments). JR says that Dykstra may just need a fresh start but he’s unsure of what exactly that could entail for Dykstra.

A video hyping the 15th Anniversary of Monday Night Raw featuring the return of former Raw superstars to television plus two big matches: Triple H versus Batista in a Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship and the finals of the Elimination Chase Series.

Stephanie McMahon is seen standing by backstage talking on her cell phone. Stephanie is clearly distraught at the recent events that has seen her brother and father both attacked brutally. Stephanie comments that is in fear every time she turns her back. She says it shouldn’t be like this in her own father’s company. Stephanie informs the person on the other line that she has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT set for next week on Raw! She hangs up the phone and prepares to walk away before she gets stopped by – John Bradshaw Layfield! JBL tells Stephanie long time no see before offering his services as a General Manager for SmackDown since after all he is a former General Manager. Stephanie tells JBL that there is a reason that he is no longer a GM and it’s all because of the lack of leadership skills that he showcased when he ran the blue brand and the unfairness that he displayed towards his “favorites”. JBL laughs off Stephanie as Stephanie says “Thanks but no thanks” and tells JBL that she’s already got someone in mind that she will name this Friday on SmackDown! Stephanie walks away as JBL shakes his head before heading off towards the arena. JR and King both hype that John Bradshaw Layfield will be in action – NEXT!

***Commercial Break***

Back after the break JBL is standing in the ring with microphone in hand. He says that he’s absolutely disgusted with the way that this show treats not only former General Managers but also WWE Champions! JBL says that he’s been treated like a dog for the past two months on Raw and that he’s sick and tired of it. He says tonight is a fresh start for JBL…the “old” John Bradshaw Layfield is back!

Match #4 – Singles Match
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Val Venis

Our second squash match of the night doesn’t last too long as Val Venis never was able to really get any offense in. JBL caught him quickly with a huge shoulder block knocking Val off of his feet and halfway across the ring. JBL quickly hit Val Venis with a Clothesline from Hell to secure another win and help state his case for starting a new.

Match Result: John Bradshaw Layfield def. Val Venis

The referee goes to raise JBL’s hand but JBL instead picks Val Venis up again (who can barely stand at this point) and hits Val with another Clothesline from Hell turning Val Venis inside out! JBL stands over Val Venis holding his fist high in the air! JBL rolls out of the ring throwing his warm up jacket on as he leaves to scattered boos in the arena. JR and King both discuss that we haven’t seen this side of JBL arguably since his WWE Championship run back in 2004. JR says that the Raw roster has certainly been put on notice as a result of JBL’s actions tonight.

After the match we see a grainy video come across the screen. The handheld camera isn’t focused on a certain area until it’s turned around to reveal Mr. Kennedy! Mr. Kennedy opens up by saying that he will not let what happened to him at Survivor Series affect him in any form or matter. Kennedy then mentions the fact that he was left out of the Elimination Chase but that a man that hasn’t even been on Raw in months – The Undertaker – was included? Kennedy asks what is wrong with this picture. Mr. Kennedy then states that there have been false promises from Eric Bischoff and that piece of scum Mick Foley when he was co-General Manager that have never been fulfilled. Kennedy closes the video by stating that justice is going to soon be served up on Raw. He turns the video camera around as there can be a loud clicking noise heard as the video cuts off.

***Commercial Break***

Todd Grisham is standing by after the break as he welcomes his special guest at this time – John Cena! Grisham asks Cena his thoughts on the first ever Elimination Chase Series featuring Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and The Undertaker that starts next week here on Monday Night Raw. Cena says that he’s ready to be back on top of the mountain. It’s been nearly two years since he’s held the WWE Championship and he’s ready to get back to where he once was. He says he’s feeling confident heading into next week. Grisham asks him the one question that everyone is waiting for…how he feels about The Undertaker returning next week. Cena doesn’t say much on the issue other than saying that he respects The Undertaker and that it’ll be great to have him back on Raw. Cena then says that despite the massive respect he has for The Undertaker he’s not nervous about having to step into the same ring as “The Phenom” himself next week.

Mickie James is seen sitting at her locker backstage going through some of her stuff as she’s talking to fellow divas Maryse and Melina before Victoria storms into the picture. Victoria asks Mickie what she was thinking last night. She thought that she trusted Mickie enough as a friend to not interfere in her match. Maryse & Melina look at the senile Victoria with a crazy look on their face. Victoria tells them to beat it. Both ladies leave as Victoria continues hollering at Mickie. Victoria says she thought they were good friends but apparently that wasn’t the case. Mickie tells Victoria that they never were friends at all! She tells Victoria that she made it all up in that crazy head of hers. Victoria has this evil laugh come over her as she prepares to leave the room. She turns her back but right as she goes to leave she turns around and jumps Mickie James! Victoria is beating down Mickie before we see Melina and Maryse happen to run back into the room along with security. They pull Victoria off of Mickie as Victoria hollers out “This isn’t over Mickie!”

The World Tag Team Champions Priceless and their challengers CM Punk & Brian Kendrick are seen in a split screen making their way to the arena. JR and King hype our main event for the World Tag Team Championships – NEXT!

***Commercial Break***

Match #5 – World Tag Team Championships
Priceless (c's) vs. CM Punk & Brian Kendrick

The main event match features these four young competitors vying for the World Tag Team titles in an effort to highlight the championships. Both teams had their fair share of domination in the match but towards the end it was Punk and Kendrick that started to focus in on Cody Rhodes. It appeared as if the former champions were going to be able to try and regain the championships but out of nowhere Ted DiBiase created a timely distraction as he began to untie the turnbuckle in the corner.

The referee went over to the turnbuckle telling DiBiase to not touch the turnbuckle again and as he tried to tie it back together Punk caught Rhodes with a huge Roundhouse Kick! Punk covered Rhodes but the referee was still tying the turnbuckle! Punk hollered at the referee but it was too late as the referee came over for the count which resulted in only a two count. Punk rises back onto his feet looking angry that DiBiase was able to cause the referee to be distracted. Punk drags Rhodes over into the corner looking to make the tag to Brian Kendrick! Punk tags in Kendrick as Kendrick comes flying into the ring! Kendrick catches Rhodes with a Flying Forearm Smash! Kendrick comes flying off the ropes once more this time knocking Rhodes down with a spinning heel kick.

Kendrick rises back onto his feet as he heads into the corner and with the referee’s back turned DiBiase clobbers Kendrick in the head! CM Punk is going ballistic on the other side of the ring right now as he tries to enter the ring but the referee holds him back! Cody Rhodes sneaks up behind Kendrick and hits the Cross Rhodes before throwing Kendrick over and hooking the shoulder. The referee makes the three count unaware of the blatant interference from DiBiase that cost the former champions in their rematch.

Match Result: Priceless def. CM Punk & Brian Kendrick to retain the World Tag Team Championships

Priceless grabs their World Tag Team titles rolling to the outside holding them up high in the air as they both stumble their way up the ramp. CM Punk walks over and checks on his tag team partner Brian Kendrick. Punk goes to help Kendrick back onto his feet but Kendrick tells Punk he doesn’t need any help. Kendrick pulls himself back up and exits the ring leaving his tag team partner CM Punk left standing in the center of the ring in confusion. The fans don’t really know what to make of the situation nor does JR and King at ringside. Punk is left standing in the center confused as much as everyone else is in Fort Lauderdale as Kendrick makes his way to the back holding his head.

We see the NEW WWE Champion Batista making his way towards the arena. JR and King hype that we’ll be seeing Batista in the ring – NEXT!

***Commercial Break***

***I Walk Alone***

The new WWE Champion, Batista, enters the arena to a loud chorus of boos from the fans in Fort Lauderdale. Batista makes his way towards the ring dressed in a fine suit complete with a nice Rolex watch on his wrist and of course the WWE Championship belt around his shoulder. Batista enters the ring and grabs a microphone from ringside.

He says that it’s great to be the man once again. Batista says that last night he proved that he is indeed the biggest threat to not only Triple H but also the entire WWE roster. He ran through his two former Evolution stable mates in Randy Orton and Triple H as if they were nothing. Batista then turns his attention to his next big title defense in three weeks at the 15th Anniversary of Raw. Batista says that two things are certain for that night – he will be the last man standing and he will be crowned the greatest superstar in Raw history.

Batista says he’s not surprised that Triple H was able to get a rematch so quick since after all he’s married to the woman who’s in charge of Raw for now – Stephanie McMahon. He states that he’ll be glad to send her husband Triple H back home where they can spend plenty of quality time together after Batista gets done kicking his ass all over the arena.

Batista goes to turn his attention to something else until he’s interrupted by....

***Time to Play the Game***

The man who Batista defeated on Sunday makes his way to the arena for the second time tonight. Triple H is dressed in his street clothes as he stops at the top of the ramp. Triple H doesn’t seem to be wanting to speak his mind tonight as he clearly has one thing on his mind right now – fighting Batista! Batista takes his coat off tossing it to the side and taking his watch off as he places it on top of his coat. Triple H comes storming to the ring but Batista slides out of the ring and meets him halfway! Triple H spears Batista down onto the mat as he lays into Batista! The fans are going wild in Fort Lauderdale as Batista is able to roll Triple H over and hit Triple H with a few rights of his own. Batista grabs Triple H and chunks him shoulder first into the steel turnbuckles! Triple H falls back onto the mat as Batista begins to walk back towards Triple H until Stephanie McMahon’s voice is heard!

Stephanie is seen on the titan tron warning Batista to not touch Triple H. Stephanie says the last thing she needs is for Batista and Triple H continuing to beat one another down each week until the 15th Anniversary of Raw show. She says it has nothing to do with Triple H being her husband but rather the current state of affairs in the WWE! Batista acts as if he is going to attack Triple H once more but Stephanie warns him that if he does he will be stripped of the WWE Championship effective immediately! The fans pop loudly as Stephanie says that she is banning both men from touching one another until the 15th Anniversary of Raw show. She warns both men that there will be severe consequences should this be broken. Stephanie disappears off of the titan tron with Batista looking very pissed right now.

Batista walks over grabbing his coat, watch, and championship belt. “The Animal” looks down at Batista as we see some medics run down to check on Triple H as Raw comes to a close tonight in Fort Lauderdale.

Quick Results:

Shelton Benjamin def. Kane to retain the United States Championship
The Big Show def. Steven Richards
Matt Hardy & Carlito def. Kenny Dykstra & Joey Mercury
JBL def. Val Venis
Priceless def. CM Punk & Brian Kendrick to retain the World Tag Team Championships

Sunday Night Heat Tapings:

Lance Cade def. Santino Marella
Maryse def. Kara Drew
Rodney Mack def. Goldust

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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Obviously with my involvement with Survivor Series I couldn't comment on that show, but I'll leave some quick comments for Raw.

First off, I really like the ideas of both the Elimination Chase for the WWE Championship and the title match itself between Triple H and Batista scheduled for the 15th Anniversary of Raw show. For such a momentous occasion you should have either a WWE or World Heavyweight Championship match (if not both), and I expect that the match will wrap up the Batista/Triple H feud before one of them moves on to a new feud for the Royal Rumble.

Stephanie in charge is okay, but what with Shane, Vince and Bischoff all being taken out, I have to wonder how long she'll be around. I can't say much on this angle since I know a few elements behind it, but as we've only discussed it and you're the one making the call with the thread, I'll be interested to see which direction you go in.

I think you may be in trouble with Big Show's character. Anyone in BTB (and probably in real-life WWE) will tell you that it's very easy to lose direction with that character. I'm not sure where he's headed now since John Cena will be occupied with the Elimination Chase for now, so hopefully you can either use him for your benefit (ie. to elevate another superstar) or maybe just let him go. I know how annoying it can be to find his character something to do!

One thing with Cena's promo (even if it is in recap) - I'm not sure how I feel about him saying it's "great" to have Undertaker back on Raw. Sure Cena's a goody two-shoes and he's a babyface, etc, and it's fine for him to say he respects The Phenom, but I'd prefer it if you gave Cena a little more edge by having him not so happy with Taker's return. Respect aside Undertaker is one of the biggest threats you can face as a superstar. This isn't so much a criticism as a suggestion to tweak Cena's character slightly so he doesn't feel the same as the PG CRAP we get in real life.

To be honest I felt like you've could've swapped the opening and closing segments. Whilst I imagine the Batista/Triple H brawl was okay, you could've used it to kick off the show in a big way. The announcement of the Elimination Chase and the return of The Undertaker could've given you a nice way to close the show, and perhaps given you the opportunity to have a real main event featuring Cena, Jericho and/or Orton. Again not a huge problem, but I just think swapping the two segments around would've given the show a bit more "oomph".

Benjamin beating Kane sucks.

Other than all that, I expect the Raw XV Anniversary to be a huge show and I really look forward to any surprises or shocks you may/should have in store. This was a decent Raw in the build up to that event and I know that you have some pretty cool stuff coming, so I'll keep reading, and hopefully, as you pick up more momentum with this thread back in action you'll get some more feedback from others too. Keep going !
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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Friday Night SmackDown Preview
November 23, 2007 - Tampa, Florida

Five nights off the heels of the 21st Annual Survivor Series the SmackDown superstars roll into Tampa, Florida with Armageddon being only four weeks away. The dangerous Elimination Chamber saw a new champion emerge from the pack as "The Samoan Bulldozer" Umaga wrecked his way to a victory over Edge, Rey Mysterio, MVP, Christian, and Rob Van Dam to capture his first ever World Heavyweight title. Now that we finally have a champion will there be anyone that can truly stop Umaga? The first man that will get the opportunity to will be Brent Albright who suffered a victory at the hands of Intercontinental Champion Gregory Helms at Survivor Series. Albright will be earning perhaps the biggest opportunity of his young career when he steps into the ring with Umaga. Will Umaga continue his rampage through the SmackDown roster? Will Albright rise up to the occasion and shock the world?

The recent attack on Shane McMahon at Survivor Series has left the WWE down two McMahon's (father Vince and son Shane) with Stephanie now stepping in as the acting supervisor. Shane announced a few weeks back that he would announce a new General Manager for SmackDown and that would happen on tonight's SmackDown. Stephanie has confirmed that despite all of the recent chaos in the WWE that she will still introduce the new General Manager tonight! Who will the Board of Directors and Stephanie select to run the blue brand?

At Survivor Series on Sunday night we saw the legendary career of "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair draw to an ultimate close thanks to Team HBK defeating Team Flair in the Survivor Series Elimination Match. Both Michaels and Flair went at it for nearly ten minutes alone in the ring before Flair ultimately succumbed to defeat. What does the future of Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair hold now that both men have finished their fantastic feud that held SmackDown hostage since early summer? Shawn Michaels has asked for ring time tonight and has received it in an effort to discuss what happened at Survivor Series. What will The Heart Break Kid have to say about retiring his former friend Ric Flair?

A new set of number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships will be crowned as there will be a Fatal 4 Way Match featuring Jesse and Festus, Cryme Tyme, The Mexicools, and John Morrison and The Miz? With three of the teams having been former WWE Tag Team Champions this match will feature exciting competition in an effort to crown new contenders to face off against the current champions Paul London and Jeff Hardy at Armageddon.

Confirmed Matches:

Umaga vs. Brent Albright
#1 Contender's Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match: John Morrison & The Miz vs. The Mexicools vs. Jesse & Festus vs. Cryme Tyme

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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Friday Night SmackDown | November 23, 2007
St. Pete Times Forum | Tampa, Florida

***All Grown Up***

SmackDown opens with the current acting supervisor – Stephanie McMahon – making her way out onto the stage. There is a podium set up in the center of the ring with the SmackDown logo featured on the front of the podium. Stephanie walks up the steps and walks over towards the podium adjusting the microphone before starting off our show tonight.

Stephanie welcomes us to SmackDown tonight and reminds us of the events that occurred at Survivor Series on Sunday including the crowning of a new World Heavyweight Champion in “The Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga and the retirement of “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Stephanie says that while Ric is not here tonight that he will be at the 15th Anniversary of Raw show in a few weeks for his farewell speech.

Stephanie’s focus immediately cuts to the recent state of the WWE. She says that there hasn’t been an active General Manager here on SmackDown in nearly two months since Eric Bischoff abruptly resigned. She says she didn’t blame Eric for resigning as running two shows is a lot to ask. She then reminds us of the fact that there have been rampant attacks occurring on Raw and just this past Sunday which saw her brother Shane laid out at the ending of the show. Her brother Shane had promised that there would be a General Manager named for SmackDown tonight and that is what she is out here to do right now!

She states that normally there would be a long list of candidates lining up in an effort to try and gain the General Manager spot but however with the recent state of events in the WWE that a lot of candidates expressed fear for their own safety. Stephanie then says that she knew that they needed to bring in someone who also has had experience running a show before and would not be afraid to stand up to the talents here on SmackDown. She says this person has displayed before that they are capable of fulfilling the duties and while they may not have been her first choice they are ultimately the best person available for the position.

Stephanie asks us to please welcome back….

***Hard Hittin’***

The Coach is back baby! That’s right – Jonathan Coachman is making his return to the WWE for the first time in seven months. Coach comes out strutting on the stage with a nice suit on as he has two random ladies dressed up nicely accompanying him to the ring. The ladies open the ropes up for the new SmackDown General Manager as Coach steps into the ring and shakes hands with Stephanie. Stephanie steps off to the side as Coach stands in front of the podium acknowledging the boos around the arena as a smirk comes over his face.

Coach starts off by stating that he is glad to be back here in the WWE. He says that tonight is the start of a new beginning on Friday Night SmackDown better known as the Era of Coachman! Coach said that while he was gone that he kept a very close eye on the recent events that have occurred and he said that they did not deter him from wanting to come back to a position of authority. The fans aren’t seemingly buying what Coach is saying and it’s clearly bothering him a bit.

Coachman informs us that he’s got a lot of big plans for SmackDown now and he says that he’s really looking forward to getting off to a good start. He thanks Stephanie for the opportunity to run SmackDown and he promises that he will not let her down. Coachman tells us that later tonight he’ll have an announcement regarding SmackDown’s upcoming pay-per-view Armageddon and what he has in store for us at the pay-per-view. Coach closes the segment out by stating that tonight he begins to prove why he is the best choice that the Board of Directors could have made! Coach goes to exit the ring shaking hands with Stephanie once more before walking up the ramp as we go to a commercial break.

***Commercial Break***

***It’s Time***

The double champion – Gregory Helms – makes his way out tonight to a resounding amount of boos from the fans. Helms is clearly basking in the sun tonight knowing that he pulled off a big win this past Sunday at Survivor Series. Helms carries his Intercontinental title around his waist and his Cruiserweight Championship around his shoulder. He slides into the ring taking both titles and throwing them over his shoulders before grabbing a microphone.

Gregory Helms speaks confidently about his defeat over Brent Albright at Survivor Series bragging about the fact that not only did he defeat Albright in his own element – a Submission Match – but he also used Albright’s finishing move – The Crowbar – to defeat Albright. Helms says that now that he’s done with Albright he’s moving onto bigger and better things. But first tonight he has to defend his Cruiserweight Championship due to Shane McMahon forcing him to do so last week.

Helms says he has nothing left to prove to any of the cruiserweights backstage. You name them he has beaten them. He says that there is not a single cruiserweight backstage that can defeat him tonight. The fact that he even has to defend his title tonight is ridiculous as he knows that he’s going to once again prove that he is right. He said if he had his way he would be at home resting up after his tiring victory on Sunday night. Helms is about to speak once more before he’s cut off by…

***You Can Run***

The fans are shocked as its Billy Kidman. Kidman comes out to a small round of applause as Helms is absolutely stunned. Helms is shouting on the microphone asking what Kidman is doing coming out here! Kidman clearly is out here to answer the champ’s challenge tonight as he is walking towards the ring with a mission. Kidman slides into the ring coming face to face with Helms as Helms was not expecting Billy Kidman to come out to the ring. Both men come face to face with one another as Helms is jaw-jacking away with Kidman before he slaps Kidman across the face! Kidman spears Helms onto the mat and the referee calls for the bell.

Match #1 – Cruiserweight Championship
Gregory Helms © vs. Billy Kidman

The match is off to a hot start as Kidman is giving Helms all he has at the beginning of the match in his first match in the WWE in nearly two and a half years. Kidman pulls Helms off of the mat driving him into the corner before hitting with him a running clothesline in the corner. Kidman hits Helms with a quick DDT before he gets up and anxiously begins to await Helms to rise to his feet once more. As Helms turns around Kidman catches him with a BK Bomb! We could be crowning a new Cruiserweight Champion tonight! Kidman quickly climbs the ropes prepping for the Shooting Star Press!

Kidman is about to leap off the ropes right as Gregory Helms rolls out of the ring and begins to walk up the ramp. Helms backs his way up the ramp blowing off Kidman as if he’s had enough tonight of their match. The referee gets to a six count as Helms has no intentions of going back to the ring. Helms makes his way to the top of the ramp right as Kidman is hanging over the ropes confused at what Helms is doing as the referee reaches the ten count and has no choice other than to end the match by a count out.

Match Result: Billy Kidman def. Gregory Helms via count out; Helms retains Cruiserweight Championship

Both Michael Cole and Tazz discuss how great it is to have another big addition to the Cruiserweight division in Billy Kidman back but it’s a shame that our so called champion Gregory Helms bailed out of the match knowing that his championship was in danger. Kidman is clearly disgusted by the actions of Gregory Helms in the ring tonight but he doesn’t let it get to him in his return. Kidman exits the ring posing for the fans and making his way up the ramp clearly enjoying himself in his return to the WWE.

Gregory Helms is making his way through the backstage area before being stopped by new General Manager, Jonathan Coachman. Coach asks him what exactly he was doing out there. Coach says that he’s always liked him but that he can’t and won’t allow stuff like this to happen on his show. Coachman tells Helms that since he left his match before it could be finished that we’ll be seeing a rematch next week on SmackDown with Billy Kidman once again for the Cruiserweight Champion! This elicits a good amount of cheers from the fans in the arena! Helms tries pleading with Coachman but Coach says he’s sorry but that’s how things go.

***Commercial Break***

Match #2 – Singles Match
Christian vs. Kevin Thorn

A rather quick match tonight to get “Captain Charisma” on the card tonight; who has been on somewhat of a roll recently on SmackDown despite being unable to win the big match on Sunday at Survivor Series. Christian plays off his battle wounds from the Elimination Chamber Match on Sunday to which Thorn takes advantage of. Christian dominates the match at the beginning but Thorn began to wear Christian down and surprisingly get some offense in for someone who hasn’t been seen on SmackDown in months. Christian countered a DDT attempt from Thorn hitting him with a sudden dropkick. Christian reels Thorn in but Thorn pushes him away into the turnbuckles! Thorn charges at Christian but Captain Charisma steps out of the way! Thorn collides chest first with the turnbuckles and turns around right into the arms of Christian! Unprettier! Christian hooks the leg of Thorn as he gets another victory tonight on SmackDown.

Match Result: Christian def. Kevin Thorn

The referee raises “Captain Charisma’s” hands as Christian begins to celebrate his victory tonight on SmackDown making it three in a row over the past three weeks. Christian ascends the turnbuckles playing to the fans even though he clearly is not one hundred percent healthy after the Elimination Chamber match. The fans suddenly start to get louder in the arena as we see Mark Henry make his way down the ramp! Christian is unaware and right as he hops off the ropes he turns around right into A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE FROM MARK HENRY! Henry pulls Christian up off the mat by one arm and throws him onto his shoulders before planting him with the World’s Strongest Slam! But Henry isn’t done there! Oh no! The World’s Strongest Man springs off the ropes connecting this time with the World’s Strongest Splash!

The fans are stunned at what just occurred as Mark Henry stands over Christian pounding his chest clearly asserting his dominance tonight over Christian. Michael Cole seems confused at ringside but Tazz reminds him of the past two weeks in which Christian secured two huge victories over Mark Henry. Tazz says it’s clear that Henry has not taken kind to Christian defeating him and tonight Christian had to pay as a result. The World’s Strongest Man exits the ring walking out to loud boos as we see a few more referees run down to the ring to check on Christian as they begin to help him back onto his feet as we cut to a commercial break.

***Commercial Break***

A quick cut screen is shown hyping the main event for later tonight – NEW World Heavyweight Champion Umaga facing off against Brent Albright tonight. Both Cole and Tazz sell this match as an opportunity for Albright to try and regain some momentum even if it is at the discretion of having to face off against the devastating Umaga.

We cut backstage to see Josh Mathews standing by. He welcomes his guest as one of the men who competed in the Elimination Chamber on Sunday – Rob Van Dam! Josh asks Rob what he thought about his performance on Sunday. Van Dam lets Josh know that he thought he was going to be the one to put Umaga away but he was absolutely shocked when The Samoan Bulldozer caught him by the throat once he landed the Five Star Frog Splash and then proceeded to hit him with the Samoan Spike. RVD said he’s never seen anyone quite like Umaga and he’s certain that he may never see anyone like that again.

Van Dam is interrupted by one of the other competitors in the match – Montel Vontavious Porter and his bodyguard “Big Zeke” Ezekiel Jackson. MVP comes into the scene joking with Van Dam that if he thinks he saw something he’s never seen before in Umaga then he clearly hasn’t stepped into the ring with the true big baller of the WWE – MVP! RVD laughs him off saying that MVP had to cheat his way to the top. MVP stops Van Dam there telling him that ever since RVD lost the WWE Championship last year that he’s been on the sidelines watching new talents kick him to the curb and take his spot. MVP tells Van Dam that he hasn’t done anything of note since last year and that maybe it’s time for Van Dam to call it a career. MVP questions whether RVD still has it in him or not or if he is just a mere shadow of his former self? Both men come face to face with one another as the tension is clearly setting in. MVP takes a step back and motions to Ezekiel as he leads Ezekiel away as Van Dam is left standing by the interview area still pissed off at the remarks that MVP just made to him.

***Commercial Break***

As we return from the break we see Funaki standing in the middle of the ring. Matt Striker makes his way out onto the stage carrying a microphone as he tells the fans that we’ve all been missing something recently on SmackDown. Striker says that for the past few months there has been a certain superstar that has been inactive. He says no longer is that the case. Striker says that he said it originally when he formed a pact with this superstar and he’ll say it again – this is not a man to mess with; this is the biggest Test of your lives!

***This is a Test***

Match #3 – Singles Match
Test w/ Matt Striker vs. Funaki

Absolute destruction is what occurs in our third match of the night. Test greets Funaki with a thunderous Big Boot to the face planting SmackDown’s Number One Announcer back first into the mat! Test quickly peels Funaki off the mat lifting him onto his shoulders and sending Funaki crashing once more into the mat with a Pumphandle Slam! Test throws Funaki over hooking the legs as he earns a victory in his return match on SmackDown!

Match Result: Test def. Funaki

Striker grabs a microphone once again saying that this is a fair warning to each and every superstar in the back. Let it be known that Test is a force to be reckoned with and there is no way that he can be stopped. As if right on cue Test slides to the outside of the ring grabbing a steel chair as he slides back into the ring and lifts the chair high into the air before bringing it crashing onto the back of Funaki! Test hits Funaki repeatedly with the chair about six or seven more times! Test looks relentless in the ring right now as he grabs the ankle of Funaki and places his leg in a steel chair! Matt Striker points to the top rope as he looks prepared to jump off the top rope! The big monster is about to jump right when….

***Booyaka 619***

It’s Rey Mysterio? Mysterio comes charging towards the ring as Test doesn’t want to budge at all! Clearly he believes that Mysterio is not a match for him! Rey slides into the ring running at Test almost immediately! Test tried a clothesline attempt on Rey but Rey was able to duck out of the way before dropkicking Test into the ropes! Rey looks ready to try and attempt the 619 but from behind he gets planted with a steel chair across the back from Matt Striker! Striker has a smug smile come over his face as he walks over helping Test back up onto his feet. Striker commands Test to pick Mysterio up once again to which Test responds with a Pumphandle Slam onto the steel chair! Rey Mysterio is damn near broken in half in the ring!

Matt Striker grabs the microphone pointing to Rey Mysterio in the center of the ring daring anyone to mess with Test. He says they will be made an example of just like Mysterio was! The SmackDown roster is now on warning – Test is back!

Michael Cole and Tazz both question what motive Rey Mysterio had for coming out here tonight to come face to face with Test. Cole asks Tazz if he thinks Rey has gone absolutely crazy for trying to mess with a man that is almost twice his size. Tazz says he doesn’t think that is what it is but that he does question really what Rey was thinking. Not only is Rey Mysterio way smaller than Test but he also is bandaged up pretty heavily from the Elimination Chamber match this past Sunday.

We cut backstage to see Shawn Michaels making his way towards the arena. He will offer his thoughts on retiring the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair this past Sunday at Survivor Series – NEXT!

***Commercial Break***

***Sexy Boy***

We’ve reached the top of the second hour now as HBK makes his way out to the arena tonight. Michaels has something we haven’t seen from him in a while – a smile on his face tonight – as he finally has a thorn out of his side now. HBK finally reaches the ring and begins to talk about how he’s been running through a completely different range of emotions ever since Sunday night. Michaels says that he’s spent over half of 2007 fighting the war against Ric Flair and finally he can proudly say that he has finally vanquished the one thing that has been bothering him – Ric Flair.

The fans are mixed as most are excited that HBK was able to get rid of Flair but of course there are some marks in the crowd booing HBK since he retired the beloved “Nature Boy”. Michaels says he realizes that many people’s opinions will differ on how they feel about Flair now that he is retired and he completely understands. HBK said he too respects Flair for the man he USED to be – not who he is now. He says that all he sees in Ric Flair now is an egotistical man that simply had to be put down.

HBK says that he never really thought he would be the man that would retire Flair. He never envisioned himself even being put in a situation like that. HBK says that he never would have thought that…


One of the former protégés of Ric Flair, Chris Masters, makes his way out into the arena now. Masters with microphone in hand stops at the top of the stage. HBK looks prepared for a fight if that is what Masters has in mind. Masters tells HBK to slow his roll – he’s not out here to fight tonight. Oh no he’s got another night in mind for that. Masters lets HBK know that he went and spoke to Jonathan Coachman earlier in the night and that he’s going to get what he wants. He’s going to get an opportunity to get revenge for his mentor and it’s all going to happen at Armageddon. Masters says it’s rather ironic that every year at Armageddon we hear the words “The End is Near” because this year those words will be more than symbolic. Those words will come to life when the career of Shawn Michaels draws to an end all thanks to “The Masterpiece”. Masters drops the microphone on the stage backing out of the arena as Michaels seems more than ready for the challenge of facing off against “The Masterpiece” at Armageddon. HBK exits the ring as the commentators discuss just how big of an opportunity this is going to be for Chris Masters come Armageddon as he will step into the ring with a future Hall of Famer in what could be a breakout night for him.

***Commercial Break***

Match #4 – #1 Contenders Tag Team Fatal 4 Way Match
John Morrison & The Miz vs. Jesse & Festus vs. Cryme Tyme vs. The Mexicools

Our fourth match of the night will crown the new number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Armageddon. The WWE Tag Team Champions Jeff Hardy and Paul London are at ringside on commentary scouting their possible competition. The match stays fast and fierce throughout with three of these teams all having been former tag team champions in their own right. Towards the end it appears that Cryme Tyme is going to emerge victorious as JTG and Shad both hit a Double Suplex on Jesse as JTG prepares to start sizing up Jesse for Da Shout Out!

JTG looks prepared to head towards Jesse but from behind The Miz tags himself into the match. The Miz grabs JTG and throws him over the ropes before sneaking behind Jesse and hitting the Skull Crushing Finale! The Miz throws Jesse over hooking the leg of Jesse as the referee counts the pin fall giving John Morrison & The Miz the victory tonight and the chance to face off against Hardy and London at Armageddon.

Match Result: John Morrison & The Miz def. Jesse & Festus, Cryme Tyme, & The Mexicools

The new number one contenders slide to the outside of the ring and walk immediately over to the commentators table. All four men have history with one another due to Jeff Hardy and Paul London having defeated Morrison & Miz at Cyber Sunday to take the WWE Tag Team Championships. Morrison and Miz both come face to face with the WWE Tag Team Champions at the commentary table for a few seconds with all four men exchanging words. Morrison and Miz both exit the commentators table area making their way up to ramp and posing drawing in the heat from the fans.

We cut backstage to see a doctor tending to Rey Mysterio backstage. Mysterio is bandaged up even more now than he was earlier in the night. We hear a knock on the door as Josh Mathews enters the room. Mathews says he wants to ask Rey what exactly he was thinking out there tonight regarding going to try and take down the monster known as Test. Mysterio tells Josh that he’s never been afraid of a challenge no matter how big the other person in the ring may be. Rey says he saw Funaki – a smaller competitor just like him – being beaten down senseless in the ring and he knew he had to do something to try and save Funaki. Rey says that he is not done with Test by any means either. Josh thanks Rey for his time and wishes Rey a quick recovery as he exits the room with the doctor continuing to tend to Rey.

***Commercial Break***

***Virtual Voodoo***

Armando Estrada leads the way out tonight as he stops at the ramp and waves out his client and the NEW World Heavyweight Champion Umaga! The savage beast comes out holding the World Heavyweight Championship belt dangling from his mouth as he stops at the ramp and looks around the St. Pete Times Forum before letting out a loud scream. Estrada leads Umaga down the ramp as the boos are pouring in around the St. Pete Times Forum right now as we finally get a glimpse of the new champion.

Estrada and Umaga enter the ring as Estrada has a microphone handed to him. Estrada laughs saying “Estude me….estude me…please welcome jur’ new World Heavyweight Champion……UUUUUUUUUUMAAAAAGAAAAAA!

Estrada says he told each and every person in this arena that Umaga would emerge from the Satan’s Playground as the World Heavyweight Champion. Umaga has ran rampant through the rosters of both Raw and now SmackDown and now finally Umaga has gotten what he rightfully deserves…the World Heavyweight Championship. Estrada laughs saying that there is not a single person that can or will stop Umaga now. Estrada laughs once again saying that Umaga is about to make an example out of Brent Albright and further prove why Umaga is known as “The Samoan Bulldozer”. Estrada tosses the microphone to the side as he walks over and pats Umaga standing behind him as they await Brent Albright to make his entrance for the main event match to start.


The former Intercontinental Champion Brent Albright makes his way out into the arena preparing for arguably the biggest match of his career to date. Albright doesn’t seem fazed despite the big challenge that lies ahead of him. Albright takes his coat off at the ring steps and steps into the ring as Umaga is left standing in the corner prepping for the main event.

Match #5 – Singles Match
Umaga vs. Brent Albright

The bell rings and Umaga immediately slaps his chest perhaps in an effort to try and scare off Brent Albright but Albright doesn’t back down. Umaga and Albright meet in the middle but Umaga takes Albright down quickly with a big shoulder block nearly sending Albright flying halfway across the ring. Umaga goes on to dominate the first portion of the match tossing Albright around as if he was a rag doll by throwing him back first hard into the corner turnbuckles. Umaga hits Albright with a big splash in the corner causing Albright to fall face first onto the mat.

The Samoan Bulldozer goes to grab Umaga but Albright pulls Umaga’s legs out from underneath him. Umaga falls down onto one knee and gets hit with a quick dropkick to the face! Albright has the fans riled up now as he takes a few steps back and charges hitting another dropkicking taking Umaga back onto the mat flat on his back now. Albright tries to go grab the arm of Umaga trying to lock in the Crowbar but Umaga kicks Albright off of him. Umaga gets back onto his feet and once Albright turns back around he gets hit by a huge savate kick! Albright is dazed as he falls head first into the turnbuckles in the corner!

Umaga looks over at Armando Estrada who points towards Albright in the corner insinuating that Umaga needs to finish off Albright. Umaga turns his attention to Albright as he charges into the corner and connects with the Samoan Wrecking Ball! Albright’s head collides hard against the turnbuckle! Umaga walks slowly towards the corner pulling Albright out of the corner by one hand and dragging him to the center of the ring. Umaga lifts Albright up high as he hits Albright with the Samoan Spike! Umaga has just absolutely decimated the former Intercontinental Champion as he falls on top of Albright and covers him for the quick three count.

Match Result: Umaga def. Brent Albright

Armando Estrada slides into the ring now pulling a cigar out of his pocket and motioning towards Albright on the mat. Estrada breaks the cigar in half as Umaga knows what Estrada wants him to do now. Umaga drags Albright off of the mat once more hitting him with another thunderous Samoan Spike! The referee tries to get Umaga to stop the savage attacks on Albright but Umaga hits the referee with a Head butt shocking the fans in attendance! Umaga bends down picking Albright up once more as he lifts Albright back onto his feet and stops for a second taking time to look around the arena before delivering a third and final Samoan Spike!

Blood is starting to trickle from the mouth of Brent Albright now as he lies motionless on the mat. Two other referees come running down to the ring but seem hesitant to enter the ring as Estrada warns them they don’t want to mess with Umaga right now! In the meantime Estrada points to Albright once more telling Umaga to continue the savage attack! Umaga looks down at Albright before bouncing off the ropes behind him and landing on Albright with the Wild Samoan Splash! More blood starts to come from the mouth of Albright now as he is spitting it up in the ring!

A few more referees and security come down to the ring trying to get Umaga away from Brent Albright in the ring. About ten referees and security slide into the ring backing Umaga into the corner away from Albright. Medics come rushing down the ramp with a stretcher accompanying them. The medics get into the ring but right as the referees think they have Umaga contained he breaks free and kicks one of the male medics in the back of the head! The fans are absolutely stunned right now as no one can get Umaga to remain calm in the ring. Umaga goes to grab Brent Albright but he’s suddenly restrained once again by the other referees and the security.

The medics grab the stretcher and put Albright on the stretcher getting him out of harm’s way as they start to make their way towards the back. Umaga lets out a loud yell as Estrada is seen laughing at the carnage that his man beast just created. The men in the ring are trying to get Umaga calm right when…


The man who fell prey to Umaga in the Elimination Chamber – Edge comes running down the ramp. Edge passes the stretcher where Brent Albright is being wheeled to the back and immediately makes his way towards the ring. Edge slides in as some of the other men that were holding Umaga back try to get restrain Edge but it’s to no avail as Edge leaps over all of the men and gets a few hits in on Umaga!

It’ll be the only hits that Edge will get in as security restrains him as Armando Estrada is warning Umaga to not do anything else. Estrada and the other security men lead Umaga out of the ring trying to prevent any other confrontations from happening. More security comes charging down the ring to help on both Edge and Umaga as Umaga has nearly ten men walking him to the back now once again.

Edge is left seething in the ring as security is holding him back in the corner right now as Michael Cole and Tazz are going nuts about what we just saw occur on SmackDown. Cole says that something has to be done regarding Umaga’s heinous attacks tonight on SmackDown or otherwise they will continue. Tazz agrees with Cole saying that Umaga absolutely decimated Brent Albright tonight and he certainly believes it’s going to lead to seeing Albright out for an extended period of time. Cole and Tazz wish us a good night as the camera focuses on Umaga being brought to the back with Edge pulling on his hair seething at the opportunity to get his hands on Umaga once again as the screen fades away.

Event: WWE Armageddon 2007
Date: Sunday December 16, 2007
Location: Mellon Arena - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Official Theme Song: The End is Near - WWE Theme

Grudge Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters

WWE Tag Team Championships:
Jeff Hardy & Paul London (c's) vs. John Morrison & The Miz
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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Hey dude. I don't come here much anymore, but must say I was pleasantly surprised to see this up and going again. This was always my favourite thread, so I'm glad to see you're giving UTF another run. Had a quick glimpse at Survivor Series, looked a good show. Good luck mate.
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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury


World Heavyweight Championship Match Announced for Armageddon

Straight from the office of new SmackDown General Manager Jonathan Coachman we can now confirm that Umaga will be defending his newly won World Heavyweight Championship against "The Rated R Superstar" Edge on December 16th at Armageddon. These two men are set to clash in Pittsburgh in what is sure to be a personal match. Just two weeks ago on SmackDown, Umaga brutally attacked Edge almost leaving him out of the Elimination Chamber but Edge would make a stunning return one week after seeking revenge. At Survivor Series Umaga was able to defeat Edge (the last man left) in the Elimination Chamber to capture his first ever World Heavyweight championship. With the fight having taken place this past Friday on SmackDown between both of these men "The Coach" Jonathan Coachman immediately knew that with tensions boiling over high between these two men that there would be no better place for this huge match than at Armageddon.

Other SmackDown News:

Brent Albright suffered cracked ribs at the hands of Umaga at the SmackDown tapings this past week after his main event match with the new World Heavyweight champion. Albright is set to be out for at least the remainder of the year and may not be able to return until after WrestleMania. There is no timetable for his return just yet but we will keep you updated if anything new regarding this issue is released.

Surprisingly the Ric Flair retirement angle was not further pushed along on Friday other than the mention of Flair appearing at the 15th Anniversary of Raw in a few weeks time and then the Shawn Michaels and Chris Masters feud that developed. Apparently creative is wanting to give Flair the big stage of the 15th Anniversary of Raw to come out and address his retirement which recently occurred at Survivor Series this past Sunday.

The return of Billy Kidman was said to have perhaps sparked a bit of controversy backstage between some of the other cruiserweights that have complained recently about the division taking a step back due to Gregory Helms not really defending the Cruiserweight championship as much. Many of the cruiserweights have voiced their opinion about how they believe that they are not being used properly and are only seemingly being used to be fed to the main eventers recently. Regarding this issue, WWE is looking at reshaping the division by bringing in older faces (recently such as Kidman and Tajiri) and sometimes after the new year or WrestleMania bringing in new blood as well.

In a rather surprising development Jonathan Coachman was named the new General Manager of SmackDown at the tapings this past week. Coachman was said to believed to be one of the last candidates that creative had considered but not really the ideal candidate. Apparently creative had one candidate in mind but they were unable to get them to commit and thus Coach making his return to WWE was believed to be the best alternative to the other options.

The return of Test was considered to have went over well as creative is looking for big things from the big man. His return earlier in the year didn't really go as planned so creative sent him away for a few months to better prepare himself for life on the road and he has now come back looking even bigger and more imposing.


Event: WWE Armageddon 2007
Date: Sunday December 16, 2007
Location: Mellon Arena - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Official Theme Song: The End is Near - WWE Theme

World Heavyweight Championship:
Umaga (c) vs. Edge

Grudge Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters

WWE Tag Team Championships:
Jeff Hardy & Paul London (c's) vs. John Morrison & The Miz

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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

Firstly, I just wanted to let you know how awesome it is to have you back. I'd also like to commend you on a good job with Survivor Series.

Armageddon is already looking to have a pretty awesome card as well. Not only that, but with The Coach as the new GM, Smackdown looks set to soar to new heights. I'll continue to try and stay updated with this thread, and hopefully I'll be able to leave you with some more in depth feedback later on. I just simply wanted to say it's great to have an old timer back!

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Re: WWE 2007: Unleash the Fury

WWE Monday Night Raw 5 Point Preview
Monday November 26, 2007 - Charlotte, NC

- Last week's Monday Night Raw saw interim General Manager Stephanie McMahon give us two blockbuster announcements. First off, Mrs. McMahon announced that at the 15th Anniversary of Raw in just two weeks time that new WWE champion Batista will put the title on the line against former champion Triple H in a Last Man Standing Match. Stephanie also was quick to announce a new innovation - the Elimination Chase series which will feature four of Raw's top superstars - Randy Orton, John Cena, Chris Jericho, and the return of the Undertaker in a Fatal 4 Way Match on Raw this week. The following week will feature a Triple Threat Match featuring the three men who advanced in the Elimination Chase followed by a one on one match at the 15th Anniversary of Raw.

- Stephanie McMahon has promised another blockbuster announcement for this week's Raw. What will Stephanie have up her sleeves this week? Will it be related to the recent situation between Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman with their heinous attacks targeted at the McMahon family? Will it involve the 15th Anniversary of Raw once again?

- Mr. Kennedy has asked for open mic time tonight on Raw due to not being featured in the Elimination Chase series. We all know that Mr. Kennedy is certainly not afraid to voice his opinion on any matter that arises in the WWE. What will Mr. Kennedy have to say regarding this issue and also the hints that he dropped last week regarding the "false promises" that he received from former general managers Eric Bischoff and the man he got fired last month at Cyber Sunday - Mick Foley.

- Following their loss in the rematch for the World Tag Team Championships against Priceless, Brian Kendrick abandoned his tag team partner CM Punk and made his way to the locker room without saying a single word to Punk. A confused Punk tried to speak to Kendrick but Kendrick would have none of it. Is there any animosity between the two former tag team champions that is going undetected? What will happen when these two team together to take on the formidable duo of William Regal and Paul Burchill - The Bluebloods - this week on Raw?

- Finally, per WWE.com Stephanie McMahon will be mediating the Contract Signing for the Last Man Standing WWE Championship match tonight on Raw. Stephanie announced last week that there is to be no physical contact between the champion Batista and the challenger Triple H leading up to the 15th Anniversary of Raw.

Scheduled Matches:

Elimination Chase Series Fatal 4 Way: John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker
CM Punk & Brian Kendrick vs. William Regal & Paul Burchill


Trying a comeback again. Hoping to get at least to WrestleMania XXIV before I call it quits for BTB. The show has been planned WAY too long to not at least try and make it there. I'm talking like six years of planning WrestleMania XXIV despite some minor changes for the card. Anyways, enough rambling. Don't look for BIG recaps but hope to have Raw up soon.
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