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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

RAW looks great! A lot of huge matches plus the funeral.
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Looks awesome F-D, I'll be reading.

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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Raw looks awesome man, can't wait to read the show!

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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Just before i post the show, i just thought i'd mention that i personally feel that this is the best Raw that i have ever written, and is possibly one of the best 2 hours that you could see, with it being non-stop action throughout the show. Hope you all like it, as i think this show is excellent

WWE RAW Ė February 27th

The pyro goes off and Raw is on the air, and the crowd are going wild, as one of the biggest Rawís of the year is about to begin. JR and the King welcome us to the show, and they run down the main action for tonight, with the funeral for John Cenaís career, and the two semi final matches in HHH vs. The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels vs. Christian.

Then, *I Am* hits, and out comes AJ Styles to a nice pop from the crowd as we are going to open the show with an Intercontinental Title match

Then, *Aint no stopping me now* hits, and Shelton Benjamin comes out to quite a bit of heat to challenge fro the title, and he comes down in a cocky fashion, convinced he can get the win and the title tonight

Match 1 Ė AJ Styles © vs. Shelton Benjamin Ė Intercontinental Title

Summary Ė The first half of the match is a very exciting opening to Raw with their being constant high spots, with both men doing all they can do eliminate the other and to get the title. AJ nails the shooting star off the top rope to Shelton on the outside for instance, and Shelton hits a sunset flip off the apron to AJ. AJ almost gets the 3 with the pele kick, but Shelton gets a foot on the ropes, and then he goes for the suplex, only to have Shelton counter with the neckbreaker. Shelton then goes for the stinger splash, but he gets the referee instead, knocking him down and out. AJ hits the Styles Clash on Shelton, but there is no ref to make the cover. CHRIS MASTERS then comes down to the ring, and he goes after AJ Styles, and he locks the Masterlock in on him, and AJ appears to be fading and about to pass out, when CHARLIE HAAS comes down for the save, looking to get revenge for his defeat last week. Shelton then manages to pick up the IC title belt, and he goes to nail AJ with it, but MATT HARDY comes down, and takes the belt off Shelton, and nails him with the twist of fate. AJ crawls over to make the cover, but there is still no referee. Hardy goes to wake the referee up, so he can make the cover, but while he does so, GREGORY HELMS nails AJ over the head with the title belt, knocking him out. Helms then pulls Hardy out of the ring, while the referee recovers, and makes the 3 count, as Shelton has got an arm over AJ

Shelton Benjamin wins by pinfall and is the new Intercontinental Champion at 13:37

The crowd boo as Shelton is proclaimed the champion, and is given the belt, and he groggily makes it to his feet to celebrate with the belt. AJ looks pissed and being screwed out of the title, while Hardy looks unhappy that his friend has lost the belt as well. Masters smiles and the fact he has got revenge on AJ

Then, *Iím Back* hits, and out comes Eric Bischoff to the ring, to a lot of heat from the fans

Eric: Iím going to keep this announcement brief, because I donít want to have to stand out here in front of you assholes for longer than I have to

Huge heat

Eric: But it seems that you 6 men in the ring have an issue with each other than needs to be solved. And it seems that this issue revolves around the intercontinental championship. So what I am going to do is put you 6 in a match for the intercontinental title at WrestlemaniaÖ


Eric: Itís going to be Shelton Benjamin, defending his title against AJ Styles, Charlie Haas, Chris Masters, Matt Hardy and Gregory Helms


Eric: Oh, and itís going to be in a ladder match

Huge pop

Eric: But you see, the intercontinental title will not be the only thing that is up for grabs in that match. Oh no, because also hanging above the ring will be the money in the bank contract


Eric: The first man to reclaim the intercontinental title belt becomes the intercontinental champion, and the first man to reclaim the money in the bank contract becomes Mr. money in the bank


Eric: Now that is a match that you will all want to see happen at Wrestlemania, and shows you why Raw is the dominant brand in the WWE


Eric: And next week, next week, Gregory Helms will face Matt Hardy, while AJ Styles will face Shelton Benjamin, and Charlie Haas will face Chris Masters


Eric: Now Iím out of here, because Iíve got a funeral to prepare for!

Huge heat, with the reminder of the John Cena funeral later tonight

Eric Bishcoff then leaves to go backstage, to a lot of heat from the crowd, while the 6 men in the ring stand with a smile on their face, knowing they have a chance to win the IC title and the MITB match at Wrestlemania, except Shelton Benjmain who is horrified that he already has to defend his newly won title. The commentators then talk about what a great match there is planned for Wrestlemania, and how it could steal the show with all the great wrestlers in the match


We return, and then, *Time to Play the Game* hits, to a lot of heat from the crowd, as HHH makes his way out to the ring. He comes out slowly, with the bottle of water in his hand, and spits it into the air, before coming into the ring, ready for his match where he has the chance to go to the Road to Wrestlemania finals

Then, *Graveyard Symphony* hits, as the lights go out to a huge pop, as the Undertaker comes out, slowly but surely, and makes his way to the ring, ready for his chance to go to Wrestlemania

Match 2 Ė Triple H vs. The Undertaker Ė Road to Wrestlemania Semi Final

Summary Ė A longish match here, with Taker actually contributing to a match on Raw for once, and doing his traditional wrestle once in a while stuff, but puts on a good match. We get a strong match between them, which is dominated by brawling but they have enough experience to match sure that the match is good. Taker stands the match by taking HHH down, but HHH manages to fight back, and after cheating again and again, he finally manages to take Taker down and works on his knee, as a way of stopping Taker from standing up and being able to compete. However, HHH doesnít manage to finish Taker off, and he does eventually manage to get back to his feet and fight back in the match, but the chokeslam isnít enough as HHH gets his foot on the ropes. He then goes for the Last Ride, but HHH rakes the eyes of Taker, and then goes for the pedigree, only for Taker to counter it with the slingslot into the referee, knocking him down and out. Taker goes for another chokeslam, but HHH nails the low blow, and then the pedigree but there is no referee. He tries to wake the referee up, but Taker sits up, to a huge pop, which sends HHH scurrying out of the ring, and he picks up the sledgehammer. However, RVD RUNS INTO THE RING, THROWS THE CHAIR TO TAKER, AND NAILS THE VAN DAMNINATOR TO HIM. The crowd boo RVD, who then starts to nail Taker with the chair time and time again, focusing on the knee that HHH worked on earlier tonight, while HHH is shocked outside the ring. HHH slides back in, as the referee stirs, and covers Taker, and gets the 3 count

Triple H wins by pinfall at 16:38

The crowd boo, as HHH has gotten the win over Taker, and now is in the final of the Road to Wrestlemania tournament, and will face off wither Christian or Shawn Michaels in the final next week. RVD then slides back into the ring and he continues his attack on The Undertaker, damaging the left knee of him, and soaking up a lot of heat that he is getting from the crowd. RVD then takes a microphone, and starts to speak

RVD: Ö. (soaks up the boos)

RVD: I guess you people here tonight arenít too happy about what Iíve just done?


RVD: I guess you people are going to boo me now for what Iíve done to the Undertaker


RVD: Well guess what? I donít give a damn about what you, or you (pointing at people in the crowd), or you, or any of the morons inside this arena think


RVD: All that matters to me, is what I think and what I want, and after years of playing up to you lot, Iíve finally decided to say ďscrew itĒ, and go back to the old Rob Van Dam


RVD: Iíve gone back to being the RVD who doesnít give a damn about anyone but himself, the RVD who puts titles and victories above respect and cheers from the fans. Iím going to be the RVD who held the ECW TV title for 23 straight months, and never once, never once looked like losing the title.


RVD: Iím the man who came to the WWE in 2001 and didnít care who I rubbed up the wrong way, didnít care which so-called superstar I came across, because deep down, I know that I am so much better than them


RVD: What Iíve been for the last few years is a joke, a pathetic, pale imitation of who I can be. Iíve been a nothing, happy to settle for second best, all because of doing that got me a few cheers from the crowd, and I had a few people chant my name. And I had to think to myself, why the hell would I be happy with that?


RVD: And last Monday night, that was the final straw which broke the camelís back. I lost my chance to go to Wrestlemania and become the WWE Champion because of the fans.


RVD: So why did I attack the Undertaker I guess you all want to know? Hereís an answer for all of you, because of the fans


RVD: I mean, I sacrifice myself for all of you, and then last week, you cheered for the Undertaker over me, and that made me sick, it disgusted me, and made me totally realise that I would be better off without you


RVD: And Taker, last week, you and the morons who cheer for you got you the asskicking that you have just endured. They are the reason why I took a steel chair, and bashed it against your knee time and time again, until there is nothing left of it.


RVD: And Taker, last week you took away my dreams of going to Wrestlemania and becoming the WWE Champion, so this week, the new and improved Rob Van Dam took away yours


RVD: This Rob Van Dam is more extreme than ever, this Rob Van Dam is the man who can rightfully claim to be the whole damn show. And this Rob Van Dam is the man who will finally be the one who beat you at Wrestlemania


RVD: Yeah, thatís right, Iím going to challenge you to a match at Wrestlemania, and break your dreams of keeping the undefeated streak alive.


RVD: Because trust me Taker, after youíve dealt with me, you streak will be as dead as you are


RVD: andÖ

*Extreme* then hits, to a surprisingly large pop, as Paul Heyman comes out and returns to the WWE for the first time since Survivor Series. He comes down to the ring, glaring straight at RVD, and he makes his way down to the ring

Paul: Rob Van Dam, what the hell are you doing?


Paul: This isnít the man I used to spend time in ECW with. This isnít the man who I consider to be one of my best friends in the world. This isnít the man who I made into the bets entertainer in wrestling history. Please Rob, explain to me, what the hell has gotten into you?


RVD: PaulÖ firstly, great to see you back in a WWE ring. And secondly, Iím sorry, but this is the way that it has to be


Paul: Youíre sorry? Sorry for what exactly? Youíre sorry for turning on the fans who cheered for you night after night? Youíre sorry for costing the Undertaker his chance and going to Wrestlemania? Youíre sorry for not being the man who were the last time I saw you at Survivor Series? Youíre sorry for what?

Huge pop

RVD: Iím sorryÖ Iím sorry for not doing this sooner than I did.


RVD: Paul, I respect you man, but come on, even you must realise that I got nowhere with the fans behind me. And I donít care what you have to say to me Paul, but this is who I am, this is what I do, and there is nothing that you can possibly say to change that


Paul: Oh really? Well Rob, I think you ought to listen to what I have to say. You see, I agree with every single word that you said earlier tonight

Some boos are heard from the fans

Paul: And Rob, Iím right behind you in everything you do

Heat from the crowd, as RVD and Heyman lock eyes, and then shake hands in the middle of the ring, to huge amounts of heat

Paul: Rob Van Dam, Paul Heyman on the same pageÖ now that is a combination that will take anyone, and I mean anyone to the extreme!

Huge heat, as RVD and Heyman raise their hands in the middle of the ring, and then they start to leave the ring, but Heyman then takes the microphone again

Paul: Oh one more thingÖ get a referee down here, as we are about to have a hardcore title match. Snitsky will defend his title against Rob Van Dam, and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop me making this match. And this match will show you how extreme RVD is going to be

*It Wasnít My Fault* this, to a good pop from the crowd, as Snitsky comes out for this impromptu hardcore title match, and he is still in his street clothes, as he wasnít expecting to be wrestling this evening. He comes down to the ring, but RVD attacks him straight away, as the match begins.

Match 3 Ė Rob Van Dam w/Paul Heyman vs. Gene Snitsky © Ė Hardcore Title

Summary Ė This is a short match, with RVD dominating from the beginning, and showing his hardcore ways which he learned in ECW. Snitsky hardly manages to get a shot it in the match, and RVD quickly gets into a position where he can win the belt. He nails Snitsky with the rolling thunder onto a trash can, and then he nails him over the head with a steel chair, knocking him out in the ring. He then places the chair over Snitsky, and nails the 5 star frog splash to him, and pins him, and is the new Hardcore champion

Rob Van Dam wins by pinfall and is the new hardcore champion at 3:38

RVD is given the belt by Heyman, and the two of them celebrate in the ring, and soak up the boos from the crowd after the actions of RVD earlier tonight


We return, and we see Mohammed Hassan and Daivari in a room somewhere backstage, and they get a huge amount of heat from the crowd.

Hassan: Last week, last week Eric Bischoff told me to go an make an impact, and on Smackdown, that is exactly what I did! I turned up, and I gave the Rock the single biggest asskicking the he has ever received! But just in case you missed this act of my greatness, show the footage!

After the match the Rock starts celebrating his huge victory, he climbs onto the middle turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd raising his arm in the air. But then he is attacked from behind with some right hands, they donít affect Rock one bit however and he turns around to see DAVAIRI!! Davairi looks scared as Rock starts walking towards him and he quickly scurries out of the ring just as the Rock was about to attack him. Rock then follows him out the ring and chases him all the way down the ramp, and Davairi leads him straight into a STEEL CHAIR SHOT BY MUHAMMED HASSAN! Hassan then hits another chair shot to Rock over the head taking him down and busting the Rock wide open. Hassan then continues to smash the steel chair over the throat of the Rock as Davairi tells Hassan to hit Rock more in Arabic as blood pours down the face of Rock. Refereeís and road agents try to take Hassan away but he hits a few of them with a chair causing the rest to back away. Hassan then digs the chair into the throat of Rock before dropping the chair as the crowd give Hassan some huge heat. It looks like Hassan has stopped his attack, but he goes straight after Rock again and locks on the Camel Clutch onto Rock on the ramp. The refereeís and road agents try to get Hassan to break it, but he keeps it on for about 40 seconds before letting go of Rock and walking down to the back with Davairi looking very happy about the damage he has just caused as stretches are brought onto the ramp as the bloody Rock is left unconscious on the ramp.
Hassan: Rock, what you received on Smackdown was justice, justice for all the treatment that I have had to put up with in America for the last few years, because of people like you. People like you who believe that they have a divine right to steal the spotlight from those, like me, who deserve.
Case in point, you come back to the WWE at Summerslam because no-one likes your pathetic movies, and since then, you have had more title shots then I have had in my whole career. At the Royal Rumble, you lost to Edge, but 5 days later, who get another title shot. How is that fair??? And me??? Iíve never lost a match in career. Iíve never been pinned, Iíve never tapped out, and yet, Iíve never been given a one on one match for the WWE title. Hell, Iíve never even had a shot at title! And why? All because I am an Arab-American! And Arab-American who has had to put up with the prejudice and the disrespect from the people like the Rock, simply because they believe that they are better than me.
But no longer will me and Daivari allow this to happen. And Rocky, you may have the peopleís elbow, the peopleís eyebrow, but what you will get is an asskicking for the people who do not give me the treatment that I deserve, that I command, and that I respect!
So Rock, let that be a lesson to you, that you do not disrespect me like you did at the Royal Rumble, and you do not hold me down the way you have been. And let that beating you receive show you that I am the Great Mohammed Hassan!!!

We then cut back to the ring, and we see the commentators discuss what they have just heard from Hassan, and say the beatdown the Rock received was not justified

Then, *Medal* hits, and out to the ring comes Kurt Angle, to a huge amount of heat from the crowd, as he makes his way down to the ring to the usual ďyou suckĒ chants. He gets into the ring, and he awaits his special, handpicked opponent for tonight to show everyone what is in store for Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania

Then, *619* hits, and a huge pop goes out, as the crowd think that Rey Mysterio is going to be the man that Angle has chosen to face, but the cheers turn to boos when they realise that this isnít the real Rey Mysterio, and is just an imposter

Match 4 Ė Kurt Angle vs. ďRey MysterioĒ

Summary Ė A short match here, if you could even call it a match at all, as basically, it is just Kurt Angle beating down his opponent, who is supposedly Rey Mysterio, even though it is clearly just someone in a mask. Kurt just dominates totally, nailing all of his signature moves, just to show Rey what he can do, but he doesnít end the match quickly, with Rey managing to ďkick outĒ on 2 of all of the pinfall attempts. Eventually, Kurt gets bored of beating his opponent down, and he nails the Angle Slam, and then locks in the ankle lock, and ďReyĒ has to tap out, giving Angle the win

Kurt Angle wins by submission at 4:47

Angle celebrates the win, as if he has really beaten Rey Mysterio, and the commentators talk about how easy Angle made that look, and how he is really focused on getting a win over Rey at Wrestlemania


We return from commercial, and then JR and the King recount what we have seen so far tonight, with HHH beating the Undertaker due to Rob Van Dam, who was joined by Paul Heyman, and the announcement of the MITB/IC title match for Wrestlemania

Then, we cut to a viginette, which announces who the first inductee into the 2006 Hall of Fame will be, and this man is revealed to be ĎThe Macho Maní Rady Savage. This announcement gets a good pop from the crowd, and we are then told that the next inductee will be announced on Smackdown
Then, *Sexy Boy* hits, to a huge amount of heat from the crowd, as Shawn Michaels comes out for his semi-final match against Christian. He makes his usual entrance to the ring, and enters it, looking ready for his match tonight

Then, *Just Close Your Eyes* hits, to a big pop from the crowd, as Christian comes out to the ring, alongside Tyson Tomko, and they make their way to out in their usual fashion, with Christian playing to the crowd, with both men knowing that if Christian wins he gets to face HHH next week for a main event slot at Wrestlemania

Match 5 Ė Christian w/Tyson Tomko vs. Shawn Michaels Ė Road to Wrestlemania Semi Final

Summary Ė As you would expect from these two, we get a good match between them, and is of the similar standard to the matches that they had last year at Unforgiven and then the show before Taboo Tuesday, only this time HBK is the heel, and Christian the face. It is a long match, going 20+ minutes, which gives them both a chance to show what they can do in the ring, especially Christian is comes out of the match looking quite good. He gets beaten down by HBK through the middle part, but the reverse tornado ddt off the top rope changes the tide of the match, and puts Christian back in control. He then scores some near falls with the reverse ddt, the flying crossbody and then the top rope splash, but he cannot get the three. He goes for the unprettier, but HBK pushes Christian away, and then nails the flying burrito, and starts his 5 moves of doom. He hits them all, but only gets a 2 count off the elbow drop, which infuriates HBK. He then goes for the SCM, and he connects with it to Christian, and covers, but *Hitman* hits, distracting Shawn Michaels, and causing him to stare at the titantron, but nothing happens. HBK covers again, and gets a 2 count, when Tomko pulls the referee out of the ring, to a big pop from the crowd. Tomko then walks towards the crowd looking all innocent as HBK comes after him, but Tomko then runs away around the edge of the ring, with HBK in tow chasing. He runs into the ring, where Christian then takes down HBK with the unprettier, and coves, and gets the 3 count to win the match

Christian wins by pinfall at 21:29

The crowd erupt as Christian gets the win and will now face HHH in the final next week, with the winner facing Jericho at Wrestlemania. Tomko and Christian smile at what has happened, and the crowd are loving it. Christian then goes to get a microphone, to speak to the ring

However, *5Ö 4Ö 3Ö 2Ö 1Ö Break the Walls Down* hits, and out comes Chris Jericho, getting a lot of heat from the crowd, as he comes out with his title belt around his waist. He grabs a microphone, and then enters the ring, ready to confront Christian

Jericho: Congratulations Christian, but before I say what I have to, I think all these Jerichoholics here is Boston need to know that Raw is Jericho!


Jericho: And congratulations, and I really mean that, as you are now just one step away from facing me at Wrestlemania, one step away from facing the greatest WWE Champion of all time


Jericho: And next week Christian, when you face Triple H, Iíll be rooting for you. Yeah, thatís right, Iíll be cheering for the little guy, the man who brings a goat to the ring with him, the man who walks around backstage with his girlfriend whose IQ is less than that of all you people right here, in Boston put together

Huge heat for the attack on the crowd

Jericho: Christian, why I do I want you do win next week? Because everyone knows that if I have to face you, then the only person who can possibly come out on top is the lead singer of the greatest rock band of all time, and that would be me!


Jericho: I mean, if I have to face Triple H, then fine, Iíll face him, and beat him, but heíd be a damn site tougher than you would have to be, and frankly, I donít really need to be dealing with all these distractions as the champion. You see Christian, Iíve beaten you so many times before it just isnít funny anymore. In fact, I think Iíve beaten you more times than the home town boy John Cena, and that is a lot!


Jericho: In fact, I took this title at Summerslam, remember, in the triple threat cage match with you, me and Cena, and that match was just so easy to win against a man who canít wrestle, and a man who is only popular because he occasionally makes some funny comments


Jericho: And thatís all you are really Christian, isnít it? A bit of a joke.


Jericho: I mean, when people think of me, they think of me being the first undisputed champion in the history of the wrestling world. They think of a man who has sold out 20,000 seated stadiums and is a huge rock start with Fozzy. They think of the man who has the greatest talk show in the history of time. And they think of the man who has held this title since Summerslam, has beaten every single person that has been thrown at me, and is the reason that millions of viewers are tuning in right now


Jericho: And you? They think of a man known best for the fact he has never achieved anything, other than a lame promo with Tomko and Maria, who incidentally, are a lot funnier than you are


Jericho: So good luck against Triple H, and to take your choice of words, I really hope you win, because thatís how you roll!


Christian: My God, that was worse than having to listen to one of your records Jericho


Christian: I mean, you really do like the sound of your own voice, donít you?


Christian: And you say Iíve achieved nothing? Wrestlemania 20!


Christian: You remember that do you? You know, when I pinned your ass in the middle of the ring, 1, 2, 3. Or maybe you remember it for the fact I stole your girl from you, and made you look the, how would you phrase itÖ jackass that you are


Christian: But thanks for wishing me luck for next week, and trust me, I will beating Triple H once again next week, and I will go on to Wrestlemania to challenge you for the title. And I will give you, and all these people something to known me by, and that will be a picture of me, holding up the WWE Title in the middle of the ring, after kicking your ass all the way across Chicago


Christian: And thatís, thatís how I roll!

Huge pop, which quickly turns to boos, as HHH comes through the crowd and nails Christian in the back of the head, as he starts a beatdown on him, as Jericho joins in on the attack. HHH nails Christian with the pedigree in the middle of the ring, as the crowd boo this, and Jericho smiles, as if to say everything he was saying is true. Jericho then looks as HHH, and then turns around to exit the ring, only to have Shawn Michaels blast him with the sweet chin music, and then HHH to lay out Jericho with the pedigree in the middle of the ring. The crowd boo, as HHH picks up the title belt, and holds it in his hands, as if to say that this title will be his again, as *King of Kings* hits, while HHH stands tall over both Christian and Jericho in the middle of the ring


We return from the commercial break, and we see Triple H and Shawn Michaels walking backstage, smiling after leaving Christian and Jericho lying out in the middle of the ring. They walk along, when Todd Grisham approaches them

Todd: Triple H, Shawn Michaels, can I just get a quick word with you?

Triple H: UmÖjeezÖ I donít know about this one. Shawn? What doí ya think?

Shawn: I donít know really, because, I mean, what are we going to gain from speaking to someone who probably canít tie his shoelaces yet?

Triple H: Your right there Shawn, but do you want, I think we should give him a shot and see what he has to say

Shawn: Iím not sureÖ butÖ seeing as it is Christmas, why not?

Triple H: Shawn, it ainít Christmas

Shawn: Itís a figure of speech

Todd: Firstly, I was going to ask Shawn about his reaction to Bret Hartís music being played in the middle of his match with Christian earlier tonight, which in a way cost him his place in the Road to Wrestlemania tournament?

Shawn: You want to know my reaction to that Todd? How do you think Iím going to react? Well guess what Todd, Iím not particularly pleased about what just happened to me. I mean, I had a chance to go to Wrestlemania and become the WWE Champion, but now, because of Bret Hart, I donít have that opportunity. But on the other hand, Iím absolutely delighted about it, because it means that Bret Hart is finally taking my offer of a Wrestlemania match seriously. He keeps getting involved in my business, which tells me that he wants this match just as much as I do

Triple H: But he hasnít said yes yet, has he Shawn?

Shawn: You know what Hunter, your damn right about that. Why hasnít he said yes yet? Bret, I know you want this match with me at Wrestlemania, so Iím going to reiterate what I have said before. The challenge is there, all you have to do is say yes. You donít even have to show up in a WWE ring, you donít have to come and sign some kind of contract. All you have to do is accept the challenge, and the match is there. And we all know, that you want this match to happen

Todd: And Triple H, I was going to ask you about your match with Christian next week, where the winner goes on to face Chris Jericho for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania

Triple H: Todd, did you not just see what happened out there? Did you not see me lay out Christian and Chris Jericho with a pedigree in the middle of the ring? Because if you did, you know exactly what is going to happen next week. So Christian may be bragging that he got a few lucky wins over me, but next week, when it really counts, I will be the one who claims the victory. And Christian, Jericho was right when he said he hopes you win the match next week, because he knows that if I win next week, and go to Wrestlemania, his reign with the title will be over, and I will take the title off him, just like I did at Wrestlemania 18. Christian, next week you will get the single biggest ass kicking of your lifetime, because nobody gets in the way of me getting my title shot at Wrestlemania. And Christian, you will find out once again, that I am the Game, I am the King of Kings, and I am just that damn good!

Todd: And are you worried about the comments thay John Bradshaw Layfield has been making about you on Smackdown?

Triple H: Worried? I don't know the meaning of the word. JBL can run his mouth all he likes, but let's face it, everyone knows that I am a bigger superstar than he will ever be. Everyone knows that when I want to, I can go to Smackdown and give him the single biggest asskicking that America has ever seen. And everyone knows that JBL is the one who is scared of me.

Triple H: Well JBL challenged me to come to Smackdown, and jeez, have you seen the guy on the show recently. I mean, 2 weeks ago we appeared on the titantron, and frankly, that almost gave him a corony. So when I do decide to go to Smackdown, I don't think that he is going to be able to survive, just like Ric Flair didn't survive me, and just like Christian won't survive me in the Road to Wrestlemania tournament final next week.

Triple H: And JBL, you can talk all you want about what you've done, but that isn't a patch on any of the achievements that I have ever had in this company, and while I am a future hall of famer, in 5 years time no-oner will even remember who you are! And if you ever get in my way, ever cross my path, hell, even if I decide to turn up on your home turf, for JBL, it will be Game Over!

HHH and HBK then walk off, but we can still here them talking

Shawn: You still going to Washington this week?

Triple H: Do you really need to ask?

Shawn: Didnít think so really, but, can I come along with you?

Triple H: Of course you can. I mean, two heads are better than one

Shawn: Oh, and can we make some kind of stop off in Canada on the way back?

Triple H: Canada? What the hell is your obsession with that place?

Shawn: Itís just that I have to pay a visit to and Ďold friendí of mine, and you know, just see how he and his family are getting on for instance.

Triple H: You know what, that sounds like a good idea. Just out of interest, do I know this Ďold friendí of yours?

Shawn: I may of mentioned him beforeÖ but I think itís time for the Heartbreak Kid to go and break some hearts

The camera then cuts back to JR and The King, who discuss what HHH and HBK have just been discussing, and then they mention that Washington is where Smackdown comes from this week, so maybe HHH will show up on Smackdown.


*Iím Back* hits, and out to the ring comes Eric Bischoff, drawing a huge amount of heat, as they know what is coming now. He strolls down to the ring, with a very serious expression on his face, as he looks at the set up in the ring. He enters the ring, and he takes a microphone, and he stands at the podium

Eric: Tonight, we are all gathered to hear the commemorate the passing of the career of John Cena


Eric: But before I lay this wreath in the middle of the ring, I feel that as the Raw general manager, it is my duty to say a few words on his behalf. Ever since I drafted John Cena to Raw just under a year ago, the two of us havenít really seen eye to eye. I had my way of doing things, and he had his. He was a carefree man, a man who did exactly as he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted.


Eric: But John Cena didnít know when to stop with his childish antics, and act like a real man


Eric: I have no problem with people messing around, cracking a few jokes, and making the Raw locker-room a good, enjoyable place to be. But John Cena wasnít one of those boys in the back who would join in with the games that I would play. John Cena didnít want to sit in the back with me and share a beer, John Cena didnít want anything to do with me


Eric: You see, John Cena was too busy playing up to fans, just like you suckers right here in Boston, Massachusettes;

Heat for the insult of the town and the people

Eric: John Cena was too busy trying to look Ďcoolí and Ďhipí with his 5 knuckle shuffle and his Vanilla Ice impressions to ever truly be one of the lads in the back. And John Cena didnít like the fact I confronted him about this. I knew he was a big star, I knew he could be the next Stone Cold Steve AustinÖ

Bischoff laughs to himself, while the crowd boo for the name of Austin

Eric: I knew that Cena could be the next superstar, so I offered to guide him to that position. I gave him a shot at being the man that Raw would be built around. I went out of my way to make John Cena a star. And what did he do? What did the son of a bitch do? He told me where I could stick my offer with two letters, F-U!

Huge pop from the crowd, for Cena turning Eric down

Eric: He crossed the line, and John Cena paid the ultimate price for it. Just like I did to the WWE when I ran WCW, I made him my number 1 target. I made it my goal to destroy him. I set about ending the career of John Cena. And do you know what? I succeeded!

Huge amounts of heat

Eric: Cena, where are you now, huh? Where are you now? Youíre sitting in some bar somewhere, ordering your 10th shot of whisky so you can knock yourself out, as you cannot take the fact that you lost to Eric Bischoff.


Eric: Youíve got nothing Cena, nothing but a pathetic joke of a career


Eric: And Cena, in a few minutes time, I am going to bury that career for good!

Huge heat

Eric: But Cena, unlike you, I actually have a heart, so I have decided that no obituary would be complete without a selection of highlights from your career. So I have personally, personally taken the time to compile a short video showing exactly what you achieved during your career

We cut to the titantron, and we see a graphic come up, saying ďthe career of John Cena Ė 2002-2006.Ē The tape then starts to role, and we see John Cena make his WWE debut in a losing effort against Kurt Angle. We then see some of the moments from his early career, including when Rikishi out-rapped him in the ring, and when he got destroyed by Brock Lesnar. We then cut to the modern era of John Cenaís career on Raw, including the Coach pinning Cena, albeit with some favourable refereeing from Eric Bischoff. We see Cena lose the WWE title to Jericho, and then be screwed out of regaining it on several occasions, all of those screw jobs caused by Bischoff. We then see the match from the Supershow, when John Cenaís job was on the line against Eric Bischoff, when Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared and stunnered Cena, costing him the match. We see John Cena making a return at the Royal Rumble, only to have Austin screw him out of the match and throw him over the top rope. We then see a clip of Bischoff and Austin standing hand in hand over the fallen body of John Cena, as the clip ends
Eric: Itís so sad to lose someone who I have had such a fond relationship with over the last few months

Eric starts to fake tears from his eyes

Eric: But hey, life has to move on doesnít it?


Eric: But before I lay the career of John Cena to rest, I would like to bring out a close personal friend of mine, and of John Cena to say a few words. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, Jonathon Coachman

*Playas Club* hits, and out comes the Coach to a reasonable amount of heat from the crowd. He comes down to the ring, with a suit on, looking ready to speak to the crowd about Cena. He takes the mic in the ring, and stands at the platform

Coach: Before I start, I would like to thank Eric Bischoff for giving me the opportunity to say a few last words about John Cena. Eric, this means a lot to me. We may no longer have Cena with us, but at least we still have you here on Raw

Heat, as the crowd realise the ass kissing from the Coach is about to begin

Coach: It was always an honour to face John Cena in the ring, as with John, you always knew what you were going to get. You knew he would give you the same crap that he gave every single week.


Coach: You knew that if he came to the ring to cut a promo, he would feed you the same lines each week. You knew that he would tell you how he has the heart of a lion, and would give 110% in the ring. And you people fell for it, but thatís probably because you do not have the capacity to understand it is a logical impossibility to give 110%


Coach: And when you wrestled Cena, you knew that he would do the same comeback in the match each week, you knew exactly what moves he would use, and you knew exactly how his match would end. And Cena, it must have taken some guts to try and pull the wool over the eyes of the fans week after week after week


Coach: I will always look back fondly at the time I went 1 on 1 with you in the ring, as it is a match that I will never forget. I will never forget the time that I pinned your shoulders to the mat 1, 2, 3 and was officially announced as beating John Cena in a wrestling match


Coach: So Cena, I would like to thank you for all the memories that you gave us. Of course, I donít mean all the bad memories like the raps you cut over the years which were just plain embarrassing, but if you want to take that career line then I am not going to stop you


Eric: Thank you for that touching speech Coach, and Iím sure all the chaingang in here tonight will have tears in their eyes after hearing those words


Eric: And there is one more man that I would like to bring down here to share their experiences of John Cena. This man is a former WWE champion. In fact, he held that belt on 6 separate occasions. He is a legend in the WWE, and he has won every single major prize that can possibly be won. He is, Stone Cold Steve Austin

*Glass Shatters* hits, and out to the ring comes Stone Cold, to a huge amount of heat from the crowd, but still with a few cheers. Austin comes out of the ring entrance and storms down to the ring, ignoring all the heat that he is getting from the crowd for turning on John Cena. He enters the ring, and climbs to the turnbuckle, and then does his traditional salute to the crowd, but he raises the finger to the crowd, who boo him even more. He then takes a microphone

Austin: I was sitting at home

What? (from the crowd)

Austin: I said, I was sitting at home


Austin: Are all you people in Boston death or something? Do you not have the ability to understand what I am saying?


Austin: I was sitting at home, watching the television and drinking a beer, when I got a call from Eric Bischoff


Austin: Would you bastards shut up with the what chants?


Austin: What?


Austin: As I was saying, I got a call from Eric. And he told me that right here tonight, in Boston, Massachusettes;, he was going to bury the career of John Cena once and for all


Austin: So I said to Eric, Iíd love to come to help you, but why the hell does it have to be in Boston


Austin: I mean, what the hell is someone like Stone Cold Steve Austin doing in a piece of trash like Boston

Huge amounts of heat

Austin: But I was swayed to come here and say a few words simply because Eric told me I could have all the beer that I wanted


Austin: All the Tequila


Austin: All the whiskey


Austin: All the champagne


Austin: And a promise that I never have to step foot in this town again


Austin: And anyway, I thought it would be rude not to come and say a few words, because I was the one who put John Cena out of a job in the first place


Austin: Ever since that fateful day I have been asked time and time again, why did I screw John Cena, and tonight, I feel that it is time to give you an answer. I screwed John Cena, because Iím Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Iíll do what the hell I like, when I like, and how I like


Austin: If I want to give John Cena a stunner, then bam, John Cena gets hit with a stunner. If I want to shoot on Boston then I will shoot on Boston. If I want a steveweiserÖ I said, if I want a steveweiser, then I will get myself a steveswieser.

Austin is thrown a steveswieser, and he cracks it open, and drinks it in the middle of the ring

Austin: And if want to be the one to end the career of John Cena, then that is exactly what I am about to do.


Austin: Cena, good riddance to your pathetic excuse of a career, your pathetic attempt to be the next Stone Cold, and your pathetic life.


Austin: So I officially pronounce the career of John Cena dead, and thatís the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so!

Huge amounts of heat, as Austin picks up another beer, and drinks it, before spitting on the wreath of John Cenaís career. He, the Coach, and Bischoff raise their hands together in the middle of the ring, as the crowd boos the hell out of this segment. They are about to leave the ring and light the wreath to cremate it, when *My Time Is Now* hits, to an absolutely massive pop from the crowd. The three men in the ring looked shocked, as they see John Cena walk out from the entrance ramp, and come out with a microphone in his hands. He puts his hands up in the air, and the crowd cheer him

Eric: What the hell are you doing in my arena? What the hell are you doing here? Youíre not on the Raw roster, and Cena, I want you out of here right this second. Security, get this intruder out of here!

Heat, but no security come out, as Cena then takes the mic

Cena: Eric the security wonít be coming to stop me, because theyíll have nothing to do
And Eric, Iíve got a story that needs to be told to you

You see, when I got fired last year I didnít take it too well
In fact, not being able to wrestle was just like being sent to hell

So one day, I was sitting at home on the couch wondering what to do with my life
And it hit me Eric, Iíd look at the pornographic pictures of your wife

Eric, youíve done well for yourself there, I mean, all I can think when I saw her was phwoarÖ
But then it hit that just like you, sheís nothing but a cheap, washed up, whore

And then I got a call from one Vincent Kennedy McMahon telling me I was needed to come back to Raw
Because without me, and with Bischoff running the show, he thought it was just a bore

So Vince gave me a contract, and I signed it on the dotted line
So everything here on Raw Eric, is about to be pretty damn fine

You see Eric this time my contract has a clause in it, and you canít give me a P-45
So Eric, it looks like my career you tried to bury is very much alive

(Eric goes to shout back at Cena, but Cena starts taking again before he can do so)

Eric, it looks like you canít take that, but please, donít destroy everyone with another one of your whines
But if you want to make yourself feel better, then go and hire a prostitute and take it from behind

Or better still Eric, save yourself the cash and use someone you already know
Because in the ring right now you have the Coach, who looks ready to give something a blow

Oh whatís the matter Coach, donít want people knowing what you get up in your spare time
But Iím not going to judge you at all, because being a homosexual, thatís not a crime

And Stone Cold Steve Austin, I never tried to copy and do the same things you do
And if you think that all I am is Texas redneck copycat, then Austin, F-U

So what if Iím a rebel and stick it to the man like you did Austin, this country is free
And Austin, Iím not trying to be you, and if you canít see that, then you canít see me!

But you have a problem with me, you cost me my job, and Iím not going to get that go
So Austin, hereís a challenge, me and you, one on one in the ring, yes or no

So Austin, the challenge is there, me and you, anytime, anywhere, Iím ready to fight
But do you have the balls to step up and face me, or has your rattlesnake lost its bite!

So come on Austin accept the challenge and do as your T-Shirt says and Fock Fear
But be prepared to get your arse kicked, because the champ is here!

Cena throws the mic down, and then he sprints into the ring, looking to go at it with Austin, Eric and the Coach. The Coach is sent as the sacrificial lamb by Bischoff, only to have him knocked down by a huge diving shoulder by Cena. Cena then stands over the Coach, and goes for the 5 knuckle shuffle on him, and he hits it, getting a huge pop from the crowd. Cena then picks up the Coach, and he throws him over the top rope to the floor. He turns around, and Eric swings a chair and Cena, but Cena ducks it, and then lifts Eric into the air, and nails the F-U on him, with Bischoff crashing down to the mat. He then locks eyes with Austin, as the crowd are loving this, and getting 100% behind Cena. Austin senses this, and he starts to run away from Cena, and he slides out of the ring, and then he starts to run around it, trying to get away from Cena. Cena follows him, not wanting to let Austin get away, only for Austin to slide into the ring. Cena follows him into it. However, Austin is waiting for Cena, and he nails him with a right hand, and then another one, before a shot to the stomach. He then flips the bird to Cena, and goes for the stunner. However, Cena counters it, and pushes Austin away and then nails Austin with the steel chair, knocking him down. Austin then struggles back up, only for Cena to plant him with the F-U, getting a huge pop from the crowd

Cena: Austin, it looks like I just kicked your arse, and thatís the bottom line, because John Cena said so!

Huge pop, as Cena throws the mic down on Austin, and stands tall of him in the middle of the ring, as Raw comes to a close

Sunday Night Heat - March 5th

Matt Hardy def. Rene Dupree with the twist of fate
Chris Masters def. Val Venis with the masterlock
The Spirit Squad (Kenny and Jonny) def. Jobbers with the diving leg drop from Kenny
Trish Stratus def. Victoria with the chick kick
The Teachers held an edition of the Teachers classroom in which they talked about their dominance over Punked for Kash, which led to PFK coming out, and beating down the Teachers to a pop. Heat ended with Punked for Kash and Trish standing tall over The Teachers, and with their respective title belts in their hands

Wrestlemania 22 Card

World Heavyweight Title
Edge (c) w/Lita vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit

WWE Title
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Christian w/Tyson Tomko or Triple H

Intercontinental Title and the MITB Contract
Ladder Match
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Gregory Helms vs. Charlie Haas vs. Matt Hardy vs. Chris Masters vs. AJ Styles

Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

I'm going to say that from this oepning match, we're in for a major night. And these two will always put on a clinic and wiat here comes Hardy, Masters, Helms and Haas, and it seems like my thought of a MITB in this thread is on! Out comes Bischoff and he confirms it, IC belt and MITB on the line, a double insentive for the winner, can't wait for the match

HHH goes over Taker thanks to RVD, who does turn heel on Undertaker and costs him the match, and then he cuts a hugely powerful promo, criticizes the fans and now it looks like a mouth watering RVD/Taker WM match is on, and I can't wait for it

Heyman now comes out and turns heel, aligning with RVD and then books a Hardcore title match which RVD takes off Snitsky, I can see a Hardcore match between RVD & Taker now taking place at WM

Hassan/Rock is an odd feud to do, but hopefully Rock will get the win at WM, as Hassan isn't in the class of Rock really, but the build up should be great

Ha Angle wins over "Mysterio" easily, not keen on this match but atleast I know it'll produce some quality at WM, the build up hasn't been as strong though

Christian gets the win over HBK and now faces HHH next week, which will mean JBL shows up to screw HHH over and Christian will face Jericho from the signs of things, as Y2J comes out post match and runs his mouth

Hmm, HHH & HBK end up "working" together here, more signs that DX may be coming back. Seems like they're hitting the road together, and DX must reform after this promo

Bischoff, Coach & Austin all come out and run their mouths, with the so called funeral about to start. This is going on and on, and finally Cena shows up to break the rambling. Nice rap from Cena, haven't seen one of those in this thread for AGES, and then he destroys Eric & Coach, and then plants an FU to Austin. And Cena ends the show on top

Very good show FD, one of your all round best 8.5/10


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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

WWE RAW – February 27th

Interesting opener for a weekly show. It was a good contest between both guys and they did their best to produce a great back and forth action throughout the match. Intereferences in this match were also good because I can imagine the crowd going well at it. At the end, Shelton Benjamin, finds a way and becomes the new Intercontinental Champion and it really came out of nowhere, so that’s great. Oh, Eric’s here, let’s see what he’s gonna do now. Whoa! Definitely an amazing match had been announced man. Announcers were right.

Great back-to-back matches d00d. All about this match was screwjob. RVD screws Undertaker and hands the win of this match to Triple H. So now, Triple H has to face either Christian or Shawn Michaels. Brutal aftermath to it also. Wow man, I didn’t expect RVD to cost that much to Taker. Anyways, the promo was amazing. I could find nothing wrong in that and Heyman was also right in character and in last, he turned on the fans also and the combination of RVD and Heyman could be huge, once more, but I don’t think that they’ll be able to beat Undertaker though. I really did not expect RVD to win the title. But anyways, RVD vs. Taker, with the Hardcore Championship on the line at Mania?

In Hassan’s promo, I could find intensity. This promo was executed nicely and Hassan was right on the spot. So far I’ve been impressed by this feud. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rock shows up tonight. And hopefully, at Mania, Hassan somehow finds a way to get a win over Rock, because I’d like Hassan to go over Rock here.

Lmao at “Rey Mysterio” .Rofl. I could imagine that funny match. Not that, I couldn’t also call that a match. Just a squash. I hope that Mysterio shows up here at RAW and does something nice. But I could just hope on that. Angle vs. Mysterio needs some major build-up though.

It was a damn good match. I wish I could see that match live because I know their capabilities of producing a five star match. 20+ minutes mark also makes the match even more interesting. So, Christian wins over Shawn Michaels. And what a nice way to end the match, involving Tomko, lol. Christian vs. HHH at the finals, and this will the re-match from their matches, which they’ve had in past. Whoa! Great promo their and the aftermath to the promo was just insane. Loved it. Seems like HHH has got the main-advantage here, but I still think that Christian would find a way to win this match.

Seems to be that the new D-X might get re-united here. But I don’t think that it’ll happen because both guys will have to mind their own business after they are done through which they want. And oh, I almost forgot about JBL. Now I am predicting JBL to show up next week and cost Triple H his chance to get the throne. And then Christian vs. Jericho at Wrestlemania! That’d be huge mate.

Awesome promo man. Loved it. But I think that maybe this was dragged on too much. Apart from that, everything was just awesome! Bischoff and Coach really made me laugh and Austin was also in character. Same goes with Cena and I could imagine crowd’s reaction when Cena came out and beat the crap out of Austin and his mates. Looks like to me that John Cena vs. Austin for Mania is set.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Looked like a great show man. I'll drop a review up as soon as possible, but I just finsihed two for Wolfy and Renegade, so I'm going to take a little break

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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

ORRY'S Raw Review

AJ Styles vs. Shelton Benjamin:
What a way to open what is sure to be a phenomenal show, with AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin getting it on for the Intercontinental Champiopnship! Great back and forth action here, with all the uppder-mid card heels and faces getting invloved. Benjamin steals a win despite Hardy's best efforts to help his friend, and Shleton claims the IC Title.

Eric Bicshoff Announcement: Bicshoff makes his way to the ring, and announces the huge 6 man Ladder Match at Mania, with not only the IC Title on the line, but the Money in the Bank contract as well. I see Hardy winning th MITB contract, and AJ the IC Title.

HHH vs. Undertaker: What a match, PPV quality right here, with Rob Van Dam making a shock appearance to screw Taker out of a win! HHH is set to face Christian or HBK next week for a shot at Y2J at Mania, and it looks like we will see RVD/Taker as well.

Rob Van Dam Promo: Good heel promo from RVD, officially making the transition from face to heel. Heyman comes out and alligns himself with Mr Monday Night, and books this match.......

Rob Van Dam vs. Snitsky: Van Dam squashes Snistky, and easily takes his Title away from him, and now it looks like Taker and Van Dam will get it on in a Hardcore Match at WM!

Muhammad Hassan Promo: Great promo from Hassan, btw you're spelling his name wrong You could feel the emotion radiating from the Arabian Superstar, and I can't wait to see how you continue to build his feud with The Rock until Mania!

Kurt Angle vs. "Rey Mysterio": Funny little match here, with Angle getting one up on Rey by squashing, well by squashing Rey I would like to see these two interact a little more, but I guess we'll see that in the coming weeks.

Christian vs. HBK: Awesome match, MOTN so far, with Christian picking up a hard fought victory over HBK. The match was greart, as should the final next week be, but I see JBL making an appearance to cost HHH is chance at wrestling for the Title, setting up Jericho/Christian!

Jericho/Christian Promo: This definatly confirms Christian will be defeating HHH next week, I can't wait for Mania where Captain Chrisma finaly get's his shot- should be an awesome match!

HHH/HBK Promo: After reading this, I can see a reformtaion of DX in the near future, it should be interesting to see how they go as heels. Then again, this could always be a one off segment right

John Cena's Funeral: Awesome segment man, very well written dude. Everyone involved was in character, and Cena's rap was fantastic. Great way to end the show, and it loooks like Austin/Cena is all but set!

Overall: Awesome show dude, a great read and I'm looking forward to further shows like these in the coming weeks leading up to Wrestlemania! 9/10!!!

Booking Credentials
# Captain of Team Oceania- 2007 BTB World Cup
# Breakout Star of 2006
# Third in WF's Favourite Booker Award 2006
# 5th in the First Annual BTB Promo Tourmament
# Best New Booker x1
# Best New BTB x1
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

WWE RAW Ė February 27th

Big claim to make, with some truly awesome editions of Raw in the past to live up to here.

And you're off to a hot start right away, with a new champion being crowned. All the run ins sets up a future announcement for MITB, and Helms could well break off into a feud with Styles alone, with that uncalled for screw job.

Major MITB / Intercontinental Championship Match announced for WM (not to give anything away, but I have something similar planned too - I guess the old saying of great minds think alike is appropriate here ) Benjamin, Styles, Helms, Masters, Haas, Hardy makes for an interesting line up, which could steal the show for sure if done right.

ARGHHHHH!!! Triple H is in the finals. And interestingly, RVD is the one to screw Taker over, as speculated by a few people last week. Excellent beat down from Van Dam - very extreme beatdown to say the least - with a follow up promo which was terrific. Not sure if there'll be an explanation as to why / how Heyman was allowed to show up on Raw, and make a match too. Great heat for this segment though for sure.

Van Dam takes the Hardcore title from Snitsky, and could add some much needed credibility to the Hardcore title, but where did Taker go during all of this?? Anyways, Van Dam and Taker have had some really awesome match ups in the past, and I expect much the same when they inevitably hook it up at Wrestle Mania.

Didnt realise Hassan had never lost. Was he not the Intercontinental Champion at one point last year, before losing the belt to AJ Styles?? Anyways, great justification reasons for Hassan to want a piece of The Rock, who would be a perfect enemy for Hassan here. I expect a major comeback from Rock on Smackdown, which will be a huge test for Kane01, to see if he can come up with the goods on that promo. The material is there for something awesome.

Decent way to keep the Angle - Mysterio feud in the forefront of the readers minds, with Kurt defeating an imposter of Mysterio in dominant fashion. It's hard to see where the feud goes from here to reach Wrestle Mania with a lot of heat.

Big announcement for the 1st HoF inductee this year, and Savage is certainly worthy.

Christian advances as he had to, over Michaels in what appeared to be a fantastic match up, to determine the second finalist for the RTWMT. Like how Tomkos interference is now cheered. Excellent little touch.

Planting the seed early for Christian - Jericho at Wrestle Mania it seems, with Captain Charisma and Y2J involving themselves in a terrific bit of verbal sparring, which could be massively entertaining in the run up to Wrestle mania. DX - well, sort of - then attack Christian and Jericho, leaving me to speculate a tag match down the road in a few weeks time between HHH & HBK vs Christian and Jericho, which could be off the charts.

Still dont expect Triple H to show up on Smackdown this week, but I like how you're building up the anticipation for it, rather than the predictable, show up and attack we'd normally see. The promo went a little too long here for me, but got all its main talking points across nicely.

And the funeral. Had a very, 'over the top' feel, as all WWE weddings / special non wrestling segments usually do, which is a bonus. Although the segment appeared to go for a long time between Bischoff and Coach, it had a feeling to it that it had to go that way, rather than rushing through to the main points.

However, once it got to Austin and Cenas return, it both picked up momentum, but at the same time fell apart. Austin was bang on character, without any hiccups. Getting over his heel traits absolutely to a tee. You had everything motoring along perfectly, even with the throwing beer on the wreath cheap heat, then, at least in my opinion, the promo went wrong.

When Cena entered the arena, he just appeared to be too calm imo. I was expecting a fired up, pissed off Cena, that had been screwed over too many times to be rapping now. I definately think it was right for him to explain why he was back, but the rap - albeit one of the better raps I've read - just wasnt right for this occassion. Would've been perfect for Cena to open the show with next week having got a mesure of revenge tonight, but imo, he should've made a quick statement as to why he's back, then stormed the ring and kicked ass. However, having said that, being individuals, we're going to do things differently. And, I'd expect pretty much everyone else to disagree with my comments here, but thats just my opinion.

And you had Cena say arse in the last line, instead of ass.

Overall, there are very few faults I can find with the show, and can see why you've rated it as one of your best. I'd say in terms of drama and in ring quality, it's definately a fair shout for the best weekly show you've put out there, which has to be seen as a great sign with Wrestle Mania fast approaching.
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Raw Review

Styles vs. Benjamin - Wow, the whole mid-card division basically got in in this match, with an ending, I didn't like at all (I mean, I wanted Styles to win, not that it was written bad). Shelton Benjamin wins the IC Title, and will face Hardy, if I'm correct, at Wrestlemania for the title, however, I see this match becoming a huge 6 man match.

Bischoff Promo - Oh snap! I was right with the 6 man match, and I didn't even read ahead. Not only is the match a 6 man match for the IC title, but it's a ladder with a money in the bank contract at the top. So, maybe, just maybe, that's why Styles lost, so he can win the MITB briefcase. Some great match announcements for next week as well.

Triple H vs. Undertaker - Oh snap! Once again, another thriller. Rob Van Dam screws Taker out of the semi-final match, with Triple H winning it. I didn't see this coming, and that just in fact, probably means, RVD vs. Taker, Wrestlemania, oh it's on!

RVD Promo - RVD heel turn, I'm guessing, from this promo. Back to his old self. The 23 month title reign self. RVD then explains why he did, what he did to Taker. Heyman comes out, acts like a face for a bit, before joining forces with RVD. Damn, how things change so fast. Then it's Snitsky vs. RVD for the title.

RVD vs. Snitsky - Wow, like wow. The challenger didn't even stand a chance as we have a new Hardcore champion. This actually leads me to believe RVD will put the title on the line at WM against Taker.

Hassan Promo - Great promo here, as Hassan says the usual, and is fully in character. Can't wait for this Rock/Hassan feud, because I know they can put on a show.

Angle vs. Rey - For a second there, I thought was really Mysterio, but I read it over, and it was an imposter. Angle up to old tricks as he's trying to get to Mysterio's head. This is another match I can't wait for, as I know they can put on a spectacle.

Christian vs. HBK - Hitman hits once again. Doesn't really cause him to lose, but it also does cause him to lose at the same time. Hart's tricks are really getting to HBK now, I know it. Christian winning is good, as I predict a Christian/Jericho match at Wrestlemania despite the rumours, and news.

Jericho/Christian Promo - Damn! What a battle of words from these two talented guys with mic skills. Just from this, I can picture Jericho vs. Christian at Mania, but...Triple H took out the both of them and stoud tall in the middle of the ring, so that, that can definitely change my mind. However, I don't recall if its in this thread or not, but isn't Trips feuding with JBL in a way.

Triple H/HBK Promo - DX! Well, they didn't say it, but you know it's coming. So, I was right, Trips is in a way feuding with JBL, so I don't at all expect him to win the tourney. HBK had some harsh words for Hart as well. Both men had some harsh, and some funny lines. Amazing promo here. Loved it.

Cena's Funeral - Oh damn, great lines from Bischoff, which are really suitable for this funeral. Bischoff explains himself, talks about Cena, and puts him down. Great video package in the middle of it. Some words from Coach, which is realistic, as he's the type of guy that does that kind of stuff. Eric then introduces Austin. Austin plays a great heel, especially with the lines he uses. This Austin part reminds me of something. Can't get my finger on hit though. Definitely some great words from him though. Ugh. Cena rapping. Nonetheless, a great rap from Cena, which explains how he came back, and such. The wife part was good. Great ending with Cena taking out Bischoff, Coach, and Austin.

Overall - What can I say? You said it best, as you said, this is one of your best shows. The matches were amazing, exciting, and all. The promos were easily the best I've seen from you. I see your going full-tilt into Wrestlemania, and I can honestly say, I can't wait to read it.

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