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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Forever-Delayed's Raw Review:

Decent opening promo though half and half of it was recapped. Seemed like it would have been funny, especially the part with Tomko yelling out random stuff at Hassan and Daivari. I'm going to say next week, somehow Hassan finds a way to win.

Triple H in the curtain jerker? That's got to be a shocker there! No, moving on really, as Triple H gets the win. Guess we'll be getting Triple H and JBL afterall, let's see how you do this and like Wolfy said, hopefully someone turns face, preferably H.

Short and sweet win for 'Taker, not much more can be said.

Now onto this, Cena and Austin buildup has been great, going constanly since December and it's good too. It's been spaced out and shows you a good feud can be drawn out long. It's going to be intresting to see what you do with this now on.

Yah, Hurricane is no more. Shame too because it's hard to find anyone doing the Hurricane anymore, maybe because Gregory Helms is a great character and you know I like him! Hopefully this means Helms gets some type of spot come 'Mania.

I think there's only so much more than can end up being done with this feud now, the women have pretty much been involved too. Hopefully the blowoff match comes at 'Mania in possibly a new gimmicked match as we've already had a Ladder Match.

Michaels does get the win and he needed it after his loss last week in the WWE title matchup. He needed some type of redemption and that's what he ended up getting. Now Michaels moves on next week and could we end up seeing Hart soon?

D-X might get back together after 'Mania, the way things are looking right about now, I believe. Either way, both HBK and HHH going to Smackdown this week should be good, can't really tell what HBK is going to do but hey, they might "invade" Smackdown.

Cocky, athletic Shelton Benjamin could be a pretty good character me thinks and I believe he will win. He like HBK earlier needs some redemption after their losses and I see a Styles/Benjamin feud coming. If so, then it's heading towards 'Mania. Benjamin does get the win as expected.

As I predicted last week, Mysterio does cost Angle the matchup and RVD, who I think is moving on to 'Mania gets the win. Nice little aftermath with the 619 and all and Angle/Mysterio continues, perhaps one of the best feuds you have going now.
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Hey FD I'll have a review for RAW up this arvo, it looked to be a good show from the skim I did.


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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

RAW Review is half done. Expect it tomorrowish.
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Good promo to start the show,hyping up their match next week. Loving Tomko screaming back at Davairi lol.

A decent match here suprised it went that long really, but you are using Tomko very well in this thread. I believe another millions viewers just tuned it because Smackdown is on Raw! Good little segment by my man and i wonder if HHH has the guts to turn up on Smackdown?

Meh no suprise here as Taker advances and he will get very far in this tourny.

Good little segment here between AJ and Matt, maybe a possible feud between the two in the near future?

Filler match here really, a good victory for MNM. Looks like Hurricarana to Shane Helms which is great as the Hurricane Gimmick has gotten old.

Good to see the Tag Division getting a bit of focus with PFK appearing on the Highlight Reel. Good ending to with with a brawl between the two teams. Alexis joins in the attack and at the moment i think that we might have a 6 man tag at Mania with both Tag Titles and Women Titles on the line.

Was expecting Haas to go through and Have Bret cost HBK, but it looks like that has been saved for a later round. This would of been a great match, you made Hass look like a credible opponent.

Good promo here and looks like we might have another DX renunion?

Decent promo here, Shelton isn't the greatest on the mic but you made it decent enough.

Good match here and Shelton goes onto face AJ Styles in the future, and i believe Shelton could very well win the title as AJ has held for quite a while now i believe.

Another great main event going over the 20 minute mark. And the ratings for this show must be very high with JBL appearing and now Rey Mysterio! Rey fires the first shot in the rivalry costing Angle his match and RVD gets a big win.

Overall: 83/100
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

ORRY'S Raw Review

Opening Promo: Very solid start to the show, with Christian and Hassan exchanging words. I see Christian winning next week, and if he doesnt win the Tourney, I see him facing Hassan at Mania!

Undertaker vs. Kenny: Squash here, with Taker picking up the very obvious win. I can see him winning this Tournament, and going on to face Jericho at WM!

Matt Hardy/AJ Styles Segment: God little segment between these talented stars, and I'm pulloing for a Hardy win tonight, I would love to see a match between the two at Mania!

MNM vs. Hurricane and Rosey: Filler match, and it looks like Hurricane is no more- bring on Gregory Helms!

Highlight Reel: It's a shame you don't write put your promos in full, because this could have be an awesome segment. This feud is really heating up, and the blow off match at Wm should be huge!

Charlie Hass vs. HBK: Hopeing for Hass to advance, but HBK keeps his credibiltiy by defeating the talented youngster. I expect Hart to make an appearance very, very soon.

HHH/HBK Segment: POTN here, with former DX Members making us feel like a reunion may be in the future! We'll have to wait and see.

Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Masters: Hoping for Hardy to win and further push the Styles/Hardy feud, but Shelton winning is ok, maybe Hardy will get involved in the Title Match? Hardy has the Game next week, and I expect Triple H to go over, although mirracles do happen

Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam: MOTN, a truely great main event, with Van Dam advancing in the Tournament! Rey distracts Angle, and the hype for this mammoth feud continues to be built!

Overall: A very solid show, great hype towards Mania, can't wait for next week man 8/10!

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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

RAW Review

Christian/ Hassan Opening Promo
Good promo to start off the show. I can definately see that Christian will pick up the win there, and he is the guy that I think will win the tournament. I thought it was pretty funny when Davari stared yelling at him in Farsi, and then Tomko came back yelling at him in random jibberish.

HHH vs. Tomko
Nothing much here, but it's nice to see HHH advance in this tournament. I like how JBL gave him an open invitation to come on to his show. I can see him excepting it.

Taker vs. Kenny
Short and nice performance from Taker who gets the squash. Sadly I see him losing next round.

Bischoff Promo
Nice promo, and I'm loving this Cena-Austin feud. Those two will definately have a final match at WM which is shaping up to be one hell of a show.

MNM vs. Superheros
We finally see The Hurricane's turn to Gregory Helms. I love his character, so I can not wait to see how you use him.

Highlight Reel
This would have been probably the best promo of the night if you had this done in full. I love the team of Punked for Kash, and I really hope that they can come out with the Tag Titles.

HBK vs. Hass
This would have been an awsome match to see in full or on T.V. Nice to see HBK take the win, but I definately don't see HBK advancing much further as he is already in a program with Bret HArt.

HHH/HBK Segment
Wow this was a fantastic promo, and could DX come back in your thread? I doubt it, but you can never say never. Nice to see both guys going to Smackdown together which could only mean trouble for JBL.

Shelton vs. Hardy vs. Masters
Great match here, and nice Shelton getting the win here giving him a nice push. I can see Shelton finally taking the title off of Styles as he has had it for a pretty long time.

Angle vs. RVD
What a great match with it definately the MOTN. I love how RVD picked up the win, and hopefully he can win the torunament and go onto become the champion at WM. I like how Rey came out and contiued his feud with Kurt Angle.

Overall this was a great show even if you didn't write out all the promos in full. Overall I give the show an 8.5/10.
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

I'll just answer a few of the queries that same up from the last Raw here

Firstly, I’ll just say that the location issue is entirely my fault, as I totally misread the dates when I was getting them from OWW, and used the locations for the weak beforehand, so the show did from Greensboro, and Smackdown comes from Norfolk this week

Taker does have a match planned for Mania, and soon enough everything about it will become clear.

DX Re-union??? It could happen, and there have been hints in earlier shows about it, especially the Raw after the RR, but nothing is confirmed yet.

The ratings for Raw may have been slightly up this week with some of the Smackdown stars appearing on the show, but Smackdown’s ratings will be doubled, if not trebled, due to the fact HHH and HBK may be showing up, and Angle may be looking for revenge

The tag fued - i'm currently not entirely sure about what will happen at Wrestlemania, as i decided that the match i had planned wasnt going to fit in on the Mania card, so i am trying to come up with a new way to finish the feud. I'll come up with something, i just dont quite know what yet

Just a comment about the promos. The one’s that were written out in full were the ones that I had got done before I was struck down with Glandular Fever, and as I didn’t feel well at all for the next few weeks afterwards (still don’t feel that much better now), I just re-capped them and have a few shows done in re-cap form. Next’s weeks Raw is another full re-cap, but again is very detailed (more detailed than the recap bits on this show). The week after that is done in full, as it is a key show on the Road to Wrestlemania, and there are bits of it that had to be explained fully, so it was written out in full. Plus, it is two hours of non-stop excitement, so I wasn’t going to recap that. The show after that is currently sitting as a recap, but after that, everything should be done in full
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Very bored at the moment so i have decided to post this a day earlier than i was expecting.

WWE Smackdown from Norfolk Virginia-17th February

The Smackdown opening video plays with the Smackdown theme music playing and then we cut to the arena where there is pyros going off from the ramp. We then quickly pan around the arena before going over to Cole and Tazz.

Cole: Welcome to the WWE Smackdown live from Norfolk Virginia I’m Michael Cole I’m alongside Tazz, and we are two days away from the final PPV before the grand daddy of them all as No Way Out comes to you this Sunday. What a night however tonight is going to be

Tazz: We have a rocket buster of a main event as we have a huge 8 man tag match as the World Heavyweight Champion Edge teams up with Carlito, Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton to face Batista, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio and the Rock.

Cole: That is going to be huge plus we will see a 3 on 2 Handicap Match as the Cabinet take on Kane and Big Show plus the number 1 contender for the tag team titles are on the line as Triple X face the Dudley Boys and Brock Lesner is in singles competition. What a card we have for you tonight.

“Metalingus” Edge’s music hits and he comes out with his girlfriend Lita to some huge heat. Edge comes out holding his World Title looking very proud and cocky. He gets in the ring and takes a mic off Tony Chimmel. Edge is about to speak when boos from the crowd cut him off. He then goes to speak again.

Edge: Do you know what, I’M SICK OF THIS! I am the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all time, I give my heart and soul for this business, and how do you pay me back by TREATING ME LIKE CRAP! Well you people should be ashamed of yourselves, the only things which deserved to be treated like crap is each and every one of you fans.

Crowd boos

Edge: Since I have held this title, there hasn’t been a day when someone has not come up to me and told me that I am a fluky champion. You people say that I only am holding the title because I beat somebody who just wrestled a 30 minute match seconds before I beat him, how that I only beat Rey Mysterio at Armageddon because of interference by Randy Orton, how I only beat The Rock at the Rumble because I got help from Lita, how I beat the Rock again thanks to interference by Ken Kennedy.

Crowd shout Kennnnedddddyyy

Edge: And now I have heard since last week, that I gave the ticket to Brock Lesner for No Way Out so he can come and help me beat Batista at No Way Out. Well I don’t need his help I can beat that steroided son of a bitch Batista by myself. I gave the ticket to Lesner as a friendly thing, because that man did not deserve to be treated the way he was by Mick Foley. He didn’t deserve that just like I don’t deserve to put the title on the line as much as I have I faced Rock twice in the last two weeks and he now puts me in a match with Batista. What the hell is wrong with Foley, Batista does not deserve a title shot. Well Foley try all you like, nobody will ever take this baby from me. And especially not you Batista, because at No Way Out I will give you the beating of your life, even worse than the one I gave to you two weeks ago. And incase if you half witted morons can’t remember what happened two weeks ago here it is. Show the clip

Batista’s music immediately hits and the new number 1 Contender comes down to the ring looking ready to fight like Lesner. But as he is about to get in the ring the World Heavyweight Champion Edge smashes a steel chair off the spine of Batista, before taking him down with a shot to the skull. Lesner smiles before rolling to the outside and joining Edge in beating down Batista who has just came back from injury. Brock Lesner then gets another chair and he and Edge both have chairs in their hands and they wait for Batista to get up, and they hit the conchairco attacking Batista again, just a night after he has come back from injury from what Lesner did to Batista on the first Smackdown of the new year.
The crowd boos seeing the clip

Edge: Now Batista just looking at that clip made me think, and that is your not focused on the Rated R Superstar, your more focused on Brock Lesner.

Crowd boos

Edge: Now Batista if I was you I would stop thinking about Brock Lesner. Brock Lesner is dangerous, but I am not the World Champion for no reason at all. It is because I am the best in the business. I scratched and crawled my way to the top, unlike you Batista, you got your way to the top by making yourself a steroided freak. And Batista you may be built up and look like Godzilla, but at No Way Out I will make you look like Mickey Mouse as I will kick your ass, and the Rated R Superstar will go onto Wrestlemania, and you can bank on that.

“I Walk Alone” Batista’s music hits and he comes out to a thunderous ovation. He makes his way to the ring and takes a mic.

Batista: Edge, Edge…..

Edge: Shut up this is my time to speak so hit the bricks toots……….

Batista: SHUT UP!

Crowd pops for Batista shutting up Edge.

Batista: Edge you complain about how everybody calls you a lucky champion. Well Edge you will be lucky if you can walk after our match on Sunday.

Crowd pops

Batista: Edge two weeks ago you didn’t prove anything except that you are a spineless coward. Well Edge I’m here, come on hit me give me your best shot.

Edge doesn’t move a muscle.

Batista: Oh yeah I forgot I have to turn my back to you, since you can only attack people from behind.

Batista turns around as Edge’s face gets red in anger. Batista turns around after about 10 seconds.

Batista: Yeah my point has been proved, your nothing but a spineless coward. You can cheat your way to keep that title, but at No Way Out I’m gonna make sure that doesn’t happen. And I have already done one thing, I talked to Foley and he agreed with me. Edge you seem to use that Bitch over there to help keep your title. But at No Way Out she can not screw anyone as she is barred from ringside.

Crowd cheers as Edge can not believe it as Lita tries to reassure him.

Batista: And if Brock Lesner tries to interfere from the crowd, I will finish the score between us.

Crowd pops

Batista: Edge you have had your time in the spotlight. But the only thing everybody will remember from your joke of a title reign, is keeping it warm to give to me, because this Sunday I will rightfully regain what is mine and that is the World Heavyweight Championship and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

Crowd pops as Edge puts the mic in his hand to his face.

Edge: Do you know fair enough I don’t need Lita at ringside. Actually I don’t even need to appear at No Way Out.

Crowd boos

Edge: Because knowing you, you will tear a ligament just reaching over for the Remote Control.

Some laughs are heard but is then quickly replaced by boos.

Edge: And if there the small chance of you getting there happens, I suggest you to turn around or I will be making you my Bitch!

Crowd boos

Batista: Edge do you mean Bitch as like that one Lita, or the first word which comes out of your mouth after I beat your sorry ass for the World Heavyweight Title?

Crowd pops

Batista: Edge all I hear from your mouth is crap. Edge you are not the Rated R Superstar, you are not the most watched superstar of all time. All you are is a self centred Piece of SHIT!

Edge can’t believe what Batista just said and he runs up at him and goes for s Spear, but Batista catches him with a Spinebuster! Batista then signals for the Batista Bomb as he shakes the ropes but Lita jumps onto his back and starts strangling Batista. Big mistake though there by Lita as Batista pulls her off by her hair. Batista then grabs Lita by the hair and looks around the arena as the fans cheer him on wanting him to hit Lita but Edge saves Lita hitting a spear onto Batista. Edge then raises his World Title in the air and puts his foot on the chest of Batista before taunting to him with his belt as we go to commercial

Commercial Break

Cole: Before the break we saw a despicable moment as Edge cheap shotted Batista hitting him with the Spear.

Tazz: Well Batista has his chance to get revenge later on in the evening in the 8 man tag team match. But it’s now time for some Cruiserweight Action.

Billy Kidman’s music hits and he comes out to some boos from the crowd, he comes out looking very cocky.

“Oooooo Chavo” Chavo Guerrero’s music hits and he comes out to a good pop by the crowd.

Match 1
Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero v Billy Kidman

Summary: Good match to kick-off the wrestling side of Smackdown with some high flying Cruiserweight action. Chavo got a bright start to the match not letting Kidman getting any offence in hitting some of his traditional moves. The turn around came when Kidman caught Chavo with a dropkick as Chavo came off the top with a diving crossbody. Kidman used some of his traditional moves aswell but he also used some heel tactics to keep himself ahead of Chavo. Chavo Guerrero got himself back into the match after countering the BK Bomb into a Tornado DDT. The match got quicker and turned into a more back and forth style with both men coming close to victory.

Finish: Chavo starts pounding away at Kidman, until Kidman saves himself with a rake to the eyes of Chavo. Kidman then chops away at him against the ropes, he then whips him off the ropes and tries to catch him with a high elbow, but Chavo ducks and comes back with a tilt a whirl hurricarana. Chavo then picks up Kidman and hits him with a brain buster. Chavo Guerrero then climbs up onto the top rope, he taunts the crowd before coming off the top with a frog splash but Kidman gets his knees up. A huge awe of pain is shown by the face of Chavo, Kidman gets to his feet and picks up Chavo and whips him off the ropes and catches him with a BK Bomb this time connecting. Kidman is then about to make the cover only for Paul London to get in the ring and take Kidman down with a spinning wheel kick causing the ref to ring the bell.

Winner of this match via DQ Billy Kidman

After the match Paul London and Billy Kidman get into a brawl in the ring as we see Frankie Kazarian appear on the ramp smiling with both men tearing away at each other days before their match. Referee’s get into the ring and split the two men in the ring up as Kazarian holds his title in the air telling the crowd it doesn’t matter who wins, because they will just be another victim of Frankie Kazarian.

We then go backstage to see Carlito backstage speaking on his mobile phone and Josh Matthews comes up to him.

Josh: Carlito, can I have a second.

Carlito: Can’t you see Carlito’s on the Phone?!

Josh: Can we have a quick word with you Carlito.

Carlito looks at Josh with disgust before putting his mobile phone back to his ear.

Carlito: Gotta go, some geek wants an interview……………yeah bye.

Carlito puts the phone in his pocket.

Carlito: This better be good.

Josh: Carlito tonight you are involved in an 8 man tag……..

Josh is stopped by Carlito who spits Apple in Josh Matthew’s face.

Carlito: Josh I spit in the face of people who are not cool, and you not cool so get away from Carlito you Geek.

Josh Matthews scampers away as Carlito shakes his head in disgust.

Carlito: Chris Benoit do you know what you and Josh Matthews have in comparison, you are not cool. Benoit……… think you’re a big shot because you won the Royal Rumble. Well Carlito doesn’t care, backin the Caribbean I was kicking 29 asses per day, and when I was finished with them all I spat in each and every one of their faces. Now Das impressive, just like what I am going to do to you this Sunday at No Way Out.

Crowd boos.

Carlito: I am going to prove to everyone, why I should have been the Royal Rumble. And tonight in that 8 man tag, these losers are going to witness me kicking more teeth out of his ugly face.

Crowd boos

Carlito: Anyway what’s so cool about being toothless, does he know what a dentist is or does he have less brain cells than he has teeth.

Crowd boos

Carlito: Chris Benoit you are not cool, unlike Ca……….

???: Kennnnnneddddddddddyyyyy

Ken Kennedy steps in the frame and gets in Carlito’s face.

Ken Kennedy: Kennnnnnnneeedddddddddyyy

The crowd boos Ken Kenneddy

Carlito: Hey Ken how are you doing, the last time I saw you was when I eliminated you from the Royal Rumble, now das…………….

Ken Kennedy: Not cool. You think your funny Carlito, double crossing Ken Kennneddddyyy…..

Carlito: Don’t inturupt Car…………….

Kennedy: Kennnnnnnneedddddddyyyy

Crowd gives a mixed reaction this time and Carlito looks at Kennedy with anger.

Kennedy: Carlito I can interrupt whoever the hell I want. You know why because I am the man who single handily changes Friday Nights, I’m not the man who completely revolutionises the term crap hairstyle like you Carlito. Last time I checked Carlito, I am unbeaten. I haven’t been beaten by anybody, not Chris Benoit, not Rey Mysterio, not The Rock and especially not a chump like you.

Crowd boos.

Carlito: The last time I checked I am a Two Time United States Champion, when have you won any titles.

Kennedy: Do you know what there should be some kind of law against that. Carlito you aren’t even from the US, you’re a little chump who came over here on a Rubber Raft, thinking your cool because you are bringing a load of apples over which are past their expiry date. You come from some unknown Caribbean island full with people with bad haircuts. You step ashore and become a two time United States Champion, what a disgrace.

Ken Kennedy then pulls out an apple out of his pocket and a Carlito T-Shirt he places the shirt on the floor.

Kennedy: Well do you know what? this is what I think of you.

Kennedy takes a bite out of the apple and he spits it onto the Shirt he placed on the floor.

Kennedy: Now I advise you to watch true excellence at No Way Out when I beat the Crotch or whatever the hell his name is. Now Carlito say it proud, say it loud Misteerrrrrrrrr Kennnnnneeddddddyyyyyy………Kennnnnnneedddddddyyyyyyy.

Ken Kennedy walks off leaving Carlito angry.

Cole: Oh god I don’t think that was necessary by Kennedy, but these two men will have to team up together tonight in that 8 man tag team match.

Tazz: These two men totally despise each other and I have no idea how they are gonna cope with each other later tonight.

Cole: Anyway it is time for the number 1 Contendership Match for the Tag Team Titles.

“ Triple X gonna bring it” Triple X’s music hits and they come out to a good pop looking very confident despite knowing the big task ahead knowing that they could gain a Tag Title shot if they beat the Dudleyz.

“Get the Tables” The Dudley Boyz come out to a good pop by the crowd ahead of this face v face tag team match.

Match 2
Number 1 Contender for Tag Team Titles
The Dudley Boys v Triple X

Summary: A solid enough match with Triple X carrying the Dudley Boys into an entertaining game. Triple X yet put up a good performance against the more experienced Dudley Boys giving them a run for their money. The Dudley Boys started off the better team however, not letting Triple X’s speed get to them using some power manoeuvres on them. But Triple X fought back into it and nearly surprised the Dudley Boys on a couple of occasions. D-Von Dudley went for a move he wouldn’t normally do as he climbed up onto the middle rope, only for Daniels to hit a step up enzuigiri to him. D-Von then falled forward straight into the arms of Chris Daniels who catched him with a complete shot. Daniels then went for his finisher the BME only for Bubba Ray Dudley to run along the ring apron and push Daniels off the top rope, causing Daniels to crash face first onto the steel barricade on the outside. Bubba Ray nearly picked up the victory after the Bubba Cutter but Elix Skipper saved his partner from defeat knowing what’s at stake.

Finish: Elix Skipper gets into the ring but is immediately tossed to the outside by both Dudley’s The Dudley Boys then signal for the 3D as Chris Daniels gets up. D-Von awaits to lift up Daniels by the leg, but Daniels explodes up at him with an enzuigiri. Bubba Ray then ran up at Daniels only for Daniels to catch him with a kick to the gut, he then sets him up and connects with the Angels Wings. He covers Bubba Ray, but D-Von saves his partner breaking the count at 2. The Dudley’s then pound away at Daniels and whip him off the ropes. They attempt to catch him with a double clothesline only for Daniels to duck and hit a springboard Hurricarana onto D-Von. Bubba Ray then runs up at him but receives a jumping leg lariat to the face by Daniels. Daniels then picks up D-Von Dudley and places him on the ropes centre between the two corners. We then see Elix Skipper jump onto the top rope, and he walks along the ropes and hits the New School Hurricarana onto D-Von. Daniels signals for the end as he stands by the turnbuckle but the referee has been distracted, and we see Super Crazy get in the ring and clock both Chris Daniels and Elix Skipper with a steel chair. Crazy quickly pulls D-Von over Daniels and gets out of the ring as Psychosis stops distracting the referee and the referee makes the three count giving the win to the Dudley Boys who get their rematch for the title.

Winners of the Match and Number 1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles the Dudley Boys

Cole: And the Dudley Boys get their rematch but you have to feel for Triple X losing their first match in the WWE thanks to the damn Mexicools.

Tazz: Well you have got to feel for Triple X but we have a great tag team title match in store with the Cabinet v The Dudley’s.

Cole: Well after their Rumble performance this should be a great match. But after the commercial we hear from Rey Mysterio. Stay tuned

Commercial Break

We go backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by Rey Mysterio who receives a big pop from the crowd.

Josh: Rey this past week on Monday Night Raw, you appeared and cost Kurt Angle out of his Road to Wrestlemania tournament match. I just want to ask, why you did it?

Rey: Why did I attack Kurt Angle? Well Josh I’m not the kind of person to start off something like that, but the man has been asking for it ever since Survivor Series. He has been running his mouth making jokes about me saying nearly every week on Raw that he will make me tap out, he can run his mouth and make jokes all he likes, but one day it is gonna come back and bite him on the ass. And that is exactly what happened as I went to Raw and hit him with the 619, and Josh that is why I did it.

Josh: Well Rey we know that Kurt Angle will want to get revenge. How do you feel about that.

Rey: Kurt if you want to come to Smackdown, feel free because I will be waiting and I would love to hit you with the 619 one more time…………….

???: Rey Rey

We then see the man who Rey Mysterio faces this Sunday at No Way out Randy Orton enter the frame.

Randy: Rey you shouldn’t be worried about Kurt Angle, that man is nothing compared to me. And the beating he will give to you when he decides to get revenge is nothing in comparison to the beating I will give you this Sunday at No Way Out.

Crowd boos

Randy: Rey I have waited ever since Survivor Series to get my hands properly on you. And at No Way Out I am going to destroy you Rey, and then I will go on and become the World Heavyweight Champion, and do you know why because it’s my destiny.

Crowd Boos

Randy: It’s not arrogance Rey, it truly is my destiny. Get a look at greatness Rey, because Rey you are currently looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Crowd boos

Randy: This Sunday I am going to finish what I started with you Rey. I pride on myself on being a Legend Killer, but since there is no legend to Kill at No Way Out, on Sunday you can call me the Midget Killer.

The Crowd boos as Orton cockily smiles. Rey looks to his side a bit , and instead of having something to say he throws a hard right hand at Orton and the two men get into a scuffle with Rey getting the better of Orton until referee’s and Road Agents split the two men up

No Way Out Commercial

When we get back from commercial we see Hardcore Holly in the ring waiting for his old nemesis.

“Next Big Thing” Brock Lesner’s music hits and he comes out to huge heat. He jumps onto the apron and Pyros go off from the turnbuckles. He then gets in the ring and takes down Hardcore Holly with a spear not wasting any time.

Match 3
Singles Match
Brock Lesner v Hardcore Holly

Summary: This was a match which Brock Lesner dominated, this was nearly a squash match, but Holly got some good offence in on the next big thing putting on the best performance he could. Lesner dominated the match in the early stages not allowing Holly to defend himself. Lesner decided to go for his finisher too early however, as Holly slided off Lesner’s shoulders when he went for the F-5 and pushes him off the ropes catching him with a dropkick, which nearly surprised everyone as Lesner kicked out at 2. Holly got some offence in for about a minute after that, but Lesner got back into the match pretty quickly and showed why he is the next big thing.

Finish: Holly bounces off the ropes and went for a crossbody, but Lesner caught him and hit him with some multiple rib breakers before easily getting him onto his shoulders and hitting a running powerslam. Lesner then signalled for the end as he got Holly onto his shoulders and hit the F-5. But instead of covering he picked up Holly and whipped him off the ropes and caught him with a Batista like Spinebuster. Lesner then impersonated his rival doing the shake ropes and thumbs up thumbs down thing before setting Holly up, and hitting his version of the Batista Bomb. Unluckily for Holly, Lesner didn’t stop there as he hit a second F-5 before making the cover getting the win.

Winner of the Match Brock Lesner.

Cole: What a devastating win there for Brock Lesner.

Tazz: Hardcore Holly is a damn tough wrestler and I have never seen him dominated like this.

Cole: Two F-5s and a Batista Bomb which has got to be a message to Batista.

Tazz: Well this Sunday Cole this man will be in a place we wouldn’t usually see him, as he will be at ringside.

Cole: And you just got to wonder what that man is planning for Batista’s match.

Tazz: He isn’t planning anything

Cole: How do you know?

Tazz: He’s not that kind of person.

Cole: Oh Really?

Tazz: Yeah he's a very nice guy. He wouldn't do such a thing

Cole: Well folks talking about No Way Out what a night it will be and we have heard that two matches have been announced for No Way Out. The first one being Triple X facing the Mexicools. And Mick Foley has made the Cabinet v Dudley’s match a No DQ Match so anything goes.

Tazz: That is going to be brutal.

Cole: Sure is but let’s run down the rest of the card. Firstly the number 1 contendership for the Cruiserweight Title on the line as Paul London faces former best friend Billy Kidman.

Tazz: This is gonna be a great Cruiserweight encounter, the only way you can see Cruiserweight action like this is on Smackdown!

Cole: Last Year JBL faced the Big Show for the World Heavyweight Title at No Way Out, this year they fight for the US Title at the same event.

Tazz: Once again big stakes are on the line, but because this time it is for the US Title doesn’t mean it will be any less devastating than last year’s match.

Cole: The Royal Rumble winner prepares for Wrestlemania as he faces Carlito.

Tazz: Well both men probably have their minds on different situations, with Carlito’s being Ken Kennedy and Benoit’s being Wrestlemania so this match could go either way.

Cole: Speaking of Ken Kennedy he is two up on the Rock, can he go three up?

Tazz: Ken Kennedy is currently unbeaten but you got to wonder if the Rock can finally end Kennedy’s run, he has a good chance but I am going with Kennedy.

Cole: The number 2 contendership is on the line as Randy Orton faces Rey Mysterio in a match which has been brewing up for months.

Tazz: I am very confused, whoever wins when do they get their title shot, before Wrestlemania or after it?

Cole: I don’t know but it is sure to be a great match. And finally the World Heavyweight Title is on the line as the Rated R Superstar, or should I say the Rated L Superstar for Rated Lucky superstar Edge defends his title against Batista.

Tazz: This is gonna be one hell of a match, Batista is the favourite, but he will have a hard time winning because Edge is a great champ.

Cole: And Brock Lesner is at ringside for that match. No Way Out is gonna be a great PPV and………….

“Longhorn” The Cabinet’s music hits and all three members of the Cabinet come out alongside Manager of Booker T Sharmell to some big heat. They get in the ring and all hold up their respective titles before JBL takes a mic as the crowd boos him. JBL goes to speak but the crowd cuts him off with you suck chants. JBL goes to speak again.

JBL: Now if I was you I would shut the hell up you fat pieces of Norfolk crap.

Crowd Boos

JBL: The only thing fatter than all of you is my Wallet!

Crowd Boos

JBL: Anyway this past week on Raw I sent a message to the second grade version of me Triple H. And I know Norfolk Virginia is a town full of skint dumb people who don't know what a wrestling god is when it comes to them, but I know that you are not dumb enough to watch that B Show Raw so let me show you what happened on Raw.

As HHH is standing in the ring, JBL comes up on the Titantron, and he starts to talk a load of trash towards Triple H, telling him how JBL is better than HHH in so many different ways. He says that he has done things that HHH could never do, such as hold the title for 10 months, and be a success outside of wrestling and is known throughout America, while no-one cares who HHH actually is. JBL then tells HHH that he may claim to be the king of kings, but that is just on Raw, where he is a big fish in a small pond. He then invites HHH to come to Smackdown one of these days, so that he can show him how a real superstar runs a show, and controls things. He concludes by saying that HHH may be the king of kings, but he will always have to bow down to the Wrestling God!

JBL: Hunter I am not gonna wait around for you to get your ass out here, I know you’re here in the back, giving a boring story to someone about how you are the King of Kings, how you are a ten time champion………what a load of crap. King of Kings, more like joker of jokers. You are a joke compared to me and I’m not gonna wait around come on out here, be a man. Oh there you are I can see the nose……………Oh wait that’s just a random fat guy. I haven’t got all day, I’m not getting out of the ring until you get your ass out right here right……………

“Time to Play the Game” Triple H’s music hits and JBL looks ready for a fight in the ring. But nobody comes down and instead HHH appears on the Titantron getting a mixture of boos and pops.

HHH: Oh my god it’s the Wrestling God haha I always get a good chuckle from that. Anyway it’s nice to see you man. I was gonna be there tonight since I’m here in Norfolk for a vacation, but me and Shawn got ourselves lost at a Public Toilet, we thought we had arrived at Smackdown since Smackdown is the toilet of the WWE

A few laughs and a few boos

HHH: JBL I heard what you had to say on Smackdown, and by god your right you are a god. You are a god at talking the most crap in the WWE.

Crowd pops

HHH: You come out saying you are a Wrestling God because you had some ten month title reign, but that only happened because I didn’t want to work Tuesday’s. If I was working on Smackdown, everybody would have been able to sleep throughout your title reign because I would of beaten you for the title straight after you won it.

Mixed reaction

HHH: JBL you are no where near a Wrestling God, I have main evented Wrestlemania 5 times, and 4 of those were in the last 4 Wrestle mania’s. And three of those times I walked out with the World Heavyweight Title three of those times. And now onto you what has the Wrestling God done at Wrestlemania. Let’s You was in a Hardcore Title match where you got your ass kicked by Joey Abs, had a 6 man tag match involving Steven Friggin Richards and that bald headed midget whatever his name is…..oh yes The Tasmanian Devil from the Loony Tunes.

A few laughs are heard but Tazz doesn’t look too happy about that comment

HHH: Oh yeah how could I forget you lost to two gays Billy and Chuck, and then get your ass kicked by John Cena in about 5 minutes last year.

JBL: That was the past Bucko. It’s funny how you find yourself lost in the toilet, you were obviously too scared to be a man and face me in the ring so you crapped yourself. Triple H your nothing but a wimp, you went and brought the has been kid with you and you still didn’t have the guts to show up. You and HBK are just like the Canadian’s just like the Mexicans, two spineless pieces of crap. You’re a disgrace to this country. American’s like you are the biggest problem for America. HHH you screwed me at the Royal Rumble, because you are jealous that I have triple the amount of money that you do. Your jealous because I am ten times better looking than you. You might be a ten time World Champion, but HHH at least I have a backbone unlike you and I don’t reach the top by kissing the bosses ass, I reached the top because I am that damn good. Triple H you are not in my league, you couldn’t beat me if I was tied to a tree. HHH there are legends in this business, there are Hall of Famers and there all time greats, but there is only one Wrestling God, and that man is me JBL.

Crowd boos. As we then look on the Titantron to see HHH Sleeping. He then suddenly awakes

HHH: Damnit I think I overslept…………… Actually come to think for it i think i'm late for work is it Monday Shawn?

We hear Shawn Michaels in the background say no before asking HHH if he is ready to go to the strip club yet.

HHH: Yeah in a few minutes!....... Anyway thank god feels like it your little speech went on for ever, you surely know how to bore people to death don’t you. Next time I appear on Smackdown I need to bring a pillow. But anyway JBL call yourself a Wrestling God all you like, maybe one day someone will believe you. But at the moment there is only one wrestling god in the World Today is the man you are looking at. And John don’t worry, there will be a day when I come over to Smackdown and show you why I am the Game, and why I AM THAT DAMN GOOD! But anyway I have got a vacation to finish so see you around……………..Oh yeah one more thing, if I was you I would turn around

JBL turns around straight into a hard right hand by Kane and the Big Show starts pounding away at Booker T and Mike Awesome and the referee calls for the bell to officially start the match.

Match 4
3 on 2 Handicap Match
The Cabinet v Kane and Big Show

Summary: A decent match is put on here despite having no particularly great wrestlers in it. The Cabinet used the numbers game to their advantage at the start of the match taking control of both big men before taking control over Kane not allowing him go anywhere near his corner and tag Big Show out. One spot saw Kane start to get back in it, and he climbed up onto the top rope but JBL kicked the top rope causing Kane to fall on his crown jewels. JBL then climbed up to the middle rope and hit a Fall away Slam off the Middle Rope onto Kane. JBL made the cover but Kane kicked out and then sat up, and this time got himself back into the match before tagging in Big Show. Show used his size advantage over the Cabinet members to keep him and Kane in control, hitting a Gorilla Press Slam to all three men one by one over the top rope. But when he went to the outside to go after them, Sharmell distracted the referee and Show got triple teamed on by the Cabinet.

Finish: JBL bounces off the ropes, but Kane catches him with a big boot. Kane then hits a sidewalk slam to Booker T as Mike Awesome is hit with the Hog Log by the Big Show. Kane then tosses Booker T to the outside leaving Show and JBL in the ring. Show signals for the finish as he raises his right arm in the air and shouts out loud. He then grabs JBL around the throat and sets him up for a Showstopper, but Sharmell gets on the ring apron and starts insulting Show. This causes Show to go after her but the ref blocks him. The referee has a word with Sharmell and with the ref’s back turned JBL hits a low Blow onto Big Show. He then drops him face first into the mat with a DDT. JBL then goes into the corner and starts signalling for the Clothesline From Hell. But he does not notice Kane get in the ring behind him. Kane taps JBL on the shoulders, JBL sees Kane and begs for Kane not to hurt him. Kane backs JBL backwards, straight into the chest of Big Show! There is No Way Out for JBL now as both of his Cabinet members are on the outside having been tooken out by Kane. JBL begs both men for mercy, but Kane and Show grab him around the throat and hit a Double Chokeslam. Big Show then covers JBL to get the victory getting the momentum going into No Way Out.

Winner of the Match Kane and Big Show

Cole: What a win for Big Show and Kane, and Show has all the momentum going into No Way Out as he takes on JBL for the US Title.

Tazz: Well JBL will need to take his mind off Triple H on Sunday or he could lose his title which would not be good to see.

Cole: Well I believe backstage Steve Romero is standing by the Rock

We go backstage to see Steve Romero standing by the Rock.

Steve: Rock you are involved in An 8 man tag match coming up next…..

The Rock puts his hand to Romero’s mouth.

Rock: Finally the Rock has come back to Norffffolllllkkk Virgggggginnnnniiiiiaaaaa.

Crowd pops

Rock: Steve i know that i have an 8 man tag team match coming up next. And i know that tonight me, Batista, Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit are going to go out there and layeth the smacketh down all over Ken Kennedy, Randy Orton, Carlito and Edge's candy asses.

Crowd pops

Rock: Ken Kennedy this Sunday you go one on one with the Great One, and tonight you are going to get a preview of No Way Out as the Rock kicks your candy ass.

Crowd pops.

Rock: Ken Kennedy tonight the Rock guarantees that he is going to go out there and slap your face so hard that we will finally not be able to hear you speak through that micraphonem no more introductions. But the Rock is gonna tell you what you can do with microphone instead. Ken Kennedy You can take that microphone hand it over to Carlito, he can run it through his crap hairstyle put it in his mouth and spit it out, he will then hand it over to Randy Orton who will proceed to play my little pony with it, he will then pass it over to that Jabroni Edge who can use it exactly the same way that Edge uses Lita, he then passes it you Kennedy and you can go shine that microphone up really nice, turn that sumbitch sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass!

Crowd pops

Rock: Tonight The Rock, Batista, Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit are gonna go whoop those 4 sons of bitches. And this Sunday Ken Kennedy are gonna feel The Rock laying the Smackdown all over you Candy ass! if ya smellllllllllllllllllllllllll what the Rock………………is Cooking?

Cole: The 8 man tag match is next stay tuned folks don’t move a muscle.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see Ken Kennedy and Carlito already in the ring, they start talking trash to each other as they wait for their partners to come out.

“Burn in My Light” Randy Orton’s music hits and he comes out to some huge heat from the crowd. He does the Destiny Pose at the top of the ramp with the pyros falling from above him before making his way to the ring.

“Metalingus” Edge’s music hits and Edge comes down to the ring to some huge heat from the crowd. He comes out of the smoke with his girlfriend Lita next to him and the World Title over his shoulders. He gets in the ring and immediately tries to calm Carlito and Ken Kennedy down from tearing each other apart saying they have to work as a team.

“Booyaka 619” Rey Mysterio’s music hits and he pops out of the ground to a massive pop. He gets into the ring and immediately locks eyes with Randy Orton after their little scuffle earlier on in the evening.

“If Ya Smellll” The Rock’s music hits and he comes out to a thunderous pop from the crowd. He does the People’s Taunt on the middle turnbuckle before getting into the ring and warming him self for the upcoming match.

“Whatever” Chris Benoit’s music hits and the Royal Rumble winner comes out to a thunderous ovation from the crowd. He comes down to the ring looking very confident ahead of this match.

“I Walk Alone” Batista’s music hits and he comes out to a thunderous pop from the crowd. He poses at the tom of the ramp with the loud pyros going off before making his way down to the ring.

Match 5
8 Man Tag
Batista, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio and the Rock v Carlito, Edge, Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton

Summary: This was a very solid entertaining match up to provide build-up for the four big matches at No Way Out. One man who shone clearly in this match was the Royal Rumble winner Chris Benoit who put on a lot of effort for his team. The match started off with a big brawl with each man pairing off with their opponents at No Way Out until the match calmed down and Benoit started the match off with Ken Kennedy. After a few minutes of back and forth action with all 8 men getting themselves involved, the heels took command over Rey Mysterio not letting Mysterio go anywhere near his corner. But the face Team regained the advantage after some miscommunication between Ken Kennedy and Carlito allowed Rey to get himself back into it and tag Batista into the match. Batista got in the ring and used his power to his advantage taking care of all 4 of his opponents. Batista went to finish off Carlito with a Batista Bomb, but Edge got in the ring and saved his partner with a spinning wheel kick. The Heels regained the advantage this time taking control of the big man Batista. One moment saw Edge get Batista locked into the Edgeucator. Batista looked like he would tap out but then found another life as he crawled to the rope and reached the ropes. Edge then decided it was time to finish him off with a spear but Batista caught him with a spinebuster and then tagged in the Rock who got his team back into the match. The match turned into a more back and forth style match with both teams coming close to victory.

Finish: Carlito comes back off the ropes and goes for a dropkick but Benoit moves out the way. He then grabs Carlito by the legs and goes to lock on the Sharpshooter, but Carlito kicks him away straight into Randy Orton who runs up at him and goes for a clothesline but Benoit catches him with an overhead belly to belly. Benoit is then attacked from behind by Ken Kennedy, but The Rock gets into the ring and takes down Ken Kennedy with a flying forearm smash as we see Mysterio hitting a springboard leg drop onto Randy Orton. Benoit then goes back after Carlito hitting him with some hard right hands, he then goes to whip him off the ropes but Carlito counters it. Benoit comes back off the ropes with a clothesline but Carlito ducks and then goes for a back cracker but Benoit elbows him in the face just as he is about to drive his knees into the back of Benoit. Carlito staggers around the ring a little, before going for a clothesline on Benoit, but Benoit catches his arm and locks on the Crippler Cross face. Carlito looks like he is about to tap when Edge gets in the ring and clocks Benoit in the back of his head with the World Title Belt. Batista then gets in the ring and clocks Edge over the back with a steel chair and the ref calls for the bell and calls the match a no Contest.

Match ends with a No Contest

After the match Batista starts to fire away at Edge with some hard right hands, but from behind Lita jumps onto the back of Batista and starts to strangle him. Batista then pulls Lita off by her hair, this leads up to the same spot as earlier as Edge goes for the spear but Batista catches him with a spinebuster. Edge is then pulled out of the ring by Kennedy and Orton and the four heels back down the ramp staring the four faces ahead of the 4 big matches at No Way Out. Batista signals to Edge he is going to become the next World Heavyweight Champion as the show closes.

The WWE Logo is shown and Smackdown fades to Black

Final WWE No Way out Card

World Heavyweight Championship Edge v Batista

Number 2 Contendership Randy Orton v Rey Mysterio

The Rock v Ken Kennedy

US Title JBL v The Big Show

Chris Benoit v Carlito

Number 1 Contender match for Cruiserweight Title Paul London v Billy Kidman

Tag Team Titles No Disqualifications Booker T and Mike Awesome v The Dudley Boys

Triple X v Mexicools

Feel free to leave your predictions and just to remind you No Way Out will be recapped, as i have yet to start on my Wrestlemania matches and i would rather start focusing on writing them at the moment instead. I have all my No Way Out recap matches written out just need to do the promos and should be up middle of next week.
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

WWE Smackdown from Norfolk Virginia-17th February

Length: Very long and detailed match endings along with long and exciting promos. 10/10

Spelling and Grammar: Some very minor errors such as subject verb agreement, punctuation, and improper pronoun usage. 8/10

Very, very, very strong opening promo from Edge. He was right on tap with everything, gaining heat, complaining, making a case that he is the best, and mocking Batista. I do not think he would call Batista toots though. The usual stuff to leave Batista lying in the ring. I think we are going to see a Batista and Lesnar match at Wrestlemania.

Match 1
Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero v Billy Kidman

You know how to use your cruiserweights well. Kidman, London, and Chavo are the best. It should be a great match at No Way Out.

Good heel promo by Carlito to start out, but it is made a million times better by the arrival of Kennedy … Kennedy! Kennedy was absolutely hilarious, I love it!

Match 2
Number 1 Contender for Tag Team Titles
The Dudley Boys v Triple X

So the Mexicools are going to feud with Triple X, a group I do not know about, so I cannot comment on that. Dudley Boys are the titles is great, but I do not think they are going to win.

Rey cannot really cut a good promo, but you had the message clear there. It is signaling towards Angle vs. Rey at Wrestlemania, and if it continues, it will be Rey vs. Angle vs. Orton at Wrestlemania, which would really suck because it just happened at last Wrestlemania.

Match 3
Singles Match
Brock Lesner v Hardcore Holly

I like how Lesnar emulated Batista’s ending and only moves for the win on his own personalized jobber, Hardcore Holly. Sending a strong message with the finishing moves at the end!

Woohoo, JBL promo time! Ha, the only thing fatter than you is my wallet! So JBL and Triple H are going to feud, and I am under the understanding that HHH and HBK are in DX. Great comments back by HHH in retort to JBL’s comments. Toilet of WWE! I do not really like HHH, but in DX, he is good. This promo right here was excellent, and probably the best I have read from you.

Match 4
3 on 2 Handicap Match
The Cabinet v Kane and Big Show

Kane and Big Show is just an invincible team. It is a good thing that they got a victory because it would have almost made the previous promo negligible. I find it interesting that JBL was the one who was pinned.

It is the usual Rock promo, which is always entertaining.

Match 5
8 Man Tag
Batista, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio and the Rock v Carlito, Edge, Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton

Good tactic here as you are building four matches in one. I do not like that this is the third tag team match tonight though, and it is also the second in a row. No contest is the way to go to keep everyone looking strong so four people do not walk into the PPV with an advantage.

Entertainment: Some very good promos were combined with two good matches, so well done here. 8.5/10

The Bottomline: The tag matches in a row was not a good idea. I like some of your feuds, but some of them like Angle vs. Rey vs. Orton and Brock vs. Batista look very redundant.

Final WWE No Way out Card

World Heavyweight Championship Edge v Batista

Number 2 Contendership Randy Orton v Rey Mysterio

The Rock v Ken Kennedy

US Title JBL v The Big Show

Chris Benoit v Carlito

Number 1 Contender match for Cruiserweight Title Paul London v Billy Kidman

Tag Team Titles No Disqualifications Booker T and Mike Awesome v The Dudley Boys

Triple X v Mexicools
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Final WWE No Way out Card

World Heavyweight Championship Edge v Batista

Number 2 Contendership Randy Orton v Rey Mysterio

The Rock v Ken Kennedy

US Title JBL v The Big Show

Chris Benoit v Carlito

Number 1 Contender match for Cruiserweight Title Paul London v Billy Kidman
Tag Team Titles No Disqualifications Booker T and Mike Awesome v The Dudley Boys

Triple X v Mexicools

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