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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Here's my match by match review

First off was the Cruiserweight Title Match
This match was very good and longer than a typical Cruiserweight Match which I liked. I thought Kidman may turn. (6.5/10)

IC Title
Glad AJ Won, pretty good match, atleast good for Chris Masters standards.(5/10)

Tag Titles
Great Match here, best one of the night so far. Glad that Awesome and Booker won, they would be a good combination in real life. Awesome bomb through the table was a good way to end the match. (7/10)

WWE Championship
3 Great Atheletes in this one. I wanted Angle to win it but still satisfied Jericho won. Great Match!(7.5/10)

World Championship
Favorite Match of the ppv (Minus the Rumble). Loved the False ending. I thought Edge was going to win and was shocked that Rock had seemingly won. Good win for Edge. (8/10)

Royal Rumble
I knew Hassan would be #1. Suprised Batista was #30. Glad Benoit won, one of my favorites but didn't expect it. Created some future feuds. I would love to see Benoit jump ship to face Jericho. (9/10)

Overall good ppv. Keep up the good work. (52/60)
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Royal Rumble Review

The opening video for tonight’s show was good, and the concept for it was cool. I think that it was perfect, and basically the opening video did it job well for hyping the main event for us. I hope that every match and segment is good as the opening video.

Frankie Kazarain © vs. Paul London– Cruiserweight Championship
I liked the way how the match started up. London is starting things up really great, which’s nice for him. I hope that we see a new champion, well we’ll see. Somersault plancha was really cool at the start of the match. Good way of making Kazarian coming back into the match with heel tactics. The flow of the match is doing pretty well here. I liked the roll-ups at the start of the match. Shinning Wizard would’ve been really great to watch. Kazarian’s doing pretty well here; I hope that he doesn’t retain the title though. I liked the way he countered the Spinebuster into the Tornado DDT, because I always like when someone counters some move into Tornado DDT. Yeah, it is sweet to watch. Slingshot crossbody plancha would’ve been really sweet to watch, I wish that I was somewhere watching this match. Billy Kidman comes in and London rolls Kazarian from behind. Damn, I thought that he’s really going to win it but made me shock. Kazarian is really making London hard to win the match, which is showing that you are trying him to be more dominant. London kicking out from the Wave of the Future is good, because this shows even more resiliency of the challenger. Hurricanrana’s counter into Powerbomb was really great. I really loved it. I think that this is the end of the challenger, but no! You made me shock again. Damn, referee’s out at a wrong place, it was the right time for London to win the match with the Shooting Star Press. Another shocking moment, Billy Kidman turning on London! Amazing match, amazing finish, amazing spots. A great way to turn Kidman, and a great way for Kazarian to win the match. One thing, it is not superlex, its suplex. And the one from where you throw your opponent from the top turnbuckle in the suplex type of move, it is called Superplex.

It was a really cool promo. Kennedy, Carlito were really in character. And I think that something’s big going to happen between them. I am feeling Carlito vs. Kennedy in an Interpromotional match. That’d be sweet at Wrestlemania.

Chris Jericho’s promo was good, it was nothing special though. It made me laugh, which is a plus. Jericho was right on the character, and it made the promo good. I liked it, and it did hyped there match for tonight.

AJ Styles © vs. Chris Masters – Intercontinental Championship
It was a good way to start up the show, by showing Chris Masters dominating the champ. He’s a smart challenger, let’s see that he wins or not. I think that somehow AJ will retain the title. Glad that somehow AJ gets back into the match, but no, Masters again dominates his momentum. Wow, I was amazed that AJ again gets dominated by Chris Masters after breaking the headlock. Spinal Tap from the top turnbuckle was sweet. So finally AJ comes back into the match by countering the Spinebuster into the DDT. We already saw the Hurricanrana’s counter into Powerbomb in the Cruiserweight Championship match. But I think that it did not affect the match at all. I loved it early, and I love it right now too. Masterlock just about to get locked, but no, AJ fights it, and gets out of it. Masters again comes back in the match, but no, AJ again surprises us. Moonsault was sweet. Wow, I am shocked that someone finally breaks that Masterlock. A good match here, but I think that you showed Masters too dominate. We didn’t saw too much from AJ in this match, and dat, dat’s not cool.

Triple H was not in the character, just like KOP said it, I’ll also say that JBL saved this promo. I loved this promo, and loved the way how it ended. I don’t think that HHH and JBL will end up as partners. I am predicting someone to turn on other.

The Dudleyz © vs. The Cabinet – WWE Tag Team Championships
I can see some great spots in this match. I’m glad to see Dudleys not wasting the time and going straight towards the Cabinet’s team. Dudleys attack was cool, but Cabinet comes back too early, I think. Cabinet using the tables was too early. Glad to see Bubba coming up and saving the match. Bubba is doing fine, and DVon gets off the tables now. I can see a good team work now, but no, Booker connects a sidekick to DVon, which’s good for Cabinet. Glad to see Dudleys coming back into the match with a help from chair. But Cabinet again turn the tables and they strike back again on Dudleys. Booker’s dropkick into the chair which then strike to the head of DVon was simply superb. Great comeback by Dudleys though, I liked how Bubba gave his own version of Irish whip to Mike Awesome to the tables [which Booker T threw away because his partner was coming up to the tables]. Nice turn again by the Cabinet here. I can see them winning this match, because they are doing pretty well here. Well, hands down because you made me laugh when Booker & Awesome mocked Dudleys about bringing the tables, lol. I can see Booker & Awesome winning now. But no! Awesome really did waste the time, and the holy shit moment was cool. Booker T low-blows both men, but how the hell they both come back too early to hit the spinebuster. Well, Dudleys have set the table but glad to see Awesome coming back spearing DVon. Great ending there, I loved the Awesome Bomb through the tables! I was predicting Dudleys to win, but let’s see what you can do with them.

Rock and Hassan were both in character. I laughed when Rock said Kamorakewakawilla, that definitely would’ve made everyone laugh. Muhammad Hassan was also in character, and I think that this promo was gold.

Chris Jericho © vs. Kurt Angle vs. RVD – WWE Championship
I’m glad that we didn’t see NYR Recap, because you stated that at that pay per view, RVD and Angle teamed up and beat on Chirs Jericho. Glad that Jericho goes outside of the ring, as RVD also goes out but Y2J doesn’t see it, and connects the clothesline. Belly to back suplex to RVD from Angle on the concrete floor would’ve hurt RVD badly. Good to see RVD coming back into the match with some kicks. Lol, Its funny how both RVD and Angle are keep throwing Y2J out of the ring. Jericho again goes down, lmao, it made me laugh hard. Wow, Jericho is looking too strong here, Its good for his cocky character. Powerbomb from Kurt Angle to Y2J, and superplex to RVD from Y2J at the same time is really something worth watching. Angle looks too intense and tries to take a pinfall attempt on both men, but somehow fails. Springboard dropkick to RVD by Y2J really died the momentum of RVD. It looks like that we are seeing a team of Angle & Chris Jericho. But no, Jericho turns on him and rolls him into the ring. I am glad that somehow Angle gets the best in the ring. Wow, Jericho really wants to end the match quickly, as we can see him from his frustrated look. I liked that German Suplex from the top rope by Kurt Angle to Chris Jericho. Angle Slam connects on Y2J, Damn, where the hell RVD did come from. I thought that it would be the ending of the match. Damn, RVD was an inch closer to win with that split legged moonsault. Five Star connects, but they roll out of the way, and RVD crashes and burns! RVD really wants some help, he again was an inch closer, but Jericho pulls out the referee, and it shows Jericho’s heel character more strong. Angle definitely made a mistake, he connects the Angle Slam, but after that he did not cover. He goes for the Ankle Lock, let’s hope that the Olympic medalist gets the win because I am cheering for him to win that match. RVD breaks the submission manuever with the Five Star Frogsplah, which’s nice. Jericho connects the moonsault, I really thought that this would end the match just like NYR, but no. Wow, Jericho’s in charge, and gets the good win here. It was a good match but I think that the flow was the main problem of this match. I think that the announcing tables spot would’ve been done at the ending part of the match, not at the middle part.

Lol, you are always funny at writing promos. I guess that it is gonna shock us, the surprise entry. Let’s see who it is from RAW side. One thing is sure that he’s heel.

I don’t think that Christian would be able to win the Royal Rumble but he might shock us by winning it.

The Rock vs. Edge © - World Heavyweight Championship
All right, here we go now; Rock dominates the first part of the match, which is good for him. I doubt that Rock will win the title tonight because Kane01, you really like Edge, and I think that you are going to give him a long reign. Early brawl at the outside though. Edge counters the powerbomb into the back body drop, so he’s back in the game. Oh no, Rock is back in the game, Rocky’s doing well. Rock’s still dominating Edge, which is good for him, as Edge is going down and down. Rock takes down Edge with a Belly to belly superlex? Oh it’s not Superlex, its Suplex. Good roll-ups, I wanted to see more though. Seems like that the things are not going in Edge’s way. He does the crossbody, but Rock again takes the best of him. Yeah, great to see Lita getting invovled in the match and then Edge comes back into the match again. As they say, behind every man there is a hand of women, lol, Lita’s there for Edge. Glad that Rock comes back too quickly with that float over DDT. Yeah, Rock connects the People’s Elbow, and covers Edge, but there’s no referee! Lita, what the hell! Anyway, it helps Edge getting some more reaction from the crowd. Rock grabs Lita from her hair, but Edge comes from back and low blows Rock?! What the hell, Edge just got Rock’s finishing move, It was too early for him to stand up in the match though, which is a minus for you dude. Electrical Chair Drop was sweet. But the Rock comes back quickly and rolls up Edge. Kick out by Edge, I hope that Rock doesn’t dominates now because he had enough of Edge. Let’s see. Lita again gets involved, as now Rock goes to the outside and chases him. I must say, big mistake by Rock whom then gets a tilt a whilr backbreaker. I’m saying lol because Edge’s mocking the Rock. Lmao, Rock then comes back and mocks Edge. Rock Bottom connecting… No! Edge counters it into the downward spiral. Edgeucator connects and the things are not going towards Rock. Good one minute of Edgeucator which then later Rock counters into Sharpshooter. Edge taps out! Damn, referee’s are stupid. Rock again grabs Lita by her hair, and again makes a mistake. Edge comes from back and connects the Edge-o-Matic. People’s Elbow connects, and Lita’s not here! It should be the time where Rock gets the win, but No!, Edge gets the shoulder up. Good comeback by Edge with the Tornado DDT. Rock hits the superlex from the top rope; it’s not superlex, its Superplex. Lol, Rock does the commentary of the match, which is nice, and I remember you did it in his match with Kennedy also. Edge goes crashing through the tables. Good announcing tables spot! Lita again gets invovled, damn. No referee there and Edge connects the Edgecaution. Another referee sprints into the ring from the ramp, but Rock kicks out! Glad to see Rock kick out of the Spear! Rock somehow gets back into the match and connects the Rock Bottom! Rock wins the match, Oh I am glad that he wins. Damn, Edge has the foot at the bottom rope, I am shocked! Edge retains the gold! Good match there but there was a little problem with realism. The match which shocked me! I wanted Rock to win.

I feel that Angle is gonna show up at the Royal Rumble match and throw Mysterio out. I'll find about it later. Promo was okay, needed a bit of work.

Royal Rumble Match
Lol, Hassan is the no. 1 guy to start this match? Me must be very angry. I can see him on few weeks saying that because he's Arab-American, he was given the first spot to start the match, lol. Carlito's here. It would be interesting to see how they both men workout. Carlito spits in Hassan's face? Das not cool. Carlito's in charge and he's doing pretty well here. Hassan gets the momentum back. Mistake again, It's not Back Superlex. It's called Back Suplex. Carlito comes back into the match but is greeted with a boot to the face, and now Hassan is working fine in the match, and we see the arrival of the third entry. Hassan throws Punk out of the ring, but he somehow lands on the apron. Hassan thinks that he's smarter and has eliminated Punk, but no, he comes from back the ropes and hits the Tornado DDT. Good move to use at the start of the match. Hassan goes out of the ring under the bottom rope, it even adds more to his strong character, looks good. Punk and Carlito in the ring, it would be good to see them fighting. Shinning Wizard to Carlito seems good. Great to see both men countering each other’s moved. Crossbody countered by Carlito into the Running powerslam, which then Punk counters into the DDT. It's looking really good. Smart Hassan, who comes in the right time. Team of Punk and Hassan is good. Let’s see who is the next men. Super Crazy, oh well. Good to see Super Crazy in charge. I hope you understand it, its Suplex, lol. Punk comes out of nowhere and hits the Spinning Wheel Kick to Hassan, hmm. Wow, Punk is really impressive here. Buzzer hits, and its Kennedy! My favorite, lol. Lets see what he can do. Kennedy does his usual entrance, and then clocks the microphone to the head of Super Crazy, lol. And then he again introduces him, Wow. And I am amazed to see him clocking at the head of Hassan. Kennedy takes out every men and it now leaves to Carlito and Kennedy. I can feel a good fight between these men, but no. Instead of brawling to each other and tearing a part of each other, they team up? Well, I, myself also did this in my previous thread when I formed the team of Carlito and Kennedy. Glad to see Punk getting at the apron. It's Kane! Wow, Kane's in charge and cleans the ring clearly. Kane also eliminates Super Crazy. That is good for him but I can't see Kane winning tonight. Hassan low blows Kane, das not cool. Kane again gets his momentum back and chokeslams Hassan. Kane is standing tall in the ring and the counter is going on. I can think that someone from Kane past is coming now. And yeah, I was right, Its Matt Hardy. Both have had problems in past. Kane works on him getting the best but not too late untill Hardy comes back into the game and hits the Side Effect. Hardy legdrops over Kane's throat. Hardy is doing pretty fine here, counters the Chokeslam, and dropkicks Kane. Hardy goes to eliminate Kane but here comes Hassan, who always interferes, lol. Hassan connects the Gutwrench Suplex, Ok, lol.

Charlie Haas gets in, I don't think that he'll last in the Rumble match for long time. Carlito is halfway to get eliminated and Kennedy comes up and saves him and they then connect the Double Suplex. I must say that I am liking the team of Kennedy and Carlito, but I have a feeling that somehow someone will turn. Alright, Kane is at the apron now. Lets see that this team can really throw Kane out of this. Kane goes to suplex Kennedy and Carlito from the ring apron to the outside? It will be worth watching, but no, Kennedy and Carlito again come up. Fine, Kane gets back into the ring and then we see Punk and Hardy brawling with each other. Punk is out courtesy of Matt Hardy. Hardy goes back to save his old rival, Kane from Kennedy and Carlito. And then they knock down the team of Kennedy and Carlito. Kane then turns on Matt Hardy, which is good and liked. Ok, counter begins, and its Snitsky. We can see two huge men brawl now. Snitsky comes up and cleans the hous. Snitsky and Kane now go face to face with each other, as Kane takes the best by hitting the big boot to his face. Matt Hardy from nowhere hits the Enziguri to Kane! Wow, that must've been sweet. Hardy then connects the Side Effect from the middle turnbuckle, Wow! Hassan is also working fine here, good to see him giving some damage to Carlito. Haas now moves onto Kennedy but gets the Samoan Drop! Meanwhile, Hardy is working on Kane, but gets a cheapshot from Hassan. Hassan then nails the Complete Shot, as he's in the top of the game! Counter begins, Chavo's in. Tilt a whirl head scissors are always enjoyable to watch. Glad to see Chavo now working on Hassan. Chavo takes down Hardy and is doing fine here. Chavo then gets the back body drop and says to Hardy that his leg has been broken lol. He's tricking Hardy, I can feel. Yeah, I was right, he connects the low blow! Kane's behind you Chavo don't turn! Big mistake by Chavo, as Kane is now in charge. Carlito and Kennedy are both working as a unit, Kennedy tells that he's going for Kane. Kane then tosses Carlito to the outside, luckily he lands on the apron. Yes, I feeled it and I am right. I sensed a Carlito/Kennedy feud coming. Lol, Carlito doesn't know who tried to throw him. Mr. Guerrero, that was really funny. Ok, Shelton's in. He cleans up the house and then he stands face to face with his old rival Charlie. Shelton gets the best and good to see him assaultin on Charlie. Shelton is on my favorites so I wouldn't mind if he wins the match. Shelton's eniguri by his other leg to Charlie was a great spot. Hass comes back off the ropes and gets the momentum back and hits the spinning wheel kick to Shelton. Its good to see these both old rivals starting off again. Hassan is taking the rest in the corner, and its good to him staying low because it adds even more to his strong character. Kane is doing fine on Kennedy, and sets him up for Powerbomb, but Carlito comes and saves his partner from Kane. Glad to see the team of them still going on.

Benoit, my other favorite's in! Let’s see what he can do. He should be a top player in this match. Benoit cleans up the house. It’s always great to see Benoit who cleans the house and the crowd’s reaction to it is really awesome and I really imagined the same here. Glad to see him hitting chops, german suplexes, and then applying his finisher, Crippler Crossface on Charlie Haas. Haas taps out! Snitsky comes from back and clocks in to the back of Benoit. Kennedy connects the Green Bay Plunge to Chavo. Kennedy is about to throw Chavo out, but Carlito comes from back and hits the backcracker! Carlito throws Kennedy out! I am shocked! I guess we are going to see Carlito/Kennedy match at Wrestlemania. It would be huge! Tajiri is in now in, but I don't think think that he'll be in the Rumble for long. Tajiri goes to fight with Chavo Guerrero and then Shelton Benjamin. Carlito is trying to eliminate Kane but is unable to and asks for some help from Hardy and Haas. I hope that Carlito not throws them out instead of Kane. Hassan comes in and attacks Matt Hardy. So basically he saved Kane. Right? Right. Gene Snitsky gets eliminated by Rabbid Wolverine, and das cool because it won't affect the Rumble. I am seeing a huge star in Chris Benoit, and he might be able to do it again. Kane is doing fine here taking out Chris Benoit. Countdown begins, and Big Show is in! We will be able to see a huge men brawl again. I am willing to see Big Show/Kane to try it now. Wow, Big Show gets in and quickly gets rid of Chavo Guerrero. Big Show takes out everymen and we finally see a staredown between Show and Kane. Finally, the brawl begins. Kane is trying hard and hard but Big Show finally takes him out by the Chokeslam. Carlito plants down Matt Hardy with the DDT, and now Tajiri helps him to get rid of Matt Hardy, but the countdown begins so they are unable to do. It's Christian! I know that he's FD's favorite guy, and he might win the Rumble. I guess we'll have to wait to see it. Indeed a very unique team by Carlito and Tajiri. Carlito holds up Christian and tells Tajiri to spit the mist, but no, Christian ducks it and the mist goes right to the face of Carlito, lol. Christian finally gets rid of Carlito and glad to see Christian starting to roll! Well there was an typo above I guess. You said Tajiri takes out Tajiri, lol. Everymen are now trying to assault on Big Show. I can see some series of finishing moves here, and yes, I am right. Matt Hardy connects the Twist of Fate, followed by Benoit's headbutt of the toprope. Buzzsaw Kick connects from Tajiri followed by a Stinger Splash from Shelton Benjamin. Chokeslam connects from Kane! I can see that they all now throw Big Show over the top rope to the outside! Wow, I am amazed that Big Show is not out from the Rumble yet, and takes down every men!

Mercury's in now. Tajiri spits into the eyes of Kane! Other half of the MNM is now in. Snapshot connects to Haas and he's out of the Rumble! MNM's team is doing pretty fine here but I don't think that they'll win the Rumble. Big Show is looking nice here and he might win the Royal Rumble, but I hope not, because I don't him to win the Rumble. Mysterio's in and Tajiri goes out! Good team work by Mysterio and Benoit and I'd like to see how far they go. Good few second of brawl here. JBL's in! JBL now start to the outside of the ring and yes, no one out-smarts him, lol. JBL is doing fine there waiting for big men to fight with each other. And when the right time will come, he'll get into the ring. Now that's a good boy [JBL,] lol. When the right came, JBL gets into the ring and takes down both of the MNM from the Double Clothesline. Kane and Big Show are doing fine, and I am waiting for the Double Chokeslam to get connected on JBL. Who the hell is this? Mike Awesome! What the heck is he doing! Oh, I forgot that he's in the Cabinet. Big Show is out form the Rumble courtesy of JBL's Cabinet! Kane gets ANOTHER chair shot. I am feeling sorry for Kane, and now the big men are out of the Rumble! And JBL is starting to roll [Yeah, just like Christian.] Hassan takes down JBL and now I can see Hassan/Undertaker saga to continue. Big Boot connects and Taker's starting to build up some great momentum. Wicked stuff there. Undertaker throws both of MNM, which were trying to make a name for them. Coachman is in and he joins up at the announcing tables doing some commentary. Coach bad luck there. I am not trying to be mean but you will not be able to win the Rumble. Taker connects the Tombstone Piledriver and Muhammad Hassan is out! Well, I am feeling a match between them at the Wrestlemania under some stipulation. Coach is still not in the ring? Right. Randy Orton is the next to men to get in. Mysterio connects the baseball slide to Orton to the outside! Good spot there, and then Mysterio chases Orton at the outside, and in the ring Benoit throws Shelton out! JBL might be able to win this match. Orton throws Mysterio to the steel post and crashes and burns! Good counter by Rey and glad to see him nailing the 619 and making the early damange for Orton. Kid Kash then starts his first impact after few seconds. Looks good, but I don't think that you'll make him win the Rumble. I am feeling the Teachers to come out and throw Kash out, but I doubt it.

Triple H comes in at the number 24 and enters the match. Triple H/JBL and Kennedy/Carlito are on the same page I guess. I feel that this will happen just like what happend with Kennedy/Carlito. Meanwhile, Orton nails the RKO on Kid Kash and throws him out of the ring. If Orton wins this match, I wouldn't mind because this guy has it all. I really don't like the feud going on between Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio. Psicosis's in and he's lucky to draw number 25, I guess. Lol, I really forgot that Coach was in this match. Undertaker chases towards him and catches him. Undertaker goes for the Last Ride but the team of HHH and JBL saves him and they attack Undertaker. Benoit is still in the match and I like the way that he has been used in this match. I have a feeling that Benoit MIGHT wins this match. HBK is the surprise entry! I am glad that he's back. Oops, I forgot that he is a heel. Now it’s the time for HBK and HHH to tag up and show a bit of teamwork to everyone. Triple H connects with the Sledgehammer shot to the head of Taker! Damn, screw them! Seems good that every heel is trying to throw Undertaker over the top rope and the faces also join them. I forgot that Matt is also in the match, but I know that he won't win the match. Sweet Chin Music connects and Undertaker is out! I would be really pleased to see HBK vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania because It'd be sweet. Wow, HBK and HHH have their re-union, but HBK turns on HHH and connects the Sweet Chin Music! Lesnar's in the match and he takes out Psicosis. Lesnar then nails the Powerbomb to Mysterio. Lesnar is really impressive, and he might be able to win the Rumble. Good work by Lesnar dominating everymen in the ring and assaulting them. HBK takes the advantage and gets out of which he'll say is smartness. After assaulting on Benoit, Lesnar then nails the huge F-5 to Orton. HBK gets into the ring and tries to get rid off Lesnar and showing off his smartness but Lesnar somehow sticks, and I want to see a brawl between these guys. Why are we taken backstage? Who is that guy Bischoff is talking to?! F-U!? John Cena, I guess. The way you showed this maybe means that he'll be unstopabble and win the big one tonight. John Cena gets into the match and F-U's Coach over the top rope to the outside! Cena takes out one of Bischoff's sidekick. Cena's on a roll baby and I can see this guy winning the Rumble. Whoa, Austin hits a steel chair shot to Cena!? Cena's out of the match too early courtesy of Austin.

It is not finished though. Cena attacks on Austin, and then goes for the F-U but the security guards came up and take him away. I guess, we are about to witness a Austin vs. Cena match at Wrestlemania. I guess who is the mystery guest at the number 30. I just want to know whom that guy is, but I won't scroll down because I want myself to get shocked by this. Let’s see who that is. Eugene is in and then he usual things on jumping, huging, etc. Orton takes him down with a clothesline but Eugene returns the favor. Eugene mocks HBK, as he takes him out with the Sweet Chin Music. HBK was right, totally waste of time for Eugene in the Rumble match. Brock Lesnar again gets back the momentum and is standing tall in the center of the ring and we are all waiting for the mystery entrant. It is none then then Batista! Batista gets in and totally destroys Brock. Wow, Batista really gets the best and eliminates Brock Lesnar. I can feel Brock coming back to screw Batista in this match. Batista then sets up JBL for the Batista Bomb but HHH comes up and saves JBL from Batista. Good strategy by Brock Lesnar here. Triple H tips Batista over the top rope to the outside! I am amazed that Matt Hardy is still in the match. Good work by JBL connecting the Clothesline from Hell and throwing Matt Hardy to the outside to the ring. Finally Matt's out and now Chris Benoit is the only one who has been stayed long in this match. HHH turns on JBL! I am shocked to see this. The deal is over as HHH has just turn on JBL! I wanted to see something fresh. We already saw this sort of this happening to Kennedy/Carlito. JBL vs. HHH is booked for Wrestlemania 22, and it will be good to see them facing off at the grandest stage of them all. Also there promos and everything to build up the feud would be worth watching. Orton goes out next by Mysterio. No, I did not want to see this. Damn, I hope that Mysterio also gets eliminated by someone because I hope he doesn't wins the match. Seems a good battle by two old-rivals Christian and Triple H. Wow, Triple H's out of the Rumble! Christian is on a roll and I can see him winning the Royal Rumble. Glad to see Rey Mysterio go out next. Christian, HBK, Benoit are all of my favorites and I won't be disappointed if anyone from these three wins the Rumble match and goes onto Wrestlemania 22. Christian and HBK are on the same page. Christian holds Benoit and HBK try to go for the Sweet Chin Music, but Benoit ducks it and it nails right to Christian! Benoit takes down HBK with the Crippler Crossface. Wow, Benoit is really taking down HBK. Christian is up and he takes down Benoit. And now both men are hanged up at the apron trying to throw each other off the apron!

Finally the last two are Benoit and Christian. It's really hard for me pick any one from them because both are the favorites and anyone from them win the Royal Rumble. Let the best men win. Christian connects the Tornado DDT to Chris Benoit and I can see this guy winning the Royal Rumble. Benoit goes for the Sharpshooter but Christian refuses to the move to get locked in. Christian connects the Unprettier. That's how he roll... Christian throws Benoit to the outside but he somehow lands at the apron. The flow is really great and I like it. Finally, Chris Benoit did it! He did it for the second time. Chris Benoit is heading onto Wrestlemania 22.

Bottomline -- 89/100 -- I really enjoyed the pay-per-view. The most favorite match for me definitely the Royal Rumble match followed by the WWE Championship match and the World Heavyweight Championship match. Cruiserweight action was also good. The only match I didn't like was the Intercontinental Championship one. Although it didn't effect the pay-per-view at all. Amazing work by both of you and keep it up!

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Thanks for all the review, and they will all be returned, if they havent already been done so

Just give you a quick update on this thread for the minute. The next Raw will be posted in about a week's time, as although it is finished, i am going to wait for the summer holidays to be over so it doesnt get moved down so quickly, and i need to check a couple of things with Kane01 who is on holiday at the moment

I have been less active in this section is that last few weeks as i havent been too well, and still dont really feel that well. I dont know what the problem is, but i seem to always be shattered, and dont have the energy to do a lot, which means i haven't rewieved that many shows as of late, and have struggled to write out my own shows (which will become apparant in a few Raw's time)

Anyway, here is the Raw Preview to keep this thread going, and there will be some news posted hopefully in the next week as well

WWE RAW Preview - January 30th

Just 24 hours after the Royal Rumble, what will happen when Raw comes to you live from Miami, Florida?

And what a night it was, with both John Cena and Shawn Michaels returning to the Raw roster in the Royal Rumble match. But perhaps it is all over already for Cena after Stone Cold Steve Austin screwed him out of the match. Will either Austin or Cena show up tonight, and what will Eric Bischoff have to say?

Shawn Michaels on the other hand came third in the Royal Rumble match. What will he have to say about that, and is he still pressing for a match with Bret Hart?

And what will happen now for the Raw main event at Wrestlemania, after Chris Benoit of Smackdown won the RR match. Will anyone show themselves to be a worthy challenger to Chris Jericho’s title, and will a number 1 contender be named?

What will Chris Jericho have to say after he retained the WWE Title over RVD and Kurt Angle in a triple threat match?

And what matches will happen on the show, with nothing being formally announced so far?

Find out, only, on Monday Night Raw
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

RAW preview looks good, and FD, don't worry, because regardless of if you're ill or not, you always give a good showing.


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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Hopefully you will be alright FD. Preview looks great. You haven't announced any matches which I mean that maybe you are going to shock us.

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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Glad to see a preview up for this, can't wait to see what you can throw out for us on Raw. Also the Road to WrestleMania will be beginning and it's time to buckle up and get ready!
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Nice preview for Raw F-D, hope you are doing better. Don't rush, but I can't wait for Raw to be posted.

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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Thanks for all the reviews and i will try and review you all back, if i don't just give me a PM as it is very easy for me to forget some threads with the amount of new ones coming through per week now days. Nice Raw preview FD and hope you get better, and also PM me about the things you need to check with me, when you can. My next Smackdown will be a recap as well as my next PPV No Way Out, as i would rather start writing my Wrestlemania matches, writing them the best i can instead of focusing on 8 or so No Way Out Matches just weeks before WM.
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Raw will be posted some point in the next week, although i dont know what date i would put on that yet

Anyway, here's the news that i promised you

WWE News

The feeling within the WWE creative team is that the Royal Rumble was a success, with the final 3 matches on the show all being very good, and showed off both the Raw and the Smackdown brand. They are very happy with the triple threat match, which continues the great matches that Raw has being having for the title on it's ppv's as of late, and the shock win of Chris Benoit in the Royal Rumble did the job of proving that anyone can win the match. Benoit is expected to get a big push towards the title at Wrestlemania now

Whether that happens on Raw or Smackdown hasnt been confirmed yet, and there is talk of doing a deja vu situation of 2004 when Benoit jumped to Raw, but for the moment, Benoit looks likely to stay on Smackdown

It is expected that there will be a tournament to determine the number 1 contender on Raw

Shawn Michaels did return to the WWE at the RR, and he is now back full time as is expected to start to promote his feud with Bret Hart again. The feeling within the WWE is that there will be a match between them at Wrestlemania, but Bret hasnt said yes yet, although he is swaying towards it

John Cena was also at the Royal Rumble, although he will not be back on full time TV just yet, as there has been a delay in filming his new movie, The Marine. Eric Bischoff is expected to keep the storyline moving for the next few weeks on Raw before Cena, and Austin make their returns to seriously hype the match up

Paul Heyman is expected to return to Raw in the near future, although no-one is prepared to confirm his role as of yet. He hasnt been seen since Survivor Series, when his team lost the 6 on 6 match, but he will be back before Wrestlemania

The other man who hasnt been seen since Survivor Series is Ric Flair. At the moment, he is very happy in his retirement, and doesnt seem to be fully interested in returning to Raw just yet, although sources say that he probably will make at least one more appearance, to either confirm his retirement, or to finish off his fued with Triple H.
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Re: Forever-Delayed and Kane01 Do WWE

Nice update and I hope review my show as I review yours!

Cant wait till the shows get running again RR was amazing
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