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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Raw review:

Good way to open up the show with RVD in action and great to see him pick up a victory over Snitsky.

The Cena-Bischoff was intriguing and I want to see those two collide in the ring.

The Angle-Y2J segment was hilarious, especially the Mourinho stuff and Rey’s height. Excellent!

Good win for Trish and a good match also for the women.

Nice pair of matches set up for next week and I predict Trish and MNM to win their respective matches and challenge for the gold.

I hate the Spirit Squad but interesting stuff with 5 on 1 against Cena.

Good ending to the match with the chair attack and DQ followed by a beat down. I hope Cena accepts and I’m sure he will, although that’s a huge big name not in the Battle Royal if he does accept.

Funny stuff with the Teachers and I could imagine them running down the crowd.

Not so keen on 2 DQ’s in one night but the AJ attack after the match was good and sets up some possibilities with this.

Great Triple H promo and he was really in character. One thing though…Peter Crouch ain’t so bad, lol. Good seeing Christian and Tyson Tomko interrupt and H ain’t gonna like that.

I like that Christian cost H his match and Regal winning was good.

Hassan’s promo was very good and he seemed very intense.

Awesome main event between the former WGTT to (possibly) end their feud and I thought Shelton would win, and he deserved to. Very good and that was PPV quality.

Overall, great show and both the promos and matches were great – 9/10.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE


RVD vs. Gene Snitsky
Great way to kick off Raw with Rob Van Dam kicking Gene Snitsky's tail. Snitsky kicking Van Dams ass only for Van Dam to come back with a series of kicks and the 5 Star!

Bishoff telling Cena he has a superstar ready for him and classic Cena makes a joke about it and threatening Eric Bishoff, man if I were Bishoff I would bring in all the heels to kick Cena's ass, little Bitch!

Highlight Reel-Kurt Angle
Funny segment as usual with Kurt Angle as the guest, I see you are doing it big these days! Well Jericho tells Angle about his past ppv's which he basically lost all of them.

Match 3-Melina vs. Trish Stratus
Good entertaining match with Trish almost losing until she rolls Melina up for the win then Bishoff comes out to tell them about a pair of #1 contender matches next week, sounds interesting!

Match 4-John Cena vs. Spirit Squad
Ha, ha, ha, Cena got his assed whooped by the five little girls. Well Cena f'n deserved it and if he faces Eric in two weeks, I feel dead sorry for that little bitch!

Teachers Classroom
I see they are still wasting the WWE's time, gosh a lesson in respect? Fool respect to me is getting a hamburger without a lugi in it!

Match 4-Hardy vs. Masters
Like every other, small vs. big match, the big guy tries to stop the little fast kid and succeeds until AJ Styles comes out to beat up Masters!

Interview-Triple H
Good interview with Christian interrupting and telling Triple H he will eliminate him personally!

Match 6-William Regal vs. Triple H
A supposed to be squash match until Triple H's most unfavorite person shows up and gives him the unprettier for William Regal's victory!

Match 7-Hass vs. Benjamin
The match everyone has been waiting for and boy it didn't disappoint as the match proved to be violent near the middle of the match to the end with Shelton Benjamin just happening to push Haas over the line!
Overall 8/10-It was a wee bit short but the Stretcher match made up for lost time as it was brutal. I will check out your Smackdown and then Raw next week to see who wins that Battle Royal!

Overall 8/10 great job on this BTB it is defenitely becoming great! Oh also I was wondering since I reviewed your survivor series if you could drop me an Ignition review? You don't have to I am just needing a review!
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

RVD and Gene Snitsky! As you stated this was a little strange to open the match, maybe a second on the card would have been better. RVD is getting the push which is always welcomed. There was only going to be one winner here and the five star finishes it. Like you said you where putting the weight in RVD to start the show so there was nothing wrong with this.

Cena Bischoff segment was done nicely, a feud between these two has been done quite a lot but it will be interesting to see where you go with this.

I loved the Highlight reel! You really dug into England and Kurt joining in was excellent. The remarks about Arsenal and Cricket was done really well, nothing better than gaining heat from a sports team. A feud may be sprouting between the two which would be one to watch. If this is where you are going the subtle start from the reel is a good way to begin.

A good win for Trish over Melina, this will of course go to a match between the two. I see Trish winning next week to face Alexis Laree but Melina wouldnít be a bad choice as well. I like the team of Kash and Punk so Iím hoping they pick up the win next week, Iím a little bored of MNM at the moment and this team is fresh also there name is unique! So yeah a good match but was always there to set up the matches next week.

So we have to see Cena twice in the same night, once is enough for me. Well the Spirit Squad are here and as usual Cena looks strong even though he is getting his ass beaten. The Spirit Squad are good wrestlers; itís just the gimmick that lets them down. As soon as Cena begins to fight back the chair comes into the equation. Cena wins by DQ!

Bischoff gives Cena two choices which one will he pick! I see him choosing Bischoff and I hope he does because I donít want to see Cena anywhere near that Battle Royal. At least the good thing about Cena feuding with Bischoff is that he canít win any goldÖ.I hope.

The Teachers Push remains strong, the tag team division is really helped with this well put together team. Both men are captured well as usual, whoever it may be Punked for Kash/MNM I see the teachers keeping the titles. Another good solid promo here!

Masters gains the win over Hardy by another DQ, two in quick concession! The triple threat looks imminent with Styles and Hardy looking after each others back. However I see one of them turning on the other if this happens. Maybe Hardy?

You captured Triple H really well, like always. Christian comes out and gets his two cents in. Looks like a feud is on itís way!

Yessssssssss! Regal gets the win, always great to see especially over Triple H. Tomko enters to make sure the feud is on its way! I wonder if one will turn face or we will see a tweener thing going on here!

Hassan remains strong in this thread and this promo shows it. Loved it when Hassan made the remark about him and Daivari being thrown out of the bus as they where accused of being suicide bombers LOL.

MOTN was the main event! A good old Stretcher match, this should finish the feud and there were some nice spots throughout. A great finish and a good push for Benjamin, I wonder where he will go from this?

Overall a good show with some solid promos throughout! The main event was by far the best match of the night and I also enjoyed Regal picking up the win against Triple H. 8/10
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Thanks for all the reviews, and i think that i have returned all of them, or by tomorrow will have done so.

A news page will be up tomorrow, which will give some details on the current storylines and a supershow which will take place in two weeks time

Raw will be up some point next week, and i think that Kane01 will be posting s/down in the next few days, but entirely sure on that
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE News

Monday 19th December is the night for the second 3 hour supershow of the year. Both brands will be under one roof for the evening, and they will combine forces to produce a 3 hour show in a similar vain to a Saturday night main event. With it being the final Raw of 2005 (the Boxing Day show will be a best of edition), and with smackdown coming of Armageddon, the show will be non-stop action in a similar vain to homecoming earlier this year

John Cena vs. Eric Bischoff is likely to be added this week on Raw, and is rumoured to have some very interesting stipulations behind it. No-one knows exactly what will happen, but it is supposed to be a feud ender

There will be a lot of progression towards matches for New Years Revolution, with a couple of matches at least expected to be added. There will also be a build up to the WWE title match for NYR, with the number 1 contender rumoured to be appearing on the highlight reel, or at the very least have some interaction with Jericho in a promo

Speaking of the number 1 contender, there are various theories flying around as to who that will be. After the Highlight Reel last week, Kurt Angle has been touted as a possibility, as has Mohammed Hassan. But there is a feeling that Rob Van Dam may be that man, especially with the push he has garnered as of late

Except a bit of build for the interpromotional matches at Wrestlemania to take place on the show. After the meeting of Angle and Mysterio at Survivor Series, it seems likely that they will have another short confrontation, and they may also be a hint towards another match

A Raw preview and Heat results will be up some point tomorrow. Dont know where Kane01 is at the moment, as i havent been in contact with him for a few days, but hopefully he will post s/down in the next couple of days
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Some good news, supershow looks good.

I will be reading.


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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

I will defenitly be reading, Smackdown and Raw under one roof, sweetness
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Nice news. RVD would be good to see as #1 contender. I hope the Cena-Bischoff match (if it does take place), is a Steel Cage or No DQ or something similar.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Here we go, as they say 'Better Late Than Never'

Forever Delayed and Kane 01 do WWE (Shouldnt that be the thread name now anyway ) -Survivor Series 2005

Nice Heat, which did its job in building the event, but why did you get Hassan and Orton mixed up for the title match??

Awesome vs. Holly wouldnít be pretty, but it would serve as a good warm up match for the show. Opening video was very nicely done, and I especially liked the beginning with people surviving certain things. Only problem was that Brock Lesnar stopped when he said Because IÖ

Handing out glasses this week from The Teachers, lol. Proper heel tactics too, not wanting to start the match. Excellent quick start from Kash and Punk, taking it to MNM, for a few near falls, before Nowinski gets involved, pushing Kash off the top rope, which should shift the momentum. Nice spot with Punk kicking the cocky champion off the apron.
MNM wear down KK, before a hot tag to CM Punk gets things cooking again, with Punk clearing house, before being taken out by a title belt from Striker, which spells disaster, and the first elimination of the match. Finally, The Teachers get involved in the match properly, and immediately take charge over Kash Ö but Nowinski is out of there pretty sharpish, which I wasnít expecting to see.
Nice to see the ladies get some in ring time, with the champion getting eliminated, which is pretty cool, leaving her fate out of her hands now, relying on MNM to win the title for her. Pretty cool too, with Kash and Striker working together in order to make the fall happen. Now Alexis gets involved for the first time, and in another interesting twist, MNM help Trish, by taking out Striker, who now faces some big time odds, being the only Teacher left.
Excellent turnaround, with Nitro attacking Trish, which could serve as a reason why they helped her a moment ago, as sheíll be an easier target. We then get back to men vs. men, but Iím rather interested to see what happens with Trish now, being the only female left in the match. Match looks to be heading towards a big finish now, and Striker eliminates Mercury, then nearly gets rid of Nitro too.
MNM are finished, and we are guaranteed a new womens champion with MNM out of the picture now. Nice lead up, with Trish slapping the face of Nitro to break a cover, before the 450 ends his night. Certainly didnít expect it to come down to Trish and Striker, but I am definitely in favour of it, as it has the Canadians on their feet for their favourite, and also has the womens title / tag title thing going on. Finish was done well, and made more sense for Striker to go over, although I was surprised with how well he was put over in this one. Teachers should now bring stability to the tag titles, and Alexis is a fresh womens champion.

Match Rating: *** - Terrific opener. Could easily have been a mess with so many bodies in their, but you done it extremely well, and delivered a really solid match, which told a story too.

Excellent Jericho promo, with some awesome one liners included. Surely the mystery man is Bret Hart.

Smackdown kicks off its portion of the show, with the Cruiserweights which is cool. Actually expected this one to be the opener, as itís a traditional SS match, and would make for an extremely hot opener. Action flowed well early on, and was pleasing to see everyone get some action, rather than a bunch of early eliminations, which is what youíd normally expect from Cruiserweight wrestlers, lol. Excellent past paced action, leading up to the first elimination, coming against Kazarian, who finds himself eliminated early on, on behalf of Juvi, in classic heel fashion too. Gives the faces the mountain to climb, right from the beginning.
Surprised to see Kidman go soon after, leaving London and Chavo to battle four men now. This should make for a good comeback at some point in the match, possibly from 4 on 1 or from here at 4 on 2. London is forced to struggle on, not being able to tag in his only remaining partner. Roll through on Crazy sends him out, which is a disappointment for me, as Super Crazy is by far, my favourite Mexicool.
Finally, London makes a tag out, and Chavo - the fresh man obviously is able to take on his three opponents, and a bit of old school lying, cheating and stealing to get rid of Psychosis, and bring the match back to level terms. But that doesnít last for long, with London and Chavo absolutely cooking now, eliminating Tajiri, leaving Juvi all alone to face London and Chavo. He doesnít last too long either, and the match is over, with two survivors, being Chavo and London.
Match Rating: *** - Decent match, well above average, although something was lacking for this to score really highly. Having said that, two *** matches to kick off the show is extremely promising.

Wonder if that Team Lesnar promo should be looked at as a possible hint at them falling apart tonight, or just a filler promo?? Some funny lines in there, with Kennedy looking a true star. Brock Lesnar though, isnít spelt Lesner.

Every card needs filler, and I guess this is the Smackdown portion of filler for this show. Iíd be surprised to see new champions crowned here, but I guess you never can tell. Much longer than I expected it to be, but nicely done all the same, with all six men In there at the same time. You do have me confused though every now and then, with calling a move the superlex. Not sure if you mean suplex, or superplex. Nice piece of comedy, with Eugene telling Heidenreich to get the tables. Nice elimination of Eugene, getting pushed off the top rope, through the table.
Down to the two teams then, with basic tables match action. LOL, now itís the Basham Brothers using the old Dudleys line. Nothing earth shattering about the finish either, with a Dudley Boys fight back, and the originals using their tables line. As expected, we get a successful title defence for the Dudley Boys, but I donít see this being a long reign.
Match Rating: **Ĺ - Cant go any higher. Just a filler match, but average.

Only problem with the Bischoff promo, was that I just cant picture him saying Ďladsí. I might be wrong, but its more of a British term anyway, as the Americans generally would say Ďguysí. Good to have everyone on the team get some mic time, especially Christian who totally overshadowed all the other random comments, by ripping big time with a shoot like promo into Team Heyman.

I take it Daivari was asked to just get out of the ring, and not leave ringside then?? Typical opening moments from Taker, no selling the offence, and kicking out at one. Itís cool to see a one count though now and then. Another cover for Hassan, and from the outset, he is certainly being pushed, as someone on Takers level. He has the mic skills for sure, pity he doesnít have the ability in the ring to match Ö but back to the match. Definitely struggling, having to go for the leg work so early on into the match, which is not a good sign of things to come.
Excellent use of Daivari at ringside as always, and Iím starting to get into this one a bit more now tbh.
Definitely desperation time for Taker now, using a small package on Hassan, which is another smart move, as it shows how much Hassan has taken out of The Deadman. Mark out time for the running DDT!!! Old School is stopped by the little man, but Taker isnít fazed, and strikes back, with a tribute to Hulk Hogan?? LOL. Big boot and leg drop only gets two for Taker. Looks like the match is picking up now, with some more of the signature moves making an appearance, as Hassan battles out of the Chokeslam, and gets another near fall, but Taker manages to kick out again.
Second time lucky for Taker, scoring with a Chokeslam, but Hassan joins the list of everyone who has kicked out of the Chokeslam. Makes him look good, as it isnít Takers main finisher, but one of his focal moves. Last Ride came along a little to easily for this to be the finish, but Iím glad you didnít have Hassan kick out, because that wouldíve been a major no-no. Daivari saves Hassan again, then assists him with Brass Knucks, and Taker sits up, because thatís what he does.
Good finish too, with Daivari once again helping out MuHa out of the Tombstone, allowing the Flatliner, AND, Daivari throws the foot off the ropes, allowing victory to be Hassans. Why didnít the referee have a word with Daivari though for his constant interference??
Match Rating: **Ĺ - Just about average, which is actually good for Hassan vs. Taker imo. Wasnít sure if you could pull this off, but itís a respectable match.

Interview with Team Batista wasnít great tbh. Batista drifted in and out of character, Rock was pretty decent though, and I loved that line from the Raw Tenth Anniversary show thrown in at Sharmell too, and some great lines on JBL and Lesnar too. Definitely turned it around with The Rock, after a jittery Batista promo.

Triple X on the way. Good to have them go to Smackdown, as they have a very weak division there, and they could also compete in the CW division too.

Here we go, Retirement Match!!!! Classic Flair to start off, getting into the head of Triple H. Quickly descends into a brawl, as youíd expect. Chop fest from the Nature Boy, sending Triple H to the outside, which should result in the weapons making an appearance. First off, the fight though moves into the crowd, before the suplex onto the barricade Ö OUCH.
Glad the first weapon Triple H pulled out wasnít a sledgehammer, as it would be far too early for that caper. Trash can is a nice start, along with a Kendo Stick, with Flair probably doing his stuffed pig impersonation now. Good use of the trash can, blasting the lid onto the can over Flairs head. Liking that. I expect Flair to make plenty of comebacks in this one, with a nice slingshot counter to the Pedigree through the set up table. Lovely spot, that didnít go too far into the depths of extreme, but did enough. The bloodletting of Triple H was too casual imo, but then again, getting busted open cant be done a clever way every time, at least the simple way makes it seem more like a genuine fight. Surprised to see a second table spot, this time with Flair crashing and burning through the announcers table. One would be enough.
Had a chuckle with Triple H using Flair tactics to get the camera from the cameraman. Liked that little humour piece. Triple H looks to get extreme now, desperate to finish off Naitch. Pedigree in the ring, Pedigree onto the steps Ö and again. And now for Triple Hís Ďleetleí friend, Tony Montana style. Unfortunately though, it doesnít work out for him, as Flair rolls away, which must be purely out of instinct, as Triple H had him dead and buried.
Triple H though is able to get back up first, only to get met with steps from his opponent. Another touch of humour, with the Flair flop was kinda funny for me to read which is strange for such an important match. Saying that, itís a traditional Flair spot, so it cant be avoided. And now its modern day Flair at his best, being the finger bitin, ball grabbin son of a gun!!!! Loving this match right now, with a great blend of action, and entertainment.
Now, its Flair dominating, showing his mean streak, going to work on Triple Hís leg to set up for the Figure Four!!! Ropes mean shit Ö submission means shit, and the fans are going apeshit!!! Sledgehammer saves The Game though, as always, and I have a feeling this is the end now for Flair. Pedigree on the chair from Triple H puts the exclamation point on the match, before using the hammer to the knees, and applying the Figure Four. One last sledgehammer shot, and this is over now, with the referee having to call for the bell.

Match Rating: ****2/3 - This might be the highest graded match Iíve ever gave. From start to finish was awesome to read. There were obvious flaws, such as about half a dozen Pedigrees, BUT - in my opinion, given the build up, and the stipulation involved, with careers on the line, it makes sense for the finishers to be overused, with both men desperate to secure a win. The match had to be ultra violent to get the opponent to say ĎI Quití, so the excessive violence is justified. Even with the seriousness of the match, there was elements of comedy which certainly gave a slight gap from the carnage every now and again. All round, just an awesome contest. Finish for me was weak, as are most I Quit Matches, as when the face loses, he cant afford to say ĎI Quití as it makes him look weak. Might be more harshly graded for say the BTB Tourney, but for general reading, it was terrific.

Mysterio - Orton - Angle promo seemed a little off to me, although with the set up of a possible Angle - Mysterio match at WM perhaps, I can forgive that.

Pleased to see Lesnar and Batista being kept apart in the match, and as I correctly predicted before the event quite some time ago, Batista is the shock elimination first, thanks to a scheming Brock Lesnar. Donít really like the way the pinfalls are done on the Smackdown side, as the only long counts as for three counts. Big elimination though for Kennedy, and surely something for him to brag about for the future weeks. Main problem with this match is that a lot of the guys involved are pretty limited in the ring, which is starting to plod the match a little. Three finishers get the job done on Big Slow, and that should hopefully get the speed of the match lifted again. F5 on Show is always an awesome sight.
Surprised to see Carlito is the first elimination from Team Lesnar, as Booker T wouldíve been the obvious choice for that imo, or even JBL, to try and flush the dead wood out. Benoit opens the match up a little more, bringing some life to the match, with him and Booker T now able to get some time in there together, after their recent feuding.
Wouldíve expected the Wolverine to be the one to eliminate Booker, but I suppose that allows them to stretch the feud out a little bit longer, and gives Kane an elimination in the match. Kane is soon gone though, thanks to Lesnar, who has had a say in every elimination so far, and gets another elimination with the F5. Long piece of action, before Kennedy has Rock BEAT with the Green Bay plunge, only to be saved by a Headbutt from Benoit. Good to shake up the elimination process, with a countout, something that never crossed my mind for Survivor Series myself. Itís smart booking too, as it saves Kennedy from an actual loss.
IMO, JBL recovered far too quickly from the top rope DDT to eliminate Benoit, so that has to be seen as a disappointment, making Bradshaw look far too strong in the match. Didnít see the need for blood in the match, with Ric Flair and Triple H having just had a bloodbath previously. Seems a bit much. Rock makes a big comeback, and eliminates JBL with a Rock Bottom, but as I was beginning to feel, it was all for nothing, as Lesnar in the end is just too much for The Great One, but a good finish, even if it was another F5 to end it.
Match Rating: *** - This one just didnít click for me. Lesnar used the F5 way too often, especially coming off the back of a match which was already loaded with consistent use of finishers. Not sure if maybe you two had communicated about the match order, but this one mightíve been best off before the Hassan vs. Taker match, or have the Flair vs. HHH match before Hassan vs. Taker, as having lots of finishers and blood in back to back matches starts to get hackneyed.

Vince promo seemed a little weird, but it hints towards McMahon knowing that a certain someone will be appearing tonight.

Cena promo was excellent, and pretty much on character, although Iím worried about the amount of ringside presence possibly getting too much, with three managers on Team Bischoff. Early action was well put together, with the more athletic guys kicking it off. Loved the early elimination of Sandman, with Coach throwing a beer, getting it thrown back, before it fell apart for Sandman, who looked a little too strong imo. Heís the weak link of the team, and couldíve just been eliminated cleanly.
Cena gets in, and trapped in The Masterlock, but fortunately is saved. Glad he didnít break it, as itís the thing that got Masters over in the first place. Coach makes a boneheaded decision, leading to his downfall at the hands of Cena.
Action between Benjamin and Haas was off the charts, and brought the match firmly into life, with Haas getting a visual three on Benjamin, but with no ref to see it. Awesome elimination of Charlie Haas, with an amazing T-Bone off the top rope, giving Shelton a win over his former partner, and bringing the teams down to 5 and 4. Right now though, the interference for every heel win in the match might be a little bit too much.
Now itís another two rivals squaring off, with Matt Hardy taking on Edge in the centre of the ring. Great victory for Hardy, and doesnít weaken Edge at all, with Hardy hitting two impact moves to eliminate his nemesis. Edges smiles as he leaves, and now, we all know why. Action played out well for the next little session, with things slowing a little to get some momentum going for the next mad rush. Low blow, and an Unprettier ends AJ Styles evening, after a huge surge of attacks on both sides, but once more, the heels have to cheat to eliminate a face, which is becoming a far too often happening, and actually is hurting the match for me imo.
RVD has Masters beat with a Five Star, but again, outside interference stops the faces. And just as the faces think they have taken out the interference of Bischoff with Hardys cross body, Christian snipes in again, hitting the Unprettier to RVD, and allowing the cover for Masters. Effective work from the heels there, which makes them look smart, rather than cheap, as the finisher was enough to keep RVD down, yet was performed by the illegal man. Right after, Masters gets WAY too cocky, and pays for it, getting rolled up, and eliminated by an inspired Matt Hardy for 3.
Action slows down again for a short spell, allowing the madness to cease, and the wrestling to take over with the three on two advantage playing out, before the match breaks down again, and this time, itís the faces that benefit, with John Cena levelling the numbers to 2 vs. 2. Ankle Lock has Cena in trouble, but it seemed strange that he kept his arm up, and simply tagged in Hardy, as if Angle let go, and allowed him. Couldíve been more descriptive, saying he reaches out, and makes the tag instead maybe.
Hardy is most definitely getting a huge push from this match, surviving so long, making two eliminations, and being made to look equal to the biggest heels on the Bischoff team. Finally though, we get a clean win for the heels, with Kurt Angle taking out V1, who had a terrific run, but this leaves Cena in a whole world of trouble. More Cena - Angle, which had plenty of excitement, but ultimately, it was obvious that Cena would overcome Kurt, and bring the match level, so it was wise to keep it short between them, as you did.
Plenty of near falls for both Christian and Cena, as they vy to be the sole survivor. Heyman is forced to revert to the same tactics as Eric to save the match. Strange to see heels chasing a face for cheating, but in this context, with the numbers game, it makes sense. Cena with his SIXTH FU gets a two count, with Bischoff pulling the referee out, similar to Heyman moments ago. Tomko gets involved, but Cena kicks out again. Finally though, the <Insert Number Here> Unprettier ends the match, and gives Bischoff full power over Raw once again.
Match Rating: ***ĺ - Harsh rating here Iím afraid. Too many FUís, too many Unprettiers, making it three matches in a row with overused finishers. Expected it for the I Quit Match, thought it was a little much for the F5 in the last match, but three matches in a row is too much. Also, the amount of cheating done for the majority of eliminations was a let down too. Sorry to be so harsh, as the match was pretty cool for the rest, but those points just sank in too much for me. If it was a stand alone match, and the I Quit Match and the other SS Match hadnít been on the card, I wouldíve been more lenient on grading, but hopefully you understand why I was harsh.

Insert a promo here before going straight into the WHC Match.

Excellent start from the champion, giving the match a great kick start to get the action going. Glad to see itís Mysterio opening up fast, as he is the one with the pent up aggression here, before Orton eventually responds, and takes over. Finishers were well teased, and countered by both men too. Action spilling in and out of the ring shakes the flow up a little, and differentiates this match with the last two, which stayed almost completely inside the squared circle. RKO?? --- Foot on the rope savs Mysterio. That mightíve had more of an impact on my thinking, but Iíve seen a lot of finishers on the show already, and wasnít surprised to see Mysterio survive. Cool to see Rey hit his finisher on Orton, but still cant get the job done.
Terrific balance in the match between both men, battling back and forth, back and forth, which has helped this emerge as a sleeper for match of the night, although it wont top Triple H vs. Ric Flair. Orton takes out the referee, and overcomes Mysterio, surprisingly without cheating, hitting the RKO Ö but doesnít take the title, as the referee has been taken out!!! Now, Orton does revert to the cheap tactics, using the steel chair, whilst the official is still out cold. Didnít predict that finish, as Orton had everything under control, but I really enjoyed it, as it was very different to the other finishes on the card tonight.
Match Rating: **** - Pretty high rating, maybe a little too high if I was to take a second look, but for my money, this one ranks up there with the I Quit Match. Spectacular effort, and I hope to see you booking a match between these two again, as you meshed their talents terrifically.

Orton though, isnít done with Rey, and the RKO sends a message to the champion, that it isnít over between them. Then, we get the swerve of the night, as EDGE cashes in on his MITB contract!!!! New champion on Smackdown!!!! Definitely a big time moment to remember there. Smackdown could do with someone like Edge right now, as Raw seems to have the best of the talent. Hopefully Kane01 uses him well as champion.

Quick promo from Edge. Short, but effective.

Now, itís main event time!!!! Iím expecting this one to be vastly different from previous meetings between the two men, with how itís been built up in recent weeks.

Could imagine that opening exchange, and the fan reaction to it, with the stare down. Real air of excitement, and the two guys are only looking at each other right now!!! Didnít expect the wrestling early on, even though you had posted the 1st half of the match would be. Still didnít expect the wrestling to be the focal point early on. Liked Michaels blocking the superplex, then going for a clothesline, only to be met with a dropkick from Jericho. Always love that type of sharp exchange. Referee just lets Michaels get away with a low blow?? I guess itís due to the magnitude of the match??
HBK in cruise control wont sit well with Montreal, but itís obviously leading up to a big Canadian comeback from Jericho, who for tonight anyway, is the solid fan favourite. Itís all HBK, with basic offence, until Jericho comes back with a dropkick getting the fans back into the match. Michaels though takes back charge, and has Jericho in trouble, before taking a high risk, and scoring with a moonsault THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Both announce tables take a battering tonight. Some people would complain about two announce tables being broken on one show, but itís not something that generally bothers me. Would be nice for us to be told which table it was though in future.
Desperation time for Jericho, having to roll up Michaels to try and get out of his tricky situation of HBK dominating proceedings. Can honestly say that the only time Iíve ever seen HBK use the Fame Asser is in Playstation 2 games, but itís good to give wrestlers a new move now and again to shake things up. Looks like a more fruitful comeback now for Jericho, thanks to the Enziguri, which begins to help him take on HBK, and the Flashback gets a two count.
Jericho crashes and burns looking for a moonsault, which is likely to allow HBK to get back on top, with the nip up sure to draw an obscene amount of heat. Third attempt at Sweet Chin Music fails, and nearly leads to a loss for Michaels, with Y2J scoring a close fall. Lionsault is met with knees, and once again, things go awry for the champion, with Michaels looking to be one step ahead on every occasion. Michaels has the Sharpshooter --- NO!!! From here, I sense the match to breakdown, into the storyline chapter. Pleased to see the old two power bomb set from Jericho, which has been missing for many years now.
Walls of Jericho is locked in, but it seems a bit too early for this to end it, which it is, as HBK knocks the champion away, into the referee Ö and itís definitely time for the storyline to take over. Jericho has the Walls in again, but the referee being out makes the tap out worthless. Sharpshooter locked in now for Michaels Ö and here comes Hebner!!!! Re-hash of Ď97?? Not likely Ö Hebner nails Michaels!!! LOL!!! Drama is set to unfold now.
Michaels chases Hebner, around the ring, back inside Ö BREAKDOWN from Jericho!!! Cover gets to two, before the first official stops the count!!! Brilliant spot, with Michaels missing SCM on Jericho twice, but landing on the referees both times!!! HBK and Y2J go at it again, and again, Jericho misses a moonsault, and allows Michaels to get on top again, and lock in the Sharpshooter!!!
BRET HART!!!!!!!!! Hart swerves Michaels, with a right hand, and finally is able to lock the Sharpshooter in, with HBK tapping out. Lionsault from Jericho Ö Bret is somehow a referee Ö but walks out??? Jericho is distracted by the walkout, allowing Sweet Chin Music Ö but only gets a two count!!! Jericho gets the Walls of Jericho locked in Ö and Bret comes back, counting to three - from a submission??
Match Rating: ****ľ - Just an all round awesome match. Perfectly balanced between wrestling and storyline, although I expected more of a brawl beginning. Finish was weird too imo, as it was very well described, at least in my view, as to what happened. Bret counted HBK for a three count in a submission?? Bret forced HBK to tap, and have the match end?? Iím not sure. However, sometimes with such a great build up, a match can disappoint Ö this one lived up to the hype.

Despite this being imo, the best PPV in the thread yet, I see room for improvement, and once again, that starts with the use of finishers. One match on a show is acceptable if in the right situation, two maximum. But in three back to back matches on this show was too much imo. Especially when two of the matches were elimination matches, involving up to twelve guys.

Speaking of the three matches which contained the over use of finishers, it mightíve ended up as a slight negative, if the matches had been more strategically booked on the show, i.e not booked back to back, and further apart on the card. This is where you two will need to communicate more in future too perhaps over which matches you use finishers often, which matches contain someone getting busted open, which may be time consuming, but it will also help the PPV events look better, as the same finishes wont go back to back.

Writing styles. Although fairly different, you both display similar lengths to matches, and generally have the same style of writing. Promos though are were Kane01 needs to catch up.

Lived up to the hype. It was built up, and built up, with the long wait being most definitely worth it.

Created Excitement. This show closed a few feuds, but in the process opened up many more, and would have people tuning in on Raw and Smackdown to see the fallout, with Edge cashing in on MITB, Bischoff taking full control, the HBK reaction to being screwed, and a possible appearance from Hart.

Effort. Top notch, and cannot be faulted, despite the criticisms Iíve dished out earlier. This show certainly wasnít just thrown together. You both put everything into the show, and it showed in the end.

Congratulations to both of you on a job well done. Awesome show written by two of the very best around today.

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Thanks for the very in depth review, which has given some great pointers about where to go in the future

Firstly, great to see that you liked it, and thought that it was a very good ppv. It shows that all the effort that we put into it paid off as we produced a great show

The fact that too many finishers were used during the show was actually something that i didnt really notice, but that could have been because i was writing the matches in parts, so it didnt occur to me that i had used as many F-U's and Unprettiers as i actually did. I was trying to aim for it being a very long match with a lot of finishers used, but i guess i went a bit overboard with it

The HBK/Jericho match ended in a submission, with Hart forcing HBK to tap out by hitting his hand on the mat. That was what i was trying to out across, but i can see the confusion could occur because what i wrote wasnt that clear. Hart had the power to make the count as he was a referee, and that is what Vince knew about the main event, and he had given Hart the power to referee the match, even though that was never explained

The ordering of the card was something that i wasnt really sure how to put the matches, but i tried to go for the wrestlemania 19 approach of putting all the big matches at the end of the show. I wasnt keen on putting the 2 SS matches together, and looking back on it i probably wouldnt have done it the way i did. We did have a brief discussion on the match order, but after reading the matches it may have been best to go against the order we agreed on

The mistakes at the beginning of the shows were typos, which i just missed when i was editing the show

About the name - i did ask for it to be changed a few weeks back but none of the mods ever did get round to changing it so it stayed the way it originally was. I'll ask for the name change again as that is the way it should be really

Once again, thanks for the review, and hopefully for Armaggedon and NYR, improvements will be made in time for the Royal Rumble

Note: Kane01's computer hasnt been working over the last few days and so he hasnt been able to do s/down for this week. He is going to try and post an recap of it tomorrow if he can get onto the computer
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