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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Just a further update (Dont want you to think I've forgotten) I'm hoping to have your review for Survivor Series done and dusted by the end of the week. Right now, it's been pretty flawless, just so you know. Not that everything is ***** quality, but nothing has warranted any major criticism.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE


I didnt expect everything to be 5 star quality (that is saved for mania....), but glad to see that it is looking to be a great ppv in your opinion.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

I am going to give you a huge review once I am done, because I haven't finished Survivor Series or Raw yet but I am reviewing Survivor Series, Raw and SmackDown in one Review! It will be posted by tommorow!
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Just noticed that i have put up the heat results and raw preview, so here they are

Heat results

CM Punk and Kid Kash def. The Heartthrobs after Punk hit the pepsi plunge to Antonio

Trish Stratus def. Victoria when she nailed her with the chick kick

RVD def. Simon Dean after a five star frog splash

The teachers classroom takes place, where Striker/Nowinski/Alexis try to teach the crowd about justice. They tell the crowd that them having the tag team titles and the womens title is just, as just like Plato said, it should be the smart people who are in power. But before they can get much further, Punk and Kash run out from the back, to a pop from the crowd, and the segment descends into a brawl between the two teams. Punk and Kash win the fight, with the teachers running away from the battle, but as Kash and Punk stand tall in the ring, MNM come from behind, and nail the snapsnot to both of them, and then stand tall

WWE RAW Preview

The first of two weeks in England for Raw occurs tonight, as we come live from the capital city, when Raw comes to you live from Earlís Court, London

And in the main event, we will see Shelton Benjamin take on Charlie Haas in a stretcher match. These two men have been feuding for months, but tonight it comes to an end. Who will leave on a stretcher, and who will win the feud?

Also announced for tonight is a match between Matt Hardy and Chris Masters. After Masters was defeated by AJ Styles last week, Masters locked in the masterlock after the match to get revenge, but Hardy came in for the save. Tonight, the two of them face off in the ring

We will see the first edition of the teacherís classroom on Raw, as Striker, Nowinski and Alexis try to rebound of the calamitous attempt to hold one which they had on Sunday Night Heat. Will they be able to get through a lesson this time, or will MNM or Punked for Kash interrupt again?

Plus, the highlight reel returns after a 1 week absence, when Chris Jericho will be interviewing his guest for the evening, who happens to be Kurt Angle. What will the Olympic hero have to say?

And finally, Melina goes one on one with Trish Stratus, Rob Van Dam takes on Gene Snitsky, and William Regal will also be in action against Triple H

And will John Cenaís hell from Eric Bischoff be continued, and who will the next number 1 contender be?

Find out only, on Monday Night Raw
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE Survivor Series

Match 1-Triple Threat 9 Man Tag Match
Holy Hell what a match this was pretty long and sometimes got really boring and when CM Punk was the first to be eliminated I thought 'Where is this kid going' But then even without CM Punk it was a great match, a few grammar problems here and there. When Nowitsky was eliminated I thought that the ladies were probably going to be the last people in the match, but then Melina is eliminated, well at least we have a new womans champ, okay I think. Holy crap Trish is on a role after she just eliminated Alexis! Nitro then comes in and covers Trish but Kash makes the save. Then Joey Mercury then gets eliminated followed by his partner, Johnny Nitro. MNM is fully eliminated and it is down to Kash/Trish vs. Striker. Then Kash is eliminated, then oh crap Trish is in by herself, and she is gone.

Rating-7/10 having 2 title between different genders is a bit strange.
Highlight moment-Trish being the only girl left then getting clotheslined

Interview-Chris Jericho
Seems Jericho is really prepared for his match against Michaels tonight and keeps the crowd wondering who the mystery man is.

Match 2-8-man Classic Survivor Series match
This match was full of Cruiserweights, which made me basically review this Survivor Series match, I like to see if people can pull of the Cruiserweights well, and you did just that! Kazerian gets eliminated first, a pretty bad move because he is a good cruiserweight. I would've made Chavo lose first because he seemed to be making some bad moves during the match. Billy Kidman eliminated second is also a pretty bad move because that cat can glide through the air. I liked seeing London evening the odds a little eliminating Super Crazy. Then almost immediately Psychosis gets eliminated fully evening the odds. Chavo finally eliminates Tajiri then Juvi by London loses!

Rating-10/10 Lots of high spots that made it good, and a good comeback
Highlight moment-London doing the SSP outside the ring

Backstage-Team Lesner
A big argument over whom should be the World Heavyweight Champion. Then they all put their hands in the middleÖKennedy

Match 3-Triple Threat tag team Tables match
Big match with the titles on the line makes them work the match 4x as hard. Putting them in a table's match had to be the Dudleyz idea. This match was no doubt going to D-Von and Bubba Ray being in their turf, wood! Heidenreich and Eugene were the first to be eliminated was sweet seeing as they are a slow team that didn't do to well in the match at the beginning but they pulled through for some good spots. Dudleyz and Bashams have had some good clashes in the past and this is definitely going in the books. These two teams made it look like the match was going to be over many times until the 3-D came baby, Basham eat wood!

Rating 7/10 Great match with the right men retaining the title's Highlight moment-Bashams mimicking Dudeyz 'Get the Tables'

Backstage-Team Bishoff
Team Bishoff hyping each other up for their huge match tonight, they talk about what they're opponents are like and what they will do with them and what they are going to do on Raw if they win

Match 4-Undertaker vs. Hassan
I personally hope Taker kicks Hassan's ass. This turned out to be a dominant then breath taking then suspenseful and then sad match. Sometimes I thought Taker was actually going to lose but then I thought 'Impossible!' Hassan really pulled out all the stops and almost had Taker beaten and it had me. No doubt that Hassan would cheat I can't wait to read Raw and see what happens next since Undertaker lost.

Rating-7/10 Man I couldn't stand Taker losing
Highlight moment-Taker rolling Hassan up in a small package

Backstage-Batista and The Rock
Funny as hell when the Rock talks and he has the crowd laughing and betting on Team Batista during the interview.

Match 5-Triple H vs. Ric Flair
Brutalness dude, this match seemed more brutal than at Survivor Series 2006, WWE's version. If you did ever enter a BTB tournament you should definitely enter this match. After you get to the third or fourth paragraph it gets brutal with a suplex onto the barricade. Then after that you throw in Kendo sticks and tables and then trashcans. This match deserved to be 5 stars but it was a little shorter than I thought it would've been.

Rating 9/10-Should've been longer
Highlight Moment-End of the match was the best.

Interview-Rey Mysterio/Randy Orton/Kurt Angle
Pretty normal interview at a pay per view with Rey talking about his opponent only to be interrupted by him then Angle comes up? Weirdness!

Match 6-Team Lesner vs. Team Batista
Damn dude this was a super long match and not a boring moment in it. Benoit from Batista's team gets a beat down early on in the match not able to make a tag. But when Booker and Benoit make a tag the match gets big with Lesner and Show!!! But after awhile Show can't take it and we hit the big rival, Batista, but Lesner chickens out to tag in Book-man who tags in Kennedy! Then Batista gets hammered with a chair and gets rolled up. Having the Face team captain lose first is pretty unusual but I like how you do this. Then after a beautiful double clothesline Brock and Show are back in the ring again for part 2! Lesner wins the war after a huge 500-pound F5!!! Kane then comes in and tries his strength against Lesner. Damn Kane starts to get a beat down by team Lesner! Oh wait Kane tags in The Rock and he eliminates Carlito after a dominative Rock Bottom! After awhile Kane and Booker T rumble for a while until Kane eliminates him with a thunderous Choke Slam! Then Lesner runs in and beats on Kane and delivers a huge F5 on the 7 footer followed by the elimination! Then my favorite elimination is via count out against Kennedy!!! Then after a few eliminations its down to The Rock and Brock Lesner!!! These two brought it all to the table and Lesner just happened to do what he did in 2002 beats Rock with an F5!

Rating 10/10-Wonderful match probably MOTN
Highlight Moment-Lesner eliminating Big Show after a 500-pound F5!

Interview-Vince McMahon, A.K.K. God A weird thing with Maria being her stupid self and Vince saying that it will be a night to remember? Well can't wait to read the main event!

Match 7-Team Bishoff vs. Team Heyman
A 6 on 6 match is huge and I never thought of it but your mind is thinking of things many people don't think of. Having Sandman eliminated first is pretty strange seeing that him and RVD are the only people who were in ECW. A truly breath taking match with violence every turn and it happens that Bishoff's team gets the early advantage until Coach gets eliminated! I am surprised he lasted 10 minutes!!! After that it is Benjamin vs. Haas, former friends and it just so happens that Bishoff starts to lead 5-4! Then another former rivalry happens in the ring as Hardy gets a lucky Twist of Fate and pins Edge to even up the odds yet again! Then a huge elimination occurs as A.J. gets caught in an Unprettier! That doesn't go good for me as A.J. is one of my favorites! Then some cheap cheating from Bishoff pulling the referee out of the ring after Van Dam had Master's. Then Christian hits an Unprettier followed by the elimination which made me almost stop reviewing this after both A.J. and RVD are two of my favorites. Then as paybacks a bitch Hardy rolls Masters up and then its 3-2!!! Cena then pulls out everything and FU's Shelton to his fate and to the back as he evens the odds! Then Hardy gets eliminated after a cheap Angle Slam then Cena uses his revenge and eliminates Angle in an impressive bout. Then its one-on-one Christian vs. John Cena! Millions of close pins and I just kept reading this until Christian hits the Unprettier and wins!

Rating 8/10 All the original ECW people were like the first people gone Highlight moment-The Haas and Benjamin part.

Match 8-Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton
This match was highly anticipated for me hoping that Rey retains the title! Rey starts to give me hope early on in the match when he did that Springboard Corkscrew Moon Sault. But that was early in the match and you can't really tell anything from that. Orton later in the match started taking all uses of cheating making him the odds on favorite! Thank God the referee was out when Orton hit that RkO! Then Mysterio comes back and makes it impossible for Orton to kick out!

Rating 9/10 Orton was using some moves he never used before Highlight moment-The referee not being there when Orton the RKO.

Match 8 1/2-Rey Mysterio vs. Edge
Wow nice, Edge cashes in his money in the bank contract and scores the Spear on him for the 1, 2, 3 and the Heavyweight championship

Rating-8/10 Nice to see a new champion
Highlight moment-Edge coming in and scoring a Spear.

Match 9-Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
This match was really hyped up but it just didn't feel hyped up enough to be a main event match but the end is the most likely the reason you did that. Some insane moves were involved with this match like the moon Sault onto the announcer's table was pretty sick and that missile dropkick while Michaels was going for the clothesline. Liked the kick to the back of the head, The Enziguri looked pretty straight up, Oh god I loved the two powerbombs. Also the Sweet Chin Music near the end made the crowd worried and then later the referee gets involved??? Holy Hell, Bret Hart, Bret Hart, Bret Hart!!! Breat slaps Michaels hand on the ground to make him tap out!!!

Rating 8/10-Dude Sweet
Highlight moment-What do you think?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


In Ring-Triple H/Christian/Edge
Another Triple H promo YEAH!!! Oh god thank Christian for shutting him up and telling him that he's the next WWE champ then Edge pops out of nowhere and tells them he has chased that belt for like ever pretty random for a SmackDown guy to be on Raw!
Segment Rating 3/5

G.M. Office-Masters/Bishoff/Coach
Masters asks for the intercontental championship in a match against Styles, boy Masters doesn't know what's coming, it takes some doing.

Match 1-Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy
Good to see Hardy-getting revenge on a member from Eric's team last night beating a very athletic, Shelton Benjamin. Hardy hits a beautiful Twist of Fate after Benjamin is distracted by Charlie Haases music!
Segment rating-8/10

Match 2-Kurt Angle vs. Johnny Parisi
A huge squash, no doubt. Angle really needed this match to get that win to make him look less of a loser, on your show. Angle ends it with a million suplexes followed by an ankle snapping Ankle lock.
Segment rating-7/10

Match 3-A.J. Styles vs. Chris Masters
Masters is no doubt the stronger of the two and Masters tries to slow him down and succeeds to where he tries for the Master lock but Styles quickly hits the Pele!!! Masters goes for the Master lock again but A.J. low blow's and finishes him off!
Segment rating-9/10 Glad to see A.J. retaining!

Match 4-Rene Dupree vs. William Regal
A fast match with Regal getting prepared for his UK tour and he beats the French dude, Rene Dupree after a Regal Slam
Segment rating-7/10

Match 5 Cena vs. Right to Censer
Man Cena sux and I was hoping he would get his ass kicked but being a Face he pulls out his power and FU's his way to victory!
Segment rating-8/10

Match 6-Christian vs. Chris Jericho
The match is declared no contest after Michaels goes ballistic and blasts everyone with the chair and then grabbing the mic and telling the fans he is leaving until Bret comes back and faces Shawn.
Segment rating 10/10 it was kind of emotional

Overall 55/70=B- I don't know why but when Shawn said he was no more until Bret comes back, that was plain emotional!

WWE SmackDown

In Ring-Edge/Mysterio/Lesner/Foley
Edge is a smart person no doubt and he showed that at Survivor Series when he beat Mysterio after a grueling match and now either Mysterio or Lesner will be the number one contender! Go Mysterio!!! 8/10

Match 1-Brock Lesner vs. Rey Mysterio
Since this was a number one contenders match there was no doubt these two would kill each other. Lots of high spots with Mysterio getting the huge win rolling up Lesner making it his first loss-8/10

Match 2-Chavo vs. London vs. Kidman vs. Kazerian
This match was excellent with four great cruiserweights. My favorite spot was when they were all outside and everybody just flew over the ropes crashing into them good win for Kazerian-9/10

Interview-Randy Orton
Orton lying his way to get another title shot, but he didn't this time. I wonder where he is going from here; he is making somebody's life a living Hell-6/10

G.M. Office-Lesner/Foley
Funny PS2 joke. Lesner V Batista should be interesting to see but only if he can win his match next week. Also in that thing Foley mentioned 'I want to see you get your ass kicked before I fire you' that made me think if it would be a loser leaves SmackDown match? 8/10

Match 3-Booker T/JBL vs. Kane/Benoit
Huge four man tag match that anybody would love to see on Friday Night SmackDown! Big win for JBL and Booker T, I would like to see if one of them gets a US title match! 7/10

Interview-The Rock
Classic Rock interview funny as hell but what makes it a lot better is when Kennedy comes in and that is a good combination. I smell a feud coming at Armageddon between these two.9/10

Match 4-Eugene vs. Carlito
Sounds like a good match with Carlito beating on Eugene most of the match then all momentum shifts then Eugene acts stupid and loses that momentum to get a Neck breaker followed by the victory! 7/10

Match 5-Edge Vs. Big Show
A very intense match-up to leave the SmackDown fans with, Edge keeps going for a quick win with Spears in every corner but never connects but the only way he wins is by rolling him up-8/10
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

nice preview FD, looking forward to RAW


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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Looking forward to the Stretcher Match. I think, It will be a brutal one. Nice Preview and I'm looking forward to your RAW. I'll Review it.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Firstly, i will say that if there is anyone who i havent returned a review for SS or the previous raw then drop me a pm and then i will get the review to you. I have lost track of who i have and havent rewieved, so i may have forgotten one or two people

Secondly, unless you live in england or are aware of what is going on in england to a reasonable degree, you may not actually get some of the comments that are made on this show.

WWE RAW Ė 5th December

Raw is on the air, as the pyro for the show goes off. We scan around Earlís Court in London, England, and we see the fans who are on the feet, loving the fact that Raw is coming from England for the next two weeks

Then, *One Of A Kind* hits, and out to the ring comes Rob Van Dam to the ring, to a reasonably good pop from the crowd. He comes out, and gives the crowd the RVD thumb taunt, and then gets into the ring, ready to get the show underway

*It wasnít my fault* hits, and out comes Snitsky to the ring, to a small amount of heat. He comes down to the ring, and enters it, as the match is about to begin

Match 1 Ė Rob Van Dam vs. Gene Snitsky

Summary Ė A strange choice to start the night off, but it does signal that RVD may be in line for a push, with him getting to kick of the show. The match is a typical power vs. speed contest, with the speed of RVD allowing him to take an early advantage, with him kicking Snitsky all over the place, until a cross body is caught, and then Snitskyís power advantage in the middle of the match shows. He wears down RVD, but eventually RVD does enough to regain the advantage, and then he flies at Snitsky, doing all he can to ground the kick man. After a huge series of spinning kicks, he grounds him, and then after a rolling thunder and a five star frog splash, he gets the three count

Rob Van Dam wins by pinfall at 5:28

RVD celebrates the win, as he raises his hands in the air, and gets a nice reaction from the crowd, as the commentators remark on how impressive RVD looked, and how he really does appear to be fired up

We go backstage, and we see Eric Bischoff wondering around the backstage area, when we see John Cena walk into the shot, drawing a good pop from the crowd

Eric: Cena, what a pleasant surprise to see you here tonight.

John: What do you want Eric?

Eric: I just came by for a nice friendly chat between us, you know, just to clear the air. I mean, I donít think that what happened last week really went as planned. I didnít know that the Right To Censor were going to jump you, and for that I am sorry, so tonight, I have an idea, an idea that I think you will like. Tonight, I am going to give a new spirited debutant a match against you, just to see what they can do. Just thought Iíd let you know


John: What do you want me to say Eric? Jeez thanks for the match, great to see that you care about me, and hey, lets go out for a drink this evening? Or perhaps this is some kind of trick you have, some kind of attempt to keep me down at the bottom of the league. Well Eric, let me tell you this, it isnít going to work, because the chain gang of London, England wonít let it happen.


John: Now tonight, when I have the fans behind me, I will go into my match, and I will pick up the victory. Now you could be getting me to face anyone, but simply, it doesnít matter to me, because if they want some, then they can freaking come and get some


John: Oh and Eric, the offer still stands?

Eric: No chance Cena, I donít have to prove anything to you


John: You and me, one on one in the middle of the ring, on your terms. Now do you have the balls to face me, or are you going to be just going to be all talk and no guts


John: Because either way Eric, it is the mission of the chain gang to make Eric Bischoff, John Cenaís bitch!

Huge pop, as Cena walks off, with Eric looking furious


We return, as *5Ö 4Ö. 3Ö. 2Ö. 1Ö. Break The Walls Down* hits, and out to the ring comes Chris Jericho, as we can see the ring is set up for the Highlight Reel. He comes down to the ring with the title around his waist in a cocky fashion, to a mixed reaction from the crowd, with them still seeing him as a tweener, which he now technically is

Chris: London is Jericho


Chris: And tonight, tonight is a very special night for every single one of you people, as tonight you are in the presence of the true special one, and I donít mean Jose Mourihno

Mixed Reaction with a few laughs

Chris: And anyway, what does he have on the ayatollah of rock and rolla anyway? He has never hat a hit single with the greatest rock and roll band of all time has he? And for those of you had the chance to check out Fozzy, I suggest you do so. Mourihno hasnít held every single title available to win in the WWE, and he certainly isnít here as the WWE champion, so we can safely say that Chris Jericho is the true special one

Mixed Reaction

Chris: But last week, you saw Chris Jericho retain the WWE title in a gruelling contest against Christian. It a back and forth contest, which stretched both men to the limit, but I just had enough to retain the title in what was a stunning match.

Mixed Reaction

Chris: But that leaves us without a number 1 contender to my title, which is the first reason I am out here tonight. You see, earlier tonight Eric Bischoff told me to announce that there will be a battle royal for the number 1 contendership taking place


Chris: Next week on Raw

Heat, as the crowd thought they would see the match tonight

Chris: But even though this battle royal will be taking place, as I have to ask myself what frankly the point it? I mean, Iíve beaten everyone who is going to be in the match anyway


Chris: John Cena? The man I beat 4 times for the title in the last few months. Christian, the guy I beat last week, and the man who I have kicked his ass more times than Arsenal have lost away this year

Mixed reaction, with some arsenal fans clearly in the crowd

Chris: Triple H, The Undertaker, Rob Van Dam, Matt Hardy, AJ Styles, Mohammed Hassan, Kurt Angle, they all have one thing in common, and that is that when faced with Chris Jericho, they all have lost

Mixed Reaction

Chris: And trust me, whichever jackass comes out of the battle royal with the win with have to face me at New Years Revolution, and the chances of them taking the belt away from gorgeous waist are about the same as James Blunt releasing a decent record


Chris: But now, I shall introduce my guest. He is a former WWE champion, emphasis on the former, and he is an Olympic hero, just like Englandís own Eddie the Eagle was. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Kurt Angle to the highlight reel

*Medal* hits, to boos from the crowd, as Kurt Angle comes down to the ring. We strolls out, ignoring the you suck chants from the crowd, and enters the ring, ready to be the guest of the show

Chris: Kurt, welcome to the highlight reel. Now, I know you had an announcement that you wanted to make, so please, be my guest

Kurt: Thank you very much Chris, and itís great to finally be given the kind of reaction that I deserve in this pathetic country


Kurt: I mean, this country is seriously lacking something, I think I know what the exactly that is. You see, I have the three Iís, integrity, intelligence and intensity, and when I look around England I donít see any of them being evident


Kurt: Intelligence we can start of with simply, as letís face it, a country who spends most of its time watching reality TV such as Big Brother and the X Factor canít really be that intelligent.


Kurt: Then we have integrity, and again, when I look at this country I donít see a lot of that. I mean, I picked up a newspaper today as I wanted to sit down and see what is going on the world, but I found very little evidence that anything was happening, because I could find nothing of any note, as all they talk about is who is doing what to who, and when I think of a newspaper, I want news some pathetic gossip


Kurt: And intensity, well, a country that spends a great deal of its time playing a sport such as cricket, which appears to have as much point as Rey Mysterio does have height canít be very intense


Kurt: But you see, these three qualities, in addition to the fact that I am an Olympic gold medallist will help me next week, when I go into the battle royal and win the match


Kurt: And then Jericho, I will go onto New Years Revolution and I will take that title off your waist. Oh itís true, itís damn true

Mixed reaction

Chris: Iím sorry assclown, but the chances of you taking this title off me are about as real as Jordanís breasts

A few laughs from the crowd

Chris: Yeah sure, you may have been an Olympic champion, but what the hell have you done in the last few years Kurt? What have you done? Letís take this year as an example shall we see, so we can see what little you have actually achieved. Yeah, you may have made Shawn Michaels tap out at Wrestlemania, but I did that to him at Survivor Series. But then you lost to Booker T at Judgement Day, then to HBK twice, something that I never did in a one on one match. And yeah, you did beat Rob Van Dam at Unforgiven, but you then lost to the washed up ECW spot machine the next month. Not very impressive is it?

Kurt: So yeah, I may have lost a few matches this year, I was the main reason why Paul Heyman is no longer the GM of Raw


Kurt: Oh itís true, even though I may have not been the last man left in the 6 on 6 match, the only reason that Christian had the chance to pin John Cena was because I kicked his ass so badly in the early part of the match.


Chris: But you still lost to him, didnít you? And Kurt, I donít give a flying monkeys about how many times you have done this, or have done that, because when it comes down to it I know that I can beat you one on one. So Kurt, if you do win the battle royal next week, then I have no problems with facing you at New Years Revolution, and if I do, then I take you down so much that you will never, ever be the same again!

*5Ö 4Ö. 3Ö. 2Ö. 1Ö. Break The Walls Down* hits again, as Jericho walks out of the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd, leaning towards boos and he strolls up the ramp with the title belt in his hands, staring at Angle in the ring as the two of them talk trash at each other.


We return and we see MNM are in the ring, as Melina is ready for her Taboo Tuesday rematch with Trish Stratus

Then, *Ooh, its time to rock and roll* hits, and out to the ring comes Trish Stratus, to a pretty decent pop from the crowd, which is increased when they see that Punked for Kash are coming out with her, to act as helpers to ward off the threat from Nitro and Mercury

Match 2 Ė Melina w/MNM vs. Trish Stratus w/Punked for Kash

Summary Ė A good womens match here, which follows a similar pattern to the one that they had at Taboo Tuesday. The two women give a good account of themselves, as they put on a good match for the crowd as they try to both show why they should get a shot at the womens title at some point in the future. After a good few minutes of action, the end comes when Trish goes for the stratusfaction. She bounces off the ropes, but Nitro pulls the rope down, causing Trish to fly to the outside. Melina then distracts the referee, as Nitro and Mercury try to attack Trish. But Kash flies over the top rope, taking both members of MNM down with a flying cross body, and then Punk rolls Trish back into the ring. Melina goes over to Trish, who rolls her up and manages to get a three count

Trish Stratus wins by pinfall at 7:48

Trish celebrates the win, while MNM and Punked for Kash are brawling on the outside, when Eric Bischoff comes out onto the stage

Eric: You know what, I have had enough of you two teams fighting it out with each other, so next week, I am going to set up a pair of number 1 contendership matches. You see, Trish Stratus will face Melina, with the winner facing off against Alexis Laree the following week on the supershow. And Punked for Kash will take on MNM, with the winners going to New Years Revolution to face the Teachers for the tag team titles

Mixed Reaction

Eric: But if there is anyone interference from anyone of you lot in either match, then you will both me suspended without pay for a full year. Now get out of my ring, because coming up next is John Cenaís match.

*MY Time is now* hits, and out to the ring comes John Cena to a huge pop from the crowd. He comes down to the ring, with a focused expression upon his face, as he stares straight at Bischoff, wondering what kind of a match he has put him in tonight. He enters the ring and stands there, waiting


We return, and we see Bischoff still standing on the ramp

Eric: Cena, Cena, I promised you a match against a spirited debutant earlier tonight, but I have to admit, I may have lied when I said that. You see, tonight you will not face 1 debutant, but 5 of them


Eric: Everyone, please welcome John Cenaís opponents for tonight, the SPIRIT SQUAD

*Spirit* hits, as out to the ring come all 5 members of the spirit squad, to a reasonable amount of heat from the crowd, but to quite a few bemused faces. They come down to the ring, and they do a special cheer, before starting the match

Match 3 Ė John Cena vs. The Spirit Squad

Summary Ė Cena is given an impossible task, having to face all 5 members of the spirit squad in one match, especially as the match is taking place under tornado rules. Cena does his best in the early going, showing the greater experience that he has, taking down one member at a time, until the greater numbers of the spirit squad manage to overpower him. The spirit squad beat down Cena, doing a series of heel moves to Cena, keeping him down and generally just not letting him get anywhere in the match. However, after a missed leg drop from Kenny, the tide of the match begins to turn. Cena manages to regain some momentum, and he blocks the attacks of the spirit squad, and then starts to nail then with right hands of his own. He manages to nail the killswitch and the 5 knuckle shuffle to a pair of cheerleaders, before he goes for the F-U to Nick. He hits the move, and covers, but Mitch nails Cena over the head with the steel chair, causing the DQ

John Cena wins by DQ at 6:27

The spirit squad then all just beat down on Cena, giving him no chance of breaking free and defending himself after the chair shot. They all take it in turns to nail their finisher to Cena, as Bischoff comes out to the stage and smiles at what he is seeing

Eric: Cena, Cena, hope you can hear me down there, but I have a little message for you. You see, it concerns the little challenge that you made to me early tonight. Cena, I have decided to accept your challenge for a match, you and me, one on one, at the Supershow in two weeks time. On one condition, that condition being that you do not compete in the number 1 contenders battle royal that happens next week.


Eric: And Cena, you may have the chain gang, but I have the power in my hand, and just like that, I can destroy you.


Eric: The Spirit Squad, you guys did a great job out their, but Cena, they arenít the only oneís who I have to call on if things get a little bit tough. But you Cena, youíve got no-one worth a penny


Eric: So Cena, next week, you will give me an answer, and John Cena, see you next week, bitch!

Huge heat, as *Iím Back* hits, and Eric Bischoff walks up the ramp, along with the spirit squad, while a bloodied Cena is left lying in the ring.


We return, and we see the teachers (Striker, Nowinski, and Alexis) sitting around a desk set up on the ramp, ready for the teacherís classroom

Striker: My name is Matt Striker, and today, our lesson will be about respect. Now respect is an issue which I feel that is one that needs to addressed for two reasons. Firstly, we are here in England this week, and that is a country that doesnít show any respect to anyone


Striker: I mean, letís take the example of, well, anyone to be honest, anyone who is famous. All that they ever get is hounded by the press who are trying to get some story about what kind of makeup they buy, and that frankly is an invasion of privacy and disrespectful


Striker: And secondly, because the teachers are the kind of people who you should be respecting


Nowinski: As a graduate of Harvard UniversityÖ.

Striker whispers something into his ear

Nowinski: Iím sorry, but I forgot that you people here donít have the intellectual capacity to ever know what a university is like


Nowinski: But basically, being a graduate of Harvard means that I am a hell of a lot smarter than every single one of you in this arena tonight


Alexis: People, people, you really donít seem to know how to respect someone, so what we are going to do tonight is give you a lesson in how to give someone some respect


Striker: Now Christopher, is it okay if I use you as an example here?

Nowinski: Yeah, sure

Striker: You see, what I just did was show some respect to my friend here, as I asked his permission to use him as an example.

Heat, with some asshole chants

Striker: People, people, its not asshole, its anus


Nowinski: You see, people like us here are those who deserve to be respected, simply because, well we are better than all of you


Nowinski: We are better then the common citizens of this world, the CM Punkís, the Kid Kashís and Trish Stratusís, they canít even hold a candle up to us


Alexis: I wouldnít hold a candle up though because you might burn your fingers on the hot wax. Itís better to be safe than sorry


Striker: Those kinds of people, they donít deserve to get any respect from the likes of us. In fact, when we beat them down in the middle of the ring at Survivor Series to retain the tag team titles and for Alexis here to become the new womenís champion, we were showing them the respect that they deserve


Striker: And MNM, they are really no better than Punked for Kash. They may act like they are some kind of superstars from Hollywood, but in Hollywood they donít know what respect is


Nowinski: So to sum up todayís lesson, you should show respect to everyone, its just the way that respect is shown that differs. To people like us, you should show us a positive respect, and should basically be in our debt. And for the other kind of people that we have mentioned, they should respected by having their ass kicked


All three: So respect us three, your teachers!

Huge heat, as*Striker* hits, as the teachers get up from their desk and the go backstage, holding the title belts up in the air.


We return, and we see Charlie Haas warming up in his dressing room, preparing himself for the stretcher match that he has later this evening

We go back to the ring, and *Masterpiece* hits, and out to the ring to a decent amount of heat comes Chris Masters. He comes out, flexing his muscles in his usual long entrance for the crowd, before getting into the ring, ready to face Matt Hardy

Then, *Oh Yeah* hits, to a hugeish pop from the crowd, which is steadily increasing by the week. Hardy comes out to the ring, throwing the version 1 sign to the crowd, and he gets down to the ring, ready to fight with Masters

Match 4 Ė Matt Hardy vs. Chris Masters

Summary Ė A solid match between the two, despite the clash in styles which seems to go over well with the crowd. The early stages of the match are very back and forth, before the match settles into a nice rhythm, with the power and strength of Masters managing to control the match. He works over Hardy, trying to stop the speed and quickness that he has over him, and succeeds, managing to knock down Hardy every time that he gets to his feet. However, a missed clothesline by Masters allows Hardy to counter with a dropkick, which turns the tide for him. He attacks Masters with a series of right hands, and nailing him with his usual set of Ďhotí moves. He goes for the twist of fate to Masters, but he counters it, and he manages to lock in the masterlock on Hardy. He has the hold locked in, and the match appears to be over, with there being nothing Hardy can do to stop the submission. But before Hardy passes out, AJ Styles comes down to the ring and starts to unload on Masters, causing a DQ

Chris Masters wins by DQ at 7:09

AJ and Masters start to brawl with each other, as AJ has come out to save Matt, just like Matt did for him the previous week. AJ takes down Masters, nailing him with a series of high impact moves, and eventually, Masters is knocked out of the ring and he retreats up the ramp signifying that soon he will be the new champion

We go backstage, and we see Todd Grisham, ready to interview Triple H right before his upcoming match

Todd: Triple H, in a few moments time you are about to go one on one with William Regal, a native of England. Your thoughts please

Triple H: You know Todd, let me spell this one out to you. Iím about to face William Regal, a man who has achieved nothing in his career when compared to me. I am a 10 time WWE champion, the man who single handedly retired Ric Flair, and who better believe it Todd as at the moment I am the man in this business


Triple H: So you know what, William Regal is as much as a threat to me as Peter Crouch is to scoring a goal


Todd: Last week, on your victory speech for your win over Ric Flair who were interrupted by Christian, and I take it you didnít take kindly to that happening, and you said you plan to add his name to the list of people you have beaten.

Triple H: Your damn right I did Todd, and Todd, that is exactly what I will be doing. Itís not a question of if I can add him to the list, itís a question of when I do. But Todd, at the moment, Christian isnít the main priority for me, and frankly, why should he be? I mean, he hasnít even done the half of what I have done


Triple H: You see, after I go out to that ring, and I beat the living hell out of William Regal, I will set my sights on the main event for next week, the battle royal. I will go into that match, and I take out each and every one of the competitors one by one. I will throw them over the top rope, and I will be the one who goes onto New Years Revolution to face Chris Jericho for the WWE championship. And do you know why Todd? Because I am the game, andÖ.

???: Thatís how I roll!

The camera pans back as we see Christian and Tyson Tomko walk into the shot

Christian: Hunter, another good speech there, but please, you winning the battle royal next week, itís just not going down like that. You see, itís Christianís time to shine, and become the champion. I mean, last week, I had the match against Jericho done and dusted, me winning the belt was a given until Shawn Michaels turned up and decided to retire upon us


Christian: But next week, I will earn my chance to become the number 1 contender, not by complaining and telling people that I should be it like some people hereÖ

Triple H: The reason I have been the champion 10 time is because I deserved every single on of those belts

Christian: And the reason that lost each of those 10 belts is because when it comes down to the crunch, you just donít have what it takes do you Hunter? You rise to the top because you get more chances than a game of monopoly, but when you are at the top, you fall down like a stack of dominos

Christian: And next week, I shall prove it by beating your ass in the battle royal, and personally eliminating you myself, because thatís how I roll!

Pop for Christian, as he and Tomko walk out of the shot and down along the hallway

Triple H: And I will show Christian exactly why I am the game, and I am that damn good!


We return, and William Regal is on his way out to the ring, to a good pop from the crowd in his native country. He enters the ring, waving at the fans, ready to face Triple H

Then, *Time to play the game* hits, and out to the ring comes Triple H to a huge amount of heat, as he appears to getting back towards his main event position. He comes down to the ring, with the water bottle in hand as he spits water into the air. He casually steps into the ring, not looking concerned at all about the match

Match 5 Ė Triple H vs. William Regal

Summary Ė Nothing more than a filler style match, designed to give HHH a match on the show. HHH dominates the majority of the match, working Regal over and generally not allowing him to get much offence in. Although Regal does manage to make a brief comeback near the end of the match, it isnít enough to make much difference though, when HHH returns the offence by nailing a pedigree to the Regal. He covers, but after the count of two, *Just Close Your Eyes* hits, causing HHH to release the cover, thinking that Christian is coming out for some reason. He stands up the ropes, awaiting his arrival, when Tyson Tomko comes out instead, and as he comes down to the ring. The referee tells Tomko to go back to the dressing room, and while he is doing this, Christian enters the ring, and nails the unprettier to HHH. Christian quickly exits, while Regal covers HHH, and gets the three count

William Regal wins by pinfall at 5:34

Regal celebrates the win in the ring in front of him home crowd, while Christian and Tomko run up the ramp, staring at HHH after costing him the match

We go backstage, and there is Shelton Benjamin, doing some final warm ups in preparation for the main event match that we have this evening


We return, and we see Mohammed Hassan in his locker room along side Daivari

Hassan: So last week I ran away from the Undertaker Ė big deal! I wasnít scared of the old Taker appearing once every few weeks act. I wasnít frightened by the possibility of him coming to get revenge on me for Survivor Series. No, what I was doing is beaten the Undertaker at his own game. Yeah thatís right, I was out smarting the Undertaker. You see, if the Undertaker thought he had an edge on me, that he forced me to run away, then maybe, just maybe the deadman will show enough guts to come back and face me in a rematch. Not because he deserves it, and not because I need to prove I am better than him. No, so that I can finally get the respect that I deserve from every single one of you in this building tonight. Even though I have beaten almost every one there is to beat on the Raw roster, even though I have yet to be pinned or made to submit since my debut almost 1 year ago, I am still treated as a second class citizen, not only in America, but right here in London, England. Today, me and Daivari, we tried to go on a sightseeing tour of London, we tried to ride one of the buses, but we were thrown of because they thought we were suicide bombers, and they thought that there could be another incident of 7/7 happening, and that is the kind of prejudice that I have had to put up with, and I have had enough. But after next week, when I win the battle royal and become the new number 1 contender, surely people will realise that I am the great, Mohammed Hassan!

A video package for the Shelton/Haas feud is shown

We see the early days of WGTT, before Shelton was drafted to Raw in 2005
We see Haas get drafted to Raw this year, and then his attempts to re-strike the team up
We see Haas try to help Shelton win his matches, but the attempts generally backfiring
We see the disagreements between them, with Shelton on the verge of his heel turn
We see the heel turn at Unforgiven, after the WGTT lose the tag title match
We see the match at Homecoming, where Haas sneaked the win
We see the build to the match at Taboo Tuesday, and then the match itself where Shelton took the win
We see the match on the last show before SS, where Haas beat Shelton after interference from both SS teams
We see Shelton win Haas in the 6 on 6 match at SS
We see Haas cost Shelton his match last week, and then the match for tonight made
We go to the ring, and *Worlds Greatest* hits, and out comes Charlie Haas to a good reaction from the crowd. He comes down to the ring, looking at the finish line and the stretcher, before composing himself, ready for the challenge of the match against Shelton

Then, *Aint no stopping me now * hits, and out comes Shelton Benjamin to the ring, to a decent amount of heat. He comes down to the ring quickly, ignoring the heat from the crowd he is getting, before going face to face with Charlie

Match 6 Ė Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas Ė Stretcher Match

Summary Ė A very good TV match here, with the two men giving it all they have in the feud ender. The match kicks off with a sustained period of technical wrestling, each one trying to show the other one that they are the better man in this department, as just as Haas manages to gain an advantage, Shelton rolls out of the ring, and introduces the weapons into the contest. The first major spot of the match comes when Haas nails the superkick to Shelton, while he is holding a chair in front of his face. We then get a few generic spots in NO DQ matches, with the trash cans coming into play, with the best of the spots being the springboard bulldog hit by Shelton onto one of them. The match then spills to the outside, and the stretcher comes into play for the first time, when Shelton rams Haas with it continuously, and then he manages to nail a T-Bone suplex onto the floor. He tries to put Haas on the shelter, but he has some strength left, and nails Shelton with right hands. They then fight towards the announce tables, where Shelton gains the advantage after a bell shot, but he misses the 450 splash off the top rope through the table where Haas was lying. Haas then takes control, and he nails a german suplex onto the steel steps, before putting Shelton on the stretcher, and taking him up the ramp. Shelton manages to recover from it though, and tries to hit a T-Bone onto the stretcher, but Haas flips out of it, and then nails the superkick to Shelton, knocking him through the barricade (which collapses) and into the crowd. The crowd are in awe of the match, and Haas puts Shelton back onto the stretcher, and takes him up the ramp. He gets within a foot of the line, when Shelton rolls of the stretcher, and to the ramp. Haas goes to put Shelton back on the stretcher, but Shelton low blows him, and goes to put Haas on the stretcher, and succeeds. He tries to push him over the line, but Haas is countering this, by steering the stretcher away from the line, and to the edge of the stage. The stretcher is on the edge of the stage now, as Shelton tries to push Haas over the line for the win. Haas however manages to pull Shelton down to the stretcher, and tries to roll it over the line. He almost manages it, when Shelton from nowhere springs up, and nails the T-Bone Suplex off the stretcher to Haas, and off the stage to the floor below. The crowd cannot believe it, as Shelton then throws the stretcher off the stage as well, and down to the floor. Shelton then climbs down off the stage by the proper route, and puts a knocked out Haas onto the stretcher, and pushes him over the line, to claim the win

Shelton Benjamin wins by pushing the stretcher over the line at 23:43

Shelton manages to stand up and claim the win, as Raw goes off the air, with it running short on time this week
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE: Forever-Delayed does WWE
RAW Review - 5th Dec.

Great way to kick off the show with having Rob Van Dam in action but It looked like Rob Van Dam was just jobing. Great win for RVD who just squashed over Snitsky.

Eric Bischoff and John Cena promo should have been done better. John Cena looked Strong through out the Promo and lets see Where It goes tonight.

Chris Jericho starting off with Highlight Reel was awesome. Chris Jericho was really in Character and I enjoyed every word of him. He was funny. I was glad to see Kurt also joining him and disrespecting England. Great lines by Kurt about Arsenal, Cricket and much more. I loved this Promo and it was really impressive to watch them. Confrontation in the end makes this Promo, The Best. I think may be It is the first sign of Jericho/Angle feud? If It happens, I tell you thats going to be really great.

I'm glad to see Trish Stratus getting win over Melina. MNM cheated all the way in the match but CM Punk and Kid Kash were there for Trish. They did it all and here comes your winner, Trish Stratus with some help from CM Punk and Kid Kash. Aftermath was good one with both Teams brawling and then Bischoff pops out. Announcement was really good and I will be here next week to see What happens to this storyline. Interference Idea was wicked though.

John Cena against 5 Members of Spirit Sqaud??? Wow, the Hell is over John Cena by Eric Bischoff. I am glad to see John Cena trying to get over Spirit Squad. The ending was really suspensed because I was thinking that Cena was going to win but than Steel Chair Shots make it a DQ for Spirit Squad.

Cena's feud with Eric Bischoff is really impressive. I think, real WWE should learn something from you because they did worst in this Feud. Wow, I'll see what happens next week and what does Cena responds.

Impressive promo there by Teachers. I really love this Tag Team because Its always entertaining to read and watch. I think, you're really giving them a huge push and I think, they're good Tag Team. The Promo was very well and It was really long. It was fantastic Promo and again they used some words for England country.

I wonder, why every heel is saying anything to the Country. I suppose, not every heel should say like this.

Chris Masters gets a DQ win over Matt Hardy which I think is not good because you always used a DQ win for John Cena earlier. I think you shouldn't have Two DQ's in one night but Its okay, It is only my opinnion. Good Brawl by Masters/AJ at the end of the match, which is good for their feud.

Triple H promo was really awesome. Great words from him and nice to see Chrisitian interfering. I think if their feud starts, It will be great to watch. I do wonder who will turn face and who will stay heel. I'll be there next week to watch out for Royal Rumble because I think, Its going to be great!

Triple H was about to gain a win over Regal but here comes Tyson Tomko with a great Mind Game. It was a good choice having Christian interfering and starting a feud. I think this feud will be at top. I am really loving it. I think may be Triple H will be turned face, which will be good to watch and If Christian turns then I think, It will be fantastic, but I think Christian is great as Heel. Great way to start off there feud.

Wow, Hassan promo was really hilarious because I just visioned it and Hassan looked funny. lol. I think, Muhammad Hassan is a strong superstar in your thread. It was really good when I read that Hassan and Daivari were thrown out of the Bus because they were looking Suicide Bombers. lol. That was wicked. I should tell you but your Promos are awesome. You should give some tips in this BTB Forum. lol.

Great Main Event with Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. I think, you should have hyped this match a bit at the start of the show before RVD's match. Shelton giving TBone-Suplex from the Stretcher from the Ring to out of the ring!! Wow, That was amazing. I really liked the match. It was the MOTN. Great win in Shelton's bag. I think, he's going to get a major push soon.

Overall, [92/100]

It was really a great show and I think, Its your best RAW so far. It was really impressive and I will be there next week for your RAW and I'll be there to Review. Great show though.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**



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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Nice way to start the show off with Rob Van Dam getting a win over Snitsky and giving him a further push. Don't know exactly where RVD is heading but he could play a large role soon

Looks like a Cena/Bischoff feud is brewing now and it is coming fresh off of Survivor Series. Perhaps we could be seeing Cena win the Royal Rumble despite Bischoff's attempts to stop it from happening

Angle/Jericho promo was well written and after that, I'm seeing Angle vs Jericho at NYR for the WWE Championship. That has MOTN written all over it right there

Trish is able to get the win tonight over Melina. Huge announcements that Bischoff make with Melina/Trish again and MNM/Punked for Kash winners facing Teachers at NYR

Spirit Squad debuts! I love their gimmicks for some reason but anyways, Cena has to take them all on and he wins by DQ. Would have prefered a megaphone shot though to Cena instead of a chair!

The Striker's Classroom was great! I liked it a lot and Striker has tons of charisma that isn't ever used in the WWE. Anyways, some nice comments in there such as instead of asshole, it's anus.

Hardy vs Masters was good and the ending was another DQ but owell. Styles makes the save and I could see a Triple Threat coming for NYR between Styles, Hardy, and Masters for the IC title.

Interview with Triple H was good and then Christian comes out and interrupts Triple H in the process. Perhaps a Triple H/Christian match coming for New Year's Revolution?

Regal beat HHH! Christian nailed Triple H's own move on him and he helped Regal get the win. This could be a very good feud if you do this right and I'd like to see it too.

Muhammad Hassan seemed pretty pissed still about the Undertaker thing and some type of gimmick match is coming at NYR. Perhaps we could be seeing the return of the Casket Match?

Great match between Benjamin and Haas and they put an end to their classical feud with the Stretcher Match. Good way to end the night off with this great match.
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