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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Just so you know, I'm way behind in reviewing this PPV right now, but I havent forgot about it. Just too much drink, and not enough home time .

I wouldnt miss this show for the world though, and the review will be better late than never.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Thanks for all the comments

Arjun - Cena/Bischoff will be carrying on in the short term, but sooner rather than later the feud is sort of end, as Cena will move onto a new opponent. No comment though on who that will be. I can see your point about Edge being out of place in the opening promo, but i wanter him on the show, and it was the only place i could put him. HBK/Hart? You will have to wait and see (partly because i havent totally decided on whether or not the match should take place)

Wolfy - Look forward to the review when it is posted

Renegade - didnt realise that you and king of pain had done a stretcher match with shelton/haas. Oh well....

King of pain - I can see why you may have thought daivari was ejected from the ring because what i wrote was unclear, but i meant to say that he wasnt allowed to still be in the ring stopping taker getting to hassan. I can see you point about the sweet chin music as well, and after re-going over the match, i maybe did overuse it, but i think in my defence i would claim he only hit Jericho with it once. Probably was used a bit too often though
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Raw Review

Good opening promo to start the show with Captain Charisma inturupting during one of HHH's normal speeches about how good he is. Some nice lines used by CC and then out comes Edge. And Edge announces he is going to Smackdown.

Masters v Styles should be good but i wonder what Hassan thinks of Bischoff replacing him.

Good match to start the show, and nice win for Hardy getting the victory over benjamin thanks to Haas.

Stretcher match should be good and i can't wait to see who wins.

Nice squash win for Angle and will be intresting to see who he feuds with next.

intresting stuff before the IC Title match with Hassan thinking he has the match but finds out he has been replaced and then Taker's music hits and ther lights go off, and when they come back on Hassan is gone. Anyway a good match here and big win for Styles just about winning the match. Good aftermath with Masters attacking Styles and then Hardy comes out to save the day.

Decent promo here from Jericho, thought Hart was the one who spoke to Jericho on some phone calls.

Decent filler match here and good win for Regal.

A good win here for Cena overcoming the odds thrown out by Eric Bischoff by beating the RTC.

Good promo here by RBD and llok forward to see who he feuds with.

Shame to see the Jericho/Christian match end early as it would be a very good match, but HBK comes out and loses the plot and attacks every one. Nice promo by HBK after the match and looks like it will be Bret/HBK soon enough.

Overall rating-8/10 . Smackdown should be up tommorow.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

My Review of Raw

HHH/Christian/Edge- Good idea to get HHH straight into
another feud. Not Sure it should be with Christian, as he still is a heel. He beat a huge baby face was not a good idea, if he is planning on turning face.

Confused why Edge interrupted this promo and not had his own?

Overall: 8/10

Masters Promo– Not in character IMO. but I loved this line
Masters: Of course I do, and tonight, the masterpiece goes gold
Matt v Shelton– Good opener, nice way f making Hardy win, a s Shelton was distracted by Haas, (another feud building up) 7/10
Good character of Shelton, but why does he tell Eric what type of match it will be?
Angle– Nice see Angle get his heat back after last night, good squash match 9/10
Hassan promo - great promo, bit short, but kept to the point. liked the line about
Hassan: What? Oh this is just typical isn’t it? It seems that I have been replaced in this match by Chris Masters. And we all know exactly why this is don’t we? Because I am an Arab-American
IC TITLE - Not a bad match, but Hassan v AJ would have been a better match. 6/10
Y2J - Why give him a promo, there was no point to it and he is having a match anyway so it was a waste of time IMO, 4/10
Regal v Rene nice way on putting regal over and you have got the UK tour over too.
Cena– Nice promo into a match, Cena not much in character but uric was. Match, glad to see Cena when so he can keep his run going as he lost last night 8/10
Main Event– You spoilt what could have been a decent match too early. If HBK interrupted near the end ok. but not 4 minutes in. HBK great promo, loved it, cant wait till see where this feud is going. 7/10

overall show; 6/10

good promos. not enough matches, espically after a 4 minute main event
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE Smackdown from the US Bank arena in Cincinnati, OH 2nd December

A video package plays showing the highlights of the Smackdown version of Survivor Series. We are shown London hitting the shooting star press to win the match for his team. The Dudleyz retaining their tag team titles. Some highlights of the ten man tag match before showing Lesner hit the F-5 on Rock to win the match. We are then shown Mysterio beating Orton and then Edge coming out and using his MITB contract to beat Mysterio and become the New World Heavyweight Champion.

Cole: Welcome to Smackdown just 5 days gone past Survivor Series, and what a night it was.

Tazz: Yeah for sure Cole, Lesner winning the ten man tag for his team and then Mysterio retaining his title beating Randy Orton, only to have Edge come out to use his MITB contract to spear his way to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Cole: That was sure a damn disgrace Tazz, but still what a night we will have tonight. The winning team from the Cruiserweight 8 man tag at Survivor Series will face each other in a fatal 4 way match and the winner will become the Number 1 contender to the Cruiserweight Championship.

Tazz: Also JBL will team up with Booker T to face Chris Benoit and the United States Champion Kane.

Cole: And what a way to kick off Smackdown, with our new World Heavyweight Champion.

“Metalingus” Edge’s music hits and he comes out with Lita to big boos. Edge shows off his newly won World Heavyweight Title at the top of the ramp before making his way to the ring and he grabs a mic off Tony Chimmel

Edge: Show some respect for your new World Heavyweight Champion……..ME, Edge!

Big heat

Edge: This past Sunday at Survivor Series, I did the thing that none of you lowlifes would of thought I would ever do in my entire career, as I became the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Big heat

Edge: You People might think my I screwed Rey Mysterio. But the contract stated clearly I could wrestle the Champion anywhere anytime. As I said this past Monday on Raw, I sat down and watched Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton go to hell and back all over this bad boy. But that wouldn’t mean a thing as I would simply go out, and without breaking a sweat would become World Heavyweight Champion.

Big heat is heard as we see Edge look at his World Heavyweight Title.

Edge: You people might have a problem with that, but all you are is jealous. Jealous that I get paid more in a week than you get in a year.

Crowd boos

Edge: Jealous that I have got a good looking girlfriend.

A slut chant is heard around the arena as Edge tells Lita to ignore them.

Edge: And jealous because you have never won anything in your pathetic life’s and I have won this bad boy.

Edge points to his World Heavyweight Title as Crowd give him some more boos.

Edge: And I would like to state a message to the so called Smackdown superstars back in the locker rooms. You can come after this title, but I wouldn’t recommend it as me, the Rated R Superstar will kick the living daylights out of you

Crowd boos

Edge: As no one will take this title from me…..

“Next Big Thing” Brock Lesner’s music hits and he comes out to some huge boos. He takes a mic and gets into the ring. He claps his hands

Brock Lesner: Well done Edge, I would like to congratulate you on your title win last night.

Edge: Thanks

Brock Lesner: That was one hell of a plan to beat Rey Mysterio, nobody would have been able to think of that idea, except me. Last night was a big night for myself aswell Edge I defeated 5 other men all by myself beating Team Batista to be the sole survivor.

The crowd boos

Brock Lesner: And now that I have proven my status as the next big thing by beating that slouch Batista. I think it is time to regain my crown as the big thing. Edge I am challenging you for your World Heavyweight Title

The crowd boos not liking the prospect of that match

Edge: Hang on a second Brock you can’t go around just making matches…

Brock: Oh Yeah Edge your just scared. You knew you couldn’t beat friggin little Rey Mysterio in a proper match, you had to go out after he had a 30 minute match and beat him while he was down and out of it. That just says too me that your less of a man than Lita.

A few laughs are heard from the crowd

Brock: If you can’t beat Rey Mysterio, you have no chance in Hell of beating me. Edge I won the World Title in my first 5 months of my WWE Career. Edge you took you eight years…

Edge: Brock the only reason you became the champion in 5 months is because you were jacked up on steroids.

The crowd cheers as Brock Lesner shakes his head.

Edge: Brock I fought my way to the top unlike you. I scratched and clawed my way to where I am now. You might of won the World Heavyweight Title quicker than me. But I have had a more successful career than you. I have held every major Title there is in the Wrestling Industry. Multiple time Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion and now the World Heavyweight Champion…………

“Booyaka 619” Rey Mysterio’s music hits and he comes out to a huge pop. He takes a mic and gets into the ring.

Rey Mysterio: Now hang on Brock you deserve a title shot, well your talking out of your ass!

Crowd cheers as Brock looks shocked at what Rey said.

Rey Mysterio: You didn’t have the guts to fight Batista face to face and then you almost lost to a man who was bleeding badly and who was on himself against you and JBL. And you haven’t proved anything since you have come back. You have only attacked people from behind and cheated to win. That doesn’t prove anything. The only thing you should be doing is getting the hell out of here. No one wants you around here Brock. You turned your back on these fans and like all the superstars back here, we couldn’t give a damn that your back.

The crowd cheers as Lesner shakes his head waving it off.

Rey Mysterio: Now onto you Edge. Now on Sunday at Survivor Series, I wrestled one hell of a match with Randy Orton. And I overcame the odds once more and retained my title. But then after the match I got screwed by you. But I haven’t come here to whine and moan about losing my title. But when I won that title, in the contract it said that when I lost it. I could get a rematch. So Edge I am challenging you for the World Heavyweight Title, right here right now.

Crowd cheers

Rey: So what’s your answer Edge, or can’t you wrestle me in a proper match. Edge if you have the guts to accept I would kick your ass and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. And Edge, you can bank on that.

Edge: Firstly nice to see you using one of my lines, knowing that you haven’t got the brains to make a new line yourself. But Rey you can think that I screwed you all you want, but it was in Montreal Rey, what do you expect. And to your challenge Rey, let me have a think about it…………………..NO!!

The crowd boos

Edge: Quite frankly Rey, I am very tired at the moment. I wrestled two matches on Sunday and I haven’t got the energy to face a little jumping bean like you. Tonight I have come to celebrate my new Title win and that is i…………………

“Car Crash” A car crash Is heard over the speakers and Mick Foley comes out to a huge reception.

Mick Foley: Now this thing has gone on too long. This is a two hour show kids. Now lets cut to the chase. Edge I am appalled at what you did to Rey Mysterio last Sunday. But I am not going to punish you as it is night to have some new talent on the show.

Crowd boos

Mick: But Edge I have a special welcoming gift for you. It is called Big Show.

The crowd cheers as Edge shakes his head hoping it is not what he is thinking.

Mick: Tonight you will face the Big Show right here in Cincinnati Ohio.

The crowd pops, liking the sound of that match while Edge shouts at Mick what he is thinking.

Mick: Now Rey, Brock. I have heard your reasons on why you think you should face Edge, and to be honest they are both pretty Valid reasons. You both won your matches at Survivor Series. So Brock Lesner you will face Rey Mysterio for the Number 1 Contendership for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Crowd cheers

Mick Foley: And that match will be NEXT! Have a nice day

The crowd cheers as Lesner and Mysterio look happy about the decision, while Edge and Lita don’t.


Match 1
Number 1 Contenders match
Brock Lesner v Rey Mysterio

Summary: A great opener to start the show. Lesner showed off to the crowd toying around with the former WWE Champion in the early stages of the match. Mysterio started to fight back with some kick to the knees and he then bounced off the ropes, but Lesner caught him and military pressed him to the outside with Mysterio landing face first on the announce table. Lesner then rolled him into the ring and hooked the leg but Mysterio kicked out at 2. Lesner continues his momentum over the next few minutes working on Mysterio slowing him down. He went to whip Rey into the corner, but Mysterio athletically jumped up onto the top rope and hit a Moonsault off the top onto Lesner taking him down and he hooked both legs but Lesner kicked out. Mysterio then hit a few kicks to the legs of Brock, who then quickly hoisted Rey up onto his shoulders. He went for a running powerslam on Rey, but Rey countered it into a Hurricarana sending Lesner over the top to the outside, this was the turning point of the match as Rey found his form and took the momentum out of Lesner’s hands.

Finish: Rey goes to whip Lesner off the rope, but Lesner counters it. Mysterio however comes back off them with a bulldog out of a body scissors. Mysterio then bounced off the rope and hit a snap leg drop across the throat of Lesner. Mysterio then climbed through the middle rope onto the ring apron and waited for Lesner to get up. Mysterio then jumped onto the top rope and went for a springboard diving clothesline, but Lesner catched him and hit him with a belly to belly overhead superlex. Lesner hooked the leg 1………………….2…………….Kickout. Lesner then dragged Rey onto his feet and picked him up and hit Rey with a rib breaker, he kept hold of Rey however and he hit him with a fall away slam. Lesner then dragged Rey onto his feet and started pounding away at Mysterio against the ropes with some hard right hands. He then whipped Rey off the ropes, who came back with a tilt a whirl head scissors take over and Lesner conveniently lands over the bottom rope. Mysterio then raises his arm in the air and shouts 619. He then bounces off the ropes and goes for the 619 but Lesner moves out the way. Mysterio then leaps onto Lesner’s shoulders and goes for a Hurricarana, but Lesner connects with a powerbomb onto Mysterio. Brock Lesner hooks the legs 1……………..2…………….Mysterio puts his hand on the bottom rope. Lesner then taunts to the crowd signalling that he has control of this match now and it is time for the end. He then picks up Mysterio and eases him onto his shoulders and signals for the F-5. But then Batista from out of nowhere steps onto the ring apron and shouts Lesner’s name. This distracts Lesner who still has Rey on his shoulders, and he and Batista get into an argument. Rey Mysterio takes control of this as he rolls Lesner over 1…………..2…………3!!

Winner of the match and the Number 1 contender for the World Championship Rey Mysterio

Cole: Mysterio’s done it. He has caused the first loss for Lesner since his comeback, and he will now face Edge at Armageddon for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Tazz: Lesner was screwed Cole, he had the match won but thanks to Batista he has no title shot.

Cole: Well payback is a bitch Tazz….

Tazz: What are you talking about?

Cole: At Survivor Series Batista was eliminated thanks to Brock Lesner unfairly. Lesner wasn’t even the legal man but he had to get involved in the match, that match was supposed to settle the score but Lesner screwed Batista.

Tazz: Well he should of just let be bygone be bygones Cole.

Cole: You really think Batista would really let that happen?

Tazz: Yeah if he was a man.

Armageddon Commercial

Frankie Kazarian’s music hits and he comes out to a decent reaction

Billy Kidman’s music hits and he comes out to a better pop than Kazarian but not too big

“London Calling” Paul London’s music hits and he comes out to a good pop.

“Ooooo Chavo” Chavo Guerrero’s music hits and he comes out to a good pop

Match 2
Fatal 4 way match for Number 1 contendership to Cruiserweight Title
Chavo Guerrero v Paul London v Billy Kidman v Frankie Kazarian

Summary: A very good match between the four close friends, who have put their friendships to the side for now knowing the chance to become the Number 1 contender. It was a very back and forth opening few minutes with each man hitting one of their signature moves and then somebody else breaking the count. When Chavo Guerrero was on the outside, Kazarian bounced off the ropes and hit a springboard crossbody to the outside onto Chavo. Kidman sees this happen and he bounces off the ropes, and he hits a catapult somersault plancha over the top rope onto Kazarian and Chavo on the outside. Paul London then climbs up onto the top rope and hits a diving shooting star press onto Chavo, Kidman and Kazarian on the outside.

Finish: Chavo bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline on Kidman, but Kidman catches him with a tornado DDT. Kidman hooks the leg 1……………2………..Kickout. Kidman picks up Chavo and hits him with some hard right hands. He then bounces Chavo off the ropes and goes for the BK Bomb, but in mid air Chavo hits a hard elbow shot to the head of Kidman stopping him from connecting with the BK Bomb. Chavo then kicks Kidman in the mid section and places Kidman’s head between his legs. And he connects with the Gory Bomb. Chavo hooks the leg 1…………….2……………..London breaks the count. London pounds away at Chavo and then grabs him by the arm and whips him off the ropes, and he catches Chavo with a Hurricarana. Chavo gets up immediately but is clotheslined over the top rope by London. London then turns around into a recovered Kidman who runs up at him and takes him down with a spinning heel kick. Kidman then picks up London and whips him into the corner. Kidman then charges up at London in the corner, but London catches him with a flapjack causing Kidman to land face first on the turnbuckle. London then hits a staggering Kidman with a DDT. He then climbs up onto the top rope. He signals for the 450 splash, but Kazarian comes out of nowhere and pushes London off the top rope, and London crashes face first on the barricade on the outside. Kazarian then gets into the ring and picks up Kidman, and he hits him with the Wave of the Future. Kazarian then hooks the leg and uncharacteristically holds onto the tights aswell 1…………………2……………3!!

Winner of the match and the Number 1 contender for the Cruiserweight Championship Frankie Kazarian

Cole: Frankie Kazarian has advanced to face Juvi Guerrera for the Cruiserweight Title at Armageddon.

Tazz: What a match that will be Cole but he held onto the tights though.

Cole: Anyway I hear that Josh Matthews is backstage standing by the man who lost to Rey Mysterio at Survivor Series, Randy Orton.

Josh: Randy Orton (boos)….this past Sunday at Survivor Series you lost to Rey Myster…………..

Randy Orton: Shut up, I did not lose to anyone. The only reason that midget is holding onto that title is because he held onto my tights.

Josh: Well he didn’t…..

Randy Orton: Oh you don’t believe me now Josh. Well I will show how I got screwed.

We are shown the ending of the Orton/Rey Match from Survivor Series.

Randy Orton: You see Josh I was blatantly screwed out the title. I had hit the RKO to Mysterio and I had the three count, but conveniently the ref was down. And then as soon as Mysterio had the cover on me, he is suddenly up and acts like nothing ever happened to him And what happened to Rey after the match, was deserved. He was a fraud, and Edge did the smart thing by using his MITB contract straight after I took Rey to hell and back. And thankfully we will never ever have to witness a Rey Mysterio World Title reign again.

Crowd boos

Randy Orton: And just to make things worse I don’t get a chance to have my rematch. Instead he puts Rey and Lesner in a Number 1 contender match when the only person on the Smackdown roster who deserves a title shot right now is me………the Legend Killer Randy Orton.

Crowd boos

Randy Orton: Now Rey gets his chance at Armageddon to face Edge. Come on I am better than Rey. I know it, all you lowlifes here in this arena know it.

Crowd boos

Randy Orton: Well Rey let me tell you this. I am going to make your life a living hell from now on. Nobody messes with Randy Orton, and that especially means you.

Cole: What a lowlife

Tazz: That man sounds very angry Cole and you can only wonder what that guy will do to Rey Mysterio.

Cole: Well anyway after the break we will see JBL team up with Booker T to face Chris Benoit and Kane stay tuned.


When we get back from commercial we see Lesner backstage, and he storms into GM Foley’s office.

Lesner: Did you see what happened Mick?

Mick: What do you mean Brock?

Lesner: What happened in my match with Mysterio?

Mick: Oh sorry no I was playing on my PS2. Anyway what happened?

Lesner: Batista came out and cost me my chance of becoming the Number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Title. You need to do something about it Mick.

Mick: OK then about you v Batista at Armageddon.

Crowd cheers. As Lesner looks a Mick not so happy about the idea.

Lesner: I don’t think you should do it. That man is not in my calibre, he doesn’t deserve to go one on one with Brock Lesner.

The crowd boos and start an asshole chant at Lesner.

Lesner: I think you should fine him or suspend him.

Mick: Well Brock let me have a think about this…………………………NO!

The crowd cheers

Brock: I think you should reconsider your decision Mick.

Mick: Brock what Batista did to you was right. Especially after what you have done to that man these past few weeks. To be honest with you I feel like firing you right now.

Crowd cheers

Mick: But I won’t.

Crowd boos.

Mick: I want to see someone kick your ass before I fire you.

Crowd cheers

Mick: Brock I am not going to do what you want. But the match between you and Batista might happen. You see next week Batista will face an opponent of your choosing And if Batista wins, by god it will be Brock Lesner v Batista at Armageddon.

The crowd cheers

Mick: Now get out of my office and have a nice day.

Lesner looks at Mick like he wants to hit him, but doesn’t reluctantly walks out not happy with the decision. We then see Mick sitting back on his couch and he continues to play on the PS2. We see the screen and we see Foley playing the new Smackdown v Raw Game, and we see Mankind getting Orton in the mandible claw and we see Orton submitting

Cole: By god what a decision GM Foley has made. We might be able to see Lesner v Batista at Armageddon.

Tazz: But Batista has to get through an opponent of Lesner’s choosing firstly next week on Smackdown.

Cole: It will be interesting to see who Lesner will choose to face Batista next week

“Longhorn” The Cabinet’s music hits and JBL and Booker T come out in a limo to some big heat.

“Whatever” Chris Benoit’s music hits and he comes out to a thunderous ovation. He gets into the ring and goes straight after Booker T who quickly scurries to the outside.

“Explosion” An explosion is heard from the top of the ramp and the big red machine Kane comes out to a huge pop.

Match 3
Tag Team Match
JBL and Booker T v Kane and Chris Benoit

Summary: A decent match between the four individuals. JBL and Booker T dominated from the start double teaming on Benoit and then Kane. Trying to keep their opponents in their corner, trying to now them allow them to tag out. Kane started fighting back at Booker T however. But when Kane charged up at Booker in the corner, Booker sidestepped out the way causing Kane to crash in the corner. Booker T then distracted the referee as JBL wrapped the Tag Rope around Kane’s throat and started choking him out. After a little while Kane finally reversed the momentum as he caught JBL with a big boot when he went for a Clothesline From hell and he tagged in Benoit. Benoit and Kane then pulled a trick from the Cabinet’s books, double teaming their opponents and distracting the referee while the partner lays in some cheap shots. JBL and Booker T regained the momentum after Booker interfered and hit Benoit with an ax kick.

Finish: JBL bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline from hell on benoit, but Benoit ducks and hits JBL with a German Superlex. Benoit then crawls into his corner and tags in Kane. Kane gets into the ring and takes down JBL with a clothesline. He then starts uploading on JBL with some hard lefts and rights, backing JBL into the corner. Kane then whips JBL with force into the opposite corner. He then charges up at him, but JBL catches him and goes for a fall away slam. But Benoit gets in the ring and hits a chop block to the back of JBL’s leg causing JBL to fall down with Kane landing on top of him 1……………..2………….JBL gets his shoulder up. Kane then picks up JBL and hits him with some hard right hands, rocking JBL back against the ropes. But JBL shows some fight, fighting back at Kane with some hard right hands. He then bounces off the ropes, but Kane catches him with a big boot. Kane then grabs JBL by the throat and connects with a big chokeslam. Kane hooks the leg 1………….2………..Booker T stops the count. Benoit then gets in the ring and clotheslines Booker over the top rope. While Benoit brawls with Booker on the outside, Kane waits for JBL to get up. Kane grabs JBL by the throat and goes for a second Chokeslam, but JBL levels him with a kick to the crown jewels. JBL then bounces off the ropes and nails Kane with a Clothesline From Hell. He then hooks the legs of Kane and puts his feet on the rope. The referee does not notice this and counts 1……………….2………….3!!

Winners of the match JBL and Booker T

Cole: What the hell, JBL just cheated to beat the big red machine.

Tazz: I think Kane has met his match Cole. JBL caused Kane to be eliminated at Survivor Series and he has beaten him 1-2-3 here tonight. JBL should definitely deserve a chance at Kane’s United States Championship.

Cole: Hopefully not, but I believe Steve Romero is standing by the man who was that close to beating Lesner at Survivor Series, the Rock.

Steve: This past Sunday Rock you came this clos….

Rock puts his hand to Steve Romero’s mouth

Rock: Finally Steve, the Rock has come back to Cincinnati Ohio!!

Crowd pops

Rock: Steve the Rock knows, that he came that close to winning the match. I suffered one of the most bloody beat downs of all time. The Rock had the People’s blood dripping down his head. But the Rock still came back to give one of the biggest ass kicking’s of all time. I laid the Smackdown on that Roody poo candy ass JBL, Rock Bottomed him and that piece of monkey crap was outta there. Then it was down to me and that orang-utan monkey nipple licker Brock Lesner. I whooped his ass so bad that his head went up his ass so far, that he had to cut two holes through his nipples to see.

Crowd laughs

Rock: But the Rock lost.

Crowd boos

Rock: Fair enough the Rock lost. The Rock can handle that he lost to a man that smells like moose piss, well done to Brock. But the next time we will meet there will be a completely different outcome as I will whoop his candy….

We can hear someone shout Kennedy in the background. Ken Kennedy then steps into the picture.

Kennedy: Kennnneedddy

The crowd boos as Rock looks at Kennedy in a what the hell type look.

Kennedy: Look who it is……….the legendary people’s chump. The man who at Survivor Series said that I get all horny saying my name over and over again. Very funny joke. But the real reason I repeat my name is because I have something to brag about. I am the man single handily changing Friday Nights. I am unbeaten. If it wasn’t for me being counted out, I would have eliminated you….

The Rock: Who in the blue hell are you.

Kennedy: You don’t know my name. I think you need your brain checking. My name is MRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


Crowd cheers

Kennedy: What the hell was the point of asking me then you nipwit.

A few chuckles are heard around the arena.

Rock: Firstly your breathe somehow smells like Strudel. But on to your point you think you could actually beat the Rock.

Kennedy: Ye……..

Rock: Shut up the Rock didn’t ask you to speak. Well fair enough you think you can beat Rock. Everybody who has ever said that has received an ass whooping of a lifetime. But anyway I have heard that you like to announce yourself, and Ken I like interviewing so a one time special is about to happen. The Rock interviews Ken Kennedy so how bout it?

Kennedy: Okay then………….Yeah.

Rock: Do you believe you’re the best announcer today?

Kennedy: Yes

Rock: Do you really believe you are better than the most electrifying man in sports entertainment today, the Rock?

Kennedy: Yes

Rock: Are you a man with no testicles?

Kennedy: Yeah………………………Oh I mean no

Rock: Yes!

Kennedy: No!

Rock: Yes you don’t have testicles? No, No you don’t have testicles? Oh shut your mouth Jabroni. You see that mic

Kennedy: (acting a little angry now) Uh..Yeah

Rock: Well I will tell you what you should do with it. You should shine it up really nicely, turn that sumbitch sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass!

Crowd cheers as Kennedy face goes red in anger

Rock: I tell you this Jabroni. If you and the Most Electrifying man in sports entertainment, the Rock went one on one if you ever had the balls to do so I would whoop your candy ass from the USA to Beijing. If ya smelllllllllllllllll what the Rock is cooking

Rock walks off leaving Kennedy standing there, looking very angry after what Rock said about him


“Children Music” Some children music plays over the loud speakers and Eugene comes out to a decent pop accompanied by his tag team partner Heidenreich

“ *SPIT* I spit in the face” Carlito’s music hits and he comes out to some big heat looking very angry after suffering an early elimination from the ten man tag at Survivor Series.

Match 4
Singles Match
Carlito v Eugene

Summary: A pretty good match put on by the two great athletes despite most part being dominated by Carlito. Carlito nearly put Eugene away on Multiple occasions in the early stages of the match, only for Eugene to kick out at 2. But when Carlito went to clothesline Eugene to the outside, Eugene ducked and back body dropped Carlito over the top to the outside. Eugene started taking control of the match playing around with Carlito, and embarrassing Carlito by sitting on Carlito’s back and slapping his butt which got a fair amount of laughs from the crowd. This only angered Carlito who started fighting back at Eugene showing his aggressiveness, nearly putting away Eugene on few occasions.

Finish: Carlito drags Eugene into the corner by the hair and smashes his head off the turnbuckle, but does no affect to Eugene. Carlito does it again but Eugene still doesn’t feel anything. Eugene then starts jumping up and down while pulling at his hair and then points at Carlito shouting you. Carlito fires a hard right hand at Eugene, which is blocked and Eugene then starts pounding away at Carlito with multiple hard lefts and rights to the face of Carlito backing him into the ropes. He then bounces Carlito off the ropes, and catches him with a big boot. He then bounces off the ropes and goes for Hulk Hogan’s legendary Leg drop, but Carlito rolls out the way. Both men then get up and Carlito ducks a hard right hand from Eugene. Carlito then hits a jumping knee to backbreaker to Eugene who falls spine first on the knees of Carlito. Carlito then signals for the end of Eugene. He picks Eugene up and connects with the Modified Swinging Neckbreaker. Carlito hooks the leg 1……………..2………….3

Winner of the match Carlito

After the match Carlito carries on attacking Eugene. Heidenreich gets into the ring and goes to save Eugene, but Carlito ducks a clothesline and hits a jumping knee to backbreaker to Heidenreich followed by another Modified Swinging Neckbreaker. Carlito then goes to the outside and grabs an apple. He starts chewing on it and goes to spit it on Eugene but from out of nowhere Chavo Guerrero gets into the ring and takes down Carlito with a clothesline. He then kicks Carlito in the mid section and goes for a Gory Bomb, but Carlito counters it into a back body drop. Carlito then scurries out of the ring and down the ramp while shouting at Chavo there will be hell to pay.

Another promo plays hyping the debut of Triple X. It says that their debut will be at Armageddon.

Cole: Triple X will be debuting at Armageddon and I can’t wait for it partner

Tazz: Yeah sure they are two talented wrestlers and the Tag Team Division is gonna get a whole lot more interesting

Cole: Armageddon is gonna be one hell of a show for sure and two top matches have been confirmed for Armageddon which will take place one week before Christmas, December the 18th from the Dunkin Donuts arena in Providence Rhode Island.

Tazz: Damn right Cole. The cruiserweight Title will be on the line as Frankie Kazarian gets his first chance at the title against the Champion Juvi Guerrera.

Cole: And the main event, Rey Mysterio will get his chance to retain the World Heavyweight Title, as he will face the man who beat him at Survivor Series, Edge.

Tazz: That is going to be one hell of a match, but talking about Edge it is time for our Main Event.

“Weeeeeelll, well it’s the Big Show” Big Show’s music hits and he comes out to a huge pop from the Ohio crowd. He comes down to the ring looking very focused, wanting to put his early elimination at Survivor Series to side.

“Metalingus” Edge’s music hits and he comes out accompanied by Lita to some big heat. He comes down looking very nervous about this upcoming match.

Match 5
Singles Match
Big Show v Edge (with Lita)

Summary: A decent effort by the two competitors. Edge wanted no part of the Big Show and went to the outside. Big Show immediately followed and chased him around the ring. Edge then quickly got in the ring, and when Show got in he started pounding away at the 500 pound Giant. He then bounced off the rope and went for the early win going for the spear, but Show caught him with a big boot. Show then proceeded to dominate Edge, not letting Edge have a sniff of getting back into the match. Show dominated Edge with a flurry of power manoeuvres, nearly beating the newly won World Heavyweight Champion on multiple occasions. However when Show bounced off the ropes, Lita yanked his leg from the outside. With Show distracted Edge started to take advantage of it, taking Show down and slowing the big man down, pounding away at him.

Finish: Edge goes into the corner and starts jumping up and down waiting for Show to get up, signalling for the Spear. Edge then charges up at Show and goes for the spear, but Show catches him and raises him in the air. And drops him with a military press slam. Show then lifts him up and hits some huge chops to the chest, backing Edge into the corner. He then whips Edge with force into the opposite corner, Show then charges up at Edge, but Edge sidesteps out the way and Show crashes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Edge then gets the staggered Big Show in a front facelock, and he connects with the Edgecution. Edge cockily taunts to the crowd sure he has the victory now. He then hooks Show’s legs 1…………………2……………Show kicks out. Edge can not believe it. He picks up Show and hits him with some hard right hands, rocking the giant back. He then runs off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Show catches Edge with a clothesline of his own. He then grabs Edge by the throat and hits him with a devastating Chokeslam. Show hooks the legs 1………………….2……………..Lita distracts the referee by getting on the ring apron. Big Show goes after Lita and tells her what the hell she is doing as the referee goes to check up on Edge. Show grabs Lita by the hair, but doesn’t realises she has the World Heavyweight Title in her hands and she smashes the title off the skull of Big Show. Big Show then staggers back, and Edge takes advantage as he rolls up the staggering Big Show 1………………….2……………….3!!

Winner of the match Edge

After the match Edge celebrates with Lita, very happy about his huge victory here tonight. But then we see the former World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio sprint down to the ring. Rey Mysterio goes straight after Edge, and the two men get them selves into a fist fight. Rey Mysterio gets the better of Edge as he pounds away at him into the corner. Lita then jumps onto the back of Mysterio and starts choking him out. Mysterio takes Lita down by the hair and he goes after Edge again who scurries to the outside. Mysterio looks down at Edge down the ramp as Lita picks up the World Title belt. She runs up at Mysterio and goes to him with the title belt, but Mysterio sees this and he trips Lita up onto the Bottom Rope. He then bounces off the ropes and hits Edge with the 619. Mysterio then signals to Edge he will be the next World Heavyweight Champion as the show fades to black.

The WWE Logo is shown and we fade to black

Armageddon Card

-Cruiserweight Championship Juvi Guerrera v Frankie Kazarian

-World Heavyweight Title Edge v Rey Mysterio
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Edge opens the show, which is what had to happen I guess, and we get the promo that I would have written in your position. Out comes Lesnar to a bit of a surprise, but then I guess he will be the guy that Rey beats to get his rematch for the belt. Good shooting between the two of them, and then Rey comes out and gives us a nice face promo, before we get Foley. Edge vs. The Big Show should be nice to see, as should Rey/Lesnar, and I guess Batista costs Brock the match

Good match between Rey and Lesnar, which ends with Rey picking up a huge win for him, and now we get Edge/Rey at Armageddon. Batista/Lesnar rumbles on a bit more, but I see the one on one match happening at Mania

Interesting idea for the cruiserweight match, and a bit of a shock to see Karzarian win, but I guess he was in line for a push. Should be a good cruiserweight match, and I can see a new champ at the end, with Juvi having had the belt since summerslam

Lets see what Orton does now, but I guess that it wont be pretty. I can see one more match between him and Rey, but I don’t see where it fits in at the moment

Batista/Lesnar at the ppv could happen then, although I would say it is more likely that somehow, someway Lesnar screws Batista out of the match. I think that Foley/Orton is also on the cards for mania after the way Foley has reacted to Orton, and how he enjoys his pain, which would be a great addition to the card

Good win for the Cabinet, and JBL to be the next US champion. I guess he takes the belt of Kane soon, and at Armageddon benoit gets a win over booker

Great promo with the rock and kennedy, which has to be a contender for promo of the month. I guess these two go at it at Armageddon, which will be a nice addition to the card, and a chance for one of them to get a win they could do with

Nice win for Carlito over Eugene which gives him some momentum back. The aftermath beatdown was done nicely, as was the save by Chavo, who I guess now will take on Carlito at some point

Good main event to end the show, and a good win for Edge over the Big Show, even though he had to cheat, but then again he would have had to, to make it convincing. Rey gets some revenge after the match, and takes down the rated r superstar, and the build to Armageddon has started well. I guess the ppv is on the 18th December, but not entirely sure of my own ppv schedule at the moment, as if it is it does explain why the build up has been frantic

Heat and Raw Preview to be up tomorrow, and then Raw some point next week
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Raw Review

Matches/Booking; The Suummaries aren't like usual. Seemjs like so far you were right about some parts being weak. 8/10

Promos: I actually thoughts the promos were very well written. 10/10

Length: Great Length. 10/10

Spelling/Grammer: Didn't see any. 10/10

Entertainment: This show was ok in entertainment, although it didn't quite fully entertain me. Only the beginning promo but that was it really. 7.5/10

Overall: 91/100. A. Great show. A review for Smackdown will come tommorow.

I'm watching you...

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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

Nice Smackdown.

Length: PERFECT! 10/10

Entertainment: 8/10 First Promo was boring.

Spelling/Grammer: 10/10

Promos: 9/10: First Promo weak

Overall: 95/100
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE

WWE Survivor Series by Forever Delayed and Kane01

Here is my punctillious review....

Spelling and Grammar:
I am kind of shocked. It is not that good to be honest. Usually, there are only sporadic mistakes. It just seems like they are superfluous. It was everything from agreement to spelling. Not that big of a deal, but it is something that is not expected from you two. 8/10

107 pages is awesome! The Survivor matches were long. I loved it, you guys are great at writing matches. 10/10

I guess it is the usual Sunday Night Heat. Awesome winning might lead to something, but my guess it was just to fill.

I love that opening video. It was fantastic. The “I will survive” part is the best. Is Brock’s incomplete or supposed to be that way?

Match 1 – The Teachers © vs. MNM © vs. CM Punk/Kid Kash/Trish Stratus – 3 on 3 on 3 elimination match – WWE Tag Team Titles and the Women’s title

I do not know about handing out glasses. I like the pencils, but glasses just do not make sense. CM Punk’s elimination comes as a surprise, but you did it in a perfect way. The cheating was well executed, and it does not make CM Punk look bad in any way.
Kash eliminating Nowinski makes sense as he sort of gains revenge on the team that eliminated his partner. I wish it was clean though. Having two women is better that a woman and a man. Great collaboration and now Melina is out!! Each team is down to two. I just hope it does not boil down to a woman vs. a woman.
This teamwork is very interesting. Did not expect to see MNM help the team that eliminated Melina! A third ‘unfair’ elimination is too much. Never seen Kash do a 450 Splash. Must be an Indy move.
Wow, Kash is aerial. Too bad he is eliminated. Trish vs. Striker now; I can see Trish winning. I guess Striker winning is for the better, but Trish had one hell of an effort.
Well done as I remember you telling me this would be hard to write. The match was a bit generic though. You mixed in some exciting moves, but there were way too many suplexes and slams. A very solid opening match that should set the tone for the rest of the PPV. 7.5/10

I am actually happy that you mentioned Hart instead of trying to keep it clandestine when everyone was guessing him. I know it is Hart, I read ahead. Great ending!

Match 2
8 Man Elimination Tag Team Match
The Mexicools and Tajiri v Chavo Guerrero, Billy Kidman, Paul London and Frankie Kazarian

Springboard dropkick is awesome!! London is completely insane and you are portraying him like that. I find it weird that Kidman and London are on the same team after their feud. I would definitely say this is a cruiserweight match, the moves are insane! Typical face elimination by the heel after the face had momentum.
I like Kidman falling off the turnbuckle by the Mexicools, which leads to yet another elimination. Chavo and London are down on their backs.
The time between the Kidman elimination and the Super Crazy elimination was the best part of the match so far. It had everything in it. Great counters! The faces score a pin finally.
Kind of weird that Chavo cheats to beat Psychosis. I am sick of everyone using Chavo to be Eddie, when they do not even plan on it in the thread, they just do it.
Shooting Star Press to the outside is awesome. The MVP of the match definitely is London. You have made him look omnipotent. I have a weird feeling is will be gone next as the faces usually are down at this point. Never mind, Tajiri is gone!! Juvi vs. London and Chavo! Did not see that coming, but then again, this is not your marquee match up.
London wins with the shooting star press, but that move was overused. That was a huge problem in this match. The shooting star press and the 450 splash were made hackneyed. Though, it did make London look invincible. Smackdown has started well too. 8/10

Hilarious promo there Kane! Kennedy just adds a new flavor. Dissension among heels is not good, surely this will lead to something in the world title picture. Wrong team though, Canadians play in Montreal, not the Maple Leafs. They would have cheered if Lesnar had said that. It is okay, no one cares about hockey anyways.

Match 3
Triple Threat Tag Team Table Match
Dudley Boyz v Eugene and Heidenreich v Basham Brothers

I like this match set up. However, I do not like the fact that your writing style differs from Forever Delayed. You guys shoul d use the same font, bold, and pins.
Eugene stealing the Dudley’s lines works well since he emulates. Wassup headbutt is needed. Great domination by the Dudleys. Would have been terrible for the Dudleys if they lost to the 3D. Good to have the heels incite Eugene to Hogan, would not have worked with the Dudleys. Surprise elimination from the Bashams after Eugene was on fire.
Another rip off from the Bashams, which is now getting old. Dudleys do it right and keep the titles. The match was solid, but I think there were way too many rip offs. You should have just let Eugene do it all. The Bashams were overkill. 6.5/10

Amazing backstage segment! Much better than anything at Taboo Tuesday. I like the pep talk, plus the heels getting some speech in, but Christian was platinum!! Great promo! I might vote this as promo of the month. Christian dissed so many people, some outside his opponents. Fantastic!

Match 4 – The Undertaker vs. Mohammed Hassan w/Daivari

I like the beginning; Daivari and Hassan use prejudice as the answer for everything. Heels slide out of the ring, so it makes sense. Daivari is going to play a huge role in the outcome. Hassan is telling a story then if he is going to use Taker’s knee. I believe this kind of match writing is your forte, so I am already excited. Using the steps and ring post as allies always work in the story. I honestly cannot imagine Hassan powerslamming Undertaker, unless he already has in reality. I have only seen two Hassan matches, but never have I seen a powerslam. You already explained small package, but I still find it implausible. All right, my favorite part of the match: Undertaker’s signature moves!! Flatliner to chokeslam is something enjoyable because I like finishing moves countered into finishing moves. Brilliant psychology! Hassan kicks out of the chokeslam, but Daivari saves him from the Last Ride! Brass knuckles … Taker sits up!! You always have to include one of those. Called it, Daivari plays the major role in the outcome as this time, Hassan reverses a Taker finisher into the flatliner, which Daivari plays another role in by removing Taker’s foot!
This is a huge win for Muhammad Hassan. Unless the Undertaker challenges him again, then Hassan has just stepped into contending for the world title or IC title. It is early though, so do not make him a callow champion. On the other hand, Undertaker did not look weak at all as Daivari hit the two homeruns at the end. Fantastic booking in the latter part of the match! The match was better than what you said it would be; you said it would be hard to write. It has been my favorite match of the first half of the PPV. 8.25/10

Nice promo, the sterling part was the Rock part. Batista part was rather out of character.

Triple X should be a good team, tag teams are always something that should be bountiful.

Match 5 – Triple H vs. Ric Flair – I Quit

This also fits with the theme of Survivor Series. I like the way the match starts, Flair’s chops are always the perfect way to end the offensive. Suplex on the barricade is harsh, but I am sure that Flair will receive much worse. Axe handle is very unnatural especially off the barricade for HHH. There is Flair’s blood, HHH’s to come soon. There we go, the low blow!! No dq, so Flair can do it all he wants. The spot is interesting as pedigree reverses lead to bad things for HHH, but I do not understand what the slingshot is? There are many things the pedigree can be reversed too though, so I am sure it works. Steel chair opens HHH. I do not like the way the blood has started, steel post and chair are just too basic. Spot after spot!! Now Flair is through the announce table. He cannot take many of these at his age!!! Ha, I like the eye poke to the camera man. 90,000 dollar shot to Flair!! HHH is in control for now, but I see a comeback from Flair soon. Flair is superman!! He survives all that, plus, HHH connects with three pedigrees, two of them on the steel steps!! I think that you crossed the line here, it is a bit preposterous. To sell the three pedigrees more, I would have HHH taunt to the crowd or pick up a microphone and deliver a mini promo. Three pedigrees is just something recuperation will take a few minutes for. I like the sledgehammer and Flair flop as sellage too. The ball grabbage with the figure four leg lock is Flairesque! One of the best spots so far. I like the way that the rope break was used too, the heel always thinks of that as an escape in this match. Sledgehammer is the escape route then I guess, but HHH has damage to the leg. Once again, I think you went too far there, as I do not think a full baseball swing combined with a fourth pedigree, this time on a chair, is anything to survive. Sort of makes the pedigree look terribly weak and that is one of the strongest moves. HHH always does the figure – four, but it is always early, so I think Flair might quit to his own move. Sledgehammer comes into play for the win, this time on the offensive, not defensive.
Sledgehammer was the way to win since it escaped the figure four and Flair would not die to four pedigrees, three on weapons. I do not like the referee calling for the bell, Flair has to quit. Kind of leaves an acrimonious taste as it means Flair will be back and will have another match with HHH. Flair did not quit, so ……
The match was a spotfest, which I like, but at a certain point, it became spot after spot without anything in between. It would be HHH smashes Flair over the head, looks for something else, finds it, and then does it again. That was the structure of the latter part of the match. Overall, it was a great match, but it crossed the line too much as Flair too almost all the punishment. 8.5/10

You really cannot do much with Rey on the mic, but you captured him well. Orton did well too, hypes up the match more. I think Angle is the next contender.

Match 6
10 Man Elimination Tag Team Match
Team Batista (Batista, The Rock, Chris Benoit, Kane and Big Show) v Team Lesner (Brock Lesner, JBL, Booker T, Ken Kennedy and Carlito

Kennedy and the Rock are perfect to start out, the mic gods! Back and forth action is a good way to start the match. Booker vs. Benoit is great because they are enemies. I am sure more will come. Lesnar’s interference saves Booker, but I am sure the heels will interfere more. I hope the eliminations have a long span between them, unlike the WWE.
Lesnar and Batista clashing is great, they are the captains. I expect the final fall to come down to them, unless there is some cheating. So far, I have noticed that the spinebuster is overused, and I expect more as many people here spinebuster. So my guess was right, the captain Batista is eliminated by cheating. Kennedy gets the pin, he is definitely someone to look out for in this thread.
Kane finally is in the ring, but I do not seem him doing anything. Great counter from JBL. Lesnar and Big Show again works, but switching it up a little is more of what I like. Certainly the power is shown with the press slam. Another cheap move, this time by Booker T, and now Big Show is gone. I have a problem with this elimination. If a heel interferes and a pin is made, then I am sure a face will break it up. They will not just watch. You need a heel to punch them off the apron or distract them. I am sure Lesnar can F-5 Show, so no problem there. Five to three for now, next fall is for the faces. Another thing is that we know a pinfall since you change the style.
Kane in the ring makes sense. Have not seen Carlito for a while either. Carlito and Kane makes sense after their awkward street fight. You did everything in that match. Finally some redemption for the faces as they set Carlito up for the Rock Bottom and pin! Carlito is the right guy to go since he is not that great of a wrestler.
I keep noticing that you name suplexes as superlexes. I do not know why, unless it is the name of a move I do not know. I love what you did with Booker. He gains some momentum, he is on a roll, he does the spinarooni, and he is eliminated. I remember that happening at the 2005 Royal Rumble.
Brock Lesnar is an absolute animal tonight. He has now eliminated Kane and Big Show. He is coming off strange, even if cheating is involved in all his pins.
Isolating the Rock is a good move. Not looking good for the faces though. It seems to me that the heels will win after a good comeback from the faces. I thought the Rock was eliminated after that Green Bay Plunge until Benoit made the unorthodox save. That is why you have to use that pin count more often, it generates mystery. Fantastic elimination with Benoit and Kennedy as a team member probably would not have noticed the count. The heels still look good in the match though.
Some cheating between JBL and Lesnar works, but they have done it enough. Another cheat to eliminate Benoit? This is overkill, not every elimination needs to be via cheating. At least it is not Lesnar with the pin this time.
If this is a typical match, the Rock will eliminate JBL, and then go one on one with Lesnar. Yup, the Rock gets his second elimination, he and Benoit have come off well.
The crowd infuriating Lesnar to get Rocky on the right track is needed because the Rock is just getting handled. Three powerbombs?? Never seen that. Fantastic ending, the reversing of finishers is the way to go. Brock Lesnar wins, probably moving him to the world title contention.
This match was very strong, I liked it, since these are my favorite kinds of matches. There were many questionable calls though. All but one of the heel eliminations were by cheating. The main problem was that some moves were terribly overused and rendered hackneyed. Gutwrench suplex, spinebuster, and the suplex just in general. Still a great match. If we go by the 200 words per second guideline, than this was a forty – five minute match. That is what I would prefer from a Survivor Series match, not a ten minute one. 9/10

I cannot wait for the main event. Oh wait, I know what is going to happen. Maria introducing him as God was funny.

Match 7 – Team Bischoff - Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, Edge, Christian and Coach w/Eric Bischoff, Tyson Tomko and Lita vs. Team Heyman - John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Charlie Haas, AJ Styles, Matt Hardy and the Sandman w/Paul Heyman in a 6 on 6 elimination Match

I would not have put this match right here. I would have this be after the Smackdown world title match, but you probably did this so Edge could wrestle and then take the world title from the winner of the Smackdown title match.
You are getting everyone involved, which I like. Sandman seems like a filler guy to me, as does Coach. Coach works because he is with Bischoff though. I would have preferred five on fine.
Edge and Lita take Sandman out. You do not need to make Sandman look that strong. You should have saved that for other faces. I hope Coach is next. Hardy and Edge finally, exactly what this match needs as they had that huge feud. The heels cooperating to beat down Hardy is a nice touch. Hardy makes the tag to Cena, who is bound to make an elimination soon. Uh oh, mass chaos, and the Coach is in! Bad move by Coach, good move by you!
Benjamin and Haas again; my guess would be one of the two pins the other one. I guessed right, Benjamin eliminates Haas in a brutal way. Haas does not look weak because the referee was not in the ring. Never would have guessed Haas can do a 450 Splash. Good set of counters between these two.
Once again, a bitter feud ends here as Hardy eliminates Edge, so you had a heel and a face both win, good thinking. Really does not matter though because I know what Edge is going to do later.
AJ Styles was on fire until all the interference and until Christian takes him out of the match. Once again, you did well in making sure that the face did not look weak as there was pandemonium.
There is Bischoff’s involvement then. Hope he gets ejected. Once again, after some consternation, Christian nails the unprettier, but Masters gets the pin. Masters getting a pin is huge for him. Good to see that you are sharing the wealth as I can now see the deficit coming up on the faces. Nevermind, Hardy’s pin almost evens it. Did not see that coming, but most Survivor Series matches have it. Master’s anger is a nice touch.
Cena looks like Superman as he disposes of Christian and pins Benjamin to make it a two on two match. My guess is that Hardy is next.
There we go, the Angle lock is finally in. Nice spot with Cena tagging in Hardy, but I just do not like the fact that he was completely out of it and then just awoke. The problem solver makes his entrance and goodbye to Hardy as Angle gets a pinfall. Down to Cena and Angle/Christian. Perfect circumstance for Cena as this is usually what it is down to.
Angle lock in again, and Cena slithers away again! Angle Slam to FU to pin is a nice counter. Angle is gone and now it can go in any direction with Cena and Christian. I am sure that Bischoff may do something to save his spot. Heyman really has not done anything.
Some DDTs before the Unprettier! There we go, Paul E makes an appearance. FU, but it is saved by Bischoff, leading me to believe that the heels will win this match. Cena is distracted by Tomko, leading to the Unprettier for the fourth time, and leading to the heels winning. Cena looked great once again, good thing you did not overbook him.
I do not like that heels won both Survivor Series matches. The junxtaposition was not that great either. However, both of you wrote fantastic matches. These matches are my favorite. Christian winning made it better. The two matches put to together took up more than eighty minutes. Great job and I look forward to the title matches, which are the only two that breach the survivor theme. The Canadians win theme is starting up. 9.25/10

Match 8
World Heavyweight Championship
Rey Mysterio v Randy Orton

I like the spot by Mysterio to start things off. The momentum shifts from Rey to Randy now, well done as Rey was just dominating to start. I like the reversals of finishers early as I do not like finishers early. I have never seen Orton doing shoulder thrusts, but I guess the move set has to change with Rey. I like the use of the steel post as it has not been done yet. Hmm, never seen him doing the full nelson slam either. Finally, some excitement from Orton, the RKO! No, Rey kicks out! Greatest part of the match so far. Rey does a full 360 as he connects with 619 and springboard, but Orton returns the favor by kicking out. I like the crossbody reversal as momentum usually makes Orton roll. Orton acts like a heel with more cheating, well done. I hate referee bumps, but they happen for a reason. Someone is going to lose the match because of this. Did not expect to see Mysterio dominate with the referee knocked out, it would be perfect for Orton to cheat. Never saw that RKO! The referee is still down! Orton just lost the title, my guess would be that Msterio wins it now. There we go, Orton cheats and Rey is down. The surprise pin was the only way that Mysterio could have won because he was knocked out. The referee bump ends up costing the match for Orton.
Overall, this was a good match. There were some really bland parts though, something that does not happen to me during an Orton and Mysterio match. You made it better than their encounter at No Way Out, rendering you, 8.75/10.

I read so I knew this was happening, I like Edge coming in at Survivor Series instead of him holding the contract forever. Edge is now on Smackdown, I look forward to seeing what he does there.

Match 9 – Chris Jericho © vs. Shawn Michaels – WWE Title

Most anticipated match … ever. I read ahead, but I cannot wait to see how it leads to what the Hitman does.
I guess this is what you call the formulaic stuff to start the match. They are both getting moves in, so I like it. Jericho truly has the crowd on his side, which has been a remarkable turn from heel to face quickly. Maybe the low blow will lead to HBK taking advantage. Huge spot with the moonsualt through the table! It would look ugly from the apron though, he would have to line drive himself. The enzuguri is a great way to stop HBK’s dominance because it is a move from nowhere.
What is the flashback? Never seen Jericho do a moonsualt, but he probably could because he can do the lionsualt. Too bad he missed. Nice reversal of finishers by both men, Jericho avoiding Sweet Chin Music, and HBK avoiding the lionsault. Sharpshooter? I think Bret Hart will come when that move is locked in. Oh, Jericho escaped it. HBK taps … the referee is not there! This means Bret is coming soon! Now Jericho is knocked out, it is Bret and HBK time!! Whoa, the sharpshooter plus Hebner, hurry up Bret!! Did not expect Hebner to beat HBK with punches, Jericho almost wins with his auxiliary too.
Are we going to have an official brawl? Very creative with HBK knocking both referees out, okay it is the climax, get Bret out here!! Bret Hart comes out from the crowd!! Bret take HBK out, but stops the count! I did not see that one coming either, do not know why he would do that. I do not know why he would be upset when HBK did not get the win either. The only sensible reason I can come up with is HBK and Bret for the world title. Hart almost stopped HBK? This is confusing? Unexpected is good though and now the three Canadians all win huge matches.
Fantastic match, probably your best one on one match, you did not even need Bret for this one. You pulled out everything. This is going to be great. Great ending to a great PPV. 10/10

All the matches had some excitement to them. This is one of the best PPVs ever. 9.5/10

As mentioned, probably a top three PPV. Both you guys did very well. The length of the matches, the promos, the excitement, the tension, all of this was very well done. You both deserve an applause. I cannot wait to see how Forever Delayed falls out from this as well as Kane. You guys ameliorate each PPV, I cannot wait for the Royal Rumble.

Longest review I have given.
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Re: Forever-Delayed does WWE


Thanks for the review

The Brock thing at the beginning is incomplete, but i just hadnt noticed that until you pointed it out. Oh well, it doesnt make that much difference to be honest

I see the point about the writing styles, but it would take a hell of a long time for me to change everything about Kane01's matches to be the same as mine, and vice versa for him. I think it looks fine as it was, but i can also see that with his matches it was a bit obvious to see when the end was coming as the black text appeared

Surprised to see Hassan/Taker rated as highly as it was, as i made most of the match up on the spot, but i guess i manged to book the match to be better than it had any right to be.

Maybe Flair/HHH was a bit too spotty, but the aim of the match was to make it a brutal and very hard fought match, and with their careers on the line they would be throwing everything at each other. Interesting to see that you think there will be another match between the two of them, but i guess with the strange ending that could be conceived. But Flair may have said I quit though, and only the ref did hear it...

The 6 on 6 match did go before the s/down match as edge had to wrestle before he cashed his contract in. I can see the point about heels winning both the main matches, but the face cruiserweight team did win earlier in the show. Sandman was added in the match as he is ex-ECW and would have been paired with Heyman, and i had to use the Coach to balance the teams out

Jericho is not a face!!! He is a tweener/heel - he was a face because the ppv came from canada, where all canadians get cheered (thats why edge got a few pops when he first came out in the evening). He is a tweener at the moment, and may turn again soon... The moonsault spot was used in HBK/Angle at Mania, so i used it as it would fit in with the match well. The Bret turning on Jericho and then on HBK again will be in the future explained. To find out why you will just have to keep on reading, although i am not saying when Bret gives the answers (if he even does)
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